Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 13, 1891, Page 5, Image 5

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Bo Declares Dr. Jaines 0. Green , Who Ordered
His Burial ,
Story oi'thc Demi Lawyer's M To In ( lie
Mountains ] ! | H DOR Stayed
Avltli the Body KCUIOMH
Tor Ilurlnl.
lS.1t 1 > u Jiimu Oonlnn TlewuUA
Pf , Fob. ll.-fN'ow Yorlt Herald
Cable Special to TUB Hr.B.1 "That Is un
doubtedly the watch I took from the pocket
of n dead mnn la the Kooky mountains last
summer , " said Dr. .Tnmcs O. Oroon today ,
when thottmcplocoof Kobert Hay Hamilton
was laid before hltn by the dead lawyer's '
brother , who ha * Jmt arrived from America
with a commission empowering Consul Post
to tike evidence proving the tlcatti. Dr.
Grtcn turned to mo and said :
"I wish the Herald would sny there Is not
tbo slightest truth In the wild , fantastic
stories nflont. Hamilton Is dead nnd ho un
doubtedly was drowned whllo trying to ford
a stream on horseback after dark. The Idea
that n corpse was dressed up Iu Hamilton's
clothes Iu order that ho mlirht quietly disap
pear In sotno distant land whcro the story of
his bigamous wlfo and bogus baby could not
follow him Is absurd. To carry out such a
'theory ono would hnvo to assume n murder ,
for In no ether way could a corpse bo pro-
curd" ! . Jackson's Ilolo valley , whore the
body wni found , is surrounded by high moun
tains , and Point Snake river , where the
tragedy occurred , Is over ono hundred nnd
fifty miles from Kentucky , the nearest rail
way station. The suggestion of sutclilo Is
equally foolish.
"Mr. Hamilton was riding with his dop
from his ranch at ono end of Jackson's Inlco
to his ranch at the other end , 11 ftoon miles.
Ills workmen , who were building a sort of
log hotel , had cornptalnod that they needed
Trcsh meat. Mr. Hamilton was , therefore ,
nnxlous to kill some g.imo and was led out of
Ills path by an antclopo which ho klllod. It
was probably after dark , because the mon
fjonernlly wind their watches at dusk In
the wilderness , and when I examined
3VIr. Hamilton's watch , I found it had stopped
n few minutes past 9 and had only run down
n couple of snake turns ot the winder. Ho
had to cross the river to reach the ranch and
-v there was nn Inviting looltlnR bar stretching
Into the stream , Just where the body was
discovered , but the water beyond was deep
nnd swift and full of wood ) . Hamilton ,
weighted with a full cartridge bolt , had huge
npurs , which , no doubt , caught In the woods.
The saddle was pulled under the horse's
belly nnd so the nog was able to
pot nt the antelope's haunchs which
were tied to It nnd keep himself
alive , during the eleven days , before
tbosearchors came upon the place. Until this
moment , I have kept the secret of the real
1'oason for which the face of the corpse could
hot bo recognized. I did not want to shock
the family. The fact Is. It not only
swollen nnd discolored In a most nwful way ,
hut the fishes or turtles had mutilated It as
the body floated , face downward , of course.
AH the blood settled at the bottom and Ham
ilton's father could not have told anything
about the corpse except by the clothing or
private marks. I wish the Herald would say
that I strongly object to the statement that I
Lave , nt any time , identified the corpso.
"I did not know Hamilton la llfo , and cvon
If I had , It would not have bettered the case.
The reason why Hamilton was tiot missed
BOonor Is very simple. Ills partner , Sargont ,
was in the ranch at ono end or the lake und
Mrs. Sargont was In the ranch at the other.
Mrs. Sargont supposed ho was with her hus-
Tjand and Sargent thought ho was with the
wife.Vhcn \ the husband nnd wife met ,
they knew something had happened , and they
called for a general search. They supposed
ho had been killed byhorso thieve * nnd
it wns through ono of these searching
parties that the hunting camp learned the
story of the disappearance. Mrs. Sargent
told them Mr. Hamilton ihtcndod to go to
Now York In October to hnvo his raarriago
with Eve. Maun nullified nnd return to the
Rockies In the sprint ; nnd stay thcro for the
rest of his llfo. I did not meet Sargent , but
was told by the men ho had fully Identified
the corduroy Jacket , the coat , dark trousers ,
leggings , gloves and boots of the dead
ram as the olothos of Hamilton. Bo-
eldos that I found a leather book , of
trout flies iu the pocket with the
nnmo Hamilton marked In Ink. It
will bo Impossible to roach Snrgont
for some tltno , as there must bo , nt least ,
twenty feet of snow on the trail Into Jackson's
Ilolo. It is ono of tno wildest , moil Inac
cessible valleys In the Kocklos. The trail I
followed was the ouu Sheridan cut
for President Arthur's Yellowstone park
trip. It will bo impossible legally to identify
Hamilton's corpsouutil Mr. and Mrs. Sargont
nre reached. They nro the onlypcrsons alive
who can do it , but no ono need hnvo any
doubt that Hamilton is really dead
and that ha tiled by accident. The
last I saw of the poor follow
wus the boat containing the body , covered
tvltti green boughs , gradually disappearing In
the distance. When I got to the head of the
lalto , I stopped n carpenter who was building
a house for Hamilton and told Him ho must
build another kind of n house , a coflln.
