Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 20, 1891, Page 8, Image 16

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W. M. Kdwnrda was flnod $10 nnd
costs by .Tutltfo Holsloy yestordtiy for ro-
ninthly tin ollicor.
John Starlca , nn Individual who has
been tired from tbo day of his birth , wns
plvon fifteen dnya of rest by Judfjo
Uruno Tuehl wns bound over In the
sum of SHOO , charged with Intent to kill.
Bruno fired several shots at another
Italian In Dago alloy a day or BO ngo.
The Willing Workers , the children's
missionary society of the First Congrcga-
tloniil cliurch , will entertain their
frlomlH Friday eve , May 22. Children
from foreign lands will bo present with
curlosltlcrf from their native countries.
Chris Johnson was arrested yesterday
for being drunk and suspected of being a ,
suspicious character. Johnson had In
his possession ft jug of gin , a coat , some
tobacco nnd iv small sack filled with
pieces of linger and earring settings. It
is supposed that the stuff has been stolen ,
but no report hns boon made to the po
lice of the missing property.
The IjiuUc * Delighted.
The pleasant effect nnd the perfect
Bftfcty with which ladles may use the liquid
fruit laxative. Syrup of FlB , under all con-
dltlons make It tliolr favorite remedy. It Is
plciisliiK to tlio eye and to tbo taste , qentlo ,
yet effectual In acting on the kidneys , liver
and bowels.
Union Hull.
The llrst annual ball by Typographical
union No. Cfi'.i , of South Omaha , In Kowloy's
hall , Monday evening , May 18 , was a sueess
and was as pleasant to the largo assemblage
of friends as It was creditable to the union
nnd the ? calous comndttccmcn whoso good
judgment made It all thitt friends expected or
members of the union could tleslro.
Mr. 7. . Cudtllngton and Miss Ella Hudson
lead the iruiid march.
William M. Maupin , who hns charge of the
World-Herald buroiu at Lincoln , added
luster to the party by his presence.
William Maxwell , wno will represent
Omaha union nt the Boston session of the
international , was present.
\V. A. Pangburn , n popular Omaha printer ,
was present nnd was as Happy as a Missouri
girl at a hocdown ,
Tin ; Peanut Social.
Tno peanut'and Ice cream social to bo
given by the C. S. l'S. ; of the First Christian
church , In the Swedish Baptist churcn
Twenty-second and K streets , Friday evenIng -
Ing , promises to bo as well attended ns it will
bo pleasant. A literary and musical enter
tainment will add to the onjoyincnt of the
Afternoon Tea.
The Homo Missionary society of the First
Baptist church will give an afternoon tea at
the homu of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. Brayton ,
Thirtieth and L streets , Wednesday , May 20.
Hefreshmpiits will bo served from 2:30 : to 5
o'clock In the afternoon. Everybody Is cor
dially Invited to attend.
Kensington Toa.
The ladies of the Episcopal church will
give a Kensington tea nt the rcsldcnco of Mr.
and Mrs. Edwiinl J. Soykorn , Twenty-second
and 1 streets , Wednesday nfternoon next , 4
to 7 o'clock. The public"is cordially Invited.
.Notes About the rity.
Mrs. Jonathan H. Johnson Is sick.
Owen tlrotlicrs will grade the Brown Park
school house lot.
G. W. Thompson , after a long trip on the
reid , Is homo again.
Brown park now rojolcos over the poses-
ston of thrco saloons.
A son has been born unto fllr , and Mrs.
William McCauley , Albright.
C. D. Gibson Is down with diphtheria at
his residence. , Twcnty-Ilrst and J streets.
Joseph W. Slpu has sold his residence ,
Twenty-third nnd Q" streets , to Herman /el-
James P. Hayes , chief of the G. II. Hammond
mend lire department , will take a fortnight's
vacation and spend It in Chicago.
Llttlo Myrtle , aged ten years , daughter of
Mrs. Sarah Irwin , Twenty-sixth unil P
streets , celebrated her birthday yesterday.
