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Markst Praret of Little Intmt U Dcalen,
111 Commodities Bfing DulL
Mar Waeai mm Cora mm Oats I
ertat, While ProtUlm nans
from Thursday's Prices to
Fire Centa Better.
CHICAGO, Dec. 19 There was little of
Interest In the trading today on the Hoard
of Trade, boih grain and provision mar
kets being dull, but ringing prices were
firmer May wheat being up 'a i''. May
corn higher and oats ,1i"o higher.
January provision! were unchanged to 6c
Htatlstlc were against the wheat market
and early prices were lower, but local trad
era were good buyers at the decline and
a strong tone developed, Lower cables,
jmall clearances ami fair receipts were the
main weakening Influences. Trading was
only moderate and no special feature wns
manifested May opened a shade to 'Afjc
lower at J6Ven6!4jC and alter selling oil to
7''&76e there was a gradual rally, the
top being reached at 77ti77'e. The clone
il Vu'c hlsher at 77c. lecemlier closed
He higher at 73'o Bradstrect's reported
exports for the week of wheat an-1 (lour at
l,256.X) bu., compared with 4.33,M) bu. the
corresponding week laat ymr. Clearances
todav of wheat and flour were eiiial to
84.(jb bu. Primary receipts were 679,000 bu.,.
against tif.Vt a year ago. Minneapolis ami
Imluth reported receipts of 447 cars, which,
with local receipts of 41 cars, none contract,
made total receipts for the three points 4M
cars, against 622 last week and iii a year
iv'arm weather throughout the went and
southwest Imparted firmness to corn and
comparatively small local receipts added
to the tone of the market. May closed with
a gain of So at 4.1S'43ic, after selling be
tween 43c and 43iC. December cloxeU c
lower at 4'4e Local receipts were 257 cars,
eight of contract.
Oats were firm, but the market was ex
tremely dull, with the volume of bualness
very light. May was in good demand by
commlaalon houses and shorts, and closed
strong. Va'c higher at 33-Sc. after rang
ing between 3"'tc and 34V344c. Local
receipts were IS cars..
Provisions were easier early on lower
prices for hogs, but shorts took advantage
of the lower prices and covered freely, thua
advanrlng the price. Home realizing
towards the end of the aesslon caused a
slight reaction, but the close was firm,
January pork being up Be at 116.45. January
lard was 2 '4c higher at 13.72V, and ribs were
unchanged at 18.37V4.
Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
66 cars; corn, 366 cars; oats, li cars; hogs,
21,000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Artlcles.1 Open. Hlgh. Low. Close.Yes'y.
Wheat ! I
Dec. 73HV4 73M. 73 73H 7H
May 70V;rH77 OttjeW'S 77 fe' 73HrS
July TiWif 74 73V4 74
Dec. 46 4?4 46V. 46 464 46
Jan. 46 ft'i 4.V 45 4VS, 4S'4
May 43 6", 43 43 43(& 43 H
tDec. 30, ZlVfiAi 30 14 304
May 324a, X(ji 32' 32?, E'iS'Ji
Jan. 16 80 16 60 16 30 16 45 16 40
May 16 67' IS 75 16 66 16 70 16 62V4
Dec. 10 22'4 10 2JA, 10 20 10 20 10 25
Jan. 9 67H 9 72H 9 66 9 72Vj 9 70
May 9 07 9 15 9 07V4 9 15 9 10
Jan. S7H40 8 35 87 8 37V4
May 8 27V. 8 37 8 27 8 32 8 30
No. 1 tNew.
Cash quotations were- as follows:
FLOUR Market dull and steady: winter
patents, $3.40133. 50; straights, $3.103.30;
spring patents, $3.40)3.70; straights, $2.90
J.20: bakers. 12.25gC.7i.
WHEAT No. 2 spring. 7476c; No. 8, 68
69c; No. 2 red, 7.K&73c.
CORN-No. 2, 46c; No. 2 yellow, 46e.
OAT8 No. 2. 81 c; No. 8 white, Slc.
RYE No. 2. 4fic.
BARLEY Good feeding, 37tf41c; fair to
choice malting, 4R'b(6j.
8EEDB No. 1 flax. $1.15; No. 1 north
western, $1.28. Prime timothy, $3.65. Clover,
contract' grade. $10.75.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl.. $17.
Lard, per 100 lbs.. $10 20l0.2o. Bhort ribs
aides (loose), $8.3708 62. Dry salted
shoulders (boxed), $H.238.60. Bhort clear
aide (boxed), $8.7569.00.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbla 26,700 21,600
Wheat, bu 64.000 16.700
Corn, bu 226.900 111.100
Oats, bu 301.600 193.400
Rye. bu 39.700 3.300
liarley, bu 101.600 12,400
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was quiet and steady; cream
eries, lKC8c; dairies, 174T5c. Eggs, firm;
loss off, 26c. Cheese, firm. 1313V4c
floatations of the Day Tarisa,
NEW YORK. Dec. 19.-FLOrR-Reeelpt.
9.995 bbls.; exports, 8,794 bbls.; market
firm again, but quiet; winter patents,
$3.6"3.J; winter stiaights, 3S.45S3.S5: Min
nesota patents, 34.60a4.20; winter extras,
12.863.15, Minnesota bakers, $3.25f(3.40; win
ter low grades, $2.65.9:. Rye flour, quiet;
fair to good. 13.104j3.4o; choice to fancy. $3 50
fl3.66. buckwheat flour, quiet, $2.302.35,
pot and to arrive.
CORN MEAL Steady; yellow western.
$1.20; city. $1.18; Hrandywine. $3.403.55.
RYE Steady; No. 2 western. 58,c. f. o. b.
afloat; No. 2. 54(S64c, track; state, 65
66c, c. I. f., New York.
BAPLEY-Dull; feeding, S940c, c. I. f..
Buff.; malting. 48uHOe. c, j. f., Buffalo.
WHiiAT-Rerelpts. 15,600 bu. ; exports, 73,
428 bu. Spot, Arm; No. 2 red, 80c, eleva
tor; io. 1 red, 79c, f. o. b., afloat; No. 1
northern Duluth, 85c, f. o. b., afloat; No.
1 hard Manitoba, 8c, t. o. b., afloat. Op
tions were flrn ill day and especially In
the afternoon, when export business
alarmed shorts. There was verv little
wheat for sule, a big export demand,
weather west wsa threatening and coarse
grains strength a help to the market.
Closed firm at 124714c net advance; May. (to
jwSe, closed at SOTic; July, 7SVii78c,
closed at 78c; December closed at 83c.
CORN Receipts, 26,260 bu.; exports. 1,248
bu. Spot, quiet; No. 2, 62c, elevator, and
68e, f. o. b., afloat; No. 2 yellow, 69c; No.
2 white, 6ic. Options opened steady, but
rallied and were firm thereafter on light
contract arrivals, sharp advance In near
positions and general covering. The close
was Hfic net higher. January, S3Vrt
R4c, closed at 64c; March, 61c, closed at
He; May, 4S's,3'48 -16c, closed at 48c; De
cember closed at 60c.
OATS Receipts. 67.000 bu.; exports. 2.666
bu. Spot, firm on white; No. 2. 87c; No S.
8c; No. $ white. 88c: track white, 37
43c; standard white. 29c; No. 2 white,
9r; track mixed western, nominal. Op
tions deve'oped unusual activity and
strength on a scare of shorts.
HAY Firm; shipping, 65i270c; good to
choice. $0.M.(til00.
HOPS Quiet; state, common to choice.
1U crop, 2'37c; 1901 crop. 24(J26c: olds, 71
J2c; Tactile coast.. '902 crop. 26(g31c; 1901
.crop. 2.Vu2c; olds, 7Ql?c.
HIDKiJ y met ; Qalveeton. 20 to 23 lbs.,
18c; Texas, dry. 24 to 30 lbs.. 14c; California,
21 to 25 lbs . lc.
LEATHER Dull; acid. 24fi26He-
PROVISIONS Reef, quiet; fumllv, $16 01)
4SIMW; mess. $: 5ti 11.00; beef ha ml, $'J0.50
C22 00; packet, $14.etl6.00; city, extra India
mess. 26.ll"j2 (). Cut meats, easv; nick
led bellKs. la oo.76; pickled shouhlt rs, H.:Mf
(60; pickled hams, $n.rll 75. Laid,
easy; western steamed, $11.70; refined, dull;
continent. $10 90; South America, $11.60; com
pound, 7. 5117.55. Pork, quiet; famllv, tit:
.knv .U.. S1 (.tAO iHt. - 1 0 n rn
TALLOW Easy; city, 6c; country.
