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q , . . THE OMAHA DAILY BEE. . , -
.AJH.JJSniD ) JUNE 19 , 1871. OMAllA : , TUESDAY OnNING , MAHOII : 26 , 1895. SINGLE ) OOpy ] "IY.m OEN'rS.
1 .j
Membera of the Reicnstag and Diet Call
on the Aged Ez-Ohancollor ,
Alh'\ell the : t..herR ot the RetclIMtIg to
ClIItI'atc Nntonll S.ILhlell-'nlehlll
n.t.r.nee 10 the 1.110 1itIwror , nod
Three Cheers for the l'rl'Re'I1 One.
FrEDUCISlll Mach -Three spe-
cial lralns , havhig on board nearly 400 members -
bers at the Ielchslag ) ant l'russlnn Diet . ar-
rIved here today and were received at the
stalon by Count Herbert smarck , Count
W1Iam Bismarck all Count van Hantzan ,
husband at Prince Blsmarcll's daughter , and
by Count van Waldcsee. The delJtatons
proceedell to the caste front , where they
Were received In a body by Prince Bismarck
herr van Koeler , president at the Prussian
Diet , made a speech congratulating Prince :
msmarck on the approaching anniversary or
his birth. Tim prince made a speech thank- I
log the deplles for their Itnll wishes.
The weather was sunny this morning aCer
n stormy night. The Irst train arrived aL
12rO : p. m. , but few reporters anti halt a
Ilozen gendarmes constituted the greater part
at those who greeted the vlsHors at the
statIon. But there was a scene of great
animation when Count Herbert msmarc .
, . _ Count W1Iam I3lsrnarck . Count van Hantzau
anti General Count van \Vahlesee arrived In
order to meet the nearly ,100 members or the
nelchstag and of the Prussian Diet who
came here on three special trains. A large
temporary wooden pavilion was especially
erected near the platorm to accommodate
the visitors , who were In the most varied
attire , some wearing evening dress and opera
hats and others wearing morning or travelug
costumes. Conspicuous [ by hIs light blue
uniform was the venerable Oberroorsler
Lange , who was evidently wel known to
many of the visitors and who actively as-
' slstell In theIr reception. ,
Just as the train bearing the final con-
tngent steamed Into the staten Prince Ills-
marck appeared on the platform , having
walked front the house , a distance at only
1r0 ya rls.
Ito wore the uniform or the lallerstedter
4 culraslers covered by a long , light gray
cloak , with yellow facings and a wide fur
collar. 'fhe burnished helmet on his head
glittered In the sun's rays. As he walked
down the double row of bowing visitors ,
Prince Bismarck , whose bearing was as erect
all soldierly aB over. though he was lean-
Ing on a cane exchanged greetings with
his former colleagues and frIends , having
a pleasant word for each and now and then
Indulging In a jest which excited a burst
of laugh ler.
As he passed the pelnt where the representative -
atve ot the Press association was standing .
the latter heard him remark : " ' . ' , 'ell , you
have come to see me In my wilderness. We
are not accustomed to such grand visitors In
hide parts I can tel you. "
This sally evoked a fresh outburst or mer-
rlinent. The prince's eyes were keen and
undimmed and twinkled kindly and good
naturely whlo he chatted pleasantly with
all al sundry suhjeets. )
Having walked the entire length at the
platform , the prince invited the visitors who
were thronging around 10 accompany him to
. , , the house , apologizIng for the poor aecommo-
- I daton It afforded anti Intimating that u
. , more formal rectpUol Nould be held there. I
'a Count herbert lsmnrclt repeated the invitation - '
ton In a lower voice , and the company
walked In a long , straggling procession to
the house.
c- Upon reaching the garden the guests pro-
ceetled 10 the rear at the house , where ther :
Is a large balcony. Prince , flismarcic accompanied -
panlell hy his sons , his daughter and his son-
in-law. nil In deep mourning , appeared on
the terrace and were received with loud
cheers by the visitors below. \\'htefl the
cheering hall subsided spokesmen from the
several branches of the legislature made
sleeehes brIefly conveying the fervent hop
that Prince Bsmarck would long be spared
to enjoy his well earned repose. Each
speaker pall an eloquent tribute to the great-
ness and enduring character or the great
German statesman's life worlt.
PrInce IBmarck listened attentively to the
speecbes , loaning against the gable or the
house and bowing and touching his helmet
to each round of npplauso. When the addresses -
dresses were over Prince nsmarclt , standing
close to the stone balustrade , replied In a
loud , clear voice , which was distinctly audible
to all present lie spoke for nearly twenty
minutes , with wOlllerrl1 animation , emphasizing -
sizing his remarks wHh frequent gestures of
the band. The seH.deprecatory remarks with
which he bepan were answered with loud
Ihoutl of "Neln. " When & In the early Part
or his remarks the 11rlnce referred to his
"ever lamented mlster" ho broke down completely -
pletely , and for fully hal a minute his hips
moved , but no sound could be hieartL When
nt last the silence was broken I was WIth
amlblo bobs and toar.dlmmell eyes that he
completed the sentence referring La his lIe-
loved Emperor I Wilam I. From that mo-
ment on the Ilrlnce spoke with energy and
earnestness , anti later beenmo more jocular
exciting alternate cheers and laughLer. lie
concluded with elpreBslng regret that he waR
no lanKer able La take an active part In 1101-
' \cs , and assured his hearers that In his reo
troment ho was with them In spirit , per.
haps more heartily than was good for a man
or his ) 'ears. The prlneo thanllell tIme leputa-
ton for tIme high honor conferred upon him
by their visi , and salt that tIme Sachsenwoll
had ne\'or before seen such amiable sym
pathmy . lie regarded the demonstration ,
which , personally hall not leservet ( crIes
or "Yes" ) , nB being male "In behalf or the
. " lie added "Whnt have achieved
eamse. 10 ndlel : we \
IB Imperfect , bu . still It was the best we
could get. "
Referring to those who helped to build UII
the empire amid who hind Iassell [ away , he
said that foremost among them were his la- i ,
10ntellmaBter , wi hauL whom nothing woull
have been achieved . . ConLhHllng , he slll :
" 1npply the dynasty II\s now laken Irm
root In every German land , Rlll so long as
those conditions are maIntained 1 feel no
mlsglvlngB. 1 would like to see , however
more expression given In thin individual Ger-
lan states La tlO national sentment before
which unavoidable party strifes have been
compeled to yield In the l'rus8lan ) et. Na-
tonal politics should also be given moro
prominence In debates , und the minister of
foreign affairs houhl be guided Iy this sonti. !
ment. In the federal states the Saxon nnll
Buvurlan goVefmentB shoull not bo reo
aarded ns separated from the Germnn gOY.
Prmmnmeiut. 'fhe mlnlBtors of every state
should be In touch with the Imperial , which ,
without this condItion , could never mnlntaln
Isel I 1 were only well enough I would
like t say n great deal mmiore ( Cries Of "No ,
pare yourself. ' ' ) In my thoughts I have
worked more entirely with time members of
time Holehsta than Is consistent wIth m ) '
ace , but I have still found It Impossible LO
quito saver connections wlh them 1 hOl1e
you wi nil adhere Ilrmly LO time Imperial
moatlmnelit . and 11 the Diet ale , that It shoulll
not be forgotten that tIme l'russlnn king Is aL
the sale time German emperor , all that he
shoul bo SUpllortel1 In his endeavor to IJ r-
sue the nalonll POlICY ,
" \lh Imch thoughts In my mlnll , 1 call
upon those present LO give three cheers for
the emperor. "
The crowd responded and then gave three
tremendous "hlochs" for Prince Uemurok ,
'hen , taking off hi hohnet , Prince lBmarck
4 led the cheers for the omperor. which were
J enthusiastically given , Alter this the prince ,
leanIng over the balcony , apologized for the
81alnol Of hIl houll Baying that ho re.
