Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 24, 1902, EDITORIAL SHEET, Page 18, Image 18

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MONET to loan on Improved Omaha real
ultU. UrennaA-Love Co., $09 o. 1.1th,
W 79
itt PER CENT on business property.
I per cent on residence property.
Options to pay whole or part any time,
W. B. MEIKLE, ul B. 16th Bt.
WANTED, city loan, and warrant,. W,
Farnam Smith A Co., 1J20 Farnam St.
W 741
FARM anil city loan,, low rate W H.
Thomas, Flrat NaL Bank Bldg. Tel. IMS.
W 742
WANTED, city and farm loans; also bond
and warrants. R. C. Fctera 4V Co., 17ul
Farnam St., Bee Bldg. W 74$
LOW RATES. Private monee.
Main Floor, New York Life BMi.
I PER CENT loan. Oanrln Bros.. ISO.
Farnam. W 741
PRIVATE money. F. D. W,sd. 1524 Douglas
$100 UP; low rate. Prichard. 1712 Farnam.
" i
PRIVATE money. Bherwood, SJT N. T. I
SV TO S P. C. money. Bemla Paxton Blk.
WHEN you And It necessary to borrow,
five us a trial, after wblch we will ,
air treatment attempt to retain yjur
patronage. We loan from $10 up, on fur
niture, pianos, live stock, eto. We also
make loana to
without mortgage or lndurser. We do
not deduct Interest In advance, we charge
nothing for making or filing papers and
our service Is quick and confidential. Ws
alwaya try tn please our patrons.
11 Hoard of Trada Bldg. Tel. 2295,
(Established 1892) 80S So. Ifith St.
BAuAlvllliU r ry i LjVj , mercnantn, team-;
aters, boarding houses, etc., without ne-
curlty; easiest terms; w omces In jirln
clpal cities. Tolman, 440 Board of Trad
Bldg. X 751
Cnatrl and Palnry Loans
Successor to J. W. Tayloe.
745. 633 Paxton Block.
X M752
Room 303, Third Floor, Paxton Block.
X S3o
MONEY loaned on plain not to salaried
oenple; buslnch confidential; lowest rate.
$14 Paxton block. The J. A. Hutton Cr.
MONEY loaned on furniture, llv stock.
Jewelry, to salaried people. Foley Ixan
Co., suo. to Duff Oreen, Barker bioek.
' X-75S
MONEY loaned on pianos, furniture, lew.
elry, horses, cowr, etc. C. F. Reed, 319 8. IS.
A. C VAN 8 ANT' 8 school. 717 N. Y. Life.
BOYI.E8 college, court reporter principal,
N. Y. Life. 769
NEB. Business & Shorthand College. Boyd'
Theater. 770
LANGE HOTEL, upstair. 13th tt Jackson.
189 S7
BARKER, 13 & Jones; AmerL & European.
190 87
fast, efficient, durable, easiest to learn,
use and care for; sent on approval. Mon
roe A Co., 811 No. 16th St, Omaha.
w rM12S
OMAHA Plating Co., Bee Bldg. Tel. 2538.
GRAND Electric Co., IS Jackson. Tel. 2S4S,
E. SAVAQE, 2822 Farnam. 'Phone. IU1.
Mt 3 HI
PRIVATE ljbsons In bookkeeping, etc.;
night class Mond., Wed., Frl. O. R.
Uathbun, room 16, Cora'l Nat'l bank.
EAGLE Loan Office, reliable, accommodat
ing; all business confidential. 1301 Douglus.
CUT RATE railroad ticket everywhere,
P. H. Phllbln, 16o6 Farnam. 'Phone 784.
O. R. GILBERT CO., Unnera. 1424 So. 11th,
phone 2190. (11 South Thirteenth street.
BT1LLMAN 4k PRICE, 21 U. 8. N l Bk. Bid.
. -i
PATENTS Hue Co., Bee Bldg., Omaha;
no fee unless successful; advice free.
SKI 819
OMAHA 8 team Laundry; shirts, 8c; collars.
2c; cults, 4c. 17&u Leavenworth. Tel. A-KSi
cesspools and vaults, removes garbage and animals at reduced prices, tm N. 10.
I. HENDERSON. 1&19 Farnam. TeL 1262.
Send for price list, cut flower anil plants.
MIXED country scrap, til; stove plate. K.
A I pirn, Mtt Kama in. 774
in? rsinarn Mreei. - fie
OMAHA Hay Bale lis Co., 811 North Itth.
PATENTED and unpatented inventions
bought and soli. Lucas at Co., St. Louis,
MO MMU 24'
ALL descriptions; ornamental, etc. 712 S. 14.
at vis
wRABa and aluminum easting, nickel Dial
ing and finishing. Specialty MXg. Co., 41
for Bdjsts Am-ei List Wsek Than Any
Time Bines Last Spring.
Ha ay New fares Notice Antona the
Arrivals sad Heavy Baylaat Tk
riaee la All Depsvrt
neat. Iat week wis a busy time with Omaha
Jobbers and manufacturers. More buyers
were on the- msrket than during any week
since spring trsde waa In full swing. Not
only were buyers numerous, but they were
also looking for large stocks, and as A
result wholesalers did a rushing business.
Each week seems to make retailers morn
confident that they are sol. is to sell more
goods this fall and winter than ever before,
which explains the liberal orders now being
placed. Another favorable feature which
was noticed last week waa the large num
ber of new customers. Previous to thi
season they had been going east, but de
cided to give Omaha a trial, and so Jobbers
have some of the largest orders on their
books that they havn ever tnken. Each
year the number of merchants doing busi
ness tn Omaha' territory that pass this
market by In favor of some eastern city
la growing smaller and Jobbers hope In
a short time to make the number practi
cally sero.
The special railroad rate of a fare and a
fifth were In force last week and the good
effects of the reduced rates were plainly
evident. There Is undoubtedly a growing
tendency on the part ot merchants to
come to market at least twice a year.
Instead of depending upon traveling men'
samples from which to select their stocks.
The markets are In vary much the same
position they were a week ago. A few
rhsnges have taken place, especially In
groceries, but nothing of any great Im
portance has been reported. As a general
thing prices are firm all along the line,
with the outlook favorable for continued
healthy markets.
Canned Salmon a Little Higher.
Wholesale grocer report the volume of
business for the week as being very satis
factory. There has, however, been a little
disappointment In the movement of some
lines of canned goods and especially of
tomatoes and corn. That probably Is due
to the large amount of garden truck which
has been available throughout the season
at low prices. The most important Item In
canned goods during the week Is the open
ing of prices on 8ockeye salmon. The
season' catch amounts to something like
600,(KK cases and the opening prices are
about 90c per dosen higher than a year
ago. It la thought that the market on
Red Alaska salmon will be affected to a
greater or less extent by the advance In
Sockeyes and a sympathetic advance may
take place. Red Alnskas could be advanced
10c per dosen or more and still retail at
15c pr tin and a brand that can retail at
that price Is always popular.
The dried fruit market continue rather
dull. There Is, however, a fair demand
for apricots, but other lines are quiet.
Rolled oats are a shade easier, but manu
facturers claim that they are experiencing
considerable difficulty tn getting good mill
ing grades, from the present crop, as there
ts a good deal of rust.
The sugar market I In Just about the
same position It was a week ago. The
demand, though, 1 still Increasing and
Jobbers look for the heaviest trade wf the
season during the next six weeks.
