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Dellvcrcrt by carrlor to unr pirt of th. city
11 , W. T1LTON. - MANAOER.
\ IT' , i vi'iinvr .J "u ic W"1cc No41
11 " ! )
I'KI"OJsI'lMlit ( ! Editor NoSJ
K Y. I'lumblnp Co.
Council Bluffs Lumber Co. .
The tax-levy case was contlnnott
by Jtulga Macyyoslordny until this mornln ? .
The Nvoln whUky cnscs occupic'l a cooa
Khnioof the day yostorJtiy In tha district
Hceulor nicotine of Unity UullJ it the
rcslacnco of Mr . Antlorson this afternoon nt
2:1(0 : ( o'clock.
Dr. Diirrrn of Omaha will loc'uro this
evening nt the Pint I'resuvterlnn church
unilcr the ntisplccs or thu uumano sccioty or
Council HlulTa.
TlioK'ialSuffracl | t soclotv will hold n
mcetlnir at the Youiu Mun's Ohrlatlan asso
ciation jootns HIM ovcning. Ladles find pen-
tUinon aru Invited ,
A marriage llconsovas Issued yesterday
to llarrv linnn and Johanna I'Fries , both
of LnncaUor county , Mo. Thay were mar-
rlud by .lustU'o Hammer.
The funeral of J. J. Sullivan took nluco
yoatorilay tnoiniui ; froniSt , FrancoisXavler'.s
Cathollo churih. The sotvu-o win very
elaborate , und thc roim.Ins wcro followed to
the Rrnve bvv vor.\ long procession o ( sorrowing
rowing frlctids.
Constable Ennos of Missouri Vulloy nr-
rlvod In the UlulT4 voitordiv inornin ? and
tooic buck homo wl'h him Ullas Uuiett , who
Is uiintoil Uicro to answer to the charno of
Gti'ulitiK Bomo blankets from a DJssonucr on
u NorthxvoBtorn train.
( Jhnrloy Crouch , a 12-yoar-old boy , was
found Wandering about thu street ? vcstorduv
inornlni ; huntlnir for nn owner. An Invcstl-
Kii'Ion litouclit out Iho fuel that IIP luft Ins
hninu In GilcsbUrjf , HI. , lasu Julr , ntifl has
beo.i sei'IiiK tin1 country ever since. As the
cool iiluhts como on ho wants to got to his
father's homo again. Ills father , John L.
Crouch , wus tcln rapheil to nml u railway
PUGS is to uc sent to him for nltn to come
ho.r.o on.
Mothers will llnd Mrs. Winslow's Sooth-
InpSyrun ttio bojtrojiailv fortliolrchlldrun
V 25 cents a bottlo.
I'/KAO.V.I/ uf.m
C. B. Watte tins returned from n vacation
trip In the oibt.
Kev. O. W. Crofts and family loft yesterday -
day for DcatrUo , Wob. , where they will re
MtJ. C. McMillan or Parry is In the city ,
thn truest of her sister-ln-liiw , Mrs. James
Cnlonol John II. Keatlov , formerly mavor
of Council HltifTs , was elected yostordnv to
thu oftlco of commander of the Iowa Soldiers
bomu at Marshaltowii.
Charlss W. Fnssett it in the city attontt-
me the medical convention in Iho "interests
ot the Medical Herald of St. Joseph , ana the
Medlcul ForlniKUlly of St. Louis.
"Late to boa ami oanv to rise will shorten
the road to your homo In tbo skiev Hut
catty to bed and "Littlo liirlv UUer."tne
pill thut raiK'jj llto ; ail bittur anl
It is r.n old s.'iyin . nnil Htnnds pootl ,
hnticsty IB till ! boat of policy ; wo htivo
nlwiiya found il so In dusiliiiy with out'
The proof wo have of thc above statements -
monts is tlio quick rospotiho to our ad
vertisements , und ni ) coi : plaint.
Wo have jtiBt coinineiiOL'd a ten-dny
dross ( Toodrf sale ut special prices , and
call the attention of the public to our
V -Vl Blioiv window diplny. .
- "Window No. 1 Shows a line of out
ing ? in mixed , uhcckod p.nd plaid novelties - '
ties , 6HI110 K ° oda lelallat oOc a yard ,
il(5 ( itir wide and warranted all wool ; wo
otTer siiiiio during silo at I8c ! per yard.
Window No. ii Shows a bettor grade
of ( joods , ropi'esonting1 some of tlio linest
FiUtopciin productions , in French , Aus
trian and del-man manufacture , as well
OB homo oxohisivo dress piutorns in the
latest weaves and elTcetp , ranging in
price from fO.CO to $15.00 each.
Window No. I ! Sliowh an entirely different -
foront lino. It is competed of black
goods and black and white , nmonir which
are some b.irpains. Wo call your atten
tion to our -12 inch etuhmeVo at SOc ,
worth f 0e. Purluips the ( jrotitest bar
gain over olTorcd by us , o.'any other
merchants , IH our-Hi-inch Austiian hon-
liotta ( all wool ) , fo tilar Too ( jt-ade , at
IJCHiduH the bargains mentioned wo
liavo iv full r.tnyo of ( iiucy weiivot at
Bpuclul low prices , such tts whip cords ,
popliny. Mtitoiiibso , India twill , Lnns-
downe , glo its : , otote. !
Window No.1 Waotfar the choice of
this line while they last at lOo per yard.
Goods are a ho.ivy homoHpun , ilittmi-
iinted in dill'oiont colors , full uG inches
wide and well worth 2.r > e.
Boston Sto e ,
Council LJlulTs , In.
I'Mut'fl I'liiu limits l > 'lrc.
TUP city council met yosterduy afternoon
ns u rommlttco'of the whole to consider the
Paul ordinance. It was Kutio bar the door
eo Tar as all but the members of Iho council
wcro concerned , but from the members It
\\ns learned thut the history of the proceed
ings of thc meeting was the aano ii& that of
nil tts preuca sors. 'Iho alucrmcn mot ,
looked at , llio map , and r.djourned wl'hout '
knowing any moro about ttio mutter or com-
Inn ituy ncuror a decision than when thc-y
nn.'l.Mr. . Paul has secured the signatures of
twenty-two property ownera on Kltilitcenth
Ettoetton petition asking the council to
prunl the rlgtit of way naked for , and this
jiinitloii Is In the hands of tbo council. On
the other hum ] , there U a remonstrance
agatiiHt the proportion signed by two prop
erty OWUUM on iOU-htcunth street. Tno
I nuturoi. of iibotll eighty others have been
upp.'tuk'il to the remonstrance , butsn far as
the inciubcis of iho couacll huvo been nblo to
nsccnaln not one of thoui owns a foot of
property on the street.
Mr. Paul stated to a HKH reporter last
ovenlnc that ho thought seriously of throw-
lug his maps , plats and ever ) thing oUe pur-
talnlnif to the project Into the llro and oml-
grntliiK to seine place where ho would bo
nble to do somclhintr. At present there
BCIMIIS to bo but llttlo hope of the project
poliiR tlirouRh unless some new and un
heard of force 1s brought to bear upon the
members of the council ,
Prmmru U lli'l.irn l.n.tvini ; llniiic.
Tbrcoyoari iv'o , whllo I ' vlsitins rola-
tlvoa ut IU | > 7lii vlllo , Mo. , 1 was suildonly
tHUen with rollu and novoro u.ilna in the
Rlonmch. My rel.uhoj sunt to the doctor
for niuiliclno , and ho sum nio n bottle of
Clminhorluln's Colic , Cholera anil Di.irrluo.i
Hi'inody , tolling the bauror that If < , ! mt mod-
Iclno did not I.MIIM nu ho could not proscribe
iiuvtliliit ; that would , I mod u tin ! wus iw-
inudlutfly relioved. iili.siii A. '
1'Opaoplo In this city IHJ n stovoj
1 lie Gas Co. puts ' 0111 in at cost.
GaiUtuinuii , thu flno st line of t ill ( jooth
In thu olty , ju t rueoivuJ. itoitor , thu
tulUir , ! ilO Lironthv ty.
