Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 09, 1891, Page 2, Image 2

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    rp II10 OHLMfA HICK MONIUV , MVKCI I V ) , 1891.
at , nt luxst until tin' mtirv Mil
mil ollii r important moasuris are ) passed
This 13 not Mil ) pronranimo nintixnlout | liy
tliu lonili . , tiutthoxliobooii [ overruled t > >
the cons niltvo element
( tinnt.v Ailx-ortlslni ; .
LINCOLN , Noli , Munui s. - , tinjelul to TUP.
) lrTho ] lilnlory of thse > nate tile No. ! ! ! ,
which linn ( -.died forth thi'ti-uuinstniuro from
ConinilftHlnnir 0 IvoolTo , lsa.s follows.
The * tdll xvas introduced hy Senator
Coulter of 11(11 , mill cUtTcrs from Iho
jiro-spiit statute' only in the substitution
nf the xxord "Soiimhnavlan , " instead of
' 'Kxvcdt-h , " xx'llh roferciu'i * to papois of thnt
Class When the hlllcaniQ up for consideration.
Senator Mooroof 1-niieastrr inovril to insert
tin * weird "llni-llsli" In tl < thlrel line , de-
he-rlblni : tin1 l < iml of papers xx-hirh should bo
ftupplied with the pnicooilliiLiH of tin' county
roninilssicme'rs'meetings ( or publication. Tliu
ntiiomhnotit * x-m udnptfd As It now re ids ,
the bill eTmiVfls ruinitj e'e-iinmlswloni'r1) ) to
linvo published In Knullsh , ( .Ionium niul
Srnuiliiiiixliiu or Holii'tuiiin unpe'i-H Imx-lni ? u
rlroiilntloti of IXO ) n report nf llio prou'i'd-
liiKsof Hiild commissioners' mutlupi , xxhic-h
report shall bopropmed liy the count ) clerk
mill ili'ltvrtvil to thu publisher of snld papers
within t-.Mi daxs iiftero-nli mutiny
Thcio is iiiiothiM' foatuii'ol tin' bill xxhle'h
proxidos for tlio publication of udx-oillsi-
inonts ot ImdsoiToicd for stile b\ the county
treasurer Tin1 xx-onl ICniillHli. however , Is
nndttrd ttoin this sivtlon , niiil this cle prl\-os
iwpsrs pilmoci In that Imitfu.iKu front this
patronage , which inuy bociijojcd by ( 'urinnii ,
r > i anuliuixhiti niul llonoiiilnii papers
So In r in Douirhls I'onntx is cntici mcil tlio
chaniji * llimlithelaxx ! > } - isthnt tPitilriiii | ! tlio inn of tin * toports In cinostion 111
ux-on Kiiulish mil hiiuidlnavlin nnper * .xhu-h
1ms a emulation of Ir 00. Thowotcl "Se.m-" suhstltiiU-el ftn ' Sxxcdlsh' will en-
Im-Ki' thr number of paperoonslcUTib'1 , and
i-onsKpn'iitly Kie'iitl ) ln < icaso the cost of nd-
There line chance , limvoMii1 , of the bill
hut-iuiiing u law. 'llictvaru so tinny
m-osahond of It In tlu > linuso tliutlt cannot
bo ivni'hed , oven if tlio provisions wc-rosneh
usamitit nn nnuMitl iMToit In its behalf ,
Dlsa ppolnlril
Nt'li , Muehs ( Spool il to Tiir
I IK i" . | .At u intotiiiB of prohibitionists ami
female suffragists at Ked Ulbbon liall toilay.
tlii'ro win u regular "mpc.-rte.iu-o inoctlun"
over ihn of the miinlclpnl suffrage
bill , women tluiounceil the allowed ticiuhory
of the * independents , ami atlutionatoly referred -
ferred toioincof them a * traitors , while the
Kttlilitsnf ; Ijiiliur aiut their state Icctuior
ulso conio In for si good share of at
tention nn the part of tlio inuclily illsap-
pointed women The republicans and dcino-
crnts did not cscnue , , iiul the ilcclai.iLion was
nuulo that ttio prolilhitlonistsoulil hcru-
nfterioltiiloiio , ami buiy the Unco nthci
paitli's in ouo grave
.luil o Mason coiitliiucil thPCM-itliiK Interest -
est in the mcitltiir by dluvtinu' tiiw line ot iv-
nuiilts towauh HcpresciitiiMvi ) NcwlK-ii'y ,
dlvcrpint ; f rum the subject of the sulfniKO
hill's defeat to freight lutes and railroad
rennluticns. nuil oloicil his speech bv twh is-
ing No\\bi-rrv to "go home uiulsuuk his head ,
iiiul ito to bed " tiidopciiilcnts present nUeiuutcil to
Bpcak in the defense of thulr nicuihcrs , but
twin ft c < | iioiilly Interrupted by biisos , nnd
thoaudiiMicu llnallj broke up in confusion
To'inlitan effort was nuulo in-
ditrnatioa ineitinir on areounl of llio defeat
of the Miflrai. ! ) bill , but it prft\cd a complete
ll/.jthi 'llio lull nas only InlC full. An ub
tempt tou'iiauie Jlorris 1 , . , nenoral
lecturer of the ICiilMits ( , of U.ibor , for opiu | < > -
Inptlio miMsuio on the lloor ot the house ,
failed toc.irry.
'noiid-4iiii-ii ill * Carl ICortli Hope to
lOllcot a Settlc-nieiit.
I'iBuit , N'i'lj , MirchSSpoi'lil ( to Tur
Brr.l The Dieliinlniiryhi'.iiinir ofev-County
Treasurer t'.ul Kortli h.iupuii been no it
poneiluntil May is llofoivthattluif th bonds
tuon hojiii to ellut a ten lenient with tlio
county. It will lo romcnibomd that Mr
Km Ihw short In his accounts with the
county to the extent of & ) T > ,000.
In Juittco Iliimpbtuj "s cotut I'latik
Oincenhky uo.- . found unlit yut wife beatini ;
and tiuod ? "i , but not bom iiblo to piodui-o
the money ho was sent to tbe county jail.
Itov. I'.isUo bamlod In his rcslRuatlou as
liastoi-of the Congregational ohureh , but it Mr. I'asko hu : taUun the
matter under consideration : uul will probabl ;
roniain. _ _ _ _
Illulrcs Hciii-i.
HIAIII , Neb. , March > . [ Spcciil to Tin.
ULU.Tlio ) stooltholdon of the base bah
asoorititb.i are still v/ritlnv fin1 players. . Ttioy
aroiu hojios to have ( Cci'ii ' , .Mhumri Valley'
lat'ilrst basonim , in in la.iec thorn
and plaItistfor lllnirtlds season Although
thi'j lia\o si eral good one in\iew thcj
luno not signed tli > 'ir bitti-iyyet.
Tlio city comicH lias oulr-vcd tuattho urop-
osltion of votliiK uoinls for > " , U)0 ( ) foi tlieeior
tioa of , i suit.iblu titjiiall , iiiui also the prop
osition for voting $4,00. ) In boi.ds for the ox
tonslou of llio w.itur works and punfyii
the water bosnbmittetl at thonoxtcity elec
tion , held Apil : 7.
The mayor hits appointed 0 Y Mummeret
ns poliei1 lAdgc , tostioeeea Dr. Shcriiinii , who
hns roinovod to l itiinln. .Mummeret is a
tittofiicv Just udiiilttoil to the bar
'I In * Saltiio County Alli.mrc.
DDIU IIINIKK , Neb. , March \ -hpooiil [ Tol-
CKiain to Tin : Bn.J-Tlio S.ilino count }
faimors'alliuico held tholr niiit'ti'ily o'livcn
lion nt thli plico jcstordciy aliurnoon. About
sixty ilclep.itosvcro In attondancn , rcpro-
scntiiiKUvonty-tuooiunf nvouty-sK lol es
in the count ) An oi > en helit last
iitsht , at which lion.V K WrU'ht of Ne
uiali.i ro\int \ ) delnorodaii ndiliess
At tbni'Ioioof the op'n sotion the doors
\vcro closed on the pu bile and the lomention
resumed its secret work , .xtid did not adjoiuu
till about I o clock in thn inoiuiiitr A mini
her of le olutioasvcro pissed , but their
QMct purpott was not lunriiul. Their noxl
lui'ctinv will bo hold in Juno , at AVe- ton , Nob.
v ill I. < > M > a Toot.
Lixcor.v , Not ) . , Mauli s | Snooial Telo-
gnm to TIIK Hir 1 U'hilo Hoiaco Cnpes
and J. 'Xurru vvoie out rabbit liuiitlitR tills
atti'rnooii , Morris stumbled and fell , anil sic.
oUentall ) discharged hU tun. The ontiio
load was einiitiod Intci Capo's riulit foot , tnu
tilatiiigit sothutlt Will hi\o to bo
Hc.lVJ l-'ttll Ol'MIOM.
Nciiuis'siOiry , N'ob , Mirch 8 [ Special
Tclosirani to'l'iiK Bir I Yostotiiiy'a storm
continued allaltrlit , about fourteen iiulies of
snow fulling Tialns wro ill ltv tins morn
iiif , but the roads arc inw open.
IK.I.V SIHt'I 111 II SV.t I'lttltt.
