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for last evcnlnif wni n grand success. In splto
of a Bcvero windstorm the hall \vas packed to
Itautmostcnpncity. The meeting was mj.
dressed bv Hon. M , I ) . Jackson , Hon.M1 ;
llnm M. 'itobcrts , Ctenton P. Srhwonk and
KonrcseiiUtlvoJosetih St'-rk. The meeting
will provo productive of much good for tlio
ticket , _
Hoinn I'lnln Talk from Ior ey.
Nonroi.K , Neb. , Oct. ! > < ) . - [ Special Tclo-
pram to Tun IJii-Inspito : : ] of a light but
rllsngrennblo mln that sot In about 7 o'clock
the oin'fj IIOURO was fllloil to Its utmost ca-
picity th's ' evening by the Immense
nudienro that came out to hear Judge
ahurUou , Congressman Uorscy nnd Conernl
Connor speak on the issues of the present
campaign. Many ladles braved the threat-
niiod storm , while tno remainder of the audl-
unco was composed of the best men of this
Hcctioii. .A considerable number of democrats
were out , nnd Dr. Dear , thn dctnocratlocnri-
didato for lieutenant governor , and wife
xvcro among these Invited to seats
upon the stage. Mr. Dorsoyvus
the first spenhor , nnd after n complimentary
reference to Norfolk plunired at once Into
linsliii'ss by glvltiK tlio World-Herald fake a
thorough dressing down. Ho snld no
illdift olilcrt to any tiling thu democrats
might call htm , so long ns they
illd not c-nll him n fool , nnd whuii thuVorld -
lli-ralil attached Ills mime to a telegram that
would Htamp its si-mlcr us nn Idiot , ho
Iliotidlit it was time to Idfk. Ilo would ad
mit having * ent u number of telegrams tn
2VIr. ( Jmiy as chairman < if the ivpublican
national committee , and to tlio rcptin-
lican fimgresiloniil I'nmmlttee , of which
lie win a men her. lint ho
Tiocor npjicnlod to Quay -o have the mamifiio
Hirers lo\\cr \ their prlw. . Ho was willing
that I ho real telegramssent to Quay shoulil
lie published after election , when It
would not hurt to reveal the
plant ar.d work of the pirty ,
mid whrti that tlmo came bn was willing to
drnwhi.srliwlc fnrW.miO nnd place It In the
liandsof J. II. Ml Hard. Hitchcock to cover It
. -with a cheek for a Ilko amount , then nliow
r.ludgo Savngo to a republican and
M. deiiiorrat , mid If the tnrco found
that ttio ti'lcgmm ho sent Quay could
flic construed to contain nny such matter as
'the ' World-Herald published ho would donate
the fVMHl to 'my ' ch.irity Hitchcock might
Jiame. Mr. IJorsey's ml'lrcsa was devoted nl-
jnost entirely to a review of the work of
, , the Flfty-llrst congrcs' * , showing what had
liooii nocoinpllshcd for the bcncllt of tbo far
mer , thoworklngman , the old soldiers and tbo
whole country. Judge Tburston followed
Mr. Horsey , nnil for two hours ho hold his
nmlicnru spellbound by hiseloqiicntpresoiua-
tlon of Honml republican doctrine.
His review nf the intent and benefit
f tbo MrlClnloy bill was masterly ,
nnd his telling blows ngulnst its enemies
\vero received with storms of applause , in
which even democrats joined. The argu
ments presented completely refuted tlio state-
incuts of Independent nnd democratic orator *
\vlio hnvo held fortli In Norfolk during this
campaign , nnd Judge Tburston nnd Mr. Dor-
soy linvi' both made friends nnd won votes for
Ibo republican party by their efforts tonight.
Owing to tbolatonessof the hour when Mr.
'J'bur-iton closed , General Conner did not
Bpcult. _
n lOntliiiHlaNiii at
Iloi.imror : , Neb. , Oct. W. [ Special Telo-
pramtoTllB llm : . ) The most successful re
publican rally of the campaign was held
Sioro tonight. Fully l.fiOO people
crowded tlio r .ra house to listen to
Hnrlan and Nottleton. Nettloton confined
Jdmself principally tn a review of
tbo. state railroad legislation ns brought
nhoiit by tbo republican p.lrty. Ho was fol-
Jowcd by Mr. llarlan , who mmlo n short but
impicsslvo speech upon tb > Importance of
casting votes whcrn they would count and
not bc > thrown away by sending a man to con
gress who would bo a political nonentity ,
rocogtiizi'd by neither party , but standing atone
ono side.
bcnatorManderson. who unexpectedly ran
lip from Hastings , followed with a powerful
find Instructive review of the laws passed by
tko nrosvnt congress , notably tbo silver and
McMnlny bill , Ills speech van the finest
rvur heard hero and every point was greeted
with enthusiastic applause ,
I'.ov. .T. O. Tat" at Ucd Ctnitil.
Hun CI.OOD , Neb. , Oct. 20. [ Special Tele-
pnitn to Tnu Br.K. ] Uev. .T. O , 'i'ato nd-
ilressed the Inruest political gathering
( if the season nt the opera bouse here
lids evening. Hli speech was full
of actual facts concerning the record
of tbo republican party nnd outlined
Its work and Its principles from Its organ i/a-
tlou up to the present time in a masterly
way. His handling of thu tariff q.ucstion nnd
the McKlnloy hill denoted that ho was Intl-
) imtey ! nniualnted with thcso issues , nnd the
frciiuntoutbursts | of npplausn demoiihtratod
how cleverly ho placed the subjects he-
lore his audience , many of whom
were farmers. Tbo latter nro rap
idly siring through the democratic
scheme to divide thn republican
uirty mid lira daily abandoning tbo indcponil-
i-nt party and ( letting bad into lino. Wi'h-
( .tor county , the homo of MeKelgban , will roll
iip a good majority for Hurlan 01 Is'ovem-
ber 4.
Anotlier Dcmoornt lee
o , Neb. , Oct. 2'.i.-Spccinl [ Telegram
to Tin ; Uiil : Tlio democrats hold wtiat
was to bo a grand rally hero today , The
nvTair had been extensively advertised all
over the county , a-ad tlicro were by ac
tual count only eighty-seven persons
Who listened to the speeches , which
fell Hat. The democrats are on
the run , and the rout will bo complete by
November 4. The republican tidal wivois
Increasing nnd will sweep this county with
the grandest victory In years. At every ro-
publicmi rally there are large nnd cnthusl-
jistie iiudleiiccit. Tonight fifty persons la
i-nrriiiRci went from hem to Mead to bear
lion. M. It. Itees and J. 11. Doland. They
Report a magnificent audience and u splendid
putlook for the republican victory.
Dorsoy nnd Connor nt. C'riMglitun.
Ciir.imiTox , Neb , Oct. 20. [ Special to
TiuUmJ : : lion. a.V. . E. 13orsey and C'.cn-
crul Connor last evening addressed n large
nudlenco In the opera house. The bouse was
crowded from pit to dome. Mr. Dorsoy'a
ppeech xvas delivered under a constant storm
of nnplmiso. Ho discussed the tariff nnd sil
ver bills and reviewed the Instsession of con
gress , ( icncrnl Conner followed In an ait
tiruvi which held the attention of the ini-
liienso audience for an hour. The inootlnp
was n perfect success ,
nnyil nnd Oniiiion nt M'oHl I'olnr.
