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PopjcraU Already in a Study Over the
Official Ballot ,
ilcktilt of .flic . I.nut Election Lrnvci
the FiiRlnnlxtN In Doubt nn to
tlic SliuulliiK of tlic Scu-
i unite I'urtlcN.
MNCOI..N. Dec. , 10. ( Special. ) The ques
tion as to which parties will bo entitled to
representation on the official ballot at the
rcxt election Ii already agitating the minds
of tdo popocraHc leaders. It Is granted thot
tie republican party will bo entitled to a
place without question , and that the only
vay the two prohibition parties and the
national democrats can get on will be by
f f petition. Hut what puzzles the statesmen Is
< the condition ot the thrco fusion wings of
the papocratlo party. No record was kept
i ot the lite election aa to the number of
I volts cant by each wing , end the state can
1 varying board threw no llghl on Uio subject.
Jl Is the contention of some that the sccre
tary of stalu can take it for granted thai
each of the three silver parties cast over
1 per colt cf the vote , ami that his decision
ivlll be allowed to Eland. Others believe
that the only way out of 'the difficulty wll
bo to reorganize all the elements Into one
party , aivl drop the multiplicity of'namea.
Secretary of Slate Porter slid today that
there was naming on the- record to show
thi' any ono cf the three parties wst 1 per
cent of the total vote , as not a single county
made a report of the number ot votes cist
under the bcparate emblems ot I ho fusion
party. Ho was of the opinion thal'lf there
were three silver parties In the field next
year they could get on Hie ticket , cither by
petition or by the formatlcn of new pirllcs ,
as was done by the silver republicans this
year. Ho mid that Chairman Bdmlaton ha > l
made an effort during the campalrn to per
fect arrangements to thai the vote of ths
eeparite parties could be kept track ot In
each county , but ho had nol learned whether
the plan vvis successful or not. Aroyway It
would only bo a private record , and would
be of little value In the forming of a deci
sion , as the law contemplated that the num
ber of votes casti by each party should bo a
matter of record , to bo ascertained whoa
Ihe vote was canv-itscd.
Those who are Inclined toward Mr. Per
ter's Ides of organizing new parties undci
the old rames , recognize the fact that this
would open up a munrber ot questions as to
the right to appropriate the old runiea or to
use the emblems adopted th'n ' year , and also
os to the right lo representation on the
election boards.
ma ortEAMEnY PLAN.
Arrangements are aboul completed for the
establlshmenl of n. large creamery al Lincoln ,
wllh a capaclly of a carload of bulter per
day. The plan Is to make this a central
point and to establish separator stations at
all the towns within a radius of fifty or
sixty miles , so 'that ' the cream cm be
shipped to the m-iln factory. Behind 'the
scheme Is the Beatrice Creamery company ,
which already has creameries and separator
stations at Beatrice , Table Uock , Huinboldt ,
Crab Orchard , Sterling , Kails City , Elk Creek
and other points In l > .o southeast part of the
B'.ato , and has a largo egg and butter packIng -
Ing house In this city. Mr. Haskell. .1 mcm-
l > cr of the company , said today that It
would try to get a building on the 'track suit
able for the factory , with slight remodeling ,
which twould save It the trouble of put
ting up a new one. The expectation Is to
have the creamery ready for bualness by t'je
let of March , The company asks no bonus
or Inducement for locallng here , but comes
to Lincoln because of the railroad facilities
and because the farifors In this terrllory are
ready and anxious to dispose of their cream
product In this manner. Mr. Haskell bc-
Hoves that the plint will grow lo be- the
the largest oneIn the Untied States. The
people who are behind the scheme have had
ample experience In the creamery business
and the new move la not merely an experi
mental one.
The old and new owners of the First
Chrlftlan church building arc having trouble
similar to that between Lansing nnd Oliver
over the theater property. The church
building was recently aold on foreclosure of
a mortgage , an eastern Insurance company
bidding It In for $22,000. A "week ago the
company made a sale of the property to Ihe
Chrlsllan Scientists , who were to bo given
Immediate posaesslon. Yesterday the Chris
tian , or Campbollltc , congregation proceeded
to move their library and other loose prop
erty out of the building and came to the
conclusion that the carpats , gis fixtures ,
chandeliers , pews and much other stuff also
belonged to Ihcm. They had all Ihe gas
fixtures taken down ready to move and were
unscrewing the pew scats from the floor
when parties repiescntlng the new congre
gation interfered. There WBB no quarrel , as
In the case of the thealer people , but there
la talk of a replevin suit by the old congre
gation under the contention that all the
property In question was personal property
and was not sold under the mortgage. In
the meantime" police officer Is on guard In
the building to see that none of the property
Is carried away.
State Superintendent Jackson left today for
Indianapolis , where ho will attend the na
tional convention of the Boys' and Girls'
National Homo and Employment association
on the 14th and 10th. Whllo on the trip ( Mr.
Jackson will stop over In Chicago and consult
with the local managers of the educational
exhibit which was held at the World's fair ,
and hopes to get some suggestions that will
greatly aid In the arrangement of the exhibit
at the Transmlsslsslppt Exposition.
Governor < Holcomb has Issued a requisition
for the return of James Taylor from Kansas
City to Omaha to answer the charge of lar
ceny as 'bailee. ' Taylor Is accused ot taking
an upholstered chair , n footstool and a center
table from Looiihordt Von Uleke last Juno ,
the value of the property bolni ; $70. Taylor
Is under arrest at Kansas City and Ofllcor
Henry Dunn of Omaha Is detailed to go after
him ,
The Lincoln Light Infantry hold Its an
nual /business / meeting last night. Officers
and managers for the cv year were elected.