Mrs. Whlttlo'oy with her young daughter ,
wife of Chief Engineer Thomas W. Whittle-
scy of the G. H. Hammond company , went to
Richmond , InU. , with Mr. Whtttlosoy.
Sunday afternoon the Hill Stars nmt Tlio
Graders played a game of ball on the Brown
park "round * . 1'ho Stars won by a score of
17 to y. Another1 game will bo played next
Sunday afternoon.
William Scott , the would-bo benedict who
stole n coat and vest from Landlord C. W.
Phelps of the Great Western hotel , pleaded
pullly before Judge King anil was sentenced
to the county Jail for thirty days.
The fliuil meeting of llobert U. Livingston
post , No. ' 'S' . ' , Grand Army of the Kcpublle ,
before memorial day was held Monday night
nnd was very largely attended. The com
mittee arrangements were approved.
The annual congregational mooting of the
First Presbyterian church will bo held this
evening. All persons who regard this con
gregation as their church homo or contribute
to tlio support of the church are urged to at
Hov. Marion Boles , pastor of the First
Christian church , has been Invited bv the
Women's Christian Temperance unlo'n to
preach a special sermon , in the First Presby
terian chinch , Twenty-fifth nnd J streets ,
Sunday evening.
Mr. Frank Clifford , one of the popular
Union Pacillo boys , and Miss Jennie Condon ,
the popular daughter of Mr.John Condon.havo
announced their marriage at 8 o'clock this
morning in St. Agnes' church. Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford will visit Denver nnd other western
places on their wedding tour.
lo not take any chance of being poisoned
or burned to death with liquid stove polish ,
paints or enamels in bottles. The "Hlsine
Sun Steve Polish" is safe , odorless , brilliant ,
the cheapest and best steve polish inailo , and
the consumer pays for no extensive tin or
Class package with every purchase.
ifiulKO Fooled 'Km.
Judge Duiidy surprised the attendants
upon the United States court out of a year's
growth yesterday afternoon. Ho called the
law docitot for the third or fourth time and
onlv live of the cases were represented by
nttornoyi who were In court. The Judge
thereupon continued every case , with the ox
coptlon of live , until next term. Tins prevents
vents a hearing of the cases until next twin
unless the order of the court is sot aside. The
Judge has repented his admonition to the at
tornoys year after year to tlio effect tha
cases not ready for trial or not ropresontotl
when the docket was called would bo con
tinned , but his warning had lost its force am
enl } raised a smile on the face of those who
heard It , His action yesterday , therefore
was a complete surprise to everybody.
- a i
Since it Is now a well established fact that
catarrh it a blood disease , medical men are
nulto generally proscribing Ajor's S.xrsapar-
Ilia for that most loathsome complaintand the
result , Iu no trly every instance , proves the
wisdom of their advice.
.1 .v.vo : .
" 7.nnle , " the operetta to bo given at
Crclghton college hall Wednesday evening ,
May 10 , by St. John's colli > glj\to church
choir , U attracting n good deal of attention
nul promises to provo very interesting. The
oostumcs have been received nnd some ,
especially those In tun wedding HCOHO , nro
rich nnd costly. Mr. .fnltvt Lnmbard in one
of the scones will Introduce UN famous song ,
"Hall to the Queen. " The sale of tickets
1ms nearly readied tlio limit of tbo seating
capacity of the hull. The operetta is under
the nmnngrmout of Mr. J. Shouk , who has
spared nolthor work nor expense to produce
it artistically.
The principal bullets prosontoJ In thn second
end edition of Uilnioro'a spectacle , "Tho
Twelve Temptations , " which opens a four
nights' cngngumont nt the Iloyd on Sunday
next , nro "Tho Llttlo Lord Fauntloroys , "
"Tho Parisian Hellos , " "Hl'llng on Gniml-
pn'i Shoulders , i'hn Ballet of All Nations , "
nil the ilaucu of Terra Cotta \vltu live
How John Young Brown Becaraa Kentucky's
Candidate for Governor.
She Forced Her Fntlior Into the Arena
nnd Conducted Ills Campaign
Bho Captivated Henry
Wnltcrsun with Untie.
