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Modest , handsome and shapely
-OF ladies neatly and classically cos
tumed in a series of marvelous
groupings and intricate evolutions.
r > * /n TTpr 3T7 7 1rnN > JfJ FtgzJSfy- * * "
In this Magnificent Display of
Fireworks will appearthe like
ness of 1
Head Council Modern Woodmen of America , 350 REDUCED irr ) > - ! I > Z1 * 1
r * *
i < .
I *
Performers on CT3 iCT3 V r S.
A.ND Tilt. P3 I i em
the Stage. * -3 CX3 s = > G S
RATES ON ALL Cfc- fej eg .
Emblem of the Order tea
Music *
Charming by ST2 = " r f 2 = s = 5 CX3 "
' Theatre Band-
Boyd's - OO 'i-i ' C = 3
Admission , with good scat 50 °
Admission , with reserved seat 7 c
Family Boxes , Heating' 11 vo persons $5.00
Single Saat In Boxes 1-00
Children under 12 years 25c
Children occupying Reserved Scats or Box Scats full price.
Take the Sherman avenue cars and change ours at Locust street ; no
transfer slip is ncccssnry. On entering cars at Locust street pay ten
cents , conductor gives you a return ticket. On returning from Courtland
Beach conductor takes up this return ticket and hands you a transfer
slip which will take you to cither end of the Sherman avenue line you
may desire to go.
Ladies and children unes
corted can visit this refined
performance with perfect pro
Olf S.tLK AT to
Kuhn's ' , 15th and Douglas. Also admit to Conrtand !
Kinslor's , 10th and Farnam Beach while Oourtloiid
Fuller' ' ? , 14th and Douglas Beach tickets are not good
Kipliuger's , 13th and Far for .
nam. U. P. train to Pompeii leaves Council Bluffs at 9th and Broadway at 7:00 : pk m ; Pompeii.
returning leaves Courtland Beach at 10:45 : p. mFare for round trip 25c.
Hastings CathJics Will Support Fa'her
Ecglisb , the Deposed Priest.
Indignation .MeotliiB nt St. Cocolla'H Church
lu Opposition to the Ilomuvul of
Their Pastor CHUSO of
lliu Trouble.
HASTINGS , Aug. 22. ( Special Telegram to
The Iloe. ) St. Cecilia's Catholic church con
tained about 350 members tonight when the
parish nicotine , advertised for a few d ys
past , was called to order. After putting
Patrick Hlncs In the chair and choosing
Patrick Franoy secretary , John C. Stevens
announced the subject to como before the
meeting. He stated that Father J.
E. English , the priest of the
parish , had been ordered to leave Hastings
and report to David City on the 1st of the
month by Illsuop Itonacum. Ho claimed that
a priest could only be removed upcn charges
preferred and that no charges had been
inado that Father English might have a
chance to disprove. In the naino of the
parish ho thought that nn open Investigation
wna duo and it Ungllsh was found un
worthy of tilling the priestly
ofllco In Hasting * ho should bo sent to a
monastery and not to David City. This
seemed to be the souse of the meeting to a
dot and a number of speeches wcro made to
that effect. A committee on resolutions pre
sented a Berles of resolutions setting out
Father English's life In Hastings for the
last six years ; how ho had won the love and
respect of Catholics and Protestants ; how
ha had Increased the value of the church
property fully $15,000 , and detailing the man-
no r In which ho Incurred the enmity of the
bishop of the diocese , A speedy and full
trial of the charges. If any existed , was de
manded as a right of the priest and his
congregation. A petition to Mgr. Satollt war
also drawn up and signed by all present.
Messrs. J-C. HlcVcns and Tom Dronnan were
appointed delegates to present the memorial
nnd resolutions to Satolll and funds for their
transportation Immediately raised. The dis
satisfied members were not present and the
sentiment of the parish as manifested was
liu-ntt I.viiillug I'P ' to the I to 1110 vn I of
rather Kim-Hull.
