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    r THE .OM F DAILY BEE JMQ&DAY , NOVEMBER 24 , 1890 ,
Tfllvfrort bjr Carrier inuny part nf Iho rily ,
11f , T1LTON . MANAOnit
\ e. No. 13.
Night Kdltor , No. Z ) .
N. Y , P. Co.
Council Bliiffs Lumber Co. . coal.
H. Mlddlclon wns arrested yesterday for
Intoxication nnd beating hU boarU bill at a
rcstnurnnt. Ho wns locked up.
Pat Duggan was found by an ofllccr last
pvcniiig in nn advanced stage of Intoxication ,
lie luuUil.l. ' ) In his pockets and a largo Dot
tle of whisky.
The number of Intoxicated men on the
streets yesterday Indicated some open saloons
somewhere , but the entrances were guarded
BO caicfully that the police failed to discover
Three or four Indians were in town yester
day , nnd nil wore In an advanced state of In
toxication. They came over from Omaha
where thoyhavo been attending the federal
court ns 'Witnesses.
The scenery , costumes and ealclum light
effects in "Kllcen.Ogo" nro equal to those
used by the travelling companies. The hay
making scene in the second act is full of fun ,
singing , dancing , otu.
A telegram wns received yesterday from
Hov. L. H. Hall , nt Mason City , la. , an
nouncing his acceptance of the call to the
pastorate of the First IlnptUt church of this
city. Ho will commcnco his labors on Do-
comber 1.
It Is reported that the stockholders of the
American district telegraph in this olty nro
negotiating for the sale of their plant and
franchise. When the deal is completed the
new company will reorganize and incrcaso
the plant.
The contract bus been let for'tho wiring on
the new Broadway Methodist church nnd
the work will bo done ns the building pro-
cresses. Mr. Evans , the chief electrician of
Iho elecrlo light works in this city , has
charge of the work. The building will bp
wired for all the different systems ,
Several new cases of diphtheria wore re
ported yesterday. While there are a number
of cases in the city they nro chiefly located
In portions whore the dlsraso has had n foot
hold for several months. The city physi
cians nnrounco that there nro no indications
of n disposition of tlio disease to become ma
lignant or nssu mo the form of an epidemic ,
like it has in other cities.
An absurd story was started yesterday by
Rome wag , and gained n great deal of cred
ence , that the Doclgo light guards hud re
ceived telegraphic instructions from Gov
ernor Holes to hold themselves In readiness
to march to the front nnd light Indians. It is
said that some of the members of the com
nany themselves believed the story and wore
flying around mnking preparations for n
hasty departure , no ono seemed to know just
"yesterday morning nt 0 o'clock death ended
the sufferings of little Grade Corbaly , the
only child of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Corbaly. A
week ago the little ono was stricken with
diphtheria , and despite the skill of four or
live doctors , passed through nil the stages of
the dreadful disease. She was eight years
and nine months of aeo. Tlio funeral will
take place from the residence , 200 Harmony
street , thisnftcrnoon at" o'clock. The body
will bo bulled in Fail-view.
A teamster by the name of Smith , who
lives In the western part of the city , was the
victim of n serious runaway yesterday after
noon. His team , consisting of a horse and a
mule , got boyoiui his control nnd started on a
wild run up Unloiravenuo beside the Union
Pacific railway tracks. Part of the tlmo thov
kept the street and part of the time they took
the track. The wagon as n consequence was
badly broken up by belncr dashed over the
ties. Near Tenth street Smith was thrown
from the wagon and the hind wheel ran over
him , severely Injuring his lops , but not
breaking any bones. The team broke loose
from the wagon nnd left what remained of It
near the electric light station. Smith was
cared for by his friends.
A company has been organised for the man
ufacture of soap from corn , bv the now pro
cess nlludcd to In Tin' BBE n few days ugo.
It will bo controlled entirely by Council
Bluffs men and capital. From experiments
that have been made hero during the past
weeK it has been ascertained that the now
soap can bo put on the market for less than
1 cent a pound. It is made wholly of corn
nnd nkall , and ono bushel of corn makes 400
pounds of llrst class washing soap. It is
claimed by the gentlemen who contemplate
embarking in the business thnt the lincst
toilet soaps can be made by the process , and
in many respects they will bo superior to the
high-priced articles" now sold. The plant
contemplated will have a capacity of twenty
tons of commercial soap a day. Articles of
incorporation will bo filed this week.
Deputy Mnrthnl Fowler wns called to
Omaha yesterday to look : nt some diamonds
found on the person of a fellow arrested
thcro'on Saturday night , who claimed that
ho hud found them In Council lilufls. The
fellow gave the name of Dwyer , and Fowler
recognized him ns nn easy going character
well known about the Uvcry stables In this
city. The diamonds were n set of earrings
and a breastpin. The pin was composed of
three gold loaves , resembling oalc
loaves , and in the center was a burr
heavily studded with diamonds. The
earrings were of the same design
only smaller. Connected with the phi wns a
chain four or five Inches Ion , ? nttached to a
little gold Jug. The fellow claimed that ho
worked for Miko'Wcatborby nnd Ex-Chief of
Police Lucas at the barn on Broadway and
claimed that ho found the diamonds In a wa-
terclosot in the rear of Mlko Klldaro's saloon
in the building adjoining. The Jewels are evi
dently stolen , and the owner may bo able to
rccognb-.o them from this description. The
mountings are gold , and the set is apparently
quite valuable. _
J. C. Blxby , steam hoatlnj , sanitary en
gineer , UI3 Life buildm ? , Onuha ; 23J MOP
rlum block , Council BlulTs.
Gents' underwear In great variety at prices
to suit all at Model Clothing Co. , L. II.
Mossier Mgr.
Dr. Soybort. Ucs. Ogden house. Tel. 140.
Bcott House. 3T ct. meals , 25c.