Tbo company Is now In first-class condition.
Arrangements have been completed for the
thirteenth annual meeting of Uio Nebraska
( Dairymen's association , to bo held In Lin
coln December 21 , 22 anil 23. The university
authorities have granted permission to use
Grant 'Memorial ' hall for the largo exhibit of
Oalry products expected. Premiums amount
ing to $100 will < bo awarded.
Coach HoblnBou , who has had charge of the
unlvurslty foot ball team tills season , left
( or hl3 | homo In , Massachusetts today.
This morning Ell Plummcr , an old gentle ,
man , fell on the pavement and was severely
Ibrulsed and cut about the face. He Is very
feeble. After the accident lie was taken to
Ills homo In a hack.
The Young Meit'a Hoard of Trade met last
night and completed arrangements for re
ceiving and handling 5,000 auditorium but-
FPKEDT CPU * TRRtTMtvT for torlnrlne , dlifln.
CrluK. Hclilnir , burning , anil tctljrikln mil icilp
dliciici wild Ion oIU ir , W rm linlbt wllliCu.
TIOD8 * boil' , Kcntl * rpllc tlon3 of C'UTioum
( olotiucnt ) , * J fall doici of CUTICCIU ltt > oL-
TiSTir ! aUn ot blood purlOcrt uJ tiumor cuici
* * ! jeli Ih'ooitont ihi wotW. I'DTTII
Pica L Cilu. Kor. . . UMI.B.
Mr i1 Haw U Cuit Jkil.t tklu Dii. . i"fin ,
HJUfijS . < < iu. .
tons. Active work will bo commenced In
a few < lar , and "tho " Hoard ot Trade believes
( bat It will bo Able to dispose ot this as
signment or .buttons In a abort time.
The Lancaster County Teachers' associa
tion meets In the superintendent's office to
morrow mornlnR. A good program baa been
prepared and the usual largo attendance Is
expected ,
n HIP SlKiinturc ( n n I'rom-
iKNiiry > > .
UEATIUCB , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The case of the First National bink
of Beatrice against Mrs. Emma U. Dwyer ,
widow of the late John Dwycr , a suit on a
note for $1,950 , was begun In the district
court today. Mrs. Uwycr denies having
signed the note and upon this point the re
sult of the trial will rest. A number ot wit
nesses were examined during the afternoon.
8. C. Smith , cashier ot the bank , testified
that the note , after having been made out
at the bank , had been sent to the home ot
Mr , and Mrs , Dwycr , where the former was
I ) ing sick , to bo executed , and thai It was
eo rolurncd. The defendant when called to
the stand denied the genuineness ot her
signature to a dozen documents offered in
evidence , which Included several bank
checks , a deed , a letter and a mortgage. L , .
M. Pembcrton , defendant's chief counsel , had
witnessed Mrs. Dwyci's signature to the
deed offered In evidence and on being called
to the wltnecs stand tcatlfled that the slgna
turo was genuine. C. II. Obear , cashier at
the Burlington depot , was ono ot several
witnesses called to testify to the genuine
ness of the defendant's signature on en
dorsements to checks , A check which the
defendant had previously denied having en
dorscd the witness , Obcar , swore bad been
endorsed by her In his presence ; that Mr.
Dwycr had mode out the check and
had left It with htm for Mrs.
Dwycr , nnd that she had called
there for It. After endorsing the check ,
Obcar said ho had cashed It for her. W. W.
Duncan. , a leading business man , also proved
her endorsement on three checks which do-
fcudant denied. L , . II. Ilowey , National bank
cxnmlnor , and E. R. Fogg , receiver ot the
Nebraska National bank , were called to tes
tify as experts on slgnaturea. They expressed
the belief that the signatures were genuine
and made by the same person. Toward thp
close of the afternoon session ot court.
ths defense , for some roison , admitted the
signature on the mortgage and upci the In
terest coupons to be genuine. The defendant
has always until the present time nlain-
tained that her olgnaturc on this document
wns n forgery , as It Is claimed Is the signa
ture on the note In qucsilcu ,
Julia \Vlncbrcnner , the daughter ot MIP.
A. M.Vlne4 > renner , has been Judged Incor
rigible by the court and has been sent to the
reform school.
Srclinil III > 'H Session of YuliiiK Men' *
Clirlstlnii AHMiiulation.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The second day's session of the
eighteenth annual convention of the Young
Men's Christian association opened at 9
o'clock this morning In the Presbyterian
church , with a quiet hour behind closed
doors conducted by Rev. F. L. Hayden ot
Kearney. This was followed by reports
from the field. General Secretary W. H.
Overtoil of South Omaha spoke on "The
Junior Department In the Association ; " P.
-B. Darncs of Omaha gave an account of the
relation of a thorough phyolcal examination
to a prescription ot exercise , stating the need
of a thorough examination previous to an
Intelligent use of the gymnasium.
C. B. Willis of Milwaukee opened the aft
ernoon session with a spirited eoag service ,
after which a short period was spent In
prayer and dcvotlone , The business man
agement of the association was then pre
sented by General Secretary P. L. Willis of
Omaha , who gave a practical addrces. C. C.
Mlchenci- , college secretary of the Interna
tional committee of New York , couducted a
confercnco upon the subject-"The Ucllgloue
Work of the Association. " After discussing
Important topics ot college association work ,
In which ho ursed college men "not to pat
themselves on the back , " but to set others
to work , ho closed with a strong appeal for
more Christian meetings. The afternoon
session was closed with an eloquent address
from Chancellor * McDowell on "The Rich
Young Man. "
At 7:30 : tonight C. 13. Wlllia led the song
service , after which short prayers were
offered. Chancellor McDowell addressed the
convention for about thirty minutes. The
report of the state executive committee was
then given , after which the delegates were
given a reception.
