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Davie sells drugs
" Stockert soils csrpets and run.
LcrTert. eyeslgh. specialist, ta Broadway.
Picture frmm,a made to order. C. E.
Alexender Co.. U3 Broadway.
Tske horn a brick of Metsger'a lea
cream. Vanilla, lie; Neopolltan. c.
The regular meeting (11 the Council Bluffs
Retail Grocers ssaociatioa will be thta
J Harley Bradley of Chicago, president
f the agricultural Implement firm of David
bradley et Co., ta In the city.
At the regular meeting this evening of
the Banker.' Union of the World the re
cently elected olflcera will be Insta.led.
Atsistsnt County Attorney Kimball wlU
deliver the oration Sunday afternoon at
the memorial exercises of the Kmghta of
Remember an ironclsd ten-year guarantee
goes with every New Home machine pur
chased from us. Easy payments, u. A.
BulUs a Co.
The case of Robert Halpln. charged with
attempting art assault on Mrs. Emma wu
Jett, hue been continued In police court
until the return of Judge Scott.
The field day exercises of the Iowa 8chool
lor the Deaf, which hod to be postponed
iMt week on account of the rain, will be
held Friday afternoon In the institute
Robert Hohan and Edith Anderron of
Omaha were married In this city yesterday
afternoon. Rev. J. Y. Altchlson performing
the ceremony In tha office of the clerk of
the diatrict court. .
John Hum castle, Royal Highlanders, has
elected these officers: Illustrious protector,
Thfemas R. Drake; chief counselor, Mra.
1 M. Wallace: worthy evangel. Mra. tan
Hi Collins; warder, Mra. Ella Jones.
C. M. Levy, general manager; D. O.
Jvea, general trelght agent. St. Lotits;A. T.
Perkins, superintendent, and R. K. Smith,
assistant superintendent, St. Joseph, com
prised a party of Burlington ofUclala in the
city yesterday.
Sumner Knox, secretary of the Iowa So
ciety Army of the Philippines, la ending
out l.Ooo handsomely engraved Invitations
to the leading military and civil authorities
of the . United States inviting them to at
tend the meeting of the National Society
Army of tha Philippines In this city in
The residence of L. Dunlap, IIS Vina
treet, waa entered by thieves Tuesday
afternoon and a gold watch and chain and
a ring atolen. The stolen articles were re
turned yesterday In a mysterious manner,
a member of tha tardily finding them on
tha front porch neatly wrapped In soft
paper and Inclosed in a cardboard box.
Porter Jackson, colored, was arrested
last evening, charged with carrying con
cealed weapons. When searched at the
jail ha waa found to have In his hip pocket
a large revolver, also four pocketknives.
While the pocketknives were not included
In the category of concealed weapons the
police decided It best to Investigate where
be obtained so many,
Fred A. Nlckell. living In the southern
portion or tne city, was arresiea last nigni
vii - 1 "- - " v7
shooting her with a revolver. The com-
Mrs. Nlckell. The defendant waa unable to I
rj aint waa men nerore justice Larson oy
furnish ball and waa committed to the
county Jail pending hla preliminary near
ling, which will be held this morning.
Frank Avery, who claims hla home In
(Chicago, felt tne panga or nunger gnawing
at his vitals yesterday morning and went
Into a restaurant on South Main street,
where he ordered and ate a hearty break
fast. The meal Included a porterhouse
teak, which made the bill one of healthy
dimensions. After satisfying Ms Inner
man Avery asked the waiter to bring htm
a toothpick and nonchalantly Informed
htm that while he had enjoyed the meal ex
ceedingly he waa sorry to state that his
finances were at such a low ebb that he
wculd be unable to pay for the good cheer
provided him. The waiter did not appro,
elate the Joke and called In a policeman
and later Justice Bryant sent Avery to the
county Jail to feed at the public expense
lor three days.
Puck's Domestlo soap Is best for laundry,
Qravel roofing, A. H. Read, 641 Broadway.
Nates from tke Conrta.
Judge Wheeler of the district court
sanded down hla decision yesterday In the
eases of the Neola State Bank against J.
H. Gates and J. H. Gates against the bank.
The controversy was over two notes for
' 1561 alleged to have been given by Gates iu
April In 1901. Gates dented the signature
a one of the notes, saying It was forged,
and brought suit against the bank to en
join It from asserting Ita claim. In his de.
elsloa Judge Wheeler found for the bank
on all counts and gave it Judgment for the
amount of ths notes and costs.
In the suit ot the National Cash Register
Company against L. T. Albertl. constable.
