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Frtntdint Appoint Him Oat of Tutj
Two Applicinti.
YanUInn ncney Mn.v He - It 1 1 tt !
Alti'Rrllicr Sfiintur llnrtnn I 0111
inent on .Nclirnml.n Hrinli
llenns' lrlurj.
Winter ."ensnn I'linnoH- I'nmmenerd
vtllh tlir nntinl llntit'lne
I'ii n I liin,
(From s Staff rorrcspnndont.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. . (Special Tele-graroO--Thomas
Swobc of Omaha was com
missioned as captain and quartcrinastei In
the regular army today, liin commission
a llgned liy President Itoosevelt late this
afternoon anil Ihr captain at once ruinllfle I
and left for his home this evening. There
were twenty-two applicant for l he posi
tion to which Cnptiilg .Swobu ha been ap
pointed. These applications wore backed
by prominent senators and representatives.
Captain Svnbe was sclocttd becnufe of his
general efficiency and his rcord In Cuba
and the Philippines A premature an
nouncement was mailc yesterday thnt he j
had been appointed, hut the president aid
not append his signature to the commission
until late today.
Captain f'.obe has three wars tc his
credit, lie enlisted ns corporal of th.i
Twelfth Michigan volunteers during the
civil war and after ftc years' service was
mustered out as first lieutenant. Ilurlng
the Spanish-American war he was mide
captain and quartermaster and organized
n trtlllcry train at Tampa for service III
the Antilles. Utcr he went to Iho Phil
ippines was on the Muff of (leneral
Kobhc. at Zamhnsnga, where he won men
tion In general orders.
Captnln tfwohe Is ordered to report for
duty In New York November IS and will
take the transport Crook through the Sue
canal, salllnK December I.
Tires r liiillmi Srrs Iff.
Adlcrn are received nt Ihe War depart
ment to the effect that Captain Mercer,
actinic agent al I.eech Lake, who held ft
similar position at the Omaha and Winne
bago agency n few years ago, Is tired Of
the Indian ticrvlec and drslrca to return
to his regiment. Captain Mercer was
transferred from the Omaha to the Minne
sota agency under the belief that h would
be able to adjust the dlfflcultlcH which hud
Krown out of the disposal of Indlnn timber
at I.eech Lake. Captain Mercer Is under
stood to be disgusted with his assignment
and will soon ask foi active duty In the
army, lie. will probably be relieved of hl
present duties about January 1.
.Sln- Aliullwli Auencj.
It Is stated nt the Interior department
that Secretary Hitchcock has decided to
placo the affairs of the Yankton (8. I).)
agency In the hands of School Superintend
ent llotz. Agent Harding of this agency
wai dismissed some weeks ago as a result
of complaints mnde against him. Since
then the agency has been In chargo of Spe
cial Agent McNIchols. While It Is Btated
nt the department that the action of the
secretary In placing the agency arfalra
under the control of the school superin
tendent Is merely done lo relievo the spe
cial agent. It Is believed hero that It Is
the intention to abolish the agency and that
the secretary's determination to do so will
soon be announced. If this nctlon Is taken
It Is along the lines suggested by the enin
mltteo of Indian affairs In the last Indian
appropriation hill.
.Vettmakn llrinlilliuts' Vlcttirj.
"The republican victory In Nebraska Is
naturally the result of fusion, after tho
people have had time to find that fusion Is
more corrupting than outright purchase of
tes." said United Slates Senator llurton
of Kansas toduy. "Ilryan's fusion methods
In Nebraska nic far more corrupting than
Croker's methods In New York. Crokcr's
mothods .ire avowedly crlmlnnl and do not
attempt to deceive anbody. Ilryan's orb
fuslon-r-olltlral corruption clothed In tho
garb of virtue. The people luio come to
rcallrc that and hence the emphatic con
demnation of Ilryan In his own state."
Dr-pnrtmriit ule
The gross receipts of tho postofftce at
Omaha for the month of October wore ?."!.
638, against 3'.i,341 for the name period
last year, or an Increase of ?29r.
The receipts nt Des Moines were $30,2-10
and J27.716. respectively, an Increase of
W. II, Illchmond was today appointed
postmaster at Swnn, Holt comity, Neb.,
vice U. Richmond, resigned.
Tne Farmers' National bank of Ham
burg, la., and the Charlton National bank
of Charlton, la. have been authorized to
begin buslnffn with a capital of $SO,000
Charles H. Cox. K. Morton Hodstron and
T. Holdrege of Omaha and W. J. Kink of
Wolsey, S. D were today appolritcd rail
way mall clerks.
The postotTtces at Hrldgewater. Kimball
and Clear Lake. S. 0., will become presi
dential offices January 1.
The Metropolitan club gave Its annual
opening bull at Metropolitan hall last
night, between ITS and 100 members belns
present. The ballroom, banquet room, pal
lors and reception room were beautifully
decorated with cut flowers and potted
The grand march moved at 10.43. led by
A. Mandelberg, president of the club The
dancing continued until midnight, when an
eight-course supper va served. The ta
bles were set with cut glass and were dec
orated with smilax. cut flowers and aspara
gus foliage. Nearly two hours wore re
quired to terve the supper, as considera
ble time was devoted to toasts. A. Man-'
delberg acted as toastmaster.