NEW YotiK , May 10. A pretty story goes
with the nomination of John Young Brown
to bo tbo democratic candidate for governor
of Kentucky In the coming campaign. The
nomination was made last week , and accord
ing to n Kentucky man who was nt the Fifth
Avenue hotel yesterday the beginning of the
boom for Mr. Brown wns made by his pretty
daughter , ngod eighteen or twenty years.
This is the story :
Mr. Brown was In politics In his early life
nnd ably represented n district of Kentucky
In congress. After serving with credit ho
declined to accept another nomination nnd
settled down to the practice of law. He snld
at that time that bo wns done with politics ,
for ho could not afford to devote the best
years of Ills life to ofilco holding. For years
ho kept to his dotorminatlonnnd though per
sonally popular nil over the state nnd stnnd-
Ing high in the councils of hlspartyho would
neither ask nor accept any position within
the gift of tbo pooplo.
But ho has a daughter who was n little girl
when ho was In congress , but she has grown
to bo n woman and has fallen desperately In
love with her futhor. She Is devoted to him
nnd is very attractive , with nil the spirit nnd
beauty that go with the traditional Kentucky
girl. She is ambitious not nlono for herself ,
but she wanted her fnther to shine among
the public men of the state once more. She
bogged him to become a candidate for a stnto
ofilco or for congress , nnd brought a 11 her
persuasive powers to bear on him in that
direction. Hho wan'ed an incessant campaign ,
but he put her off , Joking her upon her
ambitions nnd declaring nt the same time
that ho had had his day In ' politics
when she wns a little girl nnd be must stay
nt homo now nnd practice his profession.
But she gave him no peace , and each mornIng -
Ing at breakfast she bewitched him with her
arguments. At last bo could not resist her
appeals , but lie had not the time to work up n
boom , so ho would leave that to her. Ho
told her to outline an initial campaign nnd
start him on the road for such office ns to her
seemed best. Then ho laughed nt her and
wont to his law ofllco for tbo day.
Next morning at breakfast the fair cam
paigner handed him u shoot of delicate note
paper on which she had written a note ready
for his signature. It was his announcement
thnt the undersigned wns willing to become
n candidate for governor. Ho luughed at her
nnd signed the document. Ho did not know
bow serious the matter was getting , but ho
had promised his daughter nnd ho kept his
word like a true Kentucky man. Thnt day
the young lady toolt the note to Louisville nnd
wont to the editorial rooms of the Courier-
Journal nnd to Mr. Wattcrson's own otllco.
She showed him the note and explained to
him that her father Una promised to become a
candidate partially because she had asked
him. The letter she presented was docu
mentary evidence.
Editor Wattorson was charmed. Ho was
n personal friend of Mr. Brown , nnd If nny-
thing had been wanted to Insure his support
of her candidate the young lady captured
him. "If John Young Brown says he will
bo n candidate and you are his daughter , ho
will got tl.o support of my paper , " said Mr.
Wattcrbon , nua tlio young lady went away
She told her father that she had his cam
paign well started , and insisted with laughIng -
Ing eyes that ho must not recede a bit from
the pledge ho bad made. A few days later ,
when Mr. Wattcrson announced that Mr.
Young Brown had consented to become a
candidate for Governor and that his nomi
nation would bo a wise one , all Kentucky
democrats took it ns a declnrntlon. Mr.
Watterson kept his promise nnd supported
Mr. Brown. Thcrj is no evidence tunt the
latter showed any disposltioa to withdraw
from his position. At any rnto ho did not do
so. Ho accepted the situation. His daughter
was ns happy as the day is long. The demo
crats of the convention did their part of the
story and secured a good candidate fox1 gov
ernor nnd probaoly made one llttlo lady , hap
pier than she was ever in her hfo before
When she nominated John Young Brown last
Friday afternoon.
A Po.nilni" Itcnicdy.
Mr. John Keown , the worthy postmaster
at Keown , Allegheny county , Pennsylvania ,
says : "Chambelaln's Cough Remedy sells
better than any other. " The reason of this
is bccauso it can always bo depended upon.
