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Omaha. March 0 , 1SOS. „
Of our house of our reputation of our goods well . they
- if *
are the same , yesterday today and tomorrow.
Spring Dress
Never were
the medium
priced goods so
handsome and
stylish and
women will be
greeted with
such a show of
Textile newness Monday as can bo found
In no other store.
POI'MNS 29 co'ors. They are the ele
gance of plain dress ; they all come In
hanisotne spring weight , 3S-ln. , 83c.
AUMUKKS 19 colors , one of the newest
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material ] , 3S In. , 75c.
AT 230 A YAHD 49 at } Us , small checks
and mixtures.
AT 190 A YAIID 15 stles. handsome
mUtiwes , very new.
AT 12V4C A YAKD 29 stlca. two-toned
Black We helievo our
Dress Goods present stock to
be the handsom
est and richest ever shown in
The prices start 2"c , then up and up to
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Linings Skirt stiffening , cot
ton canvas
Dlnclc , brown and gray , 21-ln. , lOc per
Linen canvas ; all colors , 21-ln. , at IDc ,
20c , 25c per jard.
Wlrctte Is fast becomliiK a favorite as a
sklit stiffening ; black and gray , 27-
ln. , at IBc per sard.
Imitation haircloth Is light weight and
durable , 18-in , at 20c } aid.
Trench haircloth , best quality , black and
gray , IC-ln. , at 33c. ; 18-ln. at 40e.
AmcilLan haircloth , IG-lu. at 30c ; IS-ln.
at 40c per janl.
fMcCall'S We are the
Bazar Patterns agents.
The price la all right , 10s and 13e , none
higher. Try them and } ou will be glad
jou did , as they arc the best fitting ,
most stylish and most economical pat
terns made.
CmbroidcrieS Customers now
ask for the em
broideries with the gathering
An article of so much merit will not
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only ; narrow and medium widths. Sin
gle edges , tc ) , lOc , 12V4c , 15c , 17c , 20c.
22o atnl 25c n yard.
Double edged for the fronts of blouse ,
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t (
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Corsets. The
of the season
the new short
Corset perfect
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made of batiste ,
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AV. C. G. Short Corst , black sateen , at
jl.OO each.
Art Needlework- New sofa
pillow covers
New materials for cross-stitch embroid
Beldtng Bros , embroidery Bilk at 40c pel
morning off Itatteras. However , the fact
that no sign of It or Its tow baa been teen
tiy any life having crew between Capo Henry
wul Capo Hattcras Is taken as a sign tndt
the tug outrode lhc gale. The Impression at
ttio .Men lit Wrecking cctnpany'e olllce here Is
that It his of com so liail a rough trip , but
will show up nt either Havana or Key West
ittfo enough. U 1ms not had tlmo under conditions to make these ports.
Marine for POKX-
WASHINGTON. March 5 The proposed
transfer of Dry Tortugan , which If now
regarded as the mos't Important quarantine
station of our southern coast , < r > the War de
partment would necessitate the Immediate
selection ot another location for a station off
the count ot Florida. The quarantine season
against ports Infected with yellow fever and
other Infectious diseases begins. " April 1 , BO
that If the War department decides to re-
enino control over Dry Tortugas and Fort
Jefferson , which Is located there , no tlmo
Bhould bo lost by the Marine' hospital ctll-
clals In fitting out another station. Already
co mo correspondence * has been had with
officials of the service on the Florida couat
and several of the Florida Keys have been
uggcaicd as suitable places to which the
station may bo removed. Among those uro
the Fleming Key , which Surgeon Murry ,
considered superior to Dry Tortugaa aa a
the Fleming Key , which Surgeon Murray
Key , where the atato of Florida maintains
a station , and llahla Honda , which U cast ot
Key West. Owing to the fact that Dry
TortUKus U directly In the track ot | I
veseols bound to the United States , the West
Indies anil Central America and the perfect
character of the quarantine station U will
bo given up with great regret by the
( Marino hospital service * . It the War depart
ment Insists upon taking possession.
The annual reports show that In 1S95 fifty-
one vessels were disinfected at the station
and In 1890 ilxty-ono vessels. The figures
for the last year , when the number vvai
much greater , are not yet available. Yellow
( aver patient * are not mated at Tortugas
station , but at Ulrcl Key , six miles away.
Those who were Injured tn the Maine ex
plosion , who were In the hospital at Havana ,
where yellow fever Mwds exists , were de
tained at thtt , station before being taken to
Key West. The same advantaces possessed
by Dry Tortugas as a point for a quarantine
tatlon are claimed for It and also as a strate
gic point tor a base for a fleet operating
gainst Cuba. U was used during the civil
war as a bate ot operations against the con
federate states ,
A report mndo by Surgeon Murray two
yeara ago contains some valuable Information
regarding the locatlcii. the harbor and the
condition of old Fort Jefferson. The group
t key * or lalota , ol which Qordeo Key , upon
( which the station la located , Is the center
ovtr ot an area of eleven square miles.
i Kur coMltU ol Un ICTM. Da U ar
Wash fabrics Court Royal
Light and dark ground , with figures ,
strlpca , etc. , fast colors at lOc per
Tela Vela Duck Suiting , dark colors at
12 c per yard.
Imported Galatea doth the best for
wear tdo beat In colors new pat
terns at 35c per yard.
Satin Stripe , fast colored Zephjr Ging
hams a flno even weave , In plaids and
stripes , with satin over stripes , con
sidered very handsome the price 13c
per lard.
Imported Cotton French Dam-
Dress Goods tiness Irish
Scotch Sturdiuess
rare prettlness In all. Each contributes
Its own peculiar beauty to thh world's
show Ing'of- springtime fabrlca. From
Trance thcso
Organdie Llsse ,
Organdie Ilajee ,
Oragandlo Caarreau.