Judge Wheeler handed down, his decision,
flndtcg for the defendant.
N. T. Plumbing Co., telephone ISO.
Davis sells glaa
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
Name and Realdence.
Vf. H. Reploale, Shenandoah, Ta.....
Fannie J. Dickey, Council Bluffs
C. 8. Beattergood, South Omaha
Stella M. Andrews, South Omaha...
Alfred W. Francis, Omaha
Beulab Hoagland, Council Bluffs...
J. A. Kalsor, Omaha. .
Kllen Burke, Council Bluffa
"William G. Moomaw, Council Bluffs.
Mabel C. Adams, Council Bluffs
Robert Hogan, Omaha
... S3
... 57
... II
... rt
... M
... a
... ti
... ?a
... n
... !
Edith Andrewa, Omaha
Claudius H. W. Johannson, Living
Springs, "la 81
Lna Bolte. Living 8prlngs J7
Plumbing sad heating. Blxby ft Son.
Puck's Domestic sosp Is best
Krai Estate Tranafere.
These transfers were filed yesterday In
the abstract title and loan office ot J. W.
Squire, 101 Pearl etreet:
Rational Life Insurance company to
Carl Bernhard Orahl. lota 7 and 1.
block 1, Stutsman's first add, w. d.,.. W.J00
Verrlmark River Savings bank to J.
1 W. Squire, lot T. block 1. Benson's
second add, wt d
Jfarman Baughn and wlf to Joaeph
. Mtchner. lot 10, block 7, Mayna s
add. w. d
Ernest E. Hart and wife to George
H. Mayne. lot IS and vU of lot 1st.
block 11, Hyatt s subdivision, w. a.
Council Bluffs Real Wstate aad lm-
!irovement company to Chicago, Rork
aland Pacific Railway company,
ota and 10. block 41 Riddle's sub
division, a. w. d l.MO
9. W. Thsyer and wire to i). A.
Thayer. nH ne4. U-76-4L w. d
David a. Pugh and wife to Jasper
Promtt eeU eWi. 1-77-44. w. d.
O. A. Thayar and -wife to A. H
Huelle. nwu ew.' 15-7-41. q c d ...
Kathan P. Dodge and wife to board
of trustees ot Trinity Ep.a
eopal church of Council bluffs, lot
1 block 11. Jarksoe'a add. w. d.... 1.900
JE. H. Lougee ant wire to James H.
Newton. wH owi. u-74-41. q. c. d ... 1
Tea tranafere, total.
Sobann iftaria Sattna
Vot sale by .
4. W, Cor. Uth and Harney fits.
Dyed and pteesed. Special attention
given ladies' aarwanta. Also chulUe
curtains neatly cleaned, dyed and
iiwm1. 'Phona L-is. igwa Steam Dye
Vr'arka, ait ttroadway.
(Successor to W. C- Estap)
M ra&AHi. rraiciCT. raa sr.
Local Travelingmen Getting Ready for
Thair Brethren.
Two Days' Stasias of. State Orssd
Ceanell Will Open Thnrnday,
and Many Delegates Are)
The keys and tha freedom of the eity will
be turned over to the traveling men of
Iowa Friday when tba grand council of
Iowa United Travelers' of America Will be
gin its annual session la Council Bluffs.
The session will last over Saturday and la
expected to bring In the neighborhood of
(00 visitors to the city, as the meeting
of the grand lodge Is taken advantage of
by the knights of the grip to enjoy an
annual outing with their wives and families.
While the session calls tor a certain amount
of routine business to be transacted by the
delegates, the greater part of the time of
the meeting la taken up with social plea
ures and the gathering here Is expected to
be no exception.
The numbers of the local organization
have not .been idle and preparations have
been made to royally entertain the visit
ing traveling men and their families. Royal
Arcanum hall has been secured fof the
sessions of the- grand council and there
Friday evening the visitors will be guests
of honor at a ball and a banquet given by
the Council Bluffs members of the order.
Saturday afternoon Lake Manawa will be
the scene of festivities and everything
possible la being done to afford the visitors
a day of pleasure there.
A program of athletic sports has been
arranged for the afternoon, the events being
calculated more as mirth producers than
proofs of skill or endurance. Three ele
gant prises will be given In each event and
this Is the proposed program:
Ladles Sports Single ladles' fifty-yard
dash, married ladles, fifty yard dash, ladles,
free-for-all race, egg race, throwing ball,
kicking football, oall and barrel race,
potato race, distance guessing contest,
nail driving contest.
