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People Who Lease and Buy School Lands
eping Up Their Contract
Stale (tilrmaa l.ladsay AaiUai fed
Have Ceaaty Cesasaltteee Or.
Iird Early la tbe
Camay I a a. '
. fFrorn a Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May JO. (Special.) A notable
feature of th semi-annual apportionment
of fundi for tbc public schools Is the In
crease la the revenue of Internet on school
and Mllnc land, leased and sold. In the
half-year period ending May It tbe total
amount received on sale coa tracts wat
I122.M1. while In the corresponding period
a year ago the receipt were only 1106.201.
The rerenue from lease contract was 178,
132. while for the aame period a year sg
mly $m.9P8 waa received from thia source.
Tbeae lnrreasei are at 111 more gratifying
when It la known that aver too,000 of
acbool land eontracta have been pall off
lnce January 1. thue reducing, the
source from which the Interest money la
derived. All school land, with the excep
tion of a few hundred acres baa been
Irased, and collections of Intereat money
ware never eailer. '
This showing makes a boomerasg of the
plank la last year's populist platform. In
which the party patriots declared that
they "viewed with alarm the great shrink
age In. the revenue from the state school
snd saline lands. The comparisons are
made "With the figure of a period that
averaged as high as any' corresponding
period during the fusion - admlalstratlca
They show that while the contracts on
.thousands of acres have been paid oC the
Interest money baa steadily increased.
Other money in this aeml-annual appor
tionment waa derived as follows: State
school taxes. $122, BH; intereat on United
States bonds. 1300; Intereat on ccun'y
bond. 164,424; interest , on warreits. $27.
058; Interest on school district bonds,
487; game and h Ucenae fees, $2.0fS;
peddler' license, $89;' embalmera' balance,
4.05. Total.' $4i:.$4.
Caaatles Gathering Statistics,
- i
County commissioners throughout tbc
tate are awakening to" the meaning of the
secent decision of the supreme court whica
jpheld the law requiring precinct eseist
10 gather information fcr the State 'Murea
jt Labor and Industrial Statistics, In mauy
it tbe countlea extra aesr hare Been
employed to do the wore. 1
"One county clem has Informed us that
A will cost this' county at least 5v0 to
comply with the law," aald Chief tnerk
flodge. ' 'The authorities cf tms comity
save heretofore disregarded the nrovlsioua
or me act. but are now willing to do .
commanded. The expense is for additions,
men t oo the enumerating.
"We find there Is a very general senti
ment throughout the state to obey the
mandate of the court. Several county
clerks have asked for more schedules and
others are seeking Instruction as to how te
proceed with tbe work. We have yet to
find any county wherein tbe commissioner
are Intending to disregard (th law. If all
of the counties return the schedule with
the Industrial and agiacuitural Information
properly recorded, w will be able to pre
sent within tbe next few months statistics
that will be more nearly accurate thaa any
ot the same character ever compOed by the
Deprecates Two Ceaveatloa.
Stste xhalrman H. C. LtxidMr deprecate
tbe fact In several counties -the republican
central eomhitttee have decided to have
two separate' conventions held tor the pur
pose of selecting state and congressional
delegates, and for nominating candidate.
"I had hoped that with an early state
convention the various county committees
would arrange to hare all of their work
done in a single' convention." said Mr.
Lindsay. "Where two conventions are held
the reorganisation of the county machinery
la postponed until the laat one. My Idea
T-aa that It would be an advantage to have
tb committees reorganised early In the
season, thus giving sufficient time for of
tertlv eampeiga work, -
Announcement 1 mad that the wedding
of Ml Bmllle Savage of thl city and
Mr. Adrian R. Harvey of Omaha will he
eolemnlsed at tb executive mansion on
Jua 4. The bride-elect I a daughter of
Governor Savage. Mr. .Harvey la aecretary
of an Omaha bonding association. After tbe
bridal tour Mr. and Mrs. Harvey will tnak
their home in Omaha.
Another change in tbe management of
th Lincoln Oa and Electric company will
tak place June L whea Edgar L. Powers
will be succeeded as, manager and superin
tendent by C. D. Strong of Uong Branch, N.
3. Mr. Powers has resigned to accept th
poeiUoa of consulting engineer of the Chi'
cago Gas company.
The Stat Dental association began Its
aaNial meeting tonight- The aessloa was
preliminary te work whkh will follow to
Fresaaat Boy - Iseesa 4a' Harts.
i FREMONT. Neb.. May 20. (Special.)
Th remains of Albert Anderson, a 14-year-
old boy of thl city who died at the Preaby
terlaa hospital la Omaha yesterday, were
broug'-t her tar burial. Young Anderson
sustained serious Injuries by Jumping from
a moving passenger train September last
He never recovered from hi hurts, which
caused a nervous disease that proved fatal.
