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QoTirnor BTagn Namsg Inpreme Csnrt
Oomminioiw for District Bsnch.
. - -
Ja4ge Day Ineertala Wbrlhrr lie
Wlahea to Relinquish Ilia Preaent
roatllen to Arrrpl the
Prorfffd Plare.
(From a 8taff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. 8. (Special.) Oeorge A.
Day of Oittaba, member of the supreme
court commission, hai been appointed by
Gorcrnor Savage to succeed V. V. Keysor
as judge In the Fourth Judicial district.
The announcement waa made this aft rncon.
Immediately arter the receipt of Judce
Keyaor'a resignation. Judge Keysor leaves
to Join the faculty of Washington univet
Ity law achool Id St. Louis. The ap
pointment will be effective fieptembT 2P.
If Judge Day accepts the appointment lie
must necessarily resign his position as
commissioner, in which event his successor
will be cSio&en by the aupcme court. It
la understood here thnt Mr. Day will ac
cept, for the term of tha present court
commission will expire on April 1, next
year. j
Had Judge Keysor held over for a few
days In October his appointed successor j
could have retained the office until the
next general election after, the one which !
M to be held -this year. An It Is, however,
an election of a Judge will be necessary
nd Mr. Day, If be accepts the appoint
ment, will unquestionable be a candidate
for the nomination.
Day la la Doubt.
It la not certain that Judge Day will ac
cept the appointment. On the contrary, it
Is more probable that he will not. The
first Intimation Judge Day had of the gov
ernor's action was at 8:30 o'clock last
night, when a reporter for. The Bee called
t his residence at 3203 Marcy street. '
"I had no Idea that Judge Keysor In
tended to resign at this time," said Judge
Day. , "It waa my belief and the belief of
the other candidates for .his position that
he would ' pot resign . before the 23d. At
this time I cannot say whether or not I
will accept the offloe. If I did, of course
X would have to resign aa a -member of the
supreme eourt commission' and I have con
siderable work, yet unfinished on that. I
believe that" it: would not be; fair for me to
resign and leave the ether members of the
commission .to do, that
"I am certainly surprised at the ap
pointment, for Judge Keysor said that he
would not resign before the 23d. I shall
consult with my friends before making a
statement as to whether or riot I shall ac
cept the appointment."
Bore aad Glrla of Nebraska Towns
Fill ichoolroonia o Over
'"' ' flowing' .
rP.EMONT. Nb,' ? (Special.)
The fall term of the public schools com
menced today. Superintendent Laird and
almost the same corps of teachers are In
charge, there being only three of four
change. The attendance' today waa larger
than usual, the high achool and eighth
grades being taxed to their limit.
WEST POINT, NeS., Sept. . (Special.)
The public schools of the city opened this
morning with a larger attendance than
ever before. The need of ward schools to
accommodate the constantly Increasing
number pf achool children Is more and more
nppaert every year. - .
STUART Neb., Sept. 8. (Special.) The
publlo schools opened today with the same
corps of teachers as were In charge last
year, except- an assistant principal has
been added to the foroe.
Oolant to Labor aa Af laatonarlea.
""FALLS CITY. Neb., Sept. 8. (Special.)
Francla Tucker and wlfo occupied the pul
pit at the Presbyterian church here Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker are here on a
visit with the letter's parents. William
Boose and wife. ' before sailing tor China
as medical' missionaries, which they will
do October 15.' , They both gave very In
teresting talk on China and missions.
Both these young people have been prepar
ing themseivea for this work for the last
Bine years. They, are graduates of the
Nebraska State university and the last
four year .have been In Chicago In med
ical training. Mr. Simon Davie sang a
olo at the morning service, accompanied
by Mis Alice Cleaver, a noted violinist.
Demented Man Makes Troable.
LKIGH, Neb., Sept. 8. (Speclsl.) D. D.
Johnson, a wsJl-to-do farmer living one
nd a half miles west, of town, became de
mented yesterday ' morning and kept the
family and neighbors In excitement during
the forenoon.' He waa so unruly that he
' drove the family from the house ,and one
of hie aona waa driven into a corn Held to
avoid blows from a hammer which waa In
- the hands At the demented man. Word waa
aent to town for help and Constable Crla
van. together with J. L. Austin, wont out
and took Johnson to Columbus. His home
I Just across the Colfax county line in
I-latte. county ' - jt ,
", Rob- Det OrHre.
