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Frinc3 Bismarck Has Completely Put Him-
celf Out of Imparial Favon
Interviews With the Man of Iron That Re
dounded Against Him.
liorco Denunciations of the Prince That
Prove the Kaisjr's Wrath.
Caprlvlnnil UN Colleagues Do Not Care to
Tackle thn Kx-Clmnccllor , ami Are
Afraid of Ills Next Outbreak
( Jermnii Nun * .
[ Copi/r/aJileUS32b/ / Qonlnn nennett. ]
Unitux , July 2. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE UKI : . ] Emperor Wil
liam and his henchman Count Cnprivl bavo
reason to bo grateful to Pnnco Bismarck.
Had they boon bigger men they would hnvo
thanked him for bis late imprudence , not
damned him , for never did an adversary
help them moro than the ex-chancellor
when m n moment of inrautlon or
anger ho confided opinions to newspapers.
With hardly ono dissentient voice , Prince
Bismarck's countrymen buvo blamed his
frankness. Friends of the grout statesman
bavo , for once , been almost as severe as his
enemies. It may bo added that on all hands ,
right or wrong , tbo utterances of
the prlnco In the now famous
interviews with the Nouo Frelo Presso
and Wostdulscho Allogomolnoeitung bavo
harmed him much moro than his foes. A
woolt ago the German emperor was un
popular , Count Caprlvi seemed tottering ,
and Prince Bismarck was the hero. Now if
the emperor Is not more beloved , bo ut least
is less disliked. Count Caprivi has been
strengthened , and his great predecessor has
been seriously weakened.
They lla\u Kcnllcil In Kind.
How have tbo powers that bo acknowl
edged the latest of services Prlnco Bismarck
has rendered them ! Not by silence , which
would bavo been adroit. Not by affectations
of disdain , which might have been Intelligi
ble , but by the bitter , llerco railing and ac
cusations of tbo statesman who built up tbo
'lorman empire. Leaders in the Nordoutschoa
Allogomomu Zoitung , which undo such n
commotion this week , were inspired oy the
emperor himself. Their publication was the
outcome of long conferences between tuo
young monarch and bis chancellor. Tboy
were the reflections of tno wrath with which
thosovcricn , no loss than tbo Count Caprivi ,
bad watched the Dresden ovations , and atone
ono moment they seemed likely to bo followed
by an even moro unseemly demonstration ,
which would have "shaken 'tho Uoglionc'o'or1
the Germans to their ruler , nntl have sapped
the empire's foundations.
I am assured tbat in the first blush of the
.excitement caused by the appearance of the
"Vienna Interview , the emperor talked of hav
ing Prlnoo Bismarck arrested.
"Machon wir a , wo bei GcifTclten" ( "Lot
us treat him like Golffcken" ) , said his maj
oily. Fortunately for the monarch tbo
yjuthlul "war lord" sobered down and the
prince was denounced in tbo somt-ollldal
orean. Ho was proclaimed a traitor. Ho
was threatened with Impeachment , but bo
was not arrested.
Count Ciiprlvl's colleagues , who know
what nasty shafts the cx-cbunccllor has in
Ills quiuor , have showed no eagerness to
enter on the light with Bismarck. They
would profo * to lot things stand as they are ,
and avert a fresh scandal.
lllxmarclc Is DaiiKoroiiH.
It is not sure , though , that their wishes
will bo granted. In his present mood Bis
marck is dangerous. Ho has burned his
boats , broken with his sovereign and made
tils own return to ofllco impossible. It may
not suit him to refrain from further con-
lllets. Baron Blolscnrsoacr , who is said to
have arranged the Interview in the Nouo
l < Vula Prosso , has fallen into dlsfavor-nt the
court and will probablv bo loss conspicuous
in politics henceforth than foamorly. It Is
no secret that to xomo extent , at all ovcnts ,
ho controls the Viennese organ mid his In
tervention In tbo Bismarck question has
b 'on resented.
The emperor will have plenty of time , now
that ho hai started for Norway , to rrllea ;
upon the wisdom or unwisdom of his recent
conduct , and It miy bo hoped that , he will
abstain from adding to tbo prevailing con
fusion by prolonging tbo campaign against
the ex-chancellor.
K'lUcr Wllliclm'H .Model ship.
During the visit of the Italian royalists
iioro the kalsar astonished Slgnor Brlndlst
t ) 'bowing him u model of n
man-of-war of his own designing
Ship tu.ldiiiK has always been ono
of bis majostj's chief bobolcs , and BO long as
lie does not force the designs upon the noval
contractor. ) , it may rjinaln a harmless fad ,
F/uui nil I gather tbo Italian minister was
tut par.icjlarly Impressed by his imperial
lua's Intentions. Before returning to
Monzn , King Humonrt pledged hlmseir
to opp3JO all attempts to reduce tbo Italian
ormanunts. I understand that while at
Frankfort King Hunbjrt once more ex-
prejjod u fenr that peace would not long bo
maintained In ICuropo , but bo did not let fall
anything which pointed to a wish for war ,
1 bavo also good reason to bollovo tbat m an
Inform il way Slgnor Brlndisl conveyed to
Count Caprivi his doslro to see Germany do
Bomothing to relieve Italy of her lluaiidal
embarrassments by further tarllf COIICCE-
Do > plto the "revelations" of th j Post and
ether pupars , It is ussurtod In hlch military
clrobs that fur the time Doing Count Caprivi
nud tbo minister of war will not venture to
) y the now army bill before the Uoluhstng
Jn the present temper of tlio bou > o ; and of
the emperor , bo foresees that It would bo
\1 \ InrJ , not to say Impossible , to pass u moas-
u Involving fresh taxation , and reducing
t t tot m of military horvlco has , may DO , not
b n abandoned , but It will b bold buck till
h nuro convenient moment , which m.iv uot
ocoir dullni ; the next session. MUIT/KU.
viaii'io.\s : ! IN TIM : mtrnsu ISM- : .
