Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 20, 1893, Part One, Page 6, Image 6

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COUNCIIni.uiT ? .
Ol-TICE : NO. 12 vr.\\U , STREET
t'clhcrcd bj carrier to any pixtt of the city.
11. W. TII.TON M
J "nilnr's Office . No. 4S
rrt ri '
TEM.l' -j Nfilt | ] rdtr ; | . No. 23
N. Y. I'lumbing ' Co.
Dos ton Store , dry good ! ) .
Turnishcd room to rent , 710 First Avo.
Th. Mayno Heal Estate Co , C21 Broadway
n. U Shugart loft last evening for
' H. A. Swlgort nnd John Grotror have gene
to Chicago.
The Misses Kthyl nnil Kdyth Thoiiim are
visiting friends in Indianoln.
The Broadway Methodist Sunday school
had a picnic at Fnlrniount park yostcrJay.
Wanted , a good girl for general houso-
ivork. Mrs. P. M. 1'ryor , : l Uncoln avcnno.
Miss Nellie Xui-muelilcn is axc > ; tpd homo
todtiy after n visit of a month with friends
In Chicago.
Mary K. Street has commenced action to
nhlct her tillo to two lots In Jackson's addi
tion , which the i-lty claims to own.
Mrs. .1. H. HovnoWs nnd two children , who
have been visiting her sister , Mrs. R S.
Thomas , on South Highth street , loft Thurs
day night for their homo In Gcnesco , 111.
The Council Bluffs Whist club is making
arrangements for leasing the league club
rooms diirlnir the coming full nnd winter , to
bo used ns a place for playing their favorlto
Tabor college has just received notice that
thu l.tto Mrs. Julia E. Dickinson of Hoehes-
tor , N. Y. , bequeathed It $10,000. The be
quest was made sovrrat years ago , and her
recent death made the fact known.
Regular mooting of Etchotah council No.
B , Degree of I'ocuhontas , this evening at the
eighth run at their tepee , corner Broadway
nnd Main streets. Every member is re
quested to bo present , ns Important business
will ho brought before the council.
Fidelity council No. 150 , Royal Arcanum ,
will move its headquarters from the
Shugurt-Hcno block to the Brown building ,
on Pearl street. The third Iloor of the lat
ter building has been entirely remodeled and
nitiUo into one of the finest aud most conven
ient society halls In the city.
Cordelia Harris , wife of H. C. Harris ,
brings suit in the district court fora dlvorco.
They were married in this city March 0 ,
Ib'.K ) , and lived together for three years. She
claims ho abused her sh.tmefully , committed
adultery with other women , and Jlnally de
serted her last spring. She wants tempo
rary alimony of $ ' , ' 00 , in addition to the de
cree of divorce.
The populists of Pottawattamlo county
will hold their convention in the superior
court room , county court house , commencing
nt H o'clock this morning. J. W. Kdgcrton
of Omaha will speak at the afternoon ses
sion , to bo held ut ii o'clock , on the silver
question. Everybody who is interested In
this question is invited to bo present.
George P. Johnson , a traveling man , rep
resenting a safe" establishment , has been
stopping at the Hevcro house for several
weeks past. A few days ago ho passed a
check on the proprietor of the hotel in pay
ment of his board bill , receiving S 4 change
back. Shortly after ho tried to get a check
for $100 cashed , but the proprietor did not
have the money. Johnson then left the
place and now the check for which he re
ceived the cash is returned to the hotel man
with "No account" written across its faeo
in red ink. Johnson bus disappeared from
the face of the e.irth.
Ferris Ogden commenced a suit in the
district court yesterday to collect ? 2.1bT
from C. B. Wnltc , Thomas Ofllccr , John
P. Weaver , George F. Wright and J. H.
Uecd. who wcro formerly his partners in
the Ogden Iron works. Ho sold out his in
terest in the iron works at the tune of its
consolidation with the Spr.iguo Manufac
turing company , under whoso name it is
now operated , but thcro is a difference of
opinion between the plaintiff and the de
fendants as to the amount ho was to receive
by the terms of thnir agreement as payment
for his stock. Ho accordingly brings suit to
recover the nmoi.nt which he claims ho waste
to receive. _
li 1'All.Uili.ll'ItX.
K. E. Wiatt , citv circulator of THE Bnc.
and Hurvo.v Ouron left yesterday for a visit
to the World's fair.
Coal cheap for cash.
Carbon Coal Co. ,
34 Pearl street , Grand hotel bldg.
Ask your grocer for Domestic soap.
Homo /rnumr'n l.uclc.
David I. Morse commenced a suit in the
district court yesterday against J. C. Cole to
collect damages on account of nn unlucky
horse trade which bo made with the defend
ant last May. The liorso ho received fron
Cole was represented , ho claims , to be free
from all imperfections , but it teem thai
Cole hud guild in his heart at the
time ho was working up the trado. Shorth
after the trade was consummated Mors'i
discovered that the animal was nllllcteti
with glanders , and not only did ho go U
work and die , but before doing KO pro
Edited sorerul other horses belonging t (
Morse with specimens of glanders bacteria
from which they raised a largo crop. Tlioj
also died. Morse w.ints a judgment for SIM
against J. C. Cole , claiming that is tin
amount of the loss which ho has suffered 01
kccouut of the unluclty trado.
Had Illllg Mil do. Good.
Business men need their money ii
thcHO timuH. If you have bills nonius
people not living jn iwu , employed b ;
uny railway , express , lok'trrnph or tolo
jiluuio company entering Iowa , write t
llio Nassau Invcbtinont Co. , Couuoi
BlulTs. Collections guaranteed.
GrconshtoUlt ) , Nicholson < te Co. , rcn
UHtutouiid rentals , COO Broad way. Tol.151
for Ihn Kiiriimpmcnt.