AskH the Courl ( o ltilruln the IU-1U--
viu- Investment Cnmiiniiy.
DELLEVUE , Neb , . Dec. 10. ( Speclal.- )
Trouble has broken out between the munici
pal authorities and the Bellcvuo Improve
rneut company. In a petition praying for r
restraining order filed today the municipal ! >
alleges that John T. Clarke , Duncan Mcn-
zlca and other members ot 'the ' Bellevue Im
provement company have for some tlmo pas ,
by dlvera meana been endeavoring to obMIt
possession of a large portion of land In
cluded within ithe corporate limits of tlr
The Improvement company has purchasel
It Is claimed , a large number of tax tltlc.i lo
his land and has conveyed It back an
'orth omens > the members for the purpose o'
clouding the tl'le and to render it almost''blo lo discover the true owners.
It Is further alleged that for the last wesV
: he Improvement company has had a force o'
mon engaged In cutting down the timber
growing on the streets and aliejs refrrrc-1
to , the Intention being to continue until a ;
this timber Is removed. The municipality
also alleges 'that the defendants threaten t"
endow these streets and alleys 'by the erc < - -
tlon of a fence , thus depriving the vlllasr
trusted ) ot the control of the tract.
JuJge Powell Issuel a restraining orde.1
preventing the cutting of trees and Iho clon
Ing of B'.rcf'B and alleys until the case
comes up for final licarlng Monday.
xuws oi.isAxTsn AT TKCIDISKII.
Kot'inT of ii "Tfiiiiieriince" Snltion
I'nj-H HIM Fine.
TECUMSEH , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) R
M. Frost , keeper o ! a "temperance" saloon
In this city , was flnoJ $200 In the county
court last spring for having In Ills pos
tcsslon a quantity of whisky contrary to the
city ordinances , Frost was unable to pro-
duc3 the whole amount of the flne. but
raised $100. Judge Brandon accepted till *
mnount rather than have Frost go to Jail
\t an expense to the county. The citizen
liat caused Frost's arrest for > the Illcg ? !
-clllc appeared In ths district court here
nd got a mandamus on the county judge
. ompelllng him to make Froat pay the fine
as flrat arsessed and now Frost ban paid the
other J100 Into the county court.
Charles Brundage , while walking beilde n
wagon which was luavlly loided with him
bcr , sllppoJ and fell In such a way that one
ot the wheels passed over his right feat
bruising It badly ,
Cholera has Invaded the fine herd of
blooded Poland C6lna hogs ot B. R , Hitch
cock of Sterling and is playing havoc with
the valuable animals ,
Xenrl- Con ! 'Fn o Llvrn.
HARRISON , Neb , , Dec. 10. ( Special , )
During a temporary fit of Insanity Mrs. Al
bert Rrdmnn , living twenty-live' miles north
west of here , drank a quantity of concen
trated lye with suicidal Intent Thurjday
cvrnhiK. A liicrt 'time ' after she pave her
3-months-old baby a dree of coal oil. Her
hubbaud was away from home at the time ,
The two suffered untold agony all night and
tbla n-.ornlng the woman carried her baby
two miles to bcr father's home and tcld
what she , tiad doue. MeJIcal eld was ob
tained as soon aa possible cud there Is hope
for the recovery of the woman. The babe
Is out of danger ,
Kriiiuliifil for Intimity.
DLOOMINQTON , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
Charley Holden , living a few miles north
of Rlvcrtoa , wta brought here by thesherllf
yenterday , charged with being Insane ; tut
at tbo meeting of tbe liwunlty board lajt
night It was decided not to act at once and
he won a cut borne.
I'leuty uf aiu
FARNAM , Nob. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) The
§ now which covered
the ground In generous
quantities lut sro t bu all disappeared.
Early this mornlnK1 rain commenced falling.
The ground , previously wet to a depth ot
four feet or more , contains today more mol -
turo than could have been found at any tlmo
during the last ten or twelve years , giving
assurance of successful crops In 1E9S.
Farmers concede that the conditions are
moro propitious than at any tlmo since this
part.of the state was settled.
' ' Xovr llanil nt Illnlr.
QI < A1R. Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) Blair's
newly organized military bund gave n fair
In the Gcrmanla ball last Tuesday evening
which netted $140. This money will be used
for the expenses of the band during the
The following officers have been elected
In Garfleld lodge No. C , Knights ot Pythias :
E. J. Farr , C. C. ; James Freclond , V. C. ;
Tom Ostcman , P. ; M. H. B. Rosenbalm , M.
W. ; J. F. Klnney , M. P. ; J" J. Cocpsr. M. E. ;
Nick Thonc , I. a.
Blair lodge No. 6 , Independent Order of
Odd Fellows , has elected officers as follows :
Robert M. Carter. N. G. ; Rodell Root , V.
G. ; Theodore Hallcr , S. ; John McKay , T. ;
James Platr , T.
Welcome Rcbckah lodge No. 27 , elected of
ficers as follows : Mrs. M. H. Wlllsey. N. G.J
Frances Gross. V. G. ; Ann Carter , 8. ; Mrs.
J. W. Maylc , T.
VctprniiK Choonc Ofllcern.
OSCEOLA , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
J. F. Reynolds pcet , Grand Army of the Re
public , has elected the following officers :
Commander , Re' . . W. R. Adams ; senior vice ,
T. H. Saundcrs ; Junior vice , J. II. Mickey ;
quartermaster , C. M. Pulvcr ; chaplain , J.
