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Iav1s tells drug.
Btockert sells carp-ts.
Crayon enlarging, 3f'S. Mmadway.
Kipert watch repairing. Lenert, 4-i9 B y.
Celebrated Met beer on tap. Neumayer.
Diamond betrothal rings at Leffert's, l
I) roadway.
14K and 1HK wedding ring nt Leffert.
) Hruadway.
Bchnol paints, brushes, drawing and prac
tice papers. Alexander's. Sil Mroadway.
Build in Uahbltt Place., lots dry and
graded for bouses; Clms. Officer. iVJ li'y.
Commencing today tho public library will
be open Sunday afternoon from 2 to li
o dock.
For Rent Furnished rumn for light
liounekeHPliic. Mrs. M. Poiterlichl. 707 let
ave.. Council Ulu fl m.
For rent, olllce room, ground Moor; one
of th most central bullions In the bii(tl
ncss portion of the city. Apply to Tho Wee
ofHc, city.
W contract to keep public and private
houses free from roscnes by the year. In
sect Esterrnlnator Manufacturing company,
Council HlufTs. ia. Telephone F-tM4.
Fir Chief Templeton has gone to Chi
cago, whers he will attend the national
meeting of fire chiefs and take In tne fes
tivities of Chicago's centennial celebration.
The richest, daintiest, photographic effects
re from tne remodeled up-to-date Htigle
inan Studios, 43 and 45 S. Main si. h Hf.H,
to Introduce, choice of life like, life size
portrait o( beautiful water color miniature
with a dozeo cabinets.
Weldon Creamer, was arrested yesterday,
charged wlih the Inert of two swing stage
books, valued Ht lb. the property oi J. U.
Long. James Wlrkham borrowed the hooka
train Long and it was while In hist pos
session that they were stolen.
.Sight school, Western Iowa Business and
Normal school opens Monday. Hookkeep
Ing. shorthand, penmanship, arithmetic,
frammar, history, algebra. In fact all Kng
sh subjects as well as civil service wont.
'J hew sessions are for any and all who
wish to come. Terms, $3 ami $4 per month.
Milton Worcester -and F.arl Doxle. 11-year-old
boys who ran away from their
homes In Waterloo, la., were picked up
by the police yesterday morning at the
Illinois t entrsl depot. They said they In- I
tended making their way west. They are
held at ponce headuuartors until their
parents are heard from.
Dumbing and Heating. Blxby & Son.
Romance Which Started at College
Tarns Oat to Re Vm- ,
The romance of August Doerner, the
young Seventh-Day Adventlst student and
Miss Lena Korgan, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Julia Korgan, wealthy residents of
I,ew1a township, which begun at the Seventh-Day
Adventlst college near Lincoln
and resulted In their marriage last January,
after numerous obstacles had been sur
mounted, has culminated In the young bride
bringing suit for divorce.
Friday young Doerner was bound over to
keep the peace towards his wife, after a
hearing In Justice Omen's court on a
charge of threatening to kill lu-r. This,
however, did not satisfy Mrs. Doerner,
whose dream of married bliss had been,
rudely shattered In less than a year, and
yesterday aha began suit for divorce and
caused an attachment for $S00 to be Issued
against a crop of corn and a team owned
by her husband, to prevent disposition
pending the determination of the suit. Mrs.
Doerner alleged In her, petition that her
husband was preparing to leave the slate .
without making provision for her or their
Infant son, of whom she asks the court
to give her the custody. . .
As grounds for the divorce Mrs. Doerner
alleges cruel a'nd Inhuman treatment. The
petition recites a number of Instances when
Dogrnor is alleged to have cruelly beaten
and choked Into Insensibility his young
wife. Doerner Is a highly educated young
man and the son of one of the most prom
inent leaders of the Adventlst church In
Mrs. TUUe Bloedcl was granted a di
vorce yesterday In district court from
Let,nard Bloedel on the grounds of cruel
and Inhuman treatment.
The hearing of the application of Kimball
Brothers for a writ of mandamus, to com
pel the Burlington, Milwaukee and Rock
Island railroad companies to construct l
culverts under the tracks In order to permit j
of the draining of the water now surround
ing tha Kimball elevator works and foun
dry on South Ninth street, waa continued
until Monday.
Vila Indemnifying; Bond.