( ; rct , ud lie was only able to eltertaln a por.
ton Dr )1. vlblton at luncheol pr-
l'rlnco Dflurck Inj his faniil. then re-
tired to luncheon. At the luncheon Count
St01berg-\\ernlgrote. who recently resigned
the presidency of East Prussia , proposed
Prince lhismarck's health In n short specch.
The special trains returned to Berlin at
3:30 : p. m.
Emperor Wilam Is expected here 10 visIt
Prince Ismarck tomorrow , and n brilliant
military suite will accompany him. ,
Prince Ismarck received the deputations
today , despite the unceasing warnings or his
physician , Dr. Sehwenlnger , and his secretary -
tary , Dr Chrysanuher and he will practically
celebrate his eightieth birthday with the
whole of the German Ileople. A deputation
or the commanding Ienefh or the German
army will \alt on Ismnrck April 1 , as the
bearers of good , wishes and Ikewl e at flue
glHs. Splendidly mounted adlrNses , \ 1 bo
presented to h m on behalf or the conservative -
tive . national , Ibeml and anlSemlUe par.
ties on April 1. The National I.lberl club
will also give a banquet It thin Ialserhor
April 1. nt which the euloly on lhmarek
wI bo pronounced by 1)r. Iloettinger . the
header or the party The conservatives will
hlve "commers" nt tIme PCln palace at the
same time . and the Bslarelt eommlte \ ill
have 1 similar celebration . but even on a
larger scale , au the evening or his blrthllay
The grandest celebration or alt promies
to he the one arranged to take Place around
arrnJed \lace
the vicinity of the Germanla monument In
the Nledorwahl on the Ithilne which wI be
participated In by representatives or thlrt-
six cities In the Hhlnlsh district , and men
belonging to every shade of political opinion.
The central hart of the celebration will be at
the foot of the monument ItsoH. A grand
"collors" In tIme evening anti the illutmuina-
tons or the his aol mountain plalls nearby .
together with great fireworks on the Rhino ,
wl also take place. In the lack rarest
similar rejoicings wi occur All the summits .
mis or the mountains In that region will
show bonfIres on thc evening or arch [ 3t
hamburg's municipal celebrat'on , outside or
that arranged for by time German university
stiideuits wi be very extensive A 110m-
teal commitee has assumed charge or a
"commors. " to which everybody Is Invited ,
on the night of March 30. On the night following -
lowing there will he a great display or fireworks -
works and on the night or April 1 a great
torchlight procession , In which G.OOO will !
share , Is to proceed to I ' rletrlelnruh , The
Society of Arts and Sciences will undertake ]
a procession to Prledrlchsruh on the birthday
morning and serenade the prlne and on
April 2 the Santo socIety will witness at a
specially reserve performance In the SLadt
thcater n Ilatrlolc dama and festival pia )
writen for the occasion Iesldes that , the
whole city will bo illuminated on April 15.
Mauty [ other cities have made similar ar-
rangenionts. Besides undertaking a pilgrimage .
age to lrledrlchsruh on April I , In whIch
some 1,200 or the corps students of Germany -
many will joIn the later will also lay the
foundation to a Bismarck ] monument on the
summit or HIHlelsburg In Thmuringla to whIch
the emperor has contributed 1,000 marks.
HI l'HtTS Ol A NI > W 'J'1I ATl lJENiIu. :
CllnllnB Sty Therowill 10 No More
101111 tea itrraigoinents.
OTTAWA , Ont. , : [ arch 5.-I Is denied In
government circles that there Is any hikohi-
hood of a new treaty In regard to Dering
sea fisheries being negotiated , as indicated In
dispatches from Washington. I Is true that
Canadian officials will probably go to Washington -
Ington soon to maIm arrangements for assess-
lug the damages suffered b ) Canadian
scalers aB congress has refused to pay time
amount , but the general question oC Bering
sea negotiations Is not likely to be reopened.
WAShINGTON , March 25.-Omciais here
doubt the competency or the Canadian government -
erment to deny there will he no new arrangement -
rangement negotiated In place or the present
Inelclent system Imposed by the Bering sea
arbitration for the proteclon or seals. Such
an arrangement , whether It took the form era
a treaty or a modus vivendi , would be ne-
golated directly between lie United States
and Great Britain. or course I Is assumed
that the British would consul the Canadian
government before commlttnp themselves ,
hut It Is a maler of record that the first
i'iodmus vlvell was even entered Into against
the CanadlanB' wishes , who naturally can be
counted on LO favor absolute freedom In the
seal waters at all tinics. As 1 mater or fact ,
on January 2 : Secretary Gresham addressed ,
a note to Sir Julan lluncerote , the British
ambassador here calling his attention to the
Inadequacy of time present arrangement , and
suggesting a modification to further restrict
time fisheries. I Is true that as yet no reply
hRB been received front the British embassy.
but It Is fully expected that the maler will
not be lost sight of.
, Iu.leo Instructed Them time Words Wore
1.lleloll , J\"n It Trio .
LONDON March 25-ln time Old Bailey
today , the recorder , Sir Charles lal , In
charging the grand Jury referred to time
libel proceedings instituted by Oscar Wilde
against the marquis of Queensbury. lie Bald
lint I the marquis wrote the words which
J Is claimed he did upon the card pro-
tuced , whether he was justified or not In so
doing It constituted n libel. Moreover , the
recorder added , time defendant Intended to
plead a justification as his defense. The
grand jury eventualy returned n true bill
1glnBt the marquis.
-A dispatch from Monte Carlo to the Ob.
server says that after Oscar Wide alul I.ort
AIred Douglas , time second Eon of the mar-
quis or Queensbury , arrived at that place
recently , they went to 1 hotel , but after
staying there a day the proprietor , nt the
request of tIme other Englnsh visitors , Informed -
formed them that their rooms were engaged
Both Mr. Wldo and Lord AIred are now In
! eArn Ul'rlllul Iii Ouhn Avertoll 11 Tllol )
l'rlclwtOI. :
IEY WEST , March 25.-A passenger rrom
Invann , who has just arrived , says that
only by 11rompt action Captain ) ! General Cat-
I.ja narrowly averted a serious uprising In
Ilavanti. Since the imprisonment Of GOle . ,
time negro leather his s'mpathlzers have been
very much incensed and worked . up n scheme
to attack the palace The time chosen for
this attack was Friday night. Time govern-
uncut learned ot the Impending trouble , how-
ever . and the captain generl Instructed his
otcerB to use every possible lrecaution. The
guards nrol11 the Palace were quadrupled
anti 100 soldier were 8talolrd Inside. The
city patrol was heavily increased I I
said that the plan was for the sole purpose
or releasing Goiuez
I"UUI H.\J.OI ! UUT U' ' \EN1'l'.TWO ,
1I\htool Others of time Crow fr tie liar.
hll ( lily A \lllul.
