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rdlverrcl by Currier In any part of the City.
ftimlnc * * Office. No. 43.
'Night Kdllor , No. Z ) .
N. v. P. GO.
Council Bluffs Lumber Co. . coal.
Stornqo reasonable. J. II. Snycicr , Pcarl st
The funeral of GeorRo Hoynton will take
place from the residence of hli wife.
Mrs. J. C. I-ango nnd family leave this
morning for Oltutmva to HCO the coal palace.
"Window W.suoi" Ilurko was arrested last
evening for violating the common carrier or
Kmmctt Tlnlov was admitted yesterday to
praeticoln Uio United Suites courts upon ap-
pllrattonof I. N. HIckciiKef.
William Lewis , tlio haclcinan , settled with
the oltv last evening fern sliRht Infruo'.lon of
thooruuiuncolleoii-sltiK common carriers.
Tlio several bodies of the Scottish Rlto ,
United States Jurisdiction , will meet this
evening for tlio election of otHcers and other
Important business.
Tlio Infant child of J. C. unil Anna Hanson ,
died lust euenhitf at the residence on Nine
teenth stivet unil uvcnuo H , The funeral
will occur this afternoon.
Hlldrcd A. Tulbolt , the two-year-old child
of Mr. and Mrs. D. 1' . 'J'albott , dlcil yesterday
ofcroupo. The fuiiural will tnko phieo this
afternoon at ! i o'clock from the residence ,
10W-Avenue 11.
Unity Oiiild will hold an Important specnl !
mcatliiK tills I Friday ) afternoon at a o'clock
with MM. llai-ris , South First street. All
members particularly requested to uttcnd ,
Dy order of the president.
The Twentieth avenue school building was
closed yesterday by order of the board of
health on account of diphtheria. Two or
tlireo of the janitor's children , living In the
building , were attacked by the disease within
the post few days.
Thuro will bo n political meeting this evenIng -
Ing at the republican headquarters , 'JiiOl West
Urondway. C ! . AI. Ilarl anil Colonel It. 0.
I lubbnrd will speak nnd expect to address n
largo nudionco. The West llroudwny bund
will furnish the music.
Robert Stack nnd C. W. Noonnn Rot into
nn altercation in a Lower Main street saloon
nt 10 o'clock last night and were , placed
under arrest by Olllcer Peterson. E. S ,
Hobhins , ono of the friends of the parties ,
interfered with the ofllcer when ho was
making the arrest and was likewise run in.
A. largo number of citizens have been ofll-
clnlly Invited to appear today In the ofllco of
SquireFoo ilorso at Lovclimd. to tell what
they know about the disturbance nt tlio
recent butchers' plunlu. About sixty wit
nesses have been s ubpoonaed , and the tax
payers will probably have u snug little bill to
The lovely little eight-year-old daughter of
Captain Jones of the Pacific tiouso U lying
daiiKcrouslv ill with diphthcrotio croup.
Vivo pliysfclans were la consultation around
the bedside of tlio little sufferer last nlchl
nnd they could give the heart-broken parents
tut liltlo hope. The child has been sick only
n few days.
The members of the German social club
left the city yesterday for u ilav in the
woods. Tlio club went out In carriages , ac
companied by a number of ladles , and ex
pected to enjoy a splendid day's outing. The
objective point was the residence of Air. and
Mrs. Frolinrdt , who live near the scene of
the \ wreck.
John IJycrs was arrested by Olllcor Doyle
yesterday upon the complaint of his wife ,
who charge ! ! ) him with having beatea and
kicked her and committed a grevloua assault
upon her nt his saloon near the old Bucket of
Blood iilaco on Hroadwiy. The ivssnult was
commuted yestcoday morning and the woman
claims to have been seriously injured.
The relatives of James James James , who
formerly lived ntPcru. Madison county , Iowa ,
have written hero for Information concerning
him. They say ho came hero several days
ngo with a horse , which ho sold to n livery-
man. Ho 1ms not returned homo and his
friends have had no tidings of him. They
fear ho has either become- suddenly Insane
end wandered away or has mot with foul
play.C. .
C. W. Bovton , who died nt St. Bernard's '
hospital on Wednesday , lost his llfo as the
result of having a tooth drawn. A trouble
some molar was removed In the usual way ,
but it caused n violent hemorrhage which
was very difficult to control. "When It was
finally gotten under control a severe inflain-
nmtlon sot Invhlch produced blood poisonIng -
Ing and death in spite of all that could bo
dona to save him.
ThoKov.T. MoICStimrt , who has been
selected as the new pastor of the Broadway
Methodist church , is ono of the best known
end most popular 'ministers in tlio western
Iowa conference. For the past five years ho
has been presiding older of the Corning
district , and for four years prior thereto wns
presiding older of the Chnrlton district.
Hov. Mr. I'Yanhlln loaves rn Tuesday for his
Hold at Atlantic , and it Is probable that the
now minister will occupy thopulpit next
A telephone alarm called ttio West Broad
way ilro department to the residence of Mr.
Ingcrsoll , corner of Avenue D and Twenty-
third street , last evening , where some chil
dren luul set Ilro to , a hay stack. The
stack burned fiercely nnd endangered
the residence of the owner , but the
quick response of the department and the ef
fective work done when they arrived on the
ground prevented any further damage than
the destruction of the hay. Nine hundred
foot of ho. o wns laid , The long lead and the
terrific pressure burstod ono of the sections
nnd delayed the work a few seconds. Only
the West Broadway department responded to
the call.
Manager Kent , the unfortunate head of the
itlll moro unfortunate Standard opera com
pany , was acquitted upon his second trial on
the charge of cheating by false pretenses pre
ferred by Landlord Jones of the I'acillo
house. 3u the trial bofoao Justice Schurztho
jury disagreed , nnd the case was taken yes
terday morning to Justice Unrnctt on a
change of venue. The testimony and the
arguments of counsel were presented to the
court , who decided that Kent had done noth
ing that made him amenableto the
nUituto enacted for the punishment
of people who defrauded hotel keepers ;
that ho had entered into a contract
which ho was unable to fulfill , nnd there was
no criminal intent shown. The Justlco then
discharged him nnd there never wns n hap
pier man la the city than this palo-fucod ,
spectacled man who has been nmdo to bear
the brunt of tin entire season of hard luck.
Two of the ladles of the company still remain
in the city and all of the gentlemen arc hero
awaiting the arrival of Itanium , when they
expect to got new situations.
"Window shades at Losoy & Jensen , 11
Pearl st.