FREMONT.' Neb.. ' Kept. 8. (Special.)
The dental office of Dr. Theodore Adama
was entered Saturday or Sunday and about
ITS worth of supplies, consisting of gold aad
teeth atolen. They were taken frcm a
drawer In a. caae and not mlssad until
this morning. A man by the name of Wil
liams, who la now under arrest at Lincoln
charged with going through a dentist's of
fice there, is suspected of having done' th?
I Job. Wlien arfesled lliere In had some
dental tools In his possession and . Is
thought to hav made a specialty of going
through dentists' offices.
Xa Criminal Cases oa Docket.
WEST POINT, Neb., Sept. . (Spelal )
The regular fall terra of the district court
of Cuming ceunty opened thla morning, with
Judge Guv ,T. Grave pf Pender on the
fcench. Fifty-seven civil ,caea are on the
docket, two-thirds ot which are old mat
ters held on. the docket tor payment of
Coat and no criminal cases whatever.
Palo cheeks, white lips,
and languid step tell the
story of thin blood, Impure
blood. Doctors call it
"anemia. They recommend
Aycr's Sarsaparilla. Ask
them and they will tell you
Just why it makes the blood
so rich and red.
Anetnle peopls art almost always
constipated. Their livor is sluggish.
Tber nave- frequent attacks cf sick
headache, nausea, biliousness. Just
eoa of Aycr's Pills each night will cor
rect thaao troubles.
U maw J. C a TO GO Lewetl, aUaa,
Pale. Thin
Vital Statistkt Show is Alarming Increase
Iq is Already Prevailing Diieaie
Are Any Exempt f
At no time In the history of direaae has
there brrn such an alarming increase In the
cumber of cases of any particular ma'ady
as in that of kidney and bladder troubles
nor preying upen the people of this roun
'ry. .
Today we see a relative, a friend or an ac
quaintance apparently well, and In a few
daya we may re grieved to learn of their
serious 1 )nes or sudden death, caused by
that fatal type of kidney trouble Brlght'a
K.dney trouble often becomes advanced
Into acute stages before the afflicted Is
aware of its presence; that Is why we read
of si many sudden deaths of prominent busi
ness and professional men, physicians and
cthcrr. Thsy have neglected to atop the
lctk In time.
While scientists are puzzling their brains
to find cut the cause, each Individual can,
by a little precaution, avoid the chances ol
contracting dreaded and dangerous kidney
trouble, or ercdicate It completely from their
system If already afflicted. Many precious
livs might have been, and many more can
cl le saved, by paying attention to the
It is the mission of The Omaha Bee to
benefit its readers at every opportunity and
th n fore wo advise all whq have any symp
io.ns cf kidney or bladder trouble to write
today to Dr. Kilmer Co., Blnghamton, N.
Y., frr a free sample bottle of Swamp-Root,
the celebrated specific which is having such
a great demand and remarkable success in
th- cure of tbo most distressing kidney and
bladder troubles. With the sample bottle of
Swamp-Root will atao be sent free a
pamphlet and treatise of valuable Informa
tion. Don't make any mlatake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Blnghamton,
N. V., on every bottle.
Plattamoath Hat Hsek Trouble wltk
Escaped lamale of Clarlnda
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Sept. 8. (Special.)
Sheriff J. D. McBride Is having much
trouble with the insane man who was
picked up on the street here last Friday,
who gave his name as William Jones. Sat
urday afternoon Deputy Sheriff Schlater
caught the man with a piece of glass which
he had broken from a window, with which
It waa aunnoaed he Intended to attemnt to
commit aulrlde The class waa taken from ' Pnrt an1 that many other cuts and photo
coramit suicide. The glass waa taken rrom , grapnB w, , gent , for tne Ham pur.
him and another prisoner was Instructed
to keep a close watch during the day,
while another man was employed to watch
him during the night. Yesterday afternoon
he took a blanket from his couch, and get
ting upon a chair fastened one end around
his neck, but was discovered while trying
to fasten the other to the bars at the top
ot the cage. The sheriff then took every
thing from the cage, except the bare cot
and has no further fear of his killing him
self. It Is now known that the man's name
Is Lon Smith, and that be escaped from the
Asylum for Insane at Clarlnda, la. The
above name was found on all his clothing
except his coat and vest.
A telephone message from Clarlnda thla
afternoon stated that Smith bad been a
patient there for several months and bad
escaped four or five day ago. That no
one knew where he came from and that be
was not wanted there. The Insanity board
will probably pass on hi case tomorrow.
