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Wet Wtatbtr is Controlling Tutor in Bull
ish Market. I
Pals Also Reach Record Trice la
tross I'll, While Wheat Open
Higher, bat Eases Off,
Though Closing; I p.
CHICAGO, Juno 2S Wet weather again
csused fnlr upturns In grains today, hut
the absence ot any liberal outside business
and cleaning up trades over Sunday re
stricted gains to some extent. September
wheat closed .: higher; July corn lo
higher. September corn, tVic up; July
oats WV: higher and September oats
fe',e higher; provisions closed unchanged
to ZVfco higher.
September wheat opened Wc higher
at iL'HtK'-Vic and sold to 'ti:nc early.
3hroughijt the southwest copious rains
had fallen again to damage the harvests.
J'arls quotations were as much as IV.
higher, Influenced by unfavorable weather.
Uhere was a little early comnrtsnlon house
business and a fair export demand devel
pped. The teaturt of the day was In the
opening call for December option. A bear
ish sentiment overcast the pit, however,
lor some time and worked against higher
prices. Reports came that most of the
Wheat had been rut In the country where
ruin were falling. Many of the local
crowd took profits rather than to wait
ever Sunday and stand the possibilities of
lair weather. The little strength was
apped and July eased to "2c, closing
firm 'Ac up at (2-V Local receipts were
89 cars, 3 of contract grade; Minneapolis
and Duluth reported 3"K cars, making a
total of Ml cars for the three points,
against 2t last week and 347 a year ago.
J'rimary receipts were 4fi0,i0 bu., com
pared to 6il.00o last year. Seaboard clear
ances In wheat and flour equalled 767.UOO
Corn still showed marked strength on
the demand by shorts. Wet weather was
reported generally In the corn belt, b'jt
whereas It helped Texas It hurt the crops
alsewhere. Advices from many sections
Jtated that the main root of the plant was
otted off. At the opening prices were very
Strong. rihorts bid July Vfll'c higher at
PjTtic the latter the new record price for
the crop. Offerings for profits at top fig
ures at once brought a slump to fi9'c, but
the constant bad reports trom crops, es
pecially from Iowa, pushed prices up again.
Receipts were a little larger at 2.a cars,
but little attention was paid to statistics
The weather; and the short bidding ruled
the market. September and December ad
vanced with July, but free profit-taking In
these two options brought partial declines.
July closed strong, lc up, at B9Tc; Sep
tember sold at 61 7,c and closed nrm Vjj
He higher at 6H4c
Oats continued their upward course again
today. The wet weather was reported as
hurting this cereal worst of all. No. 3
white,, sold as high as 64c. and there
was almost nothing offered for sale In
Spite of the good demand. The same good
buying that has been In force for a week
was In evidence again. Selling was only
by locals for profits. The general senti
ment In the pit was decidedly bullish.
Bhorts covered freely at the start and July
reached the top figure of the option again,
l7c. Dips followed the liquidation, which,
however, was small, but all the stufT was
taken and July, after selling at 4tk, closed
ttrong, mc up. at 46SC. September sold
etwetn &s'c and 34c and closed firm V'1
fco up, at 33VUc. Keceipts were
Provisions were verv dull. Offerings were
jcarce. but there was little dlsnosltlon on
the part of the packers to shove prices up.
Hogs were light and prices Kood. Including
small advances, which, however, were not
all held. September pork closed unchanged
at $18.47"!. September lard 2c higher at
fl.664 and September ribs unchanged at
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
85 cars; corn, !J0 cars; oats, 240 cars; hogs,
MJX) head; hogs for the week, 13lMJ head.
The leading future ranged as follows;
Articles ! Open. I High. Low. CJose. Yes'y.
I Sept.
734fJH 73S 7T,
72Vg 72 72V
73V 734 73J,
6970 70 6!H
614 61 ,
4VH? 4 47VuVi
40V, 41 40V4
46Vt 47 46
3 t'i
SSHH 84 334
33(& 33-H 331
IS SO 18 JO 1 22'4
18 624 18 60 18 46
10 B7V4 10 B7H 10 R5
10 60 10 6J4 10 574
10 624 10 624 10 60
10 624 10 624 10 574
614 61
33 iZ
wb July
a Bept.
I July
3J 324;
18 2714! 18 20
18 474 18 46
10 5R 10 624
10 674 10 65
10 624 10 674
10 60 I 10 60
f i July
Nl 9 nirl h Nwr
Cash quotations were as follows:
, FUOrK Steady; winter patents, I3.7S
LOO; straights, 3.2Hfj3. 3'; spring specials,
. H'ZO; spring patents, $3.60(3)3.80.
v WHEAT No. I spring. 744c; No. 2 red,
I T6c.
j COHN-No. 2. 694c; No. 2 yellow, 694e.
OATS No. 2, 47G4KV; No. 2 white, 639
' BSc: No- B white. 624'a&4c.
RYE No. 2 M4fc61c.
, BARLEY Oood feeding, 6769c; fair to
Bholce malting, tKi&7(Hc.
SEEDS No. 1 flax. fl.Mfil 56; No. 1 north
4 western, $1.73; prime timothy, $5.75; clover,
1 Contract grade, $S 35.
,' , PROVIBIONS-Mess pork, per Mil., $18,274
18.32V4. Lard, per 100 lbs.. $10,474. Short
I lbs sides (loose), $10.574ijjlt 614. Dry salted
houlders (boxed), $8,024- Short clear sides
tboxed). $10.70.
The following were the receipts and ship
ments yesterday,
v Articles.
Tlour bbls
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu
Oats, bu
Efye bu v
' Barley, bu
Receipts. Shipments.
.... 15.000 13.tvY
.... 27.000 105.000
....143,000 33.0IO
....229.000 2u8.O0
.... 1,0(10
.... 15,000 1.000
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creamery, lS&'214c;
dairy, lhig 15140. ineese, aieaay, iu'tfuc.
Eggs, Arm; fresh, 17c.
of the Day
oa Various
. NEW YORK. June 28 FLOUR Receipts,
S.Ila bbls ; exports, 20.037 bbls.; held steady
and moderately active; winter straights.
f3.7c4t3.86; winter patents. h.uurh.iu; Min
nesota patents, $3.90a-i.l6; Minnesota bakers
U Ifxa'-J-io: winter Tow grades. $2.Mi3 15
Winter extras. $3153.35. Rye flour, quiet;
fair to good, $4.24,0 J. 46; choice to fancy,
. CORNMEAL Dull: yellow western, $1.32;
City 11.30; Hrandywine, i3.4&u-a b.
RYE Steady: No. 2 western. 66c. f. o. b
afloat; state, 63Q4c, c. 1. f., New York,
BARLEY Nominal.
WHEAT Spot, Arm: No. 2 red.' 79Hc,
levator; No. 2 red. 8(4'u814c, f. o. b.
afloat; No. 1 northern, Duluth, 814c, f. o,
b. afloat: No. 1 hard. Manitoba. 844c. f. o
b. afloat There was a strong opening In
wheat and general activity on higher
Paris cables, a strong corn and oats mar
ket and rains In harvesting districts. Ter
ritorial yielded to realizing, but waa again
firmer uuun uredlcttons of further rains.
Near the close It eased off again through
realising and was finally but a net nigner
July, 74&'TSe; closed at 79c; September,
77virT74c; closed at 774c; December,
(jh,c- closed at 78"jc.
. CORN Exborts. 17.615 bu. Spot, firm
No. i. 69mC. elevator, and 71 Ho. f. o. b.
afloat. Option market was strong and
higher on heavy rains and cold weather
west, mostly In sympathy with oats. The
close was firm at 4m.c net advance; July
T474e; closed at 6"4c; September,
4 7-lc-ti4'c; closed st M V; December
B24k(jn2'kc: closed at 624c.