The announcement is made by the Conti
nental Tobacco company that all their
brands of both smoking and chewing to
bacco will be advanced September 15 lc
per pound. This will make the second ad
vnnre that bna been mde since the rov
ernment revenue was reduced on July 1
and tobacco 1 now selling at .the same
price It waa before the reduction. In other
words, the manufacturers are now getting
the revenue that the government previously
received and the consumer receive no
benefit from the reduction.
Other staple line of groceries are selling
In Just about the same notches they were
a week ago.
Stove- Advanced Five Per Cent. .
All line of fall and winter goods are
being shipped out by hardware Jobber at
a rapid rate. The demand so far has been
unusually large and present prospects are
that It will continue so throughout the sea
son, Aunough manufacturers have ad
vanced the price of stoves 6 per cent, local
Jobbers have not yet raised their prices
to speak or, but say they are liable to do
so at any time. Washing machines are
also higher, the advance amounting to
from 12 to 13 per dozen. Other staple
goods are unchanged, but still the market
l very nrm ana good are nara to obtain.
Dry Good Moving Freely.
There was a big Increase last week In
the number of buyers that arrived on the
dry goods market, but still more are looked
for this coming week. Jobbers anticipated
me rusn to start in about this time, but
the number that Is actually arriving la far
in excess or their expectations. Not only
that, but they are placing very heavy or
ders, and when comparisons are made with
a year ago it is seen that nearly every
regular customer Is buying more freely
inuii rver oeiore. r.verv one seems to rtn
In a hopeful frame of mind and full of
confidence for the future. They are also
In good shape financially, so there seems
to be nothing that either retailers or Job
ber can complain about.
So far a the market 1 concerned, there
1 not much to be said. Cotton good are
mill very Arm and popular lines are get
ting more difficult to obtain each week.
The way things look now. there will be
a shortage In a number of line within a
uuri Lime.
Bl- Rnsh of Milliner.
Milliners took the oftv hv i.
- " " J, m .v.
. , ...Lin -ti, mult- rca-
IsterAtt than . i. . v K.. . a .
hundred buyers visited one house alone. This
- i a.. vyviuuB m me season, ana
still more buyer are expected this week.
j uu-iai uruers were piacea ana it was
H , I r. . 1.1 . Y. ,. . . 1. . . .
..w.v.Ui, ui iiivjr were auer gooa SIUIT
AVE ARE western headquarters for Fd!aon
nuy rrcurus. r-rioer, 110 up.
Neb. Cycle Co., 18th and Harney.
M9S9 82S
FOUND, brown spaniel dog, with Lincoln
dog tag. Call V. M. Youngs. Bee pies
Found 984 24
Work ennrinlpMl Pn.L
grsduate. No student. We
are nere to stay.
Small Charges for All Materials Only.
Teeth extracted free. Oold crowns, 12 88.
Teeth cleaned free. White crowns, $J.t5.
Soft fillings free. Set of teeth, 13.00.
Room 4, 1623 Douglas, Opp, Boston Store.
Open dally. Nights till 9. Sundays. lu to
Ns Yorlt-K ttwrJant, vi. H iuloua, a.
New Twln-Hcrew s. s. of 13,ivo tons register
KiSnSr Nccrdam u
Sept. 1
Sept. 12,
10 A. M.
Apply to Harry Moore. ltJOl Ktrnim
street; J. S. McNally, Farnam street;
H. n. Jones, farnam street: Louis
Nsese. First National Lank. Omaha.
Notice la hereby given that sealed pro-
pi is ror tne erection oi six-room frame
school house In School District No. 7, Burt
Co., Neb., will be received by the under
signed lit Dec.tur, Neb., until 2 o'clock
Sept. 8, lti.
I'lans and specification may be seen at
the shop of tutt Ho , leetiir. Nb .
and at treasurer' otnee, Tekamati, Neb.
The board of aald school district will
meet at It M o'clock Monday, Sept. 2, to
award the contract to the lowest respon
sible bidder. Each bidder will be required
to put ud a certified check of IIU1.
The board rooerves the right to reject
any or ail bida. t.. j. ukikin,
Sec Boexd o Education.
Nothing seemed too high-priced for them
and the cheaper grades, as a rule, were
neglected and the medium high-priced ones
favored. Jobbers are more than pleased
with the way the season Is opening, and
ssy that they will go fsr ahead of last
fall' trade, which waa a record-breaker.
Leather Goods In Demand.
Although the general Impression for some
little time has been that nearly all the
fall bills of leather goods had been sold,
still local Jobbers are picking up a good
many llleral orders, both through travel
ing salesmen and In the house. An un
usually large number of buyers arrived In
tne city last week and bought quite freely.
j nose wno naa nought the hulk of their
goods wanted a few more lines to fill In
with snd those who had not bought much
of anything were after big stocks.
i no duik oi tne anvance orders of lestner
goods have been shipped, so that Jobbers
are In good shape for handling Immediate
business. Rubber goods are now being
moved as rapidly as possible and some of
the houses have shipped a good many of
their orders Rubber clothing continues In
exceptionally good demand for this time of
the year, owing to the cool weather and
frequent rains. Traveling men are meet
ing with good success with their fall lines
of both footwear and clothing, and, If the
season continues wet. Jobbers Bay they will
do an enormous business.
Frnlts and Produce.
The demsnd for fruits kent un Inst week
In very satisfactory manner and In fact a
better trade has seldom been experienced.
Peaches, plums, prunes and pears were
the best sellers, though melons and grapes
are coming In for considerable attention.
There were peaches on the market from
California. Arkansas, Missouri and Col
orado ana the price being quoted on the
different kinds will be found In another
column. Utah fruit Is expected to arrive
this week, and, according to all reports. It
will be fine.
There has been no particular rhanna In
vegetables, as prices are about the same.
i ne receipts or nutter and eggs have been
heavy and the aualltv of the butter hm
been poor, while eggs nave been unusually
good foi this time of year, owing to the
cool weather. The markets have been
rather dull and weak.
Spring chickens were In a-ond annnlv sit
the week and as a result the market eased
off a little. Hens, however, held good and
notations of the Day on Various
NEW YORK. Alia. 23.-FLOT'R Recelnts
25,110 bbls. ; exports, 31,402 bbls. ; sales, S.000
pkgs.; unsettled, but firmly held: wlntr
patents, 83.653.90; winter straights, S3.40M
8.80; Minnesota patents, 83.8tj4.on; winter
extras, 83 0633.2B; Minnesota linkers, 2.1.15
3.30; winter low grades, 82 8.Vfj3.05. Rve
nour, nrm; fair to good, 83.2oyi3.40; choice
to fancy. 83.56'(f3.70.
CORN MR A I Outcf v11ow v.rn
I1.2H; city. 21.24; Brandywlne, tl.lMfJ.te.
RYE Strong; Nm 2 western, 69'ic, f. o.
b., afloat: state, SSH-gSRc, c. L t.. New York,
cariots; xno. x track, sue.
BARLEY Quiet; feeding, 64c, e. L f., Buf
falo. WHEAT Receipts. 299 850 bu.: exports.
120.5i7 bu.; sales, 1,80,000 bu. futures. Spot,
firmer: No. 2 red. 76Uo. elevator, and 1iu.fii
77iic, f. o. b.. afloat; No. 1 northern, Du-
min, imsc i. o. d., afloat; No. l hard,
Manitoba, 8Sc, f. o. b., afloat. The wheat
market opened a trifle easier because of
lower cables and fine northwest weather,
but subsequently recovered on September
covering, firmness In outside markets, poor
grading at Chicago and the strength of
corn. The market was finally firm oh good
demand from shorts, closing Vo net higher.
