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Doano Insists that Els Foe HM Not
Been Paid ,
JPeremptorr Writ of Mnmlntnns to Compel
tli * MannRnrn to Liquidate Il queitil
Substance of the Attorney' 1'stl-
tlon tn the Case.
LIXCOI.X , Juno O.-lSpeclaltoTne HBB. ]
Judge Doano , Into counsel tor the state m
the Impeachment cases against the state
officers milked Into the dlstrlot court today
with a lengthy petition in which no insists
that P. II. Il.irry , O. D. Casper nnd Gcorgo
Colton , managers of the Impeachment pro
ceedings are indebted to him In the sum of
1500. and asking for a peremptory writ of
mandamus to compel thorn to pay the cash ,
Ho sots tip that at the twenty-third session
ot the legislature , In Joint convention ,
articles ol Impeachment were adopted
against John G. Allen and others , which
were presented to the suproino court for
trial under the provlslors of the law and
the constitution ; that thereupon the Joint
committee appointed and constituted Barry ,
Casper and Colton , who wcro then and still
are members of the legislature , a bo.ird of
managers to prosecute the said articles of
Impeachment bcforo the supreme court , and
authorized thorn to employ counsel for the
.purpose of aiding In the prosecution ; that
thereupon the board employed the relater as
ono of the counsel , agreeing with him that
ho should rocolvo for his services J2.00 . in
full thereof.
Tno rclator directs attention to the act
that the legislature appropriated $15,000 , for
the purpose of defraying tlio expenses of the
prosecution , and that thereupon ho entered
upon the duties of the appointment and per
formed the services for which ho was em
ployed ; that tlio services were coutlnuod
from the date of his appointment up to the
final disposition by the supreme court of all
of snld articles or until the 21th day of May.
Ho says that the defendants , constituting
the board of managers , drew their vouchers
in favor of rclator for the sum of $2,000 to
apply upon his contract and no moro , and
upon Ills request and demand they have re
fused and still refuse to draw their voucher
CortlioiWW remaining duo him on his con-
Ho'furthor alleges that the $15,000 appro
priated for expenses was placed at the dis
posal of the board , and It wus duly author
ized and empowered to draw and approve
Vouchers upon it in favor of any party who
might render services lu connection with
the impeachment proceedings and that It 1 ? .
Its duty to draw a warrant in hla favor for
the remaining $500. Ho' says there Is an
amount remaining In the fund sulllclcnt to
pay him. and therefore ho prays that a writ
of mandamus commanding thorn to do so
Ht.ito House Notoi.
Bsnk Examiner Morris , who has boon
looking after the Nebraska National bank of
Beatrice , stated today that this bank would
In all probability resume business as soon as
the present crisis has been weathered.
The following cases were filed in the supreme -
promo court today : Stor ? & Her and Theo
dore Olcson against Lena Finklestcin ot. al ,
Douglas county ; John C. Havemeyer against
Marcus iahn ot al , Douglas county ; St.
Joseph & Grand Island Uallway company ,
Cass county and South Omaha National
bank against Wright & Baldwin and Flora
M. Wright , Douglas county.
MoilleiU Man 1'rotoUcd.
A lively discussion toolc place before the
State Board of Health this afternoon. It ap
pears that at the last nicotine of the board
it was decided that medical licenses could
not bo grunted to graduates of the Cottier
Medical school , as the institution has not
complied with the law. At today's meeting
Dr. Latta , the dean of the department , and
numerous other Cotnorites appeared before
the board and vigorously protested. The
board finally .decided to reconsider the de
cision at the next meeting.
KcHUlt of n Drunken Itow.
S. ti. Studloy and Mary Bronnan alias
Mary Studley are a couple who have been
living at 651 University avenue in this city
for some time. This evening wiiilo the
couple were mixed up in the intricate mazes
of a mutual Jag Studloy lay down to sleep.
Ho awoke to IIml the woman sawing at his
neck with a dull butcher knife. When ho
wildly remonstrated the woman withdrew to
sharpen her weapon. Studloy meanwhile
scoured a club and when she returned pro
ceeded to brain her. Ho succedcd In Inflict
ing several sovcro scalp wounds before ho
was stopped. Studley was at once arrested
and the woman taken to the hospital.
i'uvor Homo I ml in try.
Mr. O. C. Holmes , the secretary of the
Manufacturers and Consumers association
of Nebraska , has been in Lincoln for sev
eral days past endeavoring to persuade the
Board of Purchase and Supplies that Ne
braska products are as good as any in the
market. That ho was eminently successful
the following resolution shows.
