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.1' enc8" it aa Interesting and
r j Hook by Clara Morris.
. '.
Wtaj Klallaaj Has Completed
; tH .0fe for thllrlrenl.lttl A
Bf t Pabllshlnst llla-trated
I itloae of Pansy Hooka.
1 If no American baa a wider repu-
n both literature and the stage
i.r Morris. 8he knows the stagr?
ena of.Tier peraonal experience
nseeuently her new book, "Stagi
tictf." H not onljr interesting, but
ui TU tbla book sne tains wun
M and charm or the mysterious,
ietlng life behind the foot light.
(y, epigram and llustratlon aha
nf ija false glitter and gives valu-
ifn a passing, to stage acplranta
a i 1 ui 1 r ,r
and events hlrh marked the victory on
this continent of the English civilisation
oyer the Trench. Tia book la full of
dramatic Incidents, brightened by the
figure of many notable charactere. Pub
lished by Houghton, Mifflin ft Co.
"Typhoon"la by Joseph Conrad. As may
be conjectured. "Typhoon" Is a tea atory
and Is ons of the beat that Mr. Conrad
has yet written. It la both a thrilling
descriptive narrative and a character atudy
of unusual flavor and plctureaqueneas. The
entire book la a description of one single
stcrm, but that description la entirely In
teresting. The vessel waa being taken out
from Ita makers to Blam, when It ran
Into a terrific storm and the horrible ex
periences near these upheavals of naturo
are described with vlvldnesa that keeps
one's attention from the start. One
minute they seemed doomed, the next
waiting with unfaltering courage for a
shock from aome source. , Published by
Putnam'a Sons.
Eailroads Confirm California Trait Qrower'i
leport of Heavy Immigration.
Srbraaka rroflls hy Efforts to t'olwa.
Ise Parlflv Coast aid Beads Few
Oat on the Horaeseekera'
ierestlng and amuslnf all readers
by ' picturesque natter wit brilliant
y! Her manner Is jprViaflarly frank
, am: '!,- fsknd those rfffi'lnscences are
VU; -m "coTlehces. ' Since she enter
."'.'rlf'ij " "rc ifrns with her
it " '. '- PijhlMpi i bjrrslhrop Publlsh-
fhensl," by Francis H.
nt of a Jorney In the
4. FrUq to Blan, In tho
f China, thence south
lyer td Hankow. The
" it heart f the "Box-
"The Ragged Edge." by John T. Mc-
Intyre. Is a atlrrlng atory of ward politics
and of the ward's social life; bosses and
heelers and puglllata are the shining lights correspondingly low from other points.
Passenger traffic men of the Burlington
and t'nlon Pacific confirm the reports from
the west that another boom has struck
southern California. Theae officials say
that never In recent history of their roads
has the travel been so heavy for as long a
period of time. They attribute this largely
to the reduced rates which have been In
effect from all points In the east and mid
dle states for the last sixty days. This
rate, which expiree on November 1, la $25
one way from Missouri river points and
of the balls aa of the primaries; without the
life of the ward centers In much-loved
homes and la molded by universal human
passions. Mr. Mclntyre's VPl r
teamsters, the ealoon keepers, the corner
grocer, the. secondhand dealer, the under-
It la not necessary to stop mt the state
menta of the railroad men, for the eamo
reports are given from California.
L. D. Wells of Loa Angeles, the repre
sentative of large fruit Interests, who waa
in Omaha yesterday on his way to Phlla
taker, the eewer builders, the contractor delphla and other eastern cltla on busl-
- of Si
n the i
.ay throufc
r pi i
, .
; era 'untry" anj 1 rtfcrfwa the oldest two
pro .?ice cf Chin. It Is essentially a
' atory . of untraveled roads over which very
few,whit men have ever ventured. Elan
Is one of the oldest, cities In the world and
. wo. the'capital of China J.000 years be
ers tho Christian era. Two chapters are
devpted to aa account, of yie recent exllo
JpYfthe etnprees. o&gfi Jand emperor In
Slarj !le Pekln waaYt. possession of tho
allll ? nles. The author aaw the "Nes
toridn S -vartS. In Blan and visited the
"Fores "of Tablets," where are kept tho
stone Wmorlal of the Drat kings of
China. ":plea of rubbings from some of
.the t.iMtwlll be reproduced tn the book.
J ' oacluiliDg chapters contain a descrip
tion if the U'fSjiqpwn country near th
sourer of ,!- Han" rlVer and some account
of the ( frspol" V tn" 8or8e Pub
l.lshed ... rfuri " ,?pa
7- Rudyarl
book for
' lea.'" -V
The "F'
1 Jart ,'f
utb- ;
vV'-wItb t.i
' dreij . i h. something fiew, got into trouhle
; with H "This Is the Elephant's Child
.Vliavlnj s nose pulled bjr, the Crocodile.
Y. He Is much' surprised and astonished and
hurt, and be la talking through hta nose
and saying, 'Led goiYou are hurtlg be!'
He Is pulling verjr, bard, - and so Is the
Crocodile; but th Bl-Colored-Python
and their ganga and the families of all
these people. The ' atory dcala entirely
with Irish-Americans, and we are not dis
appointed In Its humor nor In the tender
love story that we find there. But It la
principally a study of politics, taking us
to the primaries and from there to the
cliques, where we .witness the organisa
tion of political schemes and forcea. Pub
lished by McClure, Phillip ft Co.
