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    8 THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : T11U11SDAY , MARCH 31 , 1892.
Important Principle in the Application of
Tax Laws Considered.
Treasurer Ordered toJtc-
Douglas Count }
, rnnilSctrml Hundred Dollnr * to II. A.
Mcrilll-AITVctlnK Hie New IJnllot
l.iut Lincoln Nr\v Notes.
T. * , Neb. , March .10. ( Special to THE
Bnn.J The supreme court today hnnded
down n number of Important decisions.
Among thorn \vns the old cnso of H. A. Mer
rill n nlnst Adam Snyder , treasurer of
Douglas county. Although this case wns
practically sotticd * omo tlmo npo the princi
ple ot law Involved has no\-or until today
been laid down by the court and It Is a case
which is of no httlo Importance , not only to
the people of Douglas county , but of every
county In the state. On Jnnuary 5 , 18SO , 11.
A. Merrill purchased nt n private tax sale
lota r. nnd 0 , In block 8 , Cnpltol Hill , paying
therefor the sum of S 0 34 , the amount of de
linquent tnxos und taking a certificate of tax
sale from the tiensurcr. Ho afterwards paid ,
nt different times , delinquent , tuxes on tbo
lota until the whole naiount ho had paid wns
on January 5 , Ib'.H , fJi ! .7U. On that
onto , however , the owner of the lots paid to
the county treasurer the sum of $373. iO nnd
received u redemption certificate. , rrff3"
urer Snvdor then held the manor pnld him
Ijy both Merrill and the owner of the lots.
Morrlll brought nn action to compel Snyder
to repay ttio money paid by him with Interest.
fjnydcr refused , urging In his answer that
the owner of the lots had commenced on
notion to havu the taxes , or nt least n part of
them , declared Illegal nnd void , nnd tnnt
pending the suit , It wns his duty to retain
the monoy. Merrill demurred to the iinswor
nnd IMS cuso was submitted to the tuprcmo
i court on tbo pleadings on March 24 , 1801 ,
nnd the court , two dnvs later , sustained the
demurrer nnd Issued n writ of mandamus
commanding Treasurer Snj'dor to repay the
rannoy to Merrill. -
In the opinion handed down today Chlof
i I Justice Maxwell sums up the cnsons follows :
"Tho whoio theory of the tux system of this
Btnto Is that taxes shall bo equally Imposed
upon nil taxaolo property , and that such
tnxcs shall bo collected and paid. The de
sign of the law Is to protect the owner of the
laud against Inequitable burden ns far n Is
consistent with the requirement that ho dis
charge the burden placed thereon. If ho
falls to pay upon his real estate It may bo
sold for Btich taxes and may bo redeemed nt
n'nv tlrao within two years thereafter. The
law also protects the purchaser at tax sale
nnd provides that ho shall nt least bo repaid
his money ivlth u certain amount of Interest ,
If there was no authority to levy the taxes in
question then It would bo the duty of the
county to reimburse the tax purchaser the
amount paid by him. "
Alluding the -Vow Knllnt
JVnotlier Important taso decided today was
the case of Ulchnrd H. Pearl and others
against tbo state of Nebraska ox rcl John H.
Ilucrlng. It is a case from Hamilton county ,
proulni : out of the o derations of the now
ballot law. nnd Is importnnt. Hamilton
county Is divided into three commissioner dis
tricts. The Third commissioner district in
cludes within Its boundaries n part of tbo
Third ward of the city of Aurora , which city
isjalso divided ir.tothrco wards. Prior to the
last general election the tbroo commissioner
, districts hud been subdivided for election
purposes in such a manner as to leave a frac
tional portion attached tn n voting district
oulsido of llio Third commissioner district.
No provision was made for taking the votes
Qf tto doctors residing In this frac
tional portion' ; John H. Huorlng nnd
Oscar Shankland were opposing candidates
for the ofllco of county commissioner of tbo
Third district. Huerlng received i-'oO votes ,
whllo Shankland received 255. But , In addi
tion to the votes counted for tihanklnnd , flvo
votes were cast for him In this fractional
portion ot tbo Third ward of the city of
Aurora , which had boon loft out in tbo cold
ns it wero. Tbo county commissioners , sit
ting ns a canvassing boaul , counted thesa
live vote ? for Shankland and gave him the
certificate. Huorlng applied to the district
rourt nnd received a peremptory writ ol
mandamus toqulring the county clerk to
cancel the certificate of election already
given to Snankland and compelling the can
vassing board to rccanvass the votes nnd declare -
clare Hucrlng elected to tbo ofllco. Tbo supreme
premo court today reversed the decision
of the district court. In the opinion ,
written by Judge Post , the principle Is
established that it Is not within the powci
of a board of county commissioners to dis
franchise lotrul votcis by subdividing n
county forclootion purposes In such a man
ner ns to leave thorn without nn opportunity
to participate in tbo election ol county
Secretary Vow erH Itrslgns.
