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Espoblican of .Wieoonaio Select Present
Governor to Head Ticket
I peh Delivered Thief Eseeatlv
Refcwke Thoac Wk( Failed
aapert Prlaelpies Lata Devva
. m Last Ffetforsa.
For Governor Robert M. La Follette of
lladlaon (renominated).
For Lieutenant Governor Jimri A. Da
vidson ot Soldier,- Grove.
For Secretary ot State Walter L. Hou
eer of Mondovl.
For State Treasurer John J. Kempt of
For Attorney General L. M. Sturdevant
of Nelllsvllle. '
For Superintendent of Publlo Instruction
Charles P, Cary of Delevan.
For Railroad CommlMloner John W.
Thomas of Chippewa.
For Insurance Commissioner 2eno M.
Host of Milwaukee.
MADISON, Wis., July . 17. The repub
Hcan of Wisconsin finished their work in
convention at 8:85 tonight, after nomloat
li the above ticket .
Oovernor La - Follette was renominated
ore John. M. Whitehead by an overwhelm
ing majority. With - twe exceptions' the
ticket as a whole vent through as figured
out In advance. . These v were the nomina
tions for Itate treasurer and railroad com
missioner.' John Kempf ot Milwaukee won
the contest' tof state treasurer by the aid
of the stalwart" faction, who switched
their votes before the ballot closed. Jo
aeph O. End of Sheboygan bad been looked
upon as sure of nomination. John W.
Thomas 'df Chippewa landed the nomina
tion for Railroad commissioner over Jonas
Swenholt, the slate candidate. In a aim
liar way.".
Oovernor La Follette wa given a erect
oration Upon being . escorted to the con
en t ion hall after1 being notified of his
nominatlea The feature ot bis speech ot
acceptance waa a tinging rebuke to those
ot the party -who failed to aopport the
principle--laid down ta thelast platform
He also framed the Members of the party
against surTorflhg afiy WJan aspiring to a
place la lhe"le;lslature,wfcj dees not agree
to stand by the platform.. . '
The jytalwaTts, - whfje ." apparently
chagrined; ; .over their ' overwhelming de
feat, remained hr th cohvsntlon to the
last and: will not bolt.' ' some reports
fcav It. It ' They -Vriirbatlau their .or
gsnliatioalnflennltely ; and will carry the
light tor !.Unite4 State. Senator John C.
Spooner rot, .the assembly ' districts and
will not rest 'until the' last vote Is polled
oa election day :1a- November next.
Though the- coaveatibo was scheduled to
meet at I o'clock It waa. t:Z0 whea Chair
nan Bancroft brought dowa his gavel and
announced that the order of business was
the call of districts tor nomination for
governor.' - A, 8. Mettbeson of Janesvllle,
responded, for the First district and placel
la nomination John M. Whitehead, the
stalwart candidal' of 'Janesvllle. -Mr.
Mattheson: reviewed" Mr. Whitehead's his
tory from' boyhood- and reviewed the
policies favored by his candidate. His ut
terances called forth cheers from the stal
wart supporters.
H. B. Chynoweth, at the call ot the Second-
district, placed In nomination for
. governor Robert M. LaFollette. Mr.
Mr. Chynoweth waa tremendously ap
plauded as' he dwelt upon the principles
. advocated by the governor.
Robert M. La Follette of Madison was
dominated -tor fceverhery teauit of 'the
ballot being as follows: .La Follette, 790;
Whitehead, 266; Scoflerd 6; Froehllch, I;
absent, S.
-James O. Davidson of Soldiers' Homo waa
nominated for lieutenant governor.
Settles Freeedeac of Batreaa OaHeers,
BsUlag the Same aa Ad
miral Dewey.
WASHINGTON. July IT. Secretary
Moody today decided the queatloa of proce
deace of bureau officers holding the ad
vance rank la virtue Of their commissions
as' bureau chiefs. Until the general
board, of which Admiral Dewey Is head,
waa constituted, the department held that
the ranking officers held the oldest com
mission. Admiral Dewey ' decided that
' aenlority ot rank was determined by priority
of the date of the Jlrst 'commission of the
offloe. The question arose as to precedence
la the case of Rear Admiral Bradford, chief
of the bureau, ef equipment, and Rear Ad
miral Taylor, chief ot the bureau of navi
gation. The former Is serving oa bis sec
ond commission as chief of bureau, but bin
last commission la dated December IS,
1901, whereas Rear Admiral Taylor's com
mlasloa as 'roar admiral, obtained la the
ordinary course ot promotion, Is dated
February 11, 101. Admiral Dewey decided
that Rear Admiral Taylor should alt at
hie right hand and toil decision on an ap
peal to the : secretary . takea by Admiral
Bradford, .la sustained by the secretary's
decision, made today. The Judge advocates
ot the army and navy with whom Secretary
Moody conferred entertained the same view
the secretary did. .
rvivora ef the War Qeaoraasly
Koaaeasbovod by ta Oeaeral
. , , . Goveraaaeat.
