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ttlltcmlly Carrier to nny part of the City
Hti 'ne ' i Offlco . No il
r . NoSJ
N , Y. Plumbing Co
Council Bluffs Lumber Co. , coal.
Crnlt's chattel loans. 04 Snpp blocif.
Wanted ( Jlrl for ccncral housework. Mrs.
T. P. Tbickstun , 721 Willow avctiue.
A mnrrlnRO license was issued yesterday
to O. L. Hees of Omaha and Henrietta
Dumber of Council BlulTs.
Mr. Tostevin. ttio well known civil engi
neer , has removed bis ofllco to WH Broadway ,
over IJoVol's storo.
United States district court will convene
this morning In the government building
with Judge WooUon on tbo bench. '
A number of tbo members of the degree of
Hcbckab will go to Ulcnwood tomorrow even
ing to institute u new lodge of the order.
The funeral of Mrs. Brcnneman will
occur this ntttrnuon r.t 2 o'clock nt the
Broadway Methodist church In the Hughes
block , Hov. T. MclC. Stewart officiating.
George Waters und Thomas Owens w H
bavo n bearing bolero Judge McGee this
afternoon nt 1 :30 : o'clock on the charge of
robbing the cash drawer of William Keellno
last Friday.
The funcrnl of C. E. Stone occurred yester
day nftcinoon nt the Trinity Methodist
church , Kev T. MclC. Stewart of the Broad
way Motbodlst churcn officiating. It wus
attended by tbo members of tbe bar in n
Articles of Incorporation were filed with
the county recorder yesterday afternoon by
the Delta lodgp. Independent Order of Odd
Fellow * , of Avoua. The trustees whoso
names were ndlxcd to the rrtlcles are F.
Paulson , it. J. Bowman ana .1. C. Hctel.
John Dunn sold bis business house near
the intersection of Broadway nnd Scott
street yesterday afternoon at auction. There
were several bidders , and niter n coupio of
hours' work on tbo part of the auctioneer the
hammer tell and A. 1C. Larkin of Omaha was
declared to be the highest bidder , tto amount
ot his bid being $ . > ,2UO.
Frank P. Paulson , son of Mr. and Mrs.
Wesley S. Paulson , died yesterday morning
nt 7 o'clock at the residence of the parents ,
W3 Fifth avenue , aced 3 months. Mr. Paul
son bad gone to Norfolk , Neb. , and was away
at the tlmo of the little ono's death. An
nouncement of the funeral will bo given
The case of S. E. Maxon against the city
of Council Bluffs , In which tbo plaintiff Is
Becking to recover the amount of a bill for
drawing plans for the lotvcr Broadway en
tine house which were aftortvurd rejected
bv the city council , was submitted in the dis
trict court yesterday. A large -amount of
loutino business was transacted by tbo
court ,
It was expected that tbo criminals who
were found guilty during the present term
of the district court would bo sentenced yes
terday but n crush of other work prevented
Judge Thorn ell from reaching them , und
only ono sentence was passed , Peter Egan
being fined $100 for stealing 50 cents from n
man numod Sheridan. Ho will servo out bis
sentence In tbo county jail at the rate of
n day.
The business men of the city are taking
considerable Interest in physical culture oi
late. On Monday , Wednesday nnd Frldav
afternoons from 5 to G o'clock special busi
nessmen's classes nro held at tbo Young
Men's Christian Association rooms , and on
nny of these days quite a number can bo
found there exercising their muscles. They
nro unanimous In exprcrsing their approva
of tbo system taught , and it is tbought-that a
largo class will be worked up before long.
Grand Spring 'Millinery Opening.
On Monday , Tuesday and VVodncsdny
of this week" Mrs. PfoilTer's pprinp rnil-
Hnory opening will occur. It will' bo
the most elnbornto thut Mrs. PfeilTcr
has ever attempted , and has required
weeks of preparation. Miss Lizzie
Weitz , an expert trimmer and designer ,
who has had ten ycarfa' experience in
Iho creat eastern wholesale houses , is
in charge of the pattern room. The
opening will include both stores , 220
nnd u41 Broadway.
Tlio KliiR of Cusollnc Stoves.
The old single generator Dangler was
the best pnsolino steve cvor made , bu
Shugart & Son hnvo n now Dangler thn
is unquestionably the king of vnpoi
stoves. It is called the Dangler Sur
prlso , nnd is simply the old reliable
steve with n perfect process generator
nddcd. It burns a blue llnmp when
lighted nnd has no odor in stopping or
starting. Shugarts nro the only people
who handle them.
I'XKSlUf.lL I'AltAGllA 1'llS.
Smith McPherson ot Rod Oak is In the
city.A. .
A. P. Cramer of Avocn was n Bluffs vis
her yesterday.
Judo ( K. M. Hubbard and wife 'of ( Jeda
Itaplds nro in the city.
Miss Anna McColm of Columbus , Neb. , is
tbo guest of Miss Evu Barnard.
Lewis Miles of Corydon , United States
district attorney , is in the city.
Dr. Miller of Tacomn. Wash. , Is the cues
of Mrs. L. K. Hoe anil J. K. Ulco.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. O'Conncll have re
turned Ire in a trio to Minneapolis.
Thomas C. Shorwcod of Des Moincs ana
M. K. Uilchrlst of Avoca ore at tboUruna
F. II. Evans and Oscar Keellno have re
turned from a duclt'hunling expedition in
northern Iowa.
Attorney W. R. Grcono of Audubon Is In
thu city for the March term of federal court
Ho is stopulng at the Grand.
J. B. Rockefeller , a prominent attorney o
Atlantic , arrived in the city ycstcrdnjaud i
quartered at tbe Grand hotel.
Irvine U. Parsons returned Ian evening
from New , York where bo has been attend
itiR Uellvuo Hospital Medical college.
Frank I ! , jirooks , who lies been in the clt >
for several days pa t in the interests of th'
ChicaRO Tribune , left for bnmq last evening.
D. 1C. Dodson will attend the annual con
ference of the Luttcr Day Saints church ,
which will bo held nt Independence , Mo. , be
ginning next week.
Frederick A Soule , who is wanted in Chicago
cage to testify before the crand Jury in the
boodling alderman cases , left with his wife
yesterday afternoon for the west over tbo
Hock Island.
How nro your awnings ? J. M.
Latnelio , 131 Pearl. Only homo factory.
It is with pleasure that Misses Sprinlc
& Kearon announce to the public that
they have secured the services of Miss
M. Wheeler of Chicago to take charge
of their trimming department. Will bo
pleased to see all the Indies at our now
parlors , No. 11) ) Main street.
