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TIT ! ? HAT ATT A miT.V TIT.1. ! ? . TITTTIlftnAV TTTNR 1
carrier to nny part of the city
1 I UmlnfM Office. No. 43
| jKlr.PHOM.a fniKht Editor No-23
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
JJoston Store. Xatehaug silks.
{ ) Mlltoiibprgcr In the hatttr , 603 Broadway.
I .1. K Wlleox presented the firemen with a
I'ot of choice ( lowers for Ilccoration day. for
Vvhieh ho has the thanks of the recipients.
,1 The attorney for the city Illcd n motion
KOVII new trial yesterday In the district
| ; niiri In the case of U L. Icndrlcks against
'ho city.
S. Jcpson took out a permit yesterday for
.ho . erection ot n brick dwelling , to cost
1,000. on block ! S ) of the original plat of the
f-liy ot Council BlulTs ,
fj A marriage llccnso has been issued to J. II.
Thompson , nged ! J7 , and Blanche Dloul , aged
7. The gentleman is of Omaha and the
' atly of Buffalo , Nob.
f. The park commissioner.1 ! are making a
Vreat lmpro\emcnt In the aiipearanco of
'nlrmoui't park by sottlne out llowcrs , U
' V. Casper Is superintending the work und Is
Pnaklng an excellent job of It , ns usual.
It The comrades of encampment No. 8 and
Ktdlcs of atixlllnry No. 17 , Union Vetcrn
't ' ! ion , are requested to incut at my ofllco at
< jtO : this evening. B. W. Hight , Colonel
Klglity-threo cases .of measles wen > _ rp-
to the city clerk during the month of
fourteen of thcso were reported yes-
.orday. There have been ten cases of scar-
[ | ol fever.
Uegnlnr conclave Ivanhoo commandcry ,
Jo. 17 , Knights Templar , this evening. An-
Inual election of officers. The usual lunch
hvlll be served. All visiting sir Knights in-
Mtcd. I'cr order of the eminent com-
There will bo n mooting of the Women's
| Christian Temperance union this afternoon
} nt 8 o'clock In the lecture room of the Young
} Men's Christian association. A cordial In
vitation Is extended to all temperance ladles
I to bo present.
' William Jensen was arrested yesterday
I on on Information lllcd by John 13. Allies be
fore Justice VIen charging him nlth seduc
ing a girl named Paul. Both of the parties
are 10 years of ago. The case will he tried
I this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Lair Bros. , n harness linn that has been
[ doing business at Oaitlaml , In the eastern
I part of this county , made an assignment
fycstprday in f.ivor of their creditors. John
I M. Williams Is mimed assignee. The assets
Bare given as Sl.T'J'J , and tho'llabllltles $1IMO.
of ' / ? . W. Cole was around the city yesterday
exhibiting himself to his friends with a good
Weal of satisfaction In order to show that ho
[ Was not half dead , as some people thought ,
, 'rrom the effects of a runaway. His injuries
iwcro very slight , and the tvo young ladles ,
{ Caroline and Bertha Hecsc , who wcro with
Shim nt the tlmo the accident occurred , wcro
Valso uninjured.
Among the features of the Decoration day
Jrelobratlon which deserved moro notice
; lhan was given It was the hospitality of the
{ Woman's Hclief corps. At the close of the
J exercises In the cemetery they invited all
P.v/ho cared to go to visit the Grand Army
f Unit , where elegant refreshments had been
( provided. The remainder of the afternoon
swas passed pleasantly In a social way , and
fflio singing of soldier songs was freely lu
ll Julgcd in.
F. C. Chllds , who was brought before
{ McQco yesterday morning to answer
| to the charge of violating the rules of the
State Board of Health in tearing down a
' measles placard before the time fixed by law
had elapsed , was discharged. An Investiga
tion showed the tearing down of iho card
was the result of n mistake. Dr. Mont
gomery , the physician In attendance , failed
to report the case to the city clerk at once ,
tis required by law , but put it off from April
i5 ! to May 4. Childs called upon him and
asked if the card might be taken dowu. and
| Montgomery , reckoning from the ffiith instead -
: stead ot from the 4tU , cumo to the conclusion
! that the thirty days were up and told him
( " "that It might. As it was only a technical
violation of the law Chillis was released. '
Piles of people- have piles , nut Do Witt1
i Witch Hazel Salvo will cure them.
i Ten. DIIVK at thu World's I'ulr.
It will cost you less than $50.00 , overy-
thinp necessary included. This moans
I homes in private cottage , clean , safe ,
| close to grounda mid on the buuch of f
tLako Michigan. Write to .T. T. Chyno-
Iwcth. Windsor Park , 111. Refers to II.
j\V. Tilton of Tin : But : , or' Jacob Situs
Jof Sims & Bainbridge , Council Bluffs.
Pasturage for horses and cattle on
jOeorgo F. Wright's ' farm ndjoiniugc ity
{ limits on south ; f > 00 acics blno grass ,
I running water. For terms .apply to
I James Raph , on farm , or at Carbon Coal
jcompany , 10 Pearl street.
Iliiy Liinil lor Hunt.
' Hay land for rout in lots of from 20 to
J'IOO , acres. B. Marks , Council Bluffs.
1'KIti.OX.lL I'.Ut.ltiJt.lI'JIS.
F. J. Hoapland will leave today for DCS
Miss I > aura Flicklncer will leave today for
Chicago to visit friends.
Will H. Colby returned yesterday morning
Irom a two weeks visit to Chicago and the
1 J. U Peters , formerlv of this city , now of
livinsvillo , 1m ! . , is visiting Council Bluffs
Mr. and Mrs. Italph Williams have re
in rued from a two wcoks nojouru at Colfnx.
I'hey are both greatly Improved In health.
