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    The ..Omaha .Sunday Bee.
Mw3 Mm) Mm m
Closing Out the Last of Summer Goods
Everything must go. These prices will do the work quickly.
rthing as advertised.
Woe Imported Colored Wash Goods le
Imported linen batiste. Bilk striped, linen
Jacard Swisses, Mercerised und ging
hams, embroidered organdies, French
satin striped batiste. Hcotch madrasses
and soft finished percales, lt!r
were 60c Monday lil
40c Colored Walk floods 12 l-2e
afercerlied striped organles, Inred Swiss
muslins, woven striped madras and French
corded batiste, were 40c IO U
Monday la?G
StOe Colored Wash floods lOe
Irish and Hootch printed dimities, printed
penanga, floral designs, Mercerised spun
Tho Big Linon Department.
Which is one of the strongest departments in tlie big stored Note
a few prices quoted below:
O.AO Table Linen Bl.OO
7J-tn. extra heavy double satin IRQ
damask, $2.50 quality, at yard llUf
a Table Linen ei.40
T2-ln. full double satin damask, I Aft
fi quality, at yard
B1.75 Table Llaen 1.2
Tl-ln. heavy double sstln damask, I JC
11.75 quality, at yard liCtf
' fl.RO Table Linen fSe
Ti-ln. extra fine satin damask table linen,
$1.60 quality,
at yard ..ljQQ
l Table Linen One
70-ln. full bleached all linen table
damask, 10c value, at yard
Htie Table Linen SOc
72-ln. bleached table damask, guaranteed
all linen, 85c value, CIV.
at yard Oil0
40e Table Linen 21)o
64-ln. snow white table damask,
Oo value, at yard
L.onday's Exceptional
Shoe Bargains.
from the Brockton Lynn and
Haverhill failures, and the en
tire floor stock of men's shoes
from the celebrated CROWN
SHOE factory all on sale
Monday at just one-half the
regular prices:
Men's sample $S.00 and 13.50 m a 'mm.
CROWN shoes,, all styles I M f"
In all leathers 1 Uls.
Women's fine sample .
ahoes. regular U.&0 IIUU
and iS.OO Values mmwm w
-Women's $3.00 and 50 hand ' - .. inn
turned and wolt oxfords ...Itf0
Woman's $160 and $2.00 Oxfords, -ITInc
Alberts and Queen . . in
Women's $2.50 and 12.09'oxf ord7 taii ' na
or black, turn or McKay ;.HQC
Women's $1.60 and $2 linen shoes flO
or os fords M0
Misses' 11.25 and $1.60 and child's En.-.
linen shoes or oxfords DiJ
Men's $2.50 and $2 vlcl satin and I Hfl
Argo kid shoes or oxfords lie, if
,Agents for the OROVER shoes for WO
Mk.N, the easiest shoe or oxfords ever
LoTTOMED1 Everyalr trtctly HAND
Something About the F&aoT Drinki Serred
at Soda Water Fountain..
Attendants Who ICnow Their Daalness
Assist the Hot sad Thirsty la .
electing; that Which Coola
and Comforts. v
"Try a 'Satan's Dtllght,' " suggested the
dispenser of soda water smilingly with the
air of one who' offers kindly advice in a
spirit of good fellowship. The Individual
with the feverish thirst, fanned himself
with his panama end looked wearily along
the list of coolers, and as he looked the
suggestive titles, the rythmetlcal puff from
the electric fans and the tchlck, tchick of
Ice were magic and soothed and comforted
"Ah, that was good," he taking up
his check. The soda water man watched
him go.
"Next to good soda and shining glasses,
there' nothing a man should gtve more
thought to thun siting up his customers,"
said he. "Now the last one, he was rather
a sport, and you could see he would take
to a name Ilka 'Satan's Delight.' You want
to get them In a good humor when they
come In and get their minds off the heat.
When I suggested It to him ne began won
dering about it and forgot his troubles and
went out of here pleased and cool. If a
woman were undecided, I would suggest
Something not of course, in the friendly
way I used to the sport, but In a quiet,
mannerly tone say a nut sundae cr a
frosen phosphate something with a sound
of propriety In it. You needn't bother with
the kids; thiy know what they're after
It's usually Ice cream soda."
