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    THE OMAHA DAITA" Ifl'lR : I'll U > AY , JANITA1Y 1 , 1897.
nail ) ' tire ( Without Suinlny ) , OIK Yrnr ( A
Imliy Ilw ninl Hun < l * ) > , Ono Year 8
Hlx Month * ' . i
There Mnitttt * 2
flun < lnx liOno Year Z
HnMirday lf. ' . On * Year 1
Wrfkly Dec , 0ns Your
Omnhn : Tha lire Iliillitlnit.
H'.utli ' Omnhi : fltnmr Illk. . Cor. N itnJ Jlth SI
e-o'inrii IMiifTi : 1 ? 'ortli Mln fllr t.
eiilr.iRn Offlr * : 317 Cttnmlwr of Commtrce.
New Yrtrlj : ItnoinR 13 , H ftnd IE. Tribune ItlJ
Wanlilnctont HOT K . trtct , NV. .
All rommunlaitlnnii rclntlnic to IIOWK nm1 < H
lorlnl mnllcr nhntilit Im niHropoeJ : To the KdlU
IIU < MMHS inTTiifl.
All Imiilnpu letters nnd i inlttunrr * ( linuM '
nii''ir.-KMl to The ll I'uljlldliln ? Compnn
Uinnlia. Draft * , chsckii ninl povti > nire orrt r
lp innjf Mynbli > to the order of the company.
EtiiU' of Nelnmkit , I
II..IIKH * County. (
( Ici-rxw II. TwchncU re rtt rj' of The l.ce I'u
111. Itv rompitny. l lnu Only sworn , tuy * tlmt tl
ni-tiinl nunlorof full nnd complete or plm of Tl
Dally Mcrnlnir , UrenlitK ninl Stmitny Hoc print' '
during the munlli ot Nov mlr , IJW. wu a * ft
deductions for unsold nnd returned
co | > le *
Totnl net mle * . CIT.K
Net dully n vertigo . 21 , o
ouoiicitn. . TSMfiiucii.
Snlircrlhcd In tny iinwnee mul aworn to liofui
mo till. ' lit day of December , IM'fi. '
N. I * . Knit * .
( Soal. ) Notary 1'uhllc.
WHO A1113 TO MAKi : Ob'H
Happy Now Ycnr !
to tla > lonp .viwr slrl
Iloru's that 1S07 inny brlns ns nuuv
prosperity as tSUl ! biuuxlit atlviTslty.
Not another c'lmnco for U''iii year pn
until elwht loiir yours roll piRt. :
Pi'hnvarc Is pretty small to stnml tw
legislatures at one and thu sainu time.
To uuMiiliLTS of the Incoming ; legh
latun Don't all speak for the speakei
nhIp al once.
The ratio of Kt to 1 Isn't In It aji
parently with tht ratio of applicants fo
appointment to jobs within tlm gift o
the new h' l
D Is boiuiil to be at the top
Here we have Chicago footpads holdln ;
their victim up In an elevator. There li
iiolhliiK like elevating the profession o
iK yon for your patronage am
favor during the past year wo wish t (
Klve assnraiii'e that for 1S')7 ) you wll
Hud The llec a brighter , better , newslei
paper , If that Is possible , than ever.
The Ki'owliiK demand lu Spain for tin
recall of Weyler Is likely to be at1
( pilesced In with greater alaerlty by thai
warrior should the news of MIIUUO'H hit
est restirreetJnn from thu dead prove mi
Senatorial lire-eaters will Had a fresl
oasus belli In tbe arrest of an America !
cHiy.en In Spain. It Is true the Amerleai
bad forged a draft for a large number ol
pesetas , but a little thing like that shotili :
make no dllVerenee.
Governor-eleet Tanner of Illinois wants
It distinctly understood that it Is not
every one who can be elected to the
highest executive ollhv of n great state
and win a bride all within the short
period of two months.
Po the caucus system Is to prevail from
the beginning lu our reform legislature ,
" \Vo thought one of the reforms orlghmlly
proclaimed by the people's Independent
party was the abolition of secret political
conclaves and star chamber legislation.
Scuor Cauovas announces that Spain
will crush the Insurgents before listening
to any proposition looking toward media
tion. There Is one thing , however , that
Spain will have to do before she can
crush the Insurgents , and that Is to catch
The llee , as usual , will excel all com
petitors In publishing prompt and com
plete reports of the pioceedlngs of the
Nebraska state legislature. To keep
fully posted on the doings of the law
makers you will have to rend The Uee
President Cleveland has extended the
civil service rules to the olllcliils of the
federal penitentiary service Just to pre
vent Major McKluley from sending any
recalcitrant olllceseekers fo prison with
out the formality of passing a successful
civil service examination.
Don Carlos Insists on talking for pub
lication just often enough to keep the
Spanish government Informed that there
Is such a thing as a Carllst party In
Spain only awaiting thu opportunity
that promises success to raise the stand
ard of the pretender again.
Foot ball Is gaining ground In Mexico ,
and It Is wild to be only a question of
time when U will bn Introduced Into
Cuba. Thu civilizing Inlluencu of this
ImmuneAngloSaxon sport will no doubt
work wondt'rs In the uplifting of thu
laud of thu bull-light and the muchute.
Tin : A'Ktr r.i/f. ;
In the procession of the years anothe
milestone bus been passed and we we !
come tin1 advent of the New Year , In th
conlldrnt hope tlmt It will bring It :
crease of prosperity and happiness to a !
the people of Ibis land. What Is < h
pinmlito of 18117V Is there to IIP a con
tluuanre of the unfortunate condition
of the preceding year , or Is tlu re to be :
change that will dlsxlpnte the clouds o
depression ami revive all those ajronele
and InstrumputaHllcs whlrh coiitrlbut
to uatlonnl progress and prosperity
Shall we gropp along for another twelve
month In the way we have been Rolni
for the past year , or will ihnre come be
fore lb ( > new year has run Its course !
restoration of Industrial and business au
tlvlty , a demand for labor and a fair re
turn on nil Investments ?