One of the really intereatlng among recent
books ie the half-historical, half-romantic
tale, "Come with Me Into Babylon," by
Joalah M. Ward of Denver. Mr. Ward Is a
Journalist of long experience, and In addi
tion has been a deep student of Assyrian
history. He Is thus well equipped to tell a
good story, and garnish It with Information
of historical exactitude.' Hia theme is the
fall of Nineveh before the combined Baby
lonian and Medean armies, around which he
constructs a tain which carries not only a
love romance, bat shows many of the as
pects of the religious and political compli
cations of the time. His style Is entertain
ing, for he mingle the stately flow of tho
Oriental formal speech with Interesting de
scriptive matter couched In elegant Eng
lish, thus avoiding what la a fault common
to most of the booka dealing with atmllar
subjects, either a Jerky transition from one
ness, has this to say concerning the Imml
gratlon to southern California:
"There has been a steady Influx of tour
lets for the past two months. It seems
that tho majority of those who have gone
Into California have gone for the purpose
of making their homes there, consequently
the country Is experiencing one of the llvll
est booms it has ever known. Loa Angelea,
Santa Barbara, Ventura, Redlands, River-
aide and In fact all the cltlea and towns
throughout our section are ahowlng the ef
fect of this heavy Immigration. In Los
Angeles and Ventura a great many new
buildings are going up, which indlcatea
that the boom is not of that temporary sort
which In the end does more harm than
good. I presume these conditions prevail
In the other towns as well.
Prepared for the Boo
"You aak If California especially courts
booms. Well, yes and no. We have a new
country of wonderful resources. We have
made remarkable progress In developing
our natural resource, but nave nowner
near reached the limit In a single instance.
aaa"aa "V
rteeeat Errata aa Artloa Eaesrs
Their Belief that Better Day
Have Coaie.
The amusement committee of the Millard
Rifles Is preparing for an entertainment to
be given soon and to which will be Invited
members of othsr similar organiiationa
In Omaha and South Omaha. The practice
tor the drill contests soon will be open to
friends also.
"We are the Infant company of the Ne
braska National guard, but we are a most
healthy cub now." said a member of the
organisation yesterday. "The acquisition of
several ex-National guardsmen wno for
merly served with the Thurstons and
Omahaa baa helped U t new life, aa has
also the summary expulsion last Monday
night of seventeen privates and noncom
missioned officers. We. have cnoaen ser
geant Burt McMahilf, Sergeant A. L. Hardy,
First Sergeant Quy 'M. Mstsen, George w.
Batty. Harry Nayldt and Harry H. Brown
a board of directors to administer the civil
affairs of the company. Ws have alao made
these promotions: Private Burt McMahlll,
to be second sergeant; Privatee Harry Nay
Ion and A. J. Hlgglna, to be corporals; Pri
vates Harry H. Brown and Carl Bloom, to
be musicians. Sergeant McMahlll la an ex
volunteer, who saw service In the Phllllp-
plnes aa a member of the Thirty-Second
regiment. '
"Captain Baughmaa gave us the other day
an oak gunrack of regulation pattern,
which he had carved elegantly tn his spare
They Coma from Cooveatloa of Tearh-
ell Blaffs.
The Man Who Ate
the First Oyster
Missed a Lot by Not
Having a Package of
The oyjter ctwker with a ttste to It
Gives an added lest and relish to every kind of soirp.
Always sold in In-r-seal Tackages. rrice 5 centl
The Southwestern Iowa Teachers' associa
tion la now In eeseion at Council Bluffa, Qit TjBali Secures the Dirt from the
.. a....-Jl.e aa navht ami IKft A In I 1
Inanc. C s.T.rthr.choo7. of thU citr A. 0. U. W. Building Excavation,
The meetings of the association are being
held tn the auditorium of the High achool -rfprjpj JO SECURE FULL REGISTRATION
at ruin avenue auu uiuu BLaccw, uu iuo.v
are present a number of well known edu-
catora from other states aa well as those
of prominence In Iowa. " Among these are
E. O. Cooley of Chicago, Prof. Frank Dar
ling of the Chicago Normal achool, Thomaa
Nicholson of Cornell university and John 1
Gordon, prealdent of Tabor college.
City Clerk Announces that Hereafter
Parties Who Swear In Votes Mont
Secnre Affidavits in the
Votlnar Precinct.
It is true that In the past California has MR. AND MRS. LININGER HERE
been Injured by what is commonly known
has .compleled new
' 'fat Itled '"'Just So Btor-
vo T-xceptloua it deals with J ,tyj9 t0 another or an effort to sustain the
Is Illustrated by himself.
Child ", is one of the best,
s r tn produced below. . The
j this i Vhe first elephant
,k,' ' n'rtJ like many, other child-
stilted, which becomes In the end dreadfully
monotonous. Frederick A. Stokes. New
York, publishes the book. ,
as a boom. Booma generally are followed
by depressing reactions and we have bad
our share of these But conditions are dif
ferent now. When the boom of the 80s
and early '0a waa on In California the
country waa too new to withstand the de
teriorating effect which inevitably fol
lowed. Now. however, we have advanced
Reach Their Oataha Hons After Two
Months' Abaeaco on Eoro
taa Tsar,
E. W. Hornung, who gave ,us.the debon-
nalr Raffle and the delicious Bunny, has
again put out a moat entertaining story.
