Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 03, 1896, Page 4, Image 4

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    THE OMAITA TXA1LV IfjTCE : TinCSDAT , ! TOV3flMl aR a , 1.800.
ill. Keillor
llV M01lNfxcF.
TliltMH 01. ' Ht-HXCHIITION.
ttally lice ( Without Sunday ) , Ono Year . * 00
Daily Itro nnJ Kunitny , Ono \rnr . > 5 < >
Bl Month * . "I"
Three Mimth < . "J
Hundny Uf * . Ono Ywir . f JJ
Butunlny life. One Viiir . * )
Weekly Use , One Your . ra
OKi'H.'KS :
Omntin : Tlie lleillulhlltiR. . . . , . . .
Bouth Oinnlmi Hlnser nik. , Ccr. N nnrt 21th Sis.
Council Illuffn : 16 North Mnlti Street.
UhleoRo OlllciSIT : flmmlxT nf Conimcrre.
New York : Itoonm 1S. II nn < l 15. Tribune IIM *
Wnihlnmnn : ll 7 ! ' Street , N. W.
All communications relating to newii nnd oill-
torlnl matter rlinuM I.e . ndilnnrrj : To the I.Utlor.
. . .
All Ininlnera letters ntul rrmlltHtvon MiouM t > "
ddmued tn The tinI'ulillnhlnif tit > mW. \ .
Omaha. nrnftn. cherl < nn.l t iMollei ! < orders to
tm mncie imvnlilp to Irw order of the cotwiii ) .
Tin : nr.n i'tm.ismxo ; COMI-ANV.
-a. . ,
Slnle of Nebraska , I
of The Iloe I 'lib.
iiporRo 11. i zncnm-k. upcretnry
llfthlnircnmpnny , being duly sworn , ny tlml tne
nclunl niimlit-r nf full nml coinpli-te coile | of Tlie
Dnlly MornltiR , Kvcnlnif nnd Pumlay Itec lirliittM
durlnR Urn month of October. 1MH. wns ns rot
' "
' *
s'.8. . S0.097 "
2 JH.9M is" ; : ; ; ; . ! t.s
x.m 10 . M.MJ
si.sso y\ \ . J0.9TS
-I . M.SIO
e ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ' . ! ! ! ! ! . " si.'ov ) '
7 W.CSl
ft 29.IM3 M ' ' ' . 50S 1
s. SUM I
iol'.I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " . . " solt" KUfiS
it SI. < M M.03J
12 SO.M5
SI. ,
ic ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ' . ' . ' . ' . w'.wt
Less deductions for unsold nnd returned
copies . l'-MT '
Totnl net unlM . "iS-l
. * J- " *
Net dally average ;
Sworn to heforc me nnd Kiilmrrllie.1 In my
this 3I t < lny of Oclol r- .
presence , :
, , ; Ij , .
Nnlnr'y I'uld'lC.
( Heal. ) _
I'alrlotlsm above jmrtlsiinslilp.
Tills Is tintlity tlmt tells tinlulu. .
Tlint cry for u l" > rt t-unpiljn : ? died
n.-bornlii' .
Voti ? for nn horn-si ilollur nnd u clnincu
tO earll 11.
Hot your vole In vnrly nnd ns ninny
times ns tinlnv allows you.
Vole uarly nnd innUc way for the
oilier iii'oplo who want to vole.
A vole for I last-nil Is n vote for the
mast notorious rascal that lias over lli- !
Kracetl the i-lty i-ouiii-ll of Omaha.
It Is votes Hint counl. All the cam
paign P t < > tl'is ' I' ' " ' * ' bas bi-t'ii solely
for the purpose of Ki-ttlii } , ' people to vote
Hvory man must be ; l\H'ii nit oppor
tunity to i-ast a five and untramnielfd
ballot niTortlliiK to his own convictions.
That Is the foundation stone of repub
It's easy enough to cry coercion , butte
to coerce a voter who doesn't want to
1m cooreutl , under the Australian ballot
system that prevails In Nebraska , Is an
absolute Impossibility.
If Forecaster Welsh expects to hold on
under the coming republican administra
tion it will be well for him to put up n
good article of sound money republican
weather on election day.
Vote for the best men for city council
and school board. The republican nom
inees are on the whole superlur to their
opponents nnd are always entitled to
the lu-nellt of the duubt.
Why should Mr. Hryan's paper be
more anxious to elect Frank Kaiisom , the
so-culled silver republican candidate for
state senator , than nny one else on the
fusion legislative ticket ?
Mexican dollars are quoted In the
market reports at fioUi cents , even
though they are heavier than the Amer
ican standard dollar. The m-ccnt dollar
lar In a silver basis country Is n reality ,
not a. llctlou.
U will only take it fraction of n second
to mark an X opposite the word "Yes"
at the top of the ticket of amendments.
Ky doing so you will record your vote
for all the amendments nnd nssist the
Interests of true prosperity.
Itryan's paper talks about Mryan "try-
Ing to elude the crowd" to explain his
chilly reception on again setting foot
on Nebraska soil. That Is decidedly
rich when Bryan has been doing nothing
for months but trying to Uml the crowd.
Democrats sire urged to vote for .Judge
Dullle for congress because Dave Mer
cer ha.s left no stone unturned to defeat
Itryan. That Is Just the reason every
friend of sound money , republican or
democrat , should vote for .Mercer anil
against Dtttlle.
The attempt of a local fake mill to In-
jeel Into the campaign the controversy
between the opposing schools of medl-
clno will prove as futile as It Is silly.
