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'Winona and Frank Show They Can Work
Off as Wall ai on 8 tags.
Alan Participate In l.l Bird hot
at Omaha Hun Clnli (irntinili aad
Make Remarkably iood
Winona and Frank, the trigger artlsl
who have been at the Orphcum (luring last
week, were the sensation of the week with
Omaha shooters. Thursday anil Friday were
turned Into little gun carnival for the en
tertainment of thcne flrearma exper:s, ami
tbft pair proved beyond a doubt that they
can shoot oft the stage aa well aa on and
perform feata In the open that are really
more remarkable than those done brhlml
the footlights.
Thursday night Winona and Trank were
Invited down to the regular weekly shoot
of the Omaha Rifle club, at the range be
low Townaend'a gun atore. They gave a
preliminary exhibition there and wl'i 22
caliber rlflea accomplished most anything.
Winona, for Instance, the woman of the
pair, shot sixteen straight bulls-eyes at
alxty feet In Just five seconds. She used a
Martin repeater, using 22 shorts sixteen
tlmea with one loading. The bulls-eye was
half an Inch In diameter, the regulation
alze for the distance. Later the club held
lis shoot and Frank and Winona partici
pated, putting the Omahans to shame by
their performance. A big crowd was pres
ent at the range to see all this done, and
there were shotgun devoteea there aa well
a riflemen.
At Live Bird Shoot.
The scatter men wanted to see what the
atage artltatrould do In their line, so they
arranged a live bird shoot for Friday aft
ernoon. This waa held at the Omaha Gun
club grounds across the rfver. There were
two racea of ten live birds each. Winona
killed nine birds In each, Frank eight each
Winona meanwhile gave sidelight rifle
exhibitions, pulling down the pigeons that
were crippled but got out of grounds. At
110 ' yards with her 22-callber abe killed
them repeatedly aa they fluttered on the
ground. One time a bird landed on the
fence and clung there. The distance by
actual measurement waa 110 yards. Wi
nona put four shots out of five In the bird
before It fell off. Then the gunners threw
up clay plgeona for her and she would break
them as fast aa one man could throw them
In the live bird racea there was but one
money and $2 entry. Hafer took the money
In the first with a clean acore. In the sec
ond Kimball, Lewis and Fogg tied with
clean scores and divided the money,
cores of Live Bird Contests.
The acorea were:
First Race.
Kimball 2222 21222 9
Grant Vti'iil 22222 9
Kogera 21112 oaill 8
Iewla 11222 22210 9
Hafer 11122 2211210
J'ogg 22211 22202 9
Townsend 22022 22222 9
"Frank" U2111 I222 8
"Winona" 22211 11102 9
Sherwood 022 22212 7
Saturday- Afternoon's
Saturday afternoon there
Second Race.
12222 2222210
222i) 22222 8
22220 22222 9
22222 2222210
22222 22202 9
22222 2222210
22222 2222210
2222 22220 8
22222 02222 9
2222 11202 8
hooting at the gun club grounds. Some
dozen sportsmen held a competition at
twenty-five targets. Entrance waa S3, and
Smith, Townsend, Lewis and Jonea were
tied for first with 23 broken each. Tho
Bmlth 11111 11111 11101 11111 11101-23
Townsend ...11111 lolll 11111 11111 1011123
Lewis 11111 11110 11111 01111 1111123
Jones 101 U 11111 11011 11111 1111123
Sherwood ....11111 10111 11110 11111 1111022
Goodrich ... .11100 11111 mil 11111 1011123
Rogers 111)1 11111 11111 lolll WOll-22
Fogg loin urn moi iiou iuoi21
Gllhansen .. .11011 11110 01111 mil 1111021
iJing oolll 11110 '11110 01111 1111120
Morrell lolll 11111 11111 111U WHO 20
Hreisbach ...llool lolio Will lloll 1111119
Green' ...11110 10101 11111 11110 0101018
Rem Has Ieaa Card.
Practically the same ahootera then held a
race at twenty-five live birds. Rem took
first with a clean card. Dick Kimball was
aecond with 24 killed. The acores:
Kimball 22222 02222 2!22 22122 22112-24
Grant 2o2u2 22222 22222 22222 0221222
"loomls 22222 22111 22122 02222 2210223
Kogers 22222 21222 22211 2u22 2222223
Lewis 22211 21221 22212 11102 1120123
Goodrich 22222 2222 22223 22222 00222 Zl
Hafer 22222 22222 2212 22002 17
Dreiobach ...laml 22222 22112 2u212 17
Townsend ...12121 22011 22211 22121 19
Sherwood ...02"O2 1222 22220 22222 15
Vogg 21212 22222 22222 21022 19
Kern 12211 22121 22221 11122 22221 2d
Both Friday and Saturday were fine days
for shooting, despite the temperature. Sat-
urday waa milder than Friday. The air
was bright and clear both days and birds
Monday night next Omaha ahootera will
assemble at lownaend'a gun store to com
plete the detaila for the Nebraska agatnat
Omaha team shoot to be held next Sat
urday. The Omaha team will also b
aelected at this meeting.
Baa Ball Mea la Chicago.