Ilnn foptor , tlin n I Qalacj' Mur-
ilorer. Dill .Sol
V , III , March s Tlio reinauisof Dm
J'offer , tlio murderer of K. 1) ) SnUUi , who es
caped flout Jail hero on Sundii > last , woio
brought hoio into late list nl ht , and today
vero u\ lowed by over ID.iXV ) people. It was
roportcil by Porter a eiptors that ho shot
liuusolf , but upon UlentilU'iition of tlio boil )
Hut lor udtul'tuj that ho slmt F'ortei
-throuRb tlinhcad The captors , liu tier , Fcv-
foot , Tohiu and Mon t o' ory , ivimo to to\\n \
with the body nud toJuy oolltictod the ro-
\rirdsolTcredbytbosheritTaiidtlio city of
1 1 or Iliisliiunl \ \ iirUi-il mi ii inlay.
M\\s I .Mils * ! , N . J. , Mai-alt -Mis. . Wiu-
flcld Estlow of this plaeo has caused con
siderable trosdp by abruptly leaving her bus-
bind bmuisu Uo worUod on Sunday. She U
a strict church member , and on Sunday
last uli en bor husband announced his
Intention of worltlnp with other em-
jiloyos of tlio Mays La'iillng water pover
< ompaiiy abotold h'im that she could not
ll\o with him. Mrs. Kulow went to church ,
while her husband wont to assist In some
iiofOssaiyorlc. . Thoconjilo xvi'ie boardlnt ;
with .Mrs. Kitlon's mother.Vhen Bstlow
came hoiniiho xas surprised to find his vte \
absent and to receive the message ? sbo bait
left him. Ho quit the house also , nml went
tobo.ird with John I'eu't , n ni-U'bbor , wliew
lie has slneo remained. Mt.t. llstlow , aftoi
spending .somo cavsvlth a friend at Atlantic
Cltv , returned to her mother's homo yester
day. Stio still bellevci tbnt bur hiisUind 1ms
coRitnlltocl a wroujrforwhUU bownuot atone.
Inuy Important Hoforun Introduced by
Sccrotnry Proctofi
iortlc-0 nnd llosjillnl Itccoicls of Veil-
initci-r SulillciNAi'iuj ncsi'i-
tloas Const Oi'lc'nscs1'liu
nll < > Mal iiiiiird.
\VmitMir > \ , Maich s fSpocml to Tin :
IKISomo | x cry Important work his tea
lone In the xx-nr dop utmciit durliif ? the pros-
i-t administration aside from those incn-
loned In my blennhl rovluxv the other day.
n clerical fort-oil Is tlio third In size of the
\ , and Its buslnc-ss cm-
irai-cs a gic'at variety of uffiilM , both civil
iiulmilitary. .Many Impoitar.t refoims luivo
leonlntniduced tiy S-cretury 1'iootor , umlor
yhont energetic adiidnlstiMtlon much has
) con nccoinpll'hod both for the impoxoinent
if the ariiu and In the civil bistness of tlio
lopiumeiit. Aniotiji thoivfoiin * thus instl-
iitc-cl are SOUK ) , xx'blcli have bicn attended
x I tli re in itkablo success , thn tare of imnsiul
ntciost to tl.oxotorans ofttv lito v\r. ,
The \x-ir clopntment is the custodian of all
ho olllelal veiords , In the possu-sslon of the
toxernnicnt , icl.itlng to the services of the
inion armies In tholato war The bureau of
icnslons In the Interior department is
harjred with llio adliHtnioiit of pension
laims , but the oii inal roicuvl evidunco
eqnired lor Unit puiposo must be furnUhod
> y the xx'ar dcpaitnieiit. Thou'poits of the
lopirtnieiit stioxv tnat on July S.
SVi , thcro xx-ore neatly " " ,000 of those cilts
'roni ' tlio iMjnsloii bureau uinusxx'irud , and
Lhat In all there were 10tl."itcisos Iro.n llio
MMisIoii bureiu , second auditor aiid mlscel-
ancous soure < ' 3 ixiUlrhi ] | { Information fiom
Ihi'so records
This niTeai.ue of work had been nccumu-
atliiMr foryeaisso it was Impwalblo to
trotan ansxx-crto n simple Inquiry in losn than
DUO to tlnco moiiUis. I'cusiou claims were
/hi'robj dlroctlv deliyocl to that oxtotit and
ncidcntally much more. On the abnvo date
'secrctarj ' I'roitor lintltutert an entirely mnv
order of thitic" , con-oHilitlnjrancl completelv
ro.nriinglii1 all of that business lu tht'ito-
* nitment , xxitli a tesult that on Soptem-
> er : ! 0 followini ; thcio ixas not a < iso
> f that clriraeler loft on hind iindlsio ed of
n the ofllco. Tin * iiiairtiitudool thil xx'oik is
llnstrated by the following lluuies laken
from theseci tury'slastnunual report :
No of cases axvaltltiK action . .Tnl3 ,
ISSD | D,05
Ueccix'cd from .Inly ft , ls y , to June III ) ,
Total . : .
Ansxvoied July s , Ibs1' ' , to July > il ) ,
Ucmaiiilni' ; on hand Juno , U ) , Is'.K ' ) .
An actual record kept In the department
shows thil dining the last four iiioiiths'is ' l
pel cent of all cases of thit > chai icterhax-o
bcm complotcd and answered \"itliiii'xxcnty-
four hourof tlich receipt , although in the
ineaiitime , on account of Ihe greater activity
of the pension bureau , that work xvasxory
imlerinllv iiuioased 'ihu foii'soinp MIOXX-.S !
iiiiaverm * of ' .isl cases received pci du > ,
while the ( Liilj axerairo from Uei-oinber 1 ,
1M ) , to IVbiinry T > , 18'il ' , xx-as , ; ,
IJiuier tlio lite domojratlo administration
thcieviie l"is cleiks in tuo xxur department
ctiKUK' ' ! ! upon the current work miuirliif ! a
seal eh of thcsorecoiilH The report of tbeolll-
i-cr in cli.ii'Koot the division October 'J. ) , last ,
shows that thi'smno wciils , wbirhbas so ma
terially InorcasPcl , is hcinedono by l't ' clciks ,
arcductlnn luforc'oot .IT per cent , and that.
too , xx Ith the absolute piomptncss nbox-o
pointed out. Taklnp into account this mine-
tion in fore" and the lucre iso 111 business
oaih clerk on the avoraito is now .iccompllsh-
Hi ) ; from three to four times the amount uc-
complished before. Wlnlo great credit is
duo to the cleiks tbetnsclxesfor ttio increased
energy with which thej have prosecuted the
\xork , the largo item is the bettor ortranl/a-
tiou and simpler methods which have boon
Introduced. It is uunoiessary to point out
that tlili r < > iiH'tion in foreo resuit.s in the
saving to the iioverninont of hundreds of
thousands of dollars a jear.
Ono of Scciutaiy Proctor's llratactt. , ifter
coining into the department , was a complete
nnd thorough roorsj.mi/atlim uiidor the
authoiitv ol an act of the fiftieth congress of
tno xxoiii lelntips tn the piiblicntioii of the
i clii-llion records Its actual publication mid
distribution to the public have been x-cr.x
slow the iik-ti nf prlntiiif * ; them xxas lirst
bmachccl nearly tivontj vonrs inro , nltlioiiKli
the lirst Jippuipriation was not inacli * b.con . -
mess until 1S71 , und the Jh'st x-olumos not
Issued until I'M ) . The proRrcas noxx1 beimr
mailo warrants tlio belief that the wriolo maybe
bo completed before the closi > of this admlni.s-
tratiou ,
Tin * piex-nlcnceof dcsi'rtion in the roKiilai
auny at tlie Ui'friiinin.Lrof the' present admin
istiation xas deinuiali/im to the uiny Itsell
ami made lingo unnecessary " \pensi > "lo the
government in tlioiociultln' ' ; und trat sport-
inc : of mon. In his first mutual report Secre
tary I'roctor pointed < nit that the : xx-as
ono both of .iilininustiatlon and lopislation
Tlio scuotaiy in Unit icport saul xerj sus
cincil.\ that "The pith of the whole quos
tlon is to innlu * the .scivlco xvortli ooinj | ; ,
nnd then enouKh gooil men will seek it aud
Ixi elad to stay in II. " Tin1 loft
congress luMi-tiH cooperated xxitli tnu
dt-piirtnteiit in its cffi rts to ameliorate tli. *
condition of cnlNtcil HUT , and to tint end hns
einie'tid iliii-liif ; the past ye ir some very im
portant tcKlsl.ition recommended by the sec-
letary KM-ulloni results Invo nlivady bcci :
.ucoinplishi'd MthouKh the lull results , ol
course , rannot 1)0 ) immediate , the following
tlsuroM will shoxy what U biinu done :
Total dosoitlona xear endliit ; .liino . ,
Same perio < lon'incr .Imic * : ttl , ISb',1 . ' . ' , s'j ]
DeciiMso , 1" > p * r cent.
Total dusprtions , r ending September
. ) , ts'io ' . -J.Ofli
S imo period cndinir September ; W , IS.SH 2,7 : , !
licro ise , J4 iwc'jnt. .
