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Lost Tho'r Stara Beoum Tha ; Were
Ohronio Agitators !
Chief \Vhllo To'U Why Ho Itooom ntmited
that Certain Policeman He Ilroiipe.l from
Ilia force tiointmiloner * iziUln : |
Jtlie Itcatoiii for Tliulr Action.
A great hue and cry lias been raised In
certain quarters by the recent wholesale
dismissal of officers and patrolmen from the
police force and n concerted effort has been
made during the past ten days to create
popular sympathy for the men who were
summarily dropped from the police pay roll.
While everybody concedes that the com
mission Is only carrying out the spirit and
purpose of the recommendations of the grand
jury last winter , the mayor and police com
mission are being roundly abused for fear
lessly Aulng M'.clr duty.
Incidentally every removal and appoint
ment Is charged up to The Hoc and Us editor ,
who In a sort of bogle man to not only the
howling dervish gang , but all of the other
Chief of Police White was seen at his
office this morning and expressed his reasons
for reorganization of the force as follows :
"I recommended the discharge of these men
for good reasons. They were fired simply because -
cause they were chronic agitators and dls-
organizers whose dismissal was for the good
of the service. Mr. Uosewater has never ,
either directly or Indirectly , sought to Influ
ence me In the discharge of the old men
named or the selection of the new ones. I am
not subservient to Mr. Rosewater , or any
other newspaper man , In attending to my
duty as chief of police. I linvo been doing
considerables Investigating on my own hook
since I came to Omaha and I have ascertained
from reputable citizens , If you pleise , that
the men dismissed were too much Interested
ID politics to make good policemen.
"It makes no difference to me whether
a man Is an A. I' . A , a Catholic ,
nn Infidel , or a FIJI , If ho Is an
agitator and political jawsmlth he has
got to give , up his star. I don't propose to
have ward politicians In uniform. I
don't Intend to have officers attending
political meetings In uniform unless they are
called there to preserve order. I don't pro
pose to have the station turned Into a nur
sery for politics , and I don't propose to
nllow men going out on their beats with
hatred In their hearts for one another. There
has been too much disorganizing , too much
backcapplng , too much horse play among the
police here. Politics and the police must
and shall be divorced. Policemen have a
perfect right to vote , 'tis true , but they have
no right as policemen to hold curbstone cau
cuses In uniform and allow politics to Inter
fere with their duly. The policemen of
Omaha under my administration are networking
working for anybody except the people o
Omaha who pay taxes and pay salaries to
policemen to preserve the peace and dignity
of this city. I won't allow either politics or
religion to Interfere with their duty as offi
cers. The records prove that I have not
been Influenced by the men's politics or their
religion , or Mr. Ilosewatcr , but by their
pernicious activity as agitators. I Intend to
put the police force of Omaha on a metro
politan basis , and I think all good citizens
will uphold my action. "
Mayor Bcmls It Is a Ho for any one to
assert that I was Influenced by Mr. Hose-
water or by any political preference In
selecting new policemen and discharging
others.Mr. . Uosewater had referred the
boajy td the record of Haze , which was
looktd "Up , and after duo consideration my
vote to dismiss Haze was prompted by tin
result of that Investigation. Mr. Hosewatei
lias never sought to control any appoint
merits or removals on the force.
Commissioner Smith said : "I have voted
In the affirmative and with the majority In
each Instance except three for the removal !
and appointments on the police force. I dk
so without solicitation of Mr. Hosewater urn
In fact he has never sought to Influence m
In this respect. I believe In sustaining tli
chief In his desire to reorganize the do
purtment. "
Commissioner Tlrown I never was ap
approached or requested or in fact In any
manner directly or Indirectly communlcatei
with by Mr. Hoscwater or his friends re-
gardlng the appointments to or removals froir
the police force.
Commissioner Deaver Viewed from a con
uervatlvc standpoint , the necessity of polio
reorganization has been apparent for semi
time , for the good of the service generally
Mr. Hosewater has never sought to dictate o
control the appointment t > r removal of men o
the force , with the possible exception c
Haze , whose record rather sustained the sug
gestlon. The commissioners , or father a ma
jority of them , have voted to Improve police
service on their own responsibility and have
no occasion to regret an action which was
taken for the Interests of the citizens of
Omaha who believe In separating police and
This Is the official list appointed July 12th ,
according to the record In the office of the
Board of Fire and Police Commissioners :
Carl L. Madson Horn In Denmark. Ago 20.
Recommended by William A. Grant , Joseph
Darker , Halfdan Jacobsen , Sylvester Veblc ,
J. D. Crcger.
Harry McCallcy American born. Ago 20.
Endorsed by P. M. Back , E. E. Howell , H.