Seduction Case.
Yesterday was the time set for the bearing
of Ira Keycs of Villlsca on the charge of se
duction. The defendant , accompanied by
his attorney , W. II. Hedmond of Vlillsca ,
urrlvcd early In the mornlnp , and as they
walked up the trcet to the offlco of Justlco
Hammer , folloxveo. by nbout twenty men
who had been subpa-nucd as witnesses , they
made a somewhat Imposing ypoctacle. In
tbo afternoon a chanpo of venue was taken
to tbe court of Justice Cones , but a acluv
was experienced by the refusal of Justlco
Hammer to certify the ca .o to the other
court uutll this toornlnr. The whole auy
wns spent in wrancllop , the prosecution
wlshlnp another continuance. Tbo case will
bo broucbt up apaln this inorniuir , when
Justice Hammer's transcript will bo on hand
end a time set for the bearing.
The defense will bo grounded on the char
acter of tuo Drojocutine witness.
Eastern money to lonn on real estate
by H H. Shoafc , Uroadway und Main. I '
Henry Bethers Stabbed a Companion in the
Face and Ran.
itgli Only 14 Years Old He tins ! Slated
With Asoinlt How Ills Victim
' ttns ln. | reil Other Local
NCUR Notes.
"A disturbance was made last cvonlnc ; near
ho corner of Broadway and Bryant street
/ ) a number of boys who enfjaced in a fight ,
Jne of them stabbed a companion In tbo faca
vith a knlfo and started down the street as
fast Bi > ho could run. Officer Claar Inter
cepted and took him to the city Jail , where
10 was Muted with assault. Ho Rave his
nnmo ns Henry Bctbcrs nnd Is a 14-year-ola
brother ofCod Ucthcrs. who Is now in the
county jail charged with the larceny of n
wagon. HU victim , whoso nnmo Is Tarny ,
wns found to huvo received a bad cut in tbo
nose , which Lied profusely.
IT Avi1.1in : A tiiiKATVIUK >
Some ( iTtlio Attraction * t the Ilnttnn Store
Till * \Voi'J : roiiiitiilns ofrrrruinr.
This week will bo a. hummer at the
Boston store , Council Bluffs , nnd the
people will have abundant inducement
to como in oven if the weather should
not bo just what is desired.
The prlmo fact of interest to the ladies
is the announcement that our immense
block of spring dress poods is now on
display , nnd no lady who loves the
beautiful can fail to bo pleased with
what feho sees. There are the latest
novelties in wool nnd cotton dress goods ,
spring wraps and capes , novelties In
hosiery , embroideries and lace flounc
ing , silk mitts , gloves , umbrellas , cor
sets , etc. The word novelties is used
ndviscdlv. These goods are novelties ,
and the Indies will appreciate them.
Ono of the most important events of
the week will occur Friday and Satur
day when Mr. Leon Meyers , the grout
Now York perfume manufacturer ,
known as the Perfume King , will spend
these days in the store introducing his
high grade perfumes. There will bo
sprays , jets and fountains of perfumes ,
and the whole block will bo filled with
fragrance. Eight cases of Mr. Meyers'
finest goods have been received and un
packed , nnd some idea of their charac
ter can ba obtained by the great dis
play in our show window. There is
more perfume in the Boston store ] ust
now than can bo found in all the other
houses in the Missouri valley , and on
Friday and Saturday they will all go at
special prices.
50c bottle of pnrfume nt 19c.
75c bottle of perfume nt olc ,
$1.00 bottle of perfume at Me.
50c bottle of Florida water , 1'Jc.
50c bottle bay rum , 19c.
There ate all the standard odors and
many now ones , all high grade , and for
Friday and Saturday they go at above
special prices.
The lightning landscape artist is still
with us and these desirous of having a
handsome oil painting nt n nominal cost
will do well to see us within the next
few days.
In wall D.tpers wo carry the largest
and most complete stock in the city nnd
all new poods not an old roll in the
houso. Prices just about one-half
regular paper dealers. Estimates fur
nished. None but the best workmen
Council Bluffs ,
Forthoringham , Whitelaw & Co. ,
Leaders and Promoters of Low Prices.
Mail orders receive special attention
and solicited. _
All on Account of n Woman.
Several men were brought before Justlco
Swenringen yesterday with battered up
countenances as the result of a squabble in
which a woman and the partial way in
which she had dealt out her smiles and other
favors played an important part. The
names of the men who had been engaged in
the fight were Frank Webster. J. M. Mul-
vanov , John Mulvanoy , W. U. Irish , and
Jacob PlcKard. Accordine to tbo story told
bv the participants tbo quarrel arose a
coupio of weeks ago when Irish asked a
widow , Mrs. Mary Johns , to marry him. She
was somewhat stunned by the suddenness of
tbo proposal , and not having presence ot
mind enough to toll him that she would be a
sister to him , referred him to "Pap , " Dy
which she meant the older Mulvanoy.
Irish conceived the idea that Mrs. Johns
had an exceedingly vrarra place In her heart
for Mr. Mulvaney , and as Mr. Mulvaney wns
u widower of several years'standing and in
everv ' wav eligible , ho came to the conclusion
that'the only thine for him to do under tbo
premlsns was to annihilate Air. Mulvanoy
nnd thus clear the coast. Ho nccoidlngly
bided bis time , and last Saturday caught
Mulvanoy out alone. Mulvaney claims that
Irish made ah assault upon him with an axe
tbat he held In his hand , while Irish claimed
that the first blow was struck by tbc other
man. In fact , tbo testimony of the two tncn
is very conflicting , the only thing the parties
are agreed upon being tbo fact tbat Mrs.
.lobns llkoj Mr. Mulvanoy a great deal bettor
than she docs Mr. Irish. Justice Swear-
luge n is busily engaged in ravelling the tan
gle , and ho had not completed the Job at tbo
hour of adjourning court yesterday after
noon. Tbo case will bo resumed this morn
The apron sale which xvas to have
been held March 31 by the ladies of
Broadway church has been postponed
until Thursday. April 7 , on account of
the death of Mrs. Brcnncman.
Thomas Tostovin , civil engineer , over
DeVol'H , 604 Broadway.
A Few Day * Only.
Miss Pauline Fgoldo of Minneapolis
arrived at the Grand hotel yesterday
with an exquisite line of fancy work.
Ladies nro invited to call , Instructions
in artistic embroidery. Stamping dono.
Cainu Till * Way.