J , B , Atkins returned yesterday from th
meeting of the board of control ot the Gran
Armv of the Republic , Iowa division , wlilc
has been in session at DCS Monies for sever :
days past. The national encampment I
to be held next month at Indiana ]
oils and the old soldiers are vet
much interested in the urr.ingcmcnts thu
&ro now being mudo for it , Iowa will go )
pod shape , as she always does. The lou
Btato band , ol DCS Molm > s , which is no
delighting au llenco.3 at the Iowa buildln
At the World's fair , will accompany the lov ,
delegation , and this will bo food , ncv
to the veterans. Corn stalks wl
bo curried by every old soldli
In the line , as n reminder of the fact th :
Iowa is the greatest corn growing state
union. The bailgn of thu Iowa delegatii
will be an ear of corn , with kernels of go
and husks of wlilto metal , undvl
pennants of bronze. Tlioy will soil for
each , and will doubtless bo bought by eve :
Iowa soldier to bo Kept as a souvenir of tl
occasion' _
fnolleu lo riuiiiu lii-ll- ( ,
in time , coiuiiionoiii Mondn
AIIJJ. 7 , Trains for Miumwii leave ut tl
following hours : Morning traiiin loai
Broadway ut 10 u. m. Evening trains
I , - , it , 4 and 5 and ovury 30 ininut
thereafter until 12 p. in.
Domes tie MHII > Is the ucst.
Tlio following inarriago licenses have be
Issued by Comity Clerk Campbell ;
Xame and Address. A )
j Wllllnm Itued , llnrrUon county. , .
1 Kllso Murlo Johnson , llurrli > ' ; ii county , . . ,
I Aaron lj. Orublo , 1'otluwuttumlo county , ,
( L'lurUsu it. JUIICH , I'otuuattamlo county ,
Tliuuw TMII | L'lly Dye. Work * .
Although engaged in oreotuignm
building , gutting ne\v machinery , cti
customers will lind no delay in gettii
their work promptly done and In tl
most aatlbifiietory manner , All kinds
dyeing und ulounlng. Oinulm ollice ifi
Furnam street. OiHcu and worka 20
and Avenue A , Council HlulTti , on elt
trio motor lino. G4 A. Sohoedsack
Domestic soap ia the
Litigation Started Involving tbu Titla to
Much Valuable Property ,
After Srpnrutlnn of Many Yenrs from Her
Itunlmiid , she entries I'orwnril nut !
Chiliim a Sluiro of It An
Interfiling Cnie.
A tult was commenced In the district
court yesterday In which the ownership of
about ? , ' 0XM ( ) worth of property is Involved ,
ntid the circumstances which cave rise to
the litigation present a peed ninny facts of
interest , ( jcorgo Herbert , a resident of
Montana , is the plalntitT , and some trouble
between himself and wife , who died In 1835 , is
at the bottom of the present difllculty. Airs.
Catherine Herbert lived in Council Blurts
for a great many years and was proprietress
of the St. Louis hotel , located at the corner
of Main street and Ninth avenue. She made
considerable money out of her hotel business
nnd Invested it as fast as she made it in city
property , which steadily rose in value.
In 1885 she died and the property nil went
to her children , She had not lived with her
husband for moro than twenty years before
her death , and many of her most intimalo
friends did not oven know that she had such
a commodity In her possession. After her
death the children disposed of almost all of
the property to John Limit , who In turn dis
posed of a part of it to his wlfo and the rest
to other parties. It was supposed that she
was divorced from her , and right
hero is otio of the peculiarities of the caso.
I'cciillltr I'oiiturea uf tile Cusn.
Early In the 80's she filed a petition In the
district court asking for n divorce. It ran
along for about n year , and finally the court
record has an account of Its dismissal. There
is nothing further on the records m the mat
ter until in M'ircli , 188-1 , when suddenly Micro
Is the record uf adccieo of divorce In tliocaso
of Catherine Herbert against George Herbert ,
which had been dismissed more than a year
boforo. The decree Is written on nbout
a quarter of n page , which had ap
parently been loft between two other de
crees , and the difference in handwriting and
the color of the Ink botwcun it and the two
on either side of it seem to throw some
doubt uuon its genuineness.
Herbert is now making an effort to recover
his dower Interest of one-third of the prop
erty , and iilcd several petitions in court in
which ho makes S. J. Lindt , J. W. Squire ,
Henry CotTCen , Clay & Forrest , Slack 1'eter-
son and Johannclto and John Under defend
ants. Ho claims that ho was never
served with any notice of the pendency of
the divorce suit , that there was never any
petition iiled , and that the decree of the
court , upon which the defendants base their
claim to the property , was void , the court
not having any jurisdiction in the matter
until the suit had been properly instituted.
Cliilm of the Children.
The children who deeded the property to
Lindt also claim that tlioy were induced in
one way or another to part with their inter
est in their mother's property for a price far
below its actual value. Their portion , how
ever , is gene beyond recall , for they deeded
it away of their own accord.
The property involved in the suits is scat
tered about in all parts of the city and some
of it has become qulto valuable during the
years that have intervened since it went
into the hands of its present owners.
Charles Jonra , it Saloon Kcopcr , Charged
with the .Murder ol Itellu MoUlllnn.
Bella McMillan , who commonly goes bj
the name of Hello Cross , was shot at 1 o'clock
this morning in the Phoenix saloon , 803 South
Main street , Council Bluffs. She has been
one of the Inmates of "Tho Ark" on Pierce
street for the past six months , itid for several
years has been the mistress of Charles Jones ,
proprietor of thoPhounix.
The woman and Jones wcro alone in the
saloon after midnight. Suadenly there was
a yell from Jones and the boys in the online
house next door heard pounding on the door' '
On going down Jones told them the woman
had shot herself. She was found lying in
side the salooa dead with a bullet hole in tha
right braast. It was supposed at lirst to be
u case of suicide , but several suspicious cir
cumstances led the police to make an in
vestigation , which resulted in the arrest ol
Jones on the charge of murder ,
A postmortem , held this morning , showei
that the bullet had passed through tin
heart in a downward direction , lodging ncui
the surface Just below the loft should o
blado. Medical authorities claim tin
woman would not naturally have hold tin
gun in a position it must have been hold ii
order for the bullet to talto that course.
Powder marks on the woman's right hnm
led to the belief that Jones held the revolve
and that she tried to seize it just as tie flrei
at her.
When the firemen arrived at the scene
Just after the shooting , Jones had the re
volvcr in his possession and had taken i
npart. Ho explained it by saying that he
was afraid Hello would shoot him aftci
shooting herself , and took it to pieces si
that she might not kill him.
rui.i. TO TIII ; nomts.
ItOKtnn fitnro Itecutvea the lllsgest Cor
Bicnment ot Dry Condi * llvor Semi In
C'ounell IIIullM.