- District reart at lewari.
SEWARD. Neb., May 20. (Special.) Dis
trict court convened yesterdsy, with Judgs
Bamberger on the bench. Several lmpor
tant eae will come up tor hearing at this
term, among which la that of the Jonea Na
tlonal Bank against Charles W. Mosher
et aL The jury term will begin aext Mon
day, whan there will be several liquor anl
gambling cases disposed of.
An Accepted Fact
Orifinal Methods
hare bad much to do
with the uaprooedea-
ted euoeeae f the
brew. Not a battle
of Blata Beer leavea
the plant that has aot
beea thoroughly sea
tursd and sterilised.
(Kea-latasJcaat) Tonic. Druggists
or direct.
UL tUTZ til WING CCJCU mttei
1 BLflTZ
Jirr Dnltm Mea "elbe Threateaed
Wonliffi wHa Feathery Caat
U 5t Rioter.
TECVMSEH. Neb.. May 20 Special Tel egram.)
In th case of the Bute of Ne
braska against C. E. Lawrence and others
In tbe district court here today, on charge
of rioting, tbe Jury brought In a verdict of
not guilty after being out but twenty znla
utee. Three years ago a Mr. Woolsey and Law-,
reace with their families were residents of
Elk Creek. Woolaey left for California,
leaving his family behind; likewise did
Mrs. Lawrence. Ia due time divorces were
secured and Mr. Woolsey and Mrs. Lawrence,
were married. Not long alnoe tbey moved
bark to Nebraska, locating at Hubbell,
where Woolaey 1 now In, business.
At Christmas time last year Mr. and Mr.
Woleey went down to Elk Creek to visit.
They were quartered at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Zach Cody la that village, when
on the night of December 21 Lawrense and
a doten or so of his fellow rltlsens visited
the Cody horn and. It la charged, threat
ened Mr. and Mrs. Woleey In a serious
A ' certain short time was specified In
which the Wolseys should leave the place
or suffer a coat of tar and feathers. A
rig was secured and they left at once.
Wolsey sought recourse la the courts.
but the result was not favorable to his
The prosecution wss represented by
County Attorney True and George A. Adams
Lincoln, while the defense was made
by Colonel L W. Colby of Beatrice and
Judge S. P. Davidson of Tecumeeh. Numer
ous witnesses were examined on both sides
the rase seemed to be of unusual Interest,
the courtroom being crowded both yester
day and today.
Grtsf Six of Nebraska Aseaelatloa
Ccaveaes la Aaaaal Seaaloa
ssi Ptograa Readered. t
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. May 20. (Bp-'
rial.) Between twenty and thirty bankers.
representing group, six of the Stat Bank
era' association, arrived in tbe city thl
afternoon and are holding an annual ses
sion. Tb group Include the counties of
Grant, Hooker, Thomas. Blaine. Loup. Gar
field, Wheeler, McPhereon, Logan. Custer,
alley, Greeley, Sherman, Howard, those
parte of Lincoln and Dawson north of the
Platte. Buffalo and Hall.
President Bentley of this city opened the
sessloa with the annual address after which
papera were read on:, "Pioneer Banking"
by Hon. T. M. Currle of Sargent; "Caution
td Bankers" George B. Darr of Lexington;
Purpoae of Bank Supervision" Hon. 'E.
Roys of the Bute Banking Board; "A Few
Remark on Banking" by E. D. Hamilton of
Grand Island; "Exchange" by John A. Mil
ler of Kearney; ""Negotiable Instrument
Law" by 8. K. Warrick of Broken Bow. .
. Yerk Cowaty Dreaehrd.
YORK, Neb.. May 20. (Special.) Nearly
v laches of rain has fallen la the last
forty-eight hours. Every lagoon, basin
and gully is filled with water. Tbeae rains
are bringing out the largo acreage of win
ter wheat and farmers are predicting that
York county will have another bumper
crop of winter wheat. About one-half of
corn has been planted and many field are
up. Pasdree were never better at this
time of year. Alfalfa is kneehlgh and tar
mere are getting ready for first rutting;
Htk Scfceal raaarseearat at Adanae.
'ADAMS, Neb, May JO. (Special.) Tbe
annual commencement aeason Is at hand
her now. Thecotelng Friday wfU be field
day. Sunday craning th baccalaureate ser
mon will be delivered by Rev. Stevens at
tbe . Methodist church, and oa Thursday
evening will occur the eeventh annual
commencement at the opera house. State
Superintendent Fowler ia to deliver th
commencement address and will present
th diploma to a class of three young
women and three young men. ...
Heavy Mala at Part Calheaa.