The removal of Father English from
Hastings Is generally regarded as a part of
the plan of punishment tobo meted out to
the priests who preferred charges of mis
conduct and maladministration against
Dlshop Donacum. The charges against the
bishop , It will bo remembered , covered a
wldo range , culling In question not only
the spiritual character of tbo accused , but
also his honesty and his morals. Few of
tin signers of the Indictment had personal
grievances to air. Most of them were , llko
Father Knglldh , reluctantly forced to take
Hides against the bishop In the Interest of
religion nnd the preservation of tha church
In the diocese. A trial of the bishop on
the charges was promised by Mgr. Satolll ,
the papal delegate , during his visit to
Omaha lu June , 1S93 , and ho expressed tbo
opinion , based on the evidence In his posses
sion , that the removal of Illshop Donacum
was the proper remedy. The trial then and
subsequently promised failed to materialize.
Instead an Investigation wai undertaken by
Archbishop Hcnnesay of Dubuque , last April.
With the exception of a committee of Lin
coln Catholics , the Investigation was limited
Btrlntly to partisans of the Indicted blihop.
Archbishop Hemtesay reported to the apos-
tollo delegate that the better class of the
laity and a majority of the priests of the sustained Illshop llonucum. During
tbo archbishop's visit to Lincoln a pnper
extolling the administration of Illshop Ilona
prujunted tn Ui4 irknUljc
for their signatures. Thrco of them re
fused to sign , and they assert positively
that a majority did not endorse the admin
istration of the bishop.
On the strength of the cx-parto Investiga
tion of Archbishop Honnessy and his conclu
sions , Mgr. Satolll Indicated In a letter to
the complaining priests a disposition to sus
tain the bishop and dismiss as frlvobus the
grave charges preferred against him. No
formal decision , however , has been rendered.
Prior to the favorable report of the arch
bishop , niehop Bonacum declared war on
the nominal head of the rebellion. Rev. M.
J. Corbett. After the report the war was
prosecuted with redoubled vigor , resulting In
ousting Father Corbett from the Palmyra
mission and setting him adrift. Father
English Is the second victim of episcopal
wrath , and Father Fitzgerald , secretary of
the complaining priests , Is believed to stand
next in line for punishment.
Father English Is a priest of fifteen years
standing. Ho came to the diocese of Omaha
In 1879 , and served a faithful and success
ful apprenticeship on the missions In the
Interior of the state. As a reward for his
zeal , the late Dlshop O'Connor promoted
him by making him pastor of the cathedral
In Omaha. While at St. Phllomena ho en
deared himself to young and old of the con
gregation and brought about a unity of ac
tion and organization such as the , cathedral
had not before experienced. On the division
of the diocese In 1SS7 , ho was assigned to
the Lincoln division. Illshop Donacum as
signed him to the Hastings mission , accom
panying the assignment with profuse
promises of permanency. Late In 1892 , when
reports affecting the administration of
Illsliop Uonncum wcro laid before the proper
authorities , Illshop Scannell of Omaha was
ordered hy Mgr. Satolll to Inquire Into their
truthfulness. By order of Bishop Scannell ,
acting under Instructions of the papal dele
gate , Father English procured certain testi
mony In his parish. For thus offending he
was Immediately singled out by Bishop
Donncmn and subjected to Indignities and
persistent csplonago which could not be
calmly borne. Emissaries were sent Into the
parish to provolto discord and divide the
congregation. But they were unsuccessful.
When Archbishop Hennessy visited the
parish , during his tour of Investigation , per
sistent drumming and tearful appeals resulted
In securing only four signatures to a paper
requesting the removal of Father English.
The order of removal to David City was
Issued some weeks ago. Upon Its receipt
Father English wrote to Mgr. Satolll , re
viewing the situation and requesting to be
heard In person at Washington. The dele
gate replied that Illshop Ilonacum could not
remove him except for grave causes , and
from documents In his possession ho Judged
that the order was made "for Just and most
grave offenses. " Wherefore , the order must
be obeyed.
The passing of sentence on ex-parto evi
dence and denying1 the accused priest a hear
ing or knowledge of his accusers or of the
accusations has aroused much Indignation In
Omaha , as well as In Hastings. It Is cer
tain a personal demand will bo made upon
the delegate , In a day or two , for a copy of
the charges , and It Is not Improbable , If a
copy U obtained , that the accusers will bo
required to substantiate them.