Lot iinyono troubled with a severe cold give
it u trial and tbov will 11 nd that the llrst dose
will relieve the lungs and make breathing
easier , and that Its continued use will tree
the system of nil symptons of the rold. The
promptness nnd certainty of this remedy in
the relief nnd cure of colds , has won for it
many sincere friends and made It very popu
lar. For sale by druggists.
Tlio I'axton Hotel Flro
Did not olTcct the hotel proper in any
way so as to Interfere with the operation
of the house. Only the annex was dam
aged anil guests have been cared for
without the interruption of n single day.
DcclHlon 111 Favor of the Chicago
Milwaukee & St. Paul Hy.
The now Palace sleeping cars of the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. ,
with olcctrlo lights In every berth , will
continue to leave the Union depot ,
Omaha , at 0:20 : p. m. , daily. Passengers
taking this train avoid transfer at Coun
cil muffs , nnd arrive in Chicago at 0:30 :
a. m. , in ample time to make all eastern
connections. Ticket olllco , 1C01 Farnam
itroot , F. A. NASH ,
J. E. PRESTON , General Agent
City Passenger Agent.
Flro Traps.
Chris It art man of the flro nnd police com
mission nnd Chief Galligan resolved them
selves into n committee yesterday and started
out to hunt tire traps. Up to noon they had
located thirty piles of papers and rubbish in
the basements and back rooms of buildings
in the vicinity of Fifteenth nnd Farnam
The Investigation will bo continued and al
parties who fall or refuse to clean up will bo
A Pore Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Coke and Pastry , Licht Flaky
Biscuit , Griddle Cakes , Palatable
and Wholesome.
No other baking powdir docs such work.
Ho "Will Make n Tour of the Union
PnuUlo HyNteiu.
President Sidney Dillon of the Union Pa-
ciflo , accompanied by hU family , will arrive
in O inha sometime today.
Mr. Dillon will make a trip over the road
on a tour of Inspection , accompanied by Vlco
President Clark and Assistant General Man
ager Dickinson. The party will visit nil the
principal points on the road.
Oliver W. Mlnlc of Boston , comptroller of
the road , arrived In the city this morning
and will accompany Mr. Dillon over the
How Itnllroad Map * Ara Made.
They toll this story of Gonernl Passenger
Agent George H. HoafTord of the Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad. The maps
of that great system nro remarkable for the
straightncss of the lines of road. Nearly
every part , Is n boo line between the terminal
points. That part of ttie road between Chicago
cage and Omaha has , however , a slight curve
In It. Some ono remarked one day : "You
nearly got n straight line that time , Hcnf-
ford. " "Well , " ni.sworcd the genial shifter
ot latitudes nnd longitudes , "tho line Is
straight , but the ruler slipped. "
A Hall Crank Special.
The B. & M. will run a special train on
Sunday next from Schuyler to Omaha in
order to accommodate the base ball cranks
nlonc the line who wish to see the gnmo be
tween the Omaha nnd Denver teams. The
train will leave Schuyler In the morning nnd
will return In the evening. A reduced rate
has been made for the trip.
Now Clioyoiino .
The new passenger shops of the Union Pa
cific nt Cheyenne have been completed nnd
the machinery Is no.irly nil in place. Mr.
McConnell. superintendent of motive power ,
will go to thnt point in n few ijnys In order to
put the shops in running order.
How It Came About.
Now , doctor , it's no uso. I've tnken your
stuff ovot six month nnd I don't got well
worth n cent my liver nnd stomach nro out
of order , so ycu sny , but all your medicine
goes for naught. Now , 1 am going to quit
your remedies nnd take Hnllor's Snrsnparllla
nnd Burdock it cured mo otico before when
I wns nil run down , nnd I have faith to DO-
Hove it will do so again.
The following permits were Issued by the
superintendent of buildings yesterdays
James Ilnnnulln , one-story frame cot
tage. Twenty-eighth nnd llrlbtol
Btreets t 000
Panic COO
I > . V. blintes , two-story frame residence.