OATS Receipts, 57,umu bu.; exports, 380
DU. Boot, nrm; no. I, mc; iso. a. ooc; no.
2 white, 64uBv': No. 3 white, 6.vj84c;
track, mixed western, 62(t(54c; track, white
western, 6iuX'; track, white state, bfrti
oc. Options had an excited trade west
nd further active advances on the heavy
HAY Quiet; shipping, 6ufitSc; good to
choice, aiSic.
HIDE Steady: Galveston. SO to 18 lbs
17c; California. 21 to 26 lbs.. 19c; Texas dry,
14 to 30 lbs.. 13c.
HOPS Strong; state, prime to choice, 1901
crop, i4'(r2Jtoc; iu. ic; oiaa, who; state,
common to choice, 1S'1 crop, 3u-'4c; Pa
cific coast, 1J01 crop. 194f23c; 13uo, 16c; olds
!L.EATHER Quiet: domestic fleece. 26S30c
PROVISIONS Heef. dull: family. $15 6-r
1100; mess, $13 6tHil4 0u; beef hams, $11
12 50; packet. $14.5oU'15.60; city extra India
mess, M Oofi 36 UO. Cut meats, firm; pickled
bellies. Ill uoull 00; j.lcmeu shoulders, zx.!;
pickled hams, $11 6u.gl2.uO. Lard, firm; west
ern steamed, $10.y; June closed at $l .90,
nominal; rennea, nrm; ramny. i jki .-u
South America, $11. 60; family, compound
ixi:4i5u. Pork, firm; family, l9 7twijoou
abort clear. $1 5ti21 5o; mewl. $1 ct 1 75.
TALLOW Viulet; city (IS per pkg.J. 4c
country lokss. free). 6VB4c.
RICE Firm: domestic, fair to extra. 44
Q4c; Japanese, 4(ioe.
JiL'TTJklb-eUadyi suu creamery. If3c
state faetory. IW184r; renovated, 17lJ4c;
Imitation creamery, 17ftlS4c.
CHEESE Strong; new state full cream,
small colored, fancy, 9c; small white,
sc; large colored, 9c; large white, 9c.
K(XJS Firm; state and Pennsylvania,
li4'HJi'c; western candled, 1844jlc; south
western, loss off, Ia4'nl74c.
MOLASSES Steady; open kettle, good to
choice, IWIc.
Pfl'M"MY Alive, quiet and unchanged;
dresed. nominally onchanged.
M ETA11 Today's metal markets were
quiet In all departments. Tin closed tho
week ot $2S.fS25 for spot and copper
closed at the following prices: Btandard
spot to August. $11.324511 824; lake, spot,
$ll.74&12.u. Dead was steady at $4.1. '4.
iSpelter was dull at to. Iron held steady,
but quiet, locally at former prices.
Condition of Trade and Quotations on
Staple and Fancy Prolate,
EGOS Including new No. 2 cases, 11c;
cases returned, Uc.
DIVE POl-LTRY-Chlckens, 94c; old
roosters, according to age, 4'aoc; turkeys,
fi'dllc; ducks and geese, 7c; broilers, per lb.,
BUTTER Packing stock, 16c; choice
dairy, In tubs, iv819e; separator, 22323c.
orappies, 10c; herring, 6c; pickerel, 9c; pike,
lie; perch, 6c; buffalo, dressed, 7c; sunllEh,
6c; bluefins, 8c; whlteflsh, 11c; catfish, 3c;
black bass. Isc; halibut, 11c; salmon, Iric;
haddock, 11c; codfish, 12c; red snapper, 10c;
roe shad, each, 75c; shad roe, per pair,
35c; split shad, per lb., 10c; lobsters, boiled,
per lb., 25c; lobsters, green, per lb., 23c.
PIGEONS Dive, per dos., 75c.
VEAI-Cholce, 6S8c.
CORN 69c.
OATS 4 sr.
BRAN-Per ton, $15.
HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Wholesale
Hay Dealers' association: Choice hay. No.
1 upland, $8; No. 1 medium. $7.50; No. 1
coarse, $7. Rye straw $5.50 These prices
are for hay of good color and quality. De
mand fair. Receipts light.
CAULIFLOWER Home grown, per doa.,
NEW CELERY Kalamasoo, 30c.
POTATOES Northern, 40jo0c; new po
tatoes, per bu., MKftiiOc.
GREEN ONIONS Per do., according to
slie of bunches, 15iij2oc.
ASPARAGUS Home grown, per doi., 60
CUCUMBERS Hothouse, per doi., 453
50c '
LETTUCE Hothouse, pr doi.. 25c.
PARSLEY Per doz.. 30rt35c.
RADISHES Per dos., 20"a26c.
WAX BEANS Home grown, per market
basket, rV'ytiOc; string beans, per market
banket, fytoWitc.
RHUBARB Home grown, per lb., 14c.
CABBAGE California or home-grown,
new, liic2c.
O.NlOiNS INew uutornia, 111 bucks, per
TUMA1ULB lexas, per -uMct emio.
NAVI J3c,Ai o 1 er ou.. a.
APRICOT 8 California. $L50(S1.60.
I'EACHES California. $135.
PLUMS California, per 4-basket crates.
STRAWBERRIES Colorado, per 24-qt.
case, $:t.fi0.
CHERRIES California, per box, $1.50;
home-grown, per 24-qt. case, $2.00fl2.25.
UOOHEUEKKIK.H rer ii-qi. case, i.
CANTALOUPE Texas, per basket, 75c.
CURRANTS Home grown, $2.00.
RASPBERRIES Black, per 24-pts., $3.00;
red. per 24-nta., $3.00.
PINEAPPLES Florida, 30 to 36 count, $4.
BANANAS Per bunch, according to size.
OKArsGtsj vaiencias, M.iwao.w; Aieai
terranean sweets, $4.00'!i4.25.
LEMONS Fancy, $0.00(35.50; Messlnas,
Mlt)tC.LLA."H tUUO.
HONEY Per 24-sectlon case, $2.753.00.
CIDER Nehawka, per bbl., $3.25; New
York, $3.50.
POPCORN per id., oc; snenea, c.
NUTS Walnuts. No. 1 soft shell. ter lb..
12c; hard shell, per lb., 114c; No. 2 soft
hell, 10c; No. i. nara sneu, yc; urazns, per
lb., 14c; filberts, per lb., 12c; almonds, soft
hell. 16c; hard shell, loc; pecans. Urge, per
lb., 12c; small, 10c; cocoanuts, per sack,
W.60. .
ri ID KB No. 1 green, bc; rwo. z green,
No. 1 veal calf. 8 to 124 lbs.. 8c: No. 2 veal
calf, 12 to 15 lbs., 6c; dry hides, 8g)12c; sheep
pelts, 75c; horse hides, jl.Cnn2.60.
ulu mciaui-a. jj. Aipern quoies me
following prices: Iron, country mixed, per
ton, $Lu; iron, stove plate, per ton, $7.50;
copper, per lb., 84c; brass, heavy, per lb.,
84c; brass, light, per lb., 6c; lead, per lb.,
64c; zinc, per lb., 2c; rubber, per lb., 6c.
St. Lonls Grata, and Provisions.
ST. LOUIS. June 28.-WHEAT-Weak:
No. 2 red, cash, elevator, 704c; track, 78
64c: old. 724&714e:
c; new July, 7t4c; Bep-
temoer, 7Utfii)c
c; No. 2 hard. 73(274c.
CORN Lower: No. 2 cash. 66'c: track.
66c; July, 654c; September, 6&4c.
uio niKun , iu. lhpii, lime; tract,
i&474c; July, 36c; September, 294c; No.
white, 504610.
