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18WJ wns to Imvo tlio government turn ever
to tlio Wnstorii t'nlon tlm telegraph line * It
) jml built In tlio south during tlio war. Ho
* nys tlm furls nro Hint tlio Western lnIon
lilul nothing to do with thut matter ; tlmt tlm
nolUommil of tno government wns through
tlio wnr department nnil that the Western
t.'nlon Itnd no Intercut whatever nnd no
righto In miy of tlio soutlinrn states ; tlmt
ftaillement * wera mndo with trio houtluvost-
fra tolcgrnph company , ttio Washington nnd
Maw Orleans telegraph cotnanj | nnd ttiu
Amorlriiti inlcgrnph company , in IbOo , nnd
that tlm few linn * which tlio government
hail built- and rebuilt in the couth were
turned ovfir to these companion In payment
/or tlm 1110 of tholr line * which the tfovoru-
iiiOnt Mini Koircd , hold nnd used for three or
four yours for | inllltnry purposes , 1 merely
refer to thin hero no lliutyou cnn niaku clnnr
your ( itntotiiont with regard to it.
Mr. Itnsowator Tlml I * very Interesting
no fnr ns It KOCH , but It does not HO fur
unoiigh. In the flnt place the hondqimrtorit
ot the Unit nil btntos inllltary lolcgruph on
the tlnv when the order puollshcd In this
Imolr , WIIH Issund ( AugustIII , ISMl ) , wns nt
Cleveland nml rot nt tlio war department.
'I'lio order at tlio war department to transfer
tlio milllnrv leli'irrnph HMOS unit oiiulpmouU
to lho telegraph companies wns Issued on
February 1)7 ) , IbfiO. 'llionctol 1SCO , linown
rm the national telegraph not , wns , If I ro-
nomlicr rltrhtlv , passed In July , nnd they
liud turiiud Hint properly ever montlm bo-
toro the net of ISGil wns piuscd : so that the
ntor.V will KO for what It is worth. Huro nro
the fiuitfti
The liiMidiiiiartcrs of the United States
niilltnry lolegraph were nt Cleveland In the
oflleoof the Western Union tolcernpli rom-
puny , nnd Its roinnmndar or ohlor wns the
general superintendent ot the Western
( Jnlnn telegraph cuinpnny , nnd In thin book
In the proof. 1 nsscrt nnd imtlntnln tlmt the
lines of Ilia southern telegraph companies
which uoro iisi.'d against the government
were coiitrnbund of wnr , nnd , by the lnwi
nnd usnjjcs of wnr In every civilized country ,
they would Imvo boon tnhon from these par
lies because they were nsoil against the guv-
nrninoiit with inoro effect tlum bntnlllons or
brigades of soldiers , nnd with morn effect
tlmti batteries of nrvlllory or nny weapons
imod by iin nrmy.
It was hornuao of thcio poctillnr relations
nxiatlng butwcon these telegraph companies
that such Jugirlory wns boldly perpetrated.
Tlio order of r'ubrunry 27 , I8i0 ; , Is missing
nnd In not to bo found among the original
papers In the wnr dcpnrtnionr. I nm In-
forineil tlmt It waslssuod by ( jonornt Thomas
I' ' . ICchcrf , thbii acting secretary of wnr , unit
tlm n.ssoclato of Oonornl Stager In
thoconinmnd of the inllltary tolciritipli corps
nnd who also sustained relations to tlio telegraph -
graph companies tUut'nro wall understood.
From tt.OOO.OOO to ! ICOO,000 Worth of tele-
"ftrnph linen Were absolutely Riven nwav
while thin peculiar comblimtlon Imd control
of the mllltnry telegraph of the United States
nnd manipulated the wires in their own Interest -
torost nnd to the ilotrlinunt of the govern
ment. The American telegraph company
had Kdwln S. Sanforu , Its head , in charge
nn Connor of nil dliimtcho.i. Mr. San ford
wan president of the Adams express company
nnd of tha American toli-grnnh company , nnd
lu ) wns during the wnr coiuor of nil dis
patches that went out of the war department.
In other words , ho hnd the right toj-supproas
wiy news that ontno from the Mold of battle
mul to detain It nn hour , | r niiny , or two
iluvn , nnd nlso thu power to prevent the
transmission of nny dlspatchex tlmt , In Ills
JudKnirnlHoemud Inunlcnl to thoKOvernincnt.
PuritiK tlml period dispatches were received
in the department every half hour from
the New York uxchnnpo * . K'viiiK ' the quota-
tloim of Kold nnd iniotatliffi of itloolis , which
were promptly handed to Mr. tianford.
When nra nrmlcs wcro defeated Kiikl wont
up nnd MOclts went down. When there WIIH
n union victory Kohl wont down nnd stocks
went up. Tin ) who could delay tlio pub *
llelty of that fart for iinlf n day had n very
iiiakMiltli'diit oppertunlty for nmn Hliif ; nn
, Imiiinm ) amount of wealth. 1 mamtnln tlmt
no one , no mnttcr on which si do ot the war
Iiu might hnvu been , wouin Juttlfy the con-
duel of thcKd companies mut tlm innnnor In
\vhlch the wires vvoro II n ally iimnlpulnted so
n to vicld thu largest rovcnuo to them while
the Kovornmoul expended millions of
dollars tor tclccranh facilities. Mr.
( Irium'tt letter , us I understand it , says
tlmt thpy wuro very seriously Interfered
wiui in ino souiiicrn ninies. 'i no govern-
inont really rebuilt their "ramshneklo"
wires , nnd built better wires for them than
tlipy ever had before. 1 wns down there In
1W\I \ In Tcnnciflou nnd Alabama , nnd I was
In Nnthvlllo when the union nrmy cantnrcd
tlio city. 'I ho government reinstated their
wires nnd placed thorn In IIrut elnss condi
tion. A" "tu commercial dispatches sent
during the wnr over their wires were paid
nt the full toll rate , And the soldier who
nont n mcssnco to his fnmlly puid full rates.
The only UKO the government hnd of thcso.
wires wn& simply fnr the transmission of
nrmy orders , nnd tlmt was dona by its own
military operators. Then nn to the patents
widen they say wuro violated. What pat-
ontsl Tlio telegraph wns discovered in
18.17. If Prof , Morse hnd nnv patent for
ntrlnglni ; tclogrnph wires on American soil
It must hnvu uxplrod within twenty-one
years of that dale. I cnnuolHoo how nnyono
was prevented or could huvo oeou prevented
from bulldlnc just ai many wires in nny
part Of this country as they pleated. 'I ho
only possible patents tlmt might hnvo boon
interfered with wcro them upon BOIIIQ In *
Rtruincnts. Hut oven the patents on ordi
nary lustrtliuents had run ou : by 1801.