GLASGOW , March 25.-The British steamer
Durham City , Captain 'hOIIPSOU , rrol New.
Ilort News , March H , for Glasgow , arrived at
Groenoe klllar and landed four seamen Of '
the Irllsh steamer l Iast , Captain Drown , ! I
which bailed from Darien Ga. , March 2 for
) plat. 111 was wrecked In lena Isla ni. off
time coast or Scotlaiid . mshtlen others or the
crew are mnissimmg
- -
Wit Not 11101" Ih" Inl'hll/
HI ; I.IN , : llrch 23-Time NatIonal Zeluns
Is InCormel1 6eml.olclul ) ' that lime govern-
menL does not . Inlenll to dissolve time Holhl-
tag 'its a J.tul or Uw nfusul or that body
on Saturday lust to congrtulate Prince
lsllf'lt on hula - - birthday . .
Il : . 'c I rl'ul : Mlllfll't 1 ru , . Cumlhu' .
BOSTON , Mnreh :5-1 Is announccl this
afterilooli that ( time agreeimient between the
1 CcrnOOIthat lll aJrcel
Oenernl Fiectrle conipumny amid the \'m'stlng.
iiouo comllLoe has \en cunsummutel In
this city ,
- - - -
Ulsllrrv " "fllll to Ito Tru4t .
I\ANSAH CITY , Mlr" ' " 5-'hc ProPerlY
gt time Martiii liethiiing ' ut lImits
: larLn Jftlln" compan ) Ihll
city was conveyed by deed or trst today to
John M 'Nula , receiver ot the WhIsk trust
Attempted Assassination ofLi Hung Ohnng
Onuses Profound Unensincss ,
OI.IIIR 'nklll AoLh' Sleln 10 UIMown time
: Int Al't uf n I'oittlemmi Itrms-o-hi-
tnIIMhl'fl , lnlleMI 1111111t
Sot In imuiigcr.
OIA IA , March 24.-ResolutionS have
been submltell to the Japanese Diet
regretting time attack mnde110n
Viceroy 1.1 lung Chan , who was shot
and wou1led In the ( mice yesterday at
Shlmono eld. -
Time bullet has not yet been extracted rrom
thin face or LI lung Chang , but his condi-
ton Is favorable. lIe has no rover and has
suffered but little pain. Ills assailant , who
Is i described as a political bravo , rushed
ham time crowd when Iho viceroy's palanquin
was passing , seized the carrler's hands and
fired nt the viceroy's heal , , but the bullet entered .
tered the vlcero"s eheolt. The affair [ has
caused great Indlgnllon Itere. I
Sergeants Sato and Isomurl are nlemlng
LI lung Chang b ) Imperial command LI
lung Chang objects to the extraction or the
bullet , which lies a eentlneter under his
left eye. Time woul11 Is three centimeters
deep. lie sleeps well. The empress or
Japan las sent two nurses to attend him.
Letters amid telegrams expressing regret anti
sYlllathy arc pouring In from all directons ,
31nl ' ' \Rlloll 111 hams 8crCI ' 110
Cur Ol.r I 111' " .
LONDON March 25-Tho Times has this
dlspntch from Kobe , which wl bo pub-
Ished tomorrow : LI lung Chang Is makIng -
tag good progress lownrd recovery from the
erects or time bullet wound In his face inflicted -
Ictell by Moyama [ Kokummostmhl . The wound
has developed no dangerous symptoms. Thin
would-bo assassin Is reported to be a lunatic.
lIe has a crlmhml record anll has served
n term or Imprisonment.
A hung Kong dispatch to the Times says
that precautons against Japanese attack
have been taken at Fee Chow , Amoy anti
Swatou. The harbor or Amoy has been
planted with torpedoes and It Is thought
probable that time Japanese wi malI an
attempt to capture that 111aco. The Chinese
steamers are unable to cutter the harbor of
Tamsul In northern Formosa , owing to time
torpedoes planted there.
The coolies employed on the wharves In
hong Kong have gone on strike. A nUI-
her of soldiers and convicts are employed In
dIscharging and loadIng vessels.
Uelor'll 0111101 ( limit time IlffalrVllt Not
IIMllrl I'enco NegotIatiomm.
WASHINGTON , Mardi 25.-Informatlomi
coming to the Chinese legation Is t9 thin
erect that LI Hung Chang's wound Is not
dangerous , except as complealons may de-
vlIOI ) . H Is In the fleshy part or the face
but fortunately no part oC the skull has been
fractured or any vital organ reached. Prince
Ll's advanced age and several consLtulonal
disorders which make hIm almost an In\ald ,
may aggravate an otherwise harmless wound.
On hIs arrival at Shhnoneld he was too sick
10 leave the ship which brought him. He
had to be carried about , this being a neces-
sly In his case , ns welt aB an honor due to
his ranlt.
Officials or the Japanese legaLon say that
the offender wi be charged with treason ,
as the assault Is nol only against Lho person
of LI Hung Cluing . but also against the
Japanese governmnent. H Is probable also
that the trial will be br court martial and
wi anl
convicton by court mart'al would mean that
the offender would be shot.
Diplomats here mire inclined to think thnt
time entire peace negotiations may possibly be
broken nit by the assault , by affording n
pretext for European intervention . 1.1 , himself -
self , will prevent such a ralure , however , If
It be possible. OfficIals here regard It aB
settled that Russia and China have reached
an understanding by which time Conner will
extend her territory southward from Vladlvo-
stock , titus securing a Pacific harbor open the
year around. This has ben nn acquisition
Hussla has long sought , as It gtves an eastern
outlet to the great Siberian rairoad.
I'hoebe CoIIS Adds n SensItnll Iem (0
time Story ul 10r liotrotlital.
SAN FRANCISCO , Mardi 25.-The Call
says the latest sensalonal development In the
noted Pair will case Is that insinuations are
abroad that time deceasd milonaire died by
poison ministered by parties Interested In
hlB death taking place nt n certain timmie.
Miss Phoebe CouslnB , who claims to have
been the affianced wife or Senator Fmulr ,
broally hints aL her suspicions thnt Senator
Fair laB been given poison nt more thal one
time . The suspicions of Miss Cousins are
backed UII by a Sln rnnelscoan , who IB In a
positon 10 know n great deal that oceurrell
to Senator Fair just before his deaLh. This
mulct Is keeping In the baellgrounll for certain
reasons , but when lie bus his story time
[ Iublc ) will be able La ( aria ollinions as LO
whether the suspicions oC Miss Cousins are
correct or not
Time hllloBlng mausoleum erected for the
remains of Mrs. Thersa Fair and her famiy
IB ready for its occtipaiits One or these Is
the father of Mrs . Fair . Thomas Ioomey ,
whose remains arc petrified . The body was
first Interret nt Angels Carp , Cal. Time earth
In which his body uvmqm laIn Is largely com-
posed of slcla , the same subsLanee nB
quartz , though In a different state amid pos-
seared or qualities havIng the power or
petrlfcatol , or , more correctly , of slclCylnp
organic smmhstmumuces and changing organic
tiabIies Into I glaBB.lke bOlly known ns
milhiclu . 'fho lssues were rapidly s\lelfed. \
Time remains IOW weigh GOO poundB ,
- p
'I'iwo leeuh'lrs for I ho IlrH"lnr I ( 'oimmltrs fly .
