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v""pe'lvered by Carrier In nny part of the City.
\ * / II. W , Tir/rON - - - MANAOEll.
Buenos * Oflico , No. 43.
Editor. No. ai.
JUMHt MilSTltty.
N. Y. P. Co.
Council HlufTs Lumber ( Jo. , coal.
Craft's chattel loans , SO I Snpp bloik.
Onultto Hock Spring coul. Thatcher , 1C
The Otnalin wheel club vtsttod the Bluffs
II. E. 01 rim loft yesterday morning torn
two clays' trip n Kansas.
nebular convocation Star chapter No. 47 ,
Koyal Arch Masons , this evening , 8 o'ctuck
Hhurp. AH Hoyal Arch Masons in good utand-
liitf nro conllnlly invited ,
MM. II. J. Oallttgher , who has been visit
ing her parents , Mr. tind Mrs. Henry I'ov
chol , on Willow avenue , for Rovcral weeks
past , leaves today for ho homo la fort Nio-
brurn , Nob.
The county supervisors hold their regular
Atinl session today. A number of Important
subjects will bo brought before thorn for con
sideration , mil on K others that of a law library
for the court house. |
It is stilted tlmt President Harrison will
pass through Council Bluffs about May 11 ,
cnrouto from the Pacific coast. There I *
tolls among the himinoss men of polling no a
bnmjuct for him In case ho euu bo Induced to
stop over for n few hours ,
' -Mrs. WlUielnilnn Gelso dlod yesterday
morning nt the residence of nor dauRliter ,
Miss Loulu Kock , of East Plorco street , nt
the ago of seventy-two years of la grippe.
' ' tomorrow niter-
'I'lio tunural will take pmco
noon from the iuto residence at - o'clock.
The hlcroulyphlcal puzzle which appeared
In the Into edition of the Vestal Guide , sue-
cocdrd in bringing out IB ! p'-oplo who were
ccrtnln thev had the right solution to it. The
solutions will ho opened today und the result
of the contest will bo announced to the public
in tomorrow's Hun.
The result of the voting upon the prirrs
which wcro to bo awarded to ttio various
contestants by a vote at the Catholic bazaar ,
wns an follows : Most iwpulnr county ofllclal ,
ShuriiT .Inmcs O'Neill , sold headed cuno ;
most popular traveling mnn , ( J. K. Kced ,
grip ; most popular youiiK tody , Miss Eva
Itfeschcmlorf , nocUlnco.
O. P. BIlKL'r , atulnst whom some serious
charijcs worn made several days ngo In u po-
tltlon which was lllud In superior court , states
thnt all the charges nro falso. In regard to
the chafes of forgery which wire inado
against W.V , Ullger , ho state's that part of
the notes were slfrncd by W.V. . Ullgur. with
his consent , and the rest by hlmsolf. Ho
denies that thcro was any fraud or deception
of any kind in any of the transactions.
Do you want an express wagon or boy ?
KiiiR up the A. D. T , Co. , telephone 170 , No.
11 North Main street.
J.C. nixoy , noatlns ? , sanitary en
gineer , 2ft ) Morrlam block , Council Blutts
Fruit farm for sale on reasonable terras ;
within ono and one-half miles of the 1' . O. ;
nil in Voarlnt" good buildings ; possession
Riven at onco. Cull on D. J. Hutchiiisou &
Co. , til" Ilroadwny.
Opaque foil window shades ! V5c each , with
fixtures and nil complete , ut the lioston
Btore , Council lilulTs , this wcok.
Txveuty-Klvo Car Ijimdn or Mnsslllon
Machinery Un'Holl & CO'R Third
Annual Shipment West.
A special train thnt is attracting national
importance will arrive la Council Bluffs
Wednesday afternoon about 3 o'clock ' over
the Burlington rand. It h n solid traia of
twcnty-ilvo cars , from MassillonO. , enrouto
to Portland , Oro. , loaded with farm machin
ery from the Musslllon factory of Hussoll &
Co. It loft the factory Thursday morning
over the Wheeling A Lake JSrio rood. The
train is gaily decorated , anil between Mas-
slllon mid Council Bluffs only daylight runs
arc boliip ; made. After its arrival hero It will
bu consigned to the Union 1'aclflc , and then
t will bo whirled westward day and nipht
until it reaches its destination. It is ono of
thn Inr t iiml mrwt nvnflnMvn amimiuuia of
uiu lurKwnij mm uxjmuaivu
goods ever sent west , valued ut nearly $100-
COO , Iho freight bill alone amounting to $10-
000. Besides the railway ofllcials anil promi
nent men aboard the train will bo uccompan :
led as far as Council Bluffs by Mr. N. S.
Russell , the senior member of the company
nnd Secretary G. M. Russell , who will spend
some time In the city looldnir ' over the west
ern branch located hero and , for many years
In ehargo of Mr. E U. Harris. They will ac
company the tralu no further , aud. after In
specting their property hero will return
\ homo. It la probable the board of trade will
. make some special effort to entertain and In
terest them.
The train will remain at the local depot of
the Burlington for hours und will at
tract many visitors. The shipment com
prises all kinds of asrtcultund Implements ,
but largely trnotion enulnoi nnd threshers.
