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    The Omaha Sunday
PAGES 11 TO 20.
single oopx ftve cents.
1MB RKI.1AULI-: fTOUfe:. , ewawasmwamw-
It is very evident that we lead them all in silks. We lead
with the largest stock. We lead with the lowest prices. Note
these extremely low prices for Monday's big sale.
FANCY SILKS Bui h aa 34-Inch wide satin
Dammesse In bright colors, plaid. stripes.
and handwme point warp
taffeta, swell silk, worth
up to $1.00 on sale
GRAND LOT OF PLAIN AND FANCT SILKS Worth up to 11.50. on sale at c
Plain 'sffetas, changeable taffetas, colored loulsene,. colored. peau do ante, whits
figured waah silk. K-in. ro'ored wash silk, extreme and fashionable plaids, fancy
pongee silk, brocade satins, fine crepe de chene, white and colored
waah taffeta silks worth $1.00, 11.26 and $1.60 over 100
pieces on sale
Pure silk, real Wrong rfjft warranted to
lUn. wide, on Bale OJV 27-ln. wide.
I3I.ACK TAFFETAS 19 In. wide.
worth bnc, for
worth 66c, for
worth $1.76, for
de cygne, b'ack peau de seine, black aatln luxor, black arm lire, black faille
francaiae. black French poplin, black motre taffeta, black caahmere Qflf
gros grain. Magnificent allka, actually worth P.M, In this sale only 006
There Is no taffeta In the whole world like the Wlnalow taffeta for giving good
service. It beats any taffeta that was ever manufactured.
FREE A little booklet entitled the LADY IN BLACK, printed on fins paper, con
tains reproductions of eight exquisite models designed by Redfern, the famous
Parisian dressmaker. It clearly demonstrates the great popularity of black silk
for tbs coming falL
Big Linen &nd Domestic Department
Tbs prices we are making you for Monday
1.T.1 TABI.K MSEX 91
Extra fine quality bleached IJnen Table
Itamask elegant aatln finish, t yard
wide, pretty patterns with wide, open
borders, will last for years, mailt Irom
. the finest selected flax yarn, free from
all chemicals, $1.76 value, I ftfj
Monday only, at yard IttJU
91.33 TABI.K I.ISE TSe
Extra, heavy quality silver bleached Ger
man Damask, 2 yarda wide, guaranteed
all pure linen, IP,
$1.25 value IOC
Finest quality Austrian Table Linen, satin
finish, all puie linen, elegant patterns,
$1.00 quality, Monday only, CC
at yard 036
This Is one of our leading numbers. In 10
fiatterna to select from, every thread
Inen, cannot be duplicated for lees than
7&o yard, Monday only, PP
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Me quality extra heavy Cream Damask.
60-ln. wide, 10 pieces, full bleached Union
Table Damask. 4-ln. wide, for )Qn
Monday only, at yard &)C
All linen bleached Damask Napkins, fast
edges, slse lsHxmfc, the $1.60 AQ.
quaUty, Monday at. dos. f0G
Another Big Fruit &
Fancy, targe, Juicy Lemons, worth
25e doaeo, en sale Saturday at each,
Paaer large Mediterranean Sweet -
Orangps st each ,,
Celluloid. Elastic or Eleotrlo Starch
per package ;
The Beet Corn Starch
per package '..
Good Rice, Sago, Pearl Barley,
Tapioca, etc per pound
Jellycon or Fruit Pudding
per package
Oil or Mustard Sardines
per can
All brands of Laundry Soap
per bar
Another Ohtptai In th Dtbata on How to
Happy Thougu Married.
Mrs. MeKllllp's Letter Aroases am
Omaha Woaasus to tho Pwlat ot
Brok.las; m La see (or tho
1 Other lido.
OMAHA, Aug. n. To tho Editor of The
Bee: I have not read the article of Mrs.
Oilman which appeared In the Literary Di
gest, but whether I agree or disagree with
her views would be a matter of no moment
to anyone. I once had the pleasure (?) of
listening lo Mrs. Oilman (then Mrs. Stet
son) when she addressed the Omaha
Woman's club, hut I was much more Im
pressed with her untidy, loose-jointed ap
tetranre than by any brilliancy or depth
In her remarks. Evidently, along with other
reforms for which she was laboring, she
was also an advocate of dress reform, but
was not a pleasing advertisement, by any
My only acquaintance with Mrs. McKll
llp ss a writer is through two communica
tions to the columns of The Bee, In both of
which she evinces far mors admiration for
the male sex than for her own. Probably
no one objects to this, but fscts don't Jus
tify It. unless her snvironment has been ex
ceptional. Her statement that woman has
the easy side of married life may bo true in
her case, but In the larger number of
houses It is not. Man may "bold the heavy
end of the lever" It Is one's right that he
Should; It was so ordained but the fact
that no man has ever been found who
would exchange his sex. If he could. Is evi
dence enough, all things considered, which
he thinks la working undor the greater
Arralsm Mas as Welt.