Gentlemen's Sports Fifty-yard dash
free-for-all; fat man's race. 223 pounds and
over; high kick, hurdle race, putting the
snot, nop, step ana jump; potato race.
ck race three-legged race,
yard Jumping race, tnree tnnin
(base ball game. Council Bluffa
The Orand hotel will be headquarters tor
the traveling men during the session of the
grand lodge and Landlord Letton was busy
yesterday, assisted by Electrician James
Bates, in decorating the hostelry In honor
of the anticipated guests. Mondamla coun
cil of Sioux City is preparing to send a del
egation of fifty Jolly traveling men and
their wives to the meeting. They will
come In a special car and expect to be
Joined by thirty-five couplea from Sheldon.
Hon. E. W. Caldwell, mayor of Sioux City,
will be with the delegation from that city
and as his birthday anniversary occurs on
Friday, the opening meeting of the grand
lodge, the Bloux Cltyaaa, It is expeeted,
will do something la his honor while here.
Mayor Caldwell Is an old-time Elk and
has a wide circle of friends and acquaint
ances In Council Bluffs.
Prof. D. R. Dungan, president of the col
lege of Canton, Mo., will lecture this even
ing at the Christian tabernacle 'on his
travels In Palestine. "
Davis sells paint.
Bnlts for Divorce.
Mrs. Lorlne Bock was married to Charles
, Bock In this city August 1. 1888. and
In her petition filed In the district court
she says they lived happily together until
July SO, 1898, when her husband deserted
her without cause or valid reason. 8he
says that since he deserted her she has
become Indebted to her parents In the sum
of 600 for the keep of herself and chil
dren and asks that the court give her Judg
ment against dim (or 11,000 for her ex
penses for the laat four years In caring
tor herself and children, and that he be
required to pay her at least (20 a month.
8he asks also that she bo permitted to
occupy the family home and rent it. If
she so thinks advisable, and use the In
come therefrom.
Mrs. Junle Shlsler was married to Emery
N. Shlaler at Newton, la., October 12, 1885,
and recites that they lived happily to
gether until May 22 of this year, when be
deeerted her. 8he alleges that ha treated
her In a cruel and Inhuman manner, en
tirely contrary to what he pledged at the
altar, and asks that the court order him
to pay her $40 a month, besldss other al
lowances for the attorney tees, etc.
Use any soap so Its Puck's soap.
Alleeea Blaasny.
Guy E. Moyea. aged 21, and Grace Walter-
mire, aged 18, both giving their residence
Council Bluffs, secured a marriage
license lest Monday and were married by
Rev. Henry DeLong. Testerday a man
wearing the uniform of a conductor In
the employ of the motor company, and who
appeared to be more than duly excited,
entered the office of the clerk ot the dis
trict court and asked to be shown the
marriage license register; Deputy Balrd
complied with his request and the man
on looking through the record, when he
came to tha licence issued to Moyea and
Mies Waltermlre, became if anything more
excited. "This man," said he, "has a wife
from whom he was never divorced, and she
Is now stopping at my houee. As soon
as he married this 'girl he Bed the elty
wlh her. Before I get through with him
I will eend him up tor twenty yeare."
After taking dowa the date relative to
the issuance of the . licence he left the
office without leaving hla name and address.
Keep clean. Use Puck's Mechanic's soap.
Gentry's Dos and Pony Skew,
Gentry Bros.' dog and pony abow has loat
none of Us attraction for ths yeung folk
and ae far as that goee for the older folk
aa well. The two shows yesterday In Coun
cil Bluffs fully sustained the reputation of
the miniature circus and were attended by
crowds that filled the tent to Its capacity.
The ahdw Is not only .remarkably clever,
but interesting from the first to the finish
and Is a revelation In the art ot training
animals. Oentry Bros, will ehow today.
Friday and Saturday la Omaha at Eight
eenth and Douglas streets.
Fonad Dead In a Comaold.
TALMAGE. I a., June 11. (Special Tele
gram ) Charles Deaver, aged 88, living
with his father, Jasper Deaver, la Jones
township, three miles northeast ot this elty,
was found desd In a cornfield this morning.
He wsa subject to a poplar tie attacks and Is
supposed to have been seized and the cul
tivator overturned with him. aa iron rod
striking over his heart, killing hint u
llswssi Disconcerted Ore Hafclea.
IOWA FALLS.. !.. June 11. (Special )
Dfeuty State Veterinarian W. L Cvers
waa called to Wright and Franklin counties
last evening to Investigate cases of rabies
that have been reported In the vicinity of
Dows and Alexander. A number of cases
have developed and much excitement exists
In several communities.
