Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 18, 1897, Page 12, Image 12

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five fitaidred Carats. .
it. " 07. Iiy OiorRp arimtli )
Itva < flovcral months attor the brilliant ,
1C somewhat myntorlmu , recovery of the
15,000 parcel from the notorious Imt now
nl hoil Seth Sailer that 1 had the plcomirc ,
niul t think I may ( airly mlil the iirlvlk'Ro ,
of makliiK the acquaintance ot Inspector
I can say without hesitation that In the
coiirno of wandering * which have Al me
ever n considerable portion of the lands aid :
rflR of I hoori \ \ I ha\e never met a more
( trlfic'llng man than he was. 1 eay was ,
Door fellow , for he Is now no longer anythliiK
tmt n mcinoiy of hlttc'ness to thi > I 1) . H.
but that must bo told In onothcr place.
Tlifio IB na need of further explanation
of tin ; all too brief Intlniac ) which followuil
our Intiodiictlon than the statement of the
lact tint the Krcatcst South African detective
of Ills < la > wan otter all a man , as well as a
drlictlvu am ) hence not only Justifiably
proml of the many brilliant achievements
which Illustrated his career , but alto by no
meitiB Icith that BOIHO day the story of them
should with nil duo and proper precautions
and rc'inallonB , be told to a wider and pc < < -
Blblj km prejudiced audience than the mot-
Icy and migratory population of the camp
a * It was Jn hit day.
I had not been Ilvo minutes In the co/ > ,
tastily furnished satututn of his low , broad-
roofel bungalow In New le Hcers road he
fore I saw It was a museum as welt an u
study. Spr-clmens of all sorts of queer UD-
txtratus emiiloyed by the I I ) II 's for smug-
RltiiK illninon la"wcic scattered over thu ta
bles and mantelpiece
There wcie massive , handsomolj caivul
briar and meerschaum pipes , which seemed
to hold wonderfully little tobacco for thch
tl/u ; roiiKh sticks of Hrewood lnK ° nlounl ) hol
lowed out which must have been worth a
Kood lound sum In thnlr time ; hollowed
liandlcKif traveling trunks ; ladles' boot heels
of the fashion affected on n memorable oc
casion bj Mrs .Michael Murattl ; and novel ? ,
lijmn books , rhurch services and bibles , with
cavltlcu cut out of the renter of theli Ifaves
uhlUi had once held thousumls of pounds
worth of Illicit stones on their unsuspected
tmx'ugo through the book post.
lint none of th si ? Interested , or , indeed ,
jniTvloil me so much as did n ( oiiplc of
ciulnttsly assorted article ? which laj under
n little glass case on a corner bracket One
vas an ordinary piece of heavy lead tubing ,
about tin Of Inches long mid art Inih In ill-
nmctfr , scaled bv fusing at both ends , and
Imvlng a little brass tap fused Into one end
The other was n little lagged piece , of dlrtj
red iiliii't India iiibbor , very thin In fact
almost tiansparcnt and , roughly speaking
foui in flvo Indies square
I was looking .it these things , wondering
( what on eaith could be the connection be
tween them , and what manner of stiangu
story mlnht bo connected with them , \\hcn
tne Inspector einio In
" ( Jood evening. Olid to sco jou. " he bald
In his quiet and almost gentle voice , and
without a tiace of foreign accent , as we shook
hands. "AVill what do you think of mj
museum' ' I daicsaj yon'\o guessed , ili".uh
that If some of these things could speak thev
could keep join readers ( or some
little lime , eh' "
"Well theio Is no reason why theli ownc.
Bhouldn't spiak for them" I said linking
the obvious reply , "provided alwa > , of
comse tlwt It wouldn't be giving a\.aj too
main seciets of state "
"My deal sir , " he raid with a smile which
curled up the ends of lit * little bhck care
fullj-tilmmed mnuhtache ever so slightly. I
should not have nnde jou the promi-e I dll
nt the dub the other night If I had not bee i
prepared to rely absolutely on jam discie-
tlon and mj own Now , there's whlsk.v-
.iml-ROili 01 brandv , which do jou piefcr'
You tmoke , of coirse , and I think jmi'll IIn 1
these nidiy good and that Uiilr I can lucotn-
menil I have untaveled many a knottv
Ufobleni In It , I can tell > ou. "
"And now. " ho went on when we we e at
last comfortably settled "may I ask which
of nij relics his most aiouseil jour piofet ,
Blonii ) rmlcsltj' "
It was nlirady on the tl | ) of nij tongue
to ok foi the stcry of the gasplpc and iileie
of Inlla uibber , but HIP Inspector foie-talled
mo bj s lying :
"Hut perhaps tint Is hardly a fair que-
tlon ns tbey will all pronably seem pre"j
strange to you Now for Instance , I ruw
YOU Iroklng at two of my cnilos when I
came In You would handy expect them t >
bo tic JpMted , and \ciy Intimately , too , wlti
about Ihi most daring and skillfully planiu-
tilamoiiil robbery tbat OUT tonic plate on tl
Fields 01 off them , foi tht matter of tlu
jvould von1"
"Hardly " I said "And yet I think I hav.