Mrs. McKlllip's assertion that "thousands
ef women expect love and devotion and all
the fortunate gifts of life as their rightful
due. when they hav neither wit, beauty or
brains, agreeabllity or scarcely common
sense" Is j'ist aa scathing an arraignment
of the other sex aa her own. It displays
great stupidity and lack of discernment on
the part of those same thousands of hus
bands to marry such women when the
won't Is full of noble, desirable ones. For
every silly, brainless. Incompetent iind un
reasonable woman there is A counterpart
among men.
Speaklbg cf weakness only, women havs
their share, but when It comes to actual
sin and vice, where is the prtponderaneeT
Mrs. McKillip also declares that when the
home Is unhappy, nine times out of ten It
' Is tho fault of the wife. That makes me
tired! To phrase my meaning more ele
gantly. It fills my soul with righteous In
dignation. Just the reverse Is much nearer
truth. Nine-tenths of wives are more loyal
to home ties and marital duties, mure un
selfish and patient la discharge of them
than axe the husbands. IX It were as! a
7fiM The Greatest Stock of
Llil$ Silks in tho Entiro Vcst
SPECIAL. PURCHASE Changeable 811k
for lining, neat designs. In figured silk
all colors, very strong, mut
of silk and linen, sale
wear fin guaranteed in every. I 1K
on aali
le.vJUl way, as-m. w1de,,eele
PRICES have no competition anywhere.
worth $1 "0, for
worth $1.60, for
In. Wide,
are the LOWEST ever made by any house.
2 .AO KAI'KISS 91.T9
Will plane on sale Monday only 100 doxen
full bleached double satin damask Nap
kins, all up-to-date patterns, sue xi.
would be cheap at $2.50. I 1Q
Monday only, at, doa 1(19
Dresser ftcrafa
All linen hemstitched Dresser Scarfs IQ.
at $1.1, 76c, ec Wo and tilli
Stand rovers ad Pillow Shams
Hemstitched Stand Covers and Pillow
Shams, at, each $1-26, 86c 79c, )Om
4!c and Liiy
15 Yds. Maslla for 1
8Hc soft finish bleached muslin, yard wide,
well-known brand, Monday only, I nn
at 16 yards for JiUIJ
12 Yds. Cambric for aU
12Hc fine snow white Cambric, yard
wide, Monday only, 13 yds, for
12 Yds. Bagllah Ui Cloth tl.OM
2o quality soft flnlah English Long Cloth.
yard wide, Monday only, I flQ
U yards for lUO
S Yds. Bleached Rheetlag
2Sc duality bleached Sheeting, 81 Inches
wide, one of the best known brands on
earth, Monday only, at 6 yards
Special sales all day In our ready-to-use
Sheets and Pillow Case Department.
Grocery Sale Mond ay
Fancy Alaska, Salmon
per can
One pound package Imported
T r - tt.ll.n Xi,nM
. 9c
per pound
Fan-.-y Mulr Peaches oi
. per pound QI
s-lb. pkg. of Union, High-Five or I
Tankee brand Breakfast Oatmeal.... I3C
Fresh Soda Crackers C
per pound -w.. Ou
Fresh Butter Crackers C
per pound 0"
Good Santos Coffee speclal) IC
per pound 13"
Fancy Spider Leg or Sun Dried SO.
Tea for Ice tea per pound 4UG
the ratio of divorces would be largely in tx- !
cess of the figurs she quotes.
But the most offensive statement In her
whole article la this: "A woman who has
the comforts of life provided by a husband
who doesn't get drunk and beat her has no
business to allow marriage to he a failure."
Everyone knows a man may drink enough
every day to unfit him for business and the
companionship of any decent, self-respecting
woman he may be an Intolerable nui
sance to his family and obnoxious to every
one with whom he comes In contact, save
his own kind, and yet not beat his wife or
feel disposed to.' The worst that I could
wish for one unwomanly enough to hold
such opinions, and willing to publish them.