P. Drexel , Albert Schall. C. II. Wlthnell.
John F. Rector. American born. Age 37.
Recommended by Norman A. Kuhn , J. C.
\Vhlnnery , George C. Wallace , R. I. Dean ,
S. K. Spildlng and A. P. Tukey.
Carl Carlson Native of Sweden , age 29 ,
naturalized. Endortcd bv D. Clem Deaver ,
I' . E. Flodman. John Steel , T. A. Mcgeath
and Leo Ilclsey.
J. II. Gibbon * American born. Ago 30
years. Recommended by E. W. Lee. A. A.
McClanahan. P. A. Tucker , W. A. Smith and
D. II. Goodrich.
Albert A. Keysor American born. Age 31.
Recommended by J. L. Ilrandels & Sons.
Thompson , Hetden & Co. . Hayden Bros. , Emll
HrandeU , Continental Clothing company , S.
P. Moiso Dry Goods company.
James Gorman American born , ago 22.
Recommended by J. A. Ffaher. T. J. Car-
mody , J. T. Ilrown , Hobart Williams , J. J ,
Vincent D. Lilly American born. Ago 24.
Recommended by 13. W. Leo , J. A. Connor.
W. A. Rebert , W. R. Sliaughnessy and Wil
liam Gentleman.
Qeorga Dlake American born. Trans
ferred from fir department , where he bad
been In active service for fifteen years.
John Starkey American born , Recom
mended by John C. Davis , John Rush , Adolph
Meyer , Max Meyer and Dr. J. W. King.
A. C. Rauney American born. Age 33.
Recommended by Richardson Drug company ,
McCord , Ilrady & Co. , Steelo-Smlth Grocery
company. M. E. Smith & Co. , G. H. Hammond
mend company , Allen Ilros. , Paxton & Gal
lagher. Meyer & Raapke , R. ninghani & Son.
U. Caramello- Native of Italy. Natural
ized. AKO 27. Recommended by F. M.
Youngs , F. S. Devor , E. M. Illrch. William
Quintan and W. T. Kelp.
Jay S. Ronk American born. Ago 28.
Recommended by James Stephenson , S. A ,
Collins , J. J. Gorman , F. A. Tucker , W. A ,
P. M. Tobln Native of Ireland , naturalized ,
age 26. Endorsed by P. H. Carey , Frank E.
Moores , C. E. Squires , James Stephenson and
Maurice Sullivan.
James Cravens American born. Age 38.
Recommends. ! by Den B. Wood , Duff Green ,
P. E. EUasier , J. Hush , Frank Murphy.
P. D. Murphy American , born In Ne
braska. Ago 24. Recommended by W. J ,
Mount , J. N. Frenrer , P. C. Hcafey. P ,
Sbarkey and C. J. Smyth.
M. II. Gentleman Canadian , naturalized.
Ago 25 , Recommended by O. W , King. F.
B. Johnson , P. O'Malley. John Power and
John Groves.
Joteph II , Hengon Amertran , born in
Omaha. Age 24. Recommended by G. F ,
Eltaner , John Baumer , John Ruth , W. A.
Green and Henry Pundt.
Frank Percy American born. Age 38. Rec
ommended by A. B. Hunt. W. H. Hunter ,
A. J. Webb , E. W. Simeral. T. J Fitzmorrls ,
Martin D. McMahon American born. Age
7 , Recommended by R. R. Sutherland , J ,
M Kenney , C. B. Havens , John M. McGowun
and George E. Dertrand
8. K. Colllne American , born. Age 32 .
riccommnnded by J. H. HunRate , W. Slovern ,
J. 0. Urexol , P. H. Uavla ana S. J. Mont
P. II. McLarmnn American born. A e 37.
Itecommcniled by I'eter Eluasser , Dr. E. W.
Lee , T. J. Honors , J. 0. Cowln and Harry P.
According to the foregoing , which can be
verified by reference to the original applica
tions on file In the odlca of the pollco com
missioners , twenty-two men have been ap
pointed to fill vacancies on the pollco force.
Of this number nineteen are native born
The blanks which an applicant for a post-
tlon on the police force fills out , contains a
number of printed questions wnlch must be
truthfully answered. There Is no Interroga
tive pertaining to the religion or politics of
the applicant.
Each aspirant for a policeman's star must
have five tcpiitablo reference1) or endorsers.
Of the twenty-two men recently appointed
to positions on the pollco force , five are
Catholics , sixteen are Protestants , nnd one
professes no religion. The total number of
applicants for positions on the police fores ,
( lied for these vacancies , wns 200. Of this
number ninety candidates were examined.