Color schemes In the flower printing as
the French alone know how to paint
From Ireland these Irish dainties , 2Bc.
Gumilne Irish Dimities In patterns , fresh
and new each season , but the same
handsome goodness that our grand
mother's knew.
From Scotland these Anderson Swisses ,
Now staple styles from John Ander
son ot Glasgow , handsome , reliable
Swisses , Always In the front ranks.
Tancy plaid and fancy checks.
We are
some beau
ties in the
Jets , Dralds , Chiffons , Spangles , Silk
Applique , fine 'French ' Venice Trim-
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Heal Valenciennes Lace Edgings , great
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Uoaded Trimmings.
Don't neglect to sco theSpnnglel and
Headed Blouses they may be the ) very
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AVe have also a large line of Dralded
Braid Skirt Pieces
Jet Points for skirts and waists
Braid Points for skirts and waists.
Ribbons Are a prominent
i'eature in dress
decoration this spring.
In pleatlnga , rualtags and the new
sheered effects , also for sashes.
Our stock complete- with all the new
shades , such as burnt orange , plvolno ,
Euphratc , Ru'slan blue and new green.
Double face sntln rlbbrns , In colors and
black , also satin grea grain , will
be the most popular ribbon this eum-
Our stock of fancies for ties and sashes
In narrow and wide widths , checks and
stripes , are the latest patterns fiotn
the looms.
Hosiery and Special : Ladies'
Underwear black Cotton
With double toe , sole and heel , extra
good quality 35c pair , worth BOc.
Children's Black Ribbed Lisle Hose , with
double' knees and spliced heels , abso
lutely stainless only 20c pair.
We are showing two special numbers In
Children's Shirts
A fine nibbed Whlto Merino , very nicely
finished 25c each.
An extra goo ] quality In fine ribbed
wool , silk finished only 50c each.
the old fort , Tortugas harbor light having
a range of thirteen miles , and the quar
antine station. The anchorage to the north
west of Qorden Key has a usable area oivj
by one and one-halt milru , with seven to
cloven fathoms of water and excellent holdIng -
Ing ground. Into thlti anchorage are thice
channels and Surgeon Murray sa > s that with
a little euro any vessel In the woild now
built or to be constructed can go to It with
out a ( illot.
SpiiiilNli lioiriinifiil Siiuml * Them an
the Cuiiinirrulnl Tn-nt > .
MADRID , March 5 The government has
consulted the Chambers of Commerce
throughout the country respecting the pro-
poeed comnifcrctal treaty with the United
States. The 1111 boa chamber replies that
considering the present condition of mercan
tile relations It < an see no necessity for a
treaty. If the negotiations , however , are
successful It la of the opinion that two trea
ties will bo requisite , one between America
and the Peninsula and ono between America
and the Antilles. The former treaty , In the
opinion of the llllboa chamber , ought to be
based on reciprocity granting the United
States a second column In the peninsular
tariff , with mutual concessions If possible. It
America concedes that Spanish merchandise
would bo favored by the tariff Spain should
allow America A second column with all the
rebates granted by treaties to Holland ,
Switzerland , Norway and Sweden. The
treaty between America and the Antilles ) , In
the judgment ot the Ullboj. chamber , should
bo limited to the concessions obtained from
the Cuban tariff August 8 , 1SS7 , and should
maintain protection at 32 per maximum and
22 cents minimum for American producti.
It Is believed other chambers take the same
rort-riiKl of the Hoard of In
quiry lli'iiart.
KEY WEST. Da. , March 6 Captain Marlx
before sailing on the MiDgrove with the
Maine board of Inquiry referred to the state
ment that the court's Investigation had
failed to prove that the Maine had been
blown up from the outside. "That's all
bosh , " he aald. "Why can't they elop theor-
Izlng mi til we got ready to report ? Then
I assure you we shall havn tome reading for
tha American people that will be Interest-
Ing. "
"Will It mean war ? " was asked.
"Tliat'a a question I cannot answer now ;
wait. "
.lrni for > nnl Mllltln.
NEW VOHK , March C. A consignment
of Galling guns was tent to Fensacola ,
Florida. At the ordnance department It was
said ( hat the guns were ordered many month *
ago and that their shipment has no special
UnlBcanc * . A cootliiUBtnt ot cutliim and
Tailor Made
That ladies are
practical in
their ideas is
nowhere more
fully demon
strated than
in the fact
that they have
come to realize
the .absolute ne
cessity of hav
ing a tailor-
made suit ns part of their wardrobe.
When wo speak of a tailor-made suit
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tailored , where the style and nt of
the suits show the Impress of an ar
tist. Wo are the only house which In
sist that all our cloths shall be thor
oughly sponged and shrunken before
they are made up. Undoubtedly from
now on you will find other stores ad
vertising In largo type that all their
suits are also sponged. They will ho
perfectly safe in .sajlng so , as you
cannot tell by looking at the cloth
whether It has been steamed or not.
Th'a Is a case where the reputation ot
a Ilnn counts.
Tallor-tnado suits at $11.50 , $13 50 , $15.00
and 000
Ready-Made For immediate
Pillows need.
Wo are able to furnish ready-made pil
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Ready-made sheets.- Desire to call your
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plain scam at 50c , COc and hemstitched
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Read j-made pillow cases , guarantee as
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15c ; hemstitched , 15c each.
Sheetings , bleached and unbleached , In
all widths and prices.
Notions AVe desire to call at
tention to the Mon
arch ease up Leather Belt.
A wonderful Improvement , > lelds anil
conforms to the movements ot the
wearer ; no more breaking belts or pull
ing out eyelets.