JuJson , civil uu iiiou3 : 3 Hrotihvuy
l'iiilti' | 1'iirly County Contention.
A dolugntu convention of thu pooplo's party
is culled to meet at Iho courthouse In Coun
cil Bluffr Saturday , ; < n > u > mbar VI I. to plnco
in tion.liuuloii n full county ticket. Each
toiviibhlp U to sand dulov.uos.
O , L. Cooruu , Chairman.
J'-iWltt'sSarsuparllln cumi-iji HID
\Viintinl tu liny.
Improved property. Will n'iy cash if
'k'oUlow. II. G. MtjGoo , lUMitliistruuL
Georuo Uavls , Uru 'a uuu paiuU
Three Busy Sessions of thu Missouri Valley
Medical Association.
Ii. I'.inmrrt til Atlantic Wniitft tlic Suite to
Tul.u it ririniT llolil on thn Illto
and I'rohlhlt the Ltnltiii
oT Crlmlimlft ,
The fifth untiu.U convoatlon of the Meal ,
cnl Society of the Missouri Valley was In
session nil day yesterday at the government
building. Tared sessions wcro held , and nn
Interesting program of papers was pre
sented on aulitonU of interest to medical
men. Dr. A. B. M msfcldoot Ashland , Nob. ,
presided. Dr. T. B. Lueoy of thU clly took
in ihu money from the members , and Drs. F.
S. Thomas and Don Macrae of this city
noted uj scurotury and assistant secretary re
In the morning there \voro but two papers
road. Thu first wus by Dr. J. G. Blller of
Cherokee , Iu. , on "Pelvic Inflammations Fol
lowing I'.irturitlon , " and the second by Dr.
Ira B. Atkinson of Fremont , Isob. , on
"Thrornbollo Abscess. " The rest of the
momlng proKiatn wus dispensed with.
lu the alturnoon Dr. Frederick Bacon of
Um.itm commenced llio exorcises bv reading
j pnper on'-Fiorold of tlio Uterus. " This
wus followed by a pnp. r on "MAlUiuslnn-
istn , " by Dr. J. M. Richmond of St. Joseph ,
Mo. 'I lie reading of this patior RHVO rise to
11 lively discussion. Dr. J. M. Eintnort of
Atlantic inado a short , speach which wus
llitcncd to ultu the closest of attention. Ho
rafeiredlo the subject of hereditary crime ,
and advocated tlio idea , ot the government
Inking hold of the marnaca system with a
much llrmer grip tlmn heretofore. Ho would
have trie law prohibit the m.irrlngo of per
sons who had been convicted of murder ,
theft or anv other crlmo which Indicated a
debasement of iho morul sensibilities. Ho
thought Unit In this way A great deal of tlio
crime now prevails would gradually bo
done away witb.
Then cutno the reading of the following
pipers : "I'reudolunDurs's Position in Pelvlo
Hurt-cry , " by Dr. J. ] Z Summers , jr , Omaha ;
' Empyoma , " by Dr. D. Mhcrau , Council
UlufiV "A Study of Savon Fatal Lnpnroto-
mlos , " by Dr. L-inphear ot Kansas Ulty , Mo.
ISach of the pipers was followed by discus
sions , which wcio limited to five minutes.
At the cioso of the afternoon session the
books of the ofllcers showed that the follow
ing had icy lateral in attendance :
Council Uluffi , F. S. .lohn Graou.
T. U. Lacey , J. 11. Cleaver , J. F. White , II.
IJ. .runnings. .1. Al. Unrstow , . ! . CJ. Kobort-
son , J. C. waterman , F.V. . IlouRhtoc , V.
L. 1'roynor , M. C. Christiansen , A.'ll. Curter -
tor ; Cuiaba , F. S. Owen , L. A. Merriam ,
George H. Brush , A. F. Jonas , Frederick
Baton , . ) . P. Lord , IJ. F. CrumuicrV. . L.
Koss , C. F. Clarlt , H. M. Stone , \V. O.
Uridees , Jonn K. Sum Hers , jr. ; South
Omiha , M Kirkoatrlck , W. flerry ; Scrib-
ner , Neb. , C. Inches ; MUsouti Valley , B. J
Chapman ; Logan , J. L. U'llt ; At
lantic. .1. M. Binmert ; Carroll , A.
L. Wright ; Fremont , Is'eb. , Ira K.
Atkinson ; Cherokee , la. , , f. G. Hillur ;
Kansas City , Mo , Emorv Lanpheir ; Ketl
Oak , In. . F M. HUtt , H. llatina ; St. Joseph ,
Mo. , J. W. Hichmond ; Cav , H. A.
Moora ; Ashland , Noo. , A. .1. Mansfcldc ;
Sioux Citr , W. , li < pson , J. M. Knott ; uvnns ,
NebV L. Ilildroth ; Avocn. 11. 13. Da\ ;
\Va\iio , Nab. , H. G. Lotslnrinp ; Porsiu. W
J. llrownngg ; Gio nlluld , li , .1. B. Howe ;
Ueslside. la. L L IJonil ; Ploaiant Hill la , ,
Phil O. Baor. J.V. . Huff ; Ottawa , U , H A.
U hcelei ; Custima , ! . . , J. H Talboy ; Dos
Alulnos , James \V. Cokcnowcr : VTashta , la. ,
W. J. Uallah ; Minnoola , F Al. Uurne.
Alter the evening piogr.ttn the follow ing
olllcors wqra elected for the coming year :
President , J. M. Knotts of Sioux Citv ; lirat
vice urciidont , II. B. Lo.vrie of Lincoln ;
sccuud vlco president. W. A. Bridges or
Otuat.a : treasurer , T. B. Lacey of Council
Bluffs ; secretary , F. S. Thomas of Council
Bluffs. The next session of the association
Will bo at St. Joseph , Mo. , In March.
DoWltt's Sarsapanlla is roltanla.
C'lliiilnals Iniliflfil.
The crand jury madottb llrjlrjportyester
day morning and returned several Indict
ments. The following of the indicted pirllos
are now in custody : Morris Quiun , inilicte'l
for the burglary of Oscar Daumeister's
place , the Tremont house , "JJO Broadway.
"Sober" Burns , inaictod for iho robbery of
Ceorso Stevens , ticket taker at the
cast end of Iho motor bridpo. The
charge of assault with intent to commit
murder which was preferred agnint him
is dismissed , the juiy failing to llud evidence
enough to warrant nn indictment. James
Tracy , Indie-tod for assault with intent to
commit murder. Ho stabbed Allnnlo DUoti ,
the proprietress of "Tho Ark. " on Pierce
street. Oiwald Puterson , indicted for seduc
tion of Nellie Christiunson.
SsTho follow ins n rtle , who woio hold to
the crund jur.i on various charitoi , were < 1U-
clmvgeu for luck of evidence : Foster Burni ,
assault with intent to do great , bodily injury
to James Bozirs ; Tbomas Cat roll and Tom
Baker , assault with Intent to do great bodily
injury to Tom Uyan ; Jonathan Jones , lar
ceny of a homo bcloncitii ; to Ofllcor Murphy
of the poliro fotce. The chaigo of assault
Mb Intent to commit murder which was
I --fcrred against Dick Grandon , the mo'or
tirulgo highwayman , was also dismissed.
The grmiu Jury l < still crindlng and another
report may bo expected In a few days.
DoWltt's Hirsapirilta aenroys suati pal-
sons as scrofula , skin dU aso > , oczum i , rheu-
mutibin. Us timolv use savoi many live ) .
Trains for Miinnwu ut 11 a. in. , 2 , 3 , 4 ,
11 , 7 , 8 itnu 0 o'clock p. in.
Outline Aftnr Uelliiquentii.
Tlia Union Depot company htockholdera
mot last evening in the court house to bear
the report of Messrs. Pusey ana Wright as to
the to < ults of the correspondence baa with
the ratlwaj magnates. Ttiot o was but little
satisfaction to begotten out of the teport.