Lamps , lamps , lamps , lumps. Lund Bros. "
23 South Main street.
Our line of cook stoves and ranges , from
$7.fiO to f 15 gives you the greatest variety to
select from , nt Mandcl & Klein's , 3:20 : Broad-
, way.
Mnkiiii ; Water Gns.
The now works for the manufacture of
cheap gas for fuel purposes which the Council
Bluffs Gas company has had In process of
construction for several months , were put in
opern'ion yesterday , nnd the llrst water gas
to bo made In the city was forced into the mains
yesterday and last night. The gas that was
consumed In the city last night was produced
by tbo now process. The plant works very
satisfactorily , nnd Manager Wright feels
highly elated over the prospect of being able
to compote with any new company that may
como in hero.
The price at which fuel gas can bo fur
nished and still leave a satisfactory profit to
the company has not been determined , but t
the prediction Is made by the gas people that
they will bo nblo to cheapen the product suf-
tlclcntly to enable , them to compete with the
coal dealers In supplying fuel for botli heat
ing and cooking purposes , and in tlmo to do
much better.
The works will soon bo in operation to
their fullest capacity , which will bo suf
ficient to supply ull demands that cau bo
made upon the company ,
\Vo will allow no logltlmnto carpet house
to undersell us on carpets , matting , oil cloth ,
rugs , shades , lace ana heavy curtains , china
silk , plushes , upholstering goods , etc. Try
us with the cash , Council BlulTs Carpet Co.
Lund Urns. , Lund Bros. , Lund Bros. , Lund
Bros. , Lund Bros. , Lund Bros. , Lund Bros. ,
C3 Main itrcot. _
Great bargains in bedroom suits at Mando
& Klein , 320 Broadway.
The great blow-about heaters our would-be
competitors nro making. Have jou seen a
better stock of heaters and lower prices lliuu
at M. & kV , 03) ) Broadway ,
TLo Remains of Colonel Sapp to Bo Buried
in Mount Voruon , Ohio ,
Ullllnin I'rrklnNltns a Narrow Kionpo
from Death The John Iitinii War
on A aiii--A Sermon to
Final nnd definite arrangements have been
made for the funeral of Colonel \ . F. Sapp.
The body has been embalmed , and will He in
state nt the residence of W. V. S.ipp , jr. , on
Oakland avenue , taday from 2 until 4 o'clock.
It will then bo convoyed to St. Paul's church ,
where the funeral services will be held at 5
o'elocl , , Hector T. .1. Mnckcy oniclating , The
casket will not bu opened nt the church , and
the frlc.ids nnd the public will take the last
look nt the fare of the dead tnanXwhdo the
batly lies nt the rosldenco. N
After the conclusion of the funeral services
the body will remain in the church until
shortly before the time for the departure of
the IU o'clock train on tbo UurlliiBton road.
It will then bo convoyed In the hc.irso to the
city depot and put nhonrd the vraln and taki-u
to Alt. Vcrnon , O. , for Interment. Mt Vcrnon
was the old homo of Colonel Sapp , nnd It Is
thcrolnn beautiful cemetery his wife is sleep-
Ing. It lias always been his wish to bo hurled
beside her , mid the wish will bo complied
The escort of carriages thnt will accompany
the remains from the house to the church
promises to be very lar o. All of the civic
societies of which the deceased was a mem
ber , mid the number embraces nearly all in
the city will inarch In full regalia.
AVI11 Knlojrl/.n HH lM'4'Hltleiit.
The members of the bar of I'ottawattamio
county nro requested to meet in the north
room of the court house this morning at 0:30 :
o'clock for the purpose of taking suitable
action upon the death of Hon. W. Ij1. Sapp ,
the lute president of the. association.
We Ilnvo Ono to Talk to Yon About.
Experience has proved to you and us that
the tlmo to make hay Is when the sun shines.
The sun Is shining for the buyer this season
nnd tbo seller has to conic to tlmo nnd sell
his poods in the season they are bought for.
\Vo have an overstock of goods and right
now is the time to sell it wo fcnow it ! The
weather Is unfavorable for the dry goods
trade , hut wo propose to sell our stock , If low-
prices will dolt. Wo will offer tomorrow and
during this week such attractive bargains in
cloaks , jackets , wraps , misses' nnd children's
cloak , underwear , and all heavy clothing nt
such prices that it will pay unyono who
studied economy to lay in their goods for the
season. Ourstocklsull fresh and of the
latest nnd best styles.
Our holiday dupaitment , which is the ac
knowledged center of attraction , will bo open
to the publlu aftgtr Monday. It takes up our
entire third floor and consists of the latest ,
choicest nnd rarest novelties that the Amer
ican nnd European markets produce. A trip
through our house ana the various depart
ments will convince every loyal citizen of
Council lUuiTs that our institution is not be
hind the times , but the leader of nil estab
lishments in the nortnwcst. Everybody coi
dially Invited , Call and sen us.
Hiixiiv ELSKMAX & Co. ,
Broadway and Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Hurt by n Dynnmo.
A serious nnd distressing accident occurred
nt the electric light station last evening , that
resulted in some painful Injuries to a young
man connected with the works. It occurred
just as the machinery wns being started for
the long night's run. Chief Engineer Cor-
rothers was speeding up one of the largo
V/ostinghouso engines which drives several
of the Thomson-Houston dynamos. The pul <
loj' on the dynamo is eight inches in dameter
and is surfaced with paper. Moisture fre
quently collects on the surface of the pulley
and is liable to cause injury unless it is re
moved. The big engine was running at a
speed of about ono hundred revolutions
minute , nnd William Perkins , ono of the
helpers around the station , was directed to
take an oily rag nnd hold it on tlio surface of
the pulley between the belts. Ho hail been
at woik at the station about six months , and
had performed this duty almost daily during
that time. This time he became a little cure
less , and permitted the belt to catch tbo end
of the rag. The pullov was bring driven at n
speed of between live hundred nnd sovca bun
dred revolutions a mlnuto. The instant th' '
rag was caught the jerk drew Perkins' ' baud
under the bolt. Ho wns standing beside th
machine holding the rag In his loft hand and
that hand nnd arm wore drawn around th
pulley , It was over in a fraction of a second ,
but the young man was badly hurt. The violent
lent jerk burled him with fearful force against
tbo side of the buildingInllictlng additional
severe bruises.
