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toowTfit tad Hiy Eira Enrr. 310x1
S pec 1 Itt! of &eaa.
Upper Eoum Ordered to sUpcrt m Day
ofu4.on i OT teqtiltd to B-aAs tp JOT j
StAtebood Debate.
Prevldeat Or 4 era All Mrakm ta lac
ooraeti hy etlee bltri aad
ittrai at Capital at Sara
a March a.
WASHINGTON. March 2. Tbe president
today Issued tbe following proclamation:
Ft the rreeHent of the United States of
America: A frToclamatiun-
W hereas. 1'ublic InTererta require that
th .-nii:e sboijio convene In ex imordiriary
aei'Ti.' therefore. 1. Theodore R.KWtevelt.
jTi"rt oi tbe I'mted States of Anwrtc.
00 t rt'v j ret laini and de iare that an
xtrro "try uc-fainn recjui"er the senate
of the I niied Fiate to cotivene at te
xti"tj. in th itj (,i Waatiirurton. on trie
tU dkT .f Mri.i next, at 12 t cmk noon.
01 a i hnh pfrwrai bo fhni: at that tune
be eritit to art as memtwra of lha.t body
are br fcy required to ta.kc notice.
viiven urider n.y hand ard the aeaj of the
T'Tiiteri Pia'ea at VaFhiriirton, the 2d of
Mrr-h. in ihe jttr vt our i-Ttl. IS, and of
the iodept naeyice of tbi Vnlted Ptatea. taa
fc the j'Ti3eM.
JOHN HAT, Secretary State.
Burh a proclamaliOB baa been expected
for boo dayi. a it aaa knoire that tbe
admtnlBtoation' were determined to leare '
bo stone unturned to secure tbe ratifica
tion of tbe Cuban and canal treaties.
I'relrM Aral art Treaty.
Only one protest baa so far been filed
with the State department by European
powera against the ratification of the
Cuban treaty. At the same time, polite,
lut pointed. Icqulries hare euppleroented
tbe note flied by the British ambassador,
from Francs and wher European beet
ucar producing countriea.
In adrant-s of the consummation of the
treaty of course no epe threat could be
made, but ivra't are shaping tbemselrea
aa as te warrant the expectation by tbe
o&ciala here that Europe will retaliate
ag&intl what it calla tbe unjust diacrlmi
nation as.iDst Ecropnaa goods.
It la now known that the inquiries re
ferred to bTs not y ccrfined te Wash
ington, but aJso te been directed to
President Palma and hare added ranch te
the difficulty he is under is securing favor
able actios is tbe Cuban congreaa.
Kawkti t Takes I a Vraesaelsa Dla.
Bata. teswrelw Crtt leiaLaa:
. SrlTlaai Xxtelaawra. ' -
l)XDON. March S A debate la the
House of Lords yesterday oa the Venez
uelan question served to fan the flame of
editorial attack on "the gorernment for in
conduct f the Venezuelan affair.
Lord Rostbery was In a fighting mood
and made a brilhant and spirited attack
oa the gorernment'a foreign policy, sell
ing upon Lord Lanadowrae's statement that
Germany a year ago obtained the consent
of tte United Suites to coerce Venezuela
He centered his attack on tbe Question of
Great Britain's relations with ihe Tnlted
Elates and said that the government had
co right to approach America through
"If our relations with the United Etates
remained unimpaired," he continued, "no
thanks were due to the government. We
are happy at having extricated ourselves
without further discredit."
Lord Rouebery contended tbt it was
tbe preasure of public opinion that at last
determined the cabinet to secure a settle
ment in time for It to be paraded is the
king's speech at the opening of Parlia
ment. He characterised the nagotiationa
witL the embassies aa to tbe attitude of
tbe United: Etates as an "exchange of
winks." That waa not tbe way great na
tion! absuid conduct a case like that of
In a satirical vein Lord Rosebery sug
gested that all the foreign m.nistera would
agree that it was time te fix the demarca
tion of certain states and to plan a board
ea their bordera, steucg that those wbo
lend them moi.Fy do ao at their perl. It
waa well ksowa. to everyone, save the
premier, that Engiaxd waa exceedingly un
popular in Europe and that its unpopu
larity was largely due to its ministers.
Had they plsced Grnat Britain's rase in the
Boer war before Europe in diplomatic
circular, as Bismarck was accustomed to
do. much of the European hostility would
have been svoidrd. Europe's sntipathy and
rancor constituted a serious dangpr to
England. Having eaceped in this enter
prise, he hoped the country would pause a
long time belore embarking on a similar
Stat Haas Pasm BUI Maklag Sale
mr Gift af rigarertee
JEFFERSOV CITT. Ms.. March 1 The
bouse today passed the b!tl introduced by
Mr. Booth of Itellee county ronibiting the
manufacture, sale or giving away of cigar
ettes, cigarette paper or wrappers ia tKi
stat a
Tbe penalty for violation la a fine of
from ti to tlQfl. Tbe bill was passed by
unanimous vote.
C'hieaatB Preserty Owarn
aawT.aMt see reBdesaaatieas
By ftaaltary DtetrteC
CHICAGO. March 2. Twaers of property
along the west back at the Chicago river
between Maiisoe and Randolph streets
were today swarced a total of ttiP7.C dam
ages for tbe rocdrmBaUoa of tbeir prop
rrty by the sanitary district.