Thu Union Pacillo and the Wabash
had slgnlllcd their willingness to
take their smiro of the depot grounds oil the
bunds of the Union Dupot company provided
the rest would no Ilkotvlse ; the Mfiwnukuo
and Northetein worn not milling tocio
this , nnJ tbo Burlington and Hock Island
tuui not deigned a reply to the
letters sent them. It was decided that
another face to fnco conference should
tuko place , mid for that purpoio Pusey ,
Wright and T. J Evaus are to make a tri
The TrutSiftil
It requires no learned expert !
or scientific experiments to
establish the fact that DR.
TRACTS are not only the strong
est , but positively the sweet
est and most delicate fruit
flavors. If housewives will
flavor a cake , pudding , cus
tard or cream with Dr. Price's
Extract of Vanilla , Lemon or
Orange , and a smaller quan
tity gives a more natural and
grateful taste than can be im
parted by any other Extracts ,
is it not an incontestable
proof of their greater excel
lence ? In every case where
Dr. Price's Flavors are used
they give perfect satisfaction.
to Chicago nt their oarlloU convenience before -
fore thti mooting of thc railway commission
in thU city on the ; Uth ,
A croat donl of tlmoKM ipcnt in talking
over way * mid mont.s . for paying off thc lu-
cutnbrauuos on the depot property. About
W.OOO Is rctjulred to pay back taxes nntt
other small debts , it is qtilto likely
that nn effort will bo made to
induce the council nnd board of eilDorvuor *
to rotnlt the bacic taxes , but even If that
fails there is another string to pull. Thorc
is a llttlo less than $10,000 worth of toe It
which has not been paid for. This the board
of directors wa Instructed to take immcdhtto
steps to collect , anil lawsuits will bo Insti
tuted nt once against iho dnllnquents.
Driimcr.its Cloet li'leiito : < .
Thp democrats hold primary elections last
evonltiit in all the wards to choose delegates
to the county convention , to bo huld In the
court house tuxt Thursday. The following
were chosen :
First \Vnrd-L. 0. Heslov , .1. il. McPhrr-
sou , John Clausen , Jr. , Prod Utiso , E r
Waterman , Ed StocUert , P. Detz. Charles
Huber , .Tames Nluoll , P. H. Ouanella.
Second \Vnrd-O. II. Lucas , Ed. DuICay ,
W. II. Knupter , Lucius Wells , Jacob Nou-
mayor , Kunscll Whlttlcsov , John O'Nolll ,
William Malotiv , W. II. Schurz.J.C. Martin ,
William AUstrand.
Third Ward-P. Gunnoude , Prod Spat-
man , W. II. Thomas , Dan Ornhum , John
Piuruer , K. O. Fink , , f J. Hathaway , EJ
Fouith Wni'd-n. S. Tcrwillisor. A. T. El-
wcl , John Suhoontcon , U. H. White , U
Macrno , Jr , J. J. Shoj. Uuorijo C. Wito , J
A. Murphv.
Flftn Ward S. L-\braardt , M Callnpthan ,
S. ICiilzonstcin , .1 Utnlu , E. B. liouiiiin. Jr. ,
N. O'Brien , .1 I' . Stevenson , R UlnpUi.
SK-th Ward-William Woods , M. W.
Demnsoy , J. B. B.irnott , C. U. Nioholson , C.
C. Oruvos , H. W. I'avno.
AOf/J'/l u.U.I/l 1.
Itopulillc.ins of llio City Hold 1111 l.ntluisl.
ustlo .Mvotlni .
There was another onthu"la4ilc ropubli-
cnn mcotliiff hold ut IC'ilzhls of Pythias hull
last ovonlnK. The South Omaha Kcpubi can
club und the Votin , ' Men's club
met In Joltit sosslon , Piosideut McCulloch of
the Utter club profiling. The hall wcs well
lilled with republicans and enthusiasm was
as frco and in numerous as the air.
E. M. Bartlett was c.illed upon , and for a
half un hour InterostoJ tnoso present with nn
able talk. Ho nri-aisjncd Iho democratic and
people's pirtics for the hypocrisy of tbelr
matilfcsta'loiis nud thofullacv ot the cluims
they sot up for the dear people's sake. Mr.
BartleU's address was greatly enjoyed oy
his heal crs.
Phil E. Winter responded In n short ad
dress when his natno was called. Ho was
followed by J. 11. Erlon and other ins ubaw
of the two club * .
Piosldent McCulloch reported that nearly
fifty signers had been seemed to the roll PI
membership in tha uniformed matching club
and that n meetiuc would b held Thursd \ \
cvoniti ! ; for the purpose of organization unJ
the transaction oC necessary business.
The fact was also announced that n ropuo-
llcnn rallv will ho held Tuesday evening in
the Third ward , nt Evans' hull , Twentv-
eithth nnd U streets , nnd the membeis
of bith republican clubs arc invod to attend
Uiul a Tlmo < > f It.
William Schoiick and Anna Donovan , a
woman of the town , went for a drive Wcdncs-
eav ti''htaud ) baforo starting bscJino badly
Intoxicated. Thov drove about Iho citv for
some tlmo , and nbout 1 o'clock , us they were
crossing the Q stieet viaduct the hor.u tool !
Irivlit and ran away. The huugv was upsoi
anil the pair thrown out. The girl was barlh
bruised in ] trod , whtlu her co.noanlon
t ! Oipal witn n few Mitfht scrilchos. Th (
IJUKKV wni hadlv wrecUed. Hoth were ar
rested nnd lined (5 and costs this morning by
Judge Fowler.
KirUf'U Hi u llnlMC.
Wednesday eycninu it. A. Forsythe , the
contractor , wus Uiukcd by n her > o ho wasdiiv
Ing nnd bauly hutt. The animal's heel struck
Forsythe in the mouth , knocking oui nnd
loosoulng sevural teeth. The second tlmt
the horse raised his lutid feel Into the air
ho strucic too driver fpon the le . Just boloiv
the knee , badly cutting and bruising it. The
nccldont occurred at Thirteenth struct nut !
Missouri avenue , and Forsvtnovas removed
to his room ai the liued , where ho was given
medical attendance.
Ditched 11 Cur nl ( nttlr.
Yesterday afternoon the Union Pacific
brought In two cars uf horses and uno of cattle
tle- , and they wera swlti-hed to the union
stock yaidi tiaoka. Whin on the stock
yaids tracks a coupling broke , and before II
could bo stopped the uir of cattle run down
the graao toward Swift's packlnir hnuao
ntid was dltrhud. The cattlu woio quickl\
released , nnd it was found that none of them
weto injured , niltaculous as it may appear.
K itci and I ur uiinl < *
MH. Philip Moore is in LaiIn. . ,
visiting with Iricud ? .
John Mucltle has returned from a visit
with irimids at Cuirks.
Dr. E. L. biggins attended the fair n
Plattsuiouth ytsterday.
Airs. C. A. Adams of I lncoln is visiting hoi
sister , Mra. A. L. \ \ illiams of this city.
Dr. E L. Ernl.out and family have re
turned from an extended visit in ljoans > l
Miss Urnco Nowcotnb will entertain i !
party of friends this evening nt her home.
Thirtieth und W streets.
Snniuol t' . Briyntim dnlivered nn ntldrosi
ut Papitllon last avonlng to a srathei-ing ol
people's party adherents.
Mnilc BouUnl's child , need 9 years , fell
from a window yesterday aflprnodti'antl tin-
right arm was broken ] ust below the elbow
Mlssos Su-Ie and Luolln Matthews , who
have been vlsitlnir ultn friends in this city ,
huvo returned to their homo iu Pluits-
The republican primaries will Jo hoi I
this afternoon in the Jorrv DJO bulluliii.
on Tvvontv-flfth street , bjuvocn M und N
streets , and not In the Slunloy building us
has been advertised.
Disease never suecoasiuiiv attaclis the svs-
lom with pure blood. DeWIll's SaraaparllU
rankes euro new blood and onrlclie bloaJ.