Thonclt it eight inches in width am
nearly thirty feet long. It is drawn very tight
to prevent slipping.around the small pulley
and the resistance offered by the arm of tin
unfortunate young man as It passed arouni
the pulley slowed down Iho immense enphn
until Mr. Corrothers noticed that some
thing was wrong and shut oft steam.
When he ran back to the machine Perkins
was lying bosldo it motionless , and his fneo
of a deathly pallor. Carrothers picked him
up and found that ho was not killed. Ho
hurriedly conveyed him to the Tromont
house , wheio the young man boards , and Dr.
Waterman was summoned.
An examination revealed the fact that
while none of the bones of the arm wore
broken the llcsh from the wrist to the shoul
der was lacerated , and the shoulder was dis
located. A further examination also showed
that the breast bone nnd some of the ribs
wore torn from the sternum. The Injuries
worn skillfully dressed nnd the sufferer made
as comfortable as possible.
Perkins Is a young man about nineteen
years old. His father Is operating the Perry
Heel flouring mills at Keel's station. The
young man has been around machinery
nearly all of his life , and escaped injury until
the present time. Unless there nro some in
ternal Injuries thnt are not apparent now the
physician thinks ho will brine the young
man through all right , but ho will bo couilncd
to his bed for a long time ,
it wns n remarkable accident and n very
narrow escape. If It hud occurred n second
or two later the machinery would have been
running at full speed and the young man
would have been instantly killed.
A Christina * I'uzzln.
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this puzzles you coma in and see our holiday
attractions ; brilliant diamonds ; gold and
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Dinner sets all prices. Lund Bros ,
Attention OdtlfellowB.
Members of Council Bluffs Lodge No. 49
I mil pendent Order of Oidfellors ] are hereby
notttled to meet nt the lodge room today at 3
p. m. , for the purpose of attending the funeral
of Brother Colonel W. P. Sapp. Members of
Hawkeye mid Ilumbolt lodges and all other
oddfellows in the city are invited to
partecipato. James McNjU'GiiTox , N. O.
Money to loan nt straight 5 per cent per
annum , K , S. Darnell , agent.
The Manhattan sporting headquarters , 413
Broadway. _
Dr. PhclpH AddrcNSCH the Veterans.
The military mooting nt the rooms and
under the auspices of the Young Mon'a
Christian association on Sunday nftornooa
was largely attended and deeply interesting.
Abe Lincoln Post Grand Army of the Repub
lic , representatives of the Union Veteran
Legion , Sons of Veterans nnd members of
the Dodge light guards were present Afto :
a brlof BOOB service , the meeting was ad
dressed by llov. Dr. Phclps who ipoko
not only eloquently but feelingly
of the great army of the union which had
been so Instrumental In preserving our free
Institutions and saving our civil nnd religious
liberties for ourselves nnd our posterity.
Then ho directed their attention nlong the
line of comparison to the army of the Master
and plead for enlistments under Iho banner
of the Prince of Peace. The old army vet
erans were much impressed nnd if they could
attend such a meeting every Sunday nnd
listen to such earnest nnd imictlcnl prcscntn *
tlons of bible truth , would feel that n bless
ing had descended upon them. It was truly
a great meeting and the seed sown will bo
recognized in the harvest.
The TJnlon Pacific ticket ofllco U to bo re-
mo\cdtotho Wnbasholllco In n short tlmo ,
nnd placed under the chnrgo of Agent
Mitchell. The change Is made necessary by
the reason that the Kock Island nnd Union
Pacl'lc ' have become competitors for Ne
Scott House. Best 61.00 per dny house in
the city. _
For stout mea's clothing call nt Model
Clothing Co. , L. II. Mossier , Algr.
Threatened to Kill.
The trouble between John Dunn , scntornnd
Junior , nnd the Henrys , which tins been occu
pying the attention of the police for several
days , is still on tap. Saturday night about
midnight It cnmo very nearly furnishing some
work for the coroner. The row occurred in a
saloon near the comer of Broadway irtid
Sixth street , kept by n man named Thomas 1 < \
T , Mooney , a friend of the Henrys , who took
n hand in it. Mooncy entered the saloon while
Ills partner , G , A. Henry , remained outside ,
Mooncy drank nnd then tried to pick up n
row with a negro who was in the room , The
bartender , John Dunn , jr. , Intorforred , nnd
Mooney struck him. Dunn's fatherwho was
in the saloon , went to his son's
nld , and Jloonoy struck at him. Then grab
bing young Dunn's watch chain ho Jerked the
watch out of the bartender's pocket nnd ran
for the door. The bartender nnd his father
followed In hot pursuit. Just as Mooney
reached the sidewalk the. bartender knocked
him down and recovered his watch and part
of the chain.
Henry , Moonoy's partner , saw Dunn's
father , and drawing a revolver ho ran
towards him. The latter saw that Henx-y
meant business , nnd ho disappeared
through n side door of tbo snlooa. Henry
then turned his attention to young Dunn ,
nnd covering the bartender with his "gun ,
told him to clear out or ho would kill him.
Tbo bartender obeyed the warning nnd re
paired to Justice Uarnett's ' court , where ho
swore out warrants for the arrest of both the
men.The warrants were served yesterday by
Oftlccrs Wlatt and Murphy. Henry was
charged with assault wil h intent to commit
murder , and Mooney will have to answer for
nn assault with intent to rob. The bearing
will be had today in Barnott's court. In the
meantime the police will proceed with their
determination to close up the places where
the disgraceful rows have occurred.
