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W. H. Green end Other Real Estate Men Ask
for Mors Spec iSo Ident fication-
B. A. Feneon Think Eih(t Should
Leave Matter to Water Hoard aad
Heir oa lie Selection Wltb
oat Pablle Inquiry.
The Rent Estate exchange met at the
Commercial club yesterday and after
considerable discussion of the water works
appratsershlp adjourned without any ac
tion. W. II. Green brought the matter before
the exchange. "I have a matter of the
greatest Importance," said he, "and one
which I think calls for action on our part.
The Bee had an editorial last night which
voiced my views. It appears that nobody
knows the appraiser -for the city except
Mr. Boyd, who, I am Informed, recommends
him highly. None of the members of the
council know Mr. Alvord, whether he Is a
man of the company or for the people. I
do not mean to say anything against Mr.
Alvord, who doubtless la a capable and
fair man, but In case he 'should turn out
to be slightly favorable to the water com
pany It will cost the city a million or two.
The two appraisers have the choosing of
the third and If they are both favorable to
the company we will come out badly.
"There la no contract, or at least I have
heard of none, under which he cornea here
and he can charge the city what he
chooses. Of course the matter of a thou
sand or two makes little difference In a
transaction of this size If we get a good
man. I do not mean to say anything
against Mr. Alvord, but I think the peo
ple should know something about
' the matter. I understand that It Is even
now a question with the chairman of the
water board as to whether the franchise
or the company should be paid for. If this
engineer understands that we are to pay
for this franchise It will cost us millions.
Without question we want the water
works, but we must not put a burden on
the city which will take generations to pay.
Mr, Alvord has been In the employ of water
companies, but thla Is not anything against
him; but why do we not know anything
about him?
a (feats Cheek oa Appraisers.
"I think the council should hire a man to
assist Mr. Alvord in the appraisement and
that this man should submit a sealed ap
pialsement to the council to be opened after
the other figure has come up for consid
eration, so that the council may have some
security that It Is really getting at the
value of the plant."
Chairman Harrison thought Mr. Green's
remarks were to the point, but E. A. Ben
son and Alexander Charlton look the op
posite view.
"We have a water board," said Mr. Ben
son, "In whom I had supposed everyone
had confidence.. Mr. Alvord has a reputa
tion as an expert consulting engineer and
I have heard of him for years. I think that
If we feel that we do not know all we
should about him we should go quietly to
the members of the board who appointed
him and not talk the thing over here."
Mr. Charlton 'thought action premature.
"The appraisers' action must come before
the board for approval," he said. "If when
thla report Is made It doesn't look right,
then we can take action."
It was moved that a committee consisting
of W. A. Harrison and C. L. Saunders be
appointed to talk with the members of the
board In regard to the appraisement, but
after discussion ths motion was ordered
laid on ths table.
Appraiser Selected by the Water
Beard Spends a Day la
the City.
Engineer John W. Alvord of Chicago, who
Is to be the city's appraiser In the water
works purchase, arrived In Omaha yester
day morning and met with the water
board In the afternoon. He waa taken In
hand by Chairman Boyd of the board and
was put In touch during the morning with
the men who have been connected and are
familiar with the water plant Mr. Alvord
returned to Chicago last night. There was
not time for the trip to the pumping sta
tion, aa had been proposed.
At the conference Chairman Boyd said:
There Is absolutely no Information to
give out Mr. Alvord has been getting ac
quainted with, the board members and
other city officers and getting a general
Idea of what hla work will consist of. Aa
to ths time when the appraisers will begin
actual work, all I can aay la that It will
not be before several weeks as the water
eompany has not prepared an Itemized
inventory." v
Rwart Family Troubles.
James B. Ewart of Lincoln has filed an
swer to the supplemental petition of his
former wife. Mule Ewart. In which he asks
the court to leave the order regarding the
custody of the children remain as it la for
the present. He alleges that hla former
wife Is seeking to create prejudice In the
minds of the children against their father
and that In thla she la seconded by her
mother and sister, and that he on one oe
cation wrote to her protesting against such
rum nmvn.
When a phrase is coined out of world
wide human experience it is apt to be
brief and expressive. We are "run
down" we say in the endeavor to de
scribe a relaxed
physical condi
tion, and all the
terminology of
medicine could
not more ex
pressively d e -scribe
the actual
condition than
that every day
' phrase, it tug
' gests the clock,
Dcrfect mechan
ically, but failing
to record the
passage of time
Because 11 ia run
down. People who
have that tired
out, run down
feeling will find
new life in the
use of Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Tills
arreat medicine is far more than a tonic.