"What do you think of this for n shlj
mentof dry goodb ? " was the question thn
greeted the i urs of a UIE : man as h
y . pasbud the front doors of the 13osto
store Friday afternoon. Musn
Fothoringhnin and Whitolaw , the
jirlotors of the store , were both hard ji
word Buporintoiidiiitf the oponln
tf ) dry goods boxes that were piled u
in Hiieh profusion us hardly to Icnv
walking room anywburo in front of th
establishment. Early in the niornln
tlioy received a consignment of tlirc
car loads of dry goods and notions tlu
were just imnmused from W. 1) . Ilicl
urtlbon & Co. of Uoekford , 111. , and froi
8 o'clock in the morning until 10 i
every olork thuf. could I
spared from waiting on the cu
toinors inside was hard at work Iran
furring the contents of the hex <
to the interior. It was the largest lot (
dry goods ever brought to Counu
HluITt , at ono time , and represented
cash valiio of 5-1111,000 , , It includes , ovot
conceivable kind of dry goods that U
ladies of Council HI nil's can want , ai
will catibo a bcnsation when it is la
open to the innpootion and the pocko
hooks of the public. Messrs. Fothcvin
bam , \Vhitehiw & Co. are making a
rangomonts for a grand spednl sale cot
monulng next Saturday , and this Hi
stock will ho oITorod at that time , i
tlul mean tinio speolnl bargains a
offered in all
M departments.
Henry I bun Tuk s llu Own Life While I
* ano from itlfriiiit.
L. L. Saar , who lives on a farm In K
uf 10 Crook townnhip , about sixteen miles cast
Council Illuffs hud the second
21 , trugo <
21C : within a month occur at his place Ttiursd
C- night. About u month ago a young Germ
who worked for him borrowed u shotgun a
blew the top of bin head off. Thursday nln
Henry Ibuu , another of his farm hands , ag
2.1 years , committed suicide by hangliiR him-
fclf. Ho had been working for Snar only
nbout three months , and but llttlo is known
of his Antecedents. For some days he hnd
boon III with malarial fever , nnd it is bo-
Moved that this trouble had the effect , as it
some times docs , of undermining his reason.
Ho slept with n small boy who worked on
the farm. Early In the evening ho ot up
and went down stairs to the corn crlb\vioro , )
ho prepared the rope In ono conior of the
crib. Ho then returned to bed , but during
the night ho went down again nnd finished
the Job by putting his neck within the noose
and throwing himself down from a crovlco
In the side of the crib. Ho was found by
Mr. Sanr early yesterday morning. His
neck was not broken by the fall , and ho had
strangled to death. His body was quito
cold whoa it was cut down. The coroner
was notified , but decided that an inquest
was not necessary. The remains wore
brought to Charles Lunklo.v's undertaking
rooms. They will bo burled from there to
morrow at the expense of the county , the
dead man not having any relatives , so far ns
known , in this vicinity.
Stop nt the Ogdcn , Council Blutls , to
lcs > t 8(2.00 ( hotifao in Iowa.
Cook your meals this summer on n gas
range. At cost at tbo Gas company.
Smoke T. D. King & Go's Partagas.
The entire Louis' millinery stock has
been purchased by Mrs. J. D. Sloven-
son , and will bo placed on snlo Saturday ,
August 1 ! ) , find continue for ten tlnys.
Tbo trimmed huts will bo assorted hi
thrco lots , its follows :
Lot 1 Their regular price , $2.00 to
$3.00 , go at 7fic.
Lot 2 Regular priced $3.00 to $4.50
mts , go at $1.25.
Lot 3 All fine $3.00 and ever hats , at
Untrlmmcd bats , 25e to 50c.
The entire stock will bo closed out as
fast as possible , and to secure the great
bargains , come early.
740 Broadway.
Don't ' fail to hear the Imperial Quintet
nt the Presbyterian church Monday
The Young People's Society of Chris
tian Endeavor of the First Presbyterian
church will give a social Monday even
ing In the parlors of the church. There
will po a fine program rendered. Ad
mission , 25 cents.
Mrs. Wadsworth , a populrr singer of
our eity , will take part in the program
Monday night at the Presbyterian
All will be glad to again hear Mrs. Dr.
Simons , who will sing Monday night at
the Presbyterian church.
Williamson & Co. , 100 Main street ,
largest and best bicycle stock in city.
Domestic soap outlasts cheap soap
Will lie Mndo on the CoimntmlonBr'H Right
ti > Drop I'uiiHIonorg from thn Halls.
WASHINGTON , Aug. 19. A dozen or
moro partisans on either side of the
senate chamber are preparing lor a rod
hot scrimmage at an oarlv day ever the
pension question. The fight will bo pre
cipitated upon Senator Gallinger's reso
lution inquiring of tbo commissioner of
pensions w'hether bo has conformed to
the law in dropping a largo number of
pensioners from the rolls without a
hearing. There are a great many men
in the senate , possibly two-thirds of that
body , who believe that there is no War
rant in law or practice which will jus
tify the commissioner of pensions or tlio
secretary of the interior in dropping
pensioners from the roll upon suspicion
that the soldiers are not entitled to the
pensions they were receiving.
Tlio extraordinary number of pen
sioners who have been dropped from the
rolls recently has attracted the atten
tion of friends of pensioners in congress ,
and it is expected that tbo question will
come before the house as soon as that
body disposes of the hilvor problem.
There will be some very sharp partisan
utterances when the question comes un
der debate. It is said that an effort
will bo made to adopt a joint resolution
providing that the pensioners shall not
be dropped from the rolls until it has
been proved that they are unlawfully
drawing pensions , and that they cannot
jo taken from the rolls pending an In
vestigation into the merits of theii
Senator Palmer , as chairman of the
committee on pensions , is bearing the
jrunt of tbo complaints of pen sionori
who have been suspended. They arc
sending to him to have their cases cov
creel by spccjal acts of congress. IIo hai
already received bevoral hundred sucl
Iln\vCliIcngi > ' 8 Mayor Would "lleiitoro Con
lldeiiro In Thirty luyn or Less. "
CHICAGO , Aug. 19. "If I were presi
ilont I should restore conildenco in thirt ;
days or less"said Carter II. Harrison
mayor of Chicago , when asked to ox
[ iro'.ss an opinion on the present llnancia
"ilow would you do it ? "
"I would put the 143,000,000 of silvo
dollars now lying usoles in tbo troasur ;
vaults in circulation. What is tin
trouble now ? Scarcity of currency , am
yet the government kcops on issultii
treasury notes that can bo locked up ii
faufoty deposit vaults by timid people
I would not issue single notes , hut
would pay all national debts in silve
nnd in that way bring the stringency t
a sudden termination. Do you knov
that ut this moment there is $50,000,00 ,
in gold and bank notes deposited in th
hiifoty deposit vaults of Chicago ? Tak
that money out and put it in circulatioi
and in a week the stringency would b
gene ,
'Silver ' cannot bo hoarded ; it is to
bulky. Gold and notes can , and i
$143,000,000 were turned into the mar
kcts money would soon bo plentiful
Tlioy talk of silver being an imdcairnbl
money , yet who will refuse to take silvo
dollars ? Lot the national govornmen
pay all its debts in the hilvor now store
away. A man who received 'cotn-wbeo
would not put thorn in the vaults , no
would ho lug thorn around on his pot
son. Ho would pay his debts and ban1
tbo rest. The banker , having currency
would accommodate his customers , an
then the wheels of commerce would revolve
volvo again. "
'Moachnm Gnntr In Mlisunlppl.