Fasaeea Aeter U IU la wm Tark aad
CauB met Appear tee Twv
NEW TORE, March X. Stuart Rabaon.
tbe comedian, is ill at hia heeae hero and
his tour lor Ike aut two veal has beea
l.ri a r1 it -al Partita Cilrr
Al'laoee te Beat Mart's
rr-ri st npi ty tbe 6 in Sarocy
of tbe ror.ervat,v. ne'ioua.1. !;berl Btt1- .
Seirlie and agrartrn par-ie. prevlclfha fir
muiual nij'pon at tbe forth'-oming elec
1km, was mae public todaj.
It it specially aimed at the socialists and
its rtlef ffature ia a pledae not to nom
inate candidate ui nt each other ia con
'ituenrie, already represented by one of
j these parties and ese-.gning tie several so- '
? cialipt districts to the jiini entering Into j
the BfTeement- It Is fijwi to at least
maintain the
tbe Krichatac
representation ia ;
1 ur.tvu 11 me par )e ia aiim i-e.n
effected in other pan of the entire aDd
it l not unlikely that the eletTlosa a-iH :
be a con .eat between arwiairta on one aide : colioatuea and by the aasembly r"Tally.
and all tbe other partiea en tbe at her, x- Coorrefcatnan Ball ia ia Washington,
ccpt the amail radical axoupa. j Tbe reult ia regarded here aa aa Afl-
Poiitioal erenta of tbe laat two yeara , flicka rictory. Presfure bronfht to tear
hare caused the coBaerratlTe elernenta ef , npoa the ngular rcpublicana from Waab
tbe country much arprebrnfiloii. Tbe o- icitom andoBbtedly had much to do with
cialirta are generally oppad to haee
PSIUT-U i . ' . J l LIT i 1 I 'J' r trj A. .......
i 1W5. Their leadera erperted two
montha aco a gain of from fifteen te CTty
aeata. bin the comMnation of the politic!
parties haa moderated the eet.ima: ea nntil
now the bent informed roe a of the aoriallU
party think they will do well if they gain
Freilaral Fraaria a( !K. Lala tiaa.
altlaa Well RrcrlTr ay
Peaale af Parla.
FAP.IS. Mr.rrh l rnnldeot Francia of
the Bt. Louis exposition,, arrived hero
early today, and itrmediateiy art abotrt
meetltg the goTernment ofUctala, with a
atlmnlating and enlarging Preach
participation in the exposition.
Tbe cordiality of the French attitude
was evident from tbe moment of Mr. Fran
cis' arrival and throughout tbe morning be
was the recipient of calla and invltationa
from repreaentative official and commercial
M. Loubet received Mr. Francia in the
nresident'a private reception room at the
Elyaee. Tbe call lasted fifteen minutes.
Tbe French president was extremely cor
dial and spoke of the interest France took
in American affairs and tn tbe exposition
and assured Mr. Francis that it would sake
a fitting rxbiblt-
LOXION. March 2. The Irish secretary.
Mr. Wyndham. replying to William Red
mond. Irith national, tn the Bouse of Com
mons today, said the question of a good
representation at the Et Louis exposi
tion was engaging the attention of tbe gov
riaa ta tHwfrasM-aia Dtatrset la Hewa
f rnssai la De
feat. LOVPOK, March Z. A motloa te aiafraa
rnise Galway, la conaeaoenea of Ha action
In electing Colonel Arthur Lynch, recently
cocvicted of high treason, waa defeated tn
tbe House of Commons today by 248 to 45
The attorney general having moved the
issue of a writ of election for member of
Parliament, in place of Colonel Lynch.
George Hartley, conservative, pro
posed as an amendment that a writ be
not issued during the life of this parlia
ment. He claimed that Galway elected
Colonel Lynch simply becttse he was a
traitor, and quoted an alleged message from
John P-edmond, asking the voters to elect
Colonel Lynch and "haul down the blood
stained flag of England."
Mr. Redmond warmly denied sending any
such measage and explained that ho was In
America at the time.
Mr. Bart ley then withdrew bla statement,
the amendment waa defeated and the lasue
of a writ was agreed to.
Car pester af CJtaabrtaai Priaeet Wat
la Irtraea, ten tae hla
HAMBURG. March 2. The carpenter of
th British ship Cambrian Prince, Captain
Owena. from Coquimbo. for Middlesborough,
has beea picked up ta tbe North sea. He
reports that Cambrian Prince eapsised
and sank.
It was announced in a dispatch from Lon
don last night that a quantity of wreckage
had been seen off the coast of Northumber
land and that the indications pointed ta the
British ship Cambrian Prince having been
Cambrian Prince waa of tont
net burden. It waa built in 1FT. and wai
owned by tbe Cambrikn Prince company of
Liverpool. The vessel was I4 feet seven
inches long, had thirty-seven feet beam,
and was twenty-two feet six inches deep.
Aawerieaa Wba la Frlead of Frlaeeaa
LwLs I acmes GevrraaieBt't
Dim plemamre.