The following out-of-town guests were
present Miss Edith ilene. New York.
Miss Mly Hellman and mother. Cincinnati.
Mra. Adolph Meyer, Miss Matle tluxbaum.
Mils Klhrl and Miss Ilnttle Stern. Chi
cago; Miss Hertha Sellgsobn. Lincoln: Miss
Illanche Khrmnn, St. Joseph; Kugene Levi,
Nebraska City: Morris Kllen, Keokuk. Ma.s
Meyer, llalilmore. ami Oscar Ilene, Des
The fallowing members of the club
served ns an entertainment cnmmltteei
Harry L. Colin, chairman: fieorgf Sellg
sohn, Henry lllller. Meyer Klein nnd Ju
lius ..Meyer. Mntlc whs furnished by Ihe
Kaufman orchestra of ten pieces.
The debutantes of the evening were Misses
Ella Ilosenfleld of Council llluffs and May
Moths -hllil nnd Ilnttle Itchfeld of Omaha.
Info Itoom Happily Opened with
fpppi'lira nml IJIMs lij llnjor
nml Oilier.
The firemen of No. 3 tinglue company
and No. 1 Truck company, stationed at
headquarters. Klghteenth and Harney
streets, were hosts at a housewarmlng last
night, which prmcd to be otic of tho finest
social cvfiHH ever given In tho flro de
partment. The boys wcte quite ns adept
at entertaining as they are nt fighting fire
and fortunately the festivities wero not
marred by n single tap of the big gong.
The. occasion was tho opening of the
cafe room which has Just been furnished
In neat style. American lings decorated
the walls und the long table, with covers
laid for sixty, was decked with n profusion
of roses nnd lighted by n number of can
delabra. An elegant lunch wns served, fol
lowed by coffee and cigars.
Mayor Moores, an Invited guest, rcprc
renting the Klre and Poller board, spoke
In n characteristic vein nnd wait greeted
by round after round of applause. He also
mado the presentation speech In tendering
n suitably-Inscribed gold mednl. with tho
compliments of tho firemen, to Captain A.
I,. Koote, whom all the headquarters tiro-
men look upon as a sort of patron saint.
umer speeencs, atory telling and conven
tion contributed much toward tho pleasure
o.' tho ovcnlnt,'.
Among tho gin-sin present. In addition lo
Chief Salter, Assistant Chiefs Wlndhelm
nnd Dlneen. Mnyor Mooies nnd Captain
Koote, were: Wllllnm Hoyne of tho Council
niurfe flro department. Krcd Shaw nnd
Krank Gardner.
Lndi Dniij Ntwi Eiriewi Coiilticn in
tie Gotoitrttiea C&rapt.
I nles Clin Hue Is Mnde "It Menn Hi
Irrmlnnllon anil nn Ktrrnnl Stnln
iin Ilie nmr of KnRlnnil."
Deehires I'nper.
LONDON, Nov. 9 The Dally News to
day exhaustively surveys the concentration
camps In South Africa with the following
"The truth U that the death rate In the
camps Is Incomparably worse than any
thing Africa or Asia can show. There Is
nothing to match It In mortality figures of
the Indian famine, where cholera and other
epidemics have to be contended with."
Statistics are produced In proof of this
The government's Advertisement for
teachers for the ramp children, setting
forth that "the term of employment will
be one year certain. " Is prominently dis
played as evidence that the authorities
have no Intention of "ndlng the wholesale
destruction of human life."
The Dally New urges all humane meu
r.ot to wait for official reports, but to Insls
on "the camps being broken up nnd th
people distributed among their friends or
removed to the districts where a fresh at
tempt can be made, under competent or
ganlratlon and with some regard to th
preservation of llfe -lhnt or extermination
nnd an cternnl stain on the runic of Eng
land." miss stoneIn'good health
Consul IllrUliisiiu Cnntplnln nt Inlrr
fcrrnrr In Kffurla lo Sconre
ller llrlrnse.
Itev .1. A. Cilmtili-ton of llnlllc ( reek
l.iiel. eil I p nn n Merlons Crlml
nnl Clinrce.
Itcv. J. A. Kdmonston of Hattle Creek,
Neb., was nrrrstrd yeterday afternoon by
Detectives Donohuc. Dunn and Snvngc, and
Inckrd in tho city Jail, on a charge of
crlmMial assault preferred hy his 12-yenr-old
stepdnugliter. Mr. Kdmonston Is nbout
30 ear of ago and has a wife and one
child besides his stepdaughter, who reside
with him nt Ilnttle Creek. He said:
"There Is nothing In the charge. The
child was induced to make the charge by
enemies I have In Battle Creek. I adopted
her when she was fi years old nt the death
of her parents. I am pastor of a church at
Flatllo Creek nnd my salary Is $400 per
year. Several times my enemies have circu
ited stories that I was not properly caring
fcr the child. In the matter of clothlnur
her, etc. I have done the best I could. I
regret the charge more on account of the
church than on my own account I am In
nocent nnd can establish the fact. Ttu-
htory thnt the charge had been made be
came public Wednesday nnd 'acting on the
advice of friends I came to Omaha to re
main until the feeling had Kiibsldfd." Mr.