] j. A. Casper and wlfo and their niece ,
Ulss Nelllo Caughoy , will leave Sunday for
Ik visit of three or four weeks to Chicago and
Iho World's fair.
A Good Tlilujr tor ItlictimntUm.
There Is nothing I have over used for mus
cular rheumatism that gives mo as much
ruliof as Chamberlain's Pain Balm does. I
have been using It for about two years four
bottles in all as occasion required , and
always keep a bottle of It hi my homo. I bo-
llovo I know a good thing when 1 net hold of
It , und Pain Balm Is the best liniment I
have over met with , W. B. Denny , Now
Lexington , O.
Mnnuwn trains will run daily from today -
day , leaving Broiulwity 0 and 11 tt. in. ,
und every hour from 1 p. in. until 1) ) p. in.
Protect your homes against destruc
tive Htornis. W , O. James hits the
Btrongcst companies in the world.
Another improvement , to the popular
Schubert piano. SwaiiBon Munlo Co
I'llpllH1 l
The pupils of Miss Uclla Robinson gave a
muslcalo last evening at Swanson's music
rooms , which were filled with the friends of
the young musicians , all anxious to note the
progress that was being made. The program
was an exceedingly choice ono. the selections
'jMJliig mmlo in such a way as to display the
.Individual talents of the pupils and at the
same time to entertain the audience. 10si
number was well rendered and reflected credit on the teacher as well as on the
performer. Those- taking part were the ;
Misses DoVol , Moore , fce'la Miles. Univo
Ueebo , Georgia lilxby , Anna Patterson ,
Nora McCabo. Kftlo-lCdis , PcarloChambcrlln
and Mrs. L. G. Knotts. Miss Virginia Kob-
mson nUo rendered three beautiful violin
elections ,
Piles of people have piles , but noWHt'a
ivltchhazcl salvo will euro them.
Pure ice
From Missouri rlvor channel.
MulhollaiuKt Co. , Brown building ,
Telephone 102.
Groonsliiolds , Nicholson & Co. have
moved their real estate olllco to 000
Broadway , opposite postolllco.
Stop at the Ogden , Council Bluffs , to
lest & 2.00 IIOUEO in Iowa.
Vunatta & Sweet , atty ? , Evcrott blk. -
Gco. S. Davis , prescription druggist.
Terrible OolHuion Between a Motor and
Burlington freight Train ,
1C. F. Holmei l.o o lilt 1,1 fo In the Wreck
lUroo Othcr'Tcmonn Scrlotulj- -
Jurocl-AM fill ltc nllnf
Kccklciri lcoJ.
An accident took place yesterday after
noon OH South Main street , Council Bluffs.
In which ono mnn lost his Hfo and four others
wcro more or less seriously Injured :
11 I' . UUtiMKH , bookkeeper for Aultman ,
Miller tt I'n. , was Instantly killed.
Miss MAUD BUI-ANT , stenographer Kock
Island freight ofllco , dangerously bruised.
I. K. Bixnv and J. W. HOYMAN , employes
of Sterling Manufacturing company , seri
ously bruised.
Gnomic BUKKC , motor conductor , bruised
about head and face. ,
It was about 2 o'clock when Main street
motor No , 5 , in charge of Conductor George
Burke and Motorman Hcrinin Parr , approached
preached the corner of Eleventh avcnuo ,
where the Burlington tracks cross those of
the motor company. In addition to the em
ployes of the I'omnatiy nbavo mentioned
there * wcro on board Miss Maud Bryant ,
stenographer for J. A. Halt In the Hock
Island freight depot , J. K Bl.xby nnd J. W.
Hoyman , two men In the employ of the Ster
ling Manufacturing company , and E. F.
Ilolmos , bookkeeper for 'tho firm of Ault
man , Miller & Co. All wcro Insldo the car.
As the motor approached the crossing a
Burlington fieight train , consisting ot an
ciiglno and twcnty-nluo box cars , drew up
from the south. The testimony of bystanders
Isa to the effect that the motor was going at
a high rate of speed up to within twenty
feet of the crossing , while the freight train
moved at the rate of about four miles an
hour. The view off to the southeast , in the
direction of the train , was entirely unob
structed , nnd the motor man standing on the
front platform must have seen It ut least a
hundred feet from the crossing , If ho had
been attending to his business.
Stopped nnd Stiirtcd.
C. Koc , a teamster , who stood less than 203
feet away and witnessed the whole affair ,
gave the following account of It :
"Tho motorman , as as I could make
out , seemed to catch sight of the freight
train all of a sudden and tried to shut off the
current. Ho almost stopped the car , but
suddenly turned the current on again and
the car shot on as If the motorman was
determined to got across ahead of the
freight. At that tlmo the two trains were
not over fifteen or twenty feet apart. " - _ _ 3
The front platform of the motor had
scarcely passed the crossing when there
was a crash that was heard for blocks. The
two trains had collided , and the scene pre
sented an Ilistant later was 0110 of wreck
and confusion. The motor car lay Just
south of the track , smashed to fragments ,
while thrco of the freight cars , hurled from
the track , landed on top of the wreck of the
motor. Three of the passengers , Miss
Bryant , Blxby and Hoyman , wcro recovered
from the wreck in a few minutes , each
almost senseless , and were taken to the
ofllco of D.xvid Bradley & Co. near by ,
where their wounds were b.ithed nnd they
wcro put in readiness to bo removed to their
HoVus Iintantly Killed.
Ono passenger was missing , and a slight
investigation resulted in the discovery that
Holmes had met an instant death. The top
of his head protruded from beneath ono of
the freight cars that lay on its side. The
body was allowed to remain until the cor
oner had been called to view it , when it was
removed to the undertaking rooms of W. C.
Estop , where an inquest is to be held at 2
o'clock this afternoon. It was mangled al
most beyond recognition.