It wasoiro'red by Mr. Hastings and ad
mitted without dissent :
llolluvlng llmt goods of Nohruska manu
facture iifo eqiml In all respects to any In the
sumo class , nnd , desiring to unconriiKo homo
Industry , and furnish employment lo our own
IH'Opll. ' . 1)11 ) It
Huiolvod , ly the Hoard of I'urclmso nnd
Buppllos , that lioreaflur In maUlns out all pro
posals for the huvcrul Institutions
of thl.SHtiitu that tliosovuralsuperintendents
of stiuh Institutions shall , 1.0 fur us practica
ble , where kind nnd quality desired can l > u
obtained In ninniifiicturod good * , to specify In
nil such ciiso.s sDiiiu known nnd ruroenlrud
brand of Nebraska made goods or equal , and
so fur as practical , lu purchase ISuUnisku
made goods , quality and prlco being equal.
KuNOlvoil , That the sucrutitry bu requested
to furnlHli to fiicli of tint siipurlnUmUuuts of
euld institutions u copy of this urder.
Note ! of the Assemblies nt Vroto and
CitBTii , July 0. [ Special to TUB Buu.J
Iho Crete Chautauqua assembly opened
fostordav evening with a concert by Brown
& Lansing's orchestra. Tlio attendance
promises to bo as largo as any previous year ,
judging from the number of tents engaged.
The grounds are lu splendid condition and
tbo iniumueniout has spared neither expense
or cost to beautify the groves , Prof , Graham
Taylor , D.D. , of Chicago lectured today on
the "Institutional Methods of Church Work. "
Tomorrow evening Hon. William J. Bryan
will deliver n lecture on "Bimetallism. " A
largo audienro Is expected.
FIIUMONT , July 0. ( Special to THE BEE. ]
"Anioru'a'u Tomorrow , " last uvonlng was
the culmination of Mr. Wlnshli'solTorthavlng ,
nil the patriotic characteristics of a genuine
fourth of July oration , Ho pk'turod the ub-
polutonnd relative grandojr of the country
Which lias nrought unparalleled prosperity
to the rich and greater ndvuucoment to the
poor. England is bocuro In IHT prosperity
because of her ocouomlo focus , Germany
from her intellectual , Franco , from her BO-
nial and America's permanency , ho declares ,
Will bo determined by her acceptance us her
piisslon the solution of her problems of hu
manity , which are these of labor , liquor ,
joyulty.r.iio ; and religion. Ho then devoted
Ills time to ilium problems.
Tomorrow being farmers day will , with *
out doubt , bu ono of the big days , Tlio sil
ver question will bo handled without gloves
by the very able and eloquent or.itors ,
united States Senator Stewart of Nevada ,
Hon. tafa Fence of Colorado and A. a
Ime I Its , president of the National farmers
Mutt Audit Account * .
LIKCOI.K , July 0. [ Special to Tun BEE. ]
[ n the supreme court today the following
opinion was handed down ;
In rb Hoard of Public l auds and Buildings.
Original. Opinion by Maxwull , chief
Justice. Justice Norval dissents.
Tli tltlo of the act of Kouruary IB. 1877 ,
"To Ituuulnto the Pirn-huso of Supplies for thu
J'ubllo institutions and UxrcuilvuOniceaof tliu
htiitu , " Is not brand iniough to Include a rupual
l > y Implication of the provision of thu act i0' '
J'obrimry 13. 1877 , fur the mullllng by thu
liourd of 1'ubllc I.nmU and Itnlldlnirsof tic-
cnunta for money dUbur&cd for tlio nupport 1Cof
the public Inttllntlons of the stale.
to III * Doath.
T , Nob. , July 7. [ Special to Tim
Jits. ] Edward Stonier , a young farmer 18
yours of fo , was drowned In the I/nip rlror
whllo bathing with a number of companion *
Tuesday , Ho had boon diving from the
chute of the mllldam Into n deep pool made
by the waterfall And was suddenly mlssod
by his companions. The body was found
ton minutes later nottr the piling of the ( Jam
where It had boon drawn by the under
current. Physicians wore Immediately
summoned but tholr efforts to rcsusciato
the unfortunate young man were un
availing. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Would-llo Murderer of ( tenon nltulcs Illi
Farmer * Without DlfTlciiltj- .
OEXOX , July 0. [ Special Telegram to Tnn
" "
'tracoof ' DoDany , the Polandor
who attempted to kill his wlfoSaturday , tins
been discovered. Parties are still searching
the brush along the river south of town , but
the prevailing opinion Is that ho succeeded
In reaching the main line and Is secreting
himself In a box car. Mrs. Debany was re
moved to Columbus today and tlio third bul
let was discovered in her head , with the
Probability that it Is lodged In her brain.
