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Home Treatment with the Famous Prescrip
tion Has Brought Happiness and Health
to Hosts of Suffering Women:
Intelligent and thoughtful women are now
lining the beat and mdst reliable of all
prlng medicines, Palne's Celery Compound,
and are getting back nervous vigor, pura
blood, bodily atrength and a ruddy
and clear complexion. The women of our
land who silently suffer from female Ir
regularities and dangerous Ills, and who
spend fully half their time la misery. Win
find In Palne's Celery Compound all the
virtue and elements that lead to health
and true happiness. Palne's Celery Com
pound possesses peculiar powers for the
atrengthenlng of the female organism. It
braces the nervous system, make strong
tha weak muscles f every Important or
gan. Victims of suppressed, profuse or
Assistant is Attorney General'i Offios Taoet
a fieriom Chargs.
Officials Attran Miller Receive Mealy
fer Favorable Decision Preaa Rep
resentatives ( Jeha J. Ryan
... ,
A Ca., tha Tart Mam.
WASHINGTON, May 25. Postmaster
General Payne today summarily dismissed
Daniel V. Miller, assistant attorney In the
office of tha assistant attorney general for
the Postofflce department roc accepting a
bribe in connection with tha case of John
J. Kyan CO., charged with fraudulent Hie
of the malls. A warrant has been Issued
for Mlltefg arrest.
Another warrant haa been Issued for the
arrest of a man who Is charged with being
a partner or a go-between in tha transac
tion. A postofflce inspector has gone west
from Cincinnati ta affect tha arrest which
will occur tonight or tomorrow. Tha bribe
is .alleged to have been accepted at Cincin
nati last December.
Miller came here from Terra Haute, Ind.,
about two years ago. Ha was appointed by
former Assistant Attorney James N. Tyner.
The charge against Miller has been under
Inveatlgatkm for threa years. Tha Ryan
company was a turf Investment concern
which operated at St. Louis and Coving
ton, Ky. Its methods and working opera
tions are said to be similar to those of tha
Arnold company, which haa figured con
spicuously In tha Postofflce department.
The postofflce Inspector In charge at Cin
cinnati, W. F. Wlckery, and Postofflce In
spector R. M. Fullton at Bt. Louis recently
were given full charge of tha case. Com
plaint was made by Inspector Fulton before
a commissioner In Cincinnati Saturday and
then a warrant was Issued for Miller and
the other party. Inspector Fulton Imme
diately came to Washington, while another
Inspector went west from Cincinnati to
make the other arrest.
Inspector Fulton today exhibited the
capers In the case to United Btatea Dis
trict Attorney Beach. Tonight Miller la In
the custody of a postofflce Inspector and his
formal arrest will follow tomorrow morn
ing.' Miller Traces Aeenaers,
Miller was at his desk all day today. Ha
was called Into the office or Assistant At
torney General Robb shortly after t o'clock
this afternoon and notified or his dismissal
and of the steps that had been taken. I Hi
was allowed to draw his salary and then
return to the private office of the assistant
attorney general, where Inspectors were in
The Ryan company was the benl
flclary under a decision of the assistant
attorney general for tha Postofflce de
partment made several days ago subse
quent to the decision In the Arnold ease
and couched In partlcally the same terms
as that decision. Those, decisions de
clared the concerns failed to be free to
use tha malls. Tha Arnold company de
cision waa signed by Assistant Attorney
General Tyner and the Ryan decision by
George A. Chrtstlancy. the law clerk of tha
department who was then acting assistant
attorney general on account of Mr. Tyner's
protracted Illness. Mr. Chrtstlancy waa at
the Poatofflce department on a summons
from the department and waa closely ex
amined regarding tha case.
It Is stated that tha amount offered Miller
as a bribe aggregated several thousand
dollars and was In tha form ot a cash
payment, followed by a check. Thla pay
ment Is alleged to hare taken place In
Cincinnati so the case will be tried there,
probably In tha October term ot the court
Mr. Miller probably will glva ball for his
appearance at that time.
Penalty tar tha Offense.
Tha penalty for offense charged Is a fine
-of not more than three tlmee tha brlan
asked or accepted and Imprisonment of
not more than three years.
Mr. Payne said that this statement was
all that couM be said at thla hour. In view
of tha fact that the easa Is now before
the judicial authorities. He said that the
case haa been under consideration ever
since the general Investigation began, and
added that there would be another arrest
Immediately. The party, he said. Is out
side of the department. He declined to
say what explanatory statement had been
made by Miller.
Miller was taken to the city hall tonight
and placed under arrest by a deputy mar
shal. He waived examination and waa re
leased on 11.800 bonds for appearanoe In
court at Cincinnati next autumn. The war
rant. It waa learned late tonight, charges
saninlruf Instead of bribery as first re
ported. A warrant on the same chargeas
been Issued for the arrest or Joseph M
Johns, lawyer, of Roekvllls, Ind.
T. W. Gilmer, the former expert of the
oflloe of the comptroller of the treasury,
whose examination of the accounts of the
Washington postofflce and whose subse
quent transfer to another bureau of the
Established 1023.
Thai'. Ml!
painful menstruation, leucorrhea, chloro
sis, uterine Inflammation and other ail
ments common with females, are quickly
cured of these troubles and annoyanoes,
are made vigorous and active and rejoice
In permanent health. Mrs. M. A. Morris,
Tllton, Ark., writes for women as follows;
"I was afflicted with the whites and Irreg
ular menstruation, and tried several doc
tors, but found no relief. A lady friend
of mine advised me to try Palns's Celery
Compound. I used two bottles ot your
great medicine, and I am now a sound
woman, and I give your wonderful remedy
all the credit I will forever praise
Palne's Celery Compound, it did me so
much good."
treasury waa referred to In Comptroller
Tracewell's report to the postmaster gen
eral regarding the Tulloch case, refuses to
talk about the subject. Comptroller Trace-
well alleged that Mr. Gilmer himself, at his
own suggestion, wrote the letter which Mr.