Black and colors , 25c , 40c and 50c each.
The Monarch leather covered belt hold-
era , made ot genuine morocco. In col-
ois to match any belt , 5c each.
The Monarch ornamental leather covered
belt holders , hard enameled , ornament ;
In fleur-do lla , star and clover leaf de
signs , lOc each.
The success of
our muslin un
derwear de
partment is
having gar
ments as wo
men want
Most stores try to educate women tt
llko garments < as manufacturers make
Wo'vc climbed to the top for goodnesi
In the garments as you showed ui
the way.
Corset Covers from 8c to $2 25 each. .
Draw ens from 25c to $2.25 each.
Gowns from 35c to $6 50 each.
Petticoats from 75c to $10 O0'"each.
other warlike supplies were sent with th
Catling guns.
Iliiohe Snllit fur Ilii-viiiui.
KEY WEST , Fla , March 5 The coast eur
vey boat Ilacho sailed fcr Havana today an
will bring back any bodies which may b
recovered from the wreck of the Malm
There have been no movements among th
United States war ships at Tortugaa islnndt
Stlrn l ! | > IVelliiHT In Cunniln.
OTTAWA , Ont. , March 5. The passage c
the Alaska homestead bill , by the Unite
States senate and the withdrawal of th
bonding privileges from Canada In that ills
trlct unless certain concessions are obtalne
from the Canadian government In retur
have stirred up much feeling hero and th
result will likely be that the Canadla
Yukon railway will bo built from Telegrap
Creek right through to Fort Simpson o'
the 'British Columbia coast so as to avol
the difficulties being created at Fort Wrange
No concessions , It Is eald In offlclc
circles , will be made by Canada for a rlgl
which has been given It by treaty , namol
the free navigation of the Stlckeen rive
( or commercial purposes.
1'iittlnurVaiiiiiiuiktT Forward.
PHILADELPHIA. March 5. A commltte
of the Business lilen's league which severs
weeks ago adopted a resolution requestln
John Wanamaker to allow the use ot hi
name aa tbo anti-Quay candidate for gov
ernor , had a conference with Mr. Won :
maker here today. Upon conclusion of th
conference , 'Mr. Deeraer of the commltte
stated that Mr. iWanamaker would glvo h !
definite reply to the league on Monday c
Tuesday. Mr. Deemer said that .while > Mi
Wanamaker did not commit himself , be , 'Mi
Deemer , was of the opinion that he woul
become a candidate.
> Iny lie A Double- Murder ,
OTTAWA , 111 , March G. Developments I
a double tragedy nre stirring up this ell
today , A man supposed to be C. W. Woe
of Chicago appears < o have committed BU
ride after having shot and killed an Ottavv
woman known ns Irene. Hrlder. The vvoma
H > ent last week In Chicago and Wood fa
'owed her hero. The coroner Is Investlga
i Ini ? rumors that a man from La b < ille , III
who ans jealous of the attentions lo it
woman by WooJ , committed the deed.
North Hnkutn Hunker * Arrmted.
I.ARIMOUi : , N. D. . March 5 Today J. 1
Streeter , jr. , president , and H. C . Streete
cashier of the defunct First National ban
of this city , were arrested on a charge c
havInK received deposits In an Insolvcr
bank They were released on $1,200 bond
CruUrr Will Iteniulu In Kurope.
NEW YORK. March 5-Richard Crok
has nnnounred that It Is his Intention to i
to England and remain. It U reported creed
( rood authority that during bU absence Jot ;
F. Cat roll vv HI ba acting leader of Tamrnai
it Id/
Army and Navjjf , y ll Efl Prepared for Any
Emergency ,
n ) .l
Tt Xl
At the Snimv 'l me If N M'ilcd Kvi-ry
1'rcrniitinirfviH llrlnic Tnkcu
to ' 'III" ' Itrmlr for
/rMl' % Cnll <
WASHINGTON,1 C. The developments -
ments at the State , War and Navy depart
ments In connection with the Spanish situa
tion have divided themselves Into two dis
tinct brcneties , one relating to the Maine
court of Inquiry and the other to the natural
and necessary steps to place the naval and
military arms of the service on an efficient
basis. Concerning the court and Its work
the Information reaching the authorities
hereIs of a most fragmentary character ,
and the highest naval officials reiterate that
nothing Is at hand to Indicate even the
tendencies ot the members of the court from
the evidence they have thus far received.
Admiral Slcard'a telegram last night Rivet
the only clew as to the plans of the court
and this tn effect Is that It will be some
tlmo before the testimony or divers and
other witnesses can be taken and an Idea
formed as to the date of submitting the re
port. It Is felt at the Navy department
that this will leave the question , so fac ue
the court Is concerned , In a state of doubt
for some dajs longer , probably a week ot
ten days , for , aside from the conclusion ol
the hearings , there Is the formulation of the
Important "findings " , the framing ot tha
court's opinion , and then the formalities ol
Us transmission to Admiral Slcard , and
thence to Washington. "While these last
stages will bo very brief when the actual
findings and opinions have been matured , jet
they cannot be entirely eliminated , and
there appears to bo no disposition to be
precipitous In a matter Involving such grave
The other general branch of the subject ,
the activity In the various naval and mili
tary bureaus , continues without reference tc
the work ot the court ot Inquiry. This ao
tlvlty up to the present time has not taken
the form of any concerted or elaborate plan
of emergency preparations , but has been
manifest mainly through comparative ! )
minor acts , which , taken altogether , halt
shown that the licncM of departments were
not Inactive In preparing their branches ol
the scrvlco for any requirements which It
was possible might bo made on them.