* 10 .Man lUlleilSo fur itt the IrUh Muet-
liilf' .
LONDON' , July 2. Lord Randolph Church-
I 1 , uho was the llrsl member ol the now
| U"1 aiueut to bn elected , in speaking louav ,
aid Uiit for live years ho had occupied the
position of an outcast unionist , but bo un-
taakui'ly | adhered to the party , Uhiud the
hume rule movement , be declared , thine ex
isted a party of ono idea that of repeal of
the function. That party had tried to put
their Idea In effect In IbGG , but had failed.
The abolition of Iho House of Lords was sug
gested. They would resist to the last. Ho
could not Imagine how the empire could oxUt ,
Tbn same strength and power of two narlla-
monts , with conflicting powcw , woiv , created
within the borders of the present govern
ment. It had boon shown that Irelandunder
Iho imperial parliament , was crowing In
prosperity. There was no serious difllculty
in governing Ireland , and why , ho asked ,
should a change. Involving the greatest 0an
gers , be resorted to )
ratal Election How.
Ono man has met his death through
the bitter political contest which Is
now waging hero. A number ot
dock laborers at Southampton became in
volved in tin election light and one of the
participants was staobod to dcatb.
J. II. Lewis , who is contesting the Flint
district In Wtiles in the liberal Interest ,
whcro the political parties are pretty evenly
divided , was assaulted whllo addressing a
meeting in the district. Ho was forced to
lice from the platform and tuko refuge tn n
lit. Hot ) . Sir John Lubbock ( union liberal-
1st ) , who was tbo candidate for the Lo'idon
university , was returned today without
The total of the elections thus far show tbo
return of cloven liberal unionists and four
liberals. Sudden opposition has arisen in
the city of London. Aldormin Uitchio ,
brother of Kt. Hon. C. F. Uttehio , president
of tbo local government , has insisted upon
standing as an independent conservative ,
supporting the taxation of ground rents.
Tried to Kill Him.
BDi'iiM.v , July 2. After an oxclted mooting
of Parncllltos nud antl-Pnrnellltos last night
the Parnollitos invaded the room of Sheehy ,
nnti-Parnolllto member of parliament , and a
light ensued in which Sheody was danger
ously wounded. Ho is very weak today ,
having lost much blood.
Dfiiu.v , July 2. Whllo Mr. William
O'Brien was addressing a meeting at Lim
erick In support of the candidature of Mr.
O'Keofo , anti-Parnelllte , the assemblage was
attacked by a band of Parnollitos armed with
clicks. A free light followed , during which'
several ivero wounded , The police arrested
the rioters and escorted Mr. O'ICoofo to his
Itnrlul of Sectional .Strife with itoiicnt
OratlmiH Amlil Stirring Scenes.
A most notable feature of this convention
is tbo unanimity with which the delegates
from all directions agree that sectionalism
shall bo tabooed , tbat the bitterness of tbo
war shall bu forgotten end that the bloody
shirt shall bo uuiied , never to bo resur
Ono of the frequent and Insplrinc inci
dents attending the convention is the meet
ing of a union and n confederate soldier ,
invariably the signal for a litilu lovu feast.
Again and again hnvo thospeakers before the
convention declared for a brotherhood that
shall know no nnrth and no south , no east
no woit. The sentiment is always cheered
to tbo echo , and no other seems to inspire a
heartier , moro enthusiastic response.
This sentiment ilnds expression in
the tacit understanding that ono of
the candidates shall coma from
tbo north and the other from
the south.Hud-President Polk of tha alii- '
nnco lived It Is probable bo would bavo been
urpcd by the south for llrst place , but it Is
now conceded that n man Irom the great
won is moro nvuilaulo , and tbo southern
delegates , carrying out the spirit of brother
hood and Rood will , nro entirely content to
take second place.
YiiiikH ami .lohiiny Hchs In Ik.
In this spirit a reunion of the blue and
Iho gray was hold at the Coliseum last even
ing. A martial band was on band to inspire
with Hfo and drum , and before calling to
order bands of veterans , Yanks and Johnnie
Hobs mingled indiscriminately , marched up
at.d down the long aisles singing inlrlotic
songs , shouting war cries and into'rjoctini ;
samples of the rebel yell.
Ben Terrell of Texas was chosen chairman
of the meeting , which was the greatest thus
far gathered In the convention hall , and be
introduced us the first speaker Mr. wimbor-
loy of Georgia , an ex-coufcdorato.
( lory HiioiiKh Tor the North *
Mr. Wimberloy told of a conversation
with n Southern professor ut the oronlng of
the war , who predicted that the contest
would last four years , foretold the trials of
the reconstruction period and prophesied
that unless tbo precedents of his
tory failed as a guide , tbo liberties
01 the people would bo endangered
twenty-flvo years later by the aggrandize
ment of monopolies. The speaker then wont
into a discussion of the political situation ,
which bo bejiovcd had been HO prophetically
anticipated. In closing bo said :
"Why should you soldiers of the north ,
why should you sons of northern soldier *
hate mo ! [ Cries of "Wo don't , we don't ! " ]
You whipped us and you got glory enough
when you did it. Now lot us bury that war
and Its prejudice : and let us bo brethren. "
The audience rose to Its foot spontaneously
with three oheors and waving of hats.
A glee club from Paola , Kan. , sang a selcc-
t'ou ' , and C. A. Powers of Indiana , a union
soldier , was introduced.
The "lllooily Shirt" Cry a Political Trick.