R. A. Brown ft Company, the Washington,
Ind., Arm awarded the contract for the
conatructlon of the Harrison-Pottawattam e ,
county drainage ditches, have filed their
Indemnifying bond with County Auditor In
nee. The bond Is' In the sum of 81,300 and
tha sureties are James and 8. A. Wlckham
of this city. It Is understood that the
game sureties are on tha bond filed by
Brown A Company In Harrison cbunty.
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel., 7&0. Night, F687.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were filed yesterday
tha ahatrart. title and loan office of Baulta
dt Annla, lul Pearl street: '
Fred Brl and wife to Italy Moore. I
lot 7. block 8. Wilson Terrace, w. d .J00
W. 8. Cooper and wife to Martin P.
aVhmldt. lot 2. block 2, Purkdale
add, w. d
Mary Lynch and husband to Anna
Kyan. lota 24 and lb, block 6.
Sgulre'a add. w. d
John W. Miller and wife to Tine Feb
Inwits, lots 16 and 16, block J, Van
llrunt & like add. w. d
P. odd 'olsen to Peter Olsen, part ne4.
o-77-4. w. d
Frede'-lck J. Jochrendt and wife to
Ephrlara Strong, lots 1 and 2, block
a. and loU 1 and 16. block 4, Btuts
man's 2d add, w. l
Iowa Townslte company to John J.
Anderson, lots 1, 2 and 3. block 15.
and lot 14 In block 3, Town of
Kentley, w. d
Assignees of Peter 8. Relst and wife
to C. L. Mi Knight, lots tt to 13, 15,
18. 17, block Ht. Railroad add, w. d....
300 !
40 I
150 i
Total, eight transfers.
Almost universally conceded to be
tha beat of all modern novels, and wo
aeil It for Mc
Harvoy A, DcLong
Printer and Stationer.
309 Broadway, Co. Bluffs
8111 ni
Graustark for We.
nnnMWsnaJHmS SEaSlnEEnnmnnC
If Pearl M.. Cuucil fcljtrs.
Phooe W.
Two Games Flayed cn Manawa GTCmudi for
a Starter.
Dodge Light Cntrdi Keep Tp Their
Record by Defeating; Omaha Com
merrlal College, Which
Falls to Score.
The local foot ball season opened yester
day afternoon with two games on the
Manawa gridiron which were witnessed by
a crowd of about 400. The first game was
between the Council Bluffs end Harlan
High schools and resulted In the defeat
of the home team by the score of 15 to (.
The other game wag between the Dodge
Light guards and the Omaha Commerclif
college, the soldiers winning by a score of
11 to 0, and thus retaining their record of
never having been defeated.
The Council Bluffs and Harlan High
schools played two thlrty-mlnute halves.
The lirst touchdown was made by Stanley
of Harlan after seven minutes of play,
but Harlan failed to kick a goal. A fea
ture of the first half was a splendid sixty
yurd run by Hammer of Harlan, placing
the ball well up In Council Bluffs' ter
ritory. The Bluffs boys, towards the end
of the half, took a brace and held Harlan
for downs. In the second half, after seven
teen minutes of play, Cobb of Harlan se
cured a touchdown but Harlnn failed again
to kick goal. Both sides Indulged In con
siderable punting. Madsen of Council
Bluffs made a touchdown and Dudley
klckod a nice goal. Just before time was
railed Cobb of Harlan went through the
line and secured another touchdown, thus
making the score 15 to 6 In favor of the
visitors. The lineup:
f'wpenter ..
Noricaard . . ,
Arlnworth .
..n. n.
. I o.
..R. T.
. .L. T.
..R. K.
. U K.
. R. II.
..I,. H.
. .K. B.
n. o
n. t
L. T ,
R. K
1, E
R. H
L. H
.... Croft
.. Nelion
... Nobla
. Culllson
.... Swift
K. B
.... Q. B.I4I. B
In the first half of the game between the
Guards and Commercial college both sides
failed to score. Dietrich, however, crossed
tho lino after fourteen minutes of play.
The Collegians maintained that the Guards
hnd had one too many downs. After a dis
pute the Guards conceded the ball, to the !
Commercials at the four-yard line.
Commercials punted and the half ended i
with the ball In the Guards' possession on j
thfO-Commerclal's fifteen-yard line.