Mr. Ilosewater did not recommend the ap
pointment of any of these , either directly or
Hun llnrnfdrd'x Acid l'hn pliiln. :
It produces healthy activity of weak or
disordered stomachs need stimulating ,
and acts as a tonic on nerves and brain.
He ( nrrrully < 'oini < lpr < t bjr Thrno Who Are
.Soi'klnir n Ni'vr Locution ,
Central Mississippi It must bo borne In
mind has these distinguishing characteristics
lat are of great value to the settler ; that Is
3 say :
Fruits of all kinds grow luxuriantly and In
bumlanee. Krults fresh from the vines and
ees arc gathered eight months In the year ,
'egetubles can be had fresh from the garden
ivelve months In the year.
And while often the pastures In Illinois
nd other western states are parched and
rlcd and farmers are compelled to haul
ater for their stock and feed them from the
rain fields , our pastures are covered with
rcsh , green , natural grasses and all cattle
re fat enough for beef. It Is not only the
aso this year , but I have found It so every
ear slnco I came here. I have never seen
necessary to feed stock In tlio pastures
nd nowhere Is water more abundant than
i this section , making It one of the finest
lock countries In America.
We can raise any cereal or product that
an be produced In any of the northern or
, 'cstern states nnd a great many other
lilngs that they cannot produce. I have
teach trees three years old from the seed
hat have borne- this year from one peck to
half bushel per tret- , and I have bearing
rape vines three years old from the cut-
Another great advantage Is that we have
Ircct railroad communication to all north-
rn nnd western markets , furnishing cheap
ransportatlon for vegetables , fruits nnd
roducts of the truck farm. We have lines
o eastern markets and we are close with
hroitgh transportation to the southern and
least markets , which are the best In the
Jnltcd Slates.
As a mild and delightful climate this Is
iiirpassed by none , not being as hot in sum
mer as northern Illinois , and seldom , If
! \-er , docs the mercury reach within 10 do-
rees of zero In winter. People suffering
, vlth consumption , catarrh and bronchitis
nd other throat and lung troubles find nl-
lost Instant relief and In many cases permn-
ent cures , while scarlet fever and diphtheria
ro unknown here.
I would say to young men seeking homes
who nre unable to Invest In the high priced
lands In the north and west , come south
ivhero you will find Improved lands close to
good markets for less than you can buy a
'lomestead and Improve the raw lands on the
'rentier , where you arc compelled to hau.
high priced lumber nnd fuel a long distance
o Improve the lands for which you hav
paid more than you can get farms nil ready
nnd fenced , with wells supplied with pure
fresh water , comfortable houses , orchards
and beautiful forests at the very door , which
afford fuel and good range and shelter for
In the west they are exposed to the bleak
winds and bllzzerds , with frequently no
other shelter than a barbed wire fence to
pllt tho-wlld winds and storms.
Here a man will find the comforts of life
prepared for him ns soon as ho arrives ,
where he Is free from such pests ns flics ,
mosquitoes , buffalo gnats and green herd
flies , such as he and his stock have to
contend with In the north and west.
He will also find agreeable and desirable
neighbors , willing and ready to promote his
Interests In every way , and close to good
schools and churches , Instead of living on
he vast prairies , with hero nnd there an
occasional house In the dim distance.
Hcason for yourselves to the actual od-
i-antages offered you In this Orchard Homes
region. Investigate , look over the land , or
ganize In clubs of two families or more.
For all Information address Geo. W. Ames ,
General Agent , 1617 Farnam Street , Omaha ,
Neb ,
rnAit.nAcr.imc > i. ASSOCIATION.
At Denver Aucuit 1 ! ' , I , 1HU5.
For this occasion the Union Pacific will
sell tickets at the rateof one fare for the
round trip from Mlso.ur ! river terminals to
Denver , Colorado Springs , Manltou and
I'ueblo. Tickets on sale August llth and
12th. A. C. DUNN ,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent , 1302 Far
nam street.
Hot Siirlnc , Miutli Uiikntn.
Wind cave , largest and finest In the west.
Inquire 1401 Farnam street.
Several Weighty Subjects Ulsciusoil anil
1'hmlly UUpajod of.
Chief of Police White occupied a seat as a
member of the Board of Health for the first
time yesterday. Ho was Introduced to the
members and the Insjectors present by Mayor
Demls. He listened with as much equanimity
as possible to the highly edifying dlscussfons
for which the board has become famous.
The first weighty subject that demanded
consideration was the request of a citizen of
thn Seventh ward who wanted psrmlssion to
put In an earth closet , Instead of making
connections with the sewer. This matter was
dUcussnJ In a statesmanlike manner for
nearly an hour. At length It was decided
that the subject was too Important to be thus
quickly disposed of , and another consideration
was postponed until the next meeting.
