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Davla sells drugs.
Btockert sells carpets and ruge.
Leffert, eyesight specialist, 838 Broadway.
Mica Lulu McQulre of Vail, la., la tha
guest of Mlsa Oenevleve Murphy.
8peclal offerlnge In framed pictures. C
E. Alexander A Co.. 838 Broadway.
Tske home a brie, or Metsger" lea
cream. Vanilla, 86c: Neopolltan. o.
Ellin Chandler la home from hla trip to
California, where ha epent two month.
The cleric of tha district court Issued
forty-six llcenaea to wed during tha month
of July.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beno and "or'
are home from their Bummer outing at
Spirit Lake.
Mrs. 8. Longstreet has none to Cll
fornla. where sEe will apend the remainder
of tha summer.
Miss Catherine Mlttnech Is enJ"?1"; ,
visit from her sister. Mlaa EHaabeth Mitt
tiach of El Reno, Okl. '
W. J. McClure left last evening for Solon
la , where Mrs. McClure has been visiting
relatives for tha last month.
A marriage license wa "wy.?"1"
to Bandy Rose, aged 22, and leabelle Shoe
maker, aged I, both of Omaha,
Miss Laura Meyera of rark avenue will
i...,. nmnrrnw for a three weeks visit
with friends at Lake OkoboJI.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J- Couslna or De
Moines are guests of Mrs. O. L. Gorman
and aon, 1115 Fourth avenue.
Abe Lincoln's Woman's Relief corps will
meet this afternoon in Grand Army of the
Republic hall at the usual hour.
During the month of July 184 deeds of
conveyance were In the offlce of County
Recorder Smith, with a total consideration
of 82J7.lti2.0e.
Levi, the Infant aon of Mr. and Mrs. John
Gruver, i!416 Avenue D, died Wednesday,
aged 8 months. The funeral was held yes
terday afternoon and burial waa In Fair
view cemetery. .
Ralph Lloyd, a young lad, waa arrested
yesterday charged with being Implicated In
the theft of copper wire from the motor
company, for which three other boys are
already In custody.
Mr. Cora Cheaney, a colored woman,
w'ho waa aeverely burned about the arms a
week ago by the overflowing of a gasoline
atove, waa removed to the Woman s Chris
tian Association hospital yesterday.
Mlsa EfT a Ellis and Misa Fannie Bryant
will leave tomorrow for a western trip ex
tending from Arlxona to California. They
will return by way of the - Yellowstone
park. T jty expect to be away two months.
Midshipman George J. Meyers of this
city, recently graduated from Annapolis,
has been transferred to Kentucky, the flag
ship of the Asiatic squadron, commanded
by Rear Admiral R. D. Kvans and sta
tioned at Taku, China.
County Auditor Innes Is sending out to
all the township clerks throughout the j , make a rua for It before tha train
county copies of the extracts from the!'1" 10 m"e rum lor " o'or la train
ini nnHa rolat nr to townshlD Kovern-
ment. These books are specially prepared,
for the use of the township boards.
William Keith of Garner township re
ported to the police last evening that a
horse had been stolen from his premises,
supposedly by a stranger driving a dilapi
dated team to an old buckboard wagon,
who was headed toward Council Bluffs.
John Chrlstel, arrested with a quantity
of brass a-team fittings in hla possession
which the police suspect he stole, waa sen
tenced to ten daya on bread and water
yesterday by Judge Bcott. The police so
imi 1..V filled t3 flr.d en owner for tha
Harry Beecroft, ' clerk In a Broadway
grocery store, has his head swathed In
bandagea as the reault of "playing catch"
with a paving brick with a fellow clerk.
Beecroft misaed the brick, but the brick
did not miss his head, hence a bad scalp
wound and the attendant bandagea.
Mra. Clara Boone, wife of Frank Boone,
a farmer living near Mlnden, was com
milted last evening to St. Bernard's hos
pital bv the commissioners for the Insane.
Mra linnnn who la the mother of three
young children, hae been aerlously 111 for
some time and labors under the hallucina
tion that every one around her waa trying
to poison her.
The hearing of Fred Pierce, charged with
the theft of twenty-two chlckena belong
ing to Dan Driscoll, foreman at the gas
works, waa continued In police court yes
terday until Saturday morning. In default
of ball, placed at 1200, Pierce is sojourning
behind the bars at the city jail. A charge
of breaking and entering has been placed
against him.
Use any soap aa It Pack'e soap. '
N. T. Plumbing Co.. telephone 150.
Prohibition Coanty Convention.
The prohibitionists of Pottawattamie
county will hold a mass convention at
Oakland Tueaday, August II, to place In
nomination a county ticket and to select
delegatea to the atate prohibition conven
tion which will be held at Waterloo Wed
nesday, August 10.