Wb a Name Counts.
It good old Mr. Shakespeare, or even
Bacon were to step Into a modern drug
tore and try an adventure with the soda
fountain, they would undoubtedly revise
that Ill-considered, passage in their works
which demands what Is in a name. "For
aire," we may ' consider Bacon saying,
"three several draught have we Intro,
duced to our gullets and they were naught
save vapour, sweetmss and encarmlned
.water, and the one thing which made them
trans d unlike brother wa the name."
Since the day ot Jeffersonlan simplicity,
wbea to quote from an article in Harper'
Monthly in 1872, "The flavor most gen-
' erijly used are lemon, strawberry, pine
apple, vanilla and singer," there ha been
a great change and broadening In the
nomenclature and chemsltry of the soda
water business. ' Now every onyx fountain
and several square yards ot the wall apac
on either side ot It are covered with drink
names, beautiful and Ideullstlo words which
would have been sure of a department in
Mr. Webster' comprehensive directory ot
the language had they not been conceived
too late. With a few simple Ingredient
to build on the soda artist have Impro
vised, cribbed. Joined and been Inspired
with varloua word tar tha sawing ot the
batlsta snd
lack corded India llnons. in.
were, SOc Monday IUU
l!Se Colored Wash floods A J-ite
Printed piques, Scotch chambrsy ginghams,
yard wide, plain colored zephyr ginghams,
Macnams laced striped organdies snd
French muslins, wore 25c Olr
Monday Qt
i'Oc Colored Wash Goods Be
Extra fins black sateens. Scotch and Irish
dimities, striped and corded Scotch
madrases. hair. lined striped French
batiste, plain colored chambray ginghams
and half-lined sateens, light f.,
grounds, were 20c Monday QC
7Be Table Linen Bft
64-ln. silver blenched German damask, all
pure linen, heavy quality. 75c CC
value, at yard 90
BOe Table Linen SOe
Extra heavy Scotch table linen, cream
bleached, 50c value. lrt
at yard UUC,
2.KO Napkins tl.T9
size satin damask napkins,
SOc value, at doxen
if Napkins fl.40
size full bleached all linen napkins, fast
edgps, 20o value, . I AO.
at dozen l)
' f l.fM) Napkins fl.OO.
size all linen bleached napkins, I flfl
fast edges, 11.50 value, at dozen liUU
IBe Towels inp
Bleached and unbleached Turkish towels,
largo size, double warp, lftr
15c value, at IU
8 1-ac fllass Ton-ellnsr Be
18-ln. glass toweling, linen finish, red and
blue checks, 8Vic value, i C
at yard
Stoves and
Ice KingRefrigerators None
$15 32x20x46 Golden oak. $11.49.
$22 large Ice . box, 1 section provision
chamber, size 30x22x90, at $17.49.
Ice boxes up from $4.96.
$1$ gasoline stove, t burners, With step,
with double oven, $13.50. .
t burner high gasoline stove, $4.85.
The best 2 burner made, $2.69.
.No. 8 cast cook stove, $8,85.
STANDARD, sell, elsewhere lor $Vour
price $37.96. . ; r . ' u
16-lnch -lawn-mower,. $&4f.
' Rubber hose, So. J. '
Hardwood hose reels, 49c " '
Screen door' up from 69c.
Adjustable .hardwood screens, 25a
Wood frame wringer, $1.19.
S-knlfo set bread, cake and paring, 19o.
8-d rawer spice cabinet, 49c.
-Steel grass hooks, 15c.
Galvanized water pulls, 13c.
Universal food , choppers, 79c.
hundred and a halt drinks in which they
deal. For Instance, some raspberry syrup,
a dash of soda from the fin stream and
some Ice cream when combined may form
either ona of two entrancing polysyllables,
all depending on whether the first, second
or third ingredient goes first Into the glass.
Some, of the names which are used are
nationally familiar, other remain In sec
tional use while still more are confined to
the house where they originated. Most of
these name spring from the literary fe
partment which Is well developed in the
minds of successful soda clerks; others are
due to some popular book or fashion and
still other come from the mnufacturer of
some new extract or tonic.
How They Originate.