If you wish to soil your property call on the
Juttd & Wells Co. , 0.1J. Judd , president , 000
Broadway ,
Fine interior decorating , Losey & Jensen
Wrs. I. Jefferson of Oakland is a guest ol
Mrs. Dr. Stewart.
Mrs. George Itowcll of Waterloo Is n truest
of Miss Ida Wallace.
Albert Dcotkln of Wyoming is a cuest of
his brother , Or. C. Dcotkln ,
John J. lloiscr of Lincoln township , n dem
ocrat of the ol > \ school , Is In tbo city.
Islr. and Mrs. T. W. Barhytoof Burlington
are guesls of the family of J. 1) . Atkins.
Alderman Charles Kelley of Kcd Oak was
in the city yesterday oxmumiDg the sewerage
C , Aaldano of Now York , formerly a mem
borof the ilrm of Wright & Baldwin , U in
the city.
Wr. and Mrs. Allen Brown of Newark , III.
are visiting their daughter , Mrs , Charles P
Iky your lumber of The Judd & Wells Co. ,
813 llroadway , _
The Manhattan sporting headquarters , 418
Broadway. _
Fashionable wool suiU made by Mrs , L
Simmons , f5 to t7 ; silks , (7 to (10.
Shorthand. Mlsj Rhodes , Drown building
fihjns. Losey & Jensen's , il Pear at.
Tlio Oity Enjoined from Paying Over the
Dodge- Light Guard Appropriation ,
Delays In the DigtrlctCoiirt Woman's
Work In Hospital and Temper-
nnoo Fields .Minor Men * *
tlon Personal.
John Short , through his attorney ,
LJolton , petitioned Judfe-o Mncy of tlio district
icnch yesterday lor an Injunction restrain-
tig the city olUwrj from pitying over to the .
3o,1go Light Riiards the $ W3 that was
appropriated by the council from the city
.rcasury for" their use at the lnt session.
The petition Is very elaborate ana apparently
carefully drawn to covvr all the phases nnd
oontlngencls of the case. It was subscribed
ind sworn to by Mr. Short. The things sot
'orth are many , but the principal onoiaro
.ho facts that neither thocity , state or nation
s In a condition of "rebellion , Insurrection or
riot , " but on the contrary , so fur us ho Isablo
to ascertain , profound and blessed pc.ieo is
brooding everywhere ; that hclther the prcai-
of the United States nor the govor-
loroflovva has inado an order quartering
irmcd soldiers upon our city , and that there
s no contingency visible , probabloor possible
n the pnucnt profound condition of peace will likely call for the cxerelso of greater
force than the civil olllccrs of the city and
county are already equipped with , nnd con
sequently there Is no law , precedent or
necessity calling for or warranting the
appropriation of the public money to sustain
nn arinod hand In our midst.
The petition recites several other things
nnd rtilU attention to the fact that the militia
is a , state-military organization , subject only
to the orijcr of the governor nnd the presi
dent of the United States , and that thostato
lias already provided for its tnnintalticnco by
appropriating thousands of dollars nt various
times , $10,000 at ono time and $35,000 nt
another , and that each company Is allowed
$ . " > ( ! 11 your from this stuto fund to
defray the expense of armory rent , the pur-
pOH' , for which the § 300 of the olty's money
was appropriated by the council. This , Mr.
Short thinks , with good management , ought
to ho enough to carry the boys through.
The petition was respectfully considered
by Judge Jlncy and a temporary Injunction
granted restraining the payment of the
money. It Is inado ruturnnblo at the Novem
ber term of thn district court , when argu
ments will bo heard upon the motion to niako
it a permanent restraining order.
The notice was served on tne city olUcen
yesterday afternoon , and the money is tightly
locked up.
Money at reduced rates loaned on chatto
and real estate security by E. II. Slioafoi& Co
JLojey it Jensen paint houses.
.T. C. Bixby , steam heating , sanitary en
gineer , 'JI3 Ufo building , Omuha ; UOi Mor
riain block , Council Bluffs.
The Federal Mill.
Judge Shlras kept the millstones of the
federal court grinding so rapidly yesterday
that they wore fairly hot , ' nnd demonstrated
his ability to prevent court matters dragging
in the usual dreary manner. Court convened
nt 10 o'clock lu the morning nnd adjourned
about in the afternoon , but in tlio Interim
three Jury trials wore held , verdicts returned
and sentences Imposed , the grand Jury's ' re
port received , u decision announced , a largo
number of depositions read and the famous
case of Crissinain's IlattioA. Hay , involving
tlio title to nearly all of the town of Rlanawa ,
presented and taken under advisement , besides -
sides the usual amount of little stuff. Toward
tlio close oven the attorneys caught the infec
tion to hustle , and Clerk P. M. Hunter found
himself with nothing to do but to chat with
the reporters at 5 o'clock.
The ease of Kohn & Adler vs C. A. Mclchor
was tlio lirst on the docket in tlio morning.
The trial was completed and the case taken
under advisement.
The grand Jury reported sovenIndictments ,
all for violation of the revenue laws , and the
following defendants wore arraigned and put
under bonds for trial : John Tlcdcrmnn ,
John N. Kinkannon , William Wyatt ami
Steve Wilier. The defendants are accused
of selling whisky and tobacco without taking
out the necessary government license ,
The case of Ulley Clark , charged with
sending obscene letters through the malls-
was taken up and disposed of. Clark lives at
Ncola , and some tl mo ago ho wanted to talk
pretty sharply to a fellow who had incurred
ills displeasure , and ns he was out of town
and there wns no telephone communication
by which ho could bo reached , ho wrote him
n letter. The rcceiplent of the letter took
It to CominUsIoner Hunter and Clark
was arrested and InOictoJ. Ills attorney
filed n demurrer In which the claim was setup
up that the offensive epithets -wero not
obscene within the meaning of the United
States statute prohibiting tlio sending of such
stuff through the mails. The court sustained
the demurrer and discharged Clark. The
decision will establish an Important preced
ent , and people who Indulge tlio usoof such
langugago can write it and send it through
the mails , if they follow Mr. Clark's practice
and spell the llrst word llko plain mill "dam"
and omit the "t" in the last word.
Andrew Franco , n resident of Red Oak ,
who wns served with a subnoena to auncar
nnd testify before the court at the last term ,
and who disregarded It and went to Omaha ,
nnd who was arrested upon nn attachment
for contempt during vacation , was arraigned
and sentenced to pay n line of $ . ' 5.