John II. Powers has tendered hit rcslgna
tlon ns a member of the Nobruskn Columbian
commission. Governor Boyd has accepted il
only conditionally , as tbo following corra
Buoiulenco will show :
CoH.M-.i.r , . Noli. . March 28. OovKnKon .TAMPS
E. llOMi : I'lmHna It Impossltjln for ma tc
keep Informed of dm Minus of inootltig of the
Nobruskn Columbian commission nnd foi
other rwibons , 1 hereby resign my ofllcu aj
commissioner of the coniinlftsloii. nnd would
rcsuL-ctfu ly suggest the nuinonf Kiln John-
son. my alternate , ns eminently fitted for tin
olllco of commissioner in inr ulucc.
i , JOHN U. I'owcns.
, .rxKcuTivis OFFICE , LINCOLN , Mnrch : iO.-
Jclni II. l'o\Nors : I lierowlth bos leiivo to : ic <
knowledge tbo receipt of your fnvoroftlu
A th lust. , cont.ilnln ? your resignation us i
inumLerof the Nubraskn Cotumblun commls-
Mon , und I herewith accent the sumo to tivk (
I'troct when the nnnio of your Successor Im ;
been determined upon und his uppoltitiiiunl
r.iuuc. ltcpc < : tfully yours ,
JAJIEB li Iloro. Governor.
By tbo terms of Governor Boyd's accept
tance Mr. Powers Is placed In n position 01
busponso. Ho Is still a mombcrof tbo com
mission una will bo until his successor Is up
pointed. It is curtain that no successor wll
bo appointed until the affairs of the cotmnls
Eton hnvo been untangled , and n second letter
tor will go to Mr. Powers extending to him i
cordial invitation to bo present at the nicot
Ing of the commission on April C und assis
in the work of ascertaining where that some
what dnmornltzcd body stands ,
lr. Homers riles III * Answer.
A. B. Seniors , who wns appointed hoaltl
commissioner of the city of Omaha by Muyo
Uoinia and \\hojo appointment has boon-con
tested bv his predecessor , Or. Clarke Uapen
tiled bis answer to the lattur's petition In th
nupremo court today. In It bo alloecs tba
Mayor Bomls was duly elected and tha
Dr. Uapen wns then removed from tbo olllc
of health commUslocer ; that Sorners hai
been appointed , his appointment conlirmoi
by the council und that ho had assumed th
duties of the oflleo nnd that ho is still oxci
clbluK the sntno. A btipuJatlon wa ; also llio
today , by tbo terms of which a domuiror t
Homers' answer la to bo tiled and the cnso sul
inittcd on briols.
I'rnjlne for n Mumlauiiu.
Daniel W. Lanterman has all the nocossar
qualifications for the ofllco of reglitor c
needs of Cutter county. Ho likowlso bs .
tbo appointment to that ofllco by the commii
eloners of that county. Ho has llloa hi
bond und taken the oath of oftlco , but Count
Clone Painter studiously neglects to tur
over the records , books , eto. All theo fuel
were duly rocltod In nn elaborate potltlo
fltad with the clurk of tbo supreme ccui
this aftcrnoo'i , nnd the court is requested I
issuoawilt of mandamus commanding U
county clerk to turn over to Luntornmn a
books , records , papers , etc. , pertaining I
the oftlco.
Another Cuie from Ciutcr County ,
The Custer County Agricultural soclot
petitions the supreme court to mandarin
the board of supervisors of that county 1
Include lu tbo tax estimate for 189J a BUI
sufficient to reimburse the society for ti
amount collected for it bv tbo county lai
year and which tba county refused to pa
over according to law. The law provld *
that a tax of Q cents for each Inhabitant i
tbo coucty may bo levied for the bonottt <
the county agricultural society. This amout
was collected ID Custer couuty last year , bi
It was placed In the eonoral fund and pi
out for other purposes. Now the soclot
wants the amount refunded to thorn ana ali
nnotber levy of 3 cents for each inhabltan
The amount involved is about Ct,000.
( losslp at the State Home.
Ttio supreme court adjourned until cci
"Monday without giving n hint ns toils dc-
l lon in the Thaycr-Boyd cnso.
Suporlntcndoni Goudy goes to Norfolk to
morrow to attend the meeting of the North *
rn Nebraska Tcncbors association. Mrs.
Joudy will attend a similar meeting- tbo
Southeastern association nt Tccumseb.
County Superintendent Anderson of Sow *
nrd county was n state bou o visitor todny.
Prof. C. P. Carey , superintendent of the
Falrbury public school * , was at the state
house this nflornorjn.