Ho spoke of his visit to Texas as a cam
paigner and said bo was greatly impressed by
the cordial reception of the mon who were
the gray. At ono place ho was escorted to
his mce'tlng by f > 00 confederates ,
"Tbo bloody bhlrt , " ho said , "is a term
coined by the politicians , and you , boys , are
tbo last men to give It currency. [ Applause. ]
The crowning act of your careers Is that vou
meet hero in this reunion or tbo blue aud the
gray. | Cheers. )
A line glco club from Qulnncmo , Kan. ,
Eont tbo crowd Into spasms of delight by
singing a campaign Eong entitled " .Molly
and the Baby , " and T. P. Lloyd , n con fedora
era to from southern Florida , was called to
tbo front.
A S.ireiiHtlc Smithroon ,
" \Vhon here " he said ' !
on my way , , was
asked whoin 1 favored for president. I said
FroJ Douglass. When they got over their as
tonishment ni.d asked mo why , I explained
that V. wo were to have niu-ger domination In
t .o south the sooner tbo bettor. I want to
know If there Is n soldier hero , federal or
confederate , who think- , there is anv dancer
of nigger rule. iCrlos of 'no.'l If there
Is 1 will take him to a dime musoo
and mike moro money than any freak
on record. " ILauchter.J Tbo speaKer then
wandered oft lute n discussion of political
issues until a live minute rule cut him
Colonel S. F , Norton of the Chicago Son-
tine ! , u union soldier , followed. Among other
things bo said :
llattlo of the It.illoU ,
"It is a great occasion tint calls us to
gether. The feature of the convention U
ibU mooting of tbo blue and thagiay. His
a happy day to RPO the hour wnoii so many
men wearing different uniforms can como
together as brothers. Wo inherited from
tbo old world 2011 years ago two in IK
slavery and a specie basis for currency.
Ono cost four years of bloody war and I
hope iho ether will bn wiped out by tbo
peaceful battle of the ballot.
"In this new emancipation of labor wo of
the north are joining hands with you of tbo
south , and wo are going to win , ( Appluuao.J
While wo were cutting cnuh others'throats
In tbo war the bondholders htolo IOUKUIHIO )
and u land ring stole enough land to maKe
eleven states as largo 'as South Carolina ,
Wo uro Inaugurating hero a movement that
will compel those monopolists to dUgorgu
lomo of their stealings ,
' Go with mo to the battellulds of the
south. Wo 801110111101 burled man in blue
and mon In gray bide by nldo without a bit
of dllforonoo.
i IS A F.
Bismarck Declared to Bo a Monaco to the
Peace of Europe ,
Ho h Denounced by the Conservatives and
the Emparor's ' Friends ,
The Ex-Ohancollor , However , Maintains a
Dignified Silence ,
Vou llnlou-'s ramoui 1'hltharinoulc Orches
tra Will Attend the World' * fair
Kmperor William's Movements
Vou Muttku'H Letters.
d iwiby Xcio 1'orff .ls ocl ilciZ JVcus. ]
Bmi.iv , July 2 , Prlnco Bismarck has
boon assiduously entreated ut Kissongon to
delay further attack on the emperor and
Chancellor Caprivi. Ho maintains , how
ever , absolute silence , except to deny having
attacked the omporor. His special organs
tbo West Deutsche Allogomolno Zeitung , the
Munich Allogomoino Zoltung and the Ham
burger Natohriston have also become
silent. Tbo Hamburger Natchnstan for
days past has not made the slightest refer
ence to the situation. This silence does not
mean cessation of the conquest. The parties
are cxcltou and are arranging themselves
for or against Prlnco Bismarck. The loaders
of the national liberals , thojeh disapprov
ing the prince's recent utterances , are ready
to resent any iutorforonco with him or to op
pose the government if It ventures upon a
prosecution. A strong section of the con
servatives are in a similar mood. On the
other band iho froisslnnigo party ana tbo
central party want the government to tuko
immediate action against the pnncs. Ai
a mooting of the party , the speaker declared
that the revelations maOo by Prlnco Bis
marck verged upon high treason and that ho
ought to bo tried for that offense. They de
nounced him as seeking to embroil Europe in
order to avcno himself on tbo emperor and
Chancellor von Caprivi and as compromising
the case whllo giving vent to bis ill humor.
HUiimrck Mint lie Careliil.
The Frankfort Zoltung , a liberal organ ,
urges that It Is time to end the toleration tha
government has accorded Prince Bismarck.
Tbo ministers , it says , should accept the
challenge bo has ofTorod. They will need
all , but iho struggle will enable the eovorn-
ment to distinguish between ( U friends and
its enemies. The ofllcinl opinion is that if
the prince renews his attacks , oroiocutlon
will bo inevitable and prompt.
In tbo meantime Pnnco Bismarck Is enjoy
ing repose after his triumphal progress , and
bis presence atjilssongen has.rtruUru crowds
to the place. Ho resides In a villa belonging
to tno Bavarian government , to which is at
tached spacious grounds and n garden along
the river Saalc. Ho has n guard of Bavarian
soldiers , who nave been specially detached
to honor him. A carnage and horse for his
use have been sent by tbo prince regent of
Bavaria. Kvory night a band plavs in front
of tbo villa and uurinc its performances the
prince , smoking a long pip ? , can generally bo
scon at a window listening. He treats tbo
members of the band at intervals with
copious draughts of beer anu hobnobs with
the bandminor over vvino and clears. The
crowd greets him with repeated "hoohs. "
The prince seldom poet out , bjt ho receives
a largo number of visitors.
Known dust llo\v I'ur to Go.