Two or three years ago A. S. Crowford , a
register cleric in the postoflleo department nt
the transfer in this city , was arrested for
stealing n registered package that was pass
ing through his hands. Ho was indicted by
the grand jury at the term of court following
the arrest , and at the next term was
arraigned for trial before a jury. The
jury was sworn and the trial was being pro
ceeded with when It was discovered jthat ono
of the Jurors had been a member of the grand
jury that ludlctci ) him. The trial was stopped
and tlio jury disbanded. Before the case
came to trial again his attorney filed a de
murrer settingui ) the claim that tlio accused
could not bo put In Jeopardy twice for the
same offense , and asked for his discharge.
The case has been pending since then and
Crawford has been out on bond. Yesterday
Judge Shlras sustained the demurrer and dis
charged the defendant.
1C , Lumber of Essex was tried before a jury
for the offense of selling whisky without u
license. The Jury returned n verdict of
guilty and ho was sentenced to pay a line of
$100 ami the costs of the cose.
" \V. W. Orimdsborry of the same place was
put through the same process and got the
same verdict and sontenw.
W. II. Hess , another violator of both the
prohibitory law of the state and revenue law
of the Kenoral government , had his case trlud
by twelve good men and true , and they found
linn ( jullty as cbargpd.
The case of James S. Crlssinaa vs. , Ilattlo
A. Hay for the foreclosure of a blanket inort-
giiRO held by the plaintiff upon all of the
property within the limits of the town of
Manawa , was tried to the court. Sovornl
witnesses were examined , hut the largest
part of the evidence was submitted In the
form of depositions on both sides. The cnso
was argued and submitted and the court took
it under advisement.
If the same lively gait Is maintained today
a score or more of the pages of the docket
will ho cleaned up.
Scott house , nice rooms , clean beds , faro
equal to the boat , fl per day. Special low
rates to regular boarders. SM and Si N. Main
st. , Council muffs.
Wall paper at Losoy & Jensen's , 11 Pearl st.
AVonmn'H Work.
The ladles connected with the Women's
Christian association have purchased the
property known as the McMahn liomostcad ,
and In duo time the house will bo raised and
remedied. They \vlll continue iu the same
llue of work u heretofore ,
'i . jf . . - ? * afcfcLt' -
or Iho lck nnd will receive Into this
losnltablo Institution nny person neoillnR
neulcal treatment. They nru at present
cry comfortnhlv nnd substnuclully flxcd
vltli all the necessary fixtures essential foe
he canylng on 01 such a work , nnd llio
mining ol nurses , of which thcro tire several
drcndy In the Hold , who receive their trulti-
ng at tills place and KVO ! entire satisfaction.
Great care will bo exorcised to clvo special
attention to applicants dcslrini ; thU-training ,
and In connection with this will bo the traili
ng of Klats for house work. This last SUK-
; csts Itself from the fact that of the many
lomcless plrls coming to this Institution
wholly umibloto do the most tnlnuto service ,
anil do It well. Olrl.t can reccivo Instruction
! rom competent porjoiis In all the lines of
lonso'hom work and cooltlnif. Asldo from
thcso Is the "Womoti's KxcliaiiKC , " which
should bo well patronized , Piwt chws cook-
npls done by this exchange , iind ntnny tlino
nilivldunls wishhiR to nssist In the Rood
worn will llnd Miss Hottio How ready to ro-
colvo orders , whlali will lie protnptly filled.
Today will bo held the Women's Christian
issociatlon reception , at tlio homo of Mrs , U.
VI. Osborne. Let every ono holding a writ-
.cn Invitation taUo tlio nrlvllcgo offered and
"Invlto your friends. "
lAir Unit.
Fumlslicd room , Oil ) AVlllow avcnuo. Mrs.
I. Lyinan ,
To the Ladle ? Miss I\hry \ Oloason Is better
ireparcd than over to satisfy all who want-
Irst class drcssinakini ? . HOOIIH In the old
library building , Veirl stroot.
DclnyH in Court.
Thcro was a dreary dracr In the district
court yesterday. Judge Macy has more than
Llio usual amount of patience , but It was
pretty well exhausted. Thcro had boon
enough cases sot for trial to have kept the
court busy , but as one after another waa
called seine unexpected turn was announced
which made It impossible to proced with n
licarliiR. As several days have had about
the same history .ludjjo Many remarked that
ho wns getting very weary of sitting around
waiting for attorneys to got their cases ready
for trial , Tlio Jurymen were also Iliiding the
wait rather tedious. They wanted to bo
doing something. Thcro seemed no help for
It , however , nnd at an early hour in the after
noon court nilonrncd. )
This morning it is expected that the case of
Iinloy Ilurko vs. tlio Citizens bank will eomo
on for trial. Tlio Indications are that it will
bo fought for blood , and that it will occupy
several days , probably a week. A largo num
ber of attorneys are retained on each sldo.
The suit Is ono Invhich pcreonal damages
uro sought , on account of action taken ngulnst
Islr. Ilurko in the celebrated cattle caso.
First-class dressmaking by Miss Wallace ,
over Cattlemen's bank , cor. Mala st. and
5th avo. _
All persons Indebted to the shoo business
of E. A. Spooner plcaso call at the ofllco of
"W. A.V \ oed ifc Co. , fi'JO Main street and pay
the samo. ' W. A. WOOD , Assignee.
The lioston store , Council Bluffs , Is show
ing the latest In caps known as the Nellie
Illy cap. The prices run from 50c to $1.10 , lu
all the latest colors , plaids nnd blacks.
Boston Store , Council Bluffs.
J. O , Tipton , real estate , 527 Broadway.
The best auctioneer in tbo state Is H. H.
liiman , Council Bluffs. Special attention to
blooded stock sales , and nil branches of
mercantile goods. Olllco 003 Broadway ,
The Stars Shone
There was a brilliant constellation of silver
and gold stars at Masonic tcinplo hall last
night. The new uniforms of the police force
wore conspicuous In 03 elegant and well
dressed n party of ladles and gentlemen as
ever assembled iu the hall , and the police
men's ball vent off with an eclat and bril
liancy thut was certainly pleasing to the
members of the force and all others Inter
ested. It was the first ball of the season , nnd
will be remembered ns the dressiest and
most enjoyable event tbut has occurred for a
long time. At midnight a banquet wns given
nnd iv special table was reserved for the re
porters. Throughout the entire evening
there was nothing but pleasant surprises for
all who attended.
Judge Don no's methods of Bringing
Litigants to Time.
Judge Doano had a matinco that corrobor
ated the statements in the court columns of
Tun Bin : that the court had decided to make
tardy attorneys suffer for their delinquencies.