Property owners complained that the street
sweepers were dumping their refuse on va
cant lots In various parts of the city without
first obtaining permission from the owners.
A resolution was passed In which the Hoard
of Public Works was requested to co-operate
with the Hoard of Health In arranging for a
satisfactory disposal of the accumulations of
the streets.
Dr. Towno reported that there was a seri
ous prevalence of typhoid fever. There had
been ten cases reported since July 1. He
recommended that the people be urged to boll
their drinking water and not to use ICG water
for drinking purposes. Much of the Ice was
said to have an unsanitary flavor and the
water could be coole.l Just as effectively by
placing the Ice In contact 'vlth the outsldo of
the pitcher or Jug , Inbtenl of putting It In
the water.
A resolution to ask the city council for an
appropriation for the purpose of cutting the
weeds on vacant lo > was referred to the
cotlncllmanlc members of the board.
Tlie council will bo asked to provide for a
system of fees to be charged for certified
copies of } he records of the Hoard of Health.
Protect Yniir < hllilreu.
Mothers would do well to atomize their
children's throat and nasal passages morning
and evening \Uth Allen's Hygienic Fluid a
positive preventive of all contagious diseases ,
such is diphtheria , scarlet and typhoid fevers ,
smallpox , bronchitis , etc. It has a pleasant ,
aromatic flavor and Is perfectly harmless.
A Futrdviiiitniei
Offered by the Chicago. Milwaukee & St.
Paul railway , the short Iluo to Chicago. A
clean train made up and started from
Or ilia. Daggage checked from residence to
destination. Elegant train service and cour
teous employes. Entire train lighted by
electricity and luted by steam , with electric
light In every berth. Flneit dining car
service In the west , with meals lerved "a la
1.1 carte. " The Flyer leaves at 6 p. m. dMIy
from Union depot.
City ticket ofllce , ISO ! Farnaiu street. C. '
S. Carrier , city ticket agent.
Found Plenty of Men Who Were Anxloui
to Bite.
Hostilities Are Again Declared In the
Country Around bheoly unit the Old
rullih Troubles Are Once Muro lle-
vlvcd und tovcrul Arrests Mnilo.
II. Houser Is n smoother swindler than
! ie pollco thought him when the first reports
ere received. Ho passed bogus checks on
tanfleld & Co , and the Globe Clothing corn-
any Monday evening after banking hours
nd got nwny with the profits of his work ,
bout $20. before the olHcers could get action
i the case.
Vigorous search in Omaha. South Omaha
nd Council Bluffs failed to locate
he forger and yesterday another crop
f his victims appeared at the police sta-
on with their tales of woe. On Monday
veiling Uouser went Into I'rlsman's cloth-
g store and made a small purchase , offer-
g In payment a check for $3. He received
Is change , $2.85 , In good coin and Prlsman
as the check , which was drawn on the
erclinnts National bank. The check was
irown out this morning and the case placed
n the hands of the police.
I'rlsman had hardly left the police station
hen Charles Gooder came In and wanted
o bo put onto the process by which he
ould get $15 that he had given Houser , who
as known to him as E. Cohen , a collector
f bad debts. Houser , or Cohen , called at
coder's place of business nnd took a con-
ract to collect some bad claims. Ho gave
! io name of E. Cohen and had printed
: ards , giving his office ns 320 North Slx-
eenth street. On the card wns printed In
ed letters , "Hemoved to New York Life
ulldlng July 15. " Gooder gave the col-
cctor a bunch of claims and ho went out.
le returned on Monday and reported that
o had made collections amounting to $11.
lo did not have the cash , but had accepted
check for $25 , made payable to E. Cohen
nd signed by H. Houser. He explained
hat he had secured the paper In the course
if the day's work and asked Gooder to
: ash It , retnlnlng the $11 due him ns the
esult of Cohen's efforts ns n collector.
Gooder had never hoped to see that $11
gain and ho paid Cohen $1 commission and
gave him $11 In change on the- check and
i-oted him a crackerjack In the collection
Mr. Cohen , alias Houser , Is still missing.
IINIWII ; : > THU roi.isii oiiuiun WAK.
Chitrgcs ntiit Counter < liurRes Miido by the
liilurrMfHl runic * .
The Polish Catholic church troubles have
broken out In a new spot , or several new-
pots rather , nnd yesterday the police court
had the appearance of a hall on n Pulaskl
nnlversary celebration. Half a hundred
'ollsh women and girls , dressed In their
holiday attire , were at hand to tell all they
now nnd have heard about the trouble that
'ather Karmlnskl had with some of his
neighbors on July 5.