"in the Shadow of the Rope." It Is In a
After a bit of arguing and some persua
sion the city officials yesterday succeeded
In securing the dirt from the lota at the
northwest corner of Twenty-fifth and M
streets. This dirt was bought by the city
last August at the solicitation of the build
ing committee of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen and an agreement was
entered Into whereby the city was to pay
8 cents per yard for it. When work on the
yeBterday It
i . . -. a atM,o tviarvHaiB nee nut itl
" - - i . . "it . i acuuiivtru. m 1 1 " . -
Rock-Snake lc hurrying through the water l jian(ji nd they enter society where the de-
,,to. help the Elephant's Child. All thari unB tj,e trial, but not the principal, are
. "tdack Btu8 Is the bank of the great gray- I knnwn. u develones that the second hue-
vgreea; .reaay- Limpopo- rlvea, (but I am not DarM was the dearest friend of the first and
Mr. and Mr. George W. Llnlnger re
turned to their horn in Omaha at 4 o'clock afternoon after an absence of
twenty-five years In ten of fifteen and we two months. They started August 1 to tour excavating commencea ri"u, .v
a .n. ..irMn nr r. k... auhan th murherl Genoa Mr. I found that Hunter, who Is doing the aig-
Impulsive Impetus that may come to our Llnlnger found himself so uncomfortablo ging, had sold the dirt to anotner party.
f. Furthermore, the aeneral I ith ctRrrhal and 1 other maladies that Then came Mayor Koutsky, Engineer Deal
the Shadow of the Rope it . is i n a h h eTB,Iea aU over the the- aec,Qefi upon an imetndlat return, and and Myles Welsh, and there was a seanco.
new vein, ana tens tne story oi a who wag - .. - . ... ha. . , -..-hin- nm.h. from The result was that the agreement matte
lived unhappily with her husband, the lat- V:: ZT',.! ""i. . Mn. k.,.. .h. ctv and the lodKe was adhered
ter being murdered at a time when the wife " .,,,.M. tmnmvd. thouah not. a yet. to and the dirt Is now being hauled to
was preparing to desert. She I tried, but footina." himif ...In. "Mr. Llninrer' health Twenty-second and L streets according to
vi. ..v. r.iifnrnia will have biz I t... kn .nrh ih.t aha has been able to I the agreement. The officials of the lodge
crops this year and tbaU while prices of enj0y every day of the tour. I atood by the agreement and blamed
alio we to taint these Pictures), and the
bottjy tree Vlth the twisty roots and the
elaht -leaves la one of thetever trees that
. grow v ther.M ',.i'f!bllshed. ,y.. Doubleday.
irg Co. f a -.1 y : i,.
-WrowTiJ'0n' ar- piibjihng new
tirroetrate'd edltloaa of Louisa M. Alcotf
work. -'W hawt rnthlved a copy of "Llt-
).tlr Women." 1:4 story 1 fsmous and
7-, seeds no srn!ii mention, but the new edl-
U,'. ' tlons aro worthy of. special mention be-
. . ' cause f the Illustrations, which add to
the book greatly. There are fifteen full-
page picture hy1 Alice Barber Stephens,
one of the foretuost women artists of the
country. The Illustrations art), printed on
' smooth finish paper. . . ,
';".-. ' V"--'-' '
'j.?.i"Ve JTrairoie': and . New England" la by
j-t Ute -John Fisher, .'This final volume
k J " .forms'th.wrjr.majnlng link needed to
' . L eonlclete the- 'chain xif histories of this
, country, from the -discovery of America to
' ' The adoption'1 of the'' constitution, upon
that he suspected the wife of the murder,
but afterward convinced himself of her in
nocence. Just at the conclusion of the
book the real murderer la dlsoovered, and
some commodities may not be a high as
In some other years, the abundant yield
will compensate In greater part for any
depreciation In market values.
A Burlington passenger official said yes
grading contractor for making different ar
Then came up the question oi wny i
Sons, publishers.
S. R. Church of San Franclaco Is a base
ball crank who has won canonisation, al
though the lovers of the game will all Join
In the hope that many years will Intervene
before he Is numbered with the saints.
Many times in the past has Mr. Charch
testified to his devotion to the great Amer
ican game,' but his latest Is also his most
ambitious and probably hi most worthy ef
fort. He has undertaken the publication of
a history of the game from Ita earliest day.
The flrat volume, which came off the pre
a few weeks ago, is a magnificent folio. Il
luminated with full page colored plates,
halt-tone engravings and smaller Illustra
tions of men and events connected with the
Japan Ball Oar Ossbssti.
