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Wto Society of the Llttlo Pill Doctors in
v * Session in Omaha.
Qlolincninnn , His Inl > orq null Trln tnplis
Ilia .VobrnHKn. I-'ollojvcrH Dr.
to the IU > ( ly7mnl
The first session of tno annual meeting of
the Nebraska Homeopathic Medical society
\VM hold yesterday afternoon In the p.irlors
H > f the Murray hotel. The ollicers of the so-
floty are : W. H. Hnnchott , M. D. , Omaha ,
president ; W. A. Humphrey. M. I ) . , Plaits-
mouth , llrst vice president ; D. K. Foristall ,
J I. D. , York , second vice proslucut ; W. K.
Iluck , M. D. , Mlndon , secretary ; O. S.Wood ,
M. D. , Omaha , treasurer.
Homeopathy was founded rjy Frledrlch
Ilahncmann. Ho was n celebrated physician ,
Vom In MclsHon In Saxony , In 17"w , graduat
ing nt Erlangcr In ITi'J nnd piactlclng for
pome years nt Dresden. But his claim to re
nown rests largely , If not solely , upon his
establishing the now system of medicine ,
which ho announced about the year 171)0. ) It
Js not dlfllcult to comprehend the great prin
ciple underlying his whole theory. It Is
this : In order to cure an v disease , woshould
employ n medicine having power to
produce n similar affection in the body of a
lioalthy person , believing that an iirtlllciul
affection ( caused by the medicine ) displaces
the original disease and , on discontinuance
of tlio medicine , this second disease ceases of
Itself. 11 once the motto adopted by homeo-
" * curantur"
pathlsts "Slmilia stmillbus
( "llko euros like" ) .
From ( Jormany homeopathy spread first
.ovor Europe , then over tlui United States ,
its Introduction into this country Dclnv In
3Si5. The honor of having llrst pr.icticcd
jlhls system of mediclno in America belongs
to Hans B. Gram , a native of Boston. Ho
not with Immediate success. Other
physicians of that city soon investigated the
rules laid down by Hnhnomann , nil of wnich
were considered by him ns elementary :
1. The practicionor should ascertain the
effect of modlciiinl substances upon persona
in health.
13. From the knowledge thus obtained ho
should sf'lect n remedy .vhoso action corre
sponded with the symptoms of the patient
under trcntmont.
! l. Ho should give this remedy by Itself
4. The dose should bo so small as not to
cause any general disturbance of the system ,
Its action tioing limited to that portion of the
body whicn is in a morbid condition.
Naturally enough tins wn- > considered
novel , but others in the United States beside
Grain who hud their attention ntlractotl to
these singular propositions , nfter n careful
Htudy of the nexv thcnrv gave It their adher
ence , and entered upon the practice of homeo
pathy. They , too , woio successful , und it
was soon clmmed that not only ordinary dis
eases could bo properly treated , but epi
demics , usually fatal , yielded to homeopathic
treatment , The system r.tpldly gained
prestlgo which neither "time nor dissention"
could arrest or desttoy.
The llrst practicing homeopathic pliyslcian
In Nebraska was Dr. A. S. Wright. Ho came
to Omaha In Ibffl , in October.
Ho had previously practiced in
Indianapolis , Ind. It was long before his
professional labors were rewarded with suc
cess in this city. Hero ho remained until
May , 1871 , when , his health failing , ho re
moved to Santa Rosa , Cala. , whore ho still
follows his calling. Ho was the solo repre
sentative of homeopathy in Nebraska until
3800. In May , 1SUS , Dr. W. II. H. Sisson
from Massachusetts located in Omaha , fol
lowed during Iho next month by
Dr. O. S. Wood from Philadelphia.
The first named dlea January SJ5 ,
18y , but Dr. Wood Is still practicing in
Omaha. The doctor opened his ofileo on July
30. of the year of his coming , devoting him
self steadily and successfully over since to
his profession. Ho is senior member of the
American institute of homeopathy and of the
Northwestern Medical association and Northwestern -
western academy ot medicine , and was n
charter member of the Nebraska State
Homsopathlo Medical society.
Of the early homeopathic practitioners
who came to Omaha besides those already
named wo may mention Dr. W. J. Earhart
and Dr. Mnssdon , who came in IbO'J ' ; Dr. F.
Saxonborgcr , in 1871 ; Drs. F. Hoyt
nnd James M. Borghom , In Ih74 ; Drs. H. C.
Josson nnd H. A. Worley , in Ib7ii ; Dr. C. M.
Dinsmoor , In 1875 ; John Ahmansor. ( estab
lished in Otnauu ns n physician ) , in 18iS ) , nnd
Drs. Willis B. GllTord and C. S. Hart , in
. .1880.As
As early ns September 2 , 187. ) , the organ
ization in Lincoln of the Nebraska Stnto
Homeopathic Medical society was perfected.
Dr. E. T. M. Hurlbut was elected president ;
Drs. A. H. Wriglit nnd J. ll. Way , vlco pres
idents ; Di. A. C. Cowperthwait , secretary ;
Dr. O. S. Wood , treasurer , and Drs.
W. A. Burr , J. H. Wav , D. H. Casloy , Emlon
Lewis and A , S. Wright a board of censors.
From Its beginning In Nebraska homeopa
thy has boon steadily gaining ground. At the
present tlmo thcro Is no city and no vlllugoof
nny slzo that has not Its homeopathic physi
cian or physicians in active practice.
At the afternoon session of the society the
reports of tlio secretary and treasurer were
rend. Seven applications for membership
were read and elected ,
Dr. Laura A. Edwards read n paper en
titled "Homeopathy. "
The icport of a committee on by-laws and
constitution was next road and commented
on at some length , and the rest of the after
noon session was taken up in the discussion
of the reports of olllcors nnil board of censors.
\ At 8:110 p. in. the evening session was
called to order ana the president's address
dellvoicd , President Hanchott said :
"It is with sincere pleasure thut the physl-
clniri of Omaha welcome the members and
friends of this sociotv to our city and it
gives mo great pleasure to bollovo
that this will bo a very satisfactory
and profitable session. The progress of
nicdlclno , notwithstanding ttio testimony to
the contrary of those who are profoundly
Wlso In subjects of which they know nothing ,
lias Ooen great nnd wo nro today standing on
the threshold of n vast Inheritance.
" Tlioro Is much to interest the thinker,1
says Giuisalus , 'when the fragments of some
flue old muduuvnl ship uro lifted upon the
sands. Mnnv hands lent their skill to its
creation nnd many human hearts fastened
their hopes and aspirations to its strength.
