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    THE OMAHA DAILY HIM : S UAY. JULY 8 , 1893. 3
1 j- carrier to ony part of the cllT
, , . . No. < J
1C. Y. Ptxnr.Mr.R Co
I TJoston Store for sun umbrellas
.liaison , pasturage , 02'J Sixth avenue.
Mlltouticwcr Is the hatter , 603 Hroadwny
Ui.cS Mojito Kcal Katatc Co. , G21 Uroadway.
The water works ofllco will bo open Satur
day owning , July tf , until bSO. : Come cany
and save , \our dlKCoutit.
Charley Vord , a G-yenr-old pncor , owned by
a hotscinnn in ' 1'aroma , , Is at MIISO
Wife's stable. Ho hus u good record.
The Northwestern Is laying now eighty ,
pound steel rails between Council Bluffs
and Honey Creek In Jilaco of the old sixty *
pound rails ,
Tlicro will be a special meeting of Har
mony chapter No. SC , Order of the Eastern
Star , this evening for purposes of Initiation.
By order of worthy matron.
A warrant la out for the arrest of Jacob
: v Florko on the charge of stealing a pocketbook -
book from a fellow boarder at 700 Fourth
street. The purse contained 111 In money.
Tlicro will bo a free lecture tomorrow
afternoon at ! ) o'clock at Fnlrmount park by
Dr. II. T. Stanley of Now York City. His
subject will bo "Out of Error Into Truth. "
'A marriage license was Issued yesterday
to II. A. I'urcuplo of Omaha and Maud
Delano of Norman , Okl. Their ages are "
and i5. ! They wcro married by Justice Field.
The corner stone of the now German
Evangelical church nt the corner of 1'Iorco
street and Glen avcnuu will bo laid today.
The IIrat Intention to have appropriate , cere
monies In connection with the litylng has
been abandoned on account of the warm
The city council took a drive over the city
yesterday In the patrol wagon on a tour of
inspection with a view to ascertain how
much of truth there Is in n large number of
complaints that have como in from property
owners in almost every Dart of the city on
uccoimt of sink holes that need filling up.
A meeting of Fidelity council , Koyal
Arcnnum , was held last evening at which
II. - \ . rinyder of Waterloo , deputy grand
repent for the state of Iowa , was present.
I. M. Troy nor resigned his position as grand
regent of the state , nnd the vacancy so made
was Illlcd by the appointment of S. T. Me-
Atcons Ills Bucccsor.
The attorneys for the city and the plain
tiff In the Krucgcr damage suit argued a
motion for a new trial in the district court
yesterday morning. The plalntllT's attor
neys claimed that enough had been brought
forth in the way of evidence to show that
the verdict of the Jnry was not strictly
regular , while the city ntornoy contended
that enough evidence had been put forth to
show that the maker of the famous Gorman
aflldavlt had Hud in some particulars , nnd
that , therefore , his aflldavll was subject to
dlsbcliuf In every other particular. Judge
Dccmcr took the subject under advisement ,
Ollicnr Kemp ran across four suspicious
looking characters last evening at ttic cornet
of Alain street and Broadway ami
arrested thorn. Ono of them , whr
afterwards said his nauio waa Join :
Ilnimncrcott , showed light and Kcm |
had to use his cano with a good
deal of vigor to got him under
control. He claimed to bo a soldier frou
Fort Logan come iloivti to sco the elephant
In the tussle that took place between bin
and the ollleer they rolled over nnd over h
the street and both wcro somewhat dis
figured. Nuinnor two of the group was cuugh
nnd held by Ira F. Hcndricks and C. H. Han
man , who happened to bo standing near um
appointed themselves temporary policemen
The other two got away.
Piles of people h.ivo piles , out Do Witt's
Witch Hazel S.ilvo will euro them.
Picnic trains , until further notice
will leave for that great fishing resort
HuyV Landing and Matmwa park , Min
cral Springs , Gorman shooting grounds
Manhattan beach nnd Munawa opor ,
lioiibo ( where two performances will bi
given during the benson daily at 4 un <
80 : ! o'clock p. m. ) us follows : Nine am
11 a. in. and 1 and " p. m. , and ever ;
thirty minutes thereafter until 12:110 : a
night. Last train will leave Maimwi
for Council BlulTs at 11:55 : p. m.