'WASHINGTON, July 17. (Special.) The
following pensions have bea granted:
' Iaeue ot Jane XS: -
W Nebraska: Increase, releeue, etc. John
ood. Crab Orchard. $10- Moeby Walker,
Brock. ; Sidney A. Howe. York, fc:7;
James V Webster. Gothenburg, Jit;
?eorere W. Pate, Tekemah, 113; Hamilton
barker, Louisville, lu; Martin Luther
agr, McCook. 110; war with Spain, 1'age
C. Newton. Omaha, $. Widows, minor,
and dependent relatives Emma Kkddell,
David City. M.
Iowa: Original Henry Barmettlrr, Daven
port. W; ChrUtoiiher C. Oliver, Boone, U:
William ktuien, cuehin ti. Ia-me. re
iaane, etc. John C. Bailth. Ctgan, $.1;
Jamoe Webb. Perry. U: William It. Wells.
Davenport, tij James F. A neon, Cascade,
1U; Stephen O. Plllnbury. Lade Orove. t;
Samuel Wilson, Cedar Rapid a, 111; Henry
C. Wvrkcff, Knoxville, 12; John Maamar.
K-.rmlr.jton, H, John. Farmery, Lyons, tl!;
Timothy Wickharri.; Cedar fceplds, $12
Enoch R.' Streeter, Marshalltown. 117;
j'reeduna Petrle. . ( lintnn. U, William H.
Smith, Andrew. 'Ill Daniel W. Voyer,
Lldora. iio; Thoma Barker, Albla. 112;
Nicholas Lunklvy. Ottumwa, (10; Dentil J.
Clark . (dead). Sao City, 110. Widows,
Slnore and dependent relatives Ann Ward,
ubuque. S; Charity Ayrre. Kaloiia, (8:
minor pj, Isaac Wa.ililll. Diagonal, g. .
South Dakota: Increase, reissue, etc.
William M. W hi ted. Delaad. til. Widows,
minors and dependent relatives Alma
t llne. Elk Point. Ill; Annlnda . Shannon,
ailllbank. It. , . . .. ,'
Issue of June M:
Nebraska: Orlalpal War with Spain,
Harry Ludwlg, Llrir-nln, K Increase, rcls
aue, etc.-rW'Uhelm Miller, Pllger. Ill; James
A. Snyder ,Mif or, W; John at Caywootl,
Dunring. tU.
Iowa: Original Mlrnael I. Bnrkett. Keo
sauuua. H: Ephratm Hynda. Ctdar Ripi.ia,
I. inrreaae. relxaue, etc. Leonard U. Hat
field, Bedford. 113; James H. Duncan, Co
Eaav fp TaFro ..
Ead& to Operate
' Baraua purely vegetable yet iboi-
ough, protupi, healiliful, satisfactory
Hood'o PHIg
lumbus Cltr, 111; John H. Oroev-mnc. Troy,
110; Chrietlan K. Relgart, IVs Mnln-s. H;
David Btuhr, Davennort, 1?: Oarret Gib
son, lon. IJO; t'harfoa II. Ferriison, Keo
kuk. 112; John Allen Benjamin. Dunlap, 110;
James Hasan, Cedar Kapldn, 111). Wldowa,
minora - and dependent relatives Martha
VsnAuken, Columbus Junction, IS.
Iseue of June th:
Nebraska: Original Frederick Boehm,
Omaha. I; war with Spain, Kdward D.
Jones, Millard. IX; wsr with Spain. Frank
L. Melnke, Stanton, IS. Inrreaae, reissue,
etc. Ueorge W. Bibln, Terumaeh, tf; John
W. Onrner, Albion, 111; Thomas II. Bher-k-y,
chadron IIJ; Walter Smith. Orand
Island, II; Tnomas Crabtree, Douglas. W;
Cyrus Douglass, Hal-tier, 111; David M. Mc
knight, Hasting. I'M.
Iowa: Original John Halt. Whatcheer,
ft; Charles C. Ebriaht. Marshalltown. M.
ncreaae, reissue, etc. AImI lny, Grand
view, 110; Thomas R. Mays, Morning Sun,
2t: Joseph B. Bennington, Perry. IM; John
S. Kunkle, Marshalltown, (19; Walter D
Barker, West Union. Id; Bsell McClaUef
Seymour, 1"; William C. Bos. Hhensfi
doah, 117; Francis C. Hulka, Farnhamrllle,
$12; Thomas Jeys, Indlanola, $12; Joseph R.
Baxter, Rhode. 110; John R. Murphy,
Lyons. Eft; A brum H. Cunningham. Colum
bus City, H2; Monroe W. Fierier. Chertton.
; Andrew J. Moorea. Liule 81oux, 18;
Isaac O. Carter (dead), Hancock, 112;
Thomas Prall (dead). Carlisle, 112; Enhralm
T. Palmer, Soldiers' Home, Marsholltown,
112; George M. Smith. Rock Rapids, 112;
Henry I. Smith, Maaon City, 140. Widows,
minors and dependent relatives Mary Jar
vis, Cumberland, 8.