RICE Firm; domestic, fslr to extra, 4
tjD'mc, jniHn, fwc, nominal.
PEANl'TS Steady : fancy, hand picked.
4tric: other domestic. J',i.6V,c.
CABBAC1E Steady ; domestic, per 100,
White. $1 60IG2.50; rd, $1 6.3(10.
RCTTER Receipts, $.471 pkgs.; steady;
state dairy, 2i(a'c; creamery, extra, toe;
cresmerv. common to choice, Z2ra2vc.
CHEESE Recelpta. 2.1t4 pkgs.; Arm
fsney, Isrge. state, full cream, colored and
white, September 13c; late make. 13l4c;
fancy, small, coiorea ana wnite, beptera
ber. 13Siil3c: late make. 134ri3c.
EOOS Receipts. 6.412 pkgs.; quiet; state
and Pennsylvania, average best, 2ic; west
ern, poor to fancy, 2oi26c.
POULTRY Auve. weak; chickens, 10c;
turkeys. IScVi fowls. HsnUc. DresKed. Arm;
western cmcaens. i.wijv; western fowls,
12Wc: western turkevs. 19c.
METALS Tin de-llned 16a In the London
market to 115 15a 6d and futures to 116 2s
td, and was lower here also, with s ot
quoted at $26.5oii 256i. Copper was Arm
and hlher In London, with spot at cl 7s
(d and futures 51 15s, but remained dull
and nominal locally. Standard Is quoted
at $10.75. lake at $11(5 and electrolytic and
casting at $1146. There wis a decline of
Is 3d In lyomion lead to 10 lis. with th
local market autet and unchsnged at $1 12V
Spelter declined In both markets, lottns
2 here, where It closed at $4 87 end 2s 64
In London, closing at 19 15s. Iron In
Olaagow closed at 64a and In Middles
borough at 4. a. Locally It was dull. War-
rants continue nominal. No. foundry
n"rthrrn. '3 36; N 1 foundry northern.
No. 1 foumlry smitern find No. 1 foundry
southern soft, $:.' .r2J.
tj. IMI.KI,K
M l II K KT9.
I'ondltlnn of Trade and Oaotatlosia osi
Slnple intt fnnry Produce.
EOlJ CanMe-1 strck. 21c.
LIVE PorLTHsY-llens. 7t7'ic; old Tnn.
era. 4f(!"c; turHcys, l.i.-; ducks. Mi!c;
geese. 7V,'iHc; spring chickens, per lb.,
chickens. 1V; ti:rkeys, ltVijlsc; ducks, WS
lie; eeese. KKilONc.
HUTTER-Paek'lng stock. KfilPic. choice
dalrv. In t n . Iili.'lc; separator, rftSoc.
FRERH T"ISI!--TrotTt. V'nWc; herring. 5c;
p'cke'el, 8', p'fce, 9c; pc'ch, 6c; buffilo,
dressed, 7c; suntlsh, 3c; bl ieflns. 3c: whl.e
flsh. Ic; salmon. lc; had'lork, 11c; codfish.
12c; redsnapiier. 10c; lobsters, boiled, per
lb, .lit ; lobsters reen. per l?., 2c; bnll
henils. 10c; catfl'h. 14c; black bass. 20c;
halibut, lie.
CORN New. 40c.
OAT 3 22c.
RVK-Nn. 2. 4.c.
I,RAN-P-r ton, $13 50
HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Whole
sale llav Dealers' association: Choice No.
1 uplund, $S.Ft; No. 1 medium. $7 60; No. 1
coare. $7. Pye strsw. $6. These prices
are for liny of good color and quality. De
mand lair, recelpta light.
OYSTERS Ftanlnrds. per can. 2V: ex'rn
selects, per can. Xic: New York counts, per
can. '2c: bulk, extra selects, per gal., $1.75:
bulk, standards per gnl.. $1.40.
TREEP 4 to 5 feet, per dozen. $1.75; 7 to
9 feet, $3.r.0- 6 to 7 ffet, $2.50; 9 to 10 feet,
$4 50; lare, for school and church pur
poses, 12 to 14 feet, each. $l.ocfti,60; extra
large, 15 to 20 feet, each, $2.K,ifi4.0O.
HOLLY BRANCHES Per case of 2x?x4
feet (about 6" lbs.). $4; per barrel, $1.50.
INO NEEDLE PINES-Per dosen. $2.60
20 yards, per coll 90c; flve-coli lots, 85c.
WREATHS Magnolia and galnx wreaths,
per dcren, $1.60fi2.0fl; evergreen wreaths,
per dosen. 1602.00; holly wreaths, per
dozen, $1.505200.
NEW CELERY Kalamazoo, per do.. 25c;
Utah, per doz., 45c; California, per Uoi., for
stalks weighing l.-ora 1 to 1 lbs., each,
it, ft 75c.
POTATOES Per bu., 60c.
SWEET POTATOES Iowa Muscatlnes.
per bbl., $3 25; Kansas, $2.25.
TURNiPS-I'e- bu.. 30c; Canada ruta
bagas, per lb., lc.
BEETS-Per .basket. 4c.
CUCl'MMERS Hothouse, per obi.. $1.50.
PARPNIUS-Per bu., 40c.
GREEN ONIONS Southern, per dozen
bunches, 45c.
RADISHES Southern, per dosen bunches,
WAX BEANS Per bu. box, $3; atrlng
benns. per bu. box $1.5'.
CABBAGE Miscellaneous Holland aeed.
per lb., iVic.
ON l(NS New home grown. In sacks,
per bu., 75c: Spanish, per crate. $1.75.
NAVY BEANS Per bu. $2 60.
TOMATOES New California, per 4-bas-ket
crate, $2.75.
CAL1FLOWER California, per crate,
PEARS Fall varieties, per box, $2.00;
Colorado, per box, $2.25.
APPLES Western, per bbl., $2.75: Jona
thans, $4; New York stock. $3.25; California
Bellflowers, per bu. box, $1.60.
GRAPES Catawbns, per basket, 18c:
MMngas. per keg, $6 00ig7.00.
CRANBERRIES Wisconsin, per bbl..
$9.50; Bell and Bugles, $10.60; per box, $3.25.
BANANAS Per bunch, according to size,
LEMONS California fancy, $3.75; choice,
ORANGES Florida BHehts. 13.75; Cali
fornia navels. $3.60; California aweet
Jaffcs. Pll sizes, $2.75.
DATES Persian, in 70-Ih. boxes, per lb.,
6c; per case of 30-lb. pkgs., $2.2o.
FIGS California, per 10-It. cartons, $1;
Turklrh. per 35-lb. box. HifflSc.
GRAPE FRUIT Florida, $6.
HONEY New Utah, per 24-frame case,
CIDER New York. $4.60; per bbl., $2 75.
SAUERKRAUT- -Wisconsin, per bbl.,
$2.26; per bbl.. $3.75.
POPCORN-Per lb.. 2e: sheHed. 4c.
HIDES No. 1 green, 6c; No. 2 green. 6c:
No. 1 salted, 7c; No. 2 salted, 6e; No. 1
veal calf. 8 to 12 lbs., 8c: No. 2 veal
calf. 12 to 16 lbs., 6c; dry hides. Rf?12c;
sheep pelts, 26Fr75c: horse hides, tl.50fr2.60.
NUTS Walnuts, No. 1 soft shell, per lb.,
15c; hard shell, per lb., 14c: No. 2 soft shell1
per lb., 13c; No. 2 hard shell, per lb., 12c;
Brazls, per ib.. 12c; filberts, per lb., 12c;
almonds, soft ahell. per lb., 16c; hard shell,
per lb., 16c; oec-ns, large, per lb., 12c;
small, per lb., 11c; cocoanuts. per doz.,
50c; chestnuts, per lb.. 10c; peanuts, per lb..
6c; roasted peanuts, per lb., 7c; black
walnuts, per bu., $1.00: hickory nuts, per
bu.. $1.60: cocoanuts, per 100, $4 .
quoted the following prices: Iron, country,
mixed, per ton, $11; Iron, 'stove plate, per
ton. $S; copper, per lb.. 8c; brass, heavy,
per lb., 8c; Brass, light, per lb., 6c;
lead, per lb., 8c; zinc, per lb., 2c: rub
ber, per lb., c.
110-111 Board of Trade. Omaha, Neb
Telephone 1510.
CHICAGO. Dec. 19 WHEAT The mar
ket early was dull and rather weak. Ca
bles Inclined to follow yesterdav's market.
Later the market advanced and the close
Is slightly over yesterday. Local receipts,
41 cars, with 65 estimated for tomorrow.