A card was received at the oflico of tbo
sheriff yesterday , asking that a lookout oo
kept for a men who had stolen a horse , sad
dle and bridle from Spearman's barn near
Papllllon , Neb. , last Friday night , and was
supposed to have come this way. AU accur
ate description of the thief and the stolen
property in his possession was given. A
man answering tbo description perfectly was
In tbo city Sunday and put his uorso up nt
the Klo ! litcry barn. Unfortunately it was
not known at tbat time that ho was wanted ,
and he was allowed to escape. Which direc
tion ho took U not known. There ls n re
ward of KO for the capture and conviction of
the thief , and for tbo return of the
Ewtsnson Music Co. , Masonic temple.
J. C. Pryor. formerly of the Bank
rupt bhoo store on Main street , is now
with L. Kinnohnnatthocornorof Broad
way and Bryant stteot and hopes to sco
bis friends there.
Walnut block nnd Wjomtng coal ,
fresh mined , received dally Thatcher ,
JO Main street _
* Jnrvls' wild blackberry Is the boot.
Wanted at Itcil Oak.
S. D. Vlers , a KeJ Oak man , has been
brought to tbe city in charge ot a deputy
United States marshal on a cbargo of violat
ing the internal revenue laws. He was
indicted in tbo district court of Montgomery
county on tbe cbarco of selling liquor con
trary to the state prohloltory law. Ills bond
was fixed at tSOO , and at boon as it bad been
properly signed ho skipped the country and I
left hi * bondsmen to make good tbo lost.
Kvcr slnco that time the state- authorities
have been after him on the old cbarce , nnd
the federal authorities on the charge of boot-
Iccclnc ; . Ho was run down at Berioott , Nob. ,
nnd Is now confined in the county Jail of Polk
county , awaiting his trial , which wiU come
off at the present term ot the United States
district court. _
O. Yunkorman &Co. . feed , seeds , com
mission , country produce , 103 Broadway.
Looking Oicr the Oroumti.
Four members of the school board , Messrs.
Shuucrt , Stacy. Field and ilrldenstoln went
to the corner of Mudlson street and Orabnm
avcnuo yesterday afternoon to look over the
lots whlcb have boon oHered the school dls-
tlct for the erection of n school building.
President \Vnllo was unable to bo present
nua Mr. Wells was out ot the city , so that no
donnlto action was taken , but the probabil
ity Is , as matters now stand , that the slto
offered bv S. B. Wadsworth & Co. at the
corner of iCnppcll nvcnuonnd Madison street
will bo chosen nt the next tncetlnc of the
board. The price demanded isTO3. ! .
Knitter Opening.
The Indies of Council Binds and
Omaha will eoon have nn opportunity to
witness the millinery opening of the
season. It will bo held in Miss Rags-
dale's millinery parlor , 33" Broadway ,
Thursday , Friday and Saturday , after
noons and evenings. The Indies know
what her openings have been in the past
and they will feel certain that this will
justify n visit.
Motors Still Hun.
It wns expected that the decision of Judge
McGco in the case or Bixby against tbo
motor compuuy would bo rendered yester
day morning In the superior court according
to the program laid down last wonk by the
attorneys for the prosecution , and that the
writ of injunction restraining the company
from operating its trains on South First
street would bo Issued. By request of the
attorney for tbo defense a continuance was
grunted until lhl ruornluc , and in the mean
time It Is expected that an agreement will bo
reached between the parties in the suit.
Something Ahout Wall Taper.
The Boston store this season has the
largest stock of wall paper they have
ever handled , nnd will make this a spe
cial feature this year. Sonic of our
competitors nro reputed to bo circulat
ing the story that our papers do not
measure out full-sized rolls. Wo invite
the public to investigate this , and meas
ure the paper they buy nt the Boston
Store and save half the cost while dis
covering that this Is n senseless clmrtro.
Council BlulTs.
Wo hnvo our own vineyards in Califor
nin. Jurvis Wine comoany , Co. Blutfs
Jnrvls 1877 brandy , purest , snfest , best ,
Reiter , the tailor , 310 Broadway , has
all the latest styles and newest goods.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Property O ner Protest Against Ahatulon-
Ing the Present Street ami Viaduct.
Citizens who take a pride in Sixteenth
street as Omaha's great thorougblaro north
and south , have nt last become awakened to
the designs of interested property owners
who are trying to bring about the abandon
ment of the Sixteenth street viaduct , atten
tion to whlcn plan wns first calloJ by THE
BBC. This Induced a number ot citizens to
hold an impromptu meeting at the Commer
cial ( National bunk Monday , wbcro tbo
question was fully discussnd.
The meeting organized by the election of
\V. V. Morse as chairman and M. H. Red-
field , secretary.
Mr. Alfred Millard stated the object of the
meeting to bo to take vigorous step ) to se
cure a new viaduct of steel and iron over
Sixteenth street at the earliest possible date.
The council bad passed an ordinance declar
ing the necessity of such a structure and
tbo present wooden bridre was in danger of
falling down at any tlmo.
Mr. Lewis Reed agreed that Sixteenth
street should have a new viaduct in time ,
but bo said be was pledged to encourage the
Fifteenth street structure first , after which
ho would favor Iho Sixteenth street Improve
Hon. E. Rosewoter reviewed tbo situation ,
and stated tnat it was a mistake to assume
that the Sixteenth street viaduct would oo
speedily constructed after the trade was
diverted over Fifteenth. The rail
roads evidently intended to oppose
one or both of tbo structures , and
it was reasonably certain that ufter ono was
built they would claim that no necessity ex
isted for the older. While be favored th'e im
provement of Fifteenth street , it would be
un irreparable aamatre not only to tbo prop
erty immediately affected , but to the city at
largo if Slxteentn street was not tirst pro
vided for.
Councilman Mvnro suggested that tbo
meeting should appoint a committee to con
fer with tbo members of the council to
enlist their support for Sixteenth street.
The Idea was adopted and the chair ap
pointed Major St. A. D. Balcombo , William
Turner and M. H. Rodficld as such commit
tee.Mr. . Alfred Millard was elected as tbo pre
siding ofllccr during the existence of the or
ganization to whom the committee is to re
port. Ho is empowered to call meetings and
take necessary steps to preserve Sixteenth
street as the great , thoroughfare north and
nnd south.
Property owners south of the viaduct will
bold a mealing in the near future to clbcuss
the question and take action.
They Entice a Junk Man Into Cellar and
llrutully Assault Him.