This week will bo a memorable ono In the
heating stove trade.V'o ' just received another
carload of the Peninsular stoves and will
quote bottom figures to purchasers. At M. &
IC.'s , 320 Broadway.
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Buy your coal and wood of G. B. Fuel Co. ,
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Main stieet.
An elegant line of Melton overcoats at ra
duccd ratcsat Model Clothing Co.
Tea sots. Lund Bros.
Attention Comrades.
All member of Abe Lincoln Post G. A. R
are requstcd to assemble In Grand Army
hall this afternoon at 3 o'clock to pay'their
last respects to the memory of their late
comrade Colonel. Vf. F. Sapp , whose funeral
occurs today from St. Paul's ' church at 5p. m.
All old soldiers in the city arn invited to join
with us In the proformanco of this sad duty.
H. C. HuiniMii ) , Post Commander.
For boys' and children's suits durably
made and nt lowest prices , call at the Model
Clothing Co. v
A fresh Invoice of line cheviot suits for
ypung menjust received ut Model Cloth ,
mg Co. ;
RufTuIo 35111 Will Send the Scullers
F.ylnj ; nt the Coliseum.
Dennis Cunningham received a telegram
from Hon. W. P. Cody ( Buffalo Bill ) las
night stating that ho will arrive In Omaha
today nnd start the great land boat race a
the ColiJoum. Colonel Cody nnd Captain
Paul Boyton are old-time friends nnd fellow
Elus , nnd at the request of Boyton Colonel
Cody left Chicago ono day sooner than ho in
tended , so that ho might bo hero to start th
race. All the oarsmen entered for the race
have arrived and tbo contest promises to boone
ono of the most interesting and exciting ever
held in Omaha. Yesterday morning all the
men made a run of fifty miles around the
track in the Coliseum , and during the after
noon they were all over the city and they
made n trip to Council Bluffs for exorcise ,
This is the lirst race of the kind ever run In
America , and the men who will enter the
contest are all jvell known throughout the
world. The great race will begin at 7:1)0 : ) this
Never neglect a constipated condition o
the bowels , or serious results follow , such as
piles , impure blood and many chronic conv
plaints. Burdock Blood Hitters is the rem
A Fight With ( tccr Bottles.
Mike McCoy engaged in a war of word :
with John Norris , who runs a .saloon at
Forty-second and Leavenworth streets ,
yesterday afternoon , and concluded the en
gagement in a go-as-you-plo < iso tight with
beer bottles. Norris received a blow on the
side of the head which terminated the dis
turbance and loft him with an u ly scalp
wound about three Inches long. McCoy was
The greatest pain-nnnihllator of the ngo is
Salvation Oil. Price only twenty-live cents.
If you value your children's health nnd
comfort , you must guird them against croup.
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup Is the best pre
ventive known. It is an infallible euro and
costs but 10 ! cents.
George Cnnllcld Injured.
Mr. George Canfleld , who lives at 211 North
Eighteenth sheet , met with n very painful
ncccident yesterday afternoon. Ho drove out
west of the city to meet some of his employes
who were coming from Lincoln , with teams ,
Mr. Canflcld was drivinu' a single horse In n
cart. The animal became unmanngablo and
kicked over the traces. The cart was over
turned and Mr. Cnnllcld/was thrown violently
to the ground. Ills right collar bone was
broken. Ho was taken to his home nnd medi
cal assistance summoned. The Injury will not
bo long In healing , but Mr. Canllcld was suf
fering u great deal of pain from It last night ,
Gesslcr's Magic Headache U'afors. Cure"all
headaches In 0 minutes. At nil druggists ,
WorM'rf Fair lluslnesi.
CHICAGO , Nov. 23. The national world's '
fair commission special conference commit
tee had a discussion tonight regarding the
action of the local directors on tlio question
of jurisdiction , Tliey practically decided
that to maintain the national and Interna
tional character of the fair the commission
must have charge of all lutorcourso with the
exhibitors , whether at homo or abroad. The
soliciting of the exhibits must bo done with
thn consent and approval of the national
commission. The 1'ureau system will bo rec
ommended , with the proviso that the chief
of each bureau must bo appointed by the
director general , bo improved by the com
mission und bo responsible to it.
Albright's Choice , terms to suit.
Dr. lllrnoy euros catarrh , BBD bid g
Albright s Choice , auro money.
The Ucstllt of the Ucocnt Elections
to tlio Ilcpiititjcnii I'nrty.
WAsinxoTOX , N'ov. S3 , [ Special to TUB
BEE , ! Although there was n tendency for n
few days niter the recent , flection to holil the
administration In n measure responsible for
the republican defeat , there can bn no tloubt
thnt the present management of nntlonnl
affairs will In tliocnd n'eeivo ' Rvcntor credit
thnn any other clement Ui the rcpubllvan
pnrty. Republican senators nnd rcprcscnto-
tlvos from every section of the country who
nro now nrrlvlm ? from tlio fields of conflict
nro praising the president for the wisdom ho
has displayed in maintaining pnrty policies ,
nnd managing1 business Interests of the pcoplo
through the federal government in n financial
crisis. They accord the president much more
ctcJll nt this tlmo for the wUtlom lie has dls-
plnycd In the management of affairs
than they have ever Riven him.