It cures diseases of the organs of diges
tion and nutrition, and enables the per
fect digestion and assimilation of food of
which alone all physical strength is made.
The reason I delayed writing waa because I
wanted to wait ne vtar after I had taken
the medicine before living my statement, and
now 1 can send a good. couaciciuiou testimon
ial, write Mr. Ctaaa. II. bergeant. of plain City,
ladiano Co., Ohio. " Uunui in summer aua
fall of 1846 I became all 'rua-Jowa,' nerves were
out of order ana etornacB out oi oraer. I wrote
to Dr. Pierce tor advice. He Mid I bad general
debility, and adviked Dr. Pierre's Gulden Med
ical Discovery, and. thank to you fur your ad
vice, I utcd tlx bottlei; and aiuce I stopped tak
ing It about one year ago, I have not taken any
aaediciae of any kind, and have tten ubt It
mtork every atav. My appetite ia good, I can eat
three square meal a dv, and I do not feel that
uaerable burning in the stomach after eating.
My blood and nerve arc in good shape, and,
well in fact, I think 1 am iu pretty good rua-
in. nrtter .
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets keep the
teweia acoya aua besaui.
1 jm sMml. sV
Special at
$1.59 and
1 ,.1H V
$IOand $12.50 Skirts at $5.98-56.98
The swell new etamine, voile, Venetian skirts made with
all the new ideas and stylish trimmings, all with the wide
French flares, have been sold regularly in our suit depart
ment at $10, i 12.50 tomor-
row as a great Thursday
special, at
All Silk Shirt Waist
The new all silk shirtwaist suits,
wear, ronde with tucked, fronts, clerical collar, the
new sloeves and backs, formerly sold at $12.50
spwial Tbursdny's price at
$25.00 Tailor-Made Suits at $10.00
Light weight tailor-mode suits In the beautiful and dainty shades
designed specially for summer wear. They come In eta mines, voiles,
covert Venetians, light weight meltons, etc., Louts XIV effects, collarless
blouses, postilion backs, pouch sleeves, etc., wortn
well up to $25.00, Thursday special,
Walking; Skirts at $4.98
Smart new walking skirts in the late
stylish effects, handsomely trimmed,
hip yokes, flared and all the novelty
effects and In the popu- A -v Q
lar cloths for separate I
sklrta, worth $10, at ... S KJ
The New "Princess"
The beautiful now Prlnce33
girdle in bead effects with tassel ends,
large medalion bucklo, Jewelers price
$5, Thursday special at
Ladies' $5 Trimmed Dress Hats at $2 95
Hundreds of beautiful new summer effects in Imdies
and misses' trimmed dress hats in both blaoh, white and
colors at two dollars and forty -
day a lively day in our big second floor
millinery section. These hats regularly
priced would be $5, Thursday ,
Magnificent Dress Hats at $4.95.
An Imposing gathering of magnificent white and black dress hats
awaits your choosing for Thursday. In the assemblage are repre
sented all of the very newest designs from across the sea, mostly large
flat effects of horse hair chiffon, beautiful chip, etc., trimmed with all
specie of dainty white flowers and wide silk and vel- a asssj
vet ribbons. Most stores would ask $7.50 and $9.00 Jk
If they had them. Thursday .; X" a
$1.75 trimmed street hats 25c
50c white pique Automobile caps 25c
75c'Legliorn flats 39c
75c quality new Crown sailors.... 39c
21. . 3rntt & Qons 3f. Qrxnfctf & Sons
.ai.nwwrajuafJ" .! t .
Boston Store Pot on Bala be Choice
of tlte Entire Wholesale Clotblna
Btock of Louis Biff A Bros., 756-760 Broad
way, New York.
ni-Miteat an In of summer clothing- ever
known to Omaha. The very swellest and
most trustworthy clothing at prices mat
simnat nua belief. Choice of entire stock
of Sift Bros., known as one of the swell
cat wholesale clothing bouses on Broadway,
on sale at less than cost, waicn uauy
papers for particulars.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to exDrees our heartfelt thanks
to the kind friends who assisted us on the
occasion of the death of our husband and
brother, and especially to the soldiers and
friends of Fort Crook.