. South Dakota: Increaee, reissue, etc.
Fernando D. Stone, Knox, Ili- Daniel
Mitchell, Weaslngton Springs, ld; Martin
Bolce, Mitchell, 2: KbenewT C. Rush,
Northvllle, 1)4. W'laowa, minora and de
pendent relatives Laura R, Ovltt, Blunt, IS.
blaeassee Pihsis Caaal Qaastloa
Wkllo oa a Visit to Wsik-
' , fBglfOal.. .
. eataaalsaaS
WASHINGTON. July 17. Mr. CrotnweH.
of counsel for the Panama Canal company,
had an Interview with Secretary Wxf today
respecting the Isthmian canal project. Mr.
Cromwell will sail Saturday for Paris,
where ho will be la a position to render any
desired assistance to Attorney General Knox
and Mr. Russell In reference to the settle
ment of the title to the Panama caual.
Save the general statement that the ne
gotiations, between the United Statea and
Colombia are progressing, satisfactorily.
neither party at today'a conference had ny
statement to make as to what took plane.
Mr. Cprea and Mr calve,, reprcsohtlng
Nicaragua and Costa. Rica; had long" Inter
view with Secretary Hay on th canal
queatloa. They hava . aof abandoned none'
that the choice ot a' rout-will yet reert to
Nicaragua. k , 1 .-,. . r .
Calnee Aersatativo.Wko Wont to
Attend Coro'natio . Wlh '. V ' '
Reiarm Bore.-
.... 4
t WASHINGTON, July ll-Tho 'stat:' (Je-'
partment has been ..informed toy Mr, Wu
that Prince Cheat who went to Load on to
represent the Chines government at the
coronation, with: his suite, will sail from
Europe on the steamer Philadelphia on the
16th Inst, for New York,- ,
The party will remain In the'tTnlted
Statea for ten day of two woeka add wUl
be in Washington about August L
Minister Buck ha advised the Stat 4e
partment that Prlnoe BoMs of Russia aalled
from Japan for San Francisco oa th 16th
Inst. Th prince will remain some time
In the United States, but aa be come
Incognito, th government will take no
step to receive him formally.
Men Who Will Represent talted
States A ray at Mafceavers of
German Forces.
. ;, 1.; ..... -. .;.
WASHINGTON. July 17. Thre general
officer who will represent th United
State army at the autumn maneuver of
the Germ a a army have aeleoted their aide
a follow: .
Major General Corbln will have Lieu
tenant Colonel John A. Johnaton of th
adjutant general' department. Major Gen
eral Young will have First Lieutenant
James F. McKlnley, Fourteenth cavalry, a
nophew of President McKlnley, and Briga
dier General Wood will have First Lieu
tenant Frank R. McCoy. Tenth cavalry. .
Llfe-Savlngf Station laves Five-Tear.
Boy Who Had Been Under Water
Twonty-Flv Mlnntea,
WASHINGTON, July 17. Superintendent
Kimball ot th life-saving station has re
ceived a report from Captain Ludlam of
th Hereford Inlet life-saving station at
Aaglasea, N. J., of the remarkable re
suscitation ot Stanley 8. Holme, a 1-year-old
boy, after be had been under water
twenty-five mlnutea.
Within four hour after th body waa
removed from tho water the child regained
To Abolish Division.
. WASHINGTON, July 17. It Is probable
that the division of th Philippine will
b abolished when General Davis takea
command oa September SO and that It will
be made a department, divided Into dif
ferent districts, a th reduction of the
troop In . th island and th change In
cident to th return of General Chaffee to
this country make this change advisable.
Wood Defer Visit.
WASHINGTON. July 17. General Wood
ha decided to defer hi visit to th presi
dent at Oyster Bay until early aext week
In order to complete certala work assigned
him by th secretary of war In connection
with the radical change ordered In tho
uniform of the army. He la preparing hi
report aa military goveroor of Cuba and
expect to complst It during th aext few
Root to Sail for Enrono.
WASHINGTON, July 17. Secretary Root
will aall for Europe July 14 on La Bavole.
He had contemplated sailing August I and
had engaged passage for that date, but re
ceived aa Invitation from Oeneral Horace
! Porter, United State ambaaaador to France,
to aall wl h him oa Savole oa the ear
lier date and ha acespted. Secretary Root
sspecta to return to th United Statea about
August (. 1
Comptroller laenea a Call.
WASHINGTON, July 17. Th comptroller
cf the currency today Issued a call for the
condition ef national banks at the close of
business July 1. - .
Ho'tV Batticshln'' "hoW X'a'fn 4 Very
Satisfactory. Manner
BnUdorsw . ' ,..