' Stubt & iinmel against the city of
Omaha , " called the Judge , nnd added :
"Plaintiff's attorney not bore , ehl Very
well , then , I shan't carry It on the docket nn
bour longer It is dismissed at plaintiffs'
cost. " Having niadoan entry accordingly ,
ho resumed :
"Herman ICcstnor , appellee , vs John Flan-
nagan , appellant. Are the attorneys pres
ent ! "
A pause and searching glance about tbo
court room.
"Not hero again , chl" said his honor.
"Very well , then , I dismiss the case. I gave
fair -warning on the opening day of this term
that I should not ondura uny moro of this
sort ot thing and I certainly shall notl
"First National Bank of West Virginia vs.
Henry FVltinan \ ; are the attorneys herol I
know something about the circumstances in
this case , but it should bo ready for trial. All
right ! I won't dismiss It , but I shall , how.
over , continue it for trial for tbo term.
"This ends today's call , " added the judge
In anything but the best of humor , "and wo
will lay by for another ! "
If the courts of Iowa had their celebrated
calf case , those of Nebraska are beginning to
realize that they nro producing a mntch
for it.
Reference Is inado to the matter of "Morso
& Bruner vs. Traynor , " the Jury In the third
trial of which was locked up for deliberation
at 10 o'clock yesterday morning In a room lu
the suite of district court apartments.
The plaintiffs have been suing for $400
which they claim the defendant owes them
for real estate commissions.
The case was started two years ngo , nnd
the expenses are now moro than double tbo
amount involved ,
At the ilrst trial Judge Hopowcll took ttio
rase from the Jury and Instructed that a ver
dict be returned for defendant. The plaintiff
appealed to the supreme court , nnd that
branch of justice reversed Judge Hopowoll's '
decision. A verdict was rendered for plain
tiff. Then the defendant made a motion for
a now trial and Judge Hopcwoll sustained it.
Thus the third trial came on and was
ended vostcrday morning as noted.
Tbo National Bank of Commerce lias en
tered two suits In tbo district court , ono of
whlsh will probably have a very interesting
appearance about It for the financial public.
It Is against Charles Coroctt alone. The batik-
sues him for 18,770.53 on two notes made In
October and November of last year , running
sixty nnd ninety days , the sums being $ lOOJ ,
and $10,800 , there having been $ aOOU and
$ paid.
The other case is ono wherein plaintiff
brings foreclosure proceedings against Will-
lam Latoy and others to foreclose a mortgage.
The amount Involved Is 81,409.80 ,
The case of K. C. Patterson vs P. P. Dick-
son of Kansas City was dismissed by plain
tiff's attorney at his request and cost.
Sleeplessness , nervous prostration , nervous
dyspepsia , dullness , blues , cured by Dr.
Miles' Nervine. Samples free at Kuhu &
Co.'s , 113th and Douglas.
TtlK SKrAUA. tltt\'EUXOKSMtIl\ \
A. Complication Willed Mny Cause
CoiiHltlcrablo Trouble.
CAIISOX , Nov. , Sept , 25. The recent death
of Governor Stevenson has resulted In the
question as to who is his legal successor.
Lieutenant Governor Davis died a year
ago , and Frank Doll , who bos
been president pro torn of the sen
ate , has been regarded as lieutenant
governor ever since. Homo persons hold that
Bell becomes acting governor , but owing to a
constitutional provision ho cannot draw tbo
salary. Others hold that tbo governor and
lieutenant governor being deail , the present
president of the senate takes the place , while
others urge that the secretary of Btato Is tbo
party wbo really Is governor. Considerable
trouble may result on this account.
For Ilhounmtlsin , Lumbago , Neuralgia ,
Crump uud Cello there Is no remedy supcrloi
to ttio gcuuluu Lr. ) TUouiai Kclectrlo Oil ,
Tiio Twentieth Annual Convention
OIIQIIH in litioliinnll.
CINCINNATI , 0 , < ' Sept. 25. The twentieth
nnvial convontloli cf the national prison
ongrcss held Its opening meeting tonight ,
lovernor Campbell was unable to bo present ,
nd the welcoming address on behalf of the
tate wns made by Hon. .Tohn F. Foiled. .An
iddrcss was also made oti behalf of thocity
y City Sollcltbrjloi-stman ,
When the prosl'Jcnt of the congress , cx >
rcsldunt Htiyci'ftroso , to respond there was
warm nnd continued tribute of applause.
General Hayca In his address said , referring
o the work of the congressVo : cannot
escape our neighbors1 calamity. "Wherever
my stratum ot society Is wronged or op
pressed till , sooner or later suffer , Society is
; o compacted together that the crime of any
s in some way sooner or later mischief to all.
The crimes of today are due to the business
and social spirit of today. There are two
classes of crlmolti all civilized countries nnd
especially In our own country the crimes of
capital , crimes of sudden wealth , crimes of
hose avm-Icloui for gain , avaricious for
noney , not always merely for money but for
lower , ambition for the power that money
; lvea , power over place , over posi
tion , over ofllco , influence over con
ventions , over legislative bodies ( I
lope not yet over the courts ) , Hut
the power of money gained rapidly Is not
always by the purest means , With this
msto to get rich comes imxietyln the com-
nunlty , cverywhoio dlspiir : , laclc of hope ,
nek of opportunity in thousands , In the mul-
Itudes , In the masses , to whom the path to
thcso great prizes Is closed. Ami thcro
comes again a stimulus that increases almost
the crimes In the country , where there is
a largo mass of people without hope
mil In despair. Nothing is moro true
than this : That the Ideal community with
reference to crime , with reference to the con-
-inuation and perpetuity of free institutions ,
s that community in which every human
'eels that with tbo virtues of economy and
tempernnco and industry it Is within his
lower nt least to own a luunblo home , to
educate Ids children , lay by something fora
wet day. prepare ; for old age ; and that com-
nunity in which there are largo masses of
icoplo who have not that hope Is ono
where free institutions arc not safe and where
you may predict -with the utmost
confldeni'O that crimes will continue to in-
crc.iso. Wo reply that tbo productiveness of
: hls country brought to it from abroad moro
than a fair share of the criminals. That is
ono thing. Cut again the opportunities here
by speculation , by g.inibliug , by every de
scription of Illegitimate effort to make great
fortunes , leaving others without that oppor
tunity , Is the great cause of crime
.11 this country. What Is the
remedy 1 If I have a great fortune , if
all my business is prosperous , is it not largely
because of men working for low wages under
mo , and is It not well for business men to
pause and think , 'must I not share 11 portion
of the profits of this prosperous business who
made it prosiierousl' ' Tills is but a part of
Lho consideration that may bo called the
theory , doctrine or idea at the
bottom of this whole business in
reform. I have believed for some years that
wo are passing towards a Niagara on this
question. It Is quite certain that running
backward along the line of history wo see
everywhere that the situation and condition
as to the welfare In all respects of the men
who do the work , the labor of tbo country is
a test , is a mark of true civilization in
every community. Today the laboring
men of the United States are in a better con
dition than laboring men were perhaps ever
before any whero-upon the face of the globe.