\VKST POINT. Neb. , Out. JD.-ISpecinl Tclo-
pram to Tins llur ] James 13. Itoyd opokolti
\Vest 1'olnt this evening. In his address hf
etated lils position on prolilhitlnn , harranguci1
tbo andlenco on the tnrlff Issue , discussct :
the miliwut question , nnd attempted to show
Jiow the poor laboring man suffered from tin
) nrlT. ( M. V , Gannon nnd others then spoke
iifttr which the meeting merged Into i
mutual admiration society.
. Htm. F , I. FOKH at lureln'st r.
DjuciisTmi , Neb. , Oct. SO. [ Special Trio
Brain to Tin : IJui : . ] The opera house wiu
Illlod to overflowing to Uston to the olonucnt ,
ad dress from lion. T. I. Voss of Ci-oto upoi
the Issue * of the day. Ilo convinced all bi
Ids logic tlmt the welfare of the utato and tin
prosperity of ourpooplo AVIIS MI rota the olec
tlon of the republican stnta ticket. Main
votes wem made for Harlan and the leglsla
tlvo ljukct ( if thUcount.
Anti-l'rolilbitlDii Mooting nt dhbim
Otmiov , Neb. , Oct. -Hiwcial ' ) [ Tclogran
JU > THE Jlin. : ] The high license party hit
nuvdo pivixiratlons and engaged speakers fo
u uieetliigtobo held on tlio evening of Octc
tier ill. This is tbo anti-prohlbltloi
noctlnghcldtn ( ilhbim , nnd tbo prospect I
Uood fora large atteiulunro. Many pcopl
jire oxpscted from surrounding towns ,
Mr , Tutoat Ashland ,
( AsiitAsn , NcU , Out , li5. [ Special Tele
gram tn TUB Itait. ] The final republlca
ppoech of the campaign was mudo by Uov. J
'O. Tatoof Lincoln in thU city this evening
IJIo'iwdt principally on the tariff hill on
olhor it'publlcnn measures. A rousing mcol
Ing was held notwithstanding the ruin
Weather ,
To JJMIovd Dlsirosscd Ireland.' , Ovt. 20. [ Sin'clal Cablegram !
tTnx 3ti ! . ] Hilfo.u bu-j pushed forward hi
arrangements for the construction of railways
In the distressed districts In the west of Ire
land. The work of building road will fur
nish employment for hosts of laborers , bfi-
sldes those living In dUtriets Ihrough which
roads will bo built. Men coming from a ills-
tancncnn , If tliov desire , have part of their
wngcs remitted frco of charge to their fam
; XKtl'H.
" \Vnn I'urmor F/nllsnii ? turdoredV
I3.xr.TKn , Neb. , Oct. J. | Speclal Tele
gram to Tun Hnu.l Over thrco hundred
men mot nt the farm of Thomas IJolison this
morning nnd spent the day In thoroughly
searching the premises nnd the country for
miles around without result. The prevailing
opinion now seems to bo that Dolison was do-
roycJ away and murdcrtd. A neighboring
farmer heard n pistol shot In the direction of
Ids housoupon thenlghtof his disappearance.
The missing man has boon living hero two
years , coming Irom Odoll la Gage county. Ho
left nboiit $ . ) ( KI worth of property and tils in
debtedness was small. Ilo lived nlono aud
had no family.
Hound Over In $ , - > ( > ( ) .
iMi'K.imr. , Nob. , Oct. ' .19. [ Special to Tim
Ur.i ; . | Charles Bogenrlef , living several
miles southwest of this place , W.H urrcstul
n few days ace and bad his preliminary ex
amination before .fudge liurke yesterday.
About two months ago Bogonriof executed n
warranty deed toonoHi'ckman , but the deed
was never recorded. Ho afterwards made
nnd executed a deed on tbo same quarter Mo
tion of land to U. C. Iturrof l lneoln , which
was recorded. HccKinnnls the prosecuting
witness. Judge Hnrko bound the prisoner
over to tbo district court in ? r > 00 bonds , which
he was unable to give , his own father even ,
who was on Ids bond before the preliminary ,
refusing to sign his bond for npnearanco at
tlio district court.
icl Suit for $ . " , ( ) ( ) [ ) .
Nob. , Oct. 29. I Special Tele
gram to TnI'.BIE. 1 11. S. Llttlolield , editor
of the Nebraska State Laborer , has com
menced suit against Hushcll & Cox , publish
ers of the Uncoln Call , for $ . " > ,000 damas-es.
Littlollold declares In bis petition that he was
brought Into public scandal nnd disgrace and
has suffered llnnncint loss by certain llbclous
statements mndo In the Cull of August -Ii.
Among these statements are thoallogutlons
that Llttlellcld had been expelled from the
Knights of Lnlor for violating the laws of tlio
order and that ho was a tool of the railroads.
Fire at Fremont.
Fnr.MON'T , Nob. , Oct. 29. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Beu.j At 12 o'clock tonight
the line barn belonging to Fred Meyer caught
lira nnd was burned to tbo ground with its
contents , including three horses , a cow , grain
and hay. Loss about 1,00 ! ) ; insured.
Will iMHiie tin ) loii < l .
Lcxisnros , Neb. , Oct. 29. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BiiK.l An election w.n held
lero today to determine whether or not the
council should issue water bonds in the sum
of $10,001) . The vote was utllruuulve by
about two-thirds' ' majority.
Snildoii Death ol * u Hanker.
WEST I OIXT , Neb. , Oct. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bun , ] John I'feiffcr , a banker
Hod this evening. Ilo lived In Fremont and
returned to this place only a few months ago.
Us death was very sudden nnd Its cause islet
lot yet known. _
Tlio Itnptist Statn Convention.
FIIEMON-T , Neb. , Oct. -Special [ Tele
gram to TUB live. I The attendance today ,
ho second day of the Baptist state conrcn-
ion , reached 100and with the increase in the
lumbers present thcro Is an apparent Increase
n the Interest and enthusiasm of all discus-
ions. Today's programme was opened with
a devotional meeting conducted by IJev. S.
filler of Chapman. This was followed by
, ho election of officers for the Sunday school
convention for tbo ensuing' year , wldch re
sulted as follows : A. II. Weir , Lincoln ,
iresldontV. . C. Maclcod , Omana , vice
trcsldent ; Wllmot Kodlkcr , Grand Island ,
recording secretary ; Kev. E. A. Itussell , cor-
responfllng secretary.
Kov. Thomas Stephcnson of Omaha fol-
owcd in nn able address on temperance.
Vmong other things he urged the necessity
of training tbo children if wo were to see
temperance millcnlnin. He declared that it
was also the duty of the Sunday school su
perintendent and pastor to abstain from the
ise of the sweet-scented Havanna if they
would have the boys kept from tlio vile
cigarette. Dr. Tolman of Chicago and Cd-
toryilllams of the Kansas City ( Kim. )
'brouiclo also spoke on kindred topics.
| { ov. M. M. Lewis of Nebraska City
.lisciissod tlio subject of books , paper's
nut lesson helps for Sabbath schools.
The general discussion brought out many
new ideas aud vnlunblo suggestions. Dr. Hul-
lortof ) Morgan I'arlc ( III. > theological semi
nary mndo answers to questions In tbo ques
tion box , Among other things lie said that
no preparation could tit a woman for the
The afternoon session began the state con
vention nnd opened with a devotional meet
ing conducted by Kev. J. M. Wood of Platts-
movtn. At0 : : ; the annual SLMIIIOU was
preached by Uov. J. D. 1'ulisof Red Cloud.