We think the promise Is favorable
Why ? llec'atise In the tlrat place the na
tlonal government will pass Into rcpub
llcnn control , which Injures sound ere
uomle and llnanclal policies. The gov
eminent will bi > provided with sullli'len
revenue and the Industries and labor o
the country will be given judicious pro
lection. Wo shall return to condition :
which have been most fruitful of bi > nMl
clal results In the past ami therefon
may be contldenlly expected to agali
produce like results. It Is not posslbl
to escape al a bound from the Injurle
Intlli-ted byJ false and destructive pol
Icy. It talii time to remedy the 111 ef
foots of mlsfiken legislation , continue !
through an e\tondVd period. It canno
reasonably be expected , therefore1 , tha
the new year will show at once suel
changes for the bolter as everybody 1
hoping for. There must be a change o
policy , but with this assured there Is rea
son for wnlldoneo In thu future. Wi
know that a process of tearing down Is U
be succeeded by a course of building \ \ \
anil Dial this Is to come In the year upoi
which we now enter. Hence there I
warrant for the belief that 1S)7 ! will give
this nation greater progress and pros
porlty than It has known for severa
years , In which all Its people will share
Tliero is another reason for regarding ,
the new year hopefully and thai Is tha
it will be free from political turmoil. Tin.
people , fully recovered from the disturb
Ing and unsettling effects of an Intense
political contest , will devote thonisplvof
more closely to the affairs of business
With a policy designed for the develop
input and upbuilding of the country , cap
Hal will seek Investment , energy and en
terprlse will lie brought into play am
new lify will be Infused Into all the nr
lories of trade and commerce. The onlj
tiling that threatens to interfere with the
realization of tills Is the Cuban issue , bit
we believe the next administration cai
be trusted to deal with this wisely am
Thp promise of 1S07. therefore , is sticl
as to Justify giving It a most cordial wel
ronie. It will mark the beginning , there
is every reason to Ix'llove , of nn ex
tended period of prosperity for the
American people.
no ux
Will the Transmlsslsslppl Exposition
be a paying investmentV This que'stloi
is being asked now by almost everybody
ami especially by members of our legls
lature. The tidal wave of mlgratioi
which began to turn westward in the
70's was not an accident , nor was it a
natural overflow of people out
ot thickly .settled states. Those
who are familiar with the facts
know that It was the result of
organized effort on the part of the great
railways which had become possessed of
millions of acres of land , worthless un
less It could be brought under cultivation
by thrifty settlors. Millions of dollars
were expended In advertising hoine-s fet
the homeless In Kansas and Nebraska ,
and later on In the Dakotas. Special
excursion trains were run , agents were
sent abroad to advertise the trann-
misslsslppi country far and wide as "tbe
future gioat , " and It proved to be a very
Judicious Investment.
The Transmlssisslppl Kxpositlou is the
biggest advertisement that has ever been
attempted for Nebraska , as well as for
Ibe states beyond the Rockies. It is not
a visionary , sky-rocket scheme , but a
well-planned and well-matured effort to
give tlio widest possible publle-ily to the
idvantages offered In this section to capi
talists and hume.eckprs who have
money with which to buy land and en
gage In industilal enteiprises.
A moderate estimate places tbe num
ber of people who will visit the fair at
from ! i,00t > , < ! ( )0 ) to lM)0X)0. ! ( ) ( ) The lowest
amount which these people will spend at
the exposition is : ? 10 per capita. That
means from twenty to thirty millions
sf dollars of money passing into Ne
braska through the gates of the exposi
tion , lint $10 each is a very low esti
mate. Thousands will remain throughout
Iho fair , each of whom will spend from
$ U to * > per day , and thousands
upon thousands will pass beyond
Omiilia to the Rockies and the 1'aclllc
: oast. It Is safe to compute that thu fair
will bring about the circulation of
:100,000 : , < K0 } In the traiismlsslssippl coun
try , which will be expended for trans-
.mrtatlon , lu the purchase' supplies
ind in permanent Investments. Thou
sands of people who visit the exposition
tvlll not stop at Omaha , but , having
traveled that far , will venture beyond
: ind take In such parts of the country as
ifford Hie most attractive Held , measured
> y the exhibits at the fair.
What will Nebraska get out of It ?
i'Mrst ' and foremost , it will bring mil-
Ions of dollars Into the metropolis that
vlll In- paid out to supply food and drink
'or man and beast. Who will feed the
uultltude ? The people of Nebraska.
The erection of gieat buildings and the
mblle Improvements In Omaha will
.fford employment to thousands of work-
ngmen , and they In turn will become
irolllable consumers ot the products of
ho farm , orchard and garden. By far
lie greatest and most lasting beiieiit
vlll be the Investment ot capital In f an
odes and mills and the advance In
iroperty values that will precede the
loldlng of the exposlton and continue
lornianently with the tide of prosperity
vhlch will How In the wake of the expo-
Itliin , Thu Increase In property values
u Omaha will lift the burden of taxation
iff thu balance of the state and make
nero valuable the property of n large1
Kjrllou of thu region tributary to UK
city. In this way alonp the total outla
Incident lo the exposition will b. r
turned to the people of Nebraska wltlil
a few yours.