May, 7414&74V, closed at 74c: September,
74S74Hc. closed at 75c; December, 72Vt
73c, closed at 73c.
CORN Receipt, 16,800 bu.; exports, 250
bu.; sales, 65,000 bu. future. Spot, firm;
No. 2. 6H4c. elevator, and S7c. f. o. b..
afloat. The option market, while starting
out easier in tore, soon rallied on further
covering by September shorts, coupled with
nigner canies. The close was firm aaaln
on a scare of shorts, leaving off c net
higher. May, 44-Vi&45.c, closed at Wc;
September, tB'JifitKc, closed at 65c; Decem
ber closed at 4ic.
OATS Receipts, 189.000 bu.; export, 2,845
bu. Spot, unsettled: No. 2, -new, 35c; No. 2
white, new, 43c; No. 3 white, new, 41c.
The option market was steady during the
early forenoon and moderately active. Miy
closed art 364c, September closed at 3So
and December cloned at 36lic.
HAY Firm; shipping, 66&70o; good to
choice. 81.0Mj1.10.
RICEQulet: domestic, fair to extra, 44
oic; japan, tifjDC.
HOPS Steady; state, prime to choice, 1901
crop, 194r23Vic; 1900, 10c; olds. &I9o: state,
common to choice, 1901 crop, 21i2Sci 19'fl
crop, 18fff20c; olds, 7810c; Pacific coast, 1901
crop. 2i"ii26Hc; 19u0 crop, 1820c; olds, 710c.
LEATHER Firm; hemlock sole, Buenos
Ayres, light to heavy, 245ii25V4c.
HIDES Firm: Galveston, 20 to 25 lbs.,
18c; California. 21 to 25 lbs., 19c; Texas dry,
24 to 30 lbs., 13c.
WOOL Steady; domestic fleece, 255j3nc.
TALLOW Dull; city (82 per pkg.), 6Wc;
country (pkgs. free), SfaVtc
PROVISIONS Beef, steady; family. 815 00
Elfi.00; mess, 213.00 13.50; beef hams, J22.0KJ
.00; packet, I14.0oyl5.00; city extra India
mess, 222.0nfi 24.00. Cut meats, quiet;
pickled, bellies, $11.2513.00; pickled shoul
ners. 2rt.75fti9.CO: pickled hams, 811.rW?j)i;j.0i).
Lard, steady; western steamed, $11.10; Au
gust clored at 110. 55, nominal; refined,
steady; South America, $12.16: compound,
$7.75.26: continent. $11.30. Pork. firm;'
family, $20.00a20.60; short clear, $18.7521.00;
mess $18.00019.00.
BUTTER Firm; creamery, leH; fac
tory, 13tt&15ttc; renovated. 1617S4c; Imita
tion creamery, 14V&17c; state dairy, luVjJ
CHEESE Firm; New York full creamery,
small colored, fancy, lOtSlOc; small white,
lOtTlOUc: large colored, 9'&tfc; large
white, 9(f9c.
HOGS Firm ; state and Pennsylvania,
20&2Oc; western candled, 17H19c; west
ern uncandled, 15ffl7Hc.
MOLASSES Steady; New Orleans, 80IOa
POULTRY Alive, steady; chickens, 134c;
turkeys, 12c; fowls, 13c; dressed, falr'y
steady; chicken, ll14c; fowls, 13Vic; tur
key. 144j25o.
St. Loot Grain and Provisions.
ST. LOUIB. Aug. 28. WHEAT Higher;
No. t red. cash, elevator, 6c; track, 61
ftsfcc; Beptember, 6c; December, 66c;
No. 2 hard, 66&ti9c.
CORN Higher: No. t cash, 67o; track,
S7e; September, 56Vc; December, 37UiC.
OATS Higher; No. 2 cash. 294c: track,
SOHc; Beptember, 26Hc; December, 2tVic; No.
2 white, 38c.
RYE Firm at 494c
FLOUR Steady; new red winter pat
ents. $3.103.2O; extra fancy and straights,
82.Mjiii3.06; clear, 82.652.76.
SEED Timothy, firm, $3 .004.25.
COKNMEAL Steady, $3.06.
BRAN Steady: sacked, east track. 2c.
HAY Steady ; timothy, $S.XXall.0O: prairie.
WHISKY-Bteady, 81.S1.
BAOOINO 6-167 l-16c
PROVISIONS Pork, higher; Jobbing, old.
$16 874: new. $17,274. Lard, higher at $10 36.
Dry salt meats, firm; boxed, extra shorts,
$10,374; clear ribs, $10.50; short clears, $1L
Bacon, firm: boxed, extra shorts, $11. IS;
clear ribs, $11,874; short clear, $12. .
METALS I-ead, firm at $4.00. Spelter,
strung ai i m.
pot LTrti Steady: chicken. 10c:
springs, 134c; turkey. 1141240; duck,
7c; geese, 44c.
Bl'TTEK ouiet: ereamenr. lbiTjic: dairy.
ltVS lc
EOU& Firm; 16c, loss off.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 8.u0 11.000
heat, bu 2o8.on0 102,uoo
Corn, bu 15,0O 33.0U0
Oats, bu 6!,0u0 76,000
Kanas City Grain nnd Provisions.
tember, 654c; December, tklc; cash. No. 2
hard. Mitk'; No. 8, 61wt4c; No. 2 red. tfea
W4c; No. 8, 63fi4c.
04c; No. J, 63g4c; receipts, 168 car.
COKN September, c: December, 84He;
cash. No. 2 mixed, 5c; No. 2 white, 69c;
No. 3. 64c.
OATS No. 2 white. Sc
RYE No. 8. 464i4;4c.
HAY Choice timothy, $9.00iI9.50; choice
prairip, tvi.uu.
BUTTER Creamery. 18c: fancv dalrv. lsYv
EOaS Firm; fresh Missouri and K annua
atoca. i.c, ios on, case returned.
Receipts. Shipments.
wneat. du 12J.40 64 0
Ccrn, bu 11. 2u) 16O0
OaU, bu H.ouO 21.0UO
Pklladelp-la Prodneo Market.
Unchanged; extra nearby prints, 21c,
EcWlti Steady ; fresh nearby, 21c, loss
off; fresh western. 20c, loss off; fresh
souinrrn. isc, loss on.
CHEE3E Firm: New York full
prime mall, loVJl(ie: New York full
u-MMua, ill goou, rwaiVC
Peorln Market.
PEORIA. Ill- Aug. U. CORN Easy; No.
OATS Steady; No. I white, 144c, bUled
WHISKY On the basis of $1,214.
Dnlntk Grain Market.
DULOTH. Aug. 28 WHEAT Cash, No.
1 hard. 74c; No. 2 northern, 724c; Septem
ber, 4c; December, &e.
OATo September, Uci December, 29 40.
Corn and WhstU An Animated and f ormst
is Boll LaJsr.
Oat Alon Are Lan-nld, Wklle Other
Cereal Are Firm or Stronn", and -Land
Advance Before
CHICAGO. Aug. 2S.-Corn wa the bull
leader In sn active grain market again to
day. Fears of frosts In the corn fle'ds
held In a natural advance, but there was
something of a manipulative aspect to
trade that aroused a nervous dread In
speculator who went short yesterday. In
the other pits much the same conditions
as Prevailed of late were factors poor
grading, fair cash demand and weather
fears. Wheat was aided materially by re
duced receipts and Immense export clear
ances. At the close September corn wa
14c higher, September wheat Vic up, Sep
tember oats 4c lower and September pro
visions closel 74c to 16c higher.