Minneapolis had 431 cars and Duluth 16
cars. Receipts at primary points, CW.oon
bushels, against 649.000 last year. Ship
ments, 1S6.000 bushels, against 107.000 laat
year. Clearances 346,000 bushels and for
the week 3.256.000, compared with 4.130 000
last year. Seventy loads of wheat at New
York for export. Weather map unfavor
able over the wewt.
CORN Wet weather hsa Imnrnvxt
condition In corn and predictions of un
settled weather over the west. Market
early was weak, with later prices advanc
ing fully Vc. Cash market showed more
strength. Receipts. If7 cars, with 355 rr.
timated for tomorrow. Primary receipts
were 6ii6.0fl0 bushels, against 2GO.O0O last year.
Cables off fractionally. The clearances for
today were 21.(V-o bushels nrd for the week
1,526.000. Considerable buying by local com
mission nouses. New lorn reports 15 loads
taken for export.
OATS There has been considerable buy
ing by a large Interest, and this, together
witn tne unsettled weather, resulted In
putting prices up. Cash market much
ntronger thnn yesterday. Receipts, 135
r. wun m estimated tor tomorrow
Clearances. 6 000 bushels.
PROVISIONS The market nnen.,4 w.oW
on lower prices for hogs. Tnere was little
stuff for sale and the market advanced on
general buying orders. Armour & Co. led
ine ouying. i nere were 36.ion hogs. Mar
ket weak, 10015c lower, closing active and
feeling strong. Estimates ror Inmnrms
22,000. Hoes In the west todav. 80.500; last
, ot t.j". mi iifpi vrnr. hm emi
St. t.onls Qraln aad Provisions.
8T. LOUIS, Dec. 19-WHEAT-Higher;
No. S red. cash, elevator, nominal; track.
72r7?o; May. 76'ic; July, 72c bid; No. 2
hard. 6Str7mc.
CORN Higher: No. 2 cash. 4i544'ie;
track. 44j44c; December, 43c; Baay, 39i
Q 3c.
OATS Higher: No. caah. S2c; track.
22Mr33'Ae; December. 82c. nominal; May.
S2c. bid: No. 2 white. S6c.
RYE Higher 6Cc.
FI-OL'R Steady ; red winter patents. $3 35
63.50; extra fancy and straights. $J.OMi3.15;
cleer. 129(;3flO.
HKKT Tlmothv. $2 9047140.
CORNMEAL Steady at $2 80.
BRAN Firm; sacked, east track, 70iff72c
HAY Firm, timothy, $11.00$) 16.00; prairie.
PAOOINO 6 6-l416 7-16c.
ttK-MTT-lne. 9c.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged: jobbing,
tlft 7n. Dry salt meats, stesdv; clear short
9 02; clear rilw $9, short clears, $9 So."
Rp.con. stecdv: tici'H. extra rhorts. $10.50;
clese riM in.W: short clear. $'.
POULTRY Chickens, 8c: springs, 8i8Uc;
turkeys, strong, 13Hjjl4c; ducks, 12c: geese,
BUTTER Quiet; creamery, 23Q30c; dairy.
1j 2?c.
LOOS Steady; 22c. lesa off.
Recelntp. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 7oro
Wheat, bu ivn l3!co
corn, pj us.onrt M.ono
Outs, bu 59.000 23.000
nalath Grata Market.
DULUTH. Dec. 19-WHKAT-Cash. No.
1 har-V 74c; No. 2 north'-rn. 71c: No l north
ern. 73V..C; t'cemljcr. 73c; May. T5Tc.
OATS December, 81Sc; May, JOc.
Pearl Market.
PEORIA, Dec. 19 CORN Dull ; new No.
S. 4?e.
OATS Steady; No. white, Jle, billed
Phlla'elrfcl Prsffsee Market.
Firm, good Oman.1: extra western cream-
err 81c; extra nearby prints, 83c.
tuu-Bieaay, put quiet; ircsn nearby
and western. 2c: fresh southwestern V
..; fresh southern. 26c; loss off on all.'
CHKKSE-Klrm. fair demand; New York
full i reams, prime sm ill. l.i-c- tint to god
smnll. l.l'oMV; j rime lasge, l3c; fair to
good Inrge. I3jrl3'c.
Liverpool (irsln and Provlsloas.
LIVERPOOL. Deo. 19 -WH KAT-Ppot.
fjnn; No. red western, winter, am llvl;
No. 1 California, tis M.d Futures steady;
December. 6s l'4d; March. Ks ld; May.
Ci iH.V Spot, steady; American mixed,
new, 5s l',d; old, hs 3(. Ktiturea quiet;
January, 4s 6d; March, 4s 2d.
PROVISIONh-Peef. firm; extrs. India
mess. Il?s. pork, firm; prime mess west
ern. P." fid Unms. short cut. 14 to 16 lbs.,
steady, 6(s. Bacon, Cumberland cut. 26 to
' l'., fiili-. 4S; shirt rll.s. U to 24 lbs,
riulet. 'Ps; long clear middles llht. 2S to 34
ibs.. (il!t. 4!s 61; lens clear ml -id lea. heavv,
25 to 4.1 lbs., qiilet. 49; shott clear bacKs,
IS to 2" Ibx.. dull. 4Ps; clear bellies, 14 to 16
lbs., quiet, 6!s; shoulders, square, dull. 4,3s
6l. Iird. prime western. In tierces, dull,
64fr.-is; American refined. In rails, dull.
Wis 6d.
ni'VTFR Nominal.
CHEESE-Strong; American finest white
and coined. 59s.
TALIX1W Prime city, quiet. 27s 6d; Aus
tralian In London, firm, 34s 3d.
Recelpta of wheat during the last three
days were 130,000 centals, Including 107,000
Receipts of American corn during the last
three days were 14,1M centals.
Kansns City Ciraln and Provisions.
cember, 62c; May, 69fi9c: cash. Wc(
6Kc; No X hard, S,(?j67c; No. 2 red, 66a7c;
No. 3. 65a:Hc.
CORN December, 36ff36"c; Mav, 87Uf)
37e; No. 2.mlxed. ,37';i37c; No. 2 white,
37Sr."3c; No. 3, 37'r37c.
'UT3-No. 2 white, 34c; No. 2 mixed, 32
RYE No. 2. 45e.
HAY-Cholce tlmothj-, $11.501!.00; choice
prairie. $9.o0r10.00.
BITTTER Creamery, 25t27c; dairy,
fancy, 22c.
EGGS Freeh. 22c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu 6V 400 12,no
Corn, bu 14.4on
Oata. bu 2-S.0U0 2.000
Toledo Uraln and geed.
TOLEDO. Dee. 19. WHEAT - Dull,
higher; cash and December. 77c; May, 81c.
CORN Dull, higher; December, 44c;
May, 44c.
OATS Dull, higher; December. 33V4c;
Mav, 43ic
RYE No. 2, 37e.
SEED Clover, falrlv active, lower; De
cember, $13.42; January, $S.47j: March,
$6.60; prime timothy, $1.7d; prime alelke, J8.
Minneapolis Wheat. Flonr and Bran.
cember, 73c; May. 75c; on track. No. 1
hard, 74Hc; No. 2 hard. 73Vc; No. 2 north
ern. 72c.
FLOUR Firm: flrot patents, $3 90f7'4 0ft;
second patents, $.3.75fi3.Kr.; first clears, $2.9i)
3.00; second clears, $2.302.40.
BRAN In bJlk. $13.00.
Milwaukee Grain Market.
Steady; No. l northern. 7777c; No. 2
northern, 7576c; May, TriS'.
RYE Steady; No. 1, 61c.
BARLEY Dull; No. 2, 64c; sample, 3S
CORN May, 43Se. .
Prices React Strongly and Close Below
Opening; Quotations.
NEW YORK, Dec. 19. Today's stock
market showed the natural effect of the
elimination yesterday of a large short In
terest and the consequent lack of an Im
portant sustaining influence. Yesterdav'e
rush of prices upward led to realizing. The
professional traders on the floor, appre
ciating this state of affairs, worked for a
reaction all day and were rewarded In the
latter part of the day. by a sharp break In
prices, which carried moet of the leaders
generally below last night. Some renewed
anxiety was felt over the Venezuelan situa
tion, owing to the provisional nature of the
reply from Great Britain and Germany to
the proposition for arbitration. The fore
cast of the weekly bank statement did not
show as good a showing as was counted
upon In the middle of the week, and there
WHd some selll.ig. due to disappointment on
that score. London also turned seller to
day, reversing the position of yesterday.
Most of this selling, however, was purely
arbitrage business, the advance here going
ahead of London and allowing opportunity
to cover eules here by buying In London.