Half fare to Boston June 24, $5, SO; July
1, t, 8, 4. Long limit. Stopover privileges.
Choice of routes. Through cars to Boston;
no change en route via The Northwestern
Line, the only double traok route. 1401-1403
Famam street
I'nloa Paciae Pay Chejks. -
And all other pay checks will be cashed at
our bank. Accounts opened for II or more
and 4 per cent Interest paid.
Glenn Wbarlon Plucks a Few Laurels
at Princeton VnlTeralty Com.
anenceuient Eierelaee.
In response to information from Prince
ton that Mr. Glenn Carlton Wharton had
taken highest honors of a cunt laude degree
at the university commencement. Mr. and
Mrs. John C. Wharton of this city, aent
their son a cordial message of hearty con
gratulatlons on his achievement. Toung
Wharton is a graduate of the Omaha High
school, having served aa his c'ass president
and taken commencement honors when he
graduated here. He will complete his edu
cation by beginning a full course In tha
Harvard Law school at Cambridge next fall
preparatory to going Anally into the prao
tlce of law.
Wants Damages Because Her Husband
Waa Fatally Stabbed la
Because her husband waa killed In a
saloon row at South Omaha last February
Rosa Rexek has brought suit against the
saloon keeper and his bondsmen to recover
15,000 damages. According to the petition
Joseph Rexek, the husband, and Patrick
Shea were drinking In the saloon of Anton
Raxar at South Omaha, when both became
drunk and In a quarrel Shea stabbed Rexek
so that he died. The plaintiff alleges that
the death was the result of the liquor sup.
plied by Baxar and therefore sues him and
his bondsmen for the amount of the bond.
A household word today, Cook's Imperial
Extra Dry Champagne, In which the
highest quality possible Is maintained.
Mayar aad Eaglartr to Talk.
The Weat Omaha Improvers have a meet
ing scheduled for Thureday night. In tha
church at Forty-first and Podge atreeta.
which they uae for a hall. The sole object
fur coiialduiatlon will be the Saddle Creek
truer. Mayor Moorea and City Engineer
Roaewater have been Invited to talk on the
proposition and have accepted.
WECKBACH-Oui. aged 45 years t montha.
at 11:45 a. m. June . tit the family resi
dence. XI 7 South Twentieth alreet.
Funeral from house at 30 a. in. Friday.
June 11 Servlcea at I o'clock at St. Mary
Magdalene church. 9tvaaleuU aad Doug-
Ue. JTrlenda Invited,
vnnr. relics
Lad lea'
iTAid 31 atsi.av
at $1.59
ds c f50r42and 12 80
1 5 XM
Suits at $6.98
the fashionable suit for summer
DUlt IVl H 111111-1
cis, coimnenn
Shantung; Coats
We are showing a beautiful line of
shantung; coats, the most beautiful
and popular summer wrap for women.
All the dainty new 1903
effects, from 119.00
down to
Girdle at $2.49.
Girdles, a loose fitted chain
Jive cents will make Thurs
eaiini minx u nigUMi m m j
Oyer Twenty Thousand Dollars of Damage
in a Few Minutes,
Spray of Water and Smoke Bring;
About Damage to Goods oa
Main Floor Loaa Cov
ered by Insurance.
Fire broke out at o'clock yesterday
morning in the large display windows of
the Bennett department store at the corner
of Sixteenth and Harney. The windows
were filled with fragile and combustible
material and the entire ground floor corner
was In flames In a moment.
There la only a frail wooden partition
aeparating the large display window com
partments from the main floor of the store,
but this waa sufficient to keep the fire
confined to the limits of the corner windows
until the fire department reached the scene.
The firemen soon had the blase under con
The fire caught from an Incandescent
electrlo light wire at the Sixteenth and
Harney street corner. The beat waa so
Intense that the big plate glass windows
at this corner burst outward with a crash
and In an almost Incredibly short time the
fire was creeping toward the story above.
The Are quickly spread to the Harney
street front, and three pianos In the dis
play windows were soon destroyed, and
three windows immediately west. In which
waa a display of children's clothing, were
wrecked In a twinkling.
Eleven Plate Glass Window! Go.
The fire extended to the main entrance
southward on Sixteenth street and nearly
everything In these windows, was also
destroyed. Six of the large plate glass
windows on Sixteenth street and five on
the Harney street front were destroyed.