Corn ruled strong. At the outset there
was a little offered and prices dipped mo
mentarily. But at once a good demand
set In and bulls let go of nothing save at
good profits. Influential houses took on big
quantities cf both September and Decem
ber, while sellers who wanted to let ?o
were only scattered. The coolness of the
weather gave rise to some apprehension of
frosts and fear of that was augmented by
dispatches from the Interior which stated
that frost had already done some damage.
This steadied l)eoember, and September,
which needed only continued manipulation
to boost It, Jumped upward rapidly. Yes
terday's shorts covered and September sold
from fWc to 674c and closed lh,c up at
5Sc Receipts were 41 cars, only Ave of
contract grade.
Leading elevator Interest were under
wheat. September had a good buying sup
port after the somewhat dull opening, and
although trtde lapsed dull at times, busi
ness in general wa good and the tone
firm. At the start cables were lower.
September opened c to 4 down at 71o to
714c. Corn strength started a reaction
and a fair cash demand and export clear
ances In wheat and flour equaling 1,037,000
bushels put September to 724c. The local
crowd was Inclined to tht bear side, but
changed front to some extent on fear of
manipulation In the September option. Re
celpta northwest were light and primary
points were rot reporting as large arrivals.
There was fair selling at the strong point
and September slipped back to a barely
firm close, 4c higher, at 714c. Local re
ceipts were 320 cars none of contract
grade, and Minneapolis and Duluth re
ported 166 cars, making a total for the
three points of 4t6 cars, against 611 last
week, and 742 a year ago. Primary re
ceipts were 825,000 bushels, compared to
1,07,000 a year ago.
There was little Interest In oat. The
early lower prices In other grain started
a decline and there waa little rallying
power to the market. September sold be
tween 33c and $3 4c and closed 4c lower at
Provision had good strength on packer'
support, particularly the nearer months.
The outside sold the distant future or. a
omewhat easy hog market and the slow
ness of the pit. September pork closed
15c higher at $16.80, September lard 74o up
at $10.86 and September ribs 74c higher at
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
245 cars: corn, 65 cars; oats, 26a oars; hogs,
80,000 head.
The laadlnrf future ranged a follow-1
Artlclcs. Open. I High.
Wheat i I
ov-l. nwii4 724
Dec. 6741 A, 6N
May S94&4 69(h-70
Sept. 564f567 6874
Dec. 42I&424 434
May 394W4 404
a Sept 33M 334
b Sept. 274 274
b Dec. 34 304
May 304 31
16 70 1 80
Oct, 16 75 16 95
Jan. 14 66 14 60
10 85 10 90
Oct. 9 70 8 75
Jan. 8 36 8 36
Sept. 10 10 10 IS
Oct. 9 75 9 824
Jan. - 7 60 7 62 4
- j . ....
A I 4 1 -ml I 1-"M
16 70
16 75
14 60
16 80
16 66
16 80
16 924
14 SO
10 86
9 75
8 35
10 10
14 tt
10 824
10 774
V 70
8 80
10 10
9 76
9 824
9 YD
7 60
7 674
7 I
a Old. b. New. No. 2.
Cash Quotations were a follows:
FLOUR Steady: winter patents. $3.4C
S.tfi: straignts. a.vy6.v clears, 2.n"a.).'i;
spring special?. :4.2o; patent. $3.&0&3.v6;
traistg. $3.0tKri3.35.
WHEAT No. 2 spring, 734c; No. S
spring, 684W04C; No. 2 red, 72(jj73a
tun. wo, z yeiiow, eiyi'oozc.
OATS No. 2, 294c; No. 3 white, 8437c
RYE No. 2. 6lc.
BARLEY Fair to choice malting. 62(S63e.
SEED No. 1 flax. $1.41: No. 1 northwest
ern. 1.46: prime timotny. I4.60G14.70: clover.
contract grade. $9.10.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl $16.70
616.75. Lard, per luO lbs.. $10.7510.774. Short
ribs sides (loose), $ Dry salted
shoulders (boxed). $S.75(fi 8.874. Short clear
Ides (boxed). $ 10.75(10.8. 4-
whisky on the basis or nigh wine.
The following are the receipt and ship
Receipt Shipments.
12,000 17.000
210.000 410,000
64,000 433.000
266,000 16S.O00
28,000 41,000
23.000 1,000
Flour, bbls.
W heat, bu.
Corn, bu.
Oat, bu. .,
Rye. bu. ...
Barley, bu.
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was steadier; creameries. 14
lNe; dairies, 13fcl7c. Cheese, steady at
ltxuloaC Kgga. easy at 17(i;a
Liverpool Grala and Provision.
strong; No, 1 red, northern, spring, fis 4d;
No. I red, western, winter, 6s llVd; No. 1
California, 6s 6d. Futures, steady; Septem
ber, tso; ueccmoer, os lu-fta.
CORN Snot. American mixed, aulet at 6a
lid. Futures nominal; Septemher, nominal;
UcioDer, oaia; January, 48 a.
PKOViHitiN-Beef, steaay; extra India
mess, 107s 6d. Pork, firm; prim mess,
western, firm, I 83s 6d. Hums, short cut,
14 to 18 lbs., quiet, 65s 6d. Bacon, Cumber
land cut, 20 to 30 lbs., steady, 68s; short
ribs, 16 to 24 lbs., quiet, 69s; long clear
middles, light. 2H to 34 lbs., aulet. 68s 6d:
long, clear mlddlea, heavy, 36 to 40 lbs ,
quiet, os; snort clear dicks, is to 30
IW. aulet. 68s: clear bellies. 14 to 1 lbs..
steady, 61s 66d. Shoulders, square cut, 11 to
13 lb., steady, 4Xi 6d;. Lard, prime west
ern, In tierces, steady, 63s td; American re-
nnen. in pans, steady, ws na.
CHEE8E Uulet: American finest white.
steady, 47a 6d, American finest colored,
quiet, 48s 6d.
lALiiUW-pnitii city, steaay, ctsm;
Australian, in London, Irregular. 37s 3d.
FLOUR St. Louis fancy winter, aulet.
8s 3d.
hops At London (Pacific coast), steady,
BUTTER Nominal.
PEAS Canadian, quiet, Sa Sd.
Hew York Mosey Market.
NEW TORK, Aug. 23. MONET On csll.
nominal: nr transactions; prime mercantile
paper. 4VB51 per cent.
BTtiKUNU EXCHANGE Barely steady,
wtth actual business In bankers blUs at
I4.h7-.(4.7jo for demand, and at $4.842w ana
34.84376 for sixty days; posted rates, $4 Wa
4.8b'4 and 24.88; commercial bills, K83
SILVER Bar, 62Vc; Mexican dollars,
BONDS Governments, steady; state. In
active; railroad, steady.
The c'oalng quotations on bond are as
U. S. ts, n
do coupon
do la. rag
. MIU A N. enl. 4a.
.10-iei. Castntl 4a.
I do la Inc
... 12
... US
... 71
do coupon
.is:- M A Bt. L. 4a..
do saw
4a. raf-
..ll.'VM.. K. A T.
do coupon
do old 4a, rg
do ooupon ....
do aa, rag
T. Central la.
gee. ....
J. C. gan. fa.
do coupon
.104 1N0. Pad no 4a...
Atcalaon . 4s 1 do la
do adj. 4a . W eo"
Bal. A Ohio
. 1 wj nvwuixa a"- aa
do la
do coot. 4a
Canada So. la
a t a I H a.