It Is a matter of history that tl
Centennial exposition of 1S7I ( Increase' '
the population of Philadelphia by froi
two lo three hundred thousand. Tl
Now Orleans exposition of 1SS2 wi :
llko.n Irtimp of Oabrlol to the dead. 1
resurrpclod Now Orleans , which bail f
y < - ar.boin going downward ; arouse
Its olttaetts to iiin'su ' marked Improvi
inputs In Its streets , buildings , parli
nnd suburbs. From that tlmp to tbi
Now Orleans has continued to prospc
and prow.
The Columbian exposition Increase
tlio population of Chicago by fully hal
a million , and It added not less Ilia
? iii.0 : ) < iO , .fif ) to pormiuipiit proport
values In Chicago. Within llvo year
the most colossal buildings In the worl
have btcn oreeteit In Chicago. Tlipr parallel to tin- wonderful advance
incut made by Chicago since propavr
tions for the World's fair bpxan. N
otht r city in the world has experience
such n marvelous transformation with !
a similar brief period. The crash o
IS'.VI ' did not Mopui to affect Chicago lu
cause the llond-tlde of money was poui
lug In from all the adjacent states an
from .remote parts of the world.
The San Francisco Mid-winter fa !
followed closely upon the heels of th
Columbian exposition , and , although i
was practically coulliied lo California , I
proved to be llnanelnlly and economical ! ;
a great success. It panned out. as wel
as any oilier Investment on the I'acill
The Atlanta exposition did not yleli
as great returns on the amount Invested
but. it awakened an Interest in the no\
south tlmt bus drawn millions of capita
Into the southwest and advertised th
resources ot tlio cotton states as neve
before. The Atlanta exposition wa
handicapped by Its environment am
by the scant support it received fron
the people of adjacent states : Nov
York , Pennsylvania and Now Kuglaiu
put more money Into tlio Atlanta exposl
lion that did Alabama , < U > orgia am
all the other states of the south. Al
though more Until half the populatioi
within a radius of IIOO miles Is made u ]
of poor negro plantation hands , 100 ,
0(10 ( people passed through the gates a
Atlanta , and the enterprise has dom
more to awaken the latent energies o
the now south than anything Hint cotili
have bpon devised.
With Ihoso facts before us Ihere cai
be no ipiesllon Unit tbe great \yest , will
Its limitless energy and its 'reslstles :
push , will. In ISSiS present an exposl
tlon to the world the success of whlcl
will more than justify the most llbera
appropriations-lids and other weslen
states may make.
The committee appointed by the
legislation looking tc
i-aueus to propose
nu International conference on bimetal
llsm has completed the task assigned t <
It and will submit Its proposition to an
: > llir senatorial caucus to be held on tht
reassembling of congress. As stated ii
the dispatches the proposed legislatioi
jimply authorizes the president to up
mint delegates to an International mone
tary conference whenever lie shall set
lit to call ono , or when ho sou lit to re
< pond to the call of some other eountr.v
for mieh a conference. It Is not con
[ emplalod to request the president U
invite other countries to join with the
I'nlted States In considering Iho subject
> f International bimetallism , but the
liioslIon of doing so Is to be left entirej !
vlthin bis discretion.
According to Senator Wolcott. the
lialrman of the committee , who recently
, -lslted Major McKlnley , the president-
loot Is favorable to the proposition. He
iiiid in an Interview : " .Major McKlnley
s cordially In favor of making good the
iromises of the party and seemed pro-
'oimdly Interested lu the bill and what
, vas said about It. lie Is In thorough
larmony with the party and his main
mrpose is tbe good of the country. "
riio republican national platform
iledgod the party to promote an Inter-
latloual agreement for the free coinage
if silver. It would seem safe to assume1 ,
lieroforo , that if the proposed legislation
s cimclcil the next administration will
let upon it and that during the present
ear another international monetary
( inference there have been live will be
leid to consider what may be done for
Tlio question that naturally presents
tself Is , What prointso Is there of any
u-aetlcal result from a conference ?
U'o there any belter ro.isvis now than
hero were lu IS'.tt , when Iho inst con-
erenco was held , for believing that
mother International discussion of bi-
iiotallism would amount to anything
uore Until the ono of four years ago
id ? Senator Wolcott say.s that sentl-
iient in Knrcpo In favor of an Inter-
tatlonal understanding In reference to
he disposition of the silver ( iiiesilon is
; rowlng and aggressive ; Unit France
.ml Germany both fool the importance
T tlie issue and Kiigland read an obi -
i < ct lesson In our late campaign and
lection. Rut where Is the evidence of
his ? Unquestionably there are very
arncst blmetalllsts in all the European
minifies. There Is a considerable
lumber of Ihem In Kngland , they are
lore numennis In CJermany and France
ml they are to bo found olsewheiv ,
ut they are not a controlling force in
ny of the governments , nor ft re thpy
koly to bu In the near future. Only
\vo \ or three really InHuentlal voice's
avis been heard recently- Kuropa
i favor of bimetallism. M. Moline in
'raiico ' and the Dutch minister of
nanco have spoken In favor of that
ollcy and their utterances have been
lie mosl Kignlllcant that have been
card for a year past , though they do
ot appear to have produced any
nirkod effect. As everybody kiunvs ,
ie Kngllsh government stands llrmly
i thu position announced by tlio chan-
isllor of the exi'liequer when the qiios-
on of Kngland being represented In
n international conference was pro-
snted In thu House of Commons a year
r moro ago. It will have nothing to
0 with bimetallism. Germany will
ike no stop in the matter Unit Kngland
1 unfavorable to. Without tlieso im-
Units no TT ii. eiui'iit would have nn
vnhu > . H'H
Tlie1 rppi&H&in puny ImvliiK pU'tlw
ItHt'lf to it iiiti' nn lnti > rnntlonnl u > : i'ivt
iiioiit rpgnwsl ' , silver will undonlitctll
uiiiku all i ; f ? > ! ; ) ! > olTortIn tliut d
rcctton. ijp tlmt tlte nc.N
admhilstrifi will Invite a conforeiiei
If It ilF il tliat tli 're is tlie
chatici' ofSiccouipllshlng L anything b
doing so. IBUC a careful survey of
'it ( Mfitjuly offers n e-ucourn
'or UJnfvliw that another ini
atlonal e.foarfrrenco nt present weave
ave any l > finnle'iil result.
