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Michael Eyraud Guillotined in Paris for His
IIo IlofiiHod n OIIIHS of Comma nnd
Angrily Declined to Union to
the Prayers of tlio At
tendant PrlcHt.
PAIIIS , Fob. a. Michael Kyraud , the inur-
dcrcr of Notary OoulTo , was guillotined at
70 this morning. Kyraud met bis fate with
fortitude nnd resignation. Thcro wcro but
few witnesses of the execution , owing to the
fact that the time It was to take
plnco was not generally known. The
condemned man declined a glass of cognac
which was tendered iilm , nnd In splto of the
earnest solicitation of 1'Abbo Fnurc , the mur
derer angrily refused to listen to the priest's
Vrayors , to prny for nlmself , or
to hnvo any religious rites per
formed in bis behalf. By mud's iron
will was not shaken oven In the presence of
death , am1 ho continued to refuse religious
consolation wlilto on the march to the guillo
tine , which was erected on the Plnco do la
Itouquctto. After the execution Eyraud's
body was given to his relatives and acquaint
As early as 2 o'clock this morning tbo CUH -
ternary barriers were erected upon Place do
la Kouquetto. Shortly afterwards two divis
ions of police and a detachment of the garde
rcpubllcaino took possession of the Place
The night was most bitter cold. To make
the scene moro gloomy ihan usual a heavy ,
damp cold fog hung over the city. The cafes
near the place were full of carousers , male
nnd female , singing in maudlin tones n dis
gusting song , having for its refrain : "H it
Kyraud whom wo must liavo. It is his head
wb must have , " The scenes in some of the
cnfcs can bo better imagined than described ,
but they gave the stranger a good idea of the
untiiro of a Paris mob when "blood Is in the
air. "
By 5:45 : nil was ready. Dolbler , the executor
cuter , tested the knlfo nnd found It was mov
ing easily in the grooves. Outside the place ,
in the direction of the boulevard Voltaire ,
there wcro about live hundred spectators
who could hardly sco anything of tlio pro
ceedings , but who were thcro out of their
morbid curiosity. The main crowd , particu
larly referred to , was composed of those
scoundrels who prov upon fallen women ,
convicts , gambling club croupiers of tbo low
est class , and girls who come from the dregs
of sodety.
S At , (1,45 ( a. m. n party of officers In company
\ with the governor of La Hotrrouquett entered
the cell occupied by Kyraud. They found
E\i-n.ud sitting crouching on his bed and
when Informed the politlon for n pardon had
boon rejected Eyrnud replied' "Very well. "
The condemned man , a few mlmilcs after
ward , removed his prison uniform which ho
hnd been wearing and chnnged his trousers
and socks , refusing all assistance whllo preparing -
paring for death. Being asked If had any
s lcmcnt to mnko the murJoior replied in
.yao negative.
< Abbo Faucro then approached the gulltv
mail nnd offered to receive nnd convoy to
Eyraud's wllo und daughter any message
which.ho might wish taken to thorn. To this
kind oll'er Eyrnud replied :
"Tell them that I bid them adlou nnd-hopo
they may bo happy. "
Abbo Fiiure then npnm olTored' Eyraud a
glass of cognac , but ho pushed it to ono sldo
saying : "ifo , that will do tno no good.
Eyrnud then walked with the chlof wardo/- '
pad Jailor"rfdrCfislti < rKwmrr"IIu ; Jooueo %
attentively 'at the gentlemen there present
and did not utter a word. Ho then sut'down
while Uiobler pinloncd'him and during tbls
part of the preparation for the guillotine ,
Eyraud turned to the governor nnd said :
"Might I request that my body should not
bo given to the surgeons ! '
To this request AbboFauro replied : "Your
body will bo given to your family. "
Kyraud thnnkod the abbe , whereupon the
latter offered to embrace thelmurnorcr's wife
nnd child for him. Eyraud , gazing at the
faces around him , then angrily exclaimed :
"Constans , minister of the interior , was
right. lie has won his t-oso. now his prize.
Ho will bo tonight with Gabriello. What
grand personage is going to decorate Gnbrl-
cllo BompatxH"
Suddenly , as DIublcr was completing the
task of pinioning him , Eyraud conllucd , "you
S ! hurting my linger1 nnd Uiruintr to tbo
assistant , who wus tying the bandages , ho
eald , impatiently : "Don't pinch mo so
tightly. "
Previous to commencing the inarch to tlio
[ Told , Eyrnud again refused to drink a
glass of cognno which was offered 1
to him. nnd was afterward rigIdly -
Idly silent until ho arrived at
the guillotine. Passing from the cell to the
i-nlTold Eyraud scanned everything right
nnd left , and then fixed his eyes upon the i
Arrived at the foot of the guillotine and I
within a few feet of tno block , Kyraud
eluded the executioners for n moment nnd 1
angrily shouted to the assembled crowd :
"Constutis Is n murderer ; ho Is moro of n
murderer than 1 am. Constans is * '
Before he could complete the sentence the
executioners solzod the murderer nnd
throw him UDOII an Inclining plank of the
guillotine. lloblor pressed the fatal
kupb , nnd the Hashing blade fell with
a sharp sliding sound nud tlio Head of
GoulTo'.s assassin rolled Into the basket below.
Eyraud's body was then lifled into a wagon
and driven olT at full gallop to the cemetery ,
escorted by a detachment of gendarmes.
Abbo Fnuro followed the body In a cab ,
and , after leading the burial soTicoover the
remains at the cemetery they wcro turned
over to thu dead man's relatives. Immedi
ately after the execution tbo mob made a wild
rush toward tlio guillotine and wus with dif
ficulty repulsed by a strong force of mounted
gardes republlealiies which had been loft in
charge of that instrument of execution ,
, nit : ri it K . IT it c n ire VK.
" One of tlio Most DlHiiHlrotis In Ibis
< ? lty'8 History.
Dt'nuQi'H , In , , Fob. ! ) . [ Special Telegram
to Til c BII : ; . ] Ono of tbo most disastrous
llros this city has known for years occurred
in the Bishop block this evening. Mr. Solo
mon , n member of the linn of Solomon
Brothers , dry goods , who had
Just moved In , received n cigar
from n traveling man , lighted It
and threw away the unoxtlngulshcd match.
It struck a pile of cotton batting nud In a
moment flames sprang up which it was Im
possible to extinguish. The store of Solo
mon Brothers was entirely destroyed with
contents , nho a largo part of the
Golden Eagle clothing store , board of trade
rooms , government steamboat Inspector's
oOlce , Smith , Mntbls .t Co.'s urlntlng ottlco
and other ofllces above- . The loss h roughly
estimated at $ . * > ( > , ( iOO , with ample insurance.