Tracewell signed, exempting the Washing
ton and New Tork postofflces from his ex
amination of accounts. Mr. Qllmer admits
that he did so, but said his reason whs to
have some written authority on record for
the action he took under the verbal orders
to that effect
Mar Ask Congress Pay.
WASHINGTON, May X. Although the
State department haa not yet received the
answer of the governor of Colorado to Its
reqneet for reparation for the destruction
of the property of tha Englishman, Rad
cllffe, the officials have taken note of the
newspaper report of the governor's declina
tion to entertain the claim. Nothing can
be done by the department, therefore, ex
cept appeal to congress for an application
to pay the cjatm, and this Will probably be
Orders have been given at the Navy de
partment for the preliminary accepting of
the submarine torpedo boats Grampus and
Pike, built by the Union iron works and
recently delivered at the Mara Island navy
liver far Philippines.
Mr. Roberts, director of the mint, today
purchased for the Philippine colnsge 375,000
ounces of silver at an average of B4.846
cents per ounce, all except T5.000 ounces to
be delivered at San Francisco. The total
purchased to date Is i,l3,070 ounces at a
cost of !.7,RTS, or an average of S3.M5
cents an ounce.
Today's statement of tha treasury bal
ances of the general fund, exclusive of the
SISO.OW.OOO gold In the division of redemp
tion, shows: Available cash balance, 1223,
089.279; gold, flOCKlOSO.
Brasll Haa Meaty Crisis.
Brasll la now passing through a season
of serious financial depression, but United
Statea Vice Counsel Irvine at Rio de
Janeiro reports that American trade will
have aa excellent opening a soon as condi
tions improve. Warning fortune seekers
against coming to Brasll, he says:
"Many letter come describing persons
who are supposed to have died, leaving
fabulous fortunes which tha Braslllan gov
ernment la holding pending the appearance
of the heirs. Brasll la not a custodian for
any such fortunes.
, Tha claims against the Charleston Expo
sition company for labor and materials
was paid today by treasury warrants ag
grsgatlng 368.743. The last congress ap
propriated 1160.000 tor that purpose.
The War department was Informed soma
time ago that the native Indians and Ka-
klmos In Alaska were In a starving condi
tion and haa instructed General Funaton
to report on the conditions In the islands.
The reports of suffering came particularly
from Nome. General Funston has submit';
ted a preliminary report In which he says
steps will be taken Immediately to ascer
tain through army officers In Alaska tho
extent of destitution. The general con
templates visiting Alaska, when he will
make further Inquiry. He says that he haa
spent considerable time In Alaska and as
sorts that before there waa a mining camp
In tha Tukon country there were canes of
destitution and starvation among the na
tives. Some twenty years ago, on St Law
rence Island the entire population, some
1,400 people, starved to death in 6ne winter.
Oeaeral Weston Sertoasly 111.
General John F. Weston, chief commie
sary of the army, la seriously 111 at Johns
Hopkins hospital, Baltimore, where he
went for special treatment for an affection
of the lungs.
Three Nebraska Pastsaaaters Get
Raise aa Two are De.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. May 3&-8peclal Tele
gram.) These Iowa rural carriers were ap
pointed today: Coin, regular, Fred Mc
Camlmond; substitute, Lulu McCamlmond,
Linn Grove, regular, Slvert Hegland; sub
stitute, Oeorge Hegland.
Theae changes In salaries of presidential
postmasters become effective July 1: Ne
braska, Increase, Butte, Crawford, Exeter,
1100 each; decrease, David City, Edgar,
1100. South Dakota, Increase, Platte, 1300
Uellefourche, 1200.
A postofflce haa been established at Sher
man, Hardin county, la., and William A.
Dillon commissioned postmaster.
Civil service examinations are to be held
July IS for attendant, male and female
cook, assistant room girl, laborer, laun
dress, matron, night watchman and seam
stress for Indian Insane asylum at Canton,
S. D.
Fienger Co. have been awarded the
contract for furnishing fuel for the Da
buque, la., publlo building for the next
fiscal year at their bid ot 31.ML
Nebraska postmasters appointed: Oeorge
H. Cunningham, Dlx, Kimball county, vice
James Cunningham, resigned; Lee W
Wassey, Mlneola. Holt county, vice W. H
Newman, resigned.
Allows Fittibirgari to - Oti OdIj Three
Scattered Hit,
Bleeklyaltes Obtain Fear gacceeslve
Hits la Seventh laalnaj Attar Twe
His Were Oat sal Thas
Wla Ik Game.
BROOKLYN. May S Garvin pitched a
fine game today, shutting out Pittsburg.
He allowed but three scattered hits and
gave no bases on balls. The home team
hit Leever consecutively for four runs In
the seventh Inning, after two men had been
put out. Attendance 2,100. Score:
R H O A !
B H O A B.
checker, If.. 1
lilt Beeament. of I 1 I I
Dohhe, ct
ill 0,Clerke. II Ill
HrCreedle, rt 1
1 0 I
Sabrlne;, rt... fill
Wagner, aa... t 1 4
nne. ib a t i a
r.M.n, aa.... 0 1)1
Hr.natt.ld. lb a 1 a
rutier. e e
Flood. Ib I
1 I 1
Leech, Ib lit!
