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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE' ' TUESDAY , MAY 2-1 , 1892.
/ - Arrangements Completed for tbo Silver An-
nlvorsary Celebration Tomorrow.
MVilnomlny K onlnj > tlio Hoiinniiil DnucMorn
of XchrnMia Wilt Hold iiMi-dlng Some-
of the Hurt Ivor * of
the rirst l.cRltlntiirc.
Nob. , , May 23. [ Special to Tnn
r Cr.n. ] Lincoln Is already putting on n gain
day appearance in anticipation ot the bis
silver anniversary celebration to bo bold
Wednesday and Thursday ot tbls wcokj
Good wenthoi scorns to bo insured and noth >
Ine remains to make the nlTnlr a complete
Buccojt but two bright sunshiny days. Prob-
eely the roost Interesting of tbo Wednesday
ovonlug tnootlnRSvltt bathe ono at represen
tative hall under tuo auspices ot tbo native-
born Nehraskans. This mooting will bo devoted -
voted exclusively to tbo sons and daughters
. ot Nebraska and will not bo open to the Ron-
oral public unless It shall appear later that
thrrovlll be seats to nparo.
, In tbo senate chamber on the same evening
J will occur the reunion ot ttiosurvivors ot the
first fttato lofUsluluro. Tbls reunion Is in
charge of QonoralJohn M , Thayur and others ,
and whllo no regular program has been prepared -
pared the proceedings will doubtless bo of
great inlcrcHt.
Every preparation has been made to on tor-
tain the great throng ot visitors that are ex
pected on Thursday , for tt U upon that day
that the biggest crowds will como. The ex
ercises ot the forenoon will consist of orations
tions , poems , music , etc. In the afternoon
will take place tbo Industrial parailo. This
will bo ocyond question tbo most magniil-
cent nffnlr of tbo kind over attempted in the
btato. Tnat It will bo a success is guaran
teed by the work already done. Every flrot-
class business house of Lincoln will bo rep
Work of Lincoln Iturglnrg.
Lincoln le again infested by a gang of
burglars , as evidenced by several pieces of
work done yesterday afternoon and lastnlght
by the smooth lingered pontry. The resi
dence of J. J. Llcuty at IS.'lo K street was
visited , the thieves reaching the insldo of tbo
bouso by cutting the screen and breaking
the lock. The entire housn was ransncltod ,
bureau drawers forced and trunks broken
open. Goods wore taken to the value of
$ ir > 0. A rosldonco at U and Fifteenth jtroots
was also entered by n man , who , upon being
discovered , adopted a very clever ruse to
escape. Running from the house when de
tected ho walked leisurely around the block ,
nnd as the pollco came along walked boldlv
to the front dpor of a largo residence , and
when tun housemaid came to the door in
answer to his ring , asked : "If Mr. Hollly
llvca there. " Ho was pointed out by ayounp
man who had followed him , and was Imme
diately placed under arrest. At tuo police
station ho was searched and In bis pockets
were found a plcco of a caudle , sotno matcbos
and a bunch of skeleton keys.
Lincoln In llrlof.
Tbo Rock Island has repaired its roadbed
within the city limits and trams are running
as usual.
The mandamus care brought by Dr. U. W.
Dennis to compel the State Board of Health
to Issue to him a certificate was dismissed
this forenoon.
A dramatic performance was given at the
Lansing theater last evening for tbo bonoQt
of tbo Hood sufferers. The sum of $377 was
Governor Boyd today notified the chief of
rollco of Crete that a traveling outfit with
a number of glandorod horses had loft
Lincoln for that city.
Venture of the Fremont Department Store
Comimny 1'roiecl UlNiittroitx.
FIIFMOXT , Nob. , May 23. ( Special Telo-
pram to Tin : DBB. ] The Fremont Depart
ment more company , an extensive establish
ment , started bora last August , closed its
doors tbls evening. The creditors of the
concern have already filed chattel mortgages
aggregating about $70,000 , and there are said
to bo several inoro to boar from.
Among the heaviest creditors are the First
National bank of Fremont , ? T ,000 ; Fremont
National bank , $15,000 ; Iliggort & Son , $107 ;
Froeilelght , Dunkor & Uonard , 52,181 ; Spitz ,
Kau'dnor & Co.1,830 ; J. V. Furwell & Co. ,
t3,000 ; Swootzor , Ponbrako & Co. , $9,035 ;
Horufaolkor &Co. , $"i : E. S. JofTrios &
Co. , ? 3,812 : Henry W. King & Co. , $1,003 ;
Barlov , Tynoll & Co. , ? 9Si : ; J. H. Walker &
Co. , $1,009 ; Kirkondall , Jones & Co. , (002 ;
McCord , Brnay & Co. , 51,0-15 ; Paxton & Gal-
iniruor , * 2. ! > U7 ; S. Eisner. 81,127 ; McGItnbio
&Sun , J074 ; Fremont Milling company. $83 ;
OusSchrag , J381 ; Bullock & Nilson ,
und 1'oycko Bros. , 8183.
Fnvored ilutlce Unalln.