J. n. Af' < bh
Thp prufcmtlnn-nf American journal !
lost ono of Its ablest members in th
iU ath of .T. n. MCCullash of the St. Lou !
Cilobe-Deiuoetnt. lie had linen Ideulluoi
with newspaper work feir more limn i
third n't a century and throughout h !
catvpr wni known as one of Iho mos
cai > alle ) and Industrious men conuectei
with the press of this country. Ill
journalistic fame Is chletly. associate !
with the great paper whose elib'f edlto
ho was for many years and In tlio con
duet of which his great and versaUl <
ability found "ample scope , but lie bai
made u national reputalioii before hi
wont to tlie Globe-Democrat. Ho was
highly successful as a war correspond
cut. whllo his political contributions tt
tlio Cincinnati Commercial , over the non
do plume "Mac , " were one of the strong
est feature's of that paper. Mr. McCu' '
high was a victim of overwork , wlilc
shattered both body and mind , lie bad
genius for Journalism and his love fo
It was attested by his intense' ami hide
fatlgablo devotion to Its exacting duties
Ills death , under circumstances the mos
pathotlo , will be profoundly regretted bj
the newspaper fraternity of the nation.
Tlio olllcors of the different stale dp
posltory banks In Nebraska proceed 01
the theory that the deposits of slat
money in their institutions concern oiilj
themselves and tlie state treasurer am
are not proper matters for inquiry b.\
the taxpaylilg public. There Is no rea
son whatever , why every bank aeeoun
testing on public money should not b
as much of public record as the book
in the treasurer's olllce. If the banker
object to giving out Information regard
lug state ' , funds in their custody It ougb
to lie made Incumbent upon the state
treasurer to publish periodically state
incuts showing just where the mono }
in ills keeping _ IH deposited. Such i
statement 3'bud } unquestionably prove
a healthy ctieclijupon the kiting of stall
funds fronton * bank to the oilier am
their undiip at > ciiniufaUon in specially
favored liaUks. j
Western ravijling men are said to be
lhroitenlntfa : ; general agltallon for li
cont-i-mloKpissL'iiger : ! : fares unless the
ralhoads sbrytng their territory give ,
them a 5o5o-hille Interchangeable mileage
ago ticket. * W < 4do not believe tlie Iravel
lug men ares les ! s anxIous'Tor concessions
lo the gonrjii'travcllng | public than to
tlipinselvesTal'tlioiigh a light on tlie line ,
indicated might leave tlrtft impressioif
If tlie traveling men gain-their point it
will clear the way for an open l-ccnt-a
mile fare as soon as good times art ,
fully restored.
Postmaster Hosing of Chicago has do
dared his unqualified approval of a pos
tal savings bank and says Ids expert
once * justlltas him In saying that sue !
a plan would bo an immediate success
The postal savings bank Is an cstnb
llshed feature of the PostoIIlcu depart
ment In nearly all the most progressive ,
countries of Knrope , and It is only a
question of time until the United States
enlarges its service to meet the con
stantly growing demand for a safe place
for savings deposits.
A Chicago paper Indulges In the re
mark thai ono alderman in that city has
been indicted for murder and anothei
for the United States senate. The ques
tion is , Is this a slur upon the Chicago
i-lty council or a reliectioii upon the
upper house of the national legislature ?
"On to Cuba" is the battle cry of Oca-
ral Colby , the battle-scarred warrior of
Ihe state of IJeatrlce.
\0-\V l.lHt ( O TIllM. .
ChlcaKo Tlimii-llcmltl.
Leap year Is a fraud. Thcro are now
' ,000.000 'bachelors In this country and tlio
iinplus of jraw matrimonial material la
jonstautly growing. The now woman , mat-
iraonlally considered , is not to effective as
ho old woman.
AVarni Ciiiiii
Chlctifo News.
A npcclal Cuban correspondent writes that
'General Hoinola Is sweeping down > from the
mat. " It Is understood that General Mel-
inlzo In brushing the cobwebs of the west
vhllo Captain General Wcylcr Is putting a
latent-leather llnleh on the north.
( inoil AVoril for the Janitor.
New York Herald.
The heroic janitor who made a banner out
if his body so that tha frightened tenants
ould crcapo fr&'I ' ) the burning building at
ho early njprjilag lire , the other day cx-
ilbltcd the siu/ie qouragc and faithfulness to
luty that huvj ; glorllluil many battlefields.
Muui'-lli'Hevo Win- .
IJufTalo ixprcc3.
The war bolwtiuu thu Sugar trust and the
offce men rwOlir- looks as If It were serious.
t will cud , probably , as did the war between
: inus Sprockets1 iml the trust , In the nb-
orptlon of lliointw refinery , but whllo the
ght U on , tlio 'peoplo ' may expect to profit
r Own Infill- .
ll imtuh.