Tom Hurko , llroman , was overcome by
smoke and heat and is thought to bo fatally
Overcome With
SALT L-AKI : , Utah. , Fob. 3 , Near Sandy ,
fifteen miles south of here , Albert Batcmnn
and Ole Hnwklupon were overcome with gas ,
rind both fpll to the bottom of nn 80-foot
shaft. The man attempting to iccovor the
bodies was also overcome. The bodies wore
Anally recovered with grappling hooks.
The Weather Forootist ,
For Omaha and Viclnity-F.Ur ; slightly
For Nebraska Warmer ; southerly winds ;
fair.For Iowa Fair ; variable winds , becoming
southerly ; warmer.
Fatal Itallronil Wreck * .
MEADVILIX , Pu. , Feb. 3. Two freight
train * on the New York , Pennsylvania &
Ohio road , collided near Corry , Pa. , today
during a snow storm. The cnglnecraml fire
man of ono train were killed , while tuo crew
of the other train wcro Injured.
SVIIACMB , N. Y. , Fob. 3. The North
Shore limited on the Now York Central was
wrecked at East Rochester this morning by
n collision with n wild-cut engine. Engineer
Brown was Instantly killed and Fireman
Fecnoywns fatally Injured. IN ono of the
passengers wcro hurt.
CI.EVII.ANI : ) . O. , Fob. 3 , A passenger train
on the Cleveland-Can ton. on the southern.
road , was partially derailed near here this
morning. Engineer Grccmvnld nnd Flro-
mnn Hcilmiin wcro killed. None of the pas
sengers were injurcj.
It , Will lie Hehl Saturday , February
7i at SJ P. M.
Thcro have boon many inquiries concern
ing the dnto ot the convention nt Sidney.
Yesterday the committee on arrangements
telegraphed Tin : lieu that It would bo hold
Saturday , February 7 , At 2 p. in. It is ex
pected that all thu counties In western Ne
braska will bo represented , from Lincoln
county to the Wyoming lino.
Terrible Experience of Two Hundred
Imko .Michigan ! " H' ci-incn.
CIIIOAOO , Fob. 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BKK.-Tho Herald's ' Bay City , Mich. ,
special says : "Fearful was thp suffering of
liOO fishermen cast adrift on nn ice flee In Lnko
Michigan. A heavy gnlo from the west
loosened a great sheet of Ice in the bay , and
before the hundreds of llshormon who were
busily plying their occupation upon it
were awnro a vast expanse of llercely rolling
water separated thorn from the shore. The
weather was Intensely cold , nnd the wind
which at times readied the violence of a hur
ricane , cut the faces Ilka a whip and chilled
the blood In the veins. The men who were
ou the moving raft of Ice seemed doomed to
certain death. Few could withstand tbo fear
ful cold of the night , nnd the floating field ,
forced onward by the beating windcould not
long withstand the growing might of the
heavy seas.
'When the cry was raised that the Ice had
parted from the shore , nnd bad carried its
freight of hardy lives out into the stormy
lake , the greatest fear was excited , and it wus
thought that few if any of the castaways
would ever bo seen again. At once efforts
were made to locate tlio men on their unsafe
craft , but from no point could It. bo scon ,
Great seas of stormywater struck outward ,
and liopo that the men could bo rescued
grew fainter. IJeliof parties went
along sboro nud preparations mndo
to send out tugs , though tbo peril of facing
the rising waves was enough to appall the
"This winter a majority of the fishermen
have erected their shanties on the east shore
of the bay at u point about fifteen miles from
this city. The village had reached consider
able populniion , numbering ever a hundred
houses , with a population of nearly twice that
number. The llrst report yesterday was to
the effect that the ice on which the village
was situated had been separated from the
shore and blown out into the buy nuci broken
up into fragments. The first definite news
was received about 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Dennis Burnott arrived at bis homo lu the
suburbs of the city in an exhausted con
dition. Ho had driven out to the
fishing villugo oa Monday morning
to make purchases as usual. Ho
coTitirniod ill a measure the nuws that
had been spreading all day , but thought that
all of the men bad reached the shore la
safety , although a number of them bad very
narrow escapes. But from twcntyllvo to
thirty of the mon tiavo not boon heard from ,
audit isatooUcertain Unit some or all of
theai ha injcen lost.fLitb3 . > iI"PJ 'l1la
a'galbTind'tirlvlntr ltd "led" lloo" rapidly
into Lake Huron.
"A number of narrow escapes were re
corded , but Mr. Burnott thougnt that nil of
the Inhabitants of the village hud succeeded
in reaching the shore. If there wcro any
who did uot escape , they wore iso
lated from the main village. Thcro
are grave fears for tlio men in
shanties isolated from tbo village , many of
which were strung along doth shores of the
bay. It is thought some of thcso men must
have been lost , and the number is estimated
at from thirty to llfty. If they are on
the floating Ice they may may drift about in
tbo bay for days without reaching Innd ,
but oven If tbo Ice floes which they nro on do
not break up , llioy can scarcely survive moro
than n few days , for none of thorn wcro sup'
plied with fuel to last very long during surli i
blttor weather. Their supply of food is also
not very extrusive , Steamers will bo sent
out in searcn of men as soon as the ice in the
river can bo broken up enough to let then 11
out. "
Illinois Fiii-fiicrs Propose a Compromise -
promise \Viti tlio
111. , Feb. 8. At a late
hour tonight tlio Farmers' Mutual Benefit
association party submitted to Long Jones
nud the republican steering committee
the names of A. J. Streeter , John P. Steclo of
Ml. Vernon , aud Itxproscntntlvo Moore , all
of the Farmers' Mutual Bcucllt association
party with the aniioiincemcni that any ono
of them whom the republicans might endorse
would receive tlio full support of the Farmers'
Mutual Benefit association representatives.
This matter is now under advisement. It is
confidently expected by tbo republicans and
Fannern' Mutual Donulit association meu that
u combination will boofTocted between thotwo
parties tills week , which will result in the
election of a sountor.
Many republicans are Inclined to prefer ;
Moora to Street or.
Another meeting of tlio steering committee
will bo hold tomorrow at which the mat tor will
bofullydihcussed , If thcro Is a serious division
in the committee u caucus will bo called to
settle tinquestion. . Kcnrcscntatlvo Cockrell ,
who made the proposition , said to the com
mittee : "You republicans now hnvo a chance
to defeat the democrats und at thu same time
make yourselves strong with the agricultural
and Industrial elements of the state. If you
throw away this clmiico you may never have
liny other. "
This signifleantuttoranco aroused the fears
of the republicans that If the proposition of
the Farmers' Mutual Benefit association
men was not accepted the next
propo3itlon may bo made to the demo
crats , if indeed Moore and Cockrell do oot
go over to the direct support of Palmer ,
Tbo reason for the proposition
the republicans Is understood to bo
Unit Moore nud Tnubncck became tired of
supporting Slrcotor.