The row In the Lincoln dlocesu Is not set
tled by any means , nor Is It likely to bo
until it Is settled right. There ore sutllclent
rumors and substantial reports current to
warrant the prediction that an ecclesiastical
oxuloslon Is an early possibility.
Fnlli City Operator lIHil Up.
PALLS CITY , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to The llee. ) James Fitzgerald , the
night operator at the Missouri Pacific depot ,
was held up by two footpads yesterday mornIng -
Ing and relieved of 122 , During the scullto
Fitzgerald was severely bruised and choked
Into Insensibility. There Is no duo to the
While out riding yesterday afternoon tha
her attached to the vehicle fell ikwn ,
throwing MUs Jessie Morton out , breaking
her right arm between the elbow and wrist.
with Ilurnlnf ; n Hum.
FALLS CITY , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special Tel
egram to The Dee. ) July 23 the large barn
on tha Chris Monnot farm was dotsroyed by
tire , which was supposed to bo of Incondlary
origin. A reward was offered for the capture
of Joseph Lleberlng. a farm hand of Mor-
met' who hud skipped out. Sheriff Fergus
received a telegram ( row Uern , Kan. ,
day stating that Lleberlng had been cap
tured. The sheriff went after him immedi
ately and brought him back without requisi
tion. Ills trial was held this afternoon and
the case- continued to August 27. On ono
complaint for stealing a gun he was fined
$10 and costs. In default of bond ho went
to Jail.
Attempted Doubln Mimlor nt Ur.uicl Is ! mill
by n FlnniliNli Htep-1'athrr.
GRAND ISLAND , Aug. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to The Dec. ) August Lesslg attempted
to shoot his wife and stepdaughter last
night and later made a mock attempt to
commit suicide. Lesslg Is out on bonds to
answer to the charge of assaulting his
daughter. He wanted to settle , but the
daughter protested. Llsslg was enraged and
tried to kill both. All are alive and none
seriously injured. Lesslg Is In charge of
Sheriff Porter of Merrlck county , of which
ho is a citizen.
From Sheriff Rorher , who was In the city
this morning , the following particulars were
obtained :
He received a message at quite a late hour
last evening notifying- him of the shooting.
He proceeded to Chapman , but learning' that
Lesslg had , after the shooting , taken a team
and began traveling- west , he came on to
Grand Island and drova north towards the
farm of a man named Koehlor , who was a
friend of Lesslg's. Ho supposed that ho woulii
find his man thcro and his suppositions were
correct. Koehlcr was at first unwilling to
permit the sheriff to take Lesslg , but when
told that any resistance would be very se
verely met Koehlcr subsided and this morning
Sheriff Rorher brought Losslg to Grand Is
land , leaving at noon for Central City , whore
ho will bo safely housed In the couty Jail. -
llunnntt Cunp Mooting.
11ENNETT , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special to
The Dee. ) The fifth day of the camp meetIng -
Ing hero has shown an Increased attendance.
A number of new arrivals caine In and
others are yet to come. Over fifty tents
are on the grounds , many having two fam
ilies In them. J. G. Southwlck , who has
charge of the grounds , keeps a street sprink
ler laying the dust , making everything
pleasant. Rev. Mr. Sclby delivered the
morning sermon to a large audience. Evan
gelist Wilson preached at the .1 o'clock
service , and T. C. Webster of Omaha spoke
In the evening. Rev. Mr. Sclby and Mrs.
Roberts conducted the young people's meet
ing. The attendance today has bean very
gratifying to the management , largo num
bers from the country being present. The
meetings are growing In spiritual Interest
and enthusiasm , and many are coming to
the altar. Wednesday afternoon occurs the
annual election of ofllcers of the association.
l > iiniuroiii Tramps Arre ti < il.
FREMONT , Aug. 22. ( Special to The
Bee. ) While the guests of the Now York
house were at supper last evening a gang
of tramps appeared at the kitchen door and
demanded supper , and upon the refusal
of the cook to comply two of them stepped
Insldo and threatened to tear the house down
unless their order was filled then and there.