RYE Firm at 60c.
FLOUR Dull. Old red winter natents.
$3.55(&3.65; extra fancy and straight, $3.25Q
s Clear, as.uutnvi.2u.
SEEDS Timothy, steady at $5.
CORNMEAL Steady at $3.15.
BRAN Firm; sacked, 80c.
HAY Dull: timothy. $13.00fl15.00: cralrle.
no sales.
WHISKY-Steady, $1.30.
IRON COTTON TIES-Steady, $1.05.
BAGGING Steady, eVSc
HEMP TWINE Steady, c.
PROVISIONS Pork, steady: lobblnr. old.
$18.35: new. $18.75. Lard, dull at 310.25. Drv
salt meats, steady; boxed lots, extra shorts,
$10,874; clearTtbs. $11.00; short clear, $11,124.
nacon, steaay; Doxea iota, extra snorts,
$11.75: clear ribs, $11,874; short clear. $12.00.
Spelter, firm at $4.80.
POULTRY steady; chickens. 6A4c:
springs, lufQlfc; turkeys, 8c; ducks, 64c;
geese 4f44c.
BUTTER Steady; creamery, 17224c;
dairy. 17&19C.
tuus-Lower at l4fec, loss off.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 6.000 8.000
Wheat, bu 64.000 24,000
Lorn, du za.uou 21,000
Oats, bu 26,000 28.0U0
Kansas City Grain and Provisions.
674c; September, 674c; cash, No. 2 hard.
69470c; No. 3, 69c; No. 2 red, new, 6849
tc; 01a, uuf'ic; rso. a, o,iasc; ino. i spring,
CORN July. 61Uc: September. 63Kc: cash
No. 2 mixed, 63u; No. 2 white. 66c; No. 3,
OA'i S No. 2 white, 49c,
RYE No. 2. 66(i 66c.
HAY Choice timothy. $12.00(S12.50: choice
prairie, av.votu tu.uu.
.'reamery, 194c; fancy dairy,
EGGS Steady at 14c dox.. loss off. cases
Receipts. Bhlbments
Wheat, bu 68.400 46.4(0
Corn, bu 62. (kO iO.OnO
Oats, du 1Z.0UU 5,000
Evaporated Apples and Dried Frnlta,
APPLES Spot unchanged. Futures some
what more nrmly held, sellers asking (4c
for October and November deliveries of
firlme, though much actual business Is be
ng transacted above 640. Common to
food. 63i9c; prime, 10c; choice, 10414c;
ancy, 11c.
continue In fair demand and holders are
Inclined to firmness on special grades.
Prices range from o4aHc for all desert o
tlons. Apricots are steady at 1046T14C In
boxes and 104ft 12c In bags. Peeled peaches
are priced at luisc ana unpeetea at 4'tf
Toledo Grain and Seed.
TOLEDO. June 28 WHEAT Dull; cash
77c; June, 77c; July, ,64c; September
CORN Dull, firm; cash. 644c; July, 64c
Bentember. 614c: December, 474c.
OATS Active, strong: cash. 47c: Julv.
41c; September, 31c; new July, 464c; new
c . I. 'JjAA
SEED Clover, dull, steady: cash. 25.12U
October, $5,174.
Philadelphia Prodaee Market.
Steady; extra western creamery, 224c
tra nearby prints. 23c
EOGS Firm; fresh nearby. 174c, loss off
freeh western, lsc, loss off; fresh south
western. 17c: fresh southern, 16c.
CHEESE Firm: New York run creams
prime small, lt"c: New York full creams.
lair to aooa, viuc.
Iigar Market.
NEW YORK, June 28 -BUOAR-Dull
fair refining. e: centrifugal W test. 84c,
Molasses sugar, ic; rennea, auu; jso.
4 10c: No. 7. 4c; No. 8. $.8oe: No. . $.85c
No. 10. 8.80c; No. 11. 3.75c ; No. 12. 170c; No
13. 170c: No. 14. $ 70c: Confectioners' A
4.60c; Mould A. 6c; cut loaf, 6.15c; cruahe
4.00c; granulated. .wc; cubes, 4 sue.
ket quiet; open kettle centrifugal. IrtJUc
centrifugal yellow, $444c; aeconds
14c. Molasses, auu; ceniruugai, ftiac.
Dnlalh Grain Market.
DULUTH, June .-WHEAT-Caah. No.
1 hard, 4c; No 1 northern. iI4c; No.
northern. 7lc; July, 76c; Bepuoiber. 724c
' OATS Cash, ii . .
8 lock Market la Stagnant with Few
v Operations In Specials.
NEW YORK. June 28 The general stock
market today was practically inert. There
were some speculative operations In a lev
special stocks, but thev had no appreciate
effect on the general list. The bank state
ment did no reflect any notable recupera
tion, but the condition of the banks is well
maintained, despite the week's svndlcato
operations and preparation which have
presumably been made for the July settle
ment. The statement was considered nega
tively favorable therefore. There Is an
expectation, however, and there may bo
some shifting of loans on Monday.
Today's money and exchange markets
were nominal, as is usual on Saturday, but
sterling exchange at Paris fell 4c. Foreign
bankers believe that some gold may go out
next week
Of today's special movements the rise In
Chicago or Eastern Illinois was due to a
suggestion that the treasury stock of the
company may he distributed to stockhold
ers. Illinois Central was moved up to a
fraction sbove the price touched on the
day the new stock Issue was announced and
closed at the top. The general market ran
ofT slightly In the closing dealings.
The report of a voluntary increase of 10
Ser cent In wages by the United States
teel corporation seemed to make those
stocks firm, although the Industrial depart
ment generally was heavy. Reading also
was heavy because of a rumor that the
president had requested an opinion from
the attorney general whether the anthrclt.i
coal combination is In contravention of the
antt-trust law. The closing tone was rather
The dull bond market this week has
moved mostly In sympathy with stocks.
United States 2s declined 14. the 8s 4 and
the new 4s 4 per cent, as compared with
the closing call of last week.
The following are the closing prices on
the New York Stock exchange:
do Dfd.
.. 24 St PiUl pfd 190
..101 ;8o. Pacific 64H go. Railway 864
.. 5 i do pfd I
..1334 Teiaa Paclllc 34
.. '"Toledo, 8t. L. W. 31
.. 46 do pfd 37
I Baltimore
A O.
do pfd
Canadian Paclfto .
Canada 80
Chea. A Ohio
hlcaao A Alton.
37VTnlan Pacific lw1
do pfd do ptd...,
, Jcit
Chicago, lnd. A L.. 76 Wabarh ....
do pfd '-! do pfd....
Chicago A E. 1U....1J4 Wheeling A
L.. E.... ZZ
Chicago ft O. W.
0V do 24 pfd ...
. S4H
. W
. 4SV,
. 6iH
. II 4
. II
. 234
. I")'
. 474
. M
. 67H
do lat pfd
do 3d pfd
. 7 Wli. Central .
. do pfd
2M Adama El
.171U,! American Kx..
Chicago A N. W.
R. 1 ft F
Chicago Ter.
A Tr.
II Jl'nlted 8tataa Kx..
do pfd
.c.c.a at. l.
. S Wlla-yargo Ex...
,103 Amalgamated Cop.
. 104 Amer. t ar A F...
, 70 do pfd
. 42-1, Amer. Lin. Oil....
174', j do pfd
.280 Amer. 8. A R
, 24 do pfd
, HI! Anaconda Mln. Co
Colorado So
do lat pfd
do Id pfd
I1. A Hudaon...
Del. h. A W
Denver A R. O...
do pfd
, Brooklyn R. T
do lat pfd ,
do id pfd
. CHa Colorado Fuel A
I... 87'4
. 63 1 Con. oaa
Oreat Nor. pfd...
