Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 02, 1902, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 15, Image 15

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The Fame of the Kellerstrass
Whisky Extends All Over
the United States.
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That "a prophet 1 not wlthoat honor,
save In his own country," bu so often been
verified In relation to persona and thlnf
in Ktmu City, that It aeema almost su
perfluous to call attention to It a;ain. but
tbe fact la It baa been ao strikingly Im
pressed upon a roan from Kansas City hla
experience aeema worth the telllna;. This
man has just returned from the east, and
while there ha noticed that In every paper
which ba picked up thera appeared tha
name of the Kellerstrass Distilling com
pany of Kansas City. It alwaya occupied
a conspicuous place and waa alwaya telling
a tout whisky. Tha man had heard the
rame often In Kansas City and had used
Kellerstrass whisky- himself, but beyond
the fact that tha article was exceedingly
good he knew practically nothing and had
t.ever taken the trouble to Investigate. But
the regularity with which the name greeted
him every time be read a paper caused him
to do a Utile Investigating on his return to
Kansas City, the result of which caused
htm to exclaim: "Who would have thought
111" tho would. Indeed, when It Is made
kauwn that here In Kansas City la a whisky
house which has CO, (WO regular customers
scattered all ove" the United Btates, from
Maine to California and from Florida to the
northern limits of Minnesota, The mam
moth scale upon which this company trans)
acta business la truly In keeping with the
progressive age In which we now live, and
wins tha admiration of everyone who ap
preciates the ability and perseverance
necessary to develop such a business. Tbe
advertising of tha company covera the en
tire country and the amount of money spent
for this publicity la very large, amounting
to an average dally expenditure of JTUO. All
the shipments of the company are prepaid
and tha express companies alone receive
tTS.000 a year. The postage bill la enormous,
the company using last year 116, OCX) worth
of postage stamps. These figures convey
but vaguely an Hea of tha gigantic business
done by this company. A year ago the
company went into quarters of Its own, but
these proved too small and additional room
haa been secured at two different times
and the company la again cramped for want
of floor space. These are things to make
even the enterprising Kansas City man
think and I: la only a wonder that mora do
not know of these facta and realise the
Immensity of the dealings of this house.
The Kellerstrass Distilling company owns
and operates Its own distillery and bottles
its own whisky. There la no other such
bottling plant in the United States. The
building la located at Fourteenth street
and Baltimore avenue, and the grade being
very steep there it is enabled to take Its
whisky directly from the barrels In which
It comes directly from the distillery and
place the Uquod in huge tanks on tha top
floor, although the teams may drive di
rectly up to them. As soon as tha whisky
Is poured Into the tanks a United Btates
government agent seals and stamps them so
that there la no possible chance for adul
teration. From this time until it is poured
Into a glass by the consumer the whisky
la never touched by human hands. The
tanks being upon the top floor, the whisky
runs down through troughs and tubes to
the bottling machines, where it is placed
in new Dottles lor Kellerstrass never uses
a bottle more than once and is corked.
sealed, stamped and turned out complete.
without a hand touching it, tha machln
doing all the work automatically. There
are three of these machines, each having a
capacity of 18,000 bottles per day of 10 hours.
'J hat makes M.OOQ quarts of whisky that
this house turns out every twenty-four
hours. The express companies are taxed to
. ,r ana port thla great load every evening.
Jvcllerstraaa was tha originator of the idea
oi selling whisky direct from tha distillery
to the consumer. He believed that tha
consumer would Appreciate this plan, aa It
would Insure the purity of tha whisky.