111 the second half the Guards steadily '
advanced the ball and Dietrich made the !
first touchdown after seven minutes of
play. Rtitherrord failed to kick goal. The
Commercials then kicked off and after sev
eral fumbles by both sides Stuart made
the second touchdown for the Guardi and
Richmond kicked a good goal.' During tha
remainder of the half neither side scored
and the game ended with the ball In the
center of the field.
DO DOE L. o.
...i.... Thomaa
' Plka
R. U.
.U 1
.R. T.
.U T
.r. r.
.1a b
R. H
.V. N
.r. b
.Q. B
R. O
l. a. a...
R. T
l. T
R. K
U E...A
R. H
L. N
r. B
4- B
I,. Strlngar..
rataraon . .
t'haener ...
Dietrich ...
Richmond .
. JobDsoa
With the Churches.
Tha Second Church of Christ (Scientist)
will hold services tin Modern' Woodmen
of America hall. In Merrlam block, at 10:46
a. m.; aubject, "Unreality." Sunday school
Immediately after the services. Wednesday
evening testimonial meeting at 7:45.
At Ht. Paul's Episcopal church today
there will be holy communion at 8 a. m.
and morning prayer and sermon by the
rector. Rev. G. E. Walk, at 10:80 o'clock.
Th "'"" service will be omitted
morning prayer will be conducted at
Grace Episcopal church this morning at
11 o'clock by Edwin J. Abbott, lay reader.
Sunday school will be heldt 1:45 a. m.
Rev. Harvey Hostctler, pastor of the
Second Presbyterian church, will preach
this morning on "Christian Advocate" and
In the evening on "Isaac and Rebecca."
At IK. , l. U I l w . . .
Rev. w B ciemmer. will deliver
hl. ,., B1,.r . '
i " . u . - a. in. , 1, 1 1 1 a
; evening at 8 o'clock he will preach on "The
Child and the Kingdom."
Regular preaching services will be held
today at 10:S0 and 8 p. m. at the Fifth
Avenue Methodist. The new pastor. Rev.
W. N. Graves, will preach at both services.
The First Church of Christ (Scientist)
will hold sence at 11 o'clock this morn
ing In the Sapp building, when the subject
of the lesson will be "Unreality." Sunday
school will be held at the close of the
services and the regular mid-week taatl.
monlal meeting will be held Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock.
goes Barings Bank.
Trustees for the bankrupt Imulement firm
of Aultman, Miller & Co. have brought
suit In the t'nlted States court here against
the Council Bluffs Savings bank for $10,
H64 54 of farmers' notes alleged to be held
by the bank as security for a loan of 110..
000 to the implement firm.
The loan waa negotiated by tha local
manager of the Implement firm, who In re
turn agreed to deposit with the bank such
notes as from time to time would be given
by the firm's customers. This arrange
ment, the trustees claim, made the bank
a preferred creditor at the expense of the
other creditors and that the farmers' notes
held by It should be made part of the as
sets of the firm and so distributed pro rata
among the creditors.
The Gold Watches Are
Awarded t
S. Davis, Jr., and Edward
Earl Morris.
Tha boy voting contest which has been
In progress during the past month In De-
Loug s book and stationery department.
and which closed last evening at 8:30 re
sulted as follows:
oeorge o. iavi, Jr, first prise 10 607
Edward Earl Mprrls, second prise.... 8,U
The next nearest were Ambrose Mitchell,
.ow; uuy uourlclus, 4,156.
Raid J. J. Crowe's Saloon.
i re saioon conducted by J. J. Crowe on
Broadway at the corner of Thirty-seventh
street was raided yesterday afternoon by
a deputy sheriff under a search warrant
issiieu rrom the court of Justlos Carson
and the stock of liquor salted. The war
rant was Issued at the Insance of County
Attorney Klllpack. who reoently brought
kult In the district court to enjoin Crow
from selling liquor. The liquor seixed vas
terday by Deputy Sheriff Groneweg Is In
possession m tne authorities and will be
held until in question of Its disposition
I determined by the court. Th. aalooa
occupied by Crowe u a w bulldliig
recently erected by the Krug Brewing
company. Crowe la alleged to have violated
the mulct law and failed to obey the
county attorney's Sunday closing mandate.
Faneral of Dr. John Green.