Ills thcmo wilt missionary work and spirit ,
nmltbosormou a forceful and eloquent ono.
Kev. E. U. Curry , pastor of the local church ,
mndo mi address of welcome. It was re
sponded to by tbe president. I. . . O. M , Bald
win. Committees on organization , resolu
tions , etc. , were appointed and will report to
morrow morning. Tnu committee on Chris
tian benctleenco reported throdgli Uov. J. V.
Whiting of iilair , who pleaded for vigorous
work along tlmt line.
The pastor's conference elected as oflicers
for the ensuing year : President , Kev. .f. C.
11. Itead. l.D , , Grand Island ; secretary ,
Uov. L.V. . Terry , Lincoln.
The oillcew chosen by the young people
were : President , K. 13. Dennett ; vlco presi
dent , M. G. Maclcod ; corresponding secre
tary , Miss L. Zcdllcer ; recording secretary ,
Miss Alma lloncdlct ; treasurer , Mits Lettlo
Committee on Programmo-C. II. Ilottum ,
W. B. Xodtlcer , Mrs. .fames Carpenter. Com
mittee to represent Nebraskayonng peoploon
the national executive committee M. G.
Mncleod nnd Uov. I.i.V. . Terry.
The matter of co-ordlnato organization
with the state convention was referred to tbo
last named committee , nnd notice given of
proposed amendment to the constitution.
The report of the committee on resolutions
was adopted as follows :
ICesolvml , That wo rocn'jnlru In Tbe Loyalist
tbo llrst HuptlMt young iiroplo's organ , which
gives imilimlvu iitttMillun to tliolr needs.Vo
CMiilorsotus motto anil alms , and hope Unit it
may biifoiinil In tboliainNuf every member.
Itcsoliod , That our wntebword shall bu or-
Kiinl/itloii : fur thu llutlst ] ) youni.jeopln In
eburob uud usiochitloii In stnte and nation ,
THK Si'Elilt.VK. .
ImlopiMiilunoo Uncos.
I.sncrRNiir.Ncc , la , Oct. 29. [ Special Tele-
grain to TIIR BIX. ] The llrst race called to.
day was the unfinished free-for-all pace.
\Vilky Kussoll won in two straight heats ,
Summary :
Wllkv Uussell . 3
Almont Hiuluuv . 1 1 3 3 ! l
Tangent . , . 3 3332
Tlio next was the unfinished 'J:35 : trot ,
I' bentlno won , .Ashlnnd Prince second ,
Ucnlu third , Best tlmo-2:25.
In the regular events HuvmonnVllkei
won tlio two-year-old class , I'rlmroso second ,
Host time 'J : ' it { .
Second race , 'J-IO : pueoSunset Patchcor
won the third , fourth aud fifth honts , Mik (
Logan stiindlnuBeeond. tiino-2 : > l.j ,
' 1'hlrd raw , 'JitO trot flrccnbash Star won ,
Jim Star second , Cllngstono II third. Hcsl
time SiWij.
The frt'C-for-nlt thnt wns declnrtMl off , thas
ondingthn regular events. Tomorrow wil
bo devoted oxeluslvoly to standard breeders
DOSTEU-Octobor ! , Mabel , daughter ol
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J , Do.itor , aged foui
yean nnd nlno monjbj.
Funeral today ut 10 a. in. from tha fainllj
residence , 1312 I'aul struct to J'rospcct Hll
cemetery. Star , Fremont , Init. , copy
A Dissolute Young Man Hiwi to Pilfer
Republican Hcatlijuartors !
An Independent Political Movement
I'livnreil by HIP Hpi'iikcfN Iiitornn-
tlnnnl Itro Keepers' Associa
tion Tim .lolnt I tat o Cases.
lis ) Mnivni , la. , Oct. Sft rSpcclul Tele
gram to Tin : Bnn.l Ueorge llutchlns , son
of ex-Labor Commissioner K. 11. Hutchins ,
confessed today to the burglary of the repub-
Horn sttito central committee's heiiihiuarters
and the abstraction of n largo number of let
ters , some of which have been published by
the democratic papow. The letters aw
mostly the views of the local republican
workers as to the political situation , some of
them acknowledging tbo receipt of funds
from tbo state central committee , nnd one
purporting to bo from J. S. Clarkson nt
Wnshington , promising funds for lown ,
which Cbnlrmnn M.ick pronounces n forgery.
Forty-three of the letters were returned to
day by the democratic state committee and
the DCS Moiucs Uoatlor , and it is thought
others are still in their lintuls.
The young man lias been in the employ of
the republican stnto committee as a sort of
ns-slstiint cleric , but was not entrusted with
any of the keys. Ho says ho was paid $ 'U by
the democratic committee at ono-timo and
$10 nt imothcr , and Intimates that ho had nn
accomplice. Ho Is u dissolute clmr.ic.ter , and
was only employed by the committee ut tbo
earnest solicitation of his father. Tbo democrats -
crats lave sought to make a great sensation
out of the matter , but their criminal connec
tion with the matter will be likely to over
come any harm they may have done to the re
publican patty.
The Alliance Convent ion.
DBS Mom : * , la. , Oct. 'JO. [ Special to THE
Br.i.J The state convention of the farmers'
alliance opened tills morning with about four
hundred delegates present , and a largo num
ber of others arrived during the day. Presi
dent Furrow , in his annual address , said :
" \Vo hailed the opening of last spring In
the hope of a bountiful harvest. In that wo
Inivo been disappointed , but wo know of no
bettor plan than to hang to the willows.
Sonic of the Industrial conditions must bo
remedied by better farming , some by legisla
tion , and if at present the public men do not
ivo the relief they must stop down and out.
Hut will anyone desert the alliance because
of discouragement ) "
lie exhorted tbo members of the alliance to
> and together , vote together and present a
inn nnd united front to the monopolies of
tbo country.
iVmong the llvo minute speakers following
was Uov. Henry \Vallaco , editor of thu Iowa
Homestead. Ilo saw no failure in the farm
movement. The farmers' alliance had given
tlie state of Iowa the best railroad law m the
United States. No organization had as inurb.
Influence \Vnshiimton as the Iowa alliance ,
because It had been moderate , firm and just
In its demands. H. H , IlafT , editor of the
Dehorner of Chlcairo , being present , enter
tained the convention with un
interesting account of the workings of
tlio Fanners * Mutual Benefit association
In Illinois , but advised the Iowa farmers not
to join it , s.iying the alliance was good
enough. He warned the alliance against nnv
consolidation with the national farmers' all- !
mice or industrial union , saying Ihoro was
fraud in that organization. Air. Rogers of
Dallas county said that the alliance must or-
ganUo for a political force , not as a partisan
force , but to control political action. Ho said
politicians must be kept out of the ranks. Ho
thought the alliance must organize as a
political party , There was no other way. K ,
P. Drown of , Pottawattaudo county ,
candidate for secretary of state
on the union labor ticket , thought
political action was necessary. Mr , Miller of
Sue county warned the fanners against inde
pendent political action. Farmer organiza
tions were not strong enough to bo successful
by an Independent party. They should rather
go to the polls and castan Independent ballot ,
voting for the best man In wftatevor party.