Is that shs might be condemned to exDerl
nce the comfort and society of such a
charming husband for a season. It would
not take long to change her mind If she
had any but it goes without saying. Judg
ment so warped and unsound will carry
very Uttle weight.
Whea Character la Molded.
Another gross misstatement Is that a
wife can make what she chooses of a bus-
Dana, noma women nave such power
over soma men, but it la almost Invariably
where It leads to ruin. Boys of 16 and
IT are very crude. Imaginative young anl
male, yet at that age multitudes of them
go out from the control and restraint of
mother and home into the world on their
own behalf. And our beat universities,
colleges and less pretentious schools are
very poor educators along soma lines. We
all know how few Christian homes are
open to the strange young business man
in our cities, how Uttle help he has to do
right, what manifold temptations to do
wrong. These sre the crucial years In
the establishment of character, when the
sculpturing Is done, and this is usually be
fore he falls Into the hands of a wife.
It may be said v-Knoui irreverence that
the Creator himself could not make a man
or a gentleman out of all men, for in
many cases ths possibilities were left out
of his construction. In one paragraph of
the article under consideration there is
evidence that the writer lapses for a mo
ment Into lucidity, for shs acknowledges
that it Is impossible to love a man Just
because he provides a living and keeps his
barn clean, although this Is a complete
contradiction to what precedes.
The homes described as more agreeable
than workshops, with ths possibilities of
culture In music and literature, with ar
tistic adornments and agreeable associa
tiona of husbands and friends, would sat
isfy sny reasonable woman, but, unfor
tunateky. these are the homes of the few
not of the many. Nor can we hope such
ever will be. The requirements of life
must stand aside for bare necsMltlea. The
dally meals to be provided, the ooal octo
pus, the real estate vulture, the unavoid
able accidents and emergencies arising In
every household consume every dollar .of
the average wage earner. And the wife
who must always make one dollar do the
work of two is even more distraught than
he who earned it. Many a husband and
wife have millionaire tastes snd only a
pauper purse with which to gratify them.
The man with the hoe is deserving of sym
pathy, but the Madonna at the tub is even
more to be pitied.
It la aaay to describe' an ideal Ufa, an
Bargain Ho. 1
Women's regular $1.00 Wrappers,
made of percales and lawns, for
Marsala So. 2
Women's White Lawn Waists, the regular
price of which will average about jffjt
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Bargala Xo. 3
10 dozen Children's Dresses, ages
t to 14
years, average price $1.90.
at .each
Rara-sla Jfo.
Women's Wash Underskirts,
average price $1.60, each
Bargain He. B
Women's Waists made of pongees,
fine lawns and Swisses, average
price about $4.50, Monday, each....
Watch our ad It will be to your Interest.
again in (man.
After you take
The sale will continue
the merchandise home.
Garpet and Rug Dept.
Monday will be a banner bargain day In
our Rug and Carpet Department. A com
plete line of new foods at the lowest prices
ever neara or.
$lT.6o 9x13 Axmlnster Rugs, at $21.75.
$ 9x12 body brussels at $25.00.
$1800 Srxl2 Tapestry luigs at $12.98.
$16.0O-i9 Tapestry rugs at $10.88.
Beat grade all wool ingrain carpet,
dropped patterns, at 69c yard.
$1.20 velvet carpets at i5c yard.
$1.16 axmlnster carpet at 96c yard.
Special Shsat Music Sale
Tomorrow we will place on sale regular
60c and 0c sheet music at only 19j per
copy; by mall 20c. We have selected some
of our very best sellers for this sale, such
well known hits as "Hiawatha" both vocal
and Instrumental; "When Kate and I Were
Coming Through The Rye," "Cordelia",
two step, very good; "Bowery Buck", by
Turpln; "The Heart of a Girl", fine waits
song; "Ariiona March", latest by Paull;
"In Dear Old Fairyland ', latest by Harris;
"On a Sunday Afternoon", "Where the Sil
very Colorado Wends Its Way", "Think
Once Again Before We Part", very pa
thetic ballad; "Daisy and The Butterfly",
a fine selling song: "The Same Old Crowd",
song; "Southern Smiles"; fine new two step
by Kelly; "A Rag Time Wedding", two
step; "Telegraph" two step; "Dat Gal of
Mine", two step; "My Georgia Lady Ixve".
pretty coon song: "Two's Company Three s
a Crowd", popular coon song.' All day
Mondty only 19c; by mall, 3bc To obtain
these special prices mail orders must be
received Immediately, otherwise regular
rates will be cnarged. Mall orders filled
the same' day we receive them.