AI.MA , Nob. , May 23. [ Special to THE
BEE ! The case ot Lmclndn K. GuyoragaiaU
i William Gasiln , broach of promise of
marriage , In which the plaintiff sued tor
130,000 , damages , which has been on trial
lioro for the past few days , wont to the Jury
Saturday night at 11:15 , and In about thirty
minutes they returned n verdict for the do-
fc lid nut. This case wns commenced a few
months nco , nnd wns heralded throughout
the country ns ono of vast Importance , owing
to the veiy high social standing of the plain
tiff and the notoriety of the defendant , who
tor sixteen years presided upon lhodUtrlct
Uurlng the entire trial the court room wns
crowded to Its utmost nnd the number of
ladles present was n subject of invoriiblo
comment. A largo number 01 the ladles of
the highest social standing and best families
In the community , wives of buMnoss moo ,
and nearly every business man in the city ,
voluntarily went upon the stand nnd testi
fied that the reputation for truth of the
plaintiff was bad. Great latitude was plvon
the counsel for the plaintiff , by the defense ,
to miiko out thulr case. Ono peculiar feature
of the ccsu presented Is that .Uo attorney
representing the plaintiff was to have one-
half of nil damages recovered us his attorney
ffos , n nil It developed that ho was the roil
plaintiff end that Mrs. Guycr would bavo
never begun tbo case but for his solicitation ,
and it Is the conllrmcd opinion that the
action \viis ono of malicious prosecution , or
CuiiHuii \ > y 11 l.iimuililf.
ABIII.AMI , Nob. , May 23. ( Special to TUB
-Urcat excitement was created hero
' night by the report of a volcanic
eruption about ono and a half miles south of
thU city. Fully 1,000 people viiltod the
pluco yesterday. The scene of the disturb-
unco Is the side of n hill which Is full of
springs. The sell Is very sandy and had become -
como so saturated with water that It was almost -
most n soft mud. The pressure of the hill
caused It to burst out , malting qulto n land-
undo , about llttccn foot wldu ana 100 foot
loop of soft , muddy noil. The earth still
contiuuoi to Durst out at Intervals , caused
i by the great pressure.
Doatli of u riniiner.
' GIIKSIUM , Neb. , Mav 23 , [ Special to Tim
IlEB.l itobcrt Brown , sr , , one of tht > earliest
lottlors of jfoik county and a very highly
respected citizen , dlod at his homo near this
pluco Friday evening. The funeral tcok
pluco yesterday and wm very lamely
ttrndcd. Ho came to Nebraska from Iowa
i In 1871 , and was 75 years old.
Tire I'npillliiu CIIUuiu Iniiino.
I'AWLMOX , Nob. , May 23. [ Special to TUB
BKK. { Howard Morrison of SprliiKlold | was
today adjudged Insane and taken to the
RHylum bv Sheriff Whitney. It Is Morrison's
third trio to the asylum. T. J. Houialy ,
nnothor demented man , has suffered u re
lapse and will bo taken to tha asylum tomor
row , Both cases are violent.
Working on 1'riuuont'rt 1'oitolllco.
FIIKMONT , Nob. , May 23. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim BBR. | Work commenced here
today on tbe'now postofllco building bv tbo
contractor * for thn oxcnvutloDS.
Work of llorxo Tliluve * .
BKATIIICK , Neb. , May , 2a.-Hpcial [ Tele-
cram to TUB BBE.J-A valuable her o bo-
longing to J. H. Burke * w < stolen from the
sUbln In the roar of his agricultural Imple
ment house last night. Friday night a horse
was stolen from the farm of M. E. Onus-
son , four miles southwest of tbls oltv.
Vague reports are current of the theft of
other horses In several parts ot tbo county
during the past week.
rormntly Tnkon roRpmiton of by Cuss
Comity's oniclnlfl.
PI.ATTSMOUTH , Nob. , May 23. [ Special
Telegram to THE BRU.J Plnttsraouth nnd
Cass county cltlzeni today formally aodlcatoil
tholr $30,000 court houso. It was an occasion
of great rejoicing. The city was covered
literally with a mass of bunting. A boarty
welcome wns extended to all visitors regard
less of thn soctton of tbo county from which
they came , and they came from all sections
and in all ways. Tnoro were mule teams
and horses and railroad trains , and they were
oil loaded. From early morning until night
fall the pcoplo flocked In.
Tbo program began promptly at 11 o'clock ,
when Judge S. M. Chapman nscondcd the
bench and court was oponoa In old-ttmo
stylo. Immediately thereafter Judge Chap
man tried his lungs upon a monster pllo of
letters and tolcerams of regret. There were
many moss ices , They came from the farthest
part of the country nnd from man
in all stations of llfo. As soon
as his honor's lungs had bean thoroughly
tested , Judco A. W. Field ot Lincoln deliv
ered a masterly address. Following him
Hon. D. H , Wheeler of Omaha Indulged in
reminiscences ot his llfo at this placo. Tnon
Major Pcarman made a bright and witty ad
dress that nut tbo multitude In a humor for
Judge Chapman adjourned court until 3
o'clock. After dinner the B. & M. band
played several of Its choice selection * at the
court house , nnd p omptly at 2 court
reassembled ana Judge Chapman again
waded through more letters. Then J. A. Me-
Murphy road some recollections of onrly
times lu Nebraska and Plattsmouth in par
ticular and paved the way for Hon. T. At.