1 1 4
e e
rrr. lb.... e 1 I 1
'bips, c t I
.eater, f I I I 1
ordan. lb a
Carvm. a
Total! I 14 It 11 I Totala ..I I 14 ft I
Brooklyn n n'n a a i a a a
Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Left on baaea: THttokurk. 1 Ttrnnklvn 1
Two-base hits: Dcvle, Flood. Three-base
nn; oenumom. narrince nit: ciarse.
Stolen beae: Beaumont, Sheckard, Dobbs,
Pahlen. Hitter. Double plays: Leever and
Bransneld. First on balls: Off Leever 4.
Hret base on errors: Brooklyn 1. Hit by
Pitched ball: By Garvin 1. Struck Out: By
Oarvln 5, by Leever 7. Wild pitch: Leever.
time: umpire: u Day.
rieae and Exciting Contest.
BOSTON. Mnv 2R for Ma Ave
bases on balls P'latt pitched well enough te
win today's aame with Cincinnati. He
struck out nine men and allowed but seven
hits, in the eighth, singles by Seymour,
Stelrtfeld and Corcoran, with Donlln's sacri
fice, gave the visitors two runs. Attend
ance, 2,210. Bcore:
R.H.o.A.aVi nun. a. a.
tMrmour, c(.. 1 ill O'tftitar, aa.... I 0411
Donlln. rt.... 4 110 0 Bonnar, 0 1111
t.lnf.ldt. Ib. 1 1 e I Tanna. lh .1 111!
Corcoran, aa.. 0 1 I 4 0 Ab'ttrcklO. lb 1 4 4 I
Mafoon. 2D... 114 I Coolar. It. ... 0 110 4
"'. i 1 ill 1 rarnaj, rt.... t live
Morrlnay. II. a I a a l at . a a a a a
Brsa, a till Oromlnaar, Ib 1 1 0 I
Haaa, , 11 iKIuradi. .. I 1 t I I
' iPlatt, p t v 0 1 V
Tota f IT 14 )!Moraa ...... I I I I
Total. I "l 17 It 1
x Batted for Piatt In ninth.
Cincinnati o 1 0 0 0 0 1 0-S
Boston 0 0000011 0-1
Two-baaa hits: Ahhatllrohliv aramlnaar.
Stolen base: Bergen. Double plays: Bon-
nor 10 icnney, riann to Corcoran to nets,
First base on balls: 6ft Piatt Bl off Hahn,
2. Struck out: By Piatt, ; by Hahn, 3.
Time: 1:63. Umpire: Emails.
(leakers Pall ta Slese Chance.
had several chances to win today, but
limy were unaoie to nit at till proper time.
Attendance 1,09L Score:
B.M.O.A.e I H.H.O.A.K.
Hartlar. rt..
Ilaai. It....
ChaaM. lb...
111 ViTtiomaa. at... lllll
1 4
1 I
! Barry, It 1
14 4 4
Wolvartaa, III I I I I
Jvoaa, ef
Tinkar, aa...
Caaojr. lb....
KMatar, rt... 9 I t 0 I
bouflaaa, lb.. 14 4 10
Halawiu. aa.. 1114 1
Evcra, lb.,..
Glaaaon, Ib... 11110
Lowe, lb 0 I
nmmir. .... l I 1
Kllog, ..
I I 10 0
McratrlOfe, 4 0 0 4 4
Lundgraa, .. I I 0 I 0
Totala .4 "l 17 11 "l
Totala 1 11 It 11 I
Chicago 0
Philadelphia 0
TWO-base hits: HarUv Kllna-. Aanrlrlro
hits: Casey, Lowe, BarryT Stolen bases:
HarlSV. Blaa-la. I'hunr. Thnmu. Tlarrw
Douglass. Double play: Hulswttt to Doug
lass. Left on bases: Chicago, 4; Phila
delphia, 10. First base on balls: Off Lund-
gren, 4; on McFetrldge. a. Hit by pitched
ball: Kelater. Struck 41111 R v I.urMtrran
t; by McFetrldge, 3. Time: 3:00. Umpire:
New Yark Haa m Claeh.
vrvtir vrtotr c vt. v
. u . . iviMk, ainy A"flsw J. urn won
easily from St. Louis today. The fielding of
the St. Louis men was wretched and tliav
nly Jilt .Taylor with any effect In the
inira inning. Miner pitched the last two
innings for New Tork and Lovett relieved
Brown for St. Louis In the eighth. At
tendance, 1,683. Score:
nw Tork. . rr. Louts.
a H OA I a u n 1 a
Browae, rt.. 1 I 0 0 Farrall, lb.... 1 1111
Vaahalt'a, ct 1 1
I 01
usaaraa, rr.. a 1
e 1
ncuian, is.. I 1 11
1 0
8 moot, el.... 0 101
Bralo, Ib 1 1 1 1
Haekatt, lb.. 0 11 1 1
Mann. 11.,.. 1
Duaa. aa..... I
Babb, lb. t
I 0
Nlchola. If... 0 110 0
oil Bart, Ib... 1
wtiuama, ee.. I I I I I
Waarar. a.... 1 1 T I I
Brown, 0 I 0 I 1
Bowomaa, 0. 1 I a I
Tarlor, ...... 0 0 4 1
mar. p Stl
Lorett, p.
Totala II II 17 II 1 Totala 1 11 u 11 1
New York 1 1 1 1 0 4 0 3 13
St Louis 0 0300000 14
f inr nam rn rmr mi,, -vm.1, a a
Louis 3. Left on hual! Na Tnrlr T .'
Lou I a t. First bAaa nn Kalla- Cff T.'.u.
