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Eoport of Internal Hovonno Collections for
Nebraska in 1897 ,
Collector HoniE MnlccH n SlifMvInpc of
( Which lie In I'roiul I'ort ot
wit Omnlin Slio-rcn Normal ,
it LJ _ . . I oeclj > t . i. j
The federal office presided over by Internal
ilovcnuo Collector Houtz has done a big busi
ness during itho last twelve months , In which
fact Mr. Houtz takes conulderablo pride.
The collections during the joar have moro
than doubled over last year.
According to a statement made up at the
close of business yesterday afternoon the
total collections for the twelve months have
been $1,973,809.85. The collections for 1800
were $920G75.11. The Increase for the year
lias therefore been $1,053,134.74 , or consider
ably moro that * 100 per cent. The sources ot
thcso collections are shown In the following
table : I ,
Collected on I 1898. 1807.
Pines nnd Penalties . . $4i701.01 $ irus.42
33ecr acO.S23.tO 181,123.73
Spirits „ 5S7.0K5.39 d.G.11,732.10
Cigars D3.2CT.7J CS OT1.CO
Tobacco 2K9.Ql
Special tax ( licenses ) . . 99,021.8.1
OleomarKtirlno . . . . . . . . 13,629.02
CPlaylng cards 81.72 7JC
( Totals , $920,075.11" $1,973,500.83
iDy far the biggest r > irt ot thU tremendous
Increase of business has occurred In the last
elx months of the year , which comprise the
( first half ot the fiscal year. In these six
months the collections amounted Ho $1,310-
739.61 , against $050,928.01 for 1890 , or an increase -
crease of $ C59,928.01. The tabulated state
ment ot , thls buslnesa IB aa follows :
1S90. 1St7.
July ' ! l:9'i3-0 ; | ! ! $267in.-.01
AURUSt 75,2i3.22 153 9M.OO
September 87.C07.4S 205.6TS.G5
October 124.931.85 H3G CC7.32
November 122,019.53 2.-1.12C.97
December < U5,152.St VJS.B'M.SI
fTotnls $ CMS11.57 $1,310,739.61
It will bo noticed that the big Increase Is
especially noticeable In the. collectloBfl of
cigars , splrlto and ibccr. These are all lux
uries , end from this statement therefore the
progress of prosperity can bo In some meas
ure gauged. There were no collections
during the last year on oleomngnrlne , for the
reason that that product Is no longer EOld
In the state. The tax on cards Is in moot
cases now affixed at the 'factories ' , so that
the local offices get but small money from
this source.
This district shows a marvelous Increase
In ; comparlsca with other districts. There
Is gain o ! business all over the United
States In the revenue offices , but it is esti
mated that this district has given about ose-
thlrd. . ot It. Inasmuch as there are sixty-
three districts In. the United States , the
standing ot this district Is little short of re
BUSIVESS ov TIIU rosroppicc.
Over -Koiir million Dollar * JTredcil to
KeiireKciit the Total for 1S07.
During the last Ivvelvo months the local
ixjistrfllco department has handled In round
figures over $4,000,000 ot money , and has
thus finished the biggest year In Its history ,
A record has alsD been made In the numbsr
of letters , bundles and packages that have
p a&sed through the department , but of course
no cpproxlmatlcin even ot the number can
bo made.
According to the statement made by Post
master Martin and Assistant Woodard at the
close of business yenterday afternoon , the
exact amount of $3,855,024.77 was handled
from the sale ot stamps , from the sale of
money orders , from the Issuance of money
orders and Irom remittances from country
postofllcca to the money order department.
To this must bo added , to get the grand
total , the amount of the remittances from
the country banks , and this can not bo eo-
cured at present. The receipts from this
source will bo about $300,000 , bringing the
eraua total to over $4,000.000.
There was' a ( lartlcularly big Increase
Jol the money order department , nnd
this Indicates that people have more
cola to sand and give away than
they have had for years. In the
twelve monltia a total of 32,053 money
orilprs v > cro Issued for the total value of
$234,051.04. Of these 30,278 were domestic
and were for $203,510.03 ; 1.77C were foreign
and were ot the value of $30,555.01. In
189G 28,880 orders were Issued of the total
valueot $192,373.45. I Considerable more
mcncy was received In money orders by the
people of the city , The number was 103,210. ,
and their total value was $1,151,197.72. Of
these , 162,587 were domestic orders , and wore
for $1.141,998.48. The foreign orders num
bered 723 , and were of the value of $10,990.53.
In 1896 the total number of money orders re
ceived were 140,437 , and they aggregate ft
.value of $952,025.59.
The amount of money received by remit
tances from country postofflccs to the money
order department amounted to $2,183,955.37.
fTlils Is just $753,378.07 more than was re
ceived from ! the same source In 1S9G.