CullUInn on tint I'l'iiniUaiilu ,
Nuw BHUXSWIKK , N. J. , SODI. 15. A colli
sion ocourred at midnight last night between
two freight trains on the Pennsylvania rail
road near PHlnsborough. About a dozen
freight car * were wracked. The road wus
Ot Council
. iil.V,0 ) J. )
anil I'till 1 1 . SI > ,0IJ ( )
Net cnpU'il mill siirpljn $2 : { , .
DlrrctorH-l. l . KJnjnlrai. II. I , fthiiii-i , P I )
Ole iii , K. H. Jlijrt , I , v vlllliT. I , V line i in i
uiul OimrloH U. Ham in. Trrui.-t liiionril him.
Inu biitlnoM. l.iir.'u eaplul nil nuriiiu ot an/
lunik In Miiillnvoitcrii 1 j.v i
l.V'liilisTII.S ; : T1.MK DBt'O ill's.
ouloil iiroiOi'ils | will ho rocolvi-d hy the 1111-
rhiRiiuil until | IAI : o'uioelc p. in. buiuemhi-r
itlth , IWJ , for Iho coiulruution of aowiirs In
fcowunlU'rliti Niii IB. ' . IU.I mi l Mil , In thoolty
of Uniuliii , us | > ur oiilliiiuifus .Nun , : i,7 ; , a lQ
and ll.U'S , ruspojtivoly. ucuor.l.n ; to plnns nnil
siii'c'lllcutlons on IIIu In thuolllco of the llnaril
uf I'tlhllu WorUx. Kneh iiropuaal to ho in iilu
an printed UI inks f urnlsho i by the ho ml. uiul
anil to ho iiuc-oiiip.iiilud hy acertllhul chuck In
thu sum of KUi , uivahlu to thu city of Uui.iha
us uvlUoiiiM of pied f.ilth ,
'Iho ho.irl rusorvi's the lU'lit to rojeet any
urall hlilH , and to w.uvixlufouts
i1. w. 111 < KHu.sii { .
Ch'ilrman ' of tlio Ilii'iril of I'nh IuVorl > i
( Juuilu , NcU , Hupto i.herluth , ih'l ' * .
blli7K.2t. ! ! .
_ _
rnipiiHiil fur tun iiilo ui l.'iuil liy Ititittun n |
Vuratlni ; W'Dth Mrrrt , llrUinen .liihn I ,
Iti'illu'i'tf Suli.llvlolnii n nil C'lrinuii fttriM-l.
Seah'd proposnlH will ho rei'olvitil 1 1 the city
roiiiitroliei' | > > olllui * . ully of Onrih , to I | i in ,
huplumhur'.T. IM. , for thu h'llo. ot Iho follow-
In. purcidii of luntl ; 'I no iituces of ruxii. : ( cut ,
hutuoen KHrniim nnd lltunuy mmnti anil onu
lilOL'U of hjx 7 L , ( , .0 | , iiotwuon Ilnrnuv anil
II lU MowurU. llldi > will ho ruvolvt'il on onuh
or all plocumis niny ho ilui > lr d. i : mh hlddur
tnlnoloso cortllluil uhouU uf f.'M. 1'liu ri ht IH
ruxorvud tu rojov-t uuy or nil hid * . I'lnt and
deacrlitlon | of thu Ian. I on II. u Iu this ollli o.
TUUJUOilK OI.SKN , fouiuirullnr ,
blocked nboui ihrco hour * ; but no ons was
seriously Injured. y
Ovation tr > Klnir'llllliibrrt.
Ucxot , Sept , 15. Thi3 roy l party was ac
corded n splendid ovatlonln'St ovunlng on the
departing of the Monti. : Klbg Humbert has
given $10,000 to the fund /or / the poor , nnd
& .is Issued , through the mayor , n manifesto
thanking the Genoese Iortbclr patriotic bo-
Is superior to all oilier preparations
claiming to be blootl-pnrillers. Kirst
of all , because the principal ingiudt-
cnt used in it is the extract of gen
uine Honduras sarsaparllla root , the
variety richest in medicinal propcr-
tics' Also lC )
' <
Patarrh <
fiirfic L aiai m
thc .
CUlse ! ycl.
low dock , being raised expressly for
the Company , is always fresh and
of the very best kind. AVith equal
discrimination and care , cacli of the
other ingredients arc selected and
compounded. It Is
because it is always the same in ap
pearance , ilnvor , and effect , and , be
ing highly concentrated , only small
doses arc needed. It is , therefore ,
thu most economical blood-pnrilier
in existence. It
makes food notir-
ishing , work pleasant -
ant , sleep refreshing -
ing , and life enjoyable. It searches
out all impurities in the sj&tem and
expcis them harmlessly by the natu
ral channels. AVER'S Sarsaparilla
gives elasticity to the step , and im
parts to the : iged and infirm , re
newed health , strength , and vitality.
Prepared by Dr.J G. Aycr Si Co. , I.owcll , Maes.
Sold bynllUniRglats ; Price * ! ; eli bottles$5.
Cures others , will cure you
We 1(11233 ( ,
Catarrh or
Chronic ,
Nervous or
Diseases ,
IP SO , OAtij ON
Consultation Free.
Arknowlcileed to ! ic the most succoiful specialist In
all I'mvATi , Hi.oot ) , Ncnvou.- > , but.v AND UIIIN
( icnorrlKui In from 1 to B lUiyi SypbtlU curaj
\vlthuiitMereury. AH atwej for life.
until" ! UIII5 iicrni.inantly eiirjl. romoril con
plete , wlttiuut cutting , citiitlj or illlititlon 1'ur'j
utTectcd ut boinu bp tlo'it wltUjut a nijmjnt t
pain or annoyance.
Tltbout | inln ur tlotontlon from builnois
IirDKOl'UI.K AN'J ' VAIlICOCKhK iieriuinantU
unil EiiceuBtfullv ciir-'d Method new uiul unf.UIUu
( VITAMTWKAIC ) , Mad ) M > by lee clou npptt
t.itlon to biKlnjMj orst'Uy ; lorura it strati
or Brief ; SK-XUAI. BXOKSSIU li mUUlJ llfo. o.-
irom tlio I'tleoti of youthful fulllat
VOU.NO mid MIDUI.K A < lll ) { He' * of vim. vlKor
and ; troiu-th , will naxuil oricuns Impilred mil
WL' kenc' etI pra.u ituroly la nppruaclilni t M iud.
\ll > l lrl rcjdllr t ) our HJW troitinont for Insj of
vltnl poorer ( 'nil on o , ' nldruii "U'l ata'up fur
circular- * , free boociind ! icjolpts.
Dr. Searlcs& ScjrlBS , lw88uti1\1tIA-esBt.paDL , , , \
Noxttri I'ostOnica
and Call , "
n complete novel by John Hnbberton ,
autlior of "IloleuH li.ibics , " and n
companion to thut famous story. It it
profusely and bcautifnllyillustintcd by
Albeit U. Wenzell , nnd the htory itself
is without question the stronpcst nnd
most fascinating of auy of Mr. llabber-
ton's novels.
Albert II. Ilnidy treats upon
' ffJojlcy's , Past and Present "
in a clear and concise sketch , comprising -
ing the history of the magazine , co\cr-
ing sixty-two years , and nibo contnin-
ing n biography of Louis A. Godoy ,
the famous founder. This is fully
illustrated \\itli n full page mid otlier
illustrations by V. Uiibnyciloff.
Tlie Hoanc. "
This department is conducted by Mrs.
Henry Ward licecher , nn iirticlo by her
appearing each montli. That for Octo-
beris "Ancient IHlls of Fare. " Augusta
K. PrcRcott writes in the department
upon " What Shall Wo Uuy for the
New Baby. "
"The Next LaViy of the
White , Kouse. "
A liright , timely sketch fiom the pen ot
Mnttio Slioriilailinoly ilhibtrntud
by V. OribnycitoiT. Among tlio
sketches nro " Hl.-wk' HolljhocltH , " by
D. II. 11. aoodule.-nhd " Wliy Do Wo
Like People ? " by Lillian Whiting.