The cnso of Kdwnrd C. Jackson against the
board of supervisors of Washington county
vas filed with tbo clerk of the supreme court
his afternoon ,
Labor Commissioner Andres has gone to
ho western part of the stnto to look Into the
rrlgntlon question. In the work of gnthcr-
ng statistics In regard to Irrigation In west
ern Nebraska , Mr. Andres has ongneod J. T.
vlnllcllcu of Kearney to resist him. The
rrlcntion matter will form the largest nnd
most Important portion of the forthcoming
oport ot the Nebraska Bureau ot Industrial
Netr Appraisers Appointed ,
A now move in the condemnation proceed-
ngi for the Uoclc Island right ot way was
made this afternoon , Judge Lansing ro-
vokcd tbo commissions of tbo appraisers np-
lointrd some tlmo ago by Juago StawarLnnd
nndo the following now appointments i John
I. McClnv. J. J. Olllllnn , C. K. Montgomery ,
William Ftillorton , li. T. Hartley nnd Alfred
Shilling. Tboso gentlemen will at oncu pro
ceed to condemn npd npprulio tbo property
along tbo right of wny In the eastern part of
ho city. 1'ctltloiis to condemn land belong-
ng to tbo following were flied today : Wll-
latii ttowordlch , Tilllo May , William QlllM-
iic. J. D. McFarland , A. 1C. Gilfllth and L.
j. Stewart.
It isstntcdthat Mr. Thompson , the KocU
sland right of wuv agent , Is experiencing
omo ( hftlculty In closing up the tlnnl deals
or tbo propcrtv on Nineteenth street between -
twoon O and H streets. It Is thought that
bo property has fallen into tbo bunds of
peculator * , who are holding It at n higher
Iguro than the railroad people think it worth ,
t is bcllovcd this evening , however , that
ho matter will bo amicably adjusted by to
morrow , The work of securing tno right ot
vay Is ti carl v complete and dirt will fly
vitbin a short timo.
Lincoln Infested hy Iturglnm ;
It seems almost certain that a regularly
organized gang ot burglars of moro or loss
professional skill had taken np Its rosl-
dcnco In Lincoln with the Intention
of remaining hero. For four nights
attempted safe cracking has been ro-
jortod. Last night Onicors McMillan and
Cucora hnd a lively cbaso after ono of the
rotitry in which a dozen or moro shots were
Ired by both sides , without olToct. An nt-
empt was made to enter the rosldonco of
Captain Boardsloy , ou Fifteenth street. Another -
ether attempt was rondo at nn early hour
bis morning to enter the grocorv store of
Louis Veith nt 909 O street , but two young
men slcnplng In the store irustrnted tbo nt-
Odds and Ilnds.
The ofllco of the police Judge has boon filled
oday with n motley crowd of male and fo-
mnlo sinners who were arrested at the sev
eral houses ot ill repute in this city last
light. The occasion was tha regular monthly
raid. Something over fifty victims con
tributed to tbo school fund.
Another conservatory of musio Is looking
ever the ndvnntnces of Lincoln with a view
of taxing up n permanent residence hero ,
Brick work on the .Normal university is
progressing favorably nnd Is now nearly
completed to the second story.
Throo'moro divorce cases wore commenced
n district court this afternoon. The pe
titioners nro C. O. Hoydom , E. C. Bnrmoro
and Bertha Short. The first alleges de
sertion , tbo second cruelty and the third
nonsupport and desertion.
Prot. Sullivan ot Boston Is conducling a
school of embalming at Odd Fellows' hall ,
vhlch is being attended by about thirty
undertakers from Nebraska , Kansas , Da
cota and Iowa. It may bo remarked incl-
Icntally that thU Item docs not refer to
'ohn Lawrence Sullivan , who seldom takes
ho trouble to embalm his victims after ho
fas laid them out.
The Seventh .Ward Republican club will
moot at Byrum's store on North Twoutv-
seventb. street tomorrow ( Thursday ) ovon-
ng. Good speakers will bo iu attendance.
Supreme Court Notes.
Court met pursuant to adjournment. The
following cases were considered : State ox
rol Crawford vs Norris , lonvo given relater
o amund information within ton days ;
Blakely vs Missouri Pacific Railway cora-
jony , motion to advance cause overruled ;
Barras vs Pomoroy Coal company , motion to
strike out part of the bill of exceptions over
ruled : Gillo plo vs Cooper , argued and sub
mitted on motion to amend pleadings to con
form to proof ; stnto vs Klotnan , submitted
on application to replevin property state ox
rel Elliott vs Holliday , parties allowed to file
nud soivo briefs by April 12 , ISW ;
Anderson vs Imhoff , nppcal from Lancaster
county anirmcd ; state ex rel Tniclo vs
Slocum , mandamus writ allowed ; Alexander
vs Pitts , appeal from Cass county , reversed
Ind notion dismissed ; Pearl vs state ex rol
Hourlng , error from Hamilton county , re
versed nnd action dismissed ; Armstrong vs
Holfrich , appeal from Gagocountv , nfllrmod ;
Plannazan vs Elton , error from Douglas
county , reversed and remanded ; Boeler vs
National Bank of Lamed , Kan. , error from
Pawnee county , nftlrmcd ; Brown vs Will-
lams , error from Franklin county , afllrmcd :
Count ? of Douglas vs Coburn : error from
Douglas couuty ; aQlrmcd ; onlmo.i by Mr.