Much of the highest faith which men know
wits oiihhrinod in its hard tissues and much
of human longing went out with the move
ment of Its dedication to thu unUnown sou.
" 'If it boa creed \\hlcbonco promised n
vision of some far nway shore , or an institu
tion \shtch held the desire of man from the
depths , tl.ero will DO voices only to wall , and
eyes only to weep ns the wavu rolls back. U
must not astonish if often when some wnva
more vast tlmn the rest and Hashing fuller
Bplondor , shall have thrown fur to land n .sin-
Klo penrl , stolen in lu leaping energy from
unsuspected depth ; n pearl which lias both
Orient and Occident hidden In Its radiant
completeness , a pearl which shall remind us
of the richness of the concealed realm of
"Such men ns Galen nnd Hahnemnnn have
lived and died , and the mighty ocean hits
thrown up the single pearl , sometimes spark
ling with thu genius of the rising sun , some
times covered with the sllma und sea weed.
It Is our prerogative nnd privllcgo to seize
the gem tossed nt our foot , bearing in Its
lustre the pulse throb.s of n heart worn out
In lla polishing. Such men ns Jennor , Pas
teur and Koch demand attention mid study ,
not dorlslon which Is never study.
"Tho carefully worded claims of Dr. ICoch
himself should bo distinguished from the
loud clamor of enthusiasts who follow In his
"Ml reformers In art , religion or sclenco
Blnco the world began have nt some tlmo
been culled bigots , fanatics and renegades ,
and n pcoplo have stoned u prophet to whoo
memory the next generation hits raised a
monument for tbo greatness of his deeds.
"Tho short reign of epidemics of this ago
Is an object lesson to the world If It will
road tlio history of plagues , nnd speaks with
no uncertain sound of tbo progress of the
Btudy ot sunltuUon.
X "Autlccpsls shows Itself In the wonderful
> operation of hospital sur ory , a potent old to
the skillful surgeon's knlfo , nnd gives to suf
fering humanity results which ton years nco
were not possible.
"Ulght hcru 1 would y that the trained
Ind competent uuno is Iho uurso iu demand.
Often a physician bears Iho reputation of
being unusually successful and skillful ,
when his ability lies lu the Judicious selection
of his nurses.
"In the light nnd progress of the eye and
car specialties , those that have for long years
nut In darkness with little or no hope sco
light , nnd oars that have long been closed are
opened to the music of the living world. Tim
rapid advance of the chemist has completely
transformed the world of mechanism nnd
modlciuo , and the electrician's power has
overcome the paralysis oi ages and brought
the dead to llfo. What yet are bis possibili
ties ?
"Tho study of the mind call It what you
may demands from ovorv intelligent man
nnd woman thought and study. An almost
nnoxplorcd Held without bounds lies open for
"To our school wo glvo all credit for Its
materla mcdlca , Its study of pathology , Its
reforms In dose and Its benign methods of
administering modiclno. Our proving of
drug4 on the healthy subject Is ono of the
greatest strides that mcdlulnn has over made
and our Law of Similars is not merely a
theory , it Is a logical deduction from the phe
nomena of life. With this work before us ,
end its grand possibilities , wo will do well to
call every man brother nnd bo physicians in
every sense of the word. "
Dr. Hnnchctl'3 address was loudly ap
Following the uddrcis , Dr. C. L. Hart In
troduced n clinical cnso nntl nearly an hour
was spent In studying the patient. Dr.
Paine followed with nn Interesting history of
a recent case , and tbo session then adjourned
until this morning.
The physicians present are : DM. Laura
A. Edwards , Mary J Breckenrldgo , Freda
M. Lauktnn , Omaha ; Surah Smith , Council
Bluffs ; Alice A. Goodrich , DCS Moines ; J. E.
Miller , G. A. Weirlck , L. A.
Simons , Om.ihu ; E. Bradford , M. II.
Chnmborlln , M. It. Uegan , Wayne ;
J. A. Mirtlock. Kcribner , Neb. ; P. H. Mallon ,
Chicago ; Charles A. Brown , Spencer , In ; M.
J. C.irrlker , Omaha , F. B. Ulghtur , Lincoln ;
A. P. Welles nnd wife. McCook , Nob. ; W. C.
Wright , Tabor , la. ; T. J. Morryman , Ne
braska City ; 11. W. Council , Omaha ; D. E.
Fonstalt , York ; W. H. Parsons , E.T. Allen ,
Omaha ; Willis E. BUCK , Mlndon ; Sumner
Davis , Grand Island ; B. L. Pain , Lincoln ; E.
L Colburn , Fremont ; W. I' . Brooks , Cook ;
E. L. Alexander , Omaha ; C. W. Hayes ,
Omaha ; H. U Clarke , Falrb\iry ; J. F.
Bruncr and H. P. Holmes , Omaha.
The piogramtnu fortoduv will boos follows :
Oa.m. Buro.iu of matorla mod lea , J. W.
Hingston , M. D. , chairman ; bureau of
surgery , D. A. Footc , M. D. , chairman ; bu-
ro.iu of gynecology , Sumner Davis , M. D. ,
chairman ; bureau of pudology , Mary J.
Bicckcnridgo , chairman.
ti.OOp. m. Bureau of pathology , W. F.
Whltmoro , M. D. , chairman ; bureau of oph
thalmology and otology , E. T. Allen , M. D. ,
chairman. Question box. Election of ofll-
eoi.sund llxlng place of meeting.
O'0 ! ! p.m. A drive over the cityof Omaha.
8:130 : p. in. At the Young Mon's Christian
association rooms. Music. Invocation.
Music. Address bv John \V. Strcctor , M.
ll. , of Chicago homeopathic medical college.