Cirlflllli of Cass spoke upon the folly of tbo
staying out of politics. Ilo said it was fool
ish to endeavor to control the party caucjs
nnil the old parties. These old parties were
opposed to each other , and brought alliance
men into conflict. The farmers must orga
nise a political party. Ho referred to the po
litical action of the southern alliance mid the
movement In Xebrushu , and enlogi/.ed their
.u'liou ,
Committees on resolutions , dues and secret
work were appointed in the afternoon amid
much confusion.
Tbo secretary's report shows that In the
past year tbo membership increased 14,8:1(1. : (
The secretary recommends action looking tea
a lessening of the burden of taxation on farm
property and placing- more largely on rail
way and personal property.
Tlio Supreme Court.
Dns MOI.NES , la. , Oct. 29. [ Special Tolo-
raui to Tun IBI : . ] In the siipromo court
today a decision was rendered in the case ol
the state against M. E. Hillings , in which it
was sought to tax the cost of printing the
state's abstract to Uremcr county. Thoeourt
holds that the state must pay its own bills In
such cases. The matter was brought buforo
the executive council some time ago , and the
payment was resisted by Governor llolos ;
hence the decision. Other- decisions filed
were :
ludgo vs ilonluti & O'Connor , appellants ;
Clinton district ; affirmed.
Smith , t Smith , appellants , vs Decock ;
Marion district ; anirmed.
Fullortoii lumber company , appellants , VH
Spencer ; U'oodbury district ; reversed.
IJroolce , administratrix , vs Chicago , Uocli
Island & I'aelllc railway company , appellant ;
wper district ; nfllrmcd.
Cook .fc Wheeler v.s Chicago , Reek Island
& 1'iicllh1 railroad company , uppclbint ; Jas
per district : modified and anirmed ,
Furnamvs Chicago , Itoclc Island & Pacific
railroad company , appellant ; Museatlno dls.
trlct : reversed.
Hoycr , appellant , vsThoeminp ; Scott dls.
trict ; nlllrmcd. _
To Kn force the iToint Hatrjs.
Dis : MOINT.H , la. , Oct. 20- [ Special to Tin
BRI : . ] According to Instructions Issued yes
terday , the nttornoy general will at enc (
begin suits against the Iowa Central , the Chicago
cage & Tt'orthwcstoro , the Iloek Island , tin
Milwaukee , IJurlington , Cedar Hnpiils < S
Korthorn , Chicago , St * Paul , Minneapolii
A Omaha , C'hic.igo , Durluigton , t Quincy
Sioux City .t 1'dcitlo and Minneapolis Vi
St. l ouls railways , to compel them toadop
the Iowa commission's sclicdulo of Join
rates , which took effect October 'J5. Tin
commission Is Informed by tlio attorney general
oral that these suits will bo brought i mined I
ately In the Council Hunts court nnd prossoi
to an early conclusion , providing the suprcm
court in the case now pending dnemiotsoono
decide that the law is unconstitutional , which
of course , the attorney general thinks Is no
likely to happen.
Tlio llo
ICeotcUK , la. , Oct. 20 , The twenty-first an
mini convention of the International Dee as
soclatlon met In this city today , delegate
being present from all parts of the Onltoi
States and Cannda. Tbo day ivas devoted t
the annual report of the provident and th
reading of various papers relating to aplcul
turo.At tonight's session a committee wns aj
pointed to securean appropriation from th
general government , to bo used lasocurin ;
the best bees in Ibo Orient or elsewhere Jo
the purpose of experiments looking to sill
greater improvements in good bees ,
A Vt-rilidt. Tor thn 1'apor.
Cnrun Ilu > ir > * , In. , Oct. M.-iSpeelal Toll
gram to Tut : IJcK.l The jury In thaeas
of Frank Millar ngalnst the Gazette compnn
of this city for $10,000 damages forUbel.aftc
being out over twenty-four hours , returned
verdict this afternoon In favor of the dofeni !
tlio Kufnty
DKJ Miiixcf , In. , Oct M. ( Special t
TUB HKE. ] The Illinois railway con
piny has commenced the work of CM.ulppln
nil freight anil cbal cars intended for Uo on
the lowndlvisum.wlth alrbrak-\ * and safety
couplers , as prouldcd br the Oiflln bill
passed by the last assembly. All new cars
lire lielng so oivleiod , while the old ones will
JKI into the shop * to be equipped In this way
ns fast ns they 'can bo spared. The Coftln
bill elves nil tlie'ipads of the state two years
in which lo miike.tliochunste . ,
A I'atJii Itciiinrrliiiifi' ,
DES'vnn , Cole , , Oct. 20. John \V. Duffy ,
who came here from Hurllugton , la. , In
April , wai seized with u violent hemorrhages
wi the street t6u.lvl and died before tbo flow
of blood could bo Stopped.
iioit.V or"MAMCI : .
President Adam * llcfiilRs Iteports
About ttio Ciinilltion of III * lluad.
In regard to tbo physical condition of the
Union Paclllc and tbo stories recently put In
circulation about It , President Adams said
last night : ' 'They are mainly malicious nnil
originate , as we hero well know , with some
of the ofllcluU recently discharged from ttio
company's service. I have Just been over
the innln line from Ogdcn to Oinabu and It U
In better physical condition than I ever saw
It before. The condition of the Oregon Short
Ltu < jls not nearly so good , but this is wholly
due to tlio fact that thoJTOOOJ ! ties contrai-tod
for It last year wore largely swept nivay by
tbo spring freshets and the deliveries which
should have boon made In March , April and
May were not muJo until August , Septem
ber and October. These tle.s are now
bf Ing put under thH tr.iek as rap-
Illy ns possible , and if tha cold
rcather holds off the road will
bo In good condition by the llrst of Do-
"As to tlio tralllc of the road , tha only mis
take the officials have made bus Iwi'n to try
to do this year's buslnnss with last year's
equipment. The hoard of direction , fully ap
preciating the probable growth of tonnage ,
Hindu ample provision for it. Ono hundred
nnd seventy locomotives are to bo udijed to
our power and some thirty-six hundred
freight cars , or a new locomotive every ether
day of tlio year and half a full train of freight
cars for every day of the year. The orders
for this equipment were given nt the usual
time , but owing to the crowded condition of
the shops at the east tbo contracts have not
yet been tilled and the deliveries , which
should have been inado October 1 , have not
yet como along.
"Accordingly our facilities have been
overcrowded and wo have bad more
than the usual number of wrecks
and delays. This is rapidly being
remedied and thcro is every reason to believe
that the dinicultius under which we have
labored will bo wholly removed by the mid
dle of November. After a very careful ex
amination I am satisfied that tbo only thing
the Union Pacific is now suffering from is a
plethora of riches. It is much in tlio position
of n hundred horse power engine which is
worked to move machinery requiring a hun
dred mid 11 fly horse power. Thu engine U
badly racked In tbe effort. Whatever rumors
hiiiy bo circulated , these nro the facts , and in
regard to the Union I'aeille it will inevitably
so appear a llttlo later on. The necessary
remedy for the trouble has already been ap
plied ; that is , the service has been reduced
within the limits of tbe facilities nt the com
pany's command , nnd the elTort to do too
much with insulllcleut means has boon
checked , "
They Will Undoubtedly Cost Otto
\Viiiist < lne Ills Ijif'e.
A farmhand named Otto AVeinstone , workIng -
Ingon M , F1. Chapman's farmabout two miles
west ot Florence , shot himself yesterday
morning , about 'J o'clock , wltb suicidal in
At a late hour last night the unfortunate
man was still alive , but no hopss were enter
tained of his recovery.