Kdmonstoiv camo to Hattle Creek from
Klncman, Kan.
.In inc Crnlitree la Senlnireil In Ten
Veiir' IniprlanmiiPiit for Ahcl
IIiik In llnlf-Nlsler's llrntli.
I'umninslers Appointed.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 0. - Tho president
rtHS appi.urij win ivuuni" I'linuunniri n, i
Colorado uemrai uuy, .mrnca a, unmoie.
Kansas Osngn City, H, A. nosenqulst.
Missouri Pleasant Hill, George C. Greenup.
Texas Kort Worth, Oeorgo W. Burroughs,
Btepbenvllle. William II. Christian. Utah
Mercur. II. W. Watt.
WASHINGTON. Nov. !. Consul General
Dickinson, from Sofia, teporls to the State
department hy rnblo the receipt by him of
nnother letter from Miss Stone, ns already
noted In the press dispatches of last night.
He quotes Miss Stone lis saying: "Wo aro
still well, In spite of all our hardships."
There are other matters trcntcd In Ibn
letter which It Is not deemed wise to pub
lish. Mr. Dickinson complains constantly of
attempts to Interfere with the line of com
munication he Is seeking to establish with
the brigands. Ab no explanation Is offered
hy him as to tho reasons for this Interfer
ence, It Is believed here that tho Bulgarian
authorities are seeking to pave the wny for
n denlnl of responsibility for an Indemnity
by exhibiting unusual nctlvKy In the pur
suit of any persons who might bo supposed
to be nhle to Inform them of the wherea
bouts of Mies Stone.
Notwithstanding the difficulties whlcli
are dolly encountered by the State depart
ment In Us efforts to reach Miss Stone, the
belief Is strong among the officials that In
the near future they will succeed In secur
ing her release. If It Is true, as reported
from Constantinople, that tho principal Is
sue Is cne of the amount, of rnnsom to be
paid, nnd this delays the negotiations, the
brigands, fully aware of the. exact amount
of money at the disposal of the United
States agents In Turkey, nrc holding back,
evidently In the hope of having that
amount increased by further subscriptions.
London .Imiriinl Aaaerla (hnt Sltrnni
alilp Conipniij- la I'nder Control
of Amerlrnn I'lnnneler.
LONDON. Nov. 9. The Sunday Special, on
the authority of Its New York correspondt
ent, will announce tnn-orrow- that J. Pler
pont Morgan has acquired the White Star
Line nnd that he has secured a contract
to purchase ihe Dominion line.
BOSTON, Nov. O.C P. Jameson, general
manager of the Dominion line, stated to
night that ho had uo official, knowledge
that J. Plcrpont Morgan has received a
contract to purchase the Dominion line.
He added that he had In nn way heard
of the matter, except through the newspapers.
Snriirnt nml Abbey Are Limnlninnaly
Klecleil In Grrmnn Mcin-lirrahlp.
(Copyright. 1911, by I'ress Publishing Co.)
MUNICH, Bavaria, Nov. 9. (New York
World Cablegram Special' Telegram.)
John Singer Sargent and Kdwln A. Abbey
have breu unanimously elected honorary
members of the Munich Academy of Klne
Arts, the moat eclectic art circle In German:'
(Vnmnrll llrnelies lieimn,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 9. The Navy
partment has been Informed of the arrival
of Rear Admiral Cromwell, commanding
the European station, nt Genoa todny
nboard his flagship Chicago.
Glnstcoss Kipofilllon (ine.
GLASGOW, Nov. 9.- The Glasgow exhi
bition came lo a close tonight. Tim total
atendance wns 11.190,622 and the net profit
t SO,000.
Concern Tilth Cnpltnllrntlon nf Plfly
Million nollnrs Will lie l.nunolieil
In I'eniiM) Ivnnln,
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 9. The North
American will say tomorrow, a new jo,.
OOO.OeO steel corporation ts being fornud
for the purpoic of contolM.itlng In one pow
erful comblno tho
try, Ten or more
sylvanla companies that are now doing a
large huslnsi., arc to b" absorbed by Cie
new concern, Kour of tho properties nts
east of the Alleghenles These are the
Lukens Iron works of C-atissvllle. Pa., the
Tldrwat,cr Steel company. Chatter; the Chi
lrl Steel company, Hnrrirbiirg, and the
Worh nrns." mills, Thtss four renrs-scnt
in active estimated capitalization c( absut
GALKNA, Mo., Nov. 9. James Crabtree,
charged with complicity in the murder last
Juno of Alien Stnlllons, a young gltl, was
todny found guilty and his sentence fixed
ten yenrs In the penitentiary. Mrs,
Thomas Crabtree, the prisoner's step
mother; Thomaa Crabtree and his son, Wil
liam, are still to be tried for complicity In
tho crime.