there being no chance for adulteration by
unscrupulous dealers. Not only Ah is. but
selling direct eliminates tha middleman's
profit, which In the whisky business
amounts to nearly as much aa tha original
cost of tha whisky. A whisky that can be
sold by mall for S3.U per gallon woald cost
If purchased from tha retailer at least 15
per gallon. Kallerstraaa does a mail order
business that la something wonderful. Al
though this department of hla business is
only five years old. ha moved it last year
Into his present fine building, 80x153, three
stories high. Thla building was built ac
cording to the needa of tha business at
that time and the Increase it was thought
the business would make la tha course of
half a doses, years. Then, It was calcu
la ted. additional stories could ba added. So
rapidly did the business grow, however, the
entire building was literally packed. Tha
building Just east of th first one was leased
for a warehouse. The relief afforded by
thla added floor space was only temporary,
however, and before long tha need for more
room was as urgent aa ever. Arrangements
were made for still another building ad
joining the two already occupied, the di
mensions of this building being 70x140 and
two stories high. From tha present out
look It Is but the question of a short time
until the present bulldinas will be too small
and it la the intention of the company to
build additional stories to the first of the
three buildings now In use. Any person of
experience will at one realise that the
phenomenal growth of the Kellerstraaa Dli
Ulllng company is th result of practically
one thing the merit of their whisky. A
temporary Increase of any business may be
attained by advertising, but unless the
goods advertised are all that the consumer
expects tfiera to be this Increase produces
.o proAtable business and will not laac
The Kellerstraaa company, by selling
whisky of the highest grade, noted for its
absolute purity and delicious flavor, hold
all their old customers while securing new
ones. With satisAed customers to
recommend and endorse them It Is no won
der that the business increases bv leans
and bound. The Kellerstrass Distilling
company was Incorporated last month, tha
charter being received September t. The
company nas kxw.uuu capital ana its net in
crease la business is 21 per cent a year.
That shows what Kansas City business men
can do when they get started. The firm of
George Peake Sons, certified accountants,
has Just finished an examination of the
company's books from the beginning, and
nas rouna inat it is in excellent condition.
without an account lor purchases on Its
books. Everything is bought for cash and
paid for at noon every day. the company
firurlnc that every discount obtained bv
laying cash la so much profit. The report
or tne accountants was so good the Traders
National bank and the Americas National
bank gave the company permission to use
their names aa references and endorsed It
in highest terms. It is Interesting to look
st ins nrm s list or orders lor one day.
They ranae from Florida, to Oruon ml
from California to New Hampshire and all
the states In between. The whisky is aeni
out In plain packages, free from stampings
r Kuvciiuniruu, ana a man roignt De gel
ting shoes for all hla nelshbora can t-lt
is hen he receives his four quarts of Ju-car-old
liquor. The fact that the company
haa Its own distillery is a strong card wiin
buyers, becaust they know that no distil
lery would rend out cheap, adulterated
grods under their own stamp. Th Keller.
stress company could not tamper with tha
hhky If iney desired, for once It is In tha
srreai vats on mm top noor or the bottling
works It Is invisible until It show through
the bottles. Ernest Kruerstraes, tha presi
dent of the company, is a believer In Kan
sas City and its Industries. He buys all his
bottles there, everyone of which bears his
cwn name. He also uses Ksnsas City made
boxes and ail other articles which tie ran
procure there, la hla eies-ant ofnew he has
a fine case of his own bottled products, and
every one of the bottles Is ''full of sun
beams." The cleanliness, the diuat-h
the cleverness with which all his goods are.
" . """Ir great pride to
Mr. Kellerstrass. and he never (alia to find
delight In showing visitors through hla im
mense plant. The force of tniDlovu noo...
aary to run so Urge a business is a little
1,1 iiu yum us ssr. skeiierstrass
best friends is Kansas City's postmaster
because of the arret Quantity of -i.,.
used and the money order business this
house transacts Is said to tha the sreataat
la tha world U its Una. greatest
i n I XJS. t g SB Bl W
1 bottle beaisiJJj A pi P fvC&
I Most Famous
tllf'iy Whisky
J -'t I In America.
. T'-l I X Direct
- - - ' - i - - -
" " " ""' 1 " ' " i - i '"") ''j-'I'l''" ' 1
Rye Whisky
Is Not
the Best
Why Do
Others Try
to Imitate
Millions and Millions of Bottles Sold 8
Not One Dissatisfied Customer!