Messrs. Galloway and Pctrlo hnvo been
day nnd report tonight that a feeling Is grow
ing for the endorsement oC Streeter by the
republicans , Several conferences were hold
In Strector's rooms today. Chairman Jones
of the state central republican committee ,
while not exposing himself in advocacy
of the movement , seems Ilkclv to
favor It upon assurances from Potrlo
and Galloway that Streeter , If ,
elected , would .not witli the republican
party on the tariff nnd ether issues of im-
jiortance. Streoter , when asked by Jones to
detino his position , stated that , If elected by
republican support , ho would consider him
self under loint obligation to tbo parties
which olcctrd him and vote with the republicans
cans on every national question not in direct (
contradiction to the Farmers' Mutual BcnolU
association principles. Homo of the republican
legislators are opposed to Strcotor , but it ls
thought the puny caucus will bring them
around ,
South Dnkotii'n Voto.
Piniiiic , S. D. , Fob. 3. The twentieth and
twenty-first ballots for senator were tnkon
today. Tbo highest vote was : Moody , ! I'Jj ;
Trlpp , 24 ; Harden , 43 : Melville , 10 ; Croso , 0 ;
halanco scattering. All sorts of combinations
nro being talked of.
Tliu l-'lro llcunrd.
NEW YOIIK , Fob. 3. The Hceln bronze nnd
Iron works of Brooklyn were almost com
pletely burned out tonight. Lost. $300,000.
A Wyoming Cattleman Loams to His Goat
the Skill of Garrotters ,
The IJHW of Contracts null n Seller's
Illglits Explained Hii ; Injuns
Tioltlcd l y launch Counter Cof
fee "Western I'ersoniils.
CHICAGO Orncn or Tun OMAHA BEH , 1
CIIIOAOO , Fob. U. (
Jnmcs Davis , a wealthy stockman , came in
from Cheyenne yesterday with several car
loads of stock. Last night ho came Into the
city to transact some business , and returned
to the stockyards oa the 0 o'clock dummy
this mortiliitf. Ho loft the train nt the union
depot in the yards , and stood a moment
on the platform. The cold crisp nlr mndo
him think of his mountain home , and ho was
breathing In ozone and other things found In
the nlr nt the stock yards when four men sur
rounded him.
The stockman Is broad shouldered and ,
muscular , but ho was no match for the four
athletes who , as protosslonal robbers ,
know how to hold n man up.
They seized the Wyoming citizen
much as Texas cowboys haudlo n steer In
branding time , By pure force of muscular
power they pinioned his arms and then
turned his pockets wronp sldo out.
Fortunately Mr. Davis did not have the
proceeds of his stock sale with him. His
pin money , however , amounting to ? 5.3. " > , was
taken and then the victim was released.
Quito a crowd of people witnessed the
robbery , but somehow the thieves pot nway.
The stockman says ho can describe the color
of their hair and the police rely on him to
help them catch the highwaymen.
Judge Anthony of the superior cour got his
dander up this morning and ho gavon lecture
to real estate mon In general as to certain
rnettiods of conducting real cstnto
sales that was far from being am
biguous in its meaning. The case was
one wherein Charles A. Seymour sued
S. II. Kobblns nnd .lames A. Ulooa for com
mission on a sale of $10,000 worth of property.
It seems that Seymour went to Kobblns and
Blood and desired to know if they wanted to
sell and lor what price. Figures
wore given nnd Seymour secured a
purchaser nud the deal -was effected.
Seymour demanded $ . > 00 commission , which
was refused , the sellers claiming they had
made no contract with Seymour. The real
estate man sued nnd the case wus presented
to a jury in Judge Anthony's court today.
Seymour had Just ended his presentation of
the case when Judge Anthony arose and took
the ca o from the Jury.
"This has got to stop , " said the court ,
"and the real estate mon might as well know
the law now as at any time. It is Rotting so
nowadays that if u man talks at all to a real
estate man ho is deprived of his rights to sell
his property hlmsolf. Where there Is no
specific or positive agreement between
parties , there Is no contract , and In order to
maintain his right to make a sale it must bo
pro\ d that ( lie agent's power is an exclusive
ono. The seller may designate 500 agents to
sell ills property , nnd yet if there Is no con
tract , the owner can soil the property hlm-
sr'f at any hour. Tlio law Is that commis-
& ! isJbac.oUccteiUiJhlasE , . there as a.spcclttjvi
toh'traet , " : ' " .i" ' '
Old John Grass , once the mortal enemy of
the late lamented Sitting Bull and n redskin
whom the Into General Crook used to char
acterize as the smartest and wisest chief of
the Sioux nation , sat lu the union depot
today and drank unlimited quantities of cof
fee. With1 him were such distinguished '
chiefs ns American Horse , White Ghost. Ho
Dog , and others from Pine Hideo , Standing
Itouk nnd Hosobud agencies. AV'hnn the In-
dluns had finished their repast at the luneli
counter , they gave a concerted yell of de
"What's the matter ! " gasped the depot
master wlio.camo rushing into thu room.
"It's the coffee that tickles them , " said
Agent T. W. Blackburn who was in chnrgo
of the Rosebud party. "They're not used to
such elegantly brewed Java. "
John Grass , the most Intelllgcn
looking Indian of the lot , is
rather a thickset fellow with a head that is
not bad and eyes that arc expressive. Grass
is quite n dude , wearing a derby , high col
lar , luce shoes and cutaway coat and vest ,
Ho even smokes cigarettes.
"What about wnrl" ho was asked ,
Grass is not n brilliant man to Interview
nnd his oifort in this line may b-j summed up
as follows : "No more ghost dauco. N <
more war. Guns give up. All bo friends
Now go see Harrison , white house. "
In the Uoscbud nnd Vine KU'lpo party
which was llrst to arrive nt the depot were
Hollow Horn Hear , Ho Dog , Good Voice ,
Quick Bear , Whtto Bird. Turning Hawk ,
John Grass , American Horse and Thrc
Stars. A little later party of Brulca froi
the Standing Hock agency arrived in chare ,
of Agent Hiinedd , "With these wore severn
Indian policemen , who wore their blue uil
forms and brass buttons with great pride.
Sioux minister also accompanied the party
Ho wore regulation clencid black. At 10iO : ;
party loft for Washington in their own Pull
man couch.
William Stelmvay , the plnno manufacturer ,
of Now York , has a- plan to submit to the
world's fnir directory for making musio ono
of the principal features of the exposition.
Ills idea if curried out would provide a con
tinuous musical carnival during tbo fair.
Mr. Steinway wants to organize a
grand orchestra , composed of musicians
from all the great musical centers and have
them perform every day in a palace of music.