Yesterday morning "Welnstouo harnessed
his team , as usual , for the purpose of hauling
manure. At the bour mentioned it is sup
posed lie went to the well to take a drink and
while doing so his team took Irightand ran
away , being stopped by a couple of trees
which stood in their path.
\Vbatcvcr the effect produced upon his
mind t > y ttio unexpected accident , 'Welnstone
rushed Immediately to the residence of Mr.
Chapman and then again back to the field ,
stopping near tlio corn crib.
I Us conduct was noticed and marvelled at.
notwithstanding that it has been supposed
bis mind , has been for some time deranged.
He had left the bouse but a few moments
when Mrs. Chapman and n lady friend who
were ut home , heard two shots ilred in rapid
They looked in the direction \Yein-
stone had gene , shouted to the men who
wen ) working in the adjoining Holds
nnd finally ran toward the corn crib , a short
distance from which they found Vi'elnstono
jylng on his back and groaning in agony.
Mrs. Chapman approached him fearlessly
and noticed that his shirt was burning and
that two holes through his garments showed
tlmt ho had shot himself. She nsVd him
why he had done such n deed anil ho replied
that it did not trouble ) him aud that ho was
pleased with what he had done. Later , how-
ver , his pain became excruciating and ho
est Ids oquanimlty.
The other farm hands were summoned nnd
Woinstono was curried to Ills room in the
house and medical assistance was culled.
Ono of the wounds was found about
half an inch above the navel and
tlio other an Inch and a half below the apex
of the heart , The wounds wore dressed , but
no attempt was made to locate tha balls.
Mr. Chapman was in Omaha at , the time ,
A messenger WIH dispatched for him but did
not succeed in finding him until late in the
afternoon , when Mr. Chapman returned homo
WoinsU'noha.s lived on Mr. Chapman's
farm for tbo past year. Ho had previously
lived for livoyoars ns a hermit on tlio adjoin-
liiRfarm of Peter O'ltourke. Ho was a hard
working man and so far as known bad-hut
one relative , a brother , alive , ana ho is sup
posed to be in St. Paul.
The weapon with which the deed was done
was -J-callbro with pearl handle , nnd , for a
Miiall weapon , made a pair of ghastly wounds ,
Nobody around the fnnu know that \Vcln-
stone had n pistol and tbo wonder notv is that
in his periods of insanity ha did not use It
upon some of his associates.
An Unprecedented Output I'rediiitetl
for October.
Cixcisxvri , 0. , Oct. -.Special [ Tele
gram toTiiE BER. ] Tlio Price Current suv-s :
An , especially largo number of bogs ha'c
beca marketed in the west tbo past weeK ,
packing returns allowing 3 0,000 against WO-
000 last year. Tim , indications are that Oo
tobcr will reach fullvil , ' . ' 0.aM ( ) ) , far exceeding
nny previous record for October. Complete
returns for the bight summer months wll
probably show fnljy 000,0t ! ! ( ) ) hogs , agalns
U.S'sli.OOJ ' last yoaiv.implvlnga . total of ap
proximately Itl,000,0rt0 for twelve months
icadlng places corn pare as below ainc < .
uiul II < M'.J < 'WH.
ST. PRTKn iiuito , Oct. 29. [ SixjcUl C'ablo
Rram to THE BUR. ] Tbo government Is stll
debuting on n scheme in refcronro tn th
.lews , but It ia certain that it will bo long before
fore It rotncs Into force , owlnif to red tajx
ures. Inineas the meantime , subject to th
nnu-semliio feeling of the goveninicnt am
thopuhllo , the existing rcKulnttohs In regun
to tlio Jews will bo applied with the utinos
Tlio I'fitrliu-uli Hel'iiHCs tn Arbltnite
OoxsTAMisoi'i.H , Oct. 'JO.Speclid [ Ciiblu
Brain l& Tnc HUH. ] The tircck patriurcl
bus refused notice of the c-nmmis
til tmuauu to tukeuny I1U tltu Ut nv ; 11J III II la
slon tipiHiinted to oiTcctuu understanding bo
tween Ibo I Porto und th Gii-ek synnd or t <
libido by its decision. Thirty Armenian :
huvo been arrested In this city on th ehunri
ef conspiring against the government.
The Error of Prohibition's ' Ways Esporicnooil
and Denounced.
The rrohlliitory Imw .Admitted to Uo
a Kail lire , IIarmful to the
State and Mornlx of the
Among tie ! names of tlio registered arrlv-
nls at the I'dxton ycitonl.iy afternoon , a
cpresentntlvo of Tun Dun noticed that of
Ion. W. A. Park , a prominent eltl/i'n tiiul at-
onu-.vof Lit ; 4 Mulnos. It b unJuMtood , hi : i
urenoral way , Unit Iowa tieoplo tire he.irtily
sielc of the prohibitory laws of thiit state , nnd
in uiulctlncil and desultory cotivciv.ition
with Mr. Park , Introductory of the subject ,
soon drlttcil to the point and resulted In a
rcry satisfactory interview , in which ho ex
pressed himself In no uncertain way ai
igauist prohibition and ti pronounced lugl" 11-
Mr. Park wa chairman of the Polk county
independent club In 1337 wk u tlio llrst revolt
volt of tlio lending business men , profosi-
ionnl moil uiul taxpayers was 11104)0 ) against
tlio prohibitory laws , unit the revolt was suc
cessful in the elei-lioii of lion. A. 11. Cum
mins to the legislature. Ho Is an enthinliis-
Lie lowtiu , and grudgingly irnvo away any ev
idence that would prejudice tlio Interests of
the state , but tlio cold facts as to the harmful
i-osults of prohibitory laws were too potent to
tin * people of other stutos , ho said , to war
rant tin attempt tohldo them.
When the question , "Did you not favor the
prohibitory amendment In ISS'il" was asited
liim , he loit his recurve , and unbosomed himself -
self lib follows :
'Ves , ] voted for the prohibit ion amend
ment. and believed then that 1 was doing so
for the good of my family ami country. 1
thlnlc now , after mm of actual cxucricnco
with prohibition , that I made a mistake.
"I urn convinced that prohibition IN a moral
cnusuls hypocrisy Itself , and that in a busi
ness wav U U vitally wrong and has seriously
retarded legitimate bnsincju.
"Vou ask inu why I think it Ii a moral fail-
Lire. I answer , bneauseit does not prohibit.
Of my own knowledge I noiv speak , and
having Riven It some thought , I believe I
spoalc with uocuracy. When wo had well
[ emulated , licensed saloons in the city of Dei
Molnes WB had no titwllnp places except
t'jo.e- 1 censed.Vonov have , ana ever since
the Iniv has been in force wo luvc hud , bun-
( in-ds of places where liquor is Imtulled. "Wo
liave In hen of saloons , club rooms supported
by respectable men nnd hoys , 'I'lieso club
rooms are found la many plncan of course
Uimwii to but those interested. Then wo
hive places where boys tfingreguto , and
pnrchiiso liquors , carry them to their
rooms and drink them out of sight of their
parents. In short , to have frco whisky. Let
aayone stiuul at thu counter of u druggist
who holds a 'permit' and sou the ooya pur-
c me beer by tlio liottlo mid carrv it nwny ,
and conviction will surely follow that tlio
rwlit place to sell liquor la la u liquor housa
co it i oiled by license.