The main floor was filled with smoke, but
business continued.
Many of the clerical force of the estab
lishment were pressed Into service la re
moving the stock of silks and other dry
goods adjacent the burning windows. For
tunately the force of the fire was out
ward, and no damage resulted to the In
terlor of the building, nor did the fire com
munlcate to the upper stories. There was
considerable damage to stock by smoke
and wster. The handsome wax figure of
the June bride was among the articles
destroyed. The total loss. Including the
smoke and water damage, will be between
$20,000 and $25,000, fully covered by lnaur
The store has been closed until Baturday
to permit the adjustment of the loss by the
Insurance men.
Electrician Makes In veat lgatloa.
City Electrician Patton started to make
an Investigation of ths origin of the
Bennett fire yesterday. He secured part
of the wiring in the windows and some of
the fixtures and took them to hla office in
the city hall for a critical examination. At
noon the electrician said he had not ascer
talned enough facts to base conclualona
upon, but expected to be In a poaltlon
to make a report later. Portions ef
the naked wire with insulation tin
destroyed brought to the city hall had
portions of paper clinging to them. It Is
the second show window fire that has
occurred In Omaha during the last twe
years and tha city electrical department
la anxious to find out whether It waa
caused by poor protection of the wires.
City Electrician Patton said, yesterday
afternoon: "An examination falls to de
termine, as is uaually the case, whether
the electrical wiring caused the blase.
However, flexible cord waa uaed In the
windows, which ia directly forbidden by
city ordinancea. It waa placed In these
windows after the store had been last In
spected by a representative from this de
partment." 4
Tim itKi.iABLE store:.
$45,000.00 Spot Cash Purchase
Finest Summer Under-
Several of the largest leading underwe
spot cash their entire surplus stock of sum
eon made them anxious to unload, ahd. as
ridiculously low for snot cash. THE GOOD
In tremendous quantities and most aston
ishing variety. Every garment full fash
lorfed, well made, perfect fitting, nicely fin
ished, absolutely new and perfect in every
way. The fabrics are the "best selected
balbrlggans, llales, linen, silks, etc., etc.
In ribbed and plain and net, In white, flesh
and all the desirable shades, all go on sale
without reserve In four lots worth up to
W.60 sale prices 75c, 60c, 36o and tec.
Thursday in tho
This will be the greatest 9c sale ever held
In Omaha. ;ftc French batistes, 19o and
25c English oxfords, 19c. 26c and 3c lace
stripes, 19c and 25c French organdies,
Scotch and Irish dimities, and other goods
worth up to 6oc a yard for one day only
all will go at a yard
Corded batistes, printed piques, yard
wide chambrays and Scotch madras worth
up to 19c only ttc.
The corded French batistes, In hair lines,
small figures, wide stripes and floral de
signs, aborted colors and strictly fast col
ors, worth 15c, only 7ic
Scotch lawns, Scotch dimities, Scotch ba
tistes and seersucker ginghams, yard wide
percales, worth lHc, only 5c.
Light and dark dress and shirting prints,
worth 6c, only 8Vtc.
Special Sale on Hammocka aad
Croquet Seta.
Largo assortment of tiammocks and
croquet sets selling at 39c, 600 and upwards.
These days to present the granduate with some gift
from the Jeweler's stock. We are showing hundreds of
nice pieces that would be kept for years In memory of
?raduation day. Spend a few minutes In our Htore. Look
or the name.
S. W. LINDSAY, Jeweler,
1516 Douglas Street.
Porcelain Inlay Filling
Misses' and Children's
Welt Sole Shoes.
Genuine Goodyear welt soles wide
bottoms and the foot-form last box
calf or kid uppers the sole Is always
smooth next to the foot and not rough
and uncomfortable, as Is the case In
machine-sewed, that are often repre
sented aa welts. We have a line of
these genuine welta that are the high
est type of the shoemaker's art they
prevent enlargement of the Joints and
allow a natural growth to the foot
5 to 8. $1.50-V4 to 11, $'..7511 to 2,
$2.26 2 to 6, women'a sizes, with
spring heels, $3.00.
