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    THE OA1A11A DAILY DAYr , 3MAKOH IB , 181)1 ) ,
\ Healthy Prospects for a Big Bow lu the
\ Btnto Association.
\ \
, w ViuM.r . IIPIinlimtlim : I'roiuUocl That
\Vlll UcMiilt In tlio HniMhiil of
llioVnltlilcHi llio 1)1
Hnnnony wasn't ' ni bla ( fetturoof tlio
Coin ontlcii nf tlio XobrisUii i.utiiliQiinea'8 ns
kocitttliiii , \xlilc-li rlosod In this city \SeclniM
On } , as p ilillslu-d leiioits nnu outxviud up
H Itulic'iitc'd.
xxcro inuli' , of conrc , tn Inx'o the
i of tlio sessions triiisnetoil ciulutlr
ttail to smooth oxer nn > dUtttrbaaccj tbnt
Diiulit luuo become nuairudt in a nilUl
The , wet Int Ion IB only ft joir olil , and
Vblli'tt Inn In-eii fnitl.x prosperous , is not In
hroiullllnti to Htmul a' lntnl"r nttoxiu ami
that Is just Is nou proinisiit
Ono of the prim null ubJiHtB of llio nisocla-
lion into pioUut its tri'inherft Iroin untliio
opposition from 1'iich other In cortnln turil-
tory urn ) u tuln piow'tiUholusilo clu..lor <
from si'lltii iliiptto ( ron uinon In the torrl
tory ot .i retail dcilcr A tlnii isllxod for the
Mutation of this inlo.
Dining tin ) nicotine on Tiiiwlnj complaint
tMis niuli' Umt 0 N lldtof Otnnlui hiil vie
lated the nun mid \viis subjection line fin
; lout of hiinlit-i ton cousuimi
11 ttio tcrtltory ot n incmbci of the imocla-
HophltiK to tlio churiro Mr Doltr ax-
tiltiiniMi Unit ho illil not know the Mini nf-
Ic'c'totl 1 > \ ills shipment uas lopicscMil'Ml In
the ussoi i.Uioti 'J lui Mc.rut.urr ! uliiiued to
tiotlllcil Mt Oi-H ? that such xxas I ho case , tint
us then sii'inecl to Dtisoiiic , iiusutuicsrstunclitij ;
ttio elmrtfo was dioppcil
L..ilcr ! it xxas clmi'Koil tint Mt Dolt ? hid
fhliKil | throu otti of lumber from Ills Lin
Coin xuril Into ten linn of numbers of the
Imoeitition Mr Lollin < ' \i > l ntilnc this
clmiiti' , loft thii Impulsion that his Lincoln
Jatclsxxi'io not U'piiui'iitiM In thonssocii
linn , null tint elinrKoxxas also dtoppoU but
Tvas rex iM'cl with vlKorlicn it was after-
\\nrct Icainoil that lliojimh in ouistionoro
fcuhji'it t < the mips of the insooiitlon
This was dlsu\orci ) at tlio ini < ctii ! | ! of the
bo.iid of cllivrton In the afternoon and Mr
pollxxiis Oiilloii upun for an i'Xiluinlioii. | Ho
replli'il In a iniinnor thu : did not plcitso the
dli odors and n decidedly tioplcul meeting ro-
ul to ! It was found impoisililo to offi'ct a
Milislai ton adjustment of the ttoulilo and
the mwUnn ailjoui iRil \ \ itli tlio im ; > tession
pioxulonl that Mr jroinij to Inuiijj-
Urnt" a M n aKalnsl tlio aasoi-Iiitloti.
Thin1 aio "d"i jnuls in tlio state repro-
ficntul lu the nssoclitijti of u total of OUT
nix htindreil vauls A war woulil cause sotiio
lixelx liusUinj. . The nssoU.ilion has pro-
tiatcxl for It in a inoasino by lo-clt'ellnir
Mr. W ( ' ° Sumlc'ihml sociotniy and u > -
quliiii ) , ' him to dexoto his entire time to
tlio business of the nssocl ition Hoill nt
cmcountci upon a cnininiKU in the stuto fur
tlio pmposoof Ineioasinn the iiiuuber hiu of
the association.
Thpio Is nothuiRUuo Di Thomui' KlPctuo
L Oil to quickly rmo a cold 01 lollnvo a lioaiie-
iie,3Vuttoiib \ Mrs M .1. tVllous , Una-
Oak , St. Joseph Co , ilk h
sou in OMAHA' . * !
I'ropni-atioiiH u * > lailn for It
j Nidi's.
To the dcmociiillc doctors of South Omaha
Tlio regular dcninirntiu iirlmunes aie
licrob.s cillud for Tiicsilaj , March 17 , IV.U ,
botwonn this hours of 12 in and 7 p m The
following are tlio polliiiK placuj foi thoto-
spuithe wauls.
riist ward , liarnaid Blum'b scale house ,
Tw cut } -sixth stieot
Seiond waul , Judge J. I-ovy's ofllie ,
ffwenUsixth stieot.
1'hiid ward , John Ivlluer's hotel , Q
nnd'HuiU llrst sUieets
roiutli wind , i\cliatiKobuIIdimr
Said pimmiies ixto for the puiposo of jilic-
In in nomination niouniilman in each wai J
At Iho same llmo llneo ilolt-patos shall bt >
elected fiiim culi w ml ton convention to be
hold In Km\lej's hall , Tlmrsilay , March Hi ,
pt " p in , said con \intion to pi ice in notiihm
tion n i lU clorlc , two momhora of the bond
Ot odiic.ition anil a citj central comuilttoe for
tlio Micci oil IIIK sear
Uj oidei cltj contul committee
ICi i H lei ) i ) , Chairman.
A KattlliiK I'n/c
Bid blood , agKni\atod by Into pugilistic
lionors won , caused Dutih Fied nnd Hans
the Dutihman , nccotuuaniud by a hiindicd
f nuids and spoctatois , to go lo Goi mania
hall last niKht to settle , bu combination of
cvobiow holds and Quoensbuiy rules , who
vii5 the bi'llor man 'iho room was soon
inado icndy nud , with little prellniiiiaiy
voik , the ) closed in battle. Aftur fout tor-
litlc lounds , tie mosl vicioiib Hcliliu e\or
seen in HIP city , Hans the Dutchman weak
ened and the light waj awaided to Dutch
The bond of lOfe'latrulinn will sit on Kil-
laa. . id Sntutdny , April Ji and 2b , and bat-
utdny , Aptil 1. _
Notes About llic ( lly.