' All the surrounding circumstances show
that nothing wa prearranged about the
tragedy. Hamilton loft ono ranch to go to
the ether ; took with him n horse and dog
found near the body. The clothes on the
body wore his. Tlio nntolopo haunches ac
count for tlio late hour ot the accident and
the place whcro it occurred. Ho floated away ;
Ills rilln sank In tha stream. Searchers told
mo they coultl find it by drugging
the bottom but it would bo rusted and use
less. Hamilton's blankets wcro loft in the
ranch by him , showing that ho did not intend
to stop out ever night. Besides no was-full
of plans and actually died while they were In
progress. I have no pitlonco with these
who say the failure to bring the body to Now
York U suspicious. The body was buried on
my ndvico. I am a physician. I examined It
to see If there wcro nny evidences of crlino
nnd my duty to society was ended. Then I
told the people there , that , as the corpse had
boon In the water olcvon days nnd was bloat
ed to such an extent that by the
tlmo It was carried a hundred
mid fifty miles to a railway It would bo In a
condition that would compel the railroad to
refuse It transportation , the project was out
of the question , and so I said llatly that tbo
body must bo burled at Jackson's Hole.
"At Mrs. Sargent's request , oao of our
party photographed the hillside whcro Hani-
llton onca said ho would love to bo burled.
You may bo sure , when Sargent Is reached ,
lie will knock all these iliino novel theories
to pieces nud establish the death ot Hamilton
perfectly. Ho is a mau of education and in-
telllsronco. "
This was substantially Ihe story Dr.
Green also repeated to Consul 1'ost under
oath. Ho positively denied any Identifica
Parnoll ( o OMlrlon.
LONDON , Fob. 11 , 1'arnoll , in a letter to
'O'Brien , says : "Tho last luforinatlon 05111
convoyed to mo on our negotiations being of
a final character , I concluded that nothing
X U loft to bo iloao on my part
but to bring our endeavor * to a
closo. I roRrot that It baa not
been rendered possible for mo to consider
national Interests so safely guarded that I
could feel thcro would bo no danger to the
cause In my now surrendering the responsi
bility which hai boon placed upon mo and
which I have accepted from the hand * of our
nation nnd rnco. I regret that no course is
loft but a withdrawal from the negotiations.
Tno seal of conlldcnco which covers what
hai passed botwcen us prevents Inviting
public judgment. Hut If tt is over moved I
am conlldcnt It wilt bo hold that I did every
thing In mv power consistent with national
interests to promote peace and reunion.
Whatever sldo true Irlimon take , they ewe
you thanks for your efforts.1
Hctinloii the Only Thing That Can
Save the IrNli CIIIIHC.
Lo.Nnox , Toh. 11. William O'llrlon has
Issued another long statement on the Irish
situation. Ho says : "Tho experience of
the past llvo weeks , gathered from
personal Interviews , letters nnd news
papers , completely confirms my ton-
vlctton that only reunion can
save the Irish cause.-noferringto the ro-
ccnt Boulogne conference ho soys : "lean-
not too strongly express with what feelings
wo found a sottlcmcnt so vital shipwrecked
at the last moment by tnoro contests of
words and phrases contests which , to my
mind , offers a shockingly Inadequate
excuse for committing the country
to a struggle Involving consequences so ap
palling. " In conclusion O'Brien save : "Ono
of the saddest things In this traflic business
is that circumstances rendered it Impossible
to give organized effect to the overwhelming
public longing for a reconciliation whllo the
field is held by heated partisans who
iavo done their worst by exasperating
language and Insulting suspicions , scarcely
veiled threats nnd rumors nnd Intrigues to
mnko the work of peacemaking Impossible.
The Irroconclllablcs of all sections have car
ried the day. Dillon and myself cannot
longer stand between them and their de
plorable work.Vo \ can do nothing more
till wo have recovered freedom of action by
getting through with the sentence standing
ngalnstus. " Mr. O'Brien expresses thohopo
that the Inevitable conflict forced upon tbo
country may bo conducted without personal
bitterness , so when the unhappy passions of
the hour have exhausted themselves all may
again co-oporute In the nation's cause.
Dillon in n short statement admits that ho
has been largely Influenced to mediate by the
vindictive notion of Parnell's ' most promi
nent opponents. The personal clement in
the struggle had in many minds hopelessly
obscured great public Issues and
driven thousands in Jxelaiut nnd
America into Pnrnell's ' camp AVho otherwise
would have opposed hn continued leader
ship. "Kvents have fully berne out O'Brien's
vlevs as to the method of compromise , but
from the beginning of the negotiations power
ful Influences worn working on both sides
against pence , and wo arc now compelled to
sorrowfully announce failure. "
A. Heavy llcsponslbillty.
" LONDON ; Fob. 11. [ Special Cablegram to
Tun BKK. ] The Pall MallOazettoln Its Issue
of today says n heavy responsibility rests
upon Messrs. O'Brien nnd Dillon , who ac
cording to the Gazette , have shown a strange
vacillation iu treating Mr. Parnoll
as co-equal with the Irish representa
tives and in negotiating in the old
lines of committee room as if no
deposition or Kilkenny election had occurred.
The Gazette adds that when Mr. Parnell's '
defeat promised to become final It was In
credible weakness to consent to a one-sided
truce , leaving Mr. Parncll free to prosecute
his ends whllo Mr. O'Bricn suppressed the
only organ of Dublin opinion left to the Irish
people. Mr. Pnrnell has haughtily ruptured
the negotiations his opponents humbly initi
ated. The Unzotto does not doubt that
Messrs. O'Brien ' and Dillon will repair the
the mischief done nnd revert to the nntl-Par-
nolllto position which they assumed in their
December manifestos.