Able your grocer for Domestic sbap.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. J. Day are In Chicago.
K F. Murphy has gone to Mackinaw fo
an outing.
Airs , Henry Qoffcon and children are visll
Ing In Shcnamloah ,
Mrs. F. A. Buckman left yesterday for
two weeks visit to Chicago.
Judge Dufllo of Omaha was In the city ye !
tcrday , attending district court.
F. C. Marshall , traveling auditor of th
Hock Island road , was In the city ycstordai
Mrs. Ernest Thornton of Kearney , Neb , . 1
in the city , the guest of her father , N. A
Mrs. M. A. Clark and daughter , Miss S :
dona , left last evening for a visit In Burling
ton Junction ,
Frank Biownell , formerly with Shugart
Co. , now of Sioux City , Is in Council Bluffer
for a few clays.
Miss Luo Snoll , who has been visiting rol
lives and friends hero , will leave this ovc
ing for her homo In Paris , Tox.
W. A. Ballcnger and sister , Miss Lcona. i
Moulton , la. , are In the city , gue stft of Mr
II. A. Ballcnger , Willow uvenuo.
Miss Gladys Allen loft last evening f <
Chicago , accompanied by Miss Nellie I ace ,
whoso guest she has been for the past t\i
J. P. Chrlstcnscn resigned his position I
cashier for the Hock Island freight onici
yesterday. Ho will bo succeeded by H. ]
W. 15. Fitzgerald , son of William Fltzge
nld , Is homo Irom St. Joseph , where he hi
been attending commercial college. Ho wl
return thcro In the fall.
Will M. Keller has returned from scho
nt Kingston , N. Y , , and will upend the vac
tlnn with his parents , Mr. and Mrs. S.
Keller. On his way homo ho stopped
Chicago nnd took In the sights at the fair.
C , 11. Bolter , a prominent citlzrn of Logu
was In the city yesterday. Ho states th
the long drawn out light , started by tl
people of Missouri Valley for the purpose
having the county scat moved from Logn
is practically at an cmt , and the Ix > gi
pcoplo still hold the fort.
Plies of people nave pt.os , out Da Witt
Witch IIiuol Salvo wlllourj thom
Manhattan Heach restaurant IK
open. Flhh suppers a specialty. Urea
f ht served for lishing parties. Fn
Hupp , proprietor.
Carbon CouL Co. , wholonlo and roh
ccul , Homovod from 101'cnrl to 114 1'en
street , Grand Hotel building.
Nut Unite Clinic Conn ,
A darkey porter loafed around the Nort
western depot yesterday forenoon for a n
uic nt too lung , and the train that belong
to him moved oft and left him. Ho ga
chase and overhauled the train just as
was crossing the Indian croon bridge nor
of the depot. As ho uus clambering
board ho missed his footing and full botwc
the train and the iron guard that scuarat
the two sides of the bridge. Ho was n
seriously hurl , but a v erse frightened di
key is not often seen. As ho walked
street to Had a doctor ho was at least sov
shades whiter than ordinary. A cut on 1
chin nnd a bruited nrm were the worst
his Injuries. _
For that "out o1 torts" feeling
Tuko Bromo-Scltzer trial bottle 1
Williamson & Co. . 100 Main etrec
largest and best bicycle stock lu city.
Cook yot" meals this summer on a g
range. At cost at Uio Gas company.
Use Doiuefatle soap.
Two LUtla Girls find a Man Billon by n
Rabid Our ,
Attuckti ! IteptiUoiUjr , lie Only Snccoedi In
Drlrinc ( ) ( T the Vlcloui Ilrtito Alter a
; UeiieriUa | Klfort Krlctult Await
ing Development ! ,
The residents of Broadway , In the vicinity ,
f lilghth street , \vcro treated to n genuine
uad dog scare yesterday corning about 10
'clockyilllatn Hull , a plasterer living at
ho coroner of Avf.nuo 0 and Fifteenth
troot , was passing along when a llttlo dog
amo running up with flecks of foam
alllnfi from his mouth , and nil the other
ymntoins of hydrophobia. Ho bit Hall In
.ho leg nnd rotumcd repeatedly alter being
kicked away. Hall family managed to pot
: iway. whereupon the dog went to the stair
way next to Charles Swalne's store and lay
down. Shortly after two llttlo girls of Mor-
rcllFosdlck went down stairs and the dog
bit them both , ono In the wrist nnd the
other In the leg. Physicians wcro at oncn
summoned and the three casca were cared
for. What will bo the outcome cannot yet
bo ascertained , but the friends of the un
fortunate victims arc very anxious. Ofllccr
Cliiar happened to bo passing the scene
nliortly after the affair took pluco nnd was
notlllort. As ho approached the animal How
at him , but was prevented from using his
teeth again by a kick from the ofllccr's ' boot.