DRESr EV. March 2 L A. 0 Brtea. aa
Americaa denust. has been ordered to leave
the kingdom oa account o.' hat supposed
relations with the former crown princess
He will leave Dresden Wednesday aaJ
will sail with bis wife and four chJdrea
for America on Thursday. The police at
first ordered him to leave Saxony wsthia I
twenty-four bewra, but the court extended
tbe time so a to permit Mr. O'Brien to
settle up his affairs.
Tbe Saxon government has notified the I
other governments of Mr. O'Bnea's ax -
pulsion, making it under royal roorteav
Impossible for him to reside tn Geratiany '
or Austria.
Feretataera Ottered lBt ef Jahtlee
CereaseBlea la Betara
set- Cash.
ROME, March 2. The struggle to obtain
tickets for tomorrow's rereiiioBy at tbe
Vatican oa the occasioa of the tweaty-fifth
anniversary of the coronation of the pope,
has been quite anprecedeated. It is ex
pected that more than rti.tsm persona will
be present. .
The f'lrelgners are especially chagrined
at the difficulty experienced ia obtaiciag
tickets from the usual sources and the
discontent is increased by tbe tact that
good seats are offered 1st aai el tk
kotcia at kjk price.
Epnb'icu Fartiopt ii that Etata Oomt to
k an Coderr-aniif.
la. '
Alia. -km rati te ml a Hi
eelf H , neaBtaattaa- Fm
ter la "ettlesweat
f lk Tree ale.
DOVER. Del., Marti J. Tbe Delaware
legislstsre this afternoon ended the oena-
tonal des:iock ry rlertiTig State 5' tutor J
Frank Allre, bsIob repnbliraa. ta tbe Ion
tern aenatomhip. trbJrb exrtrea in lwC,
ana t occrranniaa ionia Heisier Bail, rern-
liar republican, to the ehort term, ahlrb enda ,
in Alie u onncrai ulated hr hia
pre-renting th acceptasce of the democratic '
cser to join wit tie regulars ta elect one i
regular and leave a vacancy. I
Wr. Dick is said to have come here under j
instrurtiona from National Chairman Hanna
to urge tbe regular republic to accept
ine propos7tH.B agreea open cy Mr. Aa-
dicks and his adherents at the conference
oa Saturday for the election of a union re- I
publican to the long term aenatorahip and
a regular republican ta the abort term,
Addicks himself being eliminated.
Tbe thirty-sixth and final ballot resulted
as fellows:
Long Term Allee, M; Saulsbnry. IT; J.
H. Hughes (democrat). 1; Wood bum Mar
tin (democrat), 1; A. E. fiabora, 1; E- W.
Tunnell (democrat), L
Short Term Ball, tl; Kenney demo
crat ), ID; B. A. Haesell (democrat), 1;
E. R. Cochran, Jr. (democrat). 1.
Allee and Ball were elected.
A4dle-k.s Will Flskt Aaralsu
"I am happy," aaid Mr. Addicts, after
the result was announced- "It gratifies me
to make one of my best friends, J. Frank
Allee. United States senator. He deserves
the place from a party point of view and
greatly strengthens the union republicans
and myself to carry the state In 1S04 for
the president. I propose to belp elect a
majority of tbe legislators of 1M4 favorable
to my candidacy for the United States sen
ate." Earlier In the day one ballot was taken,
aa follows:
Long Term Addicks. 21; Saulsbury, i;
Dupont, (: Higgiaa. 2.
Ebort Term Addicks. 1; Kenney.
Higglns, I; Hillea, 2; Cnardeson. 2.
After the ballot Senator Sparks moved to
take a recess until 2: SO this afternoon,
everybody voting "yes" with a about.
Numerous caucuses both preceded and
followed this vote, the result being aa
agreement between the rival republican
parties, which resulted In the election.
Janes Fran Allee was born In Dever
forty-six years ago, Hs succeeded bis
father as a watchmaker and Jeweler, which
bosiaeaa he .carries aa Dower.
- After the appearance1 of" J." ZHwarg ' AaV
dicks la Delaware politics, fa 188. Mr.
Allee became actively in terested ia polit
ical matters and was closely associated
with the Addicks wing of tbe republican
party. Ke was elected to the state senate
on tbe union republican ticket in and
1SCI, each time overcoming tbe oppositloa
of democrats and regular republican can
didates. Mr. Allee is also associated in
business with Mr. Addicks and ia presi
dent of the Bay State Gas company of
Delaware and tbe Btatea Island Brick com
Owe af Tare self-Wsrferen la at.
Laala Aska Prtwaey for
BT. LOOS, March 2. Two women and
one man committed suicide bere today.
Mrs. Rachel Lrlasder, wife of a sculpt. or
employed at the world's fair grounds, took
carbolic acid. She bad long been a suf
ferer from 111 health. She sent her 14-year-old
son for the poison and made him
promise not to tell bis fstber.
Mrs. Elizabeth Willatms turned ea the
gas and sat down in a chair. She was dead
when discovered.
A note said: "Cremate my body and let
no one see me."
Thomas Penny, a contractor of Canton.
W-, came to visit his brother here yes
terday and today committed suicide with
carbolic acid. He had recently separated
from his wife.
Keataekr FwlU-e Arrest Quartet Ae
eweed of ttteallas Caaa
Lsvdea Fwstra.