HjitrvH IIuihPs ot Valparaiso ib the guest
Of frunuls m the city
Jlrs IVtorJ Hanson , w no has biea ill for
a month , K able to bo about
Yii-toi i ; Umeiothis trono to Atlantic , 1 1 ,
Called tluno b > the illnus' , of iilati\ei
Ocorse l.ootihall of the L'nilativ force cut
the ludiv lliiKir of Ids lofl hand Tuusihu
CanUiln Prink 1 _ Hail of the Stockmnu
fouo is able to i-oauiiio nib labuu aflur : i
W eck's il'.nobS.
A t cl\ pound son has been born unto Mr
nnd Mrs l duard liroaiiihnn , und all Mr.
Biwnibnn's fi lends on the stock ) aids aio
concratulatiiift the h ippi father.
Paul , iiROd scron months , son of Mr and
Mii 1' 0 Amlerson of Alhriht ( , died tit s
o'clotk Tuosdav inoininir , and wab huiiod at
a o'clock jobtordnj aftcruoou In Lauiel ilill
couiotei\ \
J G Armogastnnd J "E Lindsey had
sou e Uimbor deal nt AVlUlams' camp , anil
o\v Mr L.ludsoy has complained bcfoio
Judec Kinjj clmrnhiir Mr Armopust w ith ob
tainiiiK : goods under false prolenses
"it is not penornlly knoivn , " said Matin ? ? ?
' N Ilabcock of the Union stockjaids ,
'but it co-.ts > llioy.uds eoinpanj n round $1,000
n month alone to r > 'inoo iho olTal fiom Iho
yardb. The nocCbSiuy eipenses of the jards
urct > impl > enormous"
An ojior cicpt in tlio report of the proceed
Ings of the citv council m the report of the
circulation of Tin OMIIIA HIM The pub
lished lepoit only gtivo the circulation of
Tut UviMNdHn Thoiijcnlatlon of Till !
JJch in South Omaln is 7.'s and in Douglas
county ll.Jlls
Clioped from the Canada Presb > teiinu
undei of C. niackctt Robinson ,
J'ronr 1 was cured of oft recurt ing billlous
lieudacbes by Hurdock Illood Illttow.
One of llio mnnv provisions of the J
lo.x bill provides thnt all dut > shall bo ie-
io\eel front sugar after April 1 , nnd it fur-
thoi prox ides Umt siife'nr may bo tnanuf.iC'
timvl in bond during Maich and ucllx'ciod on
Aptil 1 to tlio do.ilors
Tbo Icxal customs oftlcers luvo received no-
the tliniaooutono hundred enrloncls of sugar ,
consigned in bond to Omaha jobbers , ia arm1
ou iu x\.ix , uoro , and \xill bo put on the inar-
kotimiii'dlnteiy after llio 1st prox. Tbo
clut.x wlilcb Is to boromoxoU nmounts to about
2 re'au > per jiouucl , and its txunoxul is ex
pected to be folloxxcd by o c'crrc-sDoartitiS to
cliK'tion In the priopof that necessaix article ,
\vbicb xxould gixo the consumer about Uxeuly
i pounds for $1 ,
l Afjnto benrlnp scales , oofteo mills xx ith foot
, poxxer , Ricoers tofrlRerotors , liutter coolers ,
C.ituloguo of Bordoa it bellock Co , Chlwgo.
Tlic ClirlHilan in Clnircli Mfi- .
Canon Doliorty of Broxxnell ball conducted
tlio noonday Icaton sorvlcus at Bojii's OKJIM |
house jcsterday , during tlio course ofxhich
limlt'llxeri'ii anborttulkoa "IhoClnUtlaa in
CliutcU Life , " profutittg Uis tx'uiarks by say.
itiK tint lie protxwd to delUir a icri * ot
short t ukt ( mkitidrixt toi > tc < ilurlNir * * " ' utt "
rhinlntor look ns Inttixt tin UIJUIM 'un
oft hrlst Unit liu disiinli sh ) hl uiliiK'lo
mind that whlili ho had tnupht tind worship
not on ! ) with the spit It , but w Ith thtf under-
tiiiilliiR and bo able ? to K'W" runon foi thu
liipo that win In thoin
The < peakfr said thnt the trouble with the
chuiclm.i'n of tndnr win tint they did not '
fl\o ! inoiiKli iillontioii to Iho ( UUlio lnuiM'- )
thin to worship with tlio uiulurstandlutf Ho (
said he did uot piiipuselo ili i'r > sontlinontal |
million , in Unit um a KWI mmfoit. but |
ihuivhincn woivton prune lo look upon thu |
church in the 4nnio light ai they looked upon i
nbuiie\oli > iit H < Mlotaiul stop tiieio The
sM-akerhfld | thai ihuichitienblumhl ivid and
inform thonnolu' * of Hie hislniy of the
ihiiroh The iiinnrltof ) chunh metnbon
luvo n liar ) idea of church lilstun , but they
don't IIM'K to Infofin thcMiift'lM * b\ stud )
lloiunolont societies nure good thlncs nnd
Hie sponkot held UIL-III in RU-ut ivsput , but
if the ihunh was iiolhlim' moic than a
hetuolptit society eion member should
know it. Thu\ should oxaiinne into this
matter , and the'hcad of a fumilv Hliouhl ho
nblo lo give the inembiis of his fnm-
IU an litU'llk'otit loiHoti for tlio
Inltu that h in them. ( ! ol Ims
gi\eii OXIMJ man the fucultofreason
nnd the iiH'iiibomif the chuich shoulit oxer
Use Unit funilu UMIV ihuu-linmn should
pMiinine thohistoij of tlio chuuh and wo
for hlmsolflf thire was o\cr n porlol since
I'hrislouialned the chutcli when it did nut
exist ,
The poalter dnelt hriollv upon the nccoi
sltfoi plinth lihririos for the use ol IIUMII-
belt of the chutcli und adUsud Hint ever )
niomboi of the ihnrih Hhonld tuoiile. him-
silf with works on i bur h ldtoiami stml )
them thorough ! * It ns a dun over ) mciii
boi oHod to thu ( hurih to ho nbio to gio a
reason for the fntth tint wii In him.