FORT CALHOUN, Neb., May 20. (Bp
elal-) The heaviest rain of the .season fell
here Monday afternoon. The v rain waa
accompanied by hall. The small grains
are ia aa excellent condition, with a heavy
stand, and corn that la up la also a good
stand. Th rains bar greatly aided the
strawberries and other small fruit.
Shalt la Coagrviilsaal Field.
BEATRICE. Neb, May 10. (Special. )
Hon. M. E. Shults of this city is announced
as a candidate for congress from tbe Fourth
district. He as well and favorably known
throughout th district, has filled with
credit a number of positions of trust aad
Is a staunch republican. '
TMalesaas Teadered at Shelby.
SHELBY. Neb.. May M. (Special.) Th
graduation xerclae of th Shelby High
school were held at ths Ancient Order
Cnlted Workman hall lect evening. There
were alx graduates. State Superintendent
Fowler gar aa Interesting address aad pre
sented the diploma.
JaasT Saaaera, Hetlred Xasoa.
OSCEOLA. Neb.. May 10. (Special.) Os
ceola lodge. A. F. A A. M., has placed
Judge T. H. Saunders oa the retired list,
he new being exempt from dues. Judge
Saunders has been a Mason for nearly
thirty years and has Just paaaed hi sixty
fifth birthday.
Graaa Iaraaa Teacaera Oft ILalae.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. May K. (Spe
cial.) Th Board of Education at a meet
ing laat erealng elected forty teachers for
the ensuing year and fixed the salaries.
making aa Increase, oa th am number
of Wee b era, of about 1700 per year.
Viae eralsates at Waketel.
WAKEFIELD. Neb, May 10. (Special.)
The graduating eaeretee of the class of
10I of th Wakefield High school will be
held la the opera bouse Thursday night.
Nine pupils will graduate, each on being
oa th program for aa oration.
Haaie gekaol Board Eleeta.
MONROE. Nth.. May 0. (Speelal.)-
Prof. J. E. Hlcka waa re-elected auperln
tendent of achoola for the fifth year by
unanimous rote of the school board. Mia
FaanlE- Weeks and MM Gertrude Fel
low ware also re-elected.
. rolaorteoa Rataa Daaaastac
CCLBERTSON, Neb, May 0. (Special.)
It has rained her every night for more
thaa a week, with a total rainfall of over
four Inches. Some damage la being done
to disked cane aad corn, the aeed rotting
In the ground.
Beatrice Gradaatlaa; Exerelee.
BEATRICE. Neb, May TO. (Special )
Tbe graduating aad da day exerclaes of
the Beatrice High school wUl be held the
reolng of Jua t aad I la th Paddock
opera bouse.
Weamaa Adjadared I
HASTINGS. Nan.. May M. (Special Tele
gram) Mlaa Sarah GrabUl of Ayr waa
brought to Hastings today aad adjudged la
ease. She will be takea te linMrta tomor-
All but Small Section of State Get Bin
tall Abort tie SormaL
sail Grata Greatly lasaraved, Cerm
Plaatla Sllshtly. Delayed la
ease f retinae. tt Ret
. Serleaaly.
LINCOLN. May M. (Special.) Tbe
,Vnl(ed Statea Department of Agriculture,
Nebrarka section cf the crop service, Issue
the following:
The last week has been warm and wet.
with less than the normal amount of sun
shine. Tbe dally mean temperature has
averaged 7 degrees above normal in tbe
eastern portion of the state, and 10 de
grees above in the western.
The rainfall has been above normal in
all except the northeastern counties, where
It has been decidedly below normal. The
rainfall ha generally oeen between 1 and
7 Inches la the central and southern coun
tlea, exceeding I Inches in a rery large
portion of this district, while In the north
eastern countlea it ranged irom a quarter
to a half-Inch.
Tbe last week has been -very favorable
for the growth of regwtatlon. Winter wheat
has continued to Improve In condition; It
is heading In southern counties with short
straw. Rye is heading and promises to be
somewhat less than an average. Oats have
Improved, but are still below average condi
tion. Cora planting has been retarded by
the rain in parts of tbe state; nevertheless.
com planting Is well advanced for the time
of year, nearly finished In southern counties
and well advanced in northern. The early
planted corn is coming up nicely, with a
good stand. Report by counties:
Soatkeaatera Sectloa.
Butler Wheat doing splendidly; oats and
grasses growing fast; early planted corn
coming up nicely; potatoes fine.
Cass Inter wheat looks well, but will
generally head short; oat condition Im
proved: corn planting nearly done; corn
coming up nicely. ,
ciay ran wneat nas unprovea wonaer
fully. but Is twKlnnlng to bead short: corn
co ruins: up nicely; oats and grass much
Improved. .
Fillmore Wheat much Improved: oata
generally looking well; corn, coming up
nicely; potatoes looking fine.
Usee Wheat Improved very much, .some
pieces heading; oats and pastures Im
proves; some corn up; promise tor good
apple crop.