I.Ike In thei. Old.. Times.
OSQEOLA, Nb., 8'ep'tr's.'-'(pec'ial'.) The
young people of the First Methodist Epis
copal church. In ' the services yesterday
morning, were taught how their' father
and grandfathers did in their services In
old time. The choir and organ was dis
pensed with, old hymn were given out and
lined, the men sat on one aide ot the church
and the women on the other, and the ser
mon was preached by one of the work-out
preachers of the Nebraska conference, Rev.
O. A. Hobson, who waa a former Methodist
preacher In the county. After the public
services a class meeting waa held with
J. F. Campbell, aa leader.
Gallty le Verdlet of Jory.
YORK, Neb.. Sept. 8. (Special.) The
time of the court for aeveral day ha been
occupied with the case of the State against
Charles Edward. Ha waa here during fair
week and claimed tdk follow the occupation
of ahell engraver. The mother of little
Lena Robertson (wore out a warrant,
charging Edward with criminal assault
upon her 13-year-old daughter. The jury
was out all night' and did not render a de
cision until next day, which waa guilty.
Edwarda will be sentenced to th peniten
tiary thla week.
York Pastor Goes to Aabara.
YORK, Neb., Sept. 8. (Special.) Rev. O.
M. Chapman haa resigned aa pastor of the
Christian church at this place and ac
cepted charge of the Christian church at
Auburn, Neb. Mr. Chapman was very suc
cessful In h's work here and waa held in
great favor by the people. Under his pas
torship many member have been added to
that church and the church ha besn rebuilt
and I now one of the prettiest Id the city
of York. Mr. Chapman expect to complete
hi theological course at Lincoln.
Land at Habile Auction.
TECUMSEH. Neb.. Sept. 8. (Special.)
One of th biggest public sales ever held
in the atate will occur in Tecumaeh Tues
day. P. H. Hopkins, capitalist, for many
years a resident of this county, and whose
name Is associated with many public enter
prise in this city, will offer 900 acres of
Johnson county land and several business
blocks and residence properties In Tecum
seh for sale to the highest bidder under
the hammer. Mr. Hopkins will re-Invest
his money In Missouri soli.
York Srboals Open.
YORK. Neb.. Sept. 8. (Special.) The
York public schools opened today with the
largest first day's attendance In the his
tory. ' Owing to the rapid growth of the
city and the large Increase of students
every room is filled and all classes are
larger. The school board has leased tho
large church building near the high achool,
which will be used for school purpose.
Dates of Jobaaea reanty fair. '
TECUMSEH. Neb., 8ept. 8. (flpectal.)
September IS to 19 inclusive are the datea
of the Johnson county fair, and it ia be
lieved the show thla year will be an un
usually good one. Secretary E. H. Grist
report entries in all line as coming In
lively and believes a splendid showing of
the county's resources will be made. The
speed ring will be a feature.
Fair Datea at Kelson.
NELSON. Neb.. Sept. 8 (Special.) The
twenty-fifth annual fair of the Nuckolls
County Agricultural soe'ety will be held
here September 23 to 26 inclusive. Liberal
premiums and purses are offered for exhib
its and the races.
Rlekardsoa Convention Called.
FALLS CITY. Neb.. Sept. s. (Special.)
The republican county convention haa been
called to meet In Falls City Thursday
Sep'ember 18, to place ia nomination three
candidate for th legislature and a county
Remarks of Itate Snperintsndsnt Pertinent
to Opening f Schools.
Prartleally All of the Nebraska Sa
tloaal Unardanea Vote la t.o
Into tamp at Fori
LINCOLN, Sept.. 8. ( Special.) Superin
tendent Fowler this afternoon sddrctsed
the following salutatory communication to
superintendents and principals of schools
throughout the state, calling their atten
tion to many matters of Importance In con
nection with the new schrol year:
At this time, the beginning of another
school vmr, I drelre to extend to you the
heartiest greeting? of this department and
our best wishes for the succeed of the
scrrols under your supervision. May auo
atuntlal progress mark the year s work
from month to month. 1 hope the following
suggestions may prove of some value:
hoiie to meet many of you in Lincoln
during the superintendents' and principals'
section meeting. (ctoi.r IB. IT. IK. A splen
did program is bdng prepared. Sw tlio
Ai.gust issue ot the Nelirntka Teacher. A
rare treat is in store for all who attend.