Claar then brought his cane Into play and
killed the dog with It.
ilulr Clonrliiff Snlo.
Wo are cutting prices all over the
storo. Cost not considered during this
irrcat clcarlnir out sale of summer floods.
Saturday wo olTcr-ovor BOO our entire
stock of "fie line stripe , long waist sum
mer corsets at the low price of UOc pair.
Closing out all oilds and ends in Indies'
shirt waists nt luilf price , nt 50o , OJc ,
'oc nnd l)8c ) each.
300 do/en misses' and children's line
ribbed hoi-o in tunsuul fast mack , Sat
urday 8o } pair.
Nearly giving away ladies' pure silk
Our entire stock of ladies' 75o and
31.00 pure bilk gloves in black , tan and
gray , tomorrow only , 2 pairs to each
customer , 2f > e pair.
Special Saturday evening.
Another picnic for our customers.
Saturday evening for I ) hours , 7 to 10 p.
in. , wo offer 1,000 drebs patterns , con
sisting of 10 yards of nice figured lawns
and clinllie.i , entire , dress pattern only
liOe. Everybody turn out and gut a nice
cool dress pattern. Open Saturday until
100p. : : ! m. HENNISON BHOS.
TcM-\c r-OI < l lloy Venture * * Too Ncnr a
Mi'rr.r-Co-Icouiiil nnd In rntnlly Injured.
H. O. Mead of this city went to Crescent a
short time ago and set up a "tnerry-po-
round , " which was well patronized by the
young people of the vicinity. It was run by
horse power , with an overhead gear. Trade
was unusually heavy on the Fourth. On
that day the merry-go-round was heav
ily loaded nnd was in full blast
when a chain broke , allowing one
of the heavy pieces of machinery ( o fall out
to ono side and strilte a little boy named
Kilpack in the head. He was picked up in
sensible and carried to his homo on Pigeon
creek , where it was found that ho was
suffering from a fractured skull. Every
thing was done to relieve him , but In vain.
Ho died yesterday morning. The accident
could have been averted by the use of suit
able guard ropes to keep the crowd away ,
but tbo proprietor failed to use any such
GAI.A. 1 > AV
At the lloBton btoro Urcuc Glnglmm
Another chance for the hundreds who
could not get waited on last Monday and
Saturday evenings at our gingham conn'
tors , for this evening from I ! to 10 the
finest line of 10 and 12Jc ginghams all
to go at 5c a yard.BOSTON
Leaders nnd Promoters of Low Prices ,
Mitimwii Hct'i'dii.
There wcro great crowds nt Manhattat
beach last night and ycsteulayafternoon , al
enjoying the cool and pleasant breezes tha
make lifo In hot wcathor endurable am
3- happy around the lake. People who cami
from the heated walls and scorching pave
ments of the rtvln cities could scarcely real
Ize the great difference In tenipcratun
between the cities nnd the lako. Man ;
bellovcd that u change had occurred in tin
weather until they returned to the ho
streets of the towns. The wafr Is delicht
ful , clear as crystal and just the righ
temperature to bo pleasant. There wen
many ladies m bathing last night.
Fish suppers nnd clam b.ilccs at the Man
hattan beach restaurant are getting to ho i
popular fnd. You can have the privilege o
cati'hini ; your own lish and digging jourowi
clams or you can order fiom the stock alway
kept on haml in ice. Those who have trlci
the clams fresh water clams , vulgarl ;
called mussels say they are line eating am
a real delicacy , served as Fred Itnpp serve
thom. They are not as popular , however , a
the fish , royal black b.iss , that are cookci
for you Just as you want thorn.
Manhattan beach Is so largo that n multl
IS tudo docs not make a crowd , and thcro i
novcr any daugor of uiu'omfortablo crushes
I ) . either on the ucach or in the water.