His outings ore sometimes accompanied by-
troublesome ovations. The Injury to the
nrincs's eye , caused by his baing struck a
shorttime ago by a bauquot thatwas , thrown
to him by a fervent lady admirer , was not at
all serious. In a private loiter to u Hamburg
friend , alluding to tno threatening prosoou
tlon of himself , Prlnco Bismarck says that
ho has too much respect for himself not to
know the limit beyond which nc ought not to
go. In raferrlng toothers , he deUos anv ono
to show that he has overstepped tha limit.
The Munich Allogomolno Xoitung returns to
the defense of Prlnco Bismarck in an artlclo
denying that his criticism } wora Inspired by
u desire to return to ollicc. It says that his
summary dismissal precluded all such
Tbo West Dautscho Allogomolno Z'jltung
renews its call for the publication o ! the
truth regarding tbo prlnco's dismissal. The
simultaneous appearance of tbo articles in
both oriraus suggests that Prince Bismarck
moans to push tbo government to action.
Will Attend the Kavlctv.
The omporor-on his return from his voyage
to the north , will utlond the combined naval
and military raamuuvros , which will bo hold
on a great scale at the beginning of August
at the mouth of the Elbe. The plan of opera
tions Is for the Hoot , commanded by Admiral
Schroedcr , to rendezvous at Holiogolnnd ,
whence they will proceea and try to olfect a
landing near Guax Haven. The lleot , vill bo
opposed by tbo Ninth army corps , under
Kxtonslvo fort works are building on
Heligoland , as the engineers fully recognize
tlio value of the island as a dofcnso to iho
entrance to the Blbo.
While the emperor Is on his voyage to the
north the empress remains at Potsdam. The
princess will go to Wilhelmsboo and thence
to Nordonoux.
Aiiurchlxtii ami Immorality.
The Holntr. trial , which promise. ! a sensa
tional treat to tbo public , Is proceeding be
hind closed doors. During the tirst hearing
that was hold last fall , the case attracted
attention on account of tbo depths of im
morality that woroHbown to exist in Berlin.
The trial was then postponed , Holntz calling
for the evidence of. n man named Just , who
had gone to Chicago. Just's deposition has
now teen received. It falls to exonerate
HolnU. From the details tbat are leaking
out , conviction of the accuiod is certain. H
was tbo dlsclo uros In this case from the
Soutqulres and their women associate * that
gave the emperor the impulse to Issue his
famous rescript , which resulted In severer
penalties for Immorality.
Five anarchists , Kowencr , Bonntbalcr ,
Hull' , Wirner and Dobborstcln uro under
going trial before the imperial tribunal at
Lelpslo for high treason , They aw charged
with distributing Hy shoots to the soldiers ,
The trial U hold la Caaiora. There are a
host of witnesses , The government hopes
to ouulii evidence us to how far the troopi
nro permeated with unurchlstlo Ideas and
what soldiers assisted the prisoners In cir
culating the lly shcoit.
Ni < Note * ,
Tbo emperor ban llnully refused to allow
a military board to q to the Chicago Colum
bian exposition. . 'rofvXolgBfeld , to whom
the minister ot waCfCorutuuulcatod this de
cision , will onRjROt Von Bulow's famous
Hamburg phllbar'monfc orchestra to ploy tn
the torniIo ) of inuilo. ,
Princess Uadzwell has Intrusted Minister
Phelps with tbo sale of n collection of let
ters of Count von Moltko , written In
French nt the time Voa Moltko was ac
counting olllcor. It appears from the letters
tbnt ho had an ffalro do cour with the
princess. They n'ro charmingly written , and
give a line insight Into the character of tbo
great general.
Ex-Kmuross Eugenie will arrive at Carls
bad next week to take tbo watcrt.
Mrs. W. W. Sewall , president of the na
tional council of Iho women of tbo United
States , Is hero In the Interest ot a woman's
congress nt Chicago.
u.vrorur.Ait TAX IN.
.Madrid's Clciron * Kugitga In a Sorloiu Klot
Miiny Wounded ,
Miiiiin , July 2. The now taxes Imposed
by tbo government on various branches of
business nro meeting with strong opposition.
It was only yesterday that the bourse
operators refused [ to transact business
owing to the tax cm bourse transactions.
A popular demonstration was made against
the now tax placed upon retail operators.
The men doing business on iho market
formed a procession and marched through
the streets , shouting and yelling , and In
every way showing their disapprobation of
the now tax. Wbon'tho shopkeepers heard
that the market people were coming
they hastily closed their doors , fear
ing that tbo piQccsston would pillage
their shops. The o taking part in the
demonstration assaulted the police who were
trying to keep them In order , in the mean
time using Insulting epithets toward thu
civil governor. Finally the civil guard
charged upon the mob , but mot with unex
pected resistance. Stones , heavy sticks and
anything that catnb uandy were thrown nt
Iho guard and manyof , thorn were severely
hurt. The olllcor In command eventually
cuvo orders to his mon to prepare to lire into
the mob. and nt the word a volley was poured
into the rioters. This ended tbo iinbting.
Many of tbo crowd fell with ulood pouring
from their wounds , while those who were
uninjured and those whoso wounds were
slight sought safety In flight , leaving the
civil guard in possession of the field. The
wounded were picked up and placed upon
improvihod litters and curried to the hos
pital. It is thought'that Homo of thorn will
ale. ,
Iteporf of "llie Captain of the City of
Chleago Concerning the Accident.
LONDON , July 2. Captain H\dford of the
City of Chicago , which.went ashore on the
Irish coast yesterday , decided to make
Queenstown , as several of his passengers
were to land tbcro. * 'ljho steamer did not
strike at the Barre rocks as was at llrst
staled. Before sjobad ! rounded Iho old
Head of ICmsale ( she rnn on the mainland.