111 St. L A S F 4a ... M
.110 St. L. 8.
W. Is.
Central ot Oa. (a..
.Ill I do X
. 7 8. A. A A. P. 4s
.100 fxioc 4a
. a2 So- Rallwa-.- aa...
do la Ina
Chaa. A O. 4a ....
Chi. ago A A. !
C. B. A Q. a. a.
,. 6 Taxaa A Pacina la. .12
C, M A St P
,.11- T., St. LAW. ds.. u
C. A H. W. coo. la..l4 !" racme aa.
C, R I. A P. 4s. ...II' " ...
Chicago Tar. ta ' do ..
Colorado So. 4a do deb.
Danvar A . O. 4S....1'-'! W Skora 4a
Kila prior Ilaa 4s....i0 I
SO gan. aa a . " .
P. W. A D. a U....U4 Cob. Tobaoca as 4
Hocking VaL
Weekly Bssk Stateasoat.
WTMf tadv . . . . aa Thai 1 V state
mrnt of average of the associated banks
sr.ows: iosns, iii.oBi ,w, ubciiwi
hu; deposit. (ta,zo,guu, docrea m..V;
circulation, $.12.415in. Inrrea" $.9.800; legal
tenders $76,248 nn, decrease $1,101,500; specie,
$li"l,r2.2i. Increase $724,200; reserves, $246.
8lfi,t, decrease $377. n; reserve required,
$.'37.0R7,4., decrease $2,994,060; surplus, $9,743,
8.1O. Increase $2,614,760.
Despite Brisk Operation y Speenla-
tire Pool Interest Wanes.
NEW TORK, Aug. . The Interest In
today' stock market wa rather languid
In spite of some brisk operations on the
part of the speculative pools and a sub
stantial Increase In the surplus of the
banks, which Is usually made a signal for
an upward movement In stocks. It did not
escape notice, however, that the actual
reterves of the banks failed to show the
xpected Improvement, the turn In the tide
of the eubtreasury operation having taken
tip entirely the contribution to the money
market made earlier In the week, so that
the cash of the banks wa decreased some
$377 300.
The contraction In the loan of $10,460,100
thows that the funds which supplied the
stock market during the week came from
the trust companies and from proceeds
of borrowings abroad, a had been sup
posed. The action of the banks In reducing their
loan account Is In expectation of the com
ing demand from the Interior, which ha
evidently set In for the season.
The decision to postpone the dissolution
of the Southern Railway voting trust, by
refraining from the declaration of the divi
dend on the preferred stock had only a
slightly depressing effect upon that com
pany's stocks, as It is supposed to be a
step toward the completion of the arm
with the Louisville & Nashville.
Colorado Fuel was erratic and became
after n early advance. The newly
arrived operator whose buying advanced
Southern Pacific published extensive an
ncunpements to explain the faith that was
In him, and the demand for Pennsylvania
was suppose) to come from the same
source, 'the moderate advance that fol
lowed the movement and the publication
of the bank statement met selling to realise
and the market closed Irregular.
The bond market waa unsettled this week
by the reduction of the yearly Interest dis
bursements on the Central of Georgia first
lncomo bonds from 6 to 8 per cent and re
sulting In active liquidation. The market
has been higher and the only Important
dealings have been In the speculative Issues.
United States new 4s and old 4 advanced
4 the 2s 4 ana the 6s 4 per cent as coin
pared with the closlntr cmi nf lux
.JI n?. oll2w,"" re the closing price on
the New York Stock exchange:
24 Kt. ui pfd
dv pid
Bal. Ohio
do pfd ,
Cuisdisa Psolna...
Canada So
Cbs. A Ohio
Chicago It Alton...
do pfd ,
Chicago, lnd. A L.
do pfd
So. Pacific 11
Ho. Kallwar
do ptd 7
Ttui Pacific
Toledo, St. LAW. Kris
do pfd..
.. 48
.. t2H
,. 4S
.. 174
.. 40Vt
.. nvs
.. 4
..11: a
.. M
.. 14
.. II
.. 13
.. to
.. 44
Union Pacific ....
do pfd ,
Wabaah ..
do pfd
Wheeling ALB.
do td ptd
Wis. Central
Chicago E. ill 114
Chicago A O. W
do lt pfd m
do M pfd to
do pfd.
Chicago N. W....I41to!Adama Ex.
C. . I. p lUitlABMrlcan Ex
Chicago Tar. A Tr... la t'nltad SUtas Ex.
do ptd
.. 44
.. Mia
.. 7a
.. $14
.. 494
.. fH
.. 404.
.. 4
.. r6fe
Walla-Fargo Ex
C. C. C. A St. L.
Colorado go
do 1st pfd
do Id pfd
Del. A Hudaon..
Del. L. A W.....
Denver A R. O..
do pfd
do 1st pfd
do td pfd
Great Nor. pfd...
Hocking Vallejr ,
do pfd
Illinois Central ..
Iowa Central ....
do pfd
La ha Erla A W..
do pfd
Amal, Copper ..
Amar. Car A r
do pfd ,
Amar. Lin. Oil..
do pfd
Amar. 8. A ....
do pfd
Anne. Mining Co.... 102
Brooklyn R. T
Colo. Pual A iron... 74
ICona, Gas
Cont, Tobacco pfd. ...122
uan. Electrla la
Hocking Goal to
Inter. Paper ....
.. 40
do pfd
.. 17
.. S
Lacleda Oaa ....
National Blacvlt
National Land .
Manhattan L 1144
Pad no Coast ...
Pad no Mall ....
Paopla'a Gas ...
Praaaad 8. Car..
do pfd
Pullman P. Car..
Republic Btsel .
Mel. st. Kf I4T
Max. Central lt
Max. National Ir4
Minn. A St. L, Ill
Mo. Paclfla ,
M . K. AT
do pfd
N. J. ("antral....
N. T. Central ..
Norfolk A W....
do pfd
Ontario A W....
PannaylTsnfa ...
do lat pfd
do td pfd
Bt. L. A I. F...
do lat pfd
do Sd pfd......
St. L South...
do pfd
St. Paul
. M4
do pfd.
Sugar 112
. 71
Tenn. Coal A
. 7
, U
, 41
. 0
1 t6
, 12
. 17
. U
Union Bag A P....
. to
. lH
. 47
. M
. 74
. 74
. tn
. 77
do pfd
U. 8. Leathar
do pfd
U. S. Rflbbar .....
do pfd
TJ. 8. Steal ,
do pfd
Waatern Union ....
American Locomo.
do pfd
78 K. C. Southarn...
..1st do pfd ,
Boston Stock Qwotatloa.
cent; time loans,
23. Call loans, 4NH per
twwa ner cent, timciai
closing of stocks
and bonds:
Atchison 4s
Oaa la
Max. Central 4a....
do ptd
Boaton A Albany..
Beaton A Ma
N. Y., N. H. A H.
Fltchburg pfd
tin Ion Paclfla
Mx. Central ,
Amar. Sugar
Calumet A Hecla.
... 1
... ao
... 17
... 10
... 11
.. 4o
... SS
.. H
.. 1H
,.. fM
... 11
... o
... t"
.. 4
... a
.. 17
... (1
101 Centennial
11 IDomlnlon Coal ...
121 lle Roralo
144 Mohawk
10 Oaceola
1U IQutncr
do pfd Ill IBaiita Fa Copper.