Ala. , Aug. 10. Th
II vo remaining mo inborn of the Meat
ham gang of outlaws , who were BUI
rounded by the shot-ill's posse in
swiunp near Jackson , eluded the pos <
and crossed the line into Misslssipp
They will bo lynched If they attempt 1
return. Slnco the Cliuk comity war hi
gun fully twenty members' of tho'guri
have been killed , The spies woro'tit
to trees and shot thin week. Tlio fl\ \
outlaws are Bubo Burke , Mack Burk
Bill Burke , Jasper Burke und Ji
Will 1'iiy It * llobt lu Ooul ,
PlilLADRM'HIA , AUf. 10. The IlCU
ing Railroad company bus urruiiL'td
imy Us debt of J889.000 to the Xi mil
Vulloy roud by transferring coal if th
ThoOouncil BlufFs'Bond ' Oo.'s Spirited Ro-
joindoi to Criticism.
N | i-
Illllloiii of Dnllnrs Olvon for Nothing tea
a Tow KIM torn I.I to Comp inlrs.
Prom the earliest dawn' of civilization
until this present year of enlightenment
every now thine has had to run the gaunt
let , surrounded by multitudes that envy or
self-interest has turned into pitiless enemies.
In the beginning of the orn of provident In
dividuality , life insurance had to withstand
tltotlrelcss and vindictive assaults of en
emies from nil sides. Churches thundered
ctathamics ngulnst It , , uul cursed the sav
ings it provided for widows and orphans ns
"blood money , " nnd people who accepted its
bcnclits did so with the loss of caste nnd
popular respect. Hut life insurance be
came mi established fact nnd princi-
Die. Improvements followed , cheapening
the cost of Us bcticilts , in the
shape of mutual and assessment companies
nnd the same old line of enemies were nr
rayed npinst them , led this time by the Ufa
companies themselves , who had scarcely
emerged from their own travails. Mutual
and assessment companies in turn became
moro liberal In character , tind the earlier
companies Joined in the hue and cry nealnst
them. And thus It has been down to the
establishment of toutlno bond companies ,
and the whole crowd of prior organizations ,
founded upon exactly the same principles ,
that had como up to their present state
through the sorest tribulations , joined In
the crusaUo against them , and at the pres
ent time wo are treated to misrepresentation
In the newspapers , and attacks from every
source whore an enemy can find cnlodgmcnt.
The stupendous rapidity with which the
principle sprung Into popular favor , the fact
that it gave the same bcnclits at n cost that
was ridiculously disproportionate to the
sums exacted by tUo old-lino system ,
forced all those organizations through
the necessity of self-proscrvation , to
assume an aggressive front. They reasoned
that if these new systems wcro permitted to
stand the day of doom had como for their
oxvn high-priced protection. This is the
true solution of the present intensely bitter
persecution. It is not in the interest of the
dear people whom they are trying to protect ,
but wholly in the interest of the dear com
panies and systems , which they are trying
to save.
Take the following statistics from the
insurance year book , giving for a period of
twenty-six years the average cost of carryIng -
Ing $1,000 life insurance per year :
Equtublu I.lfo $41.00
Now York Life 42.00
Mutual hire 73.00
Nortnwohiern I.lfo 30 IIO
Sluto Mutual 00.00
liorkshlru , 4'J.OO
The cost to the companies for maturing
this by the payment of all death losses and
indemnities , ranges from $3 to SSO per * 1,000 ;
the expenses , the payment of all salaries
and operating cosls , average from $7 to $ M ,
leaving an unaccounted-for balance of moro
than io per $1,000 per year , which has been
unnecessarily exacted from the policy
holder. Now take right in this connection
some moro intorestins statistical facts from
the same unquestioned authority , the year
book , which is the sworn statements of the
companies to the auditors of states : All the
companies doing , business in New York ,
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts , wrote
from 1800 to 18'lt ) ' 6iWymr policies , which
were received by 'the insured and paid on.
Of that amount there was lapsed and every
dollar paid forfeited to the companies the
enormous sum of 2,1)10,743 , ) policies. These
forfeitures poured into the coffers of these
companies in tl.eso three states the
stupendous sum _ of two biltiun , nine
huiiilntl mul ( itjMecii tnillioii , fifty-three
tioiiMiiiJ , Jlvc hiiHilrctl aiul Jt'ti/-ieveti ( < ljl-
/fira moro than the cotiyiltte oo t of the rebellion ,
more than the nutiunnl rtlcbt Jnvt ever been. In
addition to tjiis incomprehensible sum thcro
was forfeiteU of the same -policies by sur
render and acceptance of partially paid up
insurance nearly 2,000,000,000 moro. or in
actual llgurcslT81,043,348. And this only
in thrco states of the union. Is it any won
der that these companies are fighting a sys
tem that threatens to become so popular ?
Is it any wonder they can pay f50,000 a year
salaries to 2,500 men and then pension them
when they are out of oftlco at 15,000 a year
for life ? Is it any vender they wrecked the
Iron Hall and scores of other kindred organ
izations , and are trying to wreck other sys
tems that would have paid every obligation
of the companies in the three states named
at less than 500 per cent of the cost ?
The lapses are chief sources of profit in
all these companies. The figures given
above show that 43.85 per cent of all these
policies lapsed. The statistical history of
later years show that no ono half of the
policies taken out are carried to maturity ,
and it is with knowledge of these facts that
bond company steps in and by using the law
af averages finds that It can guarantee pay
ment of ? 1,000 at a total outlay to holder of
less than $ iOO. And this is oven less than
what the old line companies promise to do.