Yesterday afternoon N. KiHlomnn , a scrap
iron dealer , wai walking along St. Mary's '
avenue looking for a chance to pick up a
bargain or a pleco of old iron. When near
tno plumblnc- shop at the corner of Elgb
toentb and St. Mary's avenue d coupio of
men approached and said that they bad a
fine assortment of scrap metal In a base
ment near by and asked Klttloman to come
and look at the stuff. Ho followed the two
who were soon joined by a third.
While stooping over to look at
the Iron bo was assaulted in
a brutal manner and badly bruised up. Ono
of the assailants said that they bail nothing
to sell and demanded his money. Tbo Hebrew -
brow yelled loudly for help and the would-
be robbers took to their heels. Kittleman
reported the matter at tbo police station and
bad the cuts and bruises on his face dressed.
He gave a description of his assailants and
later on Harry McVej and S. Laoaugh , both
plumbers , were arrested and charged with
assault with latent to rob. Their employer
bailed them out. Tbo third parly to the
crime has not been captured.
Fire Near .Me Cook.
McCooiv , Neb. , March 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE. ] Western Nebraska
caught a heavy wind today. It commenced
blowing about 4 o'clock this morning and In-
ciased.during the day. Several small buildings -
ings wore uuroofed but no terlnus damage
was done by the wma in this city.
Some miscreant started a fire on the big
divine south of this city which the wine
soon fanned Into u perfect cyclone of lire and
it swept all before It , burning over several
thousand acres of land , and was stopped only
when It reached the Republican river about't
o'clock this evening. The wind bad subsided
come and was not strong enough to carry
tbo fire across the river. Word bat Just
reached bore that several families have been
burned out and some stock killed. Owlug to
ttae lateness of the hour no definite repori
cau bo made of tbo amount of damage done ,
Chill WIU Allow- the Clulini.
[ CoplirlaMul iSKb'J Jma Gonl-m ntnntiU\ \
SANTIAGO , Chill , via Galveaton , Tex.
March 23. [ By Mexican Cable to the New
York Herald [ Special to TUB B BE. ] I am
told that United States Minister Egan in
conversation with officials of the Chilian for
eign office relating ; to the CarUcn case said
after reading the evidence submitted to him
by Colonel McCrcery , that bo did not intent
to move In tbo matter except to refer
it to the State department at Wash
ington , 1 also learn that the United
States is DOW preparing tbo claims of the
Inltlmorc's men. Thtc 'iris sent Monday
rom Washington through trustworthy chan
nels. ,
It is believed that \vb < 5n Iho rlalmi nro orc-
cntcd to the Chilian cpngrosi tbo sums
agreed ur/ou will bo TOtcfl'so M not to in any
vlso acknowledge tbo rlgbV of the demand ,
> ut ns n charitable and humane act , similar
o the precedent cstablUbca , by the United
States In tbo cat o of ttt0 Chinese killed at
lock Springs.
JWAlt.S TlfyL'ltLK.
) r. M'Olllj-cm1 < lyTiilk 'A } > btit Affairs nt the
Indian Acriiclr * .
CHICAGO , III. , March 23. Dr. V. T. M'GU-
I cuddy , formerly the Indian Agent at Pine
dago , called at nrmy headquarters today
and gnvo it ns bis opinion that trouble mlcht
to expected nt tbo Rosebud and other agen
cies. Those Indians have been raised to n
ilgb state of excitement by the recent kill-
nc of an Indian near Black Plko creek ,
north of White rlvir , nnd out of tbo Juris
diction ot the government. The murderer
was a desperado named .Tack Whlpple , who
Bounded the redskin to death. These In
dians demanded vengeance , and Whip-
ilo was arrcstoJ , but the authorl-
.ios claimed nothing could bo done
with htm. as tbo killing occurred outslda
of the jurisdiction of tbo United States. The
Indians could not see the loeiooftlils nnd
ire now muttering nnd making threats. Dr.
M'Ullllcuddy nUo says the redskins are still
ndulglng in the ghost dnnco and nro ready
For any exciting event as an excuse for nn
Another complaint mndo by tbo Indians Is
that they nro not allowed to cat part of the
: attlo which tbo government gives them.
Presn entrails and raw cuttle are considered
n luxury , but tbo eating ot thcso delicacies
tias been stopped by tbo Interior department.
It being considered that this food tends to
arouse the nrutal and saVogo nature of the
Indians. Tbo red men hnvo t niton this
? rcatly to bcnrt , und some of them have re-
Tusnd to take their rations because the beef
was not served a la cntrall.
Cent nil Trnfllc A oclitlnn : Disturhcil by
illinium ol Trouble.
CHICAGO , III. , Marca S3. It Is a matter of
considerable surprise In railway circles that
the voluino of eastboand frolcht shipments
lias , so early in the season , fallen below tbo
half corresponding period last year , es
pecially as there was every reasou to expect
from a comparison of tbo grain yield in all
parts of the west that the weekly figures of
IS'Jl would bo cchpsod throughout the
present year. The only explanation offered
for tbis stnto of afTairs is that rates
nro being secretly cut by way of
tber gateways , thereby diverting
n largo proportion of the tranic that would
otherwise pass through Chicago. Central
TralUc association roads concede that eastbound -
bound rates are In bad shape and they are
likely to become more demoralized In con
sequence of the significant showing made in
last week's tonnage statement , which shows
a decrease of H.GOU tons , compared with last
year's figures.
In consequence of the" passenger rate war
between Chlrugo andJDhlo river points , the
Chicago , St. Paul & Kansas City road has
applied to Chairman Fiulpy of the U'cstcrn
P'nssenger association .for authority to use
the reduced rates as basing rates In selling
tlcKCts from St. Paul'and Minneapolis to
Cincinnati and Louisville. This would re
duce the through rate , between these points
from SlO.ftO to f 17.50. Ono of the results of
this fight will bo the reopening , April 1 , of
tbo botcl ticket oOlceg'Ju this city , which
"were abolished two or three years ago by
agreement of all tbo roadsentering Chicago.
XE\rs \ run TUEAmur.
Complete JLlst of Changes In tlie Regular
W-isni\GTON , DJ C. , " 'March ' 23. ( Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ' ] Tbo following as-
dgnraents to regiments of officers rpccntly
promoted and transfers of officers are or
dered :
Leave of absence for ono month and twenty
days from the date of his relief from duty at
the Michigan military academy is granted
First Lieutenant AdelbertCronkhitc , Fourth
artillery. The following named officers will
report in person to Colonel James W. For-
aytho. Seventh cavalry , president of the ex
amining board , at Fort Rlley , Kan. , at such
time as he may designate , for examination by
the board as to their fitness for promotion ,
and on the conclusion of their examination
will return to their respective stations : First
Lieutenant Hugh T. Scott , Seventh cavalry ;
First Lieutenant Lloyd S. McCormick , Sev
enth cavalry ; First Lieutenant Edwin P.