CHICAGO. Feb. 7. American association
base ball men are gathering In Chicago for
their annual meeting originally scheduled
Tow People) Kaow How racial It Is la
Preaerrlaa; Health and Bee at t,
Nearly everybody knowa that charcoal la
the safest and moat efficient disinfectant
aad purifier In nature, but few realise lta
alue- when taken Into the human system
for the same cleansing purpose.
Charcoal la a remedy that the more yon
take of It the better; It la not a drug at all,
but simply absorbs the gases and Impuri
ties alwaya present In the atomaeh and In
testines and carries them out of the system.
Charcoal sweetens the breath after amok
lag and drinking or after eating onions and
other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and Improves
the complexion. It whitens the teeth and
further acts aa a natural and eminently
safe cathartic.
It abaorba the Injurious gates which col
lect in the stomach and bowels; It dlaln
tects the mouth and throat from the p- eoo
.Of catarrh.
All druggists soil charcoal In one form or
another, but probably the best charcoal and
the moat for tt.e money Is Stuart's Ab
sorbent Lozenges; they are cinp'sed of the
finest powdered willow charool and other
harraleat antiseptics In tablet form, or.
rather, in the form of large, pleiaant last
Ing loaengea, the charcoal being mixed wth
The dally use ot theae lozenges will aoon
telUln a much 'mprcved court t'ca el lh
general health, better coraploxlr.n, aweeter
breath and purer blood, and the b.-ajty rf it
' la, that no possible harm ran result from
their continued use, but. on the contrary.
great benefit. ,
A BuSslo physician. In eptaktng of the
tieneflts of charcoal, aaya: "I advUe
etuart'a Absorbent Loaengea to all patienta
eulK-rlng from gas la the stomach an1 bow
els, and to clear the complexion and purify
tha breath, mouth and throat; I also be
lieve the liver la greatly benefited br tha
dally use of them; they cost but twenty-live
cants a box at drug storea. and although la
sotus sense a patent preparation, yet 1 he
lleve I get more aad better charcoal la
Stuart's Absorbent Lozengee thaa la an at
laa ether eharsaai Ubleta."
for today. No ogicinl eclnn was held,
however, and It in probable none will be
heM before Monday. The circuit quentlon
will bn one of the i hlef topic oi
and It will be derided whether the leasue
will entir Chlcngo during the coming eea
wtn. There I said to be little f hamr for
the removal rit the Ht. I'mil club to thli
i tty, h ha be n currently speculated upon.
The subject wlil come before the meeting
for discussion, however.
Omaha 'Make n rw Threr-tiame
Herord and lncreae Their
Cliih. names. Won. Lne P.I.'.
Omaha tft :fi 1 .T.'t
tlate CUV 42 1 .K19
fsaMonul In ' 2"i 2" .n.w
riarkson U -i 21
(.firman t.i 21 24 .4Hi
Ht. ChHrles 12 11 'M
Western 4o 11 2 .:i7
.rug 1'ark . 46 It 1 .311
After the performance of the Omiha
Rowling club last week the members of the
lengue have awukened to the cold fart thHt
thla iiuintet hv n ithlng short of a miracle
can he headed off In Its march to the cham
pionship. The Omahtis have Just taken
three straight games from the C'larkeon
and with a lead of more than 150 points In
perrentnge they have tlrst place as good ns
won. though the season Is hut just pant the
two-thirds mark. In winning those three
games the timahas established a new rec
ord, they bowling the first three successive
games of Sou or better ever rolled In Omaha
iiy H league team.
The Nationals took three straight from
the Krug 1'srks, and this caused a double
move In the standing. The Nationals re
placed -he t'larkson at third, and the
Krug Parks gain undisputed possession ot
the bottom line. A week into the Westerns
stood there also, but they have now moved
up by taking two games out or tnree from
the (iermann. Otherwise the order of the
teame Is not rl.anged. The Oate City and
St. Charles teams did not play last week.
so they are behind the schedule, w!th only
forty-two games played eacn. i ney win
hold a special session and catch, up with
the balance.
In Ihe Individual averages thirty rollers
are In the honor list. Emery is away first
and Seaman sticks a wide second. The list
Indirldoal Averages.
187 38-45
185 9-13
179 13-15
178 22-42
178 17-45
178 4-12
177 29-42
in 6-36
176 33-42
Emery 45
Seaman 12
Conrad 15
Kncell 42
Prunke 45
Marble 12
Potter 42
Znrp .." 3
Heselin 42
Krug 36
A. C. Reed 36
176 6-36
174 34-42
174 35-45
174 28-45
174 8-45
1T2 42-45
172 23-45
168 25-27
168 36-42
171 4-42
170 6-33
170 2-9
169 22-24
169 8-21
169 7-42
168 19-27
168 2-27
167 31 -S9
167 26-36
Frltscher 42
Heed (2S9) 45
L. J. Schneider 45
Huntington 45
W eber 4!
1enman 45
Torier 27
Gilchrist 43
Ahmanson 42
Hartley in
Keller 3!
.tones 24
tVlgman 21
rYanclaco 42
Sheldon 27
Chandler 27
Forscutt 36
Tracey 39
Thla week the other twenty bowlers of
the league are printed In their rolling
order. They are the men who have not
rolled an average of 600 pins for three
arames. Thev stand:
uames. t-ins.