A member of the cabinet stated today thai
there should bo 10 misunderstanding or mis
construction of thcso stcpj. For Instance ,
all of the manifold movements , particular ! }
In the west , of war material , are declared
n the most positive manner simply to bo lr
execution of plans long ago developed foi
'orttflcatlons and the defense ot the coarst ,
Thus at Seattle the War department reccutlj
purchased a tract of G40 acres on Magnolia
Muff , a point regarded by the board as Indispensable -
dispensable toitno proper defense of Pugel
oucid. This blull Is being put lute
condition for the reception ol
he heavy guns anil the othei
weapons The work , It Is said , should have
been done long ago. However , while It IE
tated that these steps are In accordance wltli
last plans , there Is no concealment of the
'act that the administration Is impressed
with a sense of duty In putting the two vvai
branches In the highest state of efficiency tc
neet any emergency. There is no dlsposl-
Ion to anticipate an emergency or to sa >
hat any situation will call Into use the rep
resentation now on foot. On the contrary ,
the highest authorities of the naval and
military branches say they do not cxpecl
an emergency , but are performing the duty
allotted to them of being ready for any re
sult that may ; , com * no matter how unex
pected It may hoi- Those high officials dc
lot wish to minimize their preparations 01
to assert , they the } are merely routine ,
neither do they wish these wise and natural
> recautlons to bo construed far beyond theli
egltlmatc Intent and made the basis foi
alarming reports of war measures.
In referring to this subject , a member ol
the cabinet said ho felt that patriotic In
stincts should Inspire a just measuring ot the
activity now evident at no more or no less
than It really meant.
The Navy department ls somewhat embar
rassed by the lack of reamen necessary tc
111 the complement of ships already or aboul
to go Into commission and In view of thi
shortage the officials in charge of the ro-
crultlng stations at League Island , Norfolt
and New York have been Instructed to en
list such seamen as may bo available and no
confide themselves to persons wuo havi
heretofore been In the navy.
According to an official of the constructloi
bureau of the navy It will be some time be
fore the Charleston , Yorktown and Phila
delphia , now at the. Mare Island yard , an
again ready for sea service unless extraord
inary measures are taken to liurry the worl
on them. The Yorktown and Philadelphia
It Is suggested , mignt be prepared again foi
sea service In a very short tlmo It they an
not put out of commission , but If the latte
step la resorted , It will require from el :
to nine months to put them In shape.
The War department Is having semi
difficulty In obtaining sufficient ground a
Point Wilson , Washington , on which It Ii
proposed to orcct fortifications. This is be
cause ot the fac-t that owners of much o
the land are scattered over the country am
trouble has been experienced In eccurlni
their addresses. The matter Is now In tin
hands of the Department of Justice vvhlcl
Is doing everything possible to settle thi
question. The nature and extent ot thi
works to bo erected will depend on thi
money available.
"Wo are pressing work on fortifications , '
said an official of the War department today
'juat ' as wo have 'been ' since the permanen
system ot coast defense was Inaugurated b ;
congress about two } eara ago. We aim ti
spend all the money congress appropriate
yearly , so that that body will continue ti
authorize expenditures far this necessary ad
junct of national defense. Naturally th >
public U now taking great Interest in al
that la going on , and probably observes will
closer scrutiny everything being done. This
coupled with the fact that no one execp
members of congress are allowed to ente
the fortifications and they only with th
consent of the secretary of war , apparent ! ;
makes the matter all the more mysterious
No , I would not be at liberty to tell of an ;
steps that are being taken oa a result o
the pending excitement , even it J knew o
" a-
such. -
A visit to the , Navy department , one o
those made at not Infrequent Intervals I
the course of duty by Lieutenant J. D. a
Kcllcy , U. S. N. , ' caused the Immediate clr
culatlon of a repbrt that the governmcn
is embarking on the Urge undertaking I :
the Inspection of all'vessels ' of our merchan
marine that might bo available for nava
service In case , of tilted. For more than el
months Lieutenant1 Kelly has 'been ' charge
with the duty of inspecting vessels ot th
merchant marhie W ascertain If they com
piled with the' fernfe of the so-called sub
sidy act and oicjtius ; } fitted for naval serv
Ice. The termsof th.e act , which was passe
several years ago , Appear to be designed t
secure the crcrftibtfof a class ot vessels un
der the American ! < flag , built In Amerlut
ship yards , tbati hull bo suitable for th
rapid and sato carriage of the United State
malls , and second , suitable for transforma
tlon tn case ot need Into auxiliary cruiser
for the navy. Ever since the passage c
that act , the Navy department has bad ofll
cers at work Inspecting merchant vesacli
either In their preliminary stages .of cor
structlon , or after completion , when thel
owneis sought to take advantage c
the act and claim subsidies fo
their ships. Many vewels have been ao lr
spected and the naval officers have repottu
to the pcetrcester geuural this fltncsa c
unfltneus for naval service. Aa alreati
stated , Lleutencnt Kelly Is now In chars
of that particular branch ot the navy an
has been prosecuting It with a dlllgcnc <
Without doubt the puhlls excitement of tn
Icit few weeks induced a number ot vessi
owners who have never before sought :
take- advantage or the subsidy act to subm
their shlpa to the Navy department now fc
examination , and this haa resulted In jjni
sual activity on the part of the InapoOtln
Tiie armored cruder Brooklyn arrived <
Laguayra , Venezuela , yesterday and rcporte
last lght by oablo to the Navy department
It Is the Intention of the autfuirltlra to krc
the ship at that pool for a few ilnjn. or a
leant until It Is demonstrated tlut the In
slcntllcatit revolutionary movement In U.
eastern portion of the coiintrv Is shown note
to endanger any A me r I con Intercuts. Thci
the pan ! In for the lirooklvn to proceed t
Colon and nwalt orders from the depart
The Now perl , with the Nleatagua cnna
comtnlsslcii uboud , arrived at Colon yester
Cay with Ida expectation ot temalnlnq untl
the lOtli Inst. The training ship Texas ha
failed from Fnrl Motirco to Tonipklnsvllle.