It scores that n defeat is occasion
ally necessary iu order to btlng
out tbo merits of lenders , Sometime it Is
necessary for a brilliant mind in congress to
bo relegated to private llfo In order to bo ap
preciated , and It Is not often thnt they nro so
fortunntoas to bo surro.indeil by circum
stances during tholr ofllclal careers which
will impress their constituents with their
real worth. The recent elections nro there
fore regarded by the republicans arriving
from the west nnd northwest as a blessing In
disguise for President Harrison. Those men
have Just had n lively experience In trying to
harmonize tlio various elements \vlthln tholr
party and marvel now nt the sltlll which
General Harrison has displayed In conduct
ing tlio general Interests of the party. Sena
tors Mnwtcrson of Nebraska , Spooner of
Wisconsin nnd other Influential republicans
located in states which reverted the order of
political majority , nro among those who re
gard the recent republican defeat as whole
some In n party way , although to the country
a calamity In a business view. The of the republican management
in the house of course puts an end
for tbo present to the progress which
the party Is ranking in econom
ical enterprises , but it will impress the couu-
ry with the wisdom of republican manage-
icntas coulil bo done In no other way. These
ion say the effect upon the country will bo
omothing like that of a wayward son who
oscs a provident and a Jealous father. It
vlll impress the country before 189) ) tbo fuel
hat the peoples' ' Interests are only cared for
y the party which legislates for the future
ustcad of for the present nnd past. The scn-
to will undoubtedly follow the example of
tie house In the adoption of vigorous repub-
, can measures Intended for the betterment of
ho country's Interests , and n great deal of
rood may bo expected In the short session
vklch convenes December 1 , President Hur-
ison will stand flrmly behind the republican
ougrcss and back it up with prompt action
nd all of the courage which a thorough mod-
rn republican should possess.
There Is nothing Hko Dr. Thomas' .Electric
il to quickly euro a cold or relieve honrse-
icss. Written by Mrs. M. J. Fellows , Burr
Oak , St. Joseph county , Mich.
Negro Riot In South Corollnu.
CitAiii.FSTON , S. C. Nov. 2) ) , There was a
icgro riot today at Bishopville , Sumter
ounty , caused by the arrest of a disorderly
The only particulars learned are that two
icgroes arrested yesterday were released
oday by friends , who battered down the cal-
iboose. The sheriff reported to the governor
hat the situation wns serious , and a com
pany of mllltln was ordccwd ready at Sumpter.
i'hls evening1 tbo commander of the company
clegraphed the governor that he had na
nces from the sheriff that the white people
were greatly nlnrmed , there had been light-
ngand the militia would , goat once. Nothing
Ise Is known.
Advices at midnight state that the trouble
at Blshopvlllo Is but a score caused by
negroes reslating ofllcers. Nobody was killed
and all is quiet.
Albright's Choice , beautiful lots.
Dr. Birnoy cures catarrh , Bco blilg.
Assaulted lor Denouncing Parnoll.
LONDON , Nov. 23 la the Italian Catholic
church nt Hatton Garden today Kootor Ban-
nen took occasion to denounce Parnell ,
whereupon several members of iho congrega-
, lon left the churc' > . A scene of great disor-
ler ensued , people shouting , "Mind your own
justness. Leave politics nlono , " etc. On
caving the church Father Banncn was at-
, acked by a crowd and struck several times
EIo was escorted homo by the police , who hail
great difficulty la protecting him.
Dr. Eirney cures caturrh , Boo bldg
Mills Needs Pcttiii ? .
WASHINGTON' , Nov. 23. The Post will say
tomorrow that Mills of Texas has decided to
retire nt the end of the Fifty-second congress
unless tbo legislature elects him to succeed
Senator Uoke.
Albright's Choice , best values.
Illation Uockwith On ml.
ATLANTA , Ga , Nov. 2. ! . Bishop John Vf
Beckwith of the Episcopal diocese of Georgia
died today.
Albripht'a Choice , Albright L. L. Co.
Kniporor William Sympathy.
BEHI.I.V , Nov. 23. Emperor William sent a
telegram of condolence to the queen of Hoi
land ,
Van Houten's Cocoa Delicious , made in
Btnntly. , j'tltAdJlAPMIS.
L. C. Johnson of Salt Luke is at the Pax-
J. M. Hunt of Chicago was at the Paxton
last night.
E. P. Smith of Memphis , Tonn. , is at th e
Harry Strangway of Lansing , Colo. , is at
the Casey.
E. B. Forsyth of Grand Island is nt the
H. C. Palmer of Denver was nt the Darker
last night.
S. J. Davis of New York Is in the city , nt
the Paxton.
S. D. Emerson of Denver Is in the city , at
the Barker.
E. S. Lestet- and wlfo of Creston , Ia. , nro
at the Barker.
P. M. Howe and wlfo of Kansas City are
nt the MUlurd.
E. A. Brown of Nebraska City Is a guest at
the Merchants ,
G. E. Myers of Children was at the Mer
chants last night. ' '
Nelson T. Brooks olTBostonwas at the
Murray last night. * + C3
E. G. Carov of Oswego , N. Y , , Is In tno
city , at the Mlllard.
J. A. Elliott of Burlington' was In the city ,
at the Paxton last nltiht.
GcorpoM. Savage rnd wlfo of Olympia ,
Wash. , are at the Aliiliird.
Judge Willis Swept. , of Idaho , member-
elect of congress , is in the city with his fam
ily , onrouto to Wa ulrigcon. Mr. Sweet
was formerly of Lincoln and about ten year. !
ago was an editorial ftrl erou THE BEE ,
Don't fall to send for our book on
Mood diseases. Hailed freo.
SWIBTT Snccmo Co , , Atlanta , Ga.
"JVb other Wttllu toper ylatt tuck n 1'aritty < tf XntertaMng Hauling nt to leu a ) > H . "
Specimen Ctpta and full rnlftetnifor < V rotumtfor If PI unt on Application ,
Double Holiday Numbers.