This is the third train the company has sent
out loauod exclusively with the world famous
Mimlllon machinery that has boon sent west
and it is the best possible evidence of tha
solid and over increasing confidence of the
farmers tn the sterling qualities of the ma
chinery. A few year * neo the company was
content with ? inclo carload shipments , bnt
now the demand calls for special trains.
Wall paper.
4 double rolls for ftQc.
Boston store , Council Bluffs.
Ladles' Jersey vests , S c each , nt the Bos
ton StorOj Council Bluffs.
Outlnp flannel remnants at the BOSTON'
SIOIIK. Coi'son. BI.UI-FS , this week 5c a yard ,
lOo and l3lfo ! quality.
Curtain poles with brass fixtures and all
complete , I9c each , at the Boston Store ,
Council Blufts , this wcok.
Our line of carpets and parlor furniture
will hear Inspection. We o'ulm ' the largest
stock in the city. Mundcl & Klein.
All Chinese goods at half prlco at Jim
Lung's , ItOS Broadway.
Finioral of Jo'in
The funeral services of the late John W.
Kllgoro took place yesterday afternoon from
the Fifth avenue Methodist church , Rev. C.
\Y. Brewer officiating. The church was
( melted to Its utnioat capacity by the friends
of the deceased , and a most Impressive scr-
vlco was holtl. The members of Ahi Lincoln
post , Orand Army of the Republic , were
present , and all ttiat remains of the veterans
of the Mexican war. The old soldiers fol
lowed tha body to the grave , and at the
corner of Headway aud 1'oarl strcot they
were joined by the Woman's Uollof corps ,
Our sprhiR stock Is now complete. If you
want to ho In style call at Ucltor's , the tailor ,
UIO Uroadwuy. _
OutlnK flannel remnants at the
group , COUNCIL Hi.urrs , this week So a yard ,
lOo and 13J c iiuallty.
Who Siys Mont IH Going Up ?
Moschondorf don't say so , as the following
prices will convince you of :
Portornoufo steak , l-J < c.
Sirloin steak , I'-'Ko ,
Hound steak , lUe.
I'rinio rib roast , lOc ,
Shoulder roast , 7c. , ' v
I'ork roost , So.
1'ork chops , too ,
Voul , 7o to 12Wo.
Mutton , Co to 12) < c.
Shoulder steak. Ba
Sausaea of all klndr , 6c.
Dust No , 1 bains , Uc.
Host N'o. 1 bacon , Ho.
Hest No. I lard , 10a
IJest Fa 1 salt pork , Be.
Olco. auil butter , Ibo uudSOc.
Curtain poles with brass fixtures anil all
complete , 1'Jo ' each , at tlio 13o > tou tjloro ,
Couucll Uluff ) , tub week.
Entertainment Which Tonight's ' Council
Meeting Promises Those Who Attend.
MunJi Interest In tlio Uliolcn of n
Fife Olilrf and n Deputy Ctty
Clerk Oilier Matters
oT Interest.
The city council will meet this ovcnlnR.
Considerable interest has been excited among
the citizens In regard to this meeting , from
this fact that tonight Is the tirno whluh is
llxed by law for the election of street com
missioner and chlof of the fire department.
It Is probable tlioro will also bo an attempt
made to elect a deputy city cleric.
There is a great deal of uncertainty con
nected with the results of the election , and
no one would lllto to look through the dim
ness of the next twenty-four hours and see
what is going to bo done than the candidates
for the position of chlof of the flro ilopu-t-
ment. Tbo contest bos prncllcully nar
rowed itself down to one be
tween two men , Oliver Hague ,
and Frank Levin , the present chief. Levin
thinks his chances era us good as nny one's ,
blithe does not believe a majority of the
counclhncn arc pledged to support any ono In
particular. It ii stated thnt four of the al
dermen have agreed to veto for'n ' , though
none of them have given him nny uledgo that
they would stand by him to the bitter end.
James Bradley , electrician of the lire de
partment was in the race early in the season
when there was some talk of raising the sal-
aiy to $100 per mouth , but when It was de
cided that there would bo no change In the
salary ho cnmo to the conclusion thnt ho did
not want to give up his present & 0 Job for
ono whcro the responsibility and worlr nro
much greater and the pay only a trlCo over
half uOituch more.
An attempt will probably be made to elect
a deputy city clerk , but Mr. Stephen-son
states that ho will not bo the ono to spring
tha subject on the council. Ho proposed the
name of his son as his deputy at the last
regular mooting of the coiincll. but his choice
was not ratified. Since that time the matter
has boon allowed to rest. Mr. Stcphenson
states that hu has examined the ordinances ,
and bo Is convinced that they will allow him
to select his deputy himself , and that
the council has no right to refuse
to ratify his choice except for causa.
He is under bonds to the city to the amount
of $18,000 for the correct discharge of his
own duties and those of his deputy , and under
the circumstances ho thinks hoouphtto have
the riuht to say who that deputy shall bo.
Ou the other hand , it is stated that some of
the members of the council have friends
whom they want to appoint , and they stand
ready to oppose any choice thnt the clerk may
make , unless the candidate may bo of their
own choosing. Ills not likely there will bo
any election until the dend-loclc Is broken and
the clerk-mid the members of the council
come to a satisfactory understanding.