Cblof Justice Maxwell.
In rocover.ns coinponsattor. for boardln ;
prisoners no discrimination Is to bo mm ID hut -
t eon thosu committed for u violation nf tbo
irlmliml laws of the state nnd the pnmil ordl-
nuneesof a'clty of the metropolitan class. ' und
tnu county will bo liable to the sheriff for
such camponsutfon.
The city , however , will bo llablo to the
county for the umoi'nt so expended fur pris
oners under the penal ordinances of tno
State ox rol Merrcil vs Snyder , county
treasurer : mandamus ; writ awarded ; opinion
by Mr. Chief Justice Maxwell.
Mothers will flnd Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrup the best remedy for their children.5
cents a bottlo.
Ktitlccs n//w lnj | or ten u ilsrlhlt htaLflftt
centa : eaclnuMlltmi'il It-it leu cents.
M. llornsby , ut 2 p m.
ilaioh U ) . rnnernl Hatnrdiiy , April : ; nt Ji )
n , m. , from family residence , bOJ N. l"d street.
Inteimcnt ut 1'orest Liiwn.
Verdict of the Coroner's Jury in the Qaf-
ford-Moonoy Tragedy.
Peculiar Circumstances In Connection With
the Double Crimp No Cnnia An-
il nnd .So Ono ClmrRCil
AUtli the Deed.
The Jury In the Unfford-Moonoy Inquest ,
after honrlng the testimony of nil the Inmates
of the King honso where the cnmo was com-
mlltod , cnmo to tno conclusion that a double
murder hnd boon committed , cither for the
purpose of robbery or a nrosultof Jealousy
'by some pnrty or parties unknown
nnd rondoroct a vordlct accordingly. The
ground * of their belief , ns brought out In
tbo testimony , are brlolly as follows !
I1 Dora were no powder marks on CJafTord's
face , nnd n shot llrod at short ranRO would
always leave such marks-
The bed clothes were undUlurhod nnd the
shot had boon llrcd whllo the victim wns
ylng on the sldo , whoroa ? If lie had com
mitted sulcltlo ho would probably huvo sat
up to illschurgo the pistol.
The money which ho had pinned In his
night shirt was found under n bed
in un adjoining room with ono bill so
placed In the bond of bis elbow that It must
have dropped there nftor the shot wad llrcd.
The ivlndows of the adjoining room had
been opened and nil the gas had been turned
off which are unlikely preparations to bo
made by n man almost stupollcd with drink.
There-was Rood cause for suspicion that
the liquor which the young man had been
drinking had been drugged.
The shots were llrcd with deadly accuracy
of aim nnd If the acmd man tired thorn bo
must have done so In the dark.
Too father of the murdered young man
uporfhearing the vordlut unnounrcd that ho
proposed to luavo no stone unturned to trace
and punish the murderer of his son.
Concluding the Inquiry.
, Mercy Hurt , a hnndsonio young follow 23
years of ago , was tlrst uutjon tbostund | yester
day morning. Ho tesltllcd that ho had first
known the girl Mabel as Mabol Daniels at
the house kept by Blrdlu Mnnn ; had known
Cecil Gray smro she wai 10 years old ; had
frequently heard of Gaftord and bad read a
letter to the dead girl written by him ; but
was not at tbo house the night of the tragedy.
All the Inmates were put on the stand and
the story of the night , as related by Cecil
Gray , was told ever nnd over , but without
throwing nny now light on tbo case. All tes
tified that the house , and particularly tbo
victim , hnd grown tired of UntTord , but nouo
of them had hoard any shot or unusual dis
turbance on the night of the murder.
The colored housekeeper , Alice , gave an
outllno of the dally routine at the house and
staled that the folding doors had boon out of
order for n loner time , so tnat entrance could
bo had if the doors were locked. She also
testified that she bad not taken any liquor to
the room on Saturday night and thai Cecil
was wrong In her statement to the contrary.
She had not been on the third lluor during
the cntlro nfternooa.
Tilllc Thompson , the night chambermaid ,
hod bucn In the fatal room batwoen 8 and 0
o'clock Saturday night ; had also boon in
Cecil Gray's room : saw the dead pair In bed
when they were In good humor. She told
the story of the finding of the monoy.
The colored porter , George Williams , was
called but could tell nothing of noto.
A Close Cull.
Air. J. P. Blatzc , an" extensive real estate
dealer in this city , narrowly escaped ono of
the severest attacks of pneumonia whllo in
the northern part , of the state during the recent -
cent blizzard. Mr. Blalzo had occasion to
urlvo several miles during the storm and was
so thoroughly chilled tbat ho was unable to
get warm , and inside of an hour after his re
turn ho was threatened with n severe case of
pneumonia , or long fover. Mr. Blalzo sent
to the nearest drug store and got a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy , of which bo
had often ncard , and took a number of largo
doses. lie sajs the effect was wonderful
and that in a short tlmo ho was arcatulng
qulto easily. Ha kept on taking the medicine
and the next dav was able to coma to Dos
Momos. Mr. Blulza regards his euro as sim
ply wonderful , and says ho will never travel
again without a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Utsmedy. The ( Dos Momos. Iowa )
Saturday Heviow. 25 and 53 cent Dottles for
sale by druggists.