The vrocccds from the ale ot stamps ot
all varieties during the year were $283,850.10 , ,
nnd eoinc $2,000 was secured from box rents.
This also shaws avery substantial Increase
over the preceding year. As has been
stated before , the remittances from country
banks will aggregate ) about $300,000 , another
Increase. In fact , there has been a substan
tial gain over 1898 In every department of
the postofflce.
The number of letters and parcels which
wore left with the registry department for
delivery was 18.480. The number for de
livery was 45,400. The number of oackages
that passed through the pastofflco in transit
, was 458,320.
The only change In the department force
during the year was the addition ot four
carriers. 1
IlucUlcii'n Arnlcii Jinlv < ! .
The beat salvo In the world for Cats ,
Bruises , Sores , Ulcers , Salt nheum. Fever
Bores , Tetter , Chapped Hands , Chilblains.
Corns and all Skin Eruptions , and positively
cures Piles tr no pay required. It Is guar
anteed to elvo perfect satisfaction or money
refunded. Price 5 cents per box. For ealo
by Kuhn & Co.
llullilny llnu-n.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. will
Bell tickets for the holidays at greatly reduced -
duced rates. City ticket office , 1G04 Farnam
QEOnGB n. HAVNES , City Passenger Agt.
1 . A. NASII. General Western Agent.
The Smith Cattle company has been Incor
porated with a capital ot $ C,000. The Incorpo.
ratoro are Arthur Q. Smith , W. Farnam
Smith , Clifford W. Smith and D. F. Smith ,
The articles authorize tbo company to on-
Highest Honors Werid'4 Pair ,
Gold Medal , Midwinter Fair ,
'A Fart Qnf * Crw el TorUr Pewftf !
gage In the business ot buying ; and eclllng
hoga , cheep , and. cattle.
Articles of Incorporation of the Itomcfltako
& Mountaineer Mining and Milling company
have been filed Ini the * office of the county
clerk. The capital stock Is fixed at $200,000.
The corporators art John A. Crelghtcn , C.
II. Uustln , J. A. Shonk , Cliarlca Ualbach sod
S. II. Stevens ,
The meet astonishing results In beating
\vounds have been shown by Salvation Oil.
South Omaha News
The revised ordinance , which Is designed
to rcgulato the matter of electric lights at
railroad crossings and compel the roads to
locate and maintain such lights , provides
for six lights at as many different crossings.
On the line ot tbo Union Pacific lights have
been ordered located , at the county road and
Madison street crossings. The Burlington Is
to place a light at Thirty-sixth and Ii streets ,
while the Belt line will , bo called upon to
maintain onb at the crossing ot the boulevard
at Thirty-third street. The nock Island
cornea In for one at Monroe street and tbo
stock yards company will bo expected to pay
for the light under the Q street viaduct.
Tills ordinance provides that these lights
must bo located within sixty days from the
passage of the ordlnanco. In case the rail
roads refuse or neglect to comply with the
law the city electrician la authorized to cause
the lights to bo located and the expense will
bo assessed up against the property of the
railroads. This coat ot erecting and main
taining Iho lights will constitute a Hen
upon any real estate owned by the different
companies within the city limits. At the
present tlmo there arc no lights at the places
Indicated In the ordinance , but the neces
sity for such lights has been declared.
It Is understood that the Union Pacific
will not oppose the ordlnanco as far as one
ot the lights ordered In along Its line Is con
cerned , but officials ot the company do not
ECO the necessity for both ot the lights. The
city will bo prepared to make a flght and
carry the cases up should 'the railroads re
fuse tq comply with the provisions.
_ _
K I'crmltH for tin ? Ycnr.
' During the year Just closed ICO building
permits , aggregating $145,300 , were Issued.
Prior to the year 1897 the office of building
Inspector waa purely a political one- and no
record of the number of permits Issued Is
on file at the city omccs. The city engineer
now acts as building Inspector and , a record
ot every permit Issued Is kept and also of
the number of building removal permits.
Along during the rnlddlu1 of the summer the
council adopted a new schedule ot fees to
bo charged for building permits , In Bomo
cases cutting the old rate in halt. This ac
tion had In a measure the effect of Increas
ing the value of buildings , but not to the
extent it had been hoped. The smaller the
cost of the building is stated to be , the smal
ler the fco for the permit Is placed , consequently
quently contractors have n habit ot running
the cost of buildings to bo erected way down
when It comes time to obtain a permit.
Making duo allowance ! for this custom , it Is
claimed that buildings costing at least
$200,000 have been erected during the last
eleven months , no permits having been Is
sued in January a year ago.
Until just recently the packing houses
never paid any attention to the building
laws and erected new buildings and made
alterations without taking out any permits.
The only exception to this case was last fall
when Cudahy took out several permits for
additions and repairs. On this account It la
Impossible to approximate the cost of addi
tions and-repaira made at the different pack
ing houses.