Soundings had been , takou which showed
plenty of water , and ihtf stoamoi' was going
at nearly full speed. When shohetruck she
' "
forced horsol ? i to'f" * tlargo beotllne
clllt that ptpnds "WSuDj loop "aboyo
' '
the ' 3ea.iThO shook "was aom'gttiln'tf" fcai-
ful and many of tbo parsons on deck were
thrown completely pfl their feet. The bows
were torn put and the fora eompartmant was
soon full of water , when it was found that
tbo steamer could not''got oft by backing
aud that she was badly damaged. Tbo en
gines were kept going ahead to keep her on
the rock as It was , though she might slide
oft Into deep water as the tide roao , Tenders
reached the wreck at " o'clock this morn
ing. They waited till the fox lifted , when
tboy arranged to take many of the passen
gers to Quoonstown.
Tbo disaster will not interfere with tno
regular service of the lino. Tha City of
Chester will take the City of Chicago's plaoo
in the service.
They Are IMacoil on Trial lor the .Hunter
of thu Minister ol Finances
Sorn , Julv 2. The trial by oourt martial
of sixteen parsons , including M. ICttravaloff ,
formerly Bulgarian promlor , and M. MolofT ,
a former caoinet minister , was commenced
horu today. Tno ornoners were accused of
complicity m tbo murder of M. Beltscboff ,
minister of 11 nance , who was shot on March
27 , 18'Jl , whllo leaving , a shpp in this city ,
and died Immediately ,
Ono of the prisoners , named Svotoslav ,
declared during the proceedings that the
ambition of his Ufo was to overthrow Prince
Ferdinand , the ruler of Bulaaria. Ho said
lhat an Odessa dolouato of a Slav benevolent
society furnished funds to these engaged in
the plot.
Another of the prisoners , named Popoff ,
confessed that he and throe others had taken
an oath to kill Princa Ferdinand , and had
solemnly sworn to saorlfloo tholr lives , if
necessary , In carrying out the plans to as
sassinate the Bulgarian rulor. This prisoner
also confessed that the conspirators had ob
tained money and revolvers from St. PJIOM-
burg to aid in carrying- out tbolr murdorom
designs. Ho admlitad that lie once lay In
wait to kill Prlnco Fardlnand.
HI ; r.irr Tin ; ( ; SCKKA.M.
How u rroihytrrl.iii MlllUter Kxultfd the
CunadlwiiH' Ire.
TOIIONTO , Ont. , July 3. A Upoclal from
Wlarton , Ont. , nays : , This Is Dominion day
and tbo citizens worn surprised ibis moraine
lo sec the starj and stripes , an immense flat' ,
hoisted high over a small British Hag on tha
premises of Hov. U , A. Vcomans , a Probby-
tcrian minister. Ki UeJ citizens called tbo
attention of the authorities to the matter ,
and then asked Yoom'HKJ.tb place the fligj on
equal terms. Ho rof'qsej .to and dolled them
to Interfere. A numbol ? of loading citizens
marched to the IIOUSQ aud'n constable lowered
tbo Hag and It was torn up by tbo oxclted
citizens , - -
Another llattlo lu Toniinn | ,
PAIIIS , July 2. A Ugtuch from Tomiuln
stated tbnt another largo attlo has occurred
between the French ( uijd'a largo body of
Tomiulncso pirates , \ybo' were entrenched at
Thuuhoa. Tbo French force numbered 150
meu. After a dosuqrato lesUtaneo the
French charged tbo I pirates' position and
carried It , but iiotulitll they had loU six
teen mon ulltod and seventeen wounded.
I'arnu'rs TaUuu 1 hy rhotiir.i | | > 7rii.
Cuiuu itu'ins , la. , July 'J. [ Special Tele
gram to TIM : Bui-jL lieecbor & Johnson ,
pliotogr _ ipbcrs , bav * "skipped out from
Sluournoy. leaving debts to a lare amount.
Tnoy also victimized 4 largo number of farm-
CIM In the surrounding country by o.'lcnni ; a
crayon picture and u dozen photographs for
t. , providing a payment of&U cents was made
In advance. None bf those ordorj were
tilled , Onlcers are searching for them.
Overeat * In lm > IItink lte erve.
NHW YOIIK , Julv | ' . ' . Tbo bank state
ment shows ttio reserve bus decreased
1,7:1. : ' ) . t.W and specie has douroaiod fjtVJ'U ( ( > .
The banks now bold ' $18OJIb5J in exec * * of
Great Inman Steaimr Oity of Chicago
Firmly Oangbt on Fastnet Lctlge.
Had Thera Bean Much Wind Great Loss
of Lifo Would Have Followed.
Sailing at Full Speed Through the Fog
Whou the Vessel Struck.
Charges Tluit the Chtel Ollleer Wan Uattloil
Uillleiilty in fleeing the llo.its
Climbing tlio Hock *
to Sufcty.
x , July 2. [ Now Yrk Herald
Cable Special to Tim lieu. | Tbero Is uot
the slightest room ( or aoubt that It a strong
wind litul boon blowing at the tltno ot tbo
stranding of tlio City of Chicago on the
rocks at IClusalo would have boon attended
by most frlgbtful results. It is only duo to
the moderation ol the elements that no loss
of hfo is to bo recorded , for all the circum
stances point to the possibility of an appall
ing disaster in loss favorable weather.
It was bedraggled and tired looking crowd
of passengers who arrived at Quconstown
this afternoon. They bad undergone all the
tortures of agonizing suspense and bad nioro
than ouco believed themselves doomed to
destruction. As it is their oscapa pcoms
almost miraculous. The danger of sinking
on board ship is not half so terrible us the
perils which resulted from what may bo
called the panic-stricken management of
those in charge of tbo ship. The passengers
uro outspoken and forcible in their criticism
of the manner in which they wore loft al
most to shift for themselves.