Total clcsertions jcur ciidiut > Kebrunry
1. is'll ' . . . . 1 , 71
S line period eii Jin , ' fcbruary I , ls',11 . . ' , ' , ril
Pecteasc , ill pet i out
Comparing the List two months for which
leturns are obtainable , viDoccm bor am
. .lauiiiiiyxith tlio sa mi ) txxo montlis a \ enrage
ago , ills found , that tbe closertioiis haxo been
onlj 117 , ax . .igaiiiktill , era reduction ofI' '
per cent.
The rrtlctli coiire ( s made an nppropria
tlon looKlng towanloik on the line of mod
ern defence , but that work may bo sail
tnlmxitpraitii-all.x luviin with this adminis
tration The acts for the current year am
for the one next i-nsultnr , contain libcial an-
pioprlilions for c.irrjimr out a consistent
and \xell considetecl plan which , iilthoiifrh it
must bo perfected slowly will , If continued
in ton yemspntour coasi. cities in a state o :
rcasonablo defenco anil security lUneces
ltv reipiii-us no ariutniPiit , It is Renoritlj ad
mitted , bu VII- has requited a good man ) jcuri
to tret at thcwoik
Xoxer bcforo haso much attention been
bestowed by tlui Kciicral government on its
national pii.iut asbv tlio piesent administra
tion. Tlio president und tlio scerctarx * o
war have xislted and inspected sox'cral cn
campmcnts and their jHirsnual Intereat has
maieri illy aliKxl Iho xvorU. They hue de
tailed rebuilt' oflkers to lusslst in the mstrue
lion of the mllltla ton much greater ex tenl
than ever buforo , and altogether the Intelll
iont co operation of tlio presontadinlnistra
tion has been of the pro.iUMt service In tlio
encouiaicmiut nud Impiovcinentof tliismoi
iini > oitint factorof national dofcn-o.
The same Inteiest 1m been taken la mill
l.iry iiiitructton lit colic HITS , mid by tbe net o
January l.'l hist , tlio number of details si
nlioxxp'l ' has been Incu-aneil to ssx-cnty llvo.
Anolhoi * Ciirpc'iitc'is's Strike I'
Ciucioo , March S.-At a iuaii , niectlntr o
the journeymen r.irportPrs of Chicago this
aftorr.oon It xva. decided that should the ,
master carpenters not conclude ) to accndo to
the proposition to arbitrate ) the cliffirenccs
between tlio earpeatrrs and tl eir employers
& stilko of c eal iiiu ultudo should bo In
anuurated. The ijucstlon of XXIIRPS was de
ilared the only point nt issuo. The meeting
Hxed upon March 'is as the time when thd
demand * must bo met. Resolutions xvoro
adopted dcchirinK that unscrupulous agents
were using tins world's fair as a pretext lo
vorcmxx dlniT thonty vx ith Ihe tiu.'iuplo\c.l \
I all trades
, s-.ti > tun u.v ir. . , .
inter llcvHnpuidit M ll < pr < iu- tlio
Tlii'in-y of Siilrldc- .
L.IIXIHIN , March S - l-'urthcr facts luxo
omo to lltslit iivirdlne llu ) mniclor of Ur
.oiderinann , xvhoso bndx xvws found In a
ivlno near San Keiiu * . l.oickrinaiin pild
let'iienl xlslts to Monte C'urlo Subsc-
iientlj two l Ji'iiniuu Joined llio doctor ntthts
loteland nil three Uriurtnl toitethcr Hoctin-
ii'r1 On thutivonhiK ol ttio nno day the
xv o licriiiiiit tetuini-d to the hntol without
.oidotnninn. In rosponsoto liiiUines | they
\phlnod that l.ildcnnain had suddenIv be-
ome Insntio and xv.n plmod In an mxlttnint
N'ico. That iilirht tli' two ( iornims
eft Tin . of Dr I.oiilerinmn HIIS
ftenxard' as ciesctlbed 'I'lie spine of
ho murdered tnan pnnc'tim-d bn pin similar
i these used In piicUliii ! Hilda at Iho
amlnr tables at Mnutc * i. nrlo 'I'bf pockets
f the dead mini had bcon rlliod It was cvl-
euttv the intention of the tiiuidc.rois to glx-e
In * won thlt tlu'docCi'-octlilHl ticon uilnodby
inihlint ; at iMontc Carlo and In
espiuition had i-oinmltted suicide.
'ho | > ollco sent a phnloijiaph ot
bo dec-oaveil to Monte C'uilo 'I'hoie it was
e mem bo led that a man of that description
ind iMiiilili-ct tlitia in coinpnm xvllh a lu-
nitciLl'ollsh countess and hotlornim ( pira-
mtir Tlti'sp two hid boenariesteiland sent
s pilsonets to San Uenw , It Is supposwl
bat Iho countess deioyedl.eiileitnann , but It
s uncertain ns to whether her | nraniour
IcUdin tin1 killmi-r. riiepolinMiro Inclined
o tlw belief thit a Int'ifo KHIIB nw inipHcnloil
u Ilia crlino.
On tinI'lirli Itni'o < 'ciiif * < e.
Pun- * . Miii-i-lis ( hvliijrto heavy rain llio
.ico covnso at.Viitewil early In thediiywus
Imost disci-toil Karly In thoatu-inoon tlio
onlookers present xvon * clilo.ll ) eajtaiHHl
n XMtchiii ) , ' the utoxcineiiUof the laiiio force
of police ou the ground. Onlj n few r.iciiii ?
lion won1 present nt thcwciihtin ; ? , A imtn-
or of bi'okuaUorj end red bets \\-Hhout
> eitir ( iiiteifored xvilh h ) ttio polled \Vliilo
ho rae < -s proceeded there were isoUtecl iries
ot "Doxvn xxitli tlio Const mi' " but olhomiso
hcio xvai no disoidi-r. Txvo pi-i'sons who
naclL' a inoye-cspedally to boproinliient by
heir dei.miointlons of tliominhtorof the In-
erior wcie placed under arrest Uhe pulleo
ipp.'aro l to buactitif ? under orders to onfurco
lie noxv miti-f.MmblliiK regulations in a uiiiil
natiiier , and suc-poitis nirreiit that bettlni ?
u forms \villiiKaln bonlloved bj Iho
uitloritii's At thu track today there were
10 I'.irrsimituils operations.
' 1 ho Temps learns that the Rovornmont
xvill leconsider the wholecmestlon of betting
ou laciiisr ,
A ? lcitlii'i'4 Kofolsiii ,
Ihurix , ? f S. , M-iuh S-A dispiteh
from Bajroberts , N I' siys A'louseoe- '
eupied bj John I3abcock xvasdostroycJ by
Ire last nl ht. Ksctpo by thostalts xvas cut
oil'and Uabcoek cliouped from the second
stoiyviudoxvto the giaiitul .uxdhis wife
* a-s cd the children out , ? ( ) iiiB from the win-
low to the slccpltiR room throiifrh Iho ( lames
mill she had all except one , when her oxvn
lifjlit clolhmi'atid thatof tlio child she held
n ber aims took lire , audio six-o herselfshn
lad to jump , still retaining her hold of the
Jiibe hbo bad to leave the teiiialninp child
o bo binned to dcnth The heioic mother 111
capmir fiom the biniiliii ; house broke ono of
ici loj a All the children tin niou * or loss
njiired by the llro , one of them so much that
tt. life is despiirodof.
Auainst A iinc'xatloii.
Alxiiuiii , Alai'c-h i. Tlio lleraldo , in an
artk'lo protejUms asalnst the supjiosod
sr-hi'ino of thoUniti'il States Kovcinmcnt to
iiinox the Island Cub.i , su-s Illaiiio oui-hl to
recollect that the COIIRI-OSS of Amciicnn
nitlons plaiulv proxcd that SpanUh-Anicri-
cans are nol disposed toallow tbcmselxes to
10 absorbed bv tbo irrcat iiorllicrn ropublic- .
The pcoplo of Cuba , it says , are strongly
Spanish ind < itialh | opposed to liocoinlnir
> arlof the United H talcs. 1'rolnbly with
; lo exception of tradesmen there is no ono in
: ho Islands xvho is at all desirous of annexa
tion Spiin , the lleraldo conti lines , would
shed her last drop of blood in reaUtiiig any
itteinptto dcnux-o her of her colony , fearing
neither Cnbnn roxolution nor xv.u xvith the
United States
t > ulieli > ti < 4 Tt'htiiiiiiny r\i i'ctc l.
LOMION , Alnrch S Ttw testlmonj in the di
vorce c-aso xx'hlch Count MS HussollH brins-
jigiiialnst hei nuslmid.the carl of Htissoll ,
is cxpoc-tecl to show up the lottenuess In a
ceitain section of British arlstocuoy , xvttli
detitils , quite us icvolthiK ns the Infamous
London sea. ml ills of the last jear Countess
Hussoll has already been the heroine of 0110
suit annulling her imrriatfo about four jcars
aio Slio xx-as marnoil In the registry ollico
S > but - . im-
toCnptiln < ibriKht , they Hop-ir.xtcd -
iiieili.itcu aflei- the o'romnny. The wife
pliicleii duress and fraud and the uouit ills-
solxeil the mania e List jcir she mail-led
thooarlof llussell , from whom shcnowseoks
seiiration | onchai'Kes of an astoundin Cellar-
, \ If ( iirilile Crime In J'aiiM ,
l'\ it \linch " > . Abnul a xvcek ape an
aijed c-ouple namel TVlhonmis icsiilinz in
Tojrs. tnysteiiously ilisippotu'd. Tlio noii h-
bois , thinkliifrsoniethinK xvas wroiifT , noti
fied the police' , xvho forced open tbe doors of
tbe old couple's house , when they discovered
that u horn l > h ) crime hid bcon committed
The man and wife htul boon brutally inur
dciod and the House sttlpped of everything
ofnlui' that could bo convenient ! } carried
awiy. The bodies of the aged xictinis piv-
scuteil iiKhustly apneaiance. The household
doirs hid ban dii'veii hy ImiiRCr to fi > od
upon tlio bcjilios , larso poitlons of which
\xete unouml by the animals.