Thanksgiving , Christmas , New Year's , Easier , Foorth-oMulj ,
Twenty Pages , Profusely Illustrated , Colored Coiers , Attractive Stories by Favorite Writers.
| I To nny New Hntucrlhcr who will nonil SI. 7.1 now , no Mill mull The 1 f\g\
Lrail Til Vouth' * CompnnlonFnr.i : to Jnnunrr. 1SI11. nmt for n Kiill Yrnr from | Q | | IKUI
rl till III that nnte. TlilxnirrrlncliiilrHllin T-MVK nOIIIll.lillOMDAYNIMIlinUH JnlB , . I ( j RI |
' W tV nnd nil tlio IM.Ut9TKATii : > WI'.KKIA * SIU 1MEJ1BNT . . < c < Jr , Miiif 1 WV I
THE YOUTH'S COMPANION , Boston , wioss.1
I'nrnnll Cnnc Discussed In n Sornimi.
LONDON , Nov. 28. Itcv. Dr. Hughes dis
cussed the Parnell case In a sorinou in St.
James hall today. Ho declares thnt non
conformists will never support the party led
by Pnrnell , und unless ho bo abdicated , the
liberals will certainly bo defeated at the
next general election. Ho said thnt ho had
high authority for the statement that I'ar-
neil would accept Gladstone's decision on
the matter.
Albright's Choice , manufactory sites.
The now offices of the Great Rock
Island route , 1GOU Sixteenth nndFurnam
streets , Omaha , are the iinost in the city.
Call nnd BCO them. Tickets to all points
east at lowest rates.
Albright's Choice , junction all R R.
ROME , Nov. 21 ! , At midnight there were
returns from thlrty-nino districts , In which
the government has a largo majority. Oov-
rnmont candidates defeated the opposition
: i several places now held by the latter.
Albright's Choice , suburban homes.
Tickets at lowest rates nnd su porlor
ccommodations via the great Rook
sland route Ticket office , 1C02 Slx-
.eontli und Farnain streets Omaha.
Albright's Choice , call and BOO.
Dr. Birney cures catarrh , Bee bldg.
Albright's Choice , terms easy.
More Irish Police rrnta'lty.
Dunux , Nov. 23. The pcoolo of Ennis
Bounty attempted to hold a Manchester inar-
, vr meeting last night. The police charged
, ho crowd on its refusal to disperse and a.
umber of pcoplo were Injured.
Uald heads are too many when they may
be covered with a huurlnnt growth of hair
by using the best of all restorers , Hall's
Hair Itcnewor.
Refused the lloqucBt ,
Conic , Nov. 23. At a public meeting today
, o demand the release of John Daly , Messrs.
Henly nnd Lane , members of parliament , de-
ircd to put to n vote resolutions expressing
confidence In Pnrnell. tmt tbo promoters of
ho demonstration refused.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup fox- chil
dren teething relieves the child from pain. 25
: ents a bottle.
Cold Along the Upper Hudson.
KINGSTONN.Y. . , Nov. 23. Winter weather
prevails along the upper Hudson valley.
Snow fell throughout the night and the
ground is covered from two to four inches
deep. The thermometer is hovering around
Hoarness , Coughs , Colds , Pneu
monia and Pleurisy ,
Whooping Cough ,
aud nil Throat Irritations are prevented und
cured by use of these pleasant Troulies ,
Obtain the genuine article only
lilcli must have the signature
and recommendation o (
Sir Morrell Mackenzie
With each box.
People wlio liavu Investigated the licutlnc
problem the most nro tliosu who como thu
nearest solving It. This Is the nge of Inven
tion und illsoovory. Appliances for Rciicrat-
InK nml distributing liuat toiluy cons u mo loss
than haltthu fuel used by tliooul oxtruviijciuit
methods. Manufacturers nf uliarnctur , lllco
tliumukcrs of the AHT OAKLAND stoves ,
who have vast hums Invested In tlmlr iiiiin-
uftictory , put nothing upon the maiKut until
tlio prlnclplo nvolvcd hut i cached tlio lik'host
stiiRoof ( lovoloncmont. Thou they minr.mtoo
the Roods to be just wliut Is claimed fnrtlium ,
rcnllzo tlio highest pcifuotlon In tlio btovo
milker's art , and Kouemto and distribute the
KreaU-st amount of lieut for the fui'l i'ii- (
Hiiiniid of any steve Iu the world. This Is
obtained by the now system of hot air ducts
and revolving llropot that prevents the
accumulation of aslius between the tire ami
the heating Hiirf.ieos. Oomo and BOO cue nf
them In operation ut my hardware store ,
Ml Itrouilway. Investigation will convince
yon that It Is the host us well as the handsom
est steve over nmtlo.
the thliiK for ho i thu hcd oluunbcrs and
rooms seldom used ; clean , quick ami or
namental , 1' . 0. DuVUU
DOl Broadway , Council IllulT.s.
Or Council Bluffs.
niitECTOlts I. A. Jllllor , I' . O. Gloason , K. I *
Bhuzart , K. K. Hart , J. U. ECdmundsoti , Chariot
U. llunrian , Transact general banldiu Ijusl-
nvsH. Largest capital und surplus of uny
bank In Houthwoatorn Iowa.
Corner Main and U roadway ,
.Dealers In foreign and domostlo oxofun t.
Collection tuado uud interest paid oa tlmo
Wholesale ami 1-ioln.ll Ooalors In
The above cut shovvs our new self-clumping retail delivery
wagon , by wliicli three tons of coal can bo unloaded , in a minuta
and carried into the cellar OP coal house if it is 2O feet away. N < >
coal left in the wagon. None scattered on the ground. Used ex *
cluslvely by us.
OFFICE , 10 PEA.RL ST. Ynrd , 10th & Fourth St.
J. II , E. GlAARK , Manager. COUNCIL EJ1OJFITS. la.
Telephones : Oilico. 300. Yard , 310.
Omaha. Depot IQlhiuul Maiun MrooH. I Omaha.
U.STWVAUi flu T ArrtvcT
Omaha. Dapot IQIIi and Marcy streets. I Omaha.