The wuneral of Dr. John C.reen will be
held this afternoon at 4 o'clock from the
First Presbyterian church, ' the pastor,
Rev. W. 8. Barnes, conducting the serv
ices. Burial will be In Walnut Hill ceme
tery. Friends desiring to view the re
mains can do so between the hours of 10
a. m. and 2 p. m. at the residence, 610
First avenue.
Tho Council Bluffs Medical society met
last night and made arrangements to at
tend the funeral In a body. Resolutions
relative to Dr. Green's death were adopted
and the following members of the society
selected to act as pallbearers; Drs. V.
I. Treynor, J. II. Cleaver. M. A. Tlnley,
J. H. Cole, D. Macrae. Jr., H. B. Jen
nings., The members of the society will
meet at the residence and escort the body
to the church.
Woman's Clnb Holds Its First Gen
eral Reception for the
Mrs. J. P. Conner of Denison Is visiting
friends In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Foscoe Lemen are visiting
relatives in Chicago.
Thomas J. Benedict of Chicago Is the
guest of L. C. Dunn. i
Mr. and Mrs. Wllllum Cnppock entertained
nt dinner Tuesday evening.
Miss Marie McDonald of Hardy, Neb., Is
visiting relatives in this city.
Mrs. J. C. Fleming of Fifth avenue Is
home from a visit in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Tfihrer entertained
Informally at cards Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Brulngton entertained
Informally at cards Thursday evening.
Mrs. Arthur L 8tevena has returned
from a month's visit with friends In Chi
cago. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Nichols of Hioux Cltv
are guests of Mrs. S. O. Goodman of First
The members of the Every Thursday club
met Thursday morning with Mrs. Horace
The members of the Atlas club will meet
Tuesday afternoon with the president, Mrs.
W. N. Clifford.
Xfrs. J. Palmer of Spokane, Wash., Is the
guest of her mother, Mrs. 8. Farnsworth
of Eighth street.
Mrs. B. H. Watson of Washington avenue
entertained a few neighboring friends In
formally at cards Monday evening.
Mrs. Nate Bhepard entertained a number
of young people at her home Tuesday even
ing In compliment to Miss Adah Hosse.
Mhe Marian Crane of Park avenue was
hostess at an enjoyable character party
given at her home Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Forreat Smith entertained the women
of Grace Kplscopal church at her home
on Madlaon avenue Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. James Keith of Fairmont avenue
entertained a number of neighboring friends
iniormaiiy ai ner nome inursaay utternoon.
TM, , 1 1.' I 1 I L
wl" 've R Kensington Thursday afternoon
The members of St. Agnes' guild of St.
Paul's Kplscopal church will meet tomorrow
v'na' with Mrs. H. A. wulnn of Oakland
Wheeler, who has been the guest
of her sister, Mrs. G. T. Phelps of First
avenue, lett yesterday for her home
Chicago. y
Mrs. J. I. Stewart entertained a number
of Council Bluffs peoplo at a luncheon
given at the Country club In Omaha
Mrs. M. F. Rohrer entertained Jhe Turtles'
auxiliary of . St. Paul's Episcopal church at
an all-oay semlon Wednesday. Over fifty
were in attendance.
The Oakland Avenue Reading club will
meet Friday afternoon with Mrs. Flnley
Burke at the home of her mother, Mrs.
Jeffries of Fletcher avenue.
The members of the Woman's Whist club
met- Tuesday afternoon with Mm. D. W.
Himhnell. The club will meet this week
with Mrs. Albright of Glen avenue.
Dr. J. C. Waterman and wife left last
evening for a month's visit In Chicago,
during which Dr. Watennun expects to
take a special post-graduate course.
Miss Georgene Bebbington entertained ft
number of young peoplo at her home on
Park avenue Monday evening fn honor of
Mim Kuiiia Keelin nd Mm Doty cf Cincin
nati. '
Miss Nellie L, Dunn has returned to Coun
cil Blurts from Chicago, where she ha
been for aeveral years completing her
musical studies. She has taken rooms at
the Renard.
Miss Florence Shea entertained at a
prettily appointed dinner Monday evening
complimentary to Mies Adah Hesse, who
will leave this week for New York City to
make her home.
Mrs. M. J. Jackson Is home from Salt
Lake City and other western points, where
she pnt the summer. She was accom
panied by Mrs. Harry Culbertaon of Salt
Lake City, who will visit here.