I off Brown 8, off Lovett 1. Struck out
by Taylor 4. by Miller 1, by Brown 4, by
""w . ima-omMu niis: urowna, nmoot,
Williams. Brown. 8acrlflca hits- nnht
Williams. Stolen bases: Vanhaltren, Mo
Oann 3, Mertea 1 Baaea on balls: Gtl-
Dert z, Brain. Double plays: Dunn and
McGann, Babb and McOann, Babb and
Gilbert Hackett and Farrell. Hit by
Alienor: ay arown a. who pi ten: Drown.
umpire: jonnstone. jime: two hours.
Standing of the Tessas.
Plaved. Won. Lost l rv
Chicago 33 24 S .727
New xork so Zl .700
Pittsburg 36 20 15 , .371
Brooklyn 33 16 14 .600
Cincinnati ,..33 14 17 .46
Boston 29 14 16 .41
Philadelphia II I 22 .291
St. Louis 34 t 26 .366
Games today: Pittsburg at Boston, Chi'
on ro at New York, Cincinnati at Fhiladel
phla. Si. Louis at Brooklyn.
enaters Take Life Easy Becaese at
Poor Work by Mnllla at Crltl
ieal Moaaeats.
DETROIT. May 26. Washington won
handily today owing to Mullln's poor pitch
ing at critical, stsges. Patten waa hit hard
in one inning. Attendance, .ti. Bcore
H.H O.A.E I R.H.O.A..
noinaa. rt... 1 1 1 Mrnu, ... sill
Rcibaca. u... tea v uua, rt Oil
kran, ct. I 1 1 4 0 Crawford, If.. 0 11
CaufbliB, lb.. 4 3 1 I lClbartal4, aa. 1 4
Carar, lb...,
Orth, aa
ktartla, lb.,
Clarka. a...,
Pattas, ...
, 0 0 10 0 0
Carr, lb
1 II
Smith, lb ... a
I 1
Taagar, lb... 0 0 1
4 0
MoAlllatar, a. 0 0 1
xallla. 110
.110 1
ToUla I 1 17 14 II ToUla 1 I r II 1
Washington 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 04'
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 01
Earned runs: Washington, 1; Detroit, 1.
Two-base hit: Mullln. First base on r1l'
Off Mullln. I; off Patten, 2. First base on
arrora: Waanlnarton. 3: Detroit. 1 I ,tt n
bases: Washington, I: Detroit T. Sacrifice
nits: Hoimes j. nyan. neiDacb, Patten.
Stolen baaea: Holmes, Bel bach, Coughlln.
Smith. Struck out: By Mullln, 1; by Pat
ten, 1. Double plays: Orth to Carey;
Orth to Martin to Carey; Coughlln to
urin 10 mariin 10 uarey. Time
2:13. Umpire: Loughlln. .
Wild Threw gawes Shateat.
CLEVELAND, O., May 25. Moore had
Philadelphia at his mercy today and would
have scored a shut out but for Gochnaur'a
wna inrow in iue ninm inning. Attendance
1,000. score;
R HO AS I B.M.ft.A z
Bar. ct. ...... 9 0 10 0 Hartaal. U... 0 0 0 0 0
McCartbr. It. 0 0 I 0 0 rirkartns. tt. 0 0 1 0 0
nick, rt 0 1 I 0 0 Davte. lb a 1 a 1 a
Htakmaa. Ib. 0 0 0 4 LCroaa, lb... 4 10 10
Lalola, 10....1 111 0Sarbol4. rt... 0 1100
Bra4lar. Ib .l 3 0 0 0 Murphr. ta.. 111
Owbnau aa. 0 0 I I I'M. Croaa. aa. . 1 0 I I 0
Abbott, e 0 0 I 3 I Powara, a..... 0 0 110
Maura, f 0 0 0 Plaak. ....... 0(41
Tottla 3 in I J Totala..,..."! "4 14 "i "
Cleveland 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
roiiaaeipnia o 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 11
Two-base hit: Murohv. Three-baa hlia
Lalola. Bradley. Sacrifice hit: Oorhnauar
Stolen baaea: Be) bold. Davis. First on
balls: By Moore, 1. Left on basee: Cleve
land. 3: Philadelphia, 4. Struck out: By
Moore, , oy rituia. a. lima: t.v. umpires
tennouy aea nassetu
St. Leals Wlas Final.
ST. LOUIS. Mar 26 St. Louis trimmed
New York In the final game of the series
here today. Willie Sudlioff waa again In
the box for St. Lou la and he twirled a
Iflne game. He waa well supported In the
aid, and aa a result New fork waa all
but shut euu Chesbro did live pitching (or
New Tork and St Louis pounded him
freely. Attendance, l.ino. Score:
a h 0 a 1 a ho At
1110 nTla. it 00100 If .
H.tdrlrk. tt.
110 0 Kaalar. rt.... 01000
Hempklll, rt.
Will, as..
l l
0'PMIli. ef 1 I I 0 1
liWllllama, Ib. I I t I
Andersen, lb. I I 14
M'l-a'rk. Ik. 1 1 1
rn.i. ib.
nanral, Ib..
Cearav, lb..
0 0 1 I I
''"cturtnay, aa. . 0
114 0
Satan, a.... til
Miri'MMi, a.. 0 1 I 0 0
ludbos:. .... e i
Chaabra, p.... 0 1 0 0 0
Totala I lllll ll Totala 1 1 it II 1
St. Louis 1 lOOtlOt
New York 000100 0-1
Earned runs: St. Iaii!s. t: New Tork. L
Three-bBee hit: Heldrtck. Sacrifice hit:
Mccormick. Double plays: William to
Courtney to Oanael; Courtney to Williams
to Oansel. Stolen bases: MeCormlck, Sug
den, Fultx, Wllllame. Base on balla: Off
BunnorT, l; off Cheehro, 2. Strike outs: By
Sudhoff, i; by Chesbro, t. Left en bases:
ft. I.oul, 3; New Tork, 0. Time: 1:1.