Published reports of a heavy flotation of
railroad bonds and of the Vanderbllt sys
tem In London attracted some attention
this morning and contributed to a sharp
rise In New York Central. This develop
ment promised such Important res u I to In
the exchange situation that It was accepted
with avlllty by bullish traders. Unfor
tunately the rumor met with denials from
authoritative quarters, and this helped to
turn the market downward. 8t. Paul was a
conspicuous center of strength, with con
tinued rumors of an early Issue of the new
stock authorized. The advance was ac
companied by some evidence of manipula
tion and the gain was almost entirely
wiped out. The continued eager demand
for anthracite sustained the coalers. Great
Northern preferred roae sharply without
explanation. The sharp advance of copper
in London helped Amalgamated Copper.
These special points of strength served to
sustain the market during the early part
of the day In face of the realising, which
was In evidence from the start and most
notably so 1n those stocks which have led
the week's advance. Southern Pacific. Mis
souri Pacific, Sugar, Manhattan and Ixniis
vllle & Nashville were all sufferers on this
score, i here was some check to the sell
ing before the close, whlcn was firm. The
fact that the loss of the hanks to the sub
treasury this week Is $4,315,000 less than It
was last week, while Interior exchange on
New York has ruled nt high rates, gave
rise to hopes of a large recuperation this
week In the cash reserve of the banks, but
It seems that the regular Interior move
ment has been sufficient to offset this
largely decreased drain to the subtreasnry.
Consequently a small net loes of less than
$100,000 Is Indicated for the week. This did
rot Include today's transfer of $350,000 to
New Orleans, which Is supposed to bo duo
to the large speculation In cotton at that
point. The news of this transfer was a
factor In brer.klng the market today. The
report of the weekly exnorts of grain was
also a disappointment, the outgo of wheat
being more than 1.030,000 bushels lets than
In this week a year ago. and the growth in
the corn exports proving but moderate.
Sterling exchange however, made a fur
ther decline today, making the time loan
market show the effect of arrowing sup
plier, the rate for short periods falling to 6
per cent flat, with no additional exaction
for commission.
The bond market was better sustalred
than stocks. rrflecMng some lnvs'ment de
mand in anticipation of the January cou
nore. Totnl sales, par value. 53.950.OO.
United States bonds were all unchanged on
the lust rill.
The fallowing are the closing prices on
the New York Stock exchange:
do pfrt.
H"-; Ro Railway
WW do DM
Bil Ohio....
liHTrai 4 Pacific...
AO Bfd .
lOVToifdo. St. U & w.
r,n,din Pi'.IHc
CansdA Ho
ChM. A Ohio
Chli-sfo Alton.
.lMVi! do prd..
. ;t Union Pacifio
. 40 do ptd
. MS WabMh
. 1H
. tn,
. 4'S
. n
. n
. t "
. 4
. 57
. 144
. to
. )4
. M
. s'i
. s
. r.-
. T",
do prd.
70 I do prd...
Chicago. Ind. h... 14 Wheeling ft L. E.
do ptd
. l do td prd..
rhlrivo A E. III..
Coli-ago at O. W .
do lat prd
do Id pld
Chicago A N. W .
Chicago Ter. & Tr
do prd
C. fi. C. St. v.,
Colorado So
do 1st ptd
do d prd
IVI. de Hudson...
..IM Wla. cntral
.. li do pfd
.. H) Adama El
.. Sd American El
..115 t'nt'ed States El....
.. 14, Walls-famo Ex
... 41 Amnl. Copnrr
. .. af'1 American Car Ac F.
... f do prd
... Amer. Un. Oil
... 4 j do prd
...142 American 8. A R .
...:4" do pM
... Anac. Mining Co...
... ) Brooklyn k T
... n4 Colo. Fuel A Iron.
... ' Cona. (iaa
. .. 41'iCnt. Ttcco ptd..
...lli Gn. Eleclrio
... ', Hocking foal
L. W
Donror aV R O.
' do prd
so lit prd....
do td prd
Orait Nor. prd.
Hoiking Vallar
do ptd
t4 Inter. Pspar
.... ITS
.... 7"',
.... T5
.... J'
Illinois Cantral U3, do p'd
loa Central
IT lntr. Powr
do. prd
Laka Lrls A W ...
do prd
T.. A N
Manhattan L
Met. 81. Rr
Mfx. Cantral
Mn. Nlllonal
. 6'4 La.:!d Uta
. 47 National ntacult
.lis National Lead ..
. 12?Vi No. American ..
.144 Psclfo Coast ...
.Ut Pclc Mall
. 22 Pcoplo'o Ga ...
. 1 P--acd S. Car .
MIr.n A 81. L.
.1' . do prd
Mo. Pmclnc 1"14 Pullman P Car.
M . K. A T Rcrubllp Hlaal
do p'd M's do ptd Td
N. J. Central I S'igar l?lTJ
N. Y. Cantral l.'.t'i Tnn. Coal A Iron...
Norfolk A W t.'ilrlon llig A P 1
do prd o . do prd "a
Ontario A W V. S. l-alhar )1
Pcnrarlvanla lftlla do prd rru
Reading l, V . Pnbber li
do lot ptd M do prd (i
do td prd Will'. 8. sisal J4',
at. L A 8 P f do pld uti
do lrt prd 1 Wrnern I'nlon 17",
do td prd a Amir. Ixxomotlva ... tr,
St. U 8. W M do prd
do pfd 5 K. C. Douthara v
Si. Paul ,17V, do prd ML
do prd I? Rock 4 -"t
8a. Pacitto ;', do prd tl
Dank t Irarlaga.
OMAHA. Pec. It Bank clearings, n.Vrr.
9S7S; corresponding; day laat year, l,0ti7.
fiCl' lp.-.ase tn9T8'4
CHICAGO rec 19 Cleartnss. $ST S m;
balances, ii.LU.vtS; New York exchange.
1 tWfi.1 COc premium; foreign exchange, sterl
ing:, reported at W .64 for sixty days and at
$4 lor demand.
NKW YORK. IVr, 19. Clearings, I1..07.
714: bnlancea i.SNK.'3. fc
BOSTON. Ivc, 19. Clearings, I21.S1.791;
b'4lnuces, tl.49i'M.
ST. 1X1 IM, Pec. 19 -Clearlncs. S 910.24;;
balances. 1.740; money, steady. 5H per
cent; New York exchange, "oc premium.
CINCINNATI Iec. 19. Clearings, H.1B0..
9V; money, t pep Cent; New York exchange
at par.
ieiT Yerlt Moner Market.
NEW YORK. Pec. 19. MONEY On call,
siendy at 4i per cent, closing at bit per
cent; easier; sixty and ninety days, per
cent; six months, 5Vr3, per cent; prime
merrantl'e paper, 6 per cent.
cline, with actual hutlness In hankers' bills
at $4 .R6"n4 for demand and at 14 RXfi-d;
4 S3 for sixty dnys; commercial bills, W.S2ij
SILVER Bar, 4SHC; Mexican dollars,
BOND8 Government, steady; railroad,
The closing quotations on bonds ara
f. 8. rf. Jg. reg ....I07H t.. N. nnl 4a 101
do coupon 10V4 Mex. Cantral 4a 71
do la, rcg m; do la Inr x
do coupon ln; Minn. A Si. L. 4a. ..!"
do new 4a. rcg Ill M . K. A T. 4a 7'ni
do coupon l.v. do ts 91
do 4s, rag irw N. T. Central la ltd
do coupon 109 do gan. Ia 1M
do 6c. reg lo.l N. J. C. gen. U Uf '4
do coupon ln.x Ko. Pacific 4s 103
Atchison gen. 4a I"!' do a 71
do adj. 4s ov, N. W. eon. 4a im
Bal. ft Ohio 4a 101 Reading gen. 4a
do aa 4 St L. I M e. s....llt',
do ronr. 4s 101 Bt. U A 8 F. 4s.... (7
Canada So. 2 K 8t. L. 8. W. la S
Cantral of Oa. 6a irtsi do as i
dn la Inc T4 8 A. A A. P. 4a.... M
Chra. A Ohio 4a. . ,W So. Pacific 4a 0
Chicago A A. Ia... 71 Ro. Railway In 11
C, R. A Q. n. 4a.... K Teiaa A Pacific s...ll
C. M tt St P g 4s. .ll T.. St. U. A W. 4a.. 7D4,
C. A N. W. c. 7a....l3J Vnlos Pacific 4a 104
C. R. I. A P. do eonr. 4s 104
r f r l I . h. II Wabash la 114
Chicago Ter. 4s M j do ta lot
Colorado Bo. 4a 1 do deb. B 74
Pcnier A R. O. 41...101 West Shore 4a 111
Erie prior Hen 4a.... 7 Wheel, ft I.. C. 4a.. tl
do General 4a M wis. Cantral 4a 11
F. w ft I). C. la . ..109 Can. Tobacco 4s 44
Hocking Val. 4a...l0
Boston Stock Qnef avtloas.