Mrs. W. A. Maurer entertained the mem
bers of the Daughters of the American
Revolution at her home ou Second avenue
Thursday afternoon. A tmnlcal and literary
program was given and reveghmcnta were
The marriage of Mr. Lucas Neumayer.
sin of Mr. and Mrs. J. Neumayer. and
Miss Clara May McGann. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Mctiann, will occur
Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock at St.
Peter's church.
The first general reception of the Council
Bluffs Woman's club lor thU season wus
held Friday afternoon at the home of the
president, Mrs. F. ,AV. Miller of Oakland
avenue, the member of the executive board
acting as hostesses. About 1(H) women were
In attendance. A musical and literary pro
gram waa given. Those usulmlng on tha
program were Miss I-men. Miss Clevelnnd,
Mlsa Beach. Miss Bertha Wheeler, Mrs.
'John Gretser. Miss Price and Mls Maude
i Bell. ,
Shelby County Democrats.
HARLAN, la., Sept. 20. (Special Tele
gram!) The democrats of Shelby county
held their convention today. Editor Albert
Hansen was chalrmnn and Henry Prlcster
secretary. Most of the townships were
represented, although the day was rainy.
Hon. T. M. Hertert declined to be a can
didate for representative a second time.
O. P. Wyland, a real estate man of Har
lan, waa nominated by acclamation. The
other nominations were: Treasurer, George
Harness; sheriff. D. W. Stewart, the pres
ent Incumbent; county superintendent.
John Ludwjckson; county supervisor, Henry
Priester; coroner, Dr. Baumelster; Bur
veyor, Peter I. Peterson. No speechea were
made and no resolutions adopted. 1 he con
vention was quiet.
Ward to Be Triad.
SIOUX CITY, la.. Sept. 26. (Special.)
After two year of unaccountable aeiay
T. F. Ward, defaulting vloe president and
manager of th Lemar National bank,
will be tried In the federal court here this
fall. Ward lost the money, about 330,000,
speculating on the Chicago Board of Trad
and was indicted on several counts, in
mi., have neen iiaiiaina u,i-c. u-
fens will make a determined tight for him,
He la personally popular, having been ac
tive In politics and a member of the demo
cratic state committee for his district.
rirsaoath Coanty CoBveatlon.
LEMAR9, la.. Sept. 20. tSpeclal Tele
gram) At th republican convention held
todav E. D. Chaasell wa nominated for
representative; W. F. Remer. treasurer;
R. T. Scott, superintendent of schools; II.
I Celley, coroner; J. W. Myers, surveyor.
The democrat nominated J. F. Krleg.
rpreaentatlve; R. II. Kalne, treasurer; I
C Hlae. superintendent of schools; John
Bee ley. coroner.
lrt I Fatal.
CRE8TON. la., Bpt. 36. Spec la I.) B. V
Martin, a brakeman, was run, over at
Thsyer last night and died in th Creston
hoailUl this rooming. He went to sleep
th. iruk anil hut train backed over him.
Ha wa slngU and lived In Northampton, I
Large Crowd at Auditorium to Hear Him
Discmi Fational Jni.
Bank Cashier Who Left Hnrrledly
IVot Short, bat Was In Troahle
with Woman Bookkeeper
of the Bank.
i From a Staff Correspondent.)
DKS MOINF.S. Sept, 2.-(Speclal.)-Th
republican campaign In central Iowa was
opened this evening here by a. meeting ad
dressed by Governor A. B. Cummins In the
Auditorium. This was preceded by a con
ference of the party workers of the district
In the republican state headquarters, at
tended by the committeemen and candi
dates for office In th district. This was
one of a series of conference held In th
state, all of which have been well attended.
Only two mora conference are to be held
and they are In Davenport and Muscatine.
The meeting this evening was well at
tended, despite the rain which had been
falling all afternoon. Muslo was furnished
by a Welsh singing society from Baylor,
and Colonel A. B. Shaw, president of the
Polk County Republican club, presided. Th
occasion waa one for a great outpouring
of the republican of the city and district
In honor of the candidate for governor
and as a testimonial to their regard for
Governor Cummins spoke at length and
discussed national iFsues. He presented the
republican view and dissected the state
ment of Sullivan, the democratic candi
date for governor. He made an earnest
plea, for tho support of the protective prin
ciple In national affairs. He read from the
republican stato platform and pointed out
" """" V, .h. .. i .T,i MTh(S Prompt attention of Dr. Conkling mny
that th. party platform Is Identic In Jrtt ' v the woman but u ,a fpared th-
mm year wnn msi miu i r ymi uriui a
and that it is In line with the record of
tho party through many years. In every
way the governor Indicated that he Is a
firm In his position on the necessity for
ultimate tariff revision nd In favor of sup
port of tho policy of reciprocity as ever and
that he will, continue to make his campaign
upon this line, no matter what th criticism
or from what source.