..1ST Con,
Totacco pfd 121
Hoiking Vtllay .,
.. Sl'Oen. Electric
. . . 3l&
do rid ,
.. i Hocking Coal
. .160 Inter. Paper
.. 4' do pfd
,. u
. 204
. 71
. M
. 44
,. 214
. 66
. 414
. 46
. 854
. 17
. 734
. C24
,. 144
,. 814
.. 12t
,. 84'
,. 614
.. 37',,
,. '
.. 8
.. 33
.. 4
.. H34
. 614
llnota Central ..
Iowa Central ....
do pfd
. . a7 Iaclade uaa
Laka Erie A W..
National Dlacult ..,
National Lead
No. American
Fad tic Coaat
do pfd
. A N
... U
... 184
... 274
... 69
.... (4
... HI
... 124
... sr,4
... 3
... t
... esvt
... 81
... 71,
.... 104
... 7
Manhattan L
Mt. St. Rr
Mex. Central ....
Nat. Rr. of Max.
Minn. A St. L...
PaclHc Mall
People's Oaa
PreHMd s. car
do pfd
Pullman P. Car....
Republic Steel ....
do pfd
Tenn. Coal A Iron
t;nlon Hag A P
do prd
V. S. Leather
do pfd
U. 8. Rubber
do pfd
U. 8. 8teel
do pfd
Wretern Union ....
Amer. LocomotlTe.
do pfd
K. C. Southern ...
do pfd
Mo. Pacific
.. K. A T
do pfd
. J. Central ...
N. V. Central ..
Norfolk A W
do pfd
Ontario fc W
Pannaylvanls ....
do lat prd
do td pfd
St. L. A 8 r....
do lat pfd
do 2d pfd
St. L. Soathw....
do pfd
St. Faul
New York Money Market.
NEW YORK, June 28 MONEY On call.
steady; actual transactions, 8 per cent;
closed offered at 3 per cent; prime mercan
tile paper, 446 per cent.
STERLING tALMAMiB- steaay, witn
actual business In bankers' bills at $4,874
4i4.874 for demand and at $4.85Vi4.854 for
sixty days; posted rates, $4.S6i4.84 and
$4.88yy&4.89; commercial bills. $4.84iS4.854.
SILVER Bar, 624c; Mexican denial's,
lows: Ref. 2s reg., 107; coupon.
1084c; 8s reg. and coupon, 1U7; new 4s
reg. ana coupon, iai; oin is reg., inn;
coupon, 1W4; 6s reg. and coupon, 106.
The closing quotations on punas are as
V. 8. r. Is. ri 107HIL. A N. tinl. 4s 1014
do coupon
.me.Aiax. central a
.107 do la Ino 324
.107 Minn. A St. L. 4a...l06,
.13444 M.. K. A T. 4a (14
.1344 do 3a 864
.194 N. Y. ('antral Is 1044
do la, rag.
do coupon
do new 4a,
do coupon . . .
do old 4a, reg
do coupon ...
..HOi, do gen. J4a lot
do (a. ref..
do coupon..
...104 N. J. C can. as 139
...106 No. Pacific 4a 1064
...103 do 3 744
... 14 N. A W. con. 4a. ...ion,
...103 Reading gan. 4a loo1
... 74 St. L. A 1. M. c. 6a.. 116
...104!St. L. A 8. F. 4a. ..loo
...10Vst. L. 8. W. la
...lu9 do 2a 874
... 2's. A. A A. P. 4a.... X)4
...lOntlSo. Paclfto 4a 2',
Atchlaon gen.
do ad). 4a
. A O. 4s
do 14a
do conv. 4a....
Canada 80. ta....
Cantral of Oa. 6i.
do lat ino
, A O. 44s
Chicago A A. I',a
. 85V So. Railway 6a 1234
U. Q.
rOVTezaa ft racltlc la... lis
C, M A St P g. 4s..llV,lT., St. L AW. 4s. 3
N. W. c. 7a....l34
Union Pacific 4a HH
C, R. I. A P. 4a....ll2t
CCC. A St. L. g. 4s.. 1024
Chicago Ter. 4a 904
Colo. A 80. 4a M
do conv. 4a 104
Wabaah la 119S,
do 2a Ill
do deb. B 77
Denver A R. O. 4a.. 104
Erla prior Han 4S....1014
rWaat Shore 4a 116k
W. L. B. 4a 96
Wis. Central 4a 934
Con. Tobacco 4s 67
do genaral 4a sv
. W. A D. C. la. ..1114
Hocking Val. 44a. ...110
Boston Stock Quotations.
BOSTON. June 28. Call loans. 844 per
rent: time loans. 4410 per cent. umciaJ
closing ot stocks and bonds:
Atchison 4s
Oaa la
1014-Adranture ,
94 Allouea
Mex. Central 4a ...
. 114 Amalgamated ,
. 40 Bingham
. 124 Calumet A Keels.,
.1004 Centennial
.360 Copper Range ....
.101 Dominion Coal ...
.164 Franklin
.130 lale Royals
N. K. O. A C
do pfd
Boston A Albany..
boat on A Me
Boat on Elevated ..
N. Y.. N. H. A H
. 4
, 42M
Fltchburg pfd...
Union Pacific ..
Mex. Central ..
American Sugar
14144 Mohawk
106 Old Dominion ....
126 I Parrot
1184 Uulncy
T....178 Isanta Fe Copper...
8.... ttlTamarack
i6 Trlmnuntaln
97', United States
14 Utah
Ill IVIctorls
SI Winona
, 194
, SO
, 27
do pfd
American T. A
Dominion I. A
, 96
Oen. Electric ..
Maas. Electric .
. 114
, 194
. 20
. 4
- 4
. 64
do pfd
N B. O. A C.
United Fruit ..
V. 8. Steel ....
do pfd..
Westlngh. Common. ..1024
Nevr York Mining: Quotations.
NEW YORK. June 28. The following are
the closing prices on mining siocks:
Adams Con
Little Chief
. II
. x
. 10
. 1
. 48
Hrunawlrk Con....
Comatock Tunuel .
Con. Csl. A Va...
.. 64
.. 71
.. t
Sierra Nevada
Small Hopes ..
Deadwood Tern...
Horn Sliver
Iron Stiver
Leadvtllo Con
Foreign Financial.
LONDON. June 28. Bar silver, steady at
24 16-16d per os. Money, 2424 per cent;
discount rates, short and three months
bills, 2424 per cent. Gold premiums are
qioted as follows: Buenos Ayres, 129 80;
Manna, ae-iz; UBDon, 20; rtonie. in. 1 ne
eekly statement of the Bank of England
shews the following changes: Total re
serve, decrease, 1.197,000; circulation. In
crease, 9M.0uO; bullion, decrease, 215.63;
other securities. Increase, 8.275,000; other
deposits, Increase. 5.6T.9.0u0; public de
posits, increase, ti.uiz.uuo; notes reserve,
decrease, 1.069.000; government securities.
Increase. 597.000. The proportion of the
Bank of England's reserve to liability Is
43.80 per cent; last week It was 62.90 per
cent. Rate of discount, unchanged at 3
per cent.
PARIS. June 28. Throe per cent rentes,
lOlf 60c for the account; exchange on Ixn
don, 25 f 17c for checks; Spanish 4s, 8. .66.
Business on the bourse today was quiet
and prices had a weak tendency owing to
the apprehension of dearer settlement
money. Stocks were offered, causing an
ail-around depression. Rentals were prin
cipally affected. The private rate of dis
count was 3 9-16 per cent.