.Now , I say for myself , with what knowl
edge 1 hnvu of the telegraph , that I would
rather trust the government of the United
States than any private corporation or nny
nmmigcr of any privnto corporation. Wo
Imvo been told , for Instance , tlmt election
riots In New York were nt lonst prevented
by the telegraph company giving ; nut the
Itropur news to the people ix to the ruiultlof
the election of IbS-l. What right has the
telegraph company to bulletin election news
or nny other newsl Would the govern
ment of the United Stnti-s. If the tcicgrnph
Imd been under Its control , publish on bul
letins nnd ilvo nwny nuy Intclllgrnco trans
mitted over Its wlrosl Would they vtolnto
the mails ami open letters which contained
Huch Intullitfoncol Would nuy express com-
l > iwV open the packagcn that go through
tlioir liiiniUI Are not telegraph companies
merely nubile cnrrlurs entrusted with trans-
inlltmg I'orvespendeneol
Hut ihoahowinir IH here tlmt the telegraph
company roonlved $ , IWO for olccium ue\s'
In 1NV.K KlRhty-elght tboutnnd dollars fnr
what ! For selling returns of stnto elections
nnd eongrcsslotml iMcotionn nt different stn-
tlons , peddled out to pool rooms , delivered nt
the theatres nnd nt prlrnto resorts of every
description. Tlmt U not , In mv , oplnlon.itho
runctlon of the telegraph nirtt never Ishould
Dr. Cireou nt ono tlino testlllod that the
\Voitdrn I'lilon i the only camn.-xn.v in this
country that docs lint doul In news ; nnd yet
they huvo dertlt In news to the extent of $ * $ , -
000 worth of election returns. Now. suppose
that Mr , J. ( Jould wns very deeply Inter
ested In election returns , would ho bo los
formidable limn any postmaster ircnornl or
than nny man interested In the outcome of an
election I 1 question It. And yet , I do not
tnsut tlml the government shall aporatu nil
the wire * , although In my opinion U would
b lx st > t it worn done. Hut If wo cannot do
lhat , the next best thing is to dovl o miino
pl.tu to connect tha oostal cervico with tha
talegrni > h service , nnd glvo the pooplu the
widest latitude m telegraph faculties. It has
beea naked here whettier or not a telegraph
toll of less than the pivtanl rate would
lia romunerntlve , I haw compiled
AH ctluuntd of thaexKiusa | amlcarnlng ot
n wire oiHratei ) nt a moderata speed. A tlrst
class operator C.IA Iratuum by the Morse In
strument forti- words pt > r mmuto At nn
average ot thirty words pcnmmuo hotonA \
transmit 1MX , ) word * In nn hour , or I'MWJ '
\vot\U in a day of nine hours. Computing
e ch uies ace nl thirty words and the rate
ivsr me * .ico at 15 cents ho would curn for
the eompauv t VVlo a slay ,
Mr Liinghara That presuppose * coullnu-
ous work I
. Mr. Hose water Yes. sir ; but I have dis
counted Hint. A tlrst class oMralor | cnn send
fort- words a minute , but 1 hrvvo only cal
culated it at thirty.
Mr , Hlnpham You arts going oil the bails
ot continuous work ami ihcrutoro continuous
Mr. Hosowaier Yo , sir. I w rales will
luaka continuous business. Computed at 10
cents t > or eissp of thlrVl' words , thfl wlro
would cam ( . 5.40 a day. Thu s\ltrlei ot
the two OMrator * , ouo to rcoclvo and one to
end , at M a day , juid four ta > sscr.c rs to do
llver th- ) business at $ t u da.\\ I to eauii mci-
tJjugcr. m k a total expcnw ot $10 n daj %
Mr. ChcAdlc How much do you compute
the salaries to be I
Mi. Itosuwater Threa dollars & day.
Mr. GaedteUd i th Weslorn Union
company pay M a day to IU operatort
4. Mr. lie * < 9waier Th y do to some ot them.
Mr , Cheadle 1 liv In a town ot BO.IXW
peopU and they ray their owrator ( . a
, lUODlh
t Wr uotercaler I bavo purpocom ! -
putod It at tlio highest rntoi paid by the
company , nnd also nllow Tory liberally lor
the mosjougor sorvlco. 1 nllow in for blnnks
nnd rnvolopos , nnd tlmt I * very liberal.
There thnn roiimlus frio. 10 cJoar gain per day ,
cmml for lllil worKlng dnys In the yenr to
IH.iy.'i.'JO , Deduct from this sum | inOi" > .UO
for tha Incidental expenses , ropalrs
to the lines , etc. , nnd wo will have
(5,000 n year from the oiwrr.llons of
thnt ono wlro , or 10 per cent on nn
investment of > 0X)0 , ( ) capital. At the rnto
of thirty tliron wonla a uilnuto , or " ,000
wonls per hour , n Morse line operated with
duplex Instruments for ten hours a day
would earn f.'OO per day. Operated as a
rpiadruplox lU earning uapaoity would bo
f too per day of ton hours , or ( Ow per dnytf
fifteen hours , manned by two operators ,
working nn nvorngo of sovcn nnd n Iinlf
hours each per dny. The expense would bo ;
Klght oirarators nt $ . ' 1 per day , ; Hlxtnaii
mcsi < onierst { I n day each 910 ; four oftlco
olcrks4 ii day cncli , (3 ; blanks nnd envelopes -
volopes , f ! ) ' , totnt ( .Vt. Coiupntliii , ' on n word
bii'Ui for apcclnl nowx Borvlcont ona-thlrd of
n cent per xvord , or tlio nvcrngo nowspapar
rnto for night service , nnd 13,00 ! ) words per
hour for nlno hours , would bo tOO u dny , nt
iiL'iilnttt two opnrntors , which would ccstfll ,
mossunKorn ? 'J , nnd paper fJ : total , 910 ,
Icnvlugn net income per dny from a wire
operated at oiio-thlrd of n cent per word
ot MO.
Mr. lllnelmm Arc wo to conclude from
the sintomont thnt you have made , showing
thut profit , tlml the government rates ara
too hight
Mr. Hosowntor I simply sutrgost thnt i10
or 15 cent rate would ba romunurntlvo to the
government , or to nnybody ulsa who was
working the wires.
Mr. Dlnglmm Do you think tlmt amount
of buslncsH would coma to the government
anvo In vary largo offices (
Mr. Hosowntor If you will send your
committed to Now York you will observe I
wan in tholr ofllco ou baturdny that they
nro kept pretty busy , right ulonjr.- The
oporaturH huvovery IlttlorcHt.
Air. nuighain The ipiostlon I am putting
to you Is would it not bu only In the very
Inrgu office * where this continuous wort ;
would bo c.irricd on I
Mr. Uosawatcr In Innra cities this contin
uous work would bo carried ou. Hut it these
places wcnl to keep the line going nil the
tlmo there would bo no chailco for the Intor-
moillivtu places to do nuy business nt nil.
There would necessarily hnvo to bo itntno-
dlalo wires lo do the way station business.
1 will now uls'o you something from a prac
tical standpoint. I hnvo In my hand the pro-
cocdltigi of the eighth minimi meeting ot the
national hoard of trndo hold In Wellington
In 1SS3. During the discussion of the pqstnl
telegraph measure , Mr. Pope , n Chicago
merchant , made nn exhibit of what tholr ox-
purloncc hnd boon In running u chcnp telegraph -
graph Riirvica between Chicago nnd Mllwnu-
kco. The \Yoitern Union WIIH uhnrgmg thorn
for mcssagei between Chicago nnd Milwau-
Iteo UO cents for ten words , so Umy ostab-
llshcd n system of tholr own between these
cities. Mr. 1'opo saysVo : were not al
lowed to build our lines along the railroads
on account of aoino iiorc of Frco Maionr.v
existing butweon the railroad companies nnd
the Western Union company , nnd wo Imd to
resort to the common highway. After wo
hnd built our line wo reduced the rnto from
20 to 10 rents. Immcdlatoly upon our doing
HO the Western Union reduced its rates Irom
20 ci-nts to 5 cents.Vltli tlmt 5 cent rnto
wo paid n dividend In ono your as high us(0 (
per rent , nnd In two years wo wiped out the
rntiro cost of the capital Block of that , linu ;
thnt Is to any , the whole sum was refunded
to us. "
Now this is from the practical standpoint
nnd will not be gainsaid. The fact la time
tlio consolidations which hnvu nlw.iya fol
lowed competition between telegraph com
panies In thl * country have made thu plnnts
of the companies excessively costly , while
upon .tlio uapitall/ntion which the plants
represent tlm dividend would iieem to bo
rathar small. It U notorious , hovyovor , tlml
there Imvo boon enormous profits accumu
lated In this business. 1 will Illustrate. In
1801 congress clmrtorud the 1'iicltlo tele
graph company , to be built from Omaha to
ijncrnmouio nml to connect with n short line
existing from Sacramento to tinn Francisco.