Her jaw U broken in two places and her
features nro bruised and swollen.
When the crowd gazed upon the victim at
the depot today imprecations were loud
against the monster who committed the
deed and had ho been present the county
would have been saved the oxpcnso ot try-
ing him whon'caught" '
Fair Crop rro | innts.
NKLSON , July 0. fSpecial to THE
Crop prospects are somewhat improving in
Nuekolls county , The rains of last week
were of great benefit to corn and grass.
Wheat harvest has begun with a prospect of
one-third of a crop. Onts will make from
ono-thtrd to one-half a crop. Corn never
looked better at this tlmo of the year.
DU.NIUH , Nob. , July (1. ( [ Special to TUB
Br.B. ] Oats are looking bad. Some of it Is
only about eight Inches high. Corn is
standing tlio dry weather good and Is yet In
good shapo. Ilains have fallen nil around
hero In abundance. Hay is qulto short and
will bo scarce around here. Farmers are
Jubilant ovor'corn prospects but look upon
grain and hay prospects with discontent. It
has been threatening rain hero for the past
four days and the locality may yet got
enough for corn. Potatoes are drying up.
Cnuclit In n Itarolvlnic Sliaft.
KnAnsBY. July 0. [ Special Telegram to
Tut : BEE. ] Last night whllo Albert Best ,
night operator at the olcctrio power house ,
was working around the shafting connected
with the arc light dynamo his clothing was
caught and ho was thrown nvor the shaft.
His leg was badly bruised , his knco cap
knocked off and his clothing badly torn.
Hunting * UHiilitorH | o ( llobcktxll.
HASTINGS , July 0. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BKE. ] The Hastings lodge of the
Daughters of llobekah Installed its officers
with elaborate ceremony tonight. Delega
tions irom Aurora and Junlata lodges were
present and participated in the exorcises
and the banquet which followed.
Central city Failure.
CEXTHAI , Crrr , Neb , July 0. [ Special to ] This morning the J. S. Schott
Saddlery company of Burlington , In. , closed
the harness and saddlery shop of L. S. Brun
under a bill of sale for $1.300. Slow collec
tion } and dull trade are the causes that led
to the failure.
Ulvim u Light .Sentence.
DAVID Crrr , July 0. [ Special to Tun BEE. ]
In district court this morning Judge
Wheeler sentenced John Baize to the peni
tentiary for one year on the plea of guilty to
the charge of forgery and uttering forged
Great Dlstren Cfluieil by Recant Bank
1'iUluros Swnrmlnc to America.
SAN FKAN Cisco , July 0. News brought by
the steamer Mariposa from Australia Is of a
discouraging tonor. The closed banks are
trying to resume and business is at a stand
still. Strikes tire imminent and tons of
thousands of poor out of work. A number of
coal mines have shut down , wages being re
duced. The omnibus drivers went on n strike
because their .wages wcro reduced from 510
to S8.75 per week. The unemployed awnrm
the docks , seeking a chance to stow away on
any vessel bound for the United States , nnd
the Oceanic Steamship company's sheds at
Circular quay had to bo turned into a jilaco
for the destitute to sleep in.
The Mariposa's second cabin and steerage
were crowded. Nearjy all these who came
up were men and women who were once
well-to-do , but who lost nearly all in the
general crash. They could not spare the
money for a first class passage , and , consequently
quently , had to como up in the stoorago.
Nearly all hope to make a now start in
The governments in Victoria , Now South
Wales aud Queensland are doing all in their
power to relieve the situation , with some
degree of success. Ono of the measures
adopted by the government of Now South
Wales Is the establishment of a state bank.
A committee of six appointed to take
testimony made the following report :
That after a careful deliberation they are
of the opinion that the establishment of a
government bank of issue is not only
practicable but urgently necessary , and sug
gest that its functions should comprise :
First , the solo right of the issue of cur
rency uuon a gold and llduclary basis , in ad
dition to government stock. Second , that
10-shIllIn : : notes should bo Issued In addition
to denominations of the usual note currency.
Third , the business of all government de
partments in connection with the receipt
nnd expenditure of revenue should bo revised -
vised ; that the management of such banks
should bo entrusted to a board of commls-
slonois to bo appointed by act of Parliament
and removable only by vote of the legisla
The government adopted the suggestions ,
and when the Mariposa sailed tbo formation
of a bank was under way. The government
stood by the BanK of Now South Wales and
uald JDil'J.OOO In gold into its treasury. Pro
ceedings wcro also taken to rcstoro a largo
quantity of gold in the closed Australian
Joint Stock bank to circulation.
