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iBuboi Psoplo Chanjo Offioen of the Omaha
Grant Company.
iCaJeea-e Hu tor Prestdeat aad
OlaTer4l I. Howe of Onakt for
g-aaerlatendent ( the
Local Work.
At the annual meeting of the offlcera, dl
rectors and stockholders of the Orant Par.
ting company Wednesday some decided
chn gee were made affecting the relatione
of that concern with the Barber Asphalt
company and la the directory and official
board. Under the present arrangement each
company will maintain a distinct identity,
according to Mr. Nash, but the affairs of
each will be under control of one set of of
ficers and directors. The ehange waa made,
ft la alleged, la the Interest of economy.
'All aalarios of offlcera were discontinued.
IX R. Cox, aa employe of the Barber As
phalt company at Chicago, waa elected pres
ident la olace of Fred A. Nash. W. R, Mc-
Leugblin takes the place of A. W. Bewail as
View president, W. F. Miller succeeds A. C.
rowers as secretary and treasurer and
Clifford . I. Howe, formerly secretary- and
treasurer of the Rochester Shoe company,
becomes superintendent in place of John
flrant. The directory will comprise Fred
iA. Nash and John Grant. Powers Is out of
It entirely and ia now "unattached."
Barber Company Owns the Grant.
"The Barber Asphalt company owna T6
per cent of the stock In the Orant Paving
company." aald Mr. Nash, "but heretofore
las entrusted the management of the Orant
eoupany to Omaha men, who are the minor
,'lty stockholders. Heretofore both the Bar
bar and the Orant company maintained a
'separate organisation here. As a result of
'the change which waa mads yesterday both
'companies will be managed by one set of
i officers, though 'the two companlea will
maintain separate identttlea. One suite of
' office room probably will serve for both
L D. R. Cox, the new president will retain
i bis headquarters In Chicago, where he la
'employed by the Barber Asphalt company
as a general utility man. W. R. , Mc
Laughlin, the now vice president, has been
' employed aa auditor in the Barber ' com
pany's offices here. John Orant, formerly
t superintendent, will "continue to serve ss
! promoter and solicitor of the combined
concern, though his salary of $200 per
! month has been lopped 'off and he will work
hereafter on commission. Mr. Howe, the
I new superintendent, is comparatively new
'at. the asphalt business, having worked at
It less than two months, which time be
iput In aa a clerk In tha Barber offices.
' CkllcrresiX.t)ce ft.
"Vy little boy took tha croup ona Bight."
taya F. D. Reynolds of Mansfield. O., "and
frew so bad you could hear him breaths all
i aver the house. I thought he would die, but
a tew aoses vi Ouw miuule Cvuiu Cuiw a-
lleved and sent him to aleep, Tbat'a the
last ws heard of tha croup." Oas Minute
' Cough Curs la absolutely safe and acts at
nee. For coughs, colds, croup, grip,
t asthma and bronchitis.
LBaaritars Seekta to Irnre Options
em Bold lass Prior to
Data of Bale.
r Captain J. B. Toung of tha Santas In-
LlfcUaa reservation Is In tha olty to appear
polar iue united States commissioner la
(a case. Tha captain holds tha position
lot chief of tha Indian police and Justice of
I ana peace ror tns inatan country.
I "I can, aes 'little change on the reser
j vat Ion," he said, "since the agency was
abolished. .The superintendent of achoola
jacts aa agent and all business is trana
acted aa though he were agent. The In
dians are' preparing for tha sale of their
(land, which , will begin as soon aa the
blank deeds arrive from Washington. One
of the provisions of. the regulations is
I that no' deed shall be used which does not
come from tha department, but the supar
llntendent, becoming disgusted with the
'delay, secured a blank form and la hav
ing some printed at a local ' office. It
will be Interesting to learn whether these
deeds are recognised by the department.
, "The land which la offered for aale will
vary In price from $26 to IS per acre.
Tha ' latter price will be exorbitant for
I soma of the rough land along the. brakes
'of the Missouri river, but it will prob
ably go for that, as the' Indiana do not
'seem to be aa anxious to sell aa othera
are to buy. A' couple of bankers In the
neighborhood are trying to get control of
I large traots of the land and are trying - to
i make contracts to purchase before the
i deeds arrlvs from Washington, i From
what I can learn, they are not meeting with
much success." -
tkssi la Badge of Ofllce for the
i Oaaaaa Pollea Will Boom
,7 Bo Adopted.'
i- The new badges adopted by the Board of
fetre and Police commissioners, to be worn
Ifcy the Omaha pollea department, are being
'prepared and will be turned over to the
offloare. It Is thought, by September IS.