The doctors , like all other thinking men ,
are for sound money regardless of pro
fessional differences.
Frank Hansom counts on carrying the
Third ward on his promise that he will
have the laws
against gambling re
pealed. This Is a promise Mr. Hansom
can never fulfill. The people of
Nebraska will never allow gambling to
bu licensed nml no governor will dare
to sign a bill.
Don't l > L lieve any story to the effect
that republican legislative candidates
tire tools of Hie Insurance combine. The
only legislation we have regulating In
surance companies doing business In
Nebraska was enacted by republican
legislatures. The best way to protect
that legislation Is to make sure that
: he next legislature Is republican.
Dave Mercer's manly determination to
remain at the side of his sick wife will
have the approval of all decent men of
all parties. The wretched charge that
ho Is using this sad emergency to cover
his own disinclination to appear before
his constituents , who respect and honor
him , Is too low for serious notice. It
will react sharply , upon those who
made It
M.IHK ror/i IOTA ; TUI *
The choice of the voter In Nebraska
on candidates for president lies lyetweeu
the nominee of the republican pnrly ,
William MeKluley. who Htauds for
sound money , protection nnd the preser
vation of the national credit , nnd the
pnpocratle nominee , William .1. Iryau.
who stands for depreciated silver money ,
repudiation of debts nnd national dis
honor. Then- no possible chance that
the electoral votes of Nebraska can go
to any other presidential candidate.
The friends of sound money , therefore ,
should make their votes tell. The way
to make their votes tell Is to mark their
ballots for the republican electors In
stead of throwing their votes away on
men who have not the ghost of a chance
to In' elected nnd who do not expect to
b ; > elected.
H'tlih O.V.I//.1 / NTVl.vIII' o.v.ifM ?
Will Omaha stand by Omaha ? The
people of Omaha have more at stnRe In
the present election than the people of
any other part of Nebraska. The people
of Omaha have more at stake In the
present election than the people of any
other city In the United States. I'pon
the outcome of the present election of
president and congress depends the
prosperity of Omaha for the Immediate
future more than that of any other
place In ( he country.
Omaha hopes to present to the world
In .lune. 1SOS. a great exposition of the
resources and products of the trans-
mlssNslppI region. Unless , however.
McKlnley and Mercer are elected n
Transmlsslsslppl Exposition In the year
1S ! S will become an utter Impossibility.
Only nineteen months remain till the
day set by congress for the opening of
the exposition nnd to complete the work
mapped out will require every moment
of the lime. Should I'.ryan triumph
all business will be unsettled for an
Indefinite period. It will be an absolute
Impossibility to raise the funds neces
sary to defray the expenses of so huge
an enterprise. The exposition. If not
altogether abandoned , will have "io be
postponed to some remote future
The fate of the exposition involves
the fate of a dozen great projects for
Omaha's advancement. Insure the ex
position nnd the union depot problem Is
solved at once. With an exposition In
isS : ) the railroads will lu < compelled. In
order to accommodate their trallie , to
erect a new depot and Invest from S.'IH- )
( KIO to $ ltMMM ( ( ( In Improving their
terminal facilities In this city. On the
other hand , the defeat of McKlnley and
sound money would make It as Impos
sible for the railroads to raise money for
depot purposes as for the exposition
managers to raise money for the ex
position. The railroads could not build
u new depot If they wanted to so long
as the money market was demoralized
and no estimates on future earnings re
With the assurance of the exposition
by the restoration of business conll-
denco will come' the construction of
two or three metropolitan hotels to ac
commodate visitors in IS'.lS. With It
will come .extensions of our water
works system , our street railway , our
gas and electric lighting plants. All
the public Improvements In the shape
of replacing wornout pavements , com
pleting our sewerage system , Improving
the public parks , hinge on the outcome
of tint election. Destroy all credits by
endorsing a scheme for debt-scaling and
repudiation and no new municipal bonds
can be sold for months and years to
come. Public works must come to n
standstill and labor be denied employ
h-t Omaha and Nebraska speak out
In no uncertain tones for McKinley and
sound money and we shall witness a
revival of prosperity by the tlipe the
president Is Inaugurated such as we
have never seen before. Active work
will be begun on the exposition , prep
arations for a union depot will be under
way. hotels and new buildings by tin-
score will be projected and plans laid
for the early expenditure of hundreds
of thousands of dollars on public Im
provements of various kinds. Can tin-
people of Omaha afford to neglect such
an opportunity ? We believe they will
answer an almost unanimous "No" at
the ballot box.
Tin : QVhUTiux ur ISKVKXUK.
When the smoke of the political battle
shall have cleared away and the public
attention can be directed to some other
question than that of the currency , the
matter of more revenue for the govern
ment is likely to receive greater con
sideration than has been accorded it dur
ing the campaign. Indeed , for the past
three months It has received scarcely
any attention from the people. The
republican presidential candidate has
frequently referred to it as a question of
commanding Importance , but It has been
utterly Ignored by the opposition , for the
obvious reason that It could not be ills-
cussed without disclosing the utter In
adequacy of the present economic
system. Yet each month has recorded n
livasury deliclt , that for Ottob.'innun.nt -
Ing to
This condition of affairs can
not be allowed to go on indefinitely. The
necessity of providing sufllclent revenue
to enable the government to meet Us
current -expenditures Is Imperative. The
credit of the government Is dependent
upon it. There will probably be nothing
done by the present congress. The same
inllncncc that thwarted the effort of the
house at the llrst session to provide more
revenue will dominate the senate and
defeat any further attempt , should It
be made. In this direction. Iteslde.s , It is
by no means certain that If revenue
legislation should pass congress It would
receive the approval of the administra
tion , unless it were on administration
lines , which Is not to be expected from a
republican house. It Is safe to say ,
therefore , that monthly dullclts will con-
tlntio to bo lite rule during the term of
the Cleveland administration.