In addition to thu orcbcstrn , bo would have
the most prominent musician from ovcr.v for
eign country present at thu exposition for nt
least two weeks. Those various stars would
lead the orchestra each for a week nt a time
in muslo peculiar to and popular in his own
country. Thus there would bo nu Knglish
folo , nn Italian fete , French , Spanish , Ger
man and all others. Mr. Stetnway is so en
thusiastic over this musical Idea that he is
willing to furnish a considerable sum of
money ror Its support , .
NOT sconr.o nv TIIR HIM. , .
The gentlemen interested In the piping of
natural gas to Chicago do not seem lo bo
alarmed by the bill passed hi the Indiana
state senate yesterday prohibiting the pump
ing of gns from ono locality to another.
' , " said President
Winston of thu Economic fuel gas
company. "Twoyears npo the legislature
passed a law forbidding trio taping of iis ; :
from that state Into another state , and the
supreme court of Indiana declared the mcas-
ure unconstitutional , All other lows of a
similar character must meet n similar fate.
So , no matter how many times the Indiana i
Bcimto passes such laws , they nro invalid.
Wo have'bought our lands down in Indiana ,
and havospunt a good deal of money on them ,
nnd wo can't bo defrauded of our rights in
this manner. "
The trustees of tbo Chicago unlvorslt ,
have determined to usk the citizens of Uul-
cage for KiOO.OOO more to expend for build
ings. The scope of tbo university has been !
so much enlarged and the endowment in
creased to such an extent that It is now be
lieved that Chicago mon who realize the :
inngnitlccnco of the protect are willing to add
yxW.OOO to the 5100.0UO already contributed.
Money pledged to the university Is coming
In rapidly. Mr. Rockefeller has paid
$131,000 and Chicago men fliio.OOO. The
last amount Is In excess of the sum promised ,
ns but t0,000 , of Chicago mouoy was uuo &
Among other western pcoplo In Chicago to
day were the following : At the Auditorium :
W. J. and Hussell J. Pratt. Hurry West und
H. A. Elliott , Dos Molncs , la. ; It. S. Keith ,
Crcston. la.
At the Wellington : Mr. and1 Mrs. S. J. H.
Wolf , Cedar Kaplds , In.
At tho'Pnlmor ! Henry HlHcr nnd Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Scott , Quiaha ; B. F.
King , Dead wood. S. D. ; C. MJ Wolss , Hast
ings , Nob. : W. Wnternouso , Cedar Utapids ,
At the Grand Paclflo : Georco Hancock ,
Fargo , N. D. ; H. 0. Hand , Salt Lake ; Frank
Murphy , Miss Hamilton , H , M , Marshall ,
Omaha ; John P. Vollraor , I/wlstgn , Idaho ;
F. A. Fuller , Schuylcr , Nob. ; James G.
Derryhlll , Dos Molncs , la. ATKINSON.
Took All Classes.
CHICAGO , Feb. , 3. General Miles , speaking
today about the band of Indians on the way
to Washington , said the matter of dealing
with them had been taken entirely out of his
hands. Ho declared the report that ho had
selected a certain class of Indians to go to
Washington was false. Thososont by him
represented nil classes. Ho expressed belief
that some enemy Is trying to injure him by
circulating false rumors In the press. Ho
did not believe tlio prosldont disapproved of
the susinmsion of Colonel Forsytho. The
latter ofllccr had pot been vindicated ns the
report of the Investigation when made public
will show.
Two Moro luBurarme.Wlncl-TJpH.
CIIICAOO , Fob. 3. Attorn6y\Gcnernl Hunt ,
on behalf of the stuto , began proceedings in
the circuit court this morning , to wind up the
affairs of the Cook county Iv6 { stock Insur
ance company , which was organized January
10 , 18S8. The membership of the company
has dwindled away and a largo number of
policies hnvo been cancelled. The outstand
ing liabilities amount to only $9,000.
TriEit , Tex. , Fob. 3. The , East Texas flro
Insurance company with headquarters here ,
went Into voluntary litigation today. Adverse
legislation In Texas is claimed ns the cause
for the suspension. Thu company Is in good
financial condition.
Itcuiilntlii1. ; Insurance Itntefl.
CIIICAOO , Fob. 8. Ilcprcsout'tttlvcs of nearly
nil the flre underwriters in the northwestern
states are in session hero endeavoring to form
a now organization , the principal object of
whlcti is to bo the regulation of risks and the
establishment of uniform rates.
SHE GOT iran
A "Wronged but Dctcrmlnca AVIfo
Onuses n HciiBttloii.
ST. Louis , Mo. , Fob. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bun. ] The largo congregation
m Mrs. Wood worth's church on Lucas avenue
was greatly demoralized by a sensational
scene which occurred last night , Mrs. Wood-
worth was Just going to speak from the text :
"Put aside potty jealousies andj work for the
glory of God , " when Mrs. G'eorgo Guines , a
rather largo , handsome brunette , walked up
the loft aisle of the church Jintll near the
center. Then she reached over deliberately
nnd slapped n woman in 'thtiQfaeo , at the
same time announcing in n lou-Jtono :
"You've got my husband ; ' you nasty
thing. You can't have him ; yew can't have
him. "
Only tboso near the scene saw ( tbo slap ,
and the palo frightened face bf Jiho chastised
lady. The husband sat motionless , and his
companion appeared to bo struqk dumb with
fear. . I
Then Mrs. Wood worth * spoke again :
"Please sing" nnd about half of the congre
gation broke out with "Happy Day , " while
the others shouted "Put her out. "
She was put out , and stayed out long
enough to get n guiu , Thett she returned , en
tered the church once moro and said :
"I'll ' kill her this timo. " ' .
Her husband lotttho etilo. p hia charmoiy
nrtfhis wlfeyHliued hlm'too 'wlth the gun.
iiB"rfl8 < W vu7ihor'bybAylrif ho"'ivnatn6t' !
with the woman , but stvo .would uot be
llovo it. -
Games had boon gftlntj .with other women
uudcranothername. <
Evangelist Jonc.s llnving n Lively
Unto in Texas.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Feb. 3. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bnc.l Hov. Sam P. Jones seems to
bo having a lively time In Texas. The fol
lowing characteristic telegram from the
evangelist shows what ho has been doing :
OAKWOOD. Tex. , Fob. 8. The one-gallon
mayor of Palestine tried to cane your
Uncle Jones this morning at the depot. I
wrenched his cano from him and wore him
out. I am a llttlo disfigured but still In the
ring. I criticised his pfllclal career last No
vember. It needed criticising.SAM
Tlio Fanners' Preference * .
SrniNOFiEi.n , 111 , , Fob. Sc The 'Farmers'
Mutual Benefit association representa
tives are receiving daily dozens of letters and
resolutions of instruction and encouragement
from their constituents nnd fellow farmers.
They generally recommend the representa
tives to stand flrm for tbo party candidate.
But not all are of this character. Ueorgo W.