Umpire: Sheridan.
standing ef the Teaass.
Played. Won. Twiat ff .
Detroit a 17 it fM
Chicago 28 10 11 BT1
Cleveland 'M 14 12 .63$
rnnnielpnla m IS 14 .bSl
Boston is is 14 M7
New Tork , 14 IB .43
St. Louis .' 1 11 H .423
lasmngton .28 I 20 .(10
Gamea tndav: Phliadnlnhl. at r'laval a r.
St Louis at Detroit
a a
Meat Prom the Kiw Pall to See the
Ball When Oeed Eyee Weald
KANSAS CITT. May M.-Kansaa City
was unable to hit the ball when there were
men on bases, while the hits of the In
dianapolis players were timely. Attend
ance, 500. Score:
K.H.O A t
a.H o.A.a
HotriOTOT, If. 0 4 I
notbfoaa. rf.. 1 1 4 4
Poi, lb..
1 1
Maioney, a... 0 1
Jonao. rf
Klhra. lb
Nano. Ib.
Orady, lb.
Oanlar. ct.
rouitar, rf. ...
0 0
.4 1 i
1 4
o Brian, aa...
Tamaett, lb..
Hay4on, a,...
Dunbao). p...
I Knell, It...
Oitewo. aa.
14 0 O'MeAaO'wa.
0 11 0 McDonald, p.. 0 4 4
riAa.. a. a a a
TOtaia 1 I 7 17 I II
I ToUla I 11 17 I 1
Indianapolis 1 3 3 0 2 0 0 0 10
Kansas City 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 03
Earned runs: Indlananolls 3. Two-haaa
hits: Heydon 2, Coulter 2. Home run:
Jones. Sacrifice hits: O'Brien.
Coulter 2. Stolen bases: Maioney, Ho-
rriever, Heydon, O Brlen. Base on balls:
Off McDonald 1, off Gear 1, off Dunham 3.
Struck out: By McDonald 3, by Gear 4, by
Dunham 8. Hit by pitched ball. By Mc
Donald 1. by Gear 1. by Dunham 3. Wild
Bitch: Dunham. Innings pitched: By Mo
ona1d 2V. by Gear S. Hits off Mo
Donald 4. oft Gear 3. Passed ball: Ma
ioney. Left en bases: Kansas City 16. In
dianapolis C Time; 1:11 Umpire: Fore
man. Millers Defeat Colaeahaa.
MINNEAPOLIS. Mar 18. Minneapolis
took the third game of the srls from
toiuraoui loaay. in tne rourtn inning
Salisbury's hand was hurt bv a ball and
Columbus obtained four singles. Thomaa
wno suosmuteo in tne nttn allowed but
four scratch hits. Attendance, 900. Soore:
B. HO. A.M.
MoOraarr. at. 1 10 0 0
Bannoa, ct... 1 1
Bart. Ib 114 4
14 1
1114 4
nr. if oo
Tkoaey,. IL..
Smith, rt II
Taaaar, a I I I 1
Turner, lb..
Mailer, lb.... 0 1 4 I 0
Melntne. Ib. 1 11
Amai. rt I 1 0 0
tpoonar, lb... 0 1 10 4 4
Itarmw, lb...
hoacb. e.
oner, aa S 4 1
0 1110
4 114 1
Sallabvrr. a.. 1 0
Crabllt, p
Taomaa P.... 1140
.. 3 14 4 If 1
Totali 11 11x34 II 1
Minneapolis .1 .1 1 a 1 a 1 1 wii
Columbus 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Raymer hit by batted ball.
Two-base hilar Amllll Uitnlvn . XTn.
Greery Yaeger. Arndt Roach. Three-base
hits: Hart Bases on balls: Off Crablll 6,
Off Salisbury 1. RfrimW mil. TBIv Aall.Kii-v
1. by Thomas X by Crablll 1. Double play:
wiur-anu cpsoner. ntoien oases: mc
Greery. Mellor. Saerlfloe hit: Gleason.
Left on bases: Minneapolis I, Columbus T.
Time: 1:40. Umpires: Moran and Cunning
ham. , Poatpeaed Games.
Xf TT .W A TTWTTW VT. ,, ec XTM . .. t...
Loulsvllle game postponed rain.
Toledo la Shat Oat.
ST. PAUL. Maw Hr Tai,l t,,,t .
Toledo in the last game ot the present
-riaw. voia pucning an rxceuenr. game.
Attendance 432. Score:
R.H.O A.B.I 1 ttln 1
Oeler. If 4 0 3 0 o'BarnanJ, ct... I
Marean. aa ... 1 IRaiilin, a . a i 1 1 1
Jaekaoa, rt... 3 4 0 Blaakea'p. ef 1 1
SfaaOer. ef... 3 4 1 0 Owena. lb.... 4
Wheeler, lb.. Ill !Connera. lb.. 11
ni, ia.. 1 1 a 1 oismitn. rt I
Keller, lb.... 10 OiAHUer, b..vl 1000
alllraa, ... 1 111 Duller, a 0 0100
9 e a e u'laiaii, p.... 0 011
Totala....- 4 14 tt t l ToUla I I "l "l
St. Paul : 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0-
Toledo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 00
Two-baaa hits: Kellev. Vnla fliiliiuar.