BERLIN. June 28. Exchange on I-ondcn,
im 464pfg for checks; discount rates for
short bills (for settlement). 64 per cent;
for three months' bills. 24 per cent. Prices
on the bourse were firm today, being In
fluenced by the favorable reports from
Buckingham palace, tnougn business was
slow on account of the closing of the
Stock exchange In London. Toward the
close coal shares Influenced the other
Condition of the Treasury.
WASHINGTON. June 28.-Today's state
ment of the treasury balances in the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the $15d.OO0i0 gold
reserve In the division of redemption.
shows: Available cash balance. $2u6,la6,ult;
gold, $101.14.111.
Weekly Bsvak Statement.
NEW TORX, Judo 28 The weekly state-
ment of the sverages of the associated
banks hhows: Ixian. t8S3.871.8in, Incresse
f4.K56.7no; deposits, I9.kVS29.40", Increase $4,876.-
"": circulation, Hl.4.ioo, increase !'.!;
legal tenders. $7&,3ol.2, Incresse $1.69, ,mj;
specie. $17i.J4.5i(. Incresse $341.8u0; reserve.
$Jf1.8W.7i Increase t2.u8ft.2uo; reserve re
qjired, $i"Si.9r5,3i'0. Increase $1,219,200; sur
plus, ii,9, 8,36), increase $820,100.
Bank Clearings.
OMAHA. June 28. Bank clearings for the
week ending today compared with corre
sponding weeg oc last year are:
11,259,361 09
l.rt5.529 69
1. 1O8.070 78
1.0S2.M4 81
1.079.721 41
1.071.861 60
Wednesday ...
$l,l2.rt 64
958. 7 25
(.H3.750 92
1.023.823 27
70.880 17
902.733 S8
Total $6,808,478 7 $5,842,579 03
Increase $ 765.899 76
ST. LOUIS. June 28 -Clearlngs. $6,472,822;
balances, $1.175,6c9. Money steady at 6y6
per cent. New York exchange par.
CHICAGO, June 28. Clearings. $22,012,430:
balances, $2,470,479: posted exchange, $4.86
ror sixty days, 14. M4 lor demand ; iew
York exchange, pnr.
NEW YORK. June 28 Clearings. $239.-
617.311: balances. $15,711,833.
BOSTON. June 28. Clearings. $19,242,021:
balances. $1,195,010
BALTIMORE, June 28. Clearings, $4,163.-
422; balances, $658,771; clearings for the
week, $22,953,666; balances, $3,682,104; money,
441(5 per cent.
PHILADELPHIA, Junp 28 Clearings.
$16,075,171; balances, $2,306,455; clearings for
the week, tl03.5tn.257; balances, $14,140,713;
money, 4'n'44 per cent.
Cincinnati, June a. Clearings, 12,-
467.6"0; money. 346 per cent; New York
exchange, 15(g20c premium.
Exports and Imports.
NEW YORK. June 28. Exports of specie
from this port to all .countries for this
week aggregate $186,600 silver and $200,0ii0
gold. The Imports of specie were $18,838
gold and $13,458 silver. The Imports of drv
goods and merchandise were valued at $10,-
Wool Market.
BOSTON, June 28. WOOL Strictly fine,
4Mi60c; clean fine and fine medium. 45f(i
47c; staple, 6053c; medium, 398410. Texas
wools are remarkably nrm, largely grow
ing out of the fine position of wools. The
clip has been bought up by prominent deal
ers witn very nign prices paid compared
with other wools at the time buying began.
Buyers are very confident. Fall cleaned
basts, 44ii'4Sc; six to elpht months spring,
4Wi'48c. Fine washed fleeces are exceed
ingly firm, with old wools sold out of sight.
The market Is nominally quoted at: Ohio
and Pennsylvania XXX, 2Sfa29c; XX antf
above, 2627c; Michigan, 22Cgr.i4c. Old de
laine wools are practically sold out and
will cost higher for new. Mlchlgnn. 25419
27c; No. 1 washed combing, 264027c; No.
2. 25Sil27c: coarse. 234;25c.
ST. LOUIS, June 28. WrOOL Steady to
firm; medium grades and combing, 3py;ic
light fine, 12fllS4c; heavy fine, loigl3c; tub-
LONDON, June 28. WOOL Trading dur
Ing the week was restricted, owing to the
firmness of holders. The arrivals of wool
for the fourth series of auction sales num
ber 44.130 bales, Including 3,000 bales for.
warded direct. The Imports during the
week were: New South Wales, 502 bales;
Victoria, 310 bales: New Zealand, 6,313
bales; Cape of Good Hope and Natal, 3,30f
bales; Falkland island, 610 bales; sundries,
975 bales.
Cotton Market.
tures closed steadv; June, 8.98c; July,
8.68c; August, 8.26c; September, 7.93c; Octo
ber, 7.79c; November and December, 7.70c;
January, 7.69c; February, 7.70c; March, 7.71c.
Spot closed steady; middling uplands, 94c;
middling gulf. 94c Sales, 2.3o bales.
ket steady at Slc.
ST. LOI7IS, June 28 COTTON-Market
steady; middling. 8 15-16c. Sales, none; re
ceipts, 8 bales; shipments, none; stock, 21,
156 bales.
Futures, steady; June 8.86c. bid; July, IWf
8.92c; August, 8.34jj'8.35c; September, 7.85c;
October, 7.63(?7.64c: November 76IW7.55c;
December, 7.64&1.66o; January.' 7.657.&6c.
Spot, quiet; sales, 300 bales; ordinary, 74c;
good ordinary, 9c; low middling, 84c; mid
dling, 8 16-16c; good middling. 94c; middling
fair, 94c; receipts, 469 bales; stock, 97,637
OH and Rosin.
OIL CITY, Pa., June 28. OIL Credit bal
ances, $1.22; certificates, no bid. Runs and
shipments not reported.
SAVANNAH. Ga., June 28. OIL Turpen
tine, firm. Rosin, firm; A, B, C, D and E.
$1.25; F. $1.35; O, $1.40; H. $1.70; I. $2.05;
K, $2 55; M. $3.06; N. $3.40; W. O., $3.46;
W. W.. $3.60.
NEW YORK, June 28. OIL Cottonseed,
dull; prime crude, nominal; prime yellow,
46c. Petroleum, steady; refined New York,
$7 40; Philadelphia and Baltimore, $7.35;
Philadelphia and Baltimore, In bulk, $4.80.
Rosin, steady; strained, common to good,
15rt7l74c. Turpentine, dull, 484S4e.
TOLEDO. O.. June 28. OIL North Lima,
89c; South Lima and Indiana, 84c
Coffee Market.
Rio, quiet; No. 7 Invoice, 74c. Mild, quiet;
Cordova, 8&P114c. Futures opened steady,
with prices 6ft 10 points higher, following In
the lead of European markets, which dis
played Inherent strength. Speculation was
chiefly of a local character, with the shorts
the leading buyers. Brazilian receipts were
hardly up to expectations and the bull
clique supported the late months. There
was very little change after the opening.
Trie closing market was quiet. Total sales
were 12.260 bags. Including June at 4.05c;
July, 4.96c ; August 6c; September, 6003
6.06c; November, 6.20c; May. 6.606.65c.
Dry Goods Market.
small volume of business and demand light
Characterizes general conditions In the dry
Soods market today. Jobbers' sales are
ver and a little In the way of new bus
iness will be done until after July 4. Dull
ness has continued In the yarn market,
'hosiery material being the only thing for
which there is any demand.
Milwaukee Grain Market.
ket steady: No. 1 northern, 77&774c; No.
northern, 76ft764c; September, i24c.
RYE Dull; No. 1. 68c.
BARLEY Steady; No. 1, 754o; sample),
CORN Steady; September, 60604o.
Minneapolis Floor and Bran.
First patents. $3. 96 4 06; second clear, $3.65
4j 3.76 ; first clears, $2.80: second clears, $2.00.
liKAN in DU1K, ilS. lOtaia-UV.