Arrest of iv Mull Itol > ! > or Clcar.s Up u
Bn.uvos , Mont. , Juno 3. Through the
Maciden-MeDermott feud In the Big Horn
basin of Wyoming n mystery of long stand
ing hero has been cleared up and the suspic
ion that boa for three years hung over the
name of George Swift of that place has boon
removed. McDormottaccording to the story
told by Madden , frequently robbed the
mails , and ono instance was given where ho
secured Sl'JO from a registered letter sent
from Billings. George Swift was
the man who sent the money
to Cassul George , nnd when the envelope
which should have contained it reached its
destination empty , the Hillings man was ac
cused of appropriating the money to his own
use. Mr. Swift , though protesting bis Inno
cence , was induced to make good to Casscl
George the amount of mono } ' missing , and
has continued from that time to this in a po
sition of trust with Bahcock & Miles. But
the unfortunate occurrence has never been
forgotten by him nor thu United States gov
ern mont , and all these years the secret ser
vice arm of the government has been exerted
to clear up the mystery. Mr. Swift , with no
premonition of the storm about
to burst , and with the confi
dence of conscious integrity , enclosed
the money , registered the letter and scut it
on it way without taking thu precaution ) f
inclosing the bills in the presence of wit
nesses. Ho had no proof that ho had inclosed
the money , nnd the consignee receiving an
empty envelope , duly stamped and regis
tered , naturally refused to accent the word of
the c.ishlor that tbo moncv had been Inclosed.
The work was finely done by the mall robber
and it seemed a hopeless task for Mr. Swift
to over substantiate his claims and clear his
record of Its only blot. Ills integrity is now
fully established and In duo coursu of tlmn
his money will bo refunded.
li.MGHTS llKViritttCl TV.
1'lniis Formulated for Organizing
IjudfoH Throughout the Wont.
TOPKKA , Ivan. , Juno 3. The grand ledge
of the Knights of Reciprocity , at last ovo-
nlng's session , amended the constitution and
by-laws of the order. Iho obligations pub
licly announced are an oath to support the
constitution of the United States and work
for reciprocity. Organizers will bo sent out
through the western states nnd the republi
can leaders will bo asked to assist in estab
lishing lodges. The plan for orgnnt/ution of
lodges Is practically the same as that of the
cltl/ens' nnd farmers' alliance. There will
bu a corps of lecturers and a "reciprocity
songster. " More than ono hundred delegates
representing 1110 lodges nro lu the city and
many republican leaders who have refused to
Join uro hero for thu purpose of watching the
organization. The membership of the order
is now -0,000 in Kansas , whllo lodges have
been established In Iowa , Nebraska and
South Dakota. The knights nro finding their
bitterest opposition among the members of
their own p.u-ty , who oppose secret society
woik in polities as uii-Amorlcnn. The old
ciowd of politicians , with tlio exception of
Congressman Peters , has refused to jo'u. '
But the younger leaders are taking hold with
enthusiasm nnd with the continued growth
of the order It will bo In n position to dictate
party nominations in this statu and to form
the platform.
Constipation poisons tno bloou : DoWltt's
Llttlo Early Hlsors euro Constipation. The
cause removed the dUcaso Is cone.
' 1III3V G < INK ! ) IkY IT.
Two HurKlnrs Get in n Hlg Nlglit'H
Burglars were busy Tuesday nlghtand managed -
aged to secure enough to tldo thorn over sev
eral days. They entered the room of H.
Clever nt Sixteenth and Cass and stele f 100
that was lu his pants pocket. Clever was
not awakened nnd did not discover bis loss
until yesterday morning.
They also broke- open and entered the
Webster street depot , und secured Jll in
change from the till of the candy and fruit
At the residence of A. Moore , Thlrty-llfth
and Miami , they got nwoy with a silver
watch , but failed to Und any money.
They also visited the residence of City
Prosecutor SUns Cobb , U112 Burt street , hut
while attempting to force a window attracted
the attention of the dog and were frightened
nway. The burglars were soon , but a good
dUurlptlon could not bo obtained and it was
only discovered that there were two of
DoWltt's Llttlo EarTy Ulsorv , best llttlo
pills for dyspepsiasour stomach , bad breath
Gone AVronjj.
For four days gossip has boon currant in
trade circles affecting the Integrity ot J. M.
Campion , who was recently forced to resign
his position as cashier of the Consolidated
Tank Line company In this city. For the
suko of hU family the newspapers wuro In
duced to withhold a full statement of the
Dr , BIrncy cures cuturrh , Bco bldff
IllttliiK tlio Pipe.
An opium joint at Twelfth and Douglas
was visited Tuesday night by Oflleor Walker ,
mid Nora Burns. Lena Smith mid Tom Ling
who were found in the place , were arrested ,
Several pipes and the accompanying 1mpie- ,
iiionU were taken to the station. The pris
oners have not yet had a hearing.
Terrible Battle with a Beast to Eave a
Boj's ' Life.
Superintendent Mostlcr of Atlnntn'B
1'nrk Injured In tliu HtrugKlo
\vltli tlia Int'urlntcd Animal
An Ktultlnu Hoeno.
On. , Juno 3. Superintendent
John lj. Mostlor at Grant park had u torrlblo
battle with Molly , the Mexican lioness , yes
terday. Ho was lighting for tno llfo of In-
min : Uoil , the eight-year-old sou of Mr. and
Mrs. T. II. Bell , and n nephew of John H. of Now Yorlt. The Itttlo fellow
the superintendent were Injured seriously.
But for the coolness of Mostlor the boy
would have boon horribly mangled by the
sharp claws of the boast. As It was , the little -
tlo follow was bndly scratched and bitten.
Mr. Moatlor had his right nnnd severely
lacerated. Tlio light for llfo was witnessed
by several people , among thorn the mother of
the Injured boy , and wliilo the battle was beIng -
Ing taught the most Intense excitement was
created among the suoctntors , Molly , the
lioness , Is usually quiet and poaroiiblo , this
being the IlrU thno she has ever shown such
a bad disposition. Her attack wus entirely
unlocked for.
It seems that Mrs. Bell , accompanied by
Inman , was stundlng at the railing the
animal's cage when Mr. Mostlor came by on
the Insldo of the railing. Mrs. Boll asked If
the baby lions could bo seen , saying that her
boy was nearly crazy to sco them. The super
intendent said that ho could not snow them ,
and started to pass on. In speaking of It
afterwards he said the llttlo fellow was so
nice and looked so disappointed that ho de
termined to give him a peep through the
cracks. Picking him up ho walked to the
cage and lot him look tbroueh. The llttlo
follow was all delight at getting a glimpse at
the baby lions , and Mr. Mostlcr started to
move around to the other sldo to glvo a bettor
view. , Being Insldo the railing ho had to
pass within two or throe foot of Molly's ' cage ,
which was next to tno onu containing the
Suddenly the lioness stretched out a paw
between tno bars and made a strike at the
boy. The blow foil short out caught In his
clothing. At the same tlmo she attempted to
drag him to lior , and then for the llrst time
Mr. Mostlor saw the danger. Before ho
could move the llttlo follow had boon pulled
up to the enraged boast , and with a snap she
sui/cd ouo of his hands in her mouth. With
one foot she braced herself and with the
other she was Just about , to make a blow di
rect for the child's fnco. Mr. Mostlor still
held to the child and was pulling with all his
might to get him from the animal. Ho throw
ono hand against the c.ige. This act probably -
bly saved the child's ' llfo. The attention of
Molly was diverted , and she savagely clnwod
the tunu's hand. All this occurred In a few
seconds and the horrlllod spectators hud not
hud time to help In the battle. TUo mother
was well-nigh crn/uu by the sight of her son
In the clutches of the beast. The boy's hand
was between the animal's ' teeth and his f.ico
was within an inch or two of the half open
mouth when Molly turned to strike Mostlor.