BAYVILLE. Ky.,' March 2 Four men.
Edward Nicholas. Samuel Prather, William
Tucker and Bud Hswkins. have been ar
rested here on the charge of stealing the
mail pouch which waa lost here in Novem
ber. It cont lined aijout 175 OOO, mostly in
stamps, checks and cash.
Metatwatets af C tax-taaat! Pralae Pre.,
laeat's Fawttiaa la Calae
CINCINNATI. March i Tbe Methodist
Ministerial assuciatioa today adopted reso
lutons expressing "grateful appreciation
i of the attitude taken by President Roose
velt in his letter published this day, March
2 1943. concerning certain phases of the
I Afro-American problem ia the south."
i . .
i dLKLt T Ildlld LUd AnutLtd
Adawiral Appears Well. Havlaar talte
Beeevered treai Beeeat 1 a.
LOS ANGELES. March 2 Admiral Schley
arrived here today.
The Chamber of Commerce will tender
him a public reception, probably oa Tues
day evening. He appeared well and in
good spirits and has recovered from bis
recent indispokftioa.
lee faawiea aesealeeB te Grave.
MENOMINEE. Mich.. March. 2 Mea
from up shore who came to town today
report that the ice went out about thirty
miles north of Menominee Sunoay. carry
ing with it aeveateea ftahertaen. Seven of
tnem are reported aa baviag been taken off,
but nothing funkcr baa beam beard at tbe
otber lea.
Meter nli jtkf Mnilii
BrMkrr 1X4 the e4 Be
lieve Hlra Mi4.
HAMILTON. O.. Vartb I-Alfrod A.
Karp. the atrargkr. ar-aitrned tiefre
Maj-or Bow b todsy. A. c;deraMe rroad
of people t-t at po'ire baaoaner and
rro4 of refrflrs ry n band, "bfn
Kuapp left the jail to ttift or ?ter;3
Eiedorf and CTirf Kcinniiriix(t. In a cab.
be a a not handrufTd ad e treated w.b
cocatdejTitiwii. Bf're iba arra:pinjf tit he
aat guietly In tbe pol'.ae oourt tba'tiiig
with rfflc rs.
He vaa t!atiT aa4 teld of a horae
kirkmg hio oe tit fce1 abet: be i
yeara eld. K.a sister. SSra. fifcdie 'WentM'l
of Ciacunati. aaa the oal d mber of the
fatnily aiih Mm.
wheB Ibf r,r0ceed:r,t baa. Knap otood
op and tbe affidavit etia'rlcc him aitbl
choking Hannah Goddard. a i'e Mo. I. to
flath. waa read. Mayor Bench explaiod to
the priaooer hia richta and aked him to
plead. "Not gailty." aaJd tbe prisoner in
Ake4 1f be wished a arelimisary boaring,
Knarp aaid
-j suppose I might aa well."
Wrs. Werts-1 tbea explained that no at-
torney had been engaged as yet for Knapp.
Dut WOuld arrange tor counsel at once
aDd BotifT lhr authorities bere of his r'aa.
Knapp was taken back o -tl as quickly
u h, irft tl vra. Wur.iH alter a long
,.k Basra. fnilwwea the
prisoner to Jail, and there had another long
confidential talk with U9, after which she
left to secure tbe set tis of an attorney."
"I'd wash my sands af Arfred if I did not
know he was insane." a he aaid. "But new
I cannot desert him."
HAMILTON. O., Marc 2. A dispatch
was received tonight frees New Albany.
Ind.. says tbe body of a woman was found
floating in tbe Ohio river today, which
answered tbe desniptie of Hannah God
dard Knapp. including tbe gold band ring
on tbe left hand and tbe gold earringa that
Knapp said would be found on ber body.
Traiaaaea aaa Flr
an Deelde
FT. LOUIS, March 2. Wabash trainmen
and firemen decidi-d to striae at noon to
morrow, but tbe conductors will not aid
them. tees representing tbe trainmen
and firemen seat cltimacums to President
Ramsey late this aftennssn, notifjlnig bin
that tbe result of their poll was that tb
demands of 13 per cent 1 increase for
freight men and 12 per regit Increase for
passenger men east of tbe Mississippi ex
clusive of the Canadian Una, and double
pay for double-header freight trains must
be conceded by tomorrow news or a strike
would be ordered.
The conductors and engineers notfnod
President Ramsey at the aime time that
tbey would abide by tbe It swa-sed shed
ale granted a week ago.
Mr. Ramsey, tonight lit !j, aaked for
tbe results of tbe ports li. - sa. vol added
that be recently 'bad iaswed Vawar scbelus
of wages which meets the demands of em
ployes west of the Mississippi, bat If these
demands were insisted upon ever the re
mainder of tbe system the committees were
answered now tn a refusal to grant them
and be was ready to confront a strike.
Gas la-alee-s la (al Bla, Camlaar
Tloleat Fatal El
alawleiBU E ASTON. Pa., March 2. Six men are
xziasing. three are thought to be dead nd
thirty others are injured from the effects
j of an explosion tonigbt ct the Edison Ce
ment plant, at New Village, N. J., several
miles from here.