Maniuotto , who delivered an eloquent anil
abloaddross. He was frequently interrupted
with apnlauso.
Following this Hon. George W. Covoll ,
Captrin II. E. Palmer and General George
S. Smith of Omaha and Hon. J. B. Strode of
Lincoln dolivorcd brlof spoccnos. A recess
was taken until 7 o'clock when Hon. J. Sterl
ing Morton delivered a plousing address.
Toasts were responded to by almost the en
tire bar of this and tbosurroundlng counties.
Among those who responded were Hon. John
C. Watson , Nebraska City ; B. A.GibsonE.
H. Wooloy. Lincoln ; J. H. Haldomno , J. E.
Douglab , Wcoplng Water ; Byron Clark , JV.
N. Sullivan , Matthew Gorrlng , J. L. Root ,
Allen Bccxon , H. D. Travis , S. P. Vnnatta ,
John A. Davles. I'lattsraouth. Hon. U. B.
Windham aotod as toastmaster.
The buildlnc is n thrco story brick and
stcno structure , standing on tbo corner of
Main nnd Fourth streets. Its cost ap
proximates $80,000. It U considered ona of
the flnost for Its slzo in the stato.
Nebraska City Noivs Xolcn.
NF.IIIIASKA OITV , Nob. , May 23. [ Spoolal
to TUB BUB. ] Sotno tlmo npo County Treas
urer Housor levied on 1,187 head of cattle
feeding nt tto distillery , for bark taxes. The
cattle were the property of J. A. Hake & Co.
ot Omaha. The seizure and sale were duly
advertised , but yesterday an Injunction re
straining the sheriff from selling the cattle
was Issued from Judge Cbapham's court , ao-
companlca by a bond for cost ? , stgnod by
John C. Watson and George L. Woolsoy.
The case will now go to tbo district court ,
whom it will bo bitterly fought by both
The colored people of this city are Insisting
that their children snail bo allowed to attend
the public schools and not tbo separata
school , as they have heretofore. This ques
tion has been raised ovary year , until It has
become a veritable nightmare to the Board
of Education.
Hon. John C. Watson and J. Sterling Mor
ton will deliver addresses at the Inaugural
exorcises attending tbo dedication of the
now Cass county court house at Plattsmouth
The high school alumni will entertain tholr
now associates , the class of ' 02 , at tbo Insti
tute for the blind next Tuesday evening.
The Republican club Is increasing In mem
bership and extending iu influence for good.
Silver Crunk's Saloon Fight.
SILVEH CHECK , Nob. , May 23. [ Special to
Tun BEJ.J The bitterness between thn
license and the anti-license clement Increases
dally. Yesterday a number ot business men
opened u keg of beer In a vacant lot In full
view of several churches ana proceeded to
refresh thomselvos. Though the antl-licenso
clement won al the election the tight has
been taken to the district court.
BLUE Sriti.vas , Nob. , May 23. [ Special to
Tin : BEK. ] With the exception of a single
year Blue Springs has alwuvs been tbo home
of ono or more saloons. This spring the
citizens have Died remonstrances whloh
have thus far prevented the issue of license.
The requisite number of freehold petitioners
cannot bo obtained In either ward of tba city
and tbo applicants bavo sought to overcome
tbo dlftlcully by executing deeds of fractional
parts of cheap town lots to make freeholders.
Enterprise of Illue Springs Women.
BLUE Si'iiiNos , Nob. , May 23. [ Special to
TUG BEE. ] For the first time in the history
of Blue Springs a cemetery association has
been organized. Heretofore the only burial
ground has boon tbo property of the Meth
odist church and a private individual and
ba3bceu n norlected wood covered tiaot.
Hero lies all that remains of many unknown
doaa , tbo grounas being the oldest in this
part of the country. The ladles have now
talcon bold of tbo matter and ralsod money
by a series of entertainments , nnd the pride
of the living will soon bo shown in a moro
civilized care for tbo homo of the dead. Mi-u OrgunUliii ; .
NOIITII PI.ITTE , Nob. , May 23. ( Special
Telegram to THE Br.E.J Tbo North Platte
Hallway Employes club was organized at
tbls place laot night with 200 charter mom-
bora. The following were elected a the
officers for the ensuing year : JotanSorun-
son , provident ; William Osbornc , vlco presi
dent ; Charles Hondy , secretary ; Charles b.
Adams , treasurer ; U. L. Graves , W. J.
Stunrt , Frank Redmond , executive com
mittee. Delegates to state executive board :
N. B. Old % U.T. Graves.
Injured l > y n Vlcloui
Btinn , Nob. , May 23. iSpoclal Telegram
to THE BEE. ] Mr. B. Clawson , whllo assist
ing In driving cattle today , was thrown by n
vicious mustang. The pony , falling upon
him , produced a concussion of tbo splno ana
Internal injuries , the full .extent of which
cannot bo determined a * , present ,
Your Illood
Undoubtedly needs a thorough cleansing this
season to expel Impurities , keep up the
health tone nnd prevent disease. You should
toke Hood's Sars\pnriUa , the best blood
puriilor and system tonic. It is uncqualod
In positive medicinal merit.