.Mice Stnlllons, the- victim, was the 1-yeai-old
ttepdav.ghtcr nf Thomas Crabtree,
She had trouble with her parents because
alie permitted the attentions of a neigh
boring farmer whom they disliked. Later
the body of tho girl was found floating In
the James river, with its neck broken and
bearing other marks of III usage. The girl
wns beautiful and it was charged that her
half brothers had ravished and then helped
lo mutdcr her. The affair caused great ex
citement and there was talk of lynching
the qunrtet, '
Tho trial of James Cr.xbtree attracted pso
pie from miles around Galena and the court
room being Inadequate to accommodate th
crowd the case was tried in a grove.
Ottoman Umpire la Sinlrl lo Have Con
re (I i-il t liis t Clnlnia nf llrlpnase
Aip .Inst.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 10.-11:30 a.
m. Tonglth M. Bapst, counsellor of tho
embassy, received a satisfactory communi
cation from tho Porte regarding the re
mainder of the Krench demands,
The strained relatlonjhlp between France
and Turkoy may thus be regarded as ended.
whsat you
Dyspepsia Cub4
The National Disease.
If thsrcisany disease entitled to such a
distinction It is ceitainly dysptpsl;i. It Is
safe to say that not one person in ten enjoys
the blessings of perfect digestion, atraiiKC
thniiRh It may 6eein Why Is ihis?
Digestion Is a slow proceis by which
nature transforms tho food Into a Mute
suitable for nourishment for the body. The
time required varies from one to six Ikhim
or more, according to tho food. In the
hurry, worry and hustle, tliestrivinp forthe
almighty dollar, the 20th century American
falls to plvc proper heed to nature's de
mands upon his time. He gels up In the
morning, bolts his breakfast without half
chewing It, washes It down with hot codec
or other liquid and rushesorT to his business
At noon. It's rush home or to the lunch
counter, eat his lunch hastily while fatigued
nnd out of breath, then rush back to busi
ness. One of the greatest essentials to pro
per digestion Is the mastication or chewing
of food, to thoroughly mix it with sallra. If
this Is not done, the food passes into the
stomach In a condition which does not per
mit of Its being acted upon by the gastric
)uic.cs there, even tliough tneretio sufficient
nf these Juices. With tho body fatigued
and continually In action, the blocd Isdrawn
away from the digestive organs: hence the
digestive fluids cannot be supplied, isamr
ally this leaves a lot of undigested food In
the stomach that is not only t'selcss but
harmlul. Now what Is to be done?
It must be digested- A little stimulant
might help it temporarily, but that makes
the next meal still mnro difficult to digest,
as It draws on tho digestive Juices unnatur
ally and soon exhausts t Item. The only cor
i oct. common scne a of treating these
cases Is to furnish a substitute, which must,
in irder to be e'.Tcetual, contain exactly the
s:ime elements In exactly the same propoi
tlo.isas the natural digestive llulds,
The one preparation which can be abso
lutely proven to meet these requirements is
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, ll is not an experi
ment at your espouse but the result of ex
periments at our expense. It. Is not a mere
stimulant to aid digestion, but Is ltelf a
combination of tho (llgest.mts and actu
ally dlgcsjs the fond by lis own Individual
powers'of action without any aid whatever
from the digestive organs. It will tllgc-t
foot! even in a bottle under proper condi
tions, temperature, etc, so it certainlv
can't help having the same action in the
By digesting tho food without sld and
preparing It perfectly for nature's uses in
nourishing the bodv. it rrives the digestive
organs a rest. Hy relieving them of all
work, nature has an opportunity to rcstoro
them to healthy condition.
Furthermore, you should eat all the cood
food your appetite calls for while taking
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, because your body
must have nourishment and in no wav can
it cet It except through the food.
While the army of people is large who suf
fer continually from dyspepsia, there is a
still greater army of those who are troubled
only occasionally caused by overeating, eat
ing when fatigued, eating when too warm or
cold, drinking ice water, especially Just be
fore, with, or Just after a meal, or eating
some article of food thai does not agrej
with them.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure not only Instantly
relieves all distress of the stomach, that
feeling of fullness, llatulence, iwlnd on tho
stom.ich) belching, ilsiug of a sour, watery
liquid In the mouth nnd all other results o'f
a disordered stomach hut It is an absolute,
positive and permanent cure for all frinnf
Indigestion, dyspepsia and stomach ttonhlet.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a remedy of un
usual merit and will bear out oveiy claim
made for it.
Eat all the good food you want,
Gentlemen: I have been troubled for
eevetal years with dyspepsia and Indigestion.
I have often sat down to eat and had toglve
It up afterdating two bites, I used two
bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and am all
right to-day. and 1 eat everything and don't
top for anything. I recommend Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure to all my friends as the best
medicine for dyspepsia and stomach trouble.