A weak hick , with a weuy nchinc lamo-
si ouir the hips , iMiisinnof dui'as'd kld-
IIOJH Use thu best kldnnx cnnituo known ,
which is Buidoik Hlond Hitters
SONS or coN < jiiitiN ; < > hims. :
ol * tlu I ntcst Addition to
rntilotio MX li-tles.
The men who met at PL I'ciitne' < i ofllco
last nlirhtwcie those who could "point with
prldo" to the Inu that hoincthinp mote Him
n bundle I jeirs nitothflr ancestors helped
twist the tall of the lliitlsh lion
Theiovero onij six ol them , but tlciewas
as much enthusliisnidlspl.nod as though 100
hail bcon present The lueotlng w is called
to order by Champion I Chase , w ho Mated it
was the adjonrniul annuil meeting of the
Sons of the Koolutiori , and was forthe pai-
pose of completing the oiraiii/.itioii. (
A couple of applications weio passed upon ,
nnd llw us decided to co out into the l > ) -
\\ins ami hedges and gather In till the iniu
who max bo eligible.
The qunblU-alloiis for meinbcishin areas
follows AIIJ peison miho eligible in the
sociH ) who is a nmlo , over the ago of Iwoi t > -
ono M'.usand is a of nn ancestor
wno u-sisU'd In estahllsluug American mile-
l ndoiu'o duiing thownrof the ie\olullon ,
cllhei ns n mllitinv or otllcer , a soldier
or a salloi , an ofllcialin the sen ice of am of
the thli Icon original colonies , or of the uuitoit
colonies or btntes , ut of Ycimont , u member
of the committee of eouespomlonco , or ol
public safety , 01 of a i-ei-o iil/ed patiiot who
rcnueied iniiteiial icivico in thu iinirso of
American independonio
'J'lio soiicty badge c-onsists of an eight
pointed cioss , tncmlul mld.ibv a wri itn
ol ( rrciii ennniil On the ob\erso \ sideisa
medallion beaiinir the bind ol Washington ,
with the motto , "Uiheitas ot 1'atrin " On
the roveiso the "Minute .Man" nuil the niiinu
of the society ippoir. 'lids h held in sus-
poiibo bj1 the t.Uons ol an eagle , and the
w hole bv a ted nnd blue libbon
It was decided to at onio prosecute an In
dustrious efloil to sectue meiabi-isliip. and
pitch member prcsihit pledtrod himself to do
this. _
DM you notice that line head of hair at
chinch"Imt That was Mrs. B
Shonevei permits hcrsolf to ho out of Hall's
Hah Hencwur
if iit.itoA it A r > res.
John "Wilson , tbe assistant supctintenilcnt
ol motor power imcl machinery on Ino Union
Pacific , iindei Mr Midiileton and sex oral
sox'oril preceding tidtnii latratlons , lias dis
posed of his residence on Nottli Ligtitecnth
itrcot for f 10,0011 and intends going into the
stock mislay business in tbe xxusteia part uf
the state
Tlio Anic-ncan refriKCiatoi transit wmi-
pinij lius gix en notice tint in tbo futtne it
xx ill oieiato | llio cats of tlie Union tiansit
coiiipiny ' 1'lics.o nunibci l.OTO cats
I'lio same coinpun Is miking prep nations
to extend its Jut tidlctinu oxor the ciitno
( .ould M stein , xx hidi x\ill \ plicouiidet its
coutiol about Iho thousand cats , making it coaipanj in o\-
Hen Bnioxxs , the lotumlntlxot Using atont ;
of the I niun I'aeillc , \ \ as in his nccustoiiied
plmo at headqmutets fora shott time j ester-
duj aftei .tsoxcio sci oofla jnppe Mr 11 ir-
roxxs had xxithstooil Iho ravtyus of disetso
liming a lout ; and busy lifo \\illiout bonifj
obliged to take to his couch , but tha nllpio-
valcat miladx pro\cd too nincli for ox'on tils
uitjged fiameiind liosuccuinbccl.und foi txvo
xxeoks huiif , ' on lheu cd edge of this un-
ceitain life
Ait tnipoitant ebaiitio in the ttnck of tbo
Ivansab Citx' , St .losoplt \ Council Illutlsroad
xx ill be made nsooc as llioxcallici xx'lll per
mil lx is proposed lo shorten the Itaek bo-
txveen Kansas Cit.x and St Joseph about ten
mile : , by cutting out tlio clistaneo bet xx eon
Kust Lciivcti\xottti lad liovorlj and by Imilcl-
inj , ' ti cut nil from Siifjar Unke to llushxillo
Tins xvill glxo t Hue to St .losopli of llft > -
eijjlit niiles , nndxxill ticimit of a diftcrciico
in the runnini ; tiinobetxxei'ii the txxocitits of
from forlx lo hfu niliintos 1 lu grading for
thucut-off Kike li is been iinished
and ns soon u < thn xx outlier inodentei sufll-
contlx tlio rails xvill bo luld.
Ir E T Miller , of Cross Plains , Wis , 1ms
expressed the opinion thai , for obstinate
case of sj philis and sciotuln , Acer's Sir-
sap inlla is uuquostiimabl ) the most cffiitivo
iemed > known to pharmac ) . Wondeiful
cures have tesulted fiom Its use.
Tohnccjo and ttio Turin.