Hood's Pills nro purely vegetable , per
fectly harmless , effective , but do not cnuso
pain or gripo. Bo sure and get Hood's.
Atfulrs of the Onmlia Hrewlng Asiocliitlon
llrlng Ailjiullcntcil.
The complications ot the Omaha Brewing
association have assumed a legal form , and
yesterday afternoon they were aired In court
before Judge Irvine. The suit IB the Omaha
Brewing association against Gottlieb Storz.
The petition recites that tbo association was
organized , with Storz na a stockholder. TVo
capital stock was fixed nt f 1,000 , 000 , the Id a
being to erect a mammoth brewery. Later
on It was thought advisable to buy tbo Store
&Ilor brewery on North Eighteenth street ,
Storz was allowed to manipulate tbo scheme ,
and when tbo final round-up was made ho In
formed the stockholders that his share in the
brewery could bo purchased for $240-
000 , and that Her' , " Interest could
bo bought for the same amount.
Tnon they issued him 100,000 of stock in
tbe now company and paid him { 40,000 in
cash , besides buying $78,000 of accounts ,
which they bavo slnco learned were not
worth moro than $30,000. In addition to this ,
the plaintiffs allege that Storz induced them
to buy n lot on Sherman avenue and Ornco
street , paying $22,500 for tbo same. This
they allege was au exorbitant price. Now
they wont on Injunction which will prevent
Storz from disposing of the stock ot the
Omaha Brewing association. At the same
tlmo tboy want him to return the cash and
the notes , after which they declare that all
contracts between tbo association and Storz
should bo annulled. The court has hoard
the arguments and will take the matter
under advisement.
Frank E. Munu , charged with having pro
cured a man to swear falsely , wus arraigned
before Judge Davis nnd pleaded not guilty.
Bail was llxod in the sum of 1,300.
Peter Smith and Nols Johnson , charged
with having obstructed the view to tholr
saloon , denied that they were guilty. They
gave ball in the sum of $500 each and the
cases were continued.
C. Goo Wo wns arraigned on the charge of
having practiced meaiclno without being a
graduate and the owner of a diploma. He
donlod tbo charge , nnd after entering into
bonds of $ oOO tbo case was continued.
In Judge Koysor's court the case of Joseph
A. Ilydor aeainst the city of Omaha is on
trial. The plaintiff scolts to recover 94,100 ,
nnd alleges that on Juno 2 , 1SOO , during a
violent rainstorm , on account of a defective
sewer at the Intersection of Thirteenth nnd
Leavenworth streets , the storm water Hooded
his basement and greatly damaged his prop
erty. _
Dr. ' Catarrh Powder
Blrney's for tonsil-
ills. For solo by all druggists. 50 cents.
Opening Shoot of the Season Booked for
Next Saturday.
This season's shooting tournament will bo
inaugurated Sunday , May 29 , eit Uuier's
park by the Omaha Schuetzenvorein. The
shooting will begin at 0 o'clock In tbe fore
noon and will continue until 0 o'clock In the
ovenlng. Four different kinds of targets
will bo used the Kohr , the American stand
ard , the man and the state medal target.
The 12-inch bulls-oyo of the Kohr target is
divided into throe rings , of which the inner
ring counts 3 points , the middle 2 and the
outer 1. Ton shots cost SI. Permits can bo
purchased at will. The llrst and the last red
Hag will receive a reward of 25 cents.
Prizes : Fifty points are entitled to ? 5 ; 50
points moro are entitled to $5 additional.
The American standard target is a ton-ring
target. For each center , which is ton , the
marksman will receive 50 cents.
For the man target the marksman is al
lowed to purchase us many tickets as ho
The state moaal target is the fourth contest -
test , value $175 , to bo awarded by the Bchuotz-
envorein. It Is open to all competitors who
have resided in the state for a year or over.
Dr. Blrney's Catarrh Powder for cold in
head. D'or sale by nil druggists. 50 cents
Warmer Weather Starts the Missouri To
ward High Water Murk.
The Missouri is again on the boom , and
yesterday morning touched tbo highest-point
roaohea this year 13.1 feet above low water
The principal rlsa occurred Saturday
night , the gauge registering Just thirteen
loot Sunday morning. The change Is nt
trlbuted to the decidedly warmer tempera
ture up tbe river.
I DoWltt's Sorsaparllla cleanses the blood
Tramps Snvo a Train.
DAYTON , O. , May 23. Two tramps walk
ing along the Big Four track two miles east
of here discovered a broken rail. Ono oi
thorn hurried east and tbo other west to sig
nal trains. A westbound limited express
was signaled nnd an awful calamity averted.
Passengers realizing the escape raised a
purse of $100 for the tramps and the Blc
Fourofllclals telegraphed to give the tramp !
n free ride to Cincinnati , where it Is ex
pected they will bo still further rewarded
The Tariff
Hai not ral td the price on
Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
There are many other brands ,
each represented by some inter
ested person to be "just as good
as the BULL DURHAM. " They
are not ; but like all counterfeits ,
they each lack the peculiar and
attractive qualities of the genuine.
