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H IC'Ki . NO. 1C PKAUL STIlEl ? ?
fellvctea by carrier to tiny part ot the city
IliiK'ncpiOUlec , . . , . , t. . N" 4.1
! N Y. IMumblnp C04
Council Hlufls Lumber Co. . CoaJ.
A marr/laco / Ilconso wiw Issued yesterday
to.lmnoa Hunt ol 1'ottawnttantlo county nna
7dn Tinnoll ot Council H luffs.
Ihc lovombor term of superior court will
cjtnmcnuo to'lny , and Uio doeUol will bo road
i.t'J o clock In ihn nttcriioon ,
Tlio newly orijiinlzod mllltnry comphti.v of
thohlun school ha * received Its uniforms
nnd the boys mnko a neat apuoariinco lu
The November term of tlio district court ,
of I'ottaivnUnmlo county will open ittAvocn
today , wl'ti ' Judfio II. 13. Uoomcr oittio
The funeral of the Into W. L. Utu'cs will
occur tomorrow utternoon at 'J o'clock from
his resilience , "II South Seventh strool ,
under the Misplcc * ol the Odd follows.
The ladles of nuxllUry No. 17 , Union Vet-
rrnn Loglon , nro requested to moot with
Mrs. Williams. 5U Seventh iwtmio , this nf-
t < trnoon at o'clock on UuslnusH of Impor-
Clergymen nro requested to cnll nt the
Hu'rllnj-tDii hoaUquarters , corner of llroad-
way nnd I'ourl streets , miiko ivrrunec-
nionts for liulf-fnro permit. , during tbo coin
ing year.
1. S. Cnmpboll , who returned from Noel a
.vcsterdnv mornlnc. stales thru u tire stai toil
In the Dillon ulL'Viitornt ihat-nlucu ynitcnluy
tnornliik' iit-l o'doclt. A hole was burtintl in
the roof , hut the flames were extluguishud
bcforo much damauo was done.
Thn tronblo tiotwcon A H , Howe and M.
Jj Wttkellt'ld ever n hnr : " which Howe
ilalmudVuKoflcId Ima stolen , to nn .vostctilay , so fur us the iiroueoillnKiv tn
Juatico HmiimurN court uro concerned.
Some sort of n toUlamcnt was miido ana thu
MO wns tllstinssoil
A conl house In the roar of Gooreo Pull-
inan'b liousn nn Madison street , near Knoiii'cr ,
wai sot on tire bv an Incondlnry yesterday
morning nt'J o'clocit , and UiGllroilapirlmunt
had to bo called out to extinguish the blaze.
The house was tlctnolislifil , but no ilaimipo
wns done to the neivliborlnjT tlwellliiRS. U
Is the property of 1' . D. Auront ? .
John Qulnn , u young man from 1'ncillc
Junction , arrived lit the Burlington douot
yostcrday morning und xvns accorded a ro
coption. The brass band was not tlioro , but
the patrol waeon WHS , and in It ho wended
Ills way to the pollco headquarters. A tolo-
Krnrn tiau been received from the pollco nt
the junction MsUlnir that ho bo arrested nnd
bold on the charge of boating a board bill nt
the Chicago houso. A couple of Me fi'londs
were with him , and last evening they worn
trying to make n dicker with the proprietor
of the hotel for a eottlomont of the cuso on a
cash basis.
811k Miirkcl AnVctml.
Any ono not acquainted with the sillc
ninrlcot would nnturally think that silKn
[ of till kinds tire udvtincinir rnuidly in
i price.
Such Is Iho cnso with riuv inntcrhil ,
[ nncl must certainly utluut , thu price on
[ nil silk goods. As umml , wo'ro looking
Inflor thu inurkotB , and bnujrht in tiino to
JB'ivo the ) per cent : idvnnco on
lull kinds ol nliks. Wo intend giving
lour nations tlio ad vantiiRo of this pur-
Ichuso , nnd place on snlo for your in-
iBpcction over 2,7CO pieces of till silk rih.
| botin at less tlinn mamifiicturor's price-
" Brain , sutins , satin ediro
nnd morio , all widths , nil colon * and
Iboiuitiful range of lijjht shades for fancy
Note follow in ) ; nriooa :
No. 1 ribhons from lOc to 19o a piece.
All silk morio ribbon , piquet edge ,
INo. 5 at lie , No. 7 at 8u , No. 0 at ICc , No.
P12 nt 12ic.
One of the boat values wo offer out of
[ our larpo purchase is the bargains wo
show in satin ribbons , in pure silk ,
heavyweight goods. No. iiat7c , No. 7
lit 9c , No. 0 at 12ic , No. 12 at lee , No. 10
nt 18o , No. 22 at 22c.
i In addition to the two above lines wo
have u full ran go of bhadcs and colors
j in pros grain with batiti edge at saino
i prices.
Council Ulutls , la.
J'yJK.SO.V.I1.1 > IIS.
W. A. Donahuy loft yesterday fur Portland -
[ land , Ore1. , after a two months' visit at homo.
Paul S. Junldn of the Omngo City Ilnrald
| | H the cuust of his fonnur ciassmalo , ' ! ' . U.
[ Casady.
Mrs. F.V. . Olmitnnil , formerly of C'ouncil
I Bluffs , now livlnir nt Halt LuUoX'lty , U. T. ,
f Js the guest of Mrs. J. W. KoU , lull Tbml
| avouiio.
Kugono Btupfal ol Hardin township is puf-
, fcrlnif from n fall ho rocolvod recently while
[ hauling n loaa of wood. T'IC ' day wn * cold
i and ho Imd wrapprd hlmsoll In a heavy
'blanket. ' Wuilo bis team was going down a
steep hill the harness brolio nnd ho Juinii l
from the waon. The blanket provoutod him
from saving hlmsolf. Ho foil unaor tbo
[ wagon anil both wheels passed ever his
I limbs. Ho was badly bruised , but uo ooues
[ wcro broken. _
Wt'iitlicr lii'ports.