Andrns , Fifth cavalry. First Lieutenant
Francis J. Kernan , Twenty-first infantry , is
detailed ns acting judge advocate of the De
partment of Dakota , and will report in person
for duty accordingly to the commanding gen
eral of that department.
Iowa. Ministers Declare for Prohibition ,
Which , They Think , U Enforced.
Cenui RAPIDS , lu. , March 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BEE.J The Des
Moincs conference of tbo Evangel
ical church concluded a four days' ses
sion today. Tbo following are the
principal appointments : Cedar Rapids dis
trict , B. H. Niobel , presiding elder ; Wilton
Piper , Cedar Ralpds ; H. H. Long. Lisbon ;
George L. Kulb , Cedar Point ; T. F. Moll ,
Laporto : Charles Pickford , Nora Sprinps ;
Charles S. Long , Belle Plain ; C. B , Utt ,
Marshalltown ; S. A. Fallen , Sean-ing. Dos
Moincs district , E. J. Anracbcr , presiding
elder ; E. S. J. McAllister , EastUes Molues ;
W. W. Shuller , West Des Molnes ; T. M.
Evans , A ( ton : William Force , Winterset ; J.
E. Stnuffacuer und W. A. Jordan , Iowa Cen
ter ; U. L. Springer , Council Bluffs. Sioux
City district , William Jonah , presiding elder ;
C. A. Muller , Sioux t/lty ; H. Kllnosavo ,
Stanton A. Goctschel , Loinars ; C.
A. Mcrtz and William Brescbcr ,
Slbloy and Hartley ; 'F. A. Frazor ,
Charles City : Charles J. Schmailoy ,
Otter Creek ; Peter Belzor. Hampton and
Di'lmont ; J. C. Dorlng. Nable and Anita ; J.
J. Miller , Defiance ; L. C. Belzer , Odebolt
end Carroll ; A. F. Hahn , Battle Creek ; S.
H. Stroyffels , Ktngsley.
In regard to prohibition tbo following reso
lutions were adopted !
That we will use all righteous means for ob
servance und rnnlntctmnce of our tornpcrnneo
laws which lnifi hoeiibo rlebteously and wisely
clvcn , but stum ! In peril every hour I y thoto
who v olnte tlioni nad hproby dUru/ard tlio
vpjy principles of elt zuushlp upon which our
\\holeKOvernmentstarirts. '
That vro do most heartily con-.mcnd our
legislators who lmvoiM6ou so nobly d ; rlns
the nrosent tesslon In-defunseof our present
prohibitory laws. icitf
Wo consider the openU i of the World's ex-
potltlnn nn tliu abbutlr oity a direct violation
of Ood's holy law ; n tUcnm on tlio cnim ) of
civilization nnd u dlrqrViblow atone of the
pllliirs of the Christian church and civil gov
crnment. " '
Wo fnvoran upproprhtWon of the necessary
funds for fiaUl exDositlgn , providing Umixuld
inanuglnz board of tho.CpIuniblan , pxroiitlon
will agree to close the Txposltlon on thu bib-
bntb any.
Wo hereby respectfully ask that our repre
sentatives ut Wnslilnstop. 1 > . O. . earnest y con
sider this , our irQiioit , before voilns an addi
tional appropriation.
In the Hands af-fltvlr Creditors.
( Copi/rljMcil ( iKCbyJamai Ooriltn llcnnclt. }
BUINOS : Avitcs , Argentina , ( via Oalves-
ton , Tex. ) March 23. [ By Mexican Cubic
to the New York Herald Special to Tun
BEE. ] The radicals celebrated tbo election
of Saenza Paena in a meeting yesterday.
Much enthusiasm was manifested. Next
Sunday another monster meeting will be
held and tbo radicals will make a full show
of their members. Many national guards
men have deserted. They cannot stand the
heavy drilling. President Pellegrini will re
ceive Scnor Assls Brazil , the now Brazilian
minister , tomorrow. The creditor * of tbo
municipality huvo destr&inod tbo municipal
From the Vatican.
ROME , March S8. It Is stated on gooa
authority tbat Pope Leo , lu anticipation of
future diQlcultles which the boly eo may
have to encounter , has depoilted In a bank ,
to be paid to bis successor , the sum of 5,000-
000 lire , which have been saved by tbo eooo
omies introduced at the Vatican. This
amount is a suecial " gift made by Leo XlII. U )
his ucce 5or. The pouo bos notified Arch
ilshop Ireland tbnt no doctrinal decision will
)0 taken in regard to tbo scholastic question
n tbo United States.
Asl tcrof CardinalMnnnlnr , Mrs. Austen ,
iassurvived him , and though over W years
if ago she is still active in charitable and
Benevolent work.
Sister , lately deceased nt Montreal
was ono of two nuns who traveled horseback
across the continent In ISo'J In benevolent
work for tbo Indians.
Mrs. Vest , wife of tha Missouri senator , is
n very quiet , retiring llttlo woman of donjj
la lottos. She is slight nud graceful , and
ms line , dark brown eyes.
Mrs. Eugene Field Is always spMten of ns
i llttlo woman , but , ts a matter of fact , she
s somewhat above tbo medium height and
fully up to the modlum weight.
Mrs. iNovvman , wife of Dlstion N wmi\n of
3mabn , has been elected fellow of tuo Atncri
can ticoernphical society. Sbo has earned
tbis association by her observations ns nn
extensive traveler.
.Mrs. Lovl P. Morton Is said to bo one ot
ho most charming and entertaining hostesses
n Washington. One corrosponaont says of
her : "Sho has all tbo grace Imaginable to
attract and hold the eye. "
The telephone is making the ladles of
ilonolulu stouter. They used to do their
own shopping , marketing , etc. Now they
send their orders by telephone , and the lack
of exercise hai caused an accumulation of
ilesh. .
Fanny Kcmble , the famous actress , still
brcatucs the breath of life , but the divine
cfllatus has departed. She Is still vital In
Lho flesh , but the spirit , the bright and vivac
ious spirit of old , 1ms vanished into Iho world
of shadows. She is SJ.
Ella Wheeler Wiloox , In flowing Grecian
drapery , has been posing as a model for Iho
first time. The poetess is soon to bring out
n now book , and at tbo special request of the
artist she has posed for a series of remarka
bly pretty nnd effective sketches.