"It Is not a ( rood law at far as the protect -
t ten of morals is concerned , because it Is bad
to teach morals by law , and tn the second
place , in communities whore tliov look with
disfavor upon the law , it is not enforced. U
is well known that in all the river cities in
Iowa , as well as many others , no attempt is
iimdu to enforce the law , thereby rendering
the law a nullity.
"But you ask me how it has affected Dos
Mollies in a business way. The attempted
enforcement has coit Polk county enormously.
It has thrust upon us a sot of fcc-oatini ! , foe-
creating officeholders , and to bo a justice of
the peace is ureatcr than governor of lotva. a
" 'rates this year in Dea Molnes nro higher
than ever , nnd they have been Increasing at a
very much higher ratio slnco tlio prohibitory
law went Into effect than before. Heal estate
has not materiall.vliicre.ised since prohibition
took away our greatest industry the distil
lery. And while tlio city has not gone b.ick ,
yet it has not grown wltb that rapidity which
her location , ber people and advantages war
rant. General business has been injured by
the fear capital has had that the lucroiiso in
county expenses would not warrant invest
"TbB principle underlying our law is
bad , nnd so is any law that requires ofllcers
to enforce its provisions nnd not to punish
its violators. Tlio law of prohibition Is
against the fundamental prindnlcs of free
povoniinent , and we llnd in Des Moincs that
since the distillery property was confiscated
that men of means will not Invest in any
business that is liable to be influenced by
such pronounced legislation ns a prohibitory
ln\v must bring about. All legislation of this
character Hurts business.
"Tho fact that men can prowl into
business houses under the giiiwi of
searching for liquor i.s serious to largo
business interests. One of our largest
starch works was threatened -by ono of
the .searchers , because the works were oper
ated on Sunday , and cattle wro fed from
the slop. We are cursed with spies , search
ers and blackmailers ; free men will not sub
mit long to a l.iw that can only bo enfoicud
by such measures.
"I believe that , but for prohibition DCS
Molucs would today have 73,00) ) people , in-
ste.ul of 50,01)0. , )
"If tlio good people of Omalia wish their
boys to learn tlio use of liquors , then vote for
prohibition and they will find that tlio secret
club will taku the place of thu oneii saloon.
Give mo a high license huv In preference to a
society club. I believe that the you nt ; men
will not so readily step into an open public
place as a secret dive.
Miles * Nerve and Ijlver Pills.
An Important discovery. They act on the
liver , stomach and bowels through the
nerves. A new principle. Thev speedily
cure biliousness , bad taste , torpid liver , pile's
and constipation. Splendid for men , women
and children. Smallest , mllduit , surest. : M
doses for ffi cents. Samples frco at ICuhn &
Co.'s , 15th and Douglas.
Iowa ami Dakota Pensions.
WASIIIMITOX , Oct. 29. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEI- : ] Pensions were granted today
to the following NebiMskans Original
Peter Anderson , Junlata ; liyron II. Saw
yer , Grand Island ; . I usou ( J. .Sawyer , Xortn
1'latto ; Henry II. Hunt , nradsUaw. In
crease l.uuls Alvc.-t , JCunlatu ; "William 0.
Carrier , Grand Island ; Cbarloi Uunlap ,
Arapahoe ; .lobn II. kdmonds , Stauton ;
D.ivid Dings , Grand Island. Ituisuio Uoger
W , 'I'honias , Ilromon.
Iowa : Original Robert .1. Ill ploy , Shcn-
aiuluali ; Miles Price , /ere ; VVItllnm Brown ,
Host Des Moincs : Thomiis Ij. Tunhs , Bur
lington ; John K. Hull ( doeciwcd ) , Preaeott :
Charles ! ' . CJoldlng , Newton ; John ( J , Ali-
tliuny , Plattevillo ; .lolm Madilcn , Fanners-
ImrK , Increase Ceorge K , Reed , Vow Vir
ginia ; Heinham Sickle , I.camlo ; ( icorge It.
1'ainton. Oskaloosa ; William Fislier , Olin :
Thomas Denny , Cnntrell. Uelssue-.Iolm W.
llamlio , Mlnjjo. Kelsauo nnd lueivasu
Thomas J. Kohinson , : Ik-njumin
Fern , Dubuquo. Original wldoivs , eti- .
IJosina , widow of John 1' . Hull , 1'ivscott ;
Mandana , widow of Francis Champion , IJj-
South Dakota : Restoration and Increase -
John H. .MablHitt , Mount Vernon , incroaio
Joseph Cuii'hlutley , Hrldgewator ; Alexan
der Kerr , Turton ; Ulianes V. Kiln , 1'iw Ik-
A Dcnioefallo .Murder.
SAN Fnvxfisro , Oct. 'JO. f awrence Honeh ,
u republican , was shot nnd killed by .1 nines ,1.
Allen , a democrat , last evening. Allen bad
caused a number of voters to be
cued to appear before the elec
tion cammhsloiiers , and when Koacli
mot him ho was accused by Itoaoh of being
an informer. .Allen says Koach attached
him with a knife and no ( Allen ) thendroiv
his pistol and fired two .shots. The only
weapon found on Uoach was , i small iioKcl -
_ _
About tn llnltim.
P. ni , Oct , -iSpoclal CablegiMtn to
Tin : Bii.J : M. Itoustim , French minister to
the United States , who has been visiting
Franco on leave of alisoiuM , Isiibont to return
I to his post at Washington , Ilo was reci'lveJ
by President Carnet today.
OAT/IK 1'IKLI > / '
Illoods Meet Vltli Itiit-
toned K < ill < 4.
N'r.w VonK. Oct. St. [ Spivlnl Telegram
to TIIK llm : , ) The llernld pnbllshe.s a story
of u duel between two flubmen who Iwd
quarreled over a wni'mnlu nUro.idw.iy bll-
llardroom. Only the Initials of the men's
names are given.
The name of n prominent political candi
date was menttoncd liyonoof thocliibtuon
0. Ii , Inrotincctlon wltb a woman , ami the
other O. V. resou tcil it hotly , boingii tur-
tlsiin , nnd characterized tlio assertion as a
"fal enood. " A blow followeil ami they
cllncheilYhllo they were belns separated
C. 1' . said , "I could lilll you. " And Ids
whilom friend dared him to meet 111 in el < o-
whcre. N'otliln.i ? inoro was said. 'J'he two
men did not care to inakna public exlilbltlon
of tliemselvoj and each went his way with
anger In hi * heart. Doth moil arc good bo < -
CM , ( 'ooil hots nnil jrood swordsmen , In fact ,
aU-nrouiii ! athletes. A cliallengo passed be-
Ivveen them. A mntuil friend , wlw isonoof
tile lines ! swordsmen In the dty. sugBestod
that the duel should lie fougtit after the C ? or-
inatt university fashion with swords. C. K.
anil ( I. Y. hud beou in I leldeliMjfgaiiil knew
the fashion and nmscntpd. Tlio very tlrst
thltii ? wn : to swear nil bunds to sonvcy. De-
sides the principles then ) were present
the seconds uinl tno umpin1 , vho Is the
swordsman roferreil to. Tbtvsa live niMi met
shortly after dnvbroak acrtKS the llnrli'iii
river and procoivli'd to u secluded spot not far
from a boat club house on the Sauiul , 'I ho
second * had arranged that , lint blood , should
end the matter.