"What Ijomlon Papers Say.
LONDON , Fob. 11. Tlio Standard says It Is
understood that Parnell took exception to the
inadequate assurances given in regard to the
right of imperial veto nud Irish representa
tion at Westminster. The Irish campaign
will bo based upon the principle of resistance
to clerical dictation.
The News assumes also that the negotia
tions failed because the leaders de
clined to give any assurance regarding the
home rule bill.
The Times says O'Brien's ' "lachrymose
gehlus walls through the turgid and Inflated
sentences of tlio manifesto like a literary
banshee. "
The Telegraph thinks It h a serious quos
Uon whether Lord Zetland might not for the
safety of the Irish pcoplo quash the convic
tion of Dillon and O'Brien to cnahlo them to
take such active part In the coming war as
they and their constituents may eonsldor
host for mutual urotoctlon ,
MoCnrthyitcB on Pnrnell.
LONDON , Feb. 11. McCarthylto members
who were seen In the lobby of the commons
today say that Parnell's refusal to cotno to
amlc.iblo terms will stiffen tholr attitude and
increase their resolves to resist ; his claims.
It Is not certain that all points will bo settled
at tomorrow's meeting.
I ariicll Will Not Hot-ode.
LONDON , Fob. 11. Iu nn Interview today
Parncll declared that ho would not recede
from his position , which , ho said , was con
sistent. Ho would not submit , ho Mid , to
t ho dictnllonof Gladstone and tbo priests.
Dr. Birnoy cures catarrh , Dee bids' .
But the Card Scandal Jtuiy Break : Up
the Business.
LONDON , Fob. 12. [ Special Cablegram to.
TUB JJEn.j The Chronicle , referring to the
card scandal says : The prluco of Wales ad
dressed Sir Gordon Gumming in very strong
language , which was keenly resented nnd
which according to Cummlng , was the cause
of his signing in a moment of panlo and agi
tation a document In which ho forswore the
card table. After this midnight scene , the
prince of Wales locked the doors and pledged
the llvo partloi present to secrecy. When it
leaked out , nil were vastly surprised and do-
dared tnat they had rigidly kept faith with
the princo. As for the prluco of Wales ,
though ho was laudably keen on the | > olnt of
honor , ho Is not without responsibility for the
evil fashion of high play in English society ,
Ho cannot complain that ho has received no
reminder of Its dangers. Ono or two high
dignitaries of the church addressed him
privately , urging the use of his influence to
stop the ovll , but the prince's parties nro still
conducted on the old linos. I'crhapt it Is
Just as well to receive a little healthy light.
Dr. Birnoy euros catarrh , Boo bld < j.
No Mollie MagnircH 1'or Them.
POTTSVII.LU , Pa. , Fob. 13. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BIE. : | Tli9 Ancient Order of
Hibernians of the anthracite coal regions met
yesterday In special session to take action on
the contemplated efforts to connect , the order
with the Mollie Maguiros of old , through the
( loath notices which wore recently received
by prominent cltUens of Glrardvlllo. llcso-
lutions wcro adopted Disclaiming all knowl
edges of such circulars , strongly condemning
the perpetrators , calling upon Postmaster
General Wanamnkcr to lend his assistance to
ferret out the criminals of the sensational
correspondence , and offering a reward of ? , " > 00
for Information that will load to the arrest
and conviction of the guilty parties.
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Tlio Subject of Animated Discussion
by tlio liullilers' ICxoliaii o.
An animated meeting was hold yesterday
afternoon at the rooms of the builders' and
traders' exchange In response to a call Issued
to all Interested in the proposed changoln the
mechanic's lien law.
Tbero was a largo attendance of members
of the exchange , and a number of real estate
men and others , not members , wcro also
The committee appointed at a previous
meeting to consider and report unou any
changes in the present law , presented the bill
prepared by the real estate exchange , which
changes the law In such n way as to give laborers -
borers only a lien upon property , doing
away with that feature of the , present law
which protects material men and elves thorn
a lion upon the property second only to a
prior mortgage. The bill was submitted by
the committee without recommendation. The
report of the committee was nccuptod ana
the mutter brought before the exchange for
Chris Spocht was the first speaker. Ho
was opposed to any change In the law. The
greater part of the buildings in the state had
been erected by Irresponsible parties , and the
adoption of the lavas proposed would only
servo to increase the number of these pooplo.
Robert Llvosey spoke in favor of the pres
ent law , and said that if any change was
nado It should bo a clean sweep and not a
one-sided arrangement which would bo only
favorable to the rich contractor.
George H. Boggs of tno real estate firm of
Boggs & Hill was present and was invited by
President Hussoy to address the mooting ,
Mr. Boggs said ho had had some disastrous
experience with the present lion law , and had
lost considerable laud through the construc
tion placed upon the law by the supreme
court. Under this decision nay person has u
rletit to squat upon tno land of another
and encumber It with a lion without the
knowledge or consent of the owner. Ho ad
vocated the abolishment of the present law
and the adoption of the law presented by the
coinuilttoo , which would give all au equal
show. Mr , Boggs wont Into details In ex
plaining his position and the oxperloncc ho
had had in llio supreme court , during which
rccltol ho was subjected to a running flro ot
cross-questions by Urals Bradford , who
sought to show that Mr , Hoggs was In the
habit of selling lots on contracts with small
cash payments with the UndcMttindlng that
the purchaser was to Improve the land by
erecting a houso.
A member of the exchange rnlsod a point
of order nnd Mr. Uofgs took lili scat.