"Aftei May 1 , all rotill tobacco doilers
will be at liboitto curry on their business
without being lequlrcd to Uko out a ictall
dealer's license , " stated Collector Peters
jeslcrda )
"The McICinloy hill repealed the law re
quiting retail dealers in tobiccolo laltoout
license each \iar nt a cost of $ J-10. The
manufacturers will albO l > o lolieM'd of the
necessitv of talcing out n license , but
tl.c ) will bo unilu the same rebliiitloua as
lu'ietoforo witn reference to imkiug repot ts
The ) w ill nlbO bo leiiuliod to place slamps on
tlulr goods thosatiwas before This litter
includeb dealcts in leaf tobacco and niinu-
ftiilntcis of iigar- . '
" \Vlllthlsresuliin \ anv chmgc in price in
cigais' ' was abked
'Not ' necessaillj Tlio price of a ftail
IIcnso Is enl ) ? - ' 40 ] > er imnuin , so that iho
taking a\\a \ > of that tax will not nialto nn >
mnteiial dlffeicnce bul theio is iinothor
clause in the McKlnloy bill which will have
a tendency to boom the consumption of do-
mealic cigars Tint is a c-laiibo meieising
the dut ) on Imported clg.iri M ) uucler-
stnnding is thai the duties hnvo been In-
cri.iHocl about SOO per ceul , and in homo in-
sinmos even moio result will
boim liuieasoiii the prko of tin potted cigars
and a natural increase in tlio consumption of
the domestic ailiclo "
The soil glow of llio tea iwo Is acquired
l > . \ ladies w ho u o Pozzoal's Complexion I'ovv-
der Ti ) it.
1'cnitoiit in Pixijn'n I'lcsonco.
Mr Iv D Hoyd of Lincoln came to Omaha
Wednesday to talco his daughter , hadio
Uoyd , back tohor homo The joung liuh Is
rather giddy in her conduct and n few days
ago she decided lo lento the old homo and
try city life She came to Otmiua with
another gldd\ Lincoln plrl nnd was found bv
her futher at the .lenaiiiKs hotel. Shogtow
peiiltoulnail decided to go home with her
father and henceforth to usclunv her ( 'lddy
Kim l > own nnd Hilled.
LoxtinN , Match U A gang of mon work
ing on a rocked train ou the Great Western
railway were run down by a relict train.
Two w ere killed nnd so\oa fatally injuied.
Mrs. Wluslow's Soothing Srupls the host
of all remoJics for children - '
teething.'j cents
u buttle ,
I'oi'i'isii mi :
How ( ho llinotlimnl llmci noiii'.v In Met
la Klctloii , I
Tlioii ntiil4 nf jot tii ; tnarrlod tni'ii nio
Bollix' ahotit the1 utrcuU of Now \cirl to-
Uaj Iliinlx I'onxlm-i'tl thai their iniirrluil
Hvi-H xxould liuxc been n deitc'i'd lot Imp-
pli'i1 IMhelr courtship Im ln't hwiio
jao-'j unil iinroiiiuatii' , wijn Iho No\\ \ \
York Herald.
Hut UH > fact U that there Isn't nearlv
no inuoh ( Kipplnjr" tlono na theic1 u * < oil
lobeA century or t'Mi ago the love-
sii'U Muilh llunjf l.liasulf clciun cm hi *
Unei's tlec'ltirod his loxe and xuiltud
ttvinblin l.x for the lady' * a ent. Noxx ,
ifxxiMiio to belloM ) the Ic'onoi'liiHts , I'M-
xUn tlitoxxs nxutv bin I'ljrart'tto stump
and observes ncmuhalanll\ , \ xxoio K ° -
liHf to hay almost llttipiinn > :
" 15thob % > , AntjolliitijXxhal d othlnlc
of our tri-'H' ' ' ) ta.iri ieiiy
Atigctliiiu n MM 11 UK that the Idea IH not
half bad , Iho hiuguui is forthwith
Theio nio hiiiulrcds of way of doltitf
thc < ha lnes bc-slilc-s Hinging one's ncif
thixx non ono'.s Iviic.os ufliir the fn iiiun of
Don ( , inl\ot nad the o.ul > uunaiu'ois
A Kocul noxt'l Is ti pretty safe uilo or
linilu to KCI ty if a loxo allair h to bo
bioti 'hl ton real nnd * eilom IshtiD.
A \xoinim naturall.x expects at lea t a
sll hl llnxor of toniiiiic'o xxhen slio is ho-
Injj xxooocl and xxon , lind iitatitixfjos xxill
be all the liituplur If tholad.i fi > > In thai
ho his not been tobhod of thtit otno-
tional | , ralliiiti\ ; and oainest por-tiiasioa
xxhi < h she has alxxaxs been lid to lojratd
as u part of the ruptiu > M > fim , ( > pttii | > i the
man of hot choice. In oldi-n UineH nnd
In the c'oitntrv dibith't al the piet-ont
dainati'hes liaxo lii-en hroKuu up or
piol > nyod for ji'tifs hoc'iuso tin1 lo\or
ionic ! not norxo hliit t'lf to iiinKi' the
[ alal ( juoij. If ho liacl road noxoK ho
xxotihl lime IH.'I'II bouiiU to lind soiao i'a o
\xliuh \ nlmo-1 piei't-L'ly lit his own , and
both xxonld hnu' lioc-n lolloxecl of tint
"Let me call jou ni.x I'dithV" ajs
Hari\T \ C'oniiijby ( ! in Di''i novel ,
and that is Iho xxaj thousands of people
in reil life propo-t1 The libortj of us-
inn tlui oiiny : lailxV t'litisti in nunois
lantamcniat ton dcilur.itloti of lo\e. \
" 1 ina.\ call jou Uiichol , llion. ' " a l s
ono of Mr TiciUopu'b loxors. "Oh , no :
ploasn cloii'l'mm iiitirs tlio btshfnl tjlil.
l'\Vhat xxoulil people tliinU ? " 1'erhiip- .
thej xxonld thinlv tno truth , " t-aiil ho.
"I'oihnpj thojxoald Imagim * Icalbd
xonso bucMitsu I lllvodjoti. Hut pel-
liapstht'.x tni'ht ( , think also that xou let
mo do bo boi'iutso jou liKecl me. i'eoplu
do in lUo sueh mistaUo.s.1
jVn ii'-poc't of humihtj is boinetiinjs of-
"rottfixo tao ! " bay a number of Mr.
Husiat s suitots.
"i'or ixo me' ' " exi'lalm Dabtiroii In
Gabortnu'b "Lo Uouyn C'tf-o.1 "A
xxotd ftoni jour lips xx ill do-
udo inj futiit'o liaopineas or aii&oij.
L'lniie. ilo not hputn me. i lox'oou"
proiciunueditli the tioinbliny aucronts
of the most cloxotcd passion
"Inam htivo t bti'u lcd , " said
I iiu-j in "I'lide and Prejudice.1 "It
xx ill not do Mj feelings \\iil not bo ie-
iires-.ud. You n.iist alloxx me to tell xou
lioxx tuclentlj I aihaii'oand loxo jou.
