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Tbo Intornntloual Oongrross Visits
the Military Academy.
I'rcHrntntlon of tlic Portraits oC
Grant , Mlicrmnn nnd Sliorltlnn
Hy GcornoV. . Chlltls Ocn-
crnl 1'ortor'H 8cccli ,
Tlio I'nn-Auiorlonn
WASIIINOTOX , Oct. 3. Dclogntos to the
Intcrimttonnl Amorlcnn con rcs left lioro
this morning over the Pennsylvania road on
their Ions trip , which wns nrrnnficd by the
htato dcpnrtmont. The ( list ntop will bo
inndo nt Jcraoy City , nt l-15p. : .m. Soon
nftor the train lott- John U. Hondorsou ,
lircsldcnt pro tomporu of the congress ,
urrlvcd nt the depot nnd hnd to talco a lutor
trnln. ito will arrive nt West Point late
this afternoon ,
A Menioralili ) Day.
\Vnsr POINT , N. Y. , Oot , 3. Wcat Point
to-day was the scene of Imposing ; coromonlcs
which nro destined to become memorable In
its niinals.
The visit of the Intornntionnl American
congress and the un vailing of the portraits
of Grant , Shcrumn nnd Shurldnn , presented
by Ucorgo W. Chllds were the principal fea
tures. 'Iho spuchil trnin contnlnlnu' the dol-
cgntus to thu Intornnttonnl Aiuoncan con-
Kress arrived nbout 5 o'clock. CnrrlaRCS
uwnlted the delegates nnd they were
driven to the residence of Superintendent
Wilson , vrhoro the distinguished company
linil assembled to welcome them. The boom
ing of cannon announced the arrival nt the
) iost of the distinguished guests The suors-
tury of wur was the ilrst to alight from the
curriugo and stop Upon the veranda oi the
superintendent's quarters. Ho was warmly
greeted by General Sherman , General Ilor- '
nco Porter , General Van Vllot , Mr. Gcorgo
"W. ChildBVnyno .McVcagh , nnd the
Dcudomic und military staff of the posU
There was nn linmonso crowd of spectators
congregated under the trees on the
edge of the plnlu. A battul-
llon of cadets marched in review
before the visitors. The inachlno-llko pre
cision of movement and the soldierly nppoiir-
unco ot the cadets elicited from the foreign
ers many complimentary rcmarUs. 'Iho
batalllon marched to Grunt hall , the crowd
quickly following , nnd in n twinkling the
hull wns jammed with people , A platform
Imd been erected at the north end of thu
mom , where the portraits of the three
prcat generals , CJnuit , Sherman und
Sheridan hung on the wall , each
veiled in n United Stutos flag. The
exorcises were opened with a prnyor
by the clmulam of the post , Uov. Mr.
I'osthlowaito. The suporlntondent then
raised his hand , the tni ) of a drum followed ,
the ilnga fell irom the pictures nud they
ttooil revealed In all their beauty. The
bnttnllon presented nrnis , tlio band pluycd
"Hull Columbia" nnd tbo nudionco sprung
to thnir feet uud cheered. General Hurnco
Porter was then introduced aud mudotho.
jirosentatlon address , In which ho eulogized
iho throe generals and the donor of the pic
General Porter said : It has bcou said that
the only ropresontativcs of royally recog
nized In tills land nro our merchant princes.
\Ve are indebted for the occasion which
brings us together to-duy to the princely act
of u public spirited and patriotic citizen who
bns conferred upon the military academy
souvenirs of bur three mo-it distinguished
graduates whoso historic features Imvo been
transferred to canvas by the limner's art.
Ono dwelling In our midst , two dwelling in
our memories. Ono bearing the laurel upon
u living brow ; two wearing the laurel inter
twined with the cypress. The history of
iholr lives is the most brilliant , uiaptor ) in the
liistory of their , country. It sayprs more of
romance than reality ; It Is mo to Hue a fn-
uled tale of anciunt days than the story of
American soldiers of the nineteenth century.
Most of the conspicuous characters In his
tory have risen to prominence by gradual
stops , but the senior of the triumvirate ,
whose features are recalled to us to-day ,
came before the people with u sudden bound.
Almost the lirst signt caught of him was in
the bluzo of his camp tires and the flashes of
lii guns tuoso wintry days nud nights in
front , of Donelsou. From that time until tbo
closing triumph at Appomattox the great cen
tral figure of the wur was Ulysses S. Grant.
AB light and shade produce the most attract
ive effects in a picture , so tbo singu
lar contrasts , tbo strange vicissitudes
of bis eventful life surround him
with nn interest which attaches to
fuw characters in history. Ills rise from nn
obscure lieutenant to the command of the
veteran armies of thu great republic ; his
transition from n frontier post of the untrod
den west to the executive mansion of tlio
nation ; his sitting at one tltno in a little
store in Galena , not oven known to the con
gressman from Ills district : at another time
striding through the palaces of the old
world , with the descendants of a line of
Icings rising1 nud standing uncovered in his
in-esciice. These nro some of the features of
Ilia marvellous career which appeal to the
imagination , excite uion'a wonder und fasci
nate all who nmUu a study of his life.
, Even the Ivnlor of bin martini deeds was
surpassed by the superb heroism ho dis
played when fell disease attacked him , when
thu hand whioti had seized the surrendered
I Hwords of countless thousands was no longer
able to return the pressure of u comrade's
grasp , whoa ho met in death the tirst enemy
to whom ho ever surrendered. But with
him death brought eternal rest , nnd ho was
permitted to enjoy what ho hnd pleaded for
in behalf of others , for the Lord hud let him
have peace.
Turn to Grant's Immediate
wo now surcns-
Bor in thu olllce of goncrul-in-chiuf , his illus
trious lieutenant with whom ho divided u
Held of military operations which covered
half n continent , the skillful strategist , tbo
brilliant1 writer , the commander whoso orders
spoke with the true hUmtncss of thp soldier ,
who fought fiom valley's depth to mountain
height , who innrcned from inland rivers to
the sea Wlllinm T , Sherman.
Ho has shown himself possessed of the
highest characteristics of the soldier. Holtl
in conception , self-reliant , domandtratlng by
bis acts that "much danger makes crcat
hearts mostrosoluto"promptin decision , uu-
sbrinkinpr under grave responsibilities , fertile -
tile in resources , quick to adapt the means at
Imudtotliouccowp blnnontof unond , ) > os < o-R-
ing an intuitive knowledge of topography ,
combining the restlessness of u Hotspur
with the putienco of a Fublus , unsxverving
In patriotism , of unimpeachable personal
character , of a constitution which enabled
him to undergo every hardship incident to
nil active campaign , It , Is no wonder that ho
has tilled so largo a measure of military
greatness , that ho stands in the front rank
uf the world's great captains.