This meeting means more to city superin
tendents anu principals than even the Btate
Teachers' association. You cannot afford
to miss It.
, .Many cares of sickness mny be attributed
:to Impure drinking water. Remember that
In the majority of cases the wells or
hydrants at the school houses have not
been used during vacation, and that the
water l very likely stagnant and unlit for
use. See to it betore school begins that a
supply of pure, fresh water is available.
And all school yards should be cleared of
weeds and rubbish.
A new school law plnces 1'nlted States
history among the requirements for a ".hird
grade certllkate; reduces the number of
third grade certificates to which one person
It entitled from three to two; makes at
tendance at teachers' county Institutes
compulsory, and after July 1, requires
a knowledge of the elements of agriculture
for first and second grade county certifi
cates. permit me to call the attention of county
superintendents to their duties as stated In
section 14 of subdivision 7, und superintend
ents in metropolitan cities und In cities of
tbr first and second classes should ro-.iper-are
with the county superintendents In theie
reports. i ne superlntenoent of the Ne
braska School for the Deaf at Omaha is R.
r.. fcui,rt. and of the Nebraska School for
tl.t Blind at Nebraska City Is J. T. Morey.
ghovrlnsr of School BaUdlng-a.
The biennial report of this department
will be Issued January 1, next. Much of
the copy for It Is now ready for the printers
and will be sent to them Immediately. Other
copy will be forwarded as prepared.
"School Buildings and Grounds In Ne
braska" will be revised and will torm a
part of this report. We hope you will loan
us again the cuts of school Dulldlngs used
in tne tormer publication for use in thin re
pose. Photographs should be forwarded to
us before October 15 to InHure their use.
VIllHges employing from three to six
teachers Fhouid not attempt to do more
than two years of high school work, unless
in exceptional cases. Particularly where
the principal is required to teach all or a
part of the eighth grade subjects he should
not be required nor should he attempt to go
beyond the tenth grade. Manv inquiries are
received at this orhVe relative to a two
years' course for high schools. Permit me
to sugecRt the following: Ninth grade, ad
vanced English grammar, wltn Kngilsh
literature and composition, civil govern
ment and bookkeeping, algebra, pnysicai
Beogiapliy , irniii giade, I lie i ui ij, uiKr'oia
and plane geometry, botany and xoologv,
general history Teach these well and do
not worry.
The work of the Nebraska Teachers' Read
ing circle Is. as you know, voluntary, but
there should b teachers' reading circles
in a majority of the counties of the state.
Interest and civility in reudlng circle work
depend largely upon the encouragement
from the auperlntendent or principal. If
he manifests interest and enthusiasm In
professional study his teachers are guided
by his example. This is a valuable auxiliary
In securing better work in your schools
which we Know you will appreciate. You
and your teachers cannot afford to miss
this opportunity of spending, at least one
hour a week in the study and discussion of
Hodge's Nature Study and Life and one
or more of the ala other books recom
mended by the reading circle board. For
circulara of the reading circle work -and
outlines of the various books apply to your
county superintendent.
Promotion from the eighth grsde to the
High school should be a clearlv defined
step. Pupils are often permitted to slide
along from year to year through the eight
grades but in the eighth grade, where In
a well-eraded school all common ohnnl
subjects are completed, there should be
called a "halt." I believe that no other
one thing that Is possible and practicable
would do as much for the public schools
of Nebraska us to have It well understood
mat me eigntn grade is not necessarily
the eighth year, a division of the course
to be completed In a term of nine months,
nor that it la a year of preparation for
the High school. (Let us drop this idea
of preparation for something clset. Hut
let us have It thoroughly understood that
ine eignin grade ia a placn for the aatla-
factory, intelligent completion of all com
mon school subjecta. and that It U no
disgrace for a pupil to remain there two
years. I believe no other one thing would
raise the standard of our high school work
so rapidly and so thoroughly as to keep
about per cent of our pupils In the eighth
inus wu years.
tllath School Axe Limit.
Establish a minimum age for admission
to the High school, say 13 years. Many
of the rural district, non-resident pupils
compare favorably with those of the city
or villege because they have gone over
their higher arithmetic, geography, gram
mar, history and physiology two or three
winters In succession, and are more ma
ture than their city cousins. In common
school subjects I wish to Include reading,
writing, spelling, written and mental arith
metic, geograpny, I nited states hlatory,
English grammar and composition and
nhvaioloav. Omit prosody In erammar. but
emphasize the ability to read, write and
speak tne Kngnsn language correctly, and
to spell. Superintendents and principals
should be Arm In requiring pupils to go
over a yeur'a work a second time when
It has been but Indifferently comnleted.