Let us see to It thtit we continue thcso condi
tions ; that whatever may bo done by the law ,
whatever may bo done by the sociul custom ,
whatever may bo done by business shall bo
to give every man what Lincoln
desired and promised that every
man should have in this country
a fair start nnd nn'equal chance in the racoof
life , fApplause , ! . With thatcondltioncrime
will diminish1 ' , Qcneral Hayes passed to the
consideration 01 practical questions , in which
tie made a point against the system of making
our jails and lock .rip academies of crimoby
placing young offenders where they are sub
ject to the Inlluenee of professional criminals.
Ho spoke strongly lu favor of severer treat
ment of the Incurably criminal classes.
Sioux City Corn 1'alaeo a ml He turn.
The Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis &
Omuha railroad ( depot loth and w ( abater
els. , ) will run a special train from
Omaha to Sioux City nnd return , Sun
day , September 23 and Sunday , October
5 , leaving-Omaha at 8 n. m. , arriving at
Sioux City nt 12:15 : p. in. , and returning
Icavo Sioux City at 7 p. m. , arriving at
Omaha at 11:15 : p. in. Ono faro for the
round trip. T. "W. TKASDALK ,
G. P. A.
air. John SuntlcrVnats to Know "Who
Clmrconleil Hia Eyi-H.
John Suntler escorted two extravagantly
decorated eyes into the police court and ho
wanted somebody punished Jor attaching so
much crape to his features.
Ho was In u predicament , as ho did not
know -who the somebody was , and there was
no ono in court who could tell him.
As nearly us could bo learned , ho was in
the vicinity of Twenty-fourth nnd Cuming-
streets Sunday afternoon and was "pretty
\vcll organized , " according to tbo stories told
by the boys at No. 1 engine houso. Informa
tion beyond that point is very scarce. No
ono seems to know who bit him , or whether
ho was hit nt nil , although Suutlcr's eyes
nro conclusive evidence on that point.
Ho says ho was In the yard in
the rear of the saloon nt Twenty-fourth and
Cuming with a friend looking for the bar
tender , when n stranger ordered him out nnd
then struck him twice In the faco. Ills friend
told him that the man who struck him was
"tbo chief. " Suntler know of no such Indi
vidual Iu that vicinity and hastened to fllo n
complaint niraliist Captain Murphy of No. 1
engine house , as the nearest approach to n
"chief" in that part of the city.
Murphy was in court to answer totho
charge , but was not given a chance , to deny
It , ns Suutlcr declared as soon ns ho saw him
that ho was not the man who struck him.
"Well , who did hit you ) " inquired the
Suntler hadn't the faintest idea , nnd the
matter would probably have dropped right
there , but Just at this juncture Detective
Dempsey walked in.
"That's ' the man that's the man , " de
clared Suntlor , excitedly , pointing to the
ofilccr , whd looked nt him in blank surprise.
"This Is the first time 1 have seen him since
it happened , but ho Is the man that hit mo. "
The court told him ho must bo mistaken , as
Dempsey was an olllccr and a detective , and
Doiupscy himself denied that ho had over
seen the man before.
Suutler could 'not understand It , and said it
must bo some other fellow who looked like
Dompsoy. Ho looked carefully about the
court room , but'"could llnd no ono whoso
features bore tlio slightest resemblance to
Dompsoy's , and-ho had to give It up. Ho
carefully tucked- - his worse-looking optic
under his arm arid'took ' Ids departure.
Rheumatism is Caused by a poisonous acid
In ttio blood anil-yields to Aycv'a Pills. Many
coses which socirt'chroiilc ' and hopeless have
been completely ( hired by this medicine. It
will cost but llttli to try what effect the Pills
may have in your cose. "NVo predict success ,
31 UHlt + lKOilfy TllUOl'S fX IXW/.1.
i i
Three Hundred People Reported
KlllqIli ( , Two Days ,
Loxnox , Sept , 25The Chronicle's Cal
cutta corroipomlcnt says It is reported that
the troops In Goaaro committing the wildest
excesses and shooting people Indiscrimi
nately , Several popular leaders have been
arrested and shot. The residences of others
ore besieged and a lively fusllado
proceeds between the besiegers
and besieged. It is rumored
that the governor general is hiding In the
tinlaconndis deaf to jietltions from tliolnhnb.
Hants , Many women and children who lied
tldther for protection have been bayonettcd
by the palace guard , Several dynamite
bombs have been thrown Into the palace by u
band of citizen Midlers. The governor Justi
fies the acts of the troops on the ground that
revolution has been declared. Ills estimated
thut .Sou persons 1m-o been lulled unit wounded
la two day lighting.
As soon as you discover any fnlllnp of the
hulr or grayncsa always usoilairs Hair Ho-
newer to tone up the sccretlous and prevent
I'llKfillUlXT tHAX SMtOT .IT ,
JIc is Matlc the Victim ofnu Attempted
N'r.wOni.EAXs , La. , Sept. 23. A San An
tonlo , Tex. , speclalsaysi A prominent railway -
way official who reached San Antonio this
morn ing from the City of Mexico relates n
startling story of an attempt on the llfo of
President Diaz during the tmtlonol celebra
tion on the llth lust. An immense crowd of
people of all classes gathered around the ex
ecutive pnlnco that night to do honor to Diaz ,
During the climax of the festivities , while
the bands were playlngaud fireworks popping ,
the president , accompanied by his personal
staff , stepped out on thoplnzza in response to
deafening calls to witness the pyrotechnic
display , No sooner had ho appeared before a
volley of musketry sounded nbovothodlii of
the niuslo mid Jlrework * and bits of brick
nnd timber bepan to lly nround tils bend ,
Ho retreated hurriedly to his room , followed
by his staff. Three bullets whizzed danger
ously near him. Forty men are known to bo
concerned In the murderous plot , II f teen of
whom nro now In Jail mid others nro llcelng
ptcclpltiitoly from the country. The das
tardly deed has been suppressed In Mexico
by povortimcnt officers. The reason of the
attack Is assigned to a vnrlctv of causes , the
most important of which is that the president
is strongly suspected of coiiuettlng of Into
with the clerical party , which Is in direct
conflict , politically and socially , with the lib
erals , to whom Diaz owes his power.