They were arrested. This morning the
spokesman of the party was sentenced to
ten days In the county Jail , with a bread and
water diet.
A committee of builders having examined
the Central school building , which was con
demned by architects , decided that a few
hundred dollars In repairs will malco the
building perfectly safe ,
W. II. Meangcr left lost evening for Col-
fax Springs. _
K Wutnr Crowdtul with Crooks.
WEEPING WATER , Neb. , Aug. 22.
( Special Telegram to The Dee. ) Housebreak
ers have been gutting In their work here.
These reported are : J. M. Teegarden had
about (200 In Jewelry stolen ; George Gllmoro ,
$5 and Jewelry ; I. N. Woodford , $10 , The
residences of D. M. Johnson , Ed Jones and
Oeorga Woods were also entered , Tbo town
Is full of crooks.
* rhluf Hound Ovt'r.
HASTINGS. Aug. 22. ( Special Telegram to
The Uco. ) Kbens-zer Lawrence , the milk
wagon driver who robbed hU employer and
fled to Michigan , was today bound over to
the district court In $100 ball , which he could
not JuruUh ,
Lancaster County Man Has a Scheme that
Will Beat Irrigation.
Has Treated Several Acres on I1U Furm
According to Ills Jlolhod und IH Now
Prepared to Demonstrate
Its Success.
LINCOLN , Aug. 22. ( Special to The Bee. )
The governor Is In receipt of a letter from
I. N. Leonard , living about seven miles
northwest of the city , in which he calls at
tention to a paper published In the state
horticultural report on tbo conservation of
moisture. Mr. Leonard states that he has
four acres of land treated In this way , and
Is ready to show at any time any place
on the plcco of ground within two Inches of
the surface soil as moist as It Is usually
found at Its best In April or May. Ho
advises that every man put himself to work
digging holes every rod square and filling
with top soil. In this way , ho says , ho has
demonstrated the fact that every acre of
land so treated has held back and stored
up every drop of moisture that fell upon
it , and will bring It back to the surface
when needed , by the power of capillary at
traction. He declares that his plan has
passed beyond the experimental stage and
is now an established ( act. A cordial In
vitation Is extended to the governor and his
staff , members of the legislature anci all
scientists who may desire to inspect the
land so treated to call and examine It.
The latest story George Washington Davis
has Indulged lu Is to deny the ownership of
the coat that was found near the wreck ,
notwithstanding the fact that the clerk
who sold It to him visited Davis In his cell
and positively Identified him as the ono
ho sold a suit to ,
Oscar Bell Is n young lad whose mother
made complaint to the police last night that
he had become drunk by drinking alcohol.
It was her Intention to'tiava him sent to
the reform school , Ijjil n elder brother
living In Omaha arrived | u town this mornIng -
Ing and took him baclfwKh , him with the
promise of putting' him toi work.
The students of the university have read
with delight the tribute 'paid to Prof. L ,
A. Sherman by the Chlcafeo Record , which
regards him as a valuAii ) ) ) acquisition to the
Chicago university , evqn for so short a time
as the summer term , t u
The * police court held a Urge audience this
morning when the cash > dt the state against
T. Youngy Johnson for grand larceny was
called. Judge Waters' . f | lil that Inasmuch
as he had como Into nopansslon of the ring
lawfully ho cciiild not ba held for stealing
It , wherefore he was discharged.
Another new project fur'ttio ' straightening of
the devious course ofny.ilt creek has been
set on foot , which Is uptlto result lu some
thing definite being 'ufccdinpllslied. U Is
understood that the property owners along
the west bank of Salt basin have agreed to
give the right of way clear across the bottoms
toms over which a new channel for the creek
will be excavated , making all the property
east of Salt basin available for residences
and manufacturing purposes , and It Is sup
posed that these property holders will be
willing to give such amounts as they are
able toward the construction of the proposed
canal. The cost of excavating the channel
over this route Is estimated at $50,000 more
than the one talked of over the Burns prop
erty , the right of way of which has been
refused ,
I'opulUti' lluy at
HASTINGS , Aug. 22. ( Special Telegram to
The Bee. ) This has been a populist day In
Hastings. One of the largest crowds of
farmers ever In the city gathered at the
fair grounds , ate roast ox , listened to populUt
speeches and talked politics. The thousands
present weru Addresstd at
10,000 ,
length by Congressman McKelglmn , Prof.