It will be the duty of the succeeding
administration , whoever shall bu electei
president , to call congress In spi > cla
session as soon as possible to consldei
this question of providing more rove
line. It Is understood that In the event
of the election of Major MeKluley this
will be done nnd should the house of
representatives to bo elected today bo
republican there Is little doubt that
wenue legislation could be enacted.
Therel.s reason to believe that some of
the senators who blocked such legisla
tion In the Interest of sliver would yield
n the fai-e of n sound money victory ,
mrtlcttlurly If It sliould be so over
whelming as the supporters of sound
noney hope for. On the other hand ,
u the event of the election of Mr.
Itrynn , with a house adverse to Ids
urreney policy , it l.s questionable
whether he would call congress in
ipec-lnl session to consider the revenue ,
lie hns not indicated that lie has any
merest In that subject and especially
sl'ouhl the house be republican , as there
semis not the least doubt It will be ,
U would be hardly possible that nny
igreement as to revenue legislation
ould be reached between the executive
mil legislative branches of the gov-
rnmeiit. In that case two things
would be assured n silver basis , with
ill Its disturbing effects , nnd the bank-
uptcy of the national treasury , of
" a Mryan administration would
ntve authority to borrow under exist-
ng law. but would It be able to borrow
when the country had gone to a silver
msls ami tlnanclal disorder prevailed ?
" "mild It sell bonds even for silver tin
ier such conditions , at the highest
ate of Interest now prescribed by law ?
rhat it would have dillicitlly In doing
so there can bno , doubt.
Obviously , therefore , this question of
H'ovldlng more revenue Is not the lea , t
inportant Involved In today's election.
It will not prove troublesome In the
eveiit of republican success , but other
wise l ! Is likely to become a matter of
very grjive concern.
urn ; rs XK
A statement regarding ihe foreign
rade of Cnnnda shows our northern
lelghbor made notable progress last
vcar In both exports and imports. This
s so unusual a fact In recent yrar.s an
o be worthy of passing attention , sine ?
the American people cannot but enter
tain ti more or les- ) lively Interest In
Oanadlan commercial affairs. We have
10 reason to fear any serious rivalry
from that soiim- . but the trade of the
Dominion Is a factor in the commerce of
North America which we ought not to
AI > altogether Indifferent to.
An intending feature of the statistics
s that the exports to the Hilled
States declined , while the imports
from the I'lilted States increased ,
but Canada still found a market here
for her products to the amount of < s : ; < i.-
MO.MH ) ( ) and as this was largely made
up of agricultural commodities which
came into competition with our own. the
imoitnt is quite as large as Is desirable.
The present tariff law Is much mor
favorable to the Canadian producers
than was the law It superseded anil the
farmers on our northern border have
Mtfferod no inconsiderable loss from th-
competition. They will take the oppor
tunity today to protest against this and
if the republican party Is again given a'
chance to revise the tariff these Ameri
can farmers will not be neglected. Ca
nada lias protection and the gold stand
ard and she Is imikln-j progress under
them. She would make more rapid pro
gress If thi' 1'nlled Slates had a silver
standard ami free trade.
tt/.SJ/.l/.VK-.S Xl/UIVHK ( HlL'liSK.
In permitting his personal organ to dis
close state secrets of the highest Import
ance i'rince illsmarck may be actuated
by * a prop'-r and pardonable desire to
vindicate the International policy of Cier-
many under Its llrst emperor , William 1.
for which lUsmarck was wholly or
largely responsible. lie may fe"l that It
Is necessary to the truth of history as
well as to IIM ! own fame for statesman
ship , that tlies-j disclosures be mad. * .
Hut it has been suggested that hostility
to his successor. Von Caprivl. has been
the inciting motive with him. a sugges
tion which If it could be verified would
rellect unfavorably upon the
as well as the Judgment of U'snmHk.
The world will be slow to believe , how
ever , that that great man l.s capable < > '
allowing personal hostility to carry him
so far away from the requirements of
duty and propriety. In any event , how
ever , his Is strange and remark
able and It Is to be apprehended will
not increase his fame. lie has had rea
son , unquestionably , to feel that his
great services to ( iermany have not been
fully appreciated by the present em-
per-jr , but tills will hardly serve as a
jttstillcation for tin- disclosure of state
secrets that might u-ad to complications
more or less serious.
The reports that the government will
Institute prosecutions of lUsmarck. by
court martial or otherwise , probably
have no substantial foundation. We are
not aware what Herman law would
permit to be done in such a case , but It
would seem safe to assume that the gov
ernment will not Invoke the law against
the veteran statesman. It would be a
mistake to do so and It might be a
dangerous mistake , for lUsinurdc still
holds the lirst place In the affections of
the ( icrnian people and It Is more than
probable that there would be vigorous
resentment of anything that savored of
persecution toward him. The matter
may have still more Interesting develop
ments or It may turn out to be merely
"u tempest In n teapot. "
Hi-member that Nebraska contains no
silver mines and that It has nothing to
gain anil much in lose by arllllclal boost
ing of the price of sliver. If Nebraska
were full of silver mines there might
be some plausible excuse for Us people
to cast wistful glances at free silver , but
as It Is there is no cxciisn whatever for
any one In this state wanting to double
the millions of the silver millionaires at
the expense of the. tolling masses.