J , .VJM > .V 1'ieiHiS C T/.T/t'-VT. v
VnrlnitH Itofcrcuco Kocardlnic Jlor-
Icy'w Presence lu 'Ilpporiiry.
LONDON , Sept. 25. The News' Tlpperary
correspondent declares that a marked change
occurred in the demeanor of the police when
Morlcy issued from the court on the appeal
of several voices imploring ; him to cotno and
save the people. Evidently the police
had no deslro to treat English
commoners with courtesy. A brutal
police attack was inndo on Keating , proprie
tor of the Limerick Leader , who was so so-
verelyinjured that ho bled profusely from the
In an. editorial the News says ! "On this
occasion the presence of Morley has given Im
portance to events which nro commonplace
in Irish administrations. ' *
The Chronicle says : "Mr. ISIorley's '
life is of so much mine to tbo
stuto that wo nro compelled to protest
against his entering such scrimmages. Irish
men will cosily misinterpret his presence ,
but for which it Is probable the riot would
not have occurred. "
Whllo exempting Morley from
any intention to Influence the court ,
the Times thinks ho has set nn unhappy -
happy unpreccilent and afforded n
refreshing example of the ignorance of the
people ho has ruied.
The Standard , while regretting his rough
treatment , says ho fared just ns nny ono else
must risk faring who is present during such
a struggle.
Fits , spasms , St. Vitus' dance , n ervousncs
and hysteria are soon cured by Dr. Miles
Nervine. Tree samples nt Kuhn & Co.'s ' , 15th
and Douglas.
Prize KijKht Hetwecn Cutlets.
ST. Louts , Mo. , Sept , 25.A special from
Lexington , Vu. , says : Cadet Wirrcn Talll-
affero and Cadet Frank McConnlcc , the
former of Virginia nnd tbo latter of Texas ,
quarreled. They decided to settle the
trouble , by a prize flght and thir
teen desperate rounds were fought ,
After the encounter TalialTcrro retired to his
room , and two hours later , when friends
called , they found him dead. Young Me-
Connlco tried to commit suicide , but was pre
vented. Ho has been placed in Jail. Intense
excitement prevails about the state military
institute. TalllalTerro was fifteen years of
ago and WcCounico twenty.
The Secret Art of Deauty lies not In cos
metics , but is only in pure blood , and a
healthy performance of the vital functions
to bo obtained by using Burdock Blood Bit
A Protest from Detroit.
DF.TUOIT , Mich. , Sept. 2j. An enthusiastic
meeting was held hero tonight to protest
against the arrest of Dillon nnd O'Brien nnd
the action of the police at Tipporary today ,
Ex-Postmaster General Dickinson , Bishop
Foley and Kov. Charles O'lloilly , secretary
of tbo National land league , were the princi
pal orators of the evening.
Through coaches Pullman palace
sleepers , dining cars , free reclining clinic
cars to Chicago and intervening point
via. the grout Hock Island route. Ticlco
ollico 1G02 , Sixteenth andJFuriwrn.
Iho Chicago Stockyards Trouble.
CHICAGO , Sept. 25. As a , result of several
conferences the switchmen nnd engineers
working In the stockyards have withdrawn
their objections to working with Chicago ,
Burlington fc Quincy railroad crows except
in the case of ono engineer.
North Dakota I'rohlhs.
FoitKfi , X. D. , Sept. ! 23. The prohi
bition state convention today decided to unite
with the farmers' alliance convention.
Henry SchocnhaH , foreman Henry Krug
Pncklup Co. , St. Joseph , Mo. , uses Dr.
Thomas' Kclcctric Oil with his men for
sprains , cuts , bruises , chapped hand.sctc. It
is the best ,
Cincinnati Ilaues Postponed.
CIXCINSATI , Sept. 25. The Queen City
driving park races were postponed on ac
count of rain.
1C02. Sixteenth nnd Farnnm streets is
the now Rock Island ticket oflico. Tick
ets to all points cast at lowest ratos.
Tor information regarding Bloomlleld
sale of lots Thursday , October 2 , address
J times Peuvoy , Sioux CityJa.
A Bicycle llnby CnrrlnRo ,
Bicycling is all the i-ngo just now
amonfr tlio ladles of the northeast , where
the fad , which started in Now York two
or three years ago , litifl just been taken
up , Bays the Chicago Tribune. In Min
neapolis and St. Paul nnnrly every wo-
mini whose husband or father could bo
induced to Invest In a wheel for hoi- has
joined the army of the "knights of the
road , " and those who haven't boon able
to procure tlio necessary niuchino have
decided that the sport is unwomanly.
Mrs. Florence , Lewis of Minneapolis
found nodilnculty in getting a bicycle ,
but for a while she. found ( considerable
difllculty in getting away from liur litllo
two-year-old child long enough to enjoy
long rides on the silent steed. She IUIB
solved the problem now , however , by ni.
invention which makes the machine-
combination between u bicycle and a
baby carriage. A seat is securely fas
tened in front of the hnhdlo-bar , where
the child sits , and both mother and babe
enjoy the ride immensely.
Theatrical Kllqnetto Abroad.
A curious contrast is that In tbo London
theaters etiquette requires that all these In
the dress circle and parquet , gentlemen and
ladles , must appear In full dress , hi Purls ,
the head of thu social system in the world , it
Is Just the reverse. Those actually in the
dress circle must appear lu full dress , but In
the parquet never. I was possibly the only
ono In full dress amonc 1,000 people In the
parquet at the Grand opera , hearing Faust
says a writer in the Atlanta Constitution
AYhen 1 asked for nn explanation n polite
Frenchman said that it wns duo to the native
pclltcnm of the nation ; as so ninny struiiK-
ers nro thcro who are not expected to have
dress units , the Frenchmen do this in defer
ence to them ,
Water Lily Soap wil >
'has been established in London IOO YEARS both as _ /
COMPLEXION and as a SHAVING SOAP , has obtained 10 v
TEicfATtONAL AWAUDS , rind is now sold iu every city of the -worlcl f
It la the purest , cleanest , jlncst ,
Ulhc most economical , and t7icreforo
The best amimost popular of all .sorrp.i
for CKNKRAI. TOituT viiRrosES ; and for use in the NVRSGKY it U recom
mended by thousands of intelligent mothers throughout the civilized world ,
because while serving ns ji cleanser and detergent , its emollient properties
prevent the chafing and discomforts to which infants arc so liable ,
PEA.HS' SOAP can now be had of nearly all Druggists in the United
States , IJUT HESL'UKTiiAT vou GET TUG OKNUiNi : , < t/iereare\wrlhlcssimtttiions\ \ !