Sundaes are made and eaten, but no one
know who was their Inventor or what the
word mean. It Is variously spelled sundae,
undea and sundee and Is said by some to
mean "mixed" and to have originated in
Chicago. Other experts deny this. A
breexy stimulating drink which contain
malted milk and wa . designed In a local
drug store, is called the "Tejon Bracer,"
after a street In Colorado Springs. "Na
voro" lr the name ot another package of
carbonic acid gas done up In flavored water
and cream. St. Julian punch, egg angos
tura, grape cobbler, orange spray, coffee
frappe, ambrosia fllpp, chocolate bousha
(which Is another way of saying frappe).
Queen Boss (a fruit lemonade), LaComa.
egg a la mode. New York beauty, Satan'
delight, Delmonlco ftipp, Scotch rose, fuu
taema. Manhattan cream, creora puff,
rospho royal, Whiterock lemonade (which
Is founded on llthla water), these are se
lection from the list of "new" drinks. A
young man may now ask a young woman
to have a cold bird with him and yet not
transgress the laws of what I fitting for
the recipient of a $16 wage, for the cold
bird thut he meant can be had at the soda
fountain for 10 cents. Then there Is an
other concotlon which Is dubbed "a dream,"
but It would purxle anyone not a tea taster
to tell wherein the latter, the "cold bird"
and a "Satan's delight" dlfTer from the
short lemonade.
Drink Hare Their Day.
"Drink catch on and become the rage."
said a local sodamlxer. "and after a while
lose out to tomi other kind. The nut and
cantaloupe sundae are about the leader
now, ar.d you have no Idea how many we
ell. The sundae has been In now about
three year. Root beer I another thing
which seem to hit the arid spot this sum
mer. I think the steins which were Intro
duced last year have something to do with
thia, especially where they are kept In sight
in a shallow tank of water with ice. They
look fine and cool and people ask what we
serve In them. Some place they sell more
root beer than anything else. Malted milk
I a leader, too, and only became generally
used last year for cold trade, while It ha
been used for a long time with hot soda. I
think the manufacturer have pushed It into
general use. but It makes a fine drink Just
the asm and one that brace a man up.
We put in an egg. a little vanilla and
cracked Ice and us the shaker. The little
old lemonade Is still on of the thing which
people want to pour on that dry. yearning
thlrat and there are few thing railed for
oftener. And It la a cooling drink, too.
Cracked Ice In the shaker and a slice of
pineapple and a cherry to top It off. &
rlass linings, printed linen
Hosiery and
600 dozen Indies' hose, in black and fancy
colors, including all the samples from
the Penney Hosiery Co., worth up tflm
to SOc, on sale Monday at lUto
Ladles' lisle thread hose. in plain black.
fancy black lace and fancy colored hose,
worth from 3uc to 75c.
Ladles' fancy black lace and embroidered
hose, worth from 75c to $1.00, 25C
Children's plain black and fancy lace hose,
:r??: ...iuc
Ladies' sleeveless gauze vests,
worth 15c, at
Ladles' gauzo vests, with sll'.t tape In nck
and arm hole, worth lfl
25c, at IUC
Ladles' fine lisle thrend vests, with fancy
yoke, Including the Korso, with IC
deep yoke, worth 50c. at 13 C
Ladles' fine lisle thread vests and pnnts,
lace trimmed; also ladles' lisle 9R
thread union suits, worth 75c, at (3S
All the ladles' handkerchiefs from the
Penney hosiery stock, worth 50c, I'Oc nnd
15c, at 15c, joc
Ladles' fine cambric gowns, low neck and
short sleeves, also high neck and lung
sleeve styles, lace and embroidery QQH
trimmed, $1.50 quality, at 9UC
Ladles' full French corset covers, trimmed
with hemstitching and
lace, at 96
A Marvelous Sale of. High Class Black and Colored Silks
Summer Silks of every description must be sold out immediately. Hoyden's
Big Silk Department will mako the lowest pricai that have been made in years. Read
every item, then investigate, aud you will satisfy yourself that this is tho greatest sale of
the kind ever held.