Among the llrst to reach Cork today were
Prof. Cameron ot Princeton university ,
accompanied by Bayard Stockton , prosecutor
of tbo court of common p'oas for Mercer
county , Now Jersey , his lainlly and the two
Misses Tyng of Now York. Their expe
rience reads like a leaf out of ono of Sloven-
son's or Dr. Clark Russell's most sensational
ocean tales. I give you Prof. Cameron's
story In his own words :
rijluif Through tlio l"ug ,
"Wo ran into fog oft Fastuot at about 5
o'clock Friday tftornoon. It Is not necessary
for mo to tell you that in spite of tha thick
ness of tbo fog the engines of the ship kept
golnp at full speed , out tbo fog born was
not blown. Tbo only danger wo feared
was that wo might cut down ono of tuo
many Ashing vessels , watch are very "numer
ous oit. tha cost. But wo trusted In good
lucfTand tfcc'wiil'of thu captaln * to pull " -"us I
through. After dinner most of tbo passen
gers were on dock in happy expectancy of
soon sceinp the tender from Queenstown ,
wqich was to take ashore a number of pas
sengers , including the IrUh-Amorican peace
deputation , who are bent on creating
harmony between the fighting homo rule
factions. Captain Kadford and two officers
were on deck. Suddenly I saw a long line of
rocks not more than HOO foot ahead of us. I
rubbed my eyes under the impression that I
wa * suffering from an optical illusion , but
the more I rubboj my oyus the nearer wo
cimo to the rocks until the shrieks of several
women convinced ino It was live roallty , end
that wo were making a bop line for what
looked like the jaws of death.
"When the inevitable collUion between
the ship and rocks arrived , it was loss forci
ble than I Had expected , for we gilded safely
on tbo ledge and seotned lo rest there in an
easy position. The engines were reversed
the very moment when danger became ap
parent , and to this fact alone 1 ascribe our
oicapo from destruction. Captain Had ford
loft the bridge after the accident and seemed
undecided what course to pursue.
It "ISattleil" the Cnptaln.
"Ho plainly 'rattled , ' and ho can hardly
bo blamed. But ono thought seemed upper
most in bis mind , and that was tbo loss of
bis ship. Purser Kavanaugh did much to
allay the fears , and under tbo circumstances
tbo calmness and cool Judgment of tbo pas
sengers. who , acting without instructions or
knowledge of what to do , was wonderful and
praiseworthy , A long wooden plank was
placed from the bow of tbo ship to the cliff ,
and wo could bavo walked ashore , out this
operation was attended with moro or loss of
danger. Finally three boats were ordered
over , and manned by sbortbandod crows of
"I am not exaggerating when I say that
tbo first boat bad to bo cut loose with an nxo
before It would yield to the swinging of the
davitts. About fifty passengers were put in
each boat , and after much exertion , in which
wo had the pleasure of helping the sailors
handle tbo boat , wo reached sboro , all the
woman in a more or loss state ot exhaustion.
Hero wo met a number of coast guards to
whoso invaluable services wo ewe much. In
order to roach a place of safety wo
were obliged to climb a sixty-foot ladder ,
along the steep sides of the el iff.
This was a most perilous task. Tbo foot
hold was not particularly Inviting , and u
practical to it bus not given mo a bleb opin
ion of this manner of elevating oneself , even
in time of dangor. After reaching the end
of tbo rope wo were obliged to clamber along
the scraggy sides of tbo rock , but the women
accomplished It with courage born of des
peration ,
"Once In safety , wo were taken in hand by
kind-hearted peasants who liolpoJ us along
vltb words of comfort and cheer , and did
everything possible to make our lot easier. "
Tbo passengers nra being well cared for by
agents of tbo In in an line , who are very zeal
ous in attending to tbolr wants. Tno steamer
is In a norllous position. She has eighteen
feet of water under her and her forward
compartments are tilling. Very llttlo doubt
for her safety Is cxprossad hero , although all
tlio passengers will probably save oaggago ,
whlcti can bo saved if the prompt measures
directed by the management are carried out.
ln lne H on tliu Stock llxchaiiKo Voiiriliiy
U'uit onitc Limited ,
[ Coi/i | IvMal IHltoj Jttinet . ) rJ 1 1 IIenn't\ \
IJONIIOV , July U. [ Now York Herald
Cable Sueclal to Tim BBU. | Business on
the block exchange to-day could ecaicely
bavo oeon luss hud the bourse boon closed ,
which would have bi'en the ctuo had It not
been 'for the consol settlement. Funds are
unchanged , while Indian rupee paper has
Improved one-fouriu of 1 per cent
IIVnWifr/or O/n.thnn'nl / Hi ;
I\ilr ; < \ \ Auitlinly in til * .
l\ioe ,
I. Story < il tlio Chleai * , < < Wreek.
\VllheliuN lleiiiiiiemtlon of HUmareli.
Kltect nl Hut I'nnce'a Tiilk.
ImlepemlentN tit Sen.
II. Oiimlm lo es the rirnt ( Same.
TiiiniiiiinyVlni ( iront ICiice.
I. Kdltorlal mill Comment.
r . Look * HrlKhter lor I'niil.
Krail.v fur ( ho I'linrtli.
Washington Now i.
0 , Council ItlitlU
7. I.IIHI Week in Soelety.
SI. .liMC'pli'i Hospital Uoilleateil.
8. Allaire at Smith Otimhii ,
W. Sltrtehes of Independent Leatlern.
Origin of the People's 1'iirty.
10. Carpenter's I'lr < t 1 iiiiilni ) Letter.
11 , Condition ( it Omulm's Trmlo.