Commencement Exercises In Iowa
Halle of Learning; Are Climax
to Months of Stady.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia., June 11. (Special.)
The commencement week celebrations of
the Iowa Normal came to a close today with
exercises in the auditorium. 8tate Super
intendent R. C. Barrett delivered the ad
dress to the class, which this year consists
of 460 students, who received diplomas, de
grees, certificates and commissions in the
military department. The battalion drill
was one of the most pleasing features of
the week.
A complimentary grand concert wae given
last evening by the musical society of the
school In honor of the alumni.
There are bow eleven musical organiza
tions. All participated In the concert last
evening. The musical department is be
coming recognized outside of the city as
of more than ordinary Importance.
There will be but short Intermission of
rest for the Instructors, as the annual sum
mer school begins on the 14th inet.
The alumni met In tha afternoon and
elected officers.
ATLANTIC. Ia.. June 11. (Special.) The
twenty-fifth annual commencement of the
Atlantic High school will be held at the
Hubbard opera house next Friday evening
at 8 o'clock. There are twenty-five In the
class this year. The class address will be
delivered by Dr. A. E. Wlnshlp of Boston
and following the exercises at the opera
bouse the members of the class will be
banqueted by the Atlantic High school
MISSOURI VALLEY. Ia., June 11. (Spe
cial.) The commencement exercises of the
Missouri Valley High school were held at
the opera house last evening.' Dr. Wlnshlp
of Boston, the editor of the New England
Journal of Education, delivered an address,
which was highly Instructive. The graduat
ing class this year consisted of six young
President 'Bradley and Dean Main
Given Hearty Ovation to Stall
of Iowa College.
GRINNELLT Ia.. June 11. (Special Tele
gram.) Dr. Dan F. Bradley, the new pres
ident of Iowa college, and Dean J. H. T.
Main were inaugurated to their respective
offices this morning with appropriate cere
mony. A prooesston was formed on the campus
with faculty and seniors in caps and gowns
in the lead. At the stono church the in
stallation of office was formally made. , Rev.
Epbralm Adams, a member of the old Iowa
band that founded the college, made the
Installation addressee.
Both President Bradley and Dean Main
responded, dedicating themselves to the ser
vice of the college.
The alumni banquet was held this aft
ernoon. At the meeting Mrs. D. O. Mars
of Albany, N. was elected president of
the association. Judge John D. Ware ot
Lincoln will deliver the alumni address this
Iowa State News Notea.
Miss Hess, a graduate of the scientific
department at the State college at Ames,
haa been recommended for a master's de
gree. She received the degree B. L. and
has worked in the botany department
nenlann la ona of tha towns to receive the
announcement of Mr. Carnegie's willingness
to erect a IIO.OOO building on tne usual con
ditions. This is one of The newer libraries,
having voted on the library question last
The Waterloo Casket company has
shipped a carload of caaketa and trim
mings to the State Undertakers' associa
tion at Huron, 8. D., and they will be ex
hibited at that place by Henry Meyera and
George Dixon.
Two former Iowa edltora holding consul
ates in Europe have changed places, which
may Indicate that neither haa been as well
pleased as he had hoped for, or that both
believe something better may be had. Con
sul McFarland, at Nottingham, and Consul
Mahln, at- Reichenberg, have made an even
Several persons who were supposed to be
making a close study of a recent case in
the federal court In Dee Moines with a
view to embarking on the latest pattern ot
get-rlch-qulck enterprise, are now reported
to be looking for a chance to earn 810 a
week honestly.
Mre. Reynolds of Fontanelle has been In
Creston and asked the police to aid her In
the search for her 14-year-old eon Earl,
whom ehe clalme waa coaxed away from
home laat week by a 19-year-old boy by the
name of Hayee, with whom he had been
keeping company against her commands.
She had traced them through Greenfield
and Orient to Creston, where she had lost
track of them. - '
The Iowa prohibition atate central com
mittee will meet at Des Moines June IS, to
select the date tor their etate convention.
D. B. Preston, who bought a ticket from
Creston to Red Oak, Is laid up with an In
jured foot, which may cause amputation.
He waa a passenger on No. S, and when he
got off the train at Prescott and In at
tempting to get back on caught his right
foot, which waa seriously mashed and may
result In amputation.
The trial of the Smith case at Perry, in
volving several thousand dollars, between
the Bank of Oakland and the Cltlsena'
State bank of Perry, was concluded during
the recent term. The Judge announced that
(it a nvum UIUUAUIJT iiui IV Ilia UQVlDiuil
until tha September term. The reporter
waa oraerea to make a transcript or tne
evidence for use of the Judge and the inter
ested parties, the same to be paid out Of the
tunas in tne nanaa ot tne clerk.