The fight tn' ' tlio coffco and sugar trade ,
I'lilch has bech'liiaugurated as a means of
ustalnlng th * Sugar trust's exclusive con-
rol of the HagVr' re fining trade , Illustrates ,
, -ltli the utmost clearness , the falsity of
lie stock deutrtlctlve nature of competition ,
nd the necessity of combination to pro-
ent business men ( ram ruining themselves
Imply from love of price-cutting.
act | i IliiHtliOn. .
riillmleliriila Tlnicg Worn. )
The business Interests will bo wlso to
ssumo that tliqro Is not to bo any rcvo-
Jtlunary tariff legislation and that coming
uslncss must bo adjusted In the main to
xlstlng tariff conditions. If this ls as-
uineil nnd the business Interests nt once
roccod to malto the moat of present con-
Itlona conducive to a business revival , the
ovlval will come. The way to restore con *
denco Is to bo confident , and to bo con-
dent today , tomorrow and all days In the
aturo. I'eoplo should stop croaking , stop
omplnlnlng of dull times , and dlsappolnt-
umt at the failure of trade by making
oed gooda and putting them upon the
mrliot with dUcrotloii and energy.
TIII : .sroAit noi'vrv. '
KM Hi'itpnl 11 DlNtlnot linn * to tli
Minneapolis Journal ,
The wajxi nntl moans cor.imlttcovl
much ( ho consideration of Iho sugar nchfi
ulc thki week In the tariff hearings , nr
In.TPiU'pit duty on raw mignrs ninl the rex
( oration of the augar bounty are tnlUctl o
It In well known that the- democratic 01
a : i < rtht upon the stiiw bomillea In ISO I ni
rraietl the strong progress toward homo pr <
durtlon of align ? sufllclcnt to supply the eli
runnel. Much money wni ittldlttonnlly It
veiled In ouno sugar making machinery nn
In the ptirchroe of sURaf lamM In Lonhkin ;
n-hlle a great stimulus wu > Riven to augai
txet Rrnwlng by farmers aiul to the jrt )
ductlou of brct ettgar. The bounty aystei
8tlnntl trtl iiitpnno Intenit In the nbje ?
Itvouhl lie of great national bcnoHt to n
clore the miKar-hotinty Ayttem. In th
country \ve consume2,000,00. . ) tons of aus.i
a year , nnd the homo production Is less tint
400,000 'ton * , Icftwing its dopendenl tiiwn foi
oi-n ! riugar-produelng countries for foui
fifths of tlin nrnuiint consumBrt.- This ilt
ppitdcnce on thu outclde woild la not neon
nsry , ns we can ratio easily every poun
of flURar ccnaumcd In the country. Lac
year the sugAr we Imported coat $110,000
OM. or the 377,000 tors of sugar raised I
the United Stales last year. S24.000 ton
was cano pugnr nnd 30,000 tona beet sug.n
the ix iilue I ) ] HB tuaiilo nnd norshum. Thcr
are , ncoordliiR to the recant Rovcrnnicnt vt
port , eevon Inrso beflt-s'ignr ' factories In th
country , located In CallCornla , :
New Mexico and Utah , focMdcs ome amallo
concerns In Virginia and Wisconsin. In Me
braskn the ranueui get $5 n ton for thcl
boota delivered at the factory , nnd the prlc
pays them well If they llvo near enough t
haul the beets to the factory. The cost pc
aero la ? SO mid the yield in Nebraska I
twenty tons pur cere.
Germany , whose sugar bounty syatcn
soon expires by limitation , has now n bee
sujjar product far beyond the needs ot th
homo population nnd nn Immense quantlt
has been exported to other countries ,
ijrent deal of It hnvlnj ; been shipped over
year to our own country.
Hnd the sugar bounty system of th
tariff act of 1S90 been maintained , thl
country would , at least by 1905 or 1910
hnvo been entirely Independent of the sugn
of foreign lands. A nation which consume
more than 2,000,000 tons of sugar a year
and Is annually Increasing Its consumptloi
ought to exploit its own sugar-producin
resources. The soli ami climate of all on
states are not adapted to the growing o
sugar beets , but in the west especially th
conditions nro generally favorable , notabl
In the lands which have to be Irrigated , fo
It has been found that the finest beets nn
the largest product per acre come from re
glens HUe Now Mexico , where Irrlgatlo
brlnga a constant and uniform supply o
The sooner the sugar-producing cnpnclt
of our country Is recognbed nnd stimulate
the better.'o can keep the $100,000,00
nnd moro wo pay for foreign sugar at homo
Don't swear at Iho old year. Tlmca wer
hard , but they might liavo been harder.
Don't one the old year out BO hllarlousl
that you have to be carried Into the new.
Don't forget that the rend to perdition I
paved with the good Intentions of the no\
Don't forget If that Increase In salary drop
through that you're no worse off than yol
were before- .
Don't believe that a good resolution whtcl
lasts only a month la no better than n
resolution at all.
Don't try too much at one time and ruak
! 0 many good resolutions that there la noth
Ing left to live for.
Don't let It slip your mind that n Now
year's dinner can cause CB much dyspcpalr
13 the ChrUttnss one did.
Don't spend your Inst cent oira. tin horn
ivltli the Idea that without your help the
rear will never get hero.
Don't weep because the old year left yoi
, n n bad fix. The new year la designed as at
ipportunltv to right yourself.
Don't believe that a new year revolution
zca everything. If It wcro not for the
: .iemlar ! you couldn't tell it from the old.
Don't think that every one Is down on you
jecause the bills you left unpaid In 1890
: omc In a bunch at the beginning of 1807.
Don't comment on the shortness of the las
rear. Many men have found It a long 0110
.hough the rent days did come moro rjulcklj
.ban usual.
Don't glvo up all your bad habits slmpl >
jecauso the world seems to experience n sud
len reformation. Walt , and the world wll
: omc back.