Hamilton Com plantlnc delayed by rain:
ail crops growing finely.
jenerson heat heading short, promises
about half crop; corn about all planted
and coming up to a good stand; pastures
much ImDroved.
Johnson w heat heading snort, nut doing
wen; oais injn; pastures mucn improved:
corn nearly all planted and cultivation be
Lancaster vv inter wheat heading and
growing nicely, but will not make a full
crop: oata Improved; pastures good; corn
coming up.
Nemaha Wheat rapidly recoverlnr from
effects of dry. windy weather; oat look
wen; potatoes and early planted corn being
Nuckolls Wtieat looking- - better, some
&leoes will make half a crop; corn plant
ig about finished; corn coming up; stand
Otoe Too wet to work In fields; wheat
heading short, but has good body; some
corn large enough to cultivate; fruit prom
ise ima.
Pawnee Wheat will be a little short, but
nearly average crop; oata looking better;
corn coming up niceiy; pastures improved
Polk Winter wheat doing finely, but
short strewed; oats fairly good; corn plant
ing wen aavanceo; meaoows and pastures
looking fine.
Richardson Oats growing finely; wheat
heading abort; corn about all planted and
coming up nicely; apples setting well;
plums poor.
Saline Wheat improved. but heading
very Bonn, oiii ooing iainy wen; corn
nearly all planted and coming un welL
Saunders Oats and wheat Improved by
run. out wneat win oe nuie more than
nan a crop: core coming up nicely; plant
lnr about finished. - .
Thayer Oata greatly benefited bv rain,
but some wheat fields bevond helrj: corn
coming up, stand good; corn planting near
ly nnisnea.
York Grass and grain made good growth;
jiu piKsinuaT .aciayea.
Kortbeastera- Sectloa.
Antelope Com nearly all planted; small
grain doing- finely.
Burt Oata and wheat growing alowly;
rye headed out: corn about all planted,
coming up nicely; rain would be bene-
cedar small grain looking well; corn
Colfax Rye heading out; spring wheat
and oata looking well; corn planting about
nan aone; eariy potatoes nice.
Cuming Corn about planted; gtotatoea
look well; cherry crop will be lees than
expected; grass much Improved; rein
would be beneficial.
Dakota Oats, wheat and barley dolnr
well; grass growing nicely; com planting
nearly finished; early potatoes being cul
Dixon Wheat, oats and grasa doing
ell: com planting- well advanced: tiros-
peria tor a good iruit crop.
uoage small grain Improving: rve
headed; corn coming up nicely: pastures
improving; eany potatoes iooa nne.
jJouKiaa uata and wneat look well
grass growing finely; com planting well
advanced; cherries and plums setting
Unit rm - lMlrtn n a .
turea excellent; stoca in good condition;
corn planting in progresa.
Knox small grain and grass nne: corn
planting well advanced.
Madison Most of the oats and all of the
wheat look nne: corn about half planted
oeeis mostly pianiea, some up.
Pierce Small grain growing nicely
clally oats; early planted corn coming up
Platte Winter wheat areatlv Improved
pastures much better; com planting re-
taraea py rain; eany pianiea up niceiy
Saroy Winter wheat looks fairly well: a
little spring wheat and oata belna plowed
up; corn planting well advanced; pastures
Thurston Com planting progressing
rapidly, tome coming up; good stand; pas
tures exceptionally good; small grain do
ing nicely.
Washington tjats and wneat- good; corn
lantlng well advanced, but retarded soma
y rain; pastures good; early planted com
Ceatral Seetloau
Blaine Graaa growing rapidly; com com
lnr up: several showers.
Boone Oats and wheat Improving rap
idly; graaa and auaira nne: com plant
ing well advanced: soli In fine condition.
Buffalo Kye and winter wheat heading
out and looking fine; spring wheat and
oats growing rapidly, but thin stand.
Custer uraas growing niceiy; com
planting In progress, early planted coming
up: potatoes coming up: cattle doing well
La wson Karly planted com up, good
atand: pastume fine: rve heading, some
very snort; corn planting retarded by rain.
uarneid rii wneat looking nne. some
fields headed: range looking fine; stock in
excellent condition; early com up.
Greeley Rye beading out and looking
fine: oats snd spring wheat Improved
pasture good; corn planting delayed by
Hall Wneat heading very short; surer
beets la fine condition; cultivation com.
Howard Rye heading out; winter wheat
growing well; oata looking fairly well
cherries snd plums set little fruit.
Loup-Oround too wet for corn planting
paaturea good; small grain looking fine
where not Injured by cutworms.
Merrick Bulk of com planted and early
filanted mining up well; pasture and hay
and much improved; small grain growing
Nance Grass growing fast; cherries and
trawoemea set well; crop in excellent
Bherman Com planting retarded by
rain; grain aad grasa growing well: rye
headlns- out: cutworms damaging alfalfa.