An tAvamman r has ordered six sun
Wvoi. tn ha built In' Jaoan for coast de- I street needed to be repaired constantly
tense la the Philippines. Aa order of thin I This brought forth a declaration irom iuo
kinrl hnm. the remarkable nrocreas made I narlneer that L atreet as It stands today
I was In Chicago last week and while 1 hy the Japanese in' the past half-century I can never be kept In first-class condition
IDV 111 BV
needed on Twenty
through aervlce from Chicago to California. Hoatetter'a stomach -Blttera In curing j fourth street to prevent the continual
The partlea wer going to settle tn the j nausea, headache, heartimrn. Indigestion, j washing away of the fill at Twenty-second
amithern tiart of the atate. Now.-when you I itTnanenala and malaria.. lever and ague, I .- . .treeta. While there Is a twelve-
figure this up you will find it means ninety- l n you. are a sufferer from these diseases
be sure to try It. It will cur you.
the strangely mated pair learn that at the gener,i paenger department a call and whlci. might favorably compared untl It Is paved. In
do love each other. It la a novel wea ana Boston twQ g,e(n,tnrcart t0 th0 progfe mcW by the celebrated Btorm water sewer la
capitally worked oua. nario ocriDner m 41 . tli .. tn California. Binm.h .Blttera In rurlna I . .i. .trt tn nrm
six persons. That from one city win give j
you some Idea of how 'large the traffic, is
and has been.
By a Union Pacific official this statement
was made:
"Our road'a bualness In this direction has
been Increasingly heavy from the day the
low rate first went in. We will send our
share of the 20,900 tourists during the month
of October."
Both officials say there la a great rush
for transportation now that tha reduced
rate season is about to close.
Novel Tralnlaai started by a Gener
. ons Proaehaaaa.
In every city today almost every month
some new scheme Is devised for the purpose
ot alleviating human misery. The lateat
public benefactor in this direction Is a
soma montna ago mis
'.whlebTiirV Flk had for so many years gama B the paBt and now. Th text 1
teeu.Vengaged, and the achievement of mora than a mere compilation ot data, and
lelifjs hi great ambition. It presents g,Teg ciearjy and auoclnctly the story of tho
In brosdy'lftlfljsoghlo manner the causes fame t0 th(! cio,s 0f the period, from 1845
"' ' 4 . to 1871. A second volume Is promised In
. -December. Mr. Church, whose address Is
Inch sanitary aewer on Twenty-iounn
street, there is no storm water sewer, and
cnnseauentlv dirt roads cast of Twenty-
fourth street are continually being washed
An enalneer who has looked over the
ground says that there should be a atorm
water aewer from A to H streets and an-
Attiar frnm I If. N streets. These would
r.rrv off the storm water on Twenty
..-k aimut and turn It Into the main
ewer at the foot of N street.
An tmDrovemcnt of this kind will eost
considerable money, but it is asserted that
hnnds for a sewer would . carry. Thero
would be a great saving In street repairs
should the people vote for or petition for
a storm water sewer along Twenty-fourth
atreet from the northern limits to the cen
ter of the city.
Rratatratlon Satarday
Saturday, November 1, la the last day of
registration this year. Every voter is ex
Dected to register. An enort is now oeing
Coma to Hundreds of
Ther ar daya ot diiilneas,
"fells of headache, sldeacbe, backache,
Imetlme rheumatic pains,
ften urinary disorder.
31 tell you plainly the kidneys are
Joan's Kidney Pills cures all kidney Ills.
Jrs. O. E. Earl ot 100IH 8outh Eleventh
t, says: "Doan's Kidney Pill cured
lot trouble with my back which bothered
ifor two year. I tried different rome-
. p, but none gave me relief until I pro-
rd Doan's Kidney Pills at Kuhn ft Co.'s
-I store, corner 16th and Douglas
fsets. Before I took all ot one box I
s relieved and In a short time cured,
hey ar a grand remedy and you are at
berty to us my name for publication."
j For sale by all dealers. Price, BO cents.
foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.. aole
i gent for the U. B.
j Remember the name, Doan's, and take
jio stibstltuU.
weslthy Parlalan,
And they centleman's attention waa drawn to the
also atate that the business under these fact that there ara In Parla a number of
chedules has been much heavier than very poor children whq have no means 01
under similar ratea last spring. livelihood, and he at once conceived the Idea
Aa an indirect result of this western 1m- 0f doing what he could to better their con-
mlgratlon cruaade Nebraska haa benefited anion.
to a large degree. Many people coming He decided to take these poor children
from the east have been Induced to aettle from the streets and to teaoh them to be-
k.r. aai Via tint fnllnwax! the nllKrtmare . ..if.aunnnrllnr Instead of emnlovlna
U Sansome street, San Francisco. Is his 1 own any further weit lt a fact .ccording pal1 agents the philanthropist and his wlfi
publisher. The book Is one that will be t the rallroafl oQclal, that not an appre- J went eat dally on their, errant of mercy.
prliea oy Dase uan pouv" - ciB0e proportion of the number who have I Two i.rKe and neat workshops were pre-
gone to settle on the Paclflo slope la from I r,.red and within a week after they were I hv w-.t. reoubllcans and democrats
Rhymes and Roundelaye 'from Life" la Nebraska. opened they were crowded with children, j t0 get out every voter on this last day of
lollection cr sparauua 1 : . . 1 one 01 ine snopa uimw i ". 1 Yesterday corainiuo" '
from "Life." There are various verses by rmr,t " (n lt aany instruotloa Is now being given b)th p0.ltlcai partiea mentioned visited the
such noted writers aa Chapman. Sabln. Tom T he park board held brief meeting yes- ln n of mak,Dj p.per flowera. The packlng houses anfj re.