Ho pay for these badges the patrolmen will
aeposlt $3.25 and the captalna and sergeants
1.75 each, this money to be returned 'to
jthe depositor when he leavea the force and
tturns his badge over to the city. Should
he desire to ksep It, his deposit Is forfeited,
IThe patrolmen's badge is of German silver.
in the center la the coat-of-arms of Ne
braska.- over whleh Is an eagle. Encircling
the coat-of-arms is the Inscription, "Omaha
iMetropolttaa Police." Underneath la the
number, of the officer. The sergeant's
badge, has the eagie made of rolled gold and
Inetead. of the number ia the word, "Ser
geant"i That to be worn by the captain Is
ef gold plate. The chief's will be about the
pame as the captain's.
I Tha badges are to be made in the shape
tef shield and will bo about two and a
keif Inches long aad two Inches across.
Jew Maa Believes Gypsy Baad
, . Lifted His Valaablo
." . . gtecd. ' '
A horse belonging to W. J. Kleef ef
Carnar, Pottawattamie county, la., waa
atolen from a pasture near Council Bluffs
Wednesday night, It Is thought, by a band of
gypsies, who were camped near the pas
ture. Mr. Kleef was la Omaha 'yesterday
morning aad gave a description of the horse
aad the campers to the police. It is be
lieved they are beaded toward Omaha.
Mr. Kleef valued his horse at $115 aad
purchased It a week' ago. He tracked
tha campers past his house for a distance
of half a mile aad aaw where, they had
turned around and went back tha way they
started. He wrat from here to South
Omaha to notify the pollea there.
' What Fallovre tirlef
Pjeumonla oftea, but never when Dr.
Sing's New Discovery far Consumption Is
t, it cures ceios sag gripe. oc, L
O vra Una Rssslsg
. Direct.
A continuous track of Its , awn from
Omaha to Pittsburg, Pa., will be In opera
tion by the Wabash by the first of 1901.
Word has Just been received by the local
Wabash office directly from President Ram
sey, who hsa recently returned from a trip
over the eastern end of the line, that the
extension Into Pittsburg is being rushed,
the construction work will be completed
on time, January 1, and the road ba thrown
open to transportation.
The recent acquisition by the Wsbash of
the Wheeling 6 Lake trie, beginning at
the Wabash's old Lake Eels termlnous and
extending to Jewett, O., takes tha Wabash
within sixty-one miles of the Smoky City,
and the remainder of tha way Is being built
as rapidly as possible. Soma of tbs ties
and rails are already laid.
Owing to the fact that tha company la
building two large and complicated bridges,
one over the.phlo, and the Other over the
Monongabela rlvera, aa means -of com
pleting Its Una Into Pittsburg, President
Ramsey considers It quite remarkable to
be able to announos that tha entire con
struction work will ba finished on time.
This he says, la assured, however, a fact
over which is la personally elated.
Some remarkable architecture and bJ'IA- 1
Ing Is Involved In this pair "of bridges.
The one spanning tha Monongabela river
will contain tha longest single span in
the world, 821 feet. The Ohio river bridge
Is being built from the respective? sides of
the river, tha completion to bo at the mid
dle Junction of the two extensions.
"When we have ouf own lino running
continuously from Omaha to Pittsburg It
will then be Only a question of time until
it Is extended to the Atlantlo seaboard,"
ssys a Wabash man. "This marka
the beginning of the fight between the
Pennsylvania and the Goulds. The former
haa held what it considered a aort of prior
claim to that territory and. haa maintained
a rather defiant attitude, which finally be
came too irritating to tha Qould faction,
hence the aggressive action of the latter."
hoc u island Retrenchment.
In connection with Its general plan of
reorganization tha Rock Island la aald to
have launched a general retrenchment pol
icy. Evidences of economy are becoming
apparent in this section of tha country,
wnere tha read l reducing Its oneratlns
expenses By cutting down or abolishing sec.
tlon crews, doing away , with facilities In
awltch yards and Increasing tha tonnage of
freight train!. At Lincoln a awltch en
gine that haa long ben fn use has been
taken off and passing trains have to do Ita
work. At Falrbury the section crew la to
ba let out, K la understood.