The spectators then rushed to the cage , and
with walking sticks , umbrellas and rocks
beat upon the sides and head of the lioness.
With a growl she released her hold of the
child and turned to meet her enemies.
The almost distracted mother grasped her
son In her arms and rushed to her carriage.
The boy was blooding from his nock , .sido ,
and arm and his injuries appeared fatal , or at
least , quite serious to all. The battle was
won , but would the boylivol The excite
ment of the crowd was greater than over as
the carriage dashed off with mother and son
to tboofllco of Dr. Westmoreland. Hero the
wounds were examined and it was found that
the boy was not fatally hurt. The wounds
were quickly dressed and tno injured boy
was carried homo. Soon afterwards Mr.
Mostlor went to the sumo olllco and hud his
hand dressed.
In speaking of the matter ho said : "You
don't know how relieved I felt. I had no
idea of the extent ot the boy's injuries and
all the way to town I was wondering If ho
was ( load. Ho was in my charge and I would
gladly have taken every scratch ho received.
The little follow was' as bravo ns possible
and never uttered a cry , oven when his face
was within four inches of the lion's tooth. I
toll you it was a scary tlmo. "
The causa of Molly's rage seems to have
been the removal of the lion from her cage
Saturday morning. Then , too , of course , the
presence of joung ones always Infuriates
mothers of the cat family. It was learned
afterwards that Molly had scratched the
hand of the negro who did the feeding just a
few minutes before.
Plans for Interesting Kxliihitg nt the
Grout Imposition.
CHICAGO. Juno 3. f
A reproduction of a section of the Ameri-
cun desert. Including cacti , .sagebrush and
Indians , will bo ono of the features of the
world's fair. Four of the tribes which will
bo represented will bo the Sioux , Zunis ,
Molds and Nnvnjos. In the desert will be
located the tepees of the Sioux and the
hogaiis of the /Cunis and Molds. Whllo the
Indians will have their peculiar houses in
the desert they will bo given space In the
main government building for Illustrating
their methods of work and the things they
The committee on foreign exhibits has
recommended to the directory that $50,000
bo expended In reproducing the ancient con
vent of La Htbidu at I'.ilos , Spain , as the
building for the exhibition of relics of
Columbus. It was at the door of this convent
ttiat Columbus asKed for food and shelter for
himself and his child. It was hero that ho
found an asylum fora few years whllo ho de
veloped his plans and prepared the argu
ments which no submitted to the council at
Siilnmunca. It was in ono of the rooms of
this ho mot the Dominican monks
in debate , and it was hero also that _ hu con
ferred with Aloii7o Pliuo , who afterwards
commanded ono of the vessels of his Hoot.
In this convent Columbus Hvod whllo ho
wus making preparations for his voyagu , and
on the morning that ho .sailed from Poles ho
attended mass In tbo llttlo chapol.
coxncu ONTIV. .
Hon. A. L. Conger , who is at the Grand
Pauitta and who Is ono of those interested In
the big tin plant which Itjs proposed to erect
nt IChvood , Ind. , says the stock books have
been opened and a good portion of the stock
In tlio enterprise has been taken. Said ho :
"Parties interested in the project are also
Interested In the tin mines in thu South Da
kota Black Hills.Vo are not making much
nolso about the ontoipriso just at present ,
but wo are going to glvo the undertaking a
fair and thorough test. "
insposKD oi' TUB coiirsi : .
Aoar , ago Mrs. Ann Hunnan of 177 North
Vanilla -j O' perfoot purity.
Lemon - of great strength.
AlnS If Economy In tholruao
Rose etc.rj P'avor ' as delicately
And dollclously ao the fresh fruit.
Paulina street was adJiiilRcd Itiaano nnd sent
to the asylum nt Jertnp < on for treatment.
Last Sunday Mtchnel'llannau , son of the
wotnnn. called to sco hb mother and was told
she had died May 13 and that the body , aftur
boliiR Itcpt six ila s , was turned over to the
Chicago Domonstrnttlltf assoclntlon. The
son llnnlly traced tlia body to Dcnnott col-
IORO , where It win found In an Ice chest nud
tunied over to him. The funeral took plnro
vostordav. The woiniin when tnUcn to the
hospital had W > \ In luir t'ooltot ' , and the nsy.
lum tnanagomont h sovaroly crltlclred for
Its action. This U not the lint caio of the
kind nt tlio asylum. < >
"I don't propose to ( Withdraw from Chicago
politics , no matter wlio wants mo to do so. "
That Is what Carter I Tarrlson said today In
reply to an artlclo In a morning piipor In
which It is stated that , Inasmuch ns ( Jrc > : lor
Is out of politics for Rood or evil , Mr. Harri
son ought to withdraw In order to hasten the
hoallnp of the breach between the two fnc-
lions of Chicago democrats.
' There Is too much corruption therein , "
said the ox-mayor. "I am going to stay In
politics until clement of wickedness and
vice Is eliminated , When that Is done , let
people who really wish to see mo wiUidraw
como to rco nnd I will gladly retire. "
rou ois.
City oniclals are holding n conference with
the proprietors of the city gas company on
aa proposition to furnish grs to the city for
$11 per lump and to private consumers ot ? 1
per 1,000 foot. The city now pays (20 per
lamp and the citizens $1.25 per 1,000 cuulo
Among the western nooplo in Chicago
today were the following :
At the Grand Pnt-IIie Samuel Merrill ,
Dos Moinos. In. ; P. K Hall , Charles ll.
Clark , Cedar Hnplds , la. ; ] J. H. Burrows ,
W. J. Carroll. Mr. nnd Mrs. George A.
Rogers , W. H. Crary , Henry l \ Cady ,
Arthur Johnson , S. L. Wood , Omaha ; K. D.