Wlshlnir you success, I am, Respectfully
yours, W. L. Easton. Audubon, low.
Cai New Eat Aiilllif.
Dear Sirs:- For a good while I was In fee
ble health, could uot eat anything but a
email quantity of soup. I tried several
doctors and mineral waters. Ts'othlngseem
ed to do any good until 1 was induced to try
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure which cured me and I
can now cat- anything I want and can certain
lyglvcyotirpreparatloncredltforlt. 1 write
this that some sufferers who are suffering as
1 was may bo led to try hodol Dybpepsia
Cure for I think thev will be restored to
health if they will. Very respectfully, W.
II. McCrary, nenno, Laurens Co., S C.
I, W. K. ricll. a Notary Public of S. C. do
certify that the above. Is the testimony as
given by McCrary. W. E. Hell. N. P. of is. C.
Sick Headache.
Gentlemen: My wife was troubled for
years with dyspepsin. Her symptoms were
sick headache and vomiting every other day.
and she could scarcely eat any tiling. I
bought Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and she com
menced taking It ami has none of tho above
symptoms, and eats everything without
caution, but continues the uso of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure at intervals.
W. II. Caulklns, So. Edmcston, N. V.
Dear Sirs: 1 used to sufTer from Indiges
tion so that even eating a soda cracker or
drinking a glnss of water would cause agony.
I commenced using Kodol Dyspepsia euro
and it, soon cured me. H. L. Wharton, New
Hcrne, N. C.
SMIercd w Years
Gentlemen:! wlh to Inform the public
that I have been a constant sulferer from
tho pangs of dyspepsia and Indigestion fnr
forty years during which time 1 have given
almost every medicine a trial In different
forms, such as the dyspepsia tablets especi
ally but nothing has done mc the good that
Kodol Dyspep-ia Cure has. I have used
only two bottles as yet and feel sure the
tliltd bottle will cure mo of tho disease I
have sulTcred from fur forU' years --Alexander
Kerr, Rice Landing, Greene Co '. Penn.
Prepared by C.C. DoWllt A Co., Chtcifjo. The $1. 00 bott le contain! 21 times as much (by act us I measurtmenO s tb trial size which oells (or 30 cents.
Cures all stomacli iroii
I K3
One i:pcrt liialstn thnt lioiPrnnirnl'
MrlUr l Valueless, .notlier
llrlnit More Uitlmlatli'.
llhJI.RNA. Mont,, Nov. 9. Two assayers
made their roturns today on the ore found
ves'erdav hlle exeavatlne for the federal
plate inllU of tin coun- j building In this city. Assayrr Hmmrt rt.
planii. Inc'u llng I'tnn- , Kink's return showed theie ns no gold
In the rock lie the rock Is not
liiitm. hut crystallized lime, stained with
lion. The rock he atsayed was taken from
the ground two dsys ago. Assayer V, O.
Drown makes n different return. Ills as
a) was from rock taken out Iste yester
da While he will not give out the fig
ures tonight he says the anay shows val
ues something Irsi than J'.O nnd he says It
It. at good a prospect as bas been uncovered
In (his vicinity in a long time. Aasayer
I'llk says there might he value In the rock
at drpth, but he loslsta there Is none now.
yt Krjtir' l.m'liirc.
Mrs. V. ". Ke)or delivered lier lecture
on "Tho' Abbeys and (.' of tlrem
Hrltsin" before m lurse mid uppreeUtlve
audlnce at the rirst Methodist eburch last
eight, ft w-mh Illustrated throughout with
beautiful etcreoptli-oii views showing the
exteriors nnd Interiors of these lamon"
siMctures. Tho music of the pipe urgnii
nnd of a hidden choir lidded much to the
effect The lecture was ulVen under th"
nusplce of the Ladles' Aid soclaty of Hie
Dnl.iilii l.nnd Will lie Oiiciieib,
8T. I'AI'U Nov. 0. -Mn.tor Mcl-iughlln.
IndUn Inspector, has closed treaty with
the Fort Tntten indlnnr of North Dnkots
by which lo,n: acres of the finest ng'l
minimi land In the stuto will be opened to
settlement ns soon as rongreis can n't.
Ho was In 81. Paul today on his way to
.Mnn'liiiacl ta Menntor I rr I'ollcv
Appro ril Uy .Melvlnlcj , t on.
tin! I id wllli I'-ulOii.
HOSTON, Mass.. Nov. 0. An exception
ally large number of the Middlesex club
attended the dinner of the club at Young's
hotel thli afternoon. lion, Edgar It.
Champlln presided nnd the gathering- In
cluded many nf the Massachusetts dele
gation In congress, state and national ct
flcers and prominent republicans. Senator
Lodge and Michael J. Murphy of Ilostcn
were the only speakers, the latter diseas
ing the results of the recent election.