Burke , the conductor on the motor line ,
was also considerably bruised about the
head and face.
Until recently it has been a rule of the
company that conductors passing the Bur
lington or Northwestern tracks on South
Main street and Broadway must get out and
run ahead of their trains , to signal their
motormen whether to go or stop. Oflatoit
has been noticed that this rule lu > s had
very slack recognition. If Burke had been
abend ot his train , ho would not have been
in the collision. Ho claimed , however , to
have signaled Parr , the motorman , three
times to stop , but for some reason or other
Parr failed to do it. In accounting for that
fact a few moments after the accident Parr
stated that the tracks wcro so wet that the
wheels slipped and he could not stop.
The fact that there v/as no flagman sta
tioned at the crossing by the Burlington
company caused some adVeiso criticism , but
W. J. Davenport , the local agent of the company -
pany , states that the motormen never rcc-
ognuo any signals , cither from the Burling
ton flagmen or from the Northwestern , but
are compelled by the rules of their company
to do their owu signaling ;
I.CKgon of the Accident.
Wherever the blame lies , the accident
emphasizes the need of Kates nt this cross
ing and aUo at the Northwestern on Broad
way. At both places trains are constantly
passing , and It Is only a matter of sheer luck
that fata ! accMcnts have not occurred
boforo. The grossest negligence has been
manifested by all the parties concerned , nnd
criminal carelessness Is the mildest term
thr.t can bo used , Tlio traglo occurrence of
yesterday ought to be enough to arouse the
city council to a sense of its responsibility in
the matter , especially in view of the fact
that live of the eight members of the council
were pledged at the last election to sea that
the eltUens were given proper safeguards at
crossings of railways with tlio motor com
An Interesting foatur-of the accident Is
that ItR reference to the payment of the
premium on a { , r > ,000 Insurance policy which
Holmes had In the Hartford Annuity com
pany. It seems that Just before starting out
on the trip \\hlch was to nrovo his last ho
went into the Council Bluffs Savings
bank nnd bought n draft for the
amount of the premium , which comes '
duo today. He put the draft In his
pocket , intcndlnc to mall it when he reached
the ofllco , ( > . M. Bally , n friend of Holmes
and an employe of the postal department ,
got possession of the draft and sent it , off
yesterday afternoon immediately after the
accident and T , J , Evans , who stood by ami
saw Holmes buy the draft , will bo called
upon to testify , if necessary , that the send
ing of the draft was not a patched up affair
to beat the Insurance company.
Condition of tlio Injured.
Dr. Green , the motor company's physi
cian , was summoned to look after all the in
Jurcd ones immediately after the accident.
Ha stated last evening that all of the
patients were apparently doing well , but it I
was impossible to toll what ml ht develop
ns there U always a great deal of uncer
talnty about railway accident cases.
Miss Bryant was feeling somewhat
better last evening , and further improvement
mont is looked for today.
BUby seems to have been injured in
tcrnally , and is spitting blood.
Parr , the motorman , who was at first sup
posed to bo uninjured , is suffering In the
same way.
Burke is considerably bruised , and so i
Hoyman. Ktrango to say , there is not t _
broken bono in the whole outfit. All that is
feared is that the patients may have suffem
Internal injuries which may develop later on
Into something uioro serious than cow ap-
The accident is likely to result in a grea of cx | > oiislvo litigation for the motor
company , aud competent authorities say tha
If thu company got * off with less than f 15 ,
POO as the result of yesterday'e tragedy It
may consider Itself rcry fortunate.
10-llny Juno ftnlr 0ions | Thli Mornlne.
Store wns closed nil day yesterday
marking down goods for this great
yearly event.
Below wo only quolo j-ou a few of the
many bargains laid on our counters :
40 pieces 30-inch English cnshinorc ,
wore 2. > o during sale , for 12Jc ayardj
only ono pattern to n customer. 2o
pieces , nil wool Scotch mixtures , strlpo
suitings nnd illtimlnntud ottomans.worth
680 and We , oil at 42o. |
30 pieces Bedford cords , cotllo men's
/.ig sing jncqunrds nnd ether fnncy
weaves worth from 75o to $1.23 , nil
during . ale for 59c n yard.
311-inch wool buntings would bo chcnp
nt 50c , for this snlo llc ) n ynnl.
75 pieces 22-inch Oliinn silk , blnck nnd
navy grounds , beautiful patterns , usually
for 58o nud ( Joe a yard , our price for this
sale 32Jc.
2 cases . ' 10-inch uiiblcnched muslin 4c a
1 cnso DC blenched muslin for 7c.
.2 cases Indies' choice nnd Bnngdon
blunolicd muslins , sold ulwaya for lOo n
yard , during snlo 8Jo or 12 yards for
20 pieces [ 0-4 unbleached shooting , ICe
a yard ; worth 22c.
CO pieces white India linen , 4c a yard.
100 dozen extra quality line damask
towels , 21x18 , usually sold foroOc ; dur-
snlo for 25c each ,
Sco special bargains offered in white
poods. Goods worth from 23o to 45c nil
during sale for 15c yard.
Gouts' extra quality seamless half
hose , ,7c n pair : worth 121c.
200 indies' ribbed vests , 7c each ,
or 4 for 23e.
50 doy.cti gents' outing flannel shirts
during snlo for 23c , worth 39c.
50 dozen children's fnncy bordered
handkerchiefs , lecueli.
100 pieces dark calicoes , 2o n yard.
200 pieces light ohollies , 3Je.
150 pieces Chilian cloth that sold for
ICc , during sale for 5o a yard.
200 pieces moire nil silk ribbons , Nos.
5 nnd 7 , for Tea yard ; Nos. I ) nnd 12 for
9c n yard.