, : II.WAUI\ , March :5.The'aler A.
\'ood Jar\SLer COI\UIY reeeivershl [ has
received the sanction mind
Baneton protection oC the
Visited States court and time uuthorl ) ' of the
recel\rs his been exlended LO every state
where the comnpauiy . hits property. Judge
Jenkins on application of J. properr' Parsons
of NI'w York . nhimoimited [ [ Frnlt A Seymour ,
Albert A , I.tntlelce nnd Peter JneCo\'lrn
or St. Punl receivers 'I'Iie coumipany Is
'nlel d to owe banlls , cOlrntons com\al' iii-
dh'lduals In the states oC MInnesota , Illinois
nnd New York over 19)0,0)0. , ) 'fhe har\esLer
company Is the owner of 8mnl lecounts anti
ICLes oC Carmer resldllg In the states vest
or time Jlsslssllpl [ river to time amount of
$1.10,0 an.1 . I Is clalnell hint this vast , .
amount wi hI h largely wasted unllbs liiOP-
erl ' miiid '
erly Ind rnllrul ) mnnaget.
l'n\.ltnlltl Jnton..HI II ! .ebr.iukim '
COZ" , Neb" , March 25-Speclll ( Tele-
gram.-A ) party or six Minneapolis capital-
lets arrived hero last night In a special car
They buvo spent time lay driving over limo
route or time Cozad Irrigation company's
canal They are Ilro looking up invest-
11:1 lnolle LIjllury neat.
WIChITA , Ifan , March : , -J. I. Ahoy ,
commandor.ln-chlef of. WkhlLa host con-
siltor ) No : of the Masonic order nail n
Past olcer II all the 101ies of the York
lULe nnd SrOLtsh Rite Masonry , Is dead
lnlght l\od08h tunlml ceremonies wl bo
held ut the cathedra ! Tuesday nlIut
. ' A 1" J'lU/
1ln8nS CIty UI\lnos Inllo& AJroo Over'
1ldurRIII : (11 ' .i4ltmm.
' March 25.-E\'or since her
advent In this city Miss Ida WeUs lias been
n thorn In the sIde of the Ministerial alliance ,
comupusod or all the mlnltef belonging to
the varIous Protestant denonilnations. On
her arrival here , Miss \\els elllea\oretl to
secure the endorsement ot the nllance , but
several members who are southerners entered .
tere positive anti decided objection to such
a mo\ment , claiming Miss mVells' erusalle
ngaimmst 1)'lchlngs In the south was uncalled
for , there being , ns hlev. S. : I. Noel cXllreseJ
It , no more cause for such ( crusade nga'nst
the south than against the north The objectors -
jectors were persistent anti they carried
the day , so tar ns Immolllte ellorsement
was concerned , but a cOlnltee was all- '
110lntell to prepare "conservativo" resolu-
tons on the subject. This commileo re-
ported at today's session or the alliance . amid
they raised a storm. lr Ned mo\d to lay
the report or tIme commlteo on the taho :
unread. This melon was defeated , and time
resolutions , which favored Miss Wels , were
reall Dr. Neel again objected 10 the alloll-
ton or the rcolutons ant was supported by
fifteen other mninlsters A heated debate
followed , turlng which some very acrinion-
ioU language was Indulged in .
Rev. J. : ! Creamer was so excited that his
voice tremblell when ho said he noleed a
great deal or ungentlemanly behavior , and
had also noted the same conduct on prevIous
occasions. The work of the sessIon , he saId ,
hnd taught him a lesson lIe had eahlly
sat and taken the ttnkind ungentemanly
all unChristan remarlts or certaIn gentle-
men , but woul In the ruturo resent all
Personal aluslous at any cost.
Dr. Neei \as on feet as soon as Dr. Cromer
hail concluded aud repled In a vigorous way.
Finally the Wells resolutions were laid on I
tIme table , but this did not allllenr to smooth
matters over to any great extent
Il ( l n.s Til LIE TU lIH1 [ 11.
, Jligo InflUI : II.cre.IHi 111 S : ory of
it'mmmriI 5Imrgmiul'mm I MI''llr.
YOUNGSTOWN , 0. , March 25.-The Telegram -
gram today wi publsh a letter front Judge
n. P. 10lmnu , now living nt Passadena ,
Cal , who was private secretary to the late
Governor David Ted of Ohio , which em-
phatcaly discredits the recent story
or a Columbus man to the elect
that the rebel general , John Mar-
gait , was secretly reeas ! d front the
Ohio penient nr ) as the result of some
understanding between Secretary Stanton and
Goveror , 'rod. Judge hoffman says :
"I don't believe I word of this ) 'ar or
Itadebaughm lie was not any confidant or
Governor Tad. Ho had no relations wih
Governor Tad. I was TO'B private secretary
at time time , closely allied to him comiflulon-
Ual ) ' and woull most certainly have beard
or klown something of such a matter . But I
know the prIson cells were examined where
General Morgan [ and others , Ramo seven or
eight ( not thirteen as stated ) , went down
Into the vault underneath through holes cut
through time leer oC the cells and out under
the outside prison wal , through a tunnel
rrom the vault to the outside ant by climb-
tog up the prison gate let themselves down
with ropes. The examination ruly made
showed ni tlii to thin saisfacUon of every
' ,
one all the trme.
- p
Io.lIrdw.w cON..f ± S ' TON1J " ;
I.UTIUID - . ,
IILorlmlOl1 Con foreleo to' ascot In Eumg- I
111,1 nt thin lnd ot ' . Juiie. i
NEW YORK , March 25.-Many of the
prominent railroad companies In this country - '
try are arranging for proper representation
at the fifth session of the International
Railroad congress to be held In London , beginning -
ginning June 2G. The American commission -
aba Is composed aB follows :
H. Walter Webb , third vice president of
the New York Central , chairman ; II. S.
Hnynes , vice president oC the Savannah ,
Florida & Western ; C. H. Plat general
superintendent of the New York , New
Haven & Hartford ; Theo. N. Ely , chief
of maUve power of the Pennsylvania railroad -
road ; C.V. . Duekholz , clllef engineer Erie
railroad ; J. J. Frye , general manager of the
Atchison ; J. T. lnrrnhnn , second'vlce pres ! .
dent of the Illinois Central ; W. n. Baldwin ,
Jr. , third vice president of thl Southern Hal
road company , and E . T. D. Meyors , genern :
superintendent of the RIchmond , Frederlek -
burg & Potomac railroad.
Eachm American road Is entitled to send
two to eight delegates. The president at
the Internatonal Railway congress IB Mr.
Dubois , administrator or the BelgIan state
railways , and the secretary Is Mr. Wiessen-
brueh. Sir Andrew Palrbalrn'ls president or
the English section and W .M . Ainsworth
Is secretary.
JllmInUU.U1US Alll 13.3 URIC ! ' .
I'alr Ileyclhu lt Victoria \urned Not' .
" 'oar ' 1hol out thn I3treet.