" \\fANTKn-At once , a Indv who him iind
' i some uxpprionro In Millultlnji , to tul > e po
sition MSiMHiuty iiKimiLrrr. CJood salary tuthu
rlsht pint v. Add i essV. . It. , care ot Ik-i-olllco ,
CoimiMI I
TjlOU nKNT IIoiw and rooms ) ono ever
X1 btoiti nuiiri'ouH lionoo. and nnii fnrnMiud
room atJ. it. Davidson's KM I'lflhavo.
\\rANTHl-i'irty day bonrdcrs at Ik-im- -
it restaurant , most popular jiliu'O In tliu
city to get a mi'iil or hoard by the
) rooms , tuo blocks from motor ,
' four from postnUk'ci fiinmuo licut. bath
room , hot anil cold water. To grntli'im'ii or
man and wife without child i-cn. 7-li Washing
ton avo.
II10II HKXT-1'our rooms unfiiriiMicd ; al n
furnished rooms. Ulu'.ip. No. ! . " > X. Mnlnst ,
. Ivnnias. well liniirovi'd ,
100 acres , ClinntiiiHjuii Co. , Ivan. , well lin-
24U acres , Troyo Co. , Kansas well Improved.
"Macros , Coniiuu'lio Co. , KUILvvll limil'ov-
cd.ISO nores , Morris Co. , Kansas well ImprnriHl.
! tt ) acres , Liuim Co. . Kan. , well uupi-ovod.
Iffl acios , I'uniiH - ' < > . , NiihiMsUiii
IBOncros , Unit ( Jo. , Nebraska.
C7 ! notes , JHihlonbei-s L'o. , ICentucky ; well
unproved ; clear.
lot ) ncies. well Improved ; Aloona Co. , Michi
gan ; clear.
Wneri'i , floss Co. , Ohio ; Will trnila
oltburoriilltnr inorulninillsuur city propoi-ty
In Council lllulTs or Uniiiliii.
Clunrlund In Stonu anil Utirrv Co. , SIo ,
( Jroainory In Chiiptiiun , DU-kltioiin Co. . Kan.
} I.W 0,1st innrtKinto notes. Get to thu ftont. 1
vrllltrmlo. _ J. h. I'lloo. Idol's hotel.
TTlJTl UfiNT--AfU'r October I , husliu'sshitlld-
JtiiK.414 llMiulwiiy. oi'eiii > ! rd by drn storu
Apply lo Ooo.T. I'liulp-i ' , money onlor dopart-
nu'ii , iwitolllce , Coiinoll Illull'-i ,
TjlOK change In buslnoHs will sell stock ot
-L' ( IniKH anil fl.xtiircf.all new and llrstoliiss ,
ut u discount , If sold wlllitu next , : w iltiy-t. Invoice -
voice ulinut S'i.MO. Adili-ess B. , Ileo ollluu ,
Council HIults.
"filOU SALK Kino standard lirt-d team , bays ,
- 17 anil 8 years old , matched. I.ady can
drive them ; city brnko ; will not. shy. Cull at
; flS. Main st. . Council lllulTs. .1. L , I'l-lco ,
T71O11 UKNT Hotel .laniesnn , all furnished.
JL1 I'osiessloniilveii Octiihorl. Kur Inforiiia-
tlon aildrusAVin. \ . Siuduntoiif , or Chris H trail I ) ,
Council HIultd.
TTlOURALr-Tho Unino for sale
-L on easy terms. The most popular jiluco In
tlio city. ! j. W. Scott , id ? llfoiulwiiy.
TT1OU SAIjR or Iloiit-Qarilon land , with
J-1 houses , by J. U. Klco. lU'i Main St. . Couuull
\\TIIYpayroiitwneiiyoii can buy iv homo on
IT tliosaiiiotornis , nnd hi case of your dniith
Btanytlmoltiavo your family the homo olour
on the following terms :
Ahoiuu worth : ! I , ( J at $13 per month.
A homo worth Jl.-VU atilH ] icr inontlL
A homo worth $ -iWJ at1 per month.
A homo worth $1,000 at JH jiur month.
A homo worth $4,0 > D at JH pur month.
Other prlcod homes on the sum ) torms. Tin
above monthly payments Incliido principal
sndlntnrost. Korfull tiirtlculnn : cull on ot
addrcsstlio.Tinlcl.V Wells Co , , 00(1 ( Broadway ,
CouncilItlulT.s , la.
F. M. ELLIS & CO. ,
Ami Building Superintendents.
Ronm44tOand : 4'Ciltee iliillillii .Oiiialin.Nob. ,
and Itooms2lt and -Mil Murrlnm lllock. Council
lllutr.s , In Correspomleiieoisol lulled.
TinT.I itiw niii , .
Conferees Will Itcportlt Uncle to tlio
WASIUSOTON' , Sept. 2,1. , Late this evening
It was learned that the conferees have
definitely decided to report the bill back to
the house tomorrow. It Is expected that the
report will l > 0 disposed of beioro house ad
journs for the day.
A. Ijlght in Kvory ficrtlt.
To the Chicago , Milwaukee k St. Psiul
raihvuy ielongs the urodit of boiiijj tlio
first In the country to reduce the mutter
of olcctrio llsrhtinp : of tvuins to sciontilio
tiorfcetion. Ono of tlio novel features
introduced in the bleeping1 cars in a
patent electric rending lamp in each
suction. With this luxurious provision
reading at night before and nttor retir
ing1 bccomob as comfortable us by day ,
nnd when retiring' the toilet niuy ho
imulo iti comfort and seclusion. The
berth rending lump in the Pullman
sleeping cars run on the C'hlenpo , Mil-
WiitiKco & St. Paul railway , between
Omaha and Clucayo , la patented , and
cannot bo used by any other railroad
comimnv. It is the trreateat imnrovo-
inent of the aye. Try it and bo con
Sleeping cars lonvo the Union Pacific
depot , Omaha , at 0:10 : p. in. daily , arriv
ing at Chicago tit 0:30 : a. m. Secure
tickets and sleeping car berths at Union
Ticket oillco , 1501 Fnrnum street ( Uarkor
liloulc ) , Onmhn.