PHILADELPHIA'. Jul 17.-Th nw bat
tleship Mala, built by th Cramp to re
place th ill-fated Main, returned to thl
lty toalght, after a satisfactory kulldsra'
trial at sea. Tho new war-! proved
Itself to b a very speedy ship for It sis,
t avsragiag 1121 knot aa "hour over a
measured course. vlts contract carta for a
speed of thirteen, knots. la a preliminary
run last night Mains for thirty minutes, ran
at th rat of It M loots aa hoar, aa extra
ordlaary speed for a vessel ot Its displace
ment. Its machinery worked smoothly aad
tho performaaeo of the big ship ia every
ther particular wa satisfactory to its
Scop of Legialation Being Constantly
Broadened j OoDgme,
Lnraest Number of Pension Mensnres,
Both Paalle and Private, Ever
Sent to Commutes Referred
by Fifty-Seventh Congress.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, July 17. There Is prob
ably no single subject in the domain of
national legialation that appeala so strongly
to many thousands a that ot pension for
the old soldier. Notwithstanding that the
ranks of the veteran are thinning, con
treat la constantly broadening th scop
of pension legislation to Include wlthiu
the provision of It session lawa persons
who ten year ago would never have been
contemplated aa beneflrlartee ot the gen
eral government. InqUlrlea are being con
stantly received by the committee of the
aenat and house of representatlvea on
pensions as to the aenne and affect of
legislation contemplated and enacted. Pen.
ton Commissioner Ware la constantly beset
with question as to th purport of new
legislation and the newspapers of the
country are besieged by subscriber ask
ing for Information, upon this very im
portant question.
In contrast with former session the
Drat session of the Fifty-seventh congress,
which ended It labor but a fortnight
ago, stands out aa on of the busiest
congresses, so far as th history of that
body I concerned in the matter of pension
Volant of Bill Unprecedented.
Chairman Anllnwav nf the house com
mittee on Invalid pensions la authority for
tb statement that the first session ot the
Fifty-seventh congress show the largest
number of bills, both public and private,
that were ever aent to committee In the
history of congress, waa referred to nt
committee' during th ISO days In which
congress waa In session. He says In his
statement, . made to th' house1 Just pre-
vlbu to adjournment, that there are va
rious rttiMu for this, the two chief ones.
however, being the unsatisfactory admin
istration of affairs In the Pension bureau
Anrtnv tha four veara cast and the fart
that a great many of th veterans of th
lvll war,, or to be exact, 107,000 in rouna
number, who were drawing pensions under
th eannral law. were induced, under a
misapprehension, to apply under the act
of Juno 17, 1890, and aa old age ana in
firmities crept upon them they found that
the $U per month which they were drawing
under the act of June 17. ISM, wa wholly
Inadequate to provide for them the neces
saries of life, and as a result, unless they
secure aid from congress, many ot them
Would be obliged to find home in alma
houses. Many of these men were formerly
drawing pension under the general law,
according to Mr, Sulloway, and had they
remained there until today they would
have been entitled to a much larger pen
sion 'than can be allowed under the act of
Juno 27, 1890.
Provision for Afflicted.
Another clas of casee which he ay
appeala to all. and which haa engrossed
tho attention ot the committee of both
bodies and tor which a larg number ot
bill ha beea passed, come right along
In these name lines. It Is the class ot
men who ar drawing $13ta month under
the act of June JT. 1890. and wfio havo
sines become totally deaf or paralyzed
and require th aid and attendance ot an
other person. Thl clasa of case has
been raised from $1J to IM or 130 per
In order that thl clas ot case might
have an equal and Just rating the house
of representative passed an amendment
to tho so-called "maimed soldier act,"
giving all veterana of thla class who had a
year' service, a rating of $30 per month
where they ar o disabled aa to requlr
the aid and attendance of another person.
It Is confidently predicted that ehould thl
measure become a law It would largely
tend to reduce th passag of private acU
by eongress. and at the same time bring
needed relief to a class of veterana, many
of whom can trace, their disabilities to
th ervlce, but who, on aocount ot tech
ntcalltlea In the law and the fact that
many of their witnesses ar not living, can
not prov their claims, but would be en
titled to a rating of from $50 to $7J per
month under the general law.
Inelnde Widow and Minora.
In this connection It may not be out ot
place to recall the Joint resolution which
waa approved by the president on the 1st
of July, construing the act approved June
tl. 18S0, wherein It 1 held that that act
t!udes all persona and th widow and
minor children of all deceased person sub
ject to th limitations of th act who
Served for ninety days In the military or
naval eervlce of the United Bute during
th lata war of th rebellion, and who bar
been honorably discharged therefrom.
Section 4,71 ot the revised statute I
amended according to th resolution above
referred to to th extent that the con
struction of thl statute does not apply to
those who served la the First, Second,
Third. Fourth. Fifth and Sixth regiments.
United State Volunteer Infantry, who had
a prior eervlce In th confederate army
or navy and who enlisted In said regiments
whll confined a prisoner of war under
a atlpulatloa that they were not to be
pensionable under the law of the United
State, nor to thois who having had such
prior eervlce enlisted In th military or
naval service of th United Statea after
January L 185.