2.60 pm Overland Fly or I O.O.'i p m
7.30 p ra . . . . . . .Pflclna Kxprusi. . , . . . . . . 11.4511m
O/JU a m Denver KipreHS , , . . 8.65 p m
U.OO am Kniuu City KxproH 12.05 a m
0.16 a m . . .Fall-Mold KXD. ( eicoiit Sim. ) . . l.n : p m
Leaves A ii.'iT . : . TArTroj
Omnh.v U. l jlpppyoth nil Mircy Hta I Omaha.
6.10 p m 'Nluht kipress. , 10.05 a m
9.05 a in Atlantic Express. 0.30 p m
. : W p m . . . .Veitlbulo Limited 10.45 a ra
I HlOlJXTi'l'Y * 1'XUf'IL ; . Arrive
Omixha. | U. 1' . ilopot , Utli nnJ Marey 8U. | OmVit
7.16 n ml . . . .Sioux City I'amcnger. . . . . {
4.BOpml Ht.l'nul Kipros 110.10 a m
SIOUX tl'l ; A I'AUl'lO. i Arrlvoi
Omaha , j " Depot lilli and Webster Sta. Omnha _
Ti.OU | > m | . . . Ml.l'itul Llmlteil I l > .2i iijn.
Ix-nvoi IIMHUAIJO4 NOUl'llvT5VTHfK.N Arrive"
Jmnho. I U , I' , depot , 10th nnd Murcy SU , Onnh .
0.15 A m Chlcnuo Exproi B..tJ p m
4.30 p m Vuitlbulo l.imltol 11. M a m
0.15 p m Iowa Accommodation ( IJic. Sun ) 7.03 p m
D.10 p iu .Eastern Kljrer. , 2.45 p m
11.45 u m . Fast Knstorp KxproM 8.01 a m
J oavoi icillCAlitl , Mlti , * ST. 1'AUij.i ArriTO *
Omaha. U. 1' , dupot , 10th unit ilarcy St . | Onialm.
8.10 p ml Chlcnuo llipri'ij. ,
11.M m | . . , ChlciiKO Kiurcn
T O.MAllA AM' . L.OUIH , jArrivo *
Omaha. IU. I * , depot , lUth and AlarcySti. I Onialin.
4.bO D ni . bi. lml Cnnnon ! ! ! ! . I12.3U p ra ve I1. , 'K. * MO. VAT.l.EV. I ArrlMI
Omaha. Depot 15th nnil Wulxtor ritv | Uunlil.
U.OO a m . lilack llllli Kxproii . 6.2U p m
9.00 , a m . . .Hastings Bxp. ( Kx. Sunday ) . , . 5.20 p m
6.10' p m \VahnoAMncoln 1'as ( Kx.bund'y ) lO.a ) a in
6.1U p m . .York A Norfolk ( Kr. Similuy ) . .
Ixmvei c , , r. i' . , M fc o. I Arrlvm J
Omaha | Depot lith mut Web nor Htv | ( Jni iht. j
8.10 a m . . .Sioux Cltr Accummndntlon. . . f.Ui p m
1.00 p in . . ( iloux Cltr Kiprc'n ( Kl , Sun. ) . . 12.40 p m
3.00 p m St. 1'aul Limited U.M a m
6.15 D m .ll ncott l' isonirar ( Kr , Hun ) . , ) 8.4S a m
Ol.eruos 1 Ml&SoUltl I'AUUlU. Arrlvei
DOmaha. nepotist ) ! nnd WutisUr Sti. Omiha.
10. : a ni . . ,81. Louti A K.C. KipreJ3. , . , | 4.W p m
V.16 p m . . .St. TxUl A KC. Kiiire . . , . | n.nOjiLra
Trnnifor Union Depot , t'nnimii lllutTj. iTrnmfer
6.50 p m Night Kiprui J. : a m
9.30 em Atlantis Erpreu 6.M p m
_ B.OUpjn Veitlljule l.tmltail 10.33 a m
"L.oitcT t" " "ATriveT"
Trmufcrl Union l > ei > ot. Council HIuITj. Transfer
U.U a m CblcnKO Kxpren ti.lU p ra
6.00 p U ) Veilllmlo Limited S1. : J a m
JO.OO p ai Kaatern Klyer 2.00 p ra
I."a p ui Atlantic Mall 7.30 a in
i.0lJl : ! Inwn Arrutuinoilitldii ( ICyr. Sun ) ] 0.40 p in
i * ves TUllTUAaOT AllL. , i 'HTTl'AlJi. Arrlv"
Trnnsferl Union Depot. Council Hlurta. Trnnafor
6.80pmI ChtciiKO Kipron I ! U5a ' iii
18.JX ) p . . . . . . . . . Kiprcs' _ . . „ . , ] litx ) p m
Leiifei T K. 'iJ.'bT. JIK ( & ft II. T A rrlvcs
Tr n rer | Union llapot. Council lllufTt iTrmntor
1001 n ml. .Kniiani City Par Kipreis . . . 643 p m
10.25 Pjnii JvjJVMl City IilKlit _ Kipra5 i , , G.'ii a ui
l ear i 1 "OMAllA A Si' . l.OUlH. ! ArrifoT
Trunnfer | _ Unlq20 potttmnrlUl ! _ [ uffi JTrnnifor
i.tXI p inH. . . Mt. l < JiiNJjiiiqn JWI..jj J2.'j5ii m
I.7a IL'lllCAlUO.UUUI.'K A QDINO ? | ArfFeT
Trnnifer I Union Jicpo CoimrlJ Illnira , Trnr. < fnfc
U.4II a in I f''M p in
10.00 p m i Ktir ii U.IO a m
T .05 p m BtonIxiCftl , 'll.VQaju '
"l eatei "BJOUSTMTlf A I'ACI 7 ArtTfet
Trnnifer Union ligiot | , Council Illuni. I'l'miiifor
T.45 a in TlBloux Cltr Accommodation , . , ! ! Ul ) am
li.oj p m rit. PaulEiprtn , . | lO.OOp _ ra
V ia P m.