Princess Ilelene , bride of the prince
of Naples , asked an American woman In
Home several questions ns to the polit
ical situation In the United .Stale ; . : UT >
Is another flagrant Instance of ICuiopcan
Interference with American affairs , an
Insidious attempt of a foreign potentate
to dominate American politics , a for
power seeking to dictate Amer !
can polK-y. Such an Insult ought to be
Indignant ; " ( scntcd and another ques
tion on suchik.subject . from the Prlmes.i
Ilelene otj-HMo } ' furnish good cause for
breaking .un'idlplomatle , , relations with
Italy. TlK- United States , saya Mr.
Itryan , iitf fjirtvo a tlnauclnl policy in
dependent , of , every other nation on
caith. ' ' <
Not eonleiit'wlth running as a petition
candidate for the council in the Klghth
ward aga\ns\ \ \ ' tl'ic regular republican
nominee , . ( Jatlct Taylor is out with a
circular liVvVbleh he attacks not only his
opponent , but IIM ! > two other candidates
on the republican legislative and city
tickets. For a man whose only political
capital has been Ids boast of straight
republicanism and party regularity this
l.s a , very peculiar proceeding. Cadet
Taylor has put himself In a position
wherehe ha's no claim whatever to Hie
support of any republican or of any
i decent cltlKcn. His candidacy for reelection -
| election should he repudiated by such nn
i emphatic majority as to be n warning
i against men of his caliber aspiring to
1 public olllce.
The United States experimented In
free coinage of silver on private ac
count when 11 coined trade dollars of
IK ! grains for every one offering the
sliver bullion. P.ut the trade dollar ,
though heavier than the standard silver
dollar , passed only for Its bullion value
and never came Into domestic circula
tion. The government had finally to
recoln the trade dollars at no little
expanse and without benellt to tin- pub
lic. In trade dollar times the silver
In the trade dollar was worth nearly
a dollar. With silver at ( > r > cent an
ounce free coinage would only multiply
the evils that attended the trade dollar.
The local Itrynn organ makes a ma
licious , personal attack on II. .1. Pen-
fold , candidate for member of the
Hoard of Kdueatlon on the republican
ticket , as "not a proper man to be en
trusted with a position on Omaha's
school board. " Mr. Penfold Is
one of Omaha's most successful
merchants , he has been an active
leader In the Ak-Sar-Hen and
other movements for the upbuilding of
oinnha nnd Is known everywhere as an
honest ; , capable business man. lie
should receive Ihe votes of every one
Irrespective of party who wants a busi
ness management of the public schools.
Nebraska hits eight presidential elec
tors , and to give McKinley Nebraska's
electoral vote' each voter must make
eight cross marks , one nfter the name
of each of the candidates for elector
designated republican. One cross after
the group of republican electors will
not snlilcient : There must be eight
crosses If the voter's choice is to be
made fully effe.elive.
As we remarked several times
before. Nt-ln-aska needs to be counted In
the McKlnley oluinii a great deal more
than McKinley needs Nebraska. The
ivpudlallun of Bryan and ids free silver
repudiation doctrine by Nebraska means
the renewal of the stream of capital
coming here for Investment that wau
the distinguishing mark of boom times.
Nebraska's delegation to congress niitsi
be made up of republicans if It is to
li.ive Influence in the house , which is
r.ure to be republican. A democrat or a
populist in a republican house of rcpiv-
st-mailves will be like a tUh out of water.
Make sure of Nebraska exerting n power
In the next congress by voting for the
republican congressional candidate.
TinDntj of
rhlladeli'hla ' Ledger.
ICvrry consideration nf patriotism malrn
It Imperative that Uryuii should bo beaten.
Criiutiil for IMniilliiK.
Philadelphia Times.
Ilrynii li Raining ground la Xcbrnslfa.
An admirer thuru has given him a lot.
The1'ntli In I'l-oiiiM-rtly.
( llolip-Demrcrat.
Tim bigger the majority U against
Ilry.m the sooner will the good tlines re
l m ( Tlirm lci < | > .
Ini'dnnupollx News idem. )
Vote against repudiation nnd nullification ,
and fur the honor and Integrity or thu nu-
premo court. _
ljl Wiice KnriKTM Itrinrinlicr.
New York Woild ( dcm. )
\VaRC enrniTH are not likely to forgot on
Tuesday the Chicago candidate's udml&slon
that under free coinage "tho purehnainR
power of u dollar will ho less. " Their mar
ket baskets are not too heavy now.
TinVny ! < Ho U.
ChluiiKO Times-Herald.
Times cro hard when work Is scarce.
Work Is scarce when Investments nro few.
Investments are few when confidence la
lucking. Ilostore to pc.wor the party which
nlways has given this country Its grcatost
prosperity and the wheels of Industry will
I'roNiM'rlty I nili-r n Culd Itnnls.
HI. 1'nul I'loneur 1'ivH * .
It IB truiV'thitt no nation or people under
heaven lmsuiv < jr proapcred as 1ms this coun
try \vhllo doing bimlntH.s on the gold stand
ard from 1S7S to 18'JI ! . and then panic am )
doprnssinn uamc chiefly In conspqncnco of
the Imminent < Un er that the country would
bu forced to'llio t.llver basis.
fi1" -
Tliut SIK | i , r IIol Shrinks . '
No Incldi'ntM'-hn campaign lias so stirred
the pity or ' 111 * tender-hearted American
public for Qandljlnto tlrynn as the deed ot
a Unjoin htf&wjand lot from W. SI. Jl'oyt ,
of which hWMthci beneficiary. When It
was first anftiutJced the popular linaglna-
tlo ) saw thij/wiftfltcd / candidate of next Tues
day safely njovlctvd with n harbor of refuge
to which he might retlro to reflect on tlir
Ingratltudu of republics. Having strutted and
bellowed his brief hour In the public eye
It w.xs felt that ho would appreciate an $18.-
000 house In Lincoln with all the comforts of
a home.