All these retrenchments are said to be
In line with, tha Orders sent out from head
quartera to reduce operating expenses
wherever possible In order to awell the
earning report aoon to ba made.
It la still tha general belief among local
railroad men that the Rock Island's prima
motive la to get hold of tha 'Frisco for a
coast extension and tha pre reports stat
Inr that the nomnanv has filed new articles
of Incorporation, doubling ita capital stock,
confirm this belief. - It ia urged by men hero
who are watching the developmenta that tha
Rock Island muat acquire tha 'Frisco or an
other coast extension in order to sustain Ita
avowed polloy sf aggreseion upon which It
set out wKh such determination.
At Coartlaad Btath Tata Weals aad
All of Heat Week.
The Btckett family, now giving afternoon
and evening performances at Courtland
Beach, having proved auch a big drawing
card. Manager Griffiths haa re-engaged them
for all of next week. Thla announcement
will be appreciated by all who have aeen
tha Blcketts tha past week, aa their ahows
are of that high order that bear witnessing
several times without becoming tiresome
in the least. And to those who have
missed these dally . performances, the an
nouncement will also be gratifying, as they
have heard tha Blcketts' acts praised so
highly and they will now have an oppor
tunity to witness .the most refined and ar
tistically aerial performances ever seen
at a summer resort. The colored, quartet
that has attracted auch large audiences at
Courtland the past two weeks close their
engagement Saturday night.
Will Hot Ad vise' Pollea Board Until
Ho Gats Records from 8a
prema Coart.
A flurry ef Interest waa created In tha
city hall yesterday morning by the fact that
Mayor Moores, J. J. O'Connor and City At
torney Connell were closeted together for
some time in the office of the latter, and
tha auppositlon waa that O'Connor's right
to a position on the Board of Fire and Po
lice commissioners was under discussion.
This, however, tha parties to the conference
The meeting waa entirely accidental,"
aald Mr. Connell. "O'Connor dropped in
to sea about an appeal In a case against the
city In which he is Interested. In regard
to this Fire and Police board matter, I
would Ilka to modify tha statement I made
yesterday. I want to say that until I get
tha recorda from the supreme court, which
I expect In a day or so, I'll not bs prepared
to announce my position in regard to the
legal right of the present board' to hold
office, or to advise its members regarding
the course tbey should pursue In the event
the governor's appolnteea demand posses
slon of the offices. I am, however, certain
that points which are not only material,
but absolutely controlling, havs been
wholly Ignored or overlooked in the Savage
mandamus case, in connection with which
the court haa Just decided that It Is tha
duty of tha governer to appoint tha board."
. Ia a Class Alt Alone.
No ether pills on earth can equal Dr.
King's New Life Pills for stomach, liver
and kldneya. No cure, no pay. 2oe.
Ever Popalar Maaawa.
Lake Manaws continues to lonniM
popularity with the Omahana. Tha delight
fully refreshing car ride, tha hntifnl
shady grove, elegant music of Covalt'
band, electric launch or steamer rides o
the lake to Manhattan beach.- the fine
bathlns and the music at the kuraaal.
hslp to make Maoawa tha moot enjoyable
ana popular resort it is. Next week the
colored quartet of the Oeoraia Serenaders
will give afternoon and evening concerta
at tha Kursaal.
Taa Art Invited
To attend the great annual
Grocers' aad Butchers' union
' .At Missouri Valley Park.
Special trains from Union Depot
Via "The Northwestern Line,"
Thursday, Aug. Tth. I a. m.
Dancing, Mustc. Gamss, Racss.
All kinds of Amusement.
Perfect order.
"Every store closed on that day."
Tickets at all Groceries and Butcher shops
Or at Deaou
8RBRTNQ William W.. ared CI rears.
Funeral from 4J7 Hamilton street Friday
at I p. m. Old soldier Invited to at lend.
Burlington Ue.) papers plea coyy.
Park Board Exclndei Aitomobilei from
Parka aad Botdivardi.
President Evans Takes Initiative
aad Explains Reasons for Dis
criminating Aaolnst tha
Motor Vehicles.