No name connected with tlio nrmy inspires
inoro genuine enthusiasm , appeals more to
our sentiments or more oxuitos our fancy
than that of the wizard of the battlefield ,
Philip ll. Sheridan , The personification of
chivalry , the incarnation ol battle ; uheorini ; ,
threatening , inciting , beseeching , inspiring
all men by his acts , ho roused hi * troops to
duads of Individual heroism unparalleled in
the history of modern warfare , nnd his tin
connuorabia calumna rushed to victory with
ell tlio ooiitldenco of Cuisar'ft Tenth l.c ion ,
Generous of bis life , gifted with the Ingeuu-
' ity of a Hamilbul , tbo dath of a Mil rat , the
courage of a Key , thu magnetism of hid pros-
encu transformed routed squadrons with
charging columns and snatched victory from
defeat. Ho preferred shot nnd shell to lings
of truce ; ho would rather lead forlorn hopes
thnu fol'owln the wnko of charges.
Hm tttniidard rose nbovo all others on tha
Held ; wherever blows fell thickest his crewt
was In Mioir midst , despite the during valor
of the defense ; opposing ranks wont down
before the fierceness of his onscta never to
rite again ; ho paused not till the fold of his
banners wuved above the. strongholds ho hud
wrested from the foo.VhiIo Ills achieve
ments In uCtuiU battle eclipse , Uy their brit-
Hanoy , thu strategy aud grand tuctioi em
ployed in liia cuuipnlgns. yet the skill am
coldness exhibited in moving largo bodies ol
men Into position entitle him to as much
credit as thu mnrvollou ? qualities ha dis
ptavnd In the face ofthe enemy.
Uravo Sliendunl Mctnlnks I see your
Bileut clay auani quicltened into life , once
more riding Uleiul through n lire of hell
Ifapina opposing unrthworka at u sinelo
bound , and leaving nothing of those who
burred our way uxi'upt the iraginonU scut
tired lii your path.
MuMilcBa louder ! Harbinger of victory
we snluto you I
As lout ; ua courage U talked of or heroic
deeds nro honored there" will romam preen
In the hearts of mon the tMismnnlc nnmo of
Nearly OTory great war hns given birth
to ono great general } no other war than our
own has produced three such eminent com-
nmndcra. In their portraits future graduate *
will guzo upon the features of thrco soldiers
who were heroes , comrades , friends. As Iron
s welded In the heat of the forge , so wan
their friendship welded In the heat of bat
tles. With hearts untoiiohed by jealousy ,
with souls too great lor rivalry , they saved
is froiri the npoctnclo presented by n Mnnua
nnd n Sulla , n Crcsnr nnd a Pompcy. a
Charles the First and a Cromwell. They
ilnccd above all personal ends nnd safety of
.ho state , nnd , like the men in the Itoman
phalanx of old , stood shoulder to shoulder
md linked their shields agalust n common
The Imperishable scroll on which the rec
ord of their deeds h written hns been se
curely lodged in the highest niche of Varna's
omplo. No ono can pluck a single laurel
from their brow ; no man can lessen tbo
ncasure of their rdnown.
H Is an auspicious circumstance which par-
mill these ceremonies to tnko place before so
distinguished and Influential a body ns tlmt
of the Intomaiionnl American congress. The
presence of Its delegates upon this post dedi
cated to wnr is nn augury thnt states may bo
saved without the sword ; thnt henceforth
our differences lu the new world may bo
settled without resorting to the "last argu
ments of klnirs , " und thnt congresses , boar-
tig in their hands the olive brunch , will
nbor lo avoid war , whtoh waste n nation's
substance ; to foster commerce , which is a
mtinn's life , nnd to prctcrvo thnt peace ) and
good-will which should atarywlioro prevail
RThrco years ago there was selected ns pros-
dent of your board of visitors n citizen of
L'hlladclphln , whoso heart Is ns largo ns his
lurso nnd whoso cenoroslty dwells in n land
vhlch knows no frontiers Mr. George W.
Uhllds. His thnugbtfulncss prompted his
iborallty to procure for the academy thcso
gifts which nrc to grnco its mills.
It now becomes my ngrooablo duty , in the
inino of Mr. ChllJs , to present to you , ns
superintendent of the military ncademy , Vho
lortrnlts of thrco of her sons -.yho Imvo
jorno the highest military titles , as"nn offor-
ng from nn untltlcd citizen , who , In his llv-
ng , has verified the adage thnt the post of
honor Is tlio private station.
His good worlfs have niado him honored
in other lands , ns well ns well ns this , whcro
us name is hold in graoftH ( recollection by
.ho many who have been tlio recipients of
! iis practical philanthropy , and not only
the graduates of West Point , but the people -
plo nt largo will , I nm sure , make grateful
ickiiawledecmenbof the moans ho has taken ,
n those testimonials , to nmnlfcst his appre
ciation of tbo military academy , nnd the
three distinguished sons she trained to bnt >
tlo for the Integrity of our common country.
Superintendent Wilson in a short address
accepted thu portraits , and the secretary of
war made n few remarks.
General Sherman , who , during nil those
ceremonies , had sat on the platform witli
"aided hands and toar-diuimod and down-cast
jycs. in response to many calls was next in-
.roduced. As the general arose the assembly
jroko forth into wild cheering.
Tno old warrior's remarks were few , but
jvcry word uttcicct was eagerly caught by
: ils hearers. Ho said it was by ono of those
strangely appointed accidents of llfo that ho
was permitted lo be the sole survivor ofvlmt
General Porter had termed the great trio of
jenerals of the late war. "I wns older than
Grantor Sheridan. No thrco men over lived
on this earth so different from rueh other as
the three men whoso portraits you are look
ing at. They were different in all respects
save one. nnd tlmt was In the devotion to
their country of whatever talents they
possessed. They wor'e joined together in the
true hearted service of their country. "
His remarks were mainly addressed to the
cadets , advising them to love and servo their
country , obey her laws and und those In
authority over them. Dy the country , bo
said , ho mount the whole country , no political
party. This evening a reception was held at
the quarters of Colonel Wilson , the superin
tendent of West Point , in honor of the inter
national delegates.
Tlio Chicago Grand Jury Creates u
CHICAGO. Oct. 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : BEE.J A sensation was created to-day
Dy the positive refusal of the grand jury to
comply with the recent instructions of Judge
Hortou in regard to finding indictments
against the millionaire violators of the smoke
ordinnnce. the camblers nnd the lottery
shops. A special committee of the grar.d
jury has bcca appointed to draf * , a report ,
which will bo returned into Horton's court
Saturday next.