Alderman Wood has resurrected a scheme
which comes to light about once n year , and
will nsk tb/ > council to build an addition to
the city building and to put therein a vault
to hold the vnluaolo papers that are now left'
lying around the ofllccs ready for the burg
lars and the fires that never como. The ad
dition which It Is proposed to build are to DO
largo enough to contain oftlccs for the mayor ,
engineer and assessor. The city Is now put
to an expense of over forty dollars per month
to provide these ofllclals with suitable
oftlccs , and it is claimed that the saving of
runt will soon makeup for the added expense
caused by the building of the addition.
The police department will probably bo up
for discussion. A move is on. foot to cut
down ttio force , and it is stated , though not
oniclnlly , that the cut will bo made.
Drs. "Wood bury , dentists , ; ! 0 Pearl street ,
next to Grand hotel. Telephone 145. High
grade work a specialty.
Carpets , furniture , stoves , tinware , crook-
cry , in endless variety on easy payments at
Mandcl & Klein's.
When about to build don't fiul to get prices
on lumber of The Judd & Wells Co. , 813
Broadway ,
Not n fuloldo After All.
'Sestorday morning at. about 11 o'clock a
small boy with horror all over his face hunted
up Oftlcer Crafts and stated that there was a
man lying dead on the top of ashed buck of
the government building with blood running ;
out of both sides of his neck , which ho had
evidently punctured .with malice afore
thought. An Investigation was made.
in the mean tiir.o n largo crowd had gath
ered , in the hope of seeing a real live suicide.
Sure enough , the man was there , lylnjr
stretched out at full length nn the roof of
the shed , and the crowd watched every
movement of the ofllccr with the most fever
ish interest as ho scaled the side of the
building. The look of feverish interst
changed to ono of horror a moment later ,
when the oftlccr struck the prostrate object n
sounding blow on its feet , accompanied with
a rather sulphurous exhortation to get up
and out of that. The look of horror gave way
in turn to one of profound disgust , when the
supposed suieldoaroso with a sheepish face
and looked sleepily around him at the crowd
that had evidently gathered for his benefit.
It was found that the young man who had
caused all the excitement was Jasper Hinlloy ,
a stnblo hand. Ho had gene to the top of the
shed to survey the beauties of the Sabbath
morning , and whllo thus engaged ho had
fallen asleep. His coat was linnd with red
llannel , and as the morning breezes toyed
with it the flannel was displayed on each side
of his neck , resembling very closolv a large ,
voluptuous torrent of red blood. The crowd
dispersed without delay , and flvo minutes
later not one could bo found who would ad
mit that he bait over been taken in by a sul-
cido or anybody else.
The finest display of onyx fast black
hosierv Is to bo found at the Dostnn store ,
Council Bluffs , this week. All grades , from
the cheapest to the finest silk.
Shugart & Co. carry largest stock of bulk
Held , garden and ( lower scoua in the west
Catalogue und samples by mail.
The Fairmount Co cigar at the Fountain.
Opaque felt window shades Sic each , with
fixtures and all complete , at the Boston
Store , Council Bluffs , this week ,
Don't Like Coator. .
"Why don't you touch the waterworks
company up in regard to the alleged water
that they nro dishing " to us lately I" was
the query whloh mot a representative of
TUB BKB yesterday afternoon. "I have
drank some pretty burl water in Council
Bluffs In my day , but I don't think I over
before tried \o drink water that required
quite so much chewing. It is enough to
make ono sick to look at it , ana as for health ,
you may tell mo nil you please that Missouri
river clay Is good for tha human
system , but I shall still have my doubts. It
makes me wrathy every time I sea my bill
for water tax coma around , I am willing to
do my share of speculating In real estate , but
when it comes to taking It internally , I want
to draw the lino. The only way I can ac
count for the present state of affairs Is that
the water works company is trying to work
up a sale for some , now kind of filter. " And
the respectable citizen stopped.
Wall paper.
3fc u roll , Boston store ,
Council Bluffs.
at the
Itnslon Si < > ,
A visit to tha Doston Store , COUNCIL
BLUFFS , will convluco the most skeptical that
they are headquarters for everything in their
lino. This week they are showing bargains
in every department iu muslins , sheetings ,
dress goods , wash dross goods , hosiery ,
gloves. The latest in spring Jackets and
Military capos , J3.00. M.fiO , H.OO and t5,00.
COUNCIL Bujirra.
Cnllnl tlioTurn nn n Safe Key llclilnil
AVIiloli wns $ :12,000 :
"Tlic buslnoHS nnd sporting llfo of the
plonoors on the golden shores nnd in the
'glorious ' cllmato of California' was a
fovorlsh one , " days Gonornl William
Humphreys , an old pioneer , in the St.
Louis Glow-Democrat. "To Iho 40crs
the oldest things of the ofToto cast lnul
tms od uway anil nil things lutd become i
now. It was not nn unusual thing at J
Billy Owens' plnco to sec umtin walk In I
nnd lay down a certificate of deposit for
$10,000 on the ! icohuvhi llrst asked tlio *
banker to cover hl bet. Without a
change of muscle bunker nnd player
would ubltlo the coming out of the ncc ,
and If the bank won ho qulotlv rnkcd in
his $10,000 cortlllcato of deposit , laid it
in liia loft hand drawer , und the man In
front of the table wont out n wiser and a
poorer tnnn to begin prospecting nguln
ut Poverty Plat.