"ParlH in SuiiimcrP
is written and clmimingly illustrated
by Uk-anor E. Greiltorex. In this letter
the gay city is described ns only the
Inillmnt iiml widely known writer can
dt'hcribo it , and the illnstintious nro
an art gallery of themselves.
11 All the KSuolctt"
nro reviewed by John Ilabborton. It
is needless to hay this is one of the
uiobt valuable nnd interesting depart
ments of the niagflziuo.
"Goclcy'g FnfeliioiiH , "
which hns been n feature of the maga
zine for nixty.two years , will continue ,
but thoroughly modernized and beau.
tilled by specially designed fashion
plntfs in ton colbrj. Tlio department
will bo a surprise and delight to the
Indy renders. This department is con
ducted by Qeorgo II. Lauieiico.
"Itevcry , " by Iliclmrd linrton , Ilhis.
trilled ; "ClirjsaHB , " by Mnrah Kills
llyau , Illustrated ; "Ton llt'lated Wild
3to , e , " by Isabul , " Gordon , Illustiatcd ;
A Love Song , " the lust poem written
by tlio late Josephine 1'ollnid ,
Tlio Search Liijlit is true to it
name. In it timely , live and iutorvuting
Btibji'ctu nro treated editorially in the
brightest and most attractive lunuuer.
Cnra wlint sort of ft store you
Imvo or liow ni'icli It
consiiincj. rerliiip < joti iuo
trrvTT r r r rr
YUU DON T ' < " ' < Vile tip w ' ltli lor
the conl comtilnc' . If yon ore
don t rcail wlmt follons. It ilnoin't Intprist 7011
'ihe atictlonce or ttiu o wtio Imvo
Garland Heaters
Is conclusively tint they arc FlltST In economy of
fuel , convemi'nco In manlpulntlon nnil durnlilllty
1 liny nio Inillt mi honor MI it ito not ( nil tu irorlt
ntl fnclorllT. It co t < you nothliiB to look nt thotn
niul If you nil ) call * e will tall you nbout hundreds
of our liv t ( iroplo nho nc r by the tlnrlnml licat-
cri nrul rnnKci
. . ,
Alno Af-ont Tor Oolutnhhi Itlrjclcs.
504 Broadway and 10 Xorlh Main Si red
COt'\CU '
at Low Prices.
Stock and Design
The Latest and Best ,
Scud us S1 , O nnd ue'll send > on lee engraved
catils from a new copper plate.
Send us 00 cts. .md joiir ] rcient plate ( to be held
nnd registered ) and we'll send you 100 en-
gracd cards.
We pay express charges.
< I.itc Colih's Lthrnry Co )
136 Wabash A\c. , Chlcnpo.
W. PMKIE , i
The Good Samaritan. 20 Years' Experience.
/treat the following Diseases :
Catarrh of the Head , Tliroat , nnil LtlllRS ; DJs.
cnsesortho E > eand knr.I'iuaad Apoplexy , Heart
Disease , Llvor Uiiiiplaliit. l.ldney Ccmpliilnt ,
Nervous Dability , Mental Depres
sion , LOGS cf Manhood , Seminal
Weakness , DI beto .BriBht 8 ll-casoPtVltu3'
Dance ; ItheuiLattsm , I'nrnlysls. White Swelling ,
Scrofula , Fever Sorea , Cancers , Tumors
and Fistula In ano removed without
the knife or drawing a drop of
blood. Women with hiT delicate ori.-r.ns re-
Btored to health. Urojisy cured without tapping.
Special Attention given to private
and Venereal Diseases of all lei n els.
S5O to ssoo fOTfclt for na > ' Venereal Dis
ease i cannot euro without mercury.
Tupo Worm1 ! removed In two or three hours , or no
pay. H inorrholils or I'llea cured.
Will cave life and hundreds of dollars hy calllus
on or using
Tlio only Physician who cnn tell iihnt alia
a person without n I.liiK a question
All correspondence strictly confidential. Mcdlotno
cent by cipreaa. Address all letura to
S5S Broadway ,
Co unoil Bluffs , lows.
Oinalia Medical and Surreal
IJVaft If on
lltftfiirllltlps , nppnr.itiH nn 1 raiiolia ? tmvwtmti
treitiiiuntoi uvtrfunii inh'e no rjii ilf-
liuniLilloil ur Ira it nuit
U teds forimtlanti , hDirl mil iitton I in u. llj < t 113
cuiniiiliitliiti' In thu
Wnuiun Hlii5. : tt'i Imvo lutoly ad l I n lyiiiMa ilo-
luirtuicnt for Wtiinun ilurlim vniitliiuniuiit , otrlitl/
iir.vulo. Only llullublo iluil'jal Init.tutu m uliu u
All Illood lllncii'oii icomtmily Iru ito I. Kyp'illltls
I'ulKuniirpinoTuI frn n tliu nystuni wlt' murjir/ ,
Ku Itu torutlvu Trtiiit wont fur I , Mi of VIl'Uj
I'OU Kit. IVrioiHUiKlb o to visit in in ix bo tru it. ) I
lit liuiiiu by cnrroaiiwiluiico. All coiuinunloitl'i H
iiiMiKleiitlul. MuJlclii iurlii tri nunti u U h/iiiill or
oipr , hs ocuruly pueUu 1 , nu in irUA t < hilluiti ) c > i *
tentmir hen lur. Duo ponu Ml Inlorvlo v prulurrnl.
lull nn I niiinii.t in or > uiul ) il or ; of jour tmj , u 1 1
\ru will HL'ii.l In pi tin \ \ r.iiipur , our
Pnntf Tfl MFN ' "Mi : . Upon I'rlviW So ,
DUUn IU IYIC.H , t | , , | or fjurrol , D.uiiji
lnipiitnncjr , ; iiillU | , ( iloIliiiU ViirlojJOlo , > vlt I I ui
llnict'3 , Apiilluncot f r Dufonnltlut mil Trusjol
Only ma iiiliictory In tiiu wc.u it
Omalia Medical and Surjicil Iiu'.Hatc
2.Qh and Broadway , O unoll Blaffj.
Ten inlntiio ride fro'ii cantor ufOiuliiui
uu J couull lliuJi ulutrlu uioior IU ) .
The want luhertNi'iiionts appoir'n. ! In a
nowsuTpcr aru often tliu most Inturoslltut
part of Its contents. They express Iho urgent
needs , tlio dully wishes of the people nho
want something and who nro nlliliu to do
(1BVTSTWAN riiTo : soil the host double
ronstlnir iiniuii\ii4 | | un In the iuii \\'u
Steady work. ; O.iu prove to li tro iiitonts hn
iimVn u\er JJI Hvook nuulnrlv. Aitdteii
Charles ! < ultliel'S Coitno 1 It , tlfs
IiEASANT room or tootns for rent -it 700
Aij ; ;
for her os and cittloi Urn
- u montli. Iiniulro ut Oil llioul-
\ui y. _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Ifi\HM and city loins. Money Untied on
stock mid untlii. Uuil estate tor sale
Dwollln . and business rentals. Money loiinu I
for lee it Investors. Ixmgco vt Tow lo , ' . ' 31 I'D irl
street. _
SAM * llor c. biitf v and Irirucns nt
bit steMlluo : KOO I o.ttiltt c < > 3'l well nro.l
ro.ul horse. Must sell. U II. Lewis , IS 1'iurl
street. _
. " > . OOstno < of nioreh tn.llso In western low i.