Congress provided $10,000 per ntitnun as a
subsidy for ten years , or in nil $400,000.
Mr. r.lnnnt VVlmt vimr U'us ttnitl
Mr. Kosowutor In 1801. Tuo subsidy
was paid nnnuilly , nmnunting to $10,000 per
annum , on the condition Hint thu company
should conlino Its fates between thoMissouri
river nnd the Paeitlu ocean to $ . ' 1 for ten
words nnd ghould carry the governmental
business free of charge. Now , the superin
tendent of tha telegraph company who con
structed tno greater portion of that line had
quite an Investment In Itnnd out ot that line
for every 15 cents ho invested ho got M
when ho got through mid it was turned ever
to the Western Union company. I was the
manager of tha line for a number of years
and was expected , of course , to send the
government service free of charge between
the Missouri river. and the Pacific
ocean , The lines ran 'from Onmlm to Fort
Kuarncy. then to Julvsburg. then loLnramlc ,
by way of South Pass anil Salt Lake City.
But a very short time nftor they Imd built
their line they diverted n part of the line or
built a loop from Julosburg around by way
of Douvor nnd thunco north. If the govern
ment hnd any service to do , we charged more
around by tlmt loop thnn we charged from '
Omalm to San Francisco. While our rates
from Onmlm to San Francisco were never
higher thnn J.T for n ten-word mossngi' , our
rates to Dover were JI.JO , lo Iletunu , Mont. ,
* ti , nnd to points ou this side of iho coast
correspondingly exorbitant , The arbitrary
methods of these companies nml the lack of
general regulation Is strikingly shown at
that tlmo In iho fact that while Irom Omaha
to Bun Francisco , n distance of 1.700 miles ,
our rnlo wns W , from Omaha to Now York ,
a distance of 1,400 uillcs , it waa ? . * > 03.
We charged from Onmlm to Chicago , n ills ,
tnncrt of 600 miles , $3.55 , From Council
Bluffs to Now York , a distance ot live miles
lost than lo Omaha , we charged $3.03. From
Council Bluffs to Chicago , a distance ot live
miles less than from Omaha lo Chicago , wo
olmrged $1,55 , n difference of W.UO on every
ten word message In favorot Council Bluffs.
I have known people lo get on the stngu
coach , pay 75 cenls faro from Omaha across
the river and 7" . cents back , making * 1.60.
and save M cents on a ton word message to
Chicago. m
Mr. Bmgham Wlml wns tholdon of thatl
Mr. Uosewater I can not say , only thai
Ihere wens iwo companies and they Pretended
tended not to connect or to compete. The
laws of the United Stales require Ihe tele
graph companies 10 transmit government
business ahead of every oilier business ; but
they never Imvo done It , Thuy did not do
It on the Paclllo telegraph line and they
have tint dona It on any oilier telegraph line.
A message known us C. N. D , , or Iho Com
mercial News department. Is put upon tha
wire nnd it has precedence ever everything.
U ranks everybody's busmoas. Wo notice
thai the \ \ usiorn Union last year received ,
from the Commercial News service some
thing like MSO.OOO for one year. Thnt Com-
moivlul N'lHvs service originated In a little
jobbing scheme , Durlni * tlionr quotations
or gold ami m certain MOCKS were sold to
banker * mid speculators. They charged so
iiuioli u month for those quotaiions and they
were expedited ahead of everybody's busi
ness. whether mossapa for tha government ,
doatu mcssngcs or anything olio. Kvont- '
iially these quotations nuulo a nucleus
around which they built up what they called
they News dop.irlmmit. It U n
sort of n circle within a circle ,
I'lhe argument of Mr. Hosowalor will bo
concluded in tomorrow's Uauo. |
It os nit oTn Mlnulaceil Swltnli ,
NASiiviu.r , Tonn. , March SI. A mls-
plaoca switch ou the Louisvlllo & XathvlUa
road In this city caused ihe wreck ot several
rrelghl cars unl iho death of Iwo colorea
men , beside * Injuring several others ,
Trolglit car * wore huric4 clour across Col-
logu street , slrlklnc the wailing rooms
Wherein were n Uirco number of women and
children awaiting tuo train. None were
iriously Injured ,
Tliojr All IMoailctL Not .
KKW Yonit , March 24. The baton of
dcpulj- sheriff * and ex-Warden Keatiiip , of
Ludlow street jail , indicto.l by the grand
Jury fer malteaianco In oftlcis xvero in court
today , t-.ach enlonxl a plea of not guilty.
Will Stnml ICaher.
ToxiWAXui , N , v. , March 3l. The
Kvangolloal coo ferenco bore pasted a rosoj
latioa condomnlBg the action ot the ministers -
tors at Heading la HUtiop Kshcr' * case and
announcing iu detertuloatloa la uphold the
bishop ,
Nir Yonir , March 34. The OeniTCsstonol
ImmlKratlon commllteo , after an luipectlon
of various i > olnu rcvurut to Washington
tanlcht. Kills Uland U most favored by the
committee for an laimiuraal dei > oi ,
Iowa , Rouublloina Want Another
Popular Vordlot on Prohibition.
Hliort Kosslon of Moth UrAnclic * ofllio
liOKltlntnra The lllvcr Jmnil
Xnx QncHtlon Oihor Hawk-
cyo No\v .
Icitvn'n Prohibitory
DCS MUINCS , la. , March 21. ( Special Tel
egram lo Tun Htcu.1 The first stop In the
movement for the rouihmlsslon of the pro
hibitory question to the people wn * taken
today. Uoprosontatlvo Hood Introduced In
the house u Joint resolution for the resubmission -
mission of the prohibitory amendment to the
constitution. It Is similar to the amendment
which was adopted in ISSa. but afterwards
doclaroJ invalid for some technical error In
Its passngo through the legislature. This
proposed nmondment introduced today pro-
vldoa for the manufacture ns well tis thosnlo
of llitior | for cortnm prooor purposes , such ns
medicinal nnd mechanical , in case iho mnnu
fncturo nnd Biilo ns n huvorngo is prohlbltod
'I'horo Is n strong aontlinont In fnvor of ro- .
BUbmlsslon. Many of the republican lend
ers say it Is the only thing they can do under
thu present nlluatton , If Iho republican
party ropoaH prohibition they say thnt the
prohibltlonlstH will form iv largo third party.
if It doesn't modify the law they sny the liberal -
oral republicans will leave nnd the democrats
will carry the stato. Hut If they submit it to
the peoiilo , nioro people will
bo disposed to nblde t by the
result. If this proposed amendment is
passed by tlm nnd the next legislature it
would bo submitted to the people ntn special
election early In 181U , Jnst ton years after
tlio Ural amendment wns voted upon.