In connection with the county convention
the county members of the prohibition
party are planning to have an all-day
rally and picnic. The ptcnto will be held
In a grove near the town of Oakland and
will be under the auspices of the Oakland
Prohibition alliance, which will give a
program during the forenoon. There will
be a basket dinner at noon, following
which the convention will meet at I p.m.
Tha evening will be devoted to a ratifica
tion meeting. . A number of distinguished
prohibition speakers will be present and
make addresses morning and evening.
P. P. Fetter and John C. Vhle are chair
man and secretary, respectively, of the
prohibition county . central committee.
Last fall the prohibitionist of Pott
wattaml county cast 150 votes for thslr
candidate for governor, while the vote oa
their county ticket ranged from 156 to 19
. Gravel roofing. A. H. Read, 841 Broadway.
Keep clean. Use Puck's Mechanic' soap.
Th gam
aad Bade ta Play.
between the Council
lodges of Eagles and Elks Saturday after
noon at Lake Manawa promises to be i
great exhibition of ball. The umpire have
not yet been selected, but. Coroner Treyaor
ba been placed on th Elks' substitute
list, so that h may be on hand la case
hla services are needed. City .Engineer
Etnyre will pitch for the men with the
antler and C Blrchfield for thoae with the
wings. The game will be called. at I o'clock
and thla will be the lineup of the two
tea ma:
Eaa-lea. Position. Klka
Panther Catcher Children
BlrehAeld Pitcher Etnyre
Scanlan First base Searle
Locher ... ......Second base......... Gebhart
Brown Third base Griffith
Klggina Shortstop Bruington
Bedlson Rlghtfleld Wright
Askwlth CenterfUld Jacobs
Caaay ....Leftflald Ilea
Bubetltutee: Eagles, George Scanlan. R.
Rodd, Earl Sweat, B. Ruffrorn; Elks, P.
Knox. Dr. V. L. Trey nor. Thad Edward.
Plumbing and beattag. Btxby a Soa.
Puck'a Domestic soap la beet far Uaudry.
Real Batata Trans f era.
Theee transfer wer filed yesterday la
th abstract, title and loan office of J. w.
Bqulr. 101 Pearl street:
Mary Allan to Anna Clausen, hotel
lot, Bubanka' 1st add; lota 1 and I,
Hagcs' block, of original plat lot 49;
lot 1. block 71: lot I, block 10; lot 8,
block ; lot 4. block St. and lot 1,
block W. original plat; lot 80. block
1, Riddle' aubdlv; lota t and 10,
block 4. Fierce' e subdlr: lot 8. Audi
tor's subdlv, neU eU 14-76-44. q. c d.
Ague Folaoa et a to J. R. Snyder, lot
10. block U. Bay has' let add. a. o. d.
Dartmouth Savings bank to 8. A.
Biton. lot 1, rrsurvey of lot 171,
original plat. w. d
Total three transfer ....
I 1.M1
(Succaaaor to W.
rikAJit, eTKa.Br.
C- Eatp
Then T,
Thtmu V. Walton aid Mrs. Thcmpioi
Depart on ths Sam Train,
Con pie Net Atteattve Each
Other as Darin tha , Hoara
at Tsasg Waltoa'a
Mrs. Elisabeth M. Thompson, the buxom
and wealthy widow from Boston and her
youthful Banco, Thomas V. Walton, shook
tha dut of Council Bluffs from their feet
last evening and lTt on tha Wabash sup
posedly for 8t. Louis on their way to tha
city of baked beans and brown bread.
During tha day Mr. Thompson remained
la her room at the Grand hotel, having
her meals served there, but the young man
preferred to eat In tha dining room. After
lunch ha made hit way to a book store and
purchased a supply of magaslne and other
reading matter for hla ."Aunty," aa he
familiarly called her. .r .
Mrs. Thompson telephoned to Omaha and
ordered her trunks sent to tha depot. When
the time came to go to the depot the widow,
dressed entirely In black and enveloped
In a voluminous Raglan with a lace collar,
stationed herself at the corner of First
avenue and Pearl street while waiting for
a motor. Thomas V. Walton, on the other
band, want to tha corner of Pearl street
and Broadway and there boarded the car,
taking a teat In the rear. He made no
effort to assist the widow onto tha car and
to thoae who did not know differently they
acted aa perfect strangers.
When the transfer depot waa reached
the young man alighted first, being tha
more agile of the two, but made no attempt
to assist his buxom sweetheart. Instead
he made a bee Una for the waiting room
and the refreshment counter. They en
tered the Pullman car together, Mra.
Thompson first and the young man follow
ing. As Tommy reached the laat atep ha
gave a wistful look back, which clearly
Indicated that If ha only dared ha would
puiieu vui iuii imti lit, ,ir uui uuadui
widow to make the journey by herself.