VICTORIA , D. C. , March ' 25.-Tho police
have decided that bloomerB are not suitable
for ladles' street wear , even when worn nB a
bicycling costume , and have taken steps to
enforce thlB decision. Miss Ethel Delmont
Is an enthusiastc wheelwQman , pretty and
gracerul. Last week site made her appear-
ance In the bloomer costumeme and Ir Lady
Godiva had herself essayed a repetition of her
famouB ( rIde the sensaton could not have
been greater. The town calO Corth to gaze ,
and for time moment the Ilolcemen were petrl-
fet with amazement. Then they aroused La
action , ant Miss Ethel received an olcial
visitor . who Informed her that a , 'epetton or
her appearance In the objectonable costume
would mean n police court 'summons on time
charge of creating a disturbance on a public
street. carded Miss DelmonL's bloomers are Ils-
( 1'1 11" I'tl'ICJtS TO 1'11 COUll .
George ItS. Irwin , lui11 1'001 Operator ,
. 'lr&UH m 1itimoif I .r ttOiltt3mmipt.
PITSDUHG , lurch 25-George M , Irwin ,
tIme famous blind pool operator \ , today purged
hlmselr at contempt by surtldqrlng his books
and papers to the United States court where
they will be accessible ta the receiver and
hilts own aUorneys. JUdge Ewing several
weeks ago declared Irwin In contempt for
reruslng to surrentcr time , bkB , but the
supreme court suspended the order and re.
leased Irwin from jai unt after time Lrlal
ot a crIminal suit timers pending against
Irwin , which rosule" In the acquittal of the
defeimdant The hooks ald llpers will be
used by the receiver LO discover If IrwIn
really thl use the maner , of lila clentB In
legiimate speculation , as he alleges. I
wil not , follow a number . or civil . ' : ud : clnlnnl suits
jjK.ICO'S . 'iUJ1I'LfJ5 Ub' SIId'JfV .
1II'rvolent In I'rlco a ( Insist SLmulu to
lurll ! of I'nrel\u Exciimtme.
CITY O MEXICO , March 25.-The Improvement -
provement In thE price of silver greatly stint- I
mutated the buyhl Of foreIgn exchange dur-
Ing time week anti many large transactions
ha\o been made by the banks on time United
States and other foreign countrIes , the Pll'
pearanceB being that exchapge will continue
to gO down There IB a probability that
time great pletbora Of $16OOqooo In Mexican
sliver now lying In tIme banCs at this capital
without use will be rele\d by loans 10-
leled und that a decided stmulus will be
given foreign trade generally. The feeling
In Mexico Is much better than somE weeks
ago and already the ouLook for I largely In.
creased foreign trade IB . good. -
: lo"elella nf 111:0111 " 'emmsohs , \nl'ol : r
At I myra-Arrived-La Norniandle . Irom
New York
At Liverpool [ Arived-lfaumsas , from lies-
ton ; Numldlan , train PorthimnU.
- - - - -
Legislature Will Undoubtedly Rejeot the
Command of the Governor General ,
I'remlor Ureenwn II an Inl.n'h'\ Statt'q
' 'hl'Y1 FIght , It Ntll'M""r ) ' , for
Wlnt They CunMltler Are
Their nlll.
WINNIPEG , Man. , larch 25-The remedial -
dial order or thin governor general In calling
upon the govrnment at Ianloba to restore
lo the Homan Catholics their paroch\1 . or sep-
arte schools reaehell the city this mornIng -
Ing 1 wa adtessell to the lieutenant gO\-
crumor and by him was trnsmltcll to the
legislature , which was sitting In readluess
to rlcelve It. The legislature was crowded
wl\h \ nn IntenBely earnest gathering when
thl Important elocument \I'as delivered. H
was voluminous amid revlelHll al the evidence
taken before the privy council or nglanll ,
which bet ) declared that the CaLholcs or
Manitoba hal a grlevnnee and thnt the governor -
ernor general In council hall tl power anll
authority to grant redress by a remelial
order. The tenor all language or time order
leave no opening for compromIse. I Is a
command to Manitoba [ to submit , amid PlainlY
says that I the legislature does not obey ,
the governor genernl , or . more accurately
tIme Dominion , vlii -
speaking , government wi en-
force Its autimority.
No definite action was taken tonight. ACer
the order hall been read I was laid on the
table for ruture comisidermutiomi. That the order
will b rejected may be taken for certain.
or the forty members or the legislature ommly
four or five will vote aginst the rejecton ,
Lheso four or five belnr Cntholcs all repre
sentng itutreb- Catholic commstitumeuicies.
Premier Greenway being interviewed tonight -
night said : : "We earnestly desire to act
wlhln thin constuton , but let all people
kuow this trouble Is not of our own mal < ng.
Wo claim time right to maIm our own laws
'ul thIs right we will not give up without
n strusgle. The governor general's order
wi be reject ell In its entirety. A long step
wi then have ben made In the perilous
journe upn which the government at
OLaw has set OUL. The DominIon parla-
ment wi not be armell wih jurlsllclon
to Impose upon Manitoba [ a law to which un
overwhiehmtiimtg majoriy or Its people arc al-
posed. I will be wise for parhiammient . as Mr.
Gladstone 5111. to think once , thlnlt twice ,
think timrice before coercng a loyal and law
abIding commaunity . Few In numbers though
they may be they wi never submit to this
unjust coercion. This 15 a struggle for our
rights. \0 are I free people , we wIll not
be made slnvse will not have the laws
which wo have passed lelberately , and with
full knowledge or our own comitlitlons .
destroyed by a body to whom these comB-
tonR are umnknowmi acting wlhout Inquiry
and wlhout adequate consideration. "
A sensatonal feature of the trouble today
was the nnnouncement that the Dominion
cabinet , which has just passed the remedial
order , had appointed one of Its tneiiib'rs .
Hon. J. C. Patterson , minister of mlla to
take the place of Premier Greenway.- This
change Is beloved by the ManItoba , govern-
u1mt to mean that the Dominion authorities'
"vant a man aB governor more pliable to their
wishes and who wI unhesitatingly carry out
their wishes.
Steps Taken to Force time Mneoll : troot I
nllhlB ) to ! ale nt1.t01. . :
LINCOLN , March 25.-Special ( Telegram. )
-A rather startling turn has taken place In
the affairs or the Lincoln street raliway .
The New York Security and Trust complY
wants to obtaIn Possession of time line. Time
company Is trustee or the first mortgage
bonds or the railway , and today let a bill
In equIty In the federal court nnmlng Brad
I ) . Slaughter as receiver the New York
Guaranty and Indemnity company , Joseph
Sampson , and the Lincoln Street Railway
company ns derondants. The complainant Is
the trustee of the first mortgage given to so-
cure bonds amounting to GOOOOO , Issued by
the Lincoln Street Railway company on
Apri 1 , 1891. The company at this Lmo do-
termlnel to Issue a series or 1,200 bonds for
$ 1ooo each , paynble In gel , but afterward
limited the first bond Issue to $600,000 , ant
destroyed the residue of the Issue. On July
1 , 1892. the company Issued a second trust
deed , or mortgage , to the New York Guaranty -
anty and Indemnty ! cmpany , subject to the
first mortgape placed In the hands of the
comp1alnnnt , to secure the GOO.OOO issue Dy
tIme terms or this first mortgage the trus-
tee , In case of default In the Interest couPons -
pens , was empowered to take full and abso-
lute possession or the mortgaged hues and
plant and to appoint its own receiver , agent
or manager. Time bi recites that Lhls provl-
Blon has been vIolated by time appolntmont
of Brad D. Slaughter ns receiver , and asks
the court to put It In full possessIon by ren-
Bon of time road's default In Interest due
Anl 1. 1R94. and October 1 1894. The cem-
plnlnan"t trust company further asks for an
Injunction restraining the defendants from
attempting to sel or dispose of the roall's
property or plant In any manner , pending
the decision In this suit , ani ' asks that a re-
celver be appolntCl In title action , accord-
Ing to the terms of the mmtortgago Ths ! nc-
ton IB simply a foreclosure or the first mort-
gage , and n deficiency jutgment Is aakeei
Cor. 'fhe trust company , It Is underAtood ,
will seelt to ba\'o : Ir. Slaughter appointed
The Gadd case In the redorl court was
hung up today until tomorrow at 10 n.