Comment of the Iowa Frees.
Council Bluffs Nonpareil: The temper
ance people are growing more temperate.
Very few of them ere abusing the supreme
court for Its recent decision, although that
decision didn't suit them a little bit.
Des Moines Leader: The promoters of an
Elks' carnival In Davenoort are foolhardy.
They have decided on three queens of the
ltivai one from Davenport, one rrom
Rock Island and one from Mollne. and all
to be selected by a coupon voting scheme.
Dee Moinee Leader: There have been
other wet seaaona In Iowa, aa the farmers
will remember, and Iowa haa aurvlved
Doth floods and drouth. Not alx weeka
ago a great many people feared there
would be too little water this year tor the
Sioux City Tribune: Illustrations of corn
cultivators In advertising columns of the
country newspapers almost persuade the
city man to become a farmer. The tmple-
"ment has a nice, eaay aeat. and the man
who drives haa an awning overhead. Moat
of the hard work la performed la the city
Deo Moines Register: A. F. Batrheller ot
Chataworth, Ia.. haa Invented a field corn
husker which is to be put on the market
by the McCormlrk company. Mr. Batchel
ler, a veteran farmer himself -las spent
thirteen years perfecting- his Invention, and
It Is said to be a remarkable machine, but
why not manufacture the machines in
Davenport Democrat: The fact that now
and then an eastern college comes to Iowa
for a good man for Ita presidency dots
quite a good doal toward redeeming the
reputation of this state from the stain cast
upon it by George D. Herroh, and possibly
others, but It duos not argue wall for the
ealartcs that Iowa institutions are paying
their good men. .
Davenport Democrat: William Patterson,
a colored porter on a Pu.lman car on the
Northwestern road, waa Insolent to several
passengers, among them ladles, on the way
between Chicago and Cedar Rapids, a day
or so ago, and finally aaaaulted a man who
tried to get hla nam. Then he was
firomptly floored, placed under arrest,
odged In the Cedar Rapids lockup and
Siven the option of a tine of flow or thirty
aye In Jail. Tfcls la a righteous Judgment
In this caae, but there are others almost
like It that are attsnded by no punishment
ot the oflander. There Is no place on earth
In which Insolence ami Impertinence are
more latolarablat thaa taey are en the aver
age Sleeping c
Much Damage Dona by Wind and Bain
Tusiday Night
Eastern Central Section Soflers Most,
hot North ,and Bonth the Re
ports Indicate Extensive
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. June 11. (Special)
Meager reports have been received today
from the storm of last night sod this morn
ing In central Iowa. About all that Is de
finitely known Is that the storm broke com
munications In all directions and the tele
graph companies find it almost impossible
to reach many of the towns of Iowa. A
threatening condition prevailed here all last
night and all day today, with variable wind
end frequent showers. At times the wind
was severe and there were cyclonic disturb
ances apparent. Along tha llns of the Rock
Island east considerable damage was done
during the night, but the railroads were
kept open and today thirty coachloads ot
grocers and their friends went on a picnic
from Des Moines to Newton. The excur
sion party got through all right. Just be
yond, at Gricnell, and on either side of
the track the wind had done much damage
during the night, unroofing barns and blow
ing down the crops. Report has It that the
wind became a veritable tornado at Laurel,
in Marshall county, and the ruin was great,
but definite information Is not to be had,
as the wires are down. Damage waa done
st Osksloosa by both wind and electricity.
Along the line of the Northwestern east of
Marshalltown the storm was quite severe.
In Hancock county a train of cars on the
Iowa Central was blown partly from the
track and overturned.
Boone and vicinity were tornado struck
late yesterday afternoon and for nearly an
hour one of the wildest storms that has
ever visited that locality raged. Railroad
ties were actually blown from their bed.
Last night it was not known whether or not
any lives were loet, but it was discovered
this morning that no one In that vicinity
at least waa Injured.
Two freight cars were derailed on the
Northwestern at Ames, but not as a result
ot the storm. It caused a slight delay In
A storm of terrific force struck Frasler.
but there were no casualties. Much etock
was killed by lightning and by debris borne
by the wind.
At Jordan the Northwestern depot was
totally wrecked by wind. The large barn
ot John Boper was blown down and not so
much as a splinter can be found.