From 1SST to 18'Jl the Now York life paid
S10 , 40,000of claims that had paid into it
but $0,4127,502. giving the policy holders S3
for every $ naid. In the Fidelity of Phila
delphia , from 1879 to IS'JI , its claimants
were given $12 for every $1 they
paid to the company. The Mutual
Ilcscrvo of Now York , for ton years
the amount given was $14 to $1. In individ
ual cases this runs up from 800 to 500 per
cent. This Is not an earned profit in anv
sense , but it is the result of the application
of n given principle. For example , you pay
Siforafiro insurance policy of $1,000 , on
your goods ; they burn , and you receive
$1,000 for the f'J paid. Your payment did
not earn that for you but it secured it to you
by the operation of the law of averages , as
individually applied through the principle of
The Equitable Investment company ol
Council lilufTs has been singled out as the
especial mark of wrath. It Is founded upon
precisely the same principle ns all insurance
companies nnd all co-operatives organizations ,
only it does not promise to do as much lot
its members as the old line companies , tlu
difference being that it accomplishes wluil
it piomlscs at about COO per cent less cost
It has no f50.000 salaries to pay and pension !
nebody , It is the. application ot the OIK
underlying principle ot co-oporatlon. It Ii
idiotic dnvcl or strict persecution to lull
mate thnt it is in anyway a lottery. It onlj
seeks for fair and Impartial investigation
knowing that that cai. only result in un
qualified approval both of the company niu
the plan upou which it is operated ,
Punnritl "fu'ii Juwu I'loiipt'r.
CIIESTON , la , , AugnJ8. [ Special Telegran
to TUB HEB.J Captain H. M. Way , whodiei
last Tuesday at ICnhias City , was buriei
hero today. The -fflntral took place fron
the Daptlst church anil was attended by i
very largo crowd , ' ; Mr. Way wiis un eli
soldier , having scrvpifiin company A , Forty
second Kcgimont Illinois Infantry , Ho wi ;
iilto assistant quaEtiicgmster of the Depart
ment of TonncsseoLrJue cumo to Afton , la ,
in 18(11) ( ) and ongagMjn | the hardware busi
ness , and in 187U lie 'removed to this place
Ho was always vffr.y prominent in publl
nffalrs.was the third mliyorbfCreston nnd hi
administration ut the'limowheii Crestouva
only a village , ! noLliUving over 200 inhabl
tunts , was very aucci-bBiul and did mucl
toward making tho'VUco. Ho was a moir
bcr ot the Grand Army of the Kopubhc. u
the volunteerfiro lUiuarmont and a tnumbe
of the Masonic ortl f , The latter order ha
charge of his funeral. The societies c
whicn ho was a member attended th
funeral In a body In uniform. Captain Wa
leaves a wife and an unmarried daughter.
Work ol I own
CCIIAK HAI-IDS , In. , Aug. 18. [ Spoci !
Telegram to TUB DEE. ] AB Charles Hullc
and Joseph Vavrln wcro going along a loncl
road south of town about 10 o'clock Ins
night two masked men spmng into the run
and drawing their revolvers conunundc
them to hold up thtnr hands. They wet
bound to trees und their pockutti rifled. Tl
highwaymen then went to the homo i
young Vnvrin un-l breaking in the door too
possession of thu house. Mr * . Vuvrin an
daughter screamed und the men. oviUem :
becoming frightened , decamped withoi
searching the house. There la no clow.
Fimntl Murdered.
PLAISVIBW , Mlun. , Aug. 18. N , C. Udc
of Sparta , Vy'is. , was found half a mlle fro
Klgln this morning , having been mnrdcicd
during the night. His head was mutilated
In a horrible manner. The crlnio In charged
to a number of tinmp * who hnd been holding
high carnival near the place of the murder
yesterday evening.
I'.iiiprror Willlnm' * nnil tli Crnr'i Tnvorlte
Ilnmrn nn Ktlntiltlnii nt thn I'nlr.
Cmc\oo , Aug. Is. Ono of the principal
attractions at the World's fair next week
will bo the parade of the favorite horses of
Emperor William of Germany nnd those of
the czar of ( timsia. Each day thcso burses
will bo led through the principal streets of
tbo White City by liveried grooms.
{ Numerous complaints have been made to
the World's fair officials on account of the
brutality displayed at the suudancc hold by
the Quncltahl Indians last night , n ronort of
which was contained in this morning's 'dis
patches. Inspitoof the protests , the per
formance will bo repeated on the lagoon
between Machinery hall and Agricultural
building next Thursday evening.
The orchestra ot 114 players , which wcro
sent notice last Saturday to quit playing to
morrow , have sent a protest to Director
General Davis , saying they have
been engaged for the entire period
of tbo exposition ; that they intend to pre
sent themselves every morning for duty and
expect their pay Just the same. Colonel
Davis sent the protest to the council nf ad
ministration and that body probably will
refer It to the directory. It was the direc
tory Which ordered the discharge of the
musicians. The musicians have engaged nn
There was rare sport on the lagoon this
afternoon. Swimming matches between
natives of the many villages winding un
with au interKatlonal swim was the program.
Turns. Dahomc.vnns , Samoans and North
Americans took part , The Dahomoyans
proved themselves by far the best water
does. A man named Santon Coyohl , the
Dahomoynn contestant , won the race. The
prize was a double gold eagle , which the
owner of Santon appropriated. The D.t-
homoyans are slaves in their native country.
The good people In general are scandalized
today that a prize fight actually took pheo
last night in the World's fair grounds. The
managers of the grounds ot course know
nothing about It. The light took place In
the stock pavilion. The principals wcro
Patsy McDonald , an Irishman , and , lee
Young , an Englishman. A lot of soldiers on
duty on the grounds and a number of sports
worn thcro. Eleven hot rounds were fought.
McDonald was knocked out and the other
fellow badly punished.
vXB3H'Loncn nut.n .I/KETIAWS.
Now York's Itllu Thmmimls l-lnton to ricry
Oritor .
NEW YOIIK , Aug. IS. Since 10 o'clock tills
morning thcro has been a continuous meet
ing of unemployed workingmen at Golden
Rule hall on llivlngton street. This after
noon the meeting was addressed by Emma
Goldsmith , the wife of Bergman , the man
who tried to kill Henry C. Frick ot Pitts-
Diirg. Her speech was of a highly inflamma
tory character. Shu told the men if they
wanted broad to go and got It , meaning they
should loot bakeries , or whatever they
wanted to .oot.