W. A. Jones of Hastings and others.
In the evening tlio populists transferred
their celebration to the city and speaking on
the streets by McKeighan and others at
tracted quite a crowd. Tomorrow morning
the wagon brigade to Grand Island will leave
Hastings at 9 o'clock , stopping at Oonlphan
for dinner and to conduct a meeting there.
Flit 13 AT TAliUAUB.
Severn ! Frnmo nulltllnRS Uostroycil anil
They Arc Not Mliwod.
TALMAGE , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to The Dee. ) The most disastrous flro
In the history of Talmage occurred this after
noon about 5 o'clock. The flro started In the
rear of Meyers' livery barn and soon spread
to adjoining buildings , which were all frame ,
and burned rapidly. The village having no
flro protection of any character could do
nothing. The livery barn of Meyers Uros. ,
Dr. Ewhs' ofllco and residence , Klrby's bar
ber shop , Mrs. W. H. Nekirk's millinery
shop , Mark Hertstein's Jewelery store and
I'aul Hamplo's harness shop were entirely
destroyed. The wind being In the south the
flre soon spread to the Talmage bank , but
this building being brick was saved , but the
adjoining building , being a frame structure
and occupied by Coorgo Strocnicr as n saloon ,
was entirely consumed All the buildings
burned were old frame structures and the
flro w/ll / prove of ultimate benefit It they
are reytawJ with brick buildings. The en-
Urn loss Will aggregate $3,000 ; Insurance ,
IfliniilmoiiH for Iiryun.
FLATTE CENTER , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special
Telegram to Tlje Dee. ) The democrat * of
Platta count/ met ID convention today at
this placg. TIja convention was harmonious
In every respect and was unanimous for
Hon. W. J. Bryan and free sliver. The fol-
Icwlng delegates were sent to the state con
vention : W. N. Hensley , George Lehman ,
J. A. Kehoe , J. J. Sullivan , C. D. Murphy ,
II. H. Elliott , T , J. Johnson , II. 0. CarriRg.
D. A. Halo and W. W. Wilson. Float con
vention J. B. Delsman , S. Hyan , D. A. Hale ,
Fred Schure , J. Hengler , G. Rhode , H. S.
Elliott , J. A. Kehoo , O. TerwIlllKcr , O. Baker ,
A. J. Zellter , H. U.iun. Senatorial G. W.
I'hllllps , J. J. Sullivan , D. G. Kavenaugh ,
P. S. Grlflln , J. I1. Walker , M. Sweeney , Pat
Hayes , Joe Lockhart , Dave Schupbaugh. It.
S. Moran , Chris Shirts and U. Regan. John
M , Gendering waa nominated for county at
torney and Detricii Headier for the legisla
ture. Congressional convention delegates
are : Joe Locklmrt , D. C. Kavenaugh , J. W.
Lynch , Dr. Oltey , II. C. Carrlgg , O. 8. Mor-
gun. Hubert llraun , J. P. Walker , II. 3.
Elliott and M. Luenaz. Judge Hensley
made a strong speech In favor of Judge Rob
inson for congress In the Third district.
Arrcittril a Smooth Sohomor.
HEBRON , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special to The
Ijee.SIerlft ) , Llndsey returned with W. O.
Parker from Des Molncs last evening. The
charge lodged against Parker Is forgery.
Parker , who was a highly respected resident
of Chester , this county , forged the note * of
different well-to-do farmers and hypothecated
the notes for security. Upon such forged
paper he obtained $1.850 from the Tliayer
county bank , $350 from the First National
Hank of Hebron , $ G50 from Farmers' Banker
or Chester und $2,100 from a bank at Bell-
vllle , Kan. He kept his paper In good standIng -
Ing at the banks until August , 1803 , when
the banks pressed for payment. Ho then
realized that his game was at an end and left
Chester for parts unknown. Detectives lo
cated him at Des Molnes.