Lamberson ; officer of the day , II. T. Arnold ;
officer of the guard , Charles Burkhart. The
Woman's Relief Corps has elected the fol
lowing : President , Anna I jcke ; senior vice ,
Sarah Hefflcbower ; Junior vice , Helan Car
son ; secretary , Mary Pulvcr ; treasurer , Mary
E. Saundcrs ; conductor , Mary Bcnso ; chap
lain , Lydla Strange ; and delegate to the de
partment , Mary Bcnse , with Mary Wilson as
Crniiil InlniulVotes. .
GRAND ISLAND , Neb , , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
The police department Is making a vig
orous effort to rid the business and residence
portions of 'women ' of ithe town.
Charity lodge. Ancient Order of United
Workmen , has elected the following ofllcers :
D. Spcthman , M. W. ; C. Rasmussen , P. ;
Howard Girrctt , 0. ; Irvln Metcalf , R. ;
George D. Hctzcl , F. ; Fred Etehr , R. ; George
Pearson , G. ; R. R. Horth , I. W. ; H. H.
Glover , O. W. ; Christ Rasmussen , trustee for
three years.
Planting : Trout.
LONG PINE , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
Six thousand yearling trout were planted in
the Pine river last night nt the Chautauquti
grounds. They were furnlchcd by the State
Fish commission. Early In the fall there
were 30,000 put In , beside the recent otpor-
The dates for the next Chautauqua as-
lombly have been fixed , and the opening will
be July 22. Dr. SlGssn of Fremont has been
sleeted president and ex-State Superintendent
Coudy superintendent of Instruction.
\Vondmeii Elect Otlluers.
HUMBOLDT , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
Ilumboldt camp , No. 933 , Modern Woodmen
ot America , at Us regular meeting last
night elected the following officers : Vener
able consul , J. W. Bash ; worthy adviser. B.
J. Wlesner ; banker , E. W. Elwell ; escort ,
A. Halco ; watchman , J. A. Murphy ; sentry ,
O. W. Carccfi ; manager , T. M. Fry ; physi
cians , Drs. WertenberEer , Morris and Wll-
IMmsou. The Installation occurs the second
Monday night In Janusry.
Flno Poultry Show.
GENEVA , Nob. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) The
poultry exhibit held this week nudcr tbe
auspices of the South Platte Poultry assccla-
llon found It Impossible Ito clcse today , as
cxp ctel. 'Much ' Interest Is manifested In
the fno display. T. W. Hitchcock ot Denver ,
Colo.-Is scorer. Ho pronounced many ot the
birds to t > o much above the average and
found higher scores than , he ted for several
Hnrt liy Hnnawny Tcnin.
OSCEOLA , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
An old woman , Mrs. Stump , who lives In the
northe-st part of the village , met with a
very severe accident a day or two ago. She
was going down the alley near her home
when a team belonging to Mr. Grouse came
running nt breakneck speed. The wagon
polp struck her In tbo ribs and three of them
were broken , besides otherwise bruising her.
ChnoKe Their Ofllecrs.
WYMORE , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) At a
meeting of the Modern Woodmen last night
the following officers were- elected for the
ensuing year : Venerable consul , Wllllani
Hamlllon ; adviser , E. B. Rousk ; banker , S.
D. Cole , clerk , L. . S. Sage.
XebrasknCIVM Note * .
The Lyons Sun this week celebrated Its
ninth birthday.
T. B. Calnon cf Lyons fell on a pitchfork ,
the tines ot which penetrated his leg.
A. P. Chllds of Wayne has leased the
Madison Reporter and will take possession
December 20.
Carl Kruger of Lodge Pole went out hunt-
ng and when lie shot at a rabbit his gun
'jurst. ' but be got the rabbit.
The Beaver Crossing Review has been sus
pended , and the town will have to worry
along without a nowroaper , for the present
n least.
Carl Glup cf Saiyy county , while driving
along the i-ccd east of town Tuesday , killed
alevcn quail at one shot , wiping out the en-
Ire covey.
The MIndcn fire defortment at Un last
nsetlng voteJ to donate $100 to the city to
Md In building the city .hall , also the pro
ceeds from the ball to bo given In tbo near
uturo are going to be used to furnish the
iall when ccrrpleted.
lustead of cornbUBklng stories < t Is hunt
Ing stories that are coming -In now. Frank
Preston of Wllber killed 172 quail , besides
ibout forty rabbits and other game , In foil
lays. Nineteen quail at one crack of hlo
jlunderbUEs tbo best shot he made.
The harvesting of the Ice crcp has been
miileted at the Grand Is'and Soldiers'
Vintibut 250 tone hiving been put vi >
enough to meet the demands of that. Instltu-
> ! on tor the ccmlng srjson The Ice was
'rom ton to twelve Inches thick aud of very
fine qrallty.
Scitdder & Scudder purchased 405 rabbits
n D-o'ohen last Saturday and other dealers
n-rtlussd proportionately largo numbers , to
that the number of rabbits bought In
hat villa go on that day reached the aston-
t'hlns totel cf 1.000. all hilled within a radius
3f five miles of wlrt village.
The new gans. with bayonets to match , for
Company 13. Nebraska National Gusrdu ,
North Platte , arrived Satwday. They aie
the 1881 model , 45-callbcr , and are of the
same pattern formerly used In the regular
army. The guns are somewhat lighter tlian
the old onea used by the guards.