Puck's Domestic soap is beau
Edward Canning of the Fifth Ward
lated as tha New
Chairman Harry M. Brown has Issued a
call for a meeting of the republican city
central committee for Saturday jevealng at
8 o'clock In the south court room of tha
county court house. At this meeting the
committee will ba reorganized by the as
lection ot a chairman to sucoeed Mr. Brown,
who 1 not a candidate for re-election. Ed
ward Canning of the Fifth ward Is slated
for the chalrmanshin and It la conceded
will be elected .without contest.; A secre
tary will also be elected.
The committee will also place In nomina
tion a candidate for assessor of Kane towu
ship, outside of the city of Council . Bluffs.
Thle the township convention omitted to
do and it now .devolves upon the committee
to fill the vacancy In the ticket, which It
was empowered to do by a resolution
adopted by the convention. J. E. Meyers
Is the present republican Incumbent ot the
office and present Indications are that he
will be renominated without opposition.
The members of the cit? central com
mittee are J. Corllea, V. B. Bivlrd, George
Gould, J. O. Baker. C. B. Haverstock, A. W.
Melsner, J. J. Hess, Julius Johnson, Ed
ward Canning, T. O. McMillan and Israel
Davis cell glaaa.
Trial of Kidnapers Taeaday.
Frank Whltsell. I. 8. Robinson aad A.
Anderson, th men. who kidnaped George
Nleman and John Fisher, the two new.
boy. Tuesday afternoon, will have their
preliminary hearing In police court Mon
day morning. Charge of kidnaping and
highway robbery have been placed agalnat
Whltsell and Robinson, whUe only that of
kidnaping ha been booked aganst Ander-J
oa. Anderson is not accused' of robbing
young Nleman of th small amount ot
money he had with him, bat the other two
are, and thl eonatltnte the eharge of
highway robbery. , . ;
Nleman succeeded la recovering hla bicy
cle. It being found la the. weed. near th
bluff where th police first cam upon the
gang and rescued the bey and captured
The three men assert that they had no
Intention to kidnap the boy and that they
were drunk and did not raltx what they
wer doing.
Dlaaaelc Visit Old FHeada.
W. 8. Dlmmock. former general manager
ot the Omaha 4k Council Bluff Railway and
Bridge company, arrived ta th city ye
tarday on hla wsy from Richmond, Vs., to
Tacoma, Wash., where he goes to assume ths
general managership of the Puget Sound
Electrical railway. Mra. Dlmmock I visit
ing friends at Atlantic la., aad Mr. Dim
mock will Join her there today and after a
short visit will return to Counoll Bluffs
to stay with friends for a tew days before
proceeding to hi new post.'- Mr. Dlmmock,
In company with Superintendent Tarking
ton, apent last evening at Lake Manawa,
aad waa very favorably impressed with the
Improvement carried Out thl ytar at th
Davis sella paints.
Raaaway Boy Apprehended.
George B. Eaeger, a U-ytar-old boy who
had run away from his home la Boone, la..
was picked up by the polloa yesterday and
Is being held awaiting the arrival of his
father, J. B. Saeger, 'a traveling man.
Toung Saeger waa Induced to leave bom
so hs asserts, by a peddler of phony lew
elry who follows In tb wake ot Buffal
Bill's show. Th fellow promised the boy
18 a day and hla expense and young Saeger
thought he had atruck a veritable gold
mine. He 1 a bright. Intelligent looking
boy, but evidently unused to the ways of th
world. lis protested at being detained ua
til his father cam for him and said h
preferred earning th 11 a day with th taka
Jewelry peddler to going horn.
Perklna Gave IVa Bead.
CEDAR RAPID8, la., July 81. Special.)
It t now discovered that Charles W. Per
kin never gave any sort of bond to Gn
ral Agent Munger of th Northwestern Lit
Insurance company, whoa fund Perklna
uaed to tha tun ot from 0,000 to $80,000
la th past tea years. Psrklns ha not been
arrested. It seams that th general agent
must stand good for Perklna' shortage, to
tha Northwestern company. It la also
known that Perklna told Muager ef hla am
bexlement or shortagea ea June It, yet
tha matter waa kept from the publlo until
a few daya ago, when the general agent
tried to realise on certain securities and
to sell real estate that Perklna had turned
over to him. The banks have known ot
tha shortage for several weeks. It Is also
said that Perklna has signed a statement
that the amount embenled waa 180,000.
Just bow Perkins fooled the Inspectors or
auditors who are semi-annually sent to
go through his books. Is a puxsle.
Oaa Dies fraaa Drinking; Oil aad As
ether Probably Fatally lajared
hy Pltekferk.
IOWA FALLS, la., July . II. (Special.)
An accident that may yet terminate fatally
la reported from Eagle City aoutheast of
thla place. While coming In from the field
with a load of bay a pttohfork slipped from
the load with tha tines downward, striking
the child of Robert Walthall on the top
of the bead, the tine penetrating the skull
and entering the brain. The attending
physicians are of the opinion that If no
foreign matter waa carried into tha wound
that Ufa may ba saved.