166 13-36
166 6-12
166 2-21
16) 26-39
lto 14-24
163 17-27
162 16-18
162 12-33
182 3-15
161 16-33
161 12-27
160 12-39
160 9-36
169 3-9
159 14-30
156 8-21
155 7-12
153 4-15
153 5-24
F W. Schneider ',....36
Lund 12
Roth 21
Hengele 39
William Zltzman 24
Fowler 27
.... 9
Iges ...
"Bwennon ..
Helleck ...
Clarkson .
Reynolds .
Carson ....
Wad en ....
French . . .
Taylor ....
Matthal ..
Moatreal Coatcate Load to Two Tied
Records, Thoogsh Nose Arc
MONTREAL Feb. 7.-Ideal weather con
ditions, a big crowd, superb Ice and large
fields In all the events, with exciting
finishes, combined to make the speed con
tests for tne sKating cnampionsmps or
America held here today under the aus
pices of the Amateur Skating Association
of Canada and the National Skating As
sociation of America a great success. No
records were broken, but In the 220 yarde
amateur and half-mile professlonrl events
both tne Canadian ana American records
were equalled, in tne oiner events tne
ttme made was disappointing under the
John Nl'.teen or Minneapolis carried off
all the professional events on the card. In
the three-mile event ussen maae me pace
almost all the way, but at the final turn
fell back Into the bunch and it looked as if
ne waa beaten. But when the men got out
cn to the stretch he came again like a
flash, beating Cerval Bantle. the North
Dakota man, by three Inches. Morris Wood
of the Verona l.aKe HKaiing ciuo. rwew
York, won the mile amateur event cleverly.
The winners and the time of the several
events follows:
Two hundred and twenty yards, amateur:
Won by J. F. Robson, Toronto. Time:
0:20 2-5. In Ills trial heat Kobaon equalled
the American and Canadian record of
Half-mile, professional: Won by J. Islls-
aen, Minneapolis: I'arley Davidson, bt.
louis. aecono. Time: 1:1 i-o. r-a
feselonal record.
Half-mile, amateur: won by . c. St.
Marie, Montreal. Time: 1:25 2-6.
tine mile, amateur: on by M. ood.
New York. Time: 2:57.
Half-mile, backwards: on by Oscar
Beaudern, Montreal. Time: 1:33.
Two hundred and twenty yards, hurdles:
Won by Larry P. Cherver. Toronto. Time:
0:28 3-5.
Three-mile professional: Won by J. Nils-
sen. Minneapolis. Time: 8:59 3-5.
Three-mile amateur: wmi by G. Belle-
feullle, Winnipeg. Time: :091-5.
Nebraska ValversWr Beatea.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Feb. 7. (Sneclal
Telegram.! In the presence of 1,500 people
the" I'liiveralty of Nebraska banket ball
team met with Its nrst defeat on Its west
ern tour here tonight, being defeated by
the Cheyenne Business college team. Score:
Mrst hair l nivernity or iseDrasaa. i:;
Cheyenne. 18. Second half L'nlverslty of
Nebraska, SU; Cheyenne, 42.
Nebraska played a brilliant game, but
iiu never dangerous. Nolan of Cheyenne
was the star performer. '
Chicago t lab to Play Here.
William Rourke. manager of the Omaha
base ball team, has judt completed arrange
ments to nave mree spring g:ims here with
the National league team of Chicago, under
the munagt-ment of Frank Selee. The dates
set are April 7, 8 und 9, and on these daya
Vinton street park will be graced by the
Windy City stuVa in competition with the
Omahi teum. Selee hinuelf w!ll be no
hum 1 1 attraction, fur he la immortalised "in
local purt traditions as the manager of
umuha'tt famous pennant team of 1(9.
lion llnu Match Decfared Off.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Feb. 7.-The big
bowling match for $1,000 proposed between
the Chicago Kig Trio, under tne manage
ment of W. V. Thompson of Chicago, and
all the Ail-Americans, under Sam Karpr
of Dayton, which was to have been a fea
ture of the Bowling Congress, lias been de
clared ft because the teuma will not
be available. ,
To Stay nllh w'aaalnartoa lob.
W ASHINGTON. Feb. 7 Fred C Postal.
1 resident of the ushinglon Base Bull
lub, who arrived here from Iletrolt today.
announced positively that Delehauty will
br kept with the Washington club and tht
Kyan also will be aigned a sain, 'resident
Ban Johnson of the American league wilt
arrive here tonight.
To Bv Truck Trainer.
CHICAGO. Feb. T. By unai.lmojs vote of
the athletic council, Iowa State college. H.
J. Weefers. once Ihe world's chumpion
uprlmer, has been secured for ira-k
trainer for the coming esm. Weefers is
now in Ha mm ore ami will Ijke charge of
Iho vork here Mich 1. '
Beatrice Teaas la Defeated.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Feb. T (Sneclal 1 The
Beatrice bowling learn went to Crete Thurs
day and met defeat al the bands ul the
Crete bowleis by la pins.
Takea Big 'Frisco Handicap by Leng'.t
and Ha'f.