May Deternla Ponalonahl Stataa.
Should the bills which are now on either
the senats or, houa calendars pass con
gress, much needed legislation along the
Today there la to be opened In th Boston
I Stor a demonstration of a general pur
; pose food knowu as Per-fo. Thla food I
la th form of a granule, made out of alae
different cereal, vegetable and nut. It
la all milled In th finest flour form, re
jecting all hull and other Indigestible
substances. Th nln different flour ar
to combined as to form a "balanced ration1
having M per cent of nutriment, which Is
very much larger than any other food oa
tho market.
Per-fo will bo demonstrated by the fa
mous Pan-American demonstrator, Mr.
NU McAullff. who will be glad to meet
the ladle of Omaha aad vlclalty aad ex
plain th merit of this wonderful food
Per-fo. " '
Per-fo I used a a pi filler, la which
form it stands alone a a cereal and veg
etable product. A piece ot Per-fo pie will
bo served free to vry lady calling; at th
booth. It makes a most delicious pie, la
many different flavors, and la aot Ilk most
pies, that on had better be without than
with, but Per-fo pie 1 wbolosom and au
Irltlous. A piece at the booth will convince
yo of that Among the other Per-fo dishes
ere puaamga. Dress rait oisa. escannpea
; d.shes, dressing anj filling for fish and fowl
I Per-fo cutlets, fritter and many other
tarty dishes ar dally being mad out of
The Per-fo booth 1 oa th first floor la
th main alals of th Boston Store. La
dle will find It profitable to call.
line ot simplifying the question of pen
loasbl -slat us will be accomplished aad
many deserving veterans who through tech
nicalities are. uaaMe to enjoy the benefit
ot former pension legislation will hsvs ad
opportunity ot proving up their cases.
Probably one of tbo most Importsnt bill
new pending before congress Is the bill
granting an Inrreaae ot pension to those
who- lost limb la th service of th United
States, and Increasing the pension of those
entitled to the maximum rating under the
act of June 17, 1890, to $30 per month In
cases where the' soldier requires th fre
quent and periodical aid and attendance Of
another person, provided his service dur
ing th war ot th rebellion was for on
year or mora. ' c
This bill, which hsd Its origin la th
enate, waa passed by th hous on June
1 and la now pending before the tenate
for concurrence. '
For Malnsd Veteran.
The bill' provide that all persons who
are oa the. pension roll and all person
hereafter granted a pension who, while
In the military or naval service of the
United State and la th lint of duty,
hall have loot on hand or op foot, or
been totally disabled In the same, due from
wounds, injuries or diseases originating
prior to August 4, 188, shall receive a
pension at the rate' of $40 per month.
All persona who la like manner ehall
have loot an arm at or above the elbow,
or a leg-at or above the knee, or been
totally disabled In the same, shall receive
a pension of $4t per month.
All persons' who In like manner shall
have loet an arm at the shoulder Joint, or
a leg at the hip Joint, or so near the
shoulder or hip Joint, or where the same
ia In such condition a to prevent the use
of an artificial limb,' shall receive a pen
sion of $55 a month. .
All person who ahaULhavi loat one hand
and one toot, or beea totally disabled in
tho same, shall recetv. a pension ot $C0
per month, aad all persons who have lost
both feet shall receive a pension ot $100
a month. . . ... ..... , .
It 1 further provided that th act shall
not b construed -a to reduce any pen
sion under any aot. public or private.
Ptaslsa, Blls Pending.
Senate resolution No. 8, repealing sec
tion 4716; revised statutes; : aa to disloy
alty In claims 'under 'the aot of June 27,
1890, wa also reported to tti house, with
an amendment 'sd 'that the -union soldier
who rendered t wot terms ot service and
waa honorably discharged from the last
term of eervlce only jn7 ! 1ive title
under tho act ot June. 27, 1890. Thl bill
1 now on th 3was calendar.
Hous bill . 8324,. construing the act of
March S, 1879, . aa to, the filing of claim
by children under 16 years of age, also
reported by the house committee on in
valid pensions, IS oil the' hous calendar.
House bill 12141,' hmsndlng the aot ot
March $, 1901, relative to remarrlud wid
ows, passed the h6use June 18, 1902, and Is
now before the senate. -
Senate bill 1369. larreaalnr the pension
for total deafness, from $30 to $40 per
month, has been reported to the house and
I now on the house calendar. '
Mlssonrl Pnolflo aa4 Bnrllntn gaffer
Iran ftClaadhwret Near
' Vlnttsmonth. '
Th chief ot police-received thre tele-
grama late last night from the mayor of
Plattsmouth. The' first of these reported
that town drowned out and asked that two
syphon hydraulic -fHimps be sent the town
on the paper train which leaves her at 3
a. m. The other milages, were Pjore forc
ible Appeals'tor-Ahe pumps.'.the mayor, F. J.