Senor dil Ursc , Iho Spanish charge , callo
at the State derailment thin morning on
had a cbort talk with Judge Day concernln ;
recent filibustering movements. The depart
ment desired to get fuller Information thai
had thus far been furnished , It U under
stood that Spain's purchase ot war ship
and other subjects which tavc attracte
much Interrfct within the lost few dajs wcr
In no way referred to , as Mr. tin lloic ha
received no information on throe subject
aad they arc not open to diplomatic negotla
The departure of General Wilson , ( hie
of engineers of the War department , for th
south. It Is now admitted. Is for the pur
pose of Inspecting fortifications and rlvc
and larbcv Improvements. His trip ma ;
extend to I > ry Tortugaa , In the Gulf o
riion VIULITV or A cisn
IlcnUli 'lU'KiilnlloiiN ' of rinrhlii l.lkcl ;
to Ciiiinc Sonic Trnultlt * .
WASHINGTON , March 5 There Is prom
o of a new and unwelccnio development o
the Maine affair that In the end may leu
up to an Issue between the government o
flio United States and the state of Florid ;
if the officials of the state endorse tdo stain
taken by the local officials at Key West
The latter have notified Admiral Slcard tha
on the first of next month they propose t
enforce the state quarantine law against al
craft arriving from Cuba , as a measmo o
ireventlon against the Introduction of ydlov
[ over. The notice Indicates that the las
will be applied to the n-ival vessels , aud n
view of the serious Interruptions such Inter
lercnco with the free movement of Ills ttilp
would cause , Admiral Slcard has presentei
.he facts to the Navy department and await
Instructions. The department officials can
not tolerate with equanimity the stopragi
ot such ctaft as the Mangrove atul Fern 01
theli crrunda ot mercy , nor delays that ma ;
result In tlio prosecution of the work of th
wieckcra engaged on the Maine's hull an
in the work 01 the court of Inquiry. Td
( resident ( ilmself probably will communl
: ate with the governor of Tin Ida with ;
view to securing an abatement of the law , c > i
far a It in proposed to apply It to nava
vessels , this being the speediest manner o
lealing with the case , although it may bi
itatcd that th national government move
las lecognlzed the right of any local author !
ties to stop its vcsse's in case their move
ment were deemed necessary. The wa
ahips have voluntarily submitted to quaran
tlno vfaen returning from any port BUS
pccted of infection , but this U nsfierted to b' '
: nercly a concession and not the rccognltlci
of any lawful right on the part ot the stat
authoiltles. In view of the fact ( Kit th-
offlceis on our war ships , with the nld o
capable surgeon's ' on each ship , make it thel
prldo to keep their craft In the most health
tul condition , naval officers feel that the ;
may be eafcly left to run their ships between
tweon Havana and Key West without tcstrlc
tlcti. As on evidence of the care exercise :
to avoid carr > lng contagion , the official
point to the fact that without suggestlu1
trom any of the health authorities of Florid
Admiral Slcard caused the wounded eur
v Ivors of the Maine disaster to be dotalne
for several dajfl at Tortugas before allowln ;
them to go to Key West.
It la asserted positively at the State do
imrtment that there has been no change ii
: ho plans for sending the Montgomery an' '
: ho Nashville to eastern Cuban ports wit !
relief supplies for the rrconcentradoos. I
lad been suggested that the offer of a mer
chant , steamer from New York to take som
of these gcods to Cuba would relieve th
naval ves&els from the performance of thi
onerous task , but the declaration from th
State department Insures the execution o
: he original program and the ships name
will sail for Watanzas and Sagua la Grand
as soon as the gcods arrive at Key Wes
'rom New York. Reports that have com
: o the State department from these place
show that terrible destitution exists , prob
ably nowheic exceeded in the Island an
the officers of the Montgomery saw for them
selves on their recent stop at Matanzas th
extent ot the misery. It Is said by some o
the correspondents of these officers that the
all returned penniless from their Cuba
cruise , having been so moved by what the
saw that they gave avvay all of their read
U was decided this afternoon to abando
the projected order to the flagship Olympl
to return to San' Francisco from Hong Kent
Without this fine- ship the Asiatic squadro
would be made up of gunboats and unpro
tooted cruisers without any great degree c
defensive and no offensive force agalne
armored ships. The cruiser Baltimore noi
at Honolulu has been selected to take th
powder to be brought to that port by th
Mohican further along to Hong Kong fa
the vessels of the Asiatic squadron. Whethe
or not the ship will be attached to tb
squadron permanently has not yet been de
The torpedo boat Wlnslow , which ha
been under repairs at the Norfolk nav
yard , sailed today for Key West to Join th
The- continued reports that Spain Is buy
Ing now war ships led to counter report
that the naval authorities here were consld
cring similar purchases. In no official quat
tor at the Navy department could this b
confirmed , as stepa ot this character necea
aarily would bo guarded with the greatfis
sotrecy. There Is little doubt , however , tha
the department is Informing Itself fully ate
to the opportunities of purchases , nhoul
the necessity for more ships arUe. Thu
far there have been no negotiations for ship
and no options asked un particular chips
Quito a number of offers of ships have bee
submitted to Secretary Long by shlobulldin
concerns In this country and abroad. Thes
have beeu docketed and filed , but beyoti
an acknowledgment of the offers no step
toward purchase have been taken. Undo
ordinary circumstances the Navy departmen
would require authority from congress t
purchase war ships. There In no law whlc !