At the home on the Bennett farm In
Boone county twenty window lights were
broken by the hall and schools and many
other buildings hsvlng plate glass windows
In that vicinity Buffered similarly. Hall
stones thirteen Inches in diameter fell.
Twenty telegraph poles on the Northwestern
were prostrated near Jordan and several
horaes were killed, among them a team
from this city.
Remove to Des Moinee.
Arrangements have just been perfected
for the removal from Tipton, where it was
organized,' of the Northweetern Reserve, a
fraternal Insurance association formed
after the removal ot others from that town.
Articles ot incorporation were filed, with
the secretary of state today for the com
pany to reincorporate under the name of
the Northwestern Fraternal Reeerve, with
Charles F. Smith president and J. H.
Campbell secretary.
The Exchange State bank of Collins filed
articles ot incorporation today with the
secretary ot state; capital, $25,000; S.' 8.
Hanson, president; A. J. Fawc-.t, caahler.
The P. and P. M. Musser Securities com
pany of Muscatine filed articles of Incor
poration today with a capital of $200,000.
Secnred Requisition Papers.
Papers were eecured from Governor
Cummins today for the return to Nebraska
of Frank Wilson and George Parker, ac
cused of larceny from the person. They
are under arrest in Council Bluffs and are
wanted for taking $245 from Axel Bunder
son In Omaha.
News has been received here of the death
of Hugh Langan of Crawford county, at hla
brother's home In Clinton. Mr. Langan waa
a member of the last legislature and was
eleoted as a republican In a county that
has generaly been democratic. He bad
aerved In the South Dakota legislature at
one time. His death was from an illness
which had its beginning while he waa in
Des Moines attending the legislature laat
Vain- Vnoxpen.ded Balances.
Attorney General Mullan has rendered a
legal opinion for the benefit of the State
Board of Control in regard to unexpended
balances in funds for ths various stste
institutions. Ths board had some funds
tor the Behoof for the Deaf at Council
Bluffs which could be saved and a part
applied to the Immediate needs of the in
stitution incident to the fire loss, If that
course would be legal, and the attorney
general was asked to give a decision In
ths esse. He decided that such unexpended
balances could not be used for purposes
other than that designated by the legisla
ture, and It would do the board no good
to effect a saving In one fund with the
intention of using the money elsewhere,
where It ia more needed. The decision
affects all the state Institutions alike and
disposes ot a question which had not he
fore been settled.
Law Reform Suggestions.
The committee on lew reform of the
State Bar association has prepared a report
which will he presented at the state bar
meeting July 15 In Cedar Rapids, recom
mending a number of Important law
changes. Among other things It Is rec
ommended that the office of eupreme court
reporter bo made appointive by the court
Itself. There has been a great deal of
trouble because of disagreements between
the reporter and others and an effort was
made laat winter to have the office made
appointive. The report will also recom
mend appointment ot a committee to In
vestigate and report on the proposed law
to prevent the marriage of degenerates.
William K. . Boardman. formerly state
dairy commtsaloner and known throughout
the west for his Interest In dairying, also
formerly president of the National Cream
ery Butter Makers' association, was
stricken with apoplexy at his borne In
Nevada and reports from there are to the
effect that he is in a critical condition.
State Encampments.
AdJutsnt General Byera has returned
from his trip to Cedar Falls aad Oska-
looaa. He eays three of the ststs camps
have been located and the dates fixed as
follows: Forty-ninth Iowa at Cedar Falls
wsek beginning July 8; Fiftieth Iowa at
Osksloosa. week beginning August I; Fifty
eecond Iowa at Fonda, week beginning
June 14. The Fifty-Bret ramp haa not been
located yet. It will go to Grlswold or
Fonda and will probably be held about
July IS.
On Sforo Gallty.
Ike Brafford, brother of the aotorlous
Still Open
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Department among the Foulards
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"Sonny" Brafford, who was recently sen
tenced to twenty years In the penitentiary
tor highway robbery, was this morning
found guilty of the same offense and will
be sentenced Saturday. Brafford Is one of
a gang of highwaymen which. It is believed.
was broken up when Robert Maize, Its
ringleader, received a sentence of twenty
years a few weeks ago. All three ot the
men were recognised by the persons robbed
as their assailants and Maise admitted bis
guilt. I
Judge Wllkenson submitted to the jury
before Us retirement a special Interroga
tory relative to whether or not the last de
fendant had on his person at the time of
the holdup a deadly weapon. The jury
found that he had and It la expected the
sentence will be a severe one.