"Koniohi"siijs Tito in George lUiotV
intibterpiucu , "if xou xxill only h-t mo
say tiotoyoa iixou will oni ) tniuiv
mo worth loxln 1 u little. "
They > all fi ) cloi.n ou tltoir
knots , the--o xoty oarnosl loxura uiul
Homo that ai o not so u.n noot
"You'll tsiKo soiaohodj olbO , " ' sayb Mr.
in "J'lckttiek , ' to tlio fair
"Vos. "
' "Vou shall. ' Mr. Jin lo full on his
knees , lemainecl thoroiipon for Iho tnin-
titus thuieaftor und i wo the accoptucl
lover of the hpinbtur aunt. * '
"MiSiiniiuoisoii1' ! ' ikularo1) ) Mr.
fluppv , the tittornei * b clctk in
"Bleak Houte , " "I adore \ou ! Would
, > ou bo so kind as to allow mo ( as I may
MIJ ) to lilo u declaration lo iniko an
olfei.J ' Mr. ti tippy then went clown on
hN knees. *
oung l > ondonnib falls upon his knees
bofoio his lad ) lino. "And now now ,
Lama' " lie sijs.
' "Cbtlior/biuirolix IFoll reptonch-
"bho hoaiil PolK.ij the woul with
an entroitinir cr > anilont tuxvttd him
w ith the sv , lit nioionicnt of a frightened
child toward itb pi otoctor. Ho clasped
hot and thcj kiH ecl oacli othor. "
"JJoforo 1 SPO jou t thought all women
alike , " dceluic b tlio ingenious Mr..3ain
Wollcr. "Jiut now I find xvlint aoft
headed , inot editions turnip I'\o hcon ,
for thojjain't nolioclj like jnti. although
I like jou bettor than nothing at all. "
beloelecl at tandoin from the
tional novelists of the day , among wlioin
woio Ouida , this Duchess , Chnilotto M.
L5r.ioino.inci bovoial Anioiicaa writers ,
arc &ucliatiocl cleclatations of loxoas
the following :
"At last , mo-t pot feet woman , T liax'e
an opportiinltj of si ) ing whit hub so
long hung like a cloud upon in ) heait ! "
" 1 would gladlj defer what 1 Inivo to
sa > , Connne , but I cannot , I daio not. I
loxeyou , "
' 'Youaro not like other women , " ho
mummied. "From tlio fliat night wo
met I haxo boon joui suitor and jour
bl.uo ! "
"i'romisc mo , Agnes , x ou w ill not aj-
ilo to x\ hat 1 haxo to ask. I xisli to call
you mi no iiiino forexor. "
" 1 know 1 am unworthj- oxen taiso
mj'ojosto jour iloir f.ico. You Know
m > faults. Will jou can \ ou accept
" 1 luuo boon waiting for months to
toll how much I admire worship > ou.
If I thought if I thought } \\otildnot \
foiever spurn tuol xvould as > k jou to to
ho my wife. "
"This is not tlio place , Mis * Audloj * ,
to toll ) int ho\v much I love > ou-to
ojion mj heart to the xvonian 1
otcom imox'o all others. Juno Audloy ,
hhlen to mo. I love jou ! "
Jiut it is xoi ) doubtful , o\on with
these examples bofoio him , if o\ory
loxolorn porsou won't cro on popping in
hi oxxn xv.iy that is , of coutso , if ho
pops at all. Jlvuiv folloxx * loves his pir-
ticular diimsol "as woman \\as no or
lo\cd hoforo , " consequently ho is rather
uppish about the imtticular individual
method which ho otnploj-s llofoigots
that in not comliifj out with a direct
voibal jiroposal ho is knocking all the
romance out of the business and his onlj"
thought js bow ho can host got out of the
ficiapo with the tumble. Ho nmor
thinks of her , bless jou. The poor girl
in all piohaljllltj has been iilllng her
mind xvlth how tlio business ought to bo
done and is done in no\ol& .md luis
doubtless got ready for the omorgoacv if
it oxor fihould aiiivo. That blii'inkii ! < , r
and timid "xos" tlmt ought to send
CJcorpo Into tlio ompjrennof bliss must
roinnin unsiicl if ( Jeorpo doesn't Ih-bt
say : "Clara , will jou bo nn wifoV"
Tlio dta < jo proposal of inarriago isalso
Gllcctno , iiill.sticand dixcibc. Modern
pin ) wrlghts haxo intido their horoospop
in oxor ) concoix-ablo way , but xery often
in their attempts at completooiIg'innUtj
the ) enter the domain of life. This
is wiong.
" 1'r will jou bo nix x\ifoV" asks the
linosh'k bnuliolor in Mr. Do Mlllo's
oloxoi * "Moa and "Woman " The luclj-
doobii't pau-o in sweet and doubting dilli-
denco , hltisii and make bolloxo 8lio didn't
hoar. Slio jiint xxheclb aruund and
btileuoiti a regular Vasaar btilckor.
"Why , cort'nlj ! "Bho says.
Do Will's l.tttlo r.arly Iliscw ; only pill to
cuio skis hendacho aud iu-uUitc thu buuols ,
1,11 II I .IUII.S.
llio ( iilol'- | i'Kfu l-alhor Had
II IN Oliiliini Madit L'i | ,
It \\s\o \ almcist u lion hi- came
slowlj up I lie lliu'o lli < { iitHcir xtnlfM k'iid
ing tc'i llio I'dltoilal iiMiins and knorkod
tiniicll ) at tlio dnctr. w'i ' Itos J , U Uatbour
in Iho Di'tiolt 1'ioss i'ri'Md '
" ( 'emu' in , o.dlocl out llu < il'iv editor
without looking np fium his willing.
Ilo came In slowlj , a tall middlo-igod
man , tno tlilnlj clad for such a cold and
storni ) night. Mis wrlrtlsand hard bony
liimts'Mhowod ted and baio beneath the
flocxi's of his thin anil ragged old
Tie had an hnncft but ignorant faoo and
an axvkward. embarrassed air. Ilopullod
oil his old Imt and hold il In both h'Uids ,
while ho uHkod *
"iti it too late to git a lltllo nolice put
inlo tlio paper toiijtrht. nilhlorV"
"Xci , gui-ss not , " replied tlto lopoiler.