Mason, Holllday. Brldgea and others. The t0mmlsJuVnerKvans deferred all bualnesa other la Intended for boya. and the little ted that the men be given time off ln
range ot eubjects Is a wide one, including not of ,n urgent nature. The regular laaiJ la lt ar. being taught to make toys out hlch t0 reKBter. In some cases the re-
..ti hut all treated Dayroll was approved and the construction ... - . .... w... ......iin ih. rum.
iub, acu.uicU. - t, , o culvert on Central boulevard at a ul u,u . quest waa gruiu, uui a"'-"'
In merry vein. There Is nothing morbid ogt"lof 300 wa. authorlsed. The matter of That the task of teaching these atreet mltue Waa told that the forces quit work
nor depreaslng In the little book, which Is pavlng Florence boulevard waa deferred araDi Is not easy can be Imagined, but the be.ore ( o'clock and the men would there
of desirable alia and calculated to go eaally until next Tuesday. founder ot thle novel school Is not lightly fof6 haye amp.e time to register before
Into one's pocket as an agreeable compan- . nf. DDCVITirC dlacouraged, and, though some of his pupils te ,0 desired. It is expected,
Ion for a Jaunt or Journey. By Ufa Pub- uuvnu unun i it-w. - 1 r duU . areBO sager to learn that he h eTer that when Saturday comes ar
llshing company. . .... th. Younir PeODle.. .oclety has great nopes o. me.r .u.u...
of Immanuef Baptlet church will give a learn very quickly, finding little dimcuity in
Hallowe'en social at tne home or Mrs. 1 shaping a common aoap pox or cigar oox
not go any more. This fall each person
who dealrea to swear in his vote will be
compelled to produce two property owners
from the precinct ln which he raeides.
Judge Baxter not long ago gav a decision
to this effect and the order of the court
will be carried out here.
It l. expected that the change In the rul
ing will materially decrease the number
of votea aworn ln. Clerk Shrlgley says
that ho will adhere strictly to the ruling
of the court tn this matter.
Republican Rally Tonight.
There will be a rally of republicans at
the hall tn the city building. Twenty-fifth
and ,N atreets, tonight. A number of can
didates are billed to speak and lt Is ex.
pected that the hall will be crowded. This
meeting will probably be the laat big rally
held during the campaign and every re
publican Is urged to attend.
License Money Dae.
Peddlers' license are due on November
and the police are now looking out for
violators of the ordinance governing the
peddling of articles on the street. Quite a
number of arrests were made yesterday,
and a special force has been detailed to
look after peddlers who try to sell goods
here without first obtaining a license. The
annual license fund commences to amount
to quite a sum and the city officials say
that It la well worth looking after.
Boy Play Prank.
Youngsters who are permitted to run the
street at night are amusing themaelve
ust now by rubbing sosp on store windows
much to the annoyance of ahopkeepers.
Not only Is this done tn the business por
tion of the city, but tn the residence dis
tricts as well, Aa the police force I so
limited as to numbers the youngsters can
not be apprehended. Complaints have been
made to the police and a special watch will
be set for the purpose of putting a atop
to the ' so-called sport.
' (.Ives jail Sentences.
A majority of the suspicious characters
arrested here within the last few day ap
peared before Judge King yesterday and
were given Jail sentences. The judge de
clined to send any of the suspects to the
county jail on account of the expense, but
will hold them here pending a further in
vestigation. All police officers are now en
gaged In hunting out auspicious characters,
and it is expected that within a few ,days
the run of petit larceny thieves to this
point will be stopped.
Magic City Gossip.
Largest asaortiuvnl in city. Extra parts
of all klnrla. Aleo a full Una of table ten
Ula aata (1 W to 110 UU.
Heady JVoxJ. 12
"Th Epic cfth Wist"
"In th Morning Glow" la by Ray Rolf
Gllson. author of "When Love la Young,
which waa received with widespread ap
preciation. It Is a. book of. both Joy and
sorrow. It is a unique and faithful pic
ture ot an American family the grand
father, father, mother and little alater,
etc. as seen through the eyes ot the small
boy ot the family, giving a division to each
one, while the aunt and grandmother each
occupy a place In the book. . Published by
Harper aV Broa.
"By Order of the rrophet" Is a atory of
the Mormon church by Alfred H. Henry.
Mr. Henry occupied a Methodist pulpit for
years in Salt . Lake City. It waa during
this time that Mr. Henry made his study
ot the early history ot the people who have
aettled the valley of the Great Salt Lake.
The atory Is centered around the life ef a
sweet English girl who marries a Mormon
missionary then. At this time It had not
been decreed that plural marriage waa to
be a basic principle ot . th church. - After
the marriage came the Journey across this
continent to their lon. Later, when Brig
ham Young lsaued his famous "revelation"
commanding that all true Mormona must
consent to and practice polygamy, the blow
fell upon this woman with crushing force.