Je rnel "nough of the devious wavs of UK
I. U ft In he prcpaied for a perfectly lugi
cat < ! < cp'illation of the fact. "
"An logical ns I think I may fahly say
ronnntlf,1 replied the Inspcctoi as he ol
JiU glass down "In one S.PII-O It was Hie
non problem that I've evei hid
to t-icMe _ 0f course you've heard nnioei
Ion or other of the disappearance of lu ! >
great Do Herr'h diamond' "
"I Simula rather think I had , " I said , with
x decided thrill of pleasurable antlcipiHo"
for I felt sine that now. If oxer. I was going
to get to the bottom of the groU mystery
hviijlHiilj In camp teems to have a dlffei-
ont ve'hlon of it anil , of couruo , exeiy one
eeeniB in tlilnk that If he had only had the
jnanagt inont of the < nu the mystery would
Imvo bi'i'ii holvcd long uyo "
"It Is Invariably the caso" said the In
with another of bis quiet , pleasant
mimes , "that oveiy ono can do work bettei
than thoho whoso leptitatlon depends upon
the doing of it.Vo are not altogether fools
nt the diipaitment and yet 1 have to confess
thut 1 wybUf was In Ignoianco as to just
how thut diamond ( llt-appi-aicd 01 where U
EOt to , until within twelve hours ago
"Now , I nm going to tell yon the facts e\ *
actly an ( hey aic , but under I ho londltlon
that yon will nltoi all the names except U
jou choose , my own and that yon will nut
publish the stoiy fur at least twelve montlu
to com Theio aie peiMiml anil prlxate
reasons for this which yon will probably un
derstand vxlthaut my hinting then ! Of
couif > t > It will In tlnii ) leak out into thu pa-
jieib , although there lut boon , and will bo
no piqseintlm : but anything in the newspa
pers will of necessity be garbled nnd Imoi
ject , and well , I may as well confess that
I urn Riiflldcntly vain to wish tint my ulinru
In thu tiansactlon shall not be left alto
gether to the tender monies of the Imughi.v
tlxa penny-a-llner "
I acknowledged the tompllnunt with n
bow ab graceful as the crtslness of the In
epcctoi'H dialr would allow me to make , but
I nald nothing , as I wanted to get to the
Story. |
"I hid better begin at the beginning , " the
liiNpsclor went on as he mudllatlvely snipped
the end of a flesh clgnr "As 1 suppobo you
nlioady know , the largest and most valuable
diamond ever found nn these fields wiu a
joally magnificent stnnu , a purfect octahe.
dron , punt white , without a Haw , and welgh-
Inj , tloso on 500 carats , Theio's a photogiaph
of it there on the mantelpiece , rgot > an
other ono by mo ; I'll glvn it yon before you
leave Kimbcrley.
" \\ell , this Ktono was found about bl\
months ago In ono of the drives on the 800-
foot level of the Klnibofley mine. It was
taken by the nverteur vtialght to the Do
lints' ollkes and placed on the secretry's
desk you know-vsheio he cits , on the light-
liand shlo as jou go Into the- board room
through the green Inlzo doois. There were
pcxcral of the directors present at the time ,
nnd , as you may Imagine , they were pretty
veil pleased at the llnj , for the t > tnne , with
out any uxaggcratlon , was worth a prluco'ti
ransom ,
"Of course , I needn't tell von that the
Mine per carat of a dlamrnd which Is per
fect and of a good color Increases In o tort
of gcomvtilcal progresklon nlth the cl/c. I
flare say that stone was worth uuywhuro be
tween ono and two inllllanH , accord'ns ' to
the depth ot the purchase'H purse. It wis
vvoithy to adorn the pioude t crown In thu
iworld , lustead of but thtro , you'll think me
a xery poor story teller If I anticipate.
" \Vull , the dlamoml , after being duly id-
f'jlreil , was taken upstalis to the diamond
room by the secretary himself , pcco.npanlen
by two of tht directors Of course you bavo
bceu through the new nfllces of Do Deem ,
but Hill ) , perhat I had better Jiut run over
the ground , an the locality U rather im
"You know that when you get upaUIrs
ud turn tp the right ot the lauding from
the top of the italrcasr there U a door with
a little grille In It. You knock , a trapdoor
Is raised , and It you are rccognlred and yout
biislnon warrants It you are admitted Then
you go along a llttln passage , out of which
a room opens on the left , and In front ot
jou Is another door leading Into the diamond
mend rooms themselves
"You know , too , that In the main room
fronting Slockdnle street and Jones street
the diamond tables run around the two slJcs
under the windows and arc railed off from
the rest of the room by a single light
wooden rail There Is a table In the middle
of tlui room , and on your right hand as yon
go In there Is a big safe standing against
the wull You will remember , too , that In the
corner exactly facing the door stands ttio
glass eafie containing the diamond scales I
want you particularly to recall the fact thu
thu o scales stand < lltifconally across ttio cor
ner by the wlndoh , The secondary room ,
as you know , opens < 6lt | on to the left , but
that h not of much 'consequence"
1 signified my remembrance ot thcso de
tails and the Inspector went on.
"Tho dhniond WAS first put In the scitu
nnd weighed In thtj pre enco of the sec
retary and thoVo | 'directors by one of the
higher otllclals ! ' a , lluonsed diamond broker
and a most trnstod employe of De lleers ,
whom you may call Philip Mnrsdcn when
you come to write the story. The weight ,
aa I told you , In round figures was BOO tar.
all. The stone was then photogriphcd ,
partly for pnrpo < es of Identification and
partly as a reminder of the blggeit stone
oxei found in Klmbp'ley In its rough stitc
"The gem was then handed oxer to Mr
Marsden's care pending thu departure of the
diamond post to Vrxebnrg on the following
Mondav this was a Tuesday. The bicretary
saw It locked up In the big safe by Mr.
Marsden who , as usual , was accompanied
bj another ofllclal , a younger man than him-
si-lf whom you can call Henry Lomas , a
connection of his , and also one of the most
tiustc ! members of the staff.
'Every day , nnd sometimes two or ihrce
limes a day , either the secrelary or ono 01
other of the directors came tin and had a
look at the big stone , either for their own
satlbfaetlon or to show It to some of their
more Intimate friends I ought , perhaps to
haxo told you before thai the whole diamond
loom staff was practically sworn lo secrecy
on tin subject , because , as yon will readily
under tind. It was not considered desirable
foi suih an exceedingly valuabln find to be
niado public property In a. place like this
When Paturday came It was decided not to
fiid It ilbwn to Capo Town , for some rc-asons
connected with the btate of Iho market
\\hcn the safe xxas opened on Monday morning
ing the fctonc vxas gone
"I noidn t attempt to describe the absolute
panic which followed It bad been seen
two or thiee times In the safe on the Satur
iliy , and the secretary himself was positive
that It was there at closing time because
ho saw II just as Ihc safe was being locked
foi Iho nighl In fact , ho actually saxv it
put In foi it had been taken ouUto bhow to a
trlend of his n few minutes bcfotc.