The Indications are for western Iowa
I colder woalher. Tliia statuniont is vori-
1 lied by the rush of pittrotiH at the Boston
f Store underwear domirlmont in the past
Since the early trnilo wo Imvo had our
stock roplenlshcd with everything noo-
j vssary to complete an undor\vear do-
i Wo have a few broken lines that wo
are cloning out nnd c.ill your attention
[ to the following bargains on our counter -
[ tor :
Ltuilcs' nnttiral and wliito vests , LV"c
| I < Ulioa' ( ribbed and plain vesta and pun to ,
\ eold for fitlu , nt 8u ! ) each. Ividios' mod-
[ iuin wuight white vests and pant : ? , a
| bargain at iillo ouch ,
GOIII'B heavy gray shirts and drawers ,
old fotxiii'o ' , to close at 2 > o pauh.
rxainlno other bargains in Gont's un-
Idorwoni1 , COo , 7nul.0 ! ( ) and $1.60 each.
[ Ghlldron'H wliito iindorwoar from lOo tc
| : i5c , according to sizo.
Childron'B grny underwear lee up-
Lwtird , Other nunllUoM in natural wool ,
lentnolH hair and reds ,
Ask to POO Indies' ' blaoic equestrian
Itightsiit $1.00 , $1.03 , $2.50. LudioH' and
iSBCH1 union suits from 8o ! ) to $3.60 a
[ bilit , in white , natural and black.
V. W. fc CO.
Boston Store , 'Council Blulfb , lu.
Council PrmHMKtlnjjH ,
The ully council bold u meat-
It ug last nviMiliiir , with Mayor
| prosullng anil Aldonnen Jennings , Mnyne ,
j Pace , Kuitlh uqa Tlbbolls nroient.
Various contract * far slaowaltis , puvlns
Icraulnv and nowcrs wora awarded to Join
| c , LOP. Ktinuon ft liuber. John Hummur ,
iJohn M , Hnrdin and John. Hldnkle.
It Tne cbalrtnaa of the poilou coniuilttoo was
[ nllowed $ ! 00 for currout exponsiis for thi
[ month.
Honortoftho judlclur.v comuntteo on thi
[ oftlco of city solicitor was Illfcl.
f Two special usscsnuont resolutions foi
uavlnc done by bv Tiionms Unlvin and M. A ,
iMonru wvuro uUnpted , and ( loads to th <
I amount of f J.OCO were ordered issued to paj
| for thu worn , _
Bee those oil heated at Swalno'a , 731
\ U roud way. _
'j c i shares capital stock CJtlzoiis Stut <
I bank for snla 1C. H. Shuafo.
Best day botinl in tlio city , $3.50 poi
wnek at the Scott house.
Coul and wood * , best nnd choapos
Missouri hard wmul in the city ; prouip
c jUvory. II. A , Cos , No.1 Muiu.
Thrilling Experience of Two Woman With
H Cup Full of Goal Oil ,
Narrow i : cnpe of .Mrs. Mnrk niut Her
r Itiitn t'rnni a I'.ilnlul Do.itli
llotli I.udici It.tdly llurnril A
1'ec'iillar Accldunt.
Mrs. Stack nnd her daughter Koto , who
reside at 1400 South Scyonth strict , ro
suffering from a r.Uhor ( { uoor , though none
the less painful , accident wlilcti n\pponod : to
them Sunday morning. Mrs. Staoit , whllo
galling broiiifast , plckod up n cup lint
stood on the inblo In Ihn Itltchen and pul ll
on the bulslovn , under thu Impression that It
wns Ililod with water. It turned out nftnr-
wards thai the cup hail bocu tilled with
kerosene , but MM. Staclt did not Know th.U
until ll cxplodod nnd seol the bhuing fluid
all over liar nnd her dnugnter , who was witn
her In tbo room. Thov were Immediately
wrapped In llnmcj , and nearly nil the cloth-
inu was burned oft thorn before "Iho lira
wns extinguished , They were both very
badlv burned , bul Dr. Macroa. who al-
tended thom , stilted that ihclrtujurlus would
probably not provo fatal.
Mrs. Wlnsiow's Sootliing Syrup Is the best
of all remedies for children toothing. 25 cents
u boltlo.
Tor 10 Diiy * Only.
2oO cnsos of rnnneil yoocls to bo sold
roKimlloss of cost for ten cluys only nt
DIOWII'H O. O. D. , commoncitu ; .Monday ,
Nov. 158.
Onlifornia oouuhcs llM , 10e and EOe
per earr Ciiliforulaiiprlcots , lie pur can ;
California egg plums , lee pototur Cali
fornia ytvon K"K-1 ( p'uins ' , Inc pur can ;
Califoi'iifa grapes , 15o per can ; Ca'i- '
fornla wliito oliorrlos , 2ic : per can : C'ali-
fornla bliiclt cihorrio" , lu ! ) par ctin ; Ciili-
fornla rasburrlus ] , ± io pur can ; Califor
nia poir.- : > , -de DM- can , custom pein-'hes ,
lUupurcan ; eastern pooro , lUc ; per can ;
2-lb. can I ) ai-klwiTlos , 8jo per cun ; U-lb.
can r.iBpburrios lOo per can ; U-lb. cun
strawborriua , lOc Dor can ; 1Mb.
standard corn , Klc per can ; l-lb. ! can
slttndurd toiiiutouH , 8io per can ; 2-1 b.
can POMS' , 7jc per cnn ; 2-lb. can string
beans , 7jo jer can ; 2-lb. can wax beans ,
7ic per cnn ; 8-b. ! can baked boati. * , IDo
no"cin : ; Frcncb peas , loc per can ; sal
mon , lOc per can ; Rjillon can uuplcs. 2Ic ! ;
oil mit-dincs : mustard sardines , Tic.
Remember this sale Is for ton days
otilv " at Urown'sC. O. 1) . , Council Bluffs ,
Gentlemen , tbo finest line of fall goods
in the city , juat received. Uoltor , the
tailor , 310 Broadway.
CIISIIH 111 Court.
The snag that the district , court ran up
aenlr.U ninolocn days ago and has boon in
dustriously trying to grub out. ever -Unco ,
succumbed yesterday. Tbo iwo parlies to
the suit of Dr. O. W. Gordon against Hob-
erl Haiti got together and offoctnd n snttlo-
monlof some kind th.U roaultcd tn the ease
being dismissed.