CrnilltiK' Done lit 1SO7. I
Considerable grading was done In different
parts of the city last year and a great deal
more will bo commenced in the early spring.
Slnco the organization of the city there has.
been an Immense amount of grading , but
on account of the condition of the records It
Is impossible to tell Just haw much. In
the early days the city paid one-half of the
cost of grading a street or alloy and the
entire cost of grading Intersections. In 1S91
this system was abandoned and the district
plan inaugurated. In all thirty-three grad
ing districts have been established since the
change was made In 18S1. Grading taxes are
paid about as promptly as regular taxes and
at the present time the different grading dis
tricts in the city owe only about $48,000.
Property owners all over the city arc talkIng -
Ing of petitioning for grading lit the spring
and It Is probable that a vast amount c < !
this kind Of work will be contracted for be-
foio long. The low pries which was paiJ
for grading the past summer has had a
great deal to do wltb the Intention's ot the
property owners. In early days hero nothing
-vas thought of paying 30 or 35 cents a cubic
yard for grading , but now the cost has haeu
l educed to 7 or 8 cents.
iConillilou of CIt > - Fniicln.
City Clerk Carpenter has prepared a state.
* ment showing the condition of the different ,
city funds at the close ot business last night.
The 1897 levy which became available
August 10 amounted to $68,284.57 , and at the
close ot the calender year there had been
drawn warrants aggregating $39,900.79 ,
leaving a balance ot $28,323.70. This balance
Is divided among the funds as follows. In
terest , $8,970 ; Judgment , exhausted ; police ,
$ i,07G ; fire , ? 7G4 ; public light , $3,806 ; salary ,
$3,813 ; engineer , $939 ; general , $452 ; street
repair , $177 ; park , $1,704 ; emergency , ex
hausted ; milk , $9 ; water , $3,091 ; special li
cense tax , $28.
The amount derived from , the levy was
about the same as In 1S96 , but the expendi
tures have been less than for the same per
iod of time , as on January 1 , 1S97 , there rev
malncd a balance ot $22,171. There Is there
fore at this tlmo $ G,152 more In the treasury
subject to warrants than a year ago. < ,
City Cousin.
The aged father ot George Thomas Is seri
ously ill ,
Dan Egan Is able to ( be about again after
a short flick spell ,
Miss Cora Jack ot Peru Is the guest of
Mtsa Maud Thomas.
The remodeled St. Bridget's church Is to
be dedicated Sunday.
Mra. P. A. Vansant , Eighteenth and Mla-
eourl avcouo , is quite sick.
Henry Keels of Spearfibh , S. D. , was a vis
itor at the exchange ycsteiday.
Max Miller of Bennlngton is here , the
guest of Councilman John Schultz.
A week or prayer will commence at the
First Presbyterian churchi Sunday.
The Kings Daughters will meet with Mrs.
A. Li. Lott next Thursday afternoon.
A reception will bo heid at the Young
Men's Christian association parlors this
Rev. AVIlllamsco , who will conduct the re
vival services at the First Methodist church
will arrive from the east today.
TheMaglo City Social club gave a dancing
party at Masonic hall last night , which
preyed to be a very pleasant affair.
This'.morning the ChrLitlan Endeavor FO-
clety hcldVj Its seventh annual srarlse prayer
meeting at the Twenty-Fifth Street Presby
terian church.
As there Is only one ticket In the field , It
Is supposed that the officers for the live
stock exchtnge nominated some dayo ago
will be elected without opposition ,
A farmer's team ran away oa Q street yes
terday and broke a telephone polo at Thir
tieth and Q streets. It took eome time to
straighten out the tangle ot wires.
Allle McRcynoldtj , eon ot James P. Me-
Reynoldslett yesterday for Doug
las , \Vyo. , where ho will spend some time
wltb kla aunt , Mrs , A. D. Chamberlain.
The boating apparatus at tbo Hawthorne
school la still causing the contractors con-
sWerablo trouble. The defect appears to bo
more In tbo ventilating than In. the beating
Workman lodge. Xo. CO , will told a public
Installation of officers next Tuesday night ,
A program la being arranged aha all Work
men ana their families areInvited. . Re-
fresutuente will bo served.
Gardner 'Memorial Triintcra.
The trustees or the Gardner Memorial
Parish house of Trinity cathedral decided
at the regular monthly ancctln ? lasb night
to tturnlturo for the house , eo
that It will bo lilted out completely. For
till : * ' purpose contributions and donations
are to bo solicited , from the congregation of . . The remainder ot the meeting
v , as of a routine character , ,
Charles Eonncbsrg of Beclinanaland Talka
of the Country.
Vnrlcil , Imtul Cheap nna
Government Mbcrnl Tci
1'lctnro Drnirit ! > ) ' a Mail.
I i from illhoilcnln.