"I once wiw a rich man como in and
tiring of 'picking' along with $300
bets on a single card , ho nonchalantly
tapped on the high card with his poncfl
as ho said : 'Mr. Dealer , I'll just go yon
on the high card my threo-story hrlck
house , near the Palnco hotel , against
your $20,000 , ' nnd drawing out of his
pocket his deed , the bettor laid it on the
two. 'Iono'siild ) the dealer , who waa
likely to have a * 10,000 bank roll in his
pockut and n reserve fund uf $100,000 In
a small wife in tlio corner of his gambling
holl. Quietly the otitsldo hotting wont
on and nearly all the cards were outtho
nco being the 'soda' curd and three ncos
still in the box. The doud still lay on
the ace. At hist , when king , jack and
thrcoaces were the only cards in the box ,
the butter Bald : Hold , Dealer ! I'm d d
tlrod of that r > co. It's going to split. I
want to put my brick house on the king.
Are you ngrcedV" 'Cert , ' exclaimed the
dealer. Ho pulled. Outctuno the king ,
falling nt the right of the dealer. The
bank lost. The man with the brick
house won $20,000. 'How will you have
your monoy'Bald Mr. IDenlor. 'Cheek , '
laconically answered the lucky gaiublor.
The tloalor'a sldo partner filled out u
cheek , while the game wont on. "
"Billy Owens and Judge Jones were us
eloso as the Sinmc&o twins to each other.
The bond that bound them was a friend
ship that only ended with the lifo of
Judge Jones , who died with his boots on
in his own fnro bank , killed by a cowboy
who got the drop on him In a fight over
u disputed bet. One night in May , when
the gtuno 'run light , ' as gumblorg say ,
and Judge Jones hud played in a good
streak of luck for a month , Billy Owens ,
Hushed with 'Old Otard , ' came back to
from his pal-
the faro lay-out sumptuous
aoo of urn und sin. Walking up to his
chum ho said ho said : 'Judgo Jones ,
this is a mighty moan game with these
hundred-dollar pikers around the board.
How much you got in that big safe over
yonder ? ' 'Just 2,000 , in thar , old man , '
opliod tho. judge , 'and that's just
32,000 moro'n you've got the sand in
' '
your craw to try and win. 'An , that's
your littlp gnmo , is it , old Texas never
tire ? ' exclaimed Billy Owens , just full
enough for a 'Ilyor. ' 'I'll just go you
my check on the California bank
for $32,000 , , cohl 'plunkors. " 'Put up or
shut up , Billy , sententiously answered
the Texas judge , ns his steel gray eyes ,
expanding wide , shone like two white
diamonds. Billy Owens walked over to
Iho gamblers' escrotoiro and ayoll
regulated gambling place is never with
out a table railed a'beerotary , ' whcro
pen and ink are ready , and bank
checks , without any particular
bank's name , can alwnys bo found. The
saloon keeper filled up a chock on the
bank of California for & ! 2,000 and signed
it up and walked back to Judge Jones.
"Up to this moment Jones thought
Billy wna foolin' . Ho was mistaken.
"I'll bet this is the pot 0 , 7 , 8 against ,
your safe and contents. ' 'It is well , '
eaid Jones without a stnllo , pulling out a
big safe kov from hib side pockot. and
slapping it down hard In the pot. 'That
represents my wealth , ' said dealer
Jonos. All the other players ceased to
watch the game. The third turn , as the
key laid hugging the check for $ i ,0U ( ) ,
the six , seven , and eight spots came out
of the box. "Busted ! by the everlasting
jumping jingo ! ' yelled the Texas judge ;
but d n my eyes , Billy , you are the
very man I want to win if I must lose. "
"Tho bank broke , and till daylight
Billy Owens made it lively for the boys ,
nnd within a week , the judge , who
closed his bank nnd wont uway. struck
it rich in a placer mine , nnd opened up
a now game more gorgeous than the
ilrbt , in epito of ills landlord calling the
turn on his safe key. "
No grlplne , no nausea , no pain when Do
Witt's LHtlo Early liisers are taken. Small
pill. Safe pill. Best vlll.
A Curious c'olnci lencc ,
"Speaking of coincidences , " Bald the
man with the wooden log , as ho lighted
a half consumed cigar he had boon cur
rying in nn old handkerchief ; "speaking
of coincidence ? , gentleman , I can toll
you a very singular thing. I was going
up Nlagar.v street , in .Buffalo , when I
saw a man with a wooden leg on the
other side of the street coming down.
Wo looked across nt each other and
stopped. Says I to myself , und says ho
to himself :
' "That follow lost his leg at the battle
I'm sinner ! ' "
of Gettysburg , or a
"Well ? " asked one of the group.
"Wo looked at each other across tho'
street for a moment , and then says I to
myself and says ho to himself :
' 'I'll strike him for a quarter , und nn
old comrade and fellow-sufferer will shell
out. " '
"Well ? "
"Very curious coincidence , gentlemen
very curious , " continued the man , as
ho puffed away ut his old stub. " Wo
mot on the crosswalks. Wo shook
Imnds. Wo struck each other for a
quarter , but didn't got it. Wo were both
dead brolco. Neither of us WHS in the
buttlo of Gettysburg , or any other bat
tle. Then says I to myself , und says ho
to himself : *
"Blast his eyes ! but ho's traveling on
his shape and tolling a tale of woo , and
' associate with'nnd !
ho's no man for mo to
so wo walked oil. I don't like coincidences
there's In 'cm. "
dences myself ; no money
Fulilo Tor tin ) Alliance.