Amarlcan T. A T....173 iTamaraok ,
Dominion 1. A 8 77 Trlmountala
Oan. Electric 17 Trinity
Maaa. Electric 19llTnltad itataa ....
do Dfd (7 Utah
united Fruit 112 Victoria
United Copper 14 Winona
. s. steal 41 wolverine
do pfd so Daly Wast
Adventure 11
Lesiss Stock Market.
LONDON, Aug. 23.-4 p. m. Closing:
Consols, money M 1-14
Norfolk A Weatarn... Tl
do pfd tt
Ontario A Waiters... 17
do account ta l-lt
Anaconda 4
Atchlaon X
.. U
.. In
.. 44
.. It
.. 41
.. 77
.. H
.. 41
.. M
.. 4
.. 41
.. 11
.. 11
.. It
do Pfd 104
do lat pfd
do Id pfd
Southarn Rr....,
do pfd
Baltimore A Ohio.. ..Ill
Canadian Pacific 142
Chaaapaaks A Ohio.. 66
Chicago O. W U
C, M. A Bt. P.
.. tl
.. M
.. 41
.. 11
Southern Pacific.
Union Paclflo....
Danvar A R. O.
-do sfd
so pre
V. S. Steel.
do pfd
do lat pfd
do Id sfd
.. SO
Illinois Central 171
Louievuie a nana... lto
M., K. A T U
Spanlah 4s ,
Pfd 4
N. T. Central le I
BAR bibVER-Steady; 244d per ounce.
MONEY IMiilV. per cent. The rate of
discount In the open market for short bills
is 2 ll-164i 2 per cent and for three months'
bill is z per cent.
Flew York Ml -I rig) Haotatloa.
NEW TORK. Aug. 23-The following are
the closing prices on mining stock:
Adans Cob
Untie Chief ..
.. 11
. 4
.. f
. 11
. at
. 60
. to
. I
savage ...s....
Sierra Nevada
Small Hopes .
Brunawlck Cos
Comatock Tunnel.
Con. Cal. A Va...
Horn Silver
Iron SlWer
Leadrtlle Cos.....
Coadltloa of tke Treasary.
WASHINGTON. Aug. B. Today' state
ment of the treae nry balances In the gen
eral fund, excluaive of the $160,000,000 gold
reserve In the division or redemption
shows: Available cash balance, 1204.714.-
sta; gold, 107. it3.307. -
Bask Clearlags.
OMAHA, Aug. 23. Bank clearing today,
tl,O4,0u9.69; corresponding day last year,
JW7,lb2.t; increase. $lo8,846.U.
Wool Market.
BOSTON, Aug. 23. WOOL--Flne staple
terrltorle. eaiiiobc; inctiy nne ciotn'ng,
Mtifcic: tine end fine medium. ooS62c: me
dium, 43i46c. Tesaa wool 1 In a very
ntrnnar nualtlon. with the offering small.
Fall cleaned basis, nominal, 46j4c ; twelve
months, 664358c, six to eight Bionths, spring,
h-l'aiAr. F'lne fleece wools are higher, but
the offerings are small. Ohio and PennsvU
vanla XXX, nominal; AX and above, zxc;
X. St&STc: Michigan X, 268c- Ielalne
wools are exceptionally firm: Ohio Delaine,
PKfrKlc; Michigan, 272c; No. 1 combing,
t?iS(ic: No. 2. 27B'28c: coarse. 2426c.
London, Aug. a. wool-u the wool
trade In the laat week business was weak
Buyer looked for lower rate. The ar
rival for the next series, which will open
September IS, number Dales, in'
olurima- 69.000 forwarded direct. The lm
norta for the week were as follow: From
New South Wales, 2.300 bales; Queens
land sea bales: Australia. 17 bales: New
Zealand. 11,477 bales; Cape of Oood Hope
and Natal, 1.6GB bales, and elsewhere, 1.1 j
ST. LOUIS. Aug. II. WOOI Steady to
firm; medium grades and combing,
lMc; light fine. UWlSHa; heavy fine, lu
lie; tun wasiieu, iam-o.
MlaaeapolU Wkeat. Fleer tsi Jria,
tember, tc; wc'mtmr, 4ia6o; on
track. No. 1 hard, 7oS-; No. 1 northern,
4c: No. t northern. 7-'c.
FIjOUB First patenU, $3 SO94.0O; second
patenta, W wa sb: nrst clears,
second clear. 1 1 30 rt.
H.S.TJ Beoeipt sf Cattle All ths Wssk snd
Common Stuff luffersd.
Liberal Raa ot Sheep, tat Price Ar
Steady to Test or Flfteea Lower.
Wkllo I.asaks Have Deellaed
Fifty to Seveaty-Flve Ceats.
Receipt were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Otllclal Monday l.ltio 14,011
Official Tuesday T.KU lO.SoS 18.41
OfTlclal Wednesday 4."0 .3. ,
Offloial Thursday 6,,ViO 6.2SS .782
Official Friday 577 4.17 2.4J3
Official Saturday 272 4,341
Total this week 27,176 38.917
Week ending August 16.. 19.176 4o,4.16
Week ending August 9... 18.186 38.375
Week ending August 2... 11. IK Si.330
Week ending July jm lo.dtio ,18.570
Rm m wvlc 1 a t ...... lit id uivrl
-- - 1 . j v , , ,u,imv mm w,vt
The following table shows the receipt of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date and comparisons with last
... 1M2. 1901. Inc. Iec.
Cattle 4S0.850 451.49 34.4o0
HM l.tH9.M t&96.3"2 44.61S
Sheep tk,970 7t,15i 23.970
the following table snow tne average
price of hugs sold on the South Omaha
market tk i-. . . K
parlsons with former yean;
Pl- I 102. lOl.l0.18!.icSS.1897.189.
1-1 J 41141
I S 16
0 i l.l o IB:
4 19 79
S 77
2 W
2 86
2 9H
3 02
2 9-i
S 7t
2 76
2 SO
2 SO
2 74
2 83
2 83
2 84
2 91
2 88
2 79
2 S5
2 97
4 -tt, it
33 It 87
4 3 3 Cl
3 45
t 47
I 57
6 79 it 15
4.1 7 394j
I S4
4 461 711
t 63
t 65
t 04
I 77
4 S8
4 7 t 81
4 82i I 67
2 43
2 46
S 42
7 27UI
6 14
i 16
6 66
7 li
6 74
6 04
6 74
6 7H,
6 74
I 7S;
6 77
4 96,
4 28
2 67
I 63
1 m
4 2
4 3b
4 44
4 22
2 27
X 61
a ruix
3 48
I 6
13 ( Sl;,
I 74
I 64
4 V
a 68
3 70
151 6 tsVa
19 67
17 a
4 97
4 981
3 76
2 73
6 83
6 00
4 30,
3 74
3 71
18i f'M)
1 72m
O... tin
4 96
5 03
t 02
I 01
4 47
2 66
3 67
3 75
t 69
a 8
4 60
4 42
4 42
3 70
a 76
21 1 6 86H
l 7 Aill.
231 9Vi
6 91 4 9
4 41 3 74 S 83
Indicate Sunday.
The official number of rare nf atnek
brought In today by each road was:
CattlA linn H'r'a
C, M. A St. P
Missouri Pacific 8 1..
L'nlon Pacific System
C. & N. W 13
F.. E. & M. V 17 7
C, St. P., M. & 0 4
B. & M IB...
C. B. & Q 7
C R. I. & P.. east 6
C. R. I. & P., west 8
Wabash 2 ..
Total receipt
Th. rilHnfieltlnn nf IIia Hair1. Mi-.ini. m,a-
as follows, each bjyer purchasing the num-
wr ul ntsau inuicateu:
B u vers.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co...