A committee was appointed to arrange for
a parade of workingmen throughout the
work quarters of the city. Another com
mittee was appointed to procure bread for
the idle men. One of the principal speakers
nt this meeting was nn anarchist named
Blnnck , who was rabid In his utterances , and
inspired bis hearers to a remarkable state
of excitement.
Meetings wore hold in two halls , ono on
Allen street and the Golden Rule hall , this
evening. The hungry men kept three
tenders in Golden Kulo hall busy , and the
bartenders In the other hall had all they
could do.
Emma Goldsmith distributed poaches to
the men In Golden Rule hall. One wild lookIng -
Ing mini spoke in part as follows at the
Allen street hall : "Homombor Chicago ,
where they hanged men. Why ? Because
they were hungry. Yesterday the dirty
police arrested men. Why ? Because they
were hungry. Be calm. If you attempt to
got what you want the police will como and
turn the hose on you. "
A shudder went through the hall.
. The bartenders meanwhile raked In the
"Do not fly the next time , " said an excited
Pole. "When the police como resist with all
your might. "
Tlicro was no trouble during the afternoon ,
and none is expected. The unemployed
Hebrews will hold meetings tomorrow.
flioy Moot at Sylv.iu lieach nnd Will
Nunilirito ii Tlckot.
SYLVAN BEACH , N. Y. , Aug. 18. The an
nual convention of the people's patty of the
state of New York assembled in a small
teuton the grounls of the State farmets
encampment this afternoon und prepared to
place a ticket in the field for the November
election and to prepare a platform. General
James. B. Weaver and Mrs. Mary A. Ijt'aso
were present. Senators Peffer and Stewart ,
who hnd promised to comn , sent dispatches
from Washington stating that a crisis was
imminent there and they could not desert
their post of duty.
Fanner I. E. Dean of Honcoyo F.ills , N.
Y. , called the convention to order. Up man
aged the farmers encampment , which ho
explains as being called for the purpose of
harmonising the grangers , Patrons of Hus
bandry , farmers legions , farmers alliance ,
free silver men , industrial alliances and
other organizations of the different states ,
so they would work together for any meas
ure of relief upon which they acme.
After the call was read committees were
appointed on credentials and platform and
resolutions and permanent organization.
The convention adjourned after the session
lasting fifteen minutes.
IIo Addresses the Aminiiililod Veterans at
tliu liiliinnn O , A. It. IClK-mnpiiicnt.
HtiTCiiiSbON , Kan. , Aug. 18. Ex-Senator
Ingalls , after a long retirement from the
political pl'itform , made his reappearance
today at the stuto encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic. A crowd
of fully 15,000 people - assembled
to hoar hs ! speech. It was believed lie
would not treat of politics , but hu did so in
his old characteristic style , He criticised
thu action of tbo administration in dropping
pensioners arbitrarily from the rolls pendlnii
the examination of their claims , und said it
was not to bo wondered at that the confed
erate democracy manifested hatred toward
Ihomen vtho had driven them and thoii
causa to defeat. They were not to blame ,
The censure falls on the men who voted hisl
fall for these men against whom they shot it
1801.At this point in his speech ono voterar
uroso and said ho had assisted the confeder
ates into power und "with the help of Got
would never do BO again. " A number o
others arose In their audlenco and asked the <
ho counted "among the redeemed. "
( old < i iloro.
NEW YOIIK , AUK. 18. The clearing hotisi
committee Issued 500.0JO addltiomtl certili
catcs todtiy ,
Tlio Fncrst Bismarck arrived last nigh
with JEfeby.lMT iu gold.
Tlio steamer Campasnla stills from Mvar
pool tomorrow with 8'Ja,000 , in gold and tin
El Do with $300,000.
Chairman Magoun of tlio Santa Fo rail
way board announces nn extension on guar
antv fund notes to November ; the amount ii .
A Hurried Hero.
Texas Sittings : "Jones is a very brav
man , " remarked ono traveling man to at :
oilier. "Ho dlstltgulsliea himself In th
"Yes , I know of only ono thing that tie i
afraid to do. "
"What is that ? "
"King his own doorbell nt 8 o'clock in th
morning. "
"You are mistaken. I've known him to d
It frequently when his wife was at I-on
Branch. " _
Wultu W ill on the Wndlni ; ,
Ciut'TAt'p.iu , N , Y. , Autr. 18. Today wr
Grange day and the crowd was Inrpc. Goi
ernor Waltn of Colorado wan the chi (
speaker. Ho addressed himself on tlio bllvi
qupatlon , closing thus ;
L\Ve of the went do not intent ! to wade i
To Furnish Scienl'fb Treatment to All at
Low Tecs i i Keeping with These
Hard Times.
Contliumtliin of I'nMtUn nnd Convlmilnt :
TcMliiiinijr from the Itmt 1'pnplo { 'roving
llnyoiicl gnoitltm th Superiority of the
Method * ol the Coprlniul .Mrdicttl lint- )
lr . CnpclHiul nnil Slirpnrd did not < 1ovU
tlu-lr KjMrm or pniftlrluit inrdlrlnn nit n
incim'-niFil < liiK eclienic , hut ulth tlm pur- '
p > ! ot eiiiililini ; per oii f ftiinill numit * to
olitnln thn Hiiinutrviit mi-tit Unit rlcli pruplc
( myliu-i MIIIIH of money lor. 'Ilii'Mt pliy l.
( Inn * K.NOU thnt they run euro dMi'iiMf *
tlnit Rtrlkn at nlnr-lcntli * of our people ,
ntiilthu ] knowthnt by iidvrrtUliii ; tliU lurt
uhd treutmi ; imtlentH on u uriind si-nlii they
run ull'otd to clmrcoa low lee tocovorcoit of
fterxleeqiiml medicines. In tlie tntril tltuea
siicliu fencotiiniPiidH Itnnll toeierymie need-
IIIR medleul treatmentmill whan thunhlllty
oft lie plijMeluii * In vouched fur every week
byrltlr.onri of high Hliimlltiiltil illillupciicli-
iihln veruclty , lindeth-e otlicrtnlioittd know
wlnit rim ho < lonn ( or them , It uouldneoin
tlutt the mint or iromm : uhuxeck-t medleul
attention IA wiiMlnr ; 11 mo and money In not
Kolni ; to llts. ropnlanil nnd hep.ird.