Chirks Sonncaberg , ot Capo Town , South
Africa , la the guest If his cousin , J , Sonncu-
bcrg , of this city. This Is Mr. Sonotubcrg's
first visit to his native coun'jy ! after an ab
sence of thirty-five years , and with Mrt > . Son-
ncnberg ho Is making quite an extensive tour
of the United S'ates preliminary to returning
to Africa , where bo has extensive Interests
and Is a member of 'the legislative assembly
for the district of British Bcchuacialand.
'Mr. ' Sonncnbcrg served wider General
Sickles lu the civil -war , but was hcoorably
discharged on account of a revere wound re
ceived at Malvern Hill , lie won after went
to South Africa , where he baa become a men
of wealth and considerable commercial and
political Importance. Ho expressed himself
M much Impressed by the progress that had
been made by the United Slates during his
long absence and especially In the West ,
which had then only begun to give promise
of Its present resources.
Speaking of South Africa ( Mr. Sonncoberg
declared that there la no country In .the world
that offered better opportunities for Immigra
tion and Investment. Its resources are two
fold. The mining Industries Include diamonds
mends , gold and copper , and 1U agricultural
and stock raising advantages ore unsur
passed. The annual output of dlamondo by
the Consolidated company amoucvto to 4,000-
000 , and. the monthly output of gold Is from
$200,000 to $270,000. The live stock Industry
has attained Immense proportions , \\tocn the
winder pest was brought Into the country
cad killed oft 70 per cetit of the stock. Now
the stockmen ore engaged In restocking
and the business Is again la a nromlsltic con
dition. The exports ot wool amount to a
tremendous figure annually. , The farmers
own from 3,000 to 10,000 sheep each , and
"there " are also a largo amount of Aogora goats ,
the hair ot which is nn even more profitable
commodity than wool. Ostrich farmlrtg Is
also very successful and the exports of
feathers umount to 1,000,000 annually. Skins ,
hides , aloes and other products also figure
largely in the export trade , and the great
want of the country is population. This
would bring an Increase of manufacturing en
terprises which are now of so ll'.tle Import-
once , although the field for manufacturing
Industries Is especially promising.
Mr. Scauenberg says that lue ease with
which land may be secured Is particularly In-
vltiug to Immigration. Ho Is himself a heavy
land owner In British tBechusoaland , which
hs only been Inhabited by .white people"
during 'the ' last dozen yearn Ilia own plan
la 'to ' give toy reputable Individual a free
lease of a farm for itbreo years , the only
condition being that Wie tenant must con
struct a suitable dwelling for which ho will
furnish tbo wood and Iron. At the cxplratlcn
of the three yours too will lease 'the farm fcr
c rental of five per cent on Us valu
ation as flxert by the Judicial council , which
corresponds to our tax cssesscr.3 of , this
country. It Is consequently easy for a. man
with small capital to provide falmself with a
firm In a few years. i
Referring to the political pftcses f South
African life Mr. Sonncoberg says 'the people
ara generally thoroughly satlsfleJ , with Crlt-
U'b rule and the Drltifih prestige will un
doubtedly bo maintained. Cecil Rhodes 'is
considered a great man , but ibis responsibility
for the Janiloscn raid was everywhere con
demned as un outrage , and It had resulted in
a 'tremendous ' lots of prestige for tbo big
South African magnate.
iMi' . Sonnenberg will remain in Omaha for
a few days , after which ho will ccntlnue his
trip , finally returning to South Africa by
way of England.
Treasurer' * niul SIicrlfl'H 71ond Ulc-
cclvccl mid Itufcrrctl.
The regular meeting of the Board of
County Commissioners was held yesterday
afternoon and upa the completion of the
business an adjournment was taken until next
Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock.
At the meeting of the board held yeefer-
day the boid of George Heimrod , county
tressurer-olect , was presented and referred
to tao judiciary committee. The bend is In
the sum of $300,000 , signed by the Fidelity
and Deposit compcny of Maryland.
The bond of Jcto H , McDonald , sheriff-
elect , In the sum of $10,000. with W. " J.
Broatch , John T. Clark and William M. White
ast sureties , was presented , and referred.
The beads pf a number.of the road super
visors , atacfisors , constables and Justices
elected last November were presented and
referred. -
Notice of a protest agalcst the granting of
a liquor license to L. D. Hopkins , who seeks
to operate a saloon on- the Dodge street road ,
outside of the city limits , was served1 upon
the board. The protest set up the fact that
Hopkins published hie notice In the World-
Herald , a paper that falls to have the largest
circulation In Douglas county. The hearing
co the protest was set' for January 12 , at 10
o'clock In the morning ot that day. '
A. C. Coffman , who was injured several
years ago while working la the employ of
the county In the grading of South Thir
teenth and w ho recovered a Judgment of $500 ,
offered to nettle with the county , providing
ho was paid $400. The proposition , was re
Benjamin Whltezlde , an old soldier , was
given authority to enter tbo Spidlers' homo
at Grand Island and become an Inmate of
the Institution.