The case of E. \ . Spooner against the city
of Council BlutTs is now on trial. In U
Spooner sues forl'J33 damngos on account
of a chance lu Iho gr-do of his properly at
the corner of Seventh street and Seventh
Petitions for divorces have been tiled in
two cases. In the llrst , Amy M. Dolllg of
drove township as its for a legal reparation
from Hlcharu Bolllg on the ground thnt he
wns arrested under Iho name of Diclt Doris
and is now sorvine u term la Iho Missouri
penitentiary at Jefferson City. In the second
end , Daniel I'ulmor of Oultland is plaintiff
anu Sarah E. Pulmor dutenJant. The
ground alleged is desertion. A similar case ooinmoncorl oy Mw. Pulmor two yours
upo. but It was dropped before coming to
1'Ilos of people have piles , but DjWitt's
\Vltcb Hazel Salvo will euro thom.
Good board and room $4.50 per wotik
at tbo Scott house , 22 and 21 North
Main street. _
Holiday photos , cut prices , Sl.ftO for
cabinets , for 30 days. Cotta o jfallory ,
Uiley's old stand. _
Corn Tlilrvps Ciiiiluroil.
James l > , ixton,1 who runs the union stock
yams and has a cornlluld near by , claims to
hnvo suffered considerably ot Into from Iho
ntVtices of his nolghbors , each of whom had
un iuou ho was entitled lo as much of the
crop .is ho could carry off with him whenever -
over bo visited the llulu. Yoitorday two of
I'uMun's men wcro walking through the
Hold In the hopa of II nil Ing something , ran
across two women , Mrs. ftlurj Larson and
Mrs. I'oterson , each with bor apron tilled
with corn. At sight of thu men the women
dropped Iholr booly nnd made a run for their
respective homos , whither tnev were fol
lowed by thn improvised dotccllvns. An in
formation was Hied in Justice Hammer's
courtTcharging the women with tlio larceny
of 200 ousnols of corn , ihut being thu amoun't
Paxton claims to have lost , and they were
arraigned in court. Tbo case will bj hoard
this morning. _
If you have pnos DoWllt's Wllott llazolt
salvo will Htircly euro you.
The A. D. T. Co. bus added two now
hnclfs to its'foi'co and will answer c\lls : \
at all hours , day or ni ht. Telephone ,
179 ; olllco , 8 Main street.
T. D. Kinp & Co.'fl Partafjas cijjnr
hoi pod to oloiit Clovoland. It's the i co
ord breaker for the vour.
Sudden Dt'uih.
Mils Kittle Ulcason dlod very suddenly
yesterday morning. Sbo hud bean suffering
from consumption for a loog time past , and
hud been west a number of Umoi In tue
hope of bciturlng neruolf , binco nor lull re
turn s no has boon fooling butter , mid
especially t.o during III ? past two wuuks.
Yesterday morning bho arojo at 7 o'clock ,
but as she stopped upon the Door shu fell
over unconscious , A physician was sum'
moned , bul slio xvns pronounced dead , hci
death having occurrou as the roitilt of or-
ganio be.irl troubio , Shu was L'l years ol
ago , The funeral will tune place tomorrow
morning ai U o'clock from St. X ivlet' ;
Catholic churoh. and the ronialns will be
Interred In tbo Cutholio cometary.
Perfect action and psrfeci health rostili
from the u e of DJ Wilt's LUllo Early Uls
ers. A perfect little pill.
lur thn Child.
Juduo Smith rendered u decision ycsterilaj
In the eass of the State acalnsl K. M. lisloa
ol Neola. ThU was Ihti case in which Kite :
wus chtrged with being Iho father of n chile
thai seemed to have no other father avail
able , The court found Kstoi guilty and uo
crcoil thnt ho pay $5. > U toward the support ol
tlia child for the next nine yean , the
? 15 ) to bo rmid this year and thu remainder
lu gradually decreasing icstallinenls.
Constipation cured by Do Will's Karlj
a Risers.
r Day vt Hess have a force of mon work
inon the roads through the Kluir
tract , liny llvo or ton acrua there while
it is clioap. _
Coal and Wood. S.ickett & Preston
C28 Hroadwiiy. Telephone 1.
Davis fordrufjs ana paints.
Ucil .Spvtnmii.
Burglars entered the store of lW. . Spot
ro uu it Bra. on South Main street una
l ifth uvonue Sunday night. When Ib
place wa * open ml yesterday morning It wa
found lo have boeu broken Into through th
rear oelUr door. Too lurt'O double dee
leading from the .entrywnv into the collar
had been fastened bv n heavy timber
trotchcd across Insida A saw had been
stuck In through tbo crevice between the
two doors nnd this tlmbor had bean sawed In
tn o. Just how much was Ukcn nnunol t > o
told. So fnr two pairs of trousoM , n fast
and a lot of sblru and gloves have bocr.
missed ,
And Still Tlioy ( Joinc.
Per several months passed tuo Women's '
Christian Temperance uolon of Neola has
bcon engaged In war against the saloons ot
that plnco. For a tirao the ladles seemed to
have had the best of Iho light , for not a
saloon was to bo found acywhoro In town ,
nnd , according to the tales told by mon who
ought to know , the only wiy for n stranger
to get n drink was to take ll wltu him when
ho cnturcd the city gates. xOf late , however ,
the saloons havacommenced nn effort to re
gain their grip , and last week oae of them
wenl so far as to open Its doors and adver
tise thu latest bar.'iilns In delirium tremens
nt low ilguroa , Yesterday afternoon u peti
tion was tiled with the county clerk demand
ing n writ of injunction aualnsl W. C. Adams
and K. Patleo , tno proprietors ami owners of
the pure in question , to prevent Iho main
taining of u nuisance nt Iho plnco tn question.
"Hou Iltii-1 nt Dohany's opera house ,
) ccoinbur 1,2 and 3 , with Saturday
L. P. Jttdson , civil onglnoor,32fiB'way.
DomocratH In the hunntr.
COUNCIL Bi.urrj , la. , Nov. 23. To the
Editor of THE BBC : Your Washington cor-
rcsuonuent assumes thai * the dmnocrntlo
party will hava a working majority In the
United States sonato. That party , ll is Iruc.