The share holders of the Bank of Victoria
hold a meeting while the Mariposa was at
Svdney and decided to wind up the affairs of
the bank.
The affairs of the Mercantile banK of Melbourne -
bourne are reported in a bad way and the
depositors cannot got a cent of tholr money.
The Australian Joint Stock bank is to bo re
constituted and nearly all Queensland banks
are getting on their feet again.
KJIIIH run HIE .utj/r.
I.Ut of ClmiiROH In the Itegulnr Sorvloo m
Amiounoud YoHlerilny ,
WASHINGTON , July 0 , [ Special Telegram
to Tnn BEH. ] The following army orders
were issued today :
The leave of absence granted Post Chap
lain John S. Selbold , U.S.A. , Juno 0. IS'JJ ,
Department of the Plutto , U ox tended throe
Leave of absence for six days Is granted
first Lieutenant Frank T. Meriwotnor , as
sistant surgeon. sIi
First Lieutenant David J. Humbough ,
Third artillery , is detailed to attend the encampment -
campmont of the Second regiment , Alabama
state troops , at Lake Como , Birmingham ,
Ala. , July U to 18 , IbOJ.
Second Lieutenant Richmond P. Davis ,
Second artillery , will altutul the encamp ' ,
ment of thu militia of North Carolina at
Morohoad , N. C. , commencing July la , 18U3.
Captain William C. Manning , Twenty-
third infantry , will proeyed at the proper
lime to the camp of the militia of Texas aud
attend thu encampment commencing on oran
about July 19 , Ih'ja.
Ltuvo of absmico for four months on
surgeon's certillcato of disability , with per-
mUsion to leave the Dopartucnt irof
Colorado , is granted First Lieutenant Henry
C. ICccuo , jr , , Twenty-fourth infantry.
The loavn of absence granted Second
Lieutenant Hanson H. Ely , Twenty-second :
infantry , Juno 10 , 1SUJ , Department of Da
kota , is oxtcuuod to Include July 20 , "
Kolimaku I'ulr VUltori ,
CHICAGO , July G , ( Special Telegram to TUB , (
BBK. ] The Omaha people at Jackson park
today were : C. Mark Morton , WHlard
Emery , Mr. and Mrs , W. 10. Hamilton , Mr.
and Mrs. Simon Calm , Oscar C. Hone , V , lr.A. .
and L. H. Need hum. A.o
Among other Nebraska arrivals were :
Hufus O. Beutloy , O. T. Fisher , Lincoln ; J.
N. Johnson , Crete ; Dr. and Mr , U. Me-
Couaughy , York.
Opening of the Twelfth Annual Convention
of the Society of Christian Endeavor.
Two nij ; Meeting * Crowded to OrerdotTlnc
Ilnppr Hlt bj the Owton of th *
lfljr rrooeodlDK * of an In *
teroitlnn Nnture.
July 0. The Christian En
deavor convention got down to business
today. The delegates were welcomed to the
city by representatives of Montreal's relig
ious llfo.
The first meeting was hold In the drill
hami . The hall Is n vast structure a regi
ment can maneuver with ease on its spacious
node , but It was filled to overflowing with
delegates to the twelfth annual convention.
For J half an hour the vast multitude sang
gospel hymns with a dash and spirit and
then llov. Dr. Clark arose and led the audl-
cnco In repeating the Twenty-third psalm ,
after which Uov. F. n. Keene of the Protes
tant mission , Japan , offered up prayer.
Then llov. J , A. McIClllovay welcomed the
convention on behalf of the pastors of Mont
real. After him came Senator DCS Jardluea ,
the mayor of Montreal , wearing his chain of
myself , and while Montreal Is a Hainan
Catholic city , that is , the greater portion of
her citizens profess that faith , none will ex
tend n heartier welcome than wo will. The
great crowd cheered the senator almost into
Not a Xlattlo of Creeds.
' It is not a battle of crocus nowadays , "
continued the senator , "but a battle between
belief and unbelief , " and there was another
great ' outburst of applause.
When Dos Jardlnes sat down , President
Clark called upon the choir to sing "God
Save the Queen , " the audience Joining in
and waving their handkerchiefs and Ameri
can : and British Hags. As they finished ,
President Clartt shouted. "My Country 'Tls
of Theo" and again there was another great
outburst of applauso.