Sco Dally Nonpareil nnd Globe for n
more complete list of bargains.
Leaders and Promoters of Low Prices ,
Council BlulTn , In.
ItonnUiiu tiros.
Free excursion to LakoMannwaSatur-
day , Juno 3 , to nil school teachers nnd
school children of Council BlulTs , Oinnhti
and South Omnhu. Tickets given away
nt our store between 12 und 1 o'clock Sat
urday , day of excursion.
Over 3,01)0 ) pairs of lace curtains
bought . for spot cash ut less than i
price. Owing to the tightness of the
money market a manufacturer was
forced to soil. "Wo got them nt our own ;
price ; . For thrco days wo intend giving
our customers the benefit of this great
purchase. If you expect to need cur
tains within the next twelve months you
can't afford to pass this sale.
200 pairs of Nottingham luce curtains ,
H yards long , taped cdgo all around ,
only 78o a pair ; not J price.
230 pairs Nottingham lace curtains ,
jopd width , 3 yards long , only l)8o )
Over 800 pairs of Nottingham Jnco
urtains , 3 nnd 3 } yards long , beautiful
jopds , ut 81.25 , 31.48 , $1.08 nnd $2.98
mir , worth in a regular way , 82.00 to
250 pairs of genuine Irish point lace
urtains , . ' 1 and 3 } yards long , at $3.08
nnd $1.98 pair ; only i their real value.
Ask to see them.
00 pairs of chenille portiere curtains ,
jcoutiful curtain , dado and fringed top
ind bottom , only 34.08 nud 84,98 pair ;
vorth $7.50 and $8.00.
You save money by buying from us.
Bargains in every department.
A It are Treat.
The Albany Inquirer , speaking of the
freat English circus that will capture
ho crowds in Council Bluffs Juno 9 ,
bays that tlio musical part nlono id a
jtilllciont attraction.
Prof. William Goetzcs band of 33
> ieccs heard hero yesterday with Cook
t Whitby's English circus , was , without
exception , the lincst wo have over lis
tened to. Their rendering of the classi
cal overtures of "William Tell" nnd
Somirnmide" delighted thousands at
the afternoon performance and in the
evening tlio magnificent strains of Wng-
nor's tremendous ' 'Tnnnhnusor" filled
the immense cnnvns , packed to the ring
bank , with enraptured auditors. Prof.
Muller , our Albany maestro , states that
there is but one other band in America
capable of playing this music at all , and
tnat is Giltnoro's. To musicians wo
Imvo only to say that this matchless or
ganization is composed of 5 clarionets , 2
[ lutes , 2 piccolos , 1 solootto , 2 saxo
phones , 2 French horns , 2 bassoons , 2
abocs , 5 cornets , 2 altos , 2 baritones , 2
tubas , 1 double b bass , snare and bass
drum and bell player , and every man an
artist. Wo have not space to mention
the performance in d"tail , but will pay
it wits a century ahead of any ether cir
cus that has over visited Albany and
easily made good its claim of being the
"foremost show'of all this world. " A
visit to it bestows a liberal education on
its patrons.
The Urnml Hotel ,
Council Bluffs. The most elegant In
Iowa. Dining room on seventh iloor.
Rate , $3.00 and $3.00 a day. K. F. Clark ,
Prop ,
Bargains in fine- tooth brushes and
cologne , wholesale price , only lOc.
Davit ) , the druggist , 200 Broadway.
Deunrutlmi Day at thu Iimtltutit ,
Memorial day was observed at the School
for the Deaf with about as much enthusi i
asm , although in a llttlo different way , as In
the city , The morning was taken up with a
program , the main feature of which was an
address by Prof. Wyckoff. In the afternoon
there was u Hold day , and miito a long nnd
vario 1 program of sports wns presented , to
the amusement of a largo number of spec
tators , many of whom wcro from the city.
Thu following is n list of the events , with
the winner and the record In each case ;
Throwing ball ( girls ) , Lulu Dougherty , 113
foot 0 Inches.
Throwing hall ( boys ) , Alvln Toe , 288 feet.
high Jump , ( hoys ) Albeit Lues ,4
I'olo vaulting , Henry Ivies , 0 foot.
Fifty yiinl ( lush ( Klrls ) , Una lluzznn , 6 ! {
Uno I HI ml rod and fifty yuid dash ( boys ) .
Henry Hnilth ,
Kgg race with bimon ( plrlfO , Mary Oabolka.
1'urallel liars ( boya ) , I'rank Uuraiid , Henry
Gall , tie.
Long distance poln vnuljlnir , Henry ICIes.
Itunnlng jump , frank felugle , 18 feet , C
Ktamllng jump , Harvard Miller , 10 feet , 11
Watnr race fglrla ) , Jane Samuolson ,
Hurdle race , Klc.s and Smith ,
Itunnlne hop. step and jump , Harvard
Miller , 3'J feet , 4 Inches.
Three-logged ruce , Harvard Miller , Itoss
Murdoch ,
1-iittlng . tlio sliot , Charles Appleby , 20 feet t,6
Shoe race ( boys ) , Honton.
Hldo and soot , llonsen.
The gymnasium Is a comparatively now
feature of the institute work , only four
years having elapsed Binco it was first
started. The management is constantly
pushing it to the front , however , and it ; is
likely that future years will sco the boys
who nave almost grown up In the gymnasium
make records that will excel tlioso of this
year. All the contestants did their beat ,
however , and deserve a great deal of credit.
After the sports wore over refreshments
were served to all thoio who wanted them : ,
both I pupils nnd visitors. An Interesting
procram of mu fc ! jnd speeches wijs ftUo.
rendered for the Voncfll-of Uio visitors.
Piles of people avp mios , but Do Witt's '
Witch Hazel Salvo will cure them.