Mr. Gibson of the Una \\elshiuis &Gll > -
Ron nrguod that tin malarial men should bo
protected. If the present laws wore repealed
material men would have no protection from
the dcndbeats , and thorn would bo no Induce
ment for them to comq to Omaha.
Louis Uradford wos.tho next speaker , and
ho opposed the stand taken by Mr. Boggs.
Ho said the real estate men were In the habit
of selling loti on contrast * , taking1 ? , ) or $10
an the llrst payment nnd compelling the pur
chaser to erect a house on the lot In order to
make the security better. Under the de
cision of the supreme court referred to by
Mr. Boggs , the seller who compels
the purchaser to build becomes a ro-
sponslblo party and n guarantor for
the mnterlnl furnished. If the
real estate men wanted protection they should
sell lots legitimately and tuko mortgages ,
which should bo put on record. They would'
then bo abend of nil the Hen holders , who
would hnvo to take their chances.
John Wakofleld endorsed what Mr. Brad
ford had said , and was followed by Chris
Spccht , who read the riot net to these real
estate men who buy acre property nt $200 nnd
sell It nt f10,000 to poor men , from whom
they take a very small payment and require
the purchaser to improve the property at
once. If thcso men wanted protection they
had It in tholr power to protect themselves ,
and should not seek the repeal of the Hen
law , which gave the material men protection.
Mr. Boggs took the floor again to protect
himself ngidnst the attacks which had been
made on him. Ho repeated his assertion that
the decision of tbo supreme court made it
possible for an irresponsible party to plnco a
lien upon property without the owner's
knowledge or consent , and challenged any ma
terial man to contradict him.
Then followed a prolonged dlscasslon in the
matter , In which tlio sumo ground was gone
over again and again without developing any
now features , all the material men being op
posed to any change In the law and Mr.
Boggs being alone In his position in favor of
Its repeal.
During the course of this discussion Chris
Spccnt , In Innguapo more forcible than po
lite , denounced the contemplated change as a
laud shark scheme designing to rob the poor
tnau and sell property at n figure far In ex
cess of its value.
After these present hnd fullv discussed the
subject , nil who wcro not members of the ex
change were invited to retire nnd u vote was
tnlccn upon the adoption of the report of the
committee , which resulted in the report not
being adopted. _
TUB ANi'i-Tim-r ; SOCIETV.
Its Precautions Laughed to Scorn ly
the IjIght-ViiiKored Gentry.
The members of the Douglas County Anti-
Thief society nro in sackcloth and ashes.
Their heads are bowed In grief. Some weeks
ago this society , which has its headquarters
m McArdlo precinct , published to the
world that a toward of $50 would
bo paid for the arrest of any
person caught stealing from any member of
the society. Since that time the tiuovcs
have been making the lives of the ofllcors
very burdensome. First the treasurer , Car
son Uhorcr. was visited by the light-lingered
gentry , and when thoy'left , all of his turkeys
and chickens , some ono hundred iu number ,
went too. A few nights later they visited
the residence of Glaus Slovora , the late secre
tary , aud whllo ho slept drove awav n line
fat cow , no trace of which was ever obtained.
The present secretary , J. U. McArdlo , was
then visited , and two weeks ago ho was
aroused from his slum burs , and gun in hand
ho rushed to his hen house to ilnd that some
person had walked iu\av with 150 gcoso ,
turltoys und chickens. But the raid that
lays all others In the shudo was mndo Tues
day nipht.
The captain of the association Is .Tames
Walsh. Tuesday ho spent the day In Omaha
and remained over night. When ho went
homo Wednesday morning it was to flr.d
that during the preceding night some person
had visited bis premises , broken open the
granary and stolen nearly ono hundred
bushels of oats , boslaea completely demoral
izing bis stock of poultry by taking away all
of the fowls.
The members of the society hold a meeting
ycstoraay , renewed their vows and swore
vengeance on thieves. Hereafter members
of _ the association will nightly patrol the pre
cinct , and if a man who cn'nnot give an ac
count of himself is found , his chances of llfo
will bo exceedingly slim.
fi I'ttl'VliATIOX.
The Olllcinl Count by Counties Just
WASHINGTON' , Fob. 12. [ Special Telegram
to Tnu Bnn.J The following Is the popula
tion of'Nebraska by counties as shown by
the official count Just completed at the cen
sus oftico
Adims i'1,10.1 Kunrncy tt.Oiil
Antelope lO.siKi Keith 2.5M
Arthur ] Ill Keyn. I'nha 9'tM
Manner 5,4'ti Klmbnll M.VJ
lllalno 1,141 , ! Knox R.M3
Hoono SOW Lancaster. 'OH" )
llox Btitto f > , * 'Jl Lincoln 10,441
Ill-own 4'i.V.I I.UK.III Ii78 :
HuOalo SMia Ixiui l.OfJ
Hurt llOti'J Mcl'lu-rson 401
llntlor I5.IM .Madison 13W >
Cnis 24.CN ) Mcrrlck 8TM
Cinlar 7K3 ( Nnnco 6,77. )
Clmso 4,807 , Nfnmlm H..UO
.ChPrrj- M-JilNntlcolls 11,117
Clipyunnu otoe i'5.10) )
Clay I'liwneo 1UI4U :
Colfnx- 10,4. ' . ( IVrklm 4'iHJ
Cumin * laa-is riicipi Dw/j
Custer Slt77 ! 1'lcrco 4,81 ( !