best dye, sjnaranteed to wear and
BLACK JAP BILK fine grade 24 inches
wide sells regularly for 6ic QQc
on sale OS
BLACK JAP SILK line grade 27 inches
wide sells regularly for 7oo AQ.C
on sale 79u
BLACK JAP 8ILK fine grade 27 inches
wide sells regularly for $1.00 COf
on sale UJU
BLACK JAP BILK fine grade 3C Inches
wide sells regularly for i5c VSOf
on sale
BLACK JAP SILK fine grade 36 inches
wide sells regularly for $1.25
on sale
In 50 different small, neat designs a splen
did all silk grade that sells for 0Qi"
6ic on sale wJ
Great reduction sale of carpets and rugs,
Monday, we put on sale all our odd rolls
of carpets and rugs at less than halt their
actual value. . . -One
lot of fine bmssels rugs, sizes:
6x9 at $7.15.
x9 at $11.25.
good deal of the cooling a man gets from
these drinks comes in a way he don't think
of. He comes In where he is out of the un
and sit under a fan. Then he see the lc
and hear it tinkle and by the time he get
hi drink he is cooling off and he gives all
the credit to the drink. Frozen phosphates
are seven year old, I guess, but there Is
still a ateady custom for them. Maple,
chocolate and coffee frappe are alway
popular and never lose out with ome peo
ple. Chocolate Now the Rase,
"By the way, chocolate has grown won
derfully. A few years ago you couldn't get
chocolate at some of the small fountains,
but now people want it in everything. I
think it becomes a habit. I don't remem
ber to have ever had such a call for mint
before this season. Mint phosphates,
freeies and arctics are called for regu
larly. Egg drinks are alway popular, but
there is a great deal In the way they are
mixed and people hesitate to order one
from a man they do not know. Mixer
who have not been well taught put In too
much Ice and pour It from one glass to
another too long and too hard. Egg phos
phate Is made with lemon Juice and the
white of an egg with the acid phosphate
and soda. Silver flzx is made from the
white of eggs, catawba syrup, with a dash
of rum, and filled with soda and shaken.
Royal, that you see In the name of so
many drinks, means, In the profession, a
whole egg. Claret lemonade is often called
for, and we draw a good bit of mineral
water. Ice cream was first used, I think,
In Detroit.
"It is the little things that count in this
business. Everything in front should be
Immaculate, the glasses should shine we
polish ours every morning with bi-car-bonate
of soda and too much Ice should
not be used. We want most to avoid a
bad taste in the mouth after the drink.
Being after everything else. It Is remem
bered longest, and they don't come back.
It takes a man five years at the foun
tain before he begins to get to the fine
point of the buslnysa. There 1 no school
for soda clerks, and there sliould be. We
Just pick it up by practice under sflThe
head man. It ha got to be Just a exact
a science a that of the mixer of fancy
bar drink and a good man command high
pay. One of the hardest things 1 the mix
ing of the syrup. Formerly we used gum
foam, made of glycerine and soap bark, to
make the soda frothy, but we have passed
that time by."
Woman Test the Concoction.
Woman la said to be a sampler ot all
new mixed drinks at the beginning of each
season who wcj it said that women were
not curious? but later on she settle back
to a few favorites. The sundaes and Ice
cream sodas are the rule. The men know
what they want superior creatures and
large, y drink mixed drink. Early In
tn d.y, It I said, when the women are
busy shopping and are merely thirsty
they taft phosphate and lemonade, but
In the evening when, care free, they repair
to the druggists' chairs it la something
weet with Ice cream tn It. Men are said
to frequent the fountain now where they
did not formerly. In the day gone by
mother wa Inveigled Into the drug store to
have a soda while father stepped around
"Won't be gone long, dear" to see a man
on business. Now they are often to be
seen sitting together and acquiring arti
Underwear from
Ladles' fine cambric gowns
Ladles' all-over embroidery and hand
somely trimmed corset ITn
covers, at wUC
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Batiste girdles, sizes 18 to 13, 25C
The New Princess hip corset, with front
and side hose supporters, j gQ
A large line of Kabo, O. I. W. C. C. and
Thompson glove fitting corsets, in all the
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All the men's half hose, from the Penney
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Penney stock, that sold up to $1.00, ICm
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Men's underwear from tho Penney stock
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All the men's colored and plain Balbrlgpan
shirts and drawers that sold up to 9 Cm
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ranted to wear and will not spot QOp
with water worth $1.50 on sale 3QU
Unequalled for durability sells in CO
regular way for $1.25 on sulo QJ"
Sxtra Fine and Guaranteed.
inches wide worth 60c in this sale. 43 u
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Mail Orders Filled Promptly and We Assure You Satisfaction.