Hhoadcs of St. Elmo , 111. , la a communica
tion requests them to do all they can for
Palmer , "As that seems to'bo the choice of
the brothers in this part of the country. "
G.W. Smith , superintendent of the Arcoln ,
111 , , public schools , thinks they should take
up Felix G. Cockrell , brother of the repre
sentative , and elect him.
Swindled uya OlilUaiiutii.
SAN FUANCISCO , CalFob. % 3. The customs
olllcials have ] ust learned that they uavo
boon swindled out of about30,000 revenue
by n sharp Chinaman. It is tbo custom hero
when goods are imported to take to the ap
praiser's store 10 per cent of thorn , from
which the total duty is cnlculatsd. The
broker Hies n bond of $100 lor the payment of
duty and the owner is iheh allowed to take
the other nine-tenths out. January 1 a China
man went through this routine with a largo
shipment of opium , but now Vhat hols wanted
to pay duty can't bo round. The government
has 10 per"cent of the shipment , worth about
$3,500 , while the Chinaman carried away
, vunt would bring n duty of fully $30,000.
Will UaUo tlio. Ulooknclo.
PAIIIS , Feb. 3 Advices received by Gaulols
from a correspondent In Buenos Ayres nro
that the Chilian insurgents have been
obliged to abandon La Soronij nud Coqulmbo
and the harbor of Ipulqtio | sj reopened , Ho-
ports also say the government will rnlso the
blockade at Valparaiso in three days unless
the insurgents make anotb'cr attack In the
Murder and
Sr. Louis , Mo. , Fob. 8. At Bmlthton , III. ,
this morniiig , Henry Bechtold , a farmer , dis
charged a shotgun at his Blsljor-ln-lnw , strik
ing her in the log. The wound not proving
fatal he struck her with' Uui butt end of the
weapon Inllictlng fatal Injuries. Ho then ro-
londcd the gun and shot and killed himself.
No cause is known for the trhgody.
An ICxilo Attsugfdnntoil.
LAIIEIIO , Tex. , Fob , 3. Dr. Ignatio Mar
tinez , while making tho-routids among his pa
tients this morning , was waylaid by two un
known men and killed , the assassins escap
ing. Dr. Mar.ttnez , at ono time general in the
Mexican army , was n political exile from his
native country. J
_ Two People I-'utnliy Itiirnrd.
' EDMUND , Okl , , Feb. 3. While burning
prairie , the young daughter of Dave Stark
weather was so ba'dly burned that she died.
James Funk , who attempted to rescue the
chlld'was fatally burned.
1 A. Holclnn'H Ctlms.
PAIIIS , Fob. 3. A Belgian has been ar
rested In tbls city charged with supplying
thu German war department olliclals with
plans of the Franco-Belgian and Dulglan-
Geimau frontier * .
Provisions for Public Btiildinga in Nebraska ,
Iowa and Dakota.
Treasurer Wlmlom's I'rnlxiMo Suc
cessor Still the Subject or.Si > ncu-
Intlon Now NIIIIIOH Mentioned
Onuxlm'K Population.
WASHINGTON nuuiuu Tnn CnutiA. DRB , J
fi3 ! FourtTKENTit STIIBBT , >
WASHINGTON , U. 0. . Fob. ! ) . |
The sundry civil hill was completed In the
committee of appropriations today , andiiinong
its provisions are tbo following of interest to
Nobrasknns !
For the piirchnsn of a slto nnd construction
of a building at Beatrice , $00,000.
For tbo completion of the Fremont build
ing under tbo present limit of S35.000.
The following were Included for lown ;
For the purchase of a slto and the erection
of a building at Fort Dodge , ? 7o,000.
For the slto and construction ot a building
nt Davenport , $100,000.
For thu completion of tie Burlington build-
Inc , $70,000.
For the commencement of the proposed new
bullafng nt Sioux City , $81,000 , , the limit of
the cost of this structure having been lixed
at * 250,000.
There Is also nn appropriation of $50,000 for
the purchase of a slto and the commencement
of tbo building nt Sioux Falls , S. D.
Senator Paddock today offered the follow
ing amendment to Mr. Blair's eight-hour bill :
"That to secure laborers Umlr wages for
labor performed by thorn , nnd material men
the amount duo for material furnished by
thorn for the use on any government building
or other improvement for tbo United States ,
said laborers or material men may lilo with
the proper ofllcer or agent having charge of
such work , a sworn Itemized statement of
such labor or material furnished showing the
amounts past duo and unpaid to them with a
duly authenticated cony of the contract , if
any , under which such labor was performed
nnd material furnished. And such notice
shall constitute a lien on any and all moneys
duo or to become duo from the government
for such labor and material for the benefit of
the laborers nnd material men
By whom such labor was per
formed or material was furnished
nnd payment for which Is past duo and un
paid , whether said money may belong to the
original or nnV sub-contractor , who actually
employs such labor and purchased such ma
terial for sucli use , nnd the same shall be
paid out of any moneys In the hands of the
proper disbursing ofllcor or ngent appropri
ated for such purpose on the demand of said
laborers nnd material men , witti unques
tioned proof that the same is past duo nnd
unpaid , nnd thu inonoys thus paid shall bo
charged ngalust the balance or balances duo
or to become duo on the government work
for which such labor was performed und such
material furnished. "
IIELP roll imOUTIl St.'l'FEHClig.
The Nebraska committee .of the house coin-
mittco on agriculture , having the bill in
charge has reported favorably to the full
commlttco the proposition of Mr. Dorsoy ap
propriating &if)0,000 for seed grain for the
( drouth sufferers In Nebraska , The sub
committee has cut down the amount to
foOjOVO. It seems that the sub-committeo
-coueluUedjthatthisamount , would bo suul-
cicntto buy seed grain'tor thiTlmfferiira'-'ana
that beyond uocd grain it has no authority to
go and therefore the extraneous questions
Involved in the proposition for a larger ap-
nropriation for sulTorers froirl drouth nnd
Indian depredations in Nebraska will have to
go to the committee on appropriations.
OMAHA'S roruL.vTioN.
Following is the population of Omaha by
wards , ns promulgated by the census ofllco
today :
First ward 11,007
Scconu ward 17,51 , ! I
Third ward Ul.iiOl
Fourth ward 10,001
Fifth ward 15,517
Sixlh ward 18.050
Seventh ward 8,7.'K )
Eighth ward 17'J73
Ninth ward 8,731
Total for the city 140,453
WISDOM'S rossuu.c scccnsson.
The successor to tlio late Secretary \Vin- \
dom was the prime topic of comment nt the
cnpltol today. It was also referred to , at
least in an Informal way at the cabinet
meeting tills morning. The president lias
begun to think of ttio selection of
u secretary of the treasury , although ho may
not name the man under two or three weeks.