Canard tomes Second, nllh Claude
flood Third, After r'at and Karl-
Hare Ihronnh I'nnrlng
Haln Over Sloppy Track.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 7 A twenty-to-one-shot,
Horton. the grandson of El Raco
and Fustlados-Last, carrying tho colors of
Rianchi & McGovern. won the $10,000 Burns
handicap at Ingleslde today from one of the
best fields that ever contested In the event.
Cunard of the Morrlp stable was second,
with Claud", owned by M. J. Daly, next.
The race was run over a sloppy track and
In a heavy rain, but the footing was com
paratively firm. Despite the unpleasant
weather one of the largest crowds of the
season gathered to witness the western
classic, and the general Impression was that
If fine weather had prevailed all records for
attendance would have been broken.
Nineteen horses went to the post for the
big races, with Nones and the Morris pair,
Cunard aud Durazzo, second choices. El
liott was next In demand at 8 to 1, while
20 to 1 waa quoted against Horton.
After a delay of but nine minutes Jake
Holtman sent the big field away to a fine
start, with Eonlc snowing In front. Pass
ing the stand Yellowtail was showing the
way, with Eonlc and Elliott next. When
the half was reached Yellowtail was still
showing the way and Clauds had moved
Into second place. Eonlc and Cunard were
close up and Nones in about eighth place.
Elliott had dropped. There was not much
change at the three-quarters, but at the
head of the stretch it appeared as If Cu
nard would win. C. Kelly, aowever. moved
up with Horton, and the chestnut horse, re
sponding gamely, made one of his greatest
runs. He caught Cunard tha last furlong,
and won with something to spare by a
length and a half, the Daly horse a half a
length away. Nones did not And the track
to his liking, but finished fifth. First
money In the race was $7,000.
Horton waa bred near Vallejo by the late
"By Holley" and is 7 yeara of age.
Twenty-one hooka drew In aa favorites
were successful, the operators did not have
a profltablo afternoon. There waa an upset
In the last race, when Hermencla out
gamed Diderot and beat him a neck.
Weather rainy; track sloppy. Results:
First race, seven-elahths of a mile sell
ing: Mcehanus won, Velma Clark second,
Harry Thatcher third. Time: 1:29.
Second race, three and a half furlongs,
purse: Boxwood won, Bearcatcher second,
Bombarler third. Time: 0:49.
Third race, three-quarters of a mile, sell
ing: Sylvia Talbot won, Stuyve second,
Constellator third. Time:. 1:16.
Fourth race, one mile and a quarter,"
Burns handicap, $10,000 added: Hofton won
Cunard second, Claude third. 'Time: 2:01;
Fifth race, eleven-sixteenths of a mile,
selling: Tower of Candles won. Ballroom
Belle second, l.lizle Rice third. Time: 1:09.
Sixth race, one mile, selling: Hermencla
won, Diderot second, . Axmlnster third.
Time: 1:45.
Brlarntoa Heee2 Parses Range from
f 5,000 to f 20,000 Per
NEW YORK, Feb. 7.-C. A. McCully, ar,
of the New York Trotting association made
public the stakes for the grand circuit
mtetlng at Brighton Beach next August.
There are five stakes .valued at $45,000, the
largest amount ever offered at any one
meeting for light harness horses.
The richest prize Is the Bonner Memorial
for 2:12 trotters, which has a guaranteed
value of $20,000, double the amount given
for the event last year. The Brighton
Beach, for 2:10 pacers. Is also Increased to
twice lta amount In. 1MJ2 and la now worth
$10,000. ,
Three other purses for 2:20 trotters, 2:20
pacers and 2:35 class, open to 4-year-olds,
are fixed at $5,000 each'.
Entries lor these five contests close on
March 7. Borne thirteen other classes will
be arranged later, bringing the total pre
mium list up to at least 7o,0o0.
All these early closing races are on the
Brighton plan of Bending non-winners
to 1 no stable afier three heats. The events
probably will be best two in three heats.
Chicago Derby Attracts Many.
CHICAGO. Feb. 7. Entries for the Ameri
can Derby for 1903 have closed, with 120
nominations, tne pick of eastern and west
ern 3-year-olds, being named as possible
starters for the Washington Park club's
great classic. The race, which is at a mile
and a half, with 120,000 added money, as
the rich prize, will as usual be run on the
first day of the Washington Park meeting
next June. The owners and horses repre
sented this seaon are: Mrs., H. Arthur's
Phtlo and lord Touchwood, Q. C Baker's
Jack Young, Baker & Gentry's F. A. Bul
lock, K. J. Baldwin's Americano W. M.
Harrlck's Sun Gold, G. W. Belknap's
Gypseene, August Belmont's Lord of the
Vale, G. C. Bennett & U'o.'a Canyon, Au
Revolr and Alflo O. T. Boot's Alfredo, Mrs.
R. hradley's Ahola, Buckley & Bailey's
Sir Faust. J. Burrow's Action, B. F. But
ler's Beaugard and Discharged, Mrs. M.
Cone's Navasota. F. Cook's Linguist and
Lendln, K. Corrtgan's McGowan. Maxey
Blumenthal, Creole, Serge, McGee and
Ravel, B. J. Cunningham's Gilfain, M. j!