Morgan, saying-that ha must have them.
The aid could not 'bo aent, hoaevfe, as the
roads leading to the south ar under water
and all train held p . Three 'hundred feet
of the Missouri Pacific track near Platta
mouth haa been waabed away aad portion
of th Burlington roadbed, alno, are gone1.
Wllltant H. Williams.
NEW TOKK, July 17. Will lam H. Wlr
llams, general manager of th Union News
company, died today of heart, disease at
his homo In Orange, N. J. He was born
In New Tork state alxty-two years ago
and came to thla city when a boy. He
started a a newsboy and a few year later
obtained employment With a ' new com
pany, with which he remained until 1873,
when he organised1 the Union News com
pany and became Mar general manager.
Oeneral Chnrles H. Smith.
WASHINGTON, iuly 1$. General Charles
H. Bmlth. U.' S.' A.; retired, died her to
night, after a long Illness, cauted by a
stroke ot apoplexy two years' In duration. '
William -Johnaton, Conservative.
LONDON, July ' 17. William Johnston,
conservative member of Parliament from
South Belfast, died of pneumoniae today at
Ballykllbeg, County Down, Ireland.
Captain William W. Relslnarer. ,
SAN FRANCISCO. July 17. Captain WU
liam Wagner Kelalnger, commander ot the
cruiser Philadelphia, died July 10, ot fever.
Fir in n HoapltaL
KANSAS CITY, July 17. Fir today In
St. Margaret's hospital at Kama City,
Kan., caused much- excitement among the
patients for a time, but no oa wa in
jured. Several wr xamoved . by firemen
down Udder and flr escapes. Th lost
waa trivial.
Oil Ft re tail Barnlnar.
-NEW. ORLEANS, July 17. Th oil fir
at Jennings continues to burn fiercely. No
attempt will be made to snuff out tho
flames with, team until twenty boilers
which ar arriving from Beaumont have
beea connected, around the-well. '
rho Ba blarrhnoa Medietas an Earth
That la what Mr. W. E. Landers, a prom
inent farmer near Indianapolis, lad., ear
ot Chamberlain' Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. Read his testimonial:
"It give m great pleasure to tell you
bow much Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera aad
Diarrhoea Remedy, has dope for me. I
have used it for nine year and I think it
Is the beat medic In on earth. It haa
saved my lit aaveral time. I - would
not think of being without a bottle ot It
la the hous."
Mar .' Bo Meado Ceonly Fnsltlve.
8TURGIS, S. D.t July. 17. (Special Tele
gram) Sheriff Smith of -Meed, county re
ceived word today that a man answering
the description of Bert Bcbofleld, one of
Meade county'e jail breakere charged
with horse stealing. Is being held by au
thorities at Council Bluff a. Sheriff Smith
left for that place toalght. -
Men Hyatortnnalr Shot, .
OROVETON. Tea.. July It DY. J. M.
Carv and Lea Eacla were mysteriously
shot to death early this morning while
standing near a hotel. Both- of them re
ceived a bullet in tn atomacn. jama
Williams, alt tin In hie room in th hotel.
waa atruck by a, etray bullet and may oae
Dim arm.
Confectioner hUect Oaaeera.', .',
SARA TOO A. N. Y.. Julr 17 Th N
tlonal Confecttonere' aoclatloa today
elected these officers: president. Jamea M.
kfatchett, . Brooklyn: vlon presifloni. r,
Hnhert. Cincinnati: secretary. F. D. Stew
art. St. Louis: treasurer, fi. W. Ruuaton.
IMew York Cit.
Whiten en Fleaiarc Excursion Are Caught
ia levsre Squall.
Snllhonf Cnpslse and Entire Party la
Rendered Helpless, Timely Work
f Flaherasem Preventing;
All fmaa Drswsla.
PORTSMOUTH N. H., July 17. A nineteen-foot
sailboat, containing sixteen
waiter end waitresses employed at the
Oceanic house. Star Island, Isle ot Shoals,
who had gone out In the bay thla after
noon In a pleasure trip In charge of Skip
per Fred Miles, capslsed during a sudden
squall and fourteen of the occupants wero
drowned. The other three were rescued
by .fishermen, who put out from the shore
In their dories.
. The name of the drowned are:
W. A. ALWARD. Frederlckton, N. B.
BERTHA GRAHAM, Danvsrs, Mass.
MINNIE M DONALD, Cambrldgeport,
EVA AND MAT ADAMS, Portsmouth,
N. H.
BOEW8, Baxonvllle, Maes.
BESBIB CHAffR.' Maiden, Mass.
ANNA 8HEEHAN, Went Med ford, Mass.
hill. Maes.
The savsd are:
Alice Hagerty, Llizle Bresnahan and
Skipper Fred Miles.
The bodies of Farrington, Alward, Bes
sie Chase, , Eva Marshall and Isabella
Kaouska have not been recovered. All the
other were taken from the water by
fishermen and then to the island, where
they were worked over for a long time by
two doctors, but without success.