Dakota fi.WI . 1'lntto n,437
Dawos. , . . , . . * J,7 , - 1'olk 10,817
l > , iwf.on 10,1211 llcil Willow BK7 !
Deuol 2MH Kk'liarUson 17,574
IHxon 8.US4 Hock sus.1
Snllnc 20.0117
Dunily ' .or,1 SiunilcM 21,577
Klllmuro Jli.lC.'li-cotf . a lllttir 1.K8S
Krnnklli 7l'U Suwanl Jii,14U
Irontlor H.i'J7.Slierlilnn 8S7 ( !
Furnus 1',8'UlSherman ti.T.'j
( Jnfc'o 5 > i,1llSloux | 2,45. !
( inrlleld IC.V.I Mnnton 4Mi !
Oojpor 43Hi JTIinyer li.THS
tirnnt < iS"riHiin s .117
( Jrcoloy 4Sii9'Tliuntun ' 3,17'l
Hull lliM3 Vnlluy , " "
Hamilton ll.uin ! Washington ll.H/J
llnrlim 8.I6H Wnyne c.lcii
lluyc's tf&t Wt'liiter ll.-.MO
llltclictK-k ( \,7ty Wheeler 1,1,8.1
iiuit u.or. Vnrk 17.8W
Hooker. O ImorKnnlzcd ter. . . U1U
lluwiuil I'l.W '
Jt'ltcr"on Total for atnto. . 1,063,910
- A Nine-Year-Old Siilultle.
NKW YOICK , Fob. 1'- . [ Special Telegram to
TUB Bun. ] The day's record of suicides
seldom Include the nnmo' of a child of such
tender years as these of little Magglo Glldor ,
nine years old , who threw herself from the
llfth story of a tenoinont house on First
avenue last night. Maggie was a bad girl
and , to keep her In thp , Uouso last evening ,
her step-mother took off her shoos end sent
her to bed , threatening to tell her father of
her bad Dehavior. About 10:30 : o'clocktho
inmates of the adjoining 'house ' heard moans
and cries on the roof of ( heir house andgoing
up , found the child , lying unconscious , tilit
hail removed her clothing and thrown hcrscll
from her bedroom window. She is not ex
pected to recover.
As a Rule ,
It Is best not to attcmilt to remedy costiveness -
ness by tlie USD o ( saline or drastic purga-
tUcs. Wlien ac Uiartlc.niedlcIiio Is necilctl ,
the most PP' ij-t and bcncnclal Is Ajcr's
1'llb. Th r ertcct Is to restore tlio regular
action of .lio bowels , \vlthout weakening
thoni. Heine sugar-coated , theio 1'llis ictsln
their medicinal \lrtues for a long time , and
are easy to lake.
" I can recommend Aycr's Tllla abnvo all
other * ) , Imvltig long jirovcd their value as a ,
cathartic fur myself und lamlly. " J.T. Hess.
Lclthsville , I'a.
. " In 1858 , by tlio advlf e of a friend , I began
tno tun of Ayer's 1'llls as a remedy for bil
iousness , constl'iatlon , high fevers , nml
colds. They served mo better than any
thing I had jn ovlously tried , and I have ued.
them In nttnck.1 of that soil ever uliice. "
II.i. . Hcrsli , Jttdsonla , Ark.
Ayer's Pills ,
rnirAiiiD ur
DK. J , O. AYEtt & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
Sold by all Dealers In HeJtclues.
During Ms pevernt month * location nnd prnctlco In
) ninm. ! Dr. Dllllng * ) Imi unimvl nn cnvlnlilo roputn-
IOH anionK the hunilrvds of tltlzons who nppllt'ilto
him almost n.i n 1n l resort , nnil fouiul In liln rklllful
iilnlstrntlons the lull realization ol hupo lung du-
Huh permanently located nml ! mi tlio l > e t np-
xiltiti'd and munt conveniently locntcit pliyalUan'a
uniioancl reception room * In Omnlia.
Thonlckvlll IIml In Dr. Dllllncia truotilijrilclan
nnd n tjriupallietlc frlcnit anil adviser ,
Fur the treatment of tlio following nnmeil dlsci'oi
Dr. DlllliiKs line proven himself. posjossoJ of most
, ATAIUltt-AII Jlie.isoi of thrortt nit noio. C
nrriTDrltitih * ti til nl nt'rji ,
blltdMiy on * , d c > ilt
nVPI'ICr-SIA-Anil nil Iho plimM of
Irertronblo , Imporftict aiiliQlUuon anil nutrlllim.
KinNKrillBKASRa neil ilooolrlnx nnt In *
Iduoni. 8ymptom hnrJ to rcooznltit tiy Iho pallonl
often lend to fatal brlsliti dlicnno or dlnbotoi.
'HRRA8K.1 OK THK IltOI ) > Illtmil poltrmlnf
crofuK crrilpcl&i , anil Ul e 5tfi muultunoJ Uoro *
( tor.
AUi PKIiV HiaiASK9 ! Kojcmn , Mtt rheum , VnrU
pin. ulepM , litticrcloi , norofult , lupin , tnmlily color
of tticokln , plmr > lp . nnd Olsoasoi uf tin ) ioAliuri | ]
curwlby Dr. Dlllltijii.
NKItVOlM nt9KA9K3 T.o i of tleor. loit min-
lOoit.ilobllitr , ptoitrnllon , ilrnpomlonry , nrnptlnx
on the fnro , lo i of inrmnrr , ilrpml uf fnturo , oto.