$ well located , dolnx ( too t Inislness , fur s-i'.o
orjrjde. _ P. ( J irtlnlt. ? Jl lintAilw ty. _
f ) < of young burs < s for tnilo ; lintirovo I
'lironerty ' or 1-in I. 1 ! U , llartiett , 711 llrou-i-
way , t"otni"ll Illulfs. _ _ _ _ _
$ I.MiO worth of dry mid not tins for o\-
_ ( Jiiui.c. ! i : . U. llartluttTH _ llroadw iy. _
SAM2Creamery , ell loenti'd In No-
br.iskti. Uoln { izooif liuslneAs. Will t lUo
artn cr or sull entire business at a bargain
VII. . Slioufn. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
FOIt > AI.i ; Itupiovod Jfi - icnstoo'i farm
In western luw.i , til ; ISnutu farm , J.'Jj 1JJ-
ncresS. | | . Johnston & _ VuiiPa.ttiM _ ! . _
llanlvaro sloj ! In central Net ) .
' - lfl . _
FOK SAM : Cltoii-eit farm In l'n fv atti-
mel'o,4i.l aeretoa lee iti-d an I liu-
prox od. 1'rlre JIJ an aero. 11 Hi h tfe.
TYOU have n-iytliliu for silo or trade sao
1 II , She fo. Urn i Iw iy an t M VIM _ Mtjviit _
. Oint.'TSTDitoillii.M in an pirn or ttij
\l \ I [ V li II Slioafe. llni.ulwuy an I Mjilii
"II OK SAI.IV On si-i i I piyments. fruit nn 1
- ' KiirJen Ian I noir Council lllnlTs U , II
fehuafo. Hroiulw ly an I tliilu street
IOH f-AI.n Albion Itolio'r nTfiTs on Itoona
iriver. . Nub. ; llnost w itorp > wor In thu stito
developing 1 , ' " > horse power w ilor ontlro yo in
dallv cipnc-iiy , IOU birrols ; mti > h nortr nn I
ii | purteii i m os coiuplotolnovory dat I
finiuoroslloncuS ; .icrjsof lin : I. tlt'u ' nor fa a ,
pr'co. ' $5,1111' ' ; will t'lko mil nprovo I o utura
Nobraskn land.
SAMOloan Sloan h irlwire. well os-
IHOIt 1 Isho I tinlo , Involi'oilioul * 1,111. lion I
eiiMin for sol Jn.r _ [ rornn c isli K. II. Shonfo.
IJpOll SAIilfoU ItnNT-OootTcoal yiml with
l soalos. oji' . Ureunshlnlds , Nlchulsjii A. Oa
TJ OK iXCHANin : Hotel and .
-L located ni shnhort. Nob. , an I 10 lots In
Ilumor. Cole ; will exchange for clear No-
hr s'.nliinl ' li II Shonfo.
. ) - ' \ stooc : , wilt Involco
il.O'u : locilo 1 In an notivo Nahris'n : ' lown
of t , * > 00 popnl'itlon : business old osiiblshou ;
will ho'irjij ese liivojtlgittloii. 11. II. Siioafo.
AUKi ; firm with linprovoinciits , ll\o
nllcs north of Conn II HliilTs ; ir > nnncro :
11'birBalu 1U. . Blip ifo.
ANTKI-No'raska land In oxeh ingo for
.w coodwork _ hordes. _ | ; , H. hejfe.
. . you I ulUl n homeWo / hiXQnllnt !
WII.I. donee lot which wo soil for V > 0 If
tanon soon. Urecnshlolds , Moho'ison , V Go.
HALT suction of niiliiDiiinlinroil Inn , I In No-
lir.ibMi to ir.ulo for ulty pioporty. Grjun-
slilo ( Is , Xlelm.soii & Co _
UY t' stock lo trulu for loiv i liinJ.
li ! cc'MshloUlfe. NU'liolbmi i Co. _
\ \7I' li ivo a nunilior of ouil ti'iiunts ulio
' ' \\anl us to Ki't ih sir ibio lioilso * for llioin.
Do you mint to lent , IiomoV ( Jroon
slili-lils. Xk'ho'sim . "i. " Co. _
Gl llro.Khvay. orcunshlclils. Nlclio'.son iV Co.
i o . il est ilu. _
AiOOI ) tlvo-ro > M housa for sic on your
own ti-rnis. C'lpipT tli ui piyin tent.
fiioi'iishlulils. N'lolmlsuu vCo _
VTl'W scMMi-rooni lioiisc. oloij to Itonton
- - stH'ot. Will tin lii f ir v ic ml lots or land.
Urocnslitolils. NicliolKi.n A , Co. _
UAI.r. OH i\CIIANnF. 4bO-icrn rinuii In
k 'Wliro'i-r ( ' 1111111 V. Nub. Will tiUi : )
_ _ _ _
IJIOK SAI.Clldtol with tnrtilturo an.l \ -
J 'tun's : 'J" > rooms , liirn. els. Price , : ! , " > ) )
T.octilL'il In Douglas L'ountv. I ) illy rpcclpts.
" _ _ _ co.n. _ 11. Shoiifo. _
FOKSiVIjR Croaniory odtllt. onmiirlstns -
li p. bol ur. H-h ) p. enilnu. Du l.iivullo
sopar.itor- ! i cream vuls , : i0iitlons ! : utioli : ash
cliiirn.lUJ uii'lons ' ; uowcr butter \\iii lor. : Uoain
xu.iles. wclL'lit am , water link anil other
flMiirc- ) . Will sell clipup for cash or tr.iJi-
forlinl. _ _ K. U. hhoafo. _ _
ijMTKbAl.n Smiiil hotel In seed low.i tiiwn
-L Ilnllillii' ! "ii'l Cuinlturo comiJlutu : ut a
SMAMjsid ] . He pony for s.-xlo chu.ip. lv. W
\\7AXTni ) -A voiinc mini
' work. Tromont '
Glltl , WANTii : ) Two "Tmtiinil'y ; noon
H.IKCS. It ) . ' Koiirth street.
IO-T I.oiiion nnd white pointer dorf , ono
Jind a half jrcarsoldi hnd on strnp collar :
end of tall sore. Holurn to 1 17 Sixth avcnuu
nnd uotruwiril _
LOST NunrH I dopot. r of to'e raph
_ jiolo I'llnilH'i i. Itotnrn 1. . 'i )
3OST " -lender Kold chain , ho.irtonmti out ,
'cnumo od foiKot-mu nets Holurn lo lieu
] OST All onvclopo eont'lniu ( holellots.
_ Jj.ojivo at HOP ollli u nnd L'el row ir I.
Il'Oll ItnVT llonso nnd burn , to.-olhor 01
sopiiilolv. corn T 7th St. nn'l ? th nvo.
Cnrtiols nnd all it nils of household coodb for
s.ilu ; also , untlo fnmlly hoiso mid ph clou
Inquire on piumlses ororVA _ JiVoo.l.
MIX.l'All tomulo .So. 0. I'vthmn Plstorhor.d.
will LVO ! u clothuspin sooliil nt K" . of 1'
hall Wnilnosilny ONcnliit : . Sijitombor 31.
\ \ > ANTKIJ Kiom nnd honrd In inlvutf
i' L family by a > onnu lady. HofotoiRO If
ted. A.Idiess V 15 , Ileo olllco.
A VOt'NG lady des les : i place to war' * foi
her liourd nights and niornlus. Address
A. IHeeollli e
All It'll ' 3of Dvo M. , ' > in I Olu.inlu ilnna In t'u
Sil hMt ntylo of tha url 1'alo I mil ht/ihul
fiihrlus MM lo tu lo ) ' < in L'OJ.I tin 111,1
Work' promptly iloim unil ilul.vurol in ill
li m tu or ihu co i u try. 8vn ± tor unuu list.
U. A. MA0.1AX , - - I'ltlll
.11.1 Ilioulwiy. .Noir N'nrt'i vnittra
C ! > U1 H , U .Ua'fi. lo / .
law. I'ruy
f \ ,
Vi OilllllUlla tleu In thu ntuto ifud
foduril courts , Koo us ' ) . 4 and
Itunru b.ocl ; . Uoinull lllullrf. li.
Tlioy nro fur r u O.M.V nt
Marliut. ilit llroidway. Council
Hollln ; tjruf folVonl stuw.