m. , owing to the Iness of Juror Hole ,
lIe went llama Saturday at noon. I the
juror grow worse the pane ! will eventualy
bo excused , anti Gnllt will enjoy another re-
spite until the May term or court
The governmont's case against Otto Becker
ror selling liquor In wholesnle quantities
without n lcense vas dismissed for want or
ovldence to convict
Baiiey . Slosson anti JOhnBon , time three
young men ehnrged wIth impeding justice by
stealing two or three tons of coal from Union
Iacfc : cars at Clarks , were arraigned and
pleaded guilty to two counts A colic
prosequi was entered as to Chnrles Bailey ,
anti the other two Illaced on trial ,
1 1'II' uf A. n. Clark lt 'rccummnsi.
TgCUMSFI , Neb " March 25.-Speclnl (
Tolegram.-Tho ) remains or A. D. Cark , a
prominent Tecumseh man , who dlet sUIl-
denly In Burlington , In. . of hemmorrhage of
the brain , Snlrday , arrived here today. Mr.
Clark 65 of , and leaves uvife
Cnrk was year age \ a wle
and seven children . Ho had been In peer
health for several mutontims TIme funeral wil
be hell at St , Androws' Catholic church nt
10 o'clock Wednebday , 11ev ather Murphy
In charge _ _ _ p _ _ _
( lt.I.\11 , ItJiU' 7'ILI IOW"1 lU1Sr.
' 'ltmoIY learlnr 01 the irregularIties at
time 31I.ul lllllro ( Imurdeums .
NEW YORK , March 25.-There was mmum-
her Of witnesses before the extraordinary
grant jury today several or whom ha\'e hat
connection wih the Madison Square Garten ,
John K. 10kBher , a member ot the Jockey
club anti one or the director or Madison
Square Garden , and aha a member or the
horse show association , was among those who
went before tIme jury AnoLher was J i. T.
hull , who hal been chief usher at the galen
since Its opening. TheIr testimony , I Is
saul , was relative to the alege Irregularl.
ties between time police and garden mnmitmage-
meat I'oetmaster Dayton was also a visitor
La the bultlng ' and was In conBulalon
wlh Assistant District Attorney Lindsay In
the latter's once , and It I Bald hE wi be 1
_ witness before the Jury .
cjiiiin- ' IIUJ-'USL'I ) TO (11iI1' I11I .11.4 I'OU.
( Ij' ItlrUSJ/ ( XII U.H'OI.
Sf'ormul3 ) Meeting ot time .UIRII" Bunrll ot
I'olico tommimmmlshtmmcrs ,
1'0110'ommh lol.rA
ATLANTA , ( ha. , March [ : : -A most storm
amid sensa lon a 1 meelng or thin board or police
con'mlssloners was held tbls mnornlng The
mEtng was an adjourned one. At the last
mm'cctlng Captain J. W. English , who has been
chairman or the board for twelve years , Pro-
RhlCI Ills tmo was oul , but II common
cOI'scnt he held o\'er. The board tried to
elect a cllalrman to sUleeed him , but was
unable to 110 so. Thieve was a deadloclt.
Since the meetng time city counci IJassCl nn
or.lnlnco to tim's effect that Mayor 1lng
shoull act as temporary chairman or the
beard unL a IJermlnent chairman WiS
seleetell At the meethll this mornhlg three
I'lembers or the boardEnglish.'cnabie Iml
hiraiinaii-rcfmmseml to ncknowledgo Ia'or
Ilng as cimatrmuiamm. \el1hle aLeml'tell to
speak antI \11 tohl 10 Fit Ilown by Mr. Iln .
lie reitmeed ( 10 110 so aunt Mayor 1lng ordered
Chief or Police Connlly to mlkcenable Hit
doi \ n. Chh'C Connell' reusCl to act amid
mng ! orller the chief ur Police to leave Lho
room. lie rlruscll to leave the room amid
the mayor ordered a polee captain to relieve
the ehler The two raelolnB lined UII on
I Ilrerlnt shIes of the room Ind for several
'minutes ' It looked lS Ir blows woull ensue.
The mayor dlspatehell 1 messenger ( n hor&-
back for the city marshal to arrest Connen" ,
but before the marshal Irrl'ell Connel )
acting upon the advice of Captalu I nglsh
IIHI other members or the board , hall loft the
roomim The enll Is not yet IHI no one seems
to know when It will come , nor what the re-
stilt will he.
ACer this Btorm Rceuo the board subsllell
Into a peculiar deadlock. Mayor tug sat
lt one end at tIme table , claiming 10 be chair-
man , amid recognized as such b ) three mem-
berg whie Captain. English occuiliell a seat
at time opposite elHI amid was reeoglized and
addressed lS ehalrmau b ) thin other three
members , Wih this parlHloxlal state or ar-
fairs the board proceeJcti to time routnO work
or selecting members or the Ilolco rorce. No
member dared to leave , rearing lest ito other I
side would take 111vautage or hIs absence to
elect a chmnirmanum . amI there Is no telling
wheu the tie wihi be broken .
te wi .
ISJf.l.'iW . Ill JIRIN . 7' ( ( U TO " .Ht.
'rouhlo 10L\oel ' 10 TribeM Over the
iurtL'r 01 n IOlcllo11. .
TACOMA , March 25.-Chlet George Leshl
or the Neaquahiy and lualull IHlans Is
preparing for an Indian war , aud unless
tIme White amid Black River Indians iiay
$3,000 for tIle munler or time medlclno mau ,
Jim Botmclmett . b I ) ' Thursday Leshl SIS there
wi be n lght Bouehcl Is I.eshl's couslu.
He tried to cure three at Jerry
Dominic's children on the lueleshoot reser-
vaton , which contains a part or the Blade
river tribe. nouchet failed , and tIme dm11-
dren diem .Domlnle shot him In the hack
and tomahawlled him wih n imatchmet A
weel later time ledlclno man's body wa
fommuid Uomlmnc confessed anll was Illac d
In jail at Seattle , but the justice or the peace
there released him , as there were no wit-
neSS2S , and no one to ICClse him of the
crime or murdering the metlelne man.
An Indian courier brought the news or
Domlnlnc's release to the Puyalhtmps . amid
Chler Leshl haranued his rrlends about time
shortcomings of tie whIe mimaum's latva , amid
time disgrace it will be to thin Puyallups and
Nesqualhies to allow Domninic to go free.