: From the aame neighborhood comes tha
newa ot the death of tha 8-year-old child
of Levi Walthall, caused by drinking ma
chine ail.
arveyere aa New Omaha-Dee Molaea
Electrle Railway Lay Oat
Proposed Route.
AUDUBON, la., July 11. (Special.) Th
surveyor of th new proposed electrle
railway from De Moines to Omaha having
the work of establishing the right-of-way
and the grade from De Moines here, ar
rived in the city thla week.
J. C. Cummlngs, one ot the officials of the
new road, says that In two months' time the
surveyor will have completed the route all
the way to Omaha and then the grading
contract will be let Immediately. About
three mile east ot Audubon a seventy
foot grade I necessary to cross the Botna
Jamea Glllew of Carroll, Iowa,
Chooses alolda ta Peer
CARROLL, la., July 81. (Special.)
Oounty Coroner Patty was called to Car
ronton thla morning on account of the
ulctde of Jamea Oilley, which occurred at
an early hour today.
Mr. Cllley was a pioneer of Carroll
county, being a brother of William Gllley
ot this city, and was over 70 years ot age.
He had been in poor health for a number
of year and recently had returned from
a trip to California. Hi mind has been at
farted for a a ma tirnm,
Mra. Bella Ahcra Feand Dead
Cemetery at Waverly oa First
Baahaad'a Grave.
WAVBRLT, la., July 8L Mr. Ball
Abern, aged 80. committed auicide thl
morning by going out to Arlington cem
etery and. taking a- 48-callbar revolver and
snooting herself through the heart.
She wa found on th grave ot her first
husband. She was a widow and said th
man ah loved would not marry her.
Farsahanda la Great Demand.
CEDAR FALLS, Ia.. July 81. (Sneclal.)
The harvest field of Black Hawk county
present an unusual picture of industry Just
at thia time. The harvest-hand problem
ha confronted th farmer with much fore.
Tb farmer are offering $2 per day and
noara ana yet they are unable to get help
to gather the fast-ripening crop ot small
grain. Oat I Buffering th worst. They are
dowa and badly tangled and maay of the
neias cannot be saved at all. The straw la
th heaviest known la year.
Shepherd to Saeeeed Sargeat.
IOWA FALLS, Ia., July 8L (8peclal.)
The Rock Islaad ha announced the appoint
ment ot Jack Shepherd of Cedar Raptda a
master mechanlo at thl point, .to succeed
P. J. Sargent, who ha resigned on account
of hi poor health and will move to Cedar
Rapid. Mr. Shepherd wa formerly a resi
dent of thl city, being tor a time employed
under Mr. Sargent In the Burlington, Cedar
Rapid at Northera round bouse.
At Moaeaa normal laailtaNe.
ONAWA, Ia.. July 81. (Special Telegram.)
The Monona eounty Normal Institute I
progressing very favorably on it first week.
One hundred and alxty-flv name have
been enrolled to date aad th enrollment
111 probably be considerably larger next
week. J. L. Zwickery of Dea Moines.
humorist and cartoonist, will deliver a lect
ure to the teacher at the Congregational
church Tuesday evening, August 5.
Iowa State Mewa Notre.
Sheriff Law of Waterloo served alxtaen
Olifftnal notices on a woman llvlna nr
La Porte. She waa th endorser of a num
ber of notea. which aha will have to pay.
Thla la tha largeat amount of trouble the
officer ever presented to one peraon at on
Iowa Is firs in value of farm nroduets
with t3tt.00U.0oQ and Illinois second with
346,000.0uu, but Illinois 1 first In value of
farm lands, 82,604.000,000, while the figures
for Iowa, which la second, are 81.834.OuO.0O0.
The comparison la an encouraging one for
tnose wno maintain that lowa lands have
not yat reached their full legitimate value.
A horrible accident occurred near Clare
when a runaway team threw William
Klen and hla dauchter on a alckle and
terribly mangled them. He and his daughter
were driving wnen in team became
frightened and ran away. Th father waa
ao terribly injured that hla intestines pro
truded. Hla daughter'a lege are mashed
Into mince meat. Other details of tbe acci
dent are aa harrowing.
J. H. Owen, who resided at Charles City
from 1885 to 188. and waa cashier and
president of th late Charles City National
bank and a prominent cltisen In church
and aoclal rlrclea. Is reported to be In an
Insane asylum at Tacoma, wash., violently
afflicted with the dread malady. He quit
banking and engaged In the life Insurance
bualneas at Dea Moines and Cedar Raplda,
and waa so engaged up to the development
of hla great affliction. He has Just re
cently arrived at Tacoma with hla family
with the purpose of making that place a
Nellie Lack, a young woman of about 26
years, residing some ten mllea north of
Charlea City, committed suicide by shoot
ing herself, with a pistol In the right tem
ple. The ball passed through the brain,
coming out at the left temple. Death waa
Instantaneous. When found ehe was alt
ting bolt upright, evidently In the position
taken to commit the act. She waa In poor
haalth and under medical treatment. It Is
believed that despondency over sickness
caused temporary deranaement. In which
condition she ended her suffering. The
body waa removed to the undertaking
rooms and Coroner Dennis held an Inquest.