A large part of the plant w-ai burned an 1
It is feared tbe bodies of 'be missing men
are in tbe ruin a.
The explosion occurred in one of the
large coal bins and was caused by Tbe
Ignition of a quantity of gas. Workmen
bad discovered a slight fire, but it was
thought tbey bad extinguished it. Foreman
Rose went to tbe bin, and aa he opened a
door, a terrific explosion occurred. The bin
was blown to pieces and many workmei
were Injured. The wreckage took fire and
the flame a spready rapidly.
For a time no effort waa made to check
the fire, tbe attention of tbe uninjur-'tl
being directed to the care of tbeir less
fortunate companiona. Tbe coal bin, the
coal blower house, tb line coal hou&e. tbe
coal storage building, three conveyon and
one receiving tower were burned.
Maaila CaatstahaLary Capfarea
Kill tease Rehela.
MANILA. March 2 A detachment of
scouts under Lieutenant Nickerson at
tacked and defeated a body of ladroDes
near the village of Mariquina. seven miles
from Manila, yesterday.
After an hour's fighting the ladrones ;
were scattered, leaving nineteen killel and
many wounded. There were no casualties !
among the scouts. i
TV.. ..r.. i - c V... . I.ri Tl" . 3 . .... 1
. . L,'.ti
prised and captured the stronghold of the !
litdrones in the mountains of Aity. Luzon,
where a force of ladrones attacked a
small detachment of constabulary oa Feb- !
ei'.v-w a I
Brigadier General Sumner, commanding
the Department of Mindanao, telegraphed
that be expects trouble slon the'ry
road north of Lake Lano. The dattoe of
the aultan of Mindanao are anxious for !
peace, but are unable to rule sections of !
their unruly followers.
Opea twitch te Aid Pleader ef Ea.
preas. hat Merely Pile
WASHINGTON. Ind.. Marh 2. Tram
wreckers, ta an attempt to ditch t-ne 'of
the fast express trains on tbe Baltimore A
Ohio Southwestern, wrecked a fast freight
niar Lebanon. Ill- last night. Fireman Jo
seph Hughey of this city and Harvey Frine
of Odin. IU.. were killed A brakeman. W.
L. Lucaa. of this citv was fatally in ured
Engineer Wedling eacaped by jumping.
Tbe wrecked train was running faat near
Bennett s mile, a lonely hollow tw.-niy-f
our miles east of St Louis, wbea tbe en
gine dashed into aa opea switch. Ii pissed
into the ssitrh and turned over. Eleven
freight cars piled up ua ibe engine and
fire broke out ia the deeris.
Thr freight arrived a few minutes ahead
of the axpceaa, shock coceequesUr s-cayed.
Cuftoafn of tb Oicaii G OeTipuiy Got
Aa Lzifrple Lut Firbt
W ii y C wawwmers Fwreew to Bets rm ta
Tallow row. sal Oil Lassws fwr
Their Eveataa IllassU
Tb trouhle csused by tbe expUSion st
tbe Otasha Ga cctnpaBT's works Suniav
tight' Mnn dicu. aa tbe members cf.tbe
French class say. Such parts of tbe city
as are uru&Ily lirhied ty the cas lamps
last nixbt anstimed tbe very likeness of
ibe thoroughfares ia that period of the
sorld s history when knigbthxid gathered I
before tbe irmors to inspect the latest !
tn.Lg is rta.n mail shir-, and tbe only ,
litbt came from tbe Irea brazier on tbe ,
castle wall or the whale-oil dip that
smoked and bleared beneath the alga of !
tbe public house. j
Those places of business which were only
fifed wiih Welsbach lights were forced '.
to choose bet wees closing or bringing t
forth dusty lamps or setting about numer
ous tallow csLfiles in saucers and bottles.
Thee Interiors dtd not resemble dim
mediae ra! balla err Christmas trees exactly,
but suggested both. Tbe oid-faf hioued gas
burner did give a small light, but tbo
Welsbarh and Incandescent lampa only
showed a ring of fire about tbe base. The
short -order restaurants that use gas ranges
were ia d mcultiea. and supper waa cooked
with trouble ia priv-vte bouses where the
gas stove is instated, Tbe lights were
somewhat brighter ia the early evening,
but failed with increased use until about
1:S8 o'clock, when tbey held tbeir cwn.
W here the Blow Fell Bard.
Tbe World-Herald was for some time
without atas enough to beat tbe metal for
its typesetting ' mschines. and conse
quently was much hampered in getting out
its eerly edition. At Tbe Bee office some
little difficulty was experienced, but not
enough to delay publication.
Tbe gns supply at the library became
exhausted during the early hours of tbe
evening. conrpeUing tbe use of candles to
assist the patrons of tbe building In their
search for book lore. Tbe sight of flicker
ing candles upon the tables throughout
the building presented . a grotesque pic
tare when contrasted with the usually well
lighted interior of tbe building. The build
ing was closed earlier than usual, owing
to tbe dimness.
Tbe most enlivening scene was at the
gas company's office, where patrons focused
tbeir attention and demanda for illumina
tion. Even the gas company was not ex
empt from tbe slump In lighting facilities
and bid ta dig op candles with which to
illuminate its office while receiving the
kicks and protests of patrons.
r.aac of the Treakl.