The Uivor Imiul Tnxos.
Fotvr DODOC , la. . March 21. LSoooial
Tologrutn to THE Ban. ] Edward H. Lltch-
Hold , the principal owner of the so-called
rlvor land In Webster , Hamilton nnd Uoono
counties , today ga.vo notlco of his applica
tion for an Injunction to restrain the treas
urers of the counties from collecting taxes
on the lands from him. Ho objects to pay
ing the tnxos on the ground that the titloof
lands is In litigation nud the tnxos nre not
collectible until nftor the United Stales suit
to decide the ownership is settled. His ap
plication will probably bo granted. It will
bo argued before Judge Shlras
nt Council Hlultn. March 20. Lltch.
field Is ono of tbo largest
land owners In the state. The taxes on
thcso river lands nlono amount to $10,000 per
year In Webster. Hamilton nnd Hoono
counties. Litchllold 1ms already paid nearly
$ JOO,000 taxes on the laud without protest ,
nnd | IH ! present nction Indicates that his
confidence in tnu company's tltlo to the rlvor
lands is somowhut shaken.
A Doctor Cluuxml With Jturitur.ivi
D.WESi'OUT. In. , March 21. I Special Telegram -
gram to TUB HUE. ] Dr. J. A. Kold was nr-
rested hero last night , nnd is now conlinod in
tlio county Jail on n charge of murder. The
mnttor uuon which the chnrgo is made
grow ? out of the death of n young woman
named Clara Matthews , upon whom it is al
leged Dr. Kold performed tin operation of
noortmn resulting fatally. The victim carao
hero from Manitoba two years ago In com
pany with a well known lady of this city ,
who was attracted by the intollieenco and
neat uppo.iraneo of the girl she wns trying to
help. On Thuradny last the dyiiif ; womnn ,
in. the presence of four witnesses , Including
the acting county attorney , made an ante-
mortem statement. It outers Into nil the
possible details of the case. Dr. Koid has
practiced here for years , no roiusai 10
make any statement for uublicnllon.
DES MOINES , la. , March SI. Both houses
Were in session only about half an hour this
mornlug. lu the sonata the ways and means
comnnttco reported on the receipts and ex
penditures of the past half year , aim esti
mated receipts and expenditures for the next
biennial period. The receipts for the half
year ending March 31 worn $1,051,012 ; dis
bursements , $337,201 ; balance on hand. In
cluding balance over from preceding six
months period , $177,000. nud warrants out
standing , $ ' 'i ; ! 2tH , leaving nn actual debt of
$ o4,2o < ) . It is estimated thnt the receipts on
u basis of n 'J mill levy will bo during the
next biennial period $ . ' 1.11)7,200 ) , and ordinary
disbursements $ 'J,4S."i,700. leaving n surplus
of $711,500. Hut this will bo decreased by
interest nud the present indebtedness to fGCG-
000. A number of petitions wora presented
111 the sonata asking for the retention of
the prohibitory law , reform In school
books etc. Hills introduced were : To
provide for Insurance to citizens of Iowa
without loss ; to provide for contracting for
nud the purchase of school text books , ; to
protect laborers nnd minors in mines ; to II x
comuonsatioii fur road supervisors. Ad
In thaMiouso the majority of petitions pre
sented wore In favor of state uniformity of
text books , nnd asking for a change in the
exemption law. A joint resolution providing
for the resubmlssioii of tlm quesllon of pro
hibition to the people by menus of n consti
tutional nnicmlmont was presented ; nlso
ono asking for reform In the monetary sys
tem ot the country. Adjourned.
Dnnth oT n Well Known Iniinnnr.
MASON CITV , la. , March 24 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bins. ] licorgo K. Palmer , one
of the oldest engineers on the Chicago , Milwaukee
waukeo it St. Paul railway , nnd ono of the
most popular , died suddenly In this city to
day from auoploxy.
Fntnl Holier
CAIRO , 111. , March 21. Saturday evening a
boiler in n saw null owned by W. A.
Headlcs , near Wlckliife , ICy. , exploded , de
molishing the mill nnd klllinu ; John Dennis
and Frank Parker , mill hands. It. J. .Tune-
son , cnglnear , will probably dio. nnd William
Nutico , Joliu McCawIuy nnd William Sulli
van were slightly Injured. Tha causa of the
accident is unknown
NKW Yonic , March 21. By the explosion
of u sawmill near hero Knginecr Mattliows
was killed nnd several other employes badly
hurt ,
, ionlouny unuHCH .iwo uenthA.
HEW LANDS , Cal. , March .M. Early this
morning several shots were hoard la the
hallway of the Windsor hotel nnd Manager
McCenkey was found dying with n bullet
wound In his breast , A rifle wns lying near
him nml It was supposed he hnd loaned upon
it nnd suicided. In n few minutes , however ,
the body of N. C. tireshnm , foreman of the
Caligraph. ( newspaper ) was found In thu
parlor with u bullet wound through the
heart and a pistol lu his hand. The thoor.v
U that MoCoiiKoy shot Gtoslmm nnd then
suicided. Jealousy over a woman U sup
posed to be the cause.
A Cool Murdoror.
ST. Louis , March SI , Cecil English , nn
ex-driver , boarded n Washington avenue
street car this afternoon and shot Conductor
Thomas FiUgorald deud. He then took the
reins from the driver , drove iho car up 10
the stables and was arrested , lie cUlma
that Fitigorald was Intimate with his wife ,
Throe ladles on iho car were torrlblv excited
ever Iho tragedy , and one of them fainted ,
ALmrqnitiQiK , N , M. , March SI. Wilson
Waddlughnm , the millionaire c.ittlo king ,
ng.ilnst whom sensational divorce procooJ-
Inps wore brought in Chicago some timoaco ,
secured a divorce at Springer , Saturday , and
the same evening married Miss Barrow of
L-a $ Vegas.
A' National t < u * > .
l.iNsixo , Mich , , March 34. The botanical
labrfttory was destroyed by fire last nlht ; ,
Oio only things saved bolng Dr. Deal' *
library umnuscrlpla and tome IiulrumouU.
The labratory was ono ot the larg st on this
conllncut and the roUeotiaa desiroyod was
priceless , representing UvontyMlvo
HI Mi.
It t'rovokm fP'KWor DlHCiiMHlon In
wo snimta.
WASIIIS'OTOM , t { trrcli | { ill. In the sennto
today sovornl petittims against the ratlllcn-
lion of the cxtraMiti6n treaty with Kussla
hnvlng boon protaittcd from Massachusetts
nnd Missouri Mfljfljpnr said that ho would
onca more rnlMitbo iiuestlon ns to ihelr
prosantalion In op ch , nossion. After some
dobnto the polnt'of ' nVder was withdrawn by
Mr. Hoar for thojy ijo Tic Ing.
Mr. Hoar , frooj th.'n commltteo on privi
leges nnd elections' . ) reported four resolutions
on privileges nnd V)0rtcll | ) four rosolutlons
In the cases otj" fersons claiming omits as
senators ftoni tfyp' tnto of Montana , two
of them declaring that Clark nud McOlnnls
wcro not entitled to tholr soots and iho other
two declaring thut Maunders nud Poivors
wors entitled to their scats. Kcsolutlons
from thu minority of tlio committee making
opposite declarations were reported , and all
wore ordered printed.