Tweaty-nlne bids for furnishing sewer pipe ,
drugs , groceries and other supplies to thp
county dulng the year 1S98 were presented ,
opened and referred for tabulation. . .
Representatives of Custer post , Gand Army
of the Republic , asked that James W.
Thompscn be removed 'from ' a place on. the
Soldiers' Relief oommltelon and that W. W (
Eastman be appointed In bla stead , The
matter was referred to the now board for
Personally Conducted iuuralon8 to
California. '
Leave Omaha every Friday , 3:30 : p. m. , reachIng -
Ing San Francisco Monday , 9:45 : a. m. Cor
respondingly fast lime to Southern Califor
nia. Twelve hours quicker than any other
Personally Conducted Excursion rtouto from
Missouri river.
City Ticket Office , 1303 Farrum Street.
as a Pin
are the now Pullman sleepers wulch go
east every afternoon at S.03 on tlio I3ur
lington's "Vestlbuled Flyer , " for Chicago
cage anil nil points east. >
They're the IMPROVED Ulnd-llghteil
by gas vcstlbuled with swell roofs-
big smoking rooms "spacious toilet
rooms and all that sort or thing. |
Ticket Office , VBOaoMH1 8T"
Tofnl Tteed | > < * IriKhiI'opntnr Content
Up Till XTrl nMKlit. .
Following la thotrcKflt ot the vote In the
contest for Queen Wo arls up till Friday
night :
Mildred StcphcrmonWM Lena
Annn HtynooJ 12SI9 Annie Kuca
Maggie Fole > ' . . . . 941J Abblc Clray
Illnlle Anfrswnlil , tlnrn LMnrKfon
Mne Hobtnuon . . . Knto McVlttle
Mnbel Nelton . . . . Maty Stny
Killtli Miner 'ERA ' Kale
Kloleo Cauchman. ftclla. Jonrs 211 !
Marie Susterlo . . . 2.-S7 ! Kmclla Sluberi . . . . 213
Nellie Hhlne . . . WJ49 Vnnnle Xfllson . . . . Kn >
Emma limit . . . 2,1 7 Minn Andres . . . . . . :00
Jennie .Graham J.W5 Itnud Johnson . . . . 1M
FieJa Ijang . . . . 2.CU Tlieres.v Mlntkus . . 1S4
Attncs Mjcrs . . 1,479 Cora mralt . . . . . . . . U4
Klosalo Homnln 2,307 Mr . M. J. Tinned IS !
Minnie Npnle 5,155 Dora Kaapko m
Annn. fall 2,230 Clara Duval . . 174
Marie \VoodarO . . . . l.Dtl Badle Hummel K2
I-ottlo BlmlJa l.SDS Lena „ 1C3HO
Horencc Hnznnl . . 1,616 Helen llonglanJ HO
Kmlly AVnrchnm . . lit.00 . Zrlmn Klemlntc 14S
Ada StelKcr . KS
Amy Gcrnlmrt > . 1,49 lldnn Wntron 14 ?
llefftlc Voilraska. , . D32 Baillo MflRUIre . . . 14G
Mtuui Vaughn . . . . 904 Annn N'onlwnll . . . 14j
Mao Ltnrtlett 172 R1H UoilEon 14 :
I ) . Frederlckfon . . 811 | Nellie lyjiulon 14)
1'carl Bmlley Powell 1J7
Idnlla 'Weed 789 Mae l-'nber 131 !
Mrs. ii. n. Corjell 784 Thorn Undstrom . .
Mabel Taylor 770Thorn Welwter
Millie Hllmen 70) Kath Hnmlln
Martha Hlldebrana CIS If o Mctz .1. . . . .
Ilculah riemlnc . . C55tuelln ! 1'cpnu ,
Helen Mlllnrtl . . . . C7S MarRaret CurtU . . .
Sclma Hpcneter . . . C75 Harriet Itornsby . .
lllnnch Craig . . . . . fCKj May Hamlln
Jennnctte CJrcKR . . tSD Floy Jone * . . . . . . . .
Florence Fltchle . . 622 Mrs. Q. P. Moore
Dell Axtcll MS riorcnco H.illnlck .
Nellies GrccB . . . . . . 489 Jennie 1'roat
riorcnco ginger . . . 4S3 Clara Pnlmcr . . . . .
Sadie Stone . . . . . . . 418 I cna Harttgan . . . .
darn Ilcdlnger . . . 39.1 Kmma .lohnian . . . .
Florence Campion 397 Alberta Woods . . . .
Daisy Darker . . 291 1 71 inn , Frcnan . . . .
lllanch Lowe . . . 375 Buzanna Wnllier . .