Davenport Democrat: In the rlae of Leon
M. Allen of this city to tbe position of
general paaaenger agent of the Rock Island
syatem the boy of Davenport who are
setting forth to help themsalva have an
other of those examploa that the prosalo
raadare of lecture la prone to call an ob
ject leeson. The characteristic of Mr.
Allen'a work, during the twenty-two years
h served tha Rock Ialand In varloua ca
pacltiea. has been his Inability to ae that
the Interest of the company that paid him
waa not hla own Interest. The man who
works for hla employer along that line
doe not usually need the protective office
ot an organisation to secure fair treat
ment for him.
Iowa Counoil Pats Tax Valuation Dp
four Million Dollar.
Rock Islaad Operating Corporatloa
Fllea Hew Article of Incor
oratloa fader tha
Iowa Law.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, la., July 81. (Special
Telegram.) The state executive council at
11 o'clock tonight completed the assess
ment of railroad and other property. On
railroad property the Increase waa a little
over $4,000,000, almost entirely on trunk
lines, the Northwestern, Burlington and
Milwaukee getting most ot the Increase.
There was also an Increase In telegraph.
telephone and express companies. Th
railroad alone will be obliged to pay $121,
845.68 more taxea than laat year. The atate
levy wa fixed at t mills, which will
yield approximately $1,896,000 In taxea. Th
council took Into consideration the war
claims refund In estimating the revenue
needed. The exact Increase In railroad val
uation was $4,041,608, making the total
$61,112,814. The principal systems bear moat
of the Increase as follows:
Burlington, Cedar Rapids & N...,
Chicago, Burlington A Oulncy...,
Chicago, Minneapolis & St. Paul.
Chicago Great Western
Rock Island .
Chicago, St. Paul, Mlnneapolia & O. 25.7)
Minneapolis st. iouis zau,i.u
.This leaves but $68,7(2 Increase for the
minor lines. The Wabash and Iowa Cen
tral were not changed.
About 700 telophone and telegraph com-
panlea were assessed at an actual valua
tion ot $6,512,498, the taxable value being
one-fourth of thla. This makes an Increase
In the taxable valuation of the telephone
and telegraph companies of $327,976. There
are nearly twice aa many of the companies
this year aa last. The express companies
were valued at $336,273, an Increase ot $104,
696 over last year.
Rock Island Reorganisation.
The Rock Island reorganlsers made ar
rangement today bo that the railroad may
oontlnue to do business as an Iowa corpora
tion In the operation of their roads by In
corporating a an Iowa company for $135,-
000,000. Tha name of the new company 1
the Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad
company. Headquarter are In De Moines,
with branches la New York and Chicago.
The articles were filed with the county re
corder and later with the secretary of
state, and to the state the compsny paid a
flllag and recording fee of $125,018.20. The
actual filing was done by John I. Dllle, as -a"
ststant Iowa attorney for the Rock Island,
with headquarters la this city. Mr. Dills
refused later to make any statement what
ever aa to the plana of tbe company or th
purpose of making this reorganization, pre
ferring that the other officials make a state
ment In the east. It la hinted that the
Atchison 1 In the deal, but a to thla noth
ing can be learned here. But there are
quit a number of other roada that are now
virtually controlled by the Rock Island
whlsb have not yet become a part of the
system. These will be taken over by th
New Jersey company ' and ultimately be
turned over to tha system as a whole. The
belief Ijere is that th Iowa corporation
I to be the operating company, as th lawa
of Iowa are favorable to thl. The present
Rock Island company 1 an Iowa corpora
tion, with headquarter In Davenport. Th
Rock Ialand people were most interested
last winter in securing tb passage ot a
bill which would allow consolidations under
th Iowa corporation law. Th bill which
wa finally got through tb legislature wa
not a favorable a they had hoped and
the only consolidation they have been abl
to effect under It la that of the Burlington,
Cedar Rapids ft Northern.
Prepare to Meet Injunctions.
Th advisory committee of the local
trade and labor assembly I making prep
aration to meet the injunction of the
Iowa Telephone company. Wesley Stafford
of Sioux City ha been employed a aa at
torney la the case, with local attorney, and
It I probable that counter cult for In
junction will be brought, though that ha
not yet been fully determined. The tele
phone striker and their friends aad ad
visers are determined to not permit their
scheme to be balked by a court Injunction.
They are planning to commit overt act
and bring the matter Into court at one
and seek to gala popular sympathy la this
way. There ha been a partial settlement
of tb strike in Davenport and some other
cities and the organisers ar now working
In different part of th state where the
Iowa Telephone company ha branches.
Odd Fellowa' Officers.