There was suOlcient intcrciango | of opinion
nt the cabinet mooting to lead to ttio con
clusion that thcro will bo no change in its
present orcaufzatlon- ; transfer of cabi
net oOIcer to Jill the vacancy. This probably
disposes of tbo idea of transferring Secre
tary Proctor to the treasury department. At
first the suggestion seemed practicable in
view of the fact that the secretary of war is
so well versed In the routine of the oflloe an d
has been ono of the president's advis <
ors regarding financial policies. But , hai
ring unforsocn or unthought of situation s
ihero will bo no transfers It
cabinet ofllcers und the president will mat n
tain , if possible , the present arrangement
until the end of his term. Hoprosentativt
McICinloy of Ohio continues to bo regariici :
as the coming man for tbo treasury depart'
ment. Tbo only question lu tlio public mini'
is , will ho nccepti It Is safe to say that I
there Is a formal tender of Iho portfolio ho
will. The president would not hawk a cabi
net ofllco on the political market or lend it to
give individuals capital. Some of Major
McKlnley's colleagues in the house advis (
him not to accept , arguing that ho would ae
knowledge by nn acceptance that ho did no'
bellovo ho could carry Ohio thli
fall If ho wcro nominated for tin B
governorship and that such nn interpretation
of his action would cast a serious dampci
upon the republican organisation in tliostato ,
Besides , should ho not take thu nuinlimtioi
which ho can have by acclamation , there will
bo a light for it which will divide tlio state
ngain into factions , but that with McKlnltn
In the Held there would bo no factious. The ;
have also impressed him wltti thu artiumen
that bis political future will close with thai
tenure if ho enters the treasury department
What effect these statements from member
of the Ohio . Ion In congress will havi
upon Major McKinley and the president can
not bo said. Numerousotforts wore mtidu to
day to ascertain McKliiluy's feelings on th
question. Ho said to all Inquiries :
"It will bo time enough to decline or no
cent the place after It Is tendered. "
If the place does not goto McKinloy. I
looks now us though ex-Governor ( jharlc :
Foster of Ohio may got It. The mention o
this man's nnnio was well received in over )
quarter today. Hols popular at the white
house and tliat ho would make a clean , ublo
und popular olYlccr nil cay , With McKinley
and Foster out of the way , Congressman Joe
Cannon of Illinois Is considered. Ho is being
urged for the place by members of the house
committee on appropriations of which hois
chairman. His ( juullflcatlons for the po
sition Ho In hli experience as a member of
the appropriation commlttco. Ho has never
occupied an executive olllcu. Hon. John C.
New and Hon. James N. Huston of Indiana
contlnuo to bo favorably mentioned , dosplto
the statement that the president is disin
clined to take two oftleers from the same
state , The gossipers also immtlou Mr.
Clarkson of Iowa , now on his way to Europe ,
and General OolT of West Virginia.
Hon. HobcrtT. Lincoln of Illinois , at pres
ent minister to England , is tonight mentioned
ta a probable successor to Secretary Win-
dom. Thcro are these who bellovo the sub
ject has been sent to Mr. Lincoln In London.
The West Virginia republicans lu the city .
nro talking of Hon. titcphon B. Klklns of
their stato.
Senator Paddock today reported hack from
the committee on publ , * .ds , with favorable -
blo recommendations , h - \ \o \ confirm cer
tain entries upon tlio OU ? ml Missouri res
ervation lands In Kansas " - N'obnulm under
tbo sots of August IB , 18n - d March S,1S31. )
Subsequently ho called It In the seimto
and It was passed. This cts nearly all
the settlers In southern tn ! , unity.
John I ) . Ftiray , Jr. , of Ol , was today
taken through tlio capital i ocnator Pad
Tlm Nebraska , delegation Is overwhelmed
with requests from constituents for seeds. It
looks as though tha limited supply would
very soon bo exhausted.
Lieutenant Guy Howard of Now York Is
In the city.
The Sehustcr-Hax National hank of St.
Toscph , Mo. , has boon approved the reserve
agent for Dnwsou County National bank of
Lexington. Nob. , also the Union National
bank of Chicago Is reserve agent for the
Northwestern National bank of Sioux City ,
In. Pciuir S. HiiATit.
011 'JEMI"S 'fits T1.1I OX 1" .
Ho ToMa Many Things nud Sityfl lie
KncrtVA Many More.
WASHINGTON , Fob. 3 , Jntnos A. Owen by
resumed his testimony before the silver pool
investigating committee today. Ho said ho
thouchtof about seven congressmen nt being
interested In silver speculations. The deals
were mndo through n number of banks and
the silver purchased in London to "cover up
their tracks. "
The testimony then recurred to the conver
sation with Donald , the Hnnovor bvnk :
Donald , Owonby said , told him certain sen
ators nnd representatives wars Interested In
stiver transactions. HoofferoJ to glvo names ,
butPayno and Uowell made decided objec
tions nud indstcdon what was said nt those
conversations being given , but with the
names omitted. Gates thought names should
bo given , nnd Oivonby saiil ho could not
properly glvo the conversations without
na-ncs. About seven eongro.vnncn , ho
thought , were mentioned. Donald stated
that congressmen were Interested In
silver , through certain u.irtlos or
institutions. Tlio Fourth National
and Chase National banks wcro
doing dealing.1 ; for tlicso congressmen , Donald
said. Donald also stated that Zimmerman
and Forshay , August Belmont and Carson
and Slmmonds wcro interested. Orders for
silver were given them and it was bought in
London to cover up their tracks. Yes , Don
ald used that expression. Ho said politicians
were pretty hard men to clean up after.
Donald also told the witness ho got informa
tion from private agents ho're , whom ho kept
lu his employ. Donald saiu when ho had any
doubts about mutters , lie came over nnd saw
a represontati ve and also n senator with whom
ho hnd close relations. Donald claimed to no
interested in thcso silver transactions. The
total amount of silver that was ngivcd to bo
bought by persons Interested with Donald ,
witness said , was $1,000,000 worth. In the
best of the witness' recollection sliver was
bought ut 97o up to SUM. At ono llmo Don
ald spolto of the sale of'silver , but did not
state how much was sold.
Before making these latter answer *
Owenby examined slips ot paper ho carried.
Payne nsked what those slips were nnd
the witness said they were memoranda hu
had made from some letters and telegrams
from Donald , which ho handed the commit-
too. Ho also .submitted a loiter from Mr.
Parsons of Wells , Furgo &Co. Owonby said
ills contract arrangements with Donald were
verbal. Tno witness 'wo ? to give all the
information ho could possibly get.
His personal expenses w ro to Da
paid , nud ho was to share , and share alike.
\ \ lth""lho oA who'wcnt' .into the purchase.of ,
silver. Donald wus to carry silver for him
and ngreod to carry 2.10.00,1 ounces. For his
personal cxpoiisin in Washington ho drew on
Donald. Donald never paid witness anything
on the silver deal.