The explosion occurred at about I o'clock
Sunday evening In the gas works at
Twentieth and Center streets. It la not
exactly known just the causa of the acci
4nt. but rleo; that, aitbe close
of ' tbe preceding rna a waive tailed to
seat, thus allowing a mixture of gas and
air ta flow bark Into tbe blast pipe. Wbea
tbe blast waa begun to mska the forced
draft through the retorts to beat them Tor
another run, the gas was blown to tbe
furnace and ignited, causing an explosion
which shattered tbe blast pipe. There waa
a considerable noise and concussion, both
from the explosion and the escaping air
blast. The noise and Jar was beard for
some distance about, even, tt is said, caus
ing the windows of the Caatellar Street
church, five blocks away, to rattle alightly.
No one was hurt, as, luckily, so workman
was near the pipe which burst.
The superintendent and employes worked
all that night and yesterday and had tbe
plant in running order at t o'clock last
evening. They expected to bave a sufficient
supply by breakfast time this morning, al
though they increased the pressure slowly,
bees use bf danger from open Jeta about the
Fewer-Blddeai City Derides to Take
Over Works After Matter
is Voted Oa.
ITHACA. N. T.. March 2 Today's elec
tion on tho question of municipal control
of the waterworks of Ithaca resulted in aa
overwhelming victory for city ownership,
there being 1.335 vcs la tbe affirmative
and only thirty ia the negative.
Testerday and today five persona died
is and around Ithaca, all of whom had con
tracted typhoid fever in the city. Seven
new rases were reported in tbo last twenty-four
Teaaa aad Federal Authorities I arte
t Close etates te Ves
icae lafeetioB.
LAREDO, Tex.. March 2. Both the state
and federal quarantine officers bave re
ceived instructions to enforce a quaran
tine against Torre on, Mex.. where it is
thought the bubonic plague has appeared.
I it. J. H McKnigbt baa received a dis
patch Instructing him to estab'ish quar-
antine at once and Dr. Hamilton tf the
w j.i 4
manne corpa has also received vlmllar in
structions from tbe department at Wash-
ma-t on.
I """" "
! Maaila esapaper gays Geaerml
Weald areeed Miles aad
Amswer fee LlheL.
MANILA, March i . Wil.iam Crozier, ed
itor: Kennr. manatrer. and Greea. a re-
porter of the Americas, have beea arrested
for libelling General Davis.
When General Dans expressed his dis
approval of tbe verdict is the Glenn case
the-American charged him wi-a a desire to
curry favor in the hope of being selected
to succeed General MJes ia the command
of tbe army.
Mleeeapelia Fleer Meat hat
latil Frelsht Bleekade
la Baleed.
MINNEAPOLIS. March 2-Tbe freight
blockade here fcaa readied its eris.s. Four
Minneapolis flour xcills are shut dowa and
others will close tomorrow ,
When business beg is this morwtng tbe
mills bad hardly enough cars in right to
lake care of the day a run. Some of them
will sters flour, st they Lave beea doing fur
tbo last eight wetXa.
To t for rbs n F tt " T tl? P"1 - .
day, Wednesday Ka:r
Traseraurr st Onaha UiifHiji
Hear. pea. ivea.
ft a. as l 1 p. sa "
a. sa Sit X s. sa j
T a. sa X 3 r- sa -!
a. aa VI 4 p. aa II
a. sa ZT p. sa 41 i
la a. sa no p. s I
11 a. aw T p. Jts j
14 aa T" p. ta ,n
Refers ta Bapreme (firt'i Dec-Ila
Heaver t Itj aad Ceaaty
W. H. Green has r-umed frctii a visit te
his ranch at Brirlpepor'. Neb. He was in
Ienver wbn the supreme court flwision
sustsining the law ihat cora-bined the city
and county govern men t.s in Denver wat
handed down. Tfcc same decision sustained
tbe right of tbe city to make its own
charter and to absolute home rule. Mr.
Green said. "The people of Denver are
more pleasea than I can tell over tbe de
cision. Had tbe dar been fair w ben the
cocnty officers relinquished their poets to
j the city attthorit I believe tie people,
would bave celebrated tbe ev nt with can- lever a certain member of the house be
non and fireworks Incidentally I re- lore morning ibe leg sia lure will be asked
fleeted tbat when I proposed a measure for to institute a rysiemasic investigation into
Omaha that a as exactly the une the com- (the Bartley cigar box mystery. This mem
telttee of fifteen rejected it because the j Ler. w bDse naae is vltthtld at tie re
members said it was not constitutional. ( quest, tonight prepared a resolution call
John R. Rush, who drew the consolidation lug on the s;esker ft tbe house to sppotnt
lsw for Denver, was the man who prepared la committee to institute this investigat loa
my proposed consolidstion law for Omaha, j "I will introduce tbe resolution la the
But the lawyers on the committee said it j morning aa Boon as that order of business
wss nnconstitutiocal and for that reason ; is reached," aaid the gentleman. "I am
declined to advoeste it before tbe ler!?le- ; led to take this r.ep after due considera
ture as an amendment to the constitution j Hon and consultation with others. Soms
of this state. All I have to ssy is that the j republicans havt urged me not to do It,
supreme court of Colorado differs from t B,ruWr it would be a bad thing tor tbe
tbem. Had tbe Real Estate exchange and ; party, but 1 ihink it IB right: I think the
other bodies devoted tbe same amount of ( ltA.Le ought J0 u,,.,,, xblt ttT,tPTT
energy to pushing the Rush cocsolidstion ; .Di a,.,rmiIlpl, Tir,.