Tbo safe had nol been tampered with ,
not lould It have been unlocked , because
vheii It Is closed foi the night It cannot be
noned again unless cllher Iho secrelary 01
he managing director Is present , as they
hue eaih a master key' , without which the
Uoy used during the day Is of no use
'Of cour e I was ent for Immedlalolv
ml 1 admit thai I T as talrly staggc'icd If
the secretary had not been so positive thai
ho stone wasvlfoiyd up vhcn he teivx the
eafo closed onXtlih/Satut < ay I should haxe
worked upon the ( hpo y the only posslblt
one as it sciMed that the stone had been
ibitiacted frorti the safe during the day
( oncealed In thu room and somehow or othei
' inuggL-d out , although ex en would have
been almost Impossible In consequence of tin'
Lrlctnoss of the searching system and tin
I'liasl coitnln discoveiy which must have
followed an attempt lo get It out of town.
"Doth the rooms were searched In exciy
uook and cranny.Tho whole staff , naturall *
'poling that excrysOtie. of them must be sue
Pectod Immediately volunteered to submit
'o anx nrocvas of.s3a'cli that I mlghi ihlnk
allsfactoty , and I'can assure you the search
was a voiy thorough ono.
'Nothing xasaund. _ . and when wo ba I
'nne there xyijJuU a scintilla of evidence tc
vx ir'ijnt H * In suspecting anybody It Is true
hit the diamond was last actually seen by
lie recirtuiy In cbaige ot Mr. M irsdcn an'
Mi Lamas JJi' Matsdpi , opened Ihe safe
Mr Lamas put Ihe Hay containing the MI ?
stone und soxcnl other flno ones Into It
n ual lompiitment , and the safe door wu1-
Ipcked 'Jherofoie thai fact wenl foi no'l
' 'Ypn kiipw. . I suppose , that one of the
Mimond room fliaff always remaliiK all night
in the loom ; [ hero Is at least one nlghi
vmhnian oiKiTvery lauding ; and the fiont
ages aio pjilrriljj'd all night by armed men
a ! the police , Lomas was on duty
on the Sjtuidny night Ho was searched as
usual when IIP came oft duty on Sunday
mointng Nothtlg | was found , and I ircog-
nl/ed that It was absolutely Impossible that
lie could have brought the diamond out of
iho room or parked It to any confederate In
thu street x\'Ithout being dlscoxered Tlu-ie-
foiu though at , Orst sight suspicion might
have pointed 'tOJim ; ( an being the ono who
was apparentljrJjljiU In the room with the
Olimond , Iheie/ yai ) absolutely no reason
lo ronnoct that rait with its disappear-
"I must say that that Is a great deal
pla'cier and rnoro jnatttr-of-fact than any
of thu other utorlee.tljit I have heard of the
mystcilous disappearance , " I naid , as the
liupcttnr paused toh'edll bin glass and'ask
mt > tn do llkewlcoi'v
"Yes , " ho eald , itlyly , "the truth Is more
comiiKinplaca up to a en tain point than the
sort ot ttorlcB that n stiauger will Hud float ,
n R about Klmborlcy , but still I dare Buy you
haxu found In your own profession that It
POinotlmoH has a way ot to put It In sport
ing language giving fiction a BOX en-pound
Imidleap and bcallng It In a canter "
"Tor my own part , " I answered , with an
alh ! math o ncd , "my money would go on
fact oxery time. Therefore , It w.ould go on
itpw if 1 were betting. At any rate. I may'
say that > iono of tbo Action that I baxc so
fur heard has ofteri'd even a reasonable ex
planation of the dliappcarancu of thut diamond
mend given tbo condltonn | which you have
just stati'd , and , as fur as I can see , I ad
mit that I couldn't glvo the remotett gueaa
at HIP solution of the mystery "
That's exactly what I said to myself
after I had been wonylng day and night
for inoro than a week over It , " said the
Inspector. "And then , " ho went on , sud
denly getting up from his seat and beginning
10 walk up nnd down thu room with quick ,
11 regular strides "all of a sudden In the
nihldln of a very much smaller piuzle , just
oni ) nf thu common I , L > . 1) ) . cases wu have
alincei acry xxeck , the whole nf the work
lint I wax engaged upon vanished from
my mind , leaving it for Iho moment a per
fect blank. Then , like a lightning Hash out
at ji blink cloud , ( hero tame a momentary
ray ot ll-jlit which showed mo the clew
to the mystery. That was the Idea. These , "
ho said , etopplng In front of tU > mantle-
piece and putting bU finger aa Ui glya
case which tovcred the two relics which
had started the story , "thete were the ma-
tcrlallratlon ot It. "
"And yet , my dear hifpector , " I ventured
to Interrupt , "you will perhaps pardon mo
for nay Ing that your ray of light leaven mo as
much In the dark ns ever. "
"Hut your darkness shall be made day
nil In good course , " he slid , with n smile .
I could see that he had an eye for dramatic
effect , and so I thought It was better to lot
him tell the story uninterrupted and In his
own way , so I slmplv assured him ot my
ever-Increasing Interest , and waited for him
to go on He took a couple of turns up nnd
down the room In silence , as though he were
considering In what form he should spring
the solution ot the mystery upon me. Then
he stopped , and said , abruptly
"I didn't tell you that the next morning
that IB to say , Sunday Mr. Marsden went
out on horseback ( shooting , In the xcldl , up
toward that range of hills which lies over
yonder to the northwestward , between here
nnd Darkly West. I can see by your face
that yeti are already asking yourself xxhnt
that has gnl to do with spiriting n million
or so's worth of crystallized carbon out of
the safe at Do Doers' . Well , n little pa-
llonco and you shall sec.
"I'arly that samu Sunday morning I xxas
walking down Stockdnlo street , In front of
the Ho lleers' ofllces , smoking a cigar nnd ,
of course , worrying my brains about the dia
mond. I took n long draw at my xvcod and
quite Involuntarily put my head back and
blow It up Into the air there , just llko thnt
and the cloud drifted diagonally across the
street dead In the direction of the bills on
which Mr. I'hlllp Marsden would Just then
be hunting buck. At the same Instant the
rex elation which had scattered my thoughts
about the other little case that I mentioned
just now canio back to me. I saw , with my
mind's eve. of course well , noxv , vxhat do
you think 1 saxv ? "
"If It wouldn't spoil an Incomparable de-
tectlxe , " I said , somewhat Irrelevantly , "I
should say that you xxould make an excel
lent story teller Noxcr mind whit 1 think.
I'm In the plastic condition just now. r am
receiving Impressions , not making Ihem.