I'a i'iic-1 ! > | icalvM i t ln ) III n.
Di mis , Match s. In roilyins | today to
addresses from tlftcen branches of Nilloti il
laiKuecouiiciU and other oi ani/atlons 1'ai-
nell dx\elt on the slgiiiflcaticf uf the presemo
.ofdeputatioib "from dbtrii-ts xxhc-ro ovoiy
possible moans had beni eniployed to stillo
public opinion " I'arnell said that oxxinff to
Iho coinparitix'o aOscnco of imliisliles in
lielanil Irishmen were precluded ( torn takin ;
( nut intlio Kieut labor tnovcinciit , but could
join hands xvitb Btitish xvoikmcn to socuto
ncedodli' ihlatloriand thus show thlt tbo
"brotherhooil of nations" as reirared the
xxorkini ? classes * .xas solid lictxvecn Knirland
auu Ireland.
A nest ol a .Nc\v Idbfial
MONTIII : xi.MaicliThec.lty . was stnrtlcj
today by thoicportoC the anest of Ur Mous-
soiu , the new liberal nvinber for Souhn es ,
on u rlnrRC o ( forgery The warrant xxas
applied lor it foxv weeks .1150 ind lotuscd ho-
cause the iuiUo xvast ' not lend himself to
xxhat bo considered a dodctoto iloaway xvilh
ntrotiblcsonm opponent The cbarBO is tbo
slRiiingof the nanio of an old pensioner xvho
had died about six months before to a pen
sion receipt , the sum in question bring about
Dc'spoiatcWork ol' Ini' * illii i-lcs.
Li-Tnwii Ont. , Match s Lut
incondlirles bound and ijaijttcd the
x\atchm.m \ at IJoss Brothers' ' funiituio fuc-
tory. nnd then tired the premise * . , which xvero
tot.'illyclestioyed , The xvnlcr works piimpa
und llro nlarm had been tainpored ith to in.
suto the destruction of HID property. The
loss is not > ct estimated
Till' KhiMlixi' IO\ti-liclM A liinoly.
Si .xkixi , March S. ( ionetal Crenfoll ! , com
mander of iho K < rvptlnn army , utd tuim as
sembly of Sheika from all puts of llio Sou
dan jcsterday Iho khedlvos proclamation ol
general amnesty The prodamutlon was to-
celvod with forx'ctit c-rws of loyalty ( liiiiera !
rejoicing followed and in the ovunltij ; llio
town was llliunlnatod.
flic llelliist dim in int l neil
Bin l IST , March . U'hilo the Belfast con
tingent xvas rcttirnliiK from the Noxvry inrct-
Injr , passing TanilraKCO , txx-o shots xvoro Hied
fiom acartlajjo , woutulluutwo persons soil-
ously. Theoucupiut of the carriujfo were
cleta'iued , but no weapon was found tixin | nn )
ot them.
Finii'iK'iiil I'aiiiii
Ht rxos Avurs , March S. The panlclti
financial elides Is o\-or und buMuosHxyill bo
resumed tomorrow. The Kovorimienth.v'i Jo-
elded lo rt-lssuo a lanof liWOOOi , ) K ) Listen
at U per cent later * t.
She Saek * to Pfcsjrw lultctlha Property
Iiefl by llor lluabuul.
AM ! su * Mas In Ilvc < On ( 'liifiuiMl by
a Sun of Her HiiMluinI , ol"
\Vliiiui ShiICiiuwii
A dead liushmd's prlitw1
Tur Urrluisrocclved a letter from Mr- .
turn Swohodi , whoso homo Is on Illi-ltoi-y
.root , between TvontyivontliamtTwentv ) -
Khth , and whose sudden dlsappenrancedls-
ovorril some two or tliivodii ) < a o , linl her
rlemU nml iiolK'hbirs to four that she hud
eon foully doilt with.
The loiter is ilntod L'hlciifo , Munlt . " > , and
s \Mltloniiii n letter liivul of ttio ChliMfjo
lonw foi llio friendlosj , liJ'iV ) ' abash avo-
tie. It ays
" 1 wont tilrco weclc * a o \Visliiiitloti | ,
) . ( ' , tojeL ( MOIIIU piporaaiid liolp to idtlo
; icnopcity | of my Imsinnd , which tils pen-
iloaio trrlnsrto get aviy.Vhon \ I inmo
utt-k , 1 \\lll toll all aboutlt. Now pleasohclp
ifRct limn' . I am afraid when I stiy imny
0 IOIIJT tint I won't Had nothing In my llttlo
iou < e. I'leascRo ' to tuo louiitj Jud/o anil toll
1 in tr > pet mo Uiokot , and time it out when
ly iilfalnnvosetlU\l Hero In IMilciirotlicy
iromlso nu1 , fiiiu ) divtod.iy , to gKo mo u
li-ket , butthoj itont do it. Jhoy R.ivonu n
iclipt \VisliiiiK'tonbtit tcumottrot fmtn
'hlr.i o , not-havo I money I was ill \\hoti
left Oiiiahii , nud I am HO vet I nut to no
lonio ; F must pi ) lio'in * . I'loa'o do help me to
'ot homo I will tell all whin t uet Inok
'leiso K" t < > JuilgeShields iinontmo. Verj
osicuttully | , ASM Swoiimn "
'Jills kttc'rhoinp shown to friomls o [ the
iiifortuiMto HOinan , thiy all rxpicsHi'il the
pinion thit she linil loft tlio cltvhllo llbor-
iiKUiuleian attack of niontalaboritloii
It socim that the poor \\oniaiihti9 bill n
proit deal of dotnostic lionlilo ciiou li to
Iriio nliuost any ouo into the mini liousc
Her husbnnd , Mho died alwut tliieoenv \ *
ice , left bor In ijuiti ; coiiifoil.ihlp ciii'iiin-
stances or to the oxtoutof a snu > ? little | > iop
orty Shjco tils death the embodisiient of a
sociot sliicoininltUil bv hiinsomn niiulooti
> r tttotity years ago , him-roswd the pntli of
the Innocent widow intlio personof anlllc-
gitlniatoion. rorsoiuotlinti this illcgitlinixto
son hat } been making whit is deseiibod as a
losppritc tight to obtiin possosiiou of tbo
iroportj loft by Mr Snoboiln 'Ihis prop
srtj Is ullthi'.tMrs Swoboduh.ia for hcrold
The iippcar.ineo of this illepitlmato son
irincditli a baptismal icrtittcMtu , in which
Mr Swoboda noUnoxvloilgod him to lie his
otTspriiiK , proved in itself sullleient to bow
Mis , Sxvobodi's luail vltli ( ? det , while tlie
iildra spectra of his vaftinR a Inttor llurht
'or the llttlo property Ml bj her husband
las , \\oulilsL-eitiiWollnlKli coinploteil the
foaiful work of wracking hormUui
ill's. Swoboihuisuhishly resputtabiolady ,
inilhasahvajs stvod high"iimoiiK these of
lorown iialionulitVi as well as anion all
\linliave Unowti liur. if the unfortunate
illiir , now nuilo , jmblic for tbe Hut time ,
wnevt''ieull ) known to theoutslilo world ,
ittlo or notliiiij [ hu ever been said of it
'iho entire affairnili soon bo looked into
j > the courts , andttic intny frionils of tin1
widow exprcs * tlioliopothat , sbo may be loll
u undispiitoit posa'ssion of ttio httlo homo
vhicti hcrycirs qt toil at hoi liusbiud'j side
vould stem to rightfully entitle her.
1111 * , lloopeiif ilnu'i' ( iM'i Ills Vicxvs
on "Mrlluli ) mid li'-iilln. !
lev. ! Hoopcntraiiur | , tlio ovaugrlbt , closoil
a tHo-MCoks1 nioctliig nt tlio South Tenth
Smut ilctboJlst ihiircli last nifrlit Duriii ?
the moetinus aBgut ilfty iwoplo rftivo pro-
Ob ed I'oiivcrslou a'nd'thirty have united wit'i '
Although feollug < iuito ill , last , mpht , Ko\
f-toopciigirncr pit'aehed a icry Impressive
sciinoii and load the sinking as usual
tto selected the followiniords ! from
rsaiih as a text "Seek yo tlio
r ord while Ho inov bo found , niul call upon
Him while lie is near. " The address \va
cunu-st and plain , and left no doubt in the
minds of tboaiidionco as to what Kov. Hoop
orgarucr thinks abjut fnturo punishment for
these \vho dlo in their sins Jlo said that
CMirv ooul iritbo house ivboliiid not mailo ViN
pciicoitli ( ! odvis in dancer of dropping
1 1110 hell. It is customary \\ith ininy people
topostpono ropODtinco from youtoyo.n
1 'roi'i-astiaatlon istno thief of tlni" antl'by it
m my a m.m has tot his soul's s.ilva
tiou "I hive but \erj little faith in
Ueithbod npentwcos , " t > .nd the spcikor
"Out of 1H ) of them , not raoro th.iu
half a dooii , as a rule , can he relied on as
RCiininoVheii coed boaltli ictiirm , the
I)0iiitentsocms toforgct his\ows"
Iho Lord shoulJ be oucrht bocausolie is a
( JoJ of love , not because tin re b daiip-t-
djinp without a knou-lcdtre of sim foijion (
Cod is lovo. bnUatim toi monls thochill
of love Christ died for the world A
inotlior will t'lvo her life forhur rhlld , a man
tnu clio for a friend , but .Icius C'hrist save
his life fbr those \ \ ho despised him. Thai
\us the perfection of love.