Omaha's Up-to-Date Shoe House
1419 Farnam Street.
I-aw ntttea te Boston and Return
- Jane nnd July
Via the Lake Shore Michigan Southern
railway. Tickets will be sold June 2ft, 26
and 27, extreme return limit August 1. and
on July 1, 2, t. t and B, extreme return limit
September 1. Stop-overs allowed at Nl
braga Falls and Chautauqua; also at New
York on tickets via that route. Full in
formation, with rates via variable routes,
will be promptly furnished on application
to M. B. Giles, T. P. A., Chicago, or to
C. F. Paly, chief A. O. P. A., Chicago.
Very low Speclul Eienrilos Ratee
To Boston, Mass., Saratoga, N. Y., and
Chautauqua Ike In June and July. Lib
eral terms and stop-over privileges.
On and after June 14 the new fast truln
from Chicago to Buffalo and Intermediate
points, 6:16 p. m. dally,
For time cards, regular and special rates,
etc., send postal card to II. L.. Purdy,
Trav. Pass. Agent.. Erie Railroad. Chicago,
111., or U. M. Bowman, General Western
Passenger Agent. Chicago, 111.
The Wnbaau Hallrnad
"In the Good Old Summer Time" offer
many special rates to Boston, Indianapolis,
Baltimore, St. Louis, Saratoga. Detroit.
Atlanta and other points.
Call at city office. 1601 Farnam. or address
Omaha, Neb.
aio.ooi $10,001 910.001 aioooi
Minneapolis and return June 13 and 14.
via The Northwestern Line, the only double
track route. 14U1-1'3 Farnam street.
$10.00 $10.00 $10 00 $10 00.
For Sale Due bill on one of the best New
York City hotels at a good discount Ad
dress B M, ear OuaavLa See.
sushi aijiiai sjjsjjjjijf
SALE.. .
on Sale.
ar ml!ls of the country closed out to us for
mer underwear. The rainy, backward aea
thelr season was over, thev rrmde the prices
Will prove a pleasant surprise, on account
of Its excellent workmanship, exquisite fin
ish and high quality; in all the best fabrics
and colors.
Women's Lisle Thread Vests on sale at
20c, 16c and 10c.
Women's Fine Vests and Pants, In ribbed
and plain effects. In all colors, In lisle
threads, Egyptian cottons, etc., etc., worth
up to $1, on sa'e at 60c and 25c.
Children's Vests and Pants In this grand
sale at 35c, 25c and 15c.
Domestic Room
Extra heavy double warp unbleached
Turkish towel, large slze,12V4c value, at 8Vc.
72-lnch full bleached table damask, guar
anteed purest of linen, neat floral designs
and borders to match, 11.00 value, at 69c.
Ttto and SOc Mercerised Walatlnga 19o
We have placed on one big table all our
ImporteM -white mercerised walstlng. In
basket, oxford and madras weaves, full
pieces, all the 19U3 patterns, worth up to
75c yard, for one day at yard 19c.
8ne White Walatlnara 13e.
One big table Imported walstlng, In all
the new weaves, not a yard worth less than
35c, for one day, at yard 13c.
2Tic Sheeting lVif.
25c extra fine quality bleached sheeting,
81 inches wide, for one day at yard I8H0.
16 yards Bleached Sheeting- $1.
Soft finish bleached muslin, yard wide,
8Hc quality, for one day 16 yards for $1.00.
Extra heavy feather ticking, regular 18o
per yard, 12c.
80-Inch wide Shaker flannel, regular 8c,
per yard, 6c.
$1.25 extra heavy full size Marseilles pat
terns bedspreads, each 9c.
Our own Imported Don
egal Handspun Home
spunsthe caress of the
surging ocean Is no cooler
the blush of the rose no
prettier nor Is wire more
.It's unusually good
cloth, and It requires un
usually good tailoring to
"work it up" rightly. If
we didn't already have
the tailoring talent, we
wouldn't dare sell the
$25 to $45 is the
price runge.
Don't forgot that we
have moved from the B'e
Hldg. to 304-300 So. 115th
Mac Car thy
Tailoring Company,
cow located at
104-106 S 16th St.
Next Door to Wabash Ticket
Phone 1808,
Merchant National Dank
ft M. ttowr 'ru mm UU k
PtH mm mphti Kama Miii ImmI aiaajMa
rrmmm M.rpfcj, pnMia. H H lul w mn li ml.