Noxxxvhat did you see ? "
"I saw the gicat Do Doers' diamond siy
from 10,000 to lfi 010 worth of concentrated
capital Iloallng from Iho upper story of the
Do Doers' consolidated mines , rising over the
housetops , and drifting down the vxlnd to
Mr Philip Ma'den's hunting ground "
To say that I stared tn the silence of
blank Amazement nt the Inspector , vxho mode
Hits astounding assertion with a dramatic
pestnro and Intlecllon which nalurally can
not be reproduced In print , would be lo uller
the merest commonplace. Ho seemed to
taku my stare for ono it Incredulity rather
than xxnnder fet he sa jl almost sharply.
"Ah , I see you ore beginning to think thai
I am lalklng tlctlon now ; but never mind , we
will tec about thai later on. You have fol
low id mo I have no doubt closely enough
to understand that , having exhausted all the
rcsonicos of my ex-perle'icc and such native
xsIt ns the fates have given mo , and having
made the most minute analysis of the cir
cumstances of the case I had come to the
fixed conclusion that the great diamond had
not been carried out of the room on the per
son of a human being nor had It been
dropped or thrown from the windows to the
street yet It was equally undeniable thnt
It had got out of the safe and out of the
room "
"And therefore It flew out , I suppose , " I
could not help intcriuptlng , nor , I nm afraid ,
could I qiiltp ax old a Htiggesllon of incre
dulity In my tone.
"Yes my dear sir , " replied the Inspector ,
with an emphasis which * he increased by
slapping the four fingers of his rlghl band
on Iho palm of his left. "Yes It Hew out.
It Hew some seventeen or eighteen miles
before it returned to the carlh in which
It was born , If we may accept the theory
of the terrostilal origin of diamonds So
fai as the event proved , I vxas absolutely
coirect , vxlid and all as you may nnlurally
Ihlnk mv hypolhesls lo have been.
"But , " he continued , slopping in his xxalk
and making an eloquent geslure of apology ,
"being only human , I almost Instantly de
viated from truth Into error. In fact , I
freely confess to you thai Ihero and Ihcn
I made what I consider to bo the greatesl
and meal falal mistake of my career.
"Absolutely certain as I xvas that the diamond
mend had been conveyed through f-e air
to the Darkly hills , and thai Mr. 'hlllp
Marnden's shooting expedition had been un
dertaken with the objecl of recovering it ,
I hail all Iho approaches to the toxvn
watched till he came back. He catno In
by the old Transxaal road about an hour
after dark. I had him arrested , took him
into the house of one of my men xxho hap
pened to Hvu out thai way. searched him , as
I might say , from the roots of his hair to the
soles of his feet and found nothing.
"Ot course he was Indignant , and ot course
I looked a very considerable fool. In fact ,
nothing would pacify him but that I should
meet him the next morning In Ihc board
room al De Decns , and , In Ihe presence of
the eecietnry nnd nt least three directors ,
apologize to him for my unfounded sus
picions and the -outrage that they had led
mo to make upon him I xxas , of course ,
as von might say , bclwccn Ihe devil and
the deep sea. I had to do It , and I did it ;
but my convictions and my suspicions re
mained exactly xxhat they were before.
'Then there began a very strange , and ,
\\1IKN I ! / > nKin I 1' IflUV HIM COVKHIN O MK WITH A Kit VRn 01' UHVOLVKKH '
although you may think Ihc term curious , a
voiy pathetic waiting game between us lie
km w that In splto of his temporary victory
I hail really solved the mystery , and was on
the right track. I knew thai Iho groal
diamond xxas oul yonder somewheru among
the hills or on the veld and I knew , too ,
that he was only waiting for my xigtlancu to
n lax to go out and get it.
"Day after day , xxcok after week and
month aftci month thu gnme went on In
b'lenco ' Wo met nln.ost oxery day His
01 edit had been completely restored at DC
liters Lomas , his connection , and , as I
firmly bollexcl , his confederate , had been ,
through his Influence , sent on a mission to
England and when ho went I confess thai I
thought the game was up that Marsden
had somehoxv managed to recover the
diamond and that Loman had taken It be
yond our riadi.
"Still I watched and waited , and as tlmo
xverit on 1 saw that my fears were ground
less and that the gem was Htlll on the veld
or In the hills Ho kept up bravely for
weeks , but at last the strain began to tell
upon him. Picture to yourself the pitiable
position of a man of good family In the old
country , of cxpenuixe tasteb and very con
siderable ambition , llxlng here In Klmberluy
on a salary of sonic 12 n week , worth about
5 in nngland and knowing that within a
fexxmlli'K of him , In a spot thai he alone
knew of , there lay a concrete fortune of say
1,500,000 , which was his for tbu picking up
If ho only daicd to go and take It , and yet
ho dared not do RO
"Yes , It Is a pitiless trade this ot our. ' ,
and professional tbief-cairbers can't afford
to have much to da xxltu mercy , and yet I
tell you that as I watched that man day after
day with tbo fexer growing holler In his
blood and the unbearable anxiety tearing ever
harder and harder at his nerves , I pitied him
ves , I pitied him to much that I ex en
found myself growing Impatient for the end
to come. Fancy tlui , a detective , a thief-
catcher , getting Impatient to tec his victim
out of his misery )
"Well , I had to wait clx months that Is
to say , I had to wait until C o'clock this
morning for the end. Soon after 4 one of
my men came and knocked mo up ; ho brought
a note into rny bedroom and I read It In bed.
It xvoi from I'hlllp Marsden , asking me to go
and BCO him at once and alone , I went , as
you may be sure , wltb aa HtUe delay at p -
slblc. I found him In his Killing room , The
llRhtft. were burning. He was fully dressed
and had evidently been up alt night.