A new treatment Iliat NKVKII KAIU- < .
by llr. DllllnKK vrhon nllotlion hnvo falloil. >
FKMAT.r. WlJAKNKMMKS-Tlin linr < h. Irrational
nnit iiiinnturnl ractliixK usually omplnrol nrn ro *
fion | lblo for fully thrpo-fourthi of the RullKrliK
now fixltiriMl liy nonion. Itivuill nto the now ,
liomotroatmont uf lr IMlllnxi
I'H.Ka AM. lIKCTAIi ritOinit.KIMIei , Fli-
luln , nb ro ietrlrtvri * . nml nil cllspniotof rectum
rnrttl without tlifl ktilfo , cnutory or nnliour'iUolAf
Iroin work IT Innlnpin.
Al.l , UKADACIins are quickly curoil.
VliNKItKAl. DISHASKS Ilceanlorlon * ulin.lln *
ryplillli , iconorrhivi , utrlctiiro nml nil roMiltlim nf-
ffctlom nrocunil vcriiiitiiciitly ntiil forovcr vrltliuut
ny tni'rcurir or mliu' trontnionu
MOlirillSK 1IAU1T Quickly , positively anil
pntnlenly curoil.
TAI'H WOHM-Tnko.l wllli hpml complolo In ono
liottr with ouo U'ais > oou'ul o * ploasnnt luoJIclno. No
OTIIKU DISKASKS-Suclmi olJ unroi , mntlitnant
tilcor * , tumor1 * , cnncoM , honrt troubloi. nithtun ,
rpllepsy , SL Vlttii ilnnfi' . milk lox , clirunlo conitlpa-
tlounnil chronic illnrrliii-a pro curt-it ,
THK COMI'tiKXION Tin mo't un Uhtly find
nitnlily complexion ipilrkly frushonoil nnil liontilltlod
Klt OKKKNSIVi : 11IIUATI1 A pormnnotit euro
IIOUIIS : Usrofi , iu. toOl ) . in. Kronluz * , 7 to 3:3 : }
i , > to t p. m.
Patients Trotted By Corrospoudonoo.
MoJIclno Sent Kvorywhoro.
322 South FifteentliSt.
Dr. Dllllns prepares and dlsnonsoa hli
own medicines , which are lartioly ssleotod
from nnturo'a healing plant ? , barks , rootJ ,
inuia , hrubs , etc. No mineral or drtiB ; their housesloo.k T'
_ _ . "
* * ' * .
* 'amfc-i. irm * * * * \ $9Sfet * A A * * V Swt CI
Try .acdke ia
Constrftins rnnny people to hide tlio dirt of tboir hilclions. Tlioy rnako
the titchen a secret chamber , into which it is forbidden to enter ; Imt half
tlio trouble which they tnlto to hide the dirt nnd the disgrace which it en
tails , would keep the kitchen clean , and ull its jiota nud pans bright aa
a dollar , that is , if they use v. .
© - -a 3 u . 3E O X I O -
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Fcvcntocn yfirs oxporlonco. A ronulur ( rrndtiatoln rncillolno. ai rtlplomii nliow I still trnatln ? wltr
lho cato < t success , ullNervous. Chronlonnil 1'rlvntoDlaoisoi. Apornniiunt euroKunrsntooilfor C.itirnJ
Hpcrinntorrhiim , Lout Manlionrt. Sciulnnl Wunknesf. MBlitl/Jitui. ImDDlenojr , Sjrphllts. blrlcturo. nnd nil illc
CHIOS Qf the lllood. Bkln nml Urlmry Organs. N.ll. Ik'unraritoo forovorr caaol undortivko nml fall W
cure. Consultation free. Jlook ( Mystorloi o Llfo ) sent rroo. OfflcoliouM-3a. ui. toB p. in. Buudaj-J U
a. iu. to VI m.
One of the troubles of life is
tile breaking of lamp-chimneys.
Needless. Macbeth's "pearl
top" and "pearl glass" are
tough against heat.
You will save nine-tenths of
your chimney-money by using
them ,
"Pearl top" fits most of
the little lamps ; " pearl glass "
is for " Rochester , " Pitts
burgh , " " Duplex , " etc ,
We make a great many sizes
and shapes , all of tough glass.
You can get the right ones.
Talk with your dealer about it.
Your breath is bad ,
your complexion is
is what you need , for it cures
all liver , kidney and nerve
troubles. 250 package.
Remember that
is warranted to cure dyspepsia ,
sickheadache , billiousness ,
lump like fooling In the stomach , or
money refunded. 1'rico 60c , of your
drufrgist or by mull on receipt of price ,
Onmlm , Nebraska.
Samples ot Tea & DyspcilaCuro | ) for L'entaiiip
Young Mothers !
1FY > Offer Von a Kemedu
r/ic/i ( Insure * tiafclito
JAe of Mather inxl Clitlil.
.it ' "
Jtoha Confinement of its
1'aln , Horror find Jttik ,
AfterutlnRonobotlloof "tUiilliPi-'n I'rlrnd" !
lufturiil but llttlo | iuliiand illil lint cxixTlcncu that
weaktiPM ntturwnnl uiual In Htiuh caau * . Sin *
ANNIE UAQk , Lamar , Mo , Jan. 15th , I'jDI , .
8nt liy CJprcsi , clmrgen ( irrpulil , on receipt of
prlci-,51.10 IHT bottle , lljolc to ilotliuramatled rroo.