Ideal husband, and to picture a wife so
nearly an angel that we are always ex
pecting her to spread her wings for more
congenial spheres, but actualities are stern
and uncompromising. We must take peo
ple as they are, and their homes will be
like them neither better or worse. That
hsppy homes are not always contingent on
big salaries or plethoric bank accounts is
shown In the exquisite pen picture which
has Immortalised Robert Burns' "The Cot
ter's Saturday Night" E. M. T.
Aw. Swlpsey, ye hain't gone an' jlned de
Sunday school, have ye?"
Yep. Dat's right ' One o do kids wot
b'longs to it dared me to Jlne it, an' I
won't take a daro f m nobody!"
Hush! Lucy." said Mrs. Lushman, wbq
calling upon Mrs. Pcpley. "Don t
make so much noise."
Why?" demanded her little daughter.
Because you'll wake Mrs. Popley's
"Gracious! does the baby have to sleep
till he's sober, too?"
Remember, Willie. I told you If you at
peaches snd cream you could not have the
watermelon. Now, I made up my mind I
would eat the watermelon."
But mamma." said Uttle Willie, "I did
not make up my mind that I wanted the
watermelon until I finished the peaches
and cream!"
A teacher In one of the schools near
Philadelphia had one day been so disturbed
by the bussing of lips and shuffling of feet
of the children that she was on the verge of
distraction. Finally she said: "Children, I
cannot stand so much noise. Please be
quiet for a little while, at least Let me see
If you can't b so still that you could hear
pin drop." '
Instantly every enlld became as still as a
mouse. Then a little boy in a hack seat
piped out with marked Impatience:
"Well, let her drop!"
An acquaintance from the country, says
Stray Stories, having visited some friends,
and being about to depart presented a
little boy, one of the family, with half a
crown In the presence of his mother.
"Please, la it a good oner asked the lit.
tie ftltow.
"Of course It Is," replied the gentleman,
surprised- "Why do you ask?"
"Because I'd rather have a bad one, and
then they 11 let me keep It If I get any
good money It goes Into the bank, and I
never get It again."
Charles Stockier was recently visiting a
friend whose children are very fond of him.
reports the New York World. His host's
little daughter was sltUng on his knee. She
had a little brother, whom shs regarded
with wonder.
-I know a man," said BtecUer, "who
would give a whole roomful of gold for your
Uttle brother. Will you sell himr
The child shook her head.
"But" said Stockier, "think of how many
nice things a roomful of gold would buyt
Don't you think that you had better let the
man have him?"
No." answered the girl, thoughtfully;
"I'll keep him till he's older. He'll be worth
more then."
After a three months' absence, spending most of the time in the Cloak
and Fur. markets of France, Germany and England. He has secured
for the ladies of Omaha the most' exclusive and nobbiest styles to be
found in these countries. We will announce through the daily press
the arrivals of these garments which we expect to arrive about the
middle of September.
While in New York on his way home he secured fo? spot cash fhe
greatest and grandest bargains in Women's Suits, Skirts, Waists and
.Wrappers that was ever bought by a western buyer.
Some of these goods are here and will be on sale Monday at such
low prices that will induce you to- buy. The great sale commences in
Cloak Department' Monday morning at half past 8 o'clock, and we
promise you bargains that were never
less thaen $40.00.
Bargain Xo.
Women's Wash Suits, made of
Imported materials, trimmed
laces and embroideries, averagS
price about $r.60, for only
Ilaraaln Sin. T
A few Women's Pongee Coats
for, each
Bargala So. H
25 Women's silk finished Capes,
with lace and lined, with
percallue, for only
Barsaln So. 9
About 30 Women's Waists, made of fine
taffetas, fine satins, China silks and pon
gee silks, in all the newest styles. In
pinks, blues, cardinals, grays, and In fact
all colors, average price 17. aO, I Ql
for. each
Our buyers secured bargains in New Torkln large quantities that can never be shown
from day to day until all are sold.
If you are not more than pleased, bring It
Drapery Department
$7.50 tapestry portieres at KK
$ 00 tapestry portieres at $$.75.
l)o tapestry piece goods, 60 inches wide.
any color, at 69c yard.
63c yard Persian stripes, 60 Inches rwlde,
at 33o yard.
500 velours remnants from 1 o i yards
long, worth 75o yard, at 26c yard.