To the Hot SprlnjrH ot Arkansas Via the
Walmah Railroad.
On April 7 and 8 the Wubash will sail
round trip tickets at iibovo rate , peed
returning- until May 10. April 12 the
government will commence hale at auc
tion of town lots from the reservation.
Only 37 hoursTrom Omaha to the springs
via the Wnbash. For tickets , sleeping1
car accommodations and n map showing
location of the property to bo sold , with
description of the springs , call ut Wu-
bash ofllco , 1502 Farnam street , or write
G , N. Clayton , N. W. P. Agt. , Omaha
Nob.Dr. a
Dr. CulUraoro , oculist , Has building
The Old Kolraln About Work nn the I'ost-
ollleo liullillng.
Contractor O. J. King , who was awarded
the contract for putting In the foundation for
the now postoftlco for a little ever (91,000 ,
basnntyct commenced work , but it Is inti
mated that no will begin operations about
the tlrst of April.
This Inactivity has evidently displeased
the powers that bo , at Washington , and Mr.
King was ofllclally "Juckocl up" to nn extent
thai Jarred bis underpinning. Ho was also
notified that ho uould bo hold strictly nc-
cnunlublo on his bond for the completion of
his worn bv August 80 , 1S92 , the tlmo speci
fied In the ' contract. Inasmuch as
this leaves him only 11 vo months
Ammonia and Alum
Officially Condemned.
Jr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
is Pure. .i
.ai ( Sec Report of Inait.r.spolU JloarJ of Health , on Baking Powder November 4 , 1891. )
: t
° ' Dr. Latz chemist to the Board of Health , who made
u the investigation of the Baking Powders on the market , at
the request of the Board says : "Physiologists of high standing -
ing consider Ammonia and Alum deleterious substances"
unfitted for use in food , "
These are the brands condemned by the Board of
Health : Jtoyal , Climax , Atlantic and Pacific , Ktnton , Crmvn ,
Sea Fealty J3on cn , Early Jtising , Queen , JtfgaRukelhauft ,
; * , Fortst City , Caltttnet.
It Dr Latz , City Chemist also says : "Dr. Price's Baking
' * Powder , contains only such ingredients as a Pure Baking
y Powder ought to be composed of and I recommend the same
t ° to every jiousekeeper as pure , wholesome and effective , "
( Signed )
PETER LATZ , City Chemist ,
for doing % vllnU other contractors clftlm
should bo Rlvrnrnl least eight months , It U
bcllovcd ihnt MrlKins will hnvo to do iomo
lively hustling < o make up for the two
months of losttfeno that ho has allowed to
Blip by Blnco htMfa * nwnrdoj the contract on
the 6th of January.
When first "remonstrated with , " Mr.
Kins stated Hint bo ] bad not been Riven
ground on wlilctt to place his material , but
'vas ptomptlr rctnlnded by tUo superintend
ent. that he Imdfnuulo no demand for any
pround. and who'furthor Bnla that ho could
have all the pflnlnd ho needed whenever ho
desired It. Since then nothing has been said ,
and Mr , KlnKfiwiaUInK nrrf.ngctnoats to io
right to work nnd saw wood.
o. 1C , Juno 1" , 'OJ.
Dr. J. . Mooros My Uonr Sir 1 hnvo
been suVjcct to sick headache all my llfo
Over tuo ycnrs npo I bcpan using "Mooro's
Trco of Llfo" for It and never hnd n case of
sick hcntlacho since , except when the
medicine was nt ono end ot the rend and I at
the other. It , Is worth moro than money to
me. 1 he-mlly recommend It to nil sufToi-ors
of sick headache. Very truly your. ? .
\V. II. Ln.n.
Pastor First Baptist Uhurcli ,
For solo by nil druggists.
Handbook of Oniiilin.
The "Ilnndboolc of Omaha,1' mnilo for
thu use of doloRUtos nnd visllors to the
Ronoral conference to bo hold In Omtiha
fiotn Muy 1st to May 31st next , will peen
bo Issued. It will contniu un Introduc
tion 'by Ulsliop Nownixn , cuts of public
buildings und churches , mrtp of the city
showing tlio principal streets nnU locu
tion ol churches "mid bitlldlnn-.s where
the conforoiico nnd meetings will bo hold ,
program nf niootinrra , nnnio and address
of bishops nnd delegates attundliifr and
whom ontorUiinod , stutoinont of the
scope nnd character of the work ot the
conference by Bishop Merrill , concise
rovlow of the history and business inter
ests of Omaha , practical information
about railroiidH , wnon excursions will bo
run and what special rates will bo made ,
how to got about the city and the cost of
llvlnp while hero. This book will bo
both useful and attractive. All persons
coining to ' the general conference ,
whether delegates or not. can Bocuro
ono or moro copies of this book by send
ing naino and address and 0 cents for
onch copy to cover cost Jof mailing and
postage to C. P. Harrison , U12 N. Y. Life
building , Omaha , Nob. Persons in the
city can order copies sent to friends who
are coming. This boolc will bo greatly
appreciated by all receiving it.