BOSTON, Pec. 19 Call loans, 6H2 Per
cent: time lonns. firi7 per cent. Official
closing of stocks and bonds:
Atchison 4a..' io"V Adventure II
Ras la lAllouei 1
Mex. Central 4a 7 Amalgamated S7
Atchison ?Vi Rlngham t7
dn prd M ecalumet A HaeU...44
Roston or Albanj JM ICentennlal 1(1
Roston A Ms 11)1 Copper Range 64
Ponton Klevated 1M Dominion Coal US
N. Y., N. H. A H...I.24 Tranklln I
Fltehbnrg ptd 141 Mohawk 15
t'nlnn Pacific 9) Old Dominion 11
Mc. Central SI't Osceola il
American Sugar 124 Parrot tl
do ptd lis Qulncj 1
American T. ft T....ll Ranta Fa Copper. ... 1
Dominion I. A 8 Wi Tamarack 141
('.en. Electric 174 ITrlmnuntain It
Masa. ElnctrlO KtiiTrinltv I
do prd n t'nlted States 91
Vnlted Fruit insu.'1'tah M
f. 8. Steal 34 "(Victoria 4
do prd K3 W'lnona 4
Wastlngh. Common... K Wolverine U
Bid. "Ex-dlvldend.
Sfrr York Mtnlnar lnotatlosis,
NEW YORK, Peo. 19 The followin
g are
the closing prices on stocks:
Adama Con 20
Alice 15
Hrveca 4e
Rrunawlrk Con I
Comatock Tunnel ... 6
Con. Cal. ft Va 110
Horn Silver 12B
Iron Ftlvor 84
Leadvllla Con I
Mttla Chief ...
... is
... 13
... 7
... IS
Sierra Navada
Small Itopas ..
Forelarn Financial.
LONDON. Doc IP. The demand for
money was active today and supplies were
rhort. Borrowers were larajely dependent
on the Bank of England. Business on the
Stock exchange was more cheerful owing;
chiefly to the recovery In Americans. Pro
fessionals were the main supporters of
prices. (Sonsols were firm. Home rails
more active and higher. Americans opened
above parity and to fair business, but later
they slackened and closed quieter and be
low the best quotations of the day. Grand
Trunks reacted. Kaffirs were in fair re
quest and made a slight advance.
PARIS, Dec. 19. Prices were firm on the
bourse today, the new aspect of the Ven
ezuelan situation inducing the hope that
tho questions In. dispute will shortly be
settled. South Americans were In fair In
quiry and most of tha Industrials hard
ened. Rio tintos were more active on tho
firmness of copper in New York. Kaffir
opened strong and closed quieter. The pri
vate rate of discount was 2 13-11 Three
per cent rentes. ' S9f 20e for the account;
exchange on London, 25f 24Ve for checks.
BERLIN, Dec. 19. Business was quiet on
the bourse today.1 Governments were firm.
Banks were dull on the mildness of the
weather. Exchange on London, 20m 44pfg
for checks; discount rates for short bills,
2Vi per cent; for , three months' bills, t
per cent.
Cotton Market.
Firm: sales. 8.660 bales; ordinary, 6Tc; good
ordinary. THc; low middling, 7 ll-16c; mid
dling 814c; good middling. 8 11-16c; middling-
fair. 9Hc; receipts, 9,686 bales; stock,
JS4.839 bales. Futures, steady; December,
8.18c. bid; January, 8 213S.22c; February,
a.2SS8 27e; March. 8.32'ft8.33c; April. 8 S5
8.37c; May, 8.44t).41c; June, 8 42j3.44c; July,
Secretary Hester's statement of the
world's visible supply of cotton shows total
at 43.496.7a8 bales, of which i.OBl.TM la
American cotton.
NEW YORK. Dec. 19-COTTON-After
opening steady at unchanged prices to an
advance cf 1 point ruled crulet for a time,
early cables being unsatisfactory, public
speculation not as expected and local senti
ment having a bearish flavor. Late, how
ever. It became apparent tnat the week
end figures were to be very strong, and a
buying movement eet in. which carried
prices 411 points above the closing level
of the previous day. and on that basis thi
market closed Arm. Total sales futures
were figured at 275,000 bales. All classes of
trailers became buyers early In the day an-i
an attitude Initiated by small estimated re
ceipts for the day at Important points. The
demand wns accelerated by favorable spot
cotton dispatches from New Orleans and
other points of accumulation In the south.
At New York spot q not at iocs were marked
up 6 points. Rhorts were the best buyers.
An element of firmness was the world's
visible ' supply increiie, which amounted
only to 12HO00 balos. against 197.0OO bains
last year. The American increase was onlv
830.000 bales, whereas the Increase 'in I he
American "llb!e for the corresponding
week last year was 1S1.000 bales. It was
evident that the absorption of cotton was
still proceeding upon a record sale, with 110
correspondent increase in th movement of
cotton. Thl. according to Superintendent
Kin? of the New York exchange, amounted
to 370. "-9 bales for th week, aa brought
Into sight, against 399,072 for the corre
sponding week last year, making the total
amount brought Into sight 8.118.063 bales,
against ,0M,fH last ye. Fstlmnted for
tomorrow (Saturday): Call for 6 000 to 7000
bales at New Orleans, a gain t 13.091 bales
last year, while Galveston Is scheduled for
S,t) to 11,000 bales, against 13,279 last year.
Wool Market.
PONTON. Dec. 19 -WOOI-The Commer
c'al Bulletin will say In tomorrow's report
on the wool trade of the United States;
"Wool values are steadily moving unward
r.n both medltim and fine grades. The de
mand from manufacturers this week has
Improved and It Is believed ths.t after the
turn of the year large sales will occur. The
new heavyweight goods season Is opening
under auspicious conditions. - Australian
wool markets have closed for the holidays,
with purchases to date for the United
States a third i-aa thsn last year. The re
celits of wool It, Boton since January 1.
I!, hsve been 107.639.sl9 pounds, agilnst
rfl 614.f'T pounds for the same period in
19'1. Th Boston shipments to dste are
!Kw.e9o pounds, aralnst shipments of 257..
e7.7f: pounds for the rame period In 194.
Tho stock on hind in Boston January 1,
IV. wag 77.!i0 4M pounds; the total stock
todav Is 18. KM. 677 pounds. The stock on
hand December tl, 1901, was 7s,028.13J
'free Market.
VFW YOTK. Dee. 19 COFF:F.K8pot
Rl.v quiet: No. 7 invoice, f.c. Mild, stead v;
Cc-dova IW'rVr. Futures opened steady.
i'h prices unchanged to K points lower.
CnK-s fncrillv were In line with local
et 'iripatlor and cut little figure as an
lnfmnce. The statistical situation also
):iekd new feature hevdnd heavv elir.
ance. for the Unltei B ates a"d larg- drains
In the Havre slock. Ift to local Incentive,
the market was extremely dull all the ses
'oi. barely moving from opening figures.
Th f-ual b-r.r Interest sold spot, foreign
eoint'les nbrorblrg most of the offerings.
Th close wis p;let. with quotations un
changed to 5 polrta lowr. Total sslea
were 7J0 bags, includlpr January at 4bOc;
March. 4 7ic: Mav 4 ?ii4 !Ke; July. 06c;
September, J SOc: October. S.Zoc.
Stock In sight.
The following were the receipts of live
stock at the six principal cities yesterday:
Cntflfl, Hn-a lin.n
omsna S.oon
Chicago 7 (iio
Kansas City 1V
St. Louis I S110
St. Joseph 1 "0
Sioux City J00
S mo
. 8.&00
11 ov
Tot ls
...IT.&jtf 74.3UO 19,771
Cattle Oontinusd Slow Sale, with Price on
Down Grade.
been Receipts l ight, hat Valaes on
Both Fat Sheen and Unbi Took
Tamhle of Falls- Fifteen
to Twenty-Five Tents.
Receipts were:
Cattle. Hogs. Uheep.
... 2. Ml 6.470 $.249
.. 4.525 7,5 12,!W0
... 4.4.' 1o,7Fi7 .452
,.. $.0M 11.200 8.678
... 1.0) 10,500 4,000
Official Monday
Official Tuesday
Official Wednesday....