Valley Fail grain doing finely: spring
grain poor etaad ana conaiaeraoiy a&nv
aged by cutworms; much com to be
blamed vet.
Wheeler Oata and wheat etooling well
tors nearly all planted.
i tsstkwMttrs tectloau
Adams Rains have thickened oata
evervthtna- arowina nicely.
Chase Pastures excellent; slock doing
finely: corn about ail planted.
Dandy Heavy rains; farm work sua
Drndd. but crop growth nicely.
Franklin Winter wheat much improved
lr.g not finished, early planted coming up
Frontier Fall wheat heading: corn plant.
In nearur aula had, early tiianted "'
p nlrly; considerable kafflr com planted.
Furnas wheat ha srrowa wonoerfullv.
beginning to head; corn planting retarded
rain: alfalfa excellent: pastures rnod.
Ooeiier vv Inter wheat and rre headlna:
small grain Improved beyond expectation: ;
orn coming up nicely; corn planting de-
ved bv rain.
Hirlan Wheat and oata doing finely: com
planting nearly done. .
nayet h.arlr planted corn coming up.
good stand; small grain doing well: grass
paaturea growing finely; grasshoppers
Hitchcock Grass good; all vegetation
rowing finely; some damage by washing
rom heavy rln.
Kearney winter wheat recovering rap-
Idly, whl be nearly average crop: graaa.
oat and barley growing rapidly.
L-incoin Ke beginning to head, good
crop; hay crop will be large; corn and
ugar beets damaged somewhat by heavy
Perkins Grasa and wheat In fine condi
tion; plenty of rain.
Ked Vi mow M Inter wheat much Im
proved: alfalfa beginning to bloom; pas-
ures fine; com planting delayed by rain.
vtensier t. orn coming up: wneat im
proved somewhat; moet of the com plant
ed, early planted coming up nicely; oats
rather thin.
Weatera aad Ksrlaweslera Seetloa.
Banner Grasshoppers very thick: small
grain helped by rain.
Wox Butte Oram irorltit well: com com
ing up; not much planted.
Hrown Corn planting well advanced: all
crops growing nicely.
Cherry Grass fine: cattle aalnlna- fast:
lfalfa good.
Cheyenne Wheat, oats and Tall ex
cellent; plenty of rain.
Uawei Grass and small grain need rain:
twit doing fairly well.
ieuei urass and small gram lookina- fine:
grasshoppers numerous.
Keith crops arowina wen: an abundance
of rain.
Keya Paha Grass growing finely; spring
heat and oat Injured bv cutworms, corn
planting retarded by rain; some alfalfa
Ixigan Early planted com up. looks fine:
small grain looks well. ,
Kock Com planting well advanced; grass
.iiimi pi kiii lining wni, tiirrnes and
wild fruit full of bloom; plenty of rain.
Bcotts Bluff Crops and grass on range
materially Improved bv rain.
fcnetidan email area In looks well hut
needs rain; fruit prospect good.
Sioux Some rain, good for crops and
Scarce Eatertalned at Aaaaal Fratlr-
Itea of Fresaoat Orgtaaiaatloa aad
O Ulcers Are He-elected.
FREMONT, Neb., May 80. (Special.)
The - annual meeting of the Fremont
Commercial club was held at the court
house last evening. Tbe members and
their ladles, numbering 300, were present.
In the corridors of tbe building and also
Inside tbe bar were arranged displays of
tbe members, consisting of advertising
matter, pictures and notions. In two rooms
were arranged an exhibit of the work of
the city schools, which attracted much at
Refreshment were served. During tbe
evening music was rendered by Prof. Swi
hart' orchestra.
The report of Secretary J. F. Hansen
showed that much work had been accom
plished. Th movement for a general Im
provement of tbe roads leading to tbe city
and for a different apportionment of the
county road fund had been especially suc
cessful. The old officers were unanimously
Rev. Besbreok Oeeeple HI Palplt
aad Doctor Whoa He Shot
at la Expelled.
WTMORE, Neb.. May 20. Special.)
Rev. 8. P. Bcnbrook of the Christian
church, who figured a one of the principals
In a shooting scrape bore last week, occu
pied his pulpit Sunday morning and
preached to a large congregation. r ''
In the afternoon the elder examined a
number of witnesses as to the caUs lead
ing to the shooting and Bedded that Dr.
W. H. Johnson, unoa whom the pastor made
his assault, should be expelled from mem
In the evening the membership present
voted to sustain tbe finding of the eUJese
hy a vote of 32 to i.
GeaeraJly Fair la tbe Predletloa for
Kebraska Wedaeaday aad
WASHINGTON, May 20. Forcat :
For Nebraska Generally fair Wednesday
and Thursday.