Daly's Claude. W. W. Darden's J. Sidney
Walker and Monsieur Beaucaire C. DfWitt
& Co.'s Will Sherry 3. A. Drake's Savable,
Von Rouse. Orly II and High Chancellor,
P. Dunne's Karly. DurnclLft Hurx's Prince
of Kndurance and Tom Maybln, P. J.
pwyer'a Merry Acrobat, C. R. Ellison's
Stallful, Judge I lines, Captain Arnold, Ly
man Hay and Senator Morrison, ' Kzell &
Lasarua' Moula, D. 8. Fountain's Dunont
and Sir Hugh, H. Franklin's Bn Volio.
W. F. Rnzler's Triad, W. Gurth's Trapet
ilst, W. Gerst's Fore and Aft, Gorman &
Bauer's Bardulph, Sinner. Simon and lem
Reed, J. O. Gieener & Co.'s Postmaster
Wright and Olenant. W. M. Hayes' Requisi
tion. Hayes & Headley's Orlando, Hayes ft
Van Meter's Incubator, Hedges & Co.'s
Gregory K.. C. F. Higley's Cash Boy, 8. C.
Mlldreth's Topsail and Witful K. R. Hitch
cock's Grey Friar. It. N. Hodges' Otter Tall
and Ontonagon. Keating A llecker's Mal
ory. F. J. Kelley a Jack Full, O. J. Long's
Governor and Watoina. J. K. Madden r
Onntus. Daupln and Yardarm. ('. K.
Mihon's Banter. P. H. McCarren's Mackey
Dwyer. T. C. McDonald's Woodlake and
Bourbon, Mlddleton & Jung-tilut's Shooting
Star, Santon, Manru snd The Picket. J. C.
Milam & Co.'s Dun McKenna. Mochier &
Co.'s Capible and Albemarle. W. Murkle's
Bas d'Or. K. O'Meara'a .lack Orr. Oots
Bros." First Mason. H. T. Oxnird's Stand
ard Bearer. Farmer & Co. 'a Chumblee.
J. W. Pugh's Bob Franklin. Pehm Bros.'
Novellft, J B. Respess' DickwelU-s, Collon
ade and Barney. W. II. Havre's Bonnie
Burr, J. F. Schorr's Gold Bell, J. W. Bhorr's
Junewuy, Bob Mclean and Rightful. H.
Cc;..Ubc?s I.Iinucr.a. ('ruwforu. &1
muncl and Gthelrrnns. is evens Kut ed?e'g
gene, Talbot BroV Kstraiia Palnn. J.
Tevis" Valeut, L. Thompson's George Gihhs.
Tlchenor & Ci.'s 6ldney C. I-ove. Flo Car-
line. Foxy Kane and Hurry, Tracey tt Co. s
Authority and The Don, Wh tney A Imr
yea's Ir.ah I-ad, R. T. Wilson's Mexican
and Granudule, Woodford & Buckncr s
Bad News and Red Raven.
Sheriff Hell Wins Clnb Honor.
NEW ORLKAN8, Feb. 7. When Sheriff
Bell rlloperi home an easy winner In the
Club Houae handicap today h placed ll.&JO
to the creillt of Ills owner M. L. Hayman.
Phrrmount was sold for $I.5o0 to J. P.
Glbbs. Carat was run up to Il.tSOj and
bought In. (Vy'on v. us run up to $1.1u0 and
sold to R. H Clark. Jerry Hunt wu.i run
up 10 SH0 and botpht In.
Jockey Redf. in. who was hurt yeslerdov
In Ihe fall of I'llef, shows but littl Im
provement to'lay. The attending physicians
say he Is snff rlng from bruises and shuck,
but will be up and about ugiiii within J
week or tell :.
Weather rainy and track eloppy.
Firbt ruce. selling, one mile: Carat won.
O Hagen second. The Messenger third
Time: 1 .44
aecnnd race, one mile: Hedg won, Floyd
K. second. Melbourne Eclipse third. Time;
1:45 I t
Third race, handicap, six furlongs: If
You Dare won, lla-ry New econd. Bummer
third. Tlmei 1:1H.
Fourth rice, the Club House handicap,
one mile: Sheriff Bell won. Albert F. Dewey
aecond. Kmahee Hard. Tiire: 1:44.
Fifth, race, selling, one utile: Ceylon won.
The Way second, Benson Caldwell third.
Time: 2:42 1-5.
Sixth race, selling, six furlongs: Jerry
Hunt wen. Mis fchanley second, Stuart
Young third. Time: 1:17 1-6.
Renllag Katrlea Closed.
INDIANAPOLIS. Feb. 7. Kntrlea closed
tftniaht for the American Howling Con
gress tournament, which will be held iiere
the week of February 23. There have been
received seventy-rive entries of rlve-men
funis, twenty-seven Individual ntrles and
119 two-men teams. It Is probable that at
leat t20 men will face the alley- at Tom
llnsin s hall during the tournament. It is
thought that large number of New York
entries have been mailed, tndny and th:it
when these are received the number will be
awellrd lit least fifty, making the total
number over !'). 1 lie five-men learns en
tered are from Chicago, St. Ixitils. Colum
"ius. Wheeling, iMiluih, Dubuque. Belle
ville, Illinois. Indianapolis, Cleveland,
Akron, O., Toledo. Ixiulsvllle, Koroma City,
.Minneapolis. Milwaukee, Peoria, Dayton.