The officers of the grand lodge of Iowa
Odd Fellows have Just been announced, aa
tbe election I by mall ballot. Judg Z.
A. Church of Jefferson wa elected grand
master, receiving 8,731 vote, without op
position. Dr. M. W. Whit ot 8Ioux City
waa elected deputy grand maater, and Will
V. Tufford of Clinton grand warden. There
were two candidatea for grand secretary, R.
L. Tllton of Des Moines, and H. N. Smith
of Spencer, the former being elected. N. J.
Jones of Shelby was elected grand repre
sentative. Invited to Illinois State Fair.
Governor Cummins today received an ur
gent Invitation from Governor Yatee of Illi
nois to attend th Illinois state fair at
Springfield on th day that President Roose
velt 1 to be there. If I to be known as
governor' dny and Cummin will probably
attend, though he cannot a yet aay.
The auditor ot state today Issued a permit
for the Standard Accident and Life associa
tion ' of Detroit to tnsurs health. Thla Is
the third company to enter thia field under
tbe new Iowa law. ,
A requisition waa issued by the governor
today for the governor of Minesota that
Patrick H. Harrington, who waa arrested
at Toledo, Ia., may be taken back to Free
born and stand trial for bigamy. Harrington
la now in Jail at Toledo.
Eaeaatpaacat at Oakalooaa.
Th camp of th Fiftieth regiment, Iowa
National Guard, at Oakalooaa. commencing
Auguat 5, la to be named "Camp John F.
Lacey," la honor ef th congressman from
that district, who Uvea at Oakalooaa. Thurs
day, August 7. has been designated as gov
ernor' day at tha ramp. Colonel Harry H.
CaughUn of Ottumwa will be In charge of
th encampment, and the battalion com
mander are Majors Dunlap, Bishop and
Lambert. Adjutant General Brers has mads
all the necessary arrangement aad se
cured contracts for the supplies. The gen
eral orders for this, ths last ot th four
encampments, ar th same aa with the oth
ers. Oa August 14 Oovsrnor Cummin.' will
go to Council Bluffs to attand tbe reunion
of the Philippine veterans.
eheal Caaea fader Ceaslderetlea
State Superintendent Barrett was busy to
day with appeal caaea. In the forenoon he
heard ths case ot Barker and other against
ths school township of Van Birn, In Van
Buren county, la which aa effort is being
made te creat aa Independent school dis
trlct for the town of Mount Zlon, which Is
near Kecssuqua. The effort le reflated on
the ground chiefly that the town has not the
necesssry 100 persons. A similar case was
hesrd this afternoon from Cslheun county,
that ot E. J. Mack against the township of
Cedar, ta which an effort Is being made t
create a new district at the town of Somer.
deleters Day at State Fair.
A alrong effort I being mad to secure a
very large attendance ef soldier and mem
ber of th Grand Army of th Republlo at
the state fslr on soldiers" day. Arrange
ments were concluded this morning by Past
Commander Metxgar for addressea by Sen
ator Dolllver and Governor Cummins on that
day. Ex-oovernor Packard, superintendent
ot the cattledepartment, baa agreed to al
low th us cf the new cattle pavilion for
the service on soldiers' day, which will oc
cur between 11 and 1 o'elork, and be out
of th way of th exhibitor In the cattle
department. The dedication services for the
new pavilion will also be Interesting and a
fine program will soon be out for that. The
preliminary work for the state fslr Is be
ing nearly all closed up now, exhibitor are
sending In their entries, apace I being taken
and the Improvement on the ground are
nearly all done.
Kill Man at Carroll, Iowa, MaklaT
Foarth Vic tins There Within
Oaa Week.
CARROLL. Ia., July 81. (Special.) An
other unfortunate,' James Mlnnlck of Chi
cago, met death in th Carroll yarda laat
night about 11 o'clock, one leg being
severed from th body Juat above the knee.
He was unconscious when found, but later
gave his name and address. He died at
Wright' hospital this morning at 4 o'clock.
Th authorities ordered th body ahlpped
to De Motnea. Mlnnlck' death la th
fourth fatality from railroad accident In
Carroll within a week.
Feroclooa Brothers Land la Jail.
ATLANTIC. Ia,. July 81. (Special.)
Buffalo Bill gave his great wild west show
at thia place yesterdsy. Over 1,200 tickets
were sold to both afternoon and evening
exhibitions. It being nearly double the
number sold at his former visit to this city
four years ago. At the conclusion of the
evening show Lloyd and Jack Hunkle, after
becoming intoxicated nndertook to clean
out Lorenien'a saloon and defied the of
ficers to arrest them. Sheriff Marshall un
dertook to restore order and the Hunkle
brothers turned their attention toward him.
Marshall drew his revolver, but no sooner
was It in sight than Jack Hunkle kicked
It out of bis hand and sent la spinning
across the room. At thl climax ot the
scene the bystanders aided in the arrest
of the Hunkles.