Holiday In Liverpool.
LIVERPOOL. June 28. Holiday In mar
Cattle, Hobs, Sheep and Iambi Are
CHICAGO. June 28. CATTLE Receipts.
200;. steady; good to prime steers. $7.6od
8.40: poor to medium. $4.75(57.50: stockers
ana teeners, i.&; cows, ti.vxgo.zo; neir-
AMa ' r. .... . CI &A
' f , LailllCI,, ,.W.V, lUll..
t-iarati.ib; calves,. $2.30v3.ov; lexas lea
steers. $4.0Ca7.w.
HOGS Receipts, 10,000 head; estimated
receipts for Monday. 38.000 head: left over,
10.419: steady: mixed and butchers. $7.26
7.70; good to choice heavy, $7.707 .85; rough
heavy, 7 6ti'i.60; light, $7.4g7.40; bulk of
sales, $7.3&(ij7.70.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,600
head. Market steady. Good to choice
wethers. $3.76(84.00: fair to choice mixed
I3.50fc4.75; western sheep, $2.7&ti4.00; native
Itwni, w.ixKrio.ou.
Official yesterday:
Receipts. Shipments
2,698 2.773
24.444 2.578
6,0b6 4oi
Kansns City Lira Stock Market.
celpts, 36 cattle and 266 calves: market un
chunged; choice export and dressed beef
steers, sf.mxir& a: lair to good, o o in w ;
stockers and feeders, 12.8541 6 50: western fed
steers. tb.o56.15; Texas and Indian steers,
r-'.7f'B6.6i; Texas cows, $2 35(4.25; native
cows. $2.00fi6.26: native heifers. $3.2ow5 60
earners. $1.5oi3.00: bulls. I3.00'a4.40: calves.
$3.0txa5 60. Receipts for the week were 26.450
cattle and 4.UUO calves.
HOGS Receipts. 1.6t0 head: steady: top
$7 80; bulk of sales. $7 607.75; heavy, $7 75rf
7.80; mixed packers, $7.60-87.70: light. fl.Vxit
7.65: yorkers. $7 &5'n7.65; pigs. $7.00i7. $5. Re
ceipts tor tne week were 34.000 bead.
8HEEP AND LAMBS No recelnts: mar
ket nominal: native lambs $4.6&i.4&; west
ern lambs. $4.60)6.00; native wethers. $4.759
4 90; western wetners, u wm i; rei ewes,
H 2604 so; Texas clipped sheep. 13 4014.40
stockers and feeders. $2 003.00. Receipts
for the weeg were Z4,3uu head.
Stock In Sight.
The following table ahows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at the Ave principal
margeis iur june zs:
Cattle. Hosts. Sheep.
South Omaha 178 .64
Chicago IO.O1O 1.500
Kansas City 36 1.5"0
St. Louis SO 1.40 100
ot. Joseph 354) 4.3o0 12
Totals ,.L0tt 24,064 1.(13
O&ttlt Market Quiet and Unchanged, with
but Few en 8ale.
Stock Cattle Market Dnll and In
changed and Prices "on Sheep
Steady at Recent Decline,
with .Most on Sale Today.
Receipts were;
Official Monday
Official Tuesday
Official Wednesday...
Official Thursday ....
Official Friday
Official Saturday
rattle. Hoes. Sheep.
1,337 6,374 8,6 5
13.1.(6 6.5i4
... 1.633 lu3 1,449
... 2,031 IO.iiHj 1,1(,6
l,li .2a 879
.... 178 6,854
Totals this week 8,563 66.270 19.463
Week ending June 21. ...13,349 62,745 15,442
Week ending June 14....W.703 66.584 11. o."?
Week ending June 7 13.6V5 71.333 8.014
Week ending May 31 10.143 66.1S6 9,7oJ
Same week last year 13,36 42,9e6 9,0
The following table shows tne receipts ot
cattle, hogs and sheep at etoutn Omaha lot
year to uute, and comparisons with lust
1902. 1901. Inc. Dec.
Cattlo 3h3.666 340.197 23,459
Hogs 1.326.MW 1.21L409 llo,3SW
Sheep 413,7i8 610,lu 6,32i
The following table shows the avctaga
price of hogs sold on the South Omaha
market the last several days, with com
parisons with former years:
Date. I 1902. 1901.1800.iai9.lo9S.ll97.11S!6.
June 1..,
June 2..,
June 3...
June 4..
June 6...
June 7..,
June ..
June ..,
June 10.
June 11.
June 12.,
I l
4 88
4 ko
4 83
4 94
4 961
6 10
a ooi
8 to 1
3 5Sj
t 681
3 681
1 6i
8 Ji
t 6l
3 M
t 67
2 D4
3 60
4 21 1 40
4 Li 4 33
4 03, 3 36
4 Ivi 3 32i
t aii
4 01 I
I t 3 0
$ 84
2 80
1 8
2 87
8 6
3 01
3 Ot
3 t4
2 93
2 91
3 (
2 98
3 10
8 08
3 10
3 02
2 96
3 02
3 JG
t 00
2 97
2 !I7
2 96
V 07Vi
7 a 1
7 16 I
7 2041
7 164l
i 70
6 721
6 70)
6 71
6 76
6 84
6 91
t M
6 So 1
o 81
6 ta
6 89
( 3 31
t 921 a 2
3 3 3 3;
iiti i 24
I t 31
3 71
3 79i 3 291
7 2141
7 264
7 364i
t 00
4 121
1 H
June 13.
7 364i
' li
7 234
4 S0
4 86
4 89
6 03
6 06
4 94
4 93
5 001
6 13
6 n
5 10
6 03i
6 111
June 14.,
June lo.
June 16.
June If.,
June 18.
3 64
3 ii I "I
3 9U 3 22,
3 62
8 63
3 JI 3 lol
8 801 3 211
7 26
June 19.
7 334
8 64
8 71
3 15 1
June 20.
7 414
7 43 ),
7 49
7 69
7 o74
i 90
8 80
June 21.
June 22.
June 23.
June 24.
June 25.
June 26.
6 91
3 81
3 15
3 211
3 23
6 89
3 65
3 63
3 62
8 72
S 72
5 93
6 99
3 68,
3 26
3 69 3 23
I 8 -6
S 62, I
3 63 3 61
7 614
7 624
7 554
6 S3
2 63
June 27.
6 91
6 87
3 61
3 66,
June 28.
Indicates Sunday.
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
Roads. Cattle. Hogs, un
C, M. & St. P. Ry.
o. 6t Si. ii. .y
Missouri pacinc ity
Union Pacific System
C. & N. w. Ry
F., E. & M. V. R. R. ....... 2
C, St. P., M. & O. Ry
B. & M. R. Ry 1
C, B. & Q Ry
K. C. ot Bl. J
C, R. 1. & P.. east 1
Illinois Central
Total receipts 6
The riisnosltlon of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head Indicated:
Buyers. Cattle. Hogs.
Omaha Packing Co 993
Swift & Company 2,034
Cudahy Packing Co 1,268
Armour s co ,on
Cudahy from Kansas City 99
O. 11. Hammond Co 847
Lobman & Co 6 ....
Other buyers 6 ....
Total 110 6,719
PATTLE Accomnanvlns a marked de
crease In receipts this week, there has been
a very decided advance in prices 01 iai
cattle. Toppy dry lot beeves have not
hem verv nlentlful and there has been a
steady and vigorous demand right along for
stock of this kind, prices advancing fully
25c during the first part of the week. Good
fat cows also met witn more savor aim
brought better figures, but there has been
a very dull and declining market for the
half fat and grassy grades. Southern
cattle are taking the place of the com
moner natives and packers have all been
mean bidders on anytning snowing grass.
val calves are bOc to $1.00 lower than ten
days ago and bulls, stags, etc., are also
Belling 26&6uc lower than last week. In
Blockers and feeders there has been a de
cided slump In the lightweight, low grade
stuff, while values huve been reasonably
well sustained for anything with quality
and weight. A few western range steers
have arrived, but they have sola to the
feeder buyers as a rule.