"Suppose you get neIther ? " Lesluivac
asked ,
"Then'o will fight , " he replied , "I teih
you we will Imave war if $3,000 is not given
_ us. Bouchmett was worth $3,000 , and accord-
jng to our laws that amuchm macst be paid b -
the tribe or we will go to war. We don't
v. m-Ttt time wimites to hmave anythilmig to do t'ith
, u. Timey have failed to do justice , and now
\ \ C tihi try our old umiethmods. "
Itohti i'ncicing i'Iuumt : murriomt .tbatmt 00 i'er
( 'emit of it Vmimie.
KANSAS CITY , Marchu 25.-The exact
ammiount of iiisuranQo on tiio Reid Bros. ' Pache-
lag company's llant , destroyed hy fire yesterday -
terday , and the apportionment anions the
varhoums agencies cotmid not be learned toilay
William J. Reid stated the property was insured -
sured for aluout SO or 00 Per cent of its volume
in various insurance agemicies. Board corn-
panics , lion-board companies , time Lloyds anti
the Indemnity exchange were nil interested.
The largest amount was in boarti companies ,
or timoso that are represented in time local
board of underwrIters. From another source
it was learned thin company carried about
$300,000 in the Indemnity exchange , a local
organization , mnado up of time packing house
companies and a few big mercantile flrmnm
for their own protection , It Is the first
heavy loss this company hmas been called oc
to stand , and ( ho regular companies arc t
closely watchIng time effect. Time niethiod ol
handling insurammce emphoyed by the compamm
was somewhat unusual.
2YJC 11 .1) ' ' ' '
Great Imsummage Done 'rimrotmghmout time State ,
mit Ohio ,
TOLEDO , 0. , March 25.-A. special front
Creston , 0 , , says : During time high vin
tiuat prevailed today the aIde walls of ii I
two-story brick building , in coumrmme of comi.
structiomi on Main street for Griscomn Bros.
collapsed , burying thmree persomis. One ot
tiuem , JncogVentz , time contractor , was
taken out dead , ills body was terribly
crushed , Anmirow Baird stuataimied a hirokemm
arm umid a shigimt fracture of time sihemuil , amh
Martin Murray was interumahly , limit umot acm-i-
oumaly Injmmu-efi. SVentz leavems a s'ife amid
three chmiidren.
CINCh NNATI , March 25.-Exaggerated reports -
ports of tin alleged tornado sweeping over
Oiilo have been sent oumt , Time winml hits
mnmide the mitreeta almost nmtendimrabie todmiy ,
but the dminmago was himiteth to mmigummm lucre
amid mmiiehs in tIme cotmntr ) ' . At 1 o'clock this
morning a severe rain and wind storm atveit
across Jelawnro coumnty , ( citing in part of
1)elaware City , Orchards and forests were
badly dumniuugeih , fences broken anti some
cattle kilied. In Delaware City time flenner
hdock was ummiroofed end time hlacks of Frank
Wimite and Fred Kurrely wet-c badly dmim-
aged. 'rime telegraph comnpamiiea imavo sut-
( sired conahheruuble damnage , No ii'eit were
lost and mmobody sas injured ,
- - p
Cmi mm I in II mmii ii cc. sv i t im % ' , ' Imo mm , 'i'lmoy h'im'mi ir ,
SAN FRANCISCO , Mmurclu 25.-Judge Mc-
henna , in time Unitemh States circuit court ,
rendered a decision today In time injunction
proceedings hirouglmt by time Continental In-
miuramice company against the Board of Fire
UnderwrIters of time Pacific coast , lIe imolds
timnt time floarmh of' Underwriters is a legal
Imothy , timid flint Its mmiemnberms timid a right to
any timey woumld riot tie business with corn.
imarmies miot mnemnln'r mm of the umilomi , lIe holds ,
however , that time union smndertvritermm hail
no right to rmubiicly mtmlvertlse , through their
agents , ( lint tiiey would camirel tiny Continental -
nental policies iiroimghmt to timeun anti meinmiuro
time imoitlera in umniomm aomnputiies , , 1mm their
om Igimmal comnlihmulnt tIme agents of tue Commti-
nental company allege that an unlawful
hiOycott bath licen declared against comp.'imiies
riot beloimsing to tint union ,
l'olygn uumy 1" o loyr r i'u. , iii hi I cml ,
SALT LAKE , Mardi 25.-Time committee
on ordinance anti teheral relatlonH emmhimitted
mu reiort to time constitutionni convention today -
day , fime tIm-at section of time report is us
( ohiowim : "Perfect toleration of religious
sentimitent shall lie secured , anml no lrmimmmlii.
( alit of limits state milmahi evem' be niolemmted
in pi'rmmort or property out account of hilts or'
her mode of rehigiotms tvorsimip , antI rmoiyga.
miiotls or plural mnmim-riagea mire forever lire-
imibitod , "
The coumvemmtion adopted a resolution of
sympathy for ( lie ieopie of Wyoming in time
emulmurnity which overtook ( item In time Almy
maine disaster cmiii s'oicd one day's salary
of mitomberim for' tIme reilef of time wives tumid
children of tIme victims.
I , imi I limit mm .tI tim ( hit I mm I a I I imhmt is ,
1IIA\VATIIA , Kmtn , , March 25.-Tue thmli-ty-
ttt'o cx-Puhiman svorlenmc'n brought here iai't
fall have succeeded in InterestIng enough
capital to start theta In time inunufac'turlimg
business , A buiiultrmg and two acres of
ground bmave been bought ( or theta and they
iioiie to be at work fc lhmexmtseivcs inside a
Bill to Give A. P , A , Control of the Omaha
Police Recornnienlol for Passage ,
hlmilmhmnmmotm hefemmmt Set lip hI ) ' Ulmit (4
Scrccui S h i mmiqulty of thmut tiemtsmro
l'tumm'timrt'ml by iclIceby , halt
tim ' , o hffcct ,
LINCOLN , March 25.-Special ( Tehegrnm,1
-Time semiato this afternoon , after a briel
debate , 1mm whuiclu no attenipt ttns mmiaiio tt
discuss its mimorits , reconinuendeti for passngg
( ito Ommmmuima Fire anti l'ohlco comuinulasloim bill-u
( ito mi-measure airemutly Passed by tue house ,
The bill will be read for tIme thmirti tiumie to.
muinrrous' cmiii liiaccd mm its fluid passage ,
'l'imero is miothmhng ttntighmt to imithicato tutU time
bill will not receive ( hue votes of a mmuajority
or time senate , anti wIll tie omit. to time governor
ornor hot hater than \Vedumestiay , its lhl-ad
'iseti it piece of legislatiomm as over liasseti
a imtw tucking body.
Time debate in thin setiato t'as of a Icco
t-ithm tIme whmolo couurso of time bi'l. Intro iuce
fromut mme liopuilar deniand , whmipied thmrougii
time imoutse by a iart' lash amid practically
railroaded throtughm tIme senate , time bill tstmiuid
uumtkcmi on time threshold of tIme govermier'a
0111cc , flS a luitifuii evldenco of partisaum stul.