9i at $14.25 ' '
Worth up to $22.50.
Lot 2 Finest grade of Axmlnster rugs
9x12, all new culQrs and designs, worth
$3i at $21.75.
.Lot a Fifty, . made up carpet rugs, all
grades of goods, sixes run from 8-3x10-4 to
ficial coolness In cheerful accord.
In these elaborate days of ' uni
versal soda It is Interesting to
turn to a sedate and conserva
tive old encyclopedia which refuses to rec
ognize soda water at all, but refers the
reader to "aerated water" and say:
"Acidulous or alklline water Impregnated
with carbonic acid and extensively used to
allay thirst in feverish conditions." Well,
yes, perhaps. And further, "Carbonic acid
water Is when iced a most refreshing drink
in seasickness and in many cases of dis
ease." It Is one foot in the grave and the
other on a banana peeling with that en
cyclopedia. Ko "Soda" In It.
It may interest those who gather dally
around the solda water fountain to know
that there is no soda in any way con
nected with tho chemistry of the thing.
The water is impregnated with carbonic
acid gas.
In an article published in 1872 in Harpers
it Is said that metal fountains have most
altogether been replaced by marble ones,
one ot the most elegant and elaborate and
Justly proper being the cottage. A few
of the kind are to be found In country
town at this time. The article further
ays that shaved Ice with sweet cream and
syrup Is being fancifully named Ice cream
Boda. Hot soda was then new. Chocolate
and coffee were UHCd with hot chocolate
and lemon was most popular with "the ice
cold draught." Fruit syrups were usually
only a so-called article. According to this
writer soda water was first made about 100
years ago, and one Austin Thwaltes of
Dublin was the angel In disguise and
probably a quite thorough disguise too
who discovered the priceless fluid. Where
does he lie that we may place a towering
monument to him? Only about forty-five
years ugo wa much Interest taken in the
fluid and. at the Paris exposition of 1867
the first fountain to be seen on the con
tinent was exhibited by Americans and
as many as 4.000 glasses a day were sold.
Harper goes on to describe the progress
made and the great amounts expended for
fountains: "Unusually pretentious draught
stands cost as much aa $2,000, and even
larger are described, one in New York
city having appliances for drawing thirty
two kinds of syrup."
John W. Bell was about the first man to
enter the soda water business In Omaha
and had a drug store on South Tenth
street. He wa followed by D. W. Saxe,
who captured the whole trade for years.
During lists, 1S89 and IKK) his business ac
cording to his own statements amounted to
(44,950, considerably over half of this be
ing profit.
Heartfelt Klooneace.
He was a young Philadelphia divinity
student, and it wa a part of hi training,
a it wa of that of the other young men
at the same school, to speak extempore on
a subject or a text given at short notice.
On this particular evening the rector of
the church when the time for the address
came awked him to ay a few word about
"Brethren," said he, a he stepped to the
front, "the story of Zaccheus remind me
of myself. Zaccheua wa a little man; o
are I. Zaccheua wa bothered by the crowd;
so am I. Zaccheu wa up a tree; and so
am I."
Then h aat down. Philadelphia Ledger.
Penney Stock
All the men's lisle thread and Mercerized
shirts and drawers that sold up to Ffl.
$1.50, on sale at 3UC
Men's colored laundered shirts, with separ
ate cuffs to wear white collars, worth
up to $1.50,
on sale at
Men's night shirts In white and colored,
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four-ln-hand, teck and string, OK I
on sale at 3G
Grand Handkerchief Sale From I he
Penny Wholesale Stork.
1st It 1,000 dos. ladles' nnd children's
fancy bordered handkerchiefs, fast colors,
worth 5c to 10c, all go 11 m
each at .. . IC
2d Lot 1,000 doz. ladles' fancy border and
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handkerchiefs In Swiss and pure linen, to
sell at 25c to 50c, all go at CA
one price lilW
Polka dot and figured white Wash Silk
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V0 "
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taffetas made worth $1.75 on Hale... a
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Taffeta the finest yard wide black taf
fetamade to sell for $2.00lii this g
10-xU. At $9.50, $14.75, $17.50 and $19.95.