Three-base hits: Wheeler. Double plays:
Vols and Kellev. Hnararlna anil Vall.v
Owens and Connors. Stolen bases:
Wheeler. Base on balls: Oft CrlstaU 7,
off Vols 1 Struck out: By Vols 8, by
Crlstall 1. Left on bases: St Paul 13, To
ledo 4. Time: J:60. Umpire: Mullane.
Staadl el the Teaaaa.
Played. Won. Lost P.C.
Milwaukee .
St Paul.
Kansas City
Louisville ...
Columbus ...
Games today: Toledo at St Paul. Pnlum
bus at Minneapolis. Indianapolis at Kansas
City, Louisville at Milwaukee.
Mlaaeart Saints Barely Eaeape Preaa
Shateat by the Des Metaes
DEB MOINES. Ia.. May 75. Des Moines
won today's aame by oDDortune hlttlna-.
St Joseph played an errorless game, though
in badly crippled condition. Attendance
300. Score:
Dee Moines ....0 H 11 I t I M I 1
St. Joseph 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01 I 0
Batteries: Dea Moines. Cushman end
Fohl; St Joseph, Olada and Oarvln.
Denver Bests Mllweakee.
DENVER, May 36. The hitting was the
feature of today's game. Duffy has ten
hits to his credit In the gamea yesterday
and today. Soore:
Denver 14444 0441 0 1 T 17 1
Milwaukee 4 003-0341144-4U 3
Batteries: Denver, Lerake and Latimer;
Milwaukee, Swormstedt, McPherson and
Thla Waa a Slaglagr Match.
fins match by the locals in the seventh
nnlng pulled today's game out of the fire
after the visitors had it won. Score:
Colo. Springs.. 13001070 13 16 4
Peoria 0 t 0 1 4 0 1 1 4 3 10 (
Batteries: Colorado Springs, Curt la, VII
leman and Star nagle; Peoria, Olmateed.
Wolf and Wilson.
Standing ef the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost P. C.
Colorado Springs.... 34
Denver 23
Milwaukee 22
Kansas City 23
Peoria 22
Omaha 20
St. Joaeph 22
Dea Moines 32
4 .8J3
n .wi
12 10 ,XS
io 13 .a
13 .4u4
t 12 .400
I 14 .364
14 .364
iuf . ainiH uiiy at umaha,
St. Joaeph at Des Moines, Peoria at Colo,
rado Springs, Milwaukee at Denver.
leasers Ave Defeated.
In an exciting game the Prohibition Hill
eiuiiari were ueieaiea Dy me W. J
Osborn team. Bcore by Innings:
Osborns 4 4 4 4 3 0 t 3 10 4
oiusaara i a v u v s 1 I 0 I 7
Batteries: Sluggers, Peanuts and Donkey:
Bralear the Wlaaer.
BRAINARD. Neb.. May 26. (Special.)
The Bralnard base ball nine went to Uer
mantown yeaterday to olav a aame with
their nine, which resulted In a score of 3
to 1 in favor of Bralnard. The gams waa
hotly contested from stsrt to finish. Gr
mentown had an Imported battery, while
sramara naa ueir name nine.
tenth Dakota Aarelast Cretghten.
The University of South Dakota Baaa
Ball team will arrive here thla morning
from Vermilion. 8. D. It will play the
local college nine at 3 44 p. m. on Crelgh
ton university field. Ths Use-up of Ut
'"tClllrinaaMata fiaS
1 f
HILLER LIQUOR CO., Wholesale Dealers and Slate Ajeatt,
home team will be: Callahan, short stop;
Crelnhton, third base; Lynch, second base;
Prendergaat first base; Kehoe, left Held;
Casaldy, center field; Lanlcan, right field;
Welch, pitcher; O'Keefe, catcher.
Wlai Van Caartlaadt Bead leap at
Morris Park, HavtavaT Two
Lemvths to Spare.
NEW, TORK, May 26. Sergeant won the
Van Courtlandt handicap at Morris Park
today. After trailing his field to the stretch
he moved out and taking command at the
eighth pole, won galloping by two lengths,
with Lux Casta second and New Tork
third. Rosetlnt was favorite for this race.
Her saddle slipped and Bums, her rider, I
pulled her up. The time, :26H. breaks the
record for the race half a second.
First race, four and one-half furlongs ot
Eclipse course, selling: B. C. Runte, 106,
(C. Jenkins), 0 to L won; Sir Walt 103, (R.
Johnson), 3 to 1. second; Oananogue, 107
(Collins), 20 to 1. third: Time: 9M. Bally
Castle and Lady Badge ran. ,
Second race, the Eclipse course, selling:
Roue, 101 (Michaels), 10 to 1, won; Judge
Fulton, 84 (T. Brennan), 30 to 1, second;
Plttacus, 100 (Fuller), 3 to 1, third. Time:
ley Forge, Reckless. The Laurel, Mowlch
ana rrinco thing also ran.
Third race, about two miles, steeplechase:
Carrier Pigeon, 136 (C. Smith), 2 to 1, won;
May Harrison, 132 (H. S. Wilson), 3 to 6.
second: Tankard. 168 (C. Green), 8 to 1,
thirds Time: 3:62V. The Abbe ran;
Draughtsman refused; Tireless fell.
Fourth race, last seven furlongs of With
ers mile, the Van Courtlandt handicap:
Sergeant S3 (Henderson), 18 to 6, won;
Lux Caata, 126 (Gannon), 6 to 1, second;
New Tork, 111 (Bullman), 13 to 6, third.