Read Our Special Offer:
Most Famous
In America.
From a United States Registered Distiller
1 to Consumer
Send Us Your Order for
t ..j
And we will send you, free of charge, two sample bottles one twelve, one
fifteen-year-old Rye, a corkscrew and a gold-tipped whisky glass. We make
this offer simply to get you to try the goods. We also have this same brand eight
years old, which we will dispose of at 52.50 per gallon, in lots of two or more gal
lons at one shipment. We also give sample bottles, glass and corkscrew
with these goods. All our goods are put up in full quart bottles, and sent ex
press prepaid. If goods are not satisfactory, return them at our expense and we
will refund your money. It is almost impossible to get pure whisky from
v-dealers. These goods are shipped direct from the Distilling Company, which
guarantees their purity and saves middleman's profit. We are the only Registered
Distillers in America selling to consumers direct the entire product of "Our Regis
tered Distillery;" others who claim to are only dealers buying and selling.
$1000.00 OFFER.
Alls .'iP. ll'ij IT'L' 11 t AtsjXa-J B U 11 II s Ik 1 Ba
I ... . I , ll I II I' "', . ... ...
a; : :v 1 11
Mifha "J:'i!!:i
it 1 :!'!;( .n. -i .1,
!;'l("''l "!! ; :..!!. !'!l'rl;
,'L lan-.U -1. T. fk. -vte .-.... . . v-. s m
mm m s J: j
llllliijil'lpfelll'irilaa , aisMSMSM"FSI ik. L,'l ""' " '" ' I
V .. !" :. feA k ,!:!
miMHi , is
''''' r 61'
- i -! . s i
1 1 1 '..,:,,,,
l I -.i..: ' :U! .:.::. . :.
Z R. w,
R. W. JONES. JR.. Preatdeirt.
J. MARTIN JONE5. Vlcs-Prest.
Ne. (44,
O, B. ORAY. Cashier.
LAMAR ROSS. Ass't. Casklsr.
Surplus and Profits
The American National Bank
Nov. 4, 1601.
To Whom it may eoneernt
This is to certify that the KELLERSTRASS DISTILLING
COMPANY have this day deposited one thousand dollars
(81000.00) In Gold with us, and authorized us to pay it to
any one who will prove that there ever was, or ever Is a
drop of whisky taken out of their Bonded Warehouse, located
right at their United States Registered Distillery, No. 22,
6th District of Ulssourl, that is not absolutely pure, ac
cording to United 8tates Government Inspection.
ws also authorise tne abore back to return your money to yon and etianre the same to nn inu.1 n
ren And that we do not do Just as we advertise. We have over th"ej T hundred inj twenty thoueaSwW t
60O) customers In the United States, whirti ousht to speak for Itself. You can bn ,Zt LIT.Vi 3Li"di?i i
A u nsvtr mt-li tO th Thn rrnn lnr or loJbr. Avhinrrinsr our jantlr nivw A ,
s-s- AT" w aw VViiSUUiCI UU VtJU A
GrtPrifl 1We want 20000 people to try our Whisky in the next 20
"r days, and we are going to spend $20,000.00 to get this num
ber of people to try it Here is our proposition to readers of this paper
One galon of our Ten-Year-Old Rye and one gallon of our Eight A 'ear-Old
Rye would cost you $5.65. Send us $4.65 and this advertisement, show
ing that you read it in this paper, and we will send you the above two gal
lons of Whisky and four sample bottles, two glasses and two corkscrews.
REMEMBER, you must malt us the whole page advertisement and
your letter not later than November 21st, 1902. Remember, this is the big
gest Whisky ad that ever appeared in a newspaper in America,- also re
member it is from the biggest Whisky Mouse in America. You know us.
We have advertised in this paper for years, but this offer will never appear
NOTE Orders from Arizona, Celorido, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mciico
Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Florida, must call for twenty quarts, prepaid. '
The above firm are sole owners of Registered Distillery Na, 22 of ths Sixth District of Missouri. When writinr them please mention The Omaha Bee.