Mr. Hoar gave notlco tlmt ho would ask
the semite to consider them Thursday next ,
The House bill appropriating $ .10,000 for a
public building at Fremont , Nob. , was ro.-
ported nnd passed with n.subttituto und ucon- ,
feronco was ordered with the house so ns to
iniiko this all public building bills correspond
spend in form.
The bill to dcclnro"dnlawful trusts nnd
combinations In restraint of trade nnd pro
duction was taken up and Mr. Turplo dis
cussed the constitutional points involved.
Mr. George opposed the amendment of
fered by Mr. Huagiui. being bis anti-trust
bill.Mr. . Teller said ho was Inclined to vote for
the bill although ho was not Biingiiino of its
accomplishing Its purooso. Unless ino states
took hold ot the question and suppressed
these trusts by limiting ; the amount
of capital that can bo" aggregated In
nny corporallon the trouble would continue.
The bill , he said , would npply to the
Farmers' ' nlllnnce and the National Farmers1
longno , which was organized with the avowed
purpose of Increasing the prlco of farm pro
ducts , a thing which ho regnrdod ns most
desirable and as absolutely essential to the
prosperity of the country. Ho ivns extremely
anxious to take hold o4 and to control those
grout trusts nnd combinations of capital
that wcro distributing the commerce of the
country. He aid not want , however , to BO
to the extent of Interfering with organiza
tions which ho tnbiight were absolutely
justlllod by the rcm'arknblo condition of
things in the country.
Mr. Uoorgo referred to the Knights of
Labor us another organization that would
come within the scope of the bill bucauso
the object of the order was to Incronsn wages
nnd consequently to increase tlio cost of pro
Mr. Teller admitted that the Knights of
Labor and all the trades unions of ttio couu *
try were practically included m the bill nnd
suggested to the committee which reported
the bill whether it could not bo so worded as
to contlnu It to trusts that wcro offensive to
good morals. '
The discussion than drifted to the nmond
ment offered by Mr , Uig'ills , aimed at deal
ings in futures and options.
Mr. Sherman opposwl it as not in harmony
with the bill , as proposing n tax , which
could not dridnata m the senate , nnd as not
having been considered by tno committee.
Ho also opposed Mr. Houijnn's nmondment
und pleaded for the passage of the bill as re
ported from the llnanco committee.
Mr. Stewart said the bill was uuc6nstltu-
Mr. Hoar crltlcizotlltha bill lu some of its
legal aspects and claimed that it failed to
afford nny udciiu.itd remedy. *
Mr. Sherman ropHod to Mr. Hoar and said
that if the duty oa common clothes was too
low to protect the manufacturers of Massa
chusetts , not n month or a day would bo al
lowed to pass bJforo Mr. Hoar would de
mand n remedy In the way of raising the
duty , Here wasdft.iromcdy for n greater
wrong than any whicU had resulted from too
low a tariff. T&OI farmers' associations
throughout the country could not BOO the
source of the ovll/buO they demanded a rom-
odynnd Iholr doiimudihnd to bo heard. The
power of congress vtn * , tbo only power that
could deal with thOS > u oriioratlon < < ,
MrGoorge n-skcdaNfr. * t > hernmn whathor
the Standard oil company was not a corpor
ation under thu law of Ohio nnd whether
the legislature ot lhat state could not annul
Its charter. >
Mr. .Sherman replied that the Standard
oilcomnany hnd been originally organized
with the modest capital of S-'OO.OOO , but
there were forty or filly companies in other
states combined with it. He had been In
favor of n general law declaring certain
contracts null and void , but had modlllcd the
proposition to meet the views of others who
thought no was going too fur , and now iho
objection to the bill was Us weakness , but
it was n weakness drawn Into the bill by the
objections inadeln tha senate.
Mr. Vest aimed some sarcastic toumrks at
Mr. Sherman denying thai there was iinv-
thiuic iu that senator's cureer that iravo him
tlio right to assume time ho had discovered
the remedy and tlio only road to success
against combinations , , Ho ( Vast ) objected
to the bill bccuusu In his judgment it would
effect nothing.
Mr. lliscock spoke against. the bill as not
promising nny relief.
The bill wont over ; until tomorrow without
nction. After an executive session the sen-
am adjourned.
WASiuxaiON' , March 21. In the house to
day Mr. Cannon of Illinois , from the com
mittee on rules , reported a resolution mak
ing the world's fair bill the special order for
tomorrow morning , immediately after the
reading of the Journal , the previous question' '
to bu considered as ordered atI o'clock. The
resolution was adopted *
Mr. Henderson of Iowa , from tha com-
tnlueo on npproprmtions , reported back the
urgent doilcionuy bill with senate amend
ments t hereto with the recommendation that
certain of those amend monts bo concurred
in und that certain others bo non-concurred
In , The amount npproprinlnd by Iho bill
was $ J4JO,000 , of which $ , $74,000 was for
ihe benefit ot the old soldiers of the country ,
Thu iccotumciidaiions of tlio commliloo
were agreed to nnd a conference was or
dered , Tha iloor was then accorded to thu
commltteo on District of Columbia. Tbo
Itock creek bill was considered , but no no
tion was taken and tha house adjourned.
An Important Dncislon.
WASIUXUTOX , March 24. The supreme
court of the United States affirmed the
judgement of tha circuit court of the eastern
district of Virginia granting a writ of habeas
corpus to William. Lonny , convicted In ono of
the suite courts of perjury. Lonc.v. it wivs
nllogod , s\voro filsolv lu giving before a
notary public testimony to bo used iu the
A'lrglnm conlosicd election cose of Wmliioll
vs Wise. The court eaj's testimony in con
gressional contostau cfoclion case's is given
in obodioiico lo tlio ; jlaws ot the United
States and uot' Mf , the state and
tuo " accused " "fchpuld have been
tried before life federal court nnd
not Itaforo tlio Rtuto.court , Justice Gray , In
delivering the oplutSti , says : ' The admin
istration by iiatluhaL tribunals would bo
greatly embarnusoJ \ $ the witness testily-
ing before the UnllOjVStnlos , court wore ll : -
bio to prosecution lU-tlio stale court whore
local passion or iiroiudieo might prevail. "
Justice I ! ray roveripd' ihe judgtnoot of the
game court , granUi&n. ! wrltof habeas corpus
to Charles Gri > cnjjQ'livIcto l of fraudulent
voting nt iho last ) | election. Jus-
tlci Gray holds Jui\t Grccn' offense Is a
mate- matter , amr iya : "Although prei
donltal oloclors nro. uupolntcd In pursuance
of Iho constitution tfieV nr < ) no more agents
of the Unirod Stataa'jfliaa are members of
state legislatures a liajt us elector * for
senators. "
Sho. Wns tin Yfnia OKI.
LBVMSXWOUTII , ICau , Marcn fit. iSpiclal
Telegram to TUK BBS. ] Mrs. Aim Ferry
dUxl this afternoon at St , John's hospital at
Iho very remarkable atro of ono hundred nnd
thirteen years , Mrs. Ferry had bocc n resi
dent of this city since 152 , nnd for many
years was cared for by thoSi tersef Charity
of St. Jotm'a hospital. Her ago Is autheoU-
Cuted by documents In her possession at the
ttuie ot death.
MrsIlnrrUnn In the South.