Father Karmlnskl Is charged with having
assaulted Martha Engler , Ignez Heptowskl Is
accused of having used abusive and pro-
"ano language , Mrs. Joseph Herarzwlskl Is
charged with having assaulted Martha Eng-
'cr , Agnes Henarzewskl Is said to have used
obscene language , and Mrs. Rakowskl Is In
jail for disturbing the peace. The others
are simply witnesses.
The stories don't agree at all , but the pre
ponderance of evidence Indicates that there
ivas a row. Father Karmlnskl says the fol
lowers of Bishop Scannell have tried to make
his life a burden. They congregated in front
of his place , and he went out and told them
to leave or he would make It warmer for
them than It was on the day before , or some
threat of that kind. Then they had him ar
rested for assault. The girls swear that they
were standing on the corner talking when the
reverend father came out and called them
dirty pigs and pushed Martha Engler off the
There are fifty versions to the story , and
Judge Berka will pick out the ono that suits
him best when the returns are all In.
Think They llnvo u Mre 11 tic.
Jack Wills has been arraigned In police
court on a warrant charging him with arson.
Detectives have been at work and have found
a man who saw Wills Jump out of the
Union Pacific car Tuesday morning. Just a
few seconds before the flro was discovered In
the baled hay , with which the car was
loaded. The complaint waa sworn to by
Twamley & Sons , the owners of the hay ,
which was partially destroyed. The police
claim to have further evidence that will
connect Wills with the large number of
fires that have occurred recently In the hay
cars on the tracks north of the Webster
street depot. Wills will be given a pre
liminary hearing today.
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ll.vVDK.N liittlS.
llnrgnlns In Every Department on Thtir-
We are determined to lead the race In the
sale of ladles' waists to the end of the sea
son.On Thursday morning we will pile the
garments high on our 2 special bale tables.
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cial sale.
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Hound trip , Chautauqua lake tickets , good
until October 31 , are- now on sale via the
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railway.
Handsomely Illustrated descriptive book , with
any Information desired , will be sent on ap
plication. H. P. Humphrey , T. P. A. , Kansas
City , Mo. ; C. K. Wllber , western passenger
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Via the Santa IV Haute.
For lowest rates on tickets and best ac
commodations call on cr address E. L.
Palmer , P. A. Santa Fe Route , Room 1 , First
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Ladle * .
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Attendants first class.
Massage by an educated masseuse.
Ladles' Turkish baths and physical culture
parlors , 109-110 Bee building.
MAHONEY George , youngest Fen of T. P.
nnd Nelllo Mnhoney , died July 17th. nge
4 yra. 10 mo. nnd 4 days. Funeral Thurs
day , July 18 , at 3:30 : o'clock from residence ,
C24 So , &th St. to Holy Sepucher ! cemetery.
KHUTTI Charles I * , aged 65 , nt residence.
1109 South Thlrty-thlrd street. Funeral
from residence , Friday , July 19 , nt 4 p. in. ,
to Forest Lawn. Friends Invited.
| Kt'H.V-Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn a
daughter , July 17 , H25.
I'rotrst Agulutt Kri > irlnr One nn.l Not
the Olhtr VlMilnrt.
The viaduct question will not down , and
the members of the cltjr council who repre
sent the southsldersiare having no end of
trouble. For the past year the Sixteenth
street viaduct has been sufficient to keep
them busy trying to satisfy the demands of
their Impatient constituency , and now that
the final arrangements have been made for
repairing that structure , their attention Is
occupied by the Indignant expostulations of
the Eleventh street property owners.
The latter seem to think that they have
een misled In some way. They have been
ssured that tbe Eleventh street viaduct mat
er was In the courts , and that nothing could
ie done until a decision was rendered. But
lioy observe with angry suspicion that the
ouncll has been able to take measures to
epalr the Sixteenth street structure , and
"ley are asking why nice , fresh bated bread
liould bo dished up to the Sixteenth street
eople while they are compelled to be satls-
ed with the legendary stone.
The Eleventh street viaduct his bsen prac-
cally closefl to .he public for the past three
ears. At first only vehicle traffic was sus-
endcd , but In Decsmbcr , 1894 , the struc-
ire was closed entirely , thus Indicting a
naterlal hardship on the dwellers south of
"ie viaduct. For more than a year past the
matter has been allowed to rest , while the
ty has vainly endeavored to obtain n de-
Islon from the courts by which the rall-
oads could be compelled to repair the struc-
Suit was originally brought In United
talcs court to secure an order directing the
ecelvers of the Union Pacific to take steps
o repair the viaduct. Judge Cornish , as
naster In chancery , decided that no suclr
rder could properly be Issued until .a similar
trder wns obtained against the B. & M. Then
" : io city went Into the district court with an
ppllcatlon for a writ of mandamus to com-
iel the Chicago , Burlington & Qulncy rnll-
oacl to do Its share toward repairing the
laduct. The railroad contested the right
f the court to Issue such a writ , nnd the
iase Is now In the supreme court. The evl-
'ence has been submitted , but the Judges
ave not seen fit to hand down their opinion.