"Kxcn I , who had seen the despair that
comes ot crime In most ot Its worst forms ,
was shocked nt the look of him. Still ho
greeted mo politely and with perfect com
posure. He affected not to tee the hand tint
I held out to him , but asked me quite kindly
to nit down and have a chnt with him I Mt
down , and when I looked up I snxv him
standing In front of me. coxerlng rne with a
brace of revolvers. My life , of course , vxas
absolutely at hl mercy , nnd whatever 1
might have thought ot myself or the situa
tion , there wns obviously nothing to do hut
to nit still and wait lor developments ,
"Ho began verjriqnlctly to tell me why ho
had tent for mo. Hit said 'I wanted to see
vou , Mr. Llplnrkl ; la clear up this matter
about the big diamond , I have seen for a
long time In Tact from that Sunday night-
thai \ou had vxorkWt out a pretty correct
notion as to the way that diamond vanished
You are quite rightat ; did fly across the veld
to the Darkly hills. lam n bit of n chcinIM
you knoxv , nnd whom I had once made up my
mind to steal Itfor there Is no use In
rntnclng vxords uoxx-t-I saw that It would bo
ptrfcctly absurd to attempt to smuggle sucl
n stcne out by any'of the ordinary methods.
" 'I dare say jmut cndor what these re
volver's are for , Th6y are to keep you there
In that chair till J'v done , for ono thing.
10 } ou attempt to et out cf It or utter a
sound 1 shall shook you If you hear mo
out you will not be'Injured , so you may as
well sit still nndkc p your ears opan.
" 'To have any ichance of success 1 must
have had a confederate , and I nindo young
Lomas one. If youilook un that little table
beside > our chair you will sec a bit of closed
lead piping with i tnp In It , and a piece ol
thin sheet India rubber , That Is the remains
of the apparatus that I used. I make Ihcin
a present to jou ; you may llko to add them
to your collection.
" 'Lamas , when he went on duty that Sat
urday night , took the bit of tuba charged
vx lib comprexsed hydrogen and an empty
child's tov balloon with him. You will re
member that tint night was very dark ani
thai Ihc wind h'ad been blowing very slcadlly
all day tow aid the Darkly hills. Well , when
ex cry thing xxas quiet he filled thu balloon
xx Ith gas , lied Iho diamond "
MUit lioxv did ho get the diamond out
of the safe ? The secretary savx It locked up
that evening ! ' I exclaimed , my curiosity
gelling the better of my prudence
" 'It was not locked up In the Etifo at all
that night , ' ho answered , smiling with a
sort of ghastly satisfaction , 'Lamas and I ,
as you knoxv , to < k the-tray of diamonds tc
the safe nnd , ns fjr ns the secretary coulrl
see , put them In , but as hu put the Uay
Into Us compartment lit- palmed the hip
diamond as I had taught him to do In u gooil
mtny lessons before. At the moment that I
Bhut Ihc bate and locked U ll was In his
" 'Tho secictnry and his friends left the
room , Lomas and I went back lo the tables
and I told him to clean the scales as 1 wauled
to test them. While he was doing so he
slipped the diamond behind the box , and
there It lay betxxcen the box and the corner
of the wall until It was wanted.
" 'Wu all left the room as usual , and , as
jon know , we were searched. When Lomas
went on night duty there xxas the diamond
ready for Its balloon voyage Ho filled the
balloon Just so lhal It lifted the diamond and
no more Txxo of the xxlndows were open
on account of the heat. Ho watched his GO
portunlly and committed It to the air nbout
txxo hours b tore dawn You knoxx what a
sudden fall there Is In the temperature hero
just before daybreak. I calculated upon
thai to contracl Ihe volume ot Ihe gas btif-
ficlenlly lo deslioy the balance and bring
the balloon to the ground and I knew that
If Lomas had obeyed my instructions. It vxould
fall either ou the veld or on this side ot Ihe
" 'The balloon was a bright red , and , lo
make a long slory shorl , I started out be
fore daybreak thai morning , as you know ,
lo look for buck. When I got outside the
camp I took compass bearings and rode
straight down th wind toward the hills Dy
good luck or good calculation , or both , I
must have followed the course of the bal
loon almost exactly for In Ihrec hours nfler
I left the camp I sa the little red speck
ahead of me up amongithe stones nn the hill
' ' 'I dodged about foa bit as though 1
were really after bubk. In cas' anybody was
watching me I worked round to the red
spot , put my foot on the billoon and burst
It I folded the India rubber up , as I didn't
like to leaxc It there , and pul It In my pocket-
book. You remember that when you searchoJ
me you didn't opemmy pocketboolr , as , of
course. It was perfectly flat and tbo diamond
couldn't possibly fchave been In it. That's
how you mls ed your clew , though I don't
suppose It would have-been much use to you
ns you'd already guessed It. However , there
It Is at youi service now. '
" 'And the diamond ? '
"As I said these threa vxords his xxholo
manner suddenly i changed. So far he had
spoken quietly and ( deliberately and v\Jth-
oul exen a Irace ofiangcr In his \olce , but
now his xvhlte. sunken cheeks suddenly
flushed a bright fever red and his eyes liter
ally bla/cil al mo Ills volco sank to a low
hissing tone that was really hoiilblo to hear
" 'The diamond' ' ho said 'Yes , curse It
and curse you , Ml Insp ctor Llplnkl foi
It and you haxo been a curse to me" " Day
and night I have seen the spot where I
burled It , and day and night you have kepi
your nets spread about my feet so that I
could not moxo a step to go and take It
I can bear the suspense no longer , Uctwoen
you yon and that Infernal stone you linvo
wrecked my health and drlxen mo mad If
I had all the wealth of De Deer's now It
wouldn't bo any use to mo , and tonight a
new fear came to me that If this goes on
ranch longer I shall go mad , really mad , and
In my delirium rob myself of my revenge
on you by letllng out where I hhl It
" 'Nox , listen. Lomas has gone He Is
bey cod your reach He has changed liU
name bin very Identity I have sent him
by different posts , and to different ramos
and addresseb , two letters. One Is a plan
and the other IB a key to It With these two
pieces of paper he can find the diamond
Without them you can hunt for a century
and never go near It.
" 'And now thai you know that that your
Incomparable stone , tbat should have Leen
rnlno , Is out yonder somewhere where you
can never find It , you and the De HoeiY ,
people will be able to guess at the tortures
of Tantalis : that y6u haxo made me en
dure That Is all you haxo got by youi
smartness Tbat Is my legacy to you curse
you ! If I bad my way I would send you all
out there to hunt for It wlthciit food or
dricik till you died 6t hunger and thirst of
body , as you have made mo die a living death
by hunger and tblrtt of mind '
"As he said ( him be coxered me with one
rexolxer and put the muzzle of the other
Into his mouth Wlfo an ungoxcrnable Im
pulse I sprang to-my feet Ho pulled both
triggers at once. One bullet passed between
my arm and my body ripping a pltvo out
of my coat , the other well , I can spare you
the dctal's ' He dropped dead Jnsteutly "
"And the diamond ? " 1 bald
"U at your service. " replied the Inspector.