Sccrotaay Durgo of the Montreal Young
Men's Christian association welcomed the
delegates on behalf of the younz men of the
The third address of welcome came from
Mr. A. A. Ayer of Montreal , chairman of ;
the ! 1893 committee.
llov. Dr. II. P. Hcnsanof Chicago replied
to the addresses of welcome. Speaking of
Mayor Dos Jardinos' remarks , ho s id that
ho wished that Montreal could lend the
mayor to Chicago for the next four months.
They needed him bad ly enough. That the
fame of Carter Harrison has spread over
the whole American continent , was
apparent in the laughter and cheers which
came from every corner of the hall. Dr.
Honshu's speech was witty and patriotic.
Ho did not think that the tlmo would overcome
como for annexation , but ho did believe that
the time would como when the proudest
thing a man could say , English or American ,
would bo , ' ! nm a Christian. " Ho believed
the present convention to bo n greater exhi
bition than that on the shore of Lnko Michi
gan , especially since it had been smirched by
the perlldy of a local directorate. Dr. Henson -
son did uot believe in donoininationallsm.
The forces of evil were massing. It behooved
all Christians to do likewise and forgot their
In Honor of the Royal Wedding.
The applause was deafening when Or.
Henson 1t 1 finished. Just as bo was finishing ,
1i the t guns of the battery on St. Helen's
island i opposite the city began booming out a
royal salute of twenty-ono guns. President
Clark ( drmv attention to the fact that they
were iI booming for the wedding of
the I sailor prince of England and
Princess ] May. Ho did not know
Prlnco 1i 1 Gcorgo and his bride , or of the man
1i ner i In which they were celebrating their
wedding day , but ho thought they should in
some i way observe the event. To do this ho
called < upon Uov. Bishop Arnett of Vlcks-
burg ' , Miss. , of the African Methodist Epis
copal church to offer up prayer , which the
bishop ' did , the audience then joining In
singing ! impressively , "Praiso God from.
Whom All Blessings Flow. " . The benedic
tion was then pronounced.
It was tent against drill ball at the Chris
tian Endeavor society this day , or at least
that was the way It looked. Simultaneously
the afternoon session in both places began
with music and song. "Soul Winning" was
the subject in the tent and "Tho Junior
Christian Endeavor Society ; Its Past , Its
Present and Its Future" engaged the atten
tion of these in the drill hall. In the latter
hall Miss Alice may Scuddor of Jersey City
presided and introduced llov. J , T. Cowan ,
whoso address was entitled "The First
Junior Society ; Its Original Growth. "
Alias llnus of SU Ioul5.
Then the roll call came , conducted by Miss
H. II. Uaus of St. Louis. Miss Haus had
something witty to say of each state and
interspersed speeches between her cells , ono
of which called upon the people to go homo
and go to work fet * the children. Chicago's
fair would not bo open on Sunday , she
thought , if the children had been brought
up right.
The roll call was followed by the address ,
"Tho Possibilities of the Junior Society , " by
llov. Waylaud Hoyt of Minneapolis.
An address on "Junior Christian Endeavor
In Foro'gn ' Lands , " by Mrs. Francis E.
Clark , the wife of President Clark , brought
the meeting In the drill hall to a close.
In the meantime In the tent , W. A. Patter
son of Toronto presiding , the address ,
' Special Work for Young Men , " was spoken
on by Uov. Uufus Sailler of Hummolstown ' ,
"How to Reach Young Men" was the sub
ject to which raoro than a dozen young
gentlemen spoke.
"Evils in Church Work , " by Uov. F. D.
Power of Washington , ended the speeches
for the afternoon , and the tout mooting'wns
brought to a close by a series of answers
to the question. "What Evangelistic Work
is Our Society Dolngt"
San Francisco was chosen as the city In
which the Christian Endeavor convention of
1891 will bo hold.
I.ndlos at the Iliuisoom Park Methodist
Church Kntertnlii Tholr Friend * .
Under the auspices of the LaoTlcs' Aid
society of the Hanscom Park Methodist
church ono of the prettiest lawn parties of
the season was given last evening at the
residence of Mr. C. A. Clafhn , 1141 South '
Thirty-first street. Mr. Claflln's ' charming
homo was illuminated for the occasion. Tbo
lawn was fairly ablaze with Japanese
lanterns and headlights , which made the
grounds look Ilko a section of fairy land sot
down in Omaha in honor of the event. otA
lurgo family tout had boon erected , in which
refreshments were served , whllo a smaller
tent attracted the parishonors idle
friends of the church to the lomomtdo
bowl. Mrs. A. Waggoner , presi
dent of the society , was omnipresent ,
whllo Mr ? . W. II. Hazzard , chairwoman of *
committee having the entertainment in
charge , was "up to her eyes" with work In
connection with entertaining the guests. As
aids in this capacity Mrs. Hazzard was as
sisted by Mcsdamos Charles Clark , Maynall ,
Pior-ou , C. A. Ctntlln , Seamen , Ittnor , H. S. :
Murray , Clark Abbott and Miss Allen. Mrs.