Senator Lodge's address was lliten-d
to with the closest attention. In the
course of his remarks bo strongly urged
reciprocity w-th other countries along tlm
lines mentioned In President McKlnley's
Duffalo speech nnd the -upbuilding of the
Fenator Lodge began his address with a
brief alluslcn to the recent elections and
then delivered an eloquent eulogy upon
the late President McKlnley.
nil or l-'ront In Klnnics.
PITTSnURO, Nov. 0.- A fire wh:h origi
nated In tho stable of the Monongahela
Illver Coal company at Six-. Mile Kerry, Just
below Homestead, promises to do much
damage. At midnight, the Immense trestle
of the coal roropany and Its dock, covering
200 yards along the river front, are In
flamcn and il be a, total loss, Before the
dames can be extinguished the aggregate
loss will probably reach $t00,000,
Mrs, Walter Stuart nnd i-nn returned
to their home nt Norfolk, Neb., Inst Sunday.
Ed Newberry of Chicago wns the Riicst
last week of Dr. nnd Mrs. II. ('. Van Cicson
Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel Crawford are visit
ing Mrs. Crawford's parents, .Mr. and .Mia.
J. W. Mtttn.
Mrs. I). L. Johnson entertained at
luncheon on Krldny. in honor of Miss Bald
win of Keokuk, 1h.
The family of Thomas (ieddls ! fi for
Wyoming last week, where Mr. Redd's Is
employed by tho Union Pacific tHllroad.
On Wednesday of this week the Dundco
Woman's club will meet in the homo of
Mrs. W. L. Selby. Mrs. LydlR T. Llghtun
acting as leader for tho day.
The first kenslngton of the Itound Dozen
Social club wns Wednesday .it the home
of Mrs. P. J. Ilnrr, a good representation
of the society enjoying the well known hos
pitality of their hostehs.
Henry Lampe, eldest son of Itev. .1 I.
Lampe, who graduated recently from Knov
college, Galesburg. left lust week for Japan
where he will engage In missionary work
of the Presbyterian society.
Thj Dundee Musical society, which meets
this yenr for chorus practice, held a meet
ing Krlday evening at the homo of Mrs
J. W. Marshnllv A large number were pres
ent. The class Is under tho leadership of
Prof. Llghton.
On Krlday Mrs. 1. L Johnson enter
tained nt luncheon at her home. I9S0 Cali
fornia street, the foPiittlng guests: Mis
Baldwin of Keokuk, Mesdamcs Colfax, Mc
Clure, Ilnlney, W. L. Selby, S. It. Hush
and J. W. Hamilton.
Mrs. W. R. Wall went to JohiiFon county,
Neb., Wednesday to visit relntlves two
Miss Bertha Kruger of Omaha was the
guefd of Mrs- S. P. Wallace Saturday and
A number of the friends nf Mr. and Mil.
I. S. Paul surprised them at their home
Monday night.
P.. J. Mnrtln, Inspector for rural delivery
mall routes, Inspected tho route out of
Florence Saturday.
Miss Anna Dreesman nf Omaha was the
guest of MUs Kmma King Saturday and
Sunday, returning homo Sunday night.
O. J. Hunt spent threo days of thl week
at home with his family, reluming Thui
day lo Bridgeport. Neb., where his busi
ness Intercuts are.
Clyde and Hoy . Cluck left for Fresno,
Cal.. Saturday, where they will meet their
father. Mrs. Cluck and the rest of tin
family will go In the near future and will
make their home In that country
Mrs. M. J. Griffin returned home Sunday
from a three weeks' visit with relatives
at Wayne and Teknmah. Neb. She wbr ar
Bargains of every description on the want
d rse,
TRor .1 H Ain.McVlcker'iThfitfpt1fl(r..(hlciiTrt
UlUnbia If Any onorionhti that jou i-an tftrtw Mir hie thm rail on tnt. Afi Murrh 1 IwtM nil nrr I hi top of mi hrt.
nnd I vii mlt Ued to trr imir rtniHmrttpr rtrp moiitlm trtutnir nt I linir flon liuil cf i.iilr I want to O'nnk ion i- pp tbt L'ootl
I ou haveilouo inv, 1 hvp more Imir now tlimi ) rcr hml.Ml I did to Apply yoiirnMiiMi-M thrf. tint ck
it i jici .Milium, v i htf mrrrr, vnicao, in.
ror. J. IT rsm.Clilcatro. 4
imn NOi Whon mt frr pMnfr mlrrcopip f xftnilnntlnrn hair at Ipf tt Pry Oorl Cn , Kah'im City.
Mo., Ut iiliiR 1 boiiKtit a courto ol irratmtnt ftm von for my hair laf tiM'l li nnd funil It rtoM li.itulmtT la
dliuippcarW and I nnt another ruurt o( trralme nt, (iKOlH.K U. W1XL.H, )tr l.t'JKf, Mont.
1rot .t . At T!v,Chlfn(ro,
Dkar I'RdirtAa I am I.MTnrrrn th t?nd of,tulv forldn. 1trn1in.