J. E. PiiusTON , F. A. NASH ,
i'ass. Agent Gen'l ' AgunL
Sldnoy I tmiiH. 4
SiDXcr , Neb , , Sept. U5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun Dm : . ] The attendance today
at thoChoyeiinorounty fair was nearly lif
ted ! hundred. Farmers largely predomi
nated , The city wns handsomely decorated.
About twenty of the most prominent horsemen -
men orBnnlzed today tlio Western Nebraska
Trotting and I lorso Breeders association.
II. 15. Yeks , a prominent young merchant
married , this ovcnliif , Miss Agnes I oftus ot
North Platto.
i Great auction Bale of lota nt tlio
future county seat of the eastern half of
Knox county , Nobr. , Tluirsilny , Outobor
2. A Bpccinl excursion train will lonvo
Siou.x Olty , In. , Wednesday evening ,
October 1 , ut 7 p. m. for Bloomlleld.
the terminal town of the Randolph
extension of tlio Oirmlui railway. Grunt
auction giilo of lots Tlitirfidiiy , Octoiior 2 ,
at lilootnllold , Knox county , Nebraska.
In the treogninhical center of Knox
county , NabriiHKu , and Hiiro to bo tlio
county seat IH Bloomficld , the tonninal
town of tlio Ilnndolph extension of the
Oinnhti railway. If you wish an ex
cellent opening for business and a
splendid Investmentgot in on tiie ground
lloor and buy u lot at the great auction
sulo at Eloonifiold , Thmvihiy , October 2.
KontuuUy I jo t lory MMCIIUCH Void ,
LOUISVII.I.I ; , Ky. , Sept. 2.1. Attorney On-
oral Ihirdln today gave Auditor Nodman his
opinion on thostantlhiB of the Frankfort and
Henry county lotteries. Ho holds that the
license under which the lotteries claim to
operate Is void , It is loft for the prosecuting
attorney hero to closa the general ofiices of
the lottery under the now law.
j'/ ; .so.v.i M. t'.t iti < iit.t MM.
13. C. Harris , a leading grain and stock
man of Lewis , la. , wusiuOinutm yesterday.
AV , M. Alkman , ono of the leading business
men of Kustls , Xeb , , Is iu the city uud callcu
at Tuu 13ut olllce.
Surgical Institute
AN'I )
Private Hospital ,
Cor , Broadway nncl 2Oth Bts. ,
COUNCIL lii.ut-ra , IOWA.
Forthnlrniitmt'iilnf nllmiiMlcal and chrnnll
d houses and ilKoi i's of tlio lilooil.
1'rlvale ' illse.isosot tlio urinary anil cvirj
orpins , as syphilis , us Hlrluluri1 , cy.-lltls , .perl
inalumiliou * . lest , nmilinnil , M'Minl Impoli'iiot '
and weakness I ruuli'd Hiiccexsfullv ,
I'arlli'iilnr attention paid loillsuaios of tin
Inn ITS , iis Asthma , Consumption , llroncliltln
Catiirrli , Kte. I'nrnlyslH , Kliliioy Discuses ni
Dlaliutcs. lirlglil'MliKunse. Klieiiiiiiitisin. I'l1
Cancer , Vnrloi'isle. llydroi-olo , Drojuy. Tun
lihcasi's nf tinIlyo and Kur. t'lul ) I'
Sjiliinl Cui-vntiii-o nnil iilldfsonsi'sof tlu > lining
\Vo \ have u deimrlmunl dovolud excluslvolj
totho treatment of I'torlno Diseases.
ModlclnuNcntsccuruly pacU-il and frectrou
Corrospomlciico coiillOentliil. Address ;
Surgical. Institute anil Private Hospital
Cur. Ilroiidway and20th Sis. Council IlliiUs , la.
Fall Meeting , October ? to 10 , 189(1 (
© 4.OOO IN
C-l'ur. > o
U-yuar-old Tmtttnx Stake .
. ' ' - .
2'iOTrottlnK-I'ui-.o :
Il-yuar-oltl Trotting Stake
2:113 : Trnttliiu-l'iino 4M
Kii'O-Kor-AllTi'oUiiiis Purse MM
YviirllniTroltlii-j ; Itaeo Stnku. 01
2:30 : TrnltliiB-Purso 401,1
l'reo-l''ii--All ' ) 1'noliis I' WO
' . ' not
Fico-li'or-AII , .Slalllon-l'urso
Nat loniil 'riottiiiBassm'tiitluii rules to irov.
nrn. Kilt rlosclosn Out olmr-l. Stiikurnoo fruu ,
Jlllo traok. J.V. . I'HUKUOV. I'nslil.-nt ,
Counell HI u Its , IOWA.
AUdicss nilcoiiinuiiiteatloiis to
A. U.UIlillS. Soc'iotary.
SIS South lllli tit. , Umalia , .Neb.
AH kinds at DyliiK and Cleaning douu In till'
HlKlicstHtyloof the Art , Kado < l : unl Ktalnod
J-aurlcsiniitlo to look as onil us now. Worlj
liroinptly donu ami dullvuruil In nil parts ui
the country , Somlfor nrlun list.
O. A , MiVUHAX , I'roi ) . , i
013 Uroadwny , Near Noi-lliwchtcrn lopot\
, IA.
J.I ) . UiiMt'.viifiONrros. . u. ti. SIIUOAHT , N'tco-rrok
ClIAllI.UH IL 1I.ANNAN , OllKllll-r.
Or Council Bluffs ,
DililicrnuR-T. A. Mlllor , If , O. Olcason. 1C. li.
Slmiiirl , K. K. Hail , . ) . I ) . KdmiiiKlson c'liurlcd
Ullannitn. Trans.iut gonural lnnlcln I > IIH | .
iicsi. Jjir : i < st capital mid biii-nlus ot an
bank lii.Sdiilhwustorn Iowa.
Council Bluffs & Omaha
H. Bcccroft & Sons. , Props.
Making tlireo trips every day u.xcopt Sui
diy. :
diy.Umnhanfllco nlthn A , Stoivaro Impress flr
Delivery ( ! a , WMl Howard st.
( 'omiell llull's ulliuo , Citl Hroadway. Tolo
l.uivves Council UliilTsO mm 13 n. m. and 1
p. in. Oniivliii , 1 ! ) in.iiiKlD p. in.
Ordcis promptly aUcmlixl to.
Belts , Chest ProtectorsEtc.
OO6 Broad-way , Oounoll Bluffs , la '
OvorO , II. Jacciuuniln k Co'u Jewelry Strca
Comer Main and Ilroadway ,
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