Tbo number of women serving the United
States as postmistresses l 0tl'Jo. The largest
number In any ono state Islilt. . In Pennsyl
vania. Vlrslnlu has but tbrce less. Now
York , Illinois and Ohio have less Individually
that has North Carolina , which has 322 ,
One of tbo most beautiful of Paul's pos
sessions is her watch. Its size is not larger
than a ID-cent piece , it Is completely studded
with diamonds , so tbat the case Is ono mass
of brilliant , sparkling gems. Experts value
it at not less than SI.OUO. It is a foreign ,
open-faced stem-winding watch.
Tbo widow of James Fisk. jr. , once rolling
In uenltli among tto wealthy In the city of
Now York , now lives In a llttlo wooden
house of four rooms right over in Suuth
Boston. Her fortune has taken unto Itself
wines. She , who ns a girl was the belle of aVerment
Vermont town , married magnificently , left
her mountain borne to rule as a queen over a
metropolitan palace , is now doing her own
washing nnd Is proud of her work over the
wushtub. Her husband died leaving an
estate ustimated at over I,0.)0OUO.
Liverpool's Murderer's History tor a Port of
Ills Lifetime.
LiVEitrooi , March US. The coroner's jury
investigating tbo death of the woman and
four children whoso bedics wore found under
tne Diuhnm villa at Rain Hill , concluded its
investigation toaay , nnd returned a verdict
of wilful murder against Deeming. In their
verdict they severely criticised the action of
tbo Rain Hill police who. nltbougn every
body was suspicious of Deeming , took no
action against him.
When the verdict was rendered the super
intendent of the Rain Hill police reported
that residents nad not communicated their
suspicions tottio police.
The story of Djoming's crimes has becomi
so complicated through his adoption of
aliases that U will muke matters clearer to
give in chronological order the events in tha
career of tbw remarkable criminal under bis
different assumed names. It is as follows :
Under the name of Deeming1 , which is his
right name , be married Miss James in ItjSO
and left the same year for Cape Town ;
joined by his wife In Sydney in 1882 ; received
six weeks' Imprisonment for theft in 1SS2 ;
absconded from Sydney on charges of fraudu
lent insolvency in ISSS ; returned to England
on August 11 , and to Birlconhead , leaving
tbat place and his wife , after the birth or bts
fourth child , about four months afterwnras ,
ia ISS'J ; under the name of Lawtonarrived at
Hull and obtained jewelrv on false pre
tenses March 15 , ISM : married Miss Mather
at Beverly , Yorkshire , and deserted her a
fortnlcbt afterwards , in 1893 ; arrested at
Montevideo , 1890 ; tried at Hull assizes on a
prosecution of the jewelers and sentenced to
nine months' imprisonment , October , 1890 ;
under the name of Williams , arrived at Rain
Hill in July , 1891 ; visited Blrkcnhead , taking
Mrs. Deeming and the children with him to
Rain Hill ; supposed murder wns committed
August , 1691 ; married Miss Mather at Rain
Hill September. 1S90 ; arrived with bis wife
in Australia , 1891 ; murdered Mrs , \Villlatr.s
December 25 ( supposed ) , IS'Jl ; under the
name of Swanson. ho was arrested when on
the eve of a fourth marriage. March 18ftJ.
MCLIIOUKXC , March 23. It has been ar
ranged that tbc landing of Deeming hero on
his arrival from Aloany , W. A. , shall bo
secret. In order to foil attempts that may bo
maao to lynch the murderer.
Colorado Culls Upon the West and South
for ABSIstuncc.
DENVER , Colo. , March 23. Tbo state exe
cutive committee of the Colorado State Sll-
vca league today issued an address to tbo
voters of Colorado and the United States. Tbo
address sots forth tbat tbc organization is a
purely nonpartlsoa one , and its object is to
unite all voters of all parlies throughout the
west and south to secure , if possible , tbo
nomination of a free coinage candidate , on a
free coinage platform , at both Minneapolis
and Chicago. Thlo work , they urge , should
bo begun at tbc primaries , and with
that end In view they ask the mosttborougb
organization throughout tbo country. While
recommending tbnt every state and territory
send delegations to these conventions com
posed of the best men tbat the parties afford ,
still they give notice that unless their re
quests are compiled with they will not sup
port tbo candidate of cltburcouvention. The
address recites the organization Is u ready
completed in this state and urges the cooperation -
operation of both the wosl and couth.
Worth five dollars
lars a bottle , but
sold for only ono
dollar , nnd iruar-
anteca to benefit
or cure , or money
refunded tbo
nratiine Doctor
I'icrce'B Golden
Medical Discov
Fraudulent imi
tations of this
medicine ore sometimes offered and sold at
( X ) and TO cents.
To protect the public from such imposi
tion , the genuine is now sold only through
druggists , regularly authorized as agents , and
nt the uniform nnd long-established price of
11.00 per bottle , or six bottics for 55.10.
But each tot tie of tbo nrimi'nc Golden Med
ical Dibcovtry carries with it something tbat
makes it tbo cheapest blood-purifier and
livcr-invigorator that you can buy. It's tbo
printed yuurantec of lU makers that , if it
fails to benefit or cure you , they'll it-turn tbo
money. 1'cu jiay only for thejiood you get ,
with tbis nnd with all of Dr. Pierce'u ' medi
cines. You pay thu ono fixed price but if
there's no help , there's no pay. It's " value
received , or your money back , "
.reading . this tubt
ron THK
Is the on ) ; reliable care for the tired feeling pecu
liar to women Buffering IUi wrat : hearts , pain In
fide , BUouldfr and arm , wrak and Imotrrj ej ellf ,
irrepnlar polfce , falaUnc. eiuotLcrin . Tlioupandi
te tlr to their jwrmanent cure. ELZOANT IlooE
For sale by Kuhnfe Co. , Douglas end 1Mb fct
Dr. llnmphrcii'
crefully iTrpamJ lirmeilifs , n l for jears In
tirtTat * pmctf Mid for OTCT thirty JNUTI l > y Iho
! < -oplp with entire rocwa. Errrjr tingle SpccUla
0 Mvrlal cure for the dl Me named.
"bey cure without dniKRlng. j-urplnR or rrdurlrtR
the y ! > imandarcln Tact auddfcJ Uicr-oirrrlin
llrinr < llc of the World.
1 in or nncir At not. cratf. rkir * * .