In cities and vlllaue there should be
held an examination lor promotion from the
eighth grade to the High school, as rigid
us thut required by the county superin
tendent for graduation from the rural
school, and with special emphasis on the
fiuplrs knowledge and use ot the Kngllxh
nnruaae. It might tend to Increase the
Interest to have graduating or closing exer
cises for the pupils who complete the
eighth grade or grammar school course,
held in the mgn acnooi room roicer man
In a public ball or an opera house. Cer
tificates of the completion, of the work
hnnM be aranted. aivlna final (trades.
either for examination, or based partly upon
classwork. entitling tne noider to admis
sion to the High school without further
Let us urge upon pupus me necessity
of denvlna themselves the pleasure of
social diversions during the school week,
and to make Friday evening the time for
fun and recr atlon. tint ine nome must
co-operate with the achool In thla plan
if good resulta are to ensue. We often
hear parenta complaining against so much
"party-going and party-giving" among our
voung people. Yet if purents fall to aid
in a proper control of these amusements,
"the bad health and wasted energy and
poor work due to party-going must remain
wttnoui remeoy.
The nroner co-operation of the home Is a
necessary fac.or in the success of the
school. Patrons' meetings offer a si.lendld
opportunity to enlist the Interest and sym-
rathy of parents in school matters. Let
he home Join hands with the school on
this motto. "The school first, society after
wards. Iet tne nome stand by tne school
in a reasonable amount of home study by
pupils In the grammar grades and In the
high school. Hon. H. H. Bhedd, president
of the Ashland Board nf Education, haa
this to aay for home study:
"If the high school had no other purpose
exceot to furnlah the youne- with constant
employment in the evening, it would be no
amall advantage. Insofar as it requires
their close attention at home It Is a splen
did co-worker wth the parent It would
be a moral calamity If there were no study
ing at night, it ia a aafeguard to manv
young people. Welcome the hardest work
that the high school requlree If It shall t.e
the Incentive that keeps the young person
faithfully at home and at work durlnr the
evening. There are no bad companlonehipa
mixea up wun i-aun or algebra, mere is
no fear or danger connected with the study
of literature or science."
The benefit to pupils of a thorough review
of the common branches during their
higher course cannot be too etrongly em-
Iihaalxed. imperially la thla true of read
ng. spelling, letter writing, arithmetic,
geography of the T'nited States and Its
possessions, 1'nlted States history, English
grammar and composition.
The subJHt of letter writing Is the moot
generally practiced and, practically con-
LutoHt ripures Compiled by State lluronu of Labor anil Industrial
Statistics. Covering an Important Feature of the
Crop Situation in the State.
LINCOLN, Sept. 8. (Special.) Figures have been compiled In the Bureau of Labor
and Industrial Statistics showing the acreage of the different grains In nearly all ot
the counties In the state. The total ot winter wheat Is shown to be . 39. 171, the
acreage of winter wheat alone being 1.S2S.498. The acreage of corn Is placed at
In the appended statement the figure on wheat In Thelps and Saline counties
and on corn in Hooker, Knox, Phelps and Saline are merely estimates, based upon
the report made In former year. All other figures are taken from the returns
cf the tax assessors and are considered as nearly accurate as any so far obtained or
published. Comparison with former years Is impossible for the reason that the
bureau never secured figures from more than a third ot th counties. Following
Is the tabulation of the returns:
Box Butte....
Cheyenne ....
I h wes
Podge ,
Greeley ,
Hall ,
Hamilton ...
Hitchcock ...
Keya Paha..
I-nncaster ...
Pierce ,
Red Willow..
Richardson .,
Scotts Bluff.,
Thurston ....
Washington .
23 1
44 611
6.1.5' IS
DO, 161
4i i
331 1
, I
691 1
Total ..
.... 1,828, 19C
sldered. the most Important of all kinds ot
composition. It is indispensable in busi
ness. To be able to write a good letter Is
greatly to a person's advantage In any oc
cupation. Manv excellent situations are
obtained by teachers, clerks and others on
account of this ability, and quite as many
are lost through the want of It.