"Ciot It written "
"No , I hain't. 1 "
" \ cm'll lind a p id of p ipor ami a pun-
ell on that table tlioio "
Ilo pointed lo a lablo near his own
dc : < k and the nun tmtdowii before il. Ilo
took the poiic-il bi'twc'i-ii his stilTuuod
( Ingots bitat tlio end of it whiln in mod-
ilatlon , diow the ] ) id of paper towards
him and began to xxulo
Jut ? bo inado slow and boi'ininglj piln-
fill xvot k of it. lie i-iossid out a word
lieio and there ami bis hand tiomliled
sliangelj. Once lie fnilnol ) drew his
lagm'd 8loe\o acioss liiw i'cs. Tlic'ii ' ho
tut nod to tlio editor and s.iid in a lotto
of troubled liositation and appeal :
"I I don't want to tremble \ on anne ,
sir , but 1 I ain't usud to wiitin'an'1
noxoi could apidl K"ld. | If Jim ) ou
bad time tote -xx rite the notice for mo
Id li1) ) to piy xou xslmt xou think it'll bo
wnth' "
Something in the man's tone and man-
tier toui'lied the editor's heart , and , but. )
as ho was , ho s dd :
" 1 ll xx rite it for jou if thoie isn't too"
much of it "
"Onlj tluee or fotu lines , sir. "
" < ) li'a notice1 of a inocilhiK' , perhaps ,
or something of that sort "
" .No , sii , a notice of aa ' ' tbp man'
xoloo tiled iixxax ton xx hispor , his chin
chopped to bis oiling chest , his whole
fiame liemblodas lie said , "a notice of a
-death. "
"I am \ erjorrj , ' ' siid tlio editor
lindl ) ami with genuine bjmpilhj.
" \Vlmt is tlio nimoi1 '
" Molinnie. " wo nexcr lallod him atij-
thing o-lso. Ilo was nanicd 'Jolin , ' after
nn > , but I'd ratlii'f haxo it printed Molin
nie. ' "
" \Vboadid bo die ? "
"Tins exening. t-ir. Itxx-as xer.x sud
den and it comes huidcron th it aciount ,
though Ciiid ktioxxs it would bo bant
enough if v.o'd been espuctin' it. Such
things noxor lomo eas ) totboin that
lo\o tlioit childion , anci'l I ' '
Ilo bold las faded old bat bofoio his
faio for a moment.
"IIoxv old xxas lie. ; " asked the editor
glancing with ninty 0)0 * at a pboto-
yi.ipb in a little ted phiili fiMiiiJ on his
desk , the photograph of a handsome ,
In igbl-o.x i'd little bov with thick curls
and a Mulling ; face.
Tour jcats and six months to a da.x ,
sn , and our onlx one. That m.iivos it
soi m still hauler. Ills mother's 'bout
hoait-biokenand 1 I s tumble
haul to biland watch a litllu lifelike that
go out and to think of what the homo
xxill bo without it. You got children ,
The pclitor iiointcd toward the photo-
giaph and said.
"This is mj little boy. "
"He's a sweet lookin little follor. I
hojcs ) he'll be spired to xou. Wo'xo yet
a yood pbotogiapli of .lohnnie. That's
one comfoit. I xx-ouldn't take $1,000,000
for it now. Xoxv. how much will it bo
for wrttin' and printin' the uotice.J' '
" all "
"Nothing at
"N'oVVoll , I'm a thoitsind times
obliged and I I hope nobodj'll _ oxer
haxo to write such a notice for jou 'bout
that little boy of jours. '
lloxxipud his ejes xxith a handker-
clnef xv utx ith his tears and wont down
the staits as slow Ij as ho had coino up
and back to his poor , lilllo dcsolulo
home , to Wiilk softh xvitli bowed head
in the pioseiice of death , and lo trj' to
comfort bis bruised heart xvtth the
thought/ that the doat little boy had
gotio to 30111 the hostB of huaxen.
.Iiilu' on tlit * ilailcr.
Conimlsiioncr. Tames Clark is a humor
ist ; at leist Warden .folia J. Kowland ,
of the countj jail at Media , noxv thinks
so , b.iXb the I'luladolphia Keiord ] 5ut
Mr. I'laik did not icali/o the Hugo joke
lie xxas plajing on Iho xuirdcn until the
thing had transpired , and now over , ) bed )
is talking about it. And this is the xxaj
it iMine about
JJuring comt week no xisitois aio
granted permission to < { o through the
jail The yood-naturud uoinmissioner ,
hoxxoxor , ] ) romibud to hue Couni'ilinan
Bagsbaw and two or thieo Chester
friends through , and the nexxs getting
abtoid thc > gioup gradual ! ) iiiiicasoti
until tiicio xxoie txxentj in the cioxxd.
The wai den , gi acinus nnd niniling , mot
them at llio big doois , and dol. tiling sox-
oral j'aileis lo auiompiuj' the xibitois ,
thox made the rounds ( if the flist nnd
t-econd tiers "Whole's the foreman , " at
last askoil the waidoii of a Chobtor man.
"Tho which1' '
" of the - . "
"Tho foreman jurx-
"O , bo's bark thoto t dking to Clark , "
xvastho ( iniok ropl ) . The w ndon hur
ried back.
"Aio jou Iho foiemin rif the grand
jurj i1 * ' lie iiblccu , extending his hand.
"Tlie giand jiir.x1' ' was the aslonibhod
rol."This ) . ain't no grand jury. "
Tlio xxaiden cast a xxithoring look at
Clnik. In ti moment the iton cell-door
xventto with a hanff , and in another mo
ment the delegation was hustled out into
the street , " ( . 'link , " slid the xxaiden
with uninjured air , "jou knoxv this isn't
right. "
Mi-tick it Klcli on C.raxe Y.irdH.
TIoio is a I'onxui'Batioa which took
plaio in a cit ) west of Omalia botxveon
an old man and a rctfidontur xxho tiled
to get hint to inxest , " 1 don't bolioxo
In jiutUn' my inonoj In stocks , " to-
inaiked the ol'd , "mv advice is. to
hnj real estate every time. " "Hut him-
posing real estate should full in price1' "
suggested the agent "Uh , there's no
need of that if \ ou follow the i ipht plan.