Matchless Trunk Bargains
Large size trunk canvas covered, , hard
wood slats on top and bottom, solid brass
"Monitor lock, large slse trap with cov
ered hat box. These trunks are worth up to
$8.60 your choice for S5.00i i
Ladles' and men's dress suit cases from
$1.98 to $18.50.
Values from 40o to' $16.09.
All kinds of traveller's effects.
LitU Cherub 8teitli Suiter of Mercy, Who
it Bow Mr j. late Johnson.
Like a Medieval Roaaauaea, ths Be
trothed Forgo Their Plans Even
Despite tho Jail Doors
4 Kan's Vows.
Ye good old days of romance Indeed are
gone. No longer the noble cavalier with
sweet stringed lute beneath My Lady's lat
tice and the moon plays away vain fear.
so that anon My Lady comes so softly
down and tremblingly, and they are gone
to his strong castle, there to defy the an
gry lord; no longer the bold knight goes
forth to find the Holy Grail, that if per
chance he does return it is to honor and to
the beauty waiting there yet even in these
prosaic days, when commerce ruies, Cupid,
whose aiming none may know, plays odd
new tricks which may be old renewed;
even in Omaha, a city not well famed In
the romantic tales, and within a few weeks
past tit that the convent has been be
sieged and has yielded up the lady fair.
In Omaha It was not as of old with sere
nadethe lute and the cat find hard wel
come now but the game was played out
simply in a modern way; the man was a
carpenter, Ed Johnson, and the maid a
nun. Sister Mary Louise, in the Sisters of
Mercy convent, at Eighteenth and Cass
streets. Ths two left the convent In a
carriage one Wednesday afternoon and
took the i to o'clock train for Cedar Rap
Ids, where they were married by the
priest. From there they went to Clinton,
la., where Johnson was employed, -and
where they will make their home, setting
up housekeeping with the furniture of W.
T. Johnson, the father of the groom, which
has been stored at the Benson orphanage
since the death of his wife.
There were aa usual In ths trail of Cupid
many obstacles. Johnson left tho city
prison to meet his bride, and she doubtless
passed through trying scenes before the
convent doors closed behind her.
The story Js simple enough until the
chapter before the last where trouble Is
always waiting, set up ready to ths
printer's hand.
How Casid Worked.
Young Johnson had for about four years
been doing work about church property and
In this way met Sister Mary Louise, who
was a teacher In the convent schools. The
elder Johnson also worked about the Cast
street convent but knew less about the
Intrigue probably than any other Inter
ested person. The young carpenter did
work at the Banson orphanage and later at
the Cass street convent and was attracted
by ths sweet voiced sister who had f re
quently to direct his work.
But the Interesting chapter, comes when
he was sent to O'Connor, Neb., which Is
six miles from Greeley Center, there to erect
a large barn for the mission; and arriving
there finds the lady of the sweet voice.
J This was In January aad tho work was not
0) o)
shown before by any house in
Bargala Ho. lO
About 300 Women's Tailor Made Suits.
These we bought at a sacrifice and will
sell them accordingly. The greatest val
ues we ever knew. Suits In this l"t
worth up to S35.0V. 0 07
for only.
Harare I a Ha, 11
Women's Walking Skirts, about 4"0 of them
made from the best all wool English,
Scotch and Irish tweeds and cheviots
perfect In fit, hang and style C
average price $6.75 only fciw I
How Fall Suits
350 of those long mannish suits, beautiful
In plain blues, rnecks anil lancy
mixtures, at, each $40, $30, nn nri
2t and.
back and get your money.
Flannel Department
Three cases plain colors, extra heavy out
ing flannel, regular 10c, per yard 6c.
Two cases extra heavy twilled Shaker
flannel, worth 16c, per yard 8V4o.
Extra heavy twilled cashmere plaids,
flannel, worth 25c, per yard 10c
Extra heavy bleached cotton flannel, per
yard. 6c
10 cases sample Blankets to close out.
cotton blankets, wool and all wool bed
blankets. In all colors, less than mill prtoea.
Home made bed comforters. We have
now over L700 home made comforters
to select from. Filled with extra- fins
white cotton, covered with the best Value
in outing flannels, silkollne and sateen,
full also and weight, price $1.60, $1.98. $3.26.
Optical Department
L p-to-date styles . In frames fins Quality
lenses. .
No charge for examination by first-class
Gold filled frames. 18 years guarantee,
13.00 value. tLtt. .