Farrington and Alward were both law
student at Harvard university, rooming
at Forsythe hall. Both were good swim
mers and lest their Uvea In trying to
rescue th other.
The victim were all young people, wboss
age. would not average over 0 years. Most
of . the Massachusetts girls war school
teachers, who have passed .'.heir summer
vacations her tor several years In serving
aa waitresses In th hotel..
Sir Bdwari Grey ia Hosts of Com-
saona Cnlla Up Mnttcr
Oses More.
LONDON. July 17. The Bulier contro
versy wa again raised by Sir Edward
Grey, Bart (liberal), In the House of Com
mons today on the War office vote. Sir
Edward charged the war officials with act
ing unfairly toward General Bulier and de
manded the publication ot further papers.
The war secretary, S.t. Brodrlck, op
posed further publications, which, he de
clared, could not relieve General Bulier ot
the responsibility of such mistakes aa the
abandonment of the guns at Colenso and
th proposals to surrender Ladysmlth,
Which, It they had been listened to, would
have produced a disaster for which there
was no parallel In British history. In re
gard to those propoaala, continued Mr.
Brodrlck, when Oeneral Bulier sounded
bis note of despair to General White he
had a hellogram In hi pocket, received a
fortnight ' before, saying that General
Whit jiad provisions tor seventy days and
could defend Ladysmlth while the' ' food
lasted, r General. Buller'a retention after
Colenso and Bplonkop waa Inevitable un
der the circumstances and hi appointment
to the command at Aldershot wae simply
a resumption ot hi former office. Oeneral
Bulier wa a good "peace commander."
Later Sir Edward Grey' proposed vote
ot censure of the government for It treat
ment of General Bulier wa defeated by
ti noee to 98 aye, after much speech
making. 1
Simultaneously the war office wa being
attacked ia . the House ot Lords, where
Lord Monkswell (liberal) brought up the
scathing allegation oontalned in the re
port of the committee on military educa
tion, and urged th immediate appoint
ment of aa Inspector general of army edu
cation. Lord Raglan, the under secretary
for war. and Lord Lansdowne, the foreign
secretary, defended the waa, office, saying
that a new scheme for education, contain
ing sweeping changes, was In process of
being drawn up, which statement satisfied
Lord Monkswell and his supporter and th
motion waa withdrawn.
Father .. Santiago Payn Talks of
tho . flitnntlon In th
ROME,. July 17 Father Santiago Pays,
provincial, of the Dominicans In the Philip
pines, who. I ataylng here, when Informed
by the correspondent of the Associated
Press ot the result of Governor Taft's
negotiation with th Vatican on th sub
ject of the friars and their lands, ex
pressed satisfaction at the acceptance of
the first proposal of Cardinal Rampolln,
the papal secretary of state, that the mat
ter be discussed at Manila ' between an
apostolic delegate ' and tbe governor in
Manila. '
When asked what was likely to be the
outcome, Father Paya replied:
It la more Important to know what will
be the outcome of the matters between
the Americana and Filipino. Although
the war ia almost over and the Filipinos
now oroteet friendship for the Americana.
they in reality dislike them Just aa they
disliked the Spaniards. The FUlplnoa say
they aid not struggle against npain, oui
refused to calmly surrender their inde
pendence. Father Paya concluded with declaring
rtiat It was not true that the people were
against th frlare. Th latter, he further
asserted, were hated oaly by the native
clergy and a fraction of th people.
Kins Victor - Emnnnel Dine with
Bnaaian Rnler an- Bnleony
of Palace.
PtTERHOF. Russia, July IT. Prior to
hia departure for -Italy today. King Vic
tor Emanuel took breakfast with ths czar
and other members of th Imperial family
on a balcony, of tho palace. Later .Em
J;;.. By the Author: of "ST, ELMO'! -I
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G. W. DILLINGHAM CO, Publishers, New York.
pi. Mi j.i,, in i, ismmmj m. asm- xiuu-
peror Nicholas,--the grand dukes. Count
Lamsdoxff. an in 1st er of foreign affairs: the
Italian ambassador to Ruaala, Count Morra
de Lavernoedtlli Monte and many other
notable perseasges went to the railway
station to see Russia' royal guest off.
The two sovereign saluted each other
affectionately several times and as the
train drew out the Italian king waved hi
hand UU he wa out of sight.
King to Remain on Board Royal
' Yacht Until Time for tho
LONDON. Julr 17. The rennrta renrit.
Ing , King "Edward's health continue to b
most satisfactory. . He will remain on the
royal yacht, off Cowles, Isis of Wight, until
August S, and will, return to the Roadstead
after tho coronation.
It has been definitely decided that the
British fleet will reassemble off Portsmouth
for the coronation review. The Japanese
squadron has been instructed to return there
and It Is understood that other foreign
countrlea will also be represented.