We attach this tag to _
every bac of BLACKWELL'S
foBrUtheLp'SKHon ' / of DURHAM TOBACCO CO.
the smoker. DURHAM , N.C.
pen tltulf *
family tntdl
Kick Jtrnd.
arlir , ITrofc
Slaninrli ,
prtUr ,
thrStomach ,
_ . < ilittHnr ,
- nm . . - .
PiiUniataterttlnq n/1ormrnrIXrrinr > ,
nrouxtnnw , Cn\A \ ( AMU. fltuhlnni of ,
Itrat , SHortnfJH of-llnattt , Cbtflmiriu ,
Blotch * * on IH SMn , Hbturbrd Ntrrp ,
and all ttrrt-niu nAtl irrinbllng intm-
Itoni are rtllrvnl by uilnp thtse I'llli ,
Covered with a TiiteleiUAd Soluble Coating I
Ofulldrnritl'ti Prleasftcentiikb
New York Depot. 3'5 Onnnl fit.
Did you ever see a sickly
baby with dimples ? or a heal
thy one without them ?
A thin baby is always deli
cate. Nobody worries about
a plump one.
If you can get your baby
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be well. If you can get him
well , he is almost sure to be
The way to do both there
is but one way is by CARE
FUL LIVING. Sometimes this
depends on Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil.
We will send you a book
on it : free.
SCOTT & DOWNS. Chemiiti , 111 South jth Avcnut ,
New York.
tfover ( alls In giro Instant rollof In the worst
coses , ftml euvcU curcn trhcro others fntl.
. Trl.l r tl. FflP.K or UrirtliuVV B" .
br | |
jddr.1. DR. B BOHIFFMAIfrK. 81. A.I. BI. . .
| Morning
Night !
i Good all the time. It removes
1 the languor of morning , sits- < '
[ tains the energies of noon , lulls { \
1 the weariness ofjiight. i' '
| delicious , sparkling , appetizing. '
Don't be deceived It * aataler , for the sake
of Urger profit , tilliyoli some other kind
ii "just at good " ' ( IJ ( alse. No Imitation |
la as good as the genuine limes' .
Salve for Burns i
Taken quarter of a poftmt each of bees
wax , Burgundy pitch , ' white plno pitch
nnd resin ; half n pound of mutton tallow ,
n gill of geese oil , half a Rill of tar ; mix
and melt together and use as other salves.
BUS. BETTS & BETTS' illustrated new
book of 120 panes , which they send to anyone
ono for i cents in stamps , gives this ami
hundreds of other valuable recipes , as well
as information on how to get well and stay
well. But those who are afflicted with
Nervous , Chronic or
Private Diseases ,
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physician can cure , should at once consult
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moro cases of
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llOSouthMth St.'KV E. Corner 14th
and Dojjjlto Sts.
I IV/VT norplilna flab
' ' W „ car ilfolOto2Od >
has become a household word because of
its absolute purity , nutritive value , smooth
taste and delicious bouquet. It is good for
weak lungs and n stimulant for impaired
constitutions. Unlike inferior whiskies , it
does not rasp or scald the throat and
stomach , nor causa nausea , dizziness and
headache. You may know it by the above
qualities and the proprietary bottles in
which it is served. Call for "Crtam fnre
fyt" and take no other. For sale at all
first-class drinking places and drug storci ,
ij DALLEMAND & CO. , Chicago.
Men's Suits
Men's Cnssimero
has earned a reputation .PANTS
In light fancy cheviots which extends into every At $1.OO .
' city and town and hamlet Light * or dark colorsi
Men's Suits worth $ I.OO.
in every state in the entire
west for selling the best best
$ g.oo 1OOO PAIRS
in four styles of nil fitting best trimmed best Men's All Wool Cassimcrt
wool cnssimores.
made and best wearing cloth- PANTS
' i ) g in popular priced -goods AT
Men's Suits
AT that is sold by any concern in
$6 and $6.50 existence. No matter how low worth up to $4 a pair.
in n half dozen hand- a price you pay us for any
styles light or dark. KNEE PANTSUITS
articlewe guarantee that
Men's ' Suits you'll get good goods every
AT time. At $100 $
. SO TO-DAY we place oh sale
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wool c a s s i m o r o
cheviots and home which the continued cold SUITS
spuns. weather has enabled us to
At $2,50.
Men's make at much under value.
AT "We shall make the prices so
. $9 and $9.50 low that the oldest inhabitant
Derby Hats
The handsomest lines will be compelled to throw up
of suits at these popu
lar prices you ever his hands and swear he never In all the now shapes
saw in your life.
dollars. Worth up to sixteen saw the like before. It 75c Each.
Council Chamber. Omaha , Nob. Mar 3rd. ISO ? .
J5o It resolved by the city council of the oily
of Oinuliu , tlio mayor vonourrln ? :
That poriimncntsiduwulKS bo constructed In
the "Ity of Uimiha ns doslznntod below , with
in ( Ivo dny- lifter the publication ot this reso
lution , or the personal service thnrsof. as by
ordinance is authorised and required ;
such sidewalks to no laid to the per
manent urado as established on the p ivod
streets specified herein and to bo constructed
of stone , rtlllclal stone , lirlck or tllluc yo-
corilliiR to jpnulllciit'ons on ( Ho In tlieolllcoof
the bonrd of public works , and under Its su
pervision , to-wlt :
West side ot 10th st. all of block n S E Rog
ers' addition , permanent grade , G ft wide.