The Importance of grammatical analysis
In the study of Kngilsh can hardly be
overstated. Prof. William D. Whitney of
ale unlvetsitv and editor-in-chief of the
Century Dictionary, saye: "Give me a man
who can with full Intelligence take to
pieces an English sentence, brief and not
too complicated, even, and I will welcome
him as better prepared for further study
In other languages than If he had read
both Caesar and Virgil and could parse
them In the routine style In which they are
often parsed."
If any person shall willfully and mali
ciously Injure or deface any church edi
fice, schoolhouse, dwelling house or other
building, it fixtures, booka or etpp-jrten-ances,
or ehall commit any nuisance
therein, or shall purposely and maliciously
commit any trespass upon the enclosed
grounds attached thereto, or any fixtures
placed thereon, or any enclosure or side
walk about the same, such person shall
be fined In any sum not exceeding 8100 Sec
tion 111. chapter xlv, criminal code, com
plied statutes of Nebraska for 1901.
. .ii. f inxnrnnratton of the Kearney
Drug company of Kearney were recorded
In the secretary of state omce xoaay.
Th. eomnan haa a caDltal stock of 85,000.
Its incorporator are: Daniel M. Atklson,
James B. Atklson. Nellie AtkUon and Louise
Guar.-tsmea Vote to Visit Riley.
u...i. .11 n,nanloa in the Nebraska
11cm 1 j i 1 u.i.,.-.... - - -
V.11...1 n.arA have voted in favor of
participating in the forthcoming military
encampment at Fort Riley. So far a known
not a company ha taken the negative side.
A few have not given an expreaslon, but
they are expected to quickly fall into line.
Owing to the fact that the encampment Is
held outside of the state It Is discretionary
with the troopa wnetner mey go or um.
state Fair Receipts.
The entire receipts of the state fair, in
cluding the $2,000 appropriation from the
state", were approximately 834,000. Of this
amount $3,423 came from the concessions
on the grounds. Secretary Furnas has re
moved his office back to his home in Brown
ville and will settle up the business of the
business of the last fair.
Kearney t'oaaty Refaade Boads.
Refunding bonds Issued by Kearney
1 . J 1 1CC1
county to take up an ibbuo maue iu m.
Tbe physical ffls and needs of aa expectant
mother have been the theme of thought and
study for ages, and all physicians know that
her peculiar condition requires an additional
aid to nature ; an elaaticiher for the expand
ing muscles and a strengthener for the sinews
upon which Is brought the strain of child
weight; so that tbe little one shall have per
feet health and symmetry of form ; a lubri
cating balm that will enable her to go about
with grace and ease; quiet and steady nerves,
aud Lcr Muula bvisg acting harmoniously
for the rood of herself and child.
MOIIItrS IRIIMD, if used diligently through
out gestation, will soften the breasta, thereby
preventing cracked and sore nipples. All
tissues, muscles and tendons straining with
burden will soften, relax, become soothed,
stipple and elastic from its continuous appli
cation. All fibres in the abdominal region
will respond readily to tbe expanding cover
containing the embryo if MOTHIR'S f iltNO la
admi n Iste rede sternal 1 y all d uri ng pregnancy.
Of drurrWt SI 00 per bnttla.
A ImlM - M x barhoxi F H t . Writ.
Tns RAbr'IfcLD RbbULATOS CO., AtUata, Oa.
A 9 ? 9 5 S?
i 35? a.
t $ i ! ; !
? : ' ! !
to ; .
1.7fil 72,999; lS9'
28.492' 111.367; 41.275;
2,256 S.Oflc;, 670 1
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4.S21, 104.41 1 37.797
24.2191 K9.3.16, 2S.964I
3.532! 115.49s' 52."9
7.7S9! 119.8.101 40,42,
26.9191 K't.i69 45,t.1o
3. Ml 20,117! 211
1.2521 11,65 S.S2
6.966' 7,767 84
741 66,869 17.6421
14.726 75.54ii 40.244'
37.4881 107.4541 42.02S
12.8Kii 183.7931 22.01SI
15.442! 41.1631 7.522
2.06.; 4.245 981
7.6841 77..V5I 13.SIS6I
14.3fi 41.415 14.6611
2.0lf, 104.350 ; 36.236
4.654! 61,9291 15,219
8,0 22.851 821
42 S9.040 31,264
216 51.692 6.411;
4.511 67.449! 1,618!
155.315' 41.9821
2.224 14.6611 2.6821
6.1911 61.929; 2.650
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10,9241 63.6131 15.916
3.151 69.1961 34.677
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1.904 62.184 3.615
2.942 63 411 209
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94.3711 26.854.