Ullnn , Lincoln , Nob.
At the Auditorium Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Douglas , Cedar Uapids , Jo. ; John Clarkson ,
Mr. anil Mrs. R C. liubbcl. Uoi Moines , la ,
At the Palmer Mr. ami Mrs. A. P. Han-
chott , Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cumpboll , Council
UlulTs ; W. T. Coad , Uapld City , S. D.J. ;
W. Tuttle , Omaha.
Falling of the hair Is the result of Inaction
of the glands or roots of the hair , or n morbid
tsato of the scalp , which may bo cured by
Hall's Hair Uoiiewor.
Vnn CIoHtcrniul
Nuckolls county's sheriff will return to
Nelson today , but Van Clostor and McLaugh-
lln who were arrested on Iho charge of hav
ing disposed of mortgaged property , will not
accompany him.
The fauts regarding the mortgaging of the
oattlo to John N. Mlles and their Until dispo
sition is known. Afterwards tno sheriff
came to Omaha nnd arrested the two men ,
They at once sued out a writ of habeas
corpus , alleging that they had boon arrested
on the same ctiargc before , and that the case
had been dismissed. Judge Ksti > lle heard
arguments upon the question of the former
arrest and" allowed the attorneys to
cite their authorities. Yesterday ho handed
down Ills opinion , which ho says is something
now in practice , but is.borno out by the de
cisions of the suproma courts.
Tno writ Is allowed und Friday morning
the court will sit as n Justice of the peace to
hoar testimony and 'iotormino if there is
probable cause for ordering Van Cloitor nnd
MoLaughliu tonoii to the county where the
criino Is alleged to have boon committed.
In deciding the question the Judge said : "I
do not want to bo understood ns holding that
n former prollmlnnry' examination is a bar to
n subsequent examination. But us the case
now stands , I think it devolves upon mo to
hoar the testimony arid discharge or recom
mend that the prisoners bo hold to the dis
trict court. " . -
Marriage Ijlceusos.
The following marriage licenses were is
sued by Judge Shields yesterday :
Name and Address. Ago.
( Charles L. Ringer , Lyons , Neb . 2 < l
1 Ruchul Llllgor. St. Joo. Mo . 23
I Ancust I * . Choral , Omaha . 20
) Koilnu Qudwiiy , Omalin . 21
I Ollvor Haiiiinorliin , Oakland . 21) )
( Josephine Oorlson , Oakland . 13
A very small pill but a very good ono. Do
Witt's Llttlo Earlv Hisore ,
The Nebraska division of the Loyal Legion
hold a business meeting at the Mtllard hotel
last night and transacted some routine busi
Both the method nnd results when
Syrup of Figa ia taken ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to tlio taste , and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys ,
Liver and Bowels , cleanses the sys
tem effectually , dispels colds , head
aches and fevers nnd cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind over pro
duced , pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach , prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
eflects , prepared only from tlio most
healthy and ngrccablo substances , its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
ayrup of Figs is for solo in COc
and 81 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly1 for any ono who
wishes to try it. Jp not accept any
A Written Guarantee Ic
Our euro U | x. i mam nt njvl not a patching up. Conn
trralnl tl o yean ORO ItSro lu'rrr wn n symptom
sliuo. Hyile ciltilnifi.u.luly | wo can tioat yon by
mall , ami wo Biro thu nMftk' ktroni ? Kuaranti e to i in u
or refund nil money. TltoMJwbo piofor lo como line
fortnutmentcandaio luulKawIll pny rulhoail faro
both way * and hotel bllli whllo li ro If wo fall to cure.
Wo challenge Iho worlilVJr' a ca o that our MAU10
ltKSIr.UY will not cure. 'rj | for full parlkulari and
But Iho OTlduuoe. V > knuir that > uu are kkepllcal ,
JuMly § o , too , o the m Jill umlnent phy lclim ha >
iioterbionablotagira luaro than limiwruiy nlltC
III our lira yean' piaciui With the MAlllO UKMKUV It
| ia > lirvn nioit dimcult to overcome thoprvjiiilkri
aialn t all to i-allcil | wclllc . Hut under our vtroiitf
KII iranttu > on khotild not lio-ltalo to try thin nnmly.
You take no cham-o of loilnir your money. We guar
anli o to cure or refund on ry dollar , and m wolia > oa
reputation to protect , al o llnamlal backing of 3CO-
0 0 , It l > porfoctljr snfo tu all who wilt try Iho treat
ment. Ileretoforuyoii hav been puttlni ; up and pa > Inn
out } our money for difTcn nt treatment ! and although
youarenotyotcure < lnoonoha < pnl i back jrour nion.
y. lonotvra leanymor hioneyuntilyoulryui. Old
ihi-onle , deepieated caw * ciinil In 3D to VO daya. In-
Ve tltat ( our llnanclal Uudlnc , our reputation ai
bu < lnu men. Wrll u for nanm and nddriuti of
tliu.a wo IHYO cunNl who nave Riven rx-rmluloit tu ro-
fertothem. Itco t > ouonly po taiso to dolhltilt
will ava i oil ft world of > ulfi rime f luin mental tlraln ,
and If > ou are iii rrli-d bat nmy your oil.prinsr mrtcr
tin ouuh your own nujllttein-u. K your nymptonu ar
ere thiout , inucoui patihe < In mouth , rheumntlim
In l n < > anil julnt * , hair Ulllni ; out , eruptlomt on any
iartoMliot > djfeellnirof Rener l deprvinlon , palm
in head or bonrt , you hate no tlmo tu vra.te. TlioMi
who uru eon > taiitly l klii mercury and pola > h should
dlocontlnueit. Conitantutoof tbe druu will unly
brlni ; BUM > and enllnir ulrenln Ibo cuil. Han't full t'j
writ * . Alliorrvpondeno > iteiii alrd In plain onTtl
ope * . Wo Invlto Iho mu t rlttld Inrcillif lion nnd trill
do all la our power to aid you la It. Addr < ,
COOIl JIK3IKIH' CO. , Omaha , Jfrbrtnlia.
Ofllco 1Mb and Farnain. lecond floor , cntrauc * 131UBI
Tlio homo li to nooloty what tlio heart la to
the body thu vital mot ho IH > VMT.
When the father U vigorous the mother
chcrrfut , iul children Imppy , it Is u noaron
on ourth ,
When ill > on > < < stMkn In and fell the fn thor
prostruto the mnthtir , orsolios the dhlldruu ,
till koc-nnipH ili'solulhiii.