Ycstrrdny , however , the public was
shocked to learn that the gift was Kiime-
thlng In the nature of Dead Sea fruit beau
tiful to look upon , but unhcti to the taste.
Almost before the campaign committed could
remark fxaltlugly , behold ! Its value dropped
Illio silver from 118000 to $500. This morn
ing , however , wo nro grieved to learn that
the handsome housi * nnd lot In the busi
ness center uf Lincoln consists of a shanty
and two lots In the bottoms , three mllcu
from the capltol , U annexed ut $ ir > 4 , was
covered by a JWO mortgage , with $5.18 taxm
for last year upon It unpaid.
This may he fun for Mr. Iloyt , who de-
icrlbcs himself as "rich In real rsUto and
poor In cash , which U hard to get , " but U
Is hard on bryuu
I.MIUK . .Hii.vr.u-.rnKi : IUOT.
I.oulnvllle Courier-Journal ( lt m.V An
other umnlfcfitnllon of that oplrlt of din-
order nnd Inwlcmncwg which nrc the nnlurnl
rcaului ot such a rampalgn n.i tlmt con *
diloteJ by Ilrj-nn was nmdp In Missouri ,
whrn Pnlmor nnd Ilttckncr narrowly cs.
cnped physlrnl vlolonro nl the hands ot
rlotrra. The cecds which tiryan hn so
peraUiently sown are rapid of fruition ,
Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin ( rep. ) : The
treatment of ( icnerals Pnlmer and Hurkncr
on their stroking tour through Missouri , nt
Hoonvlllo and Kttyctte , WAS shameful , yet
It la nbuuthnt one would expect when
the southern dcmocr.itn show thdr real
disposition. Hryan's utterances , nnd his
populUUIc and revolutionary tendencies nat
urally Infect his followers , nnd the rude In
sults to Palmer and Hucktu-r because they
will not support tlrynn are the weapons whlrh
the rx-slavc-lioldlng democracy employ
against those who differ from them In
Chicago Chronicle ( Join. ) : The Missouri
occurrence Is of conseciuenco mainly as
further attestation that the whole spirit of
populism M one of Intolerant tyranny nnd
brutal violence. Theru are gentlemen In
f col 1111 ; In that party without doubt , but
blnckguiirdlsm Is eo gem-rally attracted
within Its lines that Its more or lrR fre-
nuent manifestation Is to be expected of
coarse. It Is Hhnply ami solely n eivaturo
of passion and not uf reason at all. No man
ahould expect n wild beast to undcrxlnnd
the uics of a | , low. No loafer was ever ap
preciative of the virtue nf Industry. The
populist knows as little of the reason which
alone can determine slate- policy as a Digger
Indian liiious of a bath room.
Kansas City Star ( donO : There Is no
doubt about what part } Is responsible for
this brutal IntoU-ianre. It has gone on the
rocoid unfortunately an ItiolTaccahlp record
that nt Paris and Mexico nnd nt Kayettc
and other Missouri towns , two eminent cltl-
ZPIIS of the t'tiited States , both old soldiers ,
one a senator of the I'nltrd ' States from our
neighboring state of Illinois , were disgrace
fully treated , hlrsed. honied , howled down
unit shamefully Insulted by Mlxsonrliing
and Missouri democrats. It will further be
remembered that this Indescribable nu-an-
ncsi was committed with deliberation nnd
entirely without provocation. No man
can say that General I'.ilmer and ( lenurnl
lluckiier. b > word , look or gesture , gave the
slightest excuse for the treatment they re
Chicago Tlnips-Herald ( rep. ) : Whether de-
rrnt silver organizers ate responsible for
tills flagrant Insult and riotous outbreak l. *
Immaterial. They will doubtless dUclnlm all
cympiitlty with this violation of personal
and political rights. Hut It Is the Inevitable
outcome' of the teachings and policy cf the
leadoi-j who have bcn appealing to paralon
and prejudice and trying to foment disorder.
Jones' circular virtually advising strike *
nnd the wild talk about "conspiracies"
against labor and the people cannot fall to
have such onVeta ns wp hnvo witnessed in
Kentucky end .Missouri. The Covlngton out
rage. howevfr , pal.a Into Insignificance lie-
side this Missouri Incident. It ought to
disgust the ivputaldo democracy and prompt
all ( k-pcnt men to how their love of order ,
fair play nnd freedom by voting ngnhnt a
riot-creating candidacy nnd platform.
'J'ni : TAIL \vis TIM : ntu : .
A I'licMTfiil IM 't-f of : wtv for Silver
Itnltlmore Sun ( di-m. )
No democrat , whether In the present un
happy disintegration of the democratic party
he means to vote for Bryan or for McKlnley
or for Palmer , If he has one lingering senti
ment of pride or affection for the grand
old party , which has herctoforo commanik.l
his allegiance and his vote , can read with
out a foclliiK of slnime the address put forth
by Scnctor Hutlor of North Carolina , chair
man of tin- national popullsttc committee ,
ono of the throe organisation ! ; whose nomi
nation Mr. llryan has accepted anil whose
support ho Is courting. In this address the
puimlistle committee says :
"Hrotliron : h'omo of you fear that this
campaign will destroy the people's party.