Detroit Free Proas : Ono day u Peas
ant drove his Flock of Sheep into an
Inclosuro and was preparing to Denude
them of their long and Heavy Fleeces ,
when a Ewe , which was the oldest of
the lot , suddenly Objected and said :
"I have long thought this un Outrage
on our Rights , and 1 now Demand to betaken
taken before the Cadi , who will give a
Decision. "
The Peasant , nothing loth , led the
Ewe to the village , wher < j the Cadi ( who
invented the Cadi hat ) was then receiv
ing the Complaints of Ills Subjects ,
After Hearing both Sides of the Story
ho Stroked his long Board , scratched
Ills right Shin with his loft Foot , und
replied :
"My Decision is that the Peasant shall
nor rob vou of your Wool. "
"Good" ! I Know I was Right ! " chuck
led the Ewo.
"But I further Decide , " continued the
Caul as ho relieved the Tickling In his
Throat with a Cough Drop , "thnt the
Peasant neither feed , Lodge nor longer
euro for you. In fact that ho turn you
out to Slilft for your olf. .If you are not
willing to mnko him any Return ho will
bo a wibo man to got rid of you. *
Looks now as if the Backbone of Winter -
tor wan Broken.
Weight Overcoat Sale-
Beginning Monday we will display Light Weight Overcoats in cloth faced Melton5 *
$10 silk faced Black Cheviots and Fancy Worsteds , which we have marked down to
wlU sell at $10 , Nothing like them ever shown in Omaha , Made in our own work
rooms , A backward season affords you an opportunity to buy fine goods away under price , See
samples in show windows , ,
7 1\ \ W 111
Corner 15th and Douglas Streets.
The Order Will Celebrate the Twenty-Pifth
"Sear of Its Existence.
Procrammo of the I > Tcrciso i A l-
dresses "Will I3o I\ln < lo by Well
Known Speakers Lincoln
as a General.
The Grand Army of the Uepubllc posts In
nil parts of the country will today celebrate
the twenty-fifth anniversary or tuo lounuing
ot the order and the posts in this city will
have appropriate commemoration exorcises.
All members of the order and of other or
ganizations that have grown out of it , includ-
inctho Women's Rcllof Corps and Sous of
Veterans , are expected to attend and partici
pate.Phil Kearney post No. 0 will meet nt their
hall at Port Omaha ; George A. Glister post
No. 7 , at their regular headquarters , 110
Noith Fifteenth street ; Gate City post No.
02 , at Goodrich hall , and ( J. S. G raut post
No. 110 , at 107 South Fourteenth street.
Ueorgo A. Crook camp No. , 1 , Sons of "Vet
erans , and branches ot the Women Hollof
Corps connected , with the various Grand
Army ot the llopubUo * poits , the names of
which they have adopted , will meet at their
accustomed places. Literary and musical
and addresses
programmes have been prepared
dresses will bo delivered by well knowa
Ijincoln as a. General.
An interesting series of articles has just
boon concluded In the Now York Sun on Lin
coln as a General. Under the Initials of J.
II.V. . , the identity of the author of the pa
pers is disguised. But a significant thing in
connection with this discussion Is the fact
that the views therein expressed are prob
ably in accord with these of Eaitor-in-Chlof
Dana , whom it will bn remembered was as
sistant secretary of war during the civil
war. These conclusions were drawn in the
closing paper : it is not to bo contended that
Lincoln , whoso duties asjhead of the govern
ment neccssarially confined him to the con
trol of its military p ollcy , and as commander-
In-chicf of the army and navy to the consld.
erationof questions of satrtegy , or the pen.
era ! direction of campaigns , had over ac
quired a knowledge of tactics. Whllo it
Is indubitable that ho sought to control
the combination of mosses and their
direction upon the vital points of the
confederacy , agnlnst its principal armies ,
and lu this great branch of the military art
developed a hliihor degree of skill than nny of
his generals , it was manifestly out of his
province to manoeuvre the national forces in
the presence of the enemy. What would
have been his success had ho dona this must
always remain a matter of conjecture ; but
considering tils mouesty , his perfect self-ro-
lianco , his foresight , Ills wisdom , his wary
and crafty nature and , above all , his unshak
able resolution. It Is not to bu supposed that ho
would have made a failure as n tactician. Ho
roiiembleu Leo innmnyof his loftier attributes
of character , and was his equal , if not his
superior , lu such as uro possessed In common
by all leaders of men.Vlth the same mili
tary education and experience thcro can bo
scarcely a doubt that ho would hnvo
equalled , if ho had not surpasssed , the fore
most soldier of his tlnio. Of course ho
know but little of logistics or the details of
supplying and moving urmlos ,
but these are the purely technical branches
of the business that any well instructed oni-
cor can manage , and which were managed
with extraordinary ability hi our armies :
thus thov wore clearly beyond his sphere of
duty , and may bo neglected la an estimate of
his place la history as a military man. The
work of Nicolay and Hay contains many dis
patches , letters and documents , and many In
teresting chapters , such as these relating to
the "Trent affair" and ito the rebel cruisers ,
and also to the able administration of the
navy by Mr. Welles and bis subordinates ,
throwing light upon LlmjrtLn's extraordinary
character as the head of the government In a
great military crikis ; but , to comment fully
upon thorn would require a volume. No ono
can road thorn dispassionately without reachIng -
Ing the conclusion tlmt Lincoln was not only
a great statesman , but hi a larger souse a
great general , and a gvwatadministrator , the
greatest that this country over produced
with the possltilo exception of Washington
alone. ,
The policy and plans advocated by him wll
bear the closest and mojt , critical scrutiny.