West side of 10th st , lots l257 block 1
Kountzo's-tttrudditlon , permanent grade , U ft
Kast side of 10th st , tax lot 7see 27-13-13 , per
manent grade. ( ! ft wide.
East side of 7th st or Park Wild avo. lot 40
Koiintzu's A odd , permanent crude , 5 ft wide.
Oust side of 7th ht or \Vllduve.lots3t- -
37 Kountzo's A add , permanent grade , 5 ft
T\Vc'st side of 7th st or I'ark Wl'd ' avc , lota US-
3U Kountzo's A add , permanent grade , 5ft
West side of 2fllht.lot 1 block 20JJ4 city , per
manent giade. Oft wide.
KUBI sldo ot 20th st , lot 4 block 20IS ! city , per
manent grade , 0 ft wide.
West sldo of 20th st. lots 1 nnd 8 block 101
eltv , permanent grtdo , 0 ft wide.
North sldo of Ohio igo st , lots 5-0-7-8 block 4
city , permanent ifr.ide , G ft wide.
South sldo of Chicago st. lots 1-2-3-4 blooK 53
city , permanent sradu. Oft wide.
North sldo of Davenport st , lots 7-8 block S3
cltv , permanent crude. 0 ft wide.
West side of 20th nt. lotJ bloclc 1B4W clty.por-
mnnont grade. 0 ft wide.
BnHt sldu of 20th si. lot 5 block 10.V/4 oity.por
manent crude. 0 ft wide.
North sldo of Parnuni si , lots 10-11 block 4 ,
Summit I'Uco. permanent LTHCU. | 0 ft wide.
North side of Knrn-.m st , lots 14 tolUlncn-
sivo block 1' . ' , West nnd , permanent grade , 0 ft
North sldo of Kurnam st , lots 14-15-10 block U
West ICnil , permanent grade , 0 ft wide.
North sldu of Karnnm st , lots 10-11 block IS
Wnst Knd , permanent gr.ulu , U ft wide.
North side of Kurmuiist. lots U-K1-14 block G
Alamo I'lnza , permanent undo , G ft wide. ,
North sldo ot Chicago st , lots c-7-8 block 43
city. Durmiinont urndc , U ft wide.
.South sldo of Chicago st , lots 1-VJ-l block
03 city , permanent grade , U ft wld .
North Hide of Chlu.iso at , lot H bloult 41 city ,
permanent crude , U ft wide-
South side of Chicago st.lots 2-1 block 51 city
permanent Kr.ido , 0 ft wide.
North sldo of Davenport st , lots 1-2-3-1 block
78 city , permanent Riadc , 8 foot wide.
West sldo of mil st. lot 8 block : ill city , per
manent uradn. lift wide.
Kitst side ot 20th st , lot 6 block 310 olty , por-
munont prude , o ft wide.
South sldo of Capitol nvo , lots 1-3-3 block 83
olty , permnnont grade , G ft wide.
South sldo of Oapltol are , lots 2-3 block 84
city , permanent grade , 0 ft wide.
South tldo of Davenport st. lots l--3 block
78 city , permanent gr.ido. 0 ft wide.
North sldo of Uuvunport st. lots 0-7-8 , b'.ook
54 city , permanent Rriide , U ft wide.
Westsidout 18th at. lots block 21 city , per
manent uruUc , G ft wide. side of 18th st , lots 4-5 block 41 city , por-
imint grade , Gft wldu
West Hide of 17th st , lots 1-8 block 78 olty.por-
mmic'iit Krudc , U ft wide.
West Hide of 17th Hi , honth 7E ft of lots block
55 city , permanent L-r.idc. G ft wldo.
South Hide of Duvunport st , lotsll-l block 70
city , permanent crude , G ft wide.
bonth side of Davenport st , lot 2 block BO city
permanent gride , G ft wldu.
ICiistsldo of 10th st. lot 4 block 45 elty , per
manent ( 'rtide , G ft wldo.
Westsldoof 1'jtli st , lot 1 blook 13 olty , per
manent criido , G ft wldo.
West Bldo iif 10th st. lot 8 blook a 10 olty , per
manent erudo , G ft wide.
North sldo of Fnrniun st , lots 12114 ! block
Alamo I'Jnra , permanent trade , G ft wldu.
North side ol Karnum At , lots 14-1.1-IG-l7htock
3 A In mo I'laza , permanent grndo , G ft wide.
North side of Farnnm st , lots ll-r.-U block 4
Alamo I'lnzu , pormiinniit ( trade , G ft wldo.
North side of Karuam st , lota 11 to 17 Inclu
sive liloclc U Jerome 1'urlc , permanent grade , 0
ft widu.
North Hide pf I'armim flt , lots 1-2-4-7 blocks
Jerome 1'ark. iiurinunent crude. G ft. wldu.
North Hldoof 1'nrnum st. lota 1 to7 inclusive
blouk 7 Jerome 1'urk , permanent prude , U ft
North sldo of Furimm st , lots 14 to IDItiolii-
RIVO blook K' West Knd , permanent graJo , G ft
North sldu of I'arnam Ht , lots 11-15-10 block
n West Knd , parmiinunt grade , U ft wldo.