A train load, biuea direct, witn a ioaa or
two of butchers' stock made up today's
supply. As Is usual on Saturday, the
market was quiet, but nominally un
changed from that of the past few days.
HOOS The week closes with a limited
run, but the total number received shows
an Increase over the week preceding and
also over the corresponding week a year
ago. The receipts for the month have been
liberal ana will snow an increase) over
June, 1901, of around 35,000 hogs, and at
the same time prices this month are about
sop. hlirher than a year ago. The week's
trade has been quite satisfactory to sellers,
values snow sugntiy nigner man Mon
day. However, on one or two days trade
was on the dragging order. On Tuesday a
record for high prices was made for June,
when tops Bold up to 27.75.
The market today opened slow, but
steady, and the bulk of the hogs show up
between $7.50 and $7.60, the same as yester
day. Sellers were Inclined to price their
holdings pretty strong and ocaslonal loads
of choice hogs possibly showed up a little
better than yesteraay, dui in tne main
there was no special change In the trade,
and, while the movement was not very
brisk at any time, tne nogs aepi setting
and a clearance was made In good season,
with a stronger tendency apparent toward
the close, itepreseniauve saies:
No. AT. Bn, Pr. No. At. Eh. Pr.
H Ill ... 7 40 60 337 60 7 65
11 1D0 10 t 40 67 IS7 10 1 66
71 1 100 7 46 71 124 130 t 66
61 121 120 1 46 71 218 80 T 66
70 lot 120 t 46 77 317 120 1 65
76 187 80 T 46 8 121 10 7 66
20 1S3 ... t 46 6 ll 80 7 65
61 187 10 7 46 74 2il 80 1 66
$ 300 100 1 46 If 160 7 66
t 223 40 7 46 2 340 80 7 66
76 HI 80 1 45 7 240 120 7 66
81 1 200 7 60 71 241 110 7 65
77 300 ... 7 60 60 330 320 7 66
7 214 ... T 60 314 40 7 674
76 306 180 T 60 7 '...331 10 t 67V
84 304 160 1 60 7. 221 80 7 674
71 313 160 7 60 73 222 120 7 674
It 307 80 7 60 7. 234 80 7 674
71 200 too T 60 69 231 160 1 67 4
3 811 160 7 60 83 235 160 7 67 4
66 118 40 7 60 47. ......T 80 7 60
67 311 80 1 624 62 lilt 120 7 60
78 206 200 t 624 77 230 120 7 60
64 211 300 1 614 l ..!4I 160 7 60
7 303 80 7 62 4 68 ..246 160 1 00
(1 221 120 7 62 4 61 -241 40 7 60
67 210 64) 7 614 65 14' 7 40
77 311 ... 7 624 76 HI 60 7 60
14 Ill 80 7 62 4 70 2JD ... 7 60
12 211 160 7 62 67 261 140 7 0
63 223 80 7 62Sa 66 214 340 7 60
71 210 140 1 66 61 235 40 T 40
76 216 ... 7 66 64 2' ton 7 60
71 Ill 40 7 65 0 143 40 1 62 4
71 331 300 7 66 a 24 130 7 12
74 317 M 7 66 66 2J4 ... 7 16
70 337 130 7 66 41 241 80 1 46
71 323 100 T 66 II 275 160 t 66
tl 240 60 7 66 73 27 40 7 66
44 221 ... 1 66 It 362 Ml 7 66
74 217 ... 7 66 II 263 3W T 65
61 213 80 7 66 64 305 10 7 66
73 311 60 7 66 70 lot ... 7 67 4
1 817 40 1 61 71 166 100 T 17
40 JS1 ... 1 66 67 116 80 7 70
10 321 ... 7 66 66 37 ... 7 10
68 331 130 7 fit
SHEEP There haa been little n the
sheep market the past week to commend
It to shippers. It was anticipated that
values would decline, but such a disastrous
slump as has occurred was hardly ex
pected by sny one. The market this week
has declined softOOc, but toward the close
was somewhat steadier, the slide being
checked Friday, when the trade showed u
little more life than It has done In some
quotations tor clipped stock: Good to
chol' wethers, $4.8504.70; rair to good, $4.20
4)4 50; good to choice ewes, $4.00'a4.35; fair to
good, $3 6o34.16; good to choice lambs, $4.76
65.50; fair to good, $4.254 60. Wooled stock
sells about 25&60c above clipped stock.
St. Joseph Lira Stock Market.
8T. JOSEPH, Mo.. June 28. CATTLE
Receipts. 350 head; steady. Natives, $5 004?
8 26: cows and heifers, $1.7566 5o: veals, $
fa6.00; stockers snd feeders, $2.tfftS.6o.
HOGS Receipts, 4.3UO head; steady. Light
and light mixed, $7 424i7.65; medium and
heavy, $7.46fg7.8u; pigs. $4 2.'-"i.l&.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 13 head;
steady. Top spring lambs, $6.50.
St. l.eols Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS. June 28. CATTLE Receipts,
too head; market steady to strong. Native
shipping and export steers, $6.5ik)7 9n. with
fancy worth $8 Ou; dressed beef and butcher
steers, $4.50637.75: steers under l.'rno lbs.,
$4 !Ma475: stockers and feeders. $i.S5fco .bit;
cons and belftrs. $i.2i.0u; cauncrs, tl.TXii
2.8S: bullc, $2.75pS.50; calves, $5 00456 JS;
Texas and Indian steers, $2 3M76.2S, with
tops worth $6.76; cows and heifers, $2.ft,a'
HOOS Receipts. 1.400 heart: market Rc
lower. Pigs and lights, $7.1iKi7.40; packers,
t7.2..lt7 55; butchers, $7.5vj7.80.
8HEF.P AND LAMBS Keceipts, 100 head;
market sternly. Native muttons, $3K,,375:
lambs. $4 .t 1 6. 75: culls and bucks, $1.6ofr
4.00; stockers, $1.0i3.0; Texans, $10ihu3.50.
fn York Live Stork Harket.
ceipts. 460 head; dressed beef, steady; city
dressed natives, fVot4c per lb. Cables Inst
received iiuotcd American steers at 1341115c
iT lb., dressed weight; refrigerator beef,
141120 per lb. Exports today, partly estl
mated, 8u2 head of beeves and 6.400 quarters
o:' beef.
CALVES Receipts, 58 head; 165 head on
sale. Cltv dressed venls generally H'olOc.
HOGS Receipts, ,139 head; weak.
SHEEP AND LAM US Receipts. MS head:
both sheep Hnd lambs steadv. Sheep sold
at H.mo4.25 per loo lbs.; a few to an out
sider at $4.50; Ittmhs, $:.; culls, $5 00;
dressed muttons, Slide; dressed lambs, 6i7c.
Slonx City Live Stork Market.
SIOUX CITY, la., Jane 28. (Special Tele
gram ) CATTLE - Receipts. 300 head:
steady; beeves, $6.omf)7 45; cows, bulls and
mixed, $2.5nr)f..O0; stockers and feeders, $2.75
4)4.25; yearlings and calves, t2.6utw.00.
HOOS Receipts, 3.2O0 head; weak, selling
at $7.26tf'7.45; bulk. $7.35i!7.40.
Flames Are Raging In Toolomne
County and Giant Treea
Going; Down.