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6.471 65.221 14,671;
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8.8091 29.070 4,028j
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4.1211 61.178 2.003;
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1,1981 74.751 18.649
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62,901 12.5I6
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12,890 679
1,138 162
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1 21,9021 169
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I 172 1,92
' 11,0631 603
I 1,36.11 86S
7S7I 8,704
I B.21 V)
l.7 39
j 4,149 1.003
433.8131 73.834
for the aid of the Kearney Canal ft Water
Supply company, have been registered In
the auditor's office. They aggregate $20,000
and draw 5 per cent Interest.
Articles of Incorporation of the Hub
Clothing company of North Platte were
filed In the secretary ot the state's office.
The Incorporator are: Jacob Wolfe, W. T.
Banks and Edward Burke.
The Lincoln city school resumed work to
day with a normal opening attendance.
The new central building at Fifteenth and
M streets and aeveral annexes to other
buildings will be opened within the next
few weeks, or aa soon a th construction
is completed. It la expected that the aver
age attendance for the year will exceed
that of last year.
Foot Ball Player Work Oat.
The university foot ball squad, under the
direction of Captain Weatover, bad Its first
work-out on the campus this afternoon.
Coach Booth is expected tonight and will
Immediately assume charge of the training.
Following is a completed schedule of the
game to be played thla season:
September 27 Doane college at Lincoln.
October 4 Colorado college at Boulder.
October ll Grlnnell at Lincoln.
October 18 Minnesota at Minneapolis.
October 25 Missouri at St. Joseph.
November 1 Haakell Indians at Omaha.
November 8 Kansas university at Lin
coln. November 15 Knox at Lincoln.
November 22 Crelghton at Omaha.
November 27 Northwestern at Lincoln.
Captain SI or dock Contest.
Former Captain Murdock of the Wyraore
battery of artillery waa before Governor
Savage this afternoon contesting the recent
election of C. Yoder as captain of that
organization. The trouble dates back a
year, beginning at the expiration of Mtrr
dock'a term. Murdock Insists that Yoder
Is not duly qualified for the office. Adjutant
General Colby and Judge Advocate General
Brown are both in favor of the approval
of Yoder'a election. The hearing will be
continued tomorrow.
Boumlnar 4'barrh Convention.
HARVARD, Neb., Sept. 8 (Special.)
Judge Slabaugh and C. S. Payne of Omaha
addreaaed the friends of the Christian
church yesterday morning, outlining the
convention of this denomination to ba held
In Omaha In October, with a view ot sollc
Iting attendance.
af V
rV We"
For health and happiness there is no beverago that
can approach our beer. It Is always pure, of uniform
, quality and of the highest excellence. It has that
' lnsclous flavor, combined with a body and etrTcgtb
'that is the delight ot all connoisseurs.. .
t 'tJfcJU''' --
TUESDAY Matinee, 2:30 Sec Program. -TUESDAY
EVENING-SilS-Speiat Ennugj merit,
Misses Nellie Porter, Bess Blackburn, Lulu Johnson, Helen Tinker. '
Venlrotih Uiiifarw ficademy
Government supervision and equipment. Army efBrer (Waded. I'repKrra fur Universities
NatlnnMl Aeademleaorfor Life.
Men Suffering
from loss of nervous fo'c- often owe
thclrcondltlorhto yoirt? f 1 Itnorfnce
that fearful enemy to l:enltli.
It ia the buaines of tr-Ience to -repair
the damage caused by the thoughtless
practices ofyouth.
Nervous Debility never f;ts well of
llvrlf. Its victims drag through a
miserable existence, weak, lUtlest,
literally feed the hungry nerves, giving
them the prerine iug'redlenta de
manded by nature. This wonderful
remedy cures Nervous iJebi'.ity, stops
all drains, replace wanted tissues,
sends rich, warm life blood tingling
through every part, making every or
ran act and causing you to glow with
health. "
1.00 per bos: S boxes (with guaran
tee to cure), So.00. Book free.