.vlll . noi suffer the loss of u single scnalur by
.ho recent elections , bul it must guin five
momberi In order to glvo It ouo-hnlf 01 the
cnute. which Is forty-four. In the present
senate the strength of the party Is thlrlv-
nnc. It has gained otio In Nsiv York , one
n Wisconsin , and evidently ono each in
Wyoming and Montana. Provided that Iho
ast two stutcs named elect democrats lo suc
ceed Senators Warren imd Saundora , the
[ lumocrattu party must sccuro ouo moro
enator to give ll one-half Iho sonato. No-
vudnill elect n ponullst or It will return
Slew.irl who has como out us u pipulist. If
the California legislature is democratic Iho
lBinocr.icy will have , upon Iho oittcnito
above given , forty-live suuntors. I Jtreul
viins.isund Nebrasuaas unknown quantities
How \vlll the senate probably stand leaving
the last named blatcs outslilo of an estimate I
Mrs. P. II. tent Mo. 2 ,
Daughters of Veterans , will fjivc a calico
ice bull Wednesday uvuning , November
30 , at Koyal Arcaimm jiarlors.
lliiiicconiliiodntlllc Thloveii.
Oftlcer Kasilale , who patrols the south
western pnrl of Iho city , made a creal oaten
yesterday raorninir about 4 o'clock. In
running througb the Wabash yards ho came
across threa mon who had been stealing
grain from a car. Ho courageously thrust
his revolver under their nosea and they fell
prostrate upon Iho ground. Supposing that
they would Ho tuore until ho could
make arrangomants for taking thom to
the pollco station ho ran across lots to the
Hock Islund dopat nnd turned in the "riot"
call. The patrol wagon loaded to the guards
with policemen , wont to the place design-
nt3d , but of course the Ihlovos had skipped.
Thirty snclts of grain worn louud lying on
tbo ground , and thrno moro were found in
the house of a man named Ke.irns. who lives
in the corner of Ninth street and Twenty-
llrst avonuo. _
"Hen Hur" ' house
at Dohany's onora ,
December 1 , 2 and 3 , with Saturday
matineo. _
Itiiniiil Over lor I.urcrny.
Justice Swoanugon heard the case yostor-
dav in which W. B. Maxtield , W. D. Nichols ,
P. B. Biglcy , J. U. Bigloy and W. S. Glad-
win were charged with making awuy with
100 biuhnls of corn that bad been levied
upon by Special Constable Wesley in satls-
faotien of a Judgment againstMaxGola. The
evidence went to show lhat tno corn crop
had been claimed In equnl shares bv Max-
fleld aud Nichols , und that alter the levy hod
been made , Nichols , with Maxfield's ussist-
tance , decided to taite his half whether or no.
After a hearing they were both bound ever
lo the grand Jurv on Hie ahargo of larceny ,
and their bonds were fixed at 7100 each. Tbo
other defendants were discharged.
Don't mako'any arrangements for your
holiday fjooils until you have seen the
many new and useful articles at Lund
ll'K.lTUKlt t'OHKC L * > TS.
ItVIII llo ralr mill Wur.itur Throughout
Nebraska TiMlrxy.
W\siiiVOTOX , D. C. . Nov. 23. Forecast
for Tuesday : For Nebraska and low.i
Fair ; warmer , except stationary toraperaluro
in the western purtions of Nebraska and
Kansas ; southerly winds.
For the U.ikotas Fair ; colder In the west
colder by Wednesday morning ; variable
Local Itncnrd.
Ori'ioB or THE WnvniEa BUREAU , OMAHA ,
Nov. S. Omaha record of temperature ana
rainfall compared with corresponding day of
paal four years :
16tt2. 1691. 1&90 , 13S' ' )
Maximum tomporaluro , . 45 ° 15 = 47 = " 1 °
Minimum tomporaliira. . 27 = 2 ° Kl = > 07 °
Axor.igo toiuporaturo . . . Hi0 ! 0 = 40 ° 103
I'roelpltatlon OU T .00 .00
Statement showing the condition of torn-
pcraluro and procipilntlon nt Omaha for Iho
dav and slnco March 1 , ISOas compared
will : general avcrato :
Niirmnl toiuporaturo : il =
KM-usslvo fur thu day 1 ! =
Dolluioncvsini-u .March 1 2ut =
Nnnunl prrelpltiitlon U4 Inch
Dotiulonoy tor tbo day 04 Inch
Dullclunuy Hineo Muruh I U.lll Incliuj
10 HUNT. Local Forocaat Onioial ,
Notorlnut Ueperali H Arrested ,
CiiATrANOooA , 'I'onn. , Nov. iiS. News
from Piedmont , Ala. , says ihailbo notoiious
Connor brothers were arrested yesterday
about fourteen miles west of there. Throe
detectives und u posse of citizens made Iho
capture , but only after a desperate light. In
which u woman took part , pouring scalding
water ever the nltaculng party whllo the
tnon tired Winchesters and slxshoolors , Ttio
Connor brothers uro supposed lo be the mon
who robbed the mail and express car nf the
Knit Tonnoiseu & UoorgU truln near Pied
mont October III , Their arrest has caui > ed
great excitement in the vicinity.
Prohihly u VcHtnl Went Diiwn ,
SiXTA Citu , Gal. , Nov. 23. The heaviest
storm of wind nnd rain for many years pre
vailed hero last nlubt. Hockels were seen
bpliig soul up some olslanuo oul at sea , sup
posed lo bo from some vessel la distress.
They were seen after 10 p.m.
A Movement Dcrljiiutl to Ailvanca the Prin
ciples aLLiberty.
Variety or MnttoriiLl l 'Iiitnro t to Ilitho-
lulnni Cntiftlilartfil' llnil tnrlpoictl of
Suininni't of''tlio 1'ro-
Iho national ] c of the Uohsmlan-
American Homo Hulo association held an
important meeting in Chicago last wecK.
The coininilteo roprosctits the sentiments of
thu hundreds of thousands of Hohcmluns
who enjoy In America that liberty and
equality domed them In their native land ,
nnd who duslro to nld in b-jticrlng ttie condi
tion of their countrymen at homo. It is In
Jtt , essence a Bohemian homo rule movement.
Consii'.ctnblo business of an important
character was transacted by the committee.
Kosolutlonsttcro passed urging parents to
spud their chllilron to gymnasiums anu secure -
cure for t Lem athlotlo Instructions. Messrs.
Zdrubck , Snajdr and StullU were appointed
n committco to order books from Hohomla
which will BO to mnko up H historical library
that the national committee will maintain.
V. Snajdr , editor of the Bohemian paper In
Cltveland , who recently returned from iiu-
rope , reported to the committee that ho
found n keen Interest In the World's fair
tnimlfrslnd oy those on the other sldo , nnd
that many had bignlltod their intention of
comiiiL' to Chicago next yoar. A bureau will
bo established to furnUh Information lo all
vlsltiug Bohemians.