STOCKTON, Cal., Juno 29. A special
from Sonora, Tuolomne county, to the In
dependent says: A serious forest fire Is
raging in the mountains of Tuolomne
county along the Tuolomne river canyon
and traveling fast southeast In the direc
tion of the Merced river and the Tuolomne
big trees in the vicinity of the Yosemlte
road. The flames are four miles wide and
are defying all efforts of a large army of
Tho fire started seven miles from Crock
er's station on the Yosemlte road and rap
Idly swept to the southeast. Soldiers have
been sent out from Wamona, on the South
ern road to Yosemlte and will reach the
line ot fire today. Crocker's station on the
Yosemlte road is safe but Holar and Hazel
Green are probably doomed and It Is feared
that Tuolomne big trees will go In the con
flagration. The toll house at Crane's Flat,
on the Yosemlte road Is reported destroyed.
The brush Is high and dry and the Ore is
sweeping along with fearful rapidity.
The report here is that a government
survey party under J. G. Hooper and D.
A. Jones, has a contract to survey all the
surveyed townships In the high Sierras of
that eectlon, built a signal fire laet night
about one mile from Pilot Peak, a promi
nent landmark near the summit and later
covered it with dirt and returned to camp.
A heavy wind arose in the night and scat
tered fire over the hillside and gave it
headway before the surveyors could reach
It. The Are is in a heavily wooded section,
and the destruction of valuable timber will
be very great.
INSTRUMENTS filed for record Saturday,
June 28:
Warranty Deeds.
Margaret A. Burnham to Jacob Ja
cobsen, lot 1, block 3, Burnham
Place $ 20
O. B. Clork and wife to T. A. Fry,
lot 10, block 9, Kountze Place 1,150
United Real Estate and Trust com
pany, to A. W. Edmlston, lot 5, block
17, Kountze Place 900
United Real Estate and Trust com
pany to Dwlght Williams, lot 10 and
w 8 feet lot 9, block 38. Kountze
Place $.325
Dennis Galney and wife to J. L. Ku
bat, lot 3, block 61, South Omaha.... 2,400
F. F. Curtis and wife to A. P. Aker
lund, e4 e4 1-16-9 6,000
G. A. Remington to Mary Tatele, tax
lot 22 In 22-16-13 4,000
Provident I,oan and Trust company
to Sarah E. Conley, lot 16, block 3,
Hanscom Place 6,000
Charles Mugan to Edward Cassldy,
lot 8, block 3. Missouri Avenue park
and strip adjoining 100
Qolt Claim Deeds.
Nebraska National bank to Silas
Cobb, 12.8 acres In se4 81-15-13 1,600
E. D Samson, trustee, to E. M. Gar
nett, n4 of s4 lot 6, block 6, and va
rious other property In Florence.... 1
V. L. Beed to E. M. Garnett, lots 1,
4 and 5, block 69; lots 3, 4, 7 and 8,
block 73: lots 1 and 1. block 92, Flor
ence 2
E J Sullivan to E. M. Garnett, block
68 and other property In Florence.... 1
John Flanagan and wife to C. W.
Haller, und 1-6 of part of ne4 sw4
Sheriff to W. R. Miller, lot 41, Rees
Place t460
SherlfT to W. R. Miller, lot 43, Rees
Place 1.466
Sheriff to W. R. Miller, lot 42, Rees
Place 1.850
SherlfT to Nebraska National bank,
42.8 acres In se4 31-15-13 1,300
Oliver Ames et al, trustees, to Robert
Houghton, lot 6, block 6, Omaha
View 700
p R. E. E. Linton and husband to
Kate Remnant, se4 se4 36-16-12; e4
nw4 se4, nw4 ne4 se4, s4 se4 29-15-13,
and other property S
Kate Remnant to F. F. Linton, same 6
Frank Whltmore et al, referees, to
L. P. Larson, s4 sw4 29-16-10 6,200
Frank Thompson, executor, to Mary
A. Lyons, lot 38, blocx Omaha
View 28
Total amount of transfers $36,130
Cheap Excursions.
Providence, R. I., and return, $31.65,
July 6th, 7tb and 8th.
Portland, Me., and return $33.26, July
4th to 8th.
Tickets 1402 Farnam street, Omaha, Neb.
The wsy to get tne best ac
commodations u via the
Great rock
Island Route
WHY? It is the only direct line to
Colorado Springs and Manitou.
It is the popular routa to Denver. It
has the best Dining Car Service.
It has the finest equipment and gives
choice of three fast daily trains to
Mountain Limited
leaves Omaha 6.50 a. m., arrives Den
ver 8.45 p. m., Colorado Springs (Man
itou) 8.30 p. m.
Big 5
leaves Omaha 1.30 p. m., arrives Den
ver 7.45 a. m. , Colorado Springs (Man
itou) 7.35 a. m., Pueblo 9.10 a. m.
Colorado Flyer
leaves Omaha 5.20 p. m., arrives Den
ver 11.00 a. m., Colorado Springs (Man
itou) 10.35 a. m., Pueblo 11.50 a. in.
Another inducement to use the Roth
Island will be the $15 round trip rate
to Colorado effective this summer by
that line. Ask for details and free books.
"Under the Turquoise Sky' ' gives the
most fascinating description of Colorado.
"Camping in Colorado" bas full de
tails for campers.
1323 Farnam Street. OMAHA.
All Evidence
of Quality
Tltc Drlnklnr of
dispels all doubt as to
tta merit. A proneuno
ed Individuality with
every good quality.
Ths very taste of this
teer 1 a conclusive
proof of Its merit.
(Non-Intoxicant) Tonic. Druggists
or direct.
4Ua Dva.Tlsu St. Tot. IOsU.
Imperfect digestion Is more
serious snd far-reaching in
Its effect than Is generally
understood. This state of
health Is like an open gate
way to dlaesse because
germs that may tie in the
air we breathe at once seize
such an opportunity to
sttsck the vital organs.
They slowly undermine the
strength snd energy, snd a
collapse comes usually at a
time when a strong healthy
body Is most needed.
I.v s fine regulating tonic
w.Mch filters through the
boc'y, cssting out injurious
m a . t e r, stimulating the
digestion snd nourishing
and lUrengthenlng every
weakened part. It also puri
fies the blood, shsrpena the
appetite sud creates energy.
In this way it restores the
system to perfect order.
For Irrtfular bows! mora
snanta, ehroste, coatti patios,
tWtuleace, balchlof. foul
truth, and other troutilca
duo to Indlgaatloa or ob
struction la tha bow da,
Prickly Ath Blllata la s
opaady euro,
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used 'by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century
sat m Hi as W NERVK BCANS qulcr
I g " A I Svrvuuinraa.allrt-iiiltauf
itf I ass. HTa. failliis manhood, dralna,
IVI Ksaf l Married men and men lot
..h Tu.. a h,.: aalunlarillitf r
quickly enre
i Intending
to marry auould lakv s b..; aaionlahlng reaulta;
mall weak nana ani war power reamrcu. '"":
ihcrmau McCooaell. druttiflau, letb sad Dodge alt
Davis & Cowgili Iron Works.
Mi, 1(103 mm lo Jaaaaas sneaa,
naanvaw Hen. Tea, SB.
. BabrtskVa. Agsnt- I. M. CwM. salt)
Manufacturers act Jsbbers e4)
Steam and Water Supplies
Of All Kinds.
114 mm 119 DOfJOf.atS ST.
Aeslorn Electrical
vv Company
Electrical SupplUt,
Bstrta Wkrlas Satis ae4 m LagtathaC
W. JOiiNatTON. Max. Ills Howard, (.
Omaha Tent and Awning Co,,
Onaks, Web.
Manufacturers ol
Tents and Canvas Goods.
0a4 for Catalogue Nuaasr tt
ta Cd
Pcr Bott,e