permits a larger exercise of authority Ii
times of emergency than at other times. I
la understood , however , that the naval au
thorltles feel that such emergency measure
as might be required would have th
subsequent approval of congress. j
precedent Is cited as to th
purchase of a naval vessel In a tlmo of emei
gency without the assent of congress. Whll
Secretary Chandler was at the head of th
Navy department Informal-Ion reached her
that the Greely Arctic expedition was In
perilous condition and that relief was Imperative
porativo without a day's delay and It Is no'
a matter ot history that If the relief part
hud been twenty-four hours later In react
ing Greely and his men the latter woul
have succumbed from starvation. None c
the naval ships at the tlmo were avallablt
The Bear was offered for eale , however , an
Secretary Chandler closed the contract for it
purchase , stating at the tlmo that If congrei
failed to ratify the purchase and make th
appropriation necessary for the purchas
price he would hold himself personally r <
sponslblo to the contractors. The Bear wa
successful In Its relief mission and congrcj
promptly ratified Mr. Chandler's course b
appropriating money for the ship. It I
now In .the government service as a revonu
cutter , on duty In Alaskan waters. It I
said that this course of procedure would b
followed In case of emergency at the preset
ItciliK-lloii of Spniilxh ( J ml ii Dutlci
WASHINGTON , March G. On account t
the excessive prices of grain In the Spunla
markets the Import duties on wheat hav
been reduced by the Spanish goverivnent I
order to Induce the Importation of theape
foreign wheat. The cffitlat new a of the n
ductlon came to the State- department lot
evening In the following cablegram froi
I'nltcd States MlnlJtcr Wo1ford at Madili
Hy deorfe , publlxhed today nn
tiiklng ofTctt In the nenlnmilu. the IJ.ikarl
uml Canary Islands , Murch B , 1SUS , Iho tnrl
duties onv > ieat and wheat ( lour ni
transitorily reduced MS follows : On when
fl peoetns per 100 kilograms. In place of ;
peselns na heretofore ; on wheat flour ,
pesetas. In place of | 1" pesetas und .
centimes an heretofore ; thfse duties to ri
main In force so long as the price of whet
The Free Distribution of Lormg's Germ Killer
for Inhalation , From the World-Her
ald Office , Ended Yesterday.
Thousands In and Near This City Are Testing :
the Remedy.
Thousands of Others arc Anxiously Awaiting thu Result--The lleeVI1 >
Publish the People's Verdict.
O\tTH ! _ I , rliiK A Co. rr | i-otfullj-
Inform I IncltlniiN of Onuiliu Hint
tlir.r nlioulil IIKVAAUi : of llic tin-
HcruiHiloiiK ilruwwlxt who , fur tliv
mikiof ficlf-iiKKmtiillreiiiriit , * > ill nt-
tciniit to In-Ill ( l.nrliiK'n < it > riu Klllrr
for Inhnliitloii , anil olTcr a si'liSTI- '
TL'TI ' ; trciitiiii-nt In itlnt'i * . .Vnk fur
I.OUIMi'S ( ir.lOI KIl.l.lMt anil tiiUo 110
other , UN t-xTj It r.l'IJTADM : ilriiK-
Kl t ( MirrlfN It In Kliirk.
Don't cxiirct jour ilriiKUlxt to Klv
> on Information about our txooilx.
Our tiook furnliilicil with th < > Inluilrr
nlll ! < j on full Information. It Is
the ( icrin-Klllor MidlcliuHint < : tHI ! > .
The distribution of Tree- sample treat
ment ! " of boring's Germ Killer for Inlinln-
tlon from the World-Herald olllco closed
lust evening. Already It has been -voted one
of the most noteworthy events that ever ou
curreil In the rneillciil history of this city.
No less than is.000 saiiiple treatments were
given nway absolutely free to sur liic
crowds of suffereis from tUarrh nntl ca-
tnrrhal deafness , grip , coughs , gelds and
conmimptlon who applied for tlioin
thousands of suffoters are now testing the
tre.ttmont and after they have done so
Tno llee will publish their testimony
tis generally anil fully a It CUM bo obtain.n.
Scores who got samples the first ilay of the
distribution have visited the World-lloruld
otllco anil arc enthusiastic In their asser
tions that the troitmunt has lienelltetl them.
A Bee reporter mot a representative of
I.orliiK & Co. at his hotel Inst night anil In
the course of a conversation alwul thlt
great free gift of niccessful treatment to
the people , that gentleman sitd :
"Mr. Iorlnjr fully understands how the
people hive been humbugged In the past and
hli honest method of Introducing hH won-
tlerful Mlncovcry Is rc-gntdwl by him as no
tnoro than Is dilu from him to the large
class of suffering humanity whom ho seeks
to benefit. Ho really believes that boring's
Germ Killer for Inhalation U the ; only rem
edy In the. world that can euro cvtnrrh and
consumption , for ho knows that there Is no
other remedy that can penotrito thp lung
cells and to the recede1" of the bronchial
tubes Its \ ( pleasant to take and one appli
cation gives the sufferer Immediate relief.
Its continued use nvlll cure any case of ca-
tarili or any case of consumption not ml-
In Castlllan markets shall exceed 27 pesetas
per 100 Kilograms.
I. > ViS'Iin.VTI.M ! OVTT1.U IIISUASi : .
Secretary Wllkoit to Look Up the
'Matter ' In ) Ni'lmiNkii.