I'ortal l.u :
Heywour I'ark. . I.W U.2U 1.44
MKicot l.'l U.JJ 1.47
Unwo . il.lU l.rxi
West Bklo ! ir , iiii i.Oi P. 10 l.S )
Uuniloo IMace , . O.Ii 7.18 M.fiTJ.Uf 1.57
Walnut lllll. . , . i.Ji 9.0U i.U U.45 3.UO
J.nko Htrcot , , , . U.Ui.0j t.l tl.46 2.UJ
Urulil lllll . .0j.Of l.l.i 9. MJ 2.UJ
Oak Chatham , , . . .Of.iu I.U 0.53 l.'Ji
Webiter titreot. .iu lU.Uu I.J < 1
WHtp.r.k r < lrtlill.ellComforubU. .
emtdU. .iu lllgiir.i.dlc 4 iroof.
FO1KND On depot platform , Union depotw
Council lllulTo , In. , a mm of money. Ownef
enu secure sumo by niovlng property anil
u > iiiFuiiii.Ki--i. I' . I ) , llrown , local treusuiojr
Jnlon I'nulllc railway company.
PANTRD Girl for ( zeni-rullionspworltj
W Mrs. D. W. Arcbur , CO. ) Second avouiie.
MENWANTED-COO Inboiors nnd leamstora
for It. K. work In Wyoming ; fruutnuiHpur *
tut Ion. O. T. Hniy , Scott St. . Council ItlulU.
OA linADoflioisos tonxclinnxo forclenrlaud
Ov7 orcltyptopurty. Johnston .Si Van I'atlcii ,
Dveictl Ul ocx.
Af \ rAUMS III southwestern Iowa for salorf
TtV/ terms easy. Also siniillfiirms and jjui.lerl
land nrmiiulL'onncIl liluflf . Johnntim & Van
I'atten. Hvorett block.
T > AIK of mules , linrnoss und wngnn for Mile )
-L on a year's time. Johnston & Van L'atlun.
Kvcretl hlock. _
iH. ! A..M1.M A NII3I.SOX , M.D. , Miecln
L wlfo. M-Ti-S nvo. Con null lllii Irs , In.
l'ECIAIj HAKG.UXS In housm for snip ori
rent ; ulso two Snundurs street loti , N
Omiihu. J , II. Diivldhoii , OTi-fttli live.
W AI/PEU hi/iiN , Marcus
Notary Public , collections , typuwrltl
\T17ANTKI ) Kncructloyoiin't Inrty c
VV Will tiny flSjior uoU tci rltlit party ,
0 , p. , 007 Willow nvo. , Council 'llniTti.
FOltSATiK LCIIMI nnil furnlturo of Sootb
llniiso , Council KltilK 'J. > looin.s. Olionp ; Ok
Address J. H , Jortliin , Couni'll lIlulTa.
FOU UKNr 'Iho MoMuImn tliruo-story
lirlck block , No. 115 S. Malnst , wltliolovatof ,
J. W.Sqiilm. ' '
FOKUKNT Acholco ploco of Kurd on laud
tii-iir Coiiuull lllulls , with KOOU now bttliiH
lux , luiiiicUl.ito i > osao39lon It tliialrcil. JV ,
bqu Iros.
FOHKALK Coninloto hot of tlnnurs tool's ,
und Hinall Htouk of tliiwaro nt a bargain.
Iiiqulio tit uiDin : ) H Mcrrlani block.
rp\V080-ncio fnrms for suln near the clly ut
Jji bargain. .W. A. Wood A Co. . SIX ) aiitln st ,
POK SAliE or Ilont-Qardon land , riltt *
houses , by J. II Klco. 1W Mala at. , Counoll
L. G. Knotts
Fuel - Merchant
All kinds of the best nnd cleanest
fuel in stock and under sheds '
People who desire cheap nnd
clean fuel for cooking will find it
by ordering n load of cobs , I hnvo
a large supply thnt are clean andL
whole not broken up.
Good hard wood cheap , either
in cord wood lengths or stove *
wood , delivered promptly.
All sizes of hnrd coal , clean ,
bright nnd well screened , <
Tlie black peerless lump coal
conlnnes to be the favorite FOJ ?
domestic purposes.
- : - No. 29 Main Street.
Call Telephone 203 : - : -
. | - . react ) . Onioo ovcf
. iHIUIlt Anicrloaii Hxprcrts , No. 4'J (
llroadwuy , Cottncll KlulTs , lowu.
Sims &
fodonil courts. KtuiiiH , 4 utid 3 Hhugartt
Itoiio Ijlouk , Counoll Illuiru. luiva.
Strlctlrto builnosi" 11 n uplomllj motto.
ent iiiccunfl In UVLTT line of human onornr 1 4
tyhlra wlialinldi to noiiio alojitol nt > alulty ,
I'd plo nroprovroiilvo , full of onirij , and mouaf
niukliii BChoiaua. They noo.l ipodUl training ( o >
UUSIUJ3. | )
Ixsiirti In popnlnr education. Her plMlo JOhoQlJ
am dolnif urnml work tor uur ncro.'iiluf ml Illoujk
\Vf tuni luvn.
Conimoncoi full tsriu rtopt. lit , 3Ui il3ti tftf
H'nllr pructlctil for liar stu Iu | ' < . .Nl.u tl. HiitU
noii,8liorlliini | mil I'e.i-ni MliUoocirin. wall or ,
linnliol iiinl carefully oon-luorjl d'.ll3lti ta\f
imter utnny thuu.Yrltuforfurtliar turUujIt l
\V. B , I'aultoa.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.