ATLANTA , Ga. , March 21-Mn. Harrison
and | > arly were entorlalnoJ by Governor
Bullocit today and tonight were tenderoi
a rocuDtton at the cipiUiL Tomorrow thejf
go to Chattanooga too look over the battlefields -
fields la ttiat violuity.
The Asbourno Aot with a Few
Dnvltt I'ronniinccfl Against It ns n
Imndlord Alanimrr (31 nils t ono
Views Itwith SiiHplolcm
Oilier Co in in out.
A Landlord Kollof Solioinr.
LONDON ; March ' 4. Iu the commons to
day Matlhows , homo secretary , lo reply tea
a qucstlou by Labouchcro , denied that Inspector
specter JUUICH had over gene Into business
at Del Norlo , Cal. , near Sheridan's rnncbo ,
for the ptirposo of gleaning evidence to
bo placed buforo tha Pnrnclt commission.
Uulfour introduced n bill for the purchase
of land In Ireland nnd for the Improvement
of the poorer and moro congested districts.
Tbo bill also provides for thu establishment
of an Irish laud department. Balfour said
m proposing the formation of a land depart
ment there were now no fewer than Ilvo
bodies lor the valuation nnd snlo of laud.
The bill proposed un amalgamation of thcso
into ono body. Regarding the nuc -
lion , "Ought the land purchase
bill bo compulsory 1" the government
answered no. Compulsion should Do
used most sparingly , [ ironical Irish cheers ]
but when justified li necessity It should bu
applied. Compulsion could not bauno-sidcd ,
It they compelled the landlords to sell they
must force the tenants to buy. Thu must
cogent reason against compulsion was that
they could not muko a bill compulsory with
out applying it lo tha whole ol Ireland. The
government saw no possibility of tha imme
diate consummation of sucli an enormous
transaction as the compulsory transfer of
the whoo land of IrclandUrom the existing
owners to the existing occupiers. "Ought
they to throw nny risk upon the British tax *
uayorl The government answered , no.
Still British credit under perfectly secure
conditions must bo used. In dealing with
the question of advances to tenants to
cnablo them to purchase , the government
had decided against advancing moro
than twenty years' rental , moaning
rent from which had been deducted -
ducted tha local rates now paid
by the landlords. Balfour than went on at
gicat length to explain the schema of secur
ity funds , the matter being very complicated.
The bill In largo portion is the Ashbourno
act Improved nnd with additions requiring
security for purchases , etc. After an elab
orate financial detail showing how the Im
perial exchequer was secured ngainst default -
fault , Balfour said it was impossible
unless there was u repetition of the
famlnu of IS 10 that tuo guarantees
affecting the poor law and the education
grants would ever bo approached. It is de
signed to use } per cent from the tenants'
ntuiual ocr cents payment ns a fund for the
erection of laborers' dwellings. A grant of
1,500,000 from the Irish church surplus
would bo devoted to relieving congestion ,
fostering industries nnd ameliorating the
condition of the poor districts. Balfour In
concluding defended the scheme us without
risk to the imperial tax payer , while the
33,000,000 advanced under the bill with the
10,000,000of Ashbourno act would establish
a perpetual fund from which future pur
chases of tenants might bo made.
Gladstone bald the schcmo was becoming
very complicated nnd thanks wcro duo to
Balfoui- for the obvious pains ho had tukcn
In its preparation. It was premature , ho
added , to discuss the involved proposals of
the bill. The bill passed the lirst readme.
The landlords nro to receive government
stock at UJ/ per cent iutercst , payable lu not
less thnn thirty years und to bo exchange
able for consols wherever preferred.
Under tbo clot nro rules the allotments bil I
passed the ilrst reading in the commons to
night ,
Comment on the
LONDON , March 34. Gladstone , tonight in
u speech at' the National Liberal club , spoke
of Balfour's laud purchase bill as a bold
measure which involved the British
taxpayers' assuming a larco liability ,
nnd demanding a searching investigation.
Koforrlng to iho Parncll commission , he
could uot conceive of any shorter method of
suicide than adopted by the house of lords in
approving the raport. The tory majority
hnd invented political methods as new
fangled ns they were abominable.
The Dally News , speaking of the land
purchase bill , says ouo .thing stands out
clearly , that British credit umy bo pledged
to the extent of i'W.OOO,000 : , for the benefit
nominally of the Irish tenant , but really for
the bcnciit of the Ir sh landlord. The News
says the voice was Balfour's , but thu hand
wns Goschon's.
Parnoll says the bill Is absurd nnd objuc-
tionable In the highest degree , ono fatal de
fect being that it gives no local control over
its administration.
Davitt pronounced against the bill as an
insidious proposition to give the landlord
moro thnn the vnluu of his lands.
The Times does not commit it-self , not hav
ing studied Iho bill , but thinks ou the whole
it scorns to prompt the creation ot u peasant
proprietary on u very largo scale without in
volving the British exchequer in thu risk.
Doings oT ttio IjiUior Conference
. Williclm's TclCKriiin.
BKIILIN , March 21. The committee of Iho
labor conference has agreed thnt each coun
try shall ba left to decide tbo best method of
securing the shortening of the tiours ot labor
in trades dangerous to health or life. The
Sunday commltteo will propose that all
states shall agree to identical measures ro- '
latinc to Sunday rest
Tha Woiumrischa Xcitung says the em
peror sent the following telegram to nn Inti
mate friend Saturday : "I hnvo indeed suf
fered bitter experiences and painful hours.
My heart is ns sorrowful us It 1 had nguia
lost my grandfather , but Ills so npiwlntod to
me by God aud has to ba boruu even tnough
I should fall under the burden. The post of
odlcer of the watch on the ship of stuto has
fallen to my lot. Her course remains the
same. So now full steam. Ahead. "
General van Schollcndorf has been ap
pointed to command the Tenth army corps
to succeed Caprivl.
'Count William Bismarck the youngest son
of Prince Bismarclr , has resignoj the presi
dency of the regency of Hanover.
Tlio Knipirnr' * New C.ililnor.
BKULIN , March 24. The "emperor has ap
pointed Count Kulonbcrg , uow governor of
Hcssc-Nnssan , Prussian minister of ttio in
terior ; Dr. Miguel , ono of the leaders of the
national liberal party , minister of tlnunco ;
Baron llucno , minister of ngricnllnre , und
General Von Galtz , uiinlsterof public works.
Another UUmnrclc Hiiinor.
liKRLiN , March 24. It Is stated that Bis
marck has botiRht a villa in Swltierln-id and
intends lo reside outside of Germany.
llrstlrss Hussinn Students.
LONDON , March 24. Dispatches from Ilus
sla in regard to the agitation among the
university students are confused and con-
Dieting. The ngilallon started In the agri
cultural ne.ademy near Moscow. In spite of
ino slrlct precautions of thu government the
agitation has spread to other Instituilons
nnd iho students have neon holding meet
ings , at all the universities. There U a general -
oral upheaval in the university world. Ar
rests of students suspected of being leaders
In the agitation have boon made at every ono
of iho principal universllte * throughout
Liverpool Dock Men SiriUe.
Ln-Biiroor , March 21 The dock laborers
havouffaln struck. The employer * decline
to enter Into any nocotiallons with the men
and a deadlock has resulted. The position U
Oklnhoinn Suffer * .
GcTHRte , I. T. , Marcaai. A serero wind
storm throughout Oklahoma last night did
great damage to tbo uns'uoitanltal dwellings
ot the new settler * . Near this city Hube
Johnson , his wife and one child were killed
by the eoilapia of their bouie.