Titii.\T.Mi.vr nv .MAIL
I'rompt Cure ofCutarrh of the Illmldor by
I lilt Copeliu.d liow-l'co Sj Klein.
Mr. William McDoimUl of Ulierokce. la. , ro-
ecmt.y niulor thouitruut the Couoluml Moil leal
Instlintu for u prostration nnd ( lunf-'orims ca-
lurrh ot the bladder , descrlbcslhe prompt nnd
very gratlfylnR tesulls of lili treatment by
correspotidonco In the following letter , under
datonf August 2'
"I'ui'kiiKO of iiicdtc'no with li-ltor of ndvloo
and In.UriU'tlotis eatnu tn burnt ml rliMit. I a < n
Inclined to think Ilils lust lot will uu till theme
mo nclnos 1 shull require , us I am pract cully
well already. UK will doiiny pond vou might ,
publish my ease In the pipers. My"enro Ii H
eertiln v neon a moitruumrk.ib'ooiic. In ml-
dltion to the extreme physical sulVorhii : inci
dent to n ehronlo CiiUurlKil liitliiinmalloii of
iliu hhidJui. the dUunsu had debilitated my
RVstoiii ami worn mo mil. It h id broupht mete
to H. ( Imiiiorons stuto of imrvuim unit physical
oxluiustlnn. 1 Imd rulloii , when I liouan trout-
menl with vou , from Mi to 120 pouiuls Hut
yimr excellent system ot tro.itment Imss.ivod
mo. 1 ho piim. the aching sou-nos , " , tliu wast-
liiK uwiiy of llesh and slriMutb.erevory
qulc ly ended anil my recovery 1ms been pro
gressive mid steady from thucominuni'umunt.
1 urn now tust regaining tiny : \\eUht
und condition. "
rnrnior * Who Itevonm Chronic Invalids
trom too .Much r.-vpo-mro.
Lewis Itfo. the bl < stock iniin of P.ilmvrn ,
Town , known nnd esteemed in the best so lal.
political and business circles ot Warren n ml
1'olk counties , dunn ? the uns-t thtity-soten
year" , has lutnly liuen taking a coursu of
tri-titincut at the Cupuluiid Institute for : ni
old catarrlml trouble compile itoil Ith i lieu-
mutism , tpo iklni : of the splendid reMl.Uot
ttiolr tieiitiiiont. Mr. Io s iys :
"Vcs , I have lcon prontly pleased wllli my
treatment. Tin : chlnrrlinl trouble und rlu'ii-
inntlsin for winch they brouhl mo such 10-
liof In so very snort u time , und utsm-h til III incest
cost , had beep slowly uiulormlnltiK my bvsteni
since w.iy hack In the ear v days , liofo'ro the
farmers Imd the con vcnluneo of stock curs unit
"Tim ill ease first took hold of im > In the
form of u h nl cold , fiom pvpoMiroln driving
stock Ions d stain us 10 murkut. For vuars U
was only uusul c'litiiirh. a iierimmcnt olos us
of tlio nostril" , w th the consequent illseiim-
fort of habitimllv Ijioathlm ; thionxh the
mouth and thu tin-sumo and nnomlnahlo
habit of Incessant Iriwlfini , ' . stralnln ; nnil
spitting to clear the throat of buck-irlup. > > S
nasal matter. These uojutnuhitlons of m it-
ter In the - ut so had I would sometimes
bo almost strangled. Ntitur illy , some of llio
mutter would bo unconsciously swallowed.
\7lth tliu result of wo lUonliu th j slom.-ieli.
Ono thine thnt bothered mo a 1:0111 was
thn rlnu-ms : In thu curs. It rosu'torl llnallv In
cnturrhul iloiifness. 1 could nut hour. I
spells of dl//.lne-s , uspaclully on stooii'n/.thiit '
would sicken nnil almost bllml me.
"So that , with the rlieuinntlc p.iln and stlir-
ncsi of the joints and mus'los added to thu
loss of slienu'tli by imll.'ogUon and Impovui-
Ishmentof the blood through the conoral 01- uo'fionins , I was rather In u Ind way
wlion I bevun troitlnu' with thoCopelan 1 phf ° -
slcl me. but they > ; avu mo just the tic-itinunil
needed the best treatment I Imd evsr had.
und in fact the only treatment . went
rliht to the sent of the disc iso.
"It didn't luUo them long to show tholrconi-
ploto muslory ever my whole trouble. They
lire very ) ! . ' , very painstaking ami very
able and very thoiouKh. It's a reul pleusuro
to reeoii.inciul such men to otliurs. "
L'nta ihn ulall otralilcillsmtn treat''l al fo-o
anil U'ltformri'.i nedicl'ic * fret. I'.itlutli it i
ilMaiice fie'ciifuU-i Irca'.tl bj milt. Sntlfor
symptom M-ink.
Tlio Knoxiledcr ol Tliu I'notViMn Conlln-
ml Source ot Apprnhrnituu anil .Shrtilu\rail V
Her Life.
The publlo frcquotilly. with ROOI ! roiMtin. n k
wlir.liatHints who lime boon oinuil liv 1'rs. '
( Vmohind ami Shepuril nro willing to'imiKn
sfitoiiunts for iiubilcatlon. It l i-ottuln that
thu moit of thorn ihrlnk from publicity. Their
initl\e can L > o expliilnolln the ono won ) ,
"symMlhj | " sympithy for Hum1 who nro
Blek and for liitwohonrosllll urrnrm . No
one rehitn loftc4 of iidvenliiro UKO llio
licrooi thmn ohus , und mi i < nu talk for thu
sick HKo Ihosrt tvho h.ivo sulTetoil. Tliustito
menli ! Unit Imvn lioen puhll hod In those col-
MIUIIS nave boon mnilo by tieoplo In all walks
of life , lluiliu-ss mop , profaoloimi men ,
mechanics clo , . have i-ontrlbtitod tholr evl
tluiu'p. 1'ow t thorn liu\o liui < n accus
tomed In mnU'tiiit slntomonts or wnHntr
for the publlo pri ' , hut thu > have t lUnl
nl out that with which llicy wcro familiar.
They have remind u slmplu nnd Mrr.l hlfor-
\MirilKiory.niul thus they have often boon
olocpiiMit. Thu nbovo Itloas were sugunsloil
hv u reply slvcn to the writer , by Mrs. W. J.