While this weather contiiiiics over.vbod ,
r- who can got to tha lake will go and feel bet
ris tcr for the going.
ill iCterniil Vlellnnon
Is the prlro of health. Hut with ull our prc
olu caution tliore are enemies iihvnys lurkiii
uS. - about our Byst-cms , only waiting a favorabl opportunity to assert themselves , Impur !
at ties of the blood may bo hidden for jours o
oven for generations und suddenly * brou
n , forth , umlerniliihiK health and hu.stcnln
at duath. For ull diseases urlslhL' from linpur
ho blood Hood's Sursuparillu is the imcquulle
of and unupprouchiMl remedy. U is king o
n , them all , for it conquers disonso.
There is nothing In this country Ilk
the fruit 'kept In Wheeler , Hcrold <
Co.'s cold storage. No matter what th
weather is it reaches the customer i
IW perfect condition. Another car load clemens
IWk lemons was put in Saturday.
llurelury ut UniliTtvuail ,
J. H , Ksterlfo uiid Joe HuKlics , the fornu
ill to hull from Sun Knuiflsco and tli
irl latter from Dos Molncs , were brought I
from Underwood yesterday morning to I
kept in the county jull until the grand Jur
situ next August , They uro charged wit
h- burglarizing the residence of Thoinus Cool
10' a bcctiou boss on thn MHuuultco ut Undo
cd wood. They stole ffl In nionoy , a razor an
some trinkets , after which they dccampci
voU The burglary \vus teen found out , a posse <
U men was organized und the two Ugh
then fingered gentlemen cru overhauled iu
on coriiflcld about a mllo- from Underwooi
on Uxm | being given u hearing before. Justii
ct > Vun de Uogurt they were bound over to tt
lOt grand Jury. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Plica of people have piios , but Oowltt' ' '
cu Witch Hazel Salvo will euro them.
lis of After Thui-Mluv Mibs HiigFdalo's m !
linory store will bo found at No. 10 Peat
Domestic soap outlubts cheap boap.
Looking fur HlVlto ,
About thrco weeks ngo TUB HEB contain *
an uccouut of a brutal ussuult on little Kth
Touipkius. daughter of W , E. Tompkiu , wl
live * at 6UJ Souti Fourteenth street
Omaha. John llyau , the iufuuipus scoundi
who did the deed , disappeared aud has u
a ill.
Finest Lake , Bathing , Beaches , Boating and Fishing in the
West. Perfect Summer Resort , Moderate Price , First-
Class Flotel Accommodations. Grassy groves and sandy
beaches for campers , and
- %
Motor trains make connection with Omaha and Council Bluffs electric lines from 9 a. m. , until
Boats leave every five minufes for Manhattan Beach , a clean , perfect , sandy bathing beach , with all
modern accommodations.
The Turf Exchange , Manawa branch Omaha Turf Exchange and
under same management , opposite Manawa Park. ! ' A favorite resort for
gentlemen ; finest wines and liquors to be obtained.
The "White House , " northwest corner entrance to Manawa Park.
Fine lunches , refreshments and music. . " '
While you are at the lake visit William Dolson at the "Diamond , " in
the rear of the horel , for lunches rnd refreshments.
> cen hoard from olnco. Evcr-sinco the sad
affair took place Mrs. Tomnkins has been
acting strangely and her friends came to the
belief gradually that her mind bad been af
fected. One day she disappeared and for
some time no trace of her could bo found.
Mr. Tompkins was in the city yesterday
afternoon and stated that he had traced her
o the Metropolitan hotel on Lower
way , whore she arrived last Tuesday. Mrs.
Tompklns1 maiden name.was Maude E.
Ilickoy and they were married in Homer ,
Mich. Mr. Tompkins still has hopes of Und
ine her and is leaving no stone unturned in
the search.
At the lloRton Store.
The popular hand covering for this
hot weather is a nice pair of Bilk mitts.
For today Wb will olTer entire stock 10c
and i0c ! silk mitts for 112Jc a pair. At So
wo show a guaranteed fast black silk
stitched mitt worth lr > e , only 8e a pair.
50 extra quality all linen towels
for today only " " > o each , worth 8e.
Special waist bale , for today only. Our
entire line at less than cost price. Ask
to sco our line at 22e , 4Ue , 02c } , ,
$1.12i , Sl.i7ic : , up to the fincbt silk. Wo
show by far the largest line , newest
styles , and at a 25 per cent saving to our
patrons. I
FANCY PAHASor.s. The greatest bar
gains in this line ever heard of. All
our $ : t.fiO , $4.50 , $ C > .00. $0.00 nnd $7.00
parasols at $1.89 for today only.