Don't become soi engrossed In the content
ilatlon of what the end of the year may noli
hat you forget to look for what the llrot o
ho year has brought.
Don't believe your wife If nho tells yoi
hat giving up tobacco Is a method o
icononiy. The savings would all be wastei
> n gloves or some other ornament.
Don't look upon Now Year's day as Just
Iko every other. It Is the 0110 way In whlcl
nan shows his appreciation of the fact tha
ill eternity 's getting hero as rapidly as I
: an. _
The New York courts spend more thai
:100.000 : a year for expert evidence and give
t to a $2-a-cay ! Juryman to pass upon.
White Ohoat , the Sioux , Is In Washington
lo is trying to touch his Uncle Sam for n
hort loan of the money Uncle Sam owes
The wlfo of ono of the new congressmen Is
aid to bo easily worth 125,000,000 , and on
ho wedding day she gave her husband a
heck for the beggardly sum of a million.
The Chinese nro very particular to pay all
heir debts on or before New Year's day , but
f course this Is not a hint that the proud
! aucaslan should copy Chinese customs.
The city of Boston recently fold $1,890,000
t 3'/6 ' nnd 4 per cent school house , highway
ml public park bonds , running from ten to
hirty years , at a premium on the whole
mount of $5I,2SS.
Lily Devereux IJlako contends that the
llgrlm father ? were "merely accessory to the
llgrlm mothers. " And It jnust bo lul-
ilttcd that but for the pilgrim mothers the
iul la us would have made a speedy end to
lie race of pilgrims.
One of the most famous of the Sicilian
andlttl has lately bet his death at the
ands of the gendarmes , nnd lila band has
een annihilated nlmoat within sight of
alermo. Ho was the brigand Collottl. Ills
rother and Cicero , his lieutenant , upon
hose heads the price of 25,000 lire had been
3t , were captured In the same conflict.
J. H. 'Myers , the Inventor of the ballot
lachlne , has written an open letter , com-
lalnlng that he Is bavins the usual hard
ick of Inventors. Tiiu company which
lanufncturecl the machine baa recently sold
nt to a new concern. Mr. Myers Is no
> nger president , and his name has been
ropped from the company , which Is now
nown as the American Ilallot Machine coin-
lio.ston , which has heretofore compelled
er municipal legislators to work without
Hiiponsatlon , will with tlio new year com-
in co paying aldermen each a salary of
1,500 ptr annum and councllnien $300.
'hue no charges of hoodllug have been
i&de , It 1 claimed that the city fathers
ivo run up tcamlaloua bllU against the city
ir pcrronal expenses , such as carriage
[ re , lunches , etc. , and the people have como
i the conclusion that It would bo cheaper
i pay salaries than to allow cxpcnso
1'rolllM oil lli-i-t
llonton Globe.
The great progress of beet sugar raising
i Germany Is shown by Consul Monaghan
I Chemnitz. In a report to the Statu tic-
irtment ho says that ur > Sli:8 : tons wcro cx-
jrtcd In the last fiscal year , the homo
mBUinptlon being estimated at CCS , SCO tans ,
it Incrcaso over the previous year of 11C-
ij tons.
The consul declares that the Industry has
ado hugo strides In n dozen years. Ho
links beet planting , particularly In Ohio
id Nebraska , uhould take the place In
irt of the raising of meat and grain , where
mipctltlon Is sharper , and that the United '
tales ought to supply Its own sugar ,
If Germany can innko money at this
owing Industry why cannot this country ?
ow that the raising of cano sugar la
ircatpned with almost total destruction In
uba the best way to got square with the
criiian empuror U to malco It unnecessary
r him to pass the sugar this way.
Hefuso to Veto to Confirm Ofilcinls Appintc
by the Prosidout ,
Where Silver .lien Iliive lleeii IMil Oil
fur Tn HI n iv Purl In Catit | > nluii
Tlu-lr Siioei-NNOfM Shall Xot
lie C/iiiIIrinnl.
WASIIINCITON , Dec. 31. The silver fcna
tors have b en considering ntnong themselves
solves during the Christmas teci'fs the u.ue
tlon of the attitude they shall assume 01
nominations to office made In place oLrllvc
men who were removed because of thcl
alleged participation In the recent campaign
and Imvu decided , with practical unanimity
to oppose conllrmutlon. Just how many nom
Inatlons there arc of this character no on <
seems to know or to have taken the troubli
to determine , but the matter has been plncci
largely In the hands of Senator Jones o
Arkansas , because he Is both n silver ad
vocatc and chairman of the national demo
cratlc committee.
Senator Jones says that while ordlnnril ;
ho hay no disposition to Interfere with tin
presidential prerogatives , ho thinks tha
In cases where there has been removal , jus
tire to all calls for nn Investigation of th
charges made.
It looks as If the situation which the :
will raise may ho the first nlnco the clectloi
to cause nn alignment on the financial nucs
tlons. The Indications arc that tlie silver re
publicans who bolted the St. Louis convcn
lion and the populists will stand with tin
silver democrats In opposing confirmation
while It Is probable the republicans and gok
democrats will support the president's ap
polntees In such cases. Some of the rrpub
lloans are not very zealous In their support
for the reason that they realize that the fall
tire to confirm democratic nominees wll
throw the nominations to their party nftci
March 1 , and thus Increase the republlcar
The ofllccs at stake are In most case ?
pMtmastershlpa In the Mississippi valloj
statw , and include such offices as Spring'
field , Wnukegan and Kvanston , 111. ; Iloono
la. , and Henton Harbor , Mlcfi. At llentoii
Harbor the postmaster , Hainan Jnrvls , was
removed because he became a candidate foi
congress , and was on the stump In his own
In the case of Henry Clavoncll. district
attorney for Alabama , bla successor , George
V. Moore , Is finding dllllrulty In securing con
firmation bcrauco he la opposed by sllvci
men. The silver men nsse-rt thcro ore In
stances In which olllcelioldcrs of gold pro
clivities participated In the campaign as ac
tively ns did the silver men who aroused
the displeasure of their superiors at Wash
In remonstrances sent to senators against
the confirmation of the appointees from the
Illinois ofilce , made vacant because 'of "per
nicious political activity , " It Is urged that
the men removed participated In the cam
paign to no greater extent than did Secre
tary Carlisle , Comptroller Kckel.3 nnd Port-
master He-slug of Chicago , and hundreds of
Dthcr olllclals.