Automobiles must stay off tha boule
vards and keep out . of the parks. The
Board of Park Commissioners has so de
creed. The new rule 'Went Into effect yester
day, and the police department has re
ceived Instructions to enforce It. The res
son Is that the Omaha horse la not edu
cated up to an acceptance of the automo
bile as a fixed institution and until auch
education has been acquired the chauf
feur must keep to thoroughfares dedi
cated to common traffic and to the "dirt"
"Take the boulevard between Hanscom
and Rlvsrvlew parks," aald J. H. Evana,
president of the board. "The driveway is
very narrow and fills and cute are frequent.
8uppose an automobile should come thun
dering along that stretch of read, at a
thirty-mile clip and should meet yon or
overtake you while you were driving a
spirited horse it would be almost certain
to result in an accident, as there Is barely
room enough to turn out even under the'
most favorable circumstances. The same
a true In a general way of tha driveways
In the parka. Tbey are all narrow and in
places precipitous and it Is impracticable
to permit them to be used In common by
both automoblllst and drlvera of horse
power vehicles. It may be that, in
course of time, when motor cara become
more common and horses in consequence
become accustomed to 'them, this .ule can
be abrogated. This board has no desire to
be' severe with the chauffeurs, I am aura,
but It feela that it must take this step for
the safety of the majority of the public.
"Another reason we had for excluding
automobiles from parks and boulevards was
that the average chauffeur is too ambi
tious to break speed records. He declines
to Conform to the speed ordinances of tha
olty, but goes tearing along over tha
streeta at -a terrific rate, seemingly forget
ful that pedestrians or people In more con
ventional vehicles have rights which they
ought to observe."
The rule was passed by a vote of three to
two, as follows: Aye Evans, Linlnger,
Craig 3. Nays Cornish, Oonden 2.
The police department was requested to
detail officers to prevent swimming and
bathing In the lake at Riverview park, a
custom which is said to be very prevalent
this summer. The park board haa not a
sufficient number of employes at Riverview
to enforce the rule against thla abuse of
park privileges.
A contract was let to Taney 4 Redman
to concrete the surface of tha north bridge
at Miller park.
On tha Mllwsskte Railway.
For a short or a lonar vacation thla Wn.
tlful lake offers the most economical yet
delightful outing that Is available for
Omaha people.
Quickly and easily reached from Omaha
via the Milwaukee railway, altitude .1.
most 1,000 feet, sir always cool and In
vigorating. A beautiful, clear, deep lake
with high shores, . picturesquely timbered
with hardwood tree Kxnjillan flaking
boating and bathing. Moderate-priced, but
gooa noteis. vnia is a list of advantages
noi to do equaiea. run information cheer
fully furnished at the Milwaukee Rallwav
City Office, 1604 Farnam street.
F. A. NASH, Oeneral Western Agent
Publish your legal notices in The Weekly
Bee. Telephone 238.
At Courtland.
The attendance at Courtland beach nn.
tlnues to increase each day, the after
noon .performances of the Blckntt
having unusual large and appreciative au
diences. The balloon ascension yesterday
was the first seen for some time th
aeronaut performing some remarkably clever
acis aunng me ascension. WAUIe the num
ber of bathers has been large during the
morning ana eariy afternoon hours, the
evening bathing seema to have besom mm-
popular than it was a week ago.
Shows No Trace of Illness.
PHILADELPHIA. Julv 81 rh.ri.. u
Schwab, presidsnt of the United 8tates
Steel corporation, passed thrnno-h m.
today on his way from Atlantlo City to
Pittsburg. He traveled In his private car
and ahowed no trace of his recent lndlspost-
August 2 to 10, Return limit October 30.
Ask about
Utah and
eaatar Dietrich aad Colaael Cody
Talk Over Proposed
fienstor Dietrich left for Lincoln yesterday
afternoon after spending a couple of days
In Omaha. Yesterday morning ha and Colonel
W. F. Cody had a, conference regarding
affairs relative to the development of north
western Wyoming, where both of them ara
heavily Interested In land.