bill through the leg:
;:slatnre. I beKeve they
would bave won. and the relief that Is
sought la H. R. 171 and H. R. 330 would
have been provided. Thus two objects
would have been acquired with a single
Returning from tbe west Mr. Green,
with othr passengers on a Burlington
train, was snewbound on the prairies near
McCook four hours Fridsy night. Tie
blizzard that was raging covered tbe
ground with snow to a depth of eighteen
Inches. While tbe train waa waiting for
an extra engine to pull it out the passen
gers suffered intensely from the cold.
Chieaa-ai Lawyer Ceav-leted ef C'rlaae
He the Farmer .ewatiee of
Feaee Here.
Richard Deaa Arden Wade, who was
formerly a resident of Omaha, ia not tbe
Richard A. Wade wbo waa convicted is
Chicane for complicity ta tbe poctoffice
robbery. Tbe Omaha Wade, wbo went to
CnJcago ia 18ML waa accaaioned some an
noys re by tbe tact that the other R. X.
Wtde aad --taajBted'' isLgarir ty iiTvszioMrr
by defending Prendergaet. the aes&ssia of
Mayor Carter Harrison, and in other ways
subsequently, and so applied about tour
years ago to the courts of Cook county to i knowledge of this myrtle cigar box.
have bis same changed. His petition was AssfeBdaaeBts for Bevraae Bill,
granted and be was given tbe name of
Richard Ingalese, by which he has since j Spectacular demonstrations are promised
been known. He is now making hiB home fte revenue bill ge.i back ta the
in New York, where he is a well known I bouae. Two vital amendments have been
lecturer. Hia Omaha friends are very in- j determined on providing for the assessment
dlgnant that anyone ahould connect him ci railroad franchise. When they are sub
wit h tbe Chicago criminal, aa they Insist I netted, as they likely will be, the fua will
that Mr. Wade of Omaha is a man of a i bein- The railroads will resist both
to tally different nature from the convicted
Chicago lawyer.
Lewris . Irwla Takes te Milwiakre
to latwer te Forgery
TOLEDO, 0.. MarchiS. (Special Tele-
gram.) Lewis S. Irwin waa today taiea
to Milwaukee to answer to a charge cf
forgery. He has been in Jail here 'y
some time awaiting un officer froia K:)
waukee- Irwin asserts his Innocence. H
was for fifteen years a legal practitioner
in Nebraska, where he was siso piomijent ' support this amendment, kut the committee
in politics, f or some time be was a stste has not takes a decisive stand oa this as
treasury inspector. Irwin offered no ob- ' yet. It is a notable fact that the c in
ject ion to returning to Wisconsin, but will 1 mittee. being somes hat hostile to the bill,
probably be brought bock as a witness in since it was left out In the cold la draw
a murder trial bare, as be was made one ' leg up the meaeure. will not feel any com
of the confidants, it is sud, of Albert ' punctions of conscience in mikim r,.-,...
j Wade. Just convicted of first degree mur-
fler and w no seess a new inn. report Tuesday.
At to the laiter proposition to tax fran-
TWO MEN ARE FATALLY HURTictI' 11 da rbmptou outsid, t the Rer-restntative Loomia, the
gevea Others fcerteasly IbJb
Cssaed hy Traia Htaalag late
Opea wrrteh.
will come as near getting at the franchise
ST. LOUIS. March 2. Two mea were j value at any can. At best a franchie eaa
probably fatally injured, seven were e- ' not be accurately estimated in value. Of
riously hart and others hsd a narrow es- ' course neither this nor any other plan tor
cape from death at Fpring Park, ten milei j assessing their frantbise will be satisfac
trom St. Louis, shortly after soon today. tory to the raJroad..'"
The seriously injured: j
Jshn Hoffman, Springfield, O. ; spine in
jured and body bruised. ' The railroads sill of course fight e ther
William B. Kauffman, Little Rock. Ark ; ' one or both of ibeae amendmenta witn all
tkull fractured. 1 their poaer. which is etjuivalent ts saying
A construction train having on board 1 that the adoption af either or both amend -fifty
men and a local freight collioed aa tbe ments is a remote probability.- The rail
result cf aa open switch. Tbe injured were roads sere sa:!ffied with the bill ia this
brought to St. Louis.
Bavllreada metlfy hlpperw that Free i
Passes Will Be Dee led
. mlrmili are at least cakma
I a show of eniorcing ths provisions of the
' Elkint law recently passed ty congress,
j It ia reported that six of the roads sre no-
jlifyixig their friends, th shippers, that
1 hereafter it will be impossible, on account
of tbe Elkins law. to accommodate tbem
with passes sod rebates.
Tbe new lsw maket the railroad com-
j subject to fine for cutting raies.
I ibsuing passes or extending fsvor- it sny
i form to induce shipperi to patrcaiz them.
i .
j MeseaweBts ef Ore a a 1 easels Hank i.