In hv ! Eiiaxmt manner "provided tbat you
can find It or Mr. Lomas and his plans "
Arnold's Dromo Celery cures headaches.
10c , 26c and 60c , All drugglsta.
Solving the Problem of Telegraphing fron
Moving Trains ,
Itrnio > IIIKhe Hun ire rn of X llnj -
UNCN of the Tclritlioiu-
flitiliiR | KrclKlit TrnlHu
on Trollc ) Linen , i
Messrs. W. A. ami C. D. Koyise of In
dlanapolls have Invented a system o
telegraphing from moving trains which , I
Is claimed , surpasses anything ot the klni
jet produced The system Is extremely slm
pie , and when explained Ui always surpils- > !
old operators to think that It has been M
long In coming out. The Inventors use wha
might bo termed a third tall placed In tin
middle of the track. This rail , ot coin so
may bo simply a soft Iron strip laid In i
wooden stringer , llnch train U ciinlppci
with a relay of high resistance , not less tint
1,200 ohms , and an ordinary telegraph ko ;
nnd sounder , with n local battery to opernti
the sounder , The relay lias one side con
nccted to thu main line , or third rail , urn
the other to the track rails , which form tin
return circuit. The keyIs connected In tin
same manner so that when the key Is closci
the lelay Is short ell culled. There Is a bat
tery at eich end of the line. In both bat
lories like mc-tals are connected to the tall
road track nnd other metals to the mult
line. With this connection the train rcla ;
will stand closed when ull keys arc open
but when any key Is closed all train relay :
mo short circuited and open. It Is slmpli
enough tu change the contact points on tin
local side of the relay so the sounder wll
close when the relay opens , and there voi
have the whole thng. | Stations may be eon
ncottd in this way or the iclays may bi
put In the main circuit as Is now done It
the ordinary byetcm , but all keys must hi
connected the sumo as tra 1n keys.
The system can ba best dcscrlbsd by say
Ing that It makes every train a. moving tele
giaph station , constantly In connection will
every other train and with every olllce 01
the line Its advantages will be readily ap
predated by any railroad man and most ol
the traveling public Collisions would hi
Impossible , and , besides this , there wouli
be no vexatious delays caused by sonu
freight train which has orders against tlr
time of a passenger train , getting laid ui
between stations with a hot box or othci
minor defect to some car. The delay woult
be Immediately reported and the ordeit
could be changed.
" " slid \V
"The operation of this system ,
A Hoys'1 , "Is very simple In fact It Is M
simple that the wonder Is that It has nevei
before been put In operation. There 1m i
been matij attempts to do what we now
do but ab far as we know nil efforts ti
sohe the problem have been unsuccessful
except as to demonstrating that such thlnm
can be done In aevenl ways , all of which
howevei. have heretofore proved too cumbersome
bersomo or too expensive and uncertain. We
have discairled nil the plans that have beer
tried and 1m e directed our efforts tow an
a simple adaptation of the common .Mnise
sys em of telegraphy and from what various
railroad men hnvc said of our plan we be
llxo wo have solved the question In a way
that ib so simple that any one can manag :
It and at the same time bo Inexpensive as
to be ptactleal In its use
"Hctetofore the effort has been moie geiv
orally in the line of sustaining communica
tion with moving trains by means of Induc
tion In which plans there are not direct con
nections between the trains and the mall :
line , but the current In the main line IH maiU
to causa an Induced current In the train
wires on account of theli close proximity
Mr. Edison holds patents on one system o !
this kind , which is successful so fai an op
eration In favorable weather In concerned
but It IB so easily affected by atmospheiU
changes that It Ib not expected by him II
will ever come Into general use It Is com
plicated , too , and for that reason requires
an expert to manage it. "
A practical trial of the Invention Ib tc
be made on too Monon railroad.
Elliott Woods , superintendent of the na
tional capltol. Is a student of photography ,
and hjs recently been making some experi
ments with the X-rays , nnd produced some
results of great Interest to scientific and
medical men. He docs not profess to be
an expert In the laws of light or the u es
and abuses of the X-ray , but nevertheless
ho Ins advanced the science of both very
nnterlally nnd to a pnttlcal purpose He
has a veiy finely equipped laboratoiy , whetc
he has conducted and Is btlll conducting
Intel estlng experiments
One of his most recent cxpeilmcnts was
directed to the now well known fact that
human flesh suffers In a gieat many cas s
ifter expcbiire to the X-riy. One of the
most serious cas's of the III effects of the
ray on the flesh was reported not long ago
to the United States surgeon general Be
fore that , however , there were seveial spc
clllc cases in which the rays had piodnced
festering fles'i sloughing , falling out of
halt , so-es , Inflammation , etc.
Mr. Woods has d'scoveied ' a process by
whlcb this effect of the X-ray on be elim
inated He announced today tint there Is
no proof at all that this quality tot 111 ef
fect Ib Inherent In the ray. If that were
true , he Raid , the effect would probablv bo
abbolutely or appioxlmatoly the tamiIn , all
cases of exposure He admits , however , that
the ray , In combination with ccita i. iilusl ni
conditions of the pattent or subject ui tht
have produced the 111 effects desu lb"rl
Mr. Woods has discovered that ihos'1 III
jffrcts xx 111 not follow exposure to the X ray
If the light Is pabscd through piepared golil
Toll , but how the foil Is treated ho keeps a
rloso secret A practical application of tills
llscoxery 1ms already been made
U has always been dcsliable In surgical
operations to observe the process of the heal
ing of tissues , the knitting of bones and the
re-creation of parts vxliiti'vcr and whoiexei
they might be To obtain such knowledge
It would be necc'shary to take frequent
shadowgiaplis , and since the remedy In name
SAKCB has been as bad as the disease theie
Ine been a growing distrust of the X-iay
Notw ItliBtundlng this , and slm > Mi Woods
illscoveiy , Buveral nf the suigeons of Wash
Ington have sent patients to Mi Woods to
liaxe hadongraphs made of bones which
have recently been set Two cases were
shadow graphed by Mr Woods and other
patients will be sent down fiom time to time
for observation
Of late llio telephone has been utilized to
i considerable extent in legal proceedings
iMMdaxlts have been HUOIII to , acKnotxIedg
inbiits have been taken and In ono rase at
least testimony has been lecolved by tele
lihone TliIn last Innovation must bo crcdltiil
to Port Scott , Kan , where two wUnesstii , ile
scribed as pioinlnent business men , won
permitted to giro evidence In this mannii
the attorneys stipulating that no objectlo
ahould bo taken to this uniibiial piricvulln.i
Another case thai has nltraitrd uuniuai
attention Is reported from Now York , when
in affidavit which had been telephoned fioi
Cincinnati and acknowledged ovei the wlri
uas accepted In the supreme court as mill.