Official Thursday
Official Friday
Five days this week...l7.rV5
Same days last week.... 27,033
Same week before 21,470
Same three weeks ago. ..18,622
Same four weeks ago. ...24.294
Same days laat year 16.176
63. M
The following- table shows the recelnta of
rattle, hogs and sheep at South Omnha for
the year to date and comparisons with last
1902. lorn.
98.57 802,401
2.176.947 1.332.9H9
1,709 160 1,300,789
following table shows
186, 41
the average
price of hogs sold on the South Omaha
market the last several days, with com
parisons with former years:
Date. I 1P0J. 1901. 190O. 189. 1K.1I7.1W
Nov. 24...
Nov. 26..
Nov. 26...
Nov. 27..,
Nov. 28..
Nov. 19. .
Nor. o...
Dec 1...,
Dec. t...,
Dec. 4...
Dee. 5...,
Dee. ...,
Pee. 7...,
Dec. ....
Dec. 9....
Dec. 10...
Dec. 11...
Dc. 12 .,
Dec. 13...
Dec. 14...
Dec. IB...
Dec. 16...
Dec. 17..,
Dec. 18...
Dec. 19...
6 15
t 00
S 82! 3 46!
II 771 1 38!
1 27
3 21
K 7
4 ST
1 S0 11
1 24
3 24
I f-Sl
I 761
t 28 1
i r.
4 711
4 741
4 (9
1 731 1 20
X ! 1 191
1 3:
6 09H
3 801
4 71 I 21
1 74 1 25
5 761 1 18
I 1 13
S 8I
8 801 I 17
3 27
3 38
3 09
8 1
3 09
3 00
8 19
3 31
1 21
1 17
3 20
3 28
3 17
3 17
8 17
8 16
3 18
C 0
s 9;
4 Kl
4 l
4 68
4 77
4 84
3 23
0 22M.
( 54 V
t 16
a I
I H!
3 19
3 21
I 0
S 04
t 861 1 36
3 23
3 23
4 81
3 81
t 28i
4 78
3 83
3 921
S 301
3 1
S 291
3 13
3 15
6 08
s 11
8 81
4 82i
4 771
4 811
4 861
4 84
4 83
4 73!
4 T?
5 96
5 S8-V
C I61
3 S
8 96
S 87
1 38
8 20
8 96i 3 331
1 95! 8 271
3 23
3 Z4
3 29
4 01 1 SO!
I 1 26
1 98 I
3 92i 3 28
3 31
3 31
Indicates Sunday. Indicates Holiday.
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. H'r's.
c. M. & Bt. p z
Wabash 1
Missouri Pacific 1
Union Pacific system 19
C. N. W 7
F., E. A M. V 22
C, St. P., M. tt O
B. & M 20
C. B. k Q 9
C, R. I. A P., east.. 8
C R. I. A P., west.. ..
Illinois Central 1
Total recelpta 99
2 .. ..
17 6
28 1
8 8..
18 6 1
16 4
150 26 1
The disposition of the day's receipts was
at iouows, eacn nuyer purchasing tne num
n-r 01 neaa indicated:
Buyers. Cattle.
Omaha Packing Co Ifi9
Swift and Company 973
Armour Co 636
Cudahy Packing Co 853
Armour, from Sioux City 99
Vansant & Co 29
Lobman A Co 3
Hill & Huntslnger 14
William Underwood 8
Livingstone A Schaller.. 4
Hamilton & Rothschild.. 31
Wolf Muman 1
B. F. Hobblck 6
Dennis A Co 46
Other buyers 191
Totals 3.607 11.216 4.181
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were again
quite liberal at nearly all points and the
general tendency of prices continued down
ward. The market here was slow In open
ing, and when buyers finally did start out
It was very evident that they were not
fiartlcularly anxious for fresh supplies un
ess they could get them for less money.
There were about 16 cars of cornfed
steers Included In the receipts, and the
quality was rather common on the whole.
Buyers were generally bidding a little
lower than yesterday, so that the prices
paid were certainly no better than at the
close of last week, and In some cases they
looked lower.
A large proportion of the recelpta this
morning consisted of cows and heifers, so
that packers had a good opportunity to
pound the market, and they were not slow
about making the moat of It. As compared
with yesterday the bulk of the stuff sold
easily a dime lower, but the market was
rather uneven owing to the rapid fluctua
tions that have been taking place this
week, and for that reason some sales looked
considerably better than others. The gen
eral market, though, was safely a dime
lower than yesterday.
Bulls, veal calves and stags also eased
off a little. Choice veals, though, held
right close to steady.
There were only just a few stockers and
feeders In the yards, and very few or them
were what could be called good. Specu
lators claimed they were willing to pay
fully steady prices for good stuff, but that
there was no demand from the country for
the common stuff. As a result sellers found
It a difficult proposition to dispose of that
class Tt stock at any price. Representative
II. i
.. 12
.. 750
.. 1
.. ISA
.. 74
.. M
No. At. Pr.
t 1I4 4 on
1 1040 4 00
7 1171 4 no
II 1M1 06
17 1111 4 01
1 Ill 4 06
10 1048 4 "
t4 1131 4 OS
40 12S', 4 10
14 lift 4 IS
M 1.1 4 41
I! IStO 4 M
17 11M 4 15
1 ...1114 40
I 00
t 00
1 o
1 09
I 10
1 1.1
I ts.
1 r
t V)
1 no
t o
..10S7 4 00
rma aav
... 0
... 74
... 740
... 170
... 0
... 740
... 110
... 70
... IOS
... M
... 110
... 4711
... 7J
... 0
... 7K
... 1
... tr
... r
... Sa
... 161
... 4
... IV)
... 4T
... Ml
... MO
... SSI
... IM
... Ml
1 10 1 ISO 8 75
1 :. Il hi t 10
t no 1 his t M
1 M It 1071 t SO
1 0l to 1101 I M
t n 1 nr. 1 u
t 01 1 110 t s
t 10 It 1041 t M
1 10 II 1140 I 00
i 10 . 1 KIM) I 00
t 10 I I1M I 00
i 10 1 1 I 00
1 1 t 10 t 00
1 1 1 nat a 00
t ti I lofco a no
a is 1 o in
a 10 17 77 1 00
a 10 so inai a m
a 10 1 mo a m
a m to iou a or
a at 11 mrr a cs
a s t iooo a 10
a 15 11 irni a ia
a 40 a 107) a n
a 40 11 m 111
a 41 1 110 I is
a n 1:1 1 is
a M 51 11 71 a to
a 10 ao ...1047 a as
a m t mo a ts
a so 1 iv) a ns
a so a i7o a 11
a m a not 1 s
1 SO !!4 a IS
I U 14 1074 8 40
I ) a aS t r
a m a un a t
a SO !)! a M
a so ' 4 ....naa a a
1 o 1 ns 1 is
1 so t a a
a i i4 4x4 a to
a in a m
a is tii a m
a n a it, a r-o
a is 4 as7 a mi
a 1 mo a is
I SO 1 1440 a 00
a 4 1 im 1 10
a si 1 n?s a to
a " a i--. i
a n 1 i4Mi 1 n
a m 1 im 1 1.)
a an 1 it:o 1 fo
1 00 1 IM I I)
J 00 1 1MI) 1 o
1 on 1 mo a 76
a e
a s 1 to sr.
4 M 1 174 6 tS
.. TTS
.. t7
.. HI
.. 4
.. SW
.. 410
.. 670
.. 170
,. 410
, 141
, 1510
, o
IM S tl
1 10
UN as 11 Mi t
tii 1 1 m in
sv 1 I Soo I as
aan 1 I p. 1 4a
;m I M a 70 1 40
iou I la S I. a I 4
? am a sao a so
711 I
444 'I 171 I SS
A. Pr No A v. Pr.
8 feeders.. I.S 3 40
3 feeders . 1140 3 li
3 feeders . . M jj
IB -OA-Receipt of bogs were liberal this
morning anil prices at all points stiff-red
a decline. ( lit. age. was 'ei-one,! iii ir.o
lower nn l the ilet line In ,-e wns 1 I ' eb -ut
the same The bulk of the h-,g soid from
lo 97Vg to $A . with a few choice Inmls
going at oo7i fcnd ?t 10. The lightweight
hogs sold mostly from $.'. to V9V The
lighter the Welsh's ,he harder It was to
make a sale ni.d plgr were exlremelv hard
to sell at satisfactory prices and. as will be
noted from the sales bemw, they brought
considerably less than hogs. Trading as
not setlve st tho decline, but still the bulk
of the arrivals was disposed of In good
searon The close of the market was If
anything a start, weaker than the opening
Representative sales:
No. At. ti Pr. No. At. h. Pr
to I4S ... t SO 70 IM . . 4 00
II 1S ... S 7S SO ;i 11 gnu
1 517 40 S So SJ 7 140 loo
is in 110 a ao ss ?m laj a o-.