"The conference waa not pre-arranged."
aald the aenator. "Ws met and. being In
terested In the same part of the country
to a certain extent, we naturally talked
about those matters. There la consider
able discussion now about Increasing the
slxe of the Yellowstone park, hy taking In
pari or me western side of the Big Horn
basin. It has also been proposed to place
the ssme lend In the forest reserve. Many
of the persons who oppose placing tha
land in the park favor placing It under the
operation of the forest reserve law. If
It la placed in the Dark It will ba lmooa.
slble for cattlemen to run their stock upon.
me isno, wbilo if It be placed In the toreat
reserve the cattle can atlll be grased over
the land. T know the country well, having
hunted over It many' times. Mr. Codr
agreed with me In tha contention that there
are few If any natural characteristics
wnich would warrant placing the land
within the limits of the parks, but neither
of ns expressed any decided preference for
either plan. '
"I have been ao busy with the Irrigation
bill which was passed by tbe last con
gress that I have had no opportunity to
give the reservation extension the thought
which It requires. I was especially
pleased to have the aenatora and repre
sentatives come together upon the provl
aion for federal control and management
under state Jaws, as I first proposed that
plan at the Omaha conference held last
year. I expect at the next session of con
gress to carry out another Idea auggested
by me at that conference, and that Is the
employment of federal and state prisoners
upon the construction of Irrigation works.
I did not want to Incorporate It In tbe
present law, ss w wanted that relieved
from aa much of the detail aa possible,
but as under the terms of that law, the
aettler upon the reclaimed land la to re
fund to the government the cost of the
Irrigation system, it Is to the Interest of
the public that that coat be as low aa
possible. We can employ the federal pris
oners at leas expense than wa can . hire
labor, and tbe army of the country can
be well employed In guarding them. We
could thus do work on Indian reservations
where tha government can never be re
imbursed for its expenditure, and In the
atatea w can undertake Improvements far
larger in scope than it we have to employ
free labor." i
Recommends Chamberlala's Colic,
' Cholera aad Diarrhoea Remedy
About eighteen months ago Mr. W. 8.
Manning of Albany, N. Y.. widely known In
trade circles ss ths representative of the
Albany Chemical Co.,. was suffering from a
protracted aiiaca, ,ui uiartuuea. "I trlii
Chamberlala's Collo, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy," ha says, "and obtained immediate
relief. I cheerfully recommend this medi
cine to those similarly afflicted.".
Adolph Metssrer ,flete Maadamae, hat
la Blocked, hy Appeal to .
Snpretne Coart.
Judge Read yeste'rdai granted a writ of
rriandamus according to which the olty
council la directed" to -pay to Alphonse
Metzger $800 out ef the Judgment fund to
pay for a atrip, qt land on Twentieth street
near Ames avenue,, taken by the city sev
eral years ago to widen Twentieth street.
The writ will not' be effective at once,
however, alnca City Attorney Connell haa
taken an appeal to ' the aupreme court.
After the land waa taken by tha city a
apeclal fund waa created and tbe city council
insisted that It should be paid for out of
thla fund. There waa no money paid Into
this fund, however,, owing to a controversy
over special , assessments, whereupon
Metiger insisted that tha Judgment which
he held by assignment from the Fannie
Croft heirs should be paid from tbs Judg
ment fund, -a contention which Judge
Read sustained. It is likely that by the
time the supreme court haa ruled on tha
case, aald Mr. -Connell, that there will bs
money enough In the special fund to
pay It.
Notice Sixth Ward Republicans.
There will be ths snnual meeting of. tha
Sixth Ward Republican club Friday even
ing, August' 1, at Peteraon'a hall, X4th and
Burdette streets, at S o'clock. Election of
officers. E. O. SOLOMON. President.
W. B. TEN ETCK. Secretary.
our low rates to Colorado.
the Black Hills.
Tickets i
For noxt 10 days
wa will aell a selected line of run
abouts, buggies and s'jrrtes at
FACTORY COST. We do thla to
inske way for fsll work and de
crease overstock laeld by factories.
The vehicles selected will number
about 100, and will be new work.
shipped to us thla summer.
Today we offer soms of ths most remarkable bargains la short
lengths of our own accumulation, also mill ends and remnants of all elsasea
of merchandise at one-tenth of their regular price.
$2.00 Imported Dress Goods at 35c a remnant
We have bought from the custom
dress goods, all nearly a yard long. 4, B and pieces to matoh. double width
materials, enough for chlld'a dress, ladles' waists and many other useful arti
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anadee of red, blue, brown, erems and black, materials that
range In pries from $100 to $1.00 a yard, on aale on bargain
square at, per remnant
Extra Special Silk Remnant Sate.