Wononah James SJG Wlnnlfrcd Ilowo . .
Radio Cain 332 Esther LlndMrom .
1'nullne Lowe . . . . 325 Anna Atluvlth . . . .
1'nuo. uenticmnn 3.M Mrs. M. 1Avcry
Nora McAdoo 323 Hmrna Uahl
Florence Yllan . Za Kate Ilollonay . .
"Clara lyirenzcn . , 322 Joalo Stcmm
Georgia Tennery , 311 Sadie Alexander . .
Mabel Packard , . . . SOS Bayles C2
Mro , II. B. MuKord , 309 Hannah Haphnel . . C7
Lucy Pnrrlsli . . . . . . 300 Flora Stemm CS
Elizabeth Phillip ) . : M Mrs. It.irrls S3
Laura Morec 264 Hanna Kopald . . . . C3
Too carnival matters took on a bright line
yesterday afternoon when the Norrla and
L/ovo Interests \vcro Sold to Thomas Swobe , a
well known businca ? mca of this city. Hich-
anVIMorrls steps down and out , but Mr. James
H. Love will remain with the new manage-
ment , Ibavo charge > of iiho press bureau and
attend to considerable of the detail work. Mr.
Swobo will assume the active management
and the oirnlval will bo made a grand fuccesa.
The program of cvcnttTund special features
will bo announced In a few days.
Aipangemonts were perfected under which
n contract was entered Into with W. U. Jliir-
dls of thoCollc-cum for tSklcig care of the Ice
at the Lagoon. Heretofore ttao Ice question
has been a cos'tly experiment < rad the result
has mot been satisfactory by any means to
lovers of skating , but hereafter , weather per
mitting , .tho Ice \\lll be maintained in perfect
shape. ( Mr. Swobe will maintain the Twen
tieth street gate on 'New Year's
diy and Sunday , aa well as the Sherman avenue
nue- and Twenty-fourth street gatcaT making
thrco gates at which admissions can bo se
cured. I i
PrcHmZairy arrangements for securing
music and ctticr attractions < at the Lagoon
during the period prior to carnival week are
under -way. The Eime gate fee , 15 cents ,
which entKles the patroruj to one ride en , the
toboggan or admission to the Ice , will be
continued. Olr. Swobo promises the beet
eervlco possible at the exposition grcundc ,
and that hereafter the cashiers will open the
Bites at 8 a. m. , instead of 10 o'clock , as
Arrangements have been made \\Tto the
exposition ( management under which an oulce
ca the sixth floor of the Paxton block will
bo opcncJ , from which all carnival matters
will hereafter bo directed.
( Miss Mildred' Stcphensoa , daughter ot
James StephensCo , one ot Omaha's ijoneer
cMlzcns , tas been , chosen queen of the car
nival. 'MlEG Ster/itason ts-u. highly cultured
and "ibea'utttul young lady Andi will mak'e , a
queen that all may be proud 'of. Her social
duties will bo many , but she brings tact ,
diplomacy and a sweet disposition with her ,
all of which are absolutely necessury to he a
successful carnival queen.
The following ladlce are Omaha's maids of
honor to the quceo : Mies Anna Heywood ,
Miss Maggie Poley , ailss OJirdlo Aoirswald ,
Miss IMae Robinson , .Miss Mabel Nclsoo , Aliss
Edith ( Miner , iMlas Elolpo Couchman , Mlsa
lilario Susterlc , Miss > Nellie Ilhlno , Miss
Emma Brau , ( Mies Jcunlo Graham , iMlas Freda
Lange , Miss ( /Agnes / Myers , Oltes Flossie
Roraata , iliss Mtarrle Neale , Mies Anna Fall ,
Miss Marie Woodard , Miss 'Lottie Sfcalda ,
'Miss ' Florence Hazard , Btlsa Emily Wareham.
A complete llat of maids of honor from
the towns and cities throughout the state-
Will bo published in Sunday's 'Bee.
. Holiday IlHteg to Chicago , i
$3.75 , one way.
J15.GO , round trip.
December 31 and January 1 only.
Tickets and berths at 1502 Farnam street.
t'liton ' Puciflc.
"Tho Overland Limited. "
train west of the Missouri river.
Twelve hours quicker than any other train
to the Paclfln coast.
Call at Ticket Office. 1302 Farnam SU
HICHAnDS Mrs. Alice U , wife of J. M.
nichards , the well known Insurance ad
juster , died very .suddenly Thursday of
apoplexy. Funeral services will bo held
from the family residence at No. H15
South Thirty-second street Sunday at
2 o'clock p. m. Friends nre invited ,
Mrs ; Richards has been an active mem
ber of St. Mary's Avenue Congregational
church during her residence hero of
nearly fourteen years , nnd has many dear
friends who mourn her loss. She leaves
a husband and three children.