Ackorman and Mrs. Straight were in charge
of the lemonade booth , whllo Mrs. Martin
presided over the ice cream. A number of
captivating young ladles sold tickets to the
guests. The oujcct of the sociable was ted
raise money to help liquidate the outstand
ing Indebtedness of the now church recently
completed at Georgia and Woolworlh ave
nues , which was formally dedicated Feb
ruary " 0.
$100.00 lota $23.00 down ; BOO page 7 ,
Wootliueii Will I'lciilo.
Camp 130 , Modern Woodmen of America ,
will give n plcnla at Courtland beach Tues
day , July 11. All the members of the camp
and tholr friends are making arrangements
to attend and a grand good time is looked :
forward to ,
The program of exorcises for the day and
the list of prizes is as follows : Gents' sack ,
race , sack of Hour ; ladles' egg race , souvenir
ipoonf ; t men's rneqtwalKing canoj gents *
runnlDR race , Woodmen , jrold plii ) ladles' run
ning race , silk parnsofj Cents' walking race ,
of slippers' gouts' ' boat
pair race , box of
cigars ; ladles'boat racftpalrof kid gloves.
At 00 : ! ! o'clock luncheon will bo had and nt
7:30 : the dancing will wglu. The Gate City
orchestra will furnish , tno music ,
onm I ) . I. Thornton will Mas pjnstor of cere
monies. nssUtod by" the following cdmimt-
tciE. : lion. W. E. CadtfJC. H. T. Hcipon , J.
E. Van Glldor and G.Vi ( Uood.
Camp ( 1'JO Is reported , to bo In excellent
shape , consisting of almost COO members. It
Isad rapidly Increasing''in ' numbers by the
adoption of from slxnto twoaty-tlvo now
members at each moating , The camp was
organized In 183.1 with1 fifty charter members
and now holds the "natlbnal pride banner"
for increase In membership during the last
Nlcirau _ no Longer Knprcicntoil In the
United Hinted.
WAsnixoTox , July 0. Dr. Guzman , the
Ntcaraguan minister , today called upon Secretary -
rotary Grcsbam and placed his letters of re
call In his hands. Ho has communicated to
the department the fact that the Nicaraguan
government had abolished its legations hero
and In Europe and , in fact , in all save a few
countries In South aud Central America.
This action is understood to bo based on
economical considerations. As a matter of
International comity , the diplomatic repre
sentation of ono country with another is
expected to bo reciprocal. When ono gov
ernment withdraws its representative from
another , the government to which tbo ofllclal
was accredited usually gives a leave of absence
sonco to Its own representative or withdraws
him altogether. It is thought unlikely , how-
> , that this course will bo pursued with
Nicaragua. American Interests In the canal
art ) so important that Mr. Baker , the pres
ent minister to Nicaragua will bo requested
to remain.
Scheme of n Swindler.
WAsmxoTox , July 0. The attention of the
War , department has been called to the
workings of an American who signs himself
as J. J. Fuller nnd who represents himself
as ; n nephew of thn chief Justice. Ho ad
dressed letters to sergeants of various companies
panies throughout the west with requests
tc them to road the letters to tholr coin-
panics ! , offering through the assistance of
his undo to obtain a repeal of the laws pre
venting ro-onllstmont after ten years serv
ice nnd prohibiting a man purchasing his
discharge. "Send mo $1 , " ho says in con
clusion , "and I will guarantee largo proflts
within n short tlmo. "
Ho gives his address as San Francisco nnd
requests soldiers uot to delay , as ho starts
for Washington on August 20 to press the
matter In congress. s Point Cadets Will Visit the Fair.
WASHINGTON , July 0. The West Point
cadets are going to the World's fair. The
legal objections advanced have boon over
come nnd today Acting Secretary Grant
sent the necessary Instructions to Colonel
Ernest , superintendent of the military acad
emy. The oadots will loaro West Point
August 17 and remain at Chicago tan days.