A new lot of Silk Remnanta of -rard,
H-yard. K-jrard, H-yard. etc..
In taffetas, gros grains, brocades, In
all ahades of the rainbow, go at c.
So and 10c for an entire remnant.
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remnnnu of num roar good. mu,t bo cleaned out today regard
less b( cost or value. ' B
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up to 7V4o a yard, aoC
v . , a . . . . . a . . . . . . . . a.
One big table of remnanta of
l-lnch wide Percales,
worth 15c a yard, go at. .
Cutting Prices on
Getting ready t remodel
Sale all sizes.
J. L. Brandeis & Sons, Boston Store
K OMAHA Oae of the beet equipped ef the Keetay sywtem of tnstttutee. Ok,
PPI pw ao'y Keetey IssUtuts In Nebraska. Cures Drunkenness. Cures
a a al I Dmg Users. Booklet tree. Address all letters to TM 8. lata,
INSTITUTE Homo Treatment for Tobacco Habit, cost S3
(Isaac . TJaeest Authority ef the Railroads of Nebraska.)
Statement of the Assessed Valuation of
Compared With the Census Figures of 1900, and Amount of Taxes Paid by tho
Railroads to that County.
ftetamed Assesses, Talae ta ses.' Retaraed Assessed Valae tar 1SOO.
r Value. Per Unit, TJnita. Value.' Per Vol.
$14,471 Aerea Improved Land ; 11,(64,194 1.91 S67,$4f 1.6,S0 4.2
. ISMtO Acrea Unimproved Land 1.630 I.M 122,097 426,tS S.4I - '
City lots, Improved ft Unimproved 5,4(4,161 .... 4,481,965 ....
, 19,494 Horses 217,222 11.14 16,402 9,27S 5.S6 -
. $2,761 Cattle 1(1.957 4.94 44,257 147495 t.4(
41.171 Hoga 41.(60 1.04 $$,376 11.U0 .96
Agricultural Implements (1,(19 .... I(,5S5 .... '
Railroad and Telegraph 1,254.711 .... 1,216,191 ....
All other property , 1,080.194 .... i 1,142,411 ....
Total .'...110.821,744 ! ,' $9,270,881 "' ;
. -
In 1900 the census reports ths value
Farm Lands
Farm Implements and machinery
Live stock (farms)....
Live atock (city)
Value of products not fed to live stook
Percentage ot land values returned per can sua
Percentage of Implements and machinery valuea returned per
Percentage of live atock valuea returned per eenaua
i - -
Ona wonld auppoae from criticisms mads hy some parties that the railroads
County. Wa give a statement of taxes paid In 1900 by ths different 'railroads In
. . .(
And la coajunelloa with these figures ws call attention to tha fact that In that year tha railroads paid 151,170.41 taxes
In Douglas County.
In Lancaster County thsre are eleven banking institutions with capital and surplus amounting ta 1 700,720 and de
posits amounting to (4,116,990, which la an Index of tha general proaperlty.
Jtetemasti ot . Valuation of aundry School Districts In
Lancaster County, a hewing the amount of taxes paid by tha B.
A M. road, la comparlsoa with other property:
Number Total Assessed, B. A M. R. R. Per cent R. R.
District Valuation. Valuation. Pays total taies.
40 $87,465 $17,145 47
(9 (0,105 18,006 41
t (2.190 15,(20 42
22 66,766 29.715 , '61
49..... 46.600 11,760 TO
61 T5490 (1.495 44
tt 10,146 10,(11 61
(9 (1.(10 11.1(0 (1
70........... 47,780 19,400 , 41 '
76 , 29,620 15.120 10
184 22.600 - 10.920 47
114 11.040 11.000 (4
Average Tax Per Mile in Seven Contiguous States $163.69.
Tax Paid by Railroads Per Mile in Missouri $174.90.
Tax Paid by Railroads Per Mile in Lancaster County $232.10.
house another lot of Imported hlah class
uvr vu4o sag an a
Remnanta of Silk hy the yard. In
lengtha from I to t yards, in taf
fetas, China, groa grains and
brocades, many beautiful waist
lengths In this lot, go at 15c, S9o and
Mo a yard."
Laces at 8c yard
From our Immense lace aale of tbe
past week many remnanta havs ac
cumulated; they are In all widths
and all klnda of laoe. adapted for
muslin underwear trimming, dress
trimming, nsckwear, etc, all go at Bo
a yard.