OlllcorH mill TMrlr Duties.
Since the Ijst rncotlng of Iho committco
ono mcmboi , H. Oplc of Xow Vori : , has died.
The vacancy will bo Illled by the executive
committee. Another vacancy , caused bv the
resignation of Frank Choura of Woodvillp ,
1'a. , was lllleil by the nppplntmet.t ol J. R
Hprosty of L'lovoland. A resolution wns
passcu petitioning the establishment of n
chair of Slavonic ] literatures nnd history
cither In Johns Hopkins university , Cornell ,
or the University ot Chicago , and u rommlt-
tee was appointed to confer with Join , L ) .
Hocliofollor ot Cleveland in rogaru to the
It win decided tosoiul a teloarain to Antono
Dvorak of New YorltcongiatulatliiK him
upon his appointment us director ol the con
servatory of music of thnt city.
1'resldcnt-olect Cleveland will bo nsltcd bv
formal petition of the committee to appoint a
Bohemian-American as consul to Prague.
H was decided , owing to the great amount
of work involved In the ofllco of secretary ,
that tno executive committee should bo em
powered to select a suitable person to suc
ceed Prof. 13. Simo'ic of Iho Iowa State uni
versity , who Is unable to glvo the worK tbn
lima It requires. The oflico will then bo
made a salaried position , and Its Incumbent
will also taito charge of tbo business innn-
apemenl of Iho Bohemian Voice , published
lu Omaha , Iho authorized Journal of the com
mittee. Discussion as to the feasibility of
continuing the publication of the Voice re
sulted in a unanimous decision that It bo
continued. An earnest effort will bis mudo
to put the paper In the hnnds of every
American-Bohemian mid place It on a pay
ing basis. It will bo orilarged and sent out
in n handsome covtfr , as becomes u mo.ithly
macszino ol its alanulng.
For H Stilted l ) y.
To the committee on resolutions wa ; re
ferred a motion to establish an nnnunl
memorial da.v to bo observed by American-
Uohomians as "tJerman day" is observed by
; ne Germans. The * day will bo one of the
ihreo ereat , anniversaries In Bohemian his
tory the inartvrnqui of John Huss , July 0 ,
1415 : thu battle of AVbito Hill , November Ib ,
1020. or tbo birth of Johann Aiuos Comenlus ,
March 26 , 159 . It u proDoblo that the llrst
anniversary will [ ) e the ono selected , as it
recalls one ot the most signiticant davs in
the history of Europe. Tno lasl aTTto is
Favored by many from the fact that Comonlus
laid the fouudalioa of , the modern school
system. | )3y
The commltioo ouco bogm preparations
tions for the cstabllsh'mcnt , of an immigra-
Lion bureau at New York. TUo object of this
bureau is not to encourage immigration from
Bohemia , but , to aid Bohemians who have
just arrived in t his country In their search
for homos.
Will ( iatlierStaUatlc * .
II was decided lo Issue a circular from the
Volco o 111 co to every Bohemian colony in
America requesting them tosand in complete
statistics on immigration to America. This
will bo n work of some years and tbo results
will bo published In book form. The Put-
nams will bo asked to ada the "Story of Uo-
homla" to tholr "Stories of the Nation's"
series. The manuscripts of three exhsustivo
histories of Bohemia are now In the hands of
the committco , and If none of them prove
satisfactory some standard history of the
country by a Bohemian will bo translated
for English renders.
Mussrs.druuelc , Snajdr and Stulik wcro
appointed to colloci a polyglot linrury on all
that In HIIV way relatuK to Bohemia and its
people and the political history of Austria.
Thu library will bo sn Omaha.
The following resolution was adopted :
Wo , cltl/cns ( if the United Stutos of America
and rnernUcib of the national committee , do
hereby renolvn In our Busslon hold In tlio city
of Chicago Novo.iibor"i-"U , 169. . upon the fol
lowing :
First That wo sympathise with the llohc- n.itlon In its present struggle for hoinu
Second That by unlto 1 nnd fearless notion
of nil tlio r prosonttttlvch from thu lloliomliin
crown lunus the e mso would bo much ad-
Third That It Is neco inrto defend with
porsuveriinco thcsa liialli-nahlo rights which
\\u luivi ) Inherited from our ancestors ,
roiirth That wo oxpi'uss our tli'inks to
Onlc 'atus I'.lm Mis3irylc : and I'.icaU for tliulr
elTniittvo work In the Austrian doloiiitloii ! < .
1'lfih That this resolution shall bu pnb-
llshod in the NaioJnl l.hty of I'IMKUC , llubu-
jn I a.
All the ofllcors were ro-eleotcd for tbo en
suing year. They are : L. J. Palriu , presi
dent , Cedar Hapids , la. ; John Uoalcky , vlco
president , Omaha ; U. Slmok , secretary -
tary , Iowa City , la. ; Anton Klohasn , treas
urer. 4710 Russell avenue , St. Louis , Mo , ; P.
B. tfjrubok , librarian. 15J West Twelfth
streci , Chicago , III , Tiuu the zeal for na
tional f rceJom nud the prospects of boundless
prosperity for n lilmratod Bohemia took
shape In the convention of IS'.K. Adjourn
ment was taltuu until July 0,1SU3 , atChicajio.
IX F.i VUlt itf JJIK VUMt'AXlKH.
I'indingfi In Iho Triiiiiii > Unuurl 1'rclKlit As-
inrliitlon CHHI * .
Toi'CKA , ICas. , Nov. 'JS. At the opening of
the federal circuit court In this city todav ,
Judge Ityner handed , down bis decision in
thoTrausmlssouri 1'VoIght association case.
Tbo action was a ault lu equity Drought In
the namn of the ynltoci Staloa by United
States District Attorney Ady , under Iho di
rection of tbo attorney gonernl , to dissolve
the TransinUsourl ussoclutloa and onjola
tbo railroads froio further participation tn
It. The case was argued at Cboyenno last
August , Tbo court's aoclslon wus In fuvor
of tbo railroads , dismissing tbo complain
ant's bill.