Itnmllrtt'n Ice Crentn.
Try Motzgnr iV aJ'idlolt's pure nnd
delicious < ice crcan unnd Ices nnd you
will order no othorjn-
Free trcntmonta Hlly from 2 to 4 p.
m. nt the Council Hlulfs Medical nnd
Surgical Institute , EOlh and Broadway.
, Music for ballfy parties , picnics , so
cials , etc. , by MMcloians Union. .1. B
Follelt , Mgr. , 400'nfrny , Council BlulTs.
Williamson &i < Co.i 10(1 ( Main street ,
largest nnd best I'llJ.vblo stock In city.
Cook yoi" meals thts summer on n gas
range. At cost nt tlio Gas company.
Brown's C. O. D. open evenings until
9 p. in.
I.iwycr M.VMKter of Council IllulT * Create *
nSnuntlon ut Ilia .Mother' * I'tincrnl.
In the pretty little city some few miles
cast of the watery dividing line between
Iowa and Nebraska and connected with this
city by an elcctrlo line there was laid to
rest at Falrview cemetery yesterday the
earthly remains of ono of the Crtfllcst pioneers
neers of this section of the country.
This was Mrs. HJarla Mynstcr , well known
to every resident of our sister city. She
came to Council HltitTs , when it was Kancs-
villo , away back in IW'J. Her pallbearers
were Attorney George F. Wright , John
Bern and others prominent in finan
cial circles of Council Bluffs ,
The chief mourners wcro the
deceased's ' only sou , W. A , Mrnstcr ,
some tlmo since of the car firm of luynstor
and Limit of Council Bluffs , and Cristo-
phorson , Mynstcr and I-huH In Omaha , his
children and grandchild run.
Everybody in both cities considered Mr.
Mynstcr a widower , but facts revealed
yesterday proved differently. The mother's
death occurred Friday and many \\ondcrod
wny the funeral nad been delayed. A lady
upon the arm of the son during the funeral
services furnished the solution.
Some two years ago Attorney Myn-
ster undertook n business and
pleasure 1 trip out west ostensibly to shoot
game and look after mining investments in
Idaho. Here , ns it Is now learned , Cjpld
touched him and made W , A. Mynstcr nnd
Mrs. Moore , a largo ranch owner and
wealthy widow of Idaho , man and wife. But
the t union was kept a secret locked up in the
breasts of the contracting parties.
The accomplished lauy is not n stranger to
thcso parts , having formerly resided
hero. ] Mr. Moore , her llrst hus
band 1 , at ono tlmo owned a con
siderable portion of what is now the busi
ness 1 part of Omaha , where the present Mrs.
Mynstcr , through inheritance , still lays
claim to some property. Why the marriage
was not made known sooner has not been
made public ns .vet.
The many friends of both parties In Omaha
and Council Bluffs , while s.vmuathizing with
Mr. Mynstcr in the sad bereavement of a
mother will congratulate him that ho has
chosen and gained n lady of much refinement
and character for his future life's companion.
Nervous headaches promptly cured by
Bromo-SeUzer trial bottle 10 cts.
ItT111 Ilo roli ; , ! iiut Slightly Warmer lit
Xcliraxkii Tuilny.
WASHINGTON , El. C. , May 31. Forecast for
Thursday : For fTobraska Generally fair ;
slightly warmer in extreme cast ; variable
winds. '
For the Dakotas Fair ; cooler ; winds be
coming northwest.
For Iowa Generally fair , preceded by
light showers tonight'ond in the early morn
ing in extreme aeast ; slightly warmer in
southeast ; northcasfwiuds , becoming vari
able. 1 Iv
Plies of peoplot nave puos , but Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo wlllcuro thorn.
The llhodo Island .legislature convened at
Newport ychtcrdny. '
Proprietors of Kansas City , Mo. , restaurants
liayo discharged all their union waltcis.
The president has'Sppolnted Walter Allen of
Colorado to bo inolter of the United States
mint at Denver.
B. 1J. linker , wholesale lumber dealer of
Chicago , 111. , has confessed Judgment in the
sum of J5U.OOO.
The Whlto County bank of Ileboe , Ark. , a
private concern conducted by O. A. 1'rlce , is In
tlio hands of a receiver.
The street car strike at Tort Wayne. Ind , , Is
growing serious , The new men huvo been
stoned and rotten egged ,
President Giocnlmt of the Whisky trust
has been unable to raise tlio money needed to
pay the rebate certificates and running e\-
Steele and Mnckay's Fpectatorlum , a
lingo theatrical cnturprlho near the Woild's
fulr grounds , bus passed Into the hands of a
The western roads are now anxiously nwalt-
Ing action on the part of the AtcliKuii londho-
foio coming loan understanding on Woild's
fair rates.
There Is n rumor going the rounds nt Llttlo
Kock , Ark , , that application lias been made
for a recoh er for Mttlu Itock& Memphis Rail
road company.
A man named Ling and his wife , hailing
from 1'cnila , 111 , , have been arrested In
Chicago for navInK In their posses-slon a largo
quantity of coimtei full money.
Kx-Unltcd States Minister Stevens has ar-
rl\ed ut Hun Kianclsco , Cal. , from Hawaii.
Today ho will lecture before the Chamber of
Commerce on affairs In the isl'imls.
The 1'iiclfle Mall
Steamship eomp.uiv was
run at a loss of $50,7-10,08 last year. Uoor e
Ciouhl , In u letter to tlio directors , refuses to
u itln accept the pruMdoncy of the company ,
The Spanish Infanta visited the Girls Nor
mal hchool of Xow York yesterday , and was
urcatly pleased with the reception uccoided
her. Shoufterwuids reviewed the Now 1'ork
police force.
lluyor Stunsbury It. Wlloy of Wilmington ,
Dol. , supreme master of the exchequer of thu
supreme lodge , Knights of 1'y thins , nab been
usUcd to resign. Money mutters Is the icusou
given for the request.