The holdup for which the Braffords and
Maize are said to be responsible occurred
during a week in April. One Saturday
night there waa a halt dosen daring hold
ups almost In the heart of the city and the
three convicts positively were Identified In
each Instance by the proseoutlng witnesses.
Victim of Horse Kick.
t.fmahs la.. Juns 11.' (Special Tele
gram.) Nlo Munboven, residing near here,
died tonlaht. He was kicked In the groin
by a horse yesterday at his farm.
Maaonle Exeentlve for Sonth Dakota
Shoulders Yoke and Dendwood
Gets Neat Meeting.
HURON. 6. D.. Juns 11. (Special Tele-
a-ram.l Masonic xrand lodge jurisdiction ot
South Dakota closed tonight with a recep
tion and dance tendered by local members
of the fraternity and the Eaatern Star. The
next meeting will be held In Deadwood.
The grand chapter of Royal Arch Ma
sons meets tomorrow. The following offi
cers wsre elected: Grand maater, Frank
a. Rrnwn. Aberdeen: deouty grand maater.
Byron P. Dague, Deadwood; senior grabd
warden, Ivan W. Goodner, Pierre; junior
grand warden, Edgar D. Brookman, Vermil
lion; grand treasurer, John C. Bryan,
Planklnton; grand secretary, George A.
Pettlgrew, Flandreau; grand lecturer, B. F.
Ives. Huron: arand chaplain. D. C Jacob.
Lennox; senior grand deacon, Charles A.
Fisher, Aberdeen; Junior! grand deacon,
Burdett Moody, Lead; grand marshall, W.
E Benedict. Custer: senior grand steward.
Paul Deutcher. Brookings; junior grsnd
steward. Dr. s. u. aiagei. itapta uuy;
grand sword bearer. A. E. Vancamp, High
more; grand pursuivant. S. 8. Lockhart,
Milbank; grand tiler, Frank Kunerth, Sioux
Falls; committee on correspondence, 8. A.
Brown, Sioux Falls. Ths officers-elect were
Installed by Fast Grand Master Cleaver of
Gradnates of Dakota University Aro
Awarded Diplomas aad Don
Mantles of Cltlsens.
MITCHELL. 8. D.. June 11. (Special Tel
egram.) The annual commencement exer
cises ot Dakota university csme to a close
this morning, when the senior clsss ot six
members rscelved Its diplomas. It has
been a aucceesful wsek throughout and a
large number of outside visitors have been
present. The bosrd ot directors selected
practically the same faculty ot the last
year and Dr. Graham will remain at the
head ot the institution. A new financial
manager was secured to solicit funds for
ths erection ot the new building snd ths
outlook is very encouraging for the Institu
tion. To riant Colony In Stanley.
PIERRE. 8. D.. June 11. (Speclsl )
Articles ot incorporation have been filed
for the Homestead Improvument associa
tion at Plarre, with a capital of $10,000.
The incorporators are: F. M. Harding. E
J. Stasoa. Sioux City, and O. H. Anderson
of this city. The purposes of ths company
are to bring settlers to the range country
and start them to homeslsading. It ts
practically for the formation of a colony
from northwest Iowa, which will be located
In Stanley county this summer.
Cattle Immigration Is Heavy.
STVROIS. 8. D-, Juns 11. (Special.)
Tha amount of csttls shipped from Texas
to ths Black HUls ranges thl season Is
something wonderful. During the past
kviui S AAA and 7.000 head have
been received at the Sturgls yarls. There
Is so muco tesa oa tae ranges now mat
nearly everybody le doubling In cattle.
Tarawa spnae an kevlsTa.
PIERRE, 8. D., June 11. 8pc:ial )
The appropriation for transferring coavlets
to ths peniteatlary is exhausted for this
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Orders Promptly
fiscal year and auy ... : v:, tslis a
prisoner in between now and July 1 must
do so at hla own expense and wait until the
legislature makes a deficiency appropria
tion to reimburse him for the expenditure.
This is the regular situation at the end ot
every fiscal year. The appropriation made
for this purpose Is never large enough to
run through.
Homeons Name Officers.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D. June 11. (Special
Telegram.) The ninth annual convention ot
the South Dakota Homeopathic Medical so
ciety was concluded here today, the election
ot officers for the ensuing year resulting as
follows: President, F. L. Mitchell, Arte
sian; vice president, S. A. Strong, Bradley;
Fred E. Vandalsen, Huron; secretary and
treasurer, Charles T. Bowers, Mitchell.
Mitchell waa selected as the, place for hold
ing the next annual meeting.
Memorial for Departed gtndent.