EIICI : I.ATOK co. ,
ATLANTA , ( i.V.
orglYBrelief lllto"lr. J'lorri < * > . . . . . .15SMS
TriiBi. " Itliaarure < ltliou anUI ( If you want the
IlKhT.BOiiit lolunUmp * turfrroI'amplilotlNo. I.
Alicuello I'lutlcTrui * * Co. , bin l'r ucl co , Col
DR. J. E. McGREW ,
Mora Than Fifteen Years Exporlonoo In tll9
Treatment of
A euro Is frunrnn.
PRIVATE DISEASES teed In from tlirco
to ivltii-
Uro Ja ; -
out tlio lost of nn liour's tlrao.
PTDIPTIIDC rormsnonlly curoa wlthont
H III I Ull I''n'T ' liKtnuiionU
u I L I'- ; no cut-
I 1 1 1 u I u 1 1 Un _ , . no rtnauuu. The
cmnrknblo remedy Lnonu tuiuoilorn sclonco.
CVDLIII 1C Cur011 ln M l M 'I y"Dr. . JIo-
tjlr lllLliJ * ' * ' " * ' treatment for thU terrlblu
* * w jjiooil tllsoiio lias Uoon proiiouncaJ
tlio most powerful nml siiccoisfut romcdy oror nil-
cutorod for tlicnb-ioluto curu of tlili dlson-.o , lili
BUCCOSS with tills dUtmiu 1m uovor boon oquulloj.
A cotiiutctu euro < ! l'MiAMKbi : > .
I HOT All bill Cinn " "I nil weaknesses of
i.uu i iiiniiuuuu Olllona , , , n ) | nmml.
iirnl illsclmrKosnrc" absolutely curoil. llollof Is liu-
CflM niOCAOCO Hlicuninlltm nnd nil < il -
Orvlfl U obAoCO io or tno 1.100,1. iuor.
kldnoys undblauaar por-
innnontly cured.
" " " " " "
i Linnui. uiouMoi.oktorallohorblndcr ( ,
cured. Tlio Doctor's Iloinn Trontment for I/ulloilH
truly iicomplcto , con\i > nrnt , nnd wonderful romoily
J.uiiKHfroin2to 4 UM.V.
DO MnPD CII/'V / ' ? marvelous BUCCCU lias
Ullt liluUllCiV A "on for him n roputatliin
win niuwiibii vnhiciiH | truly imtlonnlIn
clmraotcr , nnd IIH ! Rroit army of piUonti runclica
from the Atlintln to tlio I'ncltlo. 'llio doctor l < a
Kr.iiluntuof-ituuL'l.AU" incdlclno nnil him liud lonu
nnilrnicfiil oiiprlenco | In hoipltiil pructlca , nnil In
cl.l "i'il nniiilix tlin lomllnx npuclnllit'i In inodi'rn
tclonco. Trontmont by corrospondcnco.Vrllo for
circulars about citch of the ubovo ( INonsos ,
Office , i4th and Farnam Sts , ,
Omnhn , Nub ICntranco on oltlier ntrcct ,
Womlcrful bpanl.h
litniuly , u told wltli a
to euro all Ilcrruun tin-
tine , eueli ta"cak
Meinur ) ' , I/is * of lirnln
I'owor.llondachc ,
M'ok cf ul net s , Lost Mnn-
hood , 1'crvoufncM , } M-
tltnilo. all ilrnlnn nnd
DoforoA. After Uso.
IOM of | H > cr of thn
Hiotosraphed from llfi ! . Gcncratho OrRann. In rex , ctusrd liy
OTCr-ciertlon , youthful IndencrcUoiit , or ttie occiuUc
use ot tobacco , opium , or Mlinuliuti , which ultimately
lead to lutlrmlty , C'oniuuiptlon and Insanity , J'ut up
la convcnleut form tii carry In the vcl pocket Trlco
fl a pitk Bc , or6for 3. with every lionlcr wo ( tlto
n written Kuarunt nto euro or ri-riinil the
money. Pcut ljr mall to any adilreu. Circular frca.
Mention this piper. Aildreu.
MADRID CHEMICAL CO , , Urnnrli omco for U. S. A.
417 Drirlxirn fiireft , CIllOAOO. II.K
Kulm & I'M. , Cor , llili & DiitiKlai EU.
IA. fnllor & Co. , Cur. Ulli A Ikmc
A.I > . lrouter & Co. , Council llluffi. la ,
Bpeclno for 'Iritorla , Dlnlnori.Flta. K urnll ; . WiJtO
| uln , Mental Ovprmilon , of | nlnK ( tbe liraln r
ullln In Inifcnltyaad UMllnv to inlicrr d c r un.l
iljAth. I'rcnulura Old Ant , tiarrtnnru , J.ou ot l > on
laolllter vax.liivolunt-iry Lonei , ami tlu rm > torrLm.
cauitxl tioT rrUcM ot the liriln , ulbu aor
Qtor Indiilceuco. tuh b i conmlinon mnnlt' < lrt u
rnent. tl abox. or ls lor rji , n nt by mcUIir0pald. |
Vrltti encb order for fix loin , will lenil par
mmrantuj to ivfund ucaur If Ilia Irtttmcot f
1110 I'a main Street , - Omaha , Nob.
An Especially Lnportaut Engngoraont ,
The tnlontcd yoiitiR
In .Martha Morton' * I'owerrul IComtintli )
JliclMiiice'sliilte ' )
An Abiorbliiijly Intcrostlnc I'lnv. A romp-
any of 1'ro.nlnont I'lnycn. A Ocnnlnu
Draniutlo finjirUe. Supprbly Itciiutl-
flll t'O-lllllll't.