The report will quote freely from the
state laws and the city ordinance on the
suiokc , lottery und ( rambling offenses , and
the point will bo mndu tlmt the regulation of
such matters is not proper work for the
grand jury. The provisions of the city or
dinances ns to each of the thrco forms of
nuisance uud crime will bo laid before the
court , nnd the grand jury will assert that
the dealing with those evils is solely within
the province of the police department.
" 1'don't suppose there's much of n secret
about it now , " said Assistant State's Attor
ney Baker to-day. "The grand jury will not
take ? ny action in the smoke , gambling or
lottery cases. They have concluded that It
is not their province to do so , mid will so re
port to the court. "
Judge Horton refused to bo interviewed
this evening , but an exciting scene in antici
pated when the jury's llairrant disregard of
the court's instructions is formally reported.
Nebraska and Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 3. [ Special Telegram
to THE BBB.I Pensions granted Nebraskans -
kans : Original Invilid John Mills , Victor
Good. Increase AVulter H. Primmer , Titus
1C Coon , Joseph K. , William D. Cox
( navy ) , Patrick Clancey , William J. Bly-
stono. Ueissue Daniel W. B. Evans.
OrlRlnnl widows , etc. Luwis J. , fnther of
Wilson S. Hunt.
Pensions 'allowed lowans : Original In
valid William Thomas , John F. Butters ,
Robert Munn , Assn Uudd , Riuhnrd ( Hubs ,
Benjamin F. Beitel , William P. Clark ,
James 11. Murray. Increase Henry Whir ,
Hirnm ICastcr , Jackson' Gillospio. George
W. Hennlngs , Joshua -Morun , William II.
Patterson. Kolssuo Martin Uolnml , Ctcorcu
W. Hicks. Original widows , etc SiIva H. ,
widow of John Stewart.
Ijivnil Ucyotul HIM
MnniUBK , Conn , , Oct. 3. Charles S. Pratt ,
confidential bookkeeper , secretary and cash
ier of H. Wales , was arrested last night for
embezzlement nnd this morning his prelim
inary hearing was continued for two weeks
under $4,000 bonds. Pratt's embezzlement
amounts to over $10,000 , covering various
periods sinno IhS'J. Tin ) nffuir has created n
sensation , ns Pratt was an ofllucr in scvorul
local organizations , treasurer of thu First
Congregational society and city alderman.
Pratt confessed his guilt , saying he had
lived beyond Ills means.
Tliu tl < 'ntlur of Itnloit" Doatl.
CIIIOAO.O , Oct. 3 , ( Special Telegram to
Tun BKK.I Edwin ICorwin , "tho father of
Heloit , " Wis. , died nt his homo in that city
to-day. HIs'.ngo is claimed by his f i lends to no
nearly 103 years. Ho was an Irishman by
birth , and hud up to the last few years
enjoyed 'good ' health and traveled about at
the ago of ninety-eight.
I'orlHli ,
LA Citossu , Wis. , Oot. 3. The barn of C.
Li. Column burned to-night. Twelve horses
wore got out , but about Jlftcon perished iu
the flames , , A number of lumber piles ad
jacent took lire , but l > y hard work the tire
was confined to only a small portion. Loss
AgulnHt Chief Justices.
N.BW'YOIIK , Oct. 3. A Washington special
says that formal complaints Imvo been re
ceived thcro against Chief Justice Wrlghtof
Arizona , charging him with overriding the
law * of the territory in his decisions , and
asking for his rootuval. Au investigation
bus been ordered.
| 'or Cox' * KuuoenDor.
ALIUNY , N. Y. , Oct. 3. Governor Hill has
Issued a proclamation calling a special elec
tion in the Ninth congressional district to
fill the vacancy caused by the death of S , S.
Cor. It will be hnld thu day of the general
Union Pnolflo PasBonffor Wrecked
Twloo on Ono Trip.
ProoccdliiRn of ttio Methodist Confer-
cncc nt Vorlc and ( ho W. O. T. D.
nt Norfolk Other Nc-
Two WreelcB on tlio Union Pnclflo.
Nonrn PLA.TTK , Nob. , Dot , 8. ( Special
Telegram to THE nun. | About 11 o'clock
last night Union Pacific oxprcso No. 3 , ROing
west , Dlllard engineer , collided. with nn
extra freight going cast on the main track
tliroo miles west of Uoscoo. The freight ,
which should hnvo boon on the Roscoe sidetrack -
track ttirao minutes before the nccldout oc
curred , had broken In two and had lost
nbout ten minutes In coupling up. It had
Just started whan No. 3 came nrouna the
curva nnd.dashcd Into her. A tramp riding
between the two first cars of the freight \yns
Instantly Ittllcd. Dlllard , the engineer , was
slightly scratched by jumping off when ho
saw that a collision was Inevitable. The pas
sengers were Bomowhat shaken up , btit no
one was injured. Both engines nnd n tiutn
her of freight cars were badly damaged.
At 30 : ! ! this afternoon express train No. 8 ,
which was wroolsod last night near Itoscoo ,
went Into the ditch near Atkins , sixteen
miles cast of Choyenno. The accident was
caused by the rails spreading. The onglnu
went ever the bronk nil right , but the whole
train wont into the ditch , except an emi
grant car oil the roar end of the train. The
passengers worn badly shalcon up , but no
ODD was seriously injured ,
The HI. 10. Conference.
YORK , Neb. , Oct. 3. [ Special Tologrnm to
THE BED. ] The Methodist Episcopal con
ference proceedings were not characterized
by much worn of Importance to-day. The
committees arc all busy preparing statistical
nnd other reports.
The committee trying the Minehnrt case is
conducting a regular star chamber proceed
ing. Not even the friends of the accused
suvo the defender nro admitted. Kev. Mlno-
hnrt himself is in Lincoln sick.
Hov. J. M. Williams , a Congregational
clergyman from England was ndmittud to
the conference. Bishop Vincent and Chan
cellor Crighton. of the university , spokothis
evening In bohalt of the educational interests ,
The afternoon was occupied by the Wo
men's Homo missionary society . Dr. Marine ,
formerly of St. Paul's ' , Lincoln , was granted
a supernumerary rotation.
W. V. T , U.
Nouroi.K , Neb. , Oct. 3. [ Special Tele
gram to 1'iiE Buc.J The W. C. T. U. con
vention this morning huard reports from
district superintendents and the correspond
ing secretary , and then proceeded to elect
ollleers us follows : President , Mrs. M. A.
Hitchcock , Fremont ; recording secretary ,
Mrs. Alma G. Fitch , Hustings ; corresponding
ing- secretary , Mrs. Jennie P. Holmes , Fre
mont ; treasurer , Mrs. M. M. Ljimtry , Omaha ;
vice prcsidcnt-at-lnrgc , Mrs. C. M. Wood
ward , Scward. The following delegates
were elected to the national convention at
Chicago : Mrs. .1" . M. Kldrcdge at large ,
Mrs. Dustin alternate ; third district , Mrs.
G. W. Clark ; fourth , Miss Ella Watson ;
llfth , Mrs. C. U. Wolton ; sixth , Mrs. Clara
Curscnrdcu ; tenth , Mrs. M. C. Barnd ;
twelfth , Mrs. 15. A. Ingalls ; alternates in
their order : Mrs. C. H. Walker , Mrs.
Flora Castile , Mrs. J. Jl. Battles , Mrs. A. J.
Peterson , . Mrs. C. L. Currigini , Mrs. E. A.
RHov. Frances E. Townstoy gave the annual
sermon , which was commended by resolu
tion , and appreciation was expressed of the
just , liberal aud piogrossivo policy of her
denomination in her ordination. Mrs.
Woodbury pave an address this evening to a
largo audience.
PlnttsnioiMli's IClecu-lcnl
PIATMMOIITII , Neb. , Oct. 8. ( Special to
THE Bun. ] The Plattsmouth electrical and
industrial exhibition is proving an unquali
fied success. The displays are flno in all de
partments and there is u general expression
of astonishment nt the grandeur of the affn'r.
On entering the main building one's eyes
fall upon a heautlful display of flowers and
plants. A mammoth pyramid of apples ,
peaches , pears , plums , grapes and all kinds
of fruits pccuuy n space near the center of
the building , which" is a good representation
of Cass county fruit. Every industry imag
inable ii represented by good displays by
home firms and many from Omaha , and u
liuo art department adds to the beauty of the
exhibit. The building and grounds are
handsomely lighted by variegated lights and
the electrical display exceeds anythmgof the
kind ever before exhibited in the west.
Nemalin County Fair.
AuutiKS" , Neb. , Oct. 3. [ Special Telegram
to THE Bins.J The fair to-day imd the
largest crowd over assomblc'd upon the
grounds and everybody was pleased. The
trotting race was won by Hoadloy'a Ben 13
in 2:41 : , The running raeo. single mlle dash ,
was won by Tucker's Jim Lee In 1 : M. Trot
ting by two-year-old colts , half milo and repeat -
peat , was niado in 1:10. : The Tucker hoys in
their hippodrome races were heartily ap
plauded. The Nomaha county fair is a grand
Dakota. City Oi'pot
DAKOTA Ctrr , Neb , , Oct. 3. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bnn.l The depot at this
place was burglarized last night and com
pletely rifled. The safe was blown open and
a small amount of change taken. The
agent's trunk and ticket casu were also
opened but nothing taken except the agent's
revolver and a ra/or. The oftlcors think
they are on the right track , as there wore
three suspicious characters hanging around
tho' town all evening.
ToHsrcl in the Air.
CBNIHA& CiTr , Neb , , Oct. 3. [ Special to
THC } lni.j : To-day , as Miss Lydia Nelson ,
a student at Nebraska Contra ! college , was
returning from the college building to her
home , nn enraged steer which had- escaped
from a herd , met her nnd attacked her furi-
ouslv , throwing nor about ten feet in thu air ,
She was rescued from the infuriated animal
by Prof , Pitteuger and two farmers and
taken home. At last accounts she was recov
ering ,
OlonV Old Hottlm-H.
NKIWVSK * . Cirr , Neb. , Oct. 3. [ Special
-telegram to TUB DEE , ! The old settlers
of Otoo county held thoia annual picnic at
Morton park to-day aud a ( rood time was had.
The association decided , to erect n log cabin
in the park for future meetings. The follow-
iug ofllcors were elected for the ensuing
year : President , J. W. Armstrong ; Hecro- ,
tary , O. O. Morton ; treasurer , G.V. . Sroat.
Kent to the Reform School.
Sawiim , Neb. , Oct. 3. [ Special to TUB
Ucc.J A twolvo-year-old boy named Otto
Klingcr was arrested yesterday nnd sent to
the reform school nt tbo request of his
mother , who could not manage him. Ho is
the boy who made himself notorious about a
year ago by stealing a team of horses. His
latest offouso was to steal $25 from a bouio
in Ounnuntown.
Tills IB a ( iruut 8tnt < ' .
DoitciieaTEK , Nob. , Oct. a. ( Special to
TUB HUB. j Mrs. JobScptt , a farmer's wlfo ,
living about thrco miles southwest of hero ,
pave birth last night to thrco bablcis , two
boys und a girl , thu latter being dead. The
mother and two eons ura doing \yoll.
County ConvttiitUiiiH und Primaries.
NKUIIABKA. CiTir , Nob. , Oct. 3. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BcK.-rTho | Otoa county
republican convention was held at Syracuse
this afternoon. The nominees ore
as follows : Sheriff , William PflucKing , Ne
braska CityJ treasurer , Peter Vnu Antwerp ,
Syrnotisot ctft- , Prank McCartney , No
brnska City ; fJiMfro , David Goff , Nebraska
Cltys recorder $ ired Bauer , Nebraska Oltyi
coroner , N < < AtKurstens , Hobroska City I
commissioner , J'nlbot Ashton , Unndllla ; sit
porlntcmlont 'jA. ' * F. Young , Berlin ; stir-
voyor , Lntbrop Tillls. It was a lively con * .
vontion and there are many disappointed
candidates , but utl.o ticket IB generally ac
knowledged to bo n good one.
, Neb. , Oct. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : lJfen.1 The democrat held
their precinct cAncus hero to-dny nnd elected
the followlnpdel ffntos to the county con
vention , to boi hold nott Saturday : Henry
Matuon , Harry Wnde , J. Bllleter , William
Perkins , L. A. Uodwoll , A , 1C. TownnenJ , J.
Wrightsinmi , J , Dowoody , H. U. Bisboo.
The following precinct ticitot was noml-
nntod ; Justices of the peace. Robert Martin.
II. M. Wade ; constables , J. Sullivan and
D. E. Houts.
HEIWON , Neb. , Oct. 8. I Special Telegram
to TUB Bnr..J The republican convention
to-day nominated John Nightingale for
county treasurer ; M. S , Phillips , county
clerk W. E. Goodhuo , county Judge ; W. J.
Grcnn , sheriff ; O. P. Cowan , county super
intendent' II. O. Mnnary , coroner ) E. R.
Garwln , commissioner' The congressional
delegation is unlnstriictcd.
OOAUML * , Nob. . Oot. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Ben. ] A largo vote was pollnd
to-day nt the republican primaries. A big
light was made oo county treasurer , the Rector -
tor ticket coming out ahead.
DAKOTA CmNob. . , Oct. 0. [ Special to
THE HUB. ! This plnco yesterday was the
scene of the most disorderly mob that ever
assembled together. It was the democratic
convention of Dakota county. The crowd
began to gather In the onrly morning and by
noon thu crowd around around town wits Im
mense ; . It was plainly evident that there
would bo lots of fun and plenty of wire pull
ing , ns there wore double headers from both
Covlngtou nnd Jackson. Tlio fight xvas es
pecially between sheriff nnd treasurer , Cov-
Ington and Jackson both wanting their can
didates nominated , and Ilubhardand Homer
wanting a treasurer. The whole affair
wound up by the withdrawal of n portion of
the delegates who announced their intention
of holding a convention two weeks hcnco ,
und the result will bo a double delegation.
Ar.UANCi : , Nob. , Oct. 8. | Special Tele
gram to THE Bun. ] Box Butte county re
publicans assembled in convention to-day
mid nominated n ticket ns follows : C. M.
Gillman , judge ; F. A. Shonqulst , sheriff ;
Dr. S. 1C. Stiles , coroner ; Iddo Jodor , treas
urer : I. E. Lush , clerk ; E. M. Tracoy , sur
veyor ; E. R. Patterson , superintendent ; A.
H. MuLaUghlln , commissioner First district ;
W. F. Patterson , Third district. Delegates
to the state con vontion are : LW. . Gilchrist ,
W. E. Hitchcock , Thomas Beck , F. R. Rob
ertson , J. W. Phillips and J. H. Hewitt.
Cutttitit a ClothoH Thief.
PHTTSMOUTH , Neb. , Oot. 3. [ Special to
Tun BCB. ] Deputy Sheritt Mcliuk lias re
turned from Lincoln bringing with him a
man named Priest who stole a suit of clothes
Monday night at.Codnr , Crook , valued at $22.
Priest was arraigned for a hearing in the
county court thisjinorning.
- ' '
H :
Iie0. . Prom n fliolc.
Nr.r.sox , Nob. , Oct , 8. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bi3B.-Dotbert Worden. who was
kicked by n colt two weofcs nsjo to-day , died
from the effects this afternoon. His father
Is the republican candidate for sheriff.
It Wants n Division oCTrnfllc Between
Chicago and Kansas City-
Cmotao , Oct. " 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tnn BEE. ! Chairmen Walker , Faithorn ,
Midgloy , Abbott and Finley , of the Inter
state Commerce fcnllwny association and the
minor western associations , to-day heard tlio
complaint of the Burlington demanding a
division of trnljc'-botwcen Kansas City and
Chicago. The , St..j Paul , which has the
longest line betweentbo points numcd , U
taking the lion's share of the trafllc , and the
Burlington claims its owu traffic has thereby
been reduced to 7 per cent of the total in
stead of 17 per cent , which , it carried before
tbo association was organized.
It developed in the hearing that none of
the other roads sided with thu Burlington ,
the argument being advanced that if the
trafllc were apportioned between the roads
it would bn nothing more nor less than pool
ing , and consequently illegal.
The argument was acknowledged a strong
one. but the question was pointedly asked by
the Burlington why the uoint was brought
up now , when it was ienorcd on the corresponding
pending complaint of the Alton. The case
was fully argued to-day and it is thought
a decision will be reached in less than the
usual ten days.
I'rovcil a
CHICAGO , Oct. 3. It appears that the efforts -
forts of the northwestern lines to con line the
Burlington & Northern's reduced scale of
rates to points on a direct line between Chicago
cage and St. Paul have failed , The Toledo ,
Pcorl.i & Western has announced its deter
mination to make corresponding rates to
ICeokuk. This will force tlio Burlington to
put rcducod.rutes into effect at Quincy and
Hannibal , and it will hardly bo possible to
stop them there.
tlio < Vn ti- Trust Ijnw.
ST. Loim , Oct. 3. The Republic states
that a scheme is on foot and will probably
bo consummated in n few days to evade tbo
anti-trust laws of this and other states. The
plan is said to embrace the organization of
the American Manufacturing company , of
New York , incorporated nndor the laws of
that state , and which will stand as the sin do
representative of what have been a score or
moroof jnto bagging companies , thus chang
ing from n trust or combination to a more
complete monopoly , a gigantic single com
Twombly and liaOlooho
CiiiCAno , Oct. 3. The coroner this after
noon hold an inquest in the case of MIchnol
O'Connor , the seventh victim of the recent
accident on the Chlcago-Rock Island & P.t-
cilic road near South Englewood , The jury
found Entrlneer Twombly nnd Fireman La-
Cloclio rcspoi'siblo for the man's death.
They were returned to juil , being unable to
furnish bonds in the sum of $10,000 each.
A DrunUon Ornnil Juror.
' - , On ICAOO , Oct , 8. An afternoon paper
publishes an article In which it charges John
O'Day , a member of the grand Jury , with
habitually attending the sessions of that
body while tllid the influence of liquor.
Interviews with the foreman of the grand
jury , and with thd assistant state's attorney
in charge of mutters before it are published.
They admit that one member of the body lias
been pretty generally under the effects of
ardent spirits , but' ' decline to niuuii the man.
An Indignant Uit 7.011.
BAI.TIMOIIK , Oot ! 8. Charles H. Coatcs jr. ,
of this city , will It ] n day or two lay before
Secretary IJIaino'n complaint of outrages in
flicted upon him while travoiing in Switzer
land last summer. ' Mr. Contos recites the
story which lia s njready been told in cable
dispatches of } IDW ho and his three compan
ions were nrre < ten while standing on n depot
platform , plaecd Iti prison and suffered other
indignities beforgjeloasod ,
A lilir Donation.
CHICAGO , Oct. a. At to-day' session of
the World's Fair committees , n message
from President Hill , of the Manitoba road ,
subscribing personally $33. 000 to the Chicago
guarantee fund , was read. The total sub-
scriptlona ts'dato is $ ,000,000. The committee -
tee claim that sixteen Ohio congressmen
have pledged themselves to vote for Chicago.
, \ Flauiimn Killed.
NEWCASTLE , Pa. , Oct. 3. Flagman Fitz
gerald was Instantly killed and Conductor
Miller badly injured by the wreck of a
freight train on-ttio Youncstown & Ashta-
buln division of thu Pennsylvania company's
Hues at Hazlcton bridge , Ohio , this
Hamilton Hu Kor n Divoro > .
NEW Yoiiit , Oct. a. Robert Ray Hamilton
to-day begun , notion for a divorce from , his
wife EvnnjieJlne * The complaint goes ever
the story which has been published recently ,
und usks for the annulment of the marriage.
contract on account of fraud ,
Tbo Chicago Polloo Apparently Sat
isfied On That Point.
Glllnn'a Rcoont Confession FnrnUlibfl
n Ohio Which Mnjtieiul to Im
portant Hosulta A DC *
toctlro's Story.
On ttio ArfHaMln'a Trail.
CHICAGO , Oot. 8. ( Special Telegram to
Tnn BRB.I The Chicago papers nro again
teeming with sensational articles in regard
to the recent discoveries In connection with
the Snoll murder. The Journal this after
noon contains long Interviews with Lleuton-
ant Elliott nnd others ot the dctoctivo force ,
in which QUO ofllcor says :
"Wo nro getting down pretty near to the
bottom of this Suoll murder , and tno people
of Chicago will bo nstonlshod when the facts
nro tuado public. It Is now pretty plain that
there were three men in that job. Tl ese
men were hired to do the Job by n third per-
'son. That person had for his or her object
'the removal' of Mr. Snell , but didn't ' toll
Tftscott so. A trusty ugcnt acted
as a feO-botwcon , lint\- \tQ \ wns
too sharp for that. He merely got the bur
glar interested on the strength of the well
Mllcd safe , which could bo easily opened and
the plunder divided. Now the party who on-
ginoercd the thing knew thu lay of Shell's
house , They sent Tnscott or Gillau up to
tlio parlor hallway with the pledge that the
parlor doors Were unlocked , and that In case
Snoll awakened and came down stnlra they
should give the alarm and escape without
trouble. When they were In plnco this
parly began work on the safe and purposely
uiado so much noise that Shell was aroused
and came down stnlra. Glllnn or Tascott
heard him und gave the alarm. Ho then
started to got out through the parlor , but
found the door locked. Ho wus caught in a trap
and had to kill Sr.ell to got out. This is
what the prime promoter in tunuflnlr planned
for. But it was only half what it was ex
pected to accomplish. It was thought that
Qillan or Tnscott would have to light lively
to protect himself , and it was expected ,
knowing the determined character of Snell ,
that they would also bo shot down , nnd thus ,
while the removal of Snoll was accom
plished , the men who did it would bo unable
to give any of tbo particulars or betray their
principal , "
"Have you anything like proof as to who
this principal wasl"
"Yes-ulr , nnd I say It In the most positive
manner possible , but I can't toll you now , of
course. "
The Ima iio.
PITTSUUUO , Oot. 3. Result of to-day's
game :
Pittsburg . 0 2
Boston . 0 7
Base hits Pittsburg 8 , Boston 10. Er
rors Pittshurg 3 , Boston . Batteries
Pittsburg , Galvin , Carroll and Miller ; Bos
ton , Clnrkson and Bennett. Umpire Pow
s , Oct. 3.- Result of to-dny's
game :
Indianapolis . 0 2001000 9
Washington . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hnso hits Indianapolis 8 , Washington 2.
Errors Indianapolis 2. Washington 5. Bat
teries Indianapolis , "Rusie , and Sommurs ;
Washington , Haddock and Riddle. Umpire
CHICAGO , Oct. 3. Result of to-day's
game :
Chicntto . 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 tt
Philadelphia. . . . 0 0 1 1 0 'J 0 1 0 5
Base hits Chicago 12 , Philadelphia 8. Er
rors Chicago 2 , Philadelphia 3. Batteries
Chicago , Toner and Darling ; Philadelphia ,
Sanders and Clements. Umpire Buillnton.
Game called on account of darkness.
Oct. 8. Reault of to-day's
game :
Cleveland . 0 0
Now YorK . 2 0282000 * 0
Base hits Cleveland 2 , New York 11. Er
rors Cleveland 3 , New York 2. Batteries
Cleveland , O'Brien and Zimmer ; Now York ,
ICeefe , Ewing and Brown. Umpire Lynch.
American Association.
B.u/mioiit : , Oct. 8. Result of to-day's
game :
Baltimore . 2 4010018 * 11
Columbus . 0 3
CINCINNATI , Oct. 3. Result of to-day's
game :
Cincinnati 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 9 14
Louisville 0 0010200 3
Game called on account of darkness.
BROOKLYN , Oct. 8. Result of to-day's
game :
Brooklyn 3 1700220 2 17
Athletic 0 0
ST. Louis , Oct. 3. Result of to-day's
gaino :
St. Louis 1 7
Kansas City . . . 5
LBMAHS , la. , Oot. 8. | Special Telegram
to TUB Bcu.l To-day closed the fall meet
ing of the Floyd Valley driving association.
The 2W ; trot was won by Abdullah Boy in
2:80 : } , 2:83 : , 2:37. : Onawa Maid took second
money in 2:39Jf : ; Nettle third , Oregon
Patclien fourth.
The free-for-all pace was won by Dan D.
Legal Star took second money in 2:41 : 4. Dan
D's time was 8:43 : , 2:2l : > i and 2:20. :
The pony race , half mite dush , was won by
Ben ; Roulette second. Timo-fiS.
The one-half milo pony race , two In three ,
between Bumble Bco and Balky top , was
won by Bumble Boo In 54 and
lynUmiiv llnoos.
CINCINNATI , Oct. 8. The attendance at
Latonia to-day was large. The track was
good. Summary :
Three-year-olds aud upwards , three-fourths
of a mile Alia won , Passion second , Elec
tricity third. Time II8J/ : ,
Three-year olds and upwards , three-fourths
of a mlle Fred Wooloy won , Kutlo S sou-
end , Bootjack third. Time 1:17 : ,
Three-year-olds und upwards , llftoen-six-
teenths of a milo Spectator wou , Mamie
Hunt second , Flitter third. Tlinol ; ! ) $ % .
Three-year-olds mid upwards , milo und
one-sixteenth Mumtu Hardy won , Wood-
urufl second , Nevada third. Time liftoff.
Tobacco stakes , tiiree-yoar-oids , one mile
Ireland won , Bomilotlu second , Marion C
third. Time 1:41 % .
Two-year-old flllius , five-eighths uf a mlle
English Lady won , Estollu second , Liwio
third. Time 1:30 : % .
Morrin 1'urk
Mounts PAIIIC , N. Y. , Oct. 8. Summary of
to-d ay's races i
Two-year-old maiden illllos , live nnd one-
half furlongs Alarm Boil won In 1:1IJ : ,
Golden Horn second , Nosegay third.
I'eytoua stake1) , mlle and one-eighth
Souorlta won , Tbo Lioness second , Auranlu
third. Tlmo-l:67 : f.
Echo stakes , ona mile Bell Wood won
Frank Ward second , King Idle third. Time
1 ; 42K-
Milo nnd one sixteenth Emotion won ,
Sulvinl second. Wilfred third. Time 1:4S.
Two-year-olds , five furlonps ICenwood
wou , King William second , The Abbess
third , Time UlW.
Six furlongs Strideawny won. Madstono
second , Umpire third. Time 1:10.
Jerome 1'arlc HUCON.
JEKOMB PAIIK , N. Y. , Oot. 3. The attendance -
anco was 1,500 , the weather flno and tho'traok
good. Summary :
Two-year-olds , live end one-half furlong *
St. John won , May Buckley second , Mr.
Pelham third. Time 1:12. :
Two-year-olds , flvo end one-half furlongs
Successor won , Chieftain second , Tullu
Blackburn third. Time lilS.
One mlle and ihrco-slxtcenths Cullcnto
won , Prose second , Charley Dreux third.
Time 2:09) : , ,
Clmppaquu hand leu ; i , fourteen hundred
yards Littla Mlnch wou. Volunteer second ,
.Lady Margaret third. Time 1:2'5f. :
Threo-year-olds , iic futlong Ludy Reel
won. Prlnoo Kdwnrd second , Bill Barnes
third. Tlmo 1:18.
Ono mile nnd ono-sixteonth Valet won ,
Mam of Orleans Boeond , Lotrotia third.
Tltno-lM. :
Oil ) ' KncCfl.
KANSAS Citr , Oct , 3. Summary of to
days races :
3:20trottlti ( ? , purse MOO-Waltor E won ,
Jim Sneaks second , Evn third , Gypsey A
fourth. Time 3:34 : }
3:30 : trotting , purse * (00-Corft O won , Colonel -
onol walker second , Talovarn third , Edgar
A fourth. Time
'JJO : ! trotting , purse $100 ( unfinished )
Holdoa Dfivls won , Indian Pot second , Billy
Button third , Blrdlo Sprague fourth. Time
A Itcninrkntilo Performance.
KBOKUK , In. , Oct. 0. At the "Warsaw , 111. ,
fair to-day Satellite trotted flvo miles on a
quarter mlle truck' In 13 mlnutos and Mi ) {
seconds , lowering the record ono minute and
fifteen second from that mmlo by Juggler.
Iinrty ( Iny Killed.
BAST ST. Louis , 111. , OoU .1. Four men
wore seriously Injured in n freight wreck
hero to-night , nnd the trotter , Lndy Gay ,
valued nt 515,000 , was killed. Two of the Injured -
jurod men were hostlers and two trainmen.
The trotter was owned by George Mo-Far *
land , of Boonc , In.
The Sliootlni : Tournament.
The Gwin & Dunmiro shooting tourna
ment closed yesterday afternoon xvlth agood
attendance. The woatlier was line and the
shooting good.
The Jlrst shoot was seven live birds , thirty
yards vise , American rules , ? < ) entrance. The
score :
Duumirc . 1 1 1 1 t o 1-0
Ellis . 1 111111 7
Dohso . i o I 1 1 1 0 3
Mussolmiui . o I t 1 1 1 1 0
Bruukor . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 7
Bolt . 1 11111 o-O
.Field . 1 1 L l o 1 0 fl
Pammlae . ; l 1 I 1 1 l 1 7
Budd . l 11011 l ( l
Ellis , Bruckor and Pnrincloa divided llrst
money ; Dunmiro aud Bolt divided second ;
Field took next.
The next was fifteen ntandard targets ,
nlgntcou yards rise , $5 entrance. Score :
Hit. J.lss. . !
Townscnd . H 1
Slice . ; . .15 0
Ellis . i ; | 3
Wason . 13 8
Piold . 11 4
Rudd . 10 G
Parmolco , . 13 a
Bruckor . 10 G
Dunmiro . . . . . . 11 l
Slice look llrst money , WO ; Townscnd and
Dunmiro divided second , 815 ; Parmelee won
third , $15.
Tlio next was alive bird match , six ulrds
to each man , $ o entrance. Score :
Bruckor . , . 1 1111 1 fl
Nasou . l 1111 0-5
Kills . 1 1111 1 0
Rudd . 11111 1-0
Slice . 101101 4
Field . 1 1001 1 4
Dickey . 0 1100 1 3
I'anucloo . 1 1110 1 5
Dunmiro . 11101 1 5
Bruckor , Ellis and Rudd divided lirst
money , $17.10 ; Parmelco and Dunuilro shot
off second money , Parmeloo 23 straight
and Dunmiro 22 , f 12. Slice und Field divided
third , ? 7. _
Stocking Nehranlcn. Waters.
Low May , chairman of the Nebraska Stale
Fish commission , is in Iho city. Ho came
hero .yesterday with Newton Simmons , of
the United States Fish commission , who has
just put in a half car of bass , salmon nnd
croppio minnows In the Klkhorn at So\v-
ard. Commissioner Simmons was also
accompanied by Franlc Turner , pitcher of the
Quincy. 111. , base ball team , who has been a
guest of the commission on Us western Irip.
ol' the Uv-
Elmer Cleveland relnrncd to Omnhn yes
terday. He says the boys were all In the
best of health and spirits on the club's ills-
bandmont at Milwaukee , and nil express Iho
desire to return to Omaha next spring.
Happy Corn II linkers.
The Sioux City team was paid off in full
yesterday and disbanded. The entire team
will be reserved for next season , and they
expect to make a better show in Iho pennant
chase than they did this ceason.
Will iMrcli I' or Oakland.
Knell has pone to California and will pitch
during the coming winter months for the
Oalclaiul team. President McCormlok tele-
granhcd the Oakland management the privi
lege to ncgotialo with Kcll for the balance
of the season.
WnnlH a Oracle nt i'arinolce.
Captain Brewer , the celebrated wing shot ,
who is in the city with Ed Holsko. the Bos
ton sporting man , is anxious to shoot a 100
bird match with Frank Parmoleo. The
match may be made this afternoon.
Thry Are Still Our * .
President McCormick nt lust denies that
Naglo and Nichols have been sold to Boston.
The great battery still belongs to Omaha.
18 Counters for the Two ( Vs.
52 rards. double headers , 19 illustrated ;
plavcd on diamond board ; ( score cards ) .
Williams' great indoor grme. For sale in
Omaha at sparling goods , book and news
A Worlil's I'll IP Conference.
ST. JOBCTH , Mo. , Oct. 3. A world's fair
conference met hero to-day with delegates
present from Illinois , Iowa , Missouri , Kan
sas , Nebraska and Texas. Resolutions were
adopted to the effect that the World's fair of
15i)2 ) should bo hold in some city of the west
willing to provide the requisite- means , nnd
that the ileloiratOH will unite their efforts to
obtain from congress tlio location of the fair
at some nolnt west of the AlloKhomei that
mav bo ilxcd upon as Ihc most commcbdablu
and convenient.
A Ooailly Knmlly Qnarrnl.
DBS MOINIH , In. , Oct. 3 , Lute this ovon-
inc a family quarrel was engaged in by Wil
liam Llkei and his wlfo nnd A. W. Clark.
their son-in-law , on the promises of IS. R.
Mason , resulting in the probable fatal shoot
ing of Likes by Clark , who chums that it
was a case of self defense. Lines' wife was
also shot through the hand.
A SwttllV CM ! ( lint.
LKXNOX , Mass. , Oct. 3. Tlio wedding of
Miss Louise Thoron , of Boston , and Win , C.
Endlcott , jr. , son of Iho ox-secrciary of war ,
took place to-day. Mm. Cleveland was pre
sent , as were the WhitiicyH and other social
leaders of Washington.
An Omnliii Alnn Ari'fHted.
CHICAGO , Ocl. 8. Edward Orr was or-
reslod here lo-day oy hh arrival from
Omaha. It Is understood while working in
tluj Murray hotel in that city that ho stolu
valises and valuables ,
'I wo Minnrfl Kllloil.
HAZI.ETOX , PaOct. . a Two Hungarian
miners weru killed and onofaUliy injured by
a fall of rock In u coal mine at AuJenned
Kx-TroaHiiror llnrkn'H Bliin .
QumtNSTOWN , Oct. 3. Mr. Burke , or-
treasurer of Louisiana , galled from Liver
pool far New York on the steamer Teutonic ,
but upon the arrival of Ihut vessel hero 'he
disembarked und returned to London ,
Dinah BtrlkorH KOHIIIIIO Worlc.
ROTTUIIDAM , Oct. 3 , All the docn laborers
of the city who recently wont out on a strike
resumed work this morning under the com
promise agreed upon yesterday.
Diohlo AUjuilucil Insulin.
New YoitlC , Oct. 8. ChrUtian Diehl , the
Inventor , who shot and killed Millionaire
Oessweln , has been adjudged insane.
'Ilni JtiiHti nt Port Townscnd.
POUT TCMNSEXK , W. T. , Oct. 8. The rev
enue cutter Richard Rush arrived to-day
Iroin Behrlng ECU.
Itumnmicd Without Trial.
CUMDKK , N. J. , Oct , 3. Chalkloy Le Coney
was to-day remanded without ball for trial
on the charga of murdering bl niece.
Constipation ,
IF not remedied in PCASOII , h llnblo to
become linbltunl nnd chronic. Dras
tic purgntlvcs , by weakening the bowel * ,
conllrm , rnthcr thnu cure , the evil.
Ayor's 1'llls , being mild , effective , nnd
Btrengtlionlng hi their action , nro goner-
nlly recommended by the faculty M tlio
best of aperients.
"Having boon subjocl , for veal's , to
constipation , without lining able ( o Unit
iiiueh relief , 1 nt last lilcd Ayer'n 1'llls.
I doom It both n duly and n pleasure
to testify that 1 have uorhud grunt hen-
cllt from their use. For over two years
past 1 Imvo tnknli ono of thi'so pills
ovrry night before retiring. 1 would not
willingly bo without them. " U. W ,
llownmn , - < j East Main at. , Cuillslo , Pn.
"I have been taking Ayor's rills nuil
using them In my family since 1W7 , ntnl
cheerfully recommend thorn to nil in
ncod of n K.ifo hut effectual cntlmrtlo. "
John M. Hoggs , Louisville , Ky.
"For nlglit ynnrsT wns nflllrtod with
constipation , wjilch nt lait liociuiw so
bad that the doctors could do up more
for mo. Then I bpgnii to tnlto Ayor's
Pills , nnd soon the boweN recovnrml
their imlurnl and rruular notion , so tlmt
now I am In nxcellent lirnltli. " S. L.
Loughbrldgo , llrynn , Toxns.
" Ilnvlnu iised Aycr's I'lllt , with good
results , I fully Indorse them for Ihn pur-
IHUC.S for which they nr rrcominotided. "
T. Connors , M. D. , Centre Bridge , Vn.
Ayer's Pills ,
rnsrAiiiti ) nr
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. , Lowell , Mass.
Bold by all DriigRtots nuil Dealers In Medicine.
Tin : i AND oi'
circular- .
\ r
For sale by Goodman Di'uQ Co
OI'CltATlM )
TTnder a Twenty Years' Central by ths
Mexican International Improvement
Grand Monthly Drawings held In the Mo esqtie
I'nvillioninthi ! Alumcda J'nrK , I'lty of Muxl
co. mid publicly conducted by ( Joronmiflnt
Olllclals appointed for the purposn by the
Secreliirles of the Interior uud Oie Trtualiry.
The inontli'v lour ilnllar Drawing
Will III ! Ill-Ill Ml I llO
Cily of Mexico on Oclolw 12111,1889 , ,
CAPITAL PRIZE$60,000 $ , ,
8O.OOO TleJcets nt $1 , $ : tOOOO. !
1'rici' of Tickets , .American Money ,
WHOUiS 8 4. llAi.ViS ; 6. QL'MI'J'KHS ' 1
] ( JAI'ITAIi IMtlXljOr JtO.tUOls. . t ( jO.llOl )
1 CMI'lTAl'i IMUKlioP Ill.'lKKMs ' . . w'mt
i liiAM ( ) iMti/.i ; oif ? , uoui > i.
y I'ltl/.KSOl' \iNlil urn
ii lMti/l'.Hl' ' ' ro are
tO I'HI/.KSOl' ' ttW nro . . -I.Wri
JtKil'IMXCSOK 101 are. . . 10,0011
110 PIHX.BSOF M nie IT.WIil
CM IMtlXliSOl' l uro . 11.080
1BO I'rl7.os of Jlill npp. to ? , ( ) I'llrn P.Ono
IMl I'rl/.i-s of Tiiiiipp , to tir. ! : ( i I'rlxti 1Hf >
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