For Iowa Shower and cooler Wednes-
day; Thursday, fair.
For Missouri Generally fair Wednesday
and Thursday.
For Kansas. Oklahoma. Indian Territory,
Arkansas. Colorado. West Texaa and Wy
omingFair Wednesday and Thursday.
' Local Record.
OMAHA, May . Official record of tem
perature ar.d precipitation compwru wnu
the korrespondlng day of the laat three
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
Mean temperature
im. 1901. 1900. 1!S9.
87 71 76 M
70 U 49 48
. 78 62 62 H
T T .00 .41
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and since March a.
Normal temperature
Excess for the day
Total excess since March 1
Normal precipitation
rflni..rv for the dav
.14 Inch
.14 inch
Total rainfall since March 1 1 SS jnche
pendency lnce March 1..........J .1 incnea
Deficiency for cor. period, lftU..2.u Inches
Pendency for cor. penoa, iuu o mtu
Reports froaa Statloas at T r. ax.
: c
: 2
Omaha, clear
87 1 T
70 1 .00
72 1 .W
62 1 .04
Ml .02
64 .U0
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear ....
Cheyenne, clear
Bait Lake City, cloudy
Rapid City, clear
Huron, clear
62 1
7S. .00
WHUston, part cloudy .
Chicago, part cloudy ..
64. .NO
8u .Ou
94 i .01
kl LOuis, part ciouay
Pt, Paul, part cloudy
leaven port, clear
Kansas City, clear ....
Havre, part cloudy ....
Helena, cloudy
84: .
(-( .Ou
62, .00
M -18
70! T
Bismarck- ciouay
Galveston, cloudy
IC, .00
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
a 111
America' Best
GOLD SEAL" U made by the French process from the
choicest grapes growa In our owa vineyards, excels aay other Ameri
ca wise and equal aay Imported.
GOLD EAL" may bo placed on the table of the moat
fastidious eonaoiaaeur without fear of criticism or comparison with
aay imported champagne.
Why pay twice as muck 'for foreign labels? '
. . , v. ...... . . . i x a . .11 in
I ' , T -a itl vJa.l stAL" 1
pPCCil i7i Club aad cafee.
SARAH BERNHARDT sin: I BJd U urban win l a
OOl-U ItiL" C it A MP A Gftlt excellent. Iii faoc. superior t many
rrenee Chasnpagnea. It surprises mm that aucb a fu win ca be
irvdueed In Aioenca.
His rrirads Carry Thirteen Out of Twenty
Precinct in Lincoln.
Jadae Korrls Eadoreed aa fsagm
sloaal Taadldate by Faroes Ceaaty
aad Allea Palls Oat at
tbe Coateet.
LINCOLN, Neb.. May 10. (Special Tele
gram.) The republican primaries In this
city resulted In a sweeping victory far the
Thompson or so-called machine element.
Of the twenty city precincts only seven
were carried for the direct primary or anti
machine ticket. If the country precincts
stand with tbe majority forces of .the city,
as they are expected to do, the antt faction
will not get a rlce on the convention ticket.
Jn the Third ward Wlnnett carried his ewa
precinct by a majority of only alx rote,
th other three precinct going against
him. In the Fourth O. W. Webster loat
"in his own precinct, but won in the other
three. It is conceded that Senator O'Neill
and Representatives Warner and Mockett
will be nominated. Besides these men the
most probable slate Includes C. F. Beghtol
for senator ajid John H. McClay tor repre
sentative. Another nomination for repre
sentative will go either to E. T. Roberts
or J. M. Burgess. This leaves still another
nomination for tbe lower house and It will
be given to tbe country. Joseph Burns
was defeated In the Third ward and Is
probably out of the race.
Fillmore Ceaaty for Sloaa.
GENEVA. Neb.. May 20. (Special Tele
gram.) The republican county convention
held today was tbe largest and most en
thusiastic delegate convention ever held la
the couaty. The primary system of voting
in this contest had determined In advance
tbe relative strength of the two candidates.
and it waa no surprise when the roll cai
gave Mr. Bloan 110 votes to Mr. loungers
78. After the adoption of resolutions,
strongly endorsing Mr. Sloan's candidacy
for the congressional nomination, a motion
waa carried authorlxing him to select dele
gates to the congressional and stste conven
tions In the Interest of bis csndldacy. He
thanked the convention for the courtesy
shown him and named the delegates to
Beatrice, but expressed his furl confidence
In the loyalty of every republican in the
convention, and asked that tbe state delega
tion be selected by them from the eighteen
townships In the convention. A striking
feature of the convention was the speech
of Hon. O. P. Baker of Exeter in seconding
the motion extending the privilege to the
successful candidate, in which he stated
that he spoke by authority from Mr.