Swift and t'nmnAnv...
Cudahy Packing Co...
Armour ot Co
Cudahv. from K. C Ms
Squires HO
Other buyers. ., 2
Totals 265 4,387 6
CATTLE A few cars of rattle arrived
thl morning, but they were not offered on
trie mantel, so mat a test ot value was not
made. For the week, however, as will bo
seen from the table above, the supply has
oeen very uuerai, ana in fact western cat
tle have never come In aa freely In Au-
f;ust as they have this year. The Increase
n cattle for the year to date as compared
with 1901 amount to over 35,000 head.
In eplte of the liberal run all the week
corn-fed steers have been very scarce and
especially good to choice grades. It is eafo
to say however, that the kinds that sell
from 37 up are Just about steady for the
week. Those that sell from $7 down, how
ever, come In competition with the western
ranger and are I5(&25c lower for the weok.
The best grades of cows are very little
If any lower than they were at the close
of laat week. The medium grades, though,
have eased off and are 10g20c lower for tho
week. Canners have not shown much of
any change. The demand for cows has
been quite active and the market on the
whole very satisfactory.
Oood bulls are about steady for the week.
but common kinds are a little dull and
lower. Gooa feeder bulls have been In ac
tive demand and fully steady. Veal calves
have been scaice and have not shown much
change. Stags are also selling In about the
same notches they were several days ago.
There has been a big run of feeders here
all the week, and In fact the big end of the
receipts consisted of stock cattle. The good
dehorned feeders, though, have held up tn
good snape and are right cioso to steady
for the week. The common kinds, and es
pecially the common horned cattle, are all
the way from 26c to 40c lower for tne week.
Prime yearlings have been In good demand
nd are just aoout steaay.
Western cattle, of course, made ud the
bulk of the receipt all the week, and as
supplies were heavy at all points packers
naturally pounded the market. The best
grades are probably only about 15rrt26c
lower. The Kina ot cattle tnat make eitner
aood killer or good feeders are not much
ot any lower, aa competition Is sufficient
to hold tne market sdoui steaay. rne
grades, though, that are nt very fat and
that feeder do not want have suffered the
most and they go at 60376c lower. The
horned cattle lacking In quality come under
that heading, also dehorned cattle of poor
quality. Undealrable grades of feeders of
all Kinds nave siumpea on in oua snaps
and are fully 26tfr40c lower. There ha teen
a bla- demand from the country for good
tuff, aa from 76 to 86 car of cattle have
been snippeo out every auy.
Range cows of good quality have held
rlaht close to steady, but the medium
grades are 104(20c lower. Canners ar also
bout steaay. itepreseniative sates:
HOOB There wa not a heavy run of
hog here today, but reports from other
point were rather bearish, and as a re
sult packer took off a little here. The
market opened steady to a shade lower on
the good light and butcher weight hogs,
but no bids were mode on the common and
heavy packing grade. When they did
start In to buy those they wanted them
i'liSc lower than yesterday. The big bulk
of the hog went at W 96, and at 17, but
quite a few good load went from $7.05 and
$7.10. A few of the commoner loads aold
around $6.90. Everything wa disposed of
In good season.
A will be seen from the table of receipts
hnva ths suDiily this week has not been
excessive at all, aa there Is a decrease
as compared with laat week, and but a
alight Increase over the sama week of last
year. The tenaency or prices nas Deen
uDward. and the total advance amount to
about 9UC. itepresemauvo sales:
No. Av. Sh. r. No. Ar. Sh. Tr.
7 M 40 4 10 ' 10 HI 110 1 00
.4 147 ... 4 IS 110 a) IN
10 144 ... 4 M 11 144 140 1 OS
tl.. ...... lit ... 4 0 44 lie ... 100
0 114 (0 4 0 U 1S 40 1 0
tt M ... 4 2Vl 41 231 M 1 SO
ft 171 SO 4 N 44 Ill 40 7 Ot
tt 14 40 4 M (t 14 to 1 00
11 14t 40 4 H 10 l:4 ... 1 ot
M lit 40 t W tt Ul M 1 00
II 171 40 4 M 4t lit 120 T 00
tl 12 00 4 M 47 Ill at) 1 00
tt S4 40 46 42 Itt 10 1 00
to 2M ... I M 44 lul 110 1 00
IS 164 10 4 6 14 121 ... TOO
tt 267 ... H 17 Ill 40 1 00
U . ... 4 M tl Ill 120 1 00
14 147 4 N 41 M 1M IN
48 161 ... 4 t 40 141 ... 1 00
16 1S4 ... 4 16 to It.4 10 1 40
tt 161 140 I 44 44 13t 140 1 40
tl ill 40 4 M M Kit 110 1 00
41 161 ... I M ft Ill 40 T Ul
U 14 40 M 11 IM 110 T 4
to 144 ... f M tt Kit W IS
M HI M 4 tt tt 144 ... T OS
II 16 120 0 tt Ill ISO 1 4
II 261 40 4 06 II- 214 ... T Ot
44 144 40 M Ot 144 tt 1 (It
tl IH 40 tlVa 04 20 40 T ot
11 11 44 I7S, 44 141 10 T Olttj
11 1't 140 1 40 at 141 M 1 (tits
41 tut 40 1 00 04 120 ... T 10
It 141 ... T 00 4 Ul 40 1 10
IS 141 140 T 00 U i ... t 1
SHEEP There were no sheep on aa'
today with which to make a test of the
market. For the week, however, receipts
have been quite liberal, a big gain having
been made over the corresponding week
of laat yeat. A compared with laat week,
however, there Is a slight decrease.
Owing to the liberal runs at all point the
general tendency of price ha ben down
ward. Prime yearling are about ateady,
though In some cases the are, perhaps, a
trifle lower. Ewes and wether ar a little
lower, but the decline would be covered by
l'jj 16c The lamb market 1 what haa suf
fered the most, aa price ar 676o lower
than they were a week ago. The break Is
not limited to this market, however, a a
corresponding decline ha taken place at
other markets.
Itim demand for feeder has been fully
equal to tbe supply, and Uie ausukat may be
quoted active and strong on U deelrablo
Ju Utl n for clipped stock: Oood to
choice yearlings, 3S.7yu4.0n; fair to good,
H.otKijS 75: good to choice wethers. 2S. 25(1-1 50;
fair to good wethera. .iti3.26; chnfc
ewe, t3.OMi3.2S; fair to good ewes, U 5"f
2.90; good to choice Iambs. $6.26(85.60: fslr
to good lambs, $iaitj&.26; feeder wethera, 1
$2.7i.j3 36; feeder yearlings, tSJtVtt&KO: feeder:
lambs, $3 5ti4.2&; feeder evees, $
Representative sale:
Host Steady to Lower aad Cattle,
Sheer aad I.asnbs Steady.
CHICAGO. Aug. 23. CATTIJi Receipts,
J00 head; market steady; good to prima
ser) nominal, t8.004;i8.76; poor to medium,
t4.25i7.60: stocker and feeders. 12.50rfi5.26:
cows, tl.5C4j5.60; heifers, 12.254??. 00; cannejs, .
1.5ij'i.50; bulls t2.2fv0C.OO; calve, tl booi
7.00; Texas-fed steers, t3.0C&6.00; western
steer. t4.6n43ti.O0.
HIM18 Receipts, 13,000 head; estimated
Mondsy, So.000; left over. 1.000; steady to
5c lower; mixed and butchers1, $4. 6437.45;
Ccod to choice heavy, t7. loft1?. to; rough
eavy, to.SO'trf.lO; light, $6.7btli.40; bulk, of
sales, $7.O04j7.3O.