I'olUlrul McctlK ,
Tlio republican county central ommlttco
will meet tlila ovcntnc at tbo league
headquarters on Thirteenth street , to dlsposo
of the ruloj And rcsulntlons for the govern-
raont of primary elections.
The county central committee of the Independent -
pendent party will meet nt 1C. of l . hall
night to alicuss matters pcrtninlng to
the July convention ,
Sick hcadncho yields to lleccham's Pills.
Cnmmlft < lnnor rinnnrry on Trill
In the Crlmlml Court- Other I.
Attention of llio criminal division ot the
district court wn yoitorday nttrnclod to the
case of the fttato nalnst James Flannory , the
ox-strcct cornmi'islonor. Plannory was In
dicted by the last grand Jury on the charge
ot having shot with Intent to kill. Chnrloi
Bauer , n policeman , was the party who noacil
us n target. Ills story Is that during the
ovontng of Juno 'J , 1SS9 n row wns tn progress
at Mullor's saloon nt Klghteonth nnd Vmton
strcots. Hnucr went in to quell the disturb
ance. Fhiuncry wns nrrcstcd n < < ono of the
participants nnd taken to tha Central sta
tion , Tburo hu was released nn bondi und
returned 'o his homo. On his tvay down
Sixteenth street ho mot Bauer and llrcd at
him n couple of timesFlannorr wns rearrested
rested and tnkcn back lo ] nil. The next day
when tUo case was called In polleo court , the
prosecuting attorney moved 1'or u dUmtttaal
nnd Flaiincry was released without an Inves
In Judge ICoysor's court Mnrgnrct IColtoy
Is trying to cenvlnco u Jury that she should
recover the sum of SS.OOJ from Holtlias .let
ter , n suloon man of this city. Upon the wit-
nosB stand she uvcri that .lohn Kollov ! her
hutbnnd , who wus oncoa hard working and
Itiduslrloiis mini. Ha received gond and ro-
nnincrallvo wages for his dnlly labors. Dur
ing the month of September , IbUJ , ho formed
the habit of visiting defendant's sntoon ,
\vlicrj bo tarried lung nt thu wluo. When ho
tarried ho became drunk. Ono day , whllo
drunk , so the pluIntllT , avers , .fetter or his
ngcnts fell unon Kelley undbcatand woundoil
him upon his head until It wu greatly
swollen. Then ho wns kicked until ho was
rendered a cripple for life.
Some tuna ago Kollcy brought suit against
Jotter In Judge Doano's court , claiming dam
ages for the numo injuries alleged to huvo
been sustained. In that case the jury re
turned a verdict for the defendant.
Tbo Jury In the case of the state ngnln&t
Louis SaoK. charged with burglary , returned
a verdict of not guilty. The prisoner was
loleascd from custody. ICx-l'olIco Judge
Helsloy defended the prlsonor nnd fools good
ever the result of his llrst case In the district
court ,
Dlsoaso nnvor successfully nltaokt n svs
tern with pure hlood UoWltt's Sarsapnrllla
makes pure , now blood and enriches the old.
Omaha compressed yeast strictly pure.
Carbuncle * s9 etc. ,
are caused by impure blood. Any one who
wilfully neglects these unfailing1 manifestations
ol more serious trouble is responsible for his
. -own suffering. Don't say , "Oh ! those littler
skin troubles will go away hv a few days. " They
r , may disappear from the surface , bul the poison
remains in the blood. In t his condition , twenty-
four hours' time is sufficient for the development
in your system of any of these troubles :
Brights Disease
"Pure Blood , Peilect Health. "
Be warned ! Nature must be assisted to throw off
the poisons ; and for this purpose nothing can equal
Nature's own assistant , a pure vegetable com
pound of selected herbs , roots , and barks , called
Kickapoo Indian
It contains no acids or mineral poisons , is
absolutely harmless , ' and its efficiency is attested
by over twenty thousand unsolicited testimonials.
Kickapoo Indian Cough Cure Klcl.npno Indian Sncwu Is na rollnlilc in llio
. llnnk of UiiL-lauil. All Hut l clalnxil tur It ,
, relief from and colds. . .
ensures coughs . It " 111 Oo. IIUU a battle. All
50 nH.
DR. j. E , MC&REW ,
National Bank.
fnpitnl . $100,003
urjiliu . , . OU,5J )
oniren andDlrcctanHoiirf IV. Votoi.