He assured the convention that t,he con
test Just cloned had not weakened the ties
of republicanism nor soured tbe unsuccess
ful candidate or his friends, that Fillmore
county desired to have tbe republican nom
ination for congressman and that from now
until the convention Mr. Sloan would have
no more earnest supporter than those who
had stood shoulder to shoulder with Mr.
Tounger. His 'speech was warmly received.
Mr. Sloan also made a brief talk, which
was received wii enthusiasm, and at It
close a motion that both state and con
gressional delegations be instructed to use
all honorable mesne to secure his nomlna
tion was unanimously carried. In accord
ance with the recommendation of tbe state
committee a county central comlttee wae
elected. '
Allea Geta Oat of Fight. .
BEAVlR CITT, Neb., May 20. (Special
Telegram.) Th republican county eon.
vcntlon today wa a surprise, lnaa
much as there wss no contest . over
the selection of a congressional dele
gallon between Judge Norris of Mc
Cook and Senator Allea of Arapahoe. The
canvas had been raging for many weeks,
as it was concluded that the candidate who
received the endorsement of Furnso county
would undoubtedly have the support of th
Fourteenth judicial district
Early this morning Senator Allen real
ized that his fight to secure hie home
county was a losing one and be therefore
withdrew and helped In making the selec
tion of a Norris delegation ttnanlmous.
The' state delegates are iinlnstructed and
are as follows: E. N. Allen. Fred Boch
ner, N. M. Ayers. F. N. Merwin. A. P.
Van Burg. A. H. Shoenberger. W. E. Bab
cock. Charles Shafer, N. A. Pettygrove, E.
W. Parker, L. Eaton and C. M. Brown.
Delegate to the senatorial convention
were also selected and will go without in
structions. Ths convention passed resolu
tions, which go la effect, that delegates to
the state convention should not vote for
the renomination of any republican who bad
been derelict In official duty.
Clay Ceaaty Stroag for Dlaaxaere.
CLAY CENTER. Neb.. May 20. (Spclal.)
Th republican county convention has
been called to meet here Thursday. May
29. While an attorney and two represen
tative are to be nominated, all interest In
Clay county la centered in th nomination
of Hoa. John B. Dlnsmore for governor by
the state convention. The delegate which
will be selected at tb county convention
wUl be Instructed to this effect.
Meetlas Called for May 28 to Effeet
Orgaalsatlaa of Scbratka
Cristas alter.
BEATRICE, Nb.. May 20. (Special Tele
gram.) Tbe millers of the South Platte
country. In session here since yesterday,
adjourned today. Committees were ap
pointed to confer with the railroads rel
ative to an equitable adjustment of freight
rate and steps were taken to form aa
It was decided to hold a meeting at
Hastings or Tecumseh Wednesday. May 28.
when an association of some kind will be
Maleola Ford Temporarily lasaao.
NEW TORK. May 20. A coroner's Jury
which inquired into the deaths of Paul
Leicester Ford, the author, and Malcolm
Ford, his brother, the noted athlete, re
turned a verdict that Malcolm was tem
porarily insane at tbe time et tb tragedy.
SOld orerv woero son oorvw as aut issais
A Noted Knight Templar
Owes His Health to Penina.
Colonel T. P. Moody, a prominent Knight
Templar, la well known In every city In
the Cnlted State weat of Buffalo, N. T..
a Jewelers' Auctioneer. In the city of
Chicago a a prominent lodge man. being
a member of the K. T.' and also of the
Masorta. The cut ehow Colorwl Moody In
the costume of the Oriental Consistory
Mseons, S2nd degree.
Ia a recent letter from t00 Michigan
avenue, Chicago, III.. Mr. Moody says tbs
For over twenty-five years r I
suffered from catarrh, and for
over ten years I suffered froan
catarrh of the stomach terribly.
"I have taken all kinds of medi
cines and have been treated by
pall kinds of doctors, as thousatnds
of ray . acquaintances are awar
in different parts of the United
Mates, where I bare traveled, but
my relief was only temporary,
until a lljtle over a year ago I
started to take Pcruna. and at the
present time I am better than I
have been tor twenty years.
"The soreness has left my stom
ach entirely and I am free from
ladlgestion and dyspepsia and will
say to all who are troubles with
catarrh or stomach trouble of any
kind, don't put it off and suffer,
but begin to take Pcruna right
away, and keep it up until you are
cured, as you surely will be if you
"My wife, as many In tbe southwest ran
say, was troubled with a bad cough and
bronchial trouble, and doctors all over the
t country gave her up to die, ss they could
do nothing more for her. She began tak
ing Peruna with tbe result thst she 1 bet
ter now than she baa been in years, and
her cough baa almost left her entirely.
The soreness ha left her lung and she
Is as well as she ever was In her life,
with thank, as she says, to Peruna.