The council will meet in special session on
Friday evening.
Fire in the barn of W. K , Moran , 2 ! > 07
Dodge street , damaged the property to the
extent of % > yesterday afternoon ,
Peter Heldo , an employe of the Motz
Brewing company , foil in a fit yesterday
afternoon and was taken homo in the patrol
wagon ,
The funeral of the late Judge Samuel
Walsh was largely attended yesterday by
his numerous friends. Ho was hurled in
Forest Ui\vn cemetery. Many old soldiers
wcro in the crowd of mourners.
Seavey that Frit * Pinzenslium's place , at
Thirty-first and Hamilton streets , kept open
on Sunday as well us during the week and
that the abuse of the Sunday law has
become a nulsanpe. inthe , , neighborhood.
Friends of Mathias Tischlor , who shot
himself last weeir , wish to say that ho was
not drunk when ho'shielded ' ; that ho was not
a drinking man , anjl" never missed a day's
work , and that tcmjiorary insanity is the
mo. t reasonable explanation of his last act.
Mayor Van Horn ami Councilmcii Bartclle ,
Hunter , Sterling , Sfrcoter and Young of
Denver arrived In thj ( city last evening on a
trip of invcstlga lgnipf the syctcins of public
improvements In the various cities of the
country. They entertained today by
the mayor , City Engineer Hosewatcr , llulld-
Ing Inspector Tilly Health Commissioner :
° t ,
Dlrk !
13. Messerschmldtis an expressman whoso
locus stand ! is Sixteenth and Dodge , and ho
has a grievance. Ho tins put it before the
health ofllciuls , and has lost confidence in
them thereby. Ho avers that the fruit
dealer on Sixteenth and Dodge allowoth his
garbage barrels to stand on that
corner and be kissed by the sun
till their contents breed offense most
grievous to the olfactory organ of std
Mosserschmidt. If the barrels were emptied :
at reasonable intervals R M. would have no
kick coming , ho says , but they sometimes
stand there , two weeks at a tlmo , ho do-
declareth , aud patience has ceasud to bo 0a
virtue. 0's
Plies of people Imvo piles , but Da Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will euro thoai.
Commission . Mon Ask Manager Bnbcock to
Boduco Rents at the Exchange ,
Spcclnl oniccr I'lncit for Annnnlt Itnlnc *
ClilcMlockctt'ft Dniulcr Thrco l.lttlo
Mnlds Iruin ( Irotna llnmclcoi
City Miniatures.
At the last meeting of the Live Stock oxot
clmngo n committee was appointed to confer
with Manager Uabcock ot the Stock Yards
company , and , if inmlblc , to secure lower
rents In the exchange building. A member
of that committee was seen by a Hr.n re
porter jcstcrday , who said : "Wo have
had ono talk with Mr. Uabcock in regard to
lowering the rents , but ncro not given
any definite satisfaction. Ho said ho
would talk the matter over with
the directors of his company
at their next meeting , consequently wo can
not make our report until after that time.
\Vo have been corresponding with the com
mission men in Chicago and learn that wo
are payiijg Just iftiout double , everything
considered , what the men pay there and wo
do not propose to stand It nny longer. You
may state In the paper if you will that the
committee is open fora proposition from nny
person who Is willing to put up n building on
the opposite side of the track with olllcc
rooms suitable for our business. A bank
could occupy n place in the building nnd tt
hotel could also bo conducted in thu same
structure. Cheaper rent Is what the com
mission men want. "
Manager Uabcock was watted on and
stated that when the committee culled to
sco him they could not give any ilgurcs as
regarding rents paid by the Chicago com
mission men but that ho would give their
request duo consideration ; that ho Intends
to 1 curn the exact rents paid In Chicago and
present the matter to the directors of the
stock yards company nt the Juno meeting.
The commission men hero are positive In
their demand for cheaper rents and say if
they do not got what they want they will
make arrangements to move into other
Mndo the Chief U'l.rni.
Special Officer John Morrissey was ar
rested yesterday on n warrant from Judge
Fowler's court charging1 him with commit
ting an assault upon Fred Jones. Morrlssoy
is employed as watchman or special police
man at Swift's. Jones went over to the
packing house , he claims , to look for work.
Momsscv ordered him out and knocked him
down before he could get away. Morrissey
testified that Jones threatened him and
dared him to come outsldo before he slapped
him. Judge McCulloch of Omaha appeared
for Morrissey and City Attorney Van Duscn
prosecuted the caso. After all the evidence
was In Judge Fowler stated that It was clear
to htm irom the evidence that an unpro
voked assault had been committed by the
ofllcer and proceeded tojlno him $5 and costs.
After the suit and while Morrissey was
paying his line there came near being an
other scrap that was not on the program.
Chief UecUett attempted to give Morrissey
bomo advice when the latter told him to at
tend to his own affairs and ho would do well.
This made the chief warm under the collar ,
and had it not been for the interference ol
Judge Fowler there wo-dd have been onleial
gore scattered all over the police court
room. It is not improbable that Beckett
and Morrissey will yet have a go if a favor
able opportunity presents itself , as thcro is
bad blood between them.
Tlirro l.lttlo IMuUls Iriini Home.
Thrco llttlo thinly clad slstors named BarJ
mini called nt the jiolico station last night
nml naked for sheltor. Their homo is at
Grctna , this state. The oldest Is about 12
years. They boarded a train In Gretna sov
cral dnjrs ago nnd came to South Omaha to
visit their sick brother. They wcro told
last evening by the lady where they huvo
been stopping that they would have to lint
some other place , and when night overtook
them they Applied at the station hoUso.