Witness said Donald told him ho ( Donald )
had information of 11,000,000 , ounces of silver
being purchased by the llvo banks and
brokerage houses ho had named. Ho be
hoved Donald named sonic of the persons
for whom the purchases were made
nnd the witness mentioned the nnnio
of Representative Ketchum of Now
York as ono of them. Ho in
sisted on tills statement and again
wanted to clvo names s o as to make his story
clear , but Payne replied It would bo little
short of nn outrage to permit the naino of
any respectable man to bo given unless Iho
witness hud other than hearsay testimony ,
Donald , Owenby said , told him that panics
to the silver pool had got Into awrunglo ; that
tie ( Donald ) had got out of It and. therefore ,
could not make anything out of it for the
witness. Donald took that method of repudi
ating the arrangement with the.witness.
The silver purchasers sold out at ? l.l , and
witness llgured lie ought lo get 15 cents nn
ounce on I ! 15,000 ounces , or bottvocn $ 'ij,000 !
nudSIO,003. Owenby said ho hud also received
Information from Dav id T. Littler. Hilly Hall ,
thoassUlantcashicrof thollnnovur uank , and
J. S. Cunningham , of pardons being inter
ested in nllver speculation. Tlio witness
mentioned the names of persons interested
nud Littler assented and also mentioned the
names of congressmen.
Owonby said ho had no direct personal
knowledge of any congressional silver specu
The statement in Correspondent Slovens
publication that the largest pool was ono of
senators and Now York capitalists nnd that
it was Interested to the extent of 7,000,000 ,
ounces was based by the witness principally
ou statements made by Littler , who said the
men wore frequenters of Chambarlaln's. Ho
hnd stated to Stephens that Impecunious con
gri'ssmcn were permitted to borrow money on
thulr Individual notes without security for
the purpose of carrying sliver. Donald cave
him this information. Ho also told Stephens
thatCullom , Teller , Cannon nnd other.- ! were
not In the pool. Ills Rtatomcnt about Cullom
was from personal knowledge. Witness
went to Senator Cullom , stated ho was In
terested in the silver purchase and la n polite
way stillcd.a number of congressman were
interested. Senator Cullom stopped him u
once nnd told him tojjo no further' , trial ho
( Ciillomi had never specultitod and never
would nllow any one to carry silver for him
Tlio statements made in the publication by
Mr. Stephens woru gone over carefully , iton
by item , nnd the witness In each case Bald ho
had made substantially that statement. Ad
I'atciitH tii Wi'Bter.-i InvcutorH.
WASIIINOTO.V , Feb. 3.-Special [ Telegram
to TIIK Bin.J : Patents were granted west
ern Inventors today us follows ;
Wllllaip H , nnd.r. W. Hcttcndorf , Daven
port , la. , machine for die rolling metals ; Da
vid P. Hrown , assignorof ono-liulf to II. 'I
Brown , Omaha , Nob. , brusti scraper .Utnch
mont for paint palls ; Asa T. Cogswell , Hani
boldt , Nob. , and S. P. Woody , Kansas City
Mo. , mlnaturo billiards ; Harrison V. Conwaj
lioouo , In. , combined harrow , seeder un
mower ; .lames J. Uolllemoyer and C. H
\Volfo , ICcoktilr , la. , educational device ; Jo
sepli > V. CJnmblP , Adalr , In. , di-nft equalizer
Edwin B. Knrn , , assignor of 0110
half to C. Hamilton , Brltln , S. D. , hand cutter
tor and feeder ; fleorgo J. Keller , Osceola ,
Nob. , pump ; Frederick 'J1. ICresIngor , Port
Madison , la. , agricultural fork ; Cornelius K ,
Leirg , . O. 0. Alexander nnd O. W. Lcgg ,
lunkertoii , la. , latch ; Henry (5. ( Lulsen-
ring , Wayne , Neb. , syrlngo ; Talbot Lennox ,
Marshiiltown , la. , automatic grain binder ;
John Shoargron , Burlington , In. , moat chop
ping machine ; George VV. Hlawsou , Daven
port , Nub. , fly fan ; Luther Smith , Cedar
Falls , la. , lawn mower ! Thomas M. Stuart ,
Corning , la. , ear coupling ; Clie.ntor Wright ,
Fulrflcki , Neb , , potato digger.
Tlio Gnvarnmntit Kxlilhlt.
WASHINGTON , Fob. 3. Ttio Sunday civil
bill , as completed l > y the house appropria
tion committee makes an appropriation of
150,000 for a government exhibit ut the
world's fair , $50,000 of which Is for tbb Latin-
American department , The other items are
for the expenses of the national commission.
'ho Senate Finance Oommlttos Agrees to
Eoport Both Bills Favorably.
I'lio Iloppnl of the Sugar Itonnty Will
bo IlcuomiMumlcd to the Srnnto
of Ituth
LI.VCOI.V , Nob. , Fob ,1. [ Special to
Inn. ] Tlio two relief bills wcro roforrcd to
hosoiiato linnnco TOintnlttoo this morning ,
Tlio commlttco mot at noon niul agreed to
ccoinmciul tlio passage of both bills. They
nuilo no niiimciulinctits. The1 bills will l > (
oportcd tomorrow niornliip awl probably bo
ml through the cominlttoof tlio whole. They
nay bo passed tomorrow nftornooti , and at all
vents nro likely to bo sent to Governor Doyil
) } Thursday. Ono bill appropriates $100.000
'tit ' of tlio general futnl for tlio western
Irouth sulTorcM. Tlio other provides for the
sstlo nml sulo of bonds for $100,000 , tlio pro
ceeds to bo used for tHe sumo purpose. As
bcfo nrosoverul biiticlreil thousand dollars
11 the pertimncnt .school fund awaiting In-
ostmont tlio bonds will probably bo placed
vithout dolny or trouble.
Tha tlimtiiio committee also Uccldoil to ra-
> ort back tomorrow the bill appropriating
; r.,000 for loiMslatlvo salaries and expenses.
Will Recommend lt < > ponl.
LIKCOI.X , Neb. , Fob. ; ) . fSpochd to TUB
BIX. ] The senate committee has ngrecil
iiianimously to recommend the passage of tha
)1I1 ) for the repeal of tno sugar liounty. The
Icinocrats are likely to Join the independents
n voting for tliu repeal , but It will be opposed
i.v representatives from a , number of cities
uul towns that in-o accklng beet sugar fac-
Tliocoinnilttoo will report unfavorably on
ho chill to compel all corporation to pay
vagos weekly.
In tlm Hciiate.