Tours very truly. T. P. MOODY."
Catarrh in its various forms is rapidly
becoming a general curse. An undoubted
remedy ha been discovered by Dr. Hart
man. This remedy ha been thoroughly
tested during the past forty years. Prom
inent men have come to know of its virtues
and are making public utterances on the
subject. To save tbe country we must
save the people. To save the people we
must protect them from disease. Tbe dis
ease that is at once tbe most prevalent
and stubborn of cure Is catarrh.
If one were to make a list of the different
names that have been applied to catarrh.
in d iff ere m. locations and organs, the re
in different locations and oragans. the re
sult would be astonishing. We have often
published a partial list of these names, and
the surprise caused by the first publica
tion of It to all people, both professional
and non-professional was amusing. And
It is surprising how
allow themselves to become and remain consti
pated. They apparently do not know that thia .
. condition poisons tbe entire system. N'ot irame-, ,i
' diately of course, but after a little time at tbe pot- .
aonous impurities accumulate tbey attack tbe vital
organs and undermine the constitution. Ante-
! suit, the victim becomes pale,-hollow-eyed and
callow, the breath is foul, the head aches fre-
quently, the strength slowly declines and the once
strong, active body becomes weak and nervous.
Prickly Ash Bitters
is a cleansing tonic and restorative just suited to
such conditions. It is a genial stimulant for the
stomach, liver and bowels, purifies the system thor
oughly and invigorates "the kidneys, conveying
strength and new life to the whole internal organ
ism. Under its marvelous reviving influence there
is at once a brightening up in body and brain, re
newed energy, strength, vim and cheerfulness.
frasa Omaha.
J20.0O Harrlsbnrg. Pa., and return.
Dates of aale. May 14th to 18th, In
clusive. F.ound trip tickets will also be sold
to point la Pennsylvania, Maryland
and District of Columbia at rat ot
on far from Harrisburg.
112.6& St. Paul and return.
Tickets oa sal May 18. 1, 20, 102.
All through train ax equipped with buf
fet, library cars, drawing room sleeping
cars and tree reclining chair cars; all wld
vettlbuled and of th latest design.
For full particular .regarding rates, train
r. fee, time Utiles. tc. address
DUC Paae. Agt., IlL Cent. R. R.
ltug Xarnam Street.
Tou can put a twelve-word want-ad
In The Bee three times for fifty cents.
Thl aoeau wrt wkst
ttaare, fcertag yr
prartne I discovered aa
lutallibkienntor Emails I
aad tiarvou Dliy , aad
411 ana a tall eureuva
ran ot fa Benwdy. lasting ahe atoesfaa. to
cy eo oa trial, so Weat IW satasiaim
bOCmw, Bo fay. mmdf afcyoar aaata 4
milrtmt. auasvar Ttmmy wjsi w
auMTas ss. SLta py .
e-rsk turn au? at.
aa-a, Lrf l t. i.utauaaalrj
I cn ' 4 A
tlx -w
Colonel T. P. Moody, of Chicago, Had
CaUrrrh Twenty-fiwa Years and
tVs Cured by IVrnna.
yet wo have never enumerated all of th
diseases which are classed ac catarrh. It
must be confesoed, however, to see even
this partial list drawn uj In battle array
la rather appalling. If the reader .desires
to see this list, together with a short ra
pe It ton of each cne, send foe our free ca
tarrh book. Address The Peruna Mcdicla
Co., Columbus, Ohio.
many teorjle there are who
PRICE, $ 1.00.
With thin, drawn, muddy, sallow or blood
ies faces, no sppetite, no ambition ; better
to-day, worse tv-morrow; all show a coa
dltloa that seeds immediate Manttoa. It
1 your stomach tbat Is tLe rauae. Your
bowels need clearing, and your liver stlmu- -iated.
Ion't wait, use '
Ton will get relief from the first dae.
Pans, safe, speedy, gentle, it tenlo proper
tie build you Op wi.Uo curing you. It
earea eoasQ)tu.n. sUarpeus tk a, .little. .
c tears th ruiileiini. vieaasna and I'Uni.M
Va lileoO. idm up Uie entire svsttiu, aud .
auaae you teal well and keep well.
TwaaWieteos la or .tonic and Uvktt--, x mad or
lldrviuu,of tioo-tspWal LAAAlu Ut Co . .V V.
itviKUK rims hiik utAPecqi
For sal by Snerinaa "MrConuell Lru Co.
Wir; Mut.gML foci.
Tw, S-OBarsuje.; liot iMrf t'iiu: Kmsoou DMt j
finm cuu rciicto Ua a low ) . uu aa :
aaeraiaa A ts4aao aruKguiJ. lavk aad twot av .
"wvjsi in iisiiim mi av".isii( 4. i a
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