Wo have no such apprehensions. Its prin
ciples nrc- right , and being right , they are
Immortal. In four yt-irs they have taken
possession of the democratic party and on
November 3 they will tnlio possession of
the nation. In 1S92 wo had but l.OOO.OOO
votes. On November .1. 1S ! 0. wi- shall have
ti majority of Ihe whole country. Wo have
not become democrats , but the democrats
havo. In the broad EOIISLof the word , bc-
como populists. "
MAXIMS ( on voTiu : ; .
lti-iiiciiil > iT Tin-in Wlillo i\rrrlHliiK :
liltIlljiht of SniTfllKi * .
The New York Sun 1ms published the fol
lowing maxima for the guidance of voten ,
today ; they each anil all bear the sign-
manual of that scholar ! } , public-spirited ed
itor , philosopher and democrat , Charles A.
Dana :
Hebuko those who would put a stain on the
need name of the American people by re
buking riot , anarchy , confiscation and re
pudiation ! Stand for faith , honor nnd coun
Stand for the flag and nil that It uymbol-
Izus ! Iet no stripe be tarnished , no star
dimmed ! Three cheers for the red. white
and blue !
Is our heritage worth preserving ? Then
let Fontli join north and west join cast in
lundlng It down unsullied to our children's
children !
"What moro Is necessary. " ald Judge
Story , "than for the people to preserve what
they thi-mselves have created ? "
Wo have Indeed a glorious heritage ! Vote
to prcecrvo It !
llryan'H financial theories. If realized by
his election , may benefit silver mine owners ,
but to all others they will bring panic and
ruin. To the country they will bring panic ,
ruin and lasting dishonor.
When the policy of insurance on your house
expires , you me careful to have It renewed.
Tnkc equal cnro that half your savings are
not consumed next Tuesday !
liiiviiiilltSiln < I'ropiiHi'il ! > > n Po-
Illh-nl I'ni-l.v.
I'lillii'lflphiu ' I cdeer.
The descent of this country to n silver
basis would deal a acrlous blow to American
credit In the money markets of the world ,
and the recovery of our llnanclal standing
abroad would bo n slow process , during
which important American enterprises
would be checked. Nations do not live
unto themselves alone In financial matter * ! ,
notwithstanding the advantages which
Mr. llryan pretends to have discovered
In the Isolated action of the United States
aj to the free nnd unlimited colnngo of
both gold and silver at the legal ratio of
1C to 1. "without waiting , for the aid or
consent of any other nation. " .Mr. Hryiui
has rung the changes on the currcnc }
plank of the Chicago plutform in hla
rhetorical outbursts , and doubtless some
of his Impnaslhlc hearers have pcrsdadcd
themselves that It would be highly bene
ficial If thu United States should part
company with other great trading countries
In dealing with the white metal. Mr.
llryan han hern upholding a policy of Iso
lation In this rcupcct , and has apparently
given no htatesmurillkc eonsldnratlou to
the danger of Impairing American credit
by taking the United ? tutcs out of Ihe
ranks of the gold standard nations. A
distinctively "American" policy with re
spect to every Issue Is very neductlvo to
certain minds , but wo cannot sever the ties
of trade nnd business which our pre.sunt
monetary standard has established with
foreign nations without KcrloUKly Injuring
our Intorestfl.
Iho domund for American secnritlcu
abroad has been of Immense assistance in
dcveloolni ; our railway systems and fosterIng -
Ing other American projects. Mr. Ilrynn
and his followers , fur the uukiof promot
ing the ono Interest , silver , are willing ti <
risk the sacrifice of this foreign coiitldenci
In American UlulitrtaUngH. nnd to ght
pauao to enterprises which depend , more
or lean , upon the Inclination of foreign
capitalists to Invent la thorn. Millions of
dollam have been paid by foreigner !
In premiums to American llfo n-
JUTAIICO companies , In the prosperity
of which million * of the citizens of the
t'nltiHl ' States nro nlso vitally concerned.
If the country , contrary to present Indica
tion * , nhoulil RO on n silver basis , the hold
ings In these useful Institutions , measured
by the slnndard under which the pre
miums were paid , would be seriously di
minished. The wrong thus Inflicted upon
foreign policy holders , many of t"pl11
Canadians , our nc-ir neighbors , would IIP
oven morp reprehensible than that visited
upon the citizen | > olley holders , for I IIP
rrnson that the fon-lgn Investors could
not pronounce against the- swindle by po
litical netlon.
The patriot Is over Jealous of his coun
try's financial Integrity , not only as nffeet-
Ing his fellow citizens , but nlso as nffect-
Ing the people of other nations. The par-
tlnl repudlntlon of debts due from n foreign
country to tin- citizens of the fulled States
would be resented here In tinmost
dcclfilvo nnd formidable manner. Nations
- - > < < been drawn Into serious collision bv
much less mihstantlnl grounds of dispute.
The coming election. It Is confidently be
lieved , will show the world that this
nation Intends to keep Us plighted faith
not only with Us domestic creditors , but
with the foreigners who Invo reposed Im
plicit confidence In American honor. The
fnltod States has declared by congres
sional action that It Is the "established
policy" of the country to maintain gold
nnd silver on n parity with each other.
This pledge must bo kept.
i'i < : iiso\.vi. AM ) oTnuiiwisr. .
He-hold how cany It Is to bo n gold bug !
There are mon- than 100.000,000.000 tons of
gold In the- water of the e.\ . and anybody
U welcome to take all he wnnls of It.