I noxer missed it on an inxo'-tment in
my life.1 "What do you buy ? " queried
th'o loal estate man. "CJrax'oyanls , sir.
gra\o > nrdb. Just blril.o a now town and
got on to a ploco of rolling ; ground and
your foituno's undo. I've located sen -
onteon giaxojards In my time and
doubled ' * xxhniU
mj nioitsj' ) ovorj
\Vhoat 'sail "light and shorts pax xx lion
tlio pig ; market's good , but jnti liij jour
cash iu graxojardH and jou'llear dla-
mondb sure. ' '
TlioimiH hiked 1'ink.
Jessie Hiohxxino , a faimor rebldingnn
a fin iu in South Muldlelon tounsblp ,
l-'a. , has , or lather had upon his preni-
iui's , alaigo Thorn is cut which had a
sttiing nppotlto for tlio goio of joung
pigs , ( 'no ' of the above farnior'h ows
had a litter of line pigs , Tliojxxero tun
in number. IJxorj daj ortxvo'Mi. Hull-
\vinonoticodtlmttho niitnk'r of little
pigs xvasgroxx ing letri. A u.itohwus set.
and thocaiiboas \ dtsinxotcd. The cat
xvould jump into the nty , sei/o a nig bj-
the throat , mrry It away and kill it by
Buckinir Its blood. ICIght pign of the llt-
tnr woio killed in thlb xxax. Mr. Ixtch-
wlnu kil oJ the cat.
Of ull former cToiIs ( in the display of nicrih.imlisc. The inliie length of our iniiiicont ; ( s
windows on the 15111 sticct bide1 , utilised in the r.uul exhibit of out enormous Spiing stock of
The steady increase in this branch of our business has now readied such proportions as to
necessitate our purchasing ; in car lots in order to supply each season's demand in Hats , iho
same as in Clothing"We aie prepared to fit all shapes and sizes. Our Spring stock embraces
all the new blocks , shapes and .shades , from our line of Derby's at
$1.50 , $2.00 , 2.50 , $3.00 , $3.50 and $4.00.
You can select both quality and style , ccpial in every respect to the Dunlap or Kuox. In our
line of Stetsons , Crushes and Knock About soft hats , for gencial wear , you will find prices the
least consideration. In our Childien's Hat department , every mother knows if there is any
thing new in the maiket , she will be sure to find it here. The protracted cold weather has by
no means retarded our piepnrations for spiing in the clothing line. We arc ready for you with a
supeib line of Spring Overcoats , Spring Suits , new cficcts in Tiouserings , and a most com
plete and novel line of Furnishing goods.
Don't Fail to See the Hat Display , Cor. 15th and Douglas.
MOIIPJ I'heoifullj Iiofumlcd in all
AUK NOT SAl'iM'AC. loin.
S. W. Corner I5th and Douglas. RELIABLE CLOTHIERS.
< //IHJ./S : 7t ri'i.ii.
lie Is SiUitriiini- ltio.ul anil Liln'
Kccipiocnl Aiiaii oiii Mils.
OrrwMiurli 1'J Sir Chnrloi I'uppcr
said In mi inliH viutoilu \ "J urn \cry
puliio that reiipt owl tndu nu iiiKCinunU on
u bioul anil lihctul bisis bet\\ecu C.iimda
nnd the United Statcu be \ oi.soon . undo ,
uinbiacnif.ill nithlcs , whether the pioJuct
of llio foicst 01 lurin. ascaii bo nii > uicd | to
thu mutual aiU-uiitiuo ol both countucs My
conlldonio in lUattcsult.ilIsUb fiom the Uct
that Mi IJHInowni known to bo suongly
oppoiuil to the Mi-Kliiloy taillT act. anil he
his soiifrht to tplicxo ino.isiire of the
n itutnl consequencewhkh must How from
It by piuposils for luciprocnl niiaiiut'inunts
vllh other ( .niin'uos ' So fnt from icftisintr
toin.ilfO uii\thiii'hut ( tio.itusof uniosttutcd
uilpioiity , llio tieatliuliiisiiiado with Bin-
? il siinph"cmbraic arlklos tint both
LOiiiitiii's'apiiuil lould he uxuhanci'd to the
mutual binellt of caili either free
or nt a icducoa itnty , loavniK main
ether aitnles at existing iiitcs of
duty. The tieity that Mr liUino
has nndi1 with Ncufouiulland Is piei-ibch of
tlio snme ch u.ictui and i-mUiaci's the same
piltulplc-t oxic-th as would be included in
llio UuaU that ( . 'an ulu would bo piupnic'il to
in iko with llio United Slates Mi Mliuno is
unilouhtvdlx a M'iomineiit und aVlu st.itos-
in in , and follow ins no doubt llio discussion
of issues butwcon llio Iwo iiirties. in this
counlij has lenincd th il the stutemmit Unit
llio liberal conseialio uoxeinuieiit and
pirtj unfricnilh to the United blatcs is
the x'ciy ie\eit.o of the truth Mt. HI line ,
HndiiiH how entirolv hcon misled , us
to the position of the Iwo p.ulics in Ihis
country , will , 1 lm\o no doubt , hi ) pitparod
tOKhe'tnosl Inendlj considti.ilioii to llio
wishes of Iho Komnmuiit of Canada to haxo
fiei-r .md inoio Iiiondl > trade iclatioin be-
twion tlio dominion and the Unitid Htulos
1 shall bo trio\tl > suipiisoJ if IlUino does
not ciown his bed elToits as u pubhituiii b\
act oinplishiiir ( Uios' > llloincnt of all questions
of fill lion between the Unitcu SUtcs and
Canadi on tenns will In mutuilly leno
iliial and honoiahle tobolli lounliies. "
Over l" > 0 ODO Itowo suiles luvo boon sold
nd thu demand incio.isintf conlinuilly. Hor-
en .s. bellecl : Co , ( JliIciKO , 111.
Pen ions.