At New Turk Arrived: Laurentian,
from .kfi.
At noes ae-nrn.Kj. , .j.e.w- iroi.
San Frtir.'-ieo
At Oiaissfw Bulled:
Pomeranian, for
Li er-ool.
At Ltverpl Sailed: per J Iar.. for St.
Jnr.ns. X and Ha.bfx; M-ih 1. Ca
nadian fcr Bie'oe.
a t The lj.ra Pasve : Rotterdam,
from New Tuva for Amsterdam: Vader-U-ImI.
from N w Yorg fiT Antwerp.
At the Bui of Lrw is r",ieei . li-lnnd.
frcim New York f O.nauitnia ario o
ptr.r.arei. At p! mouth Am ed. avxt'npnnz S II-kt-izn.
from New furs.
Prtsisf cf Eesoluiioa to IiTMtlg-gU Cor
teitt cf art v Crai Bex
Frr-pc to Aaecd its LreiiTn Bill Kay
Alao Ecr Tbinrt Up.
aiit is to tax railroad franchises
Tafion Kexben Canras is Effort to G-et
Tof uLpt en tie BJ1
lavlte Fewple ta Give Their Opts.
Isai Beaardlag the Prwpnoed
t haages la the t lty
iFmio s StslI C'orTe;i'TiPent i
LINCOLN, March J. iSpertal Telegram )
ttieaa a radical thauce cf mind comet
, The resolution may be changed so aa to
j provide for probing into the affairs of
lex-State Treasurer Meservt. also. Certain
legislatora have asakened to the fact that
tbe people are in earneat fn demanding to
know these things. Tbe spirit of lnquisi
tivrness has lie'-ome so all-pervading aa to
make its demands well-nigh Irresistible.
Since Bartley in s recent interview with a
correspondent or Tbe Bee defiantly told tbe
people of Nebraa it was none of their
"d buatDess"' what he wxs doing, in
view of the geDeral Impression that he is
living off the proceeds of tbe state's
money, a certain !e-ment of ihe people have
become indignant and this lnd'gnatioa finde
expression in the determination to demand
that 'he legislature pry into this deep
seated mystery. As haa been admitted,
tremendous influences bave bees at work
to stall off sny such action, but evidently
the will of tbe people is stronger and more
potent than the seMUh desires of those who.
for obvious reasons bave tried to prevent"
this step. Tbe resoultion contemplates the
summoning of wetnesses and the employ
ment of eve.-y means that will tscilltats
tae most searching inquiry into these hra
jmisj wuzeim. taw bans 11 fmavfl thai
ibe resolution carriea, termer Governor
Savage will be asked to return from the
Pacific coast and reveal some of his boasted
schemes with all poesible vigor.
One of these plans ia to tax the gross
earning of the railroads ia addition to
tangible property, taking this as the fran
chise, as tne revenue bill proposes in the
i of ,h telephone, telegraph and ex-
I press companies. Tbe other ulan ia to
, . . V'- la lo
j compel the Stste Board of EquslizaCoa to
j combine the amounts of tbe capital stock,
j ths bonded and floating indebtedness, call
ttat the franchise value and tax It.
j Representative Caldwell of Clay county,
1 a republican and member of ths standing
' revenue rommitiee of the bouse, has pro-
jjofu nit lormer amendment ana give out
today that he would insist on its introduc
tion. He is desirous that his committee
j is the bill. Tbe committee is expected to
i nominal fusiomst leader, said of it today:
j "Tbia amendment, I think, certainly will
be introduced. I cannot speak for any
. other. 1 think, poshibly, th.s amendment
itailreads 111 Flatat.
respect ititi it left the bands of tbe com
' mitte it contained no provision for tax-
J franthisea-and ibey do not protKH to
I see this work destroyed.
It is the belief that tbe scheme of wbi'h
Mr Loo mis apeak is to be launched as a
fufciouist proposrion. to give some founda
tion on which this little band ia tbe leg.s-
I lature may s-and in their party's deier-
i Ttiicat ion of manufacturing CanjpBiXB MS -
; tenal st tbe expense of tbe republican
i msjority. For tbe lasl two weeks the
j twenty-eight members ef the legislature
wbo constitute the minority have beea ao
' severely prodded by their followers out in
j the state ttst they are almost ready to
. turn in on anr sort of foundation. From
etery Quarter of a baa come ap-
, peals to the fuuiiu,s;i to get in line snd
i fight tor f is.oc im, Cbl tor campaign
' tnutder. so that when the Dext election
rilii round it.-y may be able to tell the
i "dear pwiple'' bo' tbey "fought. Died and
died is lb 1 wenty-eign'B .x-gislature Jor
tbeir dear sakea Tk something. " ts the
..., ,h,. ..,. . fl...B r. .nA
j it la echoed from on corner of lb state
to tne oiner, snerever rusionitm is xnowa.
As has teen jKinttd out by Tbe Bee and
reiierated by tae chief organ of rusionlsm
tbe lit'le band in the legislature ia with
out a l-adr without aa effective organiza
tion. It nay be added. in1 wi'hout any
purpcae of aeruring tbe (atige of a good
revenue bill, from any higher motive thaw
to servo part uteres. al ths aexi cieotMa.