John Redmond : , M. 1' . . will sail for
Now York In the course of two or three
weeks to engage In n lecturing tour which
will Include the entire United States.
The outlook for business Is certainly
growing brlffnter. Clrrlnnntl has paid
$10,000 for a bnso ball pitcher and the New-
York Jockey club offers $2,1,000 for n first-
class starter.
Judge Honll Tyler , whose death In llrat-
tlcboro , Vt. . Is announced , wns n prominent
ami respected citizen of Vermont for fifty
years. As a lawyer nnd jurist ho was re
garded np an authority.
King Otto of Ilavarla Is Incurably mad.
being nnilcted with that form of Insanity
called "matheslK , " nnd which , like that as
cribed In biblical history to Nebuchadnezzar ,
takes the form of the victim Imagining him
self to be either n bird or an nnlmal.
Julia K. Williams has been the keeper of
the Pantn Uarbarn. Cal. . lighthouse for
thirty-one years. During that period sin-
bin * climbed the tower nnd attended to the
light herself pvery night , with the excep
tion of three weeks twenty years ago.
I.ouls Napoleon was of the opinion that nn
man should vote who was not married. Mar-
tied men. ho thought , had n different senti
ment toward ( heir country than the un-
i larrlcd , nnd n greater stake In Ita wel
fare. In his opinion , nlso , neither priests
nor soldiers should be permitted to vote.
If Senator Morrlll lives to the end of the
term which he Is now serving that Is. till
March 3 , IRflT ho will then have served five
full terms In the senate , which no man has
yet done. Many people think that Thomas
II. Henton served for live full terms , but this
la not a fact , llenton served from the time
of Missouri's admission to the union till
Murch S , 1S51 , but us Missouri did not become
a state until August , 1821. It Is seen that
Henton did not serve for live full senatorial
The last lines addressed by the prince of
Montenegro to his daughter on her betrothal
have attracted much attention. They were-
"All Is not gold that glitters ; be mindful of
this , O my daughter , and know that happiness
bus never chosen for her seat a throne. Un
der the kingly crown Is the crown of thorns ,
and not even In fable can we find a happy
king. Seek happiness In the graceful corner
of thy home. In work within thy human
power , und obedient to divine command. Th\
father , Nicholas. "
.IDKKltS' ll.VI.I.OTS.
Philadelphia Heron ) : Sllllpus Our
plumbcr'H daughter Is n perfect dream.
Cynlcus A plo ) dream ?
1'uck : I ord Notasent ( moodily ) )
dreamt last nlK'hl , JIIIIICH , Hint 1 hail
plenty of money.
The Vnlft ( eagerly ) An' 'oo wns th' 'appy
H'amcrlcnn r.lrl , nulud ?
Hi > eonl : "What nro you dolnu
with u Turkish lounge In this eoal otllreV
"Our bookkeeper writes poetry , and we
had to fix up a pin PC for him to llo down
when lib ; mimi.erlptM ; como bnck. "
I'lttslmm Cl.ronlc-le : DiiUnno Spllllns
him refused to honor that ( tight draft. Cu.s-
well 1'erhaps he regarded It a.s an over
night draft.
Philadelphia Times : Mr. Shybourd Hut ,
niadiim , you do not understand the Issue.
Would you want dollara worth only M
cents ? "
Mrs. HoardliiKhouse Well , to tell th'
truth. .Mr. Khylioniil. I'll take anything ye
choose ter give me ter settle that old ac
count o' yourn. "
Detroit Free : "What n wide-awake
young felU , v Jlarter N. " unltl Alice.
"Altogether \\lile-n\vnko , " responded
Killtll. "Tho last evening he enlled at our
housxhe stayed till 1 o'clock , and then
papa had to net the burglar alarm going. "
Chicago Tribune : "Women have moie
sense about marriage than men. "
' "You can't piove U. "
"Yes , I can. A woman knows when sin
Is old. but as long a.s n man can tot : < r l
eonaldurx hlmwelf marriageable.
Detroit Tribune : "And the captive , "
linked the savage potentate.
"Sire , " answered the chief do cuisine ,
"she's a bird. "
"Very well , old man , " Hald his majesty
"In that event , don't forget the cold bol
tie. "
Boston Transrrlpt : Kuddy Thlnf s : ip , e.i-
to be pretty ilull In your church Buciety
No socials and no evening meetings , and
on Sundays there's hardly a handful
Duddy I ' .enow It. The fact Is , since \\v
got our church debt paid on" there has
seemed nothing worth struggling for.
Indianapolis Journal : "IleaUy. " said Mr.
lltirnes 'former , with ( omit show of pelii
lance , aa he wiped the egg from Hamlet's
eloak , " 1 with that landlord hnd been a
little more Hpeclllc svhen he said Mint there
was trouble In storu for me. If 1 had
known be meant U was lit eold storage , I
should have worn my second best. "
Detroit News.
The hunter's moon climbs slowly up
Tim vaulting iirch of a/urn sky ;
IH glory fulls In forest dells ,
And un the hike hard by.
11 tlpp the antlers of the stng
Who proudly stands at bay.
And shows the bullet holes In trc-ca
Klevoii yards away.
M > viMinit. ; :
Wllllnm C-ullcn llryanl.
Yet ono mi He more , departing , distant nun !
Ono mellow smile through the noft vapory
ICru o'er the earth the loud winds
run ,
Or HIIOWS are sifted o'er the meadows
bare ;
Ono mnllo on the brown hills and naked
trees ,
And the dailt rouka who u summer
wreaths me east ,
And the blue gentian flower that , In the
breeze ,
Nods lonily , of her beauteous race the
last ;
Vet a few sunny days , In which thn bee
Khali murmur by the hedgu that sklrtti
Ihi ) way ,
The crleUel chirp upon the russnt lea
And man delight to linger In thu ray ;
Yet one rich sinlle , nnd wo will try to bear
The plerclirs winter frost , and winds , and
darkened air.