WASHINGTON , March E ( Special Tele
gram ) Marshal Thummol , accompanied by
Assistant Secretary Melklejohn called today
on Secretary Wilson with a view to learning
the cause of the dlsciso now decimating
herds of cattle through counties about Grand
IslanJ. 'Mr. ' T hummel stated that one stock
man In Hull county had lost fifty lieaJ of
cattle by the disease known locally as hoof
rot. One of the strange features of the case
ho cited was that the disease confined Itself
to cattle brought Into the state from north
western ranges for feeding purposes , native
cattle being cntltcly fred from the affliction.
Secretary Wilson was of the opinion that
the disease was due to ergot In hay and the
only relief that could be had was In feeding
other foods. Later , Dr. Salmon of the 'Bureau '
of Animal Industry corroborated the opin
ion of Secretary Wilson and said that ergot
was more prolific some years than others
and especially on the 'bqttoni ' lands and hay
cut from these lands was absolutely value
less for feeding purposes. Mr. Thummel
asked that a special agent ot the depart
ment be sent to Investigate the matter and
this will probably bo done In the near
The Indian bill will be reported to the
house on Monday. That body will bo asked
to non-concur In the senate amendments. It
la In this bill Nebraska Is especially Inter
ested , In carrying aa It does $45,000 for the
Indian congress at Omaha. A vote will be
taken on the free homes amendment , In
which Boyd county settlers are vitally con
cerned , being the only county In the Htato
which Is affected as the amendment sta-ada
at present. A poll of the Nebraska delega
tion made today shows that If the vote Is
taken upon the direct proposition to concur
or non-concur the entire delegation will be
In favor of the free home * amendment.
Chairman Lacey of the public lands commit
tee an ! also a member of the Indian affairs
committee , said he proposed to offer an
amendment to the motion 10 non-concur ,
which would bring the whole subject before
the house. The amendment will be In the
Interest of agricultural colleges which are
fighting the amendment tooth and nail upon
the proposition that It the land In question
Is put upon the same footing aa all govern
ment land It will seriously handicap their
appropriations. The Indian congress bill ,
however , will be safe , no matte ? whetnei
the free homes amendment prevails or not ,
senate conferees who will ho chosen having
Indicated to Senator Ailco that they had
already decided to stand together on the
question ,
David T. Day of the Geological miivey
leaves for Omaha tonight to look over the
ground with a vlow of taking charge of tno
mineral exhibit at the exposition. Mr. Day
haa luU vast expedience In this direction
and beiig a well known authority upon , min
erals will give the exposition a splendid ex-
Dr. ' P. P. Dennis of North Platte will bo
appointed one of the members of the exam
ining physicians at that place.
P. M. Weatherld of Hebron , who has spent
leaves for Nebraska
some times In Washington ,
braska tonight greatly benefited by his visit
The Wyoming delegation , which has been
hero In the Interest of a cantonment at or
near Sheridan , called upon Secretary Alger ,
General Miles and \salstant I Secretary
Melklejohn today , previous to their leaving
for their western homes. General Miles as
sured Captain Palmer that he would be In
Omaha during the exposition and would prob
ably Indulge himself with a fishing trip along
the Uurllnston's northern line. Members of
the delegation are greatly satisfied with
their trip , believing It Is only a question of
tlmo before an order IB made to the troops
to rendezvcus In northern Wyoming during
the summer.
Postmasters appointed : Iowa Harvey Cook ,
Hobart. Kcsauth county ; Frank E Drake ,
Radcllffe. Hardln county ; John Hlakcly , Hen-
ner. Boone county ; and William Montgomery ,
Tremalne , Hamilton county.
It Is understood that the resignation of
Prof. W. H. Hallman , superintendent of In
dian schools , will soon be asked for. There
are several candidates for the position ,
which Is the most dceliable In the Indian
service , paying $3,000 per y ar with traveling
oxpenscs ,
The secretary of the Interior today ap
proved for patent of Wyoming , charitable ,
educational , penal and reformatory Institutes
emu thousand acres of land In the Sundance
land district.
MUM ! < 'nnc el Spoiled Vlone ) Order * .
WASHINGTON , March 5. Auditor Castle
of the Postofflcn department lies directed
that all spoiled money orders sent to his
olllco by postmasters be canceled Immedi
ately by a perforating stamp bearing the
word "void. " This Is done to prevent their
possible use by devices resorted to by dis
honest persons Into whose possessions they
may come.
Ilinriliiilrnl VlnltlieMM tn Hetlre.
WASHINGTON , March B. Rear Admiral
Matthews will relinquish his duties ai
chief of 1he bureau of yard * and docks on
the ICIh Inst He will retire In the autumi
and probably will bo assigned to duty on thi
examining or retiring board until that time
Captain Slgibie tad Ctptaln Dickens , the l t
vancetl to the Incurable stigo befoie Its us
Is begun. It cures i-olil * . cough' , gilp , etc. .
In from one hour to one night. 1'or croup ,
asthma , and other spasmodic troubles It H
simply Invnlll vble. "
Wo quote fiom the. medical Index : "Lor-
Ing'H Uetm K'ller ' for Inhalation Is perhaps ,
the greatest medical tllxcovery of this vvon-
tlerfill rentury. The act of breathing carries
the puilf.vlng and heillng properties of tlui
genn-KlliliiK ozone- from the Inlmlci tutu
every air pssigo of the thro it mill heail
and Into every lung foil , giving almost lu
st lilt relief , and the geol effect of the treat
ment Is perceived at once. Heuentwl tieit-
tnents render the linpiovement completeanil
permanent. The re i eli for till" Is olivlou-
when It Is remembered that tllseisc In tlui
lungs Is tleep-seateil and -the affected parts
c\nnot bo renehLtl liy Inhilers which sivo
off s > rav. watery viper or steam , 1 hn only
surees .rul tieitnient U by dry medico-ozone.