TRJ-JMAiNN 'May' ' , December 29 , 1S97 , nged
23 years 4 months. Funeral services Sat
urday afternoon nt 5 o'clock. January 1 ,
1898 , at her late residence. 1 25 Howard
street. Remains will lenvo on the
7 o'clock train. Interment at Rock
Island , 111.
Unfaithful Olork Disposes of His Master's
Surplus Stock.
1C mil llnlinnit Taken Ailvnnlnprc of the
Trnnt llppoxcil In Him l > yi A. 1\
JCcItli , Dpnlcr In ,
Emll Holmnn WAS arrested last night for
taking to hhnjselt during the last few weeks
the profits accruing from his employer's bus
iness. Ho had been a clerk In the crockery
and glassware store ot A. F. Keith , 1113
Harncy street , and had never been found In
any way unfaithful to his duty. Several
weeks ago tha health ot the proprietor be
en mo uncertain and ho was obliged to pass
tbo affairs ot the business more Into the
hands of Holmnn. The young man seemed
to bo getting along satisfactorily , and when
'Mr. ' Keith was obliged to visit the south in
search ot health ho left the clerk In charge
of the business. When the master had de
parted , the clerk started a general clear
ance sale of the stock on hand. Barrels ot
crockery and glassware which were Invoiced
at $10 cost on the books were disposed of
at from $3 to $5. Goods which had not been
unpacked were brought up from the base >
uicnt and carted oft to junk store * ! , and other
customers who were willing to take advan
tage ot a bona fldo realizing sale.
When the master returned from the far
country , he did not at once notice evidence
ot his servant's Infidelity. The latter , how ,
ever , became uneasy and finally told his em
ployer that he Intended to stop work. An
offer of Increased salary In the spring was
refused and the manner of the clerk was
such as to excite ( suspicion. Mr. Keith looked
over the shelves and found the usual stoclv
on hand. A visit to the basement , however ,
revealed that the holiday reserve \\as rep
resented by little more than empty barrels.
Mr. Keith determined that fully thirty bar
rels of china and glassware had been
emptied , the total value ot which was esti
mated at $350. A warrant was sworn out for
the arrest of Holman on the chargeot gram ]
larceny as bailee and ho waa secured by
Detectives Dunn and Donahue. At first the
clerk was Inclined to protest his Innocence ,
but later was Induced te make a clean breast
ot It. He gave an account of his dishonest
dealing and mentioned a number of places
where the property could bo recovcrdd. Quito
an amount was found In the stores men
tioned , especially at the establishment of a
man earned , Meyers , at Eleventh and Far
nam. . ' 11
i IV Ilncl CniiRU Cured.
. "Mrs. Sally Ponnlngton , an old lady -who
lives near hero vas troubled with a bad
cough for a long time. She was so Ind
that she could not lie down or 3ccp ; ot nights.
After using one small bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy she could rest of nights , and
by the time she had used three bottles her
cough had disappeared. " B. K. Smlthson ,
Arne , Tenn ,
The local freight offices and warehouses
will close January 1 , account of New Year's.
Five Forty-Five P. M. ,
via the -x
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul Uy.
Electric Lighted ,
Steam Heated ,
1 I Solid Vestlbuled
Dining Car.
City ticket office , 1504 Tarnam street.
GEORGE D. HAYNES , City Passcuger Agent.
F. A. NASH. General Western Agent.
The following marriage licenses were Is-
ucd yesterday by the county judge :
Name and address Age.
Itceso 15 , Clawson , Qmalin. . 21
Kate M. Clawson" , Muscatlne , la . 1M
Frank iBoukoe , South Omaha . 21
Fannie Challand , South Omaha . ; . . . 21
Dugcno B. Hall , Omaha . 30
Elizabeth. S.Banjj , Omaha . 27
L.ous ! H. Slppell , Omaha . 29
Carrie KetzKcr , Omaha . 31
William T. Best , ChlcagT . 31
Caddie Stout , Indianapolis , Ind . 30
Jacob Burnsteln , Omaha . 31
Fannie Green , Omaha . . > . . IS
2 nights to Call fornia.
1 night to Utah ,
via the
12 boars quicker than any
other line from Missouri River. For
tickets , llmo tables , or any Information ,
call at u
City Ticket Office ,
1302 Farnam St.
Broken Lots
Odds and qnds in a Clothing Store
are the same as pieces of remnants
in a Dry Goods Store. They must
be cleaned'up It is no disgrace for
any clothing store to have a lot of odds and
ends at the close of the season They are the
best evidence that the store has done good
business The store which lias no odds and ends to offer at
the end of the year must be as gloomy as a home without
children Their past has been idle and the future holds out
no hope for them In tnis lot you can find for Four Dollars
and Fifty Cents suits that soid for $9 for Five Dollars you
can find suits that soldfor $9.50 and $10 for Six Seventy-
five suits that sold for $12.50 for Seven Fifty suits that sold
for $13.50 and Ten Dollars catches the pick of our season's
selections4-5f we have your size In our regular stock we can
fit any man or boy We invoice Jan. i stock must be fo-
duced Prices have been lowered on every article or ) the floor
T V u JBC . DCO.