Harry Hubbard of Weeping Water hen a
hound tly.t Is the premium ; abblt dog thUR
'ar iep rted. Whenever there is snow on the
ground this bound goes hwitlng by himself.
jnd ho U very sure to return with a rabbit
and sometimes he will bring home as many
is three o. ' lour In ons day. Not Inl'/equently
he brings a flne Jack labblt. The game Its
never mutilated end Is always carried home
The Coining U'oiimii.
who goes to the club whlta her husband
tends the baby , as well is ibc good oid-
fcfhloncd won an who lola after her homo ,
will both at times get tun down in bfiith.
They will bo troubled with loss of appetite ,
headaches , sleeplessness ; fainting or dizzy
spells. Tbo most wonderful remedy for thesu
women la Electric Bitters. Thousands of
sufferers from Lame Back and Weak Kid
neys rise up aud call It blessed. It IP the
medicine for women. Fcuuio complaints and
nervous troubles of all kinds arc soon re
lieved by tbe use ot Electric Bitters. Deli
cate women should keep this remedy on band
to build up tbe system. Only COc per bottle ,
Kutm kc. Co.
I'liunu I.liiu In
SPOKANE , Wash. . Dec. 10. ( Special. ) In
a few days connections will be completed by
tclepbono over tbo longest line In existence ,
running from here to San Diego , Cal , , a
distance of 1,700 miles. Workmen are now
busy constructing tbo line between Eugene
and nodding. Cal. , that being the only gap
In tbe system. .Manager Hopkins says the
line , when finished , will exceed tbe Boston
nod Ona&A llaq by oreaty or eighty mllea.
Convinced that Blanther's donfosslon of the
Crime Is the TitUh.
51 I
Snyn ThereI * nt J.prfdt" Sufficient
GraniulN to tlic ConfcViloit to
Wnrrnnt a 'ClOHc
LITTLE nOCK , Ark , , Dec. lO.-Judge
E. M. Mcrrlman of Little Hock , who was
personally acquainted with , anil once rep
resented , J. E. DIanthcr , alias Forbes , as
an attorney In this city , Insists that Ulan-
thcr , and not Durrani , murdered Blanche
Lament and Minnie WilliamsIn San Fran
cisco , and that the execution ot Durrant will
therefore bo a Judicial murder. A few days
ago the story was sent out from Atlanta ,
Ga. , that Ulanthor was In that city at the
tlmo the girls were murdered. Judge Mor-
rlman scouts -this. Idea. Ho today made the
following statement :
"Slnco the publication of the card through
the Associated Press In which t stated that
I believed In the Innocence ot Theodore Dur
rant and the guilt ot DIanthcr , alias
Forbes , I have received many communica
tions supporting cither side of the question
Now , as the supreme court of California has
refused to interfere and Durrant must hang
still having an abiding faith In his Inuo'
ccnco , I feel that the public ought to have
an Insight Into the facts that have arrayed
themselves before me and convinced mi
that a judicial murder la about to bo com
"First , there can bo no question but wha.
the written confession Is In tlin handwriting
of Blanthor , for no effort has been' made to
contradict this presumption , and examination
by experts has established It.
"Second , Illanthcr confesses that ho mur-
clorol 'Blanche ' Lament and ' .Minnie Williams.
"Third , the entire evidence in the convic
tion of Durrant has 'been ' circumstantial and
tlio only positive statement that has ever
hinged on the case Is iDlanther's confession
that ho and not Durrant did the deed for
which Durrani's young life Is about to bo
"Fourth , nianther , being dead , my lips
may reveal the fact that ho had told mo dur
ing his troubles here that the name of
rorbes was-but an alias ; lhal ho had as
sumed for 'reisons best known lo himself ,
and thai his life had been an eventful one. '
This , coupled with the statement of his
cecond wife , Agnes Cameron , In public
print , convinces mo that ho spoke the truth.
"Fifth , tic trial of Durrant seems to have
been a forced one by some power 'behind
the eccnca , ' Iho prosecuting altorney being
notably bitter In the conduct of the same ,
and yet falling to establish a single fact by
dlicct and positives proof.
"Sixth , the theory of the state that Blanche
Lament was murdered ou > tho. night of April
3. lbU5 , Is , and has been throughout the \\holo
trial , an unwarranted assumption. There Is
no proof that the girls wore murdered In the
Emmanuel churcJi , and a. more reasonable
assumption woul'i be thi\t they were mur
dered elsewhere and their bodies carried to
the church as 'part of thp program. '
"Seventh , as to the Atlanta dispatch that
Blanthor was seen In that clly belwecn April
12 and April IB , 1893. this may bo all true
and he may have had all that arranged for
his purchasing agency to believe that , but
does anybody know orhas . anybody ever
ventured to say when he left .Atlanta ? Ten
dajs Intervened between April 3 and 13 , at
which latter date Minnie Williams' body-
was discovered. Within that period of time
Elanther might have been seen In Atlanta ,
and also have been In fian Francisco to do
his bloody work , and even bad a day or two
to spare It howas working under a precon
certed pla'rV 'and stimulated by reward for
prompt and immediate action'as has'been In-
tlmated by a man named 'Austin. '
"Eighth , the theory of the state without
anything upon which to base it , is that cue
of the girls was killed on April 3 , the other
on April 13. Illanther says ho killed them
both at the same time , which is a more rea
sonable presumption when the whole case Is
founded upon presumption alone.
"If Ulanther was at Atlanta at the time
Indicated , he probably went there with a
perfected plan to return at once to San Fran-
Cisco as soon as he had established the preim
ises upon which to base an alibi , following
the advice of some party Inwhose cmploj
ho was to consummate the dastardly deed.