LINCOLN , Neb. . Feb. a. [ Special to TUB
$ Ki.l The senate hold a short session this
riornhiR nud about nil it did was to go
hroUf-'h it-s order of business nnd dispose of
i few nutters hung up yosterdny. '
Switzler's resolution expressing the sense
of the senate as opposed to radical changes
n the interest nnd stay laws wus not allowed
: o go to a voto. At its author's request It
, vaa referred to tlio committee on banus und
Kfitidall's resolution to reconsider the vote
nliowinrr reporters supplies nnd copies of bills
was tabled by n vote ol ' . ' 0 to II.
Tbo petition of the employes asking an , nl-
ownnco of stamps and newspaper wrappers
ho Maine as the senators was promptly killed.
Only two bills wcro introduced , ono by
wHzler embodying the Omaha charter
imendinent-s , as agreed on by the delegation ,
nnd the other by Wilson prohibiting the snlo
of cigarettes to minors under sixteen.
The following resolution by Swltzlcr was
adopted without dissent :
volvo < l. Tluit In the dPiith of William
Window , late secretary of tlio treasury , wo
reconl/o the loss to Iho country of ono of ltd
astern I in.'iil , statesmen.
KoMilvod , That Iho sympathies of tlio sen-
nlu bo hereby tendered his fuinlly nnd frteiuU.
The chair announced Senators Effgloston ,
Mattes , ' Taylor Van Housou "and Shutnway
aaJtboBtuudliifr commutes onrush. , and. garni
Adjourned unhfiJrutoff.- JH * ; r'i
In tlio House.
LINCOLNNob. . , Feb. 8. [ Special to.T/ia /
Bin. ] The following memorial from the
Lincoln board of trade was adoptud :
Whereas. The matterof rifllrond trunspor-
tutlon Is of vital ImporUinco to tlio people of
NotiriiHka ; and
Wlicruas The national Kovorninont has cs-
taldlsliud a harbor at Ualvcston. Tu.\ , , which
Is 700 miles nearer Nebraska than Nuw Vork ,
and lias appropriated # 0,500.WO for the Itr-
provoinoiitiif ihusaino ; anil
WhcroiiK , There will bo liulil at Galveslpn
from I'cbruarv ( Ho 10 a inuetliiK of duloKulna
from all the Miiithurnand western states for
Hie niirposuof porfccllnn urruiiKeiiicnlH for
lliu Inloi-oli.uiKOuf pro.luotsutid ineiTliandlco
between the sections of our country und for-
ulK'i niitlons ! tlit'rofoic , Im It
Itesolvod , Hy Iho board of Jrmlo of the city
of Iilncoln , that wo rcApcclfully butenrnuHtly
ask nnd iirui ) llioloclshituroof Nebraska , novr
In Mission , to tiiiiiiedlutely appoint delSK ito4
to attend this int'otlii.r to represent and look
lifter the Interests of the people lit our ntnto.
In order that piopor uiK'nntauo may bu U'kon ,
of this splendid opportunity to eiilianco the
mutorliil Interests of our people , and promote
tlio general welfuro ot the stato.
Wilson , of Adams , offered the followlngi
Ilcsiilvud , Tliat our senators In congress bo
Inslriieted to vote iinaliin. , nncl nsu all lioiior-
ubio iiuians to dufoat the passnijo of tlio so-
ualloil Conger lard 1)111 ) for the reason that If
II Ijcoiiini'sii law , It will Inlllol. Krnatpecuniary
loss upon llui euttle raisers of NoliniHka ,
Iteiolve I , That our ( .uiiators In conjtross bo
liiHtriiuted. ami our representatives Incoa -
ci-ess rciiucstt'd , to nsoail honorali'.o nioaiii by
thutrliinnciice an I voles In onler to Hunuro
tliu nassago ot SL'nutu 1)11111,1)1)1 ) , prepared nnd
ropoiUid liy rliu i-oininltteo on agriculture of
the United Status Honiito. uud known as tbo
i'nddiiuk imro food 1)111. ) ,
Ui'solvcil , That the chief cleric ( if tlio IIOUHH
bo Instriictud l trnnsinlt a eurlllloil copy of
tlu"-o losolntlom to each senator ami ropro-
sKiitativi ) from the stale of Nebraska , at
The resolution was adopted.
Mr. Swvons'of Furnas introduced the fol
lowing :
Whereas , Hy resolution of tlio IIIIUNO the
Hpuukur appointed acdiuinlttooof two to oon-
for with .ilikucoiumlttou on tlm part of the
Konntu to wnlt upon thu retirlim novoruor ,
John M.TIiayor , asking him to dUlvor to tnis
lioiiso sueh Informallim of the alt'alrB of state
( liirlmt bis torniof ollloe us Is provided for by
tliu constitution ; anil.
Whereas , Suld uoinmltteo has failed to report
port ; tliurufore , bo It
Uesolvud , That tlicy ho Inatrnuttul to report
atnueo thu IUIM ; > of ilulay , and not Insult this
lionsu by continued blleueu ,
Howe rose to a question of privilege , as a
niombur of this committee , and suid tlio fault with the senators , who failed to moot
McKesson , chairman of the committee , said
there was nn evident misunderstanding lu
the committee In regard to its duty ,
The resolution under which tlio committee
was appointed was read.
On motion of Ilowo the resolution was fin
ally tabled.
The committee on benevolent Institutions
reported favorably on n bill by Oakley pro
hibiting the harboring of boys and girls
under eighteen in houses ot Ill-fume.
Cnimb thought they should not be har
bored there under imy ago.
The commlttco on railroads made a fuvorn-
blo report ou the bill Introduced by Moan to
compel railroads to nuino their stations the
same us tliu village or postoHlco ; also to re
duce passenger faro to 'J cents per mile.
Mr. Fee ( rep. ) rose to a question of privi
lege nnd nlod a resolution that a list of all the
employes bo furnished the member * .
fitcnisdovll ( leaked to odd as to what rela
tion the employes hoar to the members.
The resolution was luiil on tlio tublo.
Tbo following were introduced :
Hv llennlclt A Joint ucsolutlon to submit
to the electors of tlio state of Nebraska for
their approval or rejection , an amendment to
section I ol iirtk-lo T. entitled "ICIghta of Suf-
fraco , " of iho constitution of the state , ro.
( { Hiring nil voter * to bo citizens of the United
States ,
Hy Capok To Invalidate contracts of em
ployers of labor from exemption from liabil
ities for injuries to their employe ? while oa
Uy Fclkcr A bill for nn act to amend sec
tion 7 of chapter 'M of the compiled statutes
of Nebraska of 18SU onlllled "Klecitomt. "
The house took up for final reading tbo bill
Introduced by Ilowo , provldliiK that ohatwil
tnortgngo.i given to secure loans lor wUiqa
usurious raios or lutcroit are charged or col
lected shall ho null and void ,
Stevens ( Ind. ) of Furnus moved to trlk
out liio oimctlnir chiuso , which the gpoaUor
declared out of onler.
The roll wus culled ou the llual passage of