The weapons useul wow foils , with loadrti
buttons lixeda short illstanco from the keen
points. The two men saluted e.u-h . other
courteously as tins foils wore placed
In their li.nuls , At the \voril tln\v
advanced and erossml svonli. 0 , 13 , win a
trillo tlio taller , and with a rather longer
reach , but ( I. wir.v and alert. At
llrst they merely played with eai-h other mid
were very cautious in nttnclc. The taller
man's swift lunges \\erosUIIIfully \ jurrli'd ' ,
but ho hail constantly to shift hU ground ,
heltiR closed | nv.sscd by his opponent. Tlioy
fought fully U f teen miimtCH without either
felting nn aclvaiitige , but as thi\v foui ht tlmy
bccanio mow e.iser , anil at last a thrust lii
tierce drew blood I row C. K. Hevasstrnrk \
in the right shoulder. I to went on with the
combat , however , bulumnre | nnil seronds In
terfered , aiul It was well they did , for t'm '
button on the foil of U. II. h.ul slipjvd and
tlicrovi9 daiifrerofa fatal terniituitloii of
the light , if the. terms of tlio duel hud been
The -won nil was bound up and bath men re-
sunicd their clothing juntas It nothing lad
Before they went their several ways tlwy
tainted each other. Oa Monday night G. K.
was all rifrht. They met at a theater
sboolt liamls , and they are new ui fast
friends as over , but refrain from discussing
politics or women.
\VIio Ii "ihe Colonel ? "
LoNMifix , Oct. 29. [ .Special Cablegram to
Tun HIT. . ) Incnilrid were made at Mar-
ley's hotel inl'rsifalgnr squarrtodiy to ascer
tain what truth there is in tlio story
from Montreal that Itegiiiakl Birchall ,
now under scntonco of death at
\\rooilstcck , Can n la , for the umrdrr ol V. ( . ' .
rienwoll , Mrs Hlreluill ami "tho colonel , " the
alleged author of the letter receive , ! by
Birchall In whioh lie ai'knowledgei . ho
shot and killed Ijcnwcllvcre at the hotel last
January ,
Samosot association will meet tills
evening , over IIWl Dougl.B ; street , at
8 o'clock , All members nro rciuiottjd to bo
The personal rights league will luld amais
meeting at South Om ilia on Friday , October
1 , nt Itustby hull. The Clon. John I. , . \\rul-
sterwlll aildrws tlio ine. tlng on tha < itiestwn
of prohi nitioii , is Invited to at
tend and partioularly employes of Hwift's
paeltlng company.
I'rtJintiiciit Ivaunat City .H\n Killcil.
ICvNHs CJirr , O t , i ) . rjufc evcnins
Drury CTndonvooJ , president of thu exposi
tion driving park nssoi'latioa and ICiin-
sas Missouri Intcr-st.uo fair nssoeia-
tiou , and u promini'iit liricl ; maim fai turn- ,
ami ountracLor , was Itllled by a freight train
while returning from Hunt. Flo leaves a wife
and ten children.
A Diplomatic I'roiniil inii.
MAIIUIII , Oct. S1. ) . ( Special CaWeKram to
TiiKlJfei ! . ] The Oltldal Gayctto today nn-
nonnces the appointment ol" Honor Guanos ,
now Spanish eonsnl general at N'o\v Vorlt ,
Spanish minister to the United States , la
pliu-o of Senor Murnajca , who recently m-
Lenpr > hl : > l t-'i' ; ! ! n loinb.
BIIII.IV : , Oct. ii. ! ! [ Spjcial Cubk'ffram to
Tin-Hii : : : . ! King Kcnpold. of 13elghnn , lo-
day vlsiti1 ! ! the minsolfiim In which were re
cently priced tlm rviiulns of tlio ICnipernr
Frederick. His majesty plaeeil a wreath up
on tlie tomb.
Quiet HeMorril Ml l ricljiiin-y.
Bin\n : , Oct. -iSiiedal tn
Tun BUB. I Quli't Is restored at Froiboiiri ? ,
the cai > itol of thocnnlim of tlio smio : nami > ,
the scene of conflicts ix'tween iMlicals nnd
conservatives growing out of elections ,
Mni'tlcrcdty \ 3
Di' , Oct. 50. [ Special CuMoRr.iin . to
Tin : HiIV. : | A li.uul of "mormliplitors" In
County Clare have murdered n girl named
Fhinagun and her mother.
A .Snow Kill in Dnlcot.i. .
Siiit-x KAI.I.S S. I ) . , Out , ii'.i.- [ Special
Tek'znim to Tin : llr.iThe : | llrst snn\v \
of tlio se.Hon bi-piii fulling this moriiiiij.'in
llake < us liii'KO nn a ilime. Ttu Iherinoinctcr
[ 'gistered 40 dJ.ri.Mji ubovo.
Sleoploisncis , nervous pmstmtion , nervous
dyspi'psii , < liillne- , llti'vs ) ' , cured hy Dr.
Miles' JTorvine. S-iinploi ( roe ; it ICuhn , fc
Co.'s , lath uinl Ilmirliis.
Drop lit ( iold.
Bins-OS Avi s Oct ' ; C'ablo-
ffnmi to Tut : 111 I . I fJuld closed todaj at
l.V.l'j ' premium
Absolutelv Puro.
Acreua oftartur bakJn ? pnirflcr.
if leavmi'.nsitionxib'U.S. ' Govurnmcut
oort Aui , 17. le'JJ.
n > rk , Illninn * oVI ( lon. f'ri-m llrr-0,1 !
AK * . and & itif oilier dlion * * ! that Iffltl to ln * * iilt/
or run > unial | < ) ii an In luimiii'.iirn ernvr.
tWKull"irllculw | Inojr imnphlct. whlrh ir < do.
ilr ln ft't fn l > rmiilllnriTerr on" , lr"rin' MI-
linr Mcrtlrlni'li o4 ! nt II r > * r parkaitt.or > lt iiiuk'
oifir II , rr will I8 om rri'tliy null vu x-u > S ( > t < ; (
tliomonrr hy iililrctitnj
1110 KAitMAsr STIIKUT , OMAKA , Nwi.
On account < it eoant ifolu wo t r9 iliJla < * lu
A Glatlitoulnu Opinion of tbo McKinley
TaiifT Bill ,
lie Snys Hn lnud WIH bo In
jured in Only Otu- Market , \Vblle
America AVI Mho Injured
In Twonty.
LONDON" , Oct. 30.Ciladslmip arrived at
Dundee to.lay nnd was presented vitu ihu
freedom of Ibo city. Honuvle nn address m
wlilch lie referred to tlio I'onunerco of tbo
city which. It was snld , was llire.iltnuM liytim
adopt ion of Ilio newtarllTblllby the American
congress. Ilo would not , however , lie snld ,
bring nillliiuiu'cusiitlim against the people of
the United .States.