The entlro corps of 303.cadots Is expected to
go. The cadets of the second class , now on
furlough , have boon plvon the choice of start
ing with tnolr comrades from West Point ,
or joining the batallloh at Chicago. The expense -
ponso of transporting the cadets to and from
Chicago will amount td $17,000 which will betaken
taken from the general appropriation for
army transportation. The cadets will bo
encamped In Jackson pane during their stay
at tho'falr. Joii
\Vnahlnctoa ! Notes.
. WASHINGTON , July Ow-rN'o consolidation of
land districts Is anticipated before the sec
retary of Interior returns from his summer
vacation. In consequence of the contem
plated consolidations 'very ' few , if any , ap
pointment of local land ofilcors wilt bo made
at present.
Alfred P. Swlnofordrof Wisconsin , who
served as governor of Alaska during Mr.
Cleveland's former administration , has been
appointed inspcctof surveyors general
and district land ofllccs.
The arguments In the patent ofllco in
vestigation were concluded today and Com
missioner Seymour took the case under
The treasury gold now amounts to $90-
778,040. _
Coat of Experimenting.
WASHINOTON , July 0. From a statement
prepared by H , S. Wiloy , tbo chomlst of the
Agricultural department , it appears that
amco 1633 $20,273 has boon expended at the
Sterling sugar experiment station in Kansas
ana $40,024 at Medicine Lodge , from July ,
1800 , to Juno , 22 , 1803 , chiefly in experiments
iu making sugar from sorghum. The above
amounts do not Include traveling expenses
nor the chemical apparatus and supplies
purchased for the use of the stations. Secretary -
rotary Morton is considering the figures
with a view of reducing the expenditures.
Appointments I'ostponod.
WASHINGTON , July 0. Postmaster General
Dissoll returned to the city this morning
and will remain until Saturday , when , ac
companied by the members of his family , ho
will return to Glenn Summit , Pa. , where ho
will spend his vacation , returning to Wash
ington about the 1st of August. The post
master general said until the president's
return from Buzzard's Bay , early in August ,
no further appointments of presidential post
masters would bo tnndo.
Future Uonornli.
WASHINGTON , July 0. The following named
cadets have boon appointed to the West
Point Military academy :
Iowa C. L. Owen , Fort Dodgo. Kansas -
C. Alton , Krle. South Dakota J.V. . Baker ,
Dcadwood ; C. E. Kehoo , alternate , Rapid
City ; P. Strong , Melotto ; J. Hausan , alter
nate , Huron. Utah-C. Cole , Wlllftrd. The
term of the cadets will bcgln'Juno 1 , 1801.
An Average Crop ot Wheat.
WASHINGTON , July 0. In reply to inquiries ,
the secretary of uerlcultura says the full
normal crop of wheat of 'tho entire country ,
from which the department calculates per-
contagos in its crop reports , has varlnd for
the past ton years train 13.00 to 15.09 bushels
per acre- , and that the average is about I4.G.
nisnutrou * Remit * of 1'loodo tn Clilnn MU-
lonarloi AttaoUoil.
SAN FRANCISCO , July 0. The Bteamor
Bolgio arrived from Hong Kong and
Yokohama yesterday , bringing advlcoa
to the olToot that ono.of tlio branches of
Welling river Iui3 overflowed in consequence ifg
quence of the heavy/rains. / At Shaking
nnd Woolo it la estimated that over 1,000
persona were drowned and us many raoro
loft homeless.
Incessant rains in M-nlngfn have
boon succeeded by djiftistrous Hoods , de
vastating a vast ar n.of . country , and
according to a toloRiwn received by
nutivo uuthorltioa at Shanghai nearly
10,000 , people have > ioon drowned and
crushed to deathby the fulling of
houses , '
The mission promises at Klangatin ,
above Chung King dn the Yang Tso ,
were attaokod by amob on May lu and
partially destroyed ! t The inmates ,
Misses Anderson nnd Ramsay of the
China Overland misslun , and Miss South-
all of the Friends' nJisuion , escaped into
the house of a neighbor.
The Unltod Status war ship Monocacy ,
wliioh wont ashore on Sunday island , is
not badly injured. The vessel lost three
anchors before she got off.
The Peninsular and Oriental steam
ship Khiva , , while on her way from Bom
bay to Mecca , carrying 01)7 ) pilgrims and
a orow of eighty , took llro and was
totally lost. Tlio captain ran his ship
on the boaoh. In uttamptlng to leave
the burning ship u number of pilgrims
rushed to ono of the , bouts , which cap
sized and twenty of their number were
drowned. The rest of the passengers
and the orow reached the bhoro in
safety ,
Oholern Uoutli * In Trance.