The Pnrli llonril of Coininoruo Tnkcn
Action on the nioKlnlcy Hill.
irmij/rtpht IKHliu J < imfi ( ' < > r < f < m fttniiM
1'Aiits , March SI. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE Bar.l--A deputation
of tha Paris board of commerce walled on
tha minister of foreign affairs today to make
n formal protest ngninst the provisions of the
McKlnlcy bill. Were thU mcnsuru to pnss
the Washington senate , Iho deputation said ,
French manufacturers would Hnd it very dif
ficult , not to say Impossible , to Import into
the United States.
Mr. Hlbot , In r.oply , said he would consult
with representatives of the European powers
affected equally with Franca by the bill. Bo
believed that tholr common nction would have
moro chance of success than If Franco atooi !
nlono In Iho protest ,
To tlio , Uottom of the Hon.
lCop/r/i/i | ; / ( IBM / > y./ime ( , fiiinloii Ittnnett. ]
SOUTHAMPTON , Knglnnd , March 21 | Now
York Herald Cnblo Special to THE BBI : . ]
Vine Ourag , a Bohoiiilan Blocruga passen
ger on iho Nerd Doutsehcr steamer Kidor ,
committed sulcldi ) by leaping ovorboaril
when the vessel was about fifty leagues from
hero. ThoMilp was at onca put about but
the man hnd disappeared. He leaves n large
family lu Now York.
Jllltnn Uncos.
GUI TON , N. J. . March 21. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BUB. ] Summary of today's
races :
Soiling , seven nnd one-half furlongs-
Triple Cross won , Hnvollar second , Parthian
third. Timo-lMI' ' .
Pive-oighlhs of n unto Sollnk won , Chap
man second , Thud Howe third. Time
1:01 : , ' , . .
Selling , six aud one-half furlongs Spar
ling ono , Falcon second , Lukowood third.
Time 1 : 'J K.
Fivo-olshis of n mile King Hazcn won ,
Cnpulln second , Itatlor third. Time 1:02' : ' .
Ono mile ( jurriogio won , Glonmound second
end , Dave third. Time 1:115.
Thrco-quarlors of a mile Vollott won ,
Sam Love second , Wmflcld third. Time
Now Orleans Hneni.
Mnw OULEINS , La. , March 21. [ Special
Telegram to THE HUE. ] Kosull of today's
races :
Five and ono-lmlf furlongs Clara Moore
won , Voice second , Florino third. Timn
Throo-quarlors of a mile Lady Black-
bum won , Harvester second , Hardco third ,
Time liltyf.
Seven nnd ono-hulf furlongs Monte Hosa
won. Annlo Brown second , Homing Bill
third , Time Ij7 : : f.
Seven-eighths of u mile /Coke tlnrdy won ,
LIda L second. Murchburn third. Time
1:30. :
Five and ono-lmlf furlongs Colonel Cox
won , Mncauloy second , Barney Leo third.
Tlmo-l:00. :
Clilcnco lloi-su Snlo
CHICAGO , Mnrch ! il. The horse salcclo sod
today. Altogether 553 animals wcro disposed
of at an average prlco of § 80J , the total ivr-
grcgallng S150.4SO.
Goliic Hnulc on TinIP Krlcuds.
BOSTON , Mass. , March 24. The carpenters
at work on the Boston Players' club grounds
were ordercti to quit this afternoon by the
Carpenters union. According to the walk
ing delegate of the Fedor.itloii of Labor
that organization had been given to understand -
stand that in payment for their indorsement
the brotherhood would lot contracts only to
such contractors as would ngrco to employ
union labor , pay union wages and cnforcu
union hours. It Is asserted thnt not onlv
had the brotherhood club of Boston failed to
conform to the requirements of the union ,
but the brotherhood oinnaeiirs in other cities
hnd practically ignored , in placing' contracts.
tlio endorsements of labor organizations and
the wishes of tlio Carpenters' union.
* Ward's Caso.
NEW YOUK , March 24.--Tho suit of the
Metropolitan exhibition company ugainst
John M. Ward , for an Injunction to restrain
the defendant from plaving base ball for
others , was before. Judso Lawrence in the
supreme court today. The decision was reversed -
versed , but. tlio judcc intimated that he would
follow the action of Justice O'Brien in cham
bers , it being conceded thatall the testimony
had been produced boforc Judge O'Bnon.
A i\tC8Hii * From < fnkc.
BAI.TIMOUK , March 21. Mrs. Ivilraln has n
telegram from her husband. Ho states that
he will not bo sent to Jail , but will spend his
two months with his friend , Charles Rich , nt
Hichburg , Miss. , where Kilrnln foucht bill-
livan. Hich , It is understood , has purchased
Kilrain's release under the contract leasing
system. _ *
MoGrccor Will Moot Davis.
CHICAGO , March 24. fSuecial Tolecrani
to THE Br.K.1 Lem McGregor will accept
the offers of the Coliseum club ami meet Jack
Davis iu a tea-round contest within Ilvo
weeks. Ho stipulates that ho shall want $100
for expenses , the same to coino out of the
purse. _
A Brotherhood Game.
JACKSONVILLE , Fla. , March 24. [ Special
Telegram lo THE BEE. | Score of the
Brothornood game :
Philadelphia . 7 004 1 12
Brooklyn . 20100-3
The game was called on account , of rain.
Th - Vlslhlr Snpnly.
CHICAGO , March 21. The visible supply
for tha week ending March 22 , as compiled
by the secretary of the Chicago board of
trade , is as follows :
Wheat . . 2-tK , < WO
Corn . 18,117,000
Onts . 4,514.000
Kyo . 1,483.000
Barley. . . . . . 1,407,000
Jtnnsns I'rnlrln Flr < " > .
STOCKTON , Knu. . March 24. Prairie flres
have devastated a large portion of tno farm-
lug lands of Kooks county. YiMlerdny
many outbuildings and an immense amount
of grain nnd stock were burned. The lire
was started by a man burning corn stalks.
Bo will bo prosecuted.
WICHITA , Kan. , March 2t. Two boys play
ing with matches on n farm north of hero
stanod this morning a aMastrous pnnrio
lire while the wind was blowing n gale.
Tonicht It Is learned that the lire
has practically burned out after passing
over about fifty quarter sections of land , de
stroying a great quantity of grain and hay.
The loss of stock is not severe. It is under
stood the pecuniary loss will reach 1150,000.
Cause nfljow Prices for Grain.
MiNNKiTOUN Minn , March 21 , [ Speciil
Telegram to TUB Hue. l-C. A. Plllsbury.
the leading wheat operator of the northwest ,
who has just returned from the east , says
that more wheat has been sold in Chicago
for future delivery than was produced in the
entire world , and that the present depres
sion In prices is owing to that fact.
Thrco Charrml lloilie * Konni.l.
SEATTLE , Wash , , March 2l.-In looking
over the ruins of Friday' * flro Iho charred
remains of three persons were found last
nlcht. The bodies wcro idonlitled ns these
of J. U. Jones and N. C. Mays and wife.wno
arrived hero from ArKansas Fridsy nnd look
rooms m the building tbat was burned.
Pock Goloi : Jnlo I'olltin * .
MILWAUKEE , W s. , Mnrch -George W.
Peck , the well known humorist , was noml
nated for mayor by iho democratic convention - I
tion today , _
llulnc s Pnilurp.