OshktiFh. Wis.. Bt. Paul, F.rle. Pa., and
Sivith Henu, ind. The time when each
man shall bovii will be allotted bv chance
next Tuesday morning by. lot. The prize
list will be 4,0ii0.
Well Known Artist In that Line Re.
eonnta an Experience to '
the Point. .
The Hon. Patrick Sheedy, citizen of the
world- gave to the public a few chunka of
wisdom out of his wide experience the
other day In his sun parlor In the Sturte
vant house, reports the New Yort Bun.
The subject of Mr. Sheedy'a discourse waa
money, the hardships of not having It and
the difficulty of gettfng It In theae daya
when the folks who have It take aa few
chances aa possible of losing It.
"1 can tell whether a man has money or
not just by looking at him," said Mr.
Sheedy. "You see a lot of fellows out there
on Broadway laughing and having a real
good time. The chances are there lan't a
dollar in the crowd. If a man had money
he wouldn't be with the crowd. He'd prob
ably be afraid of one of them tryln' to
touch him. Why, In these daya if a man
has money, he won't even laugh at a good
etory. . He'a afraid that if he'a. too genial
you may apring a borrow proposition on
And Mr. Sheedy sighed. "Talkln' of
chancea," said he, 'Til tell you a true story
of the old times that are different from
these. Down at Sheepshead Bay there was
a bookmaker that had a horse running. The
race waa on and it, looked a cinch for the
nag. At the half It was' aecond and catch
ing up to a lighter-weighted horse that waa
" 'Jack,' said the bookmaker to a pal In
bard luck that stood by him, I bet you
$1,000 to a dollar that my horse wins.'
" 'Yes, you will," said bis pal. 'You
know I haven't any money, an' that's the
raison y're Muffin'.' ,
" 'Well.' answered the bookmaker, 'I'll
bet you $1,000 to a pin.'
"The other fellow looked at his coat lapel
and he didn't even have a pin. Then he
happened to glance down on the ground
and picked up what looked like a pin. In a
flash they made the bet. I was stake
holder. "Well, the horse In front managed to
atagger In just In front of the bookmaker's
horse. I waa Just about to pay over the
money when the bookmaker looked at what
we thought was the pin, and he said:
'"Walt; that'a not a pin. It's a needle.'
Ani It waa.
"Say," remarked Mr. Sheedy, "that waa
the closest bet I ever aaw. It waa juat a
case of wlnnin' or losing by a head, or an
eye, juat as you choose to put It."
Twice as Many Mllllonn of Cases
Canned Last Year Than tho
- Year Before.
Such a demand for canned tomatoea has
arisen that more than double the quantity
put up laat year has been packed In' the
last few months. There have been canned'
for consumption between now and next
summer 9,494,813 cases of tomatoea, or more
than 200,000,000 tins, a case containing two
dozen tins of tomatoes. Last year the
packera only put up 4,618,221 cases.
The American Grocer, which baa been col
lecting figures on this enormous tomato
pack, attributes It In part to the fact that
in the three preceding yeara the amount of
tomatoea put up was abort of the require
ments. The result waa that, for tho first
time In a quarter of a century or more,
stocks were completely exhausted, leaving
the market In Canada as well aa In the
United States ao bare that it forced an
early start thla year on the pack, which
went Into consumption as fast aa It was
Thla put a premium on canned tomatoea.
Every factory bas been worked to lta max
Imam capacity and in spite' of an irregular
crop New , York's, owing to the wet
wcalhor, being almost a total failure the
production Is beyond the usual requirements
and there is a hope of saving a small sup
ply for next year in case the crop ahould
be poor.
Maryland has canned the moat tomatoes,
putting up 4,614,282 casea against 1,750.000
last year. Nebraska waa the least produc
tive state. It has auprlied only 3,352 esses.
Authorities on the tomato market aay
that the unusual high purchasing power of
the people, due to the general proaperlty,
baa created an enormous demand for pre
pared foods, and In spite of the higher coat
of tomatoea, the demand Is urgent and in
cessant. So, In spite of the Increased pro
duction. It la not likely that canned toma
toea will be any cheaper than usual.
A Wall far Soerotaah aad Home
Raised Tork, "with Na Ia
dlsektlon In Its Bones."
The things that mother used to make,
aaya a writer In the Atlantic, are' still In
tho world. Far In the recesses of life you
will find them. And the name of the magic
charm ia pork. Fresh young pork home
rslsed perk clean and fat and aweet. Pork
that permeates and flavors, with no Indi
gestion In Its bones and no sorrows In Its
train. Verily, there is more poetry Jn pigs
thn Homer extracted from their white and
rosy hides or even Charles Lamb. Oh, for
some modern bard to aing the glorlea of
the vanishing home-r.:ado jork! For where
te exlsta Joy .la. Sureotash do you know
It? Not tho cold, hard, lumpy mixture, one
part corn and other part beana but aucco
tash, the real thing, such aa our Puritan
ancestors knew and loved bean flavored
with corn, corn melting to bean, and all
alive and palpitating to the gentle Influ
ence of pork.