Captain Austin found the little ones a place
to stay over night and they will be put ou
the train aud sent homo today.
NoteH and GoKsl ] ) .
J. A. Bent of Houston , Tex. , Is visiting
E. C. Lane.
C. C. Stanley returned yesterday from a
trip to Basscti.
The Young Men's Institute held a well at
tended meeting last night.
Miss Alta and Miss Ada Urowcr of Alva
arc visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Jnycox.
On Friday evening the German class will
meet with Miss Anna Glasgow at her music
rooms on N street.
N. U. Drown Is homo from Lexington ,
Neb. , where ho was called to attend the
funeral of his mother.
Quito a number of persons Attended
the concert at Dellovuo Tucsdaj
evening. Among them wcro Dr. J. K
Crouthcrs , F. A. Lyman , E. M. Uonnell. W.
Heed Dunroy , Misses Fannie Wliitcly , Alice
Griftlth , Huby GriOlth and Mrs. Uonnell.
It Cures Coldi , Cought. Bore Throat , Croup , Infla-
cnza , Wbooplng- Cough , Eroncliitli nd Attbma ,
A certain cure for Consumption In flnt ,
and a sure relief in advanced itajci. U at once.
You will ice the excellent effect after taking tha
firit dote , Bold by dealeri CTtrywnere. Large
tottleo { O cent ! nnd 01.00.
w Worth a Guinea a Box.
Q A trifling dose from
Qa 25-cent box of
( Tasteless )
Jwill frequently prove J
( as effective as a doc-
i tor's prescription.
" * " "
| 10
rlnn Tre ? ,
lilnv Wlndowa ,
CIcantntf Clilckon
C00l | > ,
liai tire tiraii noidot
iprarur , tarrol of
anlied Iron which
cannot corrode or wear
out ! brani top and brait
valve to barrel : brai *
liluDKorwIlh cronhaiidlo
and valve * of ottk <
taan d leather. Work *
i well nnd laiti at Ionic
Hi a high-priced pump
Circular * free.
Co u no/I lilut * , Iowa ,
Whnt CAtidf Them , With a IVn Hints for
Tlialr ttcrtnln { 'retention Thin Is
Vnlnnhln Information ,
Chotcru roorbtu nnil summer illnrrhonoccur
irlnclpftlly during the summer und Mituinn.
; holnrn morhus Is ciuiseJ b ; Improper food
and sudden chllllnK of the body ixttcr OMOS- )
ire to grout hont CortMn lulistnncrs will
iroduco It to certain pursonMuch for Instance
ns vonl. rnw milk tnken with nsh , or nholl Hsli ,
nnd nil dUhcs cooked with milk , such ns rlco
nulilltiff , rroaiti ptilTs. nnd own Ice oroiim
when kept too Ibiii ! . ITiulpo or ovot-rlno fruit ,
especially If taken with Inrito draught * of Ice
wntor , will caiiso It. A\old lociiinlni ; uhllled
lurlnitslcptx In n climate ns clmmtn.ilito ns
our this Is nnovcr-prosontdnnnor. I'crslstcut
" iiniiner ( llnrrhoii Is usiiiilly cuuaoil by inu-
nrlii. tower air or Impure water. Tlio knowl
edge of how to nvold or rcmoily these diuiRor-
nuscpinplnlnts will save much siilferlnz nnd
ivoltl ninny n doctor's bill. Medical cicnco
oils ustliut ttio use of pure spirits , preferably
nhlskcy. In moderation. Is ifouio snfcBtmrd
txnlnst tlUcnvoi of the kind incntUmod. There
9 lint ono piiro incillplnnlhUkrv , nnd tlmlls
DulTjr's I'uro Malt. If tt Istakon ro.-ularly nt
this sonson U kooustho stomnch li lioiillliy
oondltlon , uurlllos thu entire sysipiii.nnd Klvcs
one. streticth mid stimulus. I thus been used
for .vo < r-i by tlie Aincno-in public , nnd Is tlio
non popular of Its kind In this lulul.
It Is trim tlieio uro Interested partlns who try
tosollntliorsucnlled uliNklcs when theme
iskoil for Duiry'ji , but such peoulo hnvo till In-
: orestod motive Unit Is not for your Rood. Do
not bo deceived , : ind Insist upon having Jiut
lint you call for.
Tuesday , 3Itiy HO.
Empkie-Shuprt Go ,
109-111-113-115 Main Stroot.
Largest stock of
in the city.
Agents ol the Colobrutctl
Gurney Hardwood Refrigerators.
Agents for the
Oil Gas Stoves ,
the safest and newest steve out.
Wo are exclusive ngonts for the
Genuine Boynton Furnace ,
and nil furnnco work is supervised by
our Mr. Lruitorniibsor , who is ono of tlio
best furnnco men in the wast.
Wo carry a lull stock of Field Seeds.
City iiKonts for the Pioneer Imple
ment Co.'s goods.
II bll V UUltf
And alt t ! trnln o
coraiiany tiioiu In men OL'ICKliY and I'lCUMA-
NISNTI.V OUltKI ) . Kull ariltCNUVIl nnd tone
Klven to ovc-ry part ot the body. I will Bond ( to-
cnrely packed ) KHISI2 to any tfiiTer ( 3r tlio prGHCrlti-
tlon thut cured mo of thetto troubloa. AddrOdJ , 1 .
And Health Is the Royal
Road to Happiness.