HI ... S " . 6 27a ... 1 02U
t"0 ... SM an t7 41) 4 rji.
IV 10 S o aa i 1 an 4 oi
7 274 W III
s l 40 4 n;v,
S7 aoo II) I of,
I 270 ton I 02
76 277 200 4 0;v
4 W7 140 4 15
S" US ... I IS
71 tog ... 6 IS
14 t'l ion 6 IS
0 IM ln 6 IS
Tl 141 too S I7H
66 150 ... 6 I7L,
10 14T 40 171,
71 184 10 I 7',
II 104 ... I 00
74 ., 141 120 4 00
4 144 40 4 CO
'1 141 ... 100
a. .121 ... 100
10 2tl ... goo
ti. ...... .126 ... a no
1 m 120 00
0 211 40 a 00
s 12s ... no
SI 271 120 a 00
49 rr ... 100
T 244 ... 1 00
78 14 no 1 no
47 154 40 4 on
17 107 ... I 00
I HI ... 4 on
71 t;o 40 a no
4 110 ... 4 on
TS 194 40 4 SO
47 725 10 I 00
40 171 80 4 00
SI 198 14n I 00
1 2M M M
14 278 100 I 00
av 11 ... n?1
...tas an tot',
l4 10 4 0?s
... .144 0 I PJ14,
....241 II 4 Kt
...Ml IO0 4 0-',
. .. 1 ... I njv,
....178 40 4 021,
....111 ... 4 0:1
...soi ... 4 mi
64 lot t0 I 01V4j
IS 144 40 4 OIL,
! UT ... 4 01",
E7 Ill 40 I 05',
Tl IS 140 I 02',
an 261 40 4 om
i i4i so I 0:14
61 t4 10 4 01' t
1T 91ft ... I 03',
70 22 40 6 021,
14 224 40 I 014j
71 2T-1 10 I 02'4j
61 400 I OS
60 10 4 05
0 25 ... I OS
I! 241 ... 4 OS
61 2S.1 60 6 OS
II 174 ... I 06
44 2! 100 OS
IB 110 ... ins
78 110 SO I OS
SI 114 10 I OS
z:o 10 a on u 7 am
H ' 40 I 00 141 40 4 OS
J ait 40 a 00 10 tit ... a os
2 ?a 1 a 00 as ii ... 4 no
T 2S too 4 00 70 "II ... 4 OS
845 140 8 00 El 811 140 4 OS
fi 147 IM 4 00 TT 2l 100 I OS
ll t"0 4 00 65... ?4 ... 8 0S
? S 80 4 00 87 248 140 4 OS
24 ... 4 00 IT 824 1 40 4 06
" !4 ... I 00 tf 2M ... 4 06
44 140 I 00 71. 244 ... 4 OS
J' 21 240 4 00 42 2S ... 4 07V
J 'l SO 4 00 SS 8tJ ... 8 07S
250 80 4 00 SO MS 40 4 07"4
227 120 4 00 10 JC4 ... 4 10
J ... a 00 ao is ao a 10
ao its ... goo
SHEEP There was not a heavy supply
of sheep am lambs on sale this morning,
but prices took quite a tumble. Packers)
claim they have been paying too hlsh prices
here for some time, an compared with other
markets, and that thev are now going to
get this market down In line with others.
As compared with yesterday afternoon the
market Is fully IOiSMSc lower, or. as com
pared with yesterdav morning, the decline
amounts to fullv lf.3'2fo and In some cases
sales were made that looked even worse
than that. The least decline was on strictly
choice nstlvcs that packers could use for
their Christmas trade. Owing to this sud
den tumble In prices trading was naturally
rather slow and it was late before a clear
ance was made.
The stocker and feeder market continued
hoiit steady. Supplies were light, ao that.
W'hlle the demand was also limited, prices
showed very little change.
Quotations for fed stock: Choice lambs,
tS.0OifJ6.2ft; nr to good lambs. 4.oO((W.0O;
choice yearlings. 14.OcvfM.25; fair to good
yearlings, !3.754.00; choice wethers, l.l.OO
fOO; fair to good, 33. 263. SO: choice ewes,
13.505M.W; fair to good. 13.OTif3.50: feeder
lnmbs, t3.00Tt.OO: feeder venrllngs, 33.OOfl3.25;
feeder wethers, r.7523.o0: feeder ewes, 11.50
T!.2Z. Representative gales:
No. pr
Jed ewes... 107 j 4R
1 buck loo 4 no
9 fed lambs 78 5 ro
22.2 fed ewes 102 a 46
20 fed ewes gj j ro
49 fed ewes 97 j 50
MS fed wethers , 91 3 ss
20 native yearlings 8t 4 25
native lambs no 4 25
25 cull wethers 70 00
8 cull lambs 4A 2 00
10 cull ewes us 2 50
96 western ewea o 300
l.buck 200 3 00
18 western ewes H2 3 25
IB cull lambs 55 3 25
35 natrve ewes n 3 50
28 native ewes 129 3 75
5 native ewes 134 3 75
48 native ewes, b 130 3 so
38 native ewes, 144 400
18 western lamns 5. 4 4V I
61 western lambs 64 4 23 1
15 western lambs 8 4 s '
18 western wethers 132 4 R0
38 native lambs....... 73 4 7s
24 western lambs 73 4 75
250 western le.mbs 78 4 7.
155 western lambs 715 4 75
ft western lambs 79 5 00
hi native lambs 89 8 25
1 native ewe VA 4 00
66 native lambs 64 4 M
London Stock Miarkef.
LONDON. Dec. 19. Closing quotations:
Conaols for monair.13 1S-1 New York Central ...
do account
.12 18-1'
Nortolk A Weatarn.
dn ptd
Baltimore A Ohio..
.... 4t
.... 84
dn prd 414,
Ontario A Weatarn... -,
.101)' iPnrsrlranla
.inov. Rtn Mines ,
.18ii R-adlns
. 48141 do !at ptd
. ISHl dn td prd
.177"' Southern Railway
. do ptd
, 8S' ISonthem Pacific. .
. ItSjt'elon raelflc
. 114,
. 4H4
. ai
. If,
. as
Canadian Pacts-
Chraansake A Oblo.
rhicao n. w
C. M. A St. P....
Dsnver A R. O....
do pfd
do 1st pfd
do td ptd
Illinois Ontral
l.nulsTllI A Nash..
Mlsro.irl, g T..
. 34' H dn prd
. IF'.j fnltrd Statea Steal..
. 4 dn ptd
.IMVj do ptd
. 14
, ?
PAR SILVER Quiet st 2? S-1d per ounce.
MONET S"fi74 per cent. The rate of dl
count In the open market for short bills Is
S74(P4 per cent and for three-months' bills
3 i-WW3 5-16 per cent.
CHICAGO LIVE! stock market.
Cattle Are Slow and Both Roars and
heep Lower In Price.
CHICAGO. Dec. 19 CATTLE Receipts.
Tooa head: alow; good to prime steers. 15 40
C50; poor to medium. !3.0(vrjl25; stockers
snd feeders. 12.00(fr4 50: cows. !1.25fii 4 50;
heifers. t2.00TS.OO; canners. 81.25f! 40: bulls.
I?.0(jt4.40; eab-es. 13.0O)3.75; Texas fed
steers. 83 75N.SO.
HOGS Recelnts. 38.000 head; estimated
tomorrow, 20.000 heart: left over, 8 500 head:
10;fTl5e lower: cloeed slow; mixed and
butchers, 15.804W.20; good to choice heavy.
86 2'.RR; rough heavy. 35.4O4i6.20; light.
36 r.mfton: bulk of es.le. 36. 00474. 30.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Recelnts. 11 000
head: lr"315c lower: good to choice weth
ers. $3.75(774. 40; fair to choice mixed, 12.75T8
3.75: western sheep. tS.SOrfM 40: native lambs.
34.O0fT6.75: eastern lambs, 34.50(95.75. .
onirlal yesterday;
Recelnts. Shipments
Cattle 1098 4. 45-!
Wogs 37.649 - 5.587
Sheep , 24.404 4.178
Ifewr Tnrk Live Stock Market.
celnts, 4.239 head: steers active, but 105?15c
lower: cows, stesdv to 10c off: bulls, un
changed: steers. t39fr660; tall ends. 13 76;
bulls. 13 .5mtf2.n- rows. 8I.WX1M 85. 1-ar.iea
minted live cattle selling at 124ft13",e;
Chrletmas steers. 14?14Uc. r-essed weleht:
sheep, stesdv: refrleerstor beef. 10c; ship
ments tomorrow. 1. 605 head rattle. 917 head
sheep and 4.500 quarters of beef.