Complete spectacle or svaglgssss, InclueW
wa leuiner case, wortn az.w, at sc
Colored ground glasses, 60c kind, at Do.
complete until last June, when Johnson re
turned to Omaha for a day and then went
on to Clinton to do his work. But there '
wss an understanding and he returned
lately to claim his own.
Now this Is the chapter of trouble. The
carpenter was thrown Into Jail on Monday
charged with being a "suspicious charac
ter" and was held until Wednesday morn
ing, tho day of the departure. Friends
say that he was Imprisoned thus upon the
complaint of the mother superior (truly a
medieval scene) In an attempt to foil the
little god. But if this were true It was
Ineffectual, so the priest withdrew the
vows and Sister Mary Louise was a nun
no more. When young Johnson drove up
to take his bride the father was standing
across tho street and received a wave ot
the hand from the son. When the young
woman drove away with the latter, the
father first became aware of things. And
this Is the story of tho carpenter and of
Sister Mary Louise who Is now Mrs. Kate
Johnson. The couple is at home In Clinton,
Jadge Read Grants Reetralalag
Order, hat Hot Final Writ la
Advertising Case.
Judge Read In the district court yesterday
morning granted the petition of the World
Publishing company for an order restrain
ing the mayor and city council from award
ing the annual advertising contract to The
Bee. Tho court declined to Issue the
mandamus requested, naming the Evening
World-Herald as the official newspaper.
In his decision Judge Read said the re
sponsibility and remedy. In case the city
was Injured by the absence of a city paper
nd consequent delay to public work, rested
with the mayor and council. The latter are
now free to make a contract with the
World-Herald, but not with The Bee.
The suit was brought by ths World Pub
lishing company before the council had
made an official award, but after con
clusions had been reached In executive com
mittee session, following an attempt by Ths
Bee to show ths World-Herald did not have
at least $.000 bona fide subscribers on June
304 also that In reality, under certain con
ditions, Tho Bee bid wss ths lower.
Attorney W. J. Connell. who eppeared
for ths mayor and council and Tho Bee,
and City Attorney Wright argued In court
that the court had no Jurisdiction In ths
present status ot the matter, and that the
mayor and council were entitled to certain
discretionary powers In awarding ths eon-
The court ruled that under ths law the
bid of the lowest competent bidder, who
had compiled with .necessary provisions,
has to be accepted; further, that the evi
dence presented to him showed the World
Herald qualified to receive the award. It
was held that an Injunction would not In
terfere with the rights of ths mayor and
It Is understood that If the council does
not make the award to the World-Herald
another attempt to secure ths mandamus
which Judge Read refused will be made at
the opening of the fall term of court, the
supreme court having ruled that In vaca
tion rime a Judge may not Issue a man
damus where there is dispute as to fact.
T" lift I nifliniY llm of
UUUU5UUU5U tho West
While for years we have surpassed al other houses In this city in dress roods,
this year will be the most remarkable of all for as the styles sre now changing to
hiah class novaltles. to high class, plain two-toned long tuft and close clipped sid
elines te cravenetted mohairs, and Sicilians, etc. We have Imported direct from
Priestley of England, Lupin of France, Arnold of Germany, besides all the domestic
mills of America, the grandest line
oi aig
on sale In omaoa.
Zlbellnes, TSc, tLOO, $1.3.
up to, yard
Voiles. TSc. $1.00, $1.25, tLSO,
up to, yard
Fancies, ZV too, 75o, $1.00,
up to, yard
Monday in Omaha's Greatest Domestic Doom
Nearly all the St. Louis and St. Joe
storks are In now, and the tables In the
domestic room will be loaded to their ut
most capacity with these beautiful new
fall goods, bought at lass than 4U cents on
the dollar.
Those goods are made In Germany, are ex
tra heavy and extra fine materials, per
fectly fast colors, and manufactured to
sell at X2 a yard. Also 6 cases of fleece
lined pique, a new fabrlo never shown be
fore this fall It Is a new waistlng, wash
able and fast colors, made to sell at
26c a yard our price ICs
will be only, yard Iau
10 cases of the new pau velvet and Lerom s
cloth. In all the new fall shades pane
velvets are for walstlngs and Lerome Is
for wrappers and full house dreeses, fast
colors and beautiful patterns and made
to sell at 26o yard I9lir
our price, per yard Ifc'v
19c and 25c FALL GOODS AT 10c.