SHEEP AAD LAMBS Receipt. 2,000
head; sheep and lambs, steady; g-pod to
choice wether, $3.6tir4.00; falr to cholco
mixed, $2.6U3.60: western sheep, t2.50itrt.86;
native lambs, t3.764fti.Q0; western lamb,
Official yesterday:
Recel pt a. , Shi pmen t .
Cattle 2,840 (,54$
Hogs 1.49 2.017
Sheep 1,870 3.04S
Kaasaa City Live Stock Market.
celpta, 600 head; market unchanged; cholco
export and dressed beef steers, 27.353.10;
fair to good, to.l5f7.30; stocker and feed
em, U Hi6.20; western-fed steers, tt.lne
4 60; Texas and Indian steer, t2.60y4.2i;
Texas cows, $1.754,4.70; native cows, $1.6
4.10: native heifers. t3.0ttii'4.6O; canners, tl.5S
62.25; bulls, t2.50ftj3.2f; calves, $2.00jf4.75. ,
Receipts tor the week, 6s, 780 cavtUo, 8,730,
calves. j
HOOS Receipt. 1.000 head; 'market
steady; top. t7.36; bulk of sales, $7.0tir7.2S;
heavy, $7.304ii7.35; mixed packers, t7.0.vt
7.25; light, $S.80tf7.06; yorkers, t7.007.u6:
lg", te.2&Q.90. Receipt for the week, SO.-
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 600 heed;
rrsrket Bffeady; native lam he, $3.2O4f5.0; ;
western lambs $3,004(6.00; native wethers,
3.4K(;4.40; western wethor, t2.96vSi8.96; fed
ewes, t3.35sj4.l6; Texa clipped yearling.
I3.0o3.86; Texa clipped sheep, $2. 9033. 10;
Mocker and feeders, $3 J0(iir2.0. Receipt
for the week, 43.000.
St. LobI LIT Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. tS. CATTLE Receipt.
400 head. Including 8U0 Texans; market dull
and ateady; native shipping and export
steer, $5.607.fi5, with extra fine stock
worth $8.76; dressed beef and butcher steer,
$4.107.75; steers under l,nx lbs., $3.70io4.80;
stcckers and feeders, $2.40-.o0; cows and
heifers, $2.2b;&6.60; canners, $1.75(82.75; bulls.
$2.00(8-J.76; calves $4.75.00; Texa and In
VI'to r cow" nd , heifer.
HUOS Receipts, 800 head; market teadyt
Pigs and lights, $S.757.a0; packer. $7,000
7.30; butchers, $7.15187.50.
BHEKP AND LA M B8 Receipt, 700 head;
market steady; native muttons, $3.003.8.".:
lambs, $4.Xri6.00; culls and bucks, $.0UtS
4.00; stockers, $1.60t&-3.45.
New York I.I to Stoek Msrket. i
ceipts; a few cows and heifers sold at $4
per cwt.; dressed beef steady; city dressed
native Bides, 8H(&H2ViO. Cables last received
quoted American steers at 12&13Hc dressed
weight, and refrigerator beef at HH(gl2o.
Exports today, partly estimated, were l.tlj
beeves, 105 sheep and 7,460 quarter of beef.
CALVES No arrivals to be sold and no
trading; city dressed veals, 10fifl3c per lb.
HOGS Receipts, 141 heud; market nomln.
any nrm.
head; market firm; medium lambs possibly -higher
In some cases; one car of sheep .
unsold; sheep $2.76fc3.&0; one deck, $3.76;
lambs, $6.25(i7.O0; dressed mutton, 607c; '
dressed lambs, 8ft llo. . .
Slo-x City LIT Stock Market. 1
BIOUX CITY, la., Aug. 23. (Special Tele-'
gram.) CATTLE Receipt, 300; market
steady; beeves, $6.50W7.5o; cows, bulls and ,
mixed, $1.6Oig4.00; stocker and feeder.
$3.25(34.60; yearling and calve, $3.0004.25.
HOGS Receipts, 2.600; steady; selling, i
$6.76&7.00; bulk, $6.806.90. ,
SHEEP Steady and in demand. - ,
' St. Josepk Live Stock Market. . ..
ST. JOSETPH, Aug. 23. CATTLE Re- j
ceipts, 479 head; market nominally steady. !
HOQS Receipts, 2,tSl head; market steady .
to 6c lower; light and light mixed, $7.06
7.15; medium and heavy, $7.06&7.ani; pigs. '
$4.60&6.00; bulk. $7.1(K&1.25.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 238 head; ;
market steady.
Cottoa Market.
NEW TORK, Aug. 23. COTTON Future
very steady; August, 8.62c; September,
8.15c; October, 8c; November, 7.92c; Decem
ber. 7.93c; January, 7.94c; February, 7.9c;
March and May, 7.91c. Spot, quiet; mid
dling uplands, 83c; middling gulf. 9e
SPlcs. 156 bales.
Futures closed very steady: August, 8.4$o:'
September, 8.16c; October, fi.Ole; November,
7.9ac; December, 7.96c; January, 7.98c; Feb
ruary, 7.96c; March, 7.94c; April, 7.94c; May,
Toledo Grata aad Seed.
TOLEDO, Aug. 28 WHEAT-DulI. firm; i
cash, 7c: Beptember, 72Ho; ecember. '
71" - bid; May, 73c.
C N Dull, strong; cash, SH4c; Beptem
ber, uHc; December, 42c asked.
OATS Dull, easy; September. JSc; De
cember, Zlc
clover, active, firm and higher;'
"ber, j.90; January, $6.67V4, nominal.
RYE 52c
Sogar Market.
NEW TORK. Aug. 23. STTOAR Raw,
steady: fair refining, tTc; centrifugal, 98
teat, $Hc Molasses sugar, 2Sc Refined,
steady: No. 8. 4.20c; No. 7. 410c; No. 8, 4c;
No. 9. 3.96c; No. 10, 8.90c; No. 11, 3.86c; No.
12, 3.80c; No. 13, 8.80c; No. 14, t 80c; confec
tioners' A, 4.60c; mould A, 4.90c: cut loaf,
1 15c; crushed. 6.16c; powdered, 4.760; granu
lated, 4.66c; cubes, 4.90c,
Clneimaatt Whisky.
CINCINNATI. Auf 23.-WHTSKT-Dls-tlllers'
finished good Arm on aaal of $1.31,
17. Farnam Smiih
& Go.
Omaha First Mortgage.
City and County Warrant.
County and Stat Bonds.
Stock or
TJnlon Stock Yards, South Omaha,
Omaha Street Railway.
Lincoln Land Co.
Omaha Bank.
And other stock of all kinds. ' I
For Immediate snd futur delivery.
1320 Fsrnsni St. Tel. 1064
New York Stocks sad Chicago Grala
bought and sold for cash or on margin.
Tel. 1030. OMAHA, NEB,
few valuable point set free by
84 Adam St, Chicago,
110 Broadway, New York.
SUCCESS 111 speculation;.
OUU U LJU $100.00 laeested la Urate ot
""",-" btockabour "aWtaty Valv
Pisa" should result la a profit oi $500.00 to
$1000.00 withla $0 days. Writ for particular
and seed for our free book "Madera Metkedd
tor Sea Imreotasoaf.
R. D. OLIVER 4 CO., Bauakere aa
Broker. rkleao Stock . Ksckaaao
BsUldi-;, Ckteage. , '
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