SIOUX FALLS. 8. D.. June 11. (Spe-
c'.al.) a beautiful and costly work of art
from the Tiffany studios, Nsw York City,
haa been received In the chapel of All Salnta'
school. It is a memorial window and was
given the school by H. H. Natwlck and
wife, prominent residents of this city, In
honor of their daughter, Mabel, who was
from childhood one of the most faithful
pupils of the school and who died about a
year and a half ago at the age of 15 years.
Governor Pardons Brantley.
RAWLINS, Wyo.. June 10. (Special.)
Governor De Forest Rlcharda baa lseusd a
pardon to Matthsw O. Brantley, who bad
served three years of a aeven-year sen
tence for assault with Intent to kill. He
alashed James Lavtn with a kntfs during a
quarrel. The petition for pardon waa signed
by local authorities and many of the lead
ing cltlsena ot thta section. He haa been
given employment on the ranch of Mur
ray McKay.
Indiana Beck Employment.
STURGIS, S.' D.. June 11. (Special.)
Circulars am being received here from John
Bremen, United States Indian agent at
Pine Ridge agency, 8. D., In which he states
that there are 800 young, able-bodied Oga-
lalla Sioux Indiana there who are desirous
of adopting ths habits of their white breth
ren and earning their own living. They
wish to go to work either at railroad grad
ing, digging ditches, herding sheep or ranch
Road Will File In Bonth Dakota.
PIERRE, 8. D., June 10. (Special Tele,
gram.) The Rock Ialand read will tomor
row file with the secretary of state a copy
of Its article of Incorporation and a copy
of Ita lease of the lines of the Burlington,
Cedar Rapids Northern rosd la South
Dakota, appointing Thomas H. Brown of
Sioux Falls as the South Dakota representa
tive ot the line.
Rice Gets Jadgrcekln Commission.
PIERRE, 8. D.. Juns It Special Tel
egram.) Governor Herrled today Issued a
commission to W. G. Rice of Deadwood as
circuit judge of the Eighth circuit court
to fill the vacancy cauaed by the death of
Judge Frank Wasbabaugh. The supreme
court today admitted Fraoklla F. Grant of
Frederick on a certificate from the supreme
court of Illinois.
The only Cereal Coffee
made from nature's own pro
duct Calif o rnia figs,
prunes and train abso
lutely free from artificial
matter ia"
It is the ideal food drink, tor
children because the
strength and health giving
firoperties of the grain and
ruit are in a state of solu
tion and are therefore
quickly absorbed.
AsK Your Grocor ,
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Poll s te 10 Minutes.
The wsy to get the beet ac
comssodstlens U via the
Great rock
Island Route
WHY? It is the only direct line to
Colorado Springs and Manitou.
It is the popular route to Denver. It
has the best Dining Car Service.
It has the finest equipment and gives
choice of three fast daily trains to
Mountain Limited
leaves Omaha 6.50 a. m,, arrives Den;
ver 8.5 p. m., Colorado Springs (Man
itou ) 8.30 p. m.
Ba 5
leaves Omaha 1.30 p. m., arrives Den
ver 7.45 a. m., Colorado Springs (Man
itou) 7.35 a. m., Pueblo 9.10 a. m.
Colorado Flyer
leaves Omaha 6.20 p. m., arrives Den
ver 11.00 a. m., Colorado Springs (Man
itou) 10.35 a. m.. Pueblo 11.60 a. m.
Another inducement to use the Hock
Is land will be tha S13 round trip rate
to Colorado effective this summer by
that Una. Ask tor details and free books.
"Under the Turquoise Sky' ' gives the
most fascinating description of Colorado.
"Camping in Colorado" has full de
tails for campers.
1323 Farnam Stroot. OMAHA.
The Blues
le one signal which foretells physical
decay. Another is psle lifeless skin.
The muscles shrink sad becosas flab
by; the body becomes emsciatcd, sad
there is aa early tendency to rouad
shoulders. The step lacks elasticity,
the nerves become weakt mental aad
physical activity arc e bardea.
This eondilloa ts called Asisewi J3e
tdity; It ts cured by the nee of
They feed the hubgry nerves, revive
the weakened organs aad make life
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1.00 per bos; boxes (with legal
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15.(10. Nook free. .
For eale by Kuhn eV Co., Omaha.
Dillon's Drug Store, South Omaha.
Davis Drug Co-. Council Bluffs, la.
Is the worst disease on csrtn. yet the
easiest to cure WHEN You KNOW
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en the skin, sores In the mouih. uioers,
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know It la BLOOD roitSON. Send to DR.
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ig cr