Itril Clouil Hey Hurt.
RED CLOUD , Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special to
The llee. ) night-ycar-old Roy Rife fell on
a pitchfork yesterday afternoon. One tine
passed entirely through his hody , penetrat
ing his lungs. Ho ls resting easy , with a
possibility of recovery. ,
llurtiiril lliMlilunru Kuliliod.
HARVARD , Nob. , Aug. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) The house of Cleveland
Eller was robbed this afternoon , the robber
securing $20 In cash and other valuables ,
Domino of C' . A. hwiuuoii.
WAUSA. Neb. . Aug. 22. ( Special to The
Dpi ; . ; Mr. C. A. S\\aii5on , au gd ] uuU
Roman Sports and
Games 18
Centuries Ago.
Immense Lake 3OO
Feet Long 10O
Feet Wide with
Pompeiian Flotillas.
respected citizen , passed away today. Ho
had been suffering many months from an
attack of paralysis , which had taken him
suddenly when on his way to Texas last
spring. Yesterday1 ho was seized with
another attack , which ended fatally. Mr.
Swanson was one of the earliest settlers
hero , and was the principal founder of the
flourishing Swedish settlement here. Ho
leaves a wife and family.
W. C. T. U. Cnnvintlnii nt York.
YORK. Neb. , Aug. 22. ( Special to The
Bee. ) The tenth annual convention of the
AVoman'a Christian Temperance union of
the Sixth district will meet hero tomorrow.
It has been definitely settled that the
York college will run the coming year. It
was thought for a time that It would bo
necessary to close the school , but the money
has been raised to pay the Indebtedness
and the school will open September 1 with
very bright prospects.
MADE Tim mil' iiAsiLr.
Tornmlo limit Kricnaaii I.ruvos New
Urlraim for New Yorlt.
DUBUQUE , Aug. 22. ( Special Telegram
to The Bee. ) The torpedo boat Ericsson left
New Orleans for New York today , notwith
standing a dispatch from Philadelphia de
scribes her reception In the Delaware river
last Monday. A dispatch from Washington ,
In an effort to discredit ex-Secretary Tracey ,
cites the breaking of her propellers on the
trip down the Mississippi as proof of the
Impracticability of Inland ship building , to
the possibilities of which the ex-secretary
called the attention of congress when the
contract for the Ericsson's construction was
let. As a matter of fact , this breaking
was anticipated , owing to the unprcccdcnt-
edly low atags of water , and the boat left
Dubuque equipped with temporary propellers
bored through , so that little more than con
tact with the water was required to break
them. Had they yielded less rendlly the
boat's machinery would have been Jarred.
However , It worked perfectly , which gives
Lieutenant Usher hope that the forthcoming
trial on the Long Island course will prove
the Ericsson the speediest vessel afloat.
llody of u Hey I'oiinil In the Itlvor ,
I1ARTLHTT , la. , * Aug. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) A floater was found In
the Missouri river here today ; about 13 years
old , dark , hair cut short , and appears to hive
been drowned about four days.
iriSSTlSltfl I'liXHIOXS
Voternns of the l.utoVi > r Itaiitoiuburcil hy
llm < : 'nuriil Coiormni'iit ,
WASHINGTON. Aug. 22.-Speclal ( Telo-
Kram to The lice. ) Pen.sluna grunted , ( sane
of August 10 , were :
Nebraska : Original John I- . . Kayo , Cedar
Ruplds , lloone ; ThonuiH J , McConnaclt ,
West Union. Additional-Robert T. Rubin-
nan , Cedar Rapids , Ilouno. Restoration und
reissue Amos A , Lyon ( deceased ) , Aiuorn ,
Hamilton. Reissue Kber Palmer , Ficmont ,
Dodge ; Joseph B , 1'arauns , Uuldc Rock ,
lowu : Original Andrew O. Crawford ,
Conrad Grove , Utiliuly. Reissue Jlimes A.