I carry wjili in a rlran, lira It ny i-alp ilifht nn lopot niy hfarl, rlht l'0
It I1oiiip, and of cour 1 am rite fill to I'rni l unX in tor tin run I ttli
3 ml mrcfM. ll. J(, WXl.lJi, Kerr I.odfr.iloii'r
Vr.or, J Ht At'Mlv, Chicnpo, HI
Itfin Nin I will fcrnrl tin nttitt- that irow mr hi Ir now On ipki
agolaitMay wtea I began uilnpyoar Hair Grower 1 nn tob:l you could fro my titan: through l iv hair all over
JK.NNIK McKlNU.Y.naker, Kanina
And mail them to Prof. J. II. Austin, the celebrated scalp nnd skin specialist of years stand
inR and national reputation, who will send you absolutely frco n diagnosis of your special
ense after making a minute otaminntion of your hair under his specially constructed and pow
erful microscope. There is no charge whatsoever, and in addition he will seud a special pre
scription for your caso put in a little bov, also ABSOLUTELY FURG. When uaro
cured of dandruff, which is the forerunner of baldness and grow new hair. Prof. Austin asks
that you tell your friends nbout it. SI:ND NO A10NI;V. if you aro already partly or
totally bald write and find the cure. WRITE TO-DAY. SEND 2c FOR POSTAGE..
PROF. J. H. AUSTIN, 14 McVloktr's Theater Building, Chicago, ili.
l'l'rtf. Andln nem tiratybalraf wkifa H
I in r-rouO." JpJ
iiMUilMMi'iMli-iaiV"! y f" im
given was de9rlptlvo of the natural re
sources of Cuba, also of the battleahlp
Mulne and the Spanish-American war. i
Mr. and Mrs. OnorRo Hawkins went to
lllnlr last Saturday lo visit friends Mrs.
Hawkins will go from there to Iowa, where
she will visit relatives,
Mrs, David McDIll. who has been visitliiK
Eoinctimo In Uouson, nt the home of Mr.
and Mre. .1. A. Morpnn, left for Mncoln
I-'rlday, whern sho will mnke her homo.
The women of the Methodist church
served lunch election day nt tho drug
store from which nearly $12 was realized
ubnvo expenses, The proceeds will be iii-fd
for church expeuscs.
Genuine Barrios Diamonds
Art- eiiual to n-nl (lltiniymls ns to IouIcm nud wear, will rut cliiifi' and Btand all the
tests of old mine, fjeius. i-'or a fuw duys vn tilTr r niHKiilllccnt rlliKK, ytuds, pinH, cn
rluss. etc. nt the inarvotously low price of OMS Dill, I, I. A It I'.Al.'ll.
('i'IiIIi'Iiiiwi'n llcm.i l-'lnl llclclii'i- lllnu ,
i! 1
We ate the llrst to In ro
duce ii rtoUI-lllled Hit Hoi--her
KIiik; lierctufoni they
liav Iii-oii nuiili' only in
nilld gold. Thin rlliK. snt
wltli u Ix'iiutlful lirll.liiut
Itarrlos lilaiiiuml. will li l any address In
Dip world upon receipt nf
nilce-Jl.fO. Tills itliK Iiuh
l.iidli't.' i'liiKter It I nil
Tim most fnshionnbV
rliiK for ladles nt the pre-i-put
t!in. Is the Cluuler. We
luiv noli tlieso rlriKs lieie
tofoiv In ro Id cold onl' ai
f:i ca'iii. Kor tho Unit time
In our lilstory wr ore ii
alilcil to furnish lliesj rliitH
with limerald, Itutiv, npnl
or TiiriUoie cenn-rH nt l
HACII. Othem nsk $ mil
G for Hienc ilnBB tjrdet- at once, ri.xids
companlcd by Mrs. Walter Weber, who will ; .lurliiK'the absence of the funilly. raesacked
snend a couple of weekj vMtlng relatlics tlie iiuiihh and stole nml w ortn or nut
. coins. Mrs. l-'oster returned home about
nerr. I ,i. nVlnek nml fitlltiil tile IfcrhlR Inrneil on
- and henrd the Voices of two or more pen-
tho nniioarnuic of one cohiuis i.-.o.""
! ol'll ai'AANTKK-l!KM'INH MAIlIt IDS DIAMONDS me K.inranteed to re nt
Welsie hospital 320K Sherman I their billllancy foicvcr. The mouutliiKS are heavy rolled plate and are made of n, n
avenue, will be open for the Inspection of I eontlitumiN ptecn, The pla... h thlc. shel' cd-Kold. and will hint leu years Th
the iiuhllc on November IT from '.' to 0 linRM mo Wiirranled not to tarnish tho Mil kci and are sjrrntly puperlnr to any n'tnllir
p. in. I Roods ever placed on the tunrkct .S'ii'.h and lins, tl.'l etich. ICnrilima. scr'W" or
ttnchelorl!' SniVid'Veitenhtv' o"i'ilnB and ''MIOHDI-lllK-' In oideiliiK Rive f ill directions and Ktati' whether nmnli, m-dhlm
I ml Lhc hi iii ov -i,n i I ?.-v" i i ,r larR- stone Is ilralicd. lineer iiieaKiite meni of rlnKH may i,p rUph by u-Ini: a
r d,, if woiirinu iimiirul. I o vi h ar- ' t'lern of utrliif. Order at once nnd avoid the Cliilstmas rush. If Roods are net
lasted and locked up I last nlfilit icpreseuted money will be refunded. Address all orders plainly to the
James i.uniRin' w..k arrested nu , dsht i BARRIOS DIAMOND CO., 1139 Broadway, cw York
Detectives Drummy and Mitchell for meal- ' J '
..."..-.,, . t fr..n t, , lilt,, nit- 1,1 .' -" , m ..