The governor did not take up state Issues,
but confined himself to the national Issues.
Order of the O. A. R.
In general orders No. 4 Issued today by
Commander Raymond and Assistant Ad
jutant General Newman tho appointment
of Colonel George W. Croseley of Webster
City as successor to the "late Philip M.
Crapo of Burlington on tho visiting torn
mlttee for the Soldiers' home at Marshall
town and touching referenc to the eminent
services of Mr. Crapo- are made. He was
especially beloved by the comrades of the
department, as he had more to do with es
tablishing the eoldlers' home than, any
other person. Announcement was made
also of the following additional aides on
tho staff of the commander: J. C. Milll
man, Iogan; F, C. Grace, Davenport: J.
H. Noyes, Ogden; 8. D. Tobey, Rolfe;
Henry Russell. Avoca; O. M. Parker, Sac
City, and E. PearBon, Dysart.
Rural Telephone Score.
A band of thirty determined farmers sur
rounded a chicken house on the farm of
John McClellan. about twelve mile from
Des Molnea, where a thief was bnsy with
a bag Inside. On hi appearance at the
door he wa ordered to surrender at the
muzzle of a shotgun. He-ran and thre
shots were fired over his head, when h
stumbled over a wire fence and fell neaa-
long, with half a doien of the posse on
top at him. They captured the fellow and
brought him and his rig, which wa ar
ranged with covered coops especially for
the business, to De Moines and turned him
over to the police. Charge were Bled In
Judge Duncan's court against the man,
who was Identified aa William Tabot of thi
Th farmer' mutual telephone ho
scored a point, as the posse was organiied
over the 'phone.
Wa a Woman In the Case.
Private information wa received her
today shedding some light on the remark
able case In Buchanan county of placing
bloodhounds on the track of a bank cashier
who had started across the country one
day this week, coupled with the statement
bat his accounts were all right. Th raci
that an effort was made to capture the
man aroused suspicion as to the standing
of tho bank. Elmer Brl'ntnall wa cashier
of the ' Farmers and Merchants bank of
Aurora, Buchanan county. On Wedne.-a.iy
It was announced that he had leu me nana
and was being tracked across the country
by bloodhounds. Now comes an esplanu-
tlon and It Is found there Is a woman in
the case. It Is to the effect that while
his account with the bank was all right.
It had been discovered that h had been
unduly Intimate with the former book
keeper of the bank, a young woman, and
that she had been pressing a demand for
$2,000 against him. He had refused to pay
and in order to block the game, is
said to have deeded all his property to hli
wife. This aroused suspicion and the dis
closure which followed led to his hasty
More domination Filed.
The nomination papers for Mark Furry
of Hardin county were filed with the sec
retary of state this morning for re-election
as member of the house. The nomination
papers for the fusion candidate have not
as yet been filed, nnd It Is regarded as un
certain whether they will ba filed. Quite
a number of the nomination papers are
yet to be filed with the state officials.
Articles of Incorporation of tha Mecca
Remedy company of aterloo were
amended, on notice today, to Increase the
capital to $100,000. The Waverly Badger
Mining company of Waverly was incor
porated with $a.0OO capital, by C T. Brian,
A. E. Dawson, B. K. Sweet and others.
Another Divided Convention.
Judge J. Iv. Elliott of the superior court
Of Oclweln, was In the city today for a
conference with political friends. He Is
the present Incumbent at Oelwcln, but
owing to a bitter factional fight, two can
didates have been nominated. According
to hi view a snap caucus was called which
selected delegates to the convention, and
while he was not present, he secured a
majority of the delegates. When the con
vention was held a factional fight arose
and the convention split, and while a por
tion nominated Elliott, the other faction
He wise and buy your supply of oal now
Don't wait uutil prices advance and theu blame
us. We handle the best of all kinds of hard and
soft coal and guarantee satisfaction.
Fenlon-Wickham Coal Co.