To mnko tliu home happy. kc < < p the lionlth
poouro. Poverty may come , but It can bo en
dured If tht health remains.
Nohonlth vrainvor miiliit.itnnd without m-
slstnnco. lluiilth , llko the body , must be inp
ported. lluCdo not make u mUtaku and do It
The bust way toiustnln the health U to nn-
8'At It , to stlinilluto ll. The InMt wty to
henlthtly stimulate. Is by the USD of pura
ntiadiilleratcd meillclnal whiskey. IMi-tOM deulnred this , si'lontUts na\o conllrini'd
It. and both luito Inslitcd that DulTy't I'uru
.Mult Whiskey H llio oniy strletly iiirdlclniil
one In the market Indeed It has become , n < i
tt ( Itwervvi , n hoiiioliold noee.sslty.
Pliysicians , Surgeons and Specialists ,
Tno most widely nnd favorably knonnipeo *
lallaU In the Unite ! Htntoa. Their loiiH ox *
porlonoo. roranrkubloiklll nnd iinivoraal iuo >
COM In the treatment nnd euro of Nervous ,
Uhronlo nnd Surgloal Dlsnn us. entitle theM
eminent phyalolnns to tliu full confidence ol
the uflllotocl ovorywhoro. They cunrnnteol
the awful AfToctH of early vlen nnd tbo iumor-
oim erlU that follow In Its train. _ _
epoodllT. completely nnil poniinnrntly curod.
OHDKHS yield readily to their skillful treat-
cunrnnteod cured without pain or detention
frnm business.
nontly nnd successfully ourod In every ease ,
matorrlvoa , Scmlunl Wenkness , Lost Manhood ,
Night Emissions , Decayed KnciiltlcB. Koinnli
Wcakneia anil all dcllnato dlsc/rJprs pcoullnf
to cither iox positively cured , us well ns nil
functional disorders that result from youthf.u
follies or the excess of mature years.
sTPTPTMPK Guaranteed viurnmne n t ly
J I r\l l U 1\L. cured , removal complete
without outline , caustic or dllatntton. Cure *
effected nt homo by putient without mo
ment's pain or annoynncn.
A IIPU niPJJThn nwful offoeU ol
n. OUA.C L/UIVl. , onrly vlcu whloh brln
oreanlo woaktirsn , ( Icstroyln ? both mind and
body , with all Its dreaded Ills , permanently
HP * ! RF'IT's ' Address those who hnvB tra-
IJRO. IlEllJ paired thcmf Ivcs by 1m-
proper Indulgence nnd military nablts , whloh
ruin both mind and body , undttina them ( or
biMlnosd. study or mnrrlUKO.
MARRIED MEN or these entering on that
happy life , a ware of physical debility , quickly
Is baaed upon facts. First Practical experi
ence. Second Every cnio Is specially studied ,
thus starting right. Third medlolnei ure
prepared In our laboratory exactly to suit
uachons * , thus effecting cures without Injury.
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
_ _ _ _
I nvniiY NIGHT
| T1iS [ WEEK.
This ( Thursday ) Evening ,
m a
In tlio Trolly Comedy ,
I Pair of Owls ,
SATURDAY NlflHT nn olou-ant $ V ) 00 Sixteenth
century solid oik luidroum nultu , purch neil and ox-
hlhllud atJulTcrnoiiBqimro b'urnltiiro store. lUiVorth
ll. til ntrcut , will be ttlvon nway Saturday M itlnvo , a
handsome doll will bo presented tu HOIIIII ono as a
Hpeclal prize , while every child Rots a candy sou
venir every one a present.
Friday , Saturday and Sunday , Juno 6 , 0 , 7 ,
With Saturday and Sunday Matinee.
B ottomlll TudllS e a. .
Thu dront Marino Spoct : qlo Itascrvod souts
SSi : , : ! 5o nnd Me. llov ihuut opins Thuriiliiy.
Boucl's ' Opera HQUSB ,
CoininciK'IiiK Tiii".dny. Juno 9.
Gntml I'rniliaalon of
The County Fair-
Presented Kxactly as iu tlio Union i-quaro
Tho.iln1 , Now York , where It has boon tliu per
manent uHriotloti for thrue > o irs.
f > Tp pv ITjio lliiliin Njuitro roiiiiiiiy. |
[ Tin ) Kuimlnx lloisu Itnco ,
J20COOo\ploltod on thu htaso In thlsproduo-
_ _
Corner llth and rarnain Streets.
WEEK 01- ' JUNK 1ST.
The Parisian I.mljr Kinhrnldiircru Klvo huiutlful
ludliiiiPxorntlitKhundHoiMoiUialuiiH In embroidery A
npmluion Klvi'li tu enrli laily pntron on I'rhlay
A tlrst-cla.n npuclalty onturtalninunt In both
A company of stellar arllita
CA1IIN. t.V ) to f.-JI Aiiordlne In btcainor
anil location "f MaU'room
Intermodlatonnd steenuo at low rates
Nil CATT1.1J t'AlllllCII.
vln Iiondondcrry , nvory I'urtliUht.
nth.Mny. HI'ATK ( IK NIIVADA. H A M.
llth.liine , HTATK OK ( iCOUI.lA. 1 1M
CAIII.V , tv&and npHardi Iteturn , fi und upward *
Hlnernco lit low riitoii
Apply in II A. A A 1. 1 , AN , Montnml , or to
II K MOOHKS , I.VTi rarnaiilSt . Onmha
I BufTorlnic from
the effects ol
1 jouthful crron
early docny , wftstlnnwoakncsj , lost mauhuod , etc.
1 wfll scud n valuable tmatlso ( noahidl conUUiilnj
full particular * for homo euro , I'llKIS of rliarKO
A ( iiluivtld nifillcal work | oliouhl Ixi rtoU by liver )
nian whn Is ni'rvoni end dohllltaUil. Audrort
f. v. < ; . IMvLiat. .
near KliA-NKKOliT , Kr
Thu second term of thu ncuilonilu jenr rxvl" Urst
Monday lu July and cloie4 third \Yoduoadtiy In
IKcumhvr i\oi
CU H I ) y inVii Supt I'ost onico KAUIIIIALC , Kr.