CALVES Receipts. 733 head: vesla slow,
about steady for nrlme rraesers snd wee,
erns lower: veals. 15.00436 tv: choice little
calves. 15; western snd southern. 33.124rS.60;
few hsrnvards. 11 12 V, I city dressed veal.
low. lf&Mc.
HOGS Receipts. 3.100 heart: easier; good
westerns, 16 li; few state. 36.60. latter ex
treme. SHEEP AVr LA MRS Receipts. 7.193
head: sheen. ir.f'26 lower: sheep. l?.6Afi4 0-:
few extra sheen. 14 50; culls. 12; lambs. 14.75
4(6 10; culls, 13.50; Canadian lambs, 35.76.
Kanssa City Live llork Market.
ceipts 1.1S0 natives, 8'41 Texans. 20" native
calves; beef steers, dull at last Frldsv's
nrices: good corn cows and heifers, IV
2V lower: range canners. ftVf lower:
eho'ce export snd dre1 heof steers. 8"i.10
fit. 00: fale to rood, 83..WK1.0R: stockers and
orfrs K.t'JH 00; western-fed steers 13(10
-'.25: Texas and Indian steers. T.4 r:
Texas cows. Vf vMtlt 'f): "stive cows. 11
3 83: native heifers. 8l.76drl.00; cerners. W.75
43? !": bulls I1.8r)i" 9".: calves, S2.8. 00.
HOGS Receipts, 7.000 head: market dull
snd iodise lower: tip. 86 ): bulk of pales,
f. Oixa" iVt: beaw. 84. OT1 TO; mixed rick
e', 15 KJf 10; light. 8.8036.05; yorkers,
6 nuuA 5; plrs 16 64j4 .
SHEEP AND LA MRS Reeelots. 1 or0
brsd: market stendy to easy; nstle lambs.
14 004(5 40: western lambs. 33 . 8.Vfr4 . 3" : fd
ees. 3J.ilor8.95: native we' hers, !3.'?t4.6:
western wethers. 13 (K:r4.20; stockers and
feeders, 12.00J3.35
I. I.aals Live Stock Market.
ST LOl'IB. Dee. 18 CATTLE Receipts.
t '. head. Includlns 2ioo Texans: market
steady for btst oualltlea to a ehsrte lower
for Inferlcr grdes- native shlnplng snd
export sl'ers. 3t (4 nft; dressed bee' and
butcher, ft 2ifi.r0; fers under 1 '"0
it s. 13 7?flo !T: stockers and feeders. 12 4't
4.00; cowa and heifers. 12..44. 75; canners.
81 V.? .V; bulls, 12 SMffl.50: calves. M flojl
7."0; Texas and liwil.m steirs, 32. 104, 8":
icvis nnrt h lf rs. 2M1.1 St.
HoO.S-lSi-, cipts. ..Vim head: market 10f
:-e 1..T, ,-; pig and tights, 8"i "v,r.10; pack
ir. " 61 , b itchcrs. $r..U1i4n.
SUKKP AND I.AM H8 -Receipts. 1JWM
bend: market rtco.iy io a shade lower;
natlie muttons, IT.; lambs. 3.f-tt
f..'s; c-ills iind bucks. 1J t-? 4 .tX; stockers,
tl.6tWr3.i8i; Texnns. IJ.7oji3.S0.
t. Joseph I, la e tnrk Market.
ceipts. I S)" heart,' natives, H rs'it .; Texas
niI weefrns. J.t 0 11 . ; hu'ls and stap:.
I.' o 4r4 40; slock-rs- and feeders. 13.iS4.;o.
lit MIS Receipt.' head; medium and
heavy. 16.'i;(ii.2;,; pigs. J4.t6.oo; bulk, W.oi
fjfi 15.
SHKEP AND LA M It? Receipts, TTS head;
native lambs, s.i.75; yenrllngs, 14.50; wethers,
It. 35; ewes. 14.25.
Moot City Lire Mock Market.
SlOfX CITT. ti . Dee. 19. (Special Tele
prim.) C ATT LE Receipts. S"0; steady;
beeves, 8,1 S'"if5.26; cows, bulls and mlxel,
tl.5v,i.75; stockers and feeders, U6tf)4.O0;
yenrllpgs and calves. I? JOli 3. 75.
HOGS Receipts, 3.500; market, ltl?
lower. IS WitC. 20; bulk. 35.77-4 rt..
BHEEP Receipts, 600; steady.
Omnha. Neb.. December 13, 1?J)2. Sealed
proposals. In triplicate, sublcct to the
usunl conditions, will be received at this
office, until Ki a. nr.. central standard
time December 24. 1!2. for furnishing
material anil labor In construction, In the
shortest possible time, of a temporary
frame stable In Fort Crook. Neb. Full In
formation furnished on rtppllcatlon to this
office, where plans and specifications may
bo seen or to the Quartermaster. Fort
Crook Proposals to be marked "PropsnU
for Stables," and addressed to JNO. W.
PULLMAN. Chief Quartermaster
Office of Ie-Glass-Andreesen Hardware
Company. Omaha. Neb.. Dec. 13. 1002. No
tice is hereby given to the stockholders of
the Leo-Glass-A ndreesen Hardware com
pany that the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the company will be held at the
offices of the said company, corner of Ninth
and Harney ltreet. in the city of Omahn.
In the state of Nebrasks. on Tuesday. Jan
uary 18, A. D. 1903, at 3 o'clock p. in.. lor
the purpose of electing a board of direct
ors for the company to serve during the
ensuing year, and to transact such other
business aa may be presented at such meeting-
II. J. LEE, President.
V. M. GLASS. Secretary.
D18 D3)t
Strong Nerves
are the true source of good, lieslthy
Persons with half-starved aiervesel
wsyt lock worried and "clrajced-out."
You cannot be happy without nerve
vigor; you cannot be natural without
all the powers which nature meant you
to have.
produce healthful glow which art
cannot Imitate. They uvlgorate every
organ, put new force to the nerves,
elasticity to the step sad round out the
face and form to Hues of health and
81 00 Tr twtv . R Sm.-- t i.v. ...
- - 1 l - j V " 1 1 . wiiiica
guaraatee), kAUU. Kuokfreau
For sal by &.unn 4 Co.. Ornate,
unions LiiiK biore. Hon Hi tintna.
Davis Drug Co.. Counoil Uluffa. ta.
Treats all forma of
37 Tears Experience,
17 Tears In Omaha,
His remarkable sue-
tmm ha a nvar tieen
equaled snd every day brings many flatter
ing reports of the good he Is doing, or tha
relief he haa given.
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
And all Blood Poisons. NO "BREAKING
OCT" on the skin or faoe and all extornal
slgna of the dlsesse disappear at once,
n'l aAt?il nlCPlCt: wrmimnilr aurad In
ULUUU UldCttwt lar, than BO Uay a.
UlUta-lfifiCI C Cur guaranteed In
UvcH au.uu J
oases cured of nerv
ous debility, loss of
. a...iJ4 ouicnargss, Dingiuta,
Oiosl, Klousy and Biauuer Ulsaases, Hy
Trvatment by mall. P. O. ttux 7th. Ofllce
over Us a. 14 Hi sireot, between s arnatn and
Douglas streeia, iVMAliA, MUM.
Why Not
Tou have been to Europe.
You have seen California and
Colorado. Why not try Mex
coT It Is worth while.
The curloui architecture;
the vast plazas, where the en
tire population of tha city
gathers nightly to listen to
the stirring strains of a mili
tary band; the rare beauty of
(he women; the picturesque
"Hire of the men; the prl mi
ll ve method of agriculture
ih.-se ara only a few of the
?ores of things that can be
seen and enjoyed In Maxlco
Cut out this ad. aend It to
ua. and we will mall yeu a
book about Mexico. Telli
Just what you want to know.
Ticket Office, 1323
Farnam St.
P. It. Wears, Pres. C. A. Wears. V-Prea.
Established 1862.
Members of the Principal blxcbanges.
Private Wires to Ail Points.
Bought and sold for cash or
future delivery.
OMAHA BRANCH. 1W-11I Roard of Trade.
1 elephone 1318
W. It. Ward. Local M-nager.
lass City, Iowa.
Small Investor?
Csn Invest their savings In a Preferred In
dustrial stock to ret . The company his
no compeilllim and the control la he'd l.y
tren connected with the Ktandr.rd Oil Co.
Write, for full particulars. References
any bank in Chicago.
Dept. It, Rookery Bldg., Chicago, 1U.