It. C. Cnntilni. vlcoprJlUjn ! . li B .Mi.llic ) , W , V
Mortic , Julint ) . Cclllru , J. .V , II. 1'alrlax. 1.3 nU A
lleeil. Catbler ,
Corner Itith and Farnam SU.
Illlllll I Mbetl und onlr capsule * preacrlbed \ > i
UUUU | nre < { Ujar pbjrilcUui lor tlu curd of
Gonorrhea and dlKlmrvci ( rum ttiu urluurorfJiu
tincture to ft dart tl M per box. All druKgliU.
For Inventions
Bee Bureau of Claims
Kqunl with llio Intoroit or tho.o trnvlni olal n
nalnttttiOKOvernniunlUtlmt of INVKNTOIH. win
dftenloiu thobonollt of valuable lnrontl nt bjj in it
nflhu Incompotenoy or Initttontlon of tlu attnr.Dri
emploreil to o'jtnln tliolr patunti. To 9 inuc.ioirj
cannot lit ) oierclsol In aiiploylnt oaupatuit in I
rollablo nolle lori to procure patonti. for ti ) vaUj
of a patent ( I iporfrt i ( fro itlr. If not oatlraly , upoi fi >
care nnd skill of the attorney.
Wltlitlio vlaw of prolostHK Invoilori frJ n irart'i
] e5ioraireloi nUornv * , and of noJlu j ti it inr
tlun > arowollprutito4 by v.ilM pitanti , Tilrtll
1IU1IKAU hni ratnlual couniel ot jr ; In
practice ; anilti tliurof
( ibtulit jmtentu ,
Hi > fclnl i-jntinlinttloin ,
i'roai'uutc rejected amen ,
' iiutr.'ix ttn-.l rojrjrl ihli
opinions tmtoHcojia tint !
ofi > nlcnln ,
Irtmecutit Hint dj
aiillH , etc. , ele ,
If you h Toan Inronllon on li nd cn1 TUB flBS
DUUKAUankotoi or pliotoiirapli llieroaf , to/itaj.1
with n brief uoicrlpiton of fie linnortint loiturji.
aurtyuu will bsonoj a'Uliot i i lo tha bait eo > iN9t >
purjuo. .Moduli uro notuosoiiirr union lliilnrav
llun l > of u I nitiirJ. If olheri nrj l.i.
frlniilcuon your rUliti. or If you arJ cniMalwII'i
Infringement DJ oiuerj , nubnilt tlio nutlor Til 3
llUlllJAUIor a riSlUOlJ Ol'JNION Uofora acia u4
( tie mutter.
220 Itco nulUIiij , Onnln , No'j.
Iliironu U ciiir.ititcal by tlia
, the I'luuuur i'rus. utiJ thu S.ia
GUI thU out aqd sonii it with your U
"The Nebraska , you bet ! I used to gotosome
hat store , buy a hat with some swell hat mak
ers name on'the Inside , plank down five big ,
hard earned dollars and walk out Into the cold
world under the Impression that everybody
was admiring me and my now hat. I'm wiser
now. I go to the Nebraska Clothing Company ,
buya Nebraska" hat , put up three dollars
and walk out under just as good a hat as I ever
wore. Another thing , I can always get a , y
shape to suit me. . "
"We do sell as good a hat for three della
as any five dollar hat that ever was made. TT
stock is there the linings are there the trii
mings are there it's all there but the two dc ?
lars we save you. This saving not only appliU/ /
to the best hat made ( the "Nebraska" thr
dollar hat ) but it applies to low and niediu
priced goods as well. For instance , we sel )
derby hat for seventy-five cents and anot1 ,
one for a dollar. You'll wear out a pai
shoes hunting a hat store that sells the sf * * *
qualities under a dollar fifty and two dolU. , .
Perhaps you'veno idea of the stock of 1' '
we carry. It's great. We carry all shapes ,
shades , all colors , all qualities. When j
come to us for ahat you can buy a hat to i .
yoUj. . You're the man to be suited. All fj
want is to please you ( and to make a few si'
lings to buy bread with ) . Our full spring stoc i
of "Nebraska" hats is now open. '
Soft Hats , 8Oc , $1 , $1.8O , $1.78 , $2 , $2.2
$2.8O and $3.OO.
Stiff Hats , 78c , $1 , $1.28 , $1.8O , $1.9O , $2.i - |
$2.8O and $3.OO.
Boys' Hats , 38c , 43e , 6Oc , 78e , 9Oc , $1 , ,
and $1.4O. ' A
Crushers , 68c , 88c and $1.28.
Open Till 8 p. m. Saturdays , 1O p.1. f |
For Consumptives and In
valids must surely be the
most wholesome for those
who use it as a beverage.
I bf BlEjc I * I Lu
IB tlio b et for nil purpoass , bs-
oau3O it is poiitlvoly pure and mi-
turo. Ic JB oxaeadlnply pleasant to
the taste anJL has a cjellolouj bou
N. B T' doosn't burn nor scald
the > th-oat or stem ich Hko inferior
whiskayj. It i3 rocomtnandod by
tfco beat physicians.