Though she used all means of persuasion
possible, the hold of the church upon him
could not be broken and they persuaded blm
to marry tha second time. The story Is
based upon actual Incident. Tha tragedy
of the heart, the degradation of true man
hood, the blight of polygamy yield tribute
to this novel In the Interpretation ot Ita
time and ot the people ot that time. Pub
lished by Fleming H. Revell company.
" Young, Twenty-eignm ana spr.iu. nreientable toy.
Uzsie Hoover of Thirteenth and Howara . ' ., ...i... them at the work,
atreets waa arrested yesterday afternoun on Their patron assists tnem ai me wor.
a charae of Detlt larceny. She Is said to I showing how lt should be don and com-
have stolen a velvet Jacket from Mrs. 8. V. men,iing those who do It properly. In like Twentleth street and Missouri avenue; Sec
r u awar .1 . aw a .-w ... --
house she was employed aa a rvant.
' . ... A r all amnlnvai
rangementa win ut -
of the big corporations here to secure time
off in which to register.
The registration booths aro located as
tn,. ward First precinct, drug atore.
music store. Twenty
.o.- hi. arifa Instructs tha alrls. and I ond nreclnct. Collins
I a aervani. I I fourth and L streets. .
Msry A. Brown widow and admtnlatra. some ot ner pupue hits, ' second Ward-First precinct 2017 B street;
trix of the estate of Willi Brown, who waa 1 much nroaress that they are able to manu- I Dpconti nreclnct, Kvans' laundry building,
killed while crossing the I nlon Pacific I ...,,-- .- nwra aa deftlv as though Twenty-third and N
. f- . . in nniiin umin'i uuiuuar ja. ama - -it"
compromised her suit against the railroad
company for 1-50. fiha has four children,
tha elutsi oi wnum iaj ywa uiu, auu
three of whom ara girls.
The Oermmi day celebration will take
place next Hunday In Turner hu.ll. Thir
teenth and Martha streets, under the aus-
filces of the South Side Maennerchor. An
ntereatlng program has been arranged by
Prof. Charles Petersen. Stelnhauser'a
orchestra will furnlhh the music and Mra.
Wagner-Thomas, the well known soprano,
will be the soloist.
Albert Kaplan, father of Minnie Kaplan,
has petitioned the district court to dissolve
her marriage with C yde McCreary, alleg
ing that when the two were wedded In
Council Bluffs last Monday tha girl was
but Is years old and therefore not compe
tent legally to make the contract. The
father further status that ahe did not give
her real name, but waa married aa Minnie
11, Lenora.
they had spent a full year learning tho art.
The excellent feature of this worn, ac
cording to thoa who hav seen the busy
children. Is that It la not charitable tn th
atrlct sense ot the word.
. Baeklea'a Aralea Salve.
The best In the world for Cuts. Corns,
Bolls, Brulsee. Burna, Scalda. Borea. L leers,
Salt Rheum. Cure piles or ao pay. 15c.
For aal by Kuha A Co.
Drawlaa tha Lonaj Bow.
Catholic Standard: 'I aotlced." aald the
new guest, "that everybody call that er
rand boy o? your 'Button.' "
'Ye." replied the notei proprietor, ne
la ao called became It la his duty to gather
u I raala.
iKkLJ Yl'a.a wtriar nrwlnrl. l.TOBDy
Rtch'a coal offlce; Second precinct. Cornelius
bulldim?. rnirty-iourm ara y
r.. . u i; a .-,1 vrirut nreclnct. Ottlerman
hotel. Twenty-nfth and P "'reeta; Second
precinct. KliKer Duuuinn, imn-'"
Fifth' Ward First precinct, Bradford
Kennedv lumber offlce. Twenty-ninth and
Q streets: Second precinct. McCrann build
ing. Thirty-sixth and Q streets.
Bixth Ward First precinct. Outhrl s
meat market. Twenty-fourth and E streets;
Becond precinct. Gallager's cigar store.
Twenty-fourth and N atreets.
Mew Kollnar Made.
A daughter has been born to Mr,
Mrs. Henry Barrett. 2723 Q street.
A daughter haa been born to Mr. and Mrs,
J. F. Kinney. Twentieth and J -atreets.
' James H. Kyner of Omaha Is billed to
speak at the republican rally to be held
Mr. and Mr. Bert Anderson announce the
birth of a son at their home, Twenty-second
and II street.
Ed Beater, Twenty-eighth and Madison
street, secured a permit yesterday for the
erection of a store building.
John Murphy, Thirty-fourth and U streets,
was doing the honors yesterday on account
of the arrival of a daughter at his home.
Th following opinions wt!l be officially
10671. Edmtalen against Herpolshelmer.
Error from Iancastt-r. Former opinion ad
hered to. Oldham, C, dlvlalon No. 2. Sedg
wick, J., dlhsentlng.
1. It Is the duty of the holder of a check.
If he receives lt after banking hours, to
present H during banking hours of the
next day. lt the bank Is located ln the same
town; If not, then to forward It by mall
the next day.
1U932. Hunt against Stat fnaurance com
pany. Reversal. Pound. C. division No. 2.