Itrnkf rimit Y T H. mm uriiH
i BBnaaBBBBBaBBaanBaaaaaaanaBannaeBBBBaas 1
a-J COPLEY lil 1
in I J 1 r a - " sfl I
jfj ,,e Sella Watches. Vjj i
I f L J 1 Hawk's Cut Glass. 1 1 :
I 'P VrJ Goblets, $2i doz. II
IvtF Hawk's Cut Glass U j
.!s2.ij Wine Glasses tlj do. B
1 Hawk's Cut Glass fl
jla, j- P'ch GlaHses Hi doz.
Everything In glasj. V j
Deat Agricultural Weekly.
Fine Photograph le Illuairntloaa.
Addreae Oaaahn, eh.
Women's Muslin
These Specials goon Sale Thursday Morning.
iThero's only a few of each lot so come as early in tho
morning as possible.
LADIES' MUSLIN DRAWERS made of pood quality
muslin, full cut and well made, with hemstitch and tliree
rows small tucks, a regular iKn
23c quality for
ity cambric, well made, with full tucked
flounce regular 50c values for
LADIES' MUSLIN GOWNS made of fine quality muslin,
extra wide cut, aud good length, with tucked yoke and
ruffled sleeves 'lQn
a regular 50c quality for '..
EXTRA SFECIAL-vThursday we will place on special
sale, 120 dozen low neck, sleeveless vests, for ladies
they are fine lisle finished, cotton jersey fSc
ribbed full taped a 15c quality for
Extra SpeciaJ...'
36 Dozen Ladies Wrist Bags go on Sale
Thursday Morning
They ar strictly new styles, mads of genuine seal and walrus they have
the best Improved frames silk lined aTfc
with Inside pockft all colors nnd
$1.75 quality for.
This Way You
Round Trips
Indianapolis sold June 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th $19.40
St. Louisa-sold June 15th, 16th and 17th $13. SO
Boston sold June 24th, 25th, 26th $31.75
Boston sold June 30th to July 4th... $33. 75
New York sold July 4th and 6th $37.20
Saratoga-sold July 4th and 6th $32.2Q.
Atlanta sold July 6th, 6th and 7th S32.IO
Detroit -sold July 14th and 15th S2I.50
Baltimore sold July 17th and 18th $32.25
All tickets reading over ths Wabash R. R. are good In either direction via
steamer between Detroit and Buffalo without extra charge, except meala and
berth. Stop-overs allowed. Remember this Is "The World s Fair Line "
For berths, lake tripe, folders and all Information call at Wabash City
Office, 1601 Farnaia Street, or address "u viy
Harry E. Moores, g. a. p. d., Omaha, Neb.
In whatever direction the Colorado tourist
may choose by rail, if he go to the mount
ains his journey is a succession of glorious
scenery, varying in the characteristics ' of
placid beauty, grotesque ruggedness, and
awe-inspiring grandeur.
Vf the canons are stupendous walls rising ferfendicularty,
or gradually slofing bach toward greater hills, or, yet
again, leaning for
chasm, as if threat
bling down project'
hang suspended over
smoothly by a fan
and grandeur such
Rocky Mountains.
Te enable people te reach these scenes the UNION PACIFIC has
put la effect very low rates and apleodld train service frosa the
Missouri River te Denver. Accommodations are
provided tor all classes of passengers..
One of Our Long Suits
is our mall orUer department. The fact
that the same prices are made to those
patrons OUT OF TOWN as to those wno
cume to our store has made this depart
ment very popular, and every mail brings
us new as well aa old evidence of the ap
preciation of our OUT OK TOWN friends.
Naturally, we prefer to have patrons come
to the store, but a mall order receives the
same prompt attention as a customer lu
person. If you don't find what you are
looking for In our dally price changes,
write us, sending a list for quotations and
then compare the prices we quote with
ALOGS. $1 00 Peruna all you want 61 a
$1.00 Bexlne Pills 76o
ZoO Genuine C'astorla 'Ha
6'jc Doau's Kidney Pills 39c
6tc Bar Ben 40c
$1.00 Ozomulslon 75c
$1.00 Temptation Tonlo 2jo
$1.00 I)r. Pierce's Remedies 61a
$1.00 Miles' Nervine 74o
We did not Join the Miles' combine.
V: Miles' Anti-Pain Pills 2fe
$2.00 Chester's Genuine Pennyroyal Pills $1
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The Only Double
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JUtlE 13 & 14
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