Odd rolls of tapestry carpets enough of
each pattern for a room, all' worth from
Ko to 80o a yard to close at 49o .a-yard. -.
Velvet and Axmlnster carpets, with and
without borders, $1.35 values, at 9o yard.
Burglar Give. Bis Own Acconnt of a Hew
Partner'. Astuteness.
Professional Footpad Say the Only
Safe Coarse Is to Ran and Fast
When Accosted by
A large class of professional criminals
who, when an attempt la made to ."sweat"
them by the police, will talk freely enough
of crimes they have committed in the past,
and which it is too late to punish them for,
but who absolutely refuse to give up any
thing which would in any way connect them
with the matter In hand. When taken into
the captain' office they become confidential
and, as they get better acquainted, reminis
cent. To this class belonged a professional
burglar who was picked up tn Omaha some
time ago. ' He could not be connected with
any crime committed in this city, but was
held some day until several police depart
ments were heard from where It was
thought he might be wanted. During a con
versation with an officer while he was
boarding at the Jail he told the following
"I wa laying around Sioux City, keeping
out of sight. A crib had been cracked in
Des Moines and a I wa the guilty party I
thought perhaps there might be inquiries
about me. There wa no attempt on my
part to do any business in the city where I
wa stopping, because I knew the bunch
were onto me, and all I wanted for the time
being was to be lot alone. During my stay
I met a fellow who claimed to betho whole
thing. He said he had done burglary, stick
up and confidence work, with other little
odd Job to fill In between time, and to
hear his spiel you would think he was the
crack criminal of the century. I had al
ways been in the habit of working alone,
but the fellow' tale was so plausible that I
decided to take a partner In my next enter
prise. "Well, we laid around Sioux City for a
few day to get better acquainted and kind
of let thing quiet down a bit, and one even
ing when everything looked peaceful we
Jumped a train for Council Bluff. When
we arrived In that city at t o'clock In the
morning we decided to get busy at once, a
cash was low and we needed the money.
How the ew Pal Watched.
"We picked out a good-looking house on
the outskirts of the town and It was de
cided that I should do the Inside work and
my pal wa to stand guard. A we had
but one gun between us, I thought it
would be better for my friend to keep It
on the outside. I got inside and opened
the front door to make my get-away in
case anything unforseen turned up. When
I got fairly Buttled to business and pre
pared to go through everything In sight. I
was startled to hear two shots fired on the
outside. Of course there wa no waiting
on my part and I wa out of the house
almuat before the echo of the last shot had
died out. . My friend war standing on the
walk In front of the house with the smok
Elaydon Bros.' High Grade Dress
Goods Dept.
Extraordinary sale of late Summer Dress floods. Must mak
room for new goods that are arriving daily. Priees rcdurcd one
half. Fabrics you have seen for fl.00, J1.50, ?2.00, ?2.r0 re
duced in price, for Monday to 39c, G9c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.23.
86-ln. worsted mixed Voiles, the hard
glossy finish so much In demand this
season. Black, blue, brown, grays and
greens all the new and best OO.
shades reduced for today to 3f "
50-In. alt wool homespun suiting In Oxford
grays, browns, tans and blues. In this
cloth you will find an extra heavy suit
ing, the right thing for a fall suit or a
walking skirt a cloth that has always
sold at $1.50,
reduced to
Mohair Anita one of the new fall styles,
a little fancy weave, Just the thing for
the person that does not want a plain or
, a fancy good, sure to please the well
dressed, stylish lady browns, blues, tans,
greens and grays reduced I OC
from $1.98 per yard to lit. 3
Black dress goods, the makes that Hay
den Bros, are sole agents for, are known
around the world. Priestley's Courtajld's,
Lupin's, Arnold's Read's and all the best
from the looms of Europe and America.