Sold on y at high class uotols ,
drusr and liquor atorrs.
ylp.sT CLASS
She Lnrpctt , Fattest nnd I'lnent In tbo World.
I'very Bulurdnr.
Atrcuulnr Intervals.
rates on lowest t.irms to and from the principle
r.icurelon tlclion niallablatoictiirn liy ulllur tlio pie-
tunwque uivilo < \o-tli ur Ireland or I.'nploa & Olbraltar
Bratti sal Ileo7 Oritrt fr A-.7 Acoast it loxost Bitll.
Apply to any of our local AeenUortu
UJJN'IJIJUSON lillOTIIUKS. Clilca/-o , 111.
All Tiitvcllnt ; j\ii'iinM ; | liiulmluil 1'lfly
A nerloi of pnrt'oi to Hciro j durlnx tlio ensuing
icanun will Icnvuiu fjllun ;
Mny I'nrtr-l'iTH. H , Mnjeallc. April 27.
I Ir.t Juno 1'nrtyIVr ri. H. lUrurln , May 31.
KpccUl Hhort Tour I'cr H. f. hiriirln , May 21.
rieronJ Jiinol' rlr I'iii S. S. Teiilonlc. June8.
Tlilrl Juno I'nrlyIVrH. . H. .MiiJiiitlc.JiinnM.
I auttli Juno I'nity Tor H. H ( 'liy of r rliJiino a
T uHicclnl | Hliort'lnur < - I'cr H H. City of ovr
Yorli , July H ; anil i lly of I'urls , AIIKIJI-KI.
' I'cr d. ti. Ktrurl
Nurtli Cnpo nnil Hiuilan 1'urty t
Juno IS.
\\o nro < 1nlly booklnz nicrnbirt for Ilioso oxcur-
( liini , nn d Invites lln mi'cllaloniipllratlon from nil who .
nlonii to avail llicmtvlriMuf tliom , Illii'trnlu-Mj. -
crlptlvu puiirn muiuecjn bo obtalnol br ad ' ' '
20lllr04lWix. ( ! Now York ,
Orl14 ! Pouth 0iirlHt. | , Clilcuzo
131 Ffltlll
Under the patronage of
- , , ,
70 and 71 Globe Hldg. , Itoslon ,
Tour of 80 days , 6500 ; Tour of M days ,
8400 ; Tour of ( JO days. $37o ; Tour of15
days. &WO.
All traveling , liotcl arid lUM-iooliu cipcnjoi In-
U'aillos ( mill itltii lln. VtilM , Jtiljr 2 , iiloaiu-
ulilu bc'\TIIIA.Ciiuurit ' l.lne. lluitun )
NOIIT1I t'Al'j : I'AIUV lunnllJniiulit.if \ ( tcaai-
llll | I'AVUMA ttUttl llOtlUII , 73ll.1)T ) < .l < lJ )
Appllcnlloin mini Ua mail } t uncd ( ur tlil > tour
unit lor circular anil refereuca.
Dr , Bailay , $ r
The I oadliij , '
Third FlosPixton Bloa't.
Tclcplioiio 108' . Kith and 1'nniaiii K ( < ( .
A fall fc-t of icelh on rulibor for JS. IVrfrct tit.
'Iceth without i > lnto iir rt'iuomlilu lirlduu uork.
jntt tlm llilog for ulntt-rs or jaitllo ticnkur | , nuvor
All fllllnKet rcufonnb'o rote , ell work wuirnulcd
Cut Ibli uui for a uulde.
Army ar )
Soldiers in the Regular.
and Sailors , Seamen and j %
incs in the United States A'n
since the War of the fiebcllic. \
who have been discharged ftv-j
the sorv ice on account
abilities incurred therein whj
in the line of duty ,
Entitled to Pensii\
at the same rates nnd under
same conditions as persons
dering the sams serylce d }
the War of the Rel
except that they are not
un'ler the now law or act
June 27 , 189O.
Such porsonsro also enti'lt. ;
t3 pension whether dlschai 3
rom the servics on accoun
disability or by reason of expl
ation of term of service , * '
while in the service and ?
of duty , they incurred
wound , injury or disease a
still disables them for ma.\ \
I'Vi do rr s fi r d
or persons rendering servltj
the regular army nnd i
Since the War are
Entitled to
If tlio death ofthesoldlor watjl
to his service , or occurred v | y
ho was in the service.
Parents of Soldiers & Sa
dying in the United StatA
vies since the Wnr of the | 7
Jlon , or after discharge froir
servica , from a cause orlgj
ingthereln _ , leaving no w.
or child under the ago of si
years , ara entitled to pensu
now dependent upon
labor for support ,
soldier * ever contributed \
support or they were d < / * ' _ .
upon him at the time
death or not ,
As to tltlo to ponulon ,
Bee Bureau
11OOM 220 , BEE 13 "re ,