North sldo ot 1'anmm st. InU 10.11 block 10
West Knd , permanent grade , G ft wldu.
KHHtsldu of Ulth uvu , lots 15-IG-17-18 blook 1
linns * um I'luvu , permanent grade , G ft wldu.
West Hide of 27th Nt , south 247 ft lot Hi J I
Itedlck's ndu , permanent grade. G ft wldu
Won Bldo or 27th st , north 245 HJotOJ ; ; i
Itiuiluk's add , pormununt urado. tt ft wide.
Kast uldu of Utli t , lota 4-3 blook ltJ ! olty
nurmunonl uradu , G ft wldu.
North Hide ot Karnum gt , lots 10-11 blook 4
Hiimmlt ri.ico , permanent grade. G ft wldu.
Kast sldo of : iltli st , lot 1 block 1 Uodfroy'a
and , permnnont r.ido. H ftwlda
Weal bldu of 2Uh st , lot 11 block 1 bhlnn'fl
add , pnrnmncmt ( trade , 8 ft wide.
Ivistslduof ZUItBt , lots 2-U-l-i-G-S blool , ' 8 T.
V Smith' * add , purnmnont undo , 8 ft wlda
Kuktiddoof2Ub st. lotto Idlowlld , perma
nent Krud < . , U ft wldo.
Wcstvldeof ' 'I I lint , tax lot 31 tuoO-15-I3por >
niHiicnt znulo , b ft wide.
Kistsldu of 1'Uli Ht. lots fi-G-7-8 block
city , permanent grade , 8 ft wldu.
East sldo of ? 4th st.Iols 2-3-4-5 blokl67W olty
purmnnont grade. 8 ft wldo
T.ast sldu of 21th st , lots 7-S-0-10 block I87
cltv , permanent eriido. 8 ft wldu. sldo of 21th st. lots 1 to S Inclusive bloi'k
T lloilucli'u 3rd mid , pcrmanonl gradu.b f t
wldo ,
Wust sldo of 24th st , lots 7 to 12 Inclusive
block 1 Armstrong's 1st itdd , permanent Kr.ido ,
fa font wldo ,
Wu4t side of 31th st , lots 1-2 block : JShlnn's
add , put m inuut gr.ido , ti ft wide.
Went sldo of 21th Ht. lots 2-11-13 block 0
Shlim'a add , perm incut gr.tdu , 8 feet wldu.
South sldu of D.ivenport si. iidjolnliu High
school urounu bolwpon "Jtli and 2.'nd sis , pur-
maiiunt grade. 8 foot u Ido.
Histsldu of "iid st , mllolnlnK High s-hool
ground botwcoii Dodge and ! < avonport HIS ,
pel nmtion t grade , S ft wldo. sldu of 20th st , lots blook lOi'i clty.pcr-
maiient grade. Gftldt ) .
Westsldoof 20th st. lot 4 blook 1BIK city , per-
m.incnt grade , ( > ft wldu.
West sldo of 2 tli at , lot 1 block 20114 elty.por-
iiiiuient gr.ide.G ft wldo.
Kast side of 20th st , lot 4 blool. L'OI ! ' , city , pur-
mimunt iiradu , U ft wldo.
Westaldoof 20th st. lots 1-8 blook 1U4W city ,
pcrmanbnt crndo. Q ft wluo.
North aldoof Wool worth ave , lots 0-10 block
0 HuiiSt'oni I'lucr. permanent gr.ido G ft wldo.
North sldu of Woolworth ave , lots 12-14 blook
0 llansuom I'luuu. nurnmnunt gr.vlu G ft wldo.
Kast sldu of 2Jth nt , lots Gi-U5 llasoall'd sub ,
permanent urndo , fl ft wldo.
And , 1)0 It fui tliorro-tolved :
That thu hoard at public works be. and Is
hereby atithorUud and directed to uatisu a
copy of this resolution to bo published In thu
olllelal paper of tl.o elty for ono week , or bo
served on the owners of sail lots , and that un
less such owners shall within llvo days utter
the publication or tsorvlco of Niinh < opy con
struct said aldow.illcH as horoln reqnliucl ,
the board of public wurks u.inso thu sumo to
lied ono. the coat of conatiiictlng suuh Hide-
walks respectlvelv to bo asiossed uculn'U ' the
real est.ito , lot or part of lot In front of and
abutting such sldowalks.
Proslicnt of thn Council.
City Olorlt.
Approved : GEO. 1 > . ItHMIS ,
To thu OWIUTS of the lots , n.ut * of lots and
rual estate dusoilbod In the abuvo rusolu-
You'nml each of von are hereby notified to
construct , permanent sldowallis as reijulrod by
a leso'.utlon of thu city council anJ mayor of
thu city of Omaliin of which thu above U a
< OPy'
OPy'P. . W. milKIIAUHKU ,
Chairman of 1'iibllu Works
Omaha. Nub , May ISlli. 1SU , ' .