Kov Ilooppiipnincr then slid that peopb
should SOLC | tlio Lord because it
piys. It pivs oven for till ?
lifoandlt pijs lortiiflllfo thlt Is to come
He related his own experience In pirlini ;
\\ltli histifjpil mother and \\itli a brother who
aio gone to the beyond Ildiad found
ita grcit comfort to feel anil reili ? ' ) that ,
tin on KI ! the love of < .oil , honould meet with
his doai ones KOIIO bofoio. llu found that It
piys liotti lor linio iindctcitnty to scno tlio
The inviUtion was then extended to all
\ \ \\lshodtn mike a start in n uo\vllfuto
go forward an l the lueetlup continued lor
soini * tltuo nsu pmerand piaisonicotinir.
lov ! Hoopliigafii"r will begin seuoof
niu'tlnKi at thi' Ilansi-oin 1'aik Motliodht
cliurch tottight.
, - * -
NOT A lOCAIj , aiAtThfl.
< liristlniilly 3Iny J'\sl ! . mil \Vill I'on-
< ( II T Ail ) wlicro.
Rev Thomas i ; Cnmblett , pastor of the
Tlrst Christian ihurch of this city , ad
dressed tlw men's meeting at tlio Vounir
Men's Christian assoelation ye'itordaj ' at I
p in. Thoiocra 111 young men ptesciit
A beautiful solo entitled "Sxvctt I'eico , the
dift ofOods T oveas > suns1 by Air l-'ied
b Abel
The speaker took , ( for his tea the thir
teenth \orsnof tlio MSroiul diaotir of l.i'voh-
tinu Aftei ( ? ivlnjrnj buof skoteh of the opu
lent anil wKktjd tlty of 1'eig.imos
bo drew fiom it tlio Reason that n'nan ' can lie
a I'll rKlian any whore I'luUtlanity. lie said ,
was not 11 thinjr of lot.ition , but of c-liiiairtir
A man's sinroutidiii sarc oyni rcsiionstUo
for his failniii tolvoan | , upriKbt lifi- Moses
in the courts of l'l.iraoh ' | , .losopliiu I'otlpbai's
house , the llolrow't'liildren la lli inu.onfo
of thoflory fiirmuo , iil > aniol in the kind's
mlaroworonblojo rrnialntiiio to thflr Hod
ilut It Is more dlllliiilt to li\ea Christhn
lifo timlor some iiV < unistiiii'os than it is
mill or others lltiifliniiruiliRUnilt toinmiiln
line to [ ! \\huillifM\orlil is frieudly , nnd
becks by repiorirnitttnolf ( as yntti frioml ,
than wuemou liliVtt < iiicti ] opposition It Is
easier to Ki''Pl ' ' > leMltlia t'oo when ho i-on-
frouts jou as your eiigny , thciu It is when ho
apprnurhosiot ! as'your lilonil , but with a
ila cr behind bli bark with wlikU to stuko
jou unawaies. Bvwi amid tbo wiikOvlness
of thn corrupt city of Puuunios some to
UMlniil failbful , and tnthcm thaieuml
Kic'iiU'r tliini to those who had not eiuluud
dial It insidd In tliochnptor that to him
that o\eivoiiiotli will bu Khon ' " uat of tliu
hidden in.mua , and to hint vlll bo given a
\\hitostono , and on the stone a new mvno.
ho to all who oMjrcomo amid t'ieat teittp'a-
lions , tli icwaril will bo iMt 111 pioportlou
to the trials cmiurod
An aftermt'etinK ai eondurted by Mr.
Low Andcisou.
KiioiX : < MlTlnoii : lnAltnlow. .
Henry OUrotn , a hostler for the Union I'.i-
cllli- , mill John Dnlan , ill so arailiond em-
ployo , eiiKifjed m a vuloui llstio eiioniiiitor
lust etvnliu about Oo'i-lcuk at the comer of
Sixth anil I'lerco st reetM.
Alter i > xchangliiir icronl blows , Ostroia
In liiudlni ; a | Kiwortul Wow upon
Dol.iu'.s jiw and Ui ivkiMl him tlu-oii li ii
plato Kins * wliulov lliilan lecolvcd u very
io > ere tut on ( bo left aim , ami thollKht was
muphttu a rloso. Xoarrosls
uii'TTi * i - . \ / v.
Tin1 Allr oil | 'IM | l-'lulil l.ndi'il In
a I'Vo-fm- .
Hi rriio. J , ' V , March s. ( Special Polo
trram to I'm * Her. | I'mldy llmnniiii of this
i-ltj ami .lark lliiiulim , the bli. oo'.orod ' vclRhtof SilanntU"i ! , foiicclil at l-'on-
.onvllli'al . " > oVlnouthlsiuiirnlinr ThostuUc )
wns ! f.M\i u stao Tlio wen came to
jothor llkiM Iijiirs , nmt bofoii * noiinluss hail
.lino totliiiili Ui-oimau hail liudt'd u sledge
haiiiiuorblo\Mii ) liisoar anil lie \MW knoekoil
town. At tlinboylnnliif : of the second nnuiil
.lieciintcstiints runhod iniidh nt t.ich utlior
IJiviiiinn doilk'i'd itijbllianiler nml ohppoil
lown. Douglass fell vii him and begin M
loiinil liliu.
'llio Mo\vilelloil ) "foul ' and the men wort
toin apirt. U'lld eoiifiisioti tollowod , in-
cludliiR wvonl idi ) lights U'hen order was
millulh usstored Itefon-o I ord awainltil the
l > ; lit to llrennan. A Kdn'rnli > w riiul mure
lights onsuotl for over t\\o \ hnniM , y
-i Jir/titttmu'i tst\in , < ut n ,
IIcKlidiitM Ills M'llV , laii ) liter and tin'
Cook and I'licu Snlcidi's.
IliTis\u \ M , lud , Mirch -'luday John
Ulrscheiv , a proinlnc'nt hotel Uooiwr of this
iilico , vhllo drutuand mail u ith Jo.ilousj ,
iti.irk.ud his wife with n rc\olvcr \ ami shot
! ier in the lio.iil , InllU-tliiK a scrioin
wound. Annthoi ball stuiek a cor > il
stay , Just ever the heirt Diricborii
Uien plau-d the wpipimat the buck of hli
Llnvo-yeir old daulitcr ) , Mvitlo , and shot
liorthroinrh the hurt. Ho tin u shot his cook ,
Miuy .loin's. In the badt , tnlliotin ? u llosli
wound. A I'lowdp.itheic-il cnnokly In tlw
imrlor to at ttml to the \\ounilod. \ nnd while
thus eniMKPd Dirsclioroeatoied and foil cluail
on Iho floor , having cut his thioat with i
oa > o icnlfo.
jtHKfiW ii. t u ; 'tit ut : . tit / if/.T/ ,
Spiii > lc I'riosto-ss Diss \ lot oilons
la I ! u > Tights Coiitiovoisy.
N'i : VIIIIK , Manh.ludgo McAdun of
t he superior loiirt yesterday BiMided an In
unction restriiiiiiis Maunder PoidliiunlV
lloello ot the Harlem thcatro from putting un
.ilsposUrs rrprosentltiirMtni ! Kdlth IDiss
Debar in tiphts. Mme Diss Dobir rejoioeil
ather victory. SliothnnlcedJiidt'eMoAdiun
She said it was i triumph of ijood morals
our iiuniouhty "I'icturos of my-Uf , in
Liijht.s nud an accorueon pleated skirt sixteen
indies lonjj posted hi tlie mibllestiectsnoull
not haio been a pioper sipht for tlio
IMinlttsio look utwn. I have two childroti-
irls anil thosifjhl of their mother aa Man
igcr llcwllo wautul to bill mo would h.ivo
bien an Insult to them , Hail the injunction
not been granted 1 should hive aupo.ilcd to
Anthonj donistoi-k 'I'onlKhtMatiiirorlloclli }
eiinio to mj looms at lilti Uant Xiuul'vnth
stiupt , uuu oirercdmo aiheckforfl.ooito let
Llio Injunction proie.'dln B KI > by detaull As
if I would oe a puty to bl.iilcm.iil. " Mine
JJiji Utbir slid she would st.ilid bhci con
trii't and appear as Hi-leu in.loscpb Ilatton's '
| ila"Out \ of Sight. ' ' Hho would not break
it , for tli it vould no unjust to others of the
coinpan ; who bad come from Kuiopo to take
parts in thy play.
x'r JMV mi- : train * ir.