Twenty-eighth avcnuo and Davenport
street . . . . . 0,000
Ij. JankoivsU , two-story frame resl-
UPIICP. Tlilrty-llrst avenue und Docliro
stri'ot 5,000
Jess.lt1 Hdwards ono-storv frame cot-
taBO , Twenty-third und Vlnton streets POO
1 our minor permits 1,1'J. ' >
Total J14.1U5
fi'o'.tcts nf five linen or lets wider thin head , flftu
cents ; tach additional line ten cent' .
OIJRINKK John , aged 14 weeks , son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Grelner , Twenty-soventb and
Armour streets , died at 8 o'clock Monday
morning and wns burled ypterdny In St.
Mary alaguuHnocomotoryat 10 6 clock.
KKF.KAKKY , aged ! ) months , son of
Mr. and Mrs I'runk ICrok.irKy , 1'ortleth and
K streets , died at 10 o'elot'k Monday fore
noon aha was burled In HI. JIary'scomotory
at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
KiiHccx nf fire tints nr Icni iwcJerite < / head , fifty
cents ; each ml tUlunal lint ten ci'its.
The funeral of Martha AVhlto will tnkoplnco
from Urn residence of her parents , Mr. and
Mrs. H. H " 'bite. 1815 Corby street , Wednesday
at'J p. iu. Interment Forest Lawn.
Beginning Monday we will offer 125 dozen of fine Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers at 3 5c
each , in all sizes , 34 to 44 , in a natural mixture , French finished neck , and in every respect a
regular 75c garment. This great value will be on sale until the lot of six cases are sold. Mail
orders promptly filled , but must be accompanied with sufficient postage.
Lot No. 2 We will offer 100 dozen of Men's fine gauze Shirts , made French neck , pearl
buttons , and full size , 34 to 44 , at 25c each. Other dealers pay more for these goods than we sell
them for. Send in your mail orders ; they will receive the same care in our mail order depart
ment that any customer would in our store.
Lot No. 3 150 dozen of regular cut gauze Shirts , sold all over the city at 35c and 40c. We
will offer at this sale the entire lot at 15c each. See display in our Douglas street show windows.
REDUCED PRICES on all lines of finer grades of Underwear. We arc overstocked
in this department , and have inaugurated this sale with a view to reduce some large lots.
3 1-va.rQest , Glotl-iincj House West of tlie Mississippi-
Tough glass lamp-chimneys.
Macbeth's "pearl top" and
"pearl glass" are made of tough
glass. They rarely break
except from accident.
rittsburi. GKII. A. MAcmvrn & Co.
National Bank
Capital , - - - - $400,000
Surplus Jan. 1st , 180O , - OH.BOO
Officers and Dlroctors'-IIonry W. Yntoi , I'roiMont !
Lcifli U. Iteod , Vlcu-1'roildent ; James W. Havax" . W
V.Mor o , Jobn U. Collliu , It. U Cu Ullu , J. N. U
1'aUlck. . U. d. lIuiclitK , ciulilor.
Corner 13th aud KarimuSti.
A Gcncralllauklnj llnslucsi Tr.intaotol
itrr * > KnctUh llUi.ond llnuid.
( IrljInnlouilOnlr Oonlllnf.
> rc , alw.j. rrlUMt. LDII nk ,
liuill.l for < ( < , < I r infill * IHa-/
-ionj Branrl \ Hid mj ( , 'i.U m.ulllA
IboiM , i loJ wltii bin. rltUm , Tulane
no other. B Hdaujwonnubililu-
luiui anil Imluiioni. * I UtUHlili. r J 4 .
la bltmrl hir t > ll vUri. Irttlraoalftli ftna
T for I.Billrt"l l.lnr , tj r lor
0.000 It.llmoolili A m < iMjur.
SoUl tj U Lu3 > t luuijtiu. 1'bUBila. , ! ' .
Corn or fltli und rariiuni .Streets ,
WUKK 01' MAV ibTH.