T 'sonifT ttauno ''oi nnjrr A
wimuio mnos( 'mi9 Sn irj a uoiKrr
'(jbuio ''or) w uun Xq ojiss jo,
Treats all forms of
37 Yean Experience,
17 Years In Omaha
Ills remarkable suc
cess haa never been
equaled and every day brlnas many Mattering
rt'Hril i nil. iww m . ' - -
ne naa given
Hot Springs Treatment for Syphilis
. .. ,1 di A ll..lnnu Vn.'DUl'l L'l(! ( kl'T
id all Riooa I'olaons. ' b
11 1 iu akin or face and all 1
ou 1 10 akin or face and all external signs of
thedlese dUupiiear ai one
ueriiianeni.iy riirvu
1.. I... tlian xn h,r.
Ulninrtnri f 1 urn minrant.ed in
iMiiiwwuCl. 'f-"'t THAN lf.
tiCt Oil nnfl 'cases cured of nerv
UVtK OU UUU us dclilllty. loss nf
vitality, unnatural dibcharK-'s. Pirlcture.
Oleel, Kidney und lilHd'Jer ldHeases,
Treatment by mall. P. O. Box t. Office
over 216 8. 14th street, between Karnam an J
Douglas Sl., OMAHA. NKb.
MHITI DOVfc CUMC nrviir .'mlli ludcxruy t rr
tt( fur iroal drink. Ilia apnctlw t'ir wnirh cannul
iIm after u.u llilt lemrdr. Oivra la any Unuk
liMiuu A ato.uuuu luu t., buau, a.
illi or wtlliiKit KuiifcieaifA ul pa'ieai i iacrr-. mi i
w " ici it law
;-.1.'.'-ii.t:A. .1
I. .'.'.- t, s...
E3o Other.
Oldest and largeit
unary icoott ia
bsNUr-UHU ecLLt.HB, le. A
1 6upt
Lake Forest College
Presldenl, . , '
Classical, English and Sclentiflo oetcrsa,
llotl beautful suburb of Cm ago, on hlga
wooded bluffs en Lake Michigan, fiems.
rural surrouiidlnss; iicaltliy; .nexpeiiaiva.
Good dormitories. Mo. lent gymnasjm ' (
cellent athletic fncl itiea; co-djcatl(inaL
For catalogue address 1
SpnvMnl tntnn4tlon und rbat(t on nrWiont ftc
m tui 'or lltmroj uniJtl4-r ot fcturipnU in ot
wrnl bt:M(1riI huMx of Vm tin hnt niar.ijin,
(im'.-H 111 ,i) mirtH ot t!f r-vr trv f! ..It'frr. rtnnn
Liitir1 B'rtliMf ScImk I-; MiJ:arv St hooh :u hocln
of Law, Mrd'inA, pcneNtrw, lti;trnrirr, Hunnm,
M'il", Arl. W invi f4rrrMit iiutnc f"i oui r-Tonnj
who wish to U-nrt hot 4wtio, or wtio hum ctiUitreo
tn t. ('HLilofftio of tinr nrlifHi) freo.
American educational Compiny,
SlADrttrbflrn t.. t h.cua 111.
Every Woman
laicuruu? and ft) raid kew
aouiif 1 do wci awni
MABVCL Whlrtira Soraw
h new ki StHm. Jwm.
turn iad iwiua. real .
I s Mftl ft a.
V ll' 'til u'i'' 1 "
w "w v aa aua bh,i x: we aau
Uiar, (ml wn4 tuuno for t
buimted Wok Ml,i.1t kitm
lull n. rl,n.l. l4 rfi,..: ., .(..
valuaol 10 l.1i. Minvm f A.
Iloom tit Times Bldg.. W. t.
tir, V
rur baie oy
SIIKItM4 MIUNM.I.h DRtt. CO,. Sixteenth and Uodge Kir.'en. Omaha
Is 1 he worst diaca.te on tuiui. it, tns
easiest to euro VVIItN VuC KNOW
WHAT TO 10. Many have I'liiiplea, spo's
on the akin, sores in the niouta ulcers,
falling hair, bone pair., iturin; don't
knew It la HIAJOO PJ.SON. fcen i to J 1 ft.
BROWN. iiS Arch t.. PluliidHinia. Pa.,
for BROWN'S BIxL CI.IOC. i'.iit pr
buttlo; lusla on. month. Mold only by
riherrrfsn & M",'on-,ell Drua- Co.. Hith ard
Kidge 8ts.. Omaha. . 1
Brown's Capsules :f?rr,!.ni.w:,l,,i
lixige Sueo.. 1
Postal Card Will Get It j
Bi urn n nADV av TLit ' T
Twentieth Century farmer l
The Best Agricultural Weekly
Weekly. Ad, I
areks. Oman.. ri.
' O
i I