illh t innim ....,.,. ....... ii .
front of the otore of Sam C. Adler. 1121 Kar-1
nam Htrcel. I.anlglu had the ocat when ar- '
JIar.v Dnrrls attempted In settle an old '
srudRp imalnst Mrs. Sarah Kaunilcr yes
tirday evpnliiR by thrnuinc brickbats,
tlimuKh several nf the windows of her.
residence. 12.1 North Thirteenth street. Mury
was arrested and locked on.
Ilurclars entered thn residence of J. II.
Cured While
You Sleep,
Mrs. Kd E. Hcffman. who has tpent the
last two weeks vIsltlnK friends nnd rela
tives In Kearney and Lincoln, returned
home last Saturday.
A moving picture and lecture entertain
ment with music was gnen at the Hcnson
town hall last Friday evening The lcctU 'e
ule In one of the rooms. She unlllled the i n
lice, but before their arrival the burglars
escaped through the back door, inking the
key with HiPiii. Miitrance wan made 1
breaking open a rear window.
Miss Clara Met 'loud who fell from a
street car at Twenty-fourth and draco
iy-v I Instantly ReiieTed and the Objtruc-
lion Dissolved Like Snow Reneath Ihe
loiMrnrala'1 CURED, and Weak Men Arc Restored
" ai ivutwiwb,
fcv the Mitne St. lamest Ttalmf?nt. An
plied Locally and Uireclfy to the Affected Ports
Write Today. Do Not Delay.
Anv inirrerpr frntn KTIUCTI flR nr,, Hi
streets .Friday evening and was thought to I offspring VnrlroeHi-. Prostatitis and 8cm
be fatally Injured, rallied jeslerday even- uial Weakness, Is Invited to cut out the
nig a ui is now uiongiu in no oiii or iiang -r. ,nupon Herewith wrlln his name and ad
.ilic Is at (iarkMin hospital
Feci good towards .ill of the world.
This is easily said, hut how can you do
if when your body is sick! If you want
a good feeling towards everybody you
have to feci well yourself. Good health
is the basis of all enjoyncnl. Pile up
money, obtain a reputation ao a lawyer or
doctor or an expert in any line ana Ihen
wind up with poor health, what have you
got t uowei trouble, constipation, causes
Iress plainly, mall It to the Ht Jaturs
Medical Assn. 62 Ht James Hide Cincin
nati. O.. and they will send their llliw.
rated Treutlse, f-hnwlng tlin ports nf tho
male seMiai sys
tern Involved in
urethral ailments.
srcurl.v se a 1 e d
CR AN -SOLVENT Oiolver. -Strlc-turo
Liko Snow Jictieath tho Sun, Re
duces Enl arged Prostate,
ritronKthoiilii',' thn Seminal iluuts and
wiim win parts or the
12 M, ,lnmci llllu.,( Ini-liinoll. O.
I'lrAse send me a enpv of otir ll'ii
trated Weill: onon ih Mule s. ,
r,ni,-ni s.-rureiy roaieii
I VUKV. of nil IIAHCIKfi
Nil in e
H Addrrrin
more trouble than all other diseases together. It is indeed the root of all physical
ailments, and you win never feci well ana enioy me as long as you suncr wim
constipation. It does not make any difference what your disease ii, if you want to
help In its cure, start out from the very foundation of all good health and set your
bowels right. No matter what you have tried or how bad you are, start using
CASCARETS to-day. Get a 10c box and try them. Then get a SOc box, a whole
montn a treatment, ana see now wen you sre at inc cru or mc nine yuu nave iacn
them. If you are not entirely satisfied, retfn the box and eet your money back. A OT lAMCC MEfllPAl
;-4mDle and booklet free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicar,0 o.- New York. O I , JillIluO lllLUIUHL flOOH.
f'orovni Stopplrcr Drains and Emissions. No Drugs to Ruin tho
I'atun'othi- i-.titin. r'-ottn-a
Stcmach, nn a Direct anil I'obltivo Local Applli
i rno ,
it v mam, in; i si:n Ii) I he PI
TIK.N'I' AS s I I -;ssi'l 1,1,1 i II V
(II ItM'.M KS. Mr hnve tired Mpi, In I'.vrrj (ll.v In tlir I. S. nml tlmnM
l",irr- r'ounirj- nn rnrlh.
C 1 f ! G ! N N A T 1 . 0.