Kvrry manner of chronic ill'oaan pun b *
cured without thn tine ot modlolno nl tlio
Council Bluffc
Nomnttrrhow nearly disconrAcod you MO ,
or how much jou ImvosulTortid from 'll onia
nnd bud otTfcts of striJne inrdlrlnns you eixn
bo cured nnd enln pnrmntu-nt bonolll by tha
new nntl-medlrnl system of ttaati.ioiiU 1 > I -
Annul. ! , . \iOilnvy | | , . \iti-u ! i , It.-iK
Cntnrrh , CoiiMitiitlli > ii , Cmvitttiro of tin
Iditp , l > y pppiln , ipilr : | > y , I.tvnr Ooiu-
I pliiliit , Nruri > l ln , Itliuunmtlqiii , I'iirnlj'RI * ,
i CoixUtmtloii , M-rufiiht , Kczonm nnd All
Itlood DliKMMri , I'vimiloVoul < ni' , UrnC"
urn * , l.ockj.uv , llrrnlit or Ittipturp , I'll on ,
.Nrrvoiu Adcettom , llpurt DMO.ISP , l'nl y
itc. : ,
All treated nnd cured by the
Galvanic Kloetro .Magnetic Mattery
For attracting all nnlnml , vogotublo and
mineral poisons.
Yitali/.cil Vapor ami O/.onc Haths
For purlfvinx the blued nnd beautifying the
Vitalized Heat and Magnetic HtitliB
I'or imrnlysls , dubllltlus aud tonliij up the
Vitalised Chemical & Electric IJatha
For removing all cancers and blood poisons.
Tlio F.nio-icy of tlin Aboro Mnthods Pallj
Domoiiotratod by , ,
IJ.1.O. ' 5J i
. . . ,
119 Stutjmai Stwt , Council BluTi , II
I'l fi : car. soil you n homo mil lot on n payment or
fromSlu.UJ to f.'iJ.OI dotrn ninl Jl I U ) to KIJOJ
per month , homo Bjuolnl b.irg.ahK hi lots. Julm-
cton \ Van 1'nttoii.
Alltf 111Orsniid iiuii. Parm nnit cllr i > romrr ;
boiiulit and BUM. I'uio.t Tuoaiii , Council
/Oil HAI.h Clui.i | > ; tuim nl ic't drlvlm ra nrm
team mules ; oil wajoa , liirnjx unit luinn top
i ro.iil wrt/on. Curbun Coal Co. . U t'Jiirl Btroot.
I Olt SA1.I2 Thrt'OJorsJjr bulln ; n/oi , oti3 waoic
nno jonr nhil t o ycnrs ; ttollil color , tciilstcrj. !
Block. * : i S , 1st yt.
17llt HAI.K Nlcohiy cnrrlniro totm u 11 oirrltf
-L1 \V.Tllllujs 101 I'oiirldt. . ( Joil'icll Itl | IT < .
GAltltAOH rotuoved , C3H4POU19. vaults , ctilnroyi
clo.nnod. 1M iturki1 , ut Tnylor'9 srosar51)
lOll "AI.i : An uprlulit live horse power bollor.
JLHnllut I3.'U llro.idwur.
11011 HUNT I-nno unrolionao sltuntud on rnll-
nny trt"k. Iiiiiilru | of I'lnno'r liniilcnunt Co.
LllliillilMAN : biiyjimd Haiti iintoj Hocuroii by
morUiiKuion Council Mliilt.i uiul Umaliu prop
erty. OIlluoMI I'lrst avoniio.
BlIAUTIKlilj lioiuo : nil inoilorn rnnvcnlonrcs ;
lowprlcoa , ou * < y turiui. A. J. Mnndcl , U HlulTfl.
\\7ANTI2U Compotunt Kill In fniulljr of two. In
quire of Mrs. K 1VrIsil ! , til Suulli boroulU
TTOMI'S 1 will trade my nuulllcs In ono or two
-1 Itooctdnolllnui for oh'tir lots , llnlanoo on lout ;
II inc. II. J. Adnuis , tllj 1'crln n\cnuc.
WANTICD Kinerlcnood Baloelndlcs. llvnntioa
llrus , Council lllulls.
1.XM ! SAI.IC 1'lro nnd burglar proof safa , ullliln.
slda Btoel rliuBt , M Indies wUU ! : dovp , 3S lilk'li :
In Al coniiltlon. At n ImrKnlu if tnkuu nt onto.-
lbo tlio otllco llxturuB at ruotu Mlaip ! | LulUllnL'i
Mr . B. A. ( .rnftn.
-OIrl , n BOOd cook. 119 8. 71U fllrcct.
BAHRAIN'S I'nrBnlC , 73 by SCO fcot on Franklin
mcnno. >
2-.M-4 Mcrcn butvruun lut Btrcotond KrnnkllnoTCiiuo.
iroil plnttliiR jiropurty In the city , CM.OTJ.UO.
Two HUM oiio | lto 'Ililnlutrcct tcliool , (1,90000.
Ono lot In \ \ llnoii Tcrracu , SMUUO.
lliicu lots , corner .Mnlii utrect nnd 12th arcnuo.
llcat Bite for Implement IIOIIBU In tlio city. fi.WJ.OO.
I.OUKOO ATowlo , S3i 1'carl btrcut.
HO 1304-6-8-10 Main St.
liU Council BlufJs , la , ,
rt S eaiji pije Works-
C. A. SCHOEDSACK , Proprietor.
Dyeing , donning find
Council BlulTs ofllco and woriti , cor. Avo. A and 2Hh ( St. Telephone 310 , Send
for circulars and price list. Omaha olllco : 1621 Farnuin Tel. 15"1 ,
All lilndaof Dyolns
and Oluinliu done In
thu hlKhoit Btylu or
the nrL KuiJoil nnJ
btulnoU fubrlcn made
to loot : us KooJ an
now , WorK proiniitly
done un1 dollvoracl
In nil parta o ( ttao
country , tiouU lor
prluo lint.
Drcudwnv. oour NortU.
r * - . . . . . > .7 , . , - wfitora Depot ,
Tolophouo ZU ,