Walker , Des Mollies , Polk : Lybrnml F.
Nolen , Carroll , Carroll. Original wldciwu ,
etc. Mlnora of JumeH Mnrtow , Hurt , KOH-
tnith ; Harriet Coulter , Oakland , I'uttaw.u-
tumli'i Sarah K. Cluland , Ureenllcld , Atlnlr.
Colorado : Increase ; Henry Hoodson ,
Pueblo , Pueblo.
South Dakota : Reissue John Iluntnmer ,
MadlHon , Lake.
North Dakota : Original Walter Blocum ,
Fnrgo , Cast ) .
Montana : Relusue John Grady , Cokedule ,
Lout IIIVlfo ami Hnhlfi.
J. Krelswlrth , a tailor who cjine to Omaha
from Lincoln last week , reports to the police
that he lost his wife and two children. Mrs ,
KroUwlrth waa to come to this city this
week , but she did not Inform her huabaml
when to meet her and she came on Monduy
evening. She could not find him and
ittoppcd over night at the Grand hotel near
the depot. She left there Tuesday and
started out to look for her husband. This
Is the last seen of the woman and her two
children , and the h unhand Is becoming very
anxious as to her safety. He U itopplng at
Thirteenth ami Jones atrecU ( or the present.
u >
Church flowo Fires the First Gun for Strode
in tbo First.
Bovon Thotnuml I'oople Untortnlnuil nt the
Soldier * ' Id-union loxtordny Interesting
Features or the Ocialon : U'lll Coa-
tlimo buvcrul Days.
WEEPING WATERNeb.Aug. 22. ( Special
Telegram to The llee. ) Hon. Church Hews
addressed on enthusiastic audlonco of 7,000
people at the old soldiers' reunion held hero
today and tired the first gun for Strode for
congress. He arraigned the present admin
istration for Its hostile policy towards th
old veterans and at times was sarcastic In
the extreme. Ills account from personal ob
servation of the Buffering existing in many
of the western counties among the old sol
diers and their families from crop
failures and the taking away of
their pensions brought tears to the oycfl
of many of his auditors. Ho mad nn earn
est appeal for Judge Strode for congress
from the First district and urged the old
soldiers to stand together In November as
they did from 18G1 to 18G5 and send u comrade
to Washington to meet face to face the con
federate brigadiers from the south who are
today In control of congress , sitting In Judg
ment as to the value of union soldiers' serv
ices In saving the government they were
seeking to destroy thirty years ago.
Ho held the vast audience nearly two
hours and at the conclusion received a per
fect ovation from the old veteraiiB present.
A llfo-slzcd portrait of McKlnoly , elegantly
framed , under which hung an liincrlptlon In
largo letters , "Our Next President , " occu
pied a prominent position on Hie platform.
The stage robbery was one of the features
that attracted a largo crowd on Main street ,
The ball game between Louisville and Weep
ing V.'aier for a silk banner and champion
ship of the county was a ( jowl one. Score , 6
to 8 In favor of Weeping Water.
Tomorrow Wcpplng Water will play against
Wahash. The balloon ascension tonight was
a great attraction nnd occurs every evening.
About nixty horsemen took part In tha
cowboy drill , which was a unique feature.
Every train Is bringing In crouds and tha
success of the reunion Is already assured.
Orocory Stock lliirnril.
An Incipient flre caused a barrel of gaso
line to explode In A. Muchek's grocery at
210 North Eleventh street at noon yester
day , and the structure was gutted by the
flames. The lots will amount to $ GOO. No
Insurance. Tha origin of the flro Is un
known , as It started while the proprietor
wax standing outside In front of the build
When moving Into our present home I
found a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Ilulin
left by a former tenant. On the table I
found the statement that U was good for cuta
and burns. I can testify to the truth of
this. Nothing In all my experience hai
found Its equal for treating blisters or burns ,
I'1. E. Barrett , manager Sentinel , Lo
iv.vw , Minn. Pain Balm Is also a cure
lor rheumatism. For sale by druggists.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cryfo ?
Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry fo
Etcher's Castoria *