He could havs left Atlanta April 4 and been
In San Francisco In time to murder the Iwo
"Finally , It Is very dcagerous to take a
men's life on circumstantial evidence alone.
"Agues Cameron Forbes wys she can prove
that nianther murdered the girls. DIanthcr ,
with death staring him In the face , standing
on the brink of enternlty. said Durrant was
Innocent end he was guilty.
"Surrounding circumstances tending to es
tablish the truth cf Blautber's confession ,
with these facts before It , how can any
court avoid the doctrine of reasonable doubt
and refuse ca appeal In the Interest of jus
tice , humanity and right ? If , alter an In
vestigation , all this Ehould prove fallacious ,
then Durrani's llfo could pay the oenalty ,
and the public would feel better satisfied
that a judicial murder had not been com
mitted. "
Firew of ii Day.
HARRISON , Neb. , Dsc. 10. ( Special. ) The
residence of Sheriff-elect Thomas Holly ,
twelve ralles ncrlhwcst of here , was de-
Etroyci by fire yestcriMy , together wlrt all
household effects. The flro caught from a
defective flue. No Insurance.
CEDAU RAPIDS. la. , Dec. 11. The Cedar
Rapldi Button factory , about three inll'c
from the city , caught fire at 1 o'clock tha !
morning and Is likely to bo a total losj.
Two men , emplojca , were bad'.y burccd and
may die.
Xo Cnl In WIIBTI-H nt . '
MANCHESTER , N. II , , Dec. 10. General
Ascnt Harman of Hiiverstraw , of the
Amosksas corporation. Is authority for the
statement that the cut In cotton mill wages
in Rill River will not be followed In this
city , nnd that It Is not porbable that the
oj.nmplt > will bo followed In otaer New Eng
land citlcr. .
LBW1STON , Me. , Dec. 10. Lewiston nnd
Auburn mill operatives and agents are
speculating upon the posMb'.is effect ot ] local
cotton manufacturing of the proposed cut
down nt Pall nivtsr. One agent , In nn
Interview , raid that the market was Home-
what Influenced by thorKjtll River mill * nnd
the situation might dfma.ud a reduction In
wnyc-s and curtailmento ( he output.
LOWKLL , Mass. , Dtf'10. The ipjortcd
t'eclslon of the Kail Rl\'cr munufnctureia to
reduce wajes ban not arbUsjd much com
ment in Lowell. The Iruriiafing competition
of the southern plants/hupl long been fore
seen hero and has been , discounted to as
great nn extent as
(5 ( i In K 'to IiiMpc-ci' doyle Sditiiex.
ST. LOUIS , Dec. 10. Ex-Governor Stone
will cull a. meeting of * ; ; l js3ocl.Ues en the
MUsourl commission nax jweok , mid thi-.v
will then arrange to gqipj.AVashlnirtOn imd
PUBS upon the Doyle alahiefl of Benton and
Hlalr. recently placed ! | lSWtuarhall in tne
capltol. If Mr. Doyle's jvorlc Is tatUf.iotory
the Htatues will be ncrtpud nml formally
unveiled. Governor Stpiiojsald "Mr. " Uoyle'e
action In placing tlm.Rtutuoi In Statuary
Jinll before they had wen pas'el upon by
tlici Ml'iourl corrnntpyion,0 created by the
legislature for that nurpos's , was prema
ture and Indiscreet. If the eonvmlHElon doeB
not accept the work , the statues will luivo to
be removed , thus placing Mr. Doyle In an
embarrassing position
Holilicr InotM n Kturc ,
REDDING , Cal.t Deo. 10-McCormac'i.
Seltzer & Co.'s branch stor ? at Keswlck
was entered by a masked robber. The occu
pants of thp More were forced to the rear
of Iho bulldlni ; nt the muzzlr of a pistol.
The safe was rilled of about { 2/00 , and after
locking the doors behind them , the robber
took the key and disappeared Into the night.
Keswlck IH the smelting city of Shasta
county , where 1,200 mqn receive their pay
ConfoHHCH \uini-riiUM Crime * .
CHICAGO , Dee , 10-F. Jacob Erb. the 1G-
year-old boy who In company -with Frank
Williams was captured lust night af Ur holdIng -
Ing up and shooting John C , McCosh , Is tald
to be the son of a wealthy sawmill proprie
tor of Vancouver , B. O. Ho has confessed
to complicity in a number ot holdups In Chi
clurlnfT the last two or thrco weeks and
has also admitted having taken part In a
series of burglaries In Nn hvl1lo. Tenn. ,
Dayton , O. , and other > 8tern and nouthern
cities. Tiie police believe that Williams nnd
young Krb are responsible for the. shooting
of Dr. Harold O. Mayor hist night.
Cnrttnrrtl n Iltirftlnr Mltli 111 *
BALTIMORE , Dec. 10. The residence of
Isaao E. Emerson , president of the Enwrson
Drug company , and commander of the Mary
land naval reserves , 2300 Eutaw Tlane , was
robbed lost night , and diamonds rallied at
nearly J10.000 were stolen. After a dcspcrnto
struggle the thief was captured as ho wan
leaving the house. The prisoner win
searched nnd the diamonds found In his
pockets. He pays his name Is John Davis ,
9 veari of nan , and that he Is n
stenographer. All of the diamonds wcro
Identified as her own by Mrs. Umoraon , ex
cepting three stickpins and n silver bracelet ,
which wcro In'er Identified by Mrs. Kato
Hcnklcmcn of 2301 Kutaw Place.