St. It juls Insurance Cuiiipinlc'Vltli -
hold Money on a Policy.
Sr. Tjiii iMo , M.irdis. Intoi"stas ro
vued In the fitnous Stlcpel rain today lr
.Fulius S htlopol shot uivsteiloiish
\\Lile ililv inj'uloiib' thcstroct. 'IliaoumU
\\ero pioiiounei'd tm ial , buta wojk later ha
died. Postmortem oMiuinaliou slifod \ ai
senic in the \ihccra later It deu-loped that
he hadfro.OH ) insur.inei1. of which tl5H)0 ( )
\MS straight lifo insur.inti' , thu roil aod
dent. Attoiiioy.s for tlio widow demanded
piymenl from the Xew Vorit Lifo and tlio
Tiavolcrs of Ilurtfcird Rothhuio flntlv ie-
fu odtopat ocil loproscntatiii's of tlw
accident companies were soon touuy , aim
every one said they had not been called
upon top.iy the. jolioics , but that they would
heslioitiy , and all would lefuseto jny , and
the wtJow would have to go tocomt with
her claims.
'Iho 0114:1111 * Agiiimt I'.iiMop li
UKIUNO , 1M. March b.Tno trustees of
tlio SKth street rbunh this
morn in ? refused Uov A. II. Kreokcr , A
Io\vmin ! ropre.sen.atno , poimission to enter
the nulpit , and Uov. .1 , II
Sinroj , and Bosnian , was nc.iptul as
liiitor. Itev ICrctltor and ovei a huiiilied
ol his folln\\ il'ed ' oat of Iho in a
body and uorhipedin the llibio\\ * temiili1
At .lolmsV.lIo this eouiilj , Jiev. Joseph
Sprecht. antl Bosnian , was refused admis
sion totho pulpit by the tiu toes , and liu'
I ) IJ. Albright , alUnMiian wioachor , n.ib IP-
LCivudiis pastor At of thu churches
in UciUlinKpoliccnioiiuero it itwnod
A special to t hi ) Lodger siys ItcvV. . A
Leopold dul nolniiiliu an Ulort to enter the
liulpit of hisihuieh atAllentowu today , but.
tnstoml wont lo Cat.\siiiia ) , wheie ho Has di1-
nied the prnlloKoot picaclun in the ihurch
At St.itintrton , notwitlHtaiihiii ? the piesoneu
of Uiblmp BIIIV mm , an an ti-Do\vi.ini pieacher
took P' ' ) > sesston of thodiuich.
Western I'onplo in
Cnmoo. March b. - [ Spcdil Telefilm to
Tin : Ili'P. ) Anionjj the western people In
Chloago today weie the folo\viiin' ! \
At tlio Shernnii I 11 ( Jiimpbcll , DPS
.Moiiici ; 12. A. Sherman , Sious. Tails , S. 1) ) , ,
Ii IJ. Miopliirci , Oiiiali i.
At the Trcmoixt S 1' . .MacC'iiiintll ,
At the Pihnot-n. Soliwmt/ dou , Phil
A Dun , Uicston , Mi-s I ) . U C'l.u-lc , Itapkl
City , S. U.S. II CouNon , .1 C. .Mi-Kay ,
At \\Vllinctoii-C. . C. Cat pouter , M
( iii ibv , Sioux Palls ,
At the Aiulltouum John IJ. tole , Onialn ;
P < ; Ilonilerson , .1 . . .V. 1) ) .
liuloj , Sioiu City , Air and Mrs. Joliti \ .
Iald'\ln ! \ , S P. MucCoimoll , Council IMulfs-
M SandU CJnns , Helen , ! . O. HiiKle , Silt
Lake fit y.
At the ( Iranil Paclflo-John Itoxburyh ,
Cedar Uaplds : .1 II. drew , Des ; MoiuosV. ; \ .
T. Wclrham , Bisniank , N D.
A ( "lili'a i Cliinii rtlol > lcil. )
L'uiix'.K , Manh ts.A drunken white man
and airavtd of bvys atttukfd John Lee , > i
Chiiiauiaiion Uo-plami's streel toiJ.iy. Iuo
ivtallitecl , sontidly thrishinir tfiowhlto iinn.
.lolin McDonald , a jinintcr , nil up nnil
felled thu Lhui.iuunvith a billet
of wood jiul a tny cru.sliod
tbo Clilnninui'sskull a liuio stone. A
liruo irovd uitberii | , shoutiiiff , "kill the
Chinnman , " otc 'I'he oppoituno cirihal of a
lutrol wanou rcM'iiedtbe piostrito Celestial ,
hut hli recover } is doubtful
lllixnl'Mi mills llalllecl.
Tex Mnrchs 'Iho icsidenco
P\ir-riM , ,
of C'ol uiel ( iporRo A W ritiht , on Main itnet ,
was illlod list niht ( and ? l.t. > taken. Ttie
burnhrs drilloil two holes in the sife ind
biokc'tho holt by iii > uriiiiiii : sin dl pieoo of
iron. The tools weio led on the crouinl
Itloodhouiiils wtio biouulit into roipilsitim ,
but tlio buiirl.irshad clcstioyedtliuetit by
KMtteiin ra lot of phnsulli'ro.sunt ionii sf
lion , wliu'h was htored in tlio shod loom on
the ti.ili.
N \c \ K , X > , March s- , Rally this inuni-
iiifj JoiuphStom onleroil the bouse of Mr- *
Armstroni. for the pin pose ot rr.rdiwy , ntid
in a vtiuttlollh ! the t shot her Hvl 'ii in
the noon unit brut.illy kiiki'd her On her
rtmnliter | ) ll/a coining intn ttio loom she wus
shot In the chin by the bui-Riir , who tlicm
niiidu his OMC < IU | > . Mrs AiniitruiiK ua- >
probibl > Ut.dly injured.
Vow Ivinil nt Dun.
A rival to tlio Miltoso catU thaMaitvso
dojr , , in irresistible hit ot uiiuio beauty
whlih c'oines straight from ttio I'arls ken
nels His mistress , a Washington hello. Mho
hns Just rilurned frnn abroad , considers him
the most tnluabin pil/o she hns secured ilur-
liif ( lu'r WiimloilnnH IIo has bom dnhlicd
Maniuis , nud is uionm M ) Kioneb from tin *
top of his curly white held to ttio lip of his
snowy tall , S | ' .tonti > in 1'ror.i.h he becomes
a must obi'diont cloy , but hits kiionlc l/u | / of
hat presentyorj llnnti.d.
\VII IT f/lMIMl'/llll / / ltl * HP i\l\iv/f \ /
vlIATSOMh\\LuhiAlh \ \ ( ) ( { D01M ,
Ncllhet Lovo-Miiking Nor the \Vi\js \ of ft
OmalVorldIIiV3 \ Torrjrafjr Tin it ,
tirniiiH ittnl lin-oiiulty I'avcil I o Main'
tin1 l-'ilr SeAt t lai't Itc * unit
lIOt M'l Its l < 'l'lllllKS
nml I ilfo ,
Plio most Interosthntliipii'of convorsitlonln
\Vllliauisbrli1no , N V , Is thn oloiKJinent anil
ubso < | iii'nt ninrrl.i ro of pretty Miss IOIU
Tleo. U hat lends mod Interest In
is the f.ict . thithlto she la a vciy atlr.iotlvo
\\hlto ulrl. her liusband la a c-olorod coiuh-
nun. .ItiiiosliiiiKlolph by 11,11110. Miis Tire
Ininttlth hoi- step father , 'I'honias Ihilo , a
virll kmnvnVostchoster roui'ty polltlolnn
Uindolph , wlio was coacliinan foi , i Mr.
Slli'kney , was a frtijneiit uncst , of Ml llyile ,
biinw Inyiti'dhy Hie Inlter ton social irmioof
cird . Soiuetlnu's Klia took a hiitid In the
K lino. too. 'llio ) ou ni ! pcoplo thus llnoun
to 'C'thiT foil In line ; hut when I'ap.i lljilo
ill-covered it ho forbak' Kimdolpli to onlor
tin' hdiixe ( ) | ) t > ivsition foil the llamoof lou1 ,
hmvoxir , and one evening list \\eok I'.lla untl
. 1 lines mot . it tin' house of i mutual frlond ,
\\bii iiicompinioil tin in to the IIOIIM ) of a
c'lern.Miiun. Uov I' . M Laiiih , who nwdo the
two one , 'ihe pilr st uted hoiisekt'i'pliit ; In
one room , but certain demonstrations of oftlioirinairi.ure cautwl
the briiloiriMiiin to vanlsli. Uo uappearodut
Mr Sthkno's but bis hi-Mn was loft alone
\\lth bei tcirs Her ttopfithoi aiiniiuiues
his liitentinn of Inliltif ; Itiitiieulito .tops . to
annul the nurria c.
Her I'ocit. in * Her Life.