LONDON , July 0. The Lancet says
there have been 701 deaths from cholera
in the south part of Franco since May.
Supporters of Qnoon LilluoValnnl Conspiring
Against the Provisional Government ,
Attempt ! Mnito to llribo Monition of the
UoTerntnentSoldlerj tilnuiSpreckeli
8 ld to lie Implicated Dnm *
nglng Tostlmnnr-
HOXOLCMJ ( via San Francisco ) , Juno CO.
In the preliminary examination of Crick ,
WalKer and Sinclair , arrested for conspiracy
to rcstoro the monarchy , members of the
army Of the provisional government testified
that Walker , in the presence of Sinclair en
deavored to got them to play the
traitor to the provisional government and
advise tholr soldiers to lay down tholr
Tins when the royalUts wore ready to make
a strike against the existing government.
Walker said ho could easily overthrow the
provisional government , ns ho had a thou
sand armed men and good backing In the per
sons of Claus Sprockets and James Campbell.
Walker declared bo had an underground
passage to the palace and a battery con
nected with the povernmnnt building by
which ho could blow it up. Ho said Sprock
ets was to give the royalists $1,000,000 and
Campbell $500,000. Tlio assault would bo
made on the govoramotit If the decision of
the United States was against the royalists.
The fact that a list of the conspirators Is
In the hands of tlio government causes mucn
uneasiness among certain royalists. The
government says it has still stronger evi
dence to produce on the regular trial. It is
not believed Sprcckols has anything to do
with the conspiracy , and that walker used
his uamo without authority.
Attempts at llrlberjr.
Simon von Topas. a soldier In the provis
ional army , testified In the conspiracy case
that Walker had approached him on several
occasions and , after predicting the return of
the queen to power , offered him a position m
the custom house as soon as the old order of
things was restored if ho would give him a
list of the soldiers who would turn traitors.
Walker said ho could easily overthrow the
provisional government as he had 1,000
armed men , aud told von Topas to advlso his
companions to lay down tholr arms In case
of trouble. Walker assured witness that
the royalists had good backers In the per
sons of Claus Sprcckcls and James Camp
bell. Sinclair was with Walker on several
occasions when .
Also John Bowles. On ono occasion Walker
said his plan was to prevent tlio voter forces
ol the provisional government from approaching
preaching ! the executive building and , rely
ing on the co-operation of the guards , his
men would oltoct an entrance through an
underground passage.
uibi A meeting of royalists had been called ,
but the natives did not attend , aiid only 300
whites were present. Sam Nowllno , half
white , was to bo ono of the leaders. A. S.
Prescott , a member of Von Topas' company ,
said Walker had told him that Claus
Sprcckols was to assist by giving the royal
ists $1,000,000 , and James Campbell was to
give $500,000. Walker said ho had access to
the water mains , and also had a battery
connected ( with the Kovorumcnt build
ing and could blow it up. Some of the
royalist fighters were concealed about the
queen's promises , aud others wcro out drill
ing. An assault on the government was to
bo made if the decision of the United
States was against the royalists.
Another Hcliouio.
A movement is on foot among the royalists
to have native lawyers go among the natives
and advlso them that the provisional gov
ernment has no power to levy taxes and ad
vising thorn not to pay , thus crippling the
The sheriff attempted to remove a band of
lepers from Kalalau valley , Itnuul , They
resisted and killed him. The government
will now remove them at any cost.
A till I r nt Samoa.
Aril , Samoa ( via San Francisco ) , Juno
20. The war dogs of the Islands have not
yet boon lot loose , though there is constant
fear that the two factions will begin open
warfare. King Mallotoa has informed the
counsels of the three powers that he is confi
dent of being able to effectually quell the
rebellion without much lighting , and a
council of war will bo hold by his party on
Saturday next , Juno 24 , to dcciao upon an
immediate course of action. It scorns im
possible that actual war can long bo pre
Von Pilsach has departed from Samoa , his
resignation being accepted by the powers
and the king.
The finances of the country are in a de
plorable condition. Drastic measures will
bo necessary to save Samoa from hopeless
bankruptcy. The result of the labors of the
council will besot before the king in a letter
which ho will receive from it two or
three days hence.
The health of Hobort Louis Stevenson , the
novelist , has greatly Improved.
Broke the Iloso Team Itocoril.
COKRY , Pa. , July 0. The Crosby hose
running team lowered tlio record for 200
yards at Bradford by making1 the distance -
tanco in 221 seconds. Iho former
record of 23 1-5 seconds was held by the
Everett Hose company of Boulder , Colo.
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