Pitilt ) ' amid imictiomual mttullce. Time chmuiuiiptons
of time ill-advised nueasmmro hind mmot tIme cour.
ago to tiefomith it tiXCelt tIPott ( lie thtimi smmiiter-
ftmge that they desireti to take time iuianage-
meat of time Omimahiti Fire amid i'oiico depart.
memuts out of ioiitics. This nmieeralmle nrc-
teuiae , advanced alone by Soummutor Smuithm ! , utas
iiimmmctum red by Setintor Spre'chmer. whmn ph hmutitly
showed thttit time bill really lhmtceti ) timose do.
pnrtimients umnuher timt' control of a Partisan
board. Thin repimhlicaut senators tt-hmn voteti
to pass it sat silomut lmehmluuth thmo ridiculous
urctext so palmifumlly couucolvc'ti mmii so
laboriously auhvaumcemi by Semmator lhltelmcaclc
that time proposal to tmtko time appaimitumiemit of
tIme comutuimissiomi ' 'out of politics' ' t'mia umiado
tIme irimuclpal issue in thmo logsat.vo coma-
paign in Ioumglas coimsity Imust fmull , amumi ( hint
tmpoui that lssiuo time solid reimumbiicami miolega-
tiout from loumglas delimit ) ' hind boomi elected ,
Settator MclCceby umiado the emily intelli. .
gemit effort to liscuiss time hill impoum its nierita ,
hum emurteoums tommo Iiuti weli sol etcd vords
that cult cli time miuoro keemily hiecammte of titel
cuuirteoumsuiess , time seumator front \Vebster
coimlity shmowetl in hilnin hilacle arid vhmte time 4
mimotives timat were inspiring time umien bade of
time bill amid hmehtl timemmm imp to time senate with
a acorn that thmcy keenly felt , biut fimireti not
The bill caiiio tilt in couiiumtlttco of thin
whole shortly before 5 o'clock timis afteruioout.
It was imm cimargo of Senator lick Smnltlu of
Ommialumu , wimo actel as time uuouitimpieo of thmoso
oniiuieuut roforunors , Dr. Veto Schmwemiclc and
ItV. . Gibson , svhmo sat mint far behind imiun ,
After the 1)111 had been read by thue clerIc
Senator Dale of Harlan commmity offered an
ammiendrnenL mmikiumg thmo mayor ex-.athieio a
meniber of tIme Board of Fire anti Police Coma-
miiissoners. ! lie backed ims utrgumnant with
the brief stateuncat 'thiiit thmduo W cArtdL1nI ) - - - -
every reason rity time chief executive officer -
cer of a city so large and important as
Omnalma should be in a Position whore 1mG
could at least have some voice in the direc-
( Ian of thio 1)011cc force chmarged with time
execution of time laws , wimichi lie , as mnayo
of time city , hind sworn to enforce.
Souiator Smith of Domuglas county sad ! thir4
thmo people of Omaha did umot desire to take
away from thin mayor any power or prerogative -
tive timat belonged to Imis office , They desired
to imave thin board non-partisamm. Mutkiumg time
mayor a muiemnber of thin Fire mmd I'olee ! coin-
mission mmtight bring tlmmtt board into pohi-
tics ,
Senator Sprecher of Colfax county cx-
hiresseth his surprise at tue pretense advanced
by time senator frouui Iourglas. Time very oh.
Ject of time bill was to take time appo'ntuiiont
of time commission out of time htanmhs of the
governor and vest it in two muon vhmo were
not. chmargeml with tIme execution of the laws ,
but whmose huties were macrely clerical. Tue
sole purpose of time proposed law was to niako
the Fire ammd Police commission a partisan
board. Sprechmer vas in favor of reducing the
mmurntbor of comnunissioners from five to thmreo ,
bimt hme believed that time imiayor elmumhu1 be 0
one of time three.
Senator Smith said in reply that time present -
ent Fire and Police commIssion was rotten
to time core. There was no way by wiilcha
its rottenness coulmi be investigated aumd cx.
hosed. except hiy provithing for an eumtirely ,
only board , At. present thue board was tryIng
to Investigate itmielt , and nobody would ho-
hove ( hint it tt'ommld criuniuiate itmielt , Thmo
people of Omaha kuiew what time bill was ,
They leiiew what thmey wanted.Vimo simouhti
know best , " Senator Smith demnarmuhed , "time - -
of Ounalma or time people wimo live in
tim little towns out In time state ? " What
"We' ' want , said Senator Smnitim , is to pimrif -
( ho commission mind take it out ot politics.
Senator McKceby gave time senate a little
plain talk , lie did not care to cay anything
aboumt Omaha's Internal affairs , Any macas-
umro timat vtts commstitntlonal amid legal upon
vimlcii time senators fromn loumglas eommutty
would agree would ohitmuin his vote , This
mmtumchm ito felt it imla mhimty to say. If thmimi biil
wars for time advancement of time interests
of Ornalma antI would insure better govern.
macnt for Oniaimu , then hue would veto for it.
limit if it % 'as lumepired by hiotty liersonal
sPite , if it WOS a stroke at sortie citizen , lie
tras not tot it , lie diii not care u'lmat that
citizen's politics mruigimt ho , hue didn't care
svimat lila political conmiuct hind ijeesm. if thmis
lull Is iumpirc'ti by an attempt to use tIme
iegisiaturo to cumrtaui time prerogatives of army
govormior , lOiiUlist em' republican , Ito wits not
for it. lie diii not care to imuive it I itrown
at turn tlmat imo hail helped time republican
party to pumnisim some cItizen who hail per-
hiaps immcurreih its iilspieaaure. If arty mmmc
imail done time iarty a teromug , time proimor way
vats to use time party niachiiiiery to limmmiisb
that man by miriving hilt ) ) front time organiza-
titimi , But tIme state legislature hued ito right
to admmtinistor suciu puinisliunemit. its duty
was to labor for time intereit of tim whole
people , atmmh not for any Particular inulivimlual
or faction. Somno explanation rmilghmt be
made to intlmica him to vote for time bill , bitt
if itt.ts oumly uic'sigrit'mh to Imirilisim ummmo one
Indiviihmmal , anmi to curtail time prerogatives of
time governor , liii vote could not ho recorded
for it.
Senator Sprecimer said with reference to
time reunarlcmm of thin semimitor ( rota'ehster
that timere was rio doubts in time mitincla of any
one that time bill was aimed mit Mayor
hheumiii , Time bill iiroiosed mme atlvammcemmment
in tIme line of reform , It was merely a
stroke at time onayor of Omnalma amid time goy
ertiOr of time state ,
It remained for Senator hitchcock to niako
thin omuly argumnent. advanced by time frienthe
of time huh. lie rmnuherstooil that tIme iloopl
of louglas ) couimty hind made this an Issue in
time last campaign , It such was time case time
issue was certalumly mama tip and clearly do.
thiieih long before aityiioiiy knew who ivas to
ho time governor. Time Purificatlomi ut this
Fire an' ] i'olico butarti was time Ieuuhiumg issue
hi tIm Douglas county legislative curumimaign ,
tie mleciareul , amid upon that Issue a solhh re.
piihihicami legislature bind hicon elected't'imls
was Imroot enough thmat time iieoliiu of Ounaha
wanted tue bill paseed ,
ik-miator SPrecher imiterrupteti hitchcock to
Immiluire if it was riot true that lime bill would
never have beemm Imearmi of If time rs.'ubhicami
armthidmmte for gtmvermiur imath riot b en defeated ,
Senator hitchcock evarlemi time qucstmoi.
Iii closing time debate Senator Srmiitii saiti
timat time bill was not intended as a slap at
Mayor fle'mnls , lie iilnieelf ( maul mnmtmiaged this
cauuimaign in which Bemnis was elected mmmayq-