1 Fcver i Congestions , lofUrnrrmtlor. * . . , 'tS
It Wormp , Worm Fever , Worm Colic . . . , U5
3-TecthliiBI ColkCrying. . WUrcfulnctt , U3
l-IHtrrlirn.of Children or AdulU .23
7-ConRhd , CoM * , Bronchitis . 'J,3
f-N > nrnlcln Toothtcbe , Fittfeaeuc. . . .23
O-Hcttdnche1 , Kick Headache , Vertigo. . .23
lll-Drsprpnln. Biliousness , Constipation. . ' 23
I Sappreword or Pnlnful Period * .12.1
12 While * , Too Prof u > Periods . . .23
13-Craap , l.nryiiElllf. HoarwnKa . .25
| . | _ < an | | Ithennif Eryflpfhw , Eniptlone .23
IB HhcumnlUm. llheurnatlo Tales . ' 23
1 0 Mnlnrln. Chills , Vent nnd Ague. , .115
17-rilcn , Blind or BlreJInR . . .113
19-Cntnrrh. Influent. ! , Cold In UioHesd. , ' 13
< JO HVhonplntr Connh. . . . . . . .25
27 Kidney I lien r . .23
aS-Nerronn Debility. . . . 1.00
30t'rlnnryVcnUnM , \Vettln ) ? Pod .US
PolJJ Prnil lt , w "l tin tp U on
rm. ir : > ru > Ltt' tltnti. < Hlp tf , ' ntnrKi .
iinirnnMS' urn , fo. , ill * in nnn Ei. . y > wT .
TSeOrtglnal anil Genuine
Imrsrts the rant delicious Utto UK ! tut i9
TLEMAN at Mud.
ranto hl lirothcr FISH ,
Mar. 1851. HOT & CCI.D
tbat their rauce la
hlvhljr ostccdod In G.OiE ,
India , and IB In my
opinion , tbo mot VVKI.S1I-
r > latalile , as veil
as tbe iurt vholn-
FOaio MUCO Uut li . , _ . .
piade. " * < o3f Jtc.
Beware of Imitations ;
Eee that you get Lea & Perrins' '
Eleratcro on every liotl'o of Orlclun' & Genuine ,
A nctr nnl Complcta Treatment. ( onBlMInK of
Suppositories , Ointment In Cupnules , nlBO In llox
nnd fills : n I'osltlvo Cure for ISitoninl , Internal
lllliul or UleoJInjt Itcbln : , Clironlc , llecent or
lleictlltary files. This HcmoJy Un never boon
known to lull. { 1 perbor.d for SI : 3nt br railL
Whjr BUITcrlrum this ter.-lblo dtseivs ) when a writ
ten punr.inico Is positive ! * flven with Obox 01. or
refundtl > 3 rnoner tr not cirj.l. tinstamp lor
free Sample. Uuarantso Isiuol br Kuhj .t Co. ,
DrusclttJ. bolo AKents cornar 15ti ! nnd l > uugla <
sreets , Omaha. Neb.
Or Hie Liquor Habit B'oalllTcl.Y Cured
by ailinlnlilrrUic I > r. tlnlnca'
< J ( > : .irii K | > rclUr.
It can bs given In a cup 01 coHec or tea , or In feed ,
without the knowledge of the patient. It IB absolutely
harmless , and Trill effect a permanent and speedy
cure , wnether tbe patient Is a moderate drinker or
an alcoholic wreok. Ithst been clvan In thousands
of cases , and In ever ? Instance a perfect cure has lol.
lowed. Itnrrcr Fnlliu The system oncelmprrRnsted
with the Specific , tt becomes aa utter Impossibility
for the liquor appetite to exist.
UOLIICN M'ECIFIC CU Prop'TS. rinrtnnatl. O.
40paffe book of particulars free. To be had of
Ktilin & Co. . 15th and Douglds Sts. . and 16th &
( 'nmlnz bts. Wholesale , Itluke , llruce & Co.
and Klchirdson Urn ; Co. . Qmana , IscU
P. O. Box C9 , Stcrllnp , Kan. , July 13 , 1851.
TiiEATHLOpiioncsCo. , Newllaven , Conn. :
Sirs : I take the liberty to address jou upon B.
subject uhlch 1 believe will Interest jou.
First , I l h to state that I IJOTO received ( Trent
benefit from tlio use of jour vnlnalilc preparation
for rheumatism. I n no attacked with In1nmiil.torr !
rheumatism tUcTth of January , 'VI. I wns under
the pliyelclnrj'bcure for four weeks , taking from
clglit to twelve utroniiiloftcs of stnff'ilally. I crew
worse under tbe trcntmdnt nnd finally discharged
my physician and tlicn commenced to experiment
with cvcrytlilnu thrt I could lionr of that would
euro the disease. I could llnd nothing that would
relieve mo of tlio terrible i > Un flora which I was
DuUcilni ; . I happened to ceo your ndicrlltcmcnt
In the Toptka "Copltnr1 and KCI t nt once to our
drusl t and procured a hotlloof Ath-lo-plio-ros
At the time , I was lying In bed , my joints swollen
and I was unable to move myself. In thiejdaya
after commencing to lake jour rr.edlclno 1 wc > nblo
to walk about my room : the B elllnu all left my
llmtu and 1 Improved rapidly gaining ; In lieollh nnd
strength , nnd nm nt present attending to my farm
work Fonictltncn 1 fed n llttlo stiff and BOrc , but a
few doses of your medicine drives It nwny. 1 think
1 will fully recover my health In duo time. Huvo
never had any swelling of tbo joints tlnco I Lezari to
take the medicine.
Now my object In writing to you ! > to thnnk you
for what 1 feel you Imvo done for mo. *
Vonm reipoitfully. \V , I. CAUTEIt.
Folillir nlldiupKlBti. ( Ipcrbollln ; II Intlles for f J.
Uenullful picture free , postpaid , to any ono wlio nlll
write for It.
The Atliloplioros Goaipy ,
New Haven , Conn.
FOR SAI.K--At n hnrsiiln , i-acrc fruit and
L-iirden farm adjoining elty ilmltb ; food
dwelling. R II. Hhoafo.
FARMS. garJen ! an'l , liouso ? , lot ) anl
buslnesi bloki for nile or rint. Day A
Ubss.10 I'earl stroet. Council lllulfj.
TjlOR RENT Over 101 dwellings of every clo-
L'bcrlpllonnt prices varyln ; frnni $1 to ? HO
i > cr month , lociituri In ull purls of thu city. K
ll.Slioifc.S'JJ Hrouhvay.
$23 per acre for seed farms In lowu , Fine ,
ktnooth corn liuid. 1'nr particulars call on
01 address Johnston & Van 1'attuii , Council
/ 10CI1RAN addition Hals fur tent , seven
rooms each ; bath ; hot and cold water , Day
i , azeuts.