Wit lihnr foot weilKdl Ijohvcon thCRunid
at the Short Ltti'oj irds , Miss Kitio 'Wills , u
jouiifiwomm ofllu * ijist Mail , was run down
bj a tilin off might oil's , MJI the Uoulsvllle
Courier ! out nal. llir foot xviu ground off.
hut bytlK * rira tprose.iea of tninil she was
sued fiom death Miss AVllls van out wnllc-
in ? \\llli.i ( rill filond.Vhllo \\-xlklut \ , '
tluouch the1 net work of trades in the yaids
Miss Wills stopped upon ono of the r.iils.
Her foot sllppoj , and in oonie \ \ ly was
c.i'iirbt ' botweoii the tuck , ind a Kn.nd rail.
At the sumo time her Inonil noticed a ti.iin
of freight iiw bickinfT tmvard them , nnd
only u shot idlstiinro oft Sec-iii'iheiiii ( ) > end-
ius danger she mi to tlio ivsKitanoo of Iho
raptive , and topetlioi tboy iisell nil their
siii'iiKth In Irving to extract lier foot. But
it u'asc.iunht as In a Use. On lu-oo-mt of a
hllnht curve In 'In ' * . tint point the
ciis'iiiiYidid not sco the yotint ? woman until
it was too iale.
In alast effort to smo herlirc , ZlUiVllls
thiowliur body from the track , buthi-r left
foot still held tlrmly , and tliroiiu'li her
iigoay of iinnil slie saw the \vhton roll o\er
lur lot ; iiiiiUvuy botv.'irn thu KIKO ami ankle ,
si\erhiB tlio member lomplctoly The shoo
vbiohbiul beep e'lt ' oft" willi the foot could
hirdlj ho draw n fro in tin ) truck , so tightly
hid itbeon\veiim.ul in Miss \\'ills Is oigh-
leen jeirs of a n and Is an ly prelU
Ulrl Iho terrible strdn of the few seconds
she \us held between tlio wils , itul Ihe
pli > sial ( pain sultored tbrew her into such a
condition tint Ills f"iroi | her delta will
Crayccl.lli l.ovc * lor a
t lie ra'np-tolluvveis diuinK1 tlio late
sei 1m iianc" with tlio Indians was a yoiiiiRinid
nor unrr.mch wim in , who fell uindlv in lo\o
with one of the Sioux nra\o- \ . She in.idolds
life a burden with iiuramoioiis pursuit , lint ,
as shc'bad shrcwdnossono'uh ' to fjiyo linn
quantities ofrlKiretti'i , hrdid not abiolnlily
icpulso lior lOinboldened by lbi advance
tliu lu\e iiik innicten attempted lo irnfurtlicr
aid i\lr.xctii pininisi'ol niarrnve , butthonb-
ject other \ounij \ .indaiiti'iinl aHections ihevv
the limit right tnfro and routed In UliKUstto
his tepi-c. For throe daj , ami nights the
moonstruck younp woman kipt aM eless
viL'il , il the door , and for Unco dus nnd
nights the palii > ntsa\u , < ! held the fort. Than
thesie oas rai > od brt lcutcntChamborliila
of the First cavalry , wtio cirricl the >
inp party oil by main force tiho stmtrplad
and bcr.itclied , but thomilhiit o'licoi ' wsusiiot
to bodlvoiti-il fmiii lilp < iiposo , and when he
vet hcrdown outside the lines of thciamphc
gave her akuidl } nun il Icctureoa thu pouls
of love. She defended hcuelf and her pi-
ilon M oroiisly , nnd insistut that this jur-
ticulnr Indlmis tlw noblest man God ever
111.1 do
"And wjcu this cruel war Is o\cr. " > bo
cried , her iixooiliok d with tun . 'I'mito-
\RK \ bick and marry linn in pit"of the KOV-
cinmcnl and alliu soldieis. What niaUur * ,
It that bo loves me not ! 1 love him , aud that
licnoigh. " _
Tn llor ( , MI ill I'on.
/ ' f Jcricii .1. M i/i / -i In Ciiitiu'il
Ah , jou noisy bttlo quill '
Uo jou not with nuiture thrill
Wlionshe writes
Whether hue is bid lo tei ,
Or nsonnol "To theSea"
hhe indites !
What would bilbo 011lien again
She Is usint ; you to pi'ii
'oi'ili to tiie , to trace tliu motion sly
Those fcVi'temli'r wouls I
O'oriny shoulder as [ wilto
Conies H hufihlnsr Mi per , li
"Vou'ia a jooo" ; '
And I ready wish I wore ,
If m ) qxiills eo'ild ' bj lor her
Il.lllltJ Uh.0
\VHlc nyvifj and I were onour last irip
to ICuiopc , liildn I'ortlnncl , COro. ) man in
the 'IVlepmii. we inel a ini lilln-aed lady
who was Kolaproxorthi * neoun for hcrholltli ,
and my wife nnl * lbo ooi-imo jroat friends.
One * d \\liHeilttiiiir in tlio hdieV prl\ IL
c.ildn , the ladj s.dd "I.el ino hlio\v vou
my hfopiOsorvtT , " , iud remoMiiK her outer
skirt my wife ulii-Hii sltlit thit wn a niri-
ositif no'liliiK ' incir.Uuiiidni ; up and
clo\vii llie ailistaik'o of two or llirro .
Inches , MPro solt , llexiblo rubber binds
about two iiu'hes wide. 'I hey wern sowed on
at llio side1 of each bind , nnu nn all the way
around tlio skirt , ami at thn fnp they were
nil Jtlnod lo o her by a lu-oad rtibbur bind
six. inches widi * At thn top of lids Inint
was a rubber tube about two dot lonir , anil
which ran up the wiNt in front and \vas lott
rt'stintr on top of thoi-orsd
oS.ild thi'ludj "You behold rtiii > of my
nwiilnx-ontioin for sivmginy llfi * In oasc of
an aiclilonl all 1 linvo todo I to itki'Mio
end of tboiiilihc-r tube into nn mouth mil
In twoiuiiiiilc H I can Illl Ml of ttio r < iul > or
Kinds vhlch aw hollow nud nlrtluht , with
nilTlion , t.nih' Mm tube' In n hard linol , I
nm re til > for tlitf xxiiti't 'I'his nUlil , xxheii I
Mrlld'thd ' water , xdll > | irrnil out In llio
fthapi'of ' n iHiiul lily leiif , nnd IxvJJl lost on It
In niinprllil ( ! twsltlon as easy ns though n
elliiliik'oti n couili. mid 1 ran limit anmiidun
til picked up "
Asotir XDVIXKOvas ix pleunnnl ono , xvcullcl
not luuo nn opmrt unity In MOO hcnIt would
ttorli , but I IniM' no iloulit It would woik
well. "
\Miv llnn'l MoicVcituiMi iU'i\ ?
Amelia I' Unrr. the \xcll hninvn tmvdlst ,
writes In the N'ow Voik Ue.-order on llio
niuolullsonssod but eu'r
in this xvnv
TheliulilTeronco of tin ; nioa of
lion lo iniirrliiKi1 will Hi-count for a Inco per
contugc * of iollbu\x In women , Thou xxo
comiito tin ) teal question , hj do not nioro
men inaru I
Flist , tm > x hive not tin ) i niporath'i ) , n % I
blooded | ih\st < | iios of the Krandfatbets. P ,
liucco has niadci tlioni natninl Inuhelort.
Soiinid , lo liia househiilder.ii Imslinnd.ind .
a father nitnlls iiulustiv anil self douml
The joung men of the present one do imt
cM'nctToctsiuMi x i clues.
A > Mill , tllOHO IIIOIl rtllO oll'cttllOllW-lX'H t
man ) loKlilorauirl wbosufatln'r made' mom v
for her and him. Mr. Mo.stln ei , In his
inournfiil | ilon for dim-ilcd wives , In tlio
North A niericiui K'uleu , spoke for Ids classes
os xxell in ho coalil Hut ilch girls i | . .
not wiint to mniry poor men
and when a woniin bU'itlntf. . teuli
m , scxviiir. ( tcitiUtii. , or I'U'ti tiiklnKin xxisli
Intr liin innl * her own living , showanti n i
nnsliiiid bulonoxvbo has a natural rlnht i
u ill hiinsilf bj tho-io tlneu ] ulciil lettu-
man The xx-holo iclations nf iiiinrliiijnixro in i
stati'of tiniisiiioii. I sh ill nut xvcndor If I
llx'c * to see women assiimcithi' Unlit to "ink ,
instead of "boini ? tiskod. ' As for the but *
bear okl maidlsm , II Is neaily ile.ul tl 1
mauls am no lon u' cross , iltsappulntid cc
nmtcinptlhlo. 'Ilipyoiitilirss ail other XVOIIH ii
thoy.nro jolly , irood tiiiiioruil | and solfsup
[ lortlnc ; . nnd while they are Incidcntalh > i
iho looicoul foi a ( iml nun to make. ' hapi > \
llio.x Uikollfo with adollnlitful hiiliislr > an I
u stinrcinc'sa' isfaotlnii. It is the men wti
noxvlmvoc.mse to fci-l mulct * , on Iho subji-i i
of niirrnw ; good wlvos xvlll ! eon be\ci\
liardlo line into mulilinonlal euro und ililli
Novel I > ICSM . < lat f'rials.