It has been shown tlmt uch otttiom as were
fairly tried were successful , and it must nl
ways remain a matter * of profound roRVOi
that upon ut least two .supreme occasions in
the country's history hiaurgent commands
were neglected or dUoboycd. Thcro is no
longer room to doubt that If ho had been per
milled to have his way the cnoray wouli
have been vigorously attackoa ImmedlaU-lj
after the battle of Antlotam and the battle o
Gettysburg , and that the chances were
largely In favor of conclusive victory lu boll
Finally , In the words of Ralph Waldo Em
erion , quoted by our authors , tt Is truly sold
"Ho grow according to the need ; hU mind
mastered the problem of the day
and as tha problem grow so dli
his comprehension of it. It can
not bo sutcl there U any exaggeration of his
worth. If ever a man wns fairly tested ho
was. There was po lack of roslstanco , nor o
slander , nor of rldlculo. Then what an ocoa
slon was the whirlwind of the warl Hero
was no place fur a holiday magistrate ' no
fair-weather sailor , The now' pilot wa
pinned to the helm In a tornado. In fou
years , four yean of bittlo days , his ondur
unco , lib fertility of resources , his iiminmn
imltj. were sorely tried und never fount
u anting , There , by bis courage , his Justice
his oven temper , his fcrtllo counsel , his
humnnltv , ho stood a heroic figure in the center -
tor of a heroic epoch 1"
Attention , Sol < llcrn and Sailors ,
Monday evening , April 0 , will bo the
twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of
the Grand Army of the Republic. In com
mon with all Grand Army of the Uepubllo
posts in the United States , U. S. Grant post ,
No. 110 , will hold n special commemorative
meeting that evening at its hall , 10T South
Fourteenth street.
All soldiers and sailors of the civil war , the
Rons of Yetorns nnd the ladles 6f the Hctlof
Corps nro earnestly urged to bo p'cseiit , both
as a duty and a pleasure. The public also is
cordially invited ,
Formal addresses may bo expected from
Major Clarkson , Judge Benson and Judge
Fawcott. Tuero will also be recitations and
1 hko my wife to use Pozzonl's Complexion
Powder because it improves her looks imd is
as fragrant as violets.
At tlie Temple.
At the temple on Ilarnoy street near
Twenty-fourth , the L. A. C. E. , a literary
society , will civo an entertainment on Mon
day evening at 8 o'clock. A fine programme
consisting of several vocal and instrumental
selections by some of the best local talent Is
to bo rendered. The lecturer of the evening
will bo Kov. A. W. Lamar , pastor of the
First Baptist church of this city. His sub
ject is entitled , "Recollections of the South. "
All nro cordially invited to attend , and will
bo shown scats by the ushers ia attendance.
It is very important in this ago of vast ma
terial progress thnt a remedy bo pleasing to
the taste and to the eye.easily taken , accept
able to the stomach and healthy lu its nature
and effects. Possessing these qualities ,
Syrup of Figs is the ono perfect laxative nnd
most gentle diuretic known.
SOUTH OT/.llf/l.
First Communion.
At. 8 o'clock yesterday morning at St.
Agnes' church ono of the most interesting of
bo services of the Catholic church wa * sol-
emni/.wl. About forty youmr persons took
their llrst communion , Commencing Wed
nesday afternoon at 4:30 : o'clock the youths
wont into retreat to prepare for thn solemn
The services began at 8 o'clock with the
Hov , Father Morhirty celebrating solemn
ligh mass. The music for the occasion wns
St. Clair's high mass In U. The choir
consisting of Mrs. Kppos Cory , organistMra ,
Dennis McCulloy. soprano , Miss Minnie Mor-
iarty , alto , Mr. Thomas J. O'Graay , tenor ,
and ftlr. William 1) ) . Perry , basso , was as
sisted by an orchestra.
Following is a list of the communicants :
Misses Marv IcLaugblln , Martha Mikul-
ski , Mary ICratky , Mary Newton , Theresa
McHrldo , Joslo Corcoran , M.iggio Uvvycr ,
Cnristinu Eggor , Li/7.1u Lang , Anna Boyle ,
Mogglo McMahon , Hose Hughes , Mngeio
Murphy , Lizzie Uouahuo. Mary Konnedv ,
Murv McKoan , Angelina Fitzgerald , Maggie
McGulruk , Anna O'Hara , Mary Uarr , Nulllo
Tighe , Bridget Brodorick , Theresa bullivan ,
Alice llicku.v and Lillian Swift and Messrs.