( iliMit ground for Hut Issuance of an attucl
inent Involving a eonslili ralilc sum of mono )
I ho proceedings weru uniibual and Interest
Ing. 'Iho facts were telephoned from Cm
rinnatl over a long-dlbtancti telephone line
nn affidavit wan prej-Er" " " \ > w 'iork
LMid of the line and read to the complainant
A ho was standing at the telephone In ( 'in
[ .Innati where In the presence of witness
no niado thu irijulred acknowledgment I )
ixas still necctnary to bavo tome onu In Nt <
York talk with the complainant and pirn
lively identify his voice Tills nut ilonu tin
[ upcis wru Hied and the attachment losuul
The Interested parties announced that n.\-
jral days' dilay had been uvoidiul by mill , '
ing the telephone , and by thU prompt anlu.i
It was possible * to have a judgment hatis'lid It might haxo been difficult nt
( i accomplish.
Mj.tlain i taut iranrictlona have
upon telephone messages nnd the < uil
me lotrg tl lie rc'7gnUcl theli uilinla ,
jllity as oUJcnro under p.opu ie-trKtior
I'robably the ( Viet Insl'imc of ihlu klnJ nil
it any late the most notable cuny c < camp'
if the telephone In law waii the part pUytd
n seeming the convIr-tlen of I'ordlnand
IVard , General Grant' * partner. In 1835 On
October 2C of tbat year James D , Flub , who
iad been convicted ol nrccUlug tbo Marine
nation il bank of Now York And was at tht
time serving A term of ten year * At Sin
Sing , testified that ho had received Instrtic
lions from Wnrd by telephone ivg-irdlng th
ill'iio'ltlon of certain securities , amountln
to JI60.000. Ward's Attorney . OcntM
Tracy nnd llourko. Cockrsn , objected strenti
otisly to the admission of this testimony , bti
.Tustlcc Barrett decided against them , U ma
bn Interestlne to recall the fact that Ilcnjn
mln Klsh. A brother of the convicted pre l
dent of the Marine bank , In support of th
testimony already mentioned , declared undo
oath that he had stool within eighteen Inche
of the telrnhonb while his brother was talk
Lie to Ward and that he heard the latter'
voice distinctly and. recognlml It When th
attorneys for Ward declared tbat this state
mnnt wan ridiculous the prosecution pro
duccd a letter that Ward had written I
rnii , complaining that every ono In th
room xx hero the telephone was placed couli
hear the conversation. The piosecutlon relied
lied upon the telephone message to convlc
Ward , and when an appeal wes taken afte
Ward's sentence to ten years' Impnlsnnment
Justice Ilni roll's decision admitting the tele
uhone message was sustained
Another striking example ot the nove
uses to which the telephone may bo put , bn
In on entirely different line from these men
tloncd. was aftordcdby | n remarkable si'sslo :
ot n Sundav schoojat | Wichita , Kas. , when
Lho sunerlntcmlqnt , , ) vho was confined to hi
bed. conducted the scrxlccs without tin
slightest hitch by means of nn unnsuall :
sensltlxe telephone. The church and resl
deuce were connected by telephone , aiul tbcri
megaphones were employ cJ one nt the lion
of the siipcrlntemlfimVR. bed , one siispcndci
from the center of the cmirch nnd ono li
front of the pulpit. Tlo ) snpcrlntcndcnt'i
volco was dlsltnctly heard by the congrega
( Ion as he said "Rood uio nlng" and an
nonnccd the routine work of tbo school Hi
called for his favorite songs and they vvwi
borne to his car with all their melody am
volume. He Joined In ihein heartily , and a
the close of the service he told the- scholar
tint If they had enjoyed the haul > m mncl
as he had It was the grandest Sunday schoo
bslon they had oxer "kad.
At Great Falls , Monf.i which has become
the lirgcst wool shlpplnjj point of the north
west , gic'at dliriculty has often been experi
enced In disposing within , a given time ol
the shearing of largo shipments of sheep
This dllllcnlty has now been amply met bj
the use of clcctilclty , The sheailng shodt
uro adjacent to the Urlnlmis ot the strcel
lallwnv conpany's lint , hnd thu trolley cm-
lent has been utilized to drlxe the shcarlnp
machines The ItistallhM n Is of the slmplesl
possible description A Stioet iillway motet
was taken fiom ono of'the cam and the nr-
mittire pinion was loplnccd bv a small pul
ley , which was beltufl to the main overhead
shaft. So little pOA.tJ' ' ' was needed tint txxc
rheostats had to bPput In the circuit to kecr
the spojd down Iho foreman of the shoir-
ors , after only fixe minutes' Instruction took
full charge of the motoi , glxlng It all the
neccssaiy atlentlon In oiling stalling and
stopping After the mndiln s were stoitcil
the nnlntalnlng of a uniform speed was easy ,
nnd within half an hour the twenty machines
were ripping off thu flicce at a late which
broke the record. - . The powr was trans
mitted to the sheirs-v\hlcli ; ichemblo horse
clippers In their opeiatlon , through universal
joints In three weeks .10,184 sheep were
sheared by the one motni , avenging nearly
100 sheep per day for eaeh nncblne
Many country districts are all eady deriving
Inestlmabl" advantage fiom the fict lint
their farm pro luce Is tiken to mirkct on the
tiollcy lines bv special freight sluice , but
the largest dinelopme'nt of this Idea yet
made Is promls d In Chicago If a combina
tion of the various elevated lines now In
progress should be effect d. the consolidated
compiny will have ovoi JOl ) mlles of electilc
lines , most of It passing thiaugh a compara
tively sparsely sHtlod country , containing
numeious factotlcs and t > hops and thousands
of farms nnd market gardens. Smh condi
tlons Inxolxe the possibilities of an immense
freight schenio It Is proposed to build suita
ble terminals , with cloxatnrn and storage
warchcnscb , and opeiato the roads at night
mainly for the freight trallle Not only agri
cultural produce , but all klndb of light ficlght
and e\pro s matter will be canleJ Such an
cxtvnsixo scheme , while coifnilng : un 1m-
meiibo benefit on ths farmcis and gaulenerb ,
and opening up now lines of ficlght supply ,
would duplicate on a large Bcalo the experi
ence In othet states vbeio th > steam rail-
load lines , which formerly monopolized wbal
business Ihero was have been mo-it serloiibly
Tlio Virulilc
Wabhlngton Star1 "Yes" said the po'itl-
Llan "I salil I was the working man's
frlcnil , "
'lint you don't do any woik ' suggested
thu man with calloii'-nl hands
"No not at present '
"And yon never did any woik"
"That's Iruc. Yon see , what the wotklng-
mati most needs l- workml i am lee
much tile worklngman's frlond lo nm any
tlsk of taking work away fiom him"
" IO *
K i
A Food-Tonic ,
A Nerve Soother , ,
LSebig ;
Extract of Beef
Refreshment and
delicate nourishment.