Sonic ) phi-chicUedihoxliiUs havoanlaee effect -
fect fiom llio je\eral shades blended in I1 o
tiny chocks foiiulnijiiariow stripes , savstlio
Dry Hoods Economist Mghtxclulil ; cutiit * ! H
hnlr Hiiitlnirs are- coxoicclltn Agmn-s 111
lonijliiiliolTo.ts ) I'lioso sultliijjs areuKo
shown in l wo sl'ades 01 tXMi toned ellcrt
Hni'.ill hcpiaros linltntiiif' ; lienistilc-bdl hloi-lss
appcir in Htlitvilulit woolen coo , Is. ,11. I
hot b llio ombioand glace elf oils aio no'lie > !
.iinoiii ; thuoUHiteilic'ihits ] noxv slioxv n
\Vtiilo tin and ( jiesliados me tbe must
proiiiinont , liwht shades of x'iolut , I'armaiiiul
lesoiU mi ) not forgottt'ii I tush is a diiint * .
Ki'ocn woni in I'.n is , and wattouu Is a p.uo
shade soin princip.illx in silks and ribbons
Thcdollcatci bluu. ponipmlour , Ulcnpitrn \ <
loxv , lie-inly nn orange , niul timori. , u ctifriii
inir pink , nil * nil dm it v nnd Hhlish sliados
riii * ihthliii and I'aiina sliades nrolovd } m
silk , M'K.t , ilbbons imcllloinietlas liiir >
xx liito polka dots on n black uiDiiml ot slll <
cballic 01 laxvnnro atrikini ! , hut very tnoin
norit foi ono of ridot | tastes lllu-k satin
vests liroi.uloil in wattciu spiaysoi * ponijoi
doni hoiinuots are for u-st.s In "blick do'li
jackets 01 black silk basciiines | , The ilrap d * *
Noelo , iniicli written of , is a eropci | InJc i
silicof o ( | lnsite linineas in plain ur
piinted sill.s show Inoao bouciucts c > ,
scrolls c'onnoitc'd with rililxms. The l.i
cma" lull. is are m sttipu < orvUitoan , I
coloi , stu lilod v ith small lliiue > . rioxxen * I
orur.mcllos vie with the sniped doslgn
Single tlouers , bouqiiot-sand s > pr-)8 ) appear
on whlt < * . tiiiii | iilo tinted grouuds
I. imii luui. - . in largo and .sinill dot.sill , bo
i\oin bv wcimcn ofcon-eixathe tastes. Tnll"
niulnctsnre k'liutlfullj embroiclireil with
"joxu'lod" ' b Mds , tinsel , fcalhei tufts uul
- < t
< Ii.itic-i * lo HirU Out.
A ulu - . .hiiifjnunj ; man stood IwforoM.n
nap ; i < ii-i-ii- Clcrl : Wiichioi and qujlltlc-it
undci ciiMiiiistiuues that would have causO' '
iniiiiv ii nnu under .similar poditions to want
to suit tiin > iifh the lloor , says tlio Cincinnati
TinuStnr Hu is louls" Priink , a well
knonn yoiinir r' At bis sMo it nnl
Jennie rnmlcle n pretty , blaekpvecl irtrl
vvhosi' faic wasa lovv with the spirit of mis
chief us Mr. Funk procvodod to procure a
iur their xvi'ild inlnloMr ! I'lanlt
kiiiK the until , IhojouiiK lad ) xvith lu-i
xoln * tiOiiibllniith ; bUDiiri'sbod l.iuchtor
whl- -m'rcd , "ho-ilo If you xviiut to bails out
noxv yinii time It xv ill bo too into in a 1 \ \
s. ' iniuo evidiiitly didnt want ti
back out fr bo boiiiiu to lai'h ( , mid ho on
trc-.itcct his fia companion , "fur lifuxrn
Siikokecp ( jinet , or I'll urcak dimn ' 15'
thoioun ? xxoi'jn wouldn't ktc-p iiilc-t | Mi
\Veidner was lau hinn by this time and
Loulo j.tutocl ox'cr nijilti when the wirl vo.
marki'dell , its IOD Into now. P < > i
you wish jou had never c.tilol to see nn
Air. I'rank maclo a merrj ivply , and as h iit
licwied acouplo ai one is liable toteUf
the court i-ooin arm in sum.
( ! ctK Hot- l )'1'ollcv. .
The iX'e-xx' r.iiKlnml Older of I'loi-.u
must p.ij to Sir.ih Judsi' thu ) < , lXlileutli ui
etlt loft her b\ her liUtrutliOLl luvoi , .1. .1 M.
( 'aithy. A .shoit tune before- his deatn , .
( Jartliy cuiar ' "d with the youujjxoiii > > i
andmaclijii , M which bo loft the ivm i <
policy tohis moti. rand Bister "It Is 1,1
posilbloto ali.olnluly iloioriiiinc , " sins thu
eluef Juslie-o in bisdc-oislon tuituy'xvlicUiti ,
thu en tr.i'cmont xxould li.ivi * bt-rn broken il
bo hut luoil , but IflndiKa fn-t tli it il xx .is
noxe't'n ion un totho tlniRulioii bo lud
Thoopln'on ' holds thnt Miss , luiln'o xxis iU *
pondi'iitiipon Mcl'.irth ) xvitliln the mi mi- ,
of the stitutoand llu * b\-lti\xi \ of tlio eorpo-
Out > r l lint Kind.
.A yoiiiic colored damsel , familiar us .1 M.n.
k'itstreet proireiulur. Halted into thenllli o
of MnnistnUo Allen ol Cli vstor , ,1'a , , and du-
inirulod a xvairant ,
" \Vhnt \ for I asked the tna ibtiitc.
Tor bii'iir-hof piucrilso , " was thu r'-ilx |
"d. " said the dispense * ! * nf Justlr-ln h s
liiot suave style , "I im jubt out ol tu.U
kind. "
\uci the dusl.x diuisrl xvjlt/od flut
It Uoik.-il
\\risron \ -in saloon man rtfusid Ins i
.selling lniioi | to a H-I tiiln xxcmun - busbi..1 . ,
aucurcliiig to the Detroit l-'i-m f're-s * . ana siiu
cidled n neil him niul s.iiil \xt tinm \ ou
soil buna iirinlc I ulll < In li. . ru ulili ai
opi n k'.r ( i > r | Ki\vilrr unu 11 1'L'hti" ! , nuili > m i
vou and I ind all the r < xt o4 i'i ' < * , * o\\el n ill
{ iiiip tn.'i ttin-xx Hh it buu. | liinuiii l
Is prrpai < * cl from S ir .iparlla ! , Dinikllnu , Is tlio bet bleml pimflfi before thi' pnl'lii- .
M.nulnko , DoeK , I'II ISSOXM , .Iimipor iic-r. It eradicates e\eiy liupn. d ) , aiiilcuns Si rof-
tlrs , .mil otlier xx'oll-Uncmn nml v.iludilcxt'KO. nlnHilt libc-nni , n < iK ! , riniplcs all Humors ,
Uibletemi'illes. The ceimhinlonpriinrtliii , | , ] DySPpMe , HUliiiMUVcs , SK | ( Hi'ldache , Iii'll-
and prcpniatlon ire pecullnrtu llDcifs iiis.i- gosllon , ( lenonl nilillitl , Catarrh , Khimni >
| iirllliilx'liiR It oursttTi' pox\er nct.M'ssoi | | tisin , Ktilnoy nnd l.h.'i . Ccmid.ilnts. liovfr-
hy oilier ineilic'lns. It efitets run.iikaldu 01 lines tint oxlrcme Hied ( celii % , an I liullcU
i UK'S \\lioie others fall. up tlio s > * tun.
" 1 ciuislcU > r lloeid-a Rusiparilli tlio best " Hood's SarMp.irllla xx'.ua l Sod sent to HIP ,
liti-dlrlno Ifxir mecl. It ilus iiioim .iii | tlto for It cured me of < l ) * | c | nlt aud llxer coin ,
and refrcshliii ; sliep , and kc'in | tlin cold out " { plaint xvnli ulnoli 1 nutTiTid 20)c.iri )
J. S. Korsri , inr. bprncosticcl , , Me , J. II , lI'iiiMiiiK , Simtb Fallsliurs. , V.
" \Mien TmBhtIIo | < rsS.irsrijt.irill.i Imadc "Hoods Sarsip.iull.a tikes Kss time n't
ngooil Inxistmonl of ( in * In mollclnu ciiiaiitltytoslinwiisilTfi tllMiinii ) ntln'i pri |
fin tin ) fliit time It his driicn oft rhetmia nrallon. " Mnsf. A llriinxuii.X ( Mil , NY.
tlsia , ind Iniproxnl mjapiietitu " \fy xxlfo li.ul very prxir lic.ilih fur a Icmu
my ImirdlnK inlitress says I nmt l > cop II time , biillirbiK fiom Indlsc-'lnui , poor apjo.
lockcil up or .sho will ho oMIni'd In mj tit > and const ml heid.u-lii1. Mo tried cvor > -
board with every otlirr bcnrder tikes I bin ? x * . c < could hi'.ir i f , hut ( omul no relief till
lloodn S.usnpurllln. " T i KIM AH IIL'IIILI ! : : , she tiled HCMH ! i Sirnapiillla. She In tuw
V ) Tllhry Mrcct , Ilrociklyn , \ . Y t.iKInc tin third liotth * , and neici fe-lt Iwttir
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Hood's Sarsaparilla Hood's Sarsaparilla
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