Joseph O'llcru , John Gllltn , Joseph Carroll ,
William Newton , Timothy Sullivan , Uov
Campbell , James Hood , Thomas Dcucy und
Charles \Vinkler ,
At 3 o'clo-jk in tlio afternoon the children
renewed tbcir baptismal vows at the sumo
time Miss Cora Hooch was oaptlsed.
Political 1'alaver.
The meeting called to meet in Howloy's
mil last night to take political notion
attracted a largo crowd , but after an
malca a long
tail ( talc ) short.
A man , after
no has eaten
a good dinner ,
may feel extra
vagantly joyous ; Imt the next day
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ia laxative , thrco to tour cathartic.
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charm , and yon get a lasting hencfit
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' satisfaction
urers guarantee they'll give
tion , or your money is returned I
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nil kinds of pcrap niotuls.
Country dealers and merchants will
find it to their udvnnttigo to eotninmii-
ciite with us hoforo disnoslnti of tholr *
Union Broadway Depot ,
Tol. 301. Council DiulTa , Ia.
SCOH | ! Sfcda ! Scoils !
At Colo's hardware store , 41 Main
street , you cnn got the best weeds. Wo
boll in bulk and can prlvo double the
seeds for tlio money that you can buy by
tlio paper. Our seoils nro nil fresh and
tested nnd recommended by local par
doners to bo the host seeds obtuinublo.
Full line of field and garden soctls.
v 1HO1.
Wo are the paoplo to flpruro with for
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Grant lino. COLK & COLE ,
41 Main Strcnt.
informal discussion it was decided to iuijouru
to moot lu Rojvloy's hall touiRht. All citi
zens are requested to attend ,
A well-attended meeting , undcfttood to bo
la the Interest of A. B. llnloy for council
man , was hold nt Nineteenth nnd H streets
yesterday afternoon. ,
Candidate John J. Gorman has returned'
from Ashland to loolt after his councilnumic
The candidates on the official ticket are :
Vor city clerk John J. Kyati.
For members of the board of education J.
I ) . Jones , James II. Dulla Danlol Condon ami
Frank J. Person.
For councilman First ward E. B. Towlo ,
A. V. Alillor , John F. Hiehlmrl llllam M.
Wood ; Second ward James H. Fleming ,
Joseph W. Sipo , A. B. Hnloy John J. Gor
man , GcorRd W. Ball ; Third ward Jnha N ,
Burke , Frederick Bowloy and Patrick Heor.
don ; t'ourth ward John S. Wnltors , John
Henry hooehner and Jeremiah Howard.
l a 12 writing.
About 11 o'clock flro started in a dwelling
house at Twonty-slxth and O streets , owned
bv Al Jacobson. Tbo house was occupied by
Gllson Ailums and family , hut nemo of them
v\cro at homo. It was burned with all its
contents. Mr. Adams' loss Is about $ OOU ,
fully insured.
The Q. S. government nro usinRlarpoiium-
bcrs of the Improved IIiiwo scales. Dordcn
& Sellock Co , , agents , Chicairo , 111.
PEKKOSAl , FA. KA tilt A Ji'ilS.
1C. K. Harden of Lincoln is at the Mlllnrd.
U. It. Deeksnn of O'Neill is ut thoMhlurd.
A. JC. Hilkon of Kearney , is at the Paxton.
It. K. Krank of Kearney , is at the Paxton.
J. C. Ford of Dos Molnus Is at the Del lone.
R. U. Wilson of Lincoln is at the Murray.
J. LBuUor of West Point ls at the Mur
ray.John Rccso of Broken now , Is at the Pax-
ton.V. . H. Woodurd of Lincoln Is ut the Mil-
lard.C. H. Dietrich of Hustings Is at the Mil
lard.P. G. Crentz of Hushvllle , Is nt the Mil-
Theodore C. Koch of Fullcrton , is at the
Henry T. Oxnard of Giand Island Is at tlio
Millard. ,
Jack 1 . Garrett of Nebraska City is at the
H. P. Snumway \Vakoflcld , is at the
K. A. Brown of Nebraska City is at the
Dellono ,
W. H. Savidgo of Pocatello , Idaho , is at
the Paxton ,
M. H. Thorp and John L. Patterson of Ne
braska City arc at tha Dcllono.
J. N , Koonu , S. Schram unuT. P. Thomp
son of Lincoln orout the Murray.
Ben Parker and xvifo returned from the
cast jestc-rday. They nro ut the Dcllono.
Mrs , Cass Richardson of IlonnclUvlllo , N.
Y. , Is visiting her sister , Mrs. S. W , Nilcs ,
Mrs. Mary K. Blcdlor and Mrs. W. J.
Jones of Marljsvllle , Vu , are at the
Pax ton.
Mr. Ocorpo L. Ilarnoy of Boward , Nob. ,
inaniiit'ir of the Key loss lock company , is In
the cltyIlo reports business exceptionally
Mr. Frank G. Carpenter of Washington ,
the celebrated correspondent whoso letters
have been a standard feature of Tim 13en , Is
in the city , on-rnuto to Mexico. Mr. Carpen
ter Is accompanied by Miss Carpenter , a sis
ter , of Mnnsllcld , O. He coos south lu quust
of mntcrlnl for a series of hitters , whluh will
excel any of his former distinguished work.