Time: XJKVi, Lady Uncaa, Himself and
Rosetlnt ran. Highlander and Bon Mot left
Fifth race, last seven ana one-nair lur
longs of Withers mile: Agnes D, 100
(Haack), 4 to L won: Torchlight 114
(Burns), 12 to 6, second; Ella Snyder, M
(Martin), 7 to 1 third. Tims: 1:36. Mary
Worth Cranesvills and Rene also ran.
sixth race, mile ana a sixteentn, over
the hill: Zoroaster. 107 (Fuller). 11 to 10.
won; The Carmelite, SO (Larson), f to 1.
second; City Bank. 104 (Connell). 8 to 1.
third. Time: 1:47. Dr. Baylor, Circus and
Mexican ran. Young Henry and Zoroaster
CINCINNATI, May 26. The handicap of
a mils at Latonla today brought out the
best field ot horses that haa been to the
post this meeting. The event waa won
by Miss Mae Day at T to L She beat
rr. H-Y.. 11'- AI.m Tt . 1 .
1VIH WWVWBII fim J . juu, a ..,.
Monarka very handily by two lengtns. in.
winner acted as her own pacemaker and
was well ridden by Jockey O'Connor. The
track was fast ana the mils waa run in
The steeplechase was won by Mlks Rice,
but he waa disqualified for running out of
the course and the race waa given to
Sauber. Pat My Boy and Mra. Grannan
fell at the seventh lump, but no injury re
sulted to either horses or riders.
First race, seven furlongs: Klngford, 112
(Landry), 4 to 1, won; Manaard, 104
(Davis), t to L second; Moyls. 107 (J. O'Con
nor), t to 2. third. Time: 1:294. George
Glbbs, D. L. Moore, Kentucky Cardinal.
Flora Hopper, Class Leader, Beaucaire,
Baron Knight Mint Leaf, Grace Bon tan.
McLaughlin, Airs and Graces also ran.
Second race, one mile: Golden Knight,
104 (Bonner), 4 to 2, won; Mandamus, 103
(Beauchamp, 4 to 1, second; Frivol, 107
(Mcguade), 20 to 1, third. Time: 1:424.
Malais, Invlctus, Flaneur, Colonel Ander
son, Chickadee, St Bluff also ran.
Third race, five furlongs: Ogawai, 101
(Davis), 7 to 1. won; Circular Joe, M
(Dleterle), 7 to 2, second; Dr. Cartledge, 103
(Henderson). I to 1, third. Time: 1:02V
Sliver Thistle, Two Penny, Probable, Blae
lus, H. Lutherman, Jr., Twlae Kraft Leeto,
lole also ran.
Fourth race, short course steeplechase:
Sauber, 146 (J. Carter), 3 to 1, won; Isllp.
VH (Gaylor), 3 to 1. second; Lesdstone. 126
(Until), 4 to 1. third. Time: 3:08. Mike
Rice finished first, but was disqualified
for running out of course. Pat My Boy
feu, The ueeser ran out.
Fifth race, handicap, one mile: Miss Mae
Day, M (J. O'Connor), 7 to L won; Alan
a Dale, 118 (Crowhurst), 14 to 6, second;
Monarka, 117 (Landry), 4 to 6, third. Time:
1:40. Boaster, Belles Commoner, Golden
Bell. Postmaster Wright, Tancred, Bummer
II, Sir Gallant also ran.
Sixth race, six furlongs: Khaki, 106 (B.
Davis), 4 to 1, won; John J. Regan. 104
(C. Kelly). 14 to 6. second; The Boer, 1W
(J. O Connor), 6 to 1. thrd. Time: 1:16.
Prince Light, Grand Mary, Lela May, Har
old Keeling. Jake Greenberg, Hot, Quli
II, Enfala and Allyar also ran.
CHICAGO. May 26-Worse track and
weather conditions than those existing at
Hawthorne today could hardly be Imag
ined. Rain fell In torrents and made the
track heavier even than on the opening
day. Only two favorites won.
Ftrat race, four furlongs: Tryon, ilO
(Wlnkfield), 12 to 1, won; Sol Smith, 110
(Helgersoo). 18 to i, second: Falkland, lib
(Coburn). 16 to 1. third. Time: 0:61 3-6.
Touchstone, Owasea, Preakness, Handsome
Florrle, AnnoraJ, Pat Harnmon, Alice Mar'
an, Hlndllene, George R. Harrison and
Ralph Young alao ran.
Second race, seven furlongs: Lord Mel
bourne (Hanry). 7 to 1, won; Blue Miracle,
I'll (C. Gray). 30 to 1. second; Mr. Dlnglo,
101 (Adklna), 3 to 1. third. Tims: I M.
Chief Aloha, Lampoon. Banana Cream,
Prodigal Son, Safeguard and Fullback also
Third race, one mile: Moroni. 106 (Rob
bine), 4 to 1. won; Merops. tfj (Blrkenruth),
it to 1, second, HrUk, Ufl G. Uray, I to
f t rrm 4Se-a S!
For its
National porf &bpja
.Bottled J3eer
1, third. Time: 1:63 3-6. Leo Newell. Bad
Embry, Nellie Forest, I. Samelson also ran.
Fourth race, one mile: Bard Bums, 106
(Adklns), 3 to L won; Dodle 8, 34 (J.
Booker), 8 to 3, second; Gotdaga. 101
(Treanor), lo to 1, third. Time: 1:62".
Mechanua, Filiform also ran. Fake tell.
Fifth race, seven furlongs: Sweetie, 104
(J. Relff), 3 to 20, won; Firbone, 107
(Wlnkfield) I to 1, second; General Stewart,
104 (Knapp), to to L third. Time: 1:07 3-6.
Capital and Play Ball also ran.