In the meantime the south side residents
ave waxed wroth and they assert that their
nterests are not being protected. Councilmen -
men Lcmly , Gordon and Kment represent this
cntlment In the council , and they do not
.esltato to declare that the city Is not likely
o get nn opinion soon. They assert that
he railroads are playing a waiting game ,
nd that this policy la being aided by some
if the ofllclal representatives of the city.
Some time ago Back introduced a resolution
* hlch provided for the appropriation of
5,000 to repair the Eleventh street viaduct ,
'his was with the understanding that the
xpenso was to be charged to the city and
hen taxed up against the railroads , according
o the provisions of the charter. The resolu-
lon was referrei to the committee on via
ducts and railroads , of which Bechel Is
A vigorous effort Is now being made to
iccuro a favorable report from the committee
n this resolution. H Is urged that the city
might Just as well have a law suit to collect
he money ns to spend nn Indefinite period
n court , while the viaduct Is allowed to re
main closed. Chairman Bechel Is quoted as
"ncllnlng to this opinion , but the legal de
partment of the city government Is strenu
ously opposed to such procedure.
Assistant City Attorney Cornish says thai
f this action was taken the entire work ol
the past year would bo lost. If the city
should repair the viaduct the railroads couk
jo Into court and show that the repairs de
manded had already been accomplished am
ho suit would be at once dismissed. Then
ho city would be compelled to begin all over
again , and there would be no telling how
nany years the railroads' ' couU delay the col-
ectlon of the money. Mr. Cornish received
: i letter from the clerk of the supreme court
the other day which stated that the man
damns case could not be reached before the
September term. Then there were aboul
forty criminal cases awaiting consideration ,
and It would bo October 1 before the city case
could be taken up.
"Now thut a decision Is In sight , " tald Mr
Cornish , * 'I believe It wouldi be iv ry foollst
for the city to do anything else than wait
So far the city has had all the advantage In
: ho fight In the courts , and by waiting a few
nonths longer we can have the question
settled for a'l ' time. I am confident that the
city will win , nnd then the council will be
nblo to proceed at once. "
In Ynnr Illood
Is the cause of that tired , languid feeling
which aflllcts you at this season. The blooi
Is Impure and has become thin and poor
That Is why you have no strength , no appe
tite , cannot sleep. Purify your blood with
Hood's Sarsaparllla , which will give you an
appetite , tone your stomach , and Invigorate
your nerves.
Hood's Pills are easy to take , easy In
action and sure In effect. 25c.
Ordinance Introduced to Keep Deposit *
Hut of tlte Mreetn.
The street department has always experl
cnced a good deal of trouble on account o
careless citizens who have discovered tha
the street is a very handy place to deposl
their accumulations of glass , broken china
old wire and other refuse. Now that th
system of cleaning the streets by hand am
day labor has been adopted an effort will b
made to make examples of some of thes
offenders. In pursuance of this purpos
Councilman Saunders has Introduced an ordl
nance which makes It a misdemeanor to de
posit any glass , china , nails , Iron , crockery
tacks , wire , steel , tin , zinc , copper or othe
metal or any sharp piece of stone on nny
street , avenue , boulevard or alley belongln
to the city. The punishment Is a fine of no
less than $5 nor more than $100 for th
first offense and for any subsequent offens
a jail sentence of from one to thirty day
may bo added ,
I like my wife to use Pozzonl's Complexion
Powder , because It Improves her looks and I
as fragrant as violets.
Should be
Looked Into.
Ever since Prof. Koch startled the world
by promising' to cure consumption with the
Koch lymph and lib'Complete failure to do
eo , the people have been looking for some
discovery which would prove an absolute ,
certain cure for that-dread disease. Over a
quarter of a ccnturjriajjo Dr. R. V. Pierce ,
chief consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surrjical Inctitute. put in a claim
for a medicine , which he had discovered
nnd used , m his extensive practice , that
would cure ninety-eight per cent , of all cases
of consumption when token in all its early
staros. Tune has proved that his assertion
rrss based on facts pained from experience.
His "Golden McdicaUDUcovery " has cured
many thousand people ; -in all parts of the
world , nnd Dr. Picrco irivitcs all interested
to send to him for n free book which gives
the names , addresses and photographs of
many prominent people who have willingly
testified to the marvelous curative proper-
tics of his "Golden Medical Discovery. "
diseases , also Asthma and Catarrh , that will
be mailed by the World's Dispensary lied-
kal Association of Buffalo , N.V. , on receipt
of nix cents in stamps , to pay postage.