Talk not to me ot stock yarda or of herd
or butler or cottolene or olemargarlne or
other )ust-aa-goc2a. I would go far thla
morning to meet a respectable, worthy
piece of home-raised pork. It la not the
iblngs that mother used to make that art
passing away, but the things that they
atand for the things that we must come
back to in spirit and in truth, and Id ac
tuality, If we would taste again the true
flavor, not the flavor of pork alone, but tUe
flavor of life itaelf.
Will Inlt Kamlne District.
SEW YORK. Feb. 7 Among the pss
rrnn ri sailing today on the Itesmnhl
lllm her Im lr. l-onls KIoiiw Uk 1 will vlult
th famii'a strlrkeiv "prevlnres oi Finland. . 1 Sweden. In the Interest of the
( hrlailan ilerald relief fund. A third re
mlttxnre of tiii.UM has been cabled to the
central relief rnmmittee at HelalnKfnra and
F.. to the Swedish famine i-ommlarilon.
Stockholm, for the relief of suffering
Swedes, making a total of l&MWO tbua far
cableU for the famine fund.
no one- cAfi compete yPcsA
Ind'an Eight Association is Pursuing
Gfookid Batamtion Official!.
He Tells of the Frauds Perpetrated
on the Red Man at the Crow
Creek Asrency In South
WASHINGTON. Feb. 7. (Special.) Tho
officers of the Indian Rights association,
who are hot after crooked Indian agenta on
the various reservations, are growing im
patient at the delays in supplanting the
agenta, against whom charges have been
preferred and proved. To show what ln
luitice Is being done the Indians they have
made public the following appeal from
Chief White Ghost for protection for hU
tribesmen agalnat the frauda perpetrated
on the Crow Creek agency In South Dakota
with the connivance of the agent there.
Chief White Ghost's Appeal.
S. D, Frienda: Let me relate a few of the
trbuolea to which my people are doomed.
I have dealt with many Indian agenta
some good and some bad. The good ones
build up and the bad ones tear down, and
the inulan has to suffer.
The Dresent agent. 11. D. Chamberlain.
does not help us, but he hinders and makes
us worse by being incompetent, misman
aging our affairs and dtxhoneat. Hince he
became our agvnt he has faHed to control
the Indians and does not enforce the regu
lations and laws of the reservation, out
encouraged dancing and allowed obsolete
Indian games and gambling to revive, ao
that our young men lose their money they
get for working. He took us a number of
limes last spring and summer to the town
of Chamberlain (8. D.) for the purpose of
exhibiting my people at tbe. Sunday ex
cursion, for be had the Indians to dance
for the excursionists. And more, he al
lows more wandering and going away from
home than It ha been done for many yeara
past. He permits the Indian trader and
other men to bring many thousand cattle
Into and overun our reservation for grazing
and money making speculation, and will
not adjust damages done t6 the Indians'
crops by these cattle, and will not have
them taken away. These white men leased
here and there a quarter section .of allotted
land, then on the Btrength of that they
would turn their cattle loose upon the res
ervation, and our Indian agent protects
them, and our complaints were not heeded
b him. He allows and encouragee able
bodied Indian men to lease their home
steads to these cattlemen, and in thla way
destroys homes that should be Improved.
Playlns la with Cattlemen.
He let white men winter their cattle last
winter on the reservation on unleased and
tribal lands, and let the beef contractor
keep the key to the government corral,
.h,re the iue beef cattle were suupoaed
to be kept over night for shrinkage, thus
allowing him to run them In In the morning
alter Itedmg and watering tnem, Just be
fore slaughtering, and on Iki Issue clay
floor and uiaeaxed cattle were killed and
ssued to the old Indians and the schools
for the children to eat. The cattle had
had orea on them, and the old women
w Id not have the heaos of some of them
they were ao bad. He helps Ihe Inittan
trader to keep up his to.k from govern
ment supplies, and in other ways asxlHts
him In money making si hemes. even hold
ing back and retaining annuity or interest
payment checks for the Indian trader, and
persecuting and threatening punixhment to
Indians' w ho complain against said Indian
Thla agent bought horses for government
una from the Indian trader and permitted
them to be kept in the government barn
and fed at government expense before ac
cepting them f". several weeks and most
f them were unsound and unfit for use.
lie naea and does away with government
unnllea and represents them aa being ex
pended aa they were Intended. He favors
bad Indians by apiolnilng them to por
tions, apparently for personal reaaons. Ono
man, a bad Indian, w aom he wanted to
send to the Insane asyljm last winter and
whom he often said ought to be dead, was
And Last, Bui Hoi Letst,
Every piece of Furniture in our store Jias been reduced from
15 to 33 1-3 per cent. This i not a reduction of a few odd pieces
that we wish to close out, but
in our store. We have spent the last week re-marking our com
plete stock, and Monday, morning we will open our doors with
prices that will give you an opportunity to furnish your home
at a big saving.
pntiaO. tru.iuQ 1 yum
Formerly Shiverick Furniture
not long after appointed aa our judge. He
appoints Incapable, old and crippled white
men and unfit boys to positions In the
school and at the agency. He does not no
tice the fact that the Indian trader em
ployed many white men In his store as
herders upon the reservation, which posi
tion the Indian should have, as stated in
his license. Many of his herders are very
undesirable white young men, who ran
after our women.
Countenancing Immoral Practice.
He protects and allows Immoral charac
ters (whites) and prostitutes to stay on
the reservation and to molest our women
and to corrupt our young men, and will
not send them away when told about them.