S.uo npoiM Wcdnoiiliiy t rcunltir nrlcri.
" '
THE GRAND Bl > otvr >
'fnniott'i Kuimy Comedy Ounccll
' llettcrnml lUltfhtnrTImn Kvnr cforo. Hot
Shct'l Upon i ntiirituv Mr i (
1RNCINO7i / /
, „ , , , , „ , 1
MONDAY , reuniuiy o
"Tlio inott fiitiious work of thtitinos. ! fiuuuiu
nuthor. " N. V. Sun.
1'rosonted by a Metropolitan Cntt ,
I'rlucs us usual. Siilo opens anturday.
Gcrmania Hall , 19th anil llarncy.
In the tllte role. Keiervcd neati on Snlu now.
Will I.txwlor , MnnaKor. OOP. llth mill l'nrnnm
VfKKK 01 * 'KUUUAIIV mil
Tlio Nc'jrnsKa Triplets. Three Ilentitlful llnlios ,
The Armleii llniicuoioiu. t'apt. llnldnln inilnts
vlth Ills ft-et. The lliininnOitrlch Mill JOIICH oiti
lil.iss nnd Crockery. The llo.intlliil .Mnrllri HMcro
lescrlpthotionz , "Tim Lone CJiaTo" Paul lilirav
'einnlu linpornnnntor , UiflsKliitno ( , Irltth conioillnni
Anilurmin HrU9uu\el singers , nud a lioit of uther
Belts , Beds , Babies ,
Drugs , Drinks , Dry Goods ,
Lands , Ladies , Laws ,
Alden Advertising Agent ,
Pins , Pills , Piles ,
Routes , Roots , Rheumatism ,
Sand , Soup , Saws ,
Tennis , Teeth , Ties ,
end advertisements on nlmost every conceiv
able Biilijcct. Some of our efforts have been
great successes , and have made n grcntdcnl ot
money for our customers. We liavc spent
5500,000 on n single advertisement that was
written , designed and made un entirely la
our oflke.
Do ) ou need our services along this line ?
IVc understand the art of advertising , and
Ihiiilt we know sometimes what wilt taKe
\utli ( lie American people.
Uvcryliody lilies us ; we nre the popular
Advertising House of ( he West. Let us luiy
jour nilvcrtising for you. We know liow.
Samples of ndvcrttscments we have Mitten
will be facut on appdcation.
66 & GO VY. Third St. , Cincinnati , 0.
National Bank
Capital , - - - - $4OOOOO
Surplus Jan. 1st , 189O , - 02,500
Otllccrs ant Directors Henry \V. Yntos , I'roililent ;
Ixjwlj S. Heoil , VlcC'I'mililonl ; JarnoiV. . Hava'io. W
V.Morto. John H. Colllrn. U. U. Cusliliu , J. N II
1'ntrlck. W. 11 , a. Utik'lioJ , caalilor.
Corner I2tli aud I'urniiinStj.
A General lluiiltliix Iluslncss Transacted
STurrav , for , J Itlt innl Jlnrnry ,
inont HnbHtuntlnllu coiiHfriiffcil
lintel MluiltltHH in Oinu/iii. M < > ri'i * f (
for/rfc / / ! < tnilln runnliiu from
iit to roof. All tin' ci'llliliiH tintl
irltt : AHlii-Htim / / < ! JH-OII/
liiiini/ , mil Id nil it i ii > < inHtliIt : to Ittii'n
ittitrlt. I''lrti'Hc < iH'H tind Jtft' til unit H
tlirinif/hotit tin : litilltllniHttntit licnt ,
liut nml fiiltl ic < ( f < ! i * n ml Hiiimliliiulii
c * < < > / / I'ouiii. Titbit : tiiiHiifjiiiHHfil < illt/
For noae-bleod
inject Pond's Extract ,
A f/ < * * .
Notion Is hereby Klviiit that houlod bids will
bn roculVuri liy-tho llnurd of TritsUiesof the
vllliiKU \VlsiuT , NrlniHku , from < \ alii up tiit-
tll Knvi'ii (7) ( ) o'cloult p. n > . , Hlniiilnril tlmo , llui
' 'nd day of March. IH ) | , for llio nxtuiislon of
the wnter worm Hystcm of said rlllii'foofVl8 -
n r.
I'lutis. hpojllloatlons and dut.'tllH uroondlo
with llio vlllaijouliirk , at Ills olllut * . whcro hlil-
tlors niiiy Inspect tlioHamu ; und thoHanuisliall
lo extended nrjconlliu togald iiliuiH. Kpt'clll'ti *
lions und details , nnil Mmll bo ioiiiilnUd |
within thu tliaiiiiiiiiiod und of inatoilala niuii-
All lildsiniiBt liu InvrltliiK , fllml with tbo
vlllauu uli'rlc. ' on or buforu sovi > n o'olooit p. in ,
Uiimliiril tlinu. llio''iul duy of MarJh , Iff II.
The lldurd of Tru tuo-i lusorvus lliu rUlit to
rotovl uny or nil bin i
Thu Hticcessfiil lliilurH ) ] will bo rninlrrd to
Klvdbonds to halt ! vlllaxu of Wluncr us rc-
imlrud by law.
lly ordi-rof tbu llonrd nf Trnstoos of said vll-
liito of WlHiiur , tliU Uth duy ot
[ HKAly ] Fubruury. JH'JI. '
AUi-bti S. S. IIKKIIK , Cliiilri.un. .
L. Li. Kit xui : , Vlllu u Ulurk.