Kronch Monfily JUiti-lii'j. ' Anlnraluiblo help
Krunclntnilunla anil teauhorK. Kroo xamplu imp
AJdriii. UEitLiraiCo.V Madlsua b | . . Now Yo
Has turned the tide our
way. Too busy for long
talk. Follow the crowd
for cool summer cloth
ing and furnishings for
solid comfort.
Southwest Corner 15th and Douglas Sts.
( Money cheerfully refunded when goods do not satisfy. )
( Send Tor Itustratcd CfUologuo. )
Tr JHiirran , t'oi : 1-lth aurt
fttho mont siibHtantlttllu coiintrnctcil
Hotel Jtnllilinu in Oinaliit. Scvcrnl
Iictii'u brlcltfro trn//M 1111111/110 from
littHcincttt tu roof. All tliv ccillnijf ttinl
floors lim'il trill * AaucHtoa flro jtroof
iimliina it tniix'HHtltltt to Itnrn
Mrt'CNCHiieii amire alarum
tin : bitlltlliiff. titr < nit In-lit ,
hot Htitl cold iratcr it ml NII-IM/I/IIC Ju
cvcrurooin. 'Ittolo tuiHiii-jxiainnt
DU. T. 1-KMX COUIIAI 1 > 'JI < HIli : > TAI.
3 rf - w HemoveaTan , I'lmple * , Heck-
i * i S oif , 1 . Moth I'liiclwsltiiili nnil hkln
'fl U o $ Ct2) ) Uiaeot > esaiid on-ry bkmUh on
W5"a fS ? Ji \ - iH-nut ) , and deflu
- " § V r Sl /5Vletullon. It ha.1
* ' ZiS'i ( K - . JtlKTMO' / * ' the tc t ot 10
"S oo 'HPv (3y W V/ / } ' ' " ' " ! " > * o °
! rfS5t"a vV ff * 111 //ImimlriMW , , u tolt
ui Iy iimut' . AiLti't
IM cuiuitirft It i > f
Bimllur nitnv. Jr.L ,
A. buyer tuilU tu a
lady i > f Ihohitit ton
( A jintlent ) "As you
Lttlinimrut ttt nil
tliu nUtn prt'iwini"
tli > n " Kormue ity
nil DiuirKi-ttt ami
1'nncy uoods Deal-
cm In tlio tTnlttO'l States. < * u > mttnfiniiil Ktiiupt *
1KIOT HOI'KIN'S , 1'iuii'r. J-.ntsHt.N Y
Wo npiid the m < xr\rlotm Krrnch
Uriniily CALTMOS r ! < , and n
local Ruarantm that ( ' * I THUS will
and KKSlOKi : l.i.t MCur.
Use it and ( my tfsalisfifj.
HoU Amtrltim Ag iiU , Ourlanlll , Ohio.
Bathe aore feet
in Pond's Extract.
Nerve llcans cure all Hcxtinl wenkncni In olthosr
ox , iicllnit on mirvox , brain , soxnal ciriinns Aimn-
Ltrrt CIMIK for linpuleiioy iiluhlly tMiilKnlons. lost
moniory , hail ilreains , uvuralnn tu noiluty. il box ,
poMtpnld HU lioxi'i . " > NiilVi ; : 1IKAN CO. , Ilnffalo ,
N Y , Sold hir ( jouilli.un Druif Co. , 1110 Kariminal
" Worplilim Ilnlill
cnr.Jlnloto''ld ii
Olt.J BTEPUENa.L.biaou.O
A POSITIVE andparmanint CURE lor all
dlieaMiollheURINARY ORGANS. Curei
whore olherlroitmontlalli.Fuiruiroclioni wflh each
bottle. Prlet , oao dollar. See slgniiturocl E.
STAHL For anlo By All
{ Stihiffmtui'iAetixzna [ Cure ntrar/m/i toriro
j , . IHIWM rci'm / tU wun ciMt ; iciurti tom-
Ifortatilo l ! p ( ( Ifcl4 curfi vh r * lUtturs fall , A ronitnr ( A * u > tt < i ( jV-i ( , I'ro | , 60 eU tnd
181.00. of DruggUU or fcr mall fiarnrlo fn"E ! for
jataar. DR. lt8OnmMAim , Btl Paat. ± 1nn !
OMAHA 3cnd fo clrculororcnilon \ J
B HKUWOOI ) . 4' Now York
- -
ur tr rkTw
oUtiUULi Ob LireliMiTi Oniuhn , Neb
I emu * IJcin * , Ihi moit powerful knulr rrffuUior rcf.
{ "mcuiVi'ifJJicti ' i.v6l < * iVKu6tco'uuaVi1riV ' , v !
11 mi1) I y I ii t'n nn 1 i tit ( c Omnha.
. OAl'riUI.KS are the
DOCIITAg ami only capiulo4 protcrlbu-t uy
runalar pliytlcUui for th curd uf
QonarbcBa nad UUcliartf0 < from tua urlnury orrfiina
nuurltu ilur aoquiroU | l U ) par liux All tituvMttt
T.o.iTOi | Ulfll'AllO. lllfllMNT.TON A CJ I Arrival" "
JDnmhn. I Depot IQtli nnd MHIUMI Ms. I Oinnlin
I. ) p ml . . . .ChlotiKO Vmtllinlo . . . . I 800 n in
ilUlnin . . . .Clilc.uo Kxproii. . . , IIIUi a m
Ha ) p nil I'lilciiKO Kxproti. . . , il .1) p in
K.U ) p ml Clilcoco , V lonn I.DC ill 8 r > n m
l.unvoa | lHJUI.IN tJTi.V ) A MO lllVCIl Xrrlvo
JnuiliH I Doput lUtlinml .Mi on MH. I Omnliii
III V > n m . . lltmrrr liny ixpio : 1 0 p m
lu . ' > n m . . . . . . . 1 ) oiidwood 111prim 4.1)5 p in
llU.t a m DonviM' l ! prpii ( i'-ll p in
7 10 p in . . .Denver Kxpruis . i < .Id n in
o ( XI p in Lincoln l.lniltitl 1I..W n in
8 15 _ n m Lint oln W p m
Jcnvos I K. C , hT. .1 \ C II I ArrlvuT
Oiniha. I Depot lOlli nnil .Musun Bin. I Om.-ilio.