Senator Jones says be docs not want the
nominations plsoon-holcd , or conarmatlons
ilefe-ated In any Indirect way , but that be
wantn them voted upon In the senate and
illrcctly confirmed or rejected. Ho thinks
the senate should pass upon the question
Involved In the nominations.
Men AVIi > Will I'rolialily Ut'preNenl
the CiiVfriiiiiout nt K.MiiiNKIiin.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. ( Special Tele-
; ram. ) It Is probable that the government
: Gmmls.ilonc.r3 for tha Trau&.iilssisalppl and
International Exposition will bo named In a
short time , and certainly before the pros-
: nt administration goes out of power. The
Dee correspondent was today reliably In-
'ormcd that the .members of the cammlexlon
vould probably be Chief Clerk Ilenlck , for
: ho Stnto department ; Charles 13. Kcmper ,
; blef executive ofilcer of the supervising
irchltcct's oHlcc , representing the Treasury
lepartment ; P. W. Clarke , for the Interior
Icpartmcnt ; W. Do C. Uavcncl , for the FUli
: ommlsslon ; Prank Strong , for the Depart-
nent of Justice ; Third Assistant Postmaster
jcncral Kerr Craig , for the Postofilco de-
lartmcnt ; Captain Harry , U. S. A. , for the
kVar department ; Commander Train , U. S.
M. . for the Navy department. The repre
sentative of the Department of Agriculture
ivlll probably be Assistant Secretary Charlrs
iV. Dabney , Jr. The representative of HIP
Smithsonian Institution has not yet been
Hscussed. There may bo changes In thlB
1st , but It Is not believed that there will
je moro than ono or two who will seek to
; vndo the new duty. After the appolnt-
ncnts are officially , made President Clove-
nnd will name the chairman of the commin-
\UIUTKATIO.V TIIHATY IS IMSI.AYKI > . .SallNliury KlnilN .Some Plnn-N ninl
I ( Caiin 111 He SlKnoit .lusl Yt. .
WASHINGTON. Dec. 31. The now treaty
jotwccn the United States and Great Hrltai-1 ,
jy which all dlffcrcncca between the coun-
rics for the 'next five years are to bo referred
o arbitration , will not bo signed at prcs-
int. Mr. Olncy nnd Sir Julian Pauncefoto
: losod the negotiations about ten days ago
nd the final draft was raado and forwarded
o Ian ] Salisbury. As It Included all the
catures which had ben ugrnod on between
ho negotiators no doubt was felt that a
pocdy approval would bo given by horil Sol-
sbury nnd that the signatures to the Instru-
nent thereupon would bo nlllxed at Washlnc-
on. It was expected that the document
rould bo signed coincident with the now
ear , but this expectation will not bo real-
jd and the signatures , It la now stated ,
annot possibly bo nlllxed before the end of
ext month. The causea for the dclny cnn-
ot bo Htatcd , but they are sulllclont to defer
ho consummation of the treaty. In the
icantlmo there Is no reason to bcllcvo that
ho prospects of ultimate agreement are less
avorablo than they have been , the delay
oubtlcss being duo to some unessential
ucstlon , as there Is a complete undcrstand-
ig on all material points.
'rcNlilvnt ' SIIJ-M Duty lo Pnlilli1'nlcrn
I'ri lenee t I'lly.
WASHINGTON , Deo. 31. The president
as denied the application for pardon In the
iso of Joseph II. Wilson , convicted In
llnols ( but sentence not passed ) of cmbcz-
( nncnt of national bank funds. In his cn-
irscmcnt the president says : "Thin appllca-
on appeals very strongly to my sympathy ,
nl , It I owed no duty to the public I
otild unhesitatingly yield to the pity
otiscd for the convict and his family , but
y rt'sponslblllty to the public and the care
should have for the Integrity nnd safety
' , our nntlonal banks , as well ns n duo ro-
> nl for ( lie just and Cual | nilmlnlstratlon
' the lawn passed for their protection , ro-
raln mo from granting a pardon , oven
jforo his sentence , to this convict , con-
idudly guilty of embezzling the money of n
itlonal bank whllo In Us entrusted om-
oy. "
oniplrolli-r ie ! . | N Aiilhorl/.i-H One to
Slnrt ni TliiiiiijiHon , In ,
WASHINGTON , Due. 31. ( Special Tclc-
am. ) Camptrollor Gckcls today In sued his
irtlflcato authorizing the First National
ink of Thompson , la. , to begin business ,
1th a capital of fCO.OOO. C. H. Kulloy Li
otldcnt and P , A. Thompson catlilcr of
10 new bank ,
I'ottmattcr General Wllon to-lny Issued
fraud order against the Retail Oroct-ra'
iHodatlon of Dot Moliiea , la. It was
largcd that the association nought to col-
ct dibit ) by throats , In violation of the
istul laws.