IS cases of the celebrated ARNOLD'S
ECLIPSE FLANNEL, the fastest colors
made In cotton goods the patterns are
exquisite, dark and light colors. Per
sians, borders, etc they are sold here in
this town, and, In fact, every town In
the country, at 19c, 2uc, our fY,
price so long as they last only
12 cases of the handsomest flannelettes. In
new fatl colors, perfectly fast, that was
ever put on sale for this money you will
be asked 15c for this grade elsewhere, and
Monday's Bargains'
1st Lot of Tinted Pillow Tops and Barks
and Lithographed 'lops, worm cc
2So to 6uc go one sale
a u -
2d Lot Including a fine line of Pillow
Shams, Center pieces ana iresser
Scarfs, worth 35o to 60c IQc
Hardware. Stoves and Housefurnishings
PDeclal cut price on all gasollua stovea
Special cut prices on ail rengerators. ws
have them up from $4-9u -
six Uaadred Retailers Record Their
Veto am Negative ef the
Over 600 postal card replies have been
received by Secretary Fischer of the
Retail Grocers' association, to the circular
recently sent out by the committee of re
tailers and It is now authoritatively an
nounced that there will be no trading
stamps hereafter In Omaha. With one
exception every one of the replies was
unfavorable to give out stamps and the
exception wss noncommittal. Every line
of business was represented by replies, and
as thsy represent over 75 per cent of the
retail business of the city the matter. Sec
retary Fischer eays, is settled, secretary
Fischer added:
'Using the stamps would cost the re
tailers 6 per cent of their gross receipts
and not benefit either them or their cus
tomers. The only signatures to agreements
to use the stamps which were obtained by
the solicitors were obtained on false re
presentations, to the effect that com
petitors of the retailers being solicited
had signed agreements to use stamps.
Omaha's experience several years sgo with
trading stamps, when the company failed
to redeem Its stamps and quietly slid out
of the city. Is still fresh In the minds of
those retailers, who then used them. The
use of trading stamps Is not businesslike,
and so far as Omaha and other cities In
Nebraska are concerned the 'stampmen will
have hard sledding after the campaign we
have made against them. They are still
working In Lincoln, we understand, but
we have not heard anything from them In
Omaha for several days.
Tou Uke the American girl best yon know
her. You'll Uke Cook's Imuerial Champagne
best. Get an Introduction. .
elga Prices Are Tee Lew for
These Exacted la Oasaha.'
"1 am In receipt of a letter from a friend
In Glasgow, Scotland," said Simon Rohln
sen at tho Omaha View Improvement club
Friday night, "and he stated that American
bacon, the product of the Armour establish
ment at South Omaha, was sold there at
11 eenta, 10 cents and t cents per pound.
This price represented the shipping cost
and the wholesalers' profits. I think that
the matter Is of sufficient Importance
for the Omaha Improvement clubs to take
up, slncs we pay as high as 23 cents retail,
to see If corresponding concessions In the
prices of pork products could not be ob
tained nearer home."
t)eeea ef Aaaerleaa Waterlsg
(The poetic name given to Atlantic City)
and other Atlantic sea coast resorts, sre
reached from the west via the Lehigh Val
ley Railroad.
Send S-rent stamp to General Patncer
Department Lehigh Valley Railroad, New
Task, far Atlantic Cit booklet
grade dress goods that was ever placed
NovelUes, 4o, TSc, $1.00, $L25, I1.M. C ff
up to, yard UiUVJ
Walstlngs, In all the ow evening shades,
c, 6wo. 75o. $1.00. C flit
up to, yard tfiUU
Mall orders filled. Samples free.
thov are reallv worth It but we
lucky to get U cases In the St Jos stuck
that we can sell at this ridlc- Tin
ulous price Monday I"
10c. 12Hc AND lao GOODS AT 6c YARD.
Here Is the champion square of this city.
This Is a table that a lady of little money
can secure goods at a trifle ot their cost.
They are Odds and ends ot a tine stock,
and large remnants of good goods wortn
from I to 4 times their regular price.