1IUV. Tlm bruinaof 11 man ; body o ( u boy ,
' ' ' Iu
DKSl'KUATBt'llANt'ES , a coincdy-dramu
tlirc-o iiotH Iiy tlio I'Mtz ertilil'LowIt Co.
I'rof. K. Abl'sDIsuolvIiiK Vltitts , uud u flrst-
clues Variety KntcrtulnnionU
Frlilny , I/iiUles' Souvenir Day ,
Five Hundred Men's Sack and Cutaway
Street and Business Suits , new designs in cas-
simeres and cheviots , neat stripes , plaids and
mix colors ; seasonable garments of our own
manufacture , reduced for one week to the
uniform price of
In order to properly display our large va
riety of summer coats and vests , more room on
our first floor becomes a necessity , hence this
extraordinary reduction in price on goods of
true merit. Cheap- goods are out of our line , but
you willjalways find us with good goods cheap ,
our bargains are appreciated because they are
always genuine.
We place on sale 5OO dozen real French Mace
Half Hose , in brown , tan and mode colors ,
regular price the world over 36c , or 3 pair for
$1. Our price until closed out , 2Bc per pair.
Special prices on Boys' and Children's
Clothing , Shirt Waists and Boys' Furnishings ;
reliable garments , honestly represented and
sold at Reasonable Prices.
Send for illustrated catalogue.
Money cheerfully refunded when goods do not Bsttisfy.
Southwest Corner 15th and Douglas Sts.
Watcli our Show Windows all Week.
Ull Dudgo Street , Omalin , Neb
Hldu Bprlou attachment , no horse m Jtlon.
First Glass Carriages ,
Corner Mth and Capitol Avonua.
Just completed , h.13 100 room ] , three
stairways , Iromtho top to the bottom , hai
fine elevator anJ dinning room service , i
flre proof throughout , line blllarJ rooms and
the nnest toilet rooms in the city. Largo
nmple rooms , Bultoa with bath Sci. Cor
14th and Capitol Ave. Street car service In
all directions. K&tes , from 2.00 to $1.00
JMM ? n ARentii to 'el | " 10
> 1 IJ U.CIoiho l.lno , the only line ever
Invented thnt hod ! the tiolhej without l'ln i a per-
iectiutcaiii imtenl rucenlly lamed ) Hold only by
KVenti , t < > whom theuscliinlvo rhiht l u'lvein on re-
velptuf ( Omul ! we * 111 tend u inmiilo line l > y mall ;
alia clrcnl'irii ) irlco lint und terms to nitont , nccnni
Tiiur territory ut once. AddriisiTUH I'lNI.K a
CI.OTIIKd LINK CO. , I ? Ileruon St. , Worcetter
nnnllTl BAND AT , WOOD CAI-SUI.KS ro the
IIII III I I u be > t and only csp ule < prmcrlbed by
UUUU I n ru.'uUr uhy lclm tor the turn or
Oopoihaoj andill'Cbur u * Jrom Hi9 tirlniiry oricani
laoerltvd or oiulrcd II iOyr \ bar ,
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Seventeen yours erporlonco. A ro ultr Krnlnnto In medicine n < dlplainm > hotr li tlll irmllnu with
the gronti'st nuccoaj , nil N'orvoiM , Clininlcnnd I'rlvato Dliooci A perniinont oiiru Kiinriiiitool t"t' nt.irrli
Spcrmatorrhnja , I.o t Mnnbood Hcmlniil Woakncn , NUlit l.o ei , Impntoncy , d plilll , Strlcturo , nndnililli'
eaioi of tlm Illood , Skin nnd Urinary OrK.ins. N II. I uuanintuj | yjj for ovury cam 1 mi lorUko nnd f ill "
cure Coniulutlon free. Uogk ( Myiturlm of J.lfo ) aont froJ. Olllco liour4 S u. m. led p ui tiuuday U
n. m. to 12 m.