Fine Wash Fabrics
800 pieces of beautiful printed Dresden
Dauste. jaconet uuciicsse, Doucie cords,
etc. (an- cntlro Jobbers' floor stock, July
15), goods that were wholesaled at 12He
to 2?Hc yard; on sale Monday ft
at Hayden's, yard ,
Our entire stock of select styles In batiste,
dimity, embroidered Swiss, etc. On sale
Monday at Hayden's, iOi-n
4,000 yards (our entire stock) of imported
printed fabrics, Including tne t rencn
Swiss, the German half silk novelties;
goods that sold from 60c to 75c yard. On
sale Monday at Hayden's, IQc,
yard Iw
Tour choice of our entire stock of French
and Scotch madras, 32 In. wide, especially
Ghina Dept.
Odds and ends in decorated cups and
saucers, plates, dishes, etc. There are din
ner, tea and pie plates, fruit dlshe. oat
meals, etc. There ore - articles among
them worth 7&o to $1 will close Cc
out the whole lot at, each
Just In, a fine Una ot French china choo.
olate pots they are I AO.
$3.00 values at '"""
6-plece Crystal net- ' ' IBc
at . w
TO-u10.1 15
Crrstal sauce dishes Iq
Tun:blers C
White semi-porcelain cupB and In
saucers each I
100-piece imported seml-porceluln 4 AC
decorated uinner eei --ww
ing gun'ln his hand, and there wai a fel
low disappearing Into the darkness at
about the liveliest rate you ever saw any
body go. He had thrown away a lunch
box and hla hat to help him In hlB race
against time.
"I Blzcd up the situation tn about a
second and asked my pat what the trouble
was. He said: 'Oh, that geezer happened
along and I Just took a couple of shots at
him to scare him off.' I told him to let
me see the gun for a minute. He handed
It to me and I turned it on him and said.
Let me see how fast you can cut the at
mosphere down the street there.' it would
have done your heart good to see that fel
low go. He did not run away, he Just
evaporated into darkness.
"I could not run for about a minute for
laughing, but when I saw a, bob coming
..nh direction down the street at
about ix Jump to the second, and several
citizens appear as If tney naa come up
out of the ground, I ducked Into the weeds.
I Judged from the lunch box thrown away
by the man who disturbed my pal that he
wa a clerk on his way homo after a
night's work at the office.
"It is reasonable to suppose that my
partner would have stood on the walk in
front of that house until ho was sur
rounded by the entire population of the
town It I had not got out when I did and
scared him off. That is only supposition
on my part, for I have never een him
since to ask him."
How to Handle a Footpad.
A notorious "stick up" man languished
In the city prison several days, some weeks
ago and during hi stay, he gave many
valuable pointers, to a certain officer on the
force with whom he became confidential
regarding the hold up business.
The conversation turned at one time on
the question. "What should a man do when
he Is held up?" A this Is a question which
has perhaps agitated tho mind of almost
every, man at some time In hla life, it may
be Interesting to know what the "stick
up" man himself think the other party
to the episode should do. This particular
Individual, who admitted that he had
figured In several hunderd hold ups during
his term of business, a the man behind
the gun, said:
"I hav heard many people Bay what they
would do under such circumstances, but
I have yet to hear the first man give the
proper mode of action. Some of them
would show fight, some would remain
passive, waiting for an opportunity to get
the robber, and some would stand for a
frisk with no Idea of trying to get the man
who was doing the business. They are all
wrong. The only thing for a man to do
when he i held up Is to run and run fast.
No matter If the hold up has a gun stick
ing right under your nose, break away and
take to your heel. He will not shoot at
you. The last thing a man In that profes
sion want to do when he I working 1 to
attract attention, and there I nothing
which will attract attention like a shot
fired In the night. Many a man ha secured
a long sentence for himself by firing too
quickly and any man who understands the
business will not take the chances of shoot
ing, preferring to look for another victim.
"The best advice I can give any man
who Is held up Is, don't resist. I never
went out with the Intention of kilting a
man at any time, but you know tf the man
Priestley's London cord, extra weight, for
fall and winter wear., and hard twisted
mohair fabric that will not muss, wrinkle
or show the dirt Priestley's name on the
selvage Is a guarantee for color, quality
and wear.
Nothing will be so popular or as swell for
future and traveling wear as xcblllne.