I'uro ozone Is produced by the process of
Inhalation and Is mcdleiteil with hoiliifi *
Germ Killer lull ilant. the. cuiatlvo pnpt-i-
tles of which aio eairled to the remotest
recesses of the tespltatory system , com
pletely Impregnating with It cveiy air cell
anil soothing and henllng pins' which could
not he reached by any other treatment and
Inhaler ever devised. "
Mr. Lorlng Is anxious that evciy sufferer
should test this remedy. In order that ni my
may do so who were uniil le to be. present
at the distribution , ho Instructs us to Htato
tint Ifou will cut out the coupon below
and mall It to I < orlnpr & Co , fB-CO VuilnMi
avenue , Chicago , with address In fu'l. von
will receive liv mall postpaid , a free treat
ment , runu or ANY IXPINSR TO YOU.
r > ,
Upon receipt of this coupon ,
with your mime anil nddre'S.
within one vveeU from d ite of
this paper , we. will nend you by
mill , prepaid , a PliniJ S\M-
I'ljll of horlng's Germ Killer
for Inhalation , also hl Irok on
ca Diseases of the Head , Thro it ,
Chest and Lungs.
Address : Lot Ing1 & Co , HS GO
WnMsh A\e , Chlcigo. 111.
C-fW -
A complete home treatment , consisting of
IjOi Ing's Germ Kll'er ' for Inhalation and Ab
bott I.orlnn's Anti-Germ Vaporizing Inhaler ,
. 1'rlco $110
may be bought of any druggist.
i\tr.x : bottles of Inh ilunt , 00 cents each.
ler being assistant chief of the bureau ot
navigation , are among the olflcers talked of
ifor the tucccsslon to Admiral Matthews'
place In the bin can ot yards and docks.
STIM. S'llt'lv TO TIII2 TlliVTV.
Hawaiian MiiUrrw IrellUiMiNHril lle-
lilnit Closed llooi N.
WASHINGTON , Mirch 6 The senate )
committee oil foreign relations held an hour'j
sitting today In an effort to decide upon
what course to pursue with reference to the
Hawaiian annexation treaty , when the
meeting adjourned the members refused ab
solute ! to glvo out any Information to the
press , saying that all present had plcclgefl
thon-fii.'hes to absolute seciccy. It waa
learned from other senators , however , tliat
the committee had under consideration the
advisability of taking up the question ot
annexation In the way of legislation rather
than by the means of ratifying the treat" ,
but that they had decided not to abandon
the treaty , at least Immediately , but to prosit
Its consideration upon the senate at the first
opportunity. They declined to say , even to
ncnators , what might be their course later ,
confining themselves io ' ' 13 declaration that
they would seek to have the senate go Into
executive session again for the considera
tion of the treaty as soon an the appro
priation bills could bo gotten out ot the way.
The present Intention of the committee Is
to hold the treaty In executive session until
a test vote can bo secured and It Is still un
derstood that the Bacon amendment will ba
used for this purpose. If the leault of this
vote indicates that a vote on the treaty Itself
would result In Its defeat , the friends of an
nexation would then resort to the expedient
of a Joint resolution and will then < wh the
senate to take up the question In this shape
In open sernlon , with a 'view of securing the
consent of the house. Some difference of
opinion developed In the committee as to
the wisdom of resuming the executive ses-
slono at all , but it Is urged that many sen
ators would not consent to the mothoj ot
procedure until there IH a vote on the treaty
Itself and this Is said to have prevailed.
Takes Stronu' ( riinnil AKiiliiHt the
Pree Home Amendment.
WASHINGTON , "March " B. Chairman Sher
man of the Indian affairs committee of the
house has rcLC-Ivod from Secretary Bliss
communication In Vvhkh the latter taUei
strong ground against the adoption by the
house of the "ifi'o homo" amendment to the
Indian appropriation bill adopted by the sen
ate. The secretary thinks that such legis
lation would ho Inexpedient , as It would ho
taxing the entire people for the benefit ot
the few.
> > V M for tin' Army.
WASHINGTON , March 5. ( Special Tele-
gram. ) Thn following transfers have been
made In the Third artillery : First Llciitcnint
John K. Cree , from battery K to battery II ;
Tlrst Lieutenant iVrchlbald Campbell , from
battery B to light battery C ; Klist Lieutenant
Maurice G. Krayenbuhl , from light battciy
C to buttery K ; Second Lieutenant Hogcia
P. Gardner , from battery K to light battery
C ; Second Lieutenant Lloyd England , from
light battery C to battery K ; Second Lieuten
ant Hoburt S. Abernethy , from battery G t )
battery L.
lnll > TrciiHiir ) > < lateinl. .
WASHINGTON , March r. . Today's statement -
ment of the condition of the treasury shows ;
Available caJh balance , $ J24,509,320 ; gold re
serve , $108,424.112.
Every thought ,
word and acticm
takoB vitality1
fiom the blood ; every iiervc , muscle , )
bono , oi-tfati und tissue depends on the 1
blood for its quality und condition. i
Therefore pura
blood is abbolutoly
necebsiiry to right
living umlhcultliy
bodies. JIood'sSarMiimilllaistliotfieut
blood imtjller and the bcbt Spring
Medicine. Therefore it in the giuat
cuic tor scrofula , Halt rheum , humors ,
6orcs , rheuiniitlsin , cutarih , etc. ; the . < r
great nervine , strength builder , uppe- <
tizer , stomach tonic and icgulator.
Sarsaparillar S
all tor $9. Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co ,
Lowell , Man , America' * Oreateit Medlelnfc
Hood's Pills ukMi t luu