Hosiery , 100 dozen misses' and chil
dren's tuns nnd blacks , guaranteed fast
colors , for today at Olic a pair , Boston
storo. UndeTwcur , 50 dozen ladies'
jersey ribbed volts Do each or ; ) foi
worth lllo each. 100dozen extra qu
Swiss ribbed vests , for today only liljc
each , worth i"ic. Uoston btoro , Fother-
ingham , Whitolaw & Co. , leaders and
promoters of low prices.
Tilt * Or.imi llotul ,
Council Bluffs. THO most olesant in
Iowa , Dining room on seventn floor.
Unto , & ) .00 nnd $5.00 a day. E. F. Clark ,
Aerlilfiitul Drowning ,
The coroner's jury held an inquest yester
day over the body of Jcaso Carpenter , who
was drowned in Mosquito crectf. The rela-
tlves of the dead boy did not consider an
Inquest necessary , as there was not the
slightest possibility of any evidence being
brought in to show that It was
anything but a case of acci
dental drowning. Tha coroner did
not care to lose an opportunity of holding an
Inquest and drawing u fco , however , and so
the inquest went on. There was no informa
tion of any nnportunco whatever elicited ,
and at the conclusion the jury returned the
only kind of verdict that they could.
The funeral of the dead boy will take
pluco at 10 o'clock this morning at the fam
ily residence , lf > 8 Grace street.
Manhattan Bench restaurant now
) O open. Fish suppers u specialty. Break
fast B'jrrcd for Hulling parties. Fred
Happ , proprietor.
MutzK'r anil ItuiMllrtt'i lce .
If you want bomething line , leave an
order for Metzgcr & Handlott'ridoHcioub
ices. Delivered in all parts of the city.
Suing for Inturiinue ,
M. Salzmann hud a nro last February In
\vlilch his junk stoto wus burned , entailing a
loss of about JMX ) on him. Ho had had the
place Insured for that amount In the Uurlim/-
8 ton Inturuncc company a llttlo over a month
before , but otter the tire the company re
fu cd to pay up. Bnlrmunn tiled a petition
in the district court yesterday asking for a
judgment for the face of the | > ollcy.
Stop at the Ogden , Council Bluffs , to
Icit $2.00 house in Iowa.
Grconshields , Nicholson & Co. , real
estate und rentalnGOO Broad way. Tol.161.
Another improvement to the popular
Schubert piano. Swnnson Music Co
Domestic soup is the best.
Mike Bubert Seeks to Shuffle Off This
Mortal Coil.
Asiesaincnta .Machine A Rents
of Hobo Tendencies Looking Out
furTnxntlou ( iiiiklp of u Personal
ami ImporHunnl Nuturo.
Mlko Subert made a bunglesome effort to
shut off his earthly career by placing a ! ! 'J-
cullbcr gun at his loft temple und pulling the
irlggor lust night. '
Subert is u single young man nnd has been
making his home with his uncle , Michael
Schlugel , who lives at the corner of ICIgh-
teenth and Q streets. 'Iho fellow has been
very despondent .it times and has often said
lie would kill himself some daj. After eat
ing his supper last evening ho went out of
the house and was not been again until
:40 : o'clock , when ho was found
hy his undo lying on the sidewalk
a short distance from the house with u bul
let in his head nnd gasping for breath. The
word was soon passed around , and by the
time Dr. Sluhuush arrived there were fully
! ! UO persons gathered at the scene. Young
Hubert wus taken into the hnuso und worked
en by the physician for some time. At mid
night it wus reported that the man might
possibly recover.
Subort wus a weak-minded fellow nnd
worked about nt odd jobs hero anil there.
Ila hud been drinking yesterday and told
his companions that ho was tired of life.
Holio Machine Agcutd.