IIiyhcst of all In Lcivcning : Strength. Latest U. S. Cov't Report.
Illoorao of itiifTnlit Jlity He
a .MlrtiM Ut " ! . .
LONDON' . Nov. 8.-A special dlsp.itch
from Homo snys tm > t nt the consistory-to iP
held nt the end of Iho prcflcnt month tlie }
diocese or lUiffalo will t > o raised to the
dignity of a metropolitan sco. with Jurisdiction
nnd Klmlr.i.
tion or Uochcstcr. Syrncuso
The illsixitch adds that Ht.ihop Koatio.
formerly rector of the Cnthollo unlvcr Hy
at Washington , will be Appointed a titular
archbishop. ,
IIOMH. Nov. 2. Cirdliml Snlolll , In nn
Interview today , declared there \\.ti ttOs ,
foundation In the statement thnt the du > c < o
of lluffnlo Is to lie mined to the dignity of
n metropolitan ee. with jurisdiction over
Rochester. Syracuse nnd Klmlrn. nml he also
classed nt unfounded the stntcnu-nt
lllshop Kenne. formerly rector of the
Catholic university nt WiiBhlngtun , Is Jo bo
nppolntcd n titular archbishop. The cardinal
ndded that nil fwecants ns to lllsh > p
Keano'H successor arc prematuro. as th
list of candidates submitted by the American
bUhops has not yet reached the Vatican
Continuing. ( Ordinal Sntolll furtVr
clawed ns premature the statement that the
Jurisdiction of the nw.tstollc deli-gate to the
Uoman Catholic churches was to be ex
tended to Canada , as at projcnt. ho explain' < 1
only n suggestion of this character has oem
from the Dominion government and HIP
Canadian bishops have not yet given il. ir
ndherenco to It.
In conclusion the cardinal Rtild Hint the
teporl thnt Archbishop .Martlnclll weld
convoke n council nt tlnltlmoro was n1o
premnture , as all Intended at present Is to
secure a better application of the derision
of the Baltimore council of 1SSS.
r.\ 111:1-0111 : : 'i in : MIAMI .n HY.
. Illlloniilre Sli ( > | > lirier AYIM lie ItlK-
lilly Invenllmiletl.
LONDON. Nov. 2. At the opening of the
Clerkenwell sessions today Chairman Me-
Council directed the special attention of the
grand jury to the case of Mr. and Mrs. Castle
of San Francisco , who are charged with
stealing goods from various London stores ,
saying that It presented some remarkable clr-
cunmtanccs. He added thnt the factH did not
differ from the ordinary charges of larceny
except for the position of the parlies.
Continuing the chairman stated that upon
mast occasions the Castles visited the stores
together , but sometlmtp Mrs. Castle was
alone. Still , he further asserted , there \\an
evidence which bore the construction ( lint
there was Joint possession of the unities
nnd he expressed the opinion that It wns n
proper cnse for Investigation by a common
jury , na. with the exception of ono , all ih-
seven charges were shoplifting. The hean .t . ;
of the case was set for Friday next nt
10:30 : n. in. _ _
linpiirln ami 13\iiirlM | Slunv u .Marl.eil
1 ncrcHNo for Hie Yi-tit * .
OTTAWA. Out. ' . Nov. 2. Ofllclnl figures of
exports and Imports for the fiscal year ended
June 30. Issued by the government , show
the total foreign trade of Cnnnda to ha\o
been $2.02 ! ! ) , Si2 ; , compared with $224,4 0 185 ,
In 1S'J5. The total Imports were $118,011 Ofto
against J110.7S1.000 In 1S9.1 , nnd exports $121 , .
013.SI2 against $114.i3S.S03 ; In 1S'J5.
The exports to Great Britain were over
{ CC.000.000. nn Increase of $5.000.000. while
to the United Slates the exports ilpcroas-
from $41,000.000 to SDa.OOO.oOO In round
figures. There Is n slight Increase In Austra
lian trade and also with New Koiindland. tint
the exports In the Wrst Indies dropped from
$3.000.000 to $2.000.000. The exports fmni
Oreat Ilrltaln Increaced by nearly $2.w > o.0oo
and from the United Slates they Increased
over $1.000.000.
Cilllllll IiiNiii-Keiitn Itenily III HCKCK |
the IVupllnl.
NKW YOHK , Nov. 2. A dispatch from
Key West. Kla. . says : Predictions are made
that the city of llnvnna will be besieged by
Maximo Gomez within the next sixty d.i > s.
To that end. Goino- ; and all the rel > el forr * .
It Is reported , are now marching westward
toward thu capital.
Vlelory for I'eell Illinilci.
SALISDUUY , Mntabeleland. Nov. 2.-Col
onel Cecil Hhodes and Captain Ferena. with
and bur.u'd .
thlrty-flvo burghers , captured
1'nngols Kraal on Saturday , killing thirty-
ono rebels. Including three chiefs.
Cold Ylclil of Vlelol-lll.
MRLtlOUKNK. Nov. 2. The gold yield
of the colony of Victoria for the first three-
quarters of the present year amounts to
DSC.512 ounces , nn Increase of 31,000 outlet K
over Iho same period of 1SC ! > .
S. W. Cor.
IMIi iiml
Douglas Sta