' 'J HO ( TnTi . . .Knii'ui t'ltr liny Kxiirnt * . p liT
! ' l'i p in j K C NlBlit Kxp via IT. I' Tiam I t. . - n in
Oimili i. Di > pot lUlli nnd Mnrcy Bin Oiniilin
10.10 a m I Kansas City rtxnroii ( ax Sun. ) 4 . ' ! ' > p m
10 20 n in Dunvur ICxnnisa 4 m p m
2..W p in . . . Ovrrlnnd l-lycr U' . p m
4..1U p m . . ( irnnd Mnml Kxp. ( OT. Hun ) 11 Ki n in
7.A1 p m I'uclllo Kxpreu . . . . . . d .X ) p m
"l.onvo * CHICAGO , M1U A STTl'AlM
U I * , ilopnt , nnd .Mnrcy Ht < I binnlia
0.20 p ml Chlciik'O hFxprosr VM m
U.IS n in | > tlilciiKO Kxpreai . .JJUO _ m
l.mivoi 1 cTiTcA7ioriT J."A. I'AOiPfil f ATnvm"
OninlinjJlJ ljlopoUJOtli anil .Mnrcy Htt. | Oinnlm
II'M p niTrr.T. | "Niuiit I'fipiiiiTir .TI \ > u > * m
! > .l.ri 11 in . . . . . . All.itilltt lixprois | ( ! 51 p m
4.U p ml Vuiilhiilu l.lmltod IIDM in
Onmtin Dapot lOtlinnil Mucy SH. I Oiimht.
hiux City PuiieiiKiir ID1' ' p m
HI. rnni Kviirosi ID .M n m
l.i'avi'S SIOUX ( ITV.V 1'ACIlTl1. I Arrlvei"
Oinnhn. Depot mil anilVnlmlfr Hts. I Oinalni
nil hi I'nul Uniltuil I ' .n't 11 m
_ Uiiinlin | t ) I' ill-pot , lUlli und JMnroyStt I Oinnlm.
n in H 11 a m
4 . .0 p in Vimtlliiilu Limited I ) U n inn
! a ) . . . . Knilurti Klynr . . . . . ! M a in
.11 p III l/ocnl Knit KT. ( ojrcupt Mondiiy ) ti'iti p in
J"l1 ? ! IU ! ' iluput. IDlJi nnd .Miircy m . | Oin ilm
"j K ) p ml . . HI. LinilH ( 'Ttmiiiir llnll . . . , 12 ll p m
l.cnvo I Ff : , V .Ml ) VAIiMJY I Arrlvn"
Oiinlin | Dnpiit lath nnd Wabntur Hti. | Omalm
U OU a in . . . Illuck lllll < 4 Kvpro . . . | 5'JU p m
I ) III a lu . . ( I2f. hal ) Wyn IUi | ( llx. Mori ) A..i ) p in
fi.lU p in Wnlioo A l.liuoln ran. ( I'.x. Hun ) II l'i a in
JLULl'Jli i-Jiirk ANiirfnlk _ ( li _ Huniliilj. ) \ \ . ; u m
] < oti\tm " ( ' . , HT lr , M A"V ( Arrives
Omaha _ Depot l.'itli und WrbHlpr Hti. Onrilm
slouv city Audinniodiitlon Ulti p m
i m p m hloux tltyllxprnii ( Kx hiindiiy ) rnu p m
A 41 , . St 1'iiul I.lnilliMl . .
p III } ! IIUI J.IIIIIll'll Dili n in
p inlllancrolt I'msi-nccr ( KxSunday ) 8 41 n in
iTUSVusl MIBHW7i7f lrACiKir I Ar7lvi"i
Oin.ihT.1 Depot 15th and Wobntnrritu I Omiilin
1UIIO a ml . .St. LoulK A K ( " KxpruiH. . . I ( I'll ) a in"
JM p . . . . UitilH A 1C. C Kxpiuis IfittOtiin
" ' "
mvoB I K.1'8T. JO11 AC.'ll | Arrives.
Triinstdrl Union Depot , Ciiiincll lllnlM. ITraimfur
IIIUU a nil. . .Kiimni Cliy Day Kxpruns . . .I & 4J p m
10 15p _ ml Knimai City NlKlit Kiprotn | II ai a m
H'avei rilU'ACO , It I .V I'ACIKIC. Arrive *
TrnnfnrJ Union Depot , Council Illulli. Tra infer
C.'lll p m , NlKlit Cxprnts I JIM a m
t > M a in . .Allnnllo Kxprii 1 AM p m
, ' > . < / ) p in ViiHtlbiiln l.lmltcd ilO.W n m
"li'avoTTfIICAlTv ( ) NOItTHWI'SrHUN I ArrfviM
Tiun for | Unlnn Depot , ( 'oiiiull DIuITi iTianifur
tt Ml a in . Chlc.iKii Kxiirnin . I (100 ( p m
5m ) p in . VontlhulH lilinlttxi . .i.vj n m
lOOlpm . Knitum Myur . 'iWl 1 > in
BUD pm Atliinllo .Mall . , . ,0 a m
I/.H p in lown Acciiniiiiiiiliitlnn ( Sat only ) ll II ) p m
TimtTiVl OM.UIATSr | 7)IMH ) I Arrlviis"
TriinifuilJrilon | _ Depot , < iiiinrll lllnllii. iTriimfur
4 II p ni .Ht. l.oilll ( 'niionjliill . _ . _ II3IS p m
MiivnH | ClllrAlll)71lUlll.'N A'yiMNCV'i Arrlrm3
'rrniiHfi'rl Union llopol , I'uiini IJ HIuiii l'1'ruiufor '
' .Mil a m I'lilcMun Kxpiuii . .7TT > ( IJU p in
ID ( HI p in I . . Clilr-MO KnprrHD U.til H in
JU.IIMII' ' l rititon hiif.iK . i 7 1.1 n m
Umvin" I HlllliX CITV A PACIFIC , Arrlvo"
Trninli'rl _ Union Ixm.t . < VHIIIC | | llluiK Trmi-fur
7 Din nil Hlonx ( Ity Airoinmod itlou ( l U a in
Ulto p ml KU I'nul Kxura IDI/J p in
UoWs Nerve Tonic Tills
' UurolniouiunU.nrrTOUNiinill'lijtl.
ealDebilityltul Kxlmuillun , I'alu
Clrcalitlon , llluo I.loeH noder tlio
Kj , l'lnirleiniilnllolliorNffTO (
. ot Illood L'Uoaio * la Kltlicr Hex.
Hobb'a Nerve Tonio Pilla
I TboylirlntfttinroNy tliitofllcullli to tlia
i NnlliMV clii > ! lc. If younronuirorlng from Do-
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