The Judge held thcro , was nothing Illegal
in tbo contract botwcon Iho railroad com-
pan.os composing the Transjilssouri assocl-
alien ; that the contract wus not In restraint
of trade or against' ' public policy , and that
there was noibing'ln ' the contract , whiou de-
prvud ( any of the companies concerned In It
of' the exercise of all their corporate
franchises. Tbo court also held that
Highest of all hi Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
the act of July 2 , under the provis
ions of whluti tun bill of complaint
k drawn , wns clearly not Intended by con
press to apoly to railroad companies or com
mon carriers , but was onlv Intended lo apply
to rotnblnillons , conspiracies nnd trusts In
restraint of trade similar to these trust *
which hiid boon formed bcforo thu passage of
the bill , citing the * tocl rail trim nnd others
as examples of the hind of combinations or
trusts to which the net wns Intended toai < oly.
District Attorney Ally haul in nil Interview
thnt he should Giipenl Iho case. "It was Impossible -
possible for tlio government to prnvo
rates nt competing points nro unreasonable , "
ho said. "On the contrary , the lowticss of
through rates has made an excuse
for higher r.itos locally. Hut this was not
the real question Insisted upon by Xho govern
ment. If the ( act that facilities
are Improved by a combination and that
prices nro reduced Is a defense under the
anil-trim law. then none or the ti-jsts and
combines of which the pcoplo complain , such
as the Standard Oil trust , the surar trust
nnd HIP boat com 1)1 no Is obnoxious under I
thntlnxv. His a fact , well know to every
body , that the Standard Oil trust has im
proved the qualttv of llznilng Hunt and ha *
lowered the prlco Such a construction
practically annuls the nntl-tlUU law.
"Tho real ohlect of 1 nut lnw , ni 1 insist , Is
to prohibit thesp great combinations of capi
tal which , tmmah Uiov mav reduce prices
at the commencement , tonu to monopoly in
the productloi , and dlsttibution of the prlmo
necessities and nro daniiarous to the welfare
nnd poroctnuy of the republican Institutions.
The court holds ihnt Iho mill-trust law iloos
not npnly to tr.inii ) associations nv railway
companies which nro t-overned by the Inter
state commurco net. This Is squarolv In the
fucoof tno vlnws oxpro scd bv Sanntora
Sherman , Edmunds nnd Vest when the law
was framed. 1 shall nnpenl the cnso. "
l'ur rll U liitiM'pitlPd.
Umc\oo , III. , Nov. as. Kx-Sonator Har
well , who is onthuslastlo over Iho accounts
of his friend CJonond Dryonfurth's rainmaking
ing experiments In Texas , said this after
noon : "I am moro Interested In the plans of
Louis Ciaolhman , the Chlcaeo inventor , who
has , I thitiK , lound a morn certain method of
producing rain than thnt of the explosion of
uynamlto. Ho releases liquid carbonic acid
giis nt a height. Tlio intense cold produced
Is bound to prcjlpilato whatever molsturo
there la in the Mr "
Vlsllil- Supply of ( Irulii
Nn.v YOUK , Nov. as. Tlio visible sunnl.v
of grain slatumont shows : Wheat , 70,7(15- (
000 ; corn , I'J,0 : , { )00 ) ; o.its , S.O r.O'JO ' ; rvo ,
l.'bS.UOO ; b.irluy , ' . ' .T 111,000.
Nature should
bo assisted to
throw ofl'impuri-
CURES tics of tlio blood.
MALARIAL Nothing docs it
BO well , so safely
POISON or so promptly as
Swift's Siicciflc.
For three jeats I i trouble , ! with matttUI poison.
which cautei ! my appetite to fall , flnl 1 wjt creatly re-
ducctl in flcvh. Qitil life lost all its chirms. 1 tricil mer
curial ami potash teni'1i ( * < , Injtttnoe-ir-ct. I cuuMcet
ho relief. I thentrk , ! Hf ' " f ? # J A few bottles of lot J
wonderful nicUicmellVNilSfC' ' . * niaitc a complclo
and permanent cure , | ) o 2t 2k ffl a rid I now njay
better health than ever. J. A. K1CH. Ottawa , Kan.
Our boolr on Rlood ami bLln Diease > mailed free.
: A ontNHA A BOX "
( TnstolosB-Efifoctual. )
run ALI ,
Such as Sick Hcndnchc ,
Weak Stomach ,
Impaired Digestion ,
Constipation ,
Liver Complaint ,
ami Female Ailments.
J5 Covered with n T rtcl s A Soluble Ooitlng.
g Of all ilrtiR-qlsts. Price 25 ccntin box.
New Yolk TVrvnt. i5 < Canal SI.
c mi ;
n 1-1
\ 'i
- OF ALL -
UcBtfiicllltk'i , iiruritm I'll roinli-ii f > 1 1 MU
IrottnuMit orovcry form ofulioiu rtfi.ilr-
Imi muillc U or niMlcil Ire it 110 it
Wfccili ( oriwitlont * . i r I mil nt'on Ixuj. m
I'dllHI llltlOIH III thn W01U
\Vrlto forclrcnlnnon ilcfnrniltlvsiiiil tirA ot , truv
e1. . clnt" f/'t't , i'ir ii > iru < of iilno. ; iillui , tunnri , c i <
i-i-r , cut i rili , hroicWK liilisl.itloii , cluo'rlclty , pir-
H | > MI , uilluiiiy , kllnuy , tl.illur , o/u , , 9 < i.i mil
A SI' KIM AhT\ .
. lloolcoa llnenn of
Wonicn I KBi : . Wi'liHvnlit ly iiiMo I n lyltu-lii ila
iinrlmi'iit for women ilnihu Cii.inncmenl , "Irlnl/
pnvntp. Only llcllublo .MolluM liut lulu mmu k
All Illooil Discu i'11'ioo'iifnlly Iraitiil. 'jrp'illltli
I'otsomroiuoVL'l fron tli'i iyiti > n wltlui ll nu'riirr.
Nu IliMturutlvi ! Truit iiunt lor I/M4 of VIl'Vli
I'OWl'.il. ivrviniunili'o tn visit lumiy lu trui'.ol
nt ho nu by corrcipim Itiiieu. All c i u ir.i lie ill I n
runlliloiiUil. * lollcliiJ'orl H'rn ncnt < ii It at m ill of
cxiir'ni. i'Ciiroly ti.ii-tel , nu in irki to Inilli itu " >
lenlior sctnlur. < lno | iur i I U Intcrvlo T prjlor.'Jl
Cnlliinilconiii.ini or no ul Illi ory of > our catj , tti I
wo will sjn I In | il un wr ippor , our.
pnnis Tn MFN h"K' : "PIMIVIVI-O s.u
DUUn IU IUC.IV , fM or fjurvon | , , n < ji
Inipotcncy , ! * yiliills | , Oloet .i I V.irU ix'le , ll > ii'iji '
ilracuX' Appliances for IVfor ultte * nut T.unoi
1 Wily m laiifnctory In 1 10 w > f
1IEKUHM1TV , At'l'l.lAXl < K , TlttJSdKi , I5MS3P
Omaln Helical anil Surgical Institute
26th aud Brcndway , O : uuoll Bluff j.