Lupin has a world-wide reputation on
fine silk finish goods. We are showing
seblllnes that have a finish that won't
come oft and look like velvet. To opem
the season we will sell you a Q Cfl
$3.9 quality Monday for CtUM
42-ln. Crenm Mohair, "So
quality, for
4-ln. Cream Sicilian, $1.25
qjallty, for
48-in. Cream Mohair Mixed Crash, the swell
fabric for coat and waists, nrn
reduced from $1.25 to UU
52-ln. Cream Basket Weave Oxfords and
Flnetta, $2.00 quality
for ,
selected for shirting nnd waist wear; the
best rooiIh. On sale Monday in
at Huyden's. yard 0C
Black and white check silk lustre suiting
checks.. On sale Monday at C
Hayden's, yard 13
Mercerised linen etamlne (pure linen),
beautiful finish, SI Inches wide, colors
green, tan, pink and light cadet; the
regulnr 00c quality. On sale 9K
Monday at Hayden's, yard t3
60 special French robes in gunze and grena
dine effects (these aro all special dress
. lengths of 12 yards, no duplicates); regu
lar price (S.75 and $S.7i. On sale at
Hayden's Monday at, 4 A3
each Ci9U
See Sixteenth street windows for special
Information on the beat there la made
tor shirt waist suits.
Optical Dept.
Don't Suffer rem Foor
Let us fit your eyes with good glasses
at our unusually LOW TRICES.
Qold filled frames, 10 year guarantee
worth J3.00-I1.6U.
Fine grade spectacles or eyeglasses from
tn front ot you was trying to draw a gun
what would you do? The stick up man
can't run, 'he has to shoot or get shot,
when the other man resists, and as a con
sequence he will shoot or get shot, first
and aa he usually has his gun in his hand
he hus the better end of the bargain."
Testify to the KlUcncy of the Kew
Scientific Dandruff Treatment.
A. E. Lanier, Denver, Buys: "Herptcld
has made my hair grow rapidly."
Mrs. A. Ouerln, Great FnllB, Mont, Bays:
"I find Herplclde an excellent dandruff
H. Greenland, Portland, Ore., fays:
"Newbro'a Herpicido stopped by hair's fall
ing out."
J. D. Israel, Norton, Wash., says:
"Herplclde has completely cured my dan
druff." Charles Brown, president First National
bank, Vancouver, Wash., says: "Herplcid
I noted for Keeping the scalp cpun.
Insist upon the genuine. Sold by leading
druggists. Send 10c in stamps for sample
to The Herplclde Co.. Detroit, Mich. 8'ier
man & McConnell Drug Co., special agent.
prattle: of this vot sosTEns.
Anne, a southern beauty of 4 years, had
a decided aversion to her morning bath.
One evening her nurse was telling her of
God's goodness and His willingness to wash
away her sins, when she suddenly set up a
lusty howl, exclaiming: 'Oh, don't let Him
wash them away! Don't let Him wash
them! Tell Him to pick them off!"
Her mother reproved little Catherine, 2
years old, saying: "Catherine, Mr. K. '
will be down after you hot-footed If you
make so much noise."
Mr. K. live on the second floor. Cather
ine met her later In the day and Bald:
"Mr. K, have you got fire on your toe?"
The luxury of grief Is Indulged In by all
ages, but It Is doubtful If It Is ever again
bo much enjoyed a In childhood. A little
girl of most angello disposition ha Just
given the whole thing away. She had fal
len on a brick walk and bumped her chin.
To her next door neighbor, who inquired
from the window some time afterward if
she had hurt herself badly, the sufferer re.
plied with a quivering Up: "Oh, yes; I
ought to be. In the house crying now!"
Ted, aged 4 years, whose home wa on
the wide prairie, wa visiting his aunt in
the Oreat Smoky mountains. Never having
walked before on rocky mountain roads he
had many falls. After on of these tum
bles he Inquired: '""Auntie, what doe make
o many atone here?"
To which she replied: "God put the
tone here, Teddy."
"Well," he responded, earnestly, after a
little thought. "I'm very glad he didn't put
so many stone in Illinois."
To New York V la laara Fall.
A most attractive and pleasant trip if
made via the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Solid
Vestibule Trains. Dining car service a la
Stopover allowed at Niagara Falls.