1. Breach cf a condition in an Insurance
policy against vacancy or change of occu
pancy does not ot Itself avoid the policy,
but merely affords ground of forfeiture at
the option ot the Insurer.
t. If with knowledge of the facts by
reason whereof It Is entitled to claim a
forfeiture the insurer continues to trest
the policy ss In force or does any set in
consistent with an Intention to insist upon
the forfeiture, the forfeiture la waived.
I. Notice of facta entailing a forfeiture
to the local agent of the insurer who has
authority to Issue policies, is notice to the
4. CJerman . Insurance company against
H.-ldiM k. 3D Neb., 28. limited.
5. Where a tenant haa removed from the
in.ured nremlscs and a lose occurs the same
lew noura. wneiner mere
press contract with the shipper limiting Itl
liability to the transportation of ihe prop
erty over lt own line. ..... .
2. An agent employed to aollclt traffic for
a foreign railroad company having no line
of road In thur elate has Implied authority
to ltln his principal for the afe delivery
of goods at a point beyond Its own lines
and to contract over what road beyond that
line the property shall be transported.
. A manatel of an agency established In
this state by a forlin railroad corporation
for the purpose of soliciting traffic over Its
line of road lr a manRKlng uaeiit within the
meanlnK of the statute with reference to
the service of summons upon euch corpora
tions. 11248. Allen against Hall.- Error from
Bcotts Bluff. Judgment. Barnes. C. dlvt-
,1?.'1A tennnt cannot dispute his lundlnrd'
title, but ln an action by a lessor to recover
rent the lessee may show that thn lessor
has sold and conveyed the premises to an
other by a deed of general warranty with
out reserving the rent thereafter to become
d2One who has conveyed his land to a
third person by deed, without reserving
the rent to become due thereafter cannot
recover such rent,
a A tenant under such circumstances may
defend against an action by the h-esor to
recover such rent, without, having been
evicted by title paramount or disturbed In
hla poasesslon dorlna; the terms.
4. The lessor, notwithstanding ho has con
veyed the, land to a third person, may re
serve the rent by separate written Instru
ment or otherwise, and where that fsct is
put ln Issue by the pleadings the evidence
on both sides should be received and the
question submitted to the Jury, under proper
11356. Chicago, St. Paul Omnha Rail
road company against Schuldt. Error from
Cuming. Day, C., division No. 1.
1. Where a shipper, agrees to personally
accompany and care for the watering nf
live atock transported by a railway com
pany and Is given free transportation for
that purpose and Is supplied with proper
facilities ho cannot complain of an Injury
arising from lack of such care In tho matter
of watering arialng out of his own fault.
2. The agreement that the shipper shall
accompany the stock and br responsible
for its care Its when proper acllltiea are
supplied, not a limitation of the carrier s
liability aa contemplated by section 4, arti
cle II. of the State Constitution.
3. Tne cate cf live stock while being trans,
ported Is a mere Incident to Its transporta
tion, and transportation agencies have tha
right to contract against their assumption
of liability that accrues to them, merely
as bailees, and In common with other
bailees, and not strictly aa common carriers.
116X8. itenaaii agHiiixt neiDi. r.rrr irvin
Douglas. Affirmed. Klrkpatrick, C, divi
sion No. 1.
1. Where a note and mortgage securing
It ere made contemporaneously they are to
be construed together, and all peraons
chargeable with notice of the conditions of
the mortgage are bound - by- i,ts terms
affecting the negotiability of the note.
!. A provlnlon In a mortgage, which by
the terms of the note to secure which It 1
given, Is made a part thereof, that the
mortgagor shall pay taxea on the premises,
and on hia failure to do so, the holder mav
pay the same, and the mortgage shall stand
aa security for auch payment and Interest
thereon, doer not affect the negotiability nf
the note ....
I. A provision In a mortgage, which by
the term of the 'note to acur which lt It
given, Is made a part thereof, that the
whole debt shall become due and payable
without notice to the mortgagor, doea not
affect the negotiability of the note.
4. A provision In a note and mortgage
that In case of a default In some particular,
the debt shall draw a higher rate of lntoreu
than would otherwise be the case, is in thn
r,atnr of a mnalty. is non-enforelhle. and
its incorporation In the note doea not afftu t
Its negotiability.
5. The finding of the trial court upon con
tradictory testimony will not be disturbed
If supported by sufficient competent evi
dence. 6. Where a foreclosure suit has bert
rirosecuted to decree, and an appeal taken
herefrom has resulted ln a reversal of such
decree, whereupon the plaintiff dismisses
his suit without prejudice. Held, that auch
proceedings were not a bar to a stilt, at
law upon thn indebtedness, and the answer
of an endcrtxr upon the note, pleading the
commencement and dismissal of the fore
closure suit falla to state a defense.
117ri. Chicago, Rock Island Vc l'acitlo
Railway Company against McDowell. Er
ror, Jefferson. Reversed. Ames, C, De
partment No. J.
In an action for personal Injuries com
pensation can o recovered for only surli
future damagea as are shown with reason
able certainty to be consequent thereupon.
lll60. Chamberlain against Wooleey. Er
ror, Johnson Reversed. Johnson county
claims dismissed and new trial granted.
Duflle, C. Department No. S.