Jfiirivijfor. . t-ltli dint
ft till' tllflHt HlllmtlllltltlllU COIIHtl'UCtClt
Hotel Jlntliltnu ' Oniiiliit. fiuri'i-iil
IKHIbrlvl ; / / ! > irtillH niimlna from
biiHfiiifnt to roof All tint rcllint/H Hint
/loof Illicit icltli .lnbvttoii Jti-v jn-oo/
tllltlfl , tlKtlilllU it tllllKIVHllllV tit I'll I'll
( jtili'l.4. J'lre vm'iiiH'H intil Jtro nhirniH
throiiulH'tit tint onllilliiu. titrittn In-lit ,
liot ninl colil it-liter unit minHlilin-ln
cvcruraotn , 'Jiiblts nimnrjiiiititcil tinu-
Graduate Dentist.
A Kull Sot of Teeth on Itubbor ,
fur I IVK liui.i.Altd. A | > t > rfuU
nt guarantied. Toclli oitractol
: without pain or danger , an ]
without iinneatUctlca , CJolJ nnJ
illvor dlllnk' at lowott rnet.i.
II rid no anil Cronu Wort , Tooth
wllUout I'lutOJ. ' All worn war-
Ktilrance , ICtli itreot ulorotor. Open cionlngi
until 8 o'clock.
with a n rml u Bitmdr. Bind ilitop ( or pi
ODUUICUH.l .tlfU , CO. 817 Vim. CUclDBttl , 0.
The Original and Genuine
tar rt the mot delicious Utto and tcit vO
EXTHACT KOIfl'K , from
TLi.MAN nt M fl.
ran. to hln brotlior
liny , 185L > V COLD
1EA ft FCItlllNB'
tint their untico IB
tilvhlyostMuicct In
India , and U In my
opinion , the IUOK' XVICI.Mll-
, well
tolatalilo as
M tbo inmit wticlo. UAHiillTS : ,
ionic MUCO that la
jnnlo. " Ac.
is ijjsiSiJS'SSi' ' '
Bee that you got Lea & Porrius' '
BlfrnntnroonOTerj' botlloof Orislnal li Genuine.
W. BAKER & ( Io.'s
U from \vlilch tlio orccss of
1 oil Im3 been roinovoil , Is
| \Ab8olutclij \ Furc
is Soluble ,
No Chemicals
are used in its preparation. It 1ms
wore than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch , Arrowroot
or Sugar , nnd is therefore far uioro
economical , cosit'nr ; ? css than one cent
a cup. It is delicious , nourishing ,
strengthening , KASHA' I > ICIKSTID : ,
nnd admirably adapted for invalids
ns well as for persons in health.
Sold by Crocoro ovorywhoro.
W. BAKER & CO. , Dorchester , Mass ,
It IViK'Irnlei , Ito-
lluvnR , CIIITU.
It cull 1'f oHien III u cup uf rulfre ur tva. or In Mr.
ftlrlv * v ( fuuil , without tbo knowledge of the patient ,
if necoeoarjr It U ubiolutely liarmU.H and will elleol
K permanent and ipeedy euro , whether the patient u
araCK'tTdte drinker or an aloohollunrtek. ITAMXU
frAll.i * . It operates BO quietly and ntth iueh oer-
toiaty that the patient undDrtcofm no inoonvenlouci ,
and ere HA It aware , hU rorapioto ritormntlcn it
effected 48 page book of particulars free Tooehadol
KUIIN ft CO. , Ifith A Uotylaur , A lHh CurallltBlu.
D , Trade lupplled by ll'AKE , H11UCE i : ( JO , Clld
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I certain euro for theiltMII.
tutlnir Mtraknraa peculiar
to women ,
vraciilrb ; Il're ' cribeltnnilfoeli f9
iTHtEvtutCHtMiniCo In reconiniencllDf It Iu
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"T J STONFR , M D .OtcuuR.Itt.