Sixth race, six furlongs: Sardine, 111
(J. Relff), 7 to e. won: B harp less, 114 (Co
burn). 80 to L second; Bronse Wing, 124
(Adklns), 6 to L third Time: 1:81. Red
Tip, Theory and Trinity Bell also ran.
ST. LOUIS, May 26. Joe Lesser with L.
Wilson up gave the talent a shock today
when he beat the four to five favorite.
Lady Strathmore, In the fourth race, the
feature of todav'a card at the fair nrounda.
Joe Lesser got Into the lead at the three
quarter pole and won very easily from
Lingo, who beat Lady Strathmore for sec
ond place. Ben Adklns won the 3-year-old
race very easily. Track fast Results:
First race, six furlongs, selling: Fu-
r tha, 37 (Gullet), 7 to 1, won; Creaslda,
(Shea), i to 1, second; Dr. Clark., 104
(Morse). 6 to 1, third. Time: 1:16.
Second race, four and one-half furlongs,
purse: Ben Adklns, 106 ftilggins), 4 to 6,
won; Rhyme and Reason loa (Domlnlok),
11 to 6, second; Ascot 106 (Sheehan), 4 to 1,
third. Time: :6S.
Third race, five and one-halt furlongs,
purse: Bas D'Or, 102 (W. Watson), 1 to 2,
won; Poseur, 106 (C. Thompson), 4 to 1,
second; Howling Dervish, lot (C. Bonner),
12 to 1. third. Time: 1KK.
Fourth race, one mile and seventy yards,
purse: Joe Lesser, 100 (L. Wilson), 4 to 1,
won; Lingo, (8 (Hlgjrlns), I to L second;
Lady Strathmore, 107 (D. Austin), 4 to 6,
third. Time: 1:46.
Fifth race, six and one-half furlongs,
purse: Icicle, 111 (F. Watson), 4 to 6,
won; Jake Weber. 110 (Domtnlck), 6 to 2,
second; Orleans. 109 (L. Wilson), to 1,
third. Time: 1:21
Sixth race, one and one-sixteenth miles,
selling: Charles Rsmsey, 101 (D. Austin),
6 to 1, won: Jessie T. 104 (Sheehan), 12 to 1.
second; Cherished. 88 (Brldwell), I to 1,
third. Time: 1:48V..
Iteerkeltes svad Kavaaaa City Will
Play Teday avn4 Postponed Game
Coasea Tharaday.
Jupiter Pluvtus and Ms band of rain
makers spoiled "Pa" Bill's hopes for a
game with the boys from the Kaw yes
terday afternoon and many of the pleas
ant faced women who were Just dying
to see the fair and the athletio Mr. Hen
derson play with ths boys went home
sorrowful and aaddened. But today will
be women's day anyhow, and the game
will go one. Ths game that was post
poned will be played Thursday afternoon
at Vinton street park, as both teams, have
an open date than.
Pole Flayer Bart.
LONDON. May 3S. Walter Buckmaster.
the noted polo player, was seriously hurt
at Hurllngham today. In the course of a
brilliant run he collided with Patterson
Nlckalls and Buckmaster's pony fell and
rolled over his rider, who was carried off
the grounds In a stretcher.
College Baae Ball.
At New Haven Tale, 8; Georgetown, 0,
At Jollet Oedar Rapids game post
poned, rain.
Rock Island-Dubuque game postponed,
gmedge la Megeath'a Store.
Firemen wore called early yeaterday
evening to Megeath's stationery shop, 1308
Farnam street where a considerable
amount of smoke was ooslng through door
and window casings. The fire was found to
have originated and to be confined In some
boxes In the center of the basement floor
end was extinguished with practically no
damare to building or contents. The boxes
contained excelsior and other waste ma
terial and some bottles of Ink and mucilage.
It la Doeslble that a small amount of dam
age waa caused to atored goods by the
smoke. The cause or the fire is unknown.
Forty Si sea, loo te tuo Each.
&a idao r".r eay
HmttiIp 1i i
and Hair Tonic
. . ...
Us&es tha Hair Oron,
Kitps tha Seslp Hctllhy,
0UI Bm'whtft la
$1.09 BB4 80 Cnt Botttos.
A. It. Bremtr Ct,, Chlctgo.
So well and favor
ably known as the
leading, most reliable
and sueoessful
They have bean
many years In estab
lishing their reputa.
Uon IN OMAHA fet
kanalt . inA honorable
Rrgraor rvTCI JSt
inr mm. lira work h
ota. aa Speciaiiaia. ia txeaUog
DR. SEARLES graduated at two el 'the
past Bedlcal college and is anowledged
PECIALISI r. a;, diseases he treat.
Wit btAkUia Lomuitainn ana Tia
are FREE, . person or by letter, and
ear redly confidential In all dtseaaea.
Written Contracts given In all curable
leasees of men or refund money paid.
Many cum treated 3!n per month.
all ev addreae. Car. 14th Deealaa.
quickly an ptrmgnratlr cur4
Dropped la cold wtter ttatM
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parkllnc, ((rvsioeat drink,
Immsdlatclr thlrst-quencbln j
and pemansatlf tlmulttln(.
Ktttsr tkaa Llthla. Natapbyglc
e. Bottle, mt Drwgr Steves,
ladiaa Kead Braaa. the Oaty taalse.
13 Kaaaaa St., New Tark. sad gtwkaae. Wash.
UUi and Dodge aU., Omaha, Neb.
Every Vcnan
Is kWeaestQ aad aVal4 kaew
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caiUreaoS airacunu hv Ct
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Jk Time BUg., M. X,
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For Sale by
Career. KU axvd Cblcago, Sta., Ouaaa. -,