1. A falling debtor transferred hla atock
of merchandise ln payment of two claims
against him of the axgregale amount of
11,821.64. The value of the property Was
estimated by witnesses at from 12.250 to
2,50u, but Immediately sfter the transfer
it was seised by the sheriff, under process,
and after advertisement, aa upon execution,
waa aold for tl,3i.73. Held, that the dis
parity, if any, between the value of the
property and the consideration of the trans
fer, was not so great as to Justify the in
ference that the transaction waa Intended
to defraud other creditors of the vendor.
2. The eeisure jpon a tax warrant of Ml
of merchandise of the value of from $1,400
to $1,800 or 12,000 or more, l oppressively
Samuel D Roby petitions the district up from the dining room noor auer eacu
court for $J0 000 Judgment against George I melj tb, numerous buttons which the gen-
Th lateat Issue fn Mcmillaa company's
' "Eoeltsh Men of Letters" series has
reached us and Is a biography of John Rus
kla by Frederic Harrison. It Is a com
plete biography ot hla Ufa from hla birth
' through his school days and lite, treating
of his literary work, his lecturing tours,
his life a a social reformer, etc., with a
special chapter oa his last day.
The above booka are for sale by the Me
geath stationery Co., 130$ Tamam street.
6chuler for damage alUged to have been
Inflicted by Roby when he atruck h'.m on
th bead a neavy iron movemtivr 4,
19ul. and broke hla skull ao that now he
tRoby) has only scilp where he should
have bone, an operation having been neces
sary. Tha operation and other medical
attendance coat Mj, Roby state.
Th lury In the state's caae against Alfred
Llebacher. charged with committing crimi
nal assault upon Hattie Plckard of Valley
on July ii. waa out two hours ysterdv
afternoon and then returned a verdict nnfl
lng the defendant guilty of the asaau t
with Intent to deaecrte, but not of th)
accomplishment of hi purpuae. Th
prisoner was remanded to. Jail, there to
await sentence, which must be from two
to fifteen years' Imprisonment
Thomaa Ford and Peter Anderson both
from St. Paul. Minn., went into Welsh A.
Klngsley s, 102 South Kirteentn street, yes
terday evening and attempted to take away
a hat. Thev were detected In this and pur
sued bv Officers Baldwin and Rlegelman,
who captured them. Aa the pair were run
ning down th street one of them dropped
from under his coal a bolt of cloth. Ander
son Is said to have already served three
sentences in penitentiaries. He Is the son
of "Swede Henry." a confidence rnau, who
flAV. within a
tvuai a vu.rui.rv nr a mm temporary Ceaaa-
vvwaa as - r - - - - . J U fl,DUV V ,W"V ws
tion of occupancy until th tenant could t.ct..iVe and void.
fully remove his effects, snd some one else I g right of action for the -enforce-could
be put in, is a question for the Jury. mellt of a lien for personal taxes Is vested
11101. Fremont, Elkhorn Missouri val- the county treasurer, or, in counties
ley Kallioad company against New York, i under township organisation, In. the town
Chicago it St. Louis Railroad company. gnip tsx collector alone.
Error from Clay. Reversed. Ames, C. 1 4. A county In its corporate capacity has
division No. I , I no duty to perform with respect to any of
11113. New York, Chicago A Bt. Louie the mattera mtntloned In the preceding
Railroad company against Fremont, Elk- paragraph exoept, through the count y
1 . w . . rl 7 1 L. u I' 11 rrta 1 ariMnaJIV. ... . i . antk,.rla thai Vi r f 1 1 ( n rt an ai...
press yesterday that on election day there j.rroP from Clay. Amee, C., division No. $. tlon by the treasurer or collector. It can
would be a change In the method of swear- I i. Although a railroad eompany enters net ltelf begin or prosecute such an action.
, ' , wh hskl. f.n,d to register Into a Joint contract with another uch . S. When th statute provides a remedy
lng In voters who had failed to register, jn-a j transportation of goods for the collection of teses under given
Heretofore two ward property owners were Q p0nt beyond the end of its own line, circumstances, that remedy I exclusive of
sufficient to vouch for a voter. This will it is competent for It to enter Into an ex- all others.
City Clerk Shrlgley announced to the
tlemen burst off their vests.'
Moarslsg tor tho Old-Tlaae Doagheat.
Chicago Post: "H docan't look as If h
would be of any value to a foot ball team."
"Well, that'a all you know about It.
Why, he'a the greatest ot all In his line."
"What's hi line?"
"Explaining how easily his team would
have won It It hadn't been for a measly
little fluke and a poor decision."
Health 4 mall Cast.
A few doses ef Dr. King's New Life Pills
will cleans, tons and Invigorate the whole
system. Try them. Only 15c. For sale by
Kuhn Co.
Marrlac Lieeasea.
Marriage licenses wer Issued yesterday
to the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
Harry E. Hitun, Weeping Water, Neb... 27
Irna Allen, Omaha 27
Charles Bhell. Ptnder. Neb 30
bertha Cramer, Omaha, 11
There U no time like the present
to save your Diamond "C" Soap
wrappers. Our holiday goods will
soon be In
Cut Glass,
Fancy China,
Etc., Etc.
Diamond "C" Premium Store, 304 So. 16th St., Omaha, Neb.
waa. in nia time, a crinuiiai o(