Live. stuck anil drain Markets.
Nick I'ox Convicted mill SeiiU'liceil.
IS. IlullUlo Cniintj'N llonnty.
111. ronrtll tit , luly Heading.
Secret Society NotoH.
1 1. Ilelil Up 1111 Omaha Train.
Court Itiiiiin VitriiH ,
in. Ill Womau'H World.
It ) . Weekly Sporting Miiiiiimry.
owing to the slightly firmer ten
dency In silver. Foreign govern
ment securities closed heavy , weakness being -
ing reported on continental bourses , moro
particularly that of Paris , where the settle
ment is in progress. Greek bonds have
clvon way one-half par cent , as have Italian ,
Hungar'an gold , Spanish , Portuguese and
most others. Turkish Issues are oft one-
half to one-fourth per cent.
Homo railways are loss favorably Inclined
at loss than they were nt the opening. A
decline oC seven-eights of 1 per cent has
token place in Great Western , Hull ,
rtansloy and Midland and a rise of from ono
eighth to one-fourth ot 1 per cent in North
British and Northeastern. American rail
ways opened llrm and generally higher , but
In tbo last hour hnvo became dull , being ad
versely Influenced by tbo passing nf the div
idend on Denver preference. Shares have
inllon 1 pOr cent in consequence. Changes
established in others are irregular , but do
not exceed ono-oiguth to thrco-oights of 1
per cent cither ono way or the other. Money
has been quiet and unlondablc. Short loans
are nominally quoted at one-half of 1 pur
cent In the discount market. Bills have also
been scarce , 'iho ordinary rate for these nt
two and three months is seven-eights of 1
per cent.
An American Cruiser .Makes u Haul m Alas
kan Waters.
VANCOUVCK , U. C. , July 2. There Is great
excitement hero over the report that tbo
American cruiser Corwln seized the
steamer Coqultlam in Alaskan waters ,
besides several Canadian sealers. The
Coqultlam is owned by the Union
Steamship company of Vancouver and
is chartered by an association of sealers
to carry supplies to schooners in Boring sea
and bring back skins. Her owners will
maKe n representation to tbo Dominion gov
ernment in regard to the matter.
snld the CqqulUamJiadSlpO.ODO worth"
" ' * < t
were made prisoners.
The sol/.uro , it is thought , will do much
toward breaking up poaching , us it will force
tbo poachers lo como in from tbo sealing
grounds for supplies. Tbo Corwln also over
hauled twenty-live British schooners in Port
Etches , and after giving them a reasonable
time for repairs ordered them out of the har
_ _
TUJt.\J/t ! > AT blOUX CITY.
Teams from Viirloim 1'artn ol the West JJn-
JojliiK a l'est.
Sioux CITT , la. , July 2. [ Special Tolo-
grara to Tun Bnn.J The heavy rains which
fell duping last night made Hivorsldo park
an undcsiraulo place for the turners today.
Tbo grass wai wet and tbo trees dripping
and it was decided to carry out the program
in the hall. Tbo tlrst hour was occupied
with wend exorcises , In which the partici
pants displayed wonderful oxpertnoss. Then
came the prize turning , consisting of work
on the horizontal and parallel bars. Exer
cises .vlth tbo clubs , dumb bolls , etc. , and
fancy work on selected apparatus.
The judges will not announce their de
cisions on those nor any other contests until
tbo fost Is closed , but it Is probable trom n
comparison of the work in Iho various
branches that Omaha and Lincoln will carry
away most of tbo honors.
The parade was the chlet event of tbo
afternoon. The procession was led by the
Knights of Pythias band , twenty pieces
strong. The members were in full uniform.
Next came the Lincoln turners , carrying
bright colored Jaimnoeo parasols. Plaits-
moutb followed with tbo stars and strlpos on
the left breast and carrying light ciuios.
1'rof , AiulroHH * Ovation.
HASTIXOS , Neb. , July 2. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEH.J The Hasting * post of
the Grand Armv of the Republic gave Prof.
W. E. Andrews , the republican nominee for
congress In tbo Fifth district , an ovation to
night. Tbo Junlata band and a Hastings
Grand Army of the Republic drum corps
furnished the music. Tbo musio attracted
largo crowds. There was plenty of noise-
and enthusiasm and ovary one was shouting
for Harrison and Andrew * . Finally , after
the vast throng of people assembled in front
of the Dutton block on Kocond street , Gen
eral Alva V. Colu of Junlata Introduced
Prof. Andrews , paying him a neat compli
Prof. AndrawJ was received with tbrco
cheers and , after the apnlauso had subsided ,
made a short address. After eulogizing the
services of the soldiers in the lute war , ho
stated that If elected to a seat In the Fifty-
third congress he would at nil times
endeavor by bis volco and vote to show bis
appreciation of tbo services of tbo veterans.
JuditoJ. II , Cessna was called. Ho made
n ringing republican address , in which bo
predicted that Harrison , Reid and Andrews
would bo triumphantly elected in November.
Antelope County Hepuhllraiis.
SAVtni ; , Nob. , July " , ( Special Telegram
to Tun Bii.l : At the Invitation of the re
publican club hero Hon. C. F. Bayha of No-
ligh delivered the opening speech of tbo cam-
paten In Antclopa county. Ho wont from
lieio to Pleasant Valley school house In Ver-
dlgrco township to help organUo u club
there and speak last evening. Thoiupub-
llcuus In this part of the county are aroused
and Baymi's argument1) on tarllf , nllvcr and
reform will do much goou in this section.