ew crear s
Ifcw Ycnr'nyroiniHCH arc apf to &c oo i loaf a /Jit of
jtfoHt < nnjbot1/ { iem7to ( tttrn qrer n new leaf fov ft
treeof ten ffrif/s. IIIcmre no nctv leaves to ftn'ii
for next j/cnr. Xo new rcHolntlotw to form , iVo &ro *
Ken in-oin IHCH fo 2 > fell tip. X o unperformed ptctlgca
to redeem. Wo tclll not promiac to ( to better for you
next year fltnn tve flirt taut year bccnitao ICG arc af *
wni/n doing our bent for you and ire arc altcai/it
nJit/cr on prtnnitiCH than tec arc on dfoi'nIFo
lo not e.rjjcef yon to trade tvitli tts next year on tha
strength of trliat ire did for lant year or the year 6c-
/bre. With ti every year imtut give itn oir'itrrccotrtif *
ing me in tint earn your trade and yottr good will
continually ; tec must ; / ; u yon satiHfaction day by
day. Tftvc do not tre cannot expect yonrpatronagcf
if ire do trc ttiill bo the gainer as ti'cll < i yon , Oi
thin understanding tee tJtanh yott for pant favord
and tvish yon n happy andproapcrons new ycar
Trusses and Syringes ,
A good Family Syringe. . . . EOo
A. Kood 2-quart Fountain Syringe -19c
A warranted 2-quart Hot Wnter Hag. . uOc
Rubber Goods NI2W , ns mo buy direct
from factory.
factory.Write for Catalogue.
Sherman SBScGonnell Drug Co
.Middle of Illock , - - lollt Doilgc.
D LungTroubl1
Winter IB mi
B period for all
" j y\ who have
( I CataiTli or
I i or nny affection or llio respiratory
| | passages.
DTho latest nnd best appliances for
skilful treatment ore used by Dr.
Shepard. Consultation free.
I 311-312-313 N. V. TlfoHldff. Tel. 1138
y Wo will wind yoao Ore to ) d r trial
MPMtH treatment ot the French.UemBdr
o.U.'l ' . and
RltreQ CALTHOS free , l o ) )
- - m BcEdlEuarantoothatOALTIIOSwill [
STOP nUchnruco nnil rmtuloo *
nnA llllb OH&-l * t vigor , o
i 6 Itco tB yol
I VOnMohlCO. 001 BSoleimtrltSBl U.Clncl UO.
Do You Skate ?
It has been many a year since skating- has been so pop
ular as it is this winter. This is no doubt duo to the fact that no such
opportunity has been offered in the shape of a good place to skate Thia
year , however,1 the
on the Exposition Grounds
makes an ideal skating rink The boys and girls of this
city and South Omaha arc offered a chance to obtain their
Skating Tickets Free
To every person bringing in 30 cents for a two weeks
subscription to the Daily and Sunday Bee or the Evening and Sunday
Bee , wo will giro n ticket admitting them
To the Exposition Grounds
To the Ice on the Lagoon
and to a Ride on the Toboggan
Bring orders to the Subscription Department.
Omaha , tlio "Qato City , " will bo crowned "Groat City , " and Oraalia. In Ne
braska will bo known OB Om&tia , U. S. A.ltb dawn of tlio now year.
With the great Transralnslsslppl Exposition , magnificent poalodlco , Increased
boot packing Industries , additional costly structures and Omaha as a city of health ,
wealth , public spirit , good government , railroads , smelters , factories and dozens of
various competing Industries , Omaha vlll put on Its Sunday coat and march proudly
to the front. is
"Tho Guarantee , " as an enterprise In Its Infancy , claims ihut a tiny portion of
Omaha'e great achievements. The owners , however , claim much more , which they
deserve. 'Tho proprietors of this store se ttlea hero when the river front viro the
attractions of Omaha ; saw many a hill i cplaced by a beautiful structure ; have
helped the building up of many Industries and enterprise * , and benefited Omaha and
themselves with many additions In Its marvelous progrceo. , , ,
And the "Guarantee' " Is a vroof of fidelity. Its motto Is "Omaha First. " The
"Guarantee" Is proud of horno-mado goods. Lot other stores advcrtlso other cities.
You will find hero more geode made In Omaha than In oil clothing stores 'com
bined. Thc.y ere better made , and above all , giving employment to our own work-
log people. 4 ? \ '
Omaha made Shirts Omabi made Overalls and Working Clothes Omaha made
Shoes. Omaha everything. Other mark eta come next.
' '