A number of Idle men bavo boon going
from house to house la South Omaha rcpro
scutlng themselves to bo sowing machine
ugents. They do not cnrry cards , machines
or anything else and have the uppcarunco of
hoboes. It is believed that their solo Inten
tion Is robbery , and yesterday morning Ofllcer
Argobrlght gathered Iu flvo of them In the
vicinity of indicate purk. The fellows
looked Ilko thu.v might have some idea of a
threshing inuchino , but when it came to a
sowing machine- they would ho lost 'Iwo
of the gung hud been ordered out of town
several duys ugo , * John Harrington , John
MuDcrmltt and Dart Sullivan were sentenced
to fifteen days in the county Jail , with live
duys on bread nnd water , The others were
uischurged und ordered to leave town.
Chief Ilcekott hasissued an order that all
kids must bo off th'o , street by 0 o'clock at
night und any of them found out later than
this will bo lockcd'tfp unless they can give a
good account of thpm.B'elves ,
ICijuiilUlnc'tho ' Aibc
The city council rnet'as a board of equali
zation Thursday nigh 'and wcro In session foi
about three hoursjFUty complaints of "too
high" assessment havb been lodged , Klglv
teen of the minor complaints were justified ,
The owners of moat of the packing houses
desire to have a reduction iu their assess
ments. The Cudahy plant was assessed al
JM.OOO and the Swift at WOOO. The Uudahj
pcoplo want their assessment reduced to the
figure put on Swift's , Hammond's was re
turned at > . * i,000 , and think the amouul
should bo reduced 1'i.OM In order to make ll
the sumo as the Omaha Packing company.
The members of the council were at a lost
to know what they could do in the matter
and have referred the whole proposition tc
City Attorney Van Duscn , who will advisi
them at the meeting tonight.
The council met again last night , but ai
none of the complainants were present an ad
journroeut was taken until next Monda ;
evening ,
I.onklup Out for Tuxitlon ,
There was a meeting of taxpayers In E (
Johnson's real estate ofllco Thursday nigh
for the purpose of dUcussmg the present ant
future tax on property holders of Soutt
Omaha. It was a sort of au in
Going over to Manhattan beach take Ed. Aainscow's swift little screw
steamer Liberty or the sidewheeler Rescue ; a delightful boat ride for IDC.
Manawa Hotel , European and American. Fine ballroom free for
pafties. Regular meals 500. Short orders and lunches to suit.
Manhattan Restaurant. Only restaurant on Manhattan beach. Fish
suppers and Clambakes a specialty. Just every-day prices for every
thing. Fred Rapp , proprietor.
orrnal afTair and the conversation
ens free for all hands. "Tho mcot-
ig was hold , " said ona of the gentlo-
icn who took part , "for the purpose of in-
estimating some rumors that have been
float In regard to executive sessions of the
ity council. Also to have a committed
amed to confer with the school board and
eo.if that body could not bo urged to got
long without making another levy this
oar. " Thcro was nothing secret about the
neetingand it could not have been held in a
uoro public place in the city.
The committees named were Frank Pei >
ons and Judge J. P. Brecn on the school
ipurd and Kd Johnson and John liyau on the
Ity council. _
School Hoard .Moctlnt ; .
The school board held a meeting last night
vlth all the members present except Thomas.
; 'ho principal business transacted was the
otting of the contract to build the two now
school houses. Eggors & Bojk , a South
Omaha firm , wore the lucky bidders. Their
bid was'JO for each building. There wcro
only two other bids , P. J. Crcodon bid $9y'J'J
md Thomas C. McDonald bid $10,40 .27. The
contract reads that Eggcrs & Bock must
mvo the building completed by December 1.
Juval Bros , of Omaha wore on hand with a
hid , but as the hour sot for closing the re
ceiving of bids w.-.s 5 o'clock on the evening
of July 5 , their bid could not be considered.
A bill for f I. ) in favor of Attorneys Adams
Bell was allowed. This was the tall end
of a compromise case that was instigated u
long time ago.
Architect Latonser was allowed $4. > 0 on
account. This Is considered to bo about one-
lialf of his bill for drawing the plans for the
new buildings.
Mr. Bulhi stated that ho hud read In Tin :
BEE that a committee of taxpayers had been
appointed to Investigate the board matters a
llttlo nnd ho moved that the secretary bo
Instructed to glvo the gentlemen free access
to the books and papers of the board and
assist them , in every possible way to find out
what they wished to know. His motion pre
The standing committees as appointed by
President Check for the next year are as
follows :
Finance , and Claims Hlgglns , Jones and
Teachers' Examinations and Salaries
Thomas , Jones and Check.
lluiltliugs and Grounds Bmla , Check and
Pearl ,
Text Books and Course of Studies Hagan ,
Bulla and Thomas.