Tr'cU ' , in answpr toikiiiii'stloii n'tturtlltitf her
roHlor.illon toho.ilth. Mrs. Trluk lives xvltli
her Initliiind nnd fumlly nt S72I lliimlllou
si reel. Her husbiinil has been for a long
tlmo un emtiloyo of the I'ost'il t'ublo Company.
Mrs. 1'ilrk Is u mint estlmnhlo ami cultureil
lady und hur words will bo taken us absoltlta
truth bv all who Vnow hor. yho s > yfi-
"My o.\cedent progress und recovery from u
serious lima tllsunso under the earn of Dr.
shopinl Is worthy the ut tent Ion ot I ho public.
If Ihoieby Hullerers may Hnd help ns 1
li'ivo diini' , 1 hud Kood reiixons Tor fear'na
eonsumpt.on . all my life nnil mini loeently I
lii\o : been constantly In diond o ( llila dlHoaso
Kor n ooil iiiiinv years I felt that my 'hroul
nnd lunu * no.ik und lulling mul t wasnl.
wavs tilclniold. . My throiilui > soru , uid
uchln : uml thu tiouhlu slon , yent , douii ta
mv lun s. 1'itlns urn ) soioness thiou h tlu
chest MiMultly Invreusoilllh u p t nfill. I'ol *
low-soinilhiivouili. Alone w Hi tliesosvmp-
toms mv nppetlte failed uml I hoeumoeil <
nndory thin In fact 1 WHC rapidly dovolop-
Ineiili the symptoms nf tnhorvuliir dlsoiso. :
My breatn was short mid my heurl beat , wild
ly upon u little overturn. To sum It , nil up.
tnero was very llttii'islriMieth or luipo left
when Dr. llL pllrd lii''iui my c.iso. Hut Ills pa-
tlenl. ciiroful iieutment has built mo up In
strength nml llesh nut I l am heuviornml
stronger than I Imvo been lor your < My
ho-illh Is MihnniillnUy lesloroil n result us
tinlooKed for iis It Is welcome.
"The superior testimony oMViod by Urs.
Copeland nnd Hhepnrd und the uood Hi nuliiii ;
In the ( .ominuti ly ol those who SIINU testimo
ny Indneed mo to imply to them for treat
ment. My experience convinces niu that tlio
tro-ilmenl of these plivsieluns is lust whut It
Is elulmed to bo iuperlor to nil others and
litivmi m.ulo the mostsalisfuetoiy iinuress
uml liiipi-ovoment 1 feel poi-feetly wllllns to
speak pnbiluly In f.ivor of Ihoin und their
tro.'itment , "
A c.\in nt ( M ii. D. MHIKSQ : ,
The follnwliii pcrsonnl Inilnrsoinont from IT.
I ) . Nenly , inummur fnrNohrusKu fnrtho ICciull-
ulilo liifo Assur.inee Society of Ni w Vnrk.wltli
nlllcus In I'l IK HKK hnllilliig. Is respuctfully
submlltod. Mr. Noely'.s proiiilneneu un 1 hlh ;
cliaraeter us u business mini uml ell l/un civo
his statements .t reliability beyond niiestlon :
OMAHA. AUK. 10. IMfi To thu I'ubllu : My
pei'sun.'il knowledge of Dr. t' . t * . Shepiird. resi
dent phyalulnn of thu Oiipelund Medleul Insti
tute , envoi A a period uf m-iiiv yeiirs. l r.hcp ( -
iird Is nn uxporloiicud uml accomplished phy
sician and Hiirguon. UN HIIOL-U H 1ms been
notalily gient In n larjo mid reiponslhle llehl
of pruelfeo. 1 heartily commend him uml hl.i
wurlc to thu full eonlldcneo of tint pu He.
Ii , I ) . NEKt.V.
KOOMS 311 AND 111 ! NKW VOU 1C MfJ
Every Gurablu Disuusu Treated.
OflkolIuiirs-'J to 11 n. m.:2 : to'i p. in. : 7 to3 D.
m. Suiuluy IU n. in. to I' ' in.
This is equal to Pennsylvania for furnaces nnd largo
Superior for jrrale and kitchen use.
Superior to Rock Swings or any other coal.
Lighter than PuniiHylvanlu coal.
Therefore moro bulk nnd heat for less money.
It affords a solution of the cheap fuel question.
Get further particulars and samples from
H. A. COX & CO. , Sales Agent.
blood. Wo bellovo in the priceless principles
on which tlio constitution was buildod ,
but I say to you , let this depres
sion go on ; let it continue ; this
uttitudo of striking the west by the east be
cause you have the putvrr. and lot any can
didate of your old parties go before the people -
plo In 1MM on u platform of protection when
the west has no protection and ho will lint
gut a vote of the Ohio or south of the
I'otonme. "
AuwMtixu in > nu-i > ini.i'.UH.
llurdilil | > n of 'Ilio l.iie.impiid Alone the
llorder or thn .strip ,
AitKANSAsCiTV , Kan. . Aug. 18. Thcro is
much distress among the homo-soukers
camped along the borders of thu Strip.
Many of them arrived last spring , and each
month since then has socn their llttlo store
of funds or other valuables slowly dwlu
dling , until they uro now iilmobt destitute ,
and have been forced to sell their
tuck to obtain provisions. The failure of
the First National bank also swoptaw.iy the
reservu of u lurgo number. Work lias been
scarce and thu lack of Mirtlrictit food and the
chnngo of water and climate has caused
much sickness. Deaths among children
have been numerous. Tlio only hope of this ,
destitute class Is that the .Strip will bo
opened soon and before a grout throng can
g.uhor to make the for ctuinm ,
lii'Tiutin , Okl. , Aug. IS Special Agent I'oo
left this mornlmr to locate the registering
booths along vho line ol the Cherokee strip ,
ilo was ordered to have tbo work completed
by next Tuesday , ns the proclamation will bo
issued the day following.
Itrcnnl of tlio DliliK-tlvod.
Chief Hnzo's report of the detective force
for the llrst half of the mouth blmws that
forty-six arrests \vere imulo during that
time by himself and men , iClovon nf these
woru discharged in police court mill thirty-
live were convicted , seven of thorn being
bound over to appear bcforo the district
court. Stolen property to the amount
of $1,018.15 , was also recovered
during that time. The arrests
by the diflercnt detective * were us follows ;
Chief llazu , U ; iluzo and Hudson , S ; HUM ) ,
Hayes and HnJbon , 1 ; J. M. Vaughn , 2 ; Sav-
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