Prepare for District Co art Session.
ONAWA, Ia., July 81. (Special Telegram.)
Judge Wakefield Issued an order yesterday
to the clerk of the district court of Monona
county to draw thirty-fife petit Juror for
the September term. They are summoned to
appear on Thursday, September 4, at 2
p. m. Court will not convene until Tues
day, aa Monday Is labor day. Judge Wake
field will preside at this term of court
Cattle lafeeted with Rabies.
IOWA FALLS, la., July 21. (Special.)
Assistant State Veterinarian W. L. Ever
has discovered several case of rabble In
a herd of cattle belonging to William
Whltesell, east of this city. Three cows
have been ordered killed, and a number of
dogs in the same locality have been ordered
killed for fear of spreading the disease.
Offlclala of Villace ef Harlem
Charged with Malfeasance
ia Office-
CHICAGO, III., July 81. The grand Jury
today returned Indictment agalnat the
official of th vlllag of Harlem for mal
feasance In office aad gainst eleven book
maker for gambling at the Harlem race
track. Conspiracy to allow gambling on
the race and bribery of th town officer
for permission to .the bookmaker allowing
betting I charged.
Th indictment are against Henry J
Hohr, president ot th village board; Fred
Meyer, Henry Schults, Nicholas .Armhurst,
Jacob Cold, Otto Htntze and Charlea Hll-
mer, trustees of the village; and Sam Bum
merfleld, Fred Cook, Kid Welter, Charlea
Esstg, William Applegate, .Charlea Davia,
Stephen L'Hommedleu, Edward Austin,
Barney Schrelber, Barney Zacharlaa and
Edward Applegate, bookmakers
Myaterleas Movement of m Govern.
neat Commission aad British
Consal at Paaasna.
NEW YORK, July 81. A Panama dls-
patch say that a government commission,
consisting of Senor Torn Corlas, a prom
inent member of th conservative party
here, the British consul In Panama and
Generala Gomel and Moren, has left by
steamer. It Is supposed th commission
went to Agua Pulee, wher tb govern
ment' mala army I now stationed under
General Morels, Bertl and Castro.
Ths special object of ths commission Is
not known. 8oms reports say It is to ar.
rang for an exchange of prisoners, and
others that It Is authorised to arrange th
preliminaries for a treaty of peace, it pos
The government fleet left last evening,
also for Agua Dulc. Th commission I
expected to return about next Thursday.
Wants Ha New Trial aad Ask that
Eaeeatlea Take Plaea Boon
a Possible.
NORFOLK, Va.. July $1. Convicted by a
Jury In the Norfolk county court of mur
dering hi wife, William Treadwell will not
sanction th application of hi counsel for
a new trial.
H declares that b purchased th pistol
with which h killed hi wife with the In
tentlon of killing himself well. He de
Ire that no new trial be requested and
that sentence upon him be executed a soon
a possible.
Th man appear to hav no deslr to
live whatever. Th case la on ot th
strangest vr tried In a Virginia court.
After shooting his wife th man turned tbe
pistol upon himself and was weens recov
erlng from the wound.
Offleere of the Hepahllcaa Centres
leaat Commlttea Arrive at
Hew Yark Headewartere.
NEW YORK, July 81. Chairman Babcock
of tbe republican congressional committee
baa arrived at the New York office of tb
committee. Representative Overatreet of
Indiana, secretary of the committee, ta ex
peeled to Join him today. Representative
iherman, th vie chairman, ale will soon
com to headquarters, wher be will re
main on duty throughout th campaign.
Representative Hull of Iowa, who I at
tending th republic convention at Des
Violas, will be hare next week. He
cbalrmaa at tb executlv committee.
TT7y not heep this remedy in your home instead
V V cf xcaiting until some one cf your family is sick
nigh unto death and then sending for it in a great hurry,
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Twenty-Five Men Take Prisoner from
Arkanaaa Sheriff and Suspend
Hlra to a Tree.
CAMDEN. Ark., July 81. Report have I
reached hero of the lynching ot Lee New
ton, a negro, by a mob of twenty-five men
in the Cornie bottoms, Columbia county,
about twenty-five mllea from Magnolia,
and away from telegraphlo communication.
The negro waa found In the room of
two young women, daughters of a promi
nent family. In the eastern part of the
county, about a month ago. Their screams
frightened him away. Twice he escaped
from custody. He was captured once at
Bernlce, La., and came near being lynched
there, and was last captured with blood
hounds and put In chains.
Newton wa in th hands ot officers and
was being taken to Magnolia when the mob
appeared and took tbe negro away. Later
the body was cut down by Sheriff Warren
of Columbia county.
Alleged South Dakata Murderer Be
come Reticent on Eve of
Trial for Life.
STURGIS. 8. D.. July 31. (Special Tele
gram.) In the Loveawar murder trial the
Jury wa completed and sworn at 12:20 p.
m. today. Court adjourned until Z p. m.
to allow counsel time, to arrange the order
of the testimony.