New YottK , March 24. Kosi , Campbell ft
Co. , dry goods commission merchants , as
today ; debt , 1133,000.
A Suoccssrul.TcM.
NBWTOKT , It. I. , March 94-Tho torpedo
boat Cujhlcg bad a successful final trlsl to
day. tnalcmsr tue required twenty-two knots
per hour for a three hour run.
The Present Condition or the Trans-
Missouri Aosoolixtlon.
A Wordy War Ilotwopn General Pns-
senior AKOIIIR Sutinstlnn nml
TOWIIMUIt d ColllllllHSlOIH'l-H
Morrison mul VciiAoy.
Tim Trnnn-MlHNOiirl ,
Onic\m > , March 'Jl. | Speclal Tolcgram
lo TUB Br.i.J : Tlio Trans-Missouri n io-
elation , passenger department , Is In n bid
wny und its comlitttion has doublets has
tened the reorganization report of Chairman
Walker and his conferees. At today's moot
Ing of the Trans-Missouri the rate question
west of the rlvor was discussed. A wordy
discussion between General Passenger
Agent Sebastian of the Kock Island nnd
General Passenger Agent Towusond of the
Missouri Paclllo ended In the hitter with
drawing his charges tig.ilnst the Hock
Island nnd acknowledging tlmt Mis-
noun Pacific tickets wcro scalped nt
Pueblo In exactly the snmo wnv the Kock
Island tickets were scalped at Denver. To
avoid this n committee was appointed to
draft u continuous tram ticket which would
destroy the opportunity .for scalping. At the
nftornoon's session this way of settling thu
dlfiicultv was ignored and n resolution was
adopted ns follows : "That the rates to
Pueblo via Denver shall not bS loss than $10
and on nnd nftor ton days' notice , which will
bo civcn iiiimadlatoly , the rate to Pueblo via
Dcnvorls to bo raised to tha lornl milled to tha
Denver rnto. " The adoption of the resolution
shuts the Union Pacific and Burlington un-
tlrely out ot Pueblo business , and as the
Hurllnglou wns represented nt today's moot
ing tha porumnoncy of tlio resolution cnn bo
imagined. The mooting ilnally adjourned
until Wednesday , when the mombut-H wjll
moot with thu CUicaco lines to discuss the
whole western passenger situation.
Morrison nnd Vonsny In Chiun o.
CHICAGO , March 2-1. [ d | > oclal Telegram to
THE Bun. | Interstate Commerce Commis
sioners Morrison nnd Veasey stopped fn Chicago
cage todav on iholr return from their exam
ination of the western rate situation. As al
ready noted , their mission was ut the instance
ot the senate to learn whether rates on griiiu
from the west to the seaboard were reason-
abln or not. The other members of thu com
mission nro iu the east on the
snmo mission Said Colonel Morrison :
"Wo Imvo bocrN conducting cxamhia
tions on the rate question for two
weeks and have accumulated a vast mass ot
testimony from nil sources. From ono point
all witnesses agreed , vithnt : rates nro now
lower than they have over been. Of course
tlmt docs not prove that they ought , not lo
bo lower. Several granger witncssus'clnnncd
thnt the vast increase in the amount of
trnlllc inoro than makes up to the railroailn
for the reduction in rates. Wo hnvo come tone
no conclusion on thu subject and cnnm t
until wo have comparrd the result of our In
vestigations with those of the members who
huvo been working in tha cast. Then our
first report will bo made to the senate. "
Tlio Intormnio Asioclntlnn.
CtiiCAfio , March 21. A special meeting cf
thn presidents , vice presidents and general
managers of tnu rouds in the Interstate
state Commerce Itailw.iv association is
railed for April 'J lo hear and act upon iho
report of the reorganization. The commit
tee will bo Chairmen Walker , Fuilhorn and
Fmlcy. The plan will not bo made public
until the meeting.
ltbort | of tin- Omaha Company.
New Yonic , March 24. The annual report
ot the Omaha company show gross cnrninga
for the year ending December III. 1SS9 , of
$0,117 , * < 57. an increase of $0,71(1 ( ; oporatmtr
expenses nna taxes , SI.4S4.412 , decrease of
f/M,7l , " > ; net earnings , Sl.yj.'l , I4S , an increase
of $170,101 ; land sales. M , 130.
lu tlm HniitlH ot * n K eclvoi4.
LEAVKXwouni , Kan , , March St. Special
Tclocraui to Tin : But , | Newman Erb , vice
president of Iho Kansas City , WyandottQ &
.Northwestern , has peon appointed icceivor
for that road , and * also thu Lcavcuworlh
Kupia Transit , operated by the Kansas City ,
Wyandotte & Northwestern.
Mot tlio .Missouri I'm.lie liciliiotlou.
DENvnii , Colo. . March 21. ' The Burlington
and Union Pacific today mot the Missouri
P.ieille reduction of yesterday , making u
$7.53 rate to the Missouri river. Jt--
Washington Notes.
WASHINGTON , Marck 21. Tlm president
today issued a proclamation warning all per
sons against entering the waters of Behrlng
Sea within thu dominion of the United
States for the purpose of violating the pro
visions of section 1.5WJ of the revised
statutes , relative to the killing of fur boar-
og animals.
The bill to reimburse settlers and pur
chasers on the oven numbered sections of
uibllc lands within the limits of congres
sional grants in cases of the forfeiture of
odd numbered sections , was advarscly
reported in thu senxto.
The house commltteo on pensions today
ordered the two general pension oills ru-
lorted to tha house with favovablo rccom-
nondations. The Ilrst of these is the Hich
inison bill granting a pension to the sur
vivors of the Indian wars and to the uurviv-
mr widows of those men who married prior
o their discharge and hnvo not remarried , ut
he rate of Js per month. The second , thu
Morton bill , proposes to uinnnd the Mexican
tvnr pension act so ns to include soldiers who
served sixty days in the Mexlnm war or
were engaged in battle nnd those personally
nautod oy conuress for specific. ' services In
that war and the widows of such soldiers.
Mr. itockwell today Introduced n bill in
the house to incorporate tno National
American Women's Christian association
and creating EllzaCetli Ciidy Slnnton , Kusnn
B. Anthony , Lucy Stone , Itachol Foster
A very , Alice Stone Bliickwell nnd Jane U.
Spofford a body corporate and politic with
power of succession to hold nnd dispose of
property , elect oflleors nnd adopt and enforce
by-laws. ' 1 he object of the association is to
secure their right to vote to women citizens
of the United States by appropriate national ,
and state legislation.
1'ho house committee on public lands after
trying fn vain for xoveral months to roach un
agreement upon the general ratio and land
grant forfeiture bill this morning decided to
shift the controversy lo iho house by roport-
in two bills umbodyintr iho principles at
issue. ' 1 hey nro the Payson and Stone bill.
By n voto-of 7 to fi tha IIOUBR committed on
coinage , weights und moaiures today author
ized Chairman Conger to rejiort the Wlmlom
silver bill to the bouse with a number of
amendments. A minority report will ulso
bo submitted.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of putltl
H cmu nd wholeoin u . Horeegoaomlral
llun tba ordinary tlr.ili. ami cannot Iw sold by
competition with tea multitude of tow t u
bon weight alum or chotphsu powdsrs. / ! J
nillyJilJlrtonlM lUMMt UAKIMJ I'OWlUtt CO. ,
109 > \ all St a , I.