Consumption , na most everybody knows.
Is first manifested by feeble vitality , loss
of ctrcngth , emaciation ; then local synip.
toms soon develop , as coucA , difficult
breathing- bleeding from Junes , when
investigation proves that tubercular deposits -
posits have formed in the lungs. It is
earnestly advised that the " Discovery " be
taken early and the latter stages of the
disease can thereby be easily avoided.
To build up solidjJesJi and strength after
the nrip , nncumoria , ( "lung fever " ) , ex
hausting fevers , nnd other prostrating dis.
eae3. It hcs no equal. It does not make
fat Jlke cod liver cil and its natty cow.
pound * , but , solid , uhaleionirjlafi.
The Fight Agaiist Disease , Poisonous
Drugs and Old Fogyism , Declared
in His Favor ,
tr. J , llnumor Tells the Story of I1U Suffer
ing mill Cure.
Mr. J. Ilaumcr , 42 East Twenty-first street ,
layonne , N. J. , says : "Eighteen months ago
was so crippled with rheumatism that I
ould not dress myself. I tried all the decors -
ors In Bayonnc. but they gave me up as
lopelcss. I also tried numerous preparations ,
tut failed to find any relief , At last I
leant of Munyon's Rheumatism Cure and be-
rati using It. The effect was marvelous. I
mproved at once , and found that less than
wo bottles were sufficient to cure mo com-
) letely , as I have not had a twinge of rheu-
natlsm since. "
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure 1s guaranteed
o cure rheumatism In any part of the body.
\cute or muscular rheumatism cured In from
no to five days. It never falls to cure sharp ,
hooting pains In the arms , legs , sides , backer
or breast , or soreness In any part of the body
n from one to three hours , It Is guaranteed
o promptly cure lameness , stiff and swollen
olnts , stiff back , and all pains In the hips
ind loins. Chronic rheumatism , sciatica ,
umbago or pain In the back spcoJIly cured.
Munyon's Homoeopathic Homo Remedy
Company , of Philadelphia , put up specifics for
nearly every disease , which are sold by all
Inmglsts , mostly for 25 cents a bottle.
Those who are In doubt as to the nature
of their disease should address Professor
itunyon , 1503 Arch street , Philadelphia , glv-
ng full symptoms of their disease. Pro-
'essor ' Munyon will carefully diagnose the
case- and give you the benefit of his advice
ibsolutely free of all charge. The remedies
will be sent to any address on receipt of
retail price.
A full line of
On hand. Mailed on receipt of price.
TltKAI.OK . l'Jx CO. ,
1108 Fuinam Street. Opposite I'axtoD Hotel.
fully bccnuso they weaken you slowly ! gradu *
ally. Do not ullow tlili waste of body to mnka
you apoor , flabby , Immature man.Health , strength
ami vigor 14 for you whether you bo rich or poor.
The Orcat lliulyim Is to be lnul only from the Hud
son Medical Institute. This wonderful discovery
wns miuleny the specialists of the old famous Hud
son Mcdlcsil Institute. It Is tlio strongest nnd most
powerful vltnllzcr made. It Is so powerful tliat II
Is simply wonderful lion * harmless It Is. You can
got It from nowhere but from the Hudson Medlcnl
Institute. Write for circulars and testimonial ! ) .
Tills extraordinary Ilcjnvciiator Is tlio most
wonderful discovery of the nge. It has been en
dorsed by the leading scientific men of Europe and
HUHYAX Is purely vegetable.
JIUJIVAX stops preinatureiiCRS of the dls
cliarRO In twenty days. Cures LOST SIAX-
JIOOI ) , constlp.itlon , dizziness fulling sensations ,
nervous twitching of the eyes and other parts *
Strengthen ! ! , Invigorates and tones tlio entire
system. It Is as cheap ns any other remedy.
JIUDYAX cures debility , nervousness , cmls-
fllons , and develops and restores weaU organs.
I'alns la tlio back , losses by duy or night stopped
quickly. Over 1,000 private Indorsements.
I'reraaturoness means Itnpotency In the first
stage. It Is a symptom of seminal weakness and
barrenness. It can be stopped In twenty days by
the use of Hudyan. Hudyan cosjs no more than
any other remedy.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
TAIXTr.n IH.OOJJ-Impuro blood duo to
serious private disorders carries myriads of sore-
producing germs. Then comes sore throat , pimples ,
coppcrcolored spotsulcers In mouth , old sores ami
falling lialr. You can save a trip to Hot Springs by
wrltingfor'BIood Hook'to the old physicians of the
Stockton , SlnrUet and Kllti Hit , ,
fie Largest piece of GOOD
tobacco ever sold for the money
thlchiitrr1 * KnxlliU IHurnoml llran ? .