Three-Cent Fnrc I/AM-
CHICAGO , Deo. 10. The United States
court of appeals In an opinion handed down
today In the Indlanaipolls 3-ccnt car faro j
case dismissed the appeal of the city of In-
dlannpolls from the order of Judgn Showul-
tcr enjoining the enforcement of the 3-ccnt
fare ordinance. The court held tn effect
thnt ns the Indianapolis Street Car company
was created or formed under general laws
In Indiana , an amendment providing for 3-
cent faro can be effected only by ix general
law applicable alike to all similar corpora
tions throughout the state ,
SpnliUinr Will IK-mnlii In .Inll ,
SPRINGFIELD , 111. . Dec. 10. The mi-
promo courl today granted a writ of super-
iscdeas on the. petition of ex-Danker Charles
Warren Sjmldlng , recently sentenced to nn
Indettrmlnuto term in the penitentiary for
embezzlement. Motion for admission to
ball was , however , denied. The case will
bo submitted for hearing1 nt the February
lerm of Hie supreme court , and nn opinion
It expected by April. In the meantime
Spaldlng will be continued In jail Instead of
going to the. penitentiary.
Ucdm-c IMntc CHUNK IiiMtrntiec.
NBW YORK. Dec. 10 E. H. Wlnslnw ,
president of the Metropolitan Plate. Glass
company , confirmed a report to the effect
that rates for plate glass Insurance , will
probably soon be cut In every state. Ho
said the compact for business In Wisconsin ,
Illinois , Minnesota , Missouri , Kansas nnd
the IDa.otas had already been declared off.
The plato glass association will meet In this
city on Saturday morning next , when reduc
tions in all territories niny be. decided upon.
Tim MliUTw Shut.
KNOXVILLE , Tenn. , Dec. 10. The strike
In Paint Rock county coal mines , nt Almy ,
culminated In the shooting of two miners
today. They arc William West nnd James
Garby. Botli were shot from ambush and
It Is not known who their would-be mur
derers are. Neither was fatally hurt. A
number of men have gone to work toilny on
the day shift , but are being blacklisted.
Further trouble Is predicted and the com
pany has sent for bloodhounds.
lllcr lliilliltiiK Does \ot I'nj- .
CHICAGO , Dec. 10. Judge Tuloy today
appointed E. V. McKey receiver for the
Galena Trust nnd Safety Vault company ,
the corporation owning the Fort De.irborn
building on Clark and Monroe streets. The
complainants are Michael "Grcenbaum
Sons , A. G. Becker & Co. and several other
bondholders. The building , It Is said , has
not been fully rented since It was built
several years ago. It Is valued nt $000COJ.
Triiilliiii I.oliHierH for Salmon.
SAN FRANCISCO , Dec. 10. A carload of
tautog and egg-bearing lobsters has arrived
from Massachuetts and hna been deposited
near the Farallon Island" . The rtsh commis
sion car will go to Anderson , Shasta county ,
where it will take on about fi.MO.OOO qulnnat
salmon spawn from the B-Utle Creek hatch
ery. These are to be distributed in the
upper Hudson river and in streams In the
northeastern states.
fieiicmlly Knlr , wlM % North to Went
WASHINGTON , Dec. 10. Forecast for
Saturday :
For Nebraska and Kansas Generally fair
north to west hinds.
For Iowa Fair ; northerly .winds.
For South Dakota Probably light local
snows : southerly winds , becoming variable.
For Missouri Fair , clearing In northeast
ern portion ; northerly winds ; colder in east
ern portion.
For Wyoming Fair ; slightly warmer ; va
riable winds.
Local Ilc-conl.
OMAHA , Dec. 10. Omaha record of rain
fall and temperature compared with the
corresponding day of the last three years.
1S97. UM. IST . 1S31.
Maximum temperature . . . 34 fa 52 31
Minimum tcmncrature . . . 27 33 32 20
Average temperature 30 40 42 32
Rainfall CO .00 .00 .02
Record of temperature ami precipitation
at Omaha for this day and since Marcli
1. 1S97 :
Normal for the day 31
Deficiency for the day 1
Accumulated excess since March 1 411
Normal rainfall for the day 0.1 Inch
Deficiency for the day 03 Inch
Total rainfall slncp. March 1 1S.C1 inches
Deficiency since ( March 1 10.97 Incaes
Excess for cor. period , 16SG 5.25 inches
Deficiency for cor. period , 1S93. . 10.31 Inches
llcnord from Stations at S i > . m. ,
Seventy-lift ! ! meridian time.
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
Ii. A. WELSH , Local Forecast Official.
National Trotting Association Costs Oat th o
Sioux Oitj Man ,
Committee Appointed , ( n
the Mntfcr Alllrni ( lint They \\lll
TrniiNiiot Xo Further Iliml-
MCNH with the Men.
NEW YORK , Dec. 10. The board ot review -
view of the National Trotting association
today announced that Robert T , Knecbes
and II. O. Hoftncr of Sioux City , la. , had
been put under the ban , the committee de
claring that It would hereafter do no busi
ness with the men. Kncebcs Is said to have
been expelled from German tracks , and
Hoftncr wns found to have n guilty knowl
edge of many cases ot fraud practiced upon
the members of the association.
KlllH All llli , Iltriln , While Ollhvrt
CHICAGO. Dec. 10. Kansas City obtained
a lead of nlno birds In the shooting race to
day ngalnst the Chicago experts. It Is ex-
pcc'ted to provo sulllclcnt to win , ns the vis-
Itora have n stronp quartet to nend to the
score tomorrow. The result was not en
tirely unexpected , as there Is much dissat
isfaction over the make-up ot the locn"
team. Mussey and Klo.i , both of when
were expected to do well , fell down and al
lowed the visitors to obtain the lead.