Omaha Medical anil
jye & Ear
llo t facilities niMiarntm niul lieinodlci
( or ucccful treatment of nvcry farm
of disease rertulrln i rno.-tlcnl or
NiitMlcut treatment ,
M beds for patients bninl nii.1 nttcmlancn.
llc l ncromoanltons In tlio woI.
\\rllo tor circular * on deformities nnil
ur.ncpi , trusfes , club foot , curviituroof inlno ,
lilies , tumor * , eaneor.ciitrirrli. bronchitis In-
linlntlon.oectrcll.v. : ! paralysis , eullclny , klil-
nejbinddcr , oyo. rmr. fkln ntv.1 blooj - uid nil
Mirulral ( morallon .
\VotiiiMi rHii'o : li.ivoliitclv ndiled : i lyltiR-
In dcp.irtincut for women durlnc cnnllnctnenU
strictly f.r.vntc. ) Only Ketlnblo Medical In-
fclllutoiiiaUncn Snprltltvot
All Illood IMsensoB Miccimfully troMol.
bynhlllUu Poison removed from the system
without incrctiiv. Now liestnrntlvo Treat
ment for I.OIH of VITA \ , 1'OWKIt. Persons un-
nlilo to visit us nmy bo treated nt homo by
corresuon lence. All communications conll-
dcnllnl. .MoJIclnes or Instruments Rent l y
mull ore.\iires . securely pneUed , no mnr ! > s to
Indicate contuntKor sender. Uno pereonnl In
terview tireferroJ. Cull nnd consult us or soml
lilstory of your cuso. nurt wo will send In plain
wrnimor. our
RfinK IU men HIKE : Unon 1'rlvuto.
, .
j.u < .0lal or Nervous Dis
eases" . Iinpotcncy , Svplillls , Qlcot nud Viitlco-
eele , with qtiestfon list.
Itraecs Appliances for Deformities it Tru os.
Only manufactory Intlio Wcstof tiril-illtJt-
771 iuj'i./rl.M fcj.'iMfasn. . * , RLUVrtnO
ltATTHKn.8 It IIKI.1S.
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
26th mid Broadway , Oo.inoil Bluff * .
Ten minutes' lido from eontcrot Omnli.i on
Omaha and Council Ilium oloctrlo motor line.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Now , modern , woll-npnointcil , thor
oughly well-kopt , SJ n day.
E. F. CLARK , Prop.
Of Council Hlu3l. '
Capltil stcc'f J.50OOff
fcurplus im-a Profits tiOUO
Net Capital nnS Surplus 9X3OOOO
nirectors-J. I ) . Ed-nua4on , K. 1 * SlmiirS , P.O.
Gleason , K. E. Hart , I. A. Miller , J. V. Illnolinn
nndChurlci H. llnnnau Transact ceneral liank-
Ins business. Largest capital and surplus of
nny bunk in Southwestern lowu.
Chas. Lunkley ,
Funcrnl Director and Undertaker.
311 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
'Jii | 1 111 'Ul.
For Inventions
Bee Bureau of Claims
Equal with the Intcrou oC tlio in hiTlnz clalTi
aealnst thoBOTcrnmcni li thst of I.VVU.VroilS. wh
of ten loss the benoat of Taluab)9tnrantUn ) > b3tni3
of the Incompetancy or Inattention of tin attnrjoyi
caiplucdto obtain thotr patonti. Too raucio.ir3 !
eannot ba oiorcliot In uuplo/lni cumiotaal anil
reliable solicitor * to patent ! , for til valux
of a pitont depend ! ifroally. If notenttraly , u oi ti !
cnro nnd skill of the nttornor.
\Vlthtba vlow of iirotostlnj Inrentori fro n worfi
less or circlets attorneys , and of soiln r tVit in 'J3-
tloni nro well pruteuloJ by v.illl pitanti. T.IU il.O t
HUIUIAU Imi retained counol etyin la pitj it
practice : andli therefore vruyutl u
Conduct liiterfcrcnssi ,
Slake Hjtcclul nxnintntitloin ,
rejected canes ,
trade iniirlm anil eopu > 'lyit
ItcntleroplntoiiH imtuncuiie mill ntllj *
! in * tie fen I iitfi'tnycins-.i
i , etc. , etc ,
If rou have an Inrentlon on Iitnd icnU'IIR II1513
UUHDAUnikotc ! ) or jiliouurapb ttioraof , tuzstlar
with a brief doicrlptlon of tue Impartial leaturai ,
ens joirwlll beoncaadrlial ai to tin bo it t > } irjoi >
pursue. Slodeli are not necomrjr union ti9 ! Inrni.
lion li of a coaijillcitteii nature. If otlion ara 11.
frlnclnicon ypur rliClili , orlf rou urj ciur/nj nlt'i
InfrlnRcment Djr otnori , nutnnlt ths matter to'I'll 13
IIUItKAUfor n rulUblu Oi'lNION Ueforj .ictmjoa
tbe matter.
230 IIco llnlMlnr , Onm'ji , Xc'j.
t ThIs II n ron u U by thn
Oniiihii live , thu I'lonuur 1'ies ) un-l the Sun
1'ruiiclsuo Kxaralnur.
Cm this out and send it with your la
InSdajs by tbo rreiioh Itemodjr , entitled , Thu
King , itdlisolvej uguliut and Is abjorbtd Into
the iutlamed pans. Will refund money If it
does notcura. orcausaj utrlcturo , Uontlemea
here is urnliabla nrtlcle. tlji-iclcija or for ( >
by mall prepaid , gnotv. Luna a Co , Omaha.
Deere.Wells&Co . J \l f\/P7f"\'O Thonarnoof the liu > . G E Meyers
UJ 1 1 V U ItS lnes houses licro , , ,
Agricultnra\ \ * - J I/ 1- I * - V ! . V XX riven are as tofor- Bucccinor to C. A.
eiiuofor the Donllt , Ileoba X Co.
Implement } of buyers.Vo rccoiu- Ijucoit Kurnltura
mend thum na the Ilounfl In the Mo.
Wagoci , buirclei , Vailsi3) ) to III
Ha. South Main tit liroxlwar , Council
council Ulutli llluttt.
HnsieT&'cj.y W , A. Manre ? " DaiQSttS & C ) , 'HisilTcf
Council Illuffi , la. 1601 to mi S , Main Importer and Job- iluulllun. O.
.Manufacturers of. BU Council Ilium , bar tlUIV.irl llri-ich Otlce-- Mrupt ,
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