One big table of Fancy and Plain
White Goods, lacs lawna
and corded effects, worth
up to 245c a yard, go at,
Oas big table of Heavy Black and
White Twilled Shirtings. g
worth IBc a yard. (VfJ
m aa . . . . a . a . . . . , . . . , , a ,
"AH the balance of our
Covert Cloth, worth UH
a yard, go at
One big table of gray, blue and whits
standard prints, worth i
All tha balance of tha Cambric Lin
'1 U Wilt'
ing Remnanta, worth
Bo a yard, go
All the balance of our 7Ho
and 10c plain and colored
lawna, go at a yard
Shoes Deep today
the entire shoe department.
XlJ Zf 14, 11 VS. A a
ef farm property as follows In Lancaster County:
Acres. Value Farma.
614,419 117.441.020
Burlington A Missouri Rlvsr Railroad v
Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad
Union Pacific Railroad.;.... i
Missouri Faclno Railroad....
Fremont, Elkhora A Missouri Valley Railroad
E. H N. E.
N. H 8. W.
W. tt 8. W.
and W. H N. W.
N 4 e e e eeeeee
8. E. N. W. and
"N. E. A 8. W. tt..
N. W. tt N. B. tt-.
W. tt N. W. tt-...
. N. tt 8.. E. tt
8. E. tt 8. W. tt..
N. 4mi eeeeee
8. B. tt 8. W. tt-.
E. tt N. E. tt
Mannish ahoea are all right (or
men. Wa eary no men's shoes. Ths
proper thing now for a lady's feat
la of decidedly feminine appearance.
No mors doubls deck extension edges
or rope stitch soles for women folks.
Tbs new shoes ara very dressy aad
do away with that tired feeling as
Well ss relieving ths lady of that
sxtra load of aols leather. Tha
price of Sorosls remalna tha same.
$3.80 ALWAYS ,
100 styles from the lightest turn
sole to the proper street boot.
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 S. 15th St., OMAIIA.
Karkaeh Blook.
Catalogues Sent for ths asking
Frank Wilcox. Manager.
Bee Want
Ads Sell on
Their Merit
No free gift la necessary
to make them worth
the price wa ask. Ths
Bee has ths circulation
"-that'a why.
Got a Proscription ?
Want It filled quick? If ao- telephone
us No. 747 e. boy will call for it at once
will All It (we have five (t of them for
that purpose) a boy and a bicycle will
bring It hack and the price you will be
asked will decide the question as to where
you should trade AND REMEMBER If
don't hesitate to ask for it IT'S YOURS
and we are not afraid you will rake it
somewhere else next time and make our
$1.00 Bromo Seltser sTo
$1.00 Peruna Mo
tl.00 Ptnkham's Compound Ho
$1.00 Cramer's Kidney Cure too
$1.00 Kilmers swamp Moot s4o
These are $1.00 goods mind you and only -one
to a customer.
$1.00 Temptation Tonlo (all you want).. lo
$3.60 Marvel Whirling Spray Syringe. .$3
$1.00 Her s Malt Whiskey Wa
TeX, T4T. S. W. Cer. letfe aua Cavlea
Are tbs Ladles whe
No aaetttalntr. Be worry, as sappnutea, avt aat
ural, keaHhy functions, rssalarly aiaintatoea. A
peelSo for ptlnfttl partes, sofa, karmlms, eeriala.
Writ lor similar or ml 11.00 (or ONE BOX. roST
PAID. Bold by Utermaa A MoCeaavii Dras Co., Cer. lath
ana Doit Btreots, Omane, Nob. , .
Why pay two profltaT-Buy goods of horns
MAKERS and put the extra money In the
choice of the skins. We have the choice of
all the new aklna and are superior to local
dealera. New style In. ' " -
504 Karssck Black, Oat aha. Wok.
Val. Farm Bldgs.
. 114.070
10 8-10 per eeat
census. 4 6-10 per cent
I 1-10 per cent
paid no taxes to speak , of Jn, .Laneaater
that Countyi
....$!, Ml. 60
Bpectfle eases where ths assessment Is tan per eeat ar less
of values paid for Landa la Lancaster County, Nebraska, sold
during 1901.
tion 1901
. $84.00
Section or
or Lot Township Block
. 1,600.00
184 H
V - 4i