Repairs , Furniture and Supplies-Jones ,
Bulla and Pearl ,
Hules , Regulations and Publications-
Pearl , Thomas and Hagun.
Sanitary Affairs and Janitors Thomas ,
Pearl and Jones.
The entire bourd was Instructed to look
up all necessary repairs In the various school
houses nnd report at the next meeting ,
These repairs will necessarily have to bo
made during vacation ,
M. Blair is In EUlot.
Press Barrett Is homo from a trip cast.
Born , to Mr. and Mrs. U Grimm of Al
bright , a son.
Mrs. Milton Griffith Is visiting friends in
Plattsmouih ,
Charles King of Pcrclval , la , , Is visiting
friends in the city.
Mrs. Frank Wcpncr Is homo from a visit
with friends In Buffalo ,
The family of Flro Chief Smith is homo
from a visit in the east.
Miss Hattie Lvman of Dunlnp , la. , la visit
ing her brother , F. A. layman.
The police arrested two bnyg for swimming
in Walker's luke last evening ,
Kov , Thomas Stevenson U homo from a trip
through the east and to Canada.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Kratskoy was burled yesterday ,
Jitn Pancabo was placed under $230 bonds
to appear against Arthur Hurley.
Dr. C. G. Jaycox gave a tallyho party tea
a number of friends last evening.
The Misses Etta and Mary Heed have gone
to Chicago to visit the World's fair.
Miss Clara Munn of Nushvillo , Tenn. , i
the guest of N. D. Muuu , her brother.
Too past grand patron will install th
novrly elected officers of Ada chapter , Orde
Wo have 3 high-grade gents' pneumatics , 2 Indies' pneumatic ? , high graclo ,
boys' and 1 { jirl's wheel in stock , all 1893 wheels , of latest design and strictly
ilgh grudo. If wo can got the cash cost of these wo will lot thorn go. These
neludo three of the host Known wheels in the world and not a mar or scratch on
hem. Wo are agents for Victors , New Mails , King Klipporu and Wuvorlys. Our
oason for cloanini ; ui > at the middle of the bicycle season is August 1st wo will
mvo arrive 5 carloads of stoves 1 car Uoclcwith's Hound Oaks , U cars Radiant
lomes , 1 car Stewart's and 1 car wrought ranges. To make room wo must clear
our slock of all bulky goods. This is no advertising fake , but wo mean exactly
vhat wo say. Wo also have ono fine Refrigerator loft that will go at cost. This
vill clean out our bulky seasonable goods. Don't wait till these are gonoand then
'egret ' that you miesed the chance of a lifetime. Our friends know wo nro doing a
our-story business in a two-story building , nnd are nhort room.
COLE & COLE , 41 Main St. , Council Bluffs , la.
Eastern Star , on Saturday evoning. All
neinbcrs are requested to bo present.
The 7-months-old daughter of Mr. and
ilrs. Sam Novons was buried yesterday.
'John J. Donovan of this city was yester
day married to Miss Mary Hico of Omaha.
Miss Eva Mason was called to Blair
owing to the serious Illness of her mother.
J. W. Shamblin was called to Moravia , la. ,
on account of the serious illness of his
The parents of F. J. Persons arrived from
JulTalo , N. V. , yesterday and will visit hero
'or u short time.
Mrs. E. McKlnno.v nnd daughter of Hay
Bprings are visiting at the residence of
"jyman Carpenter.
While standing In a crowd lust" evening
watching n street fakir Asher Hoadlu had a
gold watch stolen from his pocket ,
J. A , Silver has been given the contract to
build the now Methodist 'church. The esti
mated cost of the building Is $ : iHTO.
Mrs. Alex Si'blcgcl returned homo from
Plattsmouth yesterday , accompanied by
Miss Myrtle Schlcgol , who will visit hero for
i few days.
Alpha ledge No. 44 , Daughters of He--
jokah , installed their newly elected officers
ast night. A number of visitors from
Omaha were present , and an enjoyable
evening was spoilt by all who wcro in
terested ,
Mrs , Johnson , nroprletross of the Leo
liotcl , has implied to the police to take euro
of an old soldier named CHIT who has been
living at her houso. CHIT gets a small pen
sion , but it all goes for llijuor before ho pays
any of his debts. At loust tills is the story
told by the officers.