Telephone 395
rr i . ...,. .. . :. i
nominated H. M. Gillian. The contest will
go before the county authorities for set
tlement. Will Be Declared Insane.
Rescued from a watery grave by a hupe
St. Bernard yesterday, Mrs. Mahan, resid
ing in the vicinity of Fourth and Ascension
streets, continued her efforts at self-de-structlnn
and this morning secured a rjior
with which she cut a wound In her neck.
wound may prove fatal. It in understood
she will be taken before the commissioners
of Insanity this afternoon.
Free from I.lve Xtock Disease,
State Veterinary Surgeon P. O. Koto
of Forest City declares his belief that there
ho not been a time for many years that
the live stock of the state of Iowa li? ho
free from all diseases and generally in
such excellent, condition as nt this time.
The crops of the year have been such
that all live stock has prospered and he
declares the state Is absolutely free from
all epidemics of general disorders. He
has received very few calls to go to differ
ent parts of the state recently. At the
same time he predicts that as soon ns the
soft food goes to the llvo stock there will
be more or less trouble. Tho epidemic
of rabies which swept over tho stato two
years ago and last year, hns now entirely
Witness Kays He Wa In Albla at
Time Robbery Was Coin,
m It ted.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Sept. 2G.-(Speclal.)-The
evidence has been concluded In the Richards
trial at Indlanola and tho argume'nts were
commenced this afternoon. Tho testimony
of the defense was brief but is declared to
have been very strong. Richards, the ac
cused ex-deputy marshal, did not go on
the stand In his own defense. Mrs. Richards
testified, and also others, to atiibllsh an
alibi for the defendant, ai..l while the
testimony for the state seemed almost Im
pregnable It was admitted by attorney
today that Richards had made out an ex
cellent alibi. The best testimony In his
defense was from a man who declared he
sa v Richards on a train going to Albla
at tho very time the' robbery was com
mitted, nnd jho was absolutely sure of the
facts. Much testimony wos Introduced to
show that Richards stood high among the
officials who had dealt with him. -Thomas
J. Miller of Ottumwa this morning testified
kthat he saw,Rlclmrds on the truln at Albla
on the night of January I. Miller's testi
mony Is corroborative of that of Mrs. Rich
ards, who testified last night that the de
fendant left the house at 7 o'clock to tiiko
th 7:60 train east. Her testimony wus
slightly discredited, however, because of
an admission on cross-examination that It
wa yet light when the defendant left. If
the witness (Miller) sow Richards' ullght
from the eastbound train at Albla the latter
must have left Creston at the hour men
tioned by Mrs. Richards and could not have
been plotting with Baird In the gambling
house and In the convict's kitchen at the
hour stated by htm on the stand at the
opening of the trial.
Killed by Pomp Machinery.
HARLAN. I a., Sept. M. (Special Tele
gram.) J. I.. Hart rug, an employe of the
Chicago Great Western, wa caught In the
machinery of the pumping station this
morning and so badly hurt that he was
unconscious when taken out and died
shortly after noon. He was unmarried and
30 years old.
Snath Dakota W. C. T. I. Convention.
REDFIKLD, 8. D., Sept. i.-(Speclal
Telegram.) This has been a busy day In
the state Women's Christian Temperance
union convention. The treasurer' report
which showed that during the year the en
tire debt of $934 had been wiped out, aroused
much enthusiasm. In addition to this the
um of $2,430 had passed through the treas
urer's hands, and had gone to pay regular
Mrs. Lillian E. Phelps of St. Catherine,
Ont., world' Women' Christian Tcmper
ancs union worker, Is here, assisting and
addressing the convention.
A symposium on "The Next Step In th
Annihilation of the Liquor and Tobacco
Habit" wa held today. Another interesting
feature waa a model Loyal Temperance
lesion exhibit.
Barled Inder Mass of
CHICAGO. Sept. 26. A man named T.
Petro wus killed and several persons In
jured st a builf!1n.g under construction for
the Western Kljctrlc company at Haw
thorne, a suburb. Tho men were ennraged
In placing stevl beams in the roof of tho
structure, when the trunses suddenly UHve
way and the south hslf of th building
fell. The men were burled bene-nth the
mass of steel and were released with great
difficulty. There were at h-Hst "Do men
employed on tha building wi.n the crash
came. Manv of the workmen leaped from
the roof and saved their lives.
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