\VASIIIM.TOS , MarchSpcciilTcIppram ! |
to Tin DM 1- Pensions weio manlcd lo the
following Nebiaskans lodav OiiBinal invalid -
valid William KcMiolus , 1'otor Mohal , Will
iam Uo.xnohU , Ucnjimtn IMLliiule ,
'ihomas 1' Mitchell , Joseph S I'hilhps ,
DividlMclircll , John Archer Additional
\\illiiiu IJojnolds , .losuph H Clmstinn , lib
eno/ei W Cornish Koiisuo Upniy C
Williinis Original invalid- John Knifjlil ,
Samuel T ( Iilbcit , J.i on O txenoy , Honrj
diantrei. J.imos I ! Diiillni'ci. ( John .Ionian ,
C C . .leuottilliuiiiHiirsih Olherl Lud
low , John 1' Helm Additional Isaio A
Mntlak , J.utios U'allice. l isbiie nnd in-
CHMSO Alfiod IkniiL'tt I'c.ucu OiiL'inal
widow * . olc Minor of Honjiniiii P Jlousoll.
Amoillti T , widow of Ilu h Hill Jane C ,
widow of h W llubb.ud.
Do Witt's Uittlo Unrly itisoroost lltllo
pills for dj&pep'ii.i , boui btonnch , bid biouth.
Irow iieil at Sea.
Niitt VOI.K , Mi'i-h 12 | 'IVln iani
toTitr J > i t ] The steimei Alone of the At-
Us line h.isnitiM'd heie li.iNin on bond H
M Osboinc , llmold Toiwatd nnd Mrs O- >
borne , who loft hot o .iammiv U to RO to the
Jnm ilca oxprtsltloii 'J hey woioaoi-oiup-uii'-J
by .1 C H ilU'y. n nrli Un llsh loin 1st Mi
Ji.iilodisapue.ucd shoitlj nfler KCUuifl out
to sei and no tiaio of him oouhl bo lound It
Is not Known whothorho Lonimitted suicide
or fell ovi'rbo.ud accldonth
Ijr. Biinoy euros cntnrrh I5oo blil' .
- .
I'liur KciiUioUians Talallv Shut.
I ciiisx mi , Ky , Miucli 1. ' At Kllcroie ,
neai Cattlctblimir , six mon weio shot at a
mem inauliifT and foul will die Theio had
ln'on iniuli dunking nnd a lUht aioso fiom a
mmupl om tliObclectUm of partnor- . for a
No Riipinp , no nnnsoa , no pun w linn Da
Witt's 1-.IHU ) llulv Hisersnio talcoii. bmal
pill. b.ifoDlll. Hestplll.
TilllitlU I'llCIIIIHl it III illlllll.
Con iit , O , Match MTho supieino
crmitlod.u rendered a decision in the ca-so
of the bond of cltv nlTulit of Ciiiilun.iti
iteclannn tint Iho law undci which it W.H
cicated was uncoiistilulioiial.
lif"slPr'sMiiKleIIe.uluiho CilH-siiU
huail.ihes In JO minutes At all
Cliill'M I'lo-idi'iit Itcpin loil Murdered.
LIIMIOS , Miiuh U It Is saui infoimition
has boon uc hcd at Hamburg bj prixnto
rib1 - i .111 jioin Clull thai I'lejulont Hal
maceda has hi en iiundciod
The Natural
' PoNuloi I DI nil
Milnl i-imitlt in'iit
natiiial mini i il
nf i nN'mil ' I'm
mil timst > p it Inn ihi'iiiii.itn ui'l ' j ; HIIJ
llnn- , liliiiHi-nc-- > liv d\sH | < ptli ( briiim
i itiiirh < > f tlio slomiii h and .ill doiaiiKt mi nls
of tin stuiimrh , lUot inul Uhlm > s , It IMI vsun >
diMfid loniiil ) .
'Iho t ( iiiilnc MI I loin has Iho slKiinliuo of
n M'u \ Mi.sii.i.MN : ) : < o. A cnnNI
Vuil. und the aeal uf thu cllj onoiii tuttlu
Drs ,
1'liysicians ' , Surgeons and Specialists ,
Tlio most widely ami fiMirilily known spoo
iallsts In ttm I'lilteJt itos Tlii-lr Ions ot-
pcrloiu'c njimrUubU1 skill mid iinnrrsnl siie-
I'l'ii In the tri it input iiml cilio of NorMHis ,
Chroiilo uul ' ur ltil JlNoiiM'm t-ntltlo thosn
pinlnoiit phi sl ( Inn1to the full I'onlldi'mr of
thn nillli locf < MMywhpri" Thrj cuintilM
A C'llU'AlN AM ) 1'OslJlVr ' Ct'HE for
thu n fill olTic Uof L n Ul ( o mid the iiuinor-
ouIK Iliat follow In ll1- train
rui\Aii : u > oi AMMN ni rA'-rs
loiniili t < h unrt ncinuiiKMilU < uri'U
M ll M lirilllll'V AMIiUAL 1)1
KHLU-jlLlU loadllj to tln-Ir skillful
i'"i.r- ii'-iri.A AND im PAT , ri.rKii-i
cuarnnteul fun (1 withniit pilu or u ullon
n. ! ' AM „
in itoriliiM " i in In il \ \ CMKiiesl.oit Munliood
JslKlit I mlh-l"ii . Dctajtil faculties 1 t inulo
Mm kins * and all dollcilo UlMirdirs ixciillui
tiHitliu MIX poslthilxciirid , us wi II -ell
fiinctliiiii.l < n suit from 3 oiilhful
follli" . or tlio oxoi's nf in itun > o.irs
C PP If I'PPU ( iiiiiiiuitooil porinaiip nt ly
O I 1ML1 L l\lj cini'd. loiiinxnl totuplc'to
\xllliotitcuttliis.caiislicnr Ulliitutlou Cure's
elftcli'il nt liiiniu by piticnt vxltliout nio-
iiicnl'x piln nr iiiinoj iinci1
A SIMM' PI ! IM' > I''e ' ' iniful tffeds of
nreinlc woaUnoss , ih nticiv Ini ! bolli niliiil icnil
buily lth all Its dreaded ills iiciiiianc'iilly
oiiriul . . .
niv ( HKTI's ' Ailuros , tlinsoin \ im\o Ini-
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DR. J. E. RIcGrBEW ,
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