Chief Beckett , while out In the weeds
looking for burglars yesterday , wont to u
neighborhood row over on Twenty-lift ! ) and
U strcots. Ho placed Joe Hill and Mrs.
Corcoran under arrest. They were ut once
taken before Judge Fowler and dismissed us
the evidence was clear that nothing but a
jawbone racket between two enemies had
taken place.
Isaac Mutheson , Inspector of hides at
Cudaby's , in passing from ono end of a
motor car to tha other on Twenty-fourth
street last evening , mUscd his footing and
foil. In the scramble to get up ho shoved
his loft hand under the wheel , where It was
frightfully crushed. Dr. Bull dressed the
wound nnd thinks ho can save the hand ,
although two , If not thrco fingers will have
to bo amputated.
Plies of pcoplo have piles , nut Do Wilt's
Witch Ha/cl Salve will euro them.
At Courtlund beach tonight Ebtello
Oribblo makes another balloon ubcoiibiun
and parachute jump ,
Nohruiku VIMlorii ut the Fair ,
CHICAGO , July " . [ Special Telegram to
TDK lli'.E.j Mrs. Itussell B , Harrison and
her father , ox-Senator Alyln Suunders of
Nebraska , called at thostato building today.
Among others from Omaha wvro : Ex.
United Status Marshal lllorbowcr and wife ,
Judge Davis , Chairman Ogdcn of the demo
cratic state central committee , C. S. Cole ,
Boswortlt and Clark Morton.
Piles of pconlo have piles , but Do Witt'a
Witch Huicl Halve will cure them.
Balloon tonight and tomorrow night
at Courtland Loach ; parachute jump.
Mandrake Pills have a value as a house
hold remedy far beyond the power of lan
guage to describe. Thn family can
hardly bo true to itself that does not
keep them on hand for use in emergen
Is the only vegetable substitute for that
clangorous mineral , MiitUUitY : , and
while its action as a curatlvo is fully
equal , it possesses none of the perilous
In Constipation , Mandrake acts upon
the bowels without disposing them to
subsequent CostivoncBs.
No remedy acts so directly on the
Ivor , nothing so Rpoodily cures Sick
[ Icadiicho , Sour Stom-
nch , ami
Tor Halo by nil rruzlst3. ) 1'rlco 3.1 cti" . per
box ; : i boxes fur Kit'tii. ; or nont liy mull , post-
USD free , on riU'olpt of urluc. Or. . . J. If.
Bchoiicu & on , I'hllndolphlu.
Mynster Springs
Improved Hire's Root Boer.
1'ilvuto families furnished with Pure Drink.
In Wutor , fresh every mornliiir , ut tl.&O put
1'atronl/o Homo Industry nnd cot pur *
water und wholesome biim'iier drinks ,
Mynster Springs Water Co. ,
Ii R WAIU ) , a012 AVENUE II ,
Council Bluffs , la.
Special Nobloai.
A IIHTKACTH awl loan * . Farm uticl city i > rorrt/
/Vlxnitfiit und Hold. I'UBuy It TlioniuH , Council
_ _
GAIUIAOK romovpil , ueHHiuolH , vanllH , chlmiirya
cltMiitil. EU Din ku , at Taylur'B irroccry , OiO
HruitUway. _
- gooA , Improve' ! f.irni I" * " ' . ' 73211
ShurluuCuNcb. | ( , furn.Ho at fUKHHHI. Thin
la uway l > ulow ltn value. Julmston fc Vun I'aUuu.
i'OKKXCIIANGK.iilcu lot on botloni ( or her 4
UreeiiblilulJu , Nlulioleon & Co.
rOU SALK ut u harfitlu If taken at once. 108 foc
by 'Mi fcc't on I'uik uvcnuu. or will Bull In
BMiulliT iiarccls IfUcHlrwl , K. II. SlitaftDrond *
way and Hulu utrect ,
Tx/AN'TKI ) , a yoiini ; man to u one about Um houitt
' ' und yurtl. Apply at office oJ lA'onard Kytrttl ,
Pearl mn-ft.
_ _
\\rANTKf > - Farm liundj wood wnefB , Bamucl
> > Avcry , cor , Fruiiklln and lltnuttt u\tn. , Cuuu-
cii mum.