Tcnralntue3rll3 fro-n eo.itcrof Ou v'n J I
sni cuunll Ululfi fluctrlc muniII. . u.
Qiui t t\inntlrirc AttoriloJ's nliiwI'rac | - .
Ollll OclUllulla tlco In the Htato mill
fcdor.l courls. Hocxnis 't. 4 anil & Shuijiirt
llunro blOL'.c , Council II luffs , l.i
The autuuiti Is the liuio to paint , und ono coat brightens nml preserves houses
and buildings and adds much lo the vtiluc anJ bo.iuty of your property.
Would Yoo Like to Buy Paint at Wholesale
We want to sell you paints nnd everything used in piiintincr \vholesilo : nnd
, ess. The Irst boiled oil you boufjlityou probably paid 70u a prnllon fo > - it Wo will
sell you ono gallon or 100,000 gallons of any brands it10c. . Now wo have caught
our attention , road the rest of this and compare these straight c.ish prices.
St. Louis lead , 7c per Ib. Berry Bros. , hard oil , 5 gnl can ,
Omaha lead , 0c per Ib. $1.00 per gral.
Jopliu lead , OJc per Ib. Berry Bros. , hard oil. 1 can , $1.75
Cheap lead Go Ib.
per . Other hard oils , from $1.03 to $1.50
Linseed oil
, boiled , 49c per gal.
Linseed ol1. taw , 40c per gal. per gul.
Paint oil , 35o per gal. Mineral paints , dry , from He to ! ! c.
Barrel price , lie per gal. less. Mineral paints , ground in oil-lc to Go.
We ? uariinlco to be ns good as nny mixed paint. We will bell you at $1.2
per gallon. Has never boon solt'i for less 'lluinSl. 50 per gallon.
As good a paint as other dealers sell you for $1.50. Wo will sell you at Sl.OC
or gallon.
Our Barn and Hoof Paint
Wo will soil you at 75c per gallon.
On nil other goods our prices are equally low.
1 and 3 , 4th St. MasonicTemple.
A plain
To corns to the point at once , let us Infer thnt you war
new clothing. We know how you I'eel and what you wan
Whether you have little , or * a snug sum to spaivj , you desire
to get for the amount you spsnd the bast possible return lor
your money. In this you ara right , and METCALF'S IB the
place where you will get it. The pretty styles of suits and
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coat or a shirt wnist.
Our pricss are noted for their modesty.
Complete stock of hats , caps , and furnshmg goods.
Mail Orders solicited.
BOS Broadway , Eisman building Council Bluffs
A impll mmtj M llio W O. A. hoi
rltM.cHir iilli utoiinonml Ptli itrrot , mint bt
ncpnra nml Wrcnri old ) ofuood mornl cbnt o-
tcr. Applr nloncc.
\\fOIIK Wdtilot.'iTnctirTrtior ot in , nho will
ninXff htmsi-lf ii.Vfiil In hop of Horn. AiMroti
1.V7 , llcconico.
plncp. 3S North Tlh lrcct.
I/AltM nnd cltr loitnt. Mimcr lOAnpit on stock
niul grain. UoM p tntr > fur < nlf. lirr ) > | | | nK unit
iMiMtiP'ii rcnlib Monojr limiicil for local lnTC tor ,
A ' 1 o lc. 1'cnrl ulrrcl.
1'Olt i\CUAMlK-A : litre hempen 9. 7th Mroot ,
i noiui.tli nvpnup. clpnrof onpintilirnnpo , for horn *
In Uninlin , llnimciMii I'lnor or Knitnuct I'lnop tiro-
\VlllputliifJMJillttorpticB. . Uroenshleili ,
Mcliolum A lo. _
0.1 ACltl ! fruit nml enrdcn f'lrm ' , nror city. IM per
.irip. line HW t rrp farm , f.tJ ppr noret I.IMJ nora
trnrt , adjoining N'o'irtiki town ( IS per ncrei
tnrti1 Hit lit fntin Hint city pioporlr for ale John-
fun A \ nn 1'nttou
\\T A WDOHA CO IIITO oiiT | of Hie llnp t fnrm
ii .in loiitlmnttTt ion a Tortile Cull ittul oo
us ; ; v Mnln Mrccl.
1'Olt IJXrll ANllK ( inoil I room honno on Bomb.
' -t li MN'i'l fi > r Iniiil Itru'iiMilcliK Mi'Iiol-onS Ci
l.MIl ll"-ST | ) i fol onlrijilnumniM :
I till ,1 in .iwi'llliiii , 1,11 I'nrk I\TP. . IU.
' . room drvllliiK , iil'.ililh an' . } ! 4.
? t ( > iu tltu'lltnu , is/.1 tlrimdnnr , f < 0.
iU lotini < lnplllni. , ' < > llPMIon nt. , 51.
S riiom dnrlllnt : . : iU ATnnun ( ! , IHiKV
li room dnolllui ! , Ill ) N. IMIi it. , 116 M.
i ; room itnri'lllnii d3U Arpiiuo II , llf.
roinn Onpllliik- . Mill I Incnln HTP. , Ittl.SV
1 riiiiiinlnplllnit SOJ llnrmunr ! . . 115.
\ riuiin iliTtMlliiu , Itntitiltt I'liM'o , 115.
. ' > muni dni'lllni ; 6.H Myn tpr rt. . III.
t'n > m d 'Iliiif. lu.Mard I\VP. , (1.1
I ronm unnlllnit. .Ml MyiHlor ! . . ll.'iX
li roniii dtu'llliiii , llrnlmiu uvi > . . II J.
I ! loiiiu ilnplllntt , l.'Oii vtli nv ' . , HJ.
II lunin dnpllliit ; . Itnlililtl I'huo.1. \ . \ \
I room il'ivl'liiK. ' di.'i I'nrk nvu. , fr.'O.