1'roU'i'tlon , nlthoiigh It nilgtit iuflii-t inri-
dental collateral blows OH other twin trios
dlu far greater mischief to lha
'oiilo of tbe country which adoptiM
such a poliry. ( IliuUtom1 then prm-ivd-iii to
contrast the di'i'ivaso In the tiri'tin l-.nvMmi I
with tbo in the tariff In tbf I'mii-il
Suites , anil .iid ho found imifi.rt fur l-.iiij
land iu the f.u-t that It was not tinu- that , mv
t arlll adopted hy any ifnvern'iuM.t .
on earth could Interfere R < > i-loii ly \\itti
tbcproipcrlty of Croat Hrltalu. The tlrst
ntfivt of thn MelClnloy Mil would he tn tMisit
ho standard of prii-rs'in the I'liluM Stit s
| ' nuiint diminished inworuf exportation
' 1 M' . ug.iln tnwi'it tli.ii. . while wi > wow < iun
n ed in ( ino of our twenty markets , we derived -
rived boiiellt In tbo ntlier nmoti'i'ii
from diminished power of ihu
merchants of tbo United States
to eomiK'te wilhllritlsh markets in any oii'i '
of them , this being luu to Jiuguientaiion of
priios in thu United State * , mid iivroasod iv-
stiMintsunili'rvlilclimerchiints of thu latter
country have t , j work. lie advised uiiinii-
fuctnrers to allow AuiPi-l a to find oat for
hersi-ir the evil clToot.s tint will follow Ihu
iidoptlonof a high tnrilT.
( lladslonodppri'i-nleil lhi > Idea of a will
vereln of the whole llrit.lsh oinplre , lin > hidln > r
colonies iinddop'iuti'ncioii , a , iinsl all fon-liiii
con.ilrb's. Ho doubted much whether lti >
\vbolooinpini wmild consent. Kurt boriiionv
altliouuli it would to some exd'iit enlaivo tlui
commeiro of tlmcoloiiicM , it woulil oontr.ii-r
it with the rust of the world. The Imperial
i-ommeivo was now t'l , OiNllKU , ) yearlv au.l
the foreltrn rotuineriv t..Vi.H.'i l.iMD. . ( > mtrri t
of tlio tMrlvlnh'ytarllT would be to direi-l Ih <
attention of the British nun ufiietiin r toward
theproiliii-tlon of liner d.i' of fronds. (10- (
raiise tliesu Intolerable protiv.
tlvo duties. 'I'lm iv-uilt won M be to elevat
auit improve the tradi' of Hie llriti-ii
miinnfiii'tuivrs , spur Iheiii nn atul stuti-
ulntu their Inironnity. Tbo jiiiilmbii }
tenilency a iiinn K democrats ivould t > eto\vinl
tbciiiiinnfarlureof iiiar.M.'ipiods , tints ile
grading their productions. In spitoof piv > -
tfi'tion the eonimoivo iK'tween America nn-l Uritjiin bad greatly lnr-rea.s < 'il. Tlui
word piotectioii was a niisnnmiT. it ouiiht
to lu > oppression , It Is a delusion and a fraud
AinericM wns a country could best af
ford to try tliis strange and nstonMiini ; ex
periment. Her natiiiMl WL'.dth. soil , miner
als and hnnienso turritorv made her a world
in herself. The pnssosMou of these eiioi-
mons ailvaiilages helped to disguise the trut'i '
from Ainericatis , but tlio Mi'lCiulcy law
w mlil involve u fearful w.iatcof ivsmircesln
which her jR'Oplo ought lo bo made strung
A Ilnynl inn < | itet.
liiu.ix ) : , Oct. ! ! ! > . iSp.vlal Cnblesrani to
Tin : BIK. : | Ala b.mijuot given at l'ot-sdanv .
tonight , in bonorof Iviiig UepoUl , tbo Icing
.sat between KinwrorVilliani and I0inpre-s
Augusta Victoria , and oppudtu I'bancollor
Von Cnprlvl , Tlierc were l.Mlgue.its present ,
among whom wow the t'nreli n embassiulurs ,
the Duchess of Coniuuigbt nnd other no
Ij.iee .Milkers' Strike landed.
CAI.AK , Oct. SO. | K | clal CaWegnini ! : tf
Titr. Bi'.i : . | - Tbostrlku among tbo lacomaUi'is
A clear skin
lloils , pimples , blotclu's on Hie skin ,
ciuptlons , etc. , cihlenco the fact that
the Wood is not in good condition.
' .Tlieae symptons lesiilt from the effort
of nature to throw off the Impurilieti ,
in wlileh slioitlioiild aahislod hy
Swift's ' Specific {
This ill remedy tliodistuibaiiceind , :
Liinj s | > 'eily and permanent lolU'f l > y
foreiii ' out tlio poison , and will build
tip tin ; system from tlie Hist dose.
liookon Illood and Sliln Iliseascufrco
.Swift nceinc Co. . Atlanta. Qa
XoSjiiurdiy Matinee ,
1 Yiirlire . ! > M\ir.Nt'INr. ; Hi'lriliiM-
I Ilis UllOIK.1 \
iML Tiirit iiAV . J
TIIK niJlL ! JIONMtt'lliif l-'iircu-fipiiii'dy
Prank Daniels
Ml-i III-HK | s\N-\ ( ) uinl HitUK. . ( ( ) \1- \
l-ii\ : ( it. , in Ai.'hiiniii . aiiunii-iM
Th" liirai'il tnrollni ' .npvir. prr-nontln fnr > ' - -
r. "u tlii-t ( i ll'rt ' oliuui | u.1
\\Viliioxlay imirnlnit ill M'uj lnr inli-ui.
Grand Opera Hoilse ,
Tluirsiktv & Fiiikiy : U--t. - . 11 & M
A bn l of -uiui.'ii I ! Uiiini'ii ' , i'-- ! , ui
Iri' L 'nirlrsinio ' . , ! „ ' , in 1/n ion lit \invil < .1
lira Hill Hi Nly a
In tlie iVuiili'iil ' Muslfil | ( ' -liciilir ll > rl'-- '
< iinInl v > < PIM-I ,
i ) r , \\'iu-li il In Miiimhi iil. ;
AKlrdbv tinliuiii'dlniit. . IIK'1 'V inin'UN
iili'l a -li-i'l u ilhili"1 ! iif lii-sl class Hicrniiy | |
SI.MIO. I'oiiiilar ' jirli'i. . ( Ji.clio . > li'ii. . ' " < . llnliu-
n.V fi : ( ' . ' - '
Grand Operct Houe.
Salnrdiy and Sumliiy.Xoi . , IstaBl 2nd.
HI > OCIII | KiMiuoiiir'nt ut llio I'ntiin i * Ittnrlc Mti.'nt't < ,
Colored Minstrels.
//ATCH OW ELtCTRIC l > Tfifcfr
IM l lie : l'lilriiiliin : | llriiiu .Mnjur nl HIM U'u..l ,
CDl , H\M ' | ) !
fit AM'IU'T.-J ' Hot tli-'i'l ' mien I rlil./ot ; i a u.
Dime clen
Will I'IUT. MuniiKcr. INiriirr Illli .tint I'ar-
iiltn rl ri'i-in.niiiliii. ( ;
iVi.nic or our. sni ; ,
VIMorlnu * lf > ru Ji-rniiifj'i ur t"ri. ; " > A'fi'rt
r.liiiiriliur'i > .lnii4iiiiHolliirli iiiiii < 'iimiiii- < . Mir
If Allloti , Kt-rriur'i IMuv.itril lluli-nn , T.iuKx'O iu
( Jiilllicn , IM JIIII nti'l I lani-i-- . . A i-iniicl | ioln/lH-'l oj
( > IMIIII : | Imiflilor , A riniiiiriicl'.li" : ! vtunlailli *
| icr'uiiiitnr < j. DSt i milAldll : 3 TU ALL. .