Urlxlnul anil Only tirnulne *
AFC , alwaj * rrlllble. LADICK aik
iglil for OfcAiXrrt fWu Via
, MC { Brand hi Itrd ami ' . ' "M meltllio
itaxrf. iralctl wllti blue rltUio. TaLe
naulhcr. Ktfttte rfanycroua mltdfu.
IIOMJ ami imitation ! . M Urafftiitti or seed 4r
In tttmr * fur imrlleultri , trttlioooUti tu
"Hrllcr for 1.ait"lxl'ittr. t ; rtturt :
' Mull. KyiUO Tr > IMpir
Chltlioler fbcmlcul Co. . Mrxll.onKq ii . < ,
Ctld bj .octl l > ri > tlili. 1'lillcilm. . ft.
\V lend lh murTflons French CALTHO8 fiHnud n
local guarantee thitCALTIIoii * III
RTOI > I > l > rh > rcr . Eulolon * .
C'lfflK Np < .rmatorrhrA \ arleor le
and IIF.bTOUU I. .t Vtcor.
Ust it and fay ifsatiifieJ.
Allrtii.VON MOHL CO. .
H lt iDtriem * [ tnti , rUrlaMll , Cklo.
Kenyon Military
Academy , Gambier , O.
72nd year. TLIs old and remarkably successful
rcbool provides ( borough preparation for college
or business , anil careful bupervlalon of livaltii ,
habits anil manners. 11U much the oldest , largest
anil bent equipped boarding icboql fur boy * lu
Oblo. Illustrated catuloguo sent.
lllEli ( trade KiiKll'li " "I ClMtlcnl Hchool. Literary tin
II Art Coulx-- , ( ( uiluilU tu W llr > ly , hltllUi
" . . . , . . . . _ . .
y" lr ii' < i. i L tiflilrlil > .l j..L i * tll&lJr
Quito recently wo begun cuttliif ; prices on shirts. It yielded turtg-
nlllccnt returns. Precisely In nccordutico with our object. We don't
want shirts this season at least What we wt.ixt Is a new supply
for ' , * '
next summer >
As we said , we sold anile it number of all crudes , but the bulk In
cheaper qualities like the carpenter * and the slmvlncH we accumu
lated quite an amount odds and ends of the COc and 7r > c qualities.
Take your choice tflduy for il'u' apiece.
More for a sweep out than to sell.
These 7J5c laundered 1'ercale which wo reduced to ftOe have been
copiously called for but we have a oed many yet to sell.
The $1.00 kind which we cut down to 7i"c ( either collars and cuffs
attached or loose ) are hery yet , certainly not as many , but enough
for a few hundred people who wants 'em.
A c od many of those Imported cloth shirts which we sod ! at ? U.OO
at early season have been cut down to Si/Jo. Still at that price but
you must call quick if you care for a real good thlnff.
Whew ! What a tremendous amount of soft unlaumlcred shirts wo
have here. It reminds us of the magic sceptre In the fairy queen's
hands. Anything you call for Is sure to appear.
v , ' '
again in the east making
Selections of the newest and brightest
things shown in the Furniture and Car
pet trade. We have a few odds and ends
in our Furniture department which we will
' close at cost. Straw Mattings down to Sc
f per yard. Alaska Refrigerators at cost
' Jewel Gasoline Stoves are the only abso
ute safe stove on earth , and we are sole
[ agents and sell them at the same price as
) thers want fo Home Destroyers.
If you have anything to buy in the way of
Furniture -
OR Carpetings
just remember that we lead tl
procession in
Style and
Low Prices.
Are You Car-Sick
When Traveling ?
Car-sickness is as trying to
many people as sea-sickness. It
comes from a derangement of the
stomach. A Ripans T abide is an
insurance against it , and a box of
them should be in every traveler's
Ttlptm's Tabulea : Bold by dniggtati , or by mall
If tlio price (50 ( cents a box ) IP cent to The 111-
pans Chemical Company , No. 10 fipnice it. , N. Y.
The Great Military School of the West.
Also NIEDRINQHAUS HILL for Small Boys ,
Unsurpassed Advantage * ) . Investigate before selecting a school. For
" ' ' ,
o ttUdrosu
Swot AlfA >
The leading ( Ctinnl In the Fnulliwoit l the school joa
iletlre , Kainouinldcolltge Kntlrely Hcrnrnlilicd.
I Handsome SO-pige Illuil , catalogue. Uponi Kept , 4.
COLUMBIA , - - - MISSOURI. Mrs. Luolln Wlloox St. Clolr. President.
Bet ealo by alt First Class Dunlunr. Manufactured by tbo
Factory No. u04 , BL Loula ,