The royal yacht , will. It Is understood,
remain off Cowe about a fortnight It the
weather continues fine and the king may
then take a trip down the channel. The
doctor are anxious that their patient shall
not be occasioned' tho slightest discomfort
or Inconvenience, a"nd Instructions have
been Issued to skippers and pilots navigat
ing vessels through the Solent to slow down
when passing the Victoria and Albert In or
der to prevent unnecessary oscillation.
The ateamer Konlg WUhelm, crowded with
emigrants, passed Wednesday afternoon so
lowly that comments were evoked from on
looker shore-. . .
The naval review off Spltbead ha been
officially fixed for -August 11.
Imperial Government of Rassln Pro
' poses an International Con.
- ferenre da Question.
LONDpN, July . 17, Details of an lm
por.tant move. 'by' Russia,-which, nave evl
uent'ybferi . suppressed hitherto by tha
censor,', have , transpijed In London. Thl
move. Is sno. Jes . ltun a proposal by tub
imperial government for an international
conference to deal with 'rusts.
Baron, juia. -S.taal, Russian ambassador lu
London, about; .ten, days ago presented to
the British government a note from M.
de Witt. !'.thon Russian minister of flnanco,
which note also was sent to all the powers
that klgped fhe.' Brussels sugsr conven
tion," proposing that, 'these powers should
consider,' In common, means to protect
International commerce against the 'artifi
cial' depression of , prices, ' not only by
government measure, such as export
bounties, or the control of production, but
alao by, the much more dangerous processes
adopted, by trusts, private undertaking or
cartel, which tend artificially to Influence
tbe international market. This explains
the mysterious , reference made In the
Financial Messenger Of St. Petersburg early
thl week' to a recent note of M. de Wltte,
which the paper said "la an application, In
the economic domain, of the principle of
Th Hague' conference."
Cardinnl Rnmpolln Convonea Commls
,'slon of Cardinal on Friar
Matter. ,
ROME, July i7. After toe 'pop had
read the last Amort oan note on tho- sub
ject bt-.the.Jriars and their lands in the
Pbilipplaes, . Cardinal 1 1 -Rampolla, papal
secretary of state, convened the- commis
sion of cardinals to consider a reply. ..So
far no answer ha reached Judge Taft,
though In a personal letter to Cardinal
Rampolla Judge Taft-said r
As the document from Secretary Root Is
conclusive and ss I wish to leave Rome as
soon As possible I beg your eminence to
secure me and the gentlemen accompany
ing men a farewell audience aa early aa his
holiness will deign to gjant It.
Ex-Preaident of Orange River Colony
ta Partially Pnrnlysed f rem .
? ' Eateeta of Fever.
CAPETOWN, July ' 17. Th women of
Csptown yesterday presented Mr. Steyn,
wife ,gf the ex-presldent of the Orange
River Colony, with a purse of 1,000 be
fore sne sailed for Europe with her husband.
Mr. ' Steyn waa "'in 'a pitiable condition
from-enteric f ever. ' His arms and leg
were psrtlaly paralysed and h wa unabl
to open bis eyelids. .
-' ' Flood In gwitserland.
GENEVA. Swltxerland,. July 17. The
River Rhine' has rlssn a few inches lno
yesterday, causing Increased anxiety. The
floods are extending -in the lowlands. Part
of the village of Hallau, canton of Schaff
hausen, has been destroyed. Engineer ar
repairing' th river wall at Ilierrss, which
tho Rhine broke through July 10, submerg
ing the iilatn' between Vlonnai and Vouvry.
Emperor ttaeat of Mrs. Goclet.
BERLIN. ..July l.t-Emperor William de
layed his departure from Gudvangen, Nor
way, because of the arrival there ot Mrs.
Robert Goelet's steam yacht Nahmaj His
majesty, with several members of his suite,
accepted an Invitation to dinner on Nahma
yesterday eWenlrig.
' '"John W. Mnfkny la Improving.
LONDON. ' July 'jU. John W. Mackay of
Ban Francisco, .who was prostrated by the
heat of Tuesday, is much better thla morn
lag. ' ' Earl Csdegss ftealsm.
LONDON, , July H Earl Cadogan today
resigned th prd .lieutenancy of Ireland.
In a Class All Alone.
No ether pill on earth can equal Dr.
King's New Life.! Pill for stomach, liver
and kidneys. No cure, no pay. tic.
.r - ,lvln-abnr.
r BEATRICE, Neb., July 17. (Special.)
Prof. Charlea ' B: "Devla end Miss Anna M.
Shear were married last -evening, Rev. P.
L. ThotmU officiating. The young couple
will reside in Hobart. Okl., where th
groom, le engaged ia business.
'"''" ' immmm-mrwmm
An Evidence
of Quality
The Drlnklnf ef
dispels si. i as to
It merit, a . oounc-
ed Individuality with
every good quality.
Th very taste of this
beer 1 e conclusive
I proof of Its merit.
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Ml Deitiu . Tat. loeu.
July 17-SI? Aug.J-H
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SUNDAY . y.jrn. DINNER. Kc. I
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