CDIII huuf . uUlVnil m ist . . , : . . 8u
hhiiiililrr I.UK mutton lie
Mmiililiir bln.iU. . Mutton stinv 4c
bliuuldur CjOil. . , , 4c I'ork cliopt 10u
Mr oln hiu.ik . . . . be I'or'x hint Ho
lU'i rouHt liccf . . . . he 1'oik KtinsnKQ. . . hi <
Mr uln rollH . . . h lliu ( ten lonuln , tr > u
Hlr oln fttr u . . . . 80 Suit purk
Sliloln Dint Re Ham 1-"iu
I.tfK voul . . . Ho'lliicon ' , Ilo ! '
Vu.ii stonlc , , . , 1 uiMi ro rlhn . . ' * u
Olconuir i.rlnu anil llutturlnr , HeAt
At thobii tirlci'H It will iiny you to huy for
cash only til MI > UI1K SDOKK'ri Mnnt Murkut ,
whuiu you u.iii iilw.iyn ) ; el thu liusl of menu
Machine nt n 10-Tons-n'Day Price.
Oir | Wwrrmitjr ocn UU Kutli Jloclilnc.
Tlio Son tluvlcU Hull ncl'i'culsu'J-Uoiao , full-clrclo machine.
It lias Ihu luiKCst li'iMl opunliiK 01
IJuiihlu-Mtroku I'ICDS In
the World.
IlaicBti Kbit draft light.
< 'un triictlont Iiirnlillly-iill llio IIKUT.
In starting one press recently we baled nine
tons in five hours with new hands.
Ilo It resolved hy thn Oily ( . 'mini'll of the city
of Otiiahn. tliu m > or oono.irrlii !
That nortiH'ti V.duw.ilks bo oointruototl In
tlu < city of Oinnlia asdrslKiiatC'd below , w thin
Ih u iln ) M nf tor thu | iuillunlliit of this rvuiln-
t on , or .the turvlro thorcnf , ns hy
or.lln meals nnilinrltud nnd reiulrol | , mien
s.duwttllvs to bulnhl totho r iiiuon tli < streets
Hprelfleil liero.ii nn I to bo roiHtnicti'cl of plnu
plunk of such vldth nnd thickness nnd ho lild
upon joists of Ritoh dtmunsloiit nnd In such
tnniinortii Is proscribed Uy tlio < ti'Cilli'iitloni
onlllulnthu olllco ot the Hn.iv.I ol Puhllo
Works nnd under IU supervision , to-\\lt !
K i l side of IMh strout , on 7 tu U Incluslvu ,
Mulli r t Itlninln's ttdtl to ( .ikalioiun. purmn-
nentM'nilo , four foot wlilo.
l. . st eldu of nth strocl , lots 7 to I'j Inu'iislve ,
Kisolo'isul' , iioriimnrnt cradi1 , four font wldi > .
Kiist sldo of ISlh Mri'ol. lots S tit U tnu uslvp ,
I.OHIs' suh , piTinnnunlnriuU' , four foot wlilo
\Vi-stsliloof l. > t list root , lots llto iKIiiutuslvp ,
Mullur.t lllmmos add , purnuinunt Krudi\slx
fi-iit wldu.
Wi'itsidoof ISthstrcot.lols 13 lo H Inclusive ,
Klsuiu's suit. iH'rimmciit rmli' , slfiul wide.
West sldoof liMhstrouu Ion 1 toll Inclusive ,
block 0 , Deer park , poriunnciit Kradc , six
fo t Hlilc.
\ Vi.t shin of l.'ith street , lots I to IS luulttslvo ,
htovc H , Deer pick , permanent KM Ir , six
fuot wlilo.
West slilo of l.'ith strool , sub lot I In xrctlon
MI-IVI.I. iidjolnliu hloolt t ) of Ili'tir trirk on tha
noi tli ilu > . pcriunnLMit urnito , ol\ foot wldu.
\\i-Ntsulo of l.'ith strcot , adjolnttu hlooU 7 ,
S li Unuors' . iioriiinnunt tfr.nlu. six font wldi > .
Wi" < t sldo ot l.'ith strool , lots 14 , 4\4innd ( 47 ,
S I ! . Ito ITS' pint of Ultuhoma , porin.ineiit
pi ado , s\ | foot wl Ic.
West si o of I.Uh slroot. lots I , S. II nml 4 ,
Mottur'ssuhof lot 4Sof ( ) . < ahuiui : , porni.uient
cmili' , six foot wlilo.
North Hldo of Uolnr stroot. lots A to 8 In-
ousi\o. ; lilook 6" , Urodlt 1'onclor add , pio-nmt
Kr.ido. six foot \\ldn ,
West sldo of lyth avunuo , lot l.'l. block 3 ,
Illltsldo add No. - , ostaOllshod nr.ulo , six feel
ll-st Innof ! ! Stli slrout , north I'.M foot of
hlooU < \ . 'hlnn'sad add , establ shod Rr.ulo , six
foot wldo
South sldo of dlnrlcs slrool. wosl. 1S1 tout of
block V , Chum's ! ! d aUd , est.ililWio I Kr.iuu ,
six fuut wide.
Wosl sldo of 2Slh street , south IW foot of
hloc'lc / yhhiii'n ; U adtl , lirost'iit KlMdo , six
foot w Ido.
West sldo of ' 'Sth street north ! U foot of lot
l"J. Hood's "nd add. | ir > ! soia Ktade , four foot
u Ido.
Knst sldo of .Tith street , lots I , ' 'mid I. Collins
l'liu'0. osiiitiilsliod Krado. four foul ttldu.
Kiibl sldo of U'7lh stroot. lot 1114. Nolmm's add ,
ostnhllsho I KiMilu , four foot wldo.
outhsldoof Ijil.o stioot , lot I' ' , hi licit 14 ,
1'nttlok's n Id prosijnt Br ido , s\ foot wldo.
And ho It furihur rosnlvoil :
Tint the ItiKii-'l of I'uDllo Works bo and
hotoby Is author zed nnd d ructou to cause a
I'OpV of this r solution to ho puDIUhuit In the
olllohil p.iporof thoolty for onuouk , or ho
sor\o < lon the owners of snld lots and iiu'oss '
such onuots shall within Iho il'iys after Iho
linbllciillon or sorvicoof such c | iy eonstrnut
jnld s'downlUs ' IIH heroin loiiuuoil. Hint Iho
Hoard of I'uhllo Works ciuisu the sunn to ho
diiiio , the cost of cnnslruciliiR said sldow.illu
ro"iootlvoly | to bo nssesiod n' nlnsttho roil
oUnte , lot or purl of lot In fiout of uiul titnit-
tliiK such si uiwallts.
1'iuso I August 2.1 , doptotiihor'J ind Sontom *
bOrO , IS)2. 1. I. L'llAKl'EK ,
Acting I'resldeut of the Oonnull ,
Attest : Jott.N ( iiinvhs Olty Olork.
Apurovod ! CKOIIIII : ! ' UKMII. Miiyr.
To the owners of tlio lots , parls of lots and
roiil ostitn doscrihod In the niiovo olutlon :
Von and unoh of you aio hoiohy nottllod lo
construct \\oodon slduwnlks as reijulrod by n
resolution of thoulty couiiol . ( ml nnyorot
tno city of OnKiha , of nhl'h thonhoxo Is u
co | > y. I' , W llinuiiAi'Hru ,
Chnlrmnn ltimi-1 ot 1'iibllo Works.
Omaha. Nob. , Soot. 13. 1C.
Sept I - fi-17-ia-2J-.1l--2
Totho owners of 'ill lots , pirtsof lots and estate alon : ; Dinr-'l is slroot ftoin ' . ' - > tli
street to Iho west line of llo isit Hill's'Jd
: iditlon : nnd Intorsootin nvonupsand slroots.
You mo horohv notlllod llvil ihu undor-
sUued , Ihroo dlslniorostud troohohiors of Iho
olty of Oin ih i , li'ivo boon duly nppointod hy
tlio nm > or , with the appvov il of Iho olty
counoil of said oily , to lusoss the damage to
the OHimrs respectively of the propotly nf-
fucled by tlio cliiiuo of r.ulo of Douglas
street frinn 'Jsth Htreel to the wiMt line of
llo sV llhl's audition nnd IniorscrUn ) ; : ivc-
iinoi mid sttcels , duolnro I necessary by ordi-
nniu'o IS'l , p'issod An ml ' - ! , i U. ' , upprovcd
Auirusti ; ! , IMU.