It was a regular Kansas City d-iy. Jim
Klllott won the llrst race ever secured by
him on Chicago grounds. | . \ Inning the shoot-
on for the Dupont trophy from Krcd Gilbert
of Spirit Lake , la. He. killed Mvcnty-ilvo
straight , Gilbert losing to. t < .
The scores In the team Mhoot :
Cblcago-W. R. 'Morgan ' , 10 ; M. J. Klch ,
39 : Dr. Shaw. 42 ; W. P. ' .Mussey , 37 ; J. It.
Uble. 45 ; G. Roll , unfinished (22) ( ) ; total. 2.V. ,
Kansas Clty-J. L. Porter , 42 ; K. Hick-
niaiu ; G.V. . . Stockwell.II ; D. Klllott , 44 ;
J. M. Curtice , 39 ; C. C. Herman , untlnlshed ,
22 ; total , 231.
lloyle CIU-H to Washington.
HALTLMOUi : , Deo. 10. The- deal by which
Pitcher .McJnmes , Second Uascjunn Demon-
trevlllc nnd First Uasemnn McGann of tliu
Washington bare ball team became Orioles
in exchange for First Uaseman Doyle , Second
end Uasoman Hcltz and Pitcher Amolo. was
consummated this afternoon In Ibis city.
Manager Tom lirown of the Washington
team said In regard to the deal : "I sha'l
make Doyle my lieutenant and perhaps cap
tain. I have four oiilllelders , and If I can
play any better than the. other three I
shall play , but If I decide to remain on the
bench , Doyle will have charge of the men
upon the Held.
CINCINNATI , Dec. 10. H Is stated on the
best authority that the racing stable of
Charles Flehchmann & Son will bo run
next vear In the east , and the contract with
Ted Sloane to ride for that stable next
season will hold goo.l. Mr. Flclschmann ,
who used to run horses under hH ol.\n
name , took the precaution to take his son ,
Julius , into partnership 'to avoid" Invalida
ting entries In the eat-t in case of his death ,
Columbus specials say the flag was put at
half mast on the capltol In honor of his
memory and legislative committees iA'111 at
tend his funeral next Monday.
ItlI < MIUt | ClllllillllOlt WIllS.
PHILADELPHIA , Dec. 10. Peter W.
Latham , professional racquet champion of
the world , defeated Percy Ashworth , former
amateur champion of England , In nn exhibi
tion match at the Racquet club this after
noon. The match was for the best four out
of seven , Latham allowing Ashworth a
handicap ot scv n aces In each game. Score :
Latham 7 , 9 , 13 , 15 7 , 1C > . 15.
Aslaworth-15 , 15 , S , 10. 13. 10 , 11.
Sloniie is Ovi'i-rntcMl.
LONDON1. Dec. 10. The Field. In nn ed
itorial on tha art of race riding , Is Inclined
to think that the achievements of Ted
Sloane , the American jockey , hiivo been
"somewhat overrated. " It says : "No doubt
lie has had his share of luck , but -we can
not sec any need for English jockeys to
alter their style , or to fear that the Amer
ican contingent will sweep the boards. "
KIIIINIIS City Men Dffent Clllcnuro.
CHICAGO , Dec. 10. J. Lee Porter , the
Kansas City wing shot , defeated II. W.
Wright of Chicago In the opening match
of the bl-clty championship c"ntest nt
Watson's Uurnslde parK prounds by a score
of 42 to W. M. J. J3cti ! of Chicago also fell
down before the superior marksmanship of
Ed Ilickmnn , n Kansas City expert , the
score being 43 to S3.
CEDAR RAPIDS , la. . Dec. 10.-SpecIal (
Telegram. ) AI Francherc , president of the
Cedar Rapids base ball club , who was
elected a few weeks ago , has tendered his
resignation. Prebs of private business com
pelled him to take the step.
Mrw. I < " 1 1 zKlmitiQiis DciiIt'H.
DUBUQUE. la. , Dec. 10.-Spccial ( Tele
gram. ) Fltzsimmons today exhibited atcle-
gram from his wife denying that she had
told a Milwaukee reporter she would re
lease lilm from bis promise to fight Cor-
IiivlditliiiiH tn Ciirr'H
LIBERTY , Mo. , Dec. 10. Sheriff Hymer
toiay l&sued 150 Invitations reading as fol
lows :
You arc hereby invited to witness the ex
ecution of William Carr , Friday , December
17 , at 11 o'clock , a. m. , for the murder of
his little daughter , Belle Carr , In Clay
county , Missouri , on the 10th day of October ,
1SD7. "
The roporalth which Cnrr will be hanged
has already lioen secured. It Is the pnmo
that 'nns ' used at the execution of Millionaire
Duestrow , at Union , Mo. The scaffold ,
which l In course of construction , Is In
sight of Carr's cell window. As the last
days draw near the murderer becomes more
and more devout ,
Author of the book on English athletics entitled " A Sporting
Pilgrimage , " and " On Snow-Shoes to the Barren Grounds , " is now
on what may be called
On his way to Van hunt from Bangkok ,
couver he made because the interior of
studies of Siam contains a great
Sport in variety of
the West BIG GAME
From Vancouver he Mr. WHITNEY will
sailed for Japan ; going visit India , and then
thence to China and proceed to Europe to
Sinin , intending to prepare a series of ar
maltu his principal ticles on the
Sports of Germany , France , and England
for IIai'pcv'a WccJdy in 1898.
10 Cents a Copy ; $4 oo a Year.
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