The defendant Is beginning to show signs
of nervousness, though he keeps his thin
lips closely drawn and never speaks to
anyone, not even his counsel. It Is
thought at this time that the trial will be
concluded this week. The taking of tes
timony will begin at 2 o'clopk today. Albert
Puck, brother of the murdered man. Is Bit
ting with the attorneys for the state.
Survivor of the Wars Generouely
Remembered by the Gen
eral Government.
WASHINGTON, July 31. (Special.) Tho
following pensions have been granted:
Issue of July :
Nebraska: Increase, reissue, etc. Zebu-
in Cnri. Rlwoori. 112: Hodv Z. Henzer.
Win side, $8; John Lindon, Exeter. $14.
Widows, minora and dependent relatives
Margrey Grant, Preston, ; cornena
Moran, Bancroft. 88; Sarah E. Reynolds,
Geneva, $8: Mary H. Slsson, Beatrice, $8.
Iowa: Originals Columbus L. Green,
nirmir,h,m. iti. Increase, reissue, etc.
Charles F. Morris, Pomeroy, $8: George .
Coleman, jjoon, i; nenry n. merriu,
Gladbrook, $8; William H. Barclay.
Waverly, 88; Joseph G. Cooper, Burlington,
$8; Malchor S. Goll, Montrose, $10; Samuel
M. George, Wtota, $8; Joslah Mullen, Mar-
ahalltown. is. , , , , , .
South Dakota: Originals Edward Stover,
Ccntervllle, ; Lewis Spawn. Brant, $8;
Nelson W. Wade. Spencer, $12. Increase,
reissue, etc. William Kunaelman, Plerra,
Wyoming: Widows, minors and depen
dent relatives Elizabeth S. Hawa, Chey
enne, $8.
issue or juiy iu:
Nebraska: Increase, reissue, etc. Valen
tine B. Raley. Buchanan, $10. Wldowa,
minora snd dependent relatives Rosetta J.
Garner, Nellgh, 88.
Iowa: tiriKinais jrwmui dwm, rn-rnn-ton,
$; Charles A. Oodfrey. Des Moines,
$6 (war with Spain). Increase, reissue,
rtc George W. Armstrong, Des Moines.
$8; John Welty, State Center, $12; Jacob
Bishop, Richmond, 110; James Holiday.
Bloux Cltv, $12; Jamea T. Thrasher. Des
Molnea. $24; Samuel Bingham. Newbern,
$24; Isaac Burner, Fairfield, $17; Andrew
W Taylor. Oakland, $17; William Van
Horn. Columbua Junction, $8; Edward B.
McConnell, Des Moines, $12 (Mexican war).
Widows, minora and dependent relatives
Harriet Shannon, Nora Springs, ti; I.u
cinda L. Taylor, Maurice, 8: Caroline
Sutherland, Center Junction, $17; minor ot
Orvli S. Coddlngton, Waterloo, $10.
Waldaer Sharea Honors with Little
and Hunt, While Ueldea
Playa Well.
MINNEAPOLIS, July 81 L. If. Waldncr,
the Chicago expert, shares victory today
at the annual northwestern tennis tourna
ment at Deep Haven with R. P. IJlUrf of
Orange. N. J., and H. J. Hunt of Alanu'diw
Cal. The match between Waldner and
George K. Belden arouaed unusual in
thuslasm. Summary;
Third round, singles:
L, H. Waldner of Chicago beat R. Strick
land of White Bar, Minn.. 4-4. -2.
E. M. Ashcraft of Chicago defeated F. N.
Jane. e-4. 4-1. .
R. D. Little of Orange beat C. S. Peters
of Chicago, s-8. 8-4. -
Harry Uelden beat J. Lawrence. 8-2. -!.
R. J. Hunt- of Alameda won from S ura
C. Burton by default.
C Oarnett of Chicago beat W. 8. Gravea
Of White Rear. 6-4, -8.
Semi-finals, singles:
L. II. Waldner beat George K. Belden.
R."li. Little defeated E. M. Ashcraft,
"r. JHunt defeated Hsrry Blden, 6-1. 6-0.
Norman Newhall beat C. Garnett of Chi
cago, 6-4. 6-4.
Doubles, second round:
C Hale and W. C. Burton beat O. Lyman
and N. Werner, T-S. 4-1. 6-3.
L. H. Waldner and R. P. Little defeated
Stern and R. Strickland, 6-2, t-4, 6-2.
Third round, doubles:
C. Garnett and C. S. Peters, both of Chi
cago, beat Hale and Burton, 6-4, 8-7, 6-4. 6-3.
Third round, consolation: .......
F. N. Jayne beat W. 8. Grave of hite
BRFp. Gillette defeated J. Fleming, 4-L 6-3.
. . t
i - i-
s VK''';
''it ;
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