They consist of 12Hc fine heavy flannel
ettes, fast colors, good patterns. 19c dark
Koyal Failes, M-lnch heavy percales, last
colors, remnants of 16a. lo and i6c wash
goods, loo dress ginghams and. In fact,
anything you may want for children s
' school ureases, ladles' wrappers, waists
or klmonas nothing on Cn
this table over, yard
Cleaning up all summer goods, waah
goods, prints, ginghams, linings, walstlngs,
swn" VALl'E Imported Spanish linen, mer
ceiiscil, .-irlis, embroidered striped mer
ce. i. ii ginghams, mercerised oxford
wa img-. Scotch madras see and corded
baliMe, will sell I9C
Monday, for Ifcl
40c VALUE Imported embroidered Swisses
embroidered striped French batiste,
French soft finished percales and woven
corded madrases Iflrt
will sell Monday for ........ lU
SOc VALUE Macname laced organdies,
satin striped batiste, printed mercerised
oxford walstlngs, Irish dlmlUes and
chambray ginghams IsC
will sell Monday for I
25c and 50c Pillow Tops
for 15c.
. ... an -T AQTVfl
frd-Lot consists of a lot of Fancy Colored
Pillow Cords, wortn ioo io J win
per yard, on sale at I"
Brooks' Crochet Silky gc
BjolT'lot oT Ladles" Handkerchiefs, from
renney siuca, on VtG
sale at.
Special cut price on all gasollii
We have them up from C.
Special cut price on aU screen doora
have them up from 69c
Special cut price on all lawn mowers.
We have them up from $3.4
Special cut price on all garden hoes. v e
have them up from 6c.
Flaring Tin Palls Mo
Gallon Oil Cans llo
Dover Egg Beater
Kloe Root Scrub Brush Jo
Double Mincing Knlie o
Galvanised Chamber Pall ...o
Adjustable Screens Jpo
Foot Tubs J
Steel Frame Wringer .-SBo
Larga Gasoline) Oven ...... ...........ll-sv
Galvanised Pails 16o
Kindling Hatchet fo
Wire Egg Beaters Jo
Vest. Brusheo
Tubular Lanterns 4o
Enameled Wash Boards 2oo
60-lb. Fancy Flour Cans
4 Section Clothes Racks o
O. K. Washers . -8
Fine Carpet Broom . . lws
10 D Nails "o
8 D. Nails 2V
10 D. Nails Jc
D. NalU
Plan ii Proposed by Hebrukt EeUQ Mer
chant to Form Company,
Promoters Believe Protertfeai te Thele
Property Ceald Be Better Se
eared mt Less Coat hy
This Method.
Organising a mutual fire Insurance com
pany will be the principal subject con
sidered and on which action may be taken,
at the third meetlns of the Nebraska
Retail Merchants association.
The convention will be held In Omaha
October C. 7 and t, arid It Is expected that
at least 600 merchants from all parts of ths
state will attend the sessions. Tho associ
ation was organised In Omaha in 1901 with
79 members and about 400 were present
at the annual meeting last year In Lincoln.
Owing to the Ak-Sar-Ben festivities, and
consequent low rates, it Is expected that
many more merchants will attend the con
vention this year.
The notices of and Invitations to the con
vention, to the number of 1914. will be sent
out In a short time. Ths Omnha Retail
Grocers' association Is affiliated with the
stato association and will take an active
part In entertaining the delegates. In
cluded In ths last of 1.914 are retail grocers
In the cities and proprietors of "general"
stores In the country districts. If deemed
advisable the membership. It Is believed,
can be greatly Increased by extending In
vitations to retail dry goods men, retsll
shoe men, druggists and other retailers.
There Is a decided sentiment among ths
retailers of the state in favor of organising
a mutual fire Insurance company, the busi
ness to be confined to members of tbs as
sociation. Owing to the acquaintanceship
among the members, both in a business
and social way, the taking of undesirable
risks could be avoided and at ths same
time the matter of fraud. In the matter of
overvaluations and In other ways, could,
it is believed, be eliminated.
Another feature In favor of such a fire
insurance company as opposed to "foreign"
compsnles which has been brought forward
by members of the association Is that the
premium money would remain at home and
that whatever employes would be required
to conduct ths business of the company
would live in the state and expend their
money in It.
Statistics showing ths number of fire
losseh among the retail merchants of the
stats and the amount of premiums paid by
them will be prepared and It Is believed
they will show that the retail merchants
can save a material percentage on In
surance by forming a company.
Baraed by Carbelle Arid.
Pearl Swanson. living over Boyle's
Saloon at Eleventh and Douglas street,
was badly hurned yesterday morning rv
carbolic acid which she accidentally si'""
In the dark she was searihlng f jr
. thing on a bureuu and upset the tx?
acid, from wiilcli the cork cat.
I Surgeon Schleier of the police f
I stopped the burning,
' j
.... ' .