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pill ever made. Cure constipation every
time , None equal. Use- thorn now ,
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tlio OltySto , mi liuinilry , IU North Mala
slrout ; stonily work and Rood wages. _
JN houses for rent. Claries Mattel ,
> lioiiao.aXIVourtli nt ,
171OU UENT--r cllliiR |
JIDrooiiiM , convenient to motor lluu and c on
er of business. XI' . loilo & Co.
\ \ ANTKD-Mmi with small family to work
' on a gnrtlnn ; nn oxporleni'cil Rardenof
nrofcnoil. Apply ( o Joliiiston i. Vuu I'attun ,
Kvoiolt Dlock.
- trlrl for Kotiurnl honao-
WANTGD-Oood . at Mru. 1' . M. 1'ryor , UU
HlulT itrcou
cnsh cimtnmor for four lots biitwccn
HAVE unil2iitli ! . . Ijotwoun Ave 1) ) and 4th
avc.J. 1' . OiroiislileldH , Cl'J liroudwn ; ,
IorPalo lhavo purchusoO a ( liio lot
HAV liar , which I will null hyc.irload or In
flinull iiuunUIUiH. Inavu orders ut No. 1323
West llroadway. H. Gold.ituln & Co.
TfUOIT farm ftirsalo or trades well loentod
JL' null nil In bunrlns ; t'ooil IIOUHO and burn.
Will tnko some Rood city property , nnd good
tlinoiivui. nn bulanco. Cull on or address 1) ,
J. llutuhliiscm A Co. . GITIIroudwiiy.
TJ OK SALE A IIBIWO u'nd lnrn lot on cnsy
- [ ) lyuiuiils. Inijulro at 4(15 ( 1'urlt avenue ,
Coiint'lf HluirH. Ia.
\\r .1. LAPTKltWASSRU has moved his
TIvarolioiiMi from ! ! > llroitdmiy toWJ
Hroadwav , whoiolm will keep on baud u line
stock of furmiL'o llxturoi.
THOU UKXT Tlio MoMahon block , II story
JL brick , wltli basement uud olovutor. J.w.
Bqnlio , 101 I'oarUtrtiot.
OR SALE A bargain ; now modern Monso
with all tlu > late liiiprovoimmH ,
rooms ; will soil on misy paymmit.s ; located on
tlio nrjh Hveiiuu motor lino. 1) . J , llutohla-
Bun.lU ? Ilroadway.
TT10H 3\LB or Hunt-Oar bn land , wltti
X J It. lUoo. 1UJ Uiln it. , Oounolt
Bluff !
Or Council Bluffs.
CAPITAL STOCK 8150,000 ,
Dm-TOM I. A. Mlllor , K. 0. Olowm , E. fj.
Slnunrt , C. E. U.irU . J. U EMinundmn. Ohixrloa
C. lluunui : Tr.miaot U.inking Uuil-
nesi Lirost : and surntui ot nny
banklii H mUiwonurn [ jwa.
T1IHOAT Sl'1201 AI.IST ,
Council Illulli , la.
Alldlawejof the IIVI ! .
KAlt , NOSKniicI TIlKOA'l
treated w > ' .l > tlio uruntuil
fcklllund onro.
and HAY KKVH.ll tronUJ
with nmlnent KIICCOJS.
BUltaiUALOI'KUA.TIONH , where nocemirr. Piln-
lessly performed wltli tlio utmoit euro ami klll , nt-
eurlnit perfect remits. VINKdF ( HjASSHS aoour-
otclr projcrlboil , coirooting all rofritctlra "troublos ,
n < Mjroplo , llTlwopln. /Vitlalnathm ' , thin ran-
ilcrlni ; nUlil o'Hjr , oloar und [ illulo-ii. OHIIO.VIO
NKUIlAUilA mil HICK IIIOAUVJIIH , after join
oflcrrllile xttTorlnK , no rollof , entlroljr curoJ. Oilloa ,
Hoom 1 , Shuuitt Uluck , over HOMO iCo.'iitora ,
Cuunoll lllulta , lit.
Corner Main nnlroT. . < ] wiv.
Doalort In fnrotgn ( inJ donostlo xclnnt *
C'olloutlon undo und lutormt [ laid on
rinleyBurke. Thos. B. Omdy ,
Ofllcos ! J. J , Drown Building. Council HlufTj ,
lown ,
D. I-I. McDaneld & Co. ,
Butchers' ' aid Packers' Supplh ; ,
Markal Fixl'jras ' , Casing ,
Fplcos uud Hiiusax" MakurV Machliiury , R20.
Kii Miilnst. , Cdiuiull lilulU lu. Also ilbalun
n 111 < U' and
The Now Ogden Hotel , la Council IIHiTi ,
Inn lioon completid raturnlshe 1 an mojorn-
lz d throunnout , and i now ona of the bast
hotels la the st.ito. It U locutuJln. tha bull.
iiDsspirt of tiu ctty an 1 th olostrio mjtor.l
pans tlia door every four mlnutoa. Fira
captnand flro itlarmi-thron hoH tl > 3 bilU-
Intl. Staain lioat , hot unlcm Id watar an I
fmiiuhlnn in uvury riiam. T.abld uixsarpxssJ J
anywhere. Uutos , $ < i.UO a clay ,
GBO.M. WIIITNEIY , Manager ,