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atfu of I.riuun'i Oak I > unf Hiuuinc fur Ftnn ilr
'Iroublei. thu moat nctuaiiful fuinnlo rutnc'dy
etcr ixild. You 111 too tlio cxiollont otlc-cl nfler
takliitf the tint treatment. II.UJ at OriiKKliti ur
t > r mall ,
Jloro tlmn 13 icnM OM'i'rlonco In llio troatmoutol
AcuroRtinrnntccilln Ito5 dnyn. wllhotit holossOt
nn luiur a tlmo. _ * *
Tlio mo t raniplrtu and ntivrinle euro for gleet unij
ftllnmioylni ; dl'charKe * PUT knonrn ( o the medical
profession. Permanently cured In from > tu IUdny
Or pain In rcllo Inu tlio Wmlclur curo.l . without piln
or.lii triiinrnlii. nn cuttlnjf , nn dlt.itliic Tlio moil
remarkable ruined ) knmvn to modern sci"nco
Turret In SO tnSUilnya | ) r Mitirow'n trratmpiit for
till * torrlblu hlo iddl < pa Mia * been primmineed th
niont succmsful remedy p\vr discovered fur the ah'
iKilnlo euro nf the dlnoise. Ills JMIOCIM. with uili
dlsea o ha never been eiiuallo I. A c mulul cur *
ncsB , nil woaknciso * of t ) o sexual ortrnni. nprvoui *
And tlmlillty nnil despondency absolutely cutoJ.
The relief Is ImmcdlitK anil e iiiik | > t > >
nnit nil dl eii o ( of the hloo I , liver , klilnoy , nuJ
bladder purinnnontly curoil
The doctor n "tloir.o Trenlmcnf for ladtci H pro-
iioiiiuiiil by nil who have tf ei | It 10 bo Ihc nuint cooit
plctoanil conviMilont ronuily c\vt ulloipil fur th
treatment of fiMiialodlni'iiHtu It H trill ) a nonJerful
rcineily. Iloiiri fur Iiullus . from 2 to 4 unly.
.Marvollotn cticccfls In the tri'iitmont of private dt ,
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nutlonnl In rhnriclcr , anil his .iriny nt patlentM-
renthus from the Atl.inllo tu the I'.u III'The doctor
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lonu ami careful I'Tporlvnro In hinpitil practice ,
und Inclaiseil nmnnx Hi < Irinlinn npci'lai it In mod
ern uent by curro piuiili'iii'o Wrlto
for circulars about ouch of the tU > u\ol ! ones , free ,
Olllco , 14th and Firmm Struts , Omaha
Nob. Kntrauco on olthor strat
Hr.Droui ) . la. N \ . in. > o.
Du. J. B. MooiiK. - ' oir S r 1 talto
frrcat pleasure in s\\in ; \ that vour retn-
t'lly for Uiilncy anil hsor ti'Diilile , the
Tree of Life , is all that you recommend
it to be. I spoalc from porsonnl
e ice , r-nvintr u > > i-'tl it I can
yrc\it bcnulii iitl results. * r
Your , icspo'ifuily , -
Macro's Tree of Life , n positive curn for Kldnor
nnrl llv r I'oniiihilnt nnd nil bloodIII I IH linoi It
ny to KiifTer when > ou 1m cured by tMlntf Mooro'a
Treoof Life , tint lire it l.lfo Itemody ?
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J-orthotroitmontof nllOHUONIP AS' ' ) SI UOlCATj
DISISAtilCd. llrace , Applluncoi forl' fw imtloianfl
Truanucr lloit FacllltliH , Appnrntui tml HoiiroTthtV
foraiiccomful Irantaivnt of uvory fuimof ill ua
requiring MeHlcnl or Snrulciil Tre\lmjnt NINKTIT
UOO51.1 foil PATIKNPrf , Hoard mil AltcnJnnca.
Ilo t AceommoilatloiH ' .Vint. Wrltii f'jr clrculiri on
DoformitUM anil llracoi , Truniot , Club Teul , turrn-
luroj of Hplno , 1'llm , Tumort , Lam-or. Latnrrh , i
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A.T. McLnucihnn , Prflont. .
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MiTi'l'iu tlili riper , Aililrv * * ,
MADRID CHEMICAL CO. , llrnnoh OfllrP for V. B. A ,
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Ktilm .t Co. , Cor. litli IMIIKIIM HU
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