To the owners of all lota , parts of lots nnd
real estate along Doiulan alruot from 10th to
20th streets , and lulnrtojlliiuslionts and
alloys us follows , to-wlt : 17th street from
alloy north of 1'nrnum street to Dodge street ,
18th street from Fiirniim el reel to Do Uo
btroct. lOih ntiuot from 1'anmm to Dodxo
street , alloy hut ucn Douglas street and Dodge
street from twenty-two ( ' - ' - ' ) foot east of ITtli
stiout to 20th itroot. mid alloy botwcoii Fur-
num street and Douglas street from 17th
Btrout to 20th s'.ieot :
Von are hereby notlllod that the under
signed. throe disinterested fruuholdurs of tin )
city of Omaha , h.ivo boon duly anpolntoJ by
thu mayor , with thoaupiovalot thuclly coun
cil of said city , to assutu thn Uamugu to thu
owners respectively of tliii properly nfruuiud
by thu change of griido of Douglas street from
liith atreot to 23th t-treot and lntnriutlirx
struuts and alloys , doolurod nucess.iry by or
dinance No. 161 , passed Mav 3 , in1) . ' , approved
May 4 , It ! ) . ' .
You are further notlllod that , having ac
cepted said appointment and ( July qualified
us required by law , wo will , on the illst day of
May. A. I ) . 16'J-J , at tlio hourof two (2) ( ) o'clock
In the afternoon , nt the llulldors oxclianse
room. Nuw York Mfe building , within the
corporate llmltnof said-city , moot , for the pur
pose of consldurlng and making thu assess
ment of damage to the oivnorn rcapootlvuly of
s , ild property altoutcd by said olinnco ot
gradu. taulng Into conuldorutlon apeolal buno-
( I In , If any.
You aru hereby notified to bo present at the
tlmo nnd place ufoiusikld and muuu any ob
jection , to or statements conci.'rnliig oafd as-
hoasmont of damages ns you may conuldor
propur. W. J MOUNT.
ti. O. llAHHiri'T ,
J. WAtTiil I'llKLI'A
Committee of Appraisers.
Omaha May 18. 180J. 41 ISd lUt
I'rojiouuU lor District Ntrnut Iiiiproveinont
JluinU ,
Sealed dlds marked Proposals for District
Street Improvement Honda , will bu received
tin to 12 o clock noun , of the 28tn day of May ,
Ib'J , ' . for thu purchase of Diatr.ct titruot Im
provement Honda us follows ;
District : i7J . . . 0.003.00
District : irj , , . . . . . . 2,500.0)
DiHlr.Ot U74 . 2.5WOJ
Dlatrlct UM . l.uoo.oo
District 40U . 1UOJU.03
DUlrlut 411 . . . . . . O.GuO.OO
Issued under charter power of metropolitan
cities. Knch bid mutt state price and amount
eouxht for und Include uuoruod to
datn of uolivory at Omaha , Nob.
The rljht to lojuot nay nnd all lilda lu ro-
rvod. 1IUNKY 1IU1/UN ,
Olty trousuror ,
mumINIION ; \ MO. IUVKH.I Arrive *
Unmlm | llopnt IDlli mill Mnnon Hti. | Omnli i.
! i.r > > n ml . .Kruivn City Dip Ki | > ros ? . . . | a00 p m
I' 1 > p in | K < ' . .Nljlit KTP via U. I' . Tram | C 4J n m
doing OIHOAIIU. It. I. ft I'AOIFIO. I Krom
Hint. Union Depot 10th \ Marcy SIB. | Kn t
IU It ) n m . . . . .Atlnntlo Kxproi IIV ) p in
4 J"p m Vustlbulu llxprua 1.10 p ra
( . .ID p m Mitlit Kxpruss. 1UI ) n m
2 05 n in ' 1.00 a m
( Joliu I UI1IUAI1U , It. I , i I'ACIH ( I Truin
West I Union Depot IQIIi nnil Murcr Hli I U'csl.
Ixmvos I U.MON 1'AL'IKIC. I ArrlTuj
Omnbii. | Union DeputlOlh nnil.Marojr Sn. | Omaha.
IClIlCAtK ) . M1I4. A dr. I'AUl.lAnlvo
rOmnhnl U. I' , dupot nnil Mnray fits. | Otnnhi
) . ) .M. I'nul l.tinlttfil
4. p 1111 . . .HI. lionla Cunnoii ilill. . . . | r ; . 1'ip m
Troniftrl Union Dopot. Council lllulTi
440 | . . . . . l/uuli Ctr.o.T Hull. . . . . . | l J.I J p m
I.uavui hlOUX CITV 4 I'ACTKIU. ' TArl7ui
Tranifur Union Ilopot. Council lllulT < . iTriunfur
7.41 u m | . , bluux City AccoiimioiluUun/ug | ( p ia
tiM p m | HI. I'nul K * | > rB . | U. < 0 a m
o 11 cl e r 1 ei 11 d
Week of May 23rd.
Quo Dime. Hourly Sliowa.
icmi7,352ilc xil trcntinontii
; , , A I
< KSWV r turrlii M , Vurlcocflu.
unJ KmlMluni and
rrl rluK l.i t VI nor. t'uru
J'lrm trjutmi'iit aenl 'rce lu
* vW * ij..gS any iiililriiii
fOr. CUEU1CAL II/rOUYIHQ 00 , , CWOlNWiTJ , 0.