ht > nvntest r *
nfdlo - treut-
tint lia V A N
i en produced lorn * .
> > any combl. VAN rnr
intlon of JlUI.HI V II d
The II I I ) V A N
Il'OVAN rein , I1ICE
treatment II I' \ ) ' A .V
urea the < ! >
II t PI and ( llj ilnn of
list's uf mtn ifii nem ,
II'DYAN ' In n li lib I ly to
fern fiaiikly
n n HI'D. Into Iliu rye
AN f u i o or unnllirr
u K n t n n HI 1) V AN
I U U A N rurrs ' e , d.iclie
arer linli fulllntf
orrhora u ilmnri * ot
I U D V A N In
ure jirema. tinlujj und
am , uinU memory lo i I volci tiHP or rrrull.
llimVAN turn uiiUon f-if muiit-i ] kronth ,
'dliilutlnn kliortiuin of In illi ) | , ( l3 ion-
illpxtlan n < l flatulent ) 111 IVAN' rum neak.
ic > nr imlnu In the uniall r.f the Imik lo g of
iiutiului jinur hlouin ) iiitlun < .liul > fun lj dint' ,
mil ilUtirleil ttcvp
III UVVN LHII Le had fro-n tlir Upturn of th.
lluilion Meitlial Innlll'JtP mil fr in no cne el e.
fun netil llt'AN | whin Hi * fu.ljl i.irvm twlioii
UK tuiiIn certain to In an Irrltatiun at their
inter * of Hit l.riln } ou nrnl IH'l'VAN ulicn
lure | u dtcllnc of the nirtu ( uu < li iiiniiIhla
lei lire tie ) a lack of linn lift- mil , nuy de-
eloj , lutnnervuud < lttllll > in-1 thin lull , nervi.iit
irojirjiuin If > ( u liuii lui j i nl > oin ncrvei ,
f > uu liaie ItnutteJ ur knur'ul Him if > m have
lUuscdi ur in'ri | .i H'UK Un > iuu | f out
> i'U nil u > c IIUUYAN .Nu i IIP -l-t inn five
lou 1IUUYAN exceiil thr UII.IMII llrdirnl In-
tltutc Hl'UVAN euro > 0rl c U r , ilioctde. Jm.
lulpii ) ( Ibzlnt-t. fj'll ' y iisHlluik bluei ,
luiiair 11,1 row anl mlksr > IVISIIK i'OR CIH-
btocktcn and Cllli fat , .
BU FraoflKe , VlU ( ral .
I' u I > 1 It- Libra r ) ,
V etui ome llotol.
llcncnuc Iliiti-t .NI.MIII
I W. Mioaror.
Kc > fc Ilrnn ,
\Vllllnin hhtclilK ,
1C. A , I.OUMII.
Ohi-j oiuu' ClHli.
Anilltnrliiiii Mold > oi > n Slnnil.
Aiiillloiliiiuiiiii > x Ne v Stnitit.
( SroiH l > rtll ( Il Hotel .NOTTN Stiiiul.
1'n 1 tin- UOIINC NI. H Stiiiul.
1'ontoniuf > ( MX Sliiiul , No. SIT
born btrvet.
\Vcitllfll UOIINC
'lilt * llollcililon.
lnl 'l'rncliTN1
llrtiN. , No. Ill ) houtli Tojou S ( .
Harvard lnl\i > r\l ( > I.Uirni- } .
llrnmi IlolclIMN Stiiiul ,
IIiiiulUoii .V KriutilcU.
Vlcl.alii. l | ( A. I ii. , siJ5 : MxtvcuUi St.
I'ralt VIciTiintllc Ci > .
The Miill iiu-i > Co.
\VtinlNiii- Hotel NIK htaiul.
VIllMCH JlU-llllS , ItlU-lv iHlllllll Ucillll.
Kinll llnrKi'iiH
CvoiK * ' lUlison.
\V. A. floore.
llfleiin I'ulillil.tlirai ) .
Itnliurt Kohl.
Con ten IIoiiMt * N ( * > \ N Stand.
diaries A. iillllKVc , . U hlranil.
Stiniiliiril Co.
I'ulillf l.llirur.i.
Went Hotel N < M\K Stand.
Cooper I iilon l.II > inr > .
riflli Ait'iiuo llnlfl .NrxxN Stiinil.
I'lfUi Vtfiiuc llol.-l ItcaililiK Itouui.
llronliKriMl ( I , ! ! > i in- ) .
Holland HOIIHO Itc-iiilliiK Itooiii.
IliilVinan UIHISI- .
Imperial llnti * ! Ncnx Stiiiul ,
Mi-olmiili'N A. TiniU'is' Kivc Mliriirj'
\ < > . IS Hunt sl-.icriilli Slvcc-t.
I'rcMM C'liih , lilOISKIIII St.
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When Traveling
The Bee.