Vou tire further not flu I , that havlnc no-
copied Maid njipolntn cut. nnd duly ciunllMcd
us rtitnliod hy law , wo will , on ihu I7th day of
Scptoinher , A. I ) . IS.i. , at tno hour of 10 o'clock
In the forenoon , tit tlio olllco .if T. 11. llrunnur ,
room 1. Wnro block. Within the corpoiato
limits of sild : oily , incol for the purpose of
ooiisldcrlnz nnd niakuii ; Iho nssosiinont of
dniiniKo to ihu owners rcsnocllvoly. of s.ild
property , affouteil hy lid change of Brnilo ,
tuKliK Into consider itlou spoula , bonollts , It
nny.Vou are notlflud to ho present nt the tlmo
nil pi.t eo nforosald , nnil malio any objooiloni
oor st ntu inonts cnncuintnr. said nssossment
f J i m 1 01 , as yon miiv onnsl lor pronor.
T. O. lll U
WlhMAM 15. SllltlVllIl.
OCOKGI : .r I'Atiu
Coiuinlltec of Apprn'snrs
Omaha , Sept , 0. 1892. SGdlOt
of lots on Ulh stroul from Urand nvunuo to
Ainih , i\oniio.
Von uro hereby nnillled that the undor-
si nod. three disinterested fiouholdors of thu
oltvofOm hi. h ivo hoon duly unpointed hy
iho m tyor with Iho , ipitoal | of iho ollp'uoun *
Oil uf s 1,1 city , lo nss > ss tin ) iliniii'i : ) totho
ownoisrjspo iho y of the property nlfolod
bv'r. . id In of said slroot un I I'm cum HtiuotS
dec n rod nocois irv hv Ordinance .No. .fJII.
PIH O ! August ll'Jili ' , Iti'Jl , .ippruvud AuKiHt
.ilsi , , bU.
Vou are further notillo ) , Hint bavin : no-
crpto I s ild iipnolniinont , tin 1 duly cjna Illcd
, s roiinlrod hy li.w , via will , on the iwonty-
fouitli .Iny of Soplo Hour , A. I ) . 1M ) > , .it the
hour of three o'e ook In the afternoon , nt the
ollh-o of Oeo. J. 1'inl , lliOi li'nrn no Htreot.
Ithln HID orpornto limits of n ild olty , moot
for the pnrpiisi of onnsldarln ; ; and making
tin ) iis-o.sinont of dnmaii ) lo thoownur-i ru-
sjiui t voiy of said prouoily , atrootod by wald
urnllnr t.ikliu Into consldorat.on spuulal
bunelltx. If any.
Vou : ire notlllod to bo present t the tlmo
nnd place nforosald. nn I in lUu any o'ljoolloni
tool stnto ni'nts con * ornliu s ilil iiHsussmont
of iliiiiiiiKus as you may oonslJor pronnr.
(51.0. ( .1. I'Al'l , .
JOHN II. IH1 ri.r.K ,
OLO II. I'AYN'i : .
Otiinha. Hopt 13th. ISJi. HlJdUt
p irli of lotH nnd roil ost.ito nlonj Maplu
strool from ,11th avonuii to Illst Htrout. an I
Intomoulln slruoti. . on ncconnt of u pro *
posed ohnn oof giudo.
You nro heiuby notlllud that the nndur-
KlKiiod. throu dlHiMtnnntuil frduholdius of thu
olty of Omalin. have bon duly aup ilntod by
the mnyor. with iho approval if ) ihu elty
coui'i'll of said city , to HI-SO-IS tho/lam / I'jcs to
tlio owners , respectively , of the pioperlv
nlluclod by ( 'r.illru Ihu nhovo iiiontlonud
htioot nnd In turnout In r xtr'ots , doolnrod nou-
oss'ity Dy Ord'ninoo ' p HSOI | Aniitist
. ; n d. | su. . upp.-nvoj AiU'iisfJlth. K-i'l. .
You uro fnithur notlllod. Hint having ne-
oepto I snld apno ntincnt. und dnlv rinnlllleil
ns ruq u rod by law. wo will , on the IDtli day of
H 'Plomhor. A. I ) . IS ) ' , at the hour of ton
o'clock In the f.irmioou. nl the olll u of it. W
( Jilsin ( , 'J.ll .N. Y. hlfo Hu Idliu. within the cor-
potato Iliniln of Hill olty , mout fortliopur *
pose of conaldcrlni ; and iniiliin , " the assess
ment of dumiiKo to ihu ownor.s rospootlvuly of
snld property , nlToutiul bv s ild Kradlnit. tnlt-
In. Into i o luldor.itlon spoulnl boiiuflts. If nny.
Yon urn notlllod to 1m present ut the time
nnd plaei ) nforox ild , and maku nny ohjoutloni
to or st.ilomonts con 'urn nn said
of daiiiii os us you may conslilur tiropor.
It. W ( HIIK ) . ' .
Onialm , Nob. , Sept. 7th , 1UUJ. nSdlflt
hnlullin.'s. U. S. Indian tiurflrc , Uinahi :
Winniihi : i ) Ajiinuy. Null. Wuinuli.tno
Ihiirston Cuiinly , Null. , AiiKiut U ) , Ih'J.1 ' ,
Ku.ilu.l prnpUM.ils , anJorsud 'Tropos'ila for
Kruiitlun of aclinul lltilldln st , " and itddiussuil
in the iiii.\LTriliiol ( nt WliinnhiiKo. l htirxtim
County. Noli , will ho rsuulvod at this a unuy
until ( jnooVlnok p , in , of riuptu.nliur''ltli , IKirJ.
for thu furnish n of all nu usury lat.or an i
tmilurlnlH und uruutlni no r thu Wfnnuhii < n
A junny , ND'J. ' , throoOD twusto.-y br ok a-jlinul
bnllilliiKH. ui pur thu pl.ins and spiiullluntlon'i '
which miiv liuuxuniliui I ut thu olllju of the
"lieu" of O iinlm. Nub. , the "Journal" of
Knnx Oitv , low.i. and at this uitunuy , Hid-
dorn aru loqulrud tu fu low thu "forni of uro-
pnii'il , " ueuomii.inyliu thu Huuc'llk'nllons ns
I'loso'v ns thulr hd3 ! will purni t , Illdt
Mlinuld stale the uropuiu i of unish hnlld-
lii , ' nn < l fur Ihu uro ii | of hiilldln H. Thu rlKht
K irsiirvud lo ro jet iiny or nil hlds or any
| i ut of iiny hid If duomuti for tin ) \iml \ Intur-
i.'stof HID nurylcu. Oorlllluil uliook . K ich
hlil must buauuoinpnnlul ny u uurltllul oho'lc
or diaft upon HOIIIO United Otutui diuioHltory
( insolvent nutloiiiil bunk In thu vli'lnlty uf
HIM iiiHlduncu of thu hlddur , Hindi ) p'lynblu to
thiiorilurof Ihu ( > nin'sslonur of Indian Af-
fulrs , for at lo ist II vo pur cunt of tint amount
of ihu pnoitl. | , . which ohurk or drift will bo
forfeltm ! to thu Unltud Hmtui In OUHO nny
Ijhldi-rnr hlildum ni' an awiirl uhiul
full lo piomiitly uxuDiitu a uoutrnul with KOO t
mid Kiinlulmit urutlfn , othurwUu to ho ra-
turiiud to the bidder. H ils iicoimn ) uilod bye
o mh In llnii of u corllflml cho I ; ivlll not hu
loimlduivil , Korany finth'T Inforinutlon , in
to huildlii'/sttu. ineniuof transportation , etc. ,
apply toUOUbUl'll , ASIlLiiV , U. B. Indian