Orrici : or BI'IIKAIJ , )
OMAHA , July' ' . |
Local 1'onic.nt I'or Ionium Nrliruxlui ,
Omaha ami Vlrlnlly I'nir eath r , proli-
ulily priiciidml In tlio ii-irth\vc t rii portion
ol the Htitte hy loeal hluMUim ! llilitl > cooler
nith northurly itliuU iturliiK Sunday ,
For tbo 4tb tbo weather promises to bo fair
and moderately warm.
WAHMIXUIO.V. U. C. , July 2. For Nebraska
Showers , followed by generally f'llr ' on
Sunday ; warmer except In extreme south-
cast partlon.
For Iowa Local nhowcru , cloarlnir Sunday
night : northerly winds ; cooler In southern ,
uliuhtlv warmer In northern portion.
For Houth Dakota -Fair on bunduyj
wanner southerly winds , becoming variable.
Qresham'a ' Withdrawal Loavjs the People's '
ttoom Without n Visible Head.
Little Private Booms Are Numcroui and
Becoming Moro So Rapidly ,
Iowa's ' Qalhnt General Will Got a Good
Kim for His Money Sure ,
Stewart. Jones and Kyle , with a Possibility
of Poffor and Others.
Chairman Ellington's ' Eloqnsnco ou the
Aims of the Reform Hosts.
Outline of Plans ou Which the Now War
Mnat Bo Waged ,
Old Soldiers Put in an Evoniuj in Wiping
Out the Past.
Not WlhhliiK to Labor on .Sunday , They
Tolled .Saturday Night What Au-
othcr Day llroiiht | 1'ortli m
iCelorm'H Holy Cause.
The first day's session of tbo national con
vention of the people's party was a harmoni
ous one.
After the tomnornry organization of the
convention , and whllo the various commit
tees were In session , the Interval was con
sumed in speeches by Upnucllj' of Minnesota , ,
"Cyciono" Davis of Texas , and to accentuate
tbo harmony displayed on nil sides a gonulno
Indian with long raven locks was called to
tbo stand and made ono ot the most eloquent
and Incisive speeches of the day. But little
In'tbo wayof sub qtjjlaj .business was tran
sacted , as it did not seem to bo the doslra of
the delegates to proceed In any other than
the most deliberate manner.
At the close of the afternoon session an
adjournment was taiton until Monday at 8
o'clock , wnen the permanent organization
will bo made aud the report of the commiltoo
on rules and resolutions presented and
adopted. After that will como tbo nomina
tion of candidates for the presidency and
vice presidency , and the only contest of the
convention will probably talto place at that
timo. An Informal session Is to bo held this
afternoon for memorial exorcises In respect
to tno memory of ox-President Polk of tbo
Farmers Alliance and Industrial Union and
other deceased leaders of the reform move
Not So Awfully IJnar.lmoiit ) .
The convention Is entirely at sea as to Its
presidential ticket and the indications are
thai when tbo roll of states Is called for the
nrcsentatlou of candidates for the presi
dency at least a dozen names will no placed
before the convention. The telegram from
Judge ( Jrosnam , curtly Inlormlng Uonoral
Weaver , Ignatius Donnelly and others that
ho ivould not accept the nomination on any
platform , settles all doubts us to iho Groshum
position , and ho Is no longer mentioned lu
connection with tbo presidential nomination.
The candidate nmt froolv mentioned U
General James B. SVoavor of Iowa , and
there Is llttlo doubt tbat no will load uncn
tbo first ballot , although tbcra will bo so
many candidates In the fif'd ' that it Is qulto
Improbable that any nomination will bo
reached until nt least two or three ballots
have boon taken. Soiuitor Slowart of Nevada -
vada , Senator ICylo of South Dakota , lena-
tlus Donnelly of Minnesota , Senator John P.
Jones of Nevada , nud Paul Vandorvoort , are
only a faw of ibosu mentioned in connocllou
with tbo presidential nomination.
Looking lor 1'iivorlln SOUK.
It Is very probable tbat n doicn favorite
sent > will como Into publlu prominence before
the convention opens on Monday morning.
There are sunlit Indications that delegates
who go to rnuko up tbo people's party conven
tion are not likely to altogether forgot their
former utllliations In balloting for the prosi
doncy. Thu farmer * alliance people are dis
posed to favor a presidential candidate who
has neon an active member of the nlllanco ,
whllo the ICnighih of I ibor are In the same
way likely to record with special favor ono
who has been Identified with their organisa
tion. In like manner the radical free silver
men look very kindly toward the candidates
from the stiver states.
And It 1s probably because of thn signifi
cant numerical strength of the sliver delegates -
gates that Senators Jones and Stewart have
suddenly loomed Into prominence. A urcat
many of the silver men are qulto enthusiastic ]
for Senator Stewart of Nuvuda , but tbo delegates -
gates from his own slate maintain qulto
positively that he is not n candidate and de
clare that tbo wl-ih longer to retain him In
congress should lJ respected. Despite tha
position of tbo Nevada delegates , however ,
the members of the Silver league generally
look with much favor upon Senator Stewart ,
and nothing but thu decided stand of tbo
delegates from hU own ntutu will prevent his
name being presented to the convention.
If Not nril .Tinlie Hecoml.
Tbo is but llttlo discussion of tbo viea
presidency. Itlsijutto probable that of tha
various candidates for the vlco presidency
some unsuccessful aspirant will bo contoniud
on tbo second placo. Congressman Tom
Wutson of Georgia could bavo the vice presl.
dontial nomination If ho desired It , lu thu
event nf tbo nomination of a northern candi
date for Iho llnst place. But Mr. Watson
has Instructed tbo Georgia delegation to sco
that his name U not presented to thu conven
tion In thU connection. Ho li u candidate
for ro-olootlou to congress from tbo xtulo of
Georgia and has given hlH pledge to tb *