But he accuses good people of immoral
practices and tries to get rid of them on
theae grounds. He makes all these bad
people his friends because they try to help
him cover up wrong actions on his part.
He also keeps whisky at his house In a
good supply so Indians have gotten It and
been drunk, and he will not punish white
men and an eighth-breea Indian woman
because these people are his friends and In
volved In many of his doings, although
they hove given whisky to Indians.
When our school opened nearly half of
our children were away with their parents
and many children are not yet In tha
school, although It has been opened nearly
two months. Marjy children are not sent
to school because our agent will not order
thein to go.
An Indian inspector waa here several
weeks ago with a stenographer, took down
most of theae things agalnat the agent In
writing and sent them to the Great Father
more than two monhs ago, and still this
man Is permitted to stay and continue his
work. I am getting old and have waited
long, and I hope before I die to see my
people freed from the hands of Incompe
tent and dlahonest Indian agents. My good
friends, government sometimes makes more
fuss about the length of my fast diminish
ing hair, but as I have tried to be honest
with them, I pray that they will treat me
In the same manner. Will the good friends
all over the country not help us to get free
and keep free from this kind of men? Our
spirits are hungry for gmxi men to help us.
Our young men go away to school and are
helped, but they come back to be made
loom 01 vy uaii men. xuur iriena,
Tbe Indian Rights association people In
sist they will net cease their efforts until
the injuries Inflicted on the Indiana by In
competent or dlaboneat agenta are all
Opportonltlea to Act as Hoet a Cure
for Baahfulaeae.
Valentine parties will be popular as long
aa hearta are young and heels respond to
music, and In planning the social evening
for her family of half-grown children. It U
a wise Vnothcr who count upon the assist
ance of ber boys..
The capabilities of boy in thla line arq
aqldom appreciated. A girl la Instructed in
the proper way of receiving gueata and
looking after tteir entertainment, while
the average boy in the average family Is
duly informed aa to clean collars, new ties
and other toilet acceasorlea, and then left
to his own devices.
f the mother would only try the lad
ahe would fln him taking to the dutlea of
host like a young duck to water. A boy
likea to feel Important, and being the boat
In reality aa well aa on the face of tbe In
vitation, fills him with a aenae of Import
ance, to which be instantly rlaea. Aa a
cure for bashfulnesi, the responsibility of
looking after the comfort and pleasure of
others works like a charm. A girl, espe
cially after ahe passe a certain age, la apt
to ateal off in a corner with her bwt friends
and leave less favored, guests to their own
devices. A boy Is more broad-minded than
his sister, and unhampered by furbelows
and those violent lutlmaclea of girlhood, dl-
J vtdet his attentlona more evenly.
Murderer Is Lynched.
DI FI.IN, Oa., Feb. 7 Hall, colored.
who shot and mortally wounded BhertfT
t rawfurd on Wednesday, waa taken from
jail at Wrlgbiavllle today and lynctiHL
Other Powers Taking Stapa to Step
Mobilisation of Army.
Soldier to Be Brought Into Macedonia .
Are Semi-Barbarous and Ex
tremely Hostile to People
of that Country.
PARIS, Feb. 7. Official advice have been
received here confirming tbe report that the
ultan of Turkey ha ordered the Immedi
ate mobilization of 210,000 troops for i
military demonstration in Macedonia.
The atep taken la regarded with appre
hension by the French officials as being
likely to involve complications betweon
Turkey and Russia and Austria.
It I ald that the Ruaalan and Austrian
governmneta have agreed upon a formal
note to the aultan, which will be presented
wnuin me next iew aays, instating on ad
ministrative and official reforms in Mace
donia Although Franco will not be a
party to the note. It will approve of It.
It la considered that the aultan' mobil
ization of such an army 1 clearly an ef
fort to forestall tb presentation of thla
note. Mobilization ot ao many troop I
regarded here a unwise and dangerous, es
pecially aa it I said that tbe soldier who
are to be brought Into Macedonia from AJ
atle Turkey are emi-barbaroua levies and
are hostile to Christiana, which will tend
to Inaugurate another aeries of maasarrea.
It ia understood the power are exchang
ing vlewa aa to the eourae to be puraued
toward tha mobilization of tb Turkish
Prices May Be Excessive.
MANILA, Feb. 7. Oovernor Taft and
Archbishop Guldl, tbe papal delegate, will
resume on Monday the friar landa negotia
tion, which were Interrupted for tbe pur
pose of gathering data concerning the es
timates. It la anticipated that the prices
asked by outalde parties having equities In
the friar lands will prove excessive.
Neither the outsiders nor the member of
the religious orders have aa yet formally
submitted their figures.
Duel Is to Be Foaght,
PARIS, Feb. 7. Deputy Lasles, antl
emlte, has cent hi seconds to Deputy
Belle, socialist, a result of a fight today
in tbe corridor of the Chamber of Deputies.
Tbe affair began when M. Belle applied an
epithet to M. Lasles because of the letter's
political apeecb. M. Lasles responded thst
they would settle the matter elsewhere,
and M. Belle atruck M. Lasles a blow In
the face. Other deputies then separated
the eombataota.
Prevents and break
up Colds and