A-riinm iln-plllntr.rtJII Avvniio A. tit ) . ,
, ' < loom ill oiling. 1,11 N. iHi nt. . $111.
'i rooii il t > lllni ; , Wl V. Till at , fit ) .
4 ri'dlll dHL'llllik" , HlliSill ATP. . $ I'J. '
li room ilnollltiK. Mli 4lli ! . , fill.
4 liiilni ilvrpllliiir. I4t Vint1 st. S.1.
i , mum ilnpllltu , 2.ff lithnrr. , (10.
c-riMini ilvM'llliiK IMAAvenna II , fli ) .
i ! rtiom ilHi-lilim , I'.rj ; fth nvp. , Jlu
li riinm ilnl'llliu KlHI Avrnno A , $10.
f > ronm il > vi < llliiii ( irnhnm nvu , n tr Itliih , JX
4 loom IIOIIMV KlU-o ' .Mli ft .flu.
4 rnoni tluiitlloir. 7 1 A\uniio l > , $ .
fi-room dv > < llln , ' 'il.2 A vcnluII , ? S.
li riMim ilni < llliu. Vial i > t. nnd Avi'nuo M , H
, ' > i no m dniilllut ; TJi.-o. ttid nt , fs.
A loom ilwi'lllnif IH10 ATIMIIIP Ai.
4-riii'in .Iweliliik' . V. N. Ht nt , f I.
4 mom ilnolllni : . lill 80. Ixl it , M.
! HHIIII ilui < lllnir. SID ) Arannn A , } 5.
/i loom , mlM. | | . Vl',1 ' 1'itli nvo , $1.
5-toom ilHclllni. "US AMMIIIII I ) . ? i.
: rooin dnnll'ni ' : . I4i > l Avrutiu ll , 4 > .
4 room dnollliu. ' . ' 2I1I Atcnno 11.11.
.1 room ilivi'lllni ; , Slil o i.tli it , $ V
4 loiim il M'llliiK Wl I'ark nvj. , > I2.
7-roiim ii\cllliik' | . Sit M > n < tur it. fiV
h room ilni'lllm ; . ; : , WiiililiiL'ton nvu. , SI ) .
7 room iluollhi/ . : 'i.'J Till nvo. , IJd.
(1 ( roii'ti ilnc'llnj Si > VMIIIO A , ( II ,
4 loom ilui'llliiK r > . ' ! S < l nve , "piano , " IU.
fi-riioni OnHllnz. 1 M nrp. A , ( III.
1'i-rootii ! welllii4 Ml lith nto . $ W *
li room ilnvlllntf , "il.l linklnnd nvtv. f II.
3-toom ilwiUllm , ' . Ill .V. Kill t. . fit ) .
1. H. Miunlo , rj.ilii uicjnt , Droaitirar anil Main
RI reel.
In ( .Vntrnl null
! > ) lotn In Mnllo't'n nd I ,
35 Inttt In lliyll.ii \ t'.ltnmrj'
KJ lol In Miiyiurs Ihl
HO lots In l'iitt ! < r , V C'obb'i.
VI loin In ltor'A H th.
lA Iot9 In llopr H nil 1.
r.'louilii llliilil.-iild n Id.
18 lot In lliitcliln on'H nil I
4S loin In Tnrli-j'N mid.
1.1 lotn In IIMillo'H nilil.
I''O lots In XVrlk'htS ul I.
Hi liitn In I'icrcu'n ndil.
l.oli In nvury ad lltlim lo the city clionn for css'i ,
or nn puymont * * . lull mil HPU 111 No trontilo to
nluin propuity. ( Iroonstiluldii , Nicholson A C.'o.
( i\t Ai'ltlN upper llronilwiiyi npli'iiillil pl o for
wihittlmcioap | ! tor vnsli , or will uvclmnjto for
InipiuviHl ro-ililcuc , ) iiro.iortIn Council lllutln.
( iri'i'iislilcldi , Mviioliun & Co.
A Its I'l CT nml Ilium fiirm ami rlty properly
jVtioiiK anU MuU. I'uioy , V Tliomna , Council
MINHA\ It , A. pnrlora , plilldron. 4 p. in. !
iidnltH. 7.KJ : p. m hoi't.ilii itucoml und fonrtli
> .ondiiE.Up. in. .Mii lc riiriilshuil pnrttui nnd clutx.
Aililros < U. A. I'nrlura.Couiicll llhills.orlO.'J Kurnum
St. , ( Inmliii. W , 1 ! . LlinmbcrH , Inilrnrtor.
AltllAOK rcmovrd. rcniool | > , vnnlti And
rhlmnujs ulennud. K. I ) , llnrke , city bldg.
AV11.I.liny toi-ciiBli , fiirnltiiro , liouscliolil Kooil.i ,
It rnrputi lor ni : ur 4-lo < im liouse Adilrc : ) ! BS5 ,
Hue , Council llluiTa.
17O11 t-AI.IC. clicMii ] , or In i'Xi IIIIIIKU 'or ' Iniul , ml ca-
i. tulillslicit tiu3lnv i. Aililrvm I' . O. uirIUJ , LOtni-
ell lllutfs. In.
I/M.I.INO WA.VI'ICn- I nml tn let contract for
J HIIInK I'.v lot on llruniln'.iy ami bcvuntuuntli nt.
Apply to l.vuiiHnl Kvuii'lt.
UST f3M ( A 1,1 , IN ONK IIOI.1. HT A I'lSUSON
nlio fnlk'dto HiKiint | tliti Kpi'Clnl bnrKiilu oneroil
liibt ni-uk li ) croen lilvlda , Mchol-oli \ Co. , No. l > 31
lrouluu'Ihu ! llndui It knuttii1 liu belnk'a Ohm-
V.OIHI iiinn nbo mm nl-o unoUKh to pick up the
prupurt ) .
L'OliBAIi : A binnll ililry. 1'ieonn , Cutli or.U *
XijLfUvul \ \ Uu : AMMIIIU 11. 4j
The Good Samaritan. 20 Years' Eipericnto.
/treat the fat/owing Diseases i
Ctitarrh of the llewl , Throat , and Langs ; Wfc
cnaoaof the Kyoand ICar , Kits aid Apoplery , Uoart
IHsensc , Llvor CoinpliUiit. l.'Klney Complaint ,
Nervous Doblllty , Mortal Depres
sion , Loss of Manhood , Seminal
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