H. P. Snyder wan today appointed pot-
astor at Vcrdurotto , Hlicrmnn county , Nob. ,
co J , M , Snydt-r , it-signed , and \4 \ , I ) , Guild
HH appointed at Port Urldgcr , Ulnta county ,
xiw vi-vvn OIIAKK.
Chicago Tribune ; "Truth inny bo Ptrntirof
tlmti Mellon , " Miild the book nKi'iit , looking
throiiRh bis vnlho nnd noting the fuel tlmt
ho hntl Bold llftccn copIrM of "Arablnn
" "Asueiit of Mnn , "
Nights" to one of the
"but there's n heap Icua money In It. "
Detroit Prep Prom : "Say , Wrttely. how
did tftnt funny story of yours end ? "
"In the waste basket , Just llko the rest
of them. "
Philadelphia Ileoonl : Tucker Thnt null-
or.V chortin was awful.Vlmt was the mut
ter ?
Stiifro Mnnnxor The turn couldn't get the
rlKht pitch.
Chlengo Post ; Tlie Sri In the box coat
noticed the llttlo ilowor Hill ey.'lnK lur
rather closely nnd she tlnnlly asked In u
patronizing way what It was that c.illcd
for HO much intention.
"Dat cout.vns the prompt reply.
"Ah , yea1 ! nld tftp girl In tb > - bos co\t : ,
"It 1.4 a liHiidKomo eont , Wn'l I1 ? " , ,
"Sure t'liig , " nnsweri'tl the ilowor girl.
"Too bad It doesn't lit yer , ain't It ? "
P.rooklyn I.lfe : "I'liole Jnlhifi , wlint Is
nppri'rlatlon ? " "Apprecliitloi.V ! ! ! , I' li
a miner old tblnw , xomcthlnc llKiuu'ail.i ;
people ahvnys sot It nwny from home
SelfSarrlllceAir' ' n'r" "
Potrolt News : Self-Sarrlllce -
pnspcd the dylup man. The brno ghi
ii < acd him tind ncM'itlpd not a i . > -i > ut
Leaping from her wheel sht > puncturoo
both her tires with nil posHlblo luinto.
rinrlanntl IZnqulrer ; "What lit this re >
port about your bolng nsflaulti .1 by ur
cli'vntor mini heoauso you rofus.-d to rldo ? '
"Uy an elevator mnnV Oh ! Oh ! It win
thin way : 1 chose to walk to the tlttli
story , to my olllce , and tbe man In th
elevator beat mo up ; that's all. "
1 hnd a. frb-nd whose words were wlso ,
Whose deeds were nlwnya Ri-and ,
And who. It seemed to me , had been.
Kor some great purpose planned ;
Hut. on the day be fell In love ,
Whereat bis wisdom lied
Alas , for all tbe foolish things
That then bo did and said I
A XYV Your.
Written for Tlio Ilcc.
Sinn and sorrows of the past
Stagger Into view ;
Hopes tlmt were too dear to last
Como before mo , too.
Days Hint were so awcet nnd Bind
Have pnssctl away ,
And HO my heart Is very sad
On New Year's day.
Unstained hours gleam for nil
Where tlio luturo lies ,
There do living waters fall
Wall-bed by tender ryes :
Changing skies of blue are cul !
In gold or gray ,
And uo tny Inmost soul 13 uhul
On Now Year's day.
Wlnslde , Neb.
A CreelliiK.
Nfcw VurU Hull.
Walk In , U97 !
Got it right the first time !
Novi-r mlnil the tin horns. Take u cheer
Tlireo of ihem , If you llko. or do you
A cradlu ? You came , presumptuous young ,
ster ,
ICxactly on time. Kvcn ns we fired
Old 't i Into tlm giiibnee box
Of the dim Pant you came a-snraklng In
At tlio front door. Little one , bad you ar
Too soon there would have- been a rumpus.
A million astronomers would have kicked
You back. And bad you been ono moment
You novcr would have como at nil. 'Twould
Have been llsh-horns tlmt broke upon the
It would have been the born of Galu-lol.
That's what you owe the Now Year , all yo
Ho camb on time. In honor of bin coming ,
Therefore , make things ns rnsy for him ns
Von can. Hreak off your evil practices ,
Learn to bo good. Stop uht-.itlng , back
biting ,
Lying , envying , and If you have strength
Put off your llttlo weakness and the ulu
That easily besets you.
Hut don't
Swear |
Illrtli of ( he Year.
lloston Courier.
Ovrr the snow-covered bills ,
Hear yo the bells of tlio morn.
Speeding the shade of the past ,
Hailing the babe that Is born ,
Who , for the old and tbe lost ,
Dropped ! a sorrowful icarv
Who , with a shiver and elgli ,
Welcomes the birth of the year ?
Glad Is the singer whoso song
Pralscth the tried and the true.
Sweat Is the soul that with smiles
, Llghlotb 'tho way of the new.
White nr > the pathways of earth.
White for thy coming , O , year.
Angels and Holy Ones , pray ,
Pray for the watchers that fear.
$ " $ wfci # %
I %
( / T '
pf\EETirti \ (
Whatever is seasonable in
greetings or apparel we offer
It is the season of good
/ishes and we heartily hope
hat everyone may be well
Seasonable clothing includes
nch a variety of things that
re can't mention them all.
Jut we invite everyone who is
i search of the ri ht thmp for
r * c >
is own adornment or for gifts
3 visit our store.
Our lines of clothingfur -
ishings , hats , caps , etc. , are
s tempting for the new year
s they were for the old.
Thanking you kindly one
nd all lor your past patron-
e